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Satanism in Music

Satanism in Music

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[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello? Oh, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

welcome my fellow homo sapiens to the what if they’re wrong podcast, episode number three, we’re going to be talking about the Illuminati in the music industry. A lot of brains are going to get rattled here. And I just want to start off by saying, do not think that this is saying to not listen to your favorite artist or not to like a certain artist.

Illuminati in Music

This is just shedding some light into the deeper, darker side of the music industry. I will go over all the material that I have researched and you can form your own opinion at the end. But there is definitely a lot to cover and a lot of stuff that will make you scratch your head. So, first of all, what is the Illuminati?

I’ll give you a general overview of what the Illuminati is in the sense of time. So the Illuminati is a secret organization that is said to control. Most of your popular culture, control your government and other aspects of society. They are the ultra elite, the super rich, and they have power beyond our politicians.

A lot of people say that they pull the strings of the politicians, like the people in office. And they decide what is going to happen with society and where things are going to be headed. So it’s basically just a secret organization and they get off on having control over the masses and shaping and forming the way society will be run.

But let’s take a closer look at the music industry and the music industry as a whole. So who owns most of the music who has all the power in the music industry? And a lot of people would think that the artists are the ones who have the power in the music industry and have the money, but that is far from the truth.

There’s three major music groups who pretty much own over 50% of the music and the funds in the music industry. Those music groups are universal music, and you might know some of the labels they owned is Def jam EMI island, Motown and Interscope among other things. Second you have Sony music entertainment.

They have epic records, Columbia records and RCA. And then the third major music group is Warner music group. They control Electra records, reprised records and Atlantic records. And like I said, they own over 50% of the music industry and they have almost all your artists, major artists are signed to these labels and they have crappy contracts with said labels

so why would the Illuminati use these artists for their own power struggle or to control the masses? Um, it’s pretty simple. Music is very influencing and music is followed by pretty much everyone, everyone listens to music and especially when kids are adolescents, you know, teen. Early twenties. They are really influenced by their favorite artists.

Um, there’s even grownups that are influenced by their favorite artists. Uh, they can control how people dress, they can control how people talk a lot of influence with your major artists. And that is why the Illuminati likes to use them and keep them under their control because they can decide how society is going to follow these artists.

And they can also push through subliminal messages, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. But a lot of your artists are into some occult stuff and they are into things you wouldn’t really think that artists would be involved in, but we will talk about that as well as we go through these artists. So we’re going to get right into it.

Music artists that sold their souls

And I will talk about a few of the major artists and their contracts and their affiliation with the Illuminati and selling their soul. And that is done through these contracts. So the first artists we’re going to talk about is Michael Jackson, the king of pop himself. Yes. He had signed his soul over to Sony records and I believe he was killed by the Illuminati and Sony for trying to leave the record later.

When he was touring in London, he spoke about Sony and about the then CEO of Sony and I’ll play the clip right here.

[00:05:58] Michael Jackson: You know, being the artists that I am, um, at Sony, I, I I’ve generated several billion dollar for Sony, several billion. And, um, they, they really thought that my mind is always on music and dancing and I ended it usually is.

They never thought that this performer myself would outthink them.

We can’t let them get away with what you’re trying to do. Now I’m a free agent,

I just owe Sony one more album. It’s just a box set really, I can do the box set just give them any two songs. So, so I’m leaving in Sony, a free agent owning half of Sony.

I own half of Sony’s publishing and, and I’m leaving them and they they’re very angry at me because of it. But, uh, I just,

I just did good business, you know,

The way they get revenge is to try and destroy my album. I love unbreakable. No. And Tommy Mattola is a devil.

[00:07:33] Jeremiah: As you heard, Michael Jackson was not happy with Sony and their CEO and he was wanting out and he would have left with half of. Sony And they didn’t like that. And they can have that because once you sign that contract with the music industry and the Illuminati, there’s no turning back.

So what did they do? They killed Michael Jackson. And why would they bother killing Michael Jackson? Well, for one, he was about to leave with 50% of Sony and that’s a lot of their funds. Also the years leading up to Michael Jackson’s death, he sold, you know, decent amount of records, but nothing crazy. But when MJ died, his album sales boost to over 30 million copies sold and that made Sony a ton of money and his family estate tons of money because his family estate was in cahoots with Sony.

I believe that is why they killed him. They did not want him going off on his own making money and having half of their company as well. So there was some weird things also around Michael Jackson’s death. His dad rented a moving truck about four to five hours before his death and took all the memorabilia and moved it into a storage unit.

Well, how would his dad know that he was going to die? Also? This memorabilia is definitely pricing. Especially after he’s dead, it’s worth more because a lot of things for artists and movie stars are more expensive once that actor or artist passes away. So there’s also Latoya Jackson, Michael Jackson, sister, who spoke on live TV that she thinks he was murdered as well.

And she says that MJ told her that they were going to kill. So MJ knew that he was breaking his contract of selling his soul to Sony and the Illuminati. And he knew his time was up

next. We have John Lennon john Lennon was into the occult and Aleister Crowley. You’re going to hear Aleister Crowley a couple of times over this.

Um, he is a evil man who pretty much follows Satanist. And you can look him up. Aleister crowley is definitely not a good person. He also came up with the term do as thou wilt. And he basically believed in Satanism and about doing your own thing, regardless of what it’s gonna do, just live, how you want to live basically.

So John Lennon was into this Aleister Crowley. He influenced other band members into the occult and wanted them to follow his weird beliefs as well. And he even claimed to have made a pact with the devil. An MI6 officer John Coleman in the 1990s came up with the Aquarian conspiracy and claimed that John Lennon and his band were made to introduce the youth to drugs.

Basically the band was made to have kids get hooked on drugs and start a whole like drug movement. And he believes that was the case. He also claimed that their success really took help from the Tavistock Institute for human relations. And that was all to change the culture at the time and get all the young kids hooked on drugs and all that.

There are also some weird things with the Beatles and their album covers yesterday and today album, it shows the band with dismembered baby dolls. It’s very strange. And there is a lot of the conspiracy with the Illuminati includes, um, sacrifice of children and other weird things involving young kids and children.

And we’ll definitely discuss this in later podcasts. But it’s just weird that they have an album with dismembered baby dolls on there. It just doesn’t look right. If you look at it, also, the Sergeant pepper cover includes a host of Illuminati, type people, Elvis Huxley’s on there, Carl Marx and few other people.

I think Aleister Crowley is even on there. And it’s just weird that they would have all the. People on there, especially Aleister Crowley, who, as I stated is pretty evil. Dude. Also Mark David Chapman. He gunned down Lennon in New York city and waited for the police to show up. And then in an interview later, he states that, or he said, I had, sessons trying to invoke the devil’s assistance, probably three or four times calling out to the devil.

And he said that voices in his head told him to go and kill Lennon. So was Lennon knocked off because it was part of his deal, his sacrifice, or some people think that he was taken out because he was too peace, loving.

And now we’ll take a look at Jimmy Hendrix. You should know who Jimmy Hendrix is. He can shred a guitar like no other and makes really good music.

But Jimmy Hendrix had a darker side. And his road manager and producer, Alan Douglas thought that Jimmy Hendrix had some type of mental health problem. And he stated one of the biggest things about. Was what he believed in. He believed that he was possessed by some spirit, and I got to believe it myself.

And that is what we had to deal with all the time. And he was very humble about discussing it with people because he didn’t want people to feel he was being pretentious or so on, but he really believed it and he was wrestling with it constantly. So here we have a artist who is claiming to be possessed by a spirit.

Kind of strange once you think. And a lot of people say that these artists that sell their souls to these record labels get possessed by some types of spirits. And we’ll talk about that in a little bit as well. So we also have Hendrix girlfriend Faye Pridgon. She also stated he used to always talk about some devil, something was in him and he didn’t have any control over it.

He didn’t know. What made him act the way he acted and what made him say the things he said and songs and different things like that just came out of him. You know, it seemed like to me, he was so tormented and so torn apart and he really was. He’d talk about us going down to Georgia and obsessed with something really evil, having some root lady drive this demon out of him.

So Jimmy Hendrix totally believed he was possessed by some spirit or some demon, some devil type of entity, and he let it be known and people around him kind of witnessed it as well. As you heard from those two accounts of his road manager and his girlfriend also, Jimmy Hendrix predicted he would die.

Before he was age 30 and he died just before turning 28. So he kind of guessed when he was going to die. It’s kind of strange thing, kind of morbid thing. And how did he know that he was going to die before age 30? And he was pretty darn close there. Hendrix was not wealthy when he died either, but he has generated millions of dollars since, and the record labels have made a killing off of his music, which is kind of how it rolls, how it plays out.

You saw that with Michael Jackson and it just a lot of artists, this is what happens.

And our next victim is Jim Morrison of the doors. The self-proclaimed lizard king was a strange dude for sure. He said when he was young, he had an incident where he came across a bunch of dead native Americans and it shaped his life.

And in his works, he speaks about being possessed by spirits of these dead Indians. A lot of conspiracies are around his death and he also. Died at age 27. And this is a reoccurring theme that a lot of artists die at age 27 and they call it the 27 club. I’ll talk about that towards the end of the episode here.

So on to the next one, we’re talking about Jimmy page of led Zepplin. Jimmy was into the cult as well, and you guessed it. He followed Aleister Crowley as well. And he bought Crowley’s old house at Loch ness. Cause he believed it was haunted. A lot of weird happenings going on down there. And a lot of questions about Jimmy page of led Zepplin.

And then we have good old Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan, he received the Nobel prize for literature. And it shocked the world and he was not shocked by this actually in an interview, he said, it’s a destiny thing. I made a bargain and I’m holding up my end. And then the reporter asked him who he made the bargain with and he kind of chuckled and said with the chief commander.

And then the reporter said, who is that? And he said, it’s in this world and the world, you can’t see. So here’s a clip of that. You can listen to it,

[00:18:02] Bob Dylan: you know, why do you still do it? Why are you still out here? Well, it goes back to the destiny saying I made a bargain with it. You know, long time ago and I’m holding up my end

what was your bargain to get where. I am now, should I ask who you make the bargain with, with, with the chief commander on this earth this earth, uh, and then in the world, we can’t see,

[00:18:35] Jeremiah: have you seen the labyrinth, the movie with David Bowie yep david Bowie also under the Illuminati control Bowie was into the occult and of course.

He was into Aleister Crowley and his teachings. He paid tribute to Aleister Crowley in the song, quick sand. He told rolling stone magazine rock has always been the devil’s music. I believe rock and roll is dangerous. I feel we’re only heralding something even darker than ourselves. So kind of strange that you have this guy here, David Bowie talking about.

Conjuring things that are darker than ourselves, and also being into this Aleister Crowley character and just very strange. And you’re seeing a recurring pattern here. So make of that, as you will, then you have Alice Cooper’s Vincent Fournier, and he claims to have gotten his stage name off of a Ouija board encounter.

So Ouija board dealing with bad energies, bad things. Shouldn’t be messing with Ouija boards. I do not recommend doing it. You’re just messing with things you shouldn’t be messing with. So he said that he got the idea, stage name from this Ouija board encounter. And he believed he was the reincarnation of a 17th century, witch kind of strange, but okay.

Um, he did evil things on stage, like fake hang himself. Guillotines destroying baby dolls and then dressing up like the witch lady that he says he reincarnated from. So kind of an odd thing to claim you’re reincarnated from, but that’s what he believed. And he said in an interview, we are the group that drove a stake through the heart of the love generation.

So he thinks that his group put an end to the love generation and he’s into all this evil stuff.

And now the man who is also a symbol prince prince was actually into conspiracies. He spoke openly about chem trails and other conspiracies and a leaked, recording of a prince concert in Germany. Had him predicting 9/11 in 1998.

That’s three years before it happened in the recording. He says, and I’ll play it right after this. I’ve got to go back to America. I’ve got to get ready for the bomb Osama Bin Laden, getting ready to bomb America. You better watch out.

so did he predict 9/11? Did he have some insider information? I don’t know, but it’s a little weird. And then there’s also talks about prince being murdered by the Illuminati and the record label, because like Michael Jackson, he was about to be free of the record label. And he was about to own his own masters.

And then also him speaking out about conspiracies and about chem trails and stuff. So I believe that he was taken out. He’s just too much of a risk and also him leaving with his masters and being free of the record label as we can see, that’s not the way it goes.

And he may not be looking for a gold Digger, but Kanye west is definitely involved in some evil stuff and some contracts that he shouldn’t have made.

So during a concert, he said, I sold my soul to the. And I know it’s a crappy deal. At least it came with a few toys and happy meal and I’ll play that right now.

He also had a mental breakdown at some point and did the whole Jesus thing. And a lot of celebrities you’ll see have these mental breakdowns, like Brittany Spears, and that’s all part of their deprogramming. And then you’ll notice that once they have their mental breakdown, They’ll come back, um, after going to some type of rehab or some facility and where they can get brainwashed again, we’ll talk about that in a future episode about MK ultra and mind control.

But Kanye west, definitely into some stuff.

Now, remember I talked about earlier about alter egos and a lot of artists having them and lady Gaga has an alter ego, Joe Calderon, and tons of Illuminati symbolism in her music. And we’ll talk about that in a little bit. Lady Gaga was also at a party thrown by a celebrity and it had a fake human body cake.

It looked like a human and it was all in blood. And the parts look like they were dismembered and really bloody looking human body cake. It’s kind of weird, kind of evil in my opinion. And what is the point of having a bloody human body? Um, why would that be appetizing to anybody? Beyonce. Beyonce also has an alter ego, Sasha fierce.

She says that Sasha fierce was born when I did crazy and love crazy and love shows the imagery of the original Beyonce dying in an exploding car. And it Sasha fierce coming out. Kind of like a Phoenix from the ashes. And she says people when they meet me, expect that all the time. But that person is strictly for the stage.

Why is she saying that person? It’s kind of a weird thing to say on the Tyra banks show, says it’s just something that takes over me and we named it Sasha. Cause it’s like two different. Well, that again is a weird statement to make. Now I’ll play both of these clips right now.

[00:26:05] Beyonce: Sasha fierce, getting ready to go on stage and performs is Sasha fierce.

When does she eat? Usually when I hear the crowd, when I put on my stilettos, um, when like the, the moment right before, when you’re nervous and that other thing kind of takes over for you and that other thing kind of takes over for you. And that other thing kind of takes over for. You know, what’s so funny is I saw you turn into that trance thing.

Like you lose your mind. I do like, you know, it’s really amazing. I can’t describe it. It’s just something that, that takes over me and we named it Sasha. It’s just something that, that takes over me and we named it Sasha because it’s like two different people.

[00:26:49] Jeremiah: And then Nicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj the rapper superstar.

She also has an alter ego named Roman.

[00:27:00] Nicki Minaj: Roman is a crazy boy who lives in me. And he says that things that I don’t want to say he was born just a few months. I think he was born out of rage. He was conceived and rage. So he bashes everyone and threatens to beat people and is violent. That must be nice to have like an ignorant loud mouth where you can just sort of blame every, he wants to be blamed.

I don’t want to blame him. I asked him to leave, but he can’t. He’s here for a reason people have brought them out. People conjured him up. Now he won’t leave.

[00:27:47] Jeremiah: You can listen to that. And very much seems like she is tormented by this other character. Roman just very strange. And you see that this is occurring a lot in the music industry.

It’s just a strange. Thing to do. And the fact that most of them talk about their alter ego and a third person, it’s just, doesn’t seem like it’s very sane.

So we’ll move on to Katy Perry. And she came on the scene in 2008 with I kiss the girl. Was there an agenda presented by the aluminum? For, I kissed a girl and, uh, Katy Perry to come out onto the scene.

Was it part of her deal with the devil? Um, she said that she sold her soul to the devil after not making it big in Christian music, as you can listen to here,

[00:28:51] Katy Perry: you know, what was going on in my life at 15. That’s how I got introduced to the music industries. I swear I want it to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn’t work out. And so I sold my soul to the devil

[00:29:06] Jeremiah: and then she also has a ton of symbolism. All these artists have crazy symbolism. And I’ll talk about that in just a moment.

And then back to the alter egos, Jay Z, who is also in a relationship with Beyonce, Jay Z has an alter ego as well, cashmere brown as he calls it. And also he goes by. Or short for Jehovah, which is God, which is him basically saying that he thinks he’s God, he’s always throwing up the Illuminati hand signs, especially the pyramid triangle.

They throws up for his rock label and you’ll see that as a recurring Hans symbol throughout all of music, as well as the. 6 6, 6 with the it’s like the okay sign. But if you take the fingers and the circle, it creates three sixes. And that is a known symbol of the Illuminati, the triple six in the okay.

Sign gesture. And you’ll see a lot of artists put that over their eye or throw it up at random times as well as. You know, classic devil horns. Lot of devil horns is symbolism in the music industry. You’ll see a lot of that. And a lot, you will see a lot of one eye being. So you’ll have an artist and a picture or a music video, and they’ll have their hand over one eye or they’ll have something covering one eye, or you’ll only see half of their face.

So you’ll only see one eye. And that is the eye of ISIS that is Egypt, eco symbolism. And you’ll see. A lot, if you really look at the music industry, so if you’re not trained to see it, you won’t see it. But once you see it, you’ll see a lot of your top artists are throwing up the symbols, the 6, 6, 6, and the Illuminati triangle.

And also the one covered, I, it could either be their hand, their hair or something, covering their eye, and sometimes you’ll actually see. The eye of ISIS, and this is all just symbolism to show their allegiance to the Illuminati.

So then I talked earlier about the 27 club and how a lot of artists die at age 27.

Here’s a few, and there’s a long list, but here’s a few of the main ones. Jimi Hendrix at 27 Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. And the list goes on. What is this significance with the number 27? I don’t really know, but it just seems very strange that all these artists are dying at each 27 and in different ways, it’s a little interest.

There is also talk about sacrifices to claim your fame. So a lot of people, point to specific music artists who seem to have skyrocketed their career due to a sacrifice of a family member or a close friend. So you have Kanye west, his mom dies. People say that was his part of his contract. Dame dash, they say Aliyah was killed as his sacrifice to the Illuminati Eminem with proof of D 12 in 2006.

And also in the 2004 video toy soldiers, it shows proof getting shot outside of a nightclub. Is that a foreshadowing of what was to come or I don’t know. Coincidence. Also Jennifer Hudson, her mom and her brother were murdered. Also Hudson’s uncle claims that she had done. He believes that she had them.

Lady Gaga, her friend Alina Morgana Morgana died after falling 10 stories off a roof. Now Lina’s mom claims that Gaga had her killed and also she claims that lady Gaga stole Lina’s style and look, and became famous from. So just interesting. There’s many more, but in the sake of time, I won’t go over them.

But if you do some research and dig into this, you can see that there’s some weird happenstances with these artists and the music industry. And why is all this symbolism being thrown into music and music videos? Why is it important to cover one eye? You have to ask yourself, why is it important to throw up the 6, 6, 6 hand signal all the time?

You know, the okay symbol, why are these things being done? Why are all these artists claiming that they are possessed or have spirits in them? How come they talk about signing contracts with the devil or devil? Why are a lot of artists into the Occult and Aleister Crowley makes you kinda wonder wonder and how come there’s artists who speak out against this and talk about the Illuminati and people selling their souls.

You have prodigy of mobb deep was coming out, talking against this. You have K-Rino . A rapper from Houston who talks about the Illuminati and soul contracts. You have a bunch of other ones, uh, immortal technique and immortal technique talks about it. There is a lot of artists that speak out against this Illuminati and also why our family members of these artists saying that these things are happening.

You know, you have Latoya Jackson talking about Michael got killed. You also have the family members of some of the artists, family members and friends who’ve died who say that they were killed because of the artists. It’s just something to think about and wonder what is really going on in the music industry.

And why is there so much evil connected to this industry? With that we will end episode number three, Illuminati in the music industry. I might cover some more of this in future episodes. I also want to do a episode on Illuminati in the TV and music industry. That will be a good one as well. So hopefully you enjoyed this.

If you want to get ahold of me, the email is what if they’re wrong? And that’s what if they’re wrong without the, you can email me, uh, if you want me to cover a certain topic, or if you want to be a guest on the show. And then also on Facebook, I have a Facebook group. What if they’re wrong on Facebook?

You can come and join that. I try to post daily different conspiracies and funny memes and stuff like that as well. So join that. And until next time don’t sign that dotted line unless you read the fine print.

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Denver Airport

Denver Airport

Denver Airport

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Hello! My fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be Shattered

Goddard Tunnel

hello, my fellow earthlings. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, this will be episode number two. It will be a two parter. And we will go on and start with the first part, which is the Goddard tunnel opening. Now this opening ceremony has been talked about a lot in conspiracy circles about being a satanic demonic ritualistic event and this tunnel is a tunnel that goes through the Alps in Switzerland, and it is the longest underground tunnel. And it lets you pass through the Alps pretty much from Switzerland. All the way down to Italy with little issue. And when they opened this tunnel, they did this strange ceremony and it was a long ceremony and there was a lot of weird symbolism, a lot of weird occult type stuff.

And we’ll go over some of that right now. So the ceremony starts off and it is a bunch of workers looks like mine workers, and they are walking in lock step, very slow, methodical steps, and they almost look like they’re in a trance and they’re not in control of their functions. So that’s really weird right out of the.

And then you get to some more weird stuff. There’s a rail cart that comes out and it has a bunch of people in there tidy whities, men and women, and they’re acting very sexual in nature. And there is a. Person dressed up with feathered wings and a weird mascot type looks like a creepy baby’s head on top.

And they’re flocking around later, this creepy bird, baby type creature flies around. You know, bungee cords and whatnot. And it’s just a very strange thing to see. I highly recommend you go watch the opening ceremony and see for yourself and tell me that that opening ceremony does not give you kind of the creeps make you feel uneasy.

It’s not something that you can watch lightly because the music and the weird stuff going on just really puts you at an uneasy mood. And then you have this guy who’s singing to the tunnel in some weird. Yodeling, I guess. And next you have this cart come out. If you fast forward a little bit, it has this like goat man on it, a guy dressed in a goat suit or whatever.

Now the goat man is known as Baphomet it’s a creature that is associated with the devil and Satan, and it has, you know, the goat body, but human features. And so you have this goat man, and he’s going around. He’s being very sexual and a lot of people in the ceremony being very sexual and eventually this goat man impregnates, a woman.

And then there’s just a bunch of weird stuff that goes on there’s these, I don’t know what they are. Like people dressed in robes and stuff with carrying upside down trees. And these people carry the trees and they bring all this stuff to this goat man kind of like an offering and you just. People acting really crazy and wild.

There’s this lady who is in a red dress or red Cape, and you know, a lot of people talk about for the Christians and revelations. You have this lady in red and the whole ceremony has just, it does not match a, what you would expect from a tunnel opening. And then you have this huge screen. So they start inside and then they had outside.

And there’s this huge screen and it’s playing different things on it. But then at some point it looks like a portal is on the screen and it’s spinning around and there’s like, hands that start spinning around in her locking. And then it’s almost like they’re opening portal, like what we talked about last week with CERN.

It’s just very strange that they would do that. Then if you fast forward a little bit later in the ceremony, The screen shows a clock and the clock is like spinning and it just keeps spinning and people are acting crazy. We talked about in the last episode that CERN could be altering time.

Here you have opening ceremony for this tunnel, the Goddard. It’s showing a huge clock that’s spinning out of control. So it’s just very interesting. And a lot of people tie the set opening ceremony to CERN and say that they are in cahoots and it’s just go watch the opening ceremony. It is very creepy and it’s very makes you feel uneasy, um, to describe it.

So that’s the first part of this video. I just wanted to cover. The Goddard tunnel opening since I didn’t in the last episode. And we will talk in the second part about the Denver airport conspiracy and all the weird stuff going on there. So we’ll talk about that right now.

Denver Airport Conspiracy

The Denver airport has been the topic of conspiracies for quite some time.

There’s a lot of strange things surrounding the airport and a lot of fixtures and. Things that make people question what is really going on with the Denver airport. So the Denver airport opened in 1995 and it was 16 months behind schedule and it costs $2 billion more than what was budgeted as well as costing a grand total of $4.8 billion.

There is a lot of speculation about why would this airport cost so much? Well, there are underground baggage systems and a underground bunker system that has never been used. The baggage system has never been used. They thought it was going to work, but I guess it didn’t work, but if you’re spending billions of dollars on this airport, And then you’re just going to abandon the quote unquote baggage system that they have there and not use it, which I think is kind of ridiculous.

And I don’t buy it. And the fact that there is underground bunker rooms and stuff down there, what else could be down there underneath? I mean, you’re talking $2 billion over what the budget was. That’s not a small. And a lot of people speculate that there are, you know, some types of facilities down there.

Maybe it’s another area, 51 type of place, or maybe it’s just a fallout shelter for any future cataclysmic event so that the elites can have a place to go at the Denver international. Now, outside the airport, there is a huge statue of a horse and it’s blue and it has red glowing eyes. The eyes seem to glow at any time of the day or night.

A lot of people have said that they feel like the eyes follow them as they drive in and drive out. There is some strange things going on with this blue horse. The statue has been renamed by the locals as bluecifer . It just looks pretty evil, honestly. The artist Louis Jimenez, he in 2006, prior to the statues completion, he was working on the statue and the head fell off and it cut his leg, severed an artery and he died.

So you have this demonic looking horse and creepy looking horse and it kills the creator of it. So the artists who build it ended up dying from the head, falling off and severing an artery and killing him in 2006. Very strange. Is it a coincidence or is there something else going on there? I don’t know.

But it just seems kind of odd. You always hear stories about things like the mummy’s curse on tombs, where like people on earth, tombs and stuff, and end up dying. I’m sure I’ll cover that in future episodes, but this horse, very evil looking killed its creator, kind of a strange story. Then you have a time cap.

This time capsule was placed there saying not to open until 2092. What’s the significance of 2092. A lot of people wonder why such a random date, but 2092 is when it’s supposed to be opened. And it holds a bunch of different things from the local culture. Has, um, some coins, uh, game day ball from course field, I guess the mayor’s sneakers and black Hawk casino tokens are in there.

And a lot of people speculate that 2092 might be the end of our world or our civilization. And that’s why it was chosen. I don’t know that might be a stretch, but it is a nod, a random date. Also, there is a stone on the floor by the entrance of the airport and it has a Masonic symbol on it, you know, the compass and all that.

So the may Sonic symbol is on there. It has a couple of. Writings on there. And it also has the new world airport commission as the people who made it. Well, the problem here is the new world airport commission does not exist. Now. Some people say that they were planning it and it just didn’t come through.

But a lot of people also say new world order, new world, airport commission, kind of a funny coincidence. So you have this stone by the entrance that has this free Masonic symbol on it. And it also has the new world airport commission, but that commission does not exist. You can look it up. It’s not a real thing.

So it’s just kind of weird that it’s on a stone that’s permanently placed at the airport. And you can see it. Anyone who travels there can go look at it. Also, there is a sign that says, or I think it’s on a stone, says a U and a G and the obvious thing would be gold and silver. Cause those are the markings for that.

But a lot of people speculate that it’s actually Australia antigen, it’s a toxic gas. And some people speculate that this toxic gas is going to be used to end the world as we know it and usher in this new world order. So it’s interesting that you have the stone and this a U and a G the toxic gas. That also leads to the murals. The paintings that are on the walls and some of the wings of the airport.

There was a lot of strange stuff going on with these paintings on the walls. You can go online and look at these paintings and you’ll see for yourself, but it looks alike. It’s a type of apocalyptic scene where people are crying. There’s like dead people, that babies, and there’s this big figure who looks like a Nazi soldier. he’s holding a machine gun and a sore.

And some people speculate that this is just showing that they’re going to put it into this world and usher in this new world order. This figure is representing the army of the new world order. It’s just, why are these paintings in an airport? It just doesn’t make any sense. If you look at them, you see dead animals, people crying, bunch of fire.

It just doesn’t seem like something you would put in an airport. It’s very strange, very unsettling to look at. And it just creates a lot of speculation. A lot of conspiracy around it with them, blatantly showing their plans upfront. And then you have these murals that just depict the end of times, basically.

Yeah. It’s just very strange that you have all these paintings that are really out of place. And then you also have these gargoyles. Now there’s gargoyles by the baggage claim areas and not sure about other places. you would think that they’re just harmless or whatever, but there’s also, why are they there?

They look kind of devious, they’re hopping out of people’s luggage and stuff like that. It’s just strange that you have these gargoyles on the walls, like the whole aesthetic of this airport. It just doesn’t make sense. Like, why did they choose these options? What did they choose? This satanic looking horse?

What did they put these murals on the wall? Why did they put a may Sonic stone out front very odd and makes you scratch your head. Now, people claim that if you take an aerial shot of the airport, that you will see that the runways are laid out like a swastika. Like the Nazi swastika. And, this could be just the way that they build them for efficiency of taking off and landing.

But it just seems kind of strange when added to the murals on the wall and all this other stuff that they runways would be shaped like a swastika, just kind of odd something to throw in. And then also in 2007, there was a report of multiple airplanes having their windshields cracked. And they had no explanation for this.

They don’t know what caused this. And you would think that planes would have reinforced windshields. because you know, you’re flying in the air there’s chance of thunderstorms, high winds, stuff like that. So, In 2007 to have multiple planes with the windshields, get cracked at the airport is just kind of strange.

I couldn’t find any connection to anything else that was going on at the time. it’s just very hard at this happened. There’s also reports that people that work at the airport. Kind of know that there’s something going on with this airport. And a lot of people who travel to and from, or I’ve been through this airport, there’s a lot of people who just say it’s kind of strange. Kind of creepy and not even just people who are into conspiracies, but just normal people.

It’s just, is the Denver airport going to be a central hub. If a new world order takes over. Is it a doomsday bunker in case that cataclysm or a cataclysm happens? where all the elites and stuff can go and hide out. does the murals show what is to come? I don’t know, but it’s very strange. And you wouldn’t think that an airport would have all this stuff?

Cause I don’t think there’s any other airport in the world that has quite as much stuff in it as this one. as far as like, something to make you scratch your head, maybe there is you’ll have to let me know, but I just don’t. I think there is so Denver airport. definitely something I’ll make your head scratch. you should go online and take a look at the pictures of the things I’m talking about.

Of course, there’s a lot of debunkers out there. but, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what’s going on with Denver and the international airport there. So with that, we’ll end this episode. Thank you for listening to episode two of the, what if they’re wrong podcast. If you would like to get ahold of me or be a guest on the show, just email me at what if they are wrong at g-mail.

Dot com and we can probably link up. And also if you haven’t already go on Facebook and join the, what, if they’re wrong, Facebook group. And I post a lot of stuff on there about conspiracies and I post my new shows up there. So you’ll know when a new show drops. If your phone doesn’t alert, you. And with that, I will leave you keep questioning everything.

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NFL is Rigged

NFL is Rigged

NFL is Rigged

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[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello? Oh, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

Hello, welcome to what if they’re wrong podcast? I’m the host Jeremiah, and I’m joined today by Brian and he is going to talk about how the NFL and sports in general, there’s a possibility that it could be rigged or manipulated is what I like to say. Not that every game is fixed, but they are definitely narratives and things like that, that they try to portray to keep the ratings high.

So I’ll introduce him now. Hello, Brian.

[00:01:12] Brian Tuohy: Hey, how are you doing Jeremiah?

[00:01:14] Jeremiah: I’m good. How are you?

[00:01:16] Brian Tuohy: Doing alright


[00:01:17] Jeremiah: so, what got you to initially say, Hey, there’s something going on here? Uh, something just doesn’t feel right about professional sports that got you to write this book. The fix

is in,

[00:01:32] Brian Tuohy: it was a combination of things.

Um, I think part of it was just being a fan. And if you watch enough games in uni, you see enough odd things occur that you kind of start raising questions in your head. But, um, there was two books I read and this was quite some time ago now. Um, one was called, they called the game by former NFL player named Bernie perish and another book called interference by an author named Dan Moldea and Bernie Parrish being a former player suggested in his book without really outright saying it.

But he kind of said something to the effect of. CBS and NBC bought into the leagues back in the 1960s, when he played, he said it felt like they literally bought the NFL and that wasn’t it amazing how certain things seem to always work out for television’s benefit. And Moldea’s book approached it from an organized crime.

Uh, standpoint and talked about all the games at the NFL claims were never fixed by gamblers or organized crime members. Whereas he proved that probably over 70 games from his research were very likely fixed. And so I kind of put those two ideas and thoughts together and then started doing my own research.

And, you know, you read enough sports books, you see enough games like you say, and it all just kind of fell into place.

[00:02:48] Jeremiah: Yeah. I find it kind of strange how Vegas can get so accurate on their point spreads and stuff like that. Um, have you noticed anything about that? Like people talk about point shaving and stuff like


[00:03:03] Brian Tuohy: Well, w on the Vegas end of things, um, I find it kind of curious. I interviewed a guy by the name of scotch. Who was the head of the star, the sports book of the 1980s, which was like the premier sports book in Las Vegas, and basically in the United States at the time. And they kind of set the betting line for the nation through their operations.

And he was really open and honest with me for a lot of the things we talked about, but he claimed that, you know, in all his years working there, which was well over a decade as the head of the Stardust, they never once had any contact with the NFL or any sports league. What’s. So, I mean, his standpoint was that they were just really good at their jobs.

And I mean, while I believe him at the same time, like you said, there are so many times when the line is just dead on accurate that you kind of have to question like, really, really, it just so happened that they were that perfect. And they’re that perfect that often, but I kind of think that may very well be the case that they just know what sports betters want, know how to set the line to reflect that.

And then to a certain extent, luck may play a role in it, but there’s a lot of people who disagree with me who are on this kind of conspiracy bandwagon that say the two are definitely in cahoots. I don’t know if I would really actually go that far. I think it’s a possibility, but again, from what I’ve learned from talking to these guys, and from what I saw in the FBI files, I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

How is it Rigged?

[00:04:28] Jeremiah: So a

lot of people would probably think when you say the NFL’s rig that. How could all these players be involved in this fixing or whatever, but I’ve heard you speak before about, you only need a couple players or individuals involved in order for it to work like the referees and stuff like that. If you can speak on that just a little bit.

[00:04:51] Brian Tuohy: Well, I agree with you. I think it’s, it doesn’t take everybody, you know, I think baseball would be a sport where it would be. You would need more requirement to have more players potentially involved in fixing the game. Because if you had to say a pitcher who was a starting pitcher, and you told him to go out there and fix this particular game, you know, he could give up whatever seven, eight runs and three innings get pulled.

But that doesn’t mean this. Team’s not going to rally and score nine runs against the opposing pitchers and still win the game regardless of your best efforts. But with the NFL, I think one, if you have control of the referees, you have control of a lot of. It because, you know, unlike baseball, you know, a penalty cancer move a home run, but in penalty can certainly remove, move a touchdown.

And even a penalty, a drive can alter the outcome of certain drives and put teams in tough positions. So I think the referees are one way of doing it. If you’re going to manipulate games for television, like I think the NFL does in terms of the players and coaches. I don’t think again, you requires all 11 guys on one side to do it.

I had one, um, gambler. Tell me, look, if you gave me. An offensive lineman, a quarterback, and a defensive back for one team. Just those three players out of the starting 22, I could fix any game you have just with those three players. And I think really you could do it with one. I mean, really, I think if you had control of an offensive lineman, which is something that a lot of people don’t think about, but if you had control of an offensive lineman, he could disrupt the offense entirely on his own.

You know, if he fails to block on passing plays or riding. You can bog down the offense. If he false starts at a key moment, it can throw the offense off. If he creates a clear holding penalty, that’s going to get flagged and not all of them get flagged, but if he does it in a way that definitely causes a flag to be thrown, it can throw off a drive.

I mean, one offensive lineman can just destroy a game for an NFL team. And it’s something, you know, not a lot of people would look at. A lot of people would always look at the quarterback. Well, what’s he do? Did he muffed that hand off? Did he throw an interception on purpose? Is he missing receivers on purpose?

But like I said, I think an offensive lineman can do way more damage than you would ever imagine.

[00:06:55] Jeremiah: Yeah. I have a bunch of different things I’ve wrote down for games that seemed suspicious for,

you know, manipulator long list. Yeah. Yeah. So

I wanted to start with. Tom Brady and his career. Cause you know, he’s like loved by a ton and hated by a whole ton of people too.

Um, his career just seems kinda too perfect as far as like how long he’s been able to perform at the peak and how many Superbowls he’s won and uh, things like that. So the one thing I wrote down was, and it involves the refs being like involved in it, I guess. But I have the whole Pats verse Raiders tuck rule.

And if you’re a football watcher, you and are alive long enough to be around for that game.

[00:07:48] Brian Tuohy: It’s an old game. I feel old saying it, but yeah, that was at 20 years ago now.

[00:07:53] Jeremiah: Yeah. And just certain like narratives that they have, um, like it seems. I think the Patriots won the super bowl right after 9/11 and Katrina happened in new Orleans and new Orleans won the super bowl right for that.

So, um, two

[00:08:09] Brian Tuohy: years, two or three years later. Yeah. Yeah. What do

[00:08:12] Jeremiah: you, what do you think about like their narratives as far as like setting up the perfect games? Not saying every game is scripted, but, or the schedule isn’t all scripted, but it seems like they pick and choose what teams they want to promote the most.

[00:08:29] Brian Tuohy: Yeah. It’s, you know, one of the things I find very interesting is that the whole, um, hashtag strong movement and I find it interesting, like you mentioned, you know, the, after 9/11, the Patriots won the super bowl. And even in that same year, the New York Yankees made it to the world series, which seemed rather convenient.

And then after hurricane Katrina, two or three years later, the new Orleans saints who had been nothing for their entire existence, suddenly rallied and won the Super Bowl. And then after that you had things like hashtag Houston strong after the hurricane hit there, the Astros won the world series. It hashtag Boston strong after the Boston marathon bombing and both the red Sox and the Bruins made it to the finals of their respective sports, where the red Sox won.

And then you have the hashtag strong Vegas strong after the shooting in LA. And Las Vegas has new hockey team, which was a total expansion team somehow made it to the Stanley cup finals. And yet there’s no other instance that I’m aware of where some city became like hashtag strong and their sports team failed to achieve.

I mean, it’s like every time the city’s been hashtag whatever that team, somehow magically made it to the finals, they may not have won, but they still made it farther than potentially they should have. And it’s, I find it really. You know, how coincidental can things be? How much can you just say, oh, well that just magically happened.

And wasn’t it wonderful. And then realize you have a multi-billion dollar business that’s behind the whole movement and there’s people like Nike and under armor and Coca-Cola and Gatorade and all these other companies profiting off of this as well. And just say again, well, it’s just happenstance. So that’s the way it occurred.

I just, I don’t believe in that, you know, I believe maybe if it happened once. Okay, fine. But when it happens, like I said, at least five, six times. Then it’s a pattern and then it’s not coincidental anymore.

[00:10:19] Jeremiah: Yeah. And you said something, um, I heard a show you were on before, and you said you were talking about like teams that are getting new stadiums.

Seem to do really well, if you can touch on that.

[00:10:33] Brian Tuohy: Yeah. That’s another kind of interesting thing. It doesn’t seem to affect NBA and NHL teams as much with the steams, but major league baseball teams and NFL teams. It seems like, and I have this listed on my website, you know, when a team built a new stadium or did a major renovation, which required like public funding and how soon before after success.

And it’s amazing how frequently the two seem to be tied together. I mean, you had, you know, recently, like the San Francisco giants, they were in candlestick park for years, they wanted a new stadium. And then I think it was on Monday night football. They had like a transformer, like literally explode outside of the stadium, which was caught by the blimp.

And it became like big news. And then all of a sudden, the city approved a new stadium and suddenly the San Francisco 49ers were in the super bowl. And it’s amazing how all that kind of just linked together. And it happened. All over the place teams relocate and instantly seem to win and teams get new stadiums and they instantly seem to succeed.

Whether it’s just after it was approved or whether it’s after it’s built. It’s again, one of those things that just seems way too coincidental to just be happenstance. It seems like to know to make the cities be happy that they’re going to give these billionaires. A new stadium, which the owners should be building themselves.

You know, they placate the city by giving them a championship or at least a near championship. So everybody’s happy that they’re still supporting this team.

[00:11:59] Jeremiah: Yeah, it definitely seems a little strange to me. Um, I think this year is, was it this year or maybe it was the year before where the Rams, the Rams seemed to be like the new.

Hot team again after like kind of sucking for a little while,

[00:12:18] Brian Tuohy: for quite a while. Yeah, no, that’s exactly it. I mean, here’s the Rams who really relocated from St. Louis to Los Angeles. Their owner spent billions, it was like $5 billion to build this whole new spanking brand new dome to awesome stadium in Los Angeles.

Where nobody apparently wanted footfall for over 20, some odd years, but yet now they have two teams. They’re one renting from the, you know, the ramshackle don’t owning the Rams. And now here, the Rams are one game away from the Superbowl. And again, you know, is that coincidence or is that, Hey, you spent $5 billion to help us the NFL.

Well, here’s your gift. We’ll maybe put you in the super bowl for doing what. And that’s what I think a lot of times these things boil down to, I think it’s kind of rewards. I think it’s kind of accolades from other owners to each other that say, Hey, look, you did this for us. We’ll do that for you. And publicly you can reap these rewards.

And I think that’s one reason she brought up Brady and the Patriots a little bit ago. You know, I think that’s one reasons why the Patriots were so good for so long is their owner. Robert Kraft was one of the strongest owners in the NFL and he did a lot for the league. A lot of it was behind the scenes.

A lot of it didn’t get public attention. But he drove a lot of things within that league to make everybody more money. And I think that’s one of the reasons why the Patriots did so well and why teams looked the other way during spy gate deflate gate and all the other, you know, things that happened within that organizations was because Kraft was such a strong owner.

[00:13:44] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve, I’ve been on Tom Brady for a long time. Um, I,

[00:13:51] Brian Tuohy: you mean

[00:13:51] Jeremiah: in a bad way, like. I mean, he’s good. Quarterback. Don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t buy his picture S career. Um, like you said, spy gate to deflate gate. He also got the tuck rule in his favor. For some reason, it seems like everywhere he goes.

Or he’s only been on Tampa bay, but as soon as he went to Tampa bay, it just seemed like he instantly was able to get whatever pieces he wanted to complete his offense. So he could be like the greatest or whatever. Like you have Antonio brown calls on all this panic and stuff and doing his stunts and all of a sudden he’s signing with.

Brady. And then grant comes out of retirement. It just, everything seems to be built around Brady to make him as good as he is. Uh, whereas if he was on, say, I don’t know the Browns, I don’t think he would have had quite the seasons that he

[00:14:49] Brian Tuohy: has had. Well, I don’t know. He very well may have. I mean, one of the things I say about this whole idea of the NFL, for example, manipulating its own game.

Is they do to do it, to build storylines and to build stars and you can’t fake talent, you know, you can’t take a LeBron, you know, somebody who’s not a LeBron James and turn them into LeBron James, if he doesn’t have that natural talent. And so, I mean, I think Brady is a talented quarterback again, is he really the greatest of all time and all that?

That’s totally up for debate. I think there’s guys who throw a better pass by. And do a lot of things better than Brady does, but he is talented. I’m not going to take that away from him. But so I think if you have that talent, then you can manipulate things around him to make him in that team better. And so, like you said, you know, they, the Patriots seem to, you know, get Randy Moss when they needed them for.

The Tampa bay Buccaneers got Antonio brown, they got Gronk back for it, you know, Brady offensive linemen and that sort of thing. But then at the same time, you know, I want you to do the referees and the league itself protect Tom Brady. You know, how many times is offensive holding called on the Patriots are now on the more, when he was on the bucket.

You know, that affected the game, you know, where they letting the offensive line get away with murder to better protect them. Cause if he’s better protected, he’s going to do better. And if he does better, the whole team’s going to do better and they’re going to win more games. I mean, it’s just that simple and that’s all the manipulation it takes.

Is it just a little bit like an order basically from the owners or the league to the referee saying, Hey, protect Tom Brady, protect Aaron Rogers, protect drew breeze. Let them do what they do because there are stars and that’s what people are tuning into. Then games are being manipulated even at a subtle, subtle, subtle level, it’s going to affect everything.

And so I think that’s what tape with Brady is once Brady got that many in relation, which I think occurred, like you said, after nine 11 with the Patriots, he kind of became a thing. And once he became a star, then he got more help. And as that Patriots dynasty kind of grew, it became, like you said, a love hate.

We’re a lot of people loved him and wanted him to succeed. And a lot of people tuned into watch the hope that they would fail and both things were good for the league. So I mean, dynasties, even though people said, well, if it’s fixed, why isn’t it fixed for this team, that team and the other team, why do they allow dynasties to happen?

Because Dynasty’s actually our selling point. It is what drives people to screens because they want to either see that dynasty succeed or fail. And they will tune in to watch both outcomes, regardless of what actually. So I think Brady, despite being maybe not the best quarterback was great for the league because he had that star power.

He was an All-American guy. He didn’t get into trouble off the field and they were allowing him to do, you know, almost in a way, get away with murder on the field because it benefited everybody involved.

[00:17:35] Jeremiah: Yeah. And it seems like, um, Patrick, Mahommes is like their new poster boy, and it’ll be interesting to see how his career plays out because as you see.

One game away from the Superbowl again. And it’s

[00:17:50] Brian Tuohy: just, uh,

[00:17:52] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s just, he, he’s on, you know, the Madden covers and, uh, they’re really promoting him and the chiefs and everything like that. So definitely something to keep an eye out for.

[00:18:06] Brian Tuohy: Well, it is one of those things too, with Brady, potentially retiring today, kind of face we talk.

Um, and Ben Roethlisberger, having just written. I’m drew Brees recently have left Phil rivers having left Eli, Manny, and having left Peyton maiden hammy left Aaron Rogers, maybe potentially retiring. You know, the NFL has to build up a new roster of star quarterbacks. They have to because they know quarterbacks literally drive the ratings.

That’s what people almost tune in to see. And if you have just a bunch of also rans out there, their ratings are going to tumble. So now you have like Joe burrow coming in, who is a number one draft pick who seems to be a really talented quarter. And really, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the bangles and Burl, beat the chiefs and go to the Superbowl just because of Ross, Berger, and Brady, and maybe Roger’s leaving the league because they need to build up more superstars to replace the fading superstars.

And so borough succeeding would really be good for the leak. I mean, my is, like you said, he’s already up there. He’s already in that echelon and him getting to a super bowl again, it’ll be just as good. And maybe even better depending what kind of ratings numbers from the homes games. But I wouldn’t be shocked to see Joe burrow started falling more into that upper echelon class for those reasons alone.

Not necessarily because he’s talented, but because the NFL needs that star power to drive the ratings because that’s where they make all their money is television.

[00:19:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. So like for me personally, like, so the Rams and the bucks game that just happened. I’m not sure if Brady was supposed to actually win that game, but he just fell short or whatever, but it seemed like the second half comeback was kind of scripted.

In my

[00:19:47] Brian Tuohy: opinion, there was three Rams fumbles really helped that out. I mean, where’s the ball. Oh, they scored again. Oh, here’s the ball again? And he’s going to get, oh, here’s the ball again? I mean, yeah, that’ll help at 27 to three comeback

[00:20:00] Jeremiah: and then he had the other comeback and, uh, the Superbowl against Atlanta, I think it was.

Yeah. And, um, I think they do this, but it’s kind of a win-win for the league. So if the Rams win, they’ll still going to get high ratings. And if the Bucs when they’re going to get high ratings, so they kind of set up these situations in these games. So they really can’t lose who wins, uh, instead of having like an underdog team.

[00:20:28] Brian Tuohy: No, you’re right. There are certain situations where like, like you said, it’s a win-win for the leak. It doesn’t matter who wins really? The league’s going to do just fine. I think now with the Rams 49ers game, and then watch I’ll be like a hundred percent wrong, but I think that they definitely see a benefit in the Rams winning than the fourty Niners winner, because I think.

I have a lot more star power, obviously with Stafford and Beckam and signing the Von Miller and Aaron, Donald, and all the other guys they already have on their team, Cooper cup compared to the 49ers who have Jimmy Garappolo, who nobody seems too thrilled about. And sure they got Debo Samuel but they’re not really a star studded team.

You could make a story out of them being a Cinderella team. But at the same time, I think, you know, the league would probably prefer to Rams, make it. Again, the rewards that city of Los Angeles for building a new stadium rewards, the ownership for doing everything they did to relocate the team. And they just have more star power, more storylines attached to them.

But on the AFC side with the chiefs and the Bengals, I think that’s a toss up. I think that’s kind of a win-win regardless of who advances.

[00:21:33] Jeremiah: Yeah. I could definitely see borough pulling and upset and, um, I think borough from. Yeah. Cause I, I think I know Mahommes is great, but I just see something special in borough.

Um, so far, I mean, right out the gate, I can just kind of tell he’s going to be one of those superstars quarterbacks.

[00:21:59] Brian Tuohy: Yeah. barring injury. He’s got it. Yeah. He’s got that it or whatever that is. Yeah. And he’s good with the media too, which always helps. Oh yeah,

[00:22:08] Jeremiah: for sure. He’s got. You know, bravado about him, that people seem to like, but, uh, so I wanted to touch on people, you know, would be like, well, if it’s, if it’s rigged, when people talk about it, when people come out against, you know, the fixing and all.

So if you wanted to touch on that, um, I know you’ve got a certain views

[00:22:34] Brian Tuohy: on that. Well, that’s always the argument. It’s which is funny. Cause I mean, I bring up the idea of, you know, maybe the NFL is fixing its own game. So the NBA is fixing its own games and you know, people don’t necessarily attack that.

They kind of go for what you bring up is, well, wouldn’t somebody talk about it. If that was happening, let’s not really defensive it, but okay, fine. So here’s the thing I always say is, look, if who’s going to come out against this and how so, I mean, if you had like retired. Peyton Manning. If Peyton Manny went on ESPN tomorrow and said, Hey, you know, I fixed games because the NFL told me to, I threw that Superbowl against the new Orleans saints to make sure the saints won after hurricane Katrina and fulfill that storyline.

And later the NFL rewarded me by letting me win super bowl, 50 against the Panthers and go out on top. The first response everybody would have as well. What proof of this do you have? Peyton? Peyton Manning is like. Preeminent NFL ambassadors out there and their responsibility. Well, show me the proof and Peyton Manning would have no proof, right?

Besides his word. I mean, it’s not, again, if I would write a contract and say, look, if you do X we’ll do Y for you here, sign this pate and we’ll sign it. And, and so there’s no proof of this, you know, it would just be his word. So any player that’s going to come out against this sort of thing, taking place.

It would be on their word unless somehow some way they recorded some conversation or something or other, I don’t know. But the vast majority of them there’d be no proof behind this. So just be a statement and everybody would have to rely upon this guy statement. And then at the same time, even if you would make this statement, first of all, you’d have to assume ESPN sports illustrated Dorel whoever else would even bother to cover what he’s saying, which they can make stories disappear if nobody covers it anyway.

And then even if they did cover. What does that person have to gain? You know, there’s not millions of dollars in coming out and saying, I fixed NFL games because the NFL told me to, you know, if you write a book, you might make some money selling a few copies. I mean, I made a little bit of money selling a few copies of my book, but there’s not millions upon millions of dollars going to flow in because you make this grand statement about the NFL, no matter how true it is.

So what you’re going to really lose is probably a lot of connections, friends you made through the NFL former team. Coaches, what have you, you’re going to lose a lot of your reputation, especially if one of your big things you were known for as you were an NFL player. Well, you’re the guy who just came out and said the NFL is a bunch of, you know, fake wrestling nonsense.

So I mean, really anybody coming out is going to have way more to lose than they are going to have to gain by potentially clearing your conscious and saying, this is what transpires. So I don’t see why anybody would do it. I mean, I don’t, I just don’t see what there is.

[00:25:25] Jeremiah: Yeah. I also think if a player would come out, like Peyton Manning say would come out and say, yeah, it’s fixed.

And they determined, you know, what teams do really well. And who gets where, and kind of sets you up for success. It would kind of tarnish their name and their brand as well. Cause cause they would be looked at as less of a superstar,

[00:25:50] Brian Tuohy: I guess their legacy would be destroyed. I mean, and again, if that’s what you’re known for, if that’s your claim to fame, I mean, even if you were just kind of, uh, you know, if you were an offensive lineman or, you know, number two or three wide receiver or whatever, you know, how many of those guys still survive and do autograph signings and that sort of thing, because, you know, Hey, I played on this team that won the super bowl.

Come get my autograph. Even if they’re only making 20 bucks a crack or whatever, they’re still making money off that legacy. And all that would be flushed on the. By making such a claim. And it’s interesting because you know, last year at this time, um, and I’m not gonna remember his name. I think his last name was Jackson, but he played for Tampa bay when they won the super bowl against the Raiders.

Um, with, uh, John Gruden as their head coach, he was interviewed on the Tampa bay radio station and he was one of the defensive backs if I recall. Right. And during that interview, cause they were talking about Tom Brady and the upcoming super bowl last. E this former player literally set on this radio interview in Tampa and you can find it on YouTube and other places.

Um, he said, you know, the game’s not decided on the field, it’s decided off the field. And if you think it matters, who’s playing and who’s not, you’re crazy because that’s not how these games are, you know, figured out. And the, you know, it totally took the interviewers completely off guard. They didn’t really know how to respond to it.

And this player was just laughing. He’s just laughing and mocking him for thinking that this stuff was real. And I mean, it was a bizarre interview because I’ve never heard a football player say so openly. And honestly that these games are essentially rigged by the NFL, but he did. And the funny thing, of course too, after that is he makes this grand statement and it really goes viral across the internet.

And nobody follows up with him. Nobody, nobody followed up to say, Hey, why were you saying this? What does it say? You know, we should, you know, this could be a big deal, but they can’t because you know, when ESPN has given the NFL a billion dollars a year, they can’t then turn around and say, well, it’s all fake and shoot themselves in the foot and lose it, or a billion dollars.

So they just, you know, make it go away by not covering it.

[00:27:53] Jeremiah: Yeah. The player was actually joined Smith defensive back of the box. Cause I haven’t read. Um, but yeah, he, it was a bizarre interview. If anyone listening go, uh, listen to that on YouTube,

[00:28:06] Brian Tuohy: you can search in 10 minutes. Yeah. Yes.

[00:28:09] Jeremiah: Uh, because the player actually kind of gets mad at the people interviewing him because they’re like, why did you even come on the show?

And he’s like, well, you wouldn’t even know who I was. I didn’t win the Superbowl or whatever. Yeah. And, uh, he’s like, you guys want to talk to me about anything and he kinda got aggravated with them and they were like, well, it can’t be. And he’s like, you listen to me. The game’s not decided on the

[00:28:32] Brian Tuohy: field.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, and like you say, it was perhaps the most out of sports interview I’ve ever seen or heard. I should say, I shouldn’t say seen, but yeah. I mean, it was, it was fascinating. And like I said, it became a big story for. And then everybody in sports media at least just turned a blind eye to it and acted like it never happened.

[00:28:54] Jeremiah: Yeah. They had to kind of sweep it onto the road because they don’t want, don’t want to getting out. Uh, but there’s definitely players that have, you know, said something or maybe slipped up and said something. This guy obviously was very forthcoming with it and was not hiding anything.

[00:29:15] Brian Tuohy: No. And that’s one of the things too.

I’d try to tell people with all this, when they act incredulous that it’s possible. I said, look at this a hundred percent truth. It’s not illegal for a league like the NFL to fix its own games. And that’s really the biggest takeaway from anything that I, you know, talk and write about is that fact is if the NBA wanted to fix its own.

It can, and it can do it legally if the NFL wants to it can, and it can do it legally. There’s no law, federal law that protects you from games being fixed. And even if we want to claim it’s fraud, you know, there was a lawsuit by a former jets fan who sued the Patriots over spy gate. And when he lost the case in court, uh, that was at the fifth circuit court of appeals.

I believe ruled that, you know, essentially when you buy a ticket to an NFL game, all the NFL has to do is provide you with. It doesn’t mean any rules have to be followed. Doesn’t mean certain players have to play or perform to their best ability. It just means you paid to see a football game. As long as they don’t put on a basketball game instead of a football game, they’ve fulfilled their commitment to you, the ticket buyer.

And that goes the same goes for you watching at home. So they’re just free and clear to really do whatever they want within their game, because they own it. They control it. If they want to fix it, they can do it legally. And fans have no recourse.

[00:30:32] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Uh, it is sports entertainment. Um, just like that, WWE,

[00:30:41] Brian Tuohy: uh, I am a fellow in the WWE are essentially the same thing in terms of legal obligations.

[00:30:48] Jeremiah: Now we’re not saying that players aren’t out there, uh, playing for the win or doing that, but all you gotta do is look up. In my opinion. If you just look at the amount of money being thrown into betting on these games, uh, it’s not far-fetched to think that the books would be cooked in one way or the other, so that all these bookies and, you know, Vegas and all that don’t lose out on money because there are so many weeks that it’s like, oh, this team’s going to blow them out.

And then it’s a close game. And Vegas just magically has the point spread like dead on.

[00:31:27] Brian Tuohy: Well, like we said earlier. Yeah. I mean, I, I haven’t seen connection between the two, but it is amazing how often that works out in her favor and in her benefit. And, uh, yeah. It’s like you said, it’s, there’s multibillion dollar businesses all associated with this, whether it’s the NFL, NBC, ESPN, like say the sports books these days Caesar’s and MGM and all those and Nike and Underarmour and all the other sponsors of the NFL.

I mean, everybody’s got a piece of the action and none of them wanted to see. It blow up because of scandal and they don’t want it to see, blow up for people to realize that this is really just entertainment. You know, sport is one thing, but sports entertainment is something completely different. And what we see in the NFL and the NBA and the rest is sports entertainment, and that’s a big, big difference.

It’s a big, big factor in what it can occur.

[00:32:19] Jeremiah: Yeah, I think. It seems like the bigger games are the most fixed. So like your regular season games, they set things up. In my opinion, to make certain teams like the Patriots for a long time had pretty easy wins within their division because all the other teams were par and there’s other teams that are in weak divisions.

So they always seem to be at the top. And, uh, so it seems like they set it up. So. That they can at least get to play offs. And then it seems like the playoffs and the super bowl are where they’re like really put in the fixing and make sure that certain narratives play out.

[00:33:03] Brian Tuohy: Yeah. I would tend to agree because I mean, there’s certain games during the regular season that, you know, even though they say there’s no meaningless games are meaningless, you know, I mean, when the Jaguars played.

Yeah, nobody really cares who wins or loses. It’s just another game, you know, and the lions are playing the bears. Nobody cares. It’s just another game. So what’s the point in necessarily manipulating those games and let’s, maybe you just want to keep them close into the fourth quarter because it’s a nationally televised game, Thursday night, Sunday night football or whatever that we keep people watching to the end.

But in terms of making sure who wins or loses. Yeah. There’s nothing at stake. And like you said too, there’s certain teams, Patriots benefited from a weak division. The Packers have benefited from a weak division. So, you know, certain teams are going to be propelled naturally without anything having to occur during the season to get them into the playoffs.

And then, like you said, that’s when the narratives really kick in and you know, it was amazing. I thought that this past weekend and the divisional round of games, you had the first three games of the four all ended on last second field. And then the bills chiefs game, there was what three, four touchdown scored in the last two minutes.

And then it was finally settled in overtime, which was just ridiculous ending. And the amazing thing I’ve found is in all four of those games, the referees were completely hands off. I mean, I think there was four penalties called the entire bills chiefs game, which is absurd. I mean, as an absurd li small amount of penalties called an NFL game.

You know, the old saying is you can call holding on every play. Well, even if you could call them every other player, every fifth play that should have meant there was at least 10 more flags in that game that didn’t occur much less defensive pass interference and everything else that goes along with it.

But all those subjective calls were ignored. They were all denied by the, you know, the referees. And it’s one of the things you can’t quantify is non calls. You can’t quantify. Well, the referee should have done this to referee should have done that, but they. So, you know, if the referees don’t evolve, they won’t create controversy, they won’t lead to this, you know, conspiracy talk like you and I are having, and then the games will just play out as they should.

But then again, you have a league that’s basically telling us officials don’t follow our rule book, which again, begs the question of, well then why have a rule book

[00:35:21] Jeremiah: and what are your thoughts on them implementing now where they have a guy in New York screening, all. Calls.

[00:35:31] Brian Tuohy: I mean, I think, you know, if the NFL major league baseball to, you know, if they were serious about having everything be called correctly or as near correctly, as humanly possible, then that is a step in the right direction.

You know, I don’t know if robot on pirates, aren’t the best thing for major league baseball, but it would probably be way more correct to than the guy standing behind home plate guessing whether that borderline pitch was a ball or strike and the same with the NFL. I mean, if you have an instance. You know, it was clear.

Player was down and then he fumbled and yet they ruled it a fumble on the field because it happened in the blink of an eye. Then it’s good to have some guy with some oversight going, you know, look, I just saw it on TV. It’s not a fumble, you know, let’s save some time and here we go. That way we go, that’s, that’s fine and dandy.

And I think that’s the way it should be. And I think there should be actually more of that. There shouldn’t be, if they’re, if you’re going to have a guy do that, they shouldn’t have to need coaches channel. It should be just automatically done within the NFL. And they should have multiple eyes looking at it from multiple angles.

Cause they got 10 or 12 cameras on every game, you know, figure this stuff out and get it right. But when you can sit at home and watch clearly on your TV, a guy be inbounds and then the referee tells you he’s out of bounds and after further review, he still out of bounds. Well then you have to wonder what’s going on.

It’s just that it’s. They should have this technology working for them as opposed to continually pushing it off and leaving it up to human error. When in fact, I think it’s just subjectivity in an easy way, but to manipulate these games.

[00:37:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. I saw a huge explosion of, uh, people starting to say that NFL is fixed or manipulated when that, uh, Ram saints game with the blatant pass interference.

That they didn’t call. It seemed like a lot of people started questioning, you know, what is really going on?

[00:37:23] Brian Tuohy: Well, they should, like you say, I mean, again, if you have the ability, if you have instant replay, why can’t you have instant replay? You know, look at a play like that. Why do you have a rule that says, no, you can’t even see to replay on penalties.

Well, why. Especially on something, again, it’s as blatantly missed is that it’s not like when they tried to Institute for past interference after that occurred. And then they’re looking at every little ticky tack, you know, well, did he grab his arm? Did he just kind of touch his arm wheel? You know, don’t do that.

But when you get the really blatant calls that wrong, come on. And what I say, you know, to a lot of people too, is look, you know, if they think the NFL refs aren’t, for example, involved in manipulating games and ask yourself the question of, you know, after it’s saints, Rams. How come the officials involved, weren’t fine.

I’ll come. They were suspended. How come they weren’t fired? I mean, if I just had a job and I screwed up on national television and in the way those guys did, I would probably lose my job or at least be in constant fear of losing my job in the moments after that occurred. And yet these guys received no punishment.

None of these reps receive any sort of punishment. That’s at least publicly made aware and give some no countable. So to me that says that the referees are not screwing up, that they’re actually doing their job exactly. As the NFL wants them to, which makes you really then question the whole situation.

Cause if that’s what the NFL wants them to do, then that means they’re manipulating games. I mean, it’s just, you know, a plus B equals C in my opinion. And that’s what we see because there is no repercussions for bad officiating.

[00:38:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. And, uh, going back to Tom Brady, cause I like harping on him, but uh, There was, I don’t remember what year it was, but it was maybe five years ago.

I don’t know where you could blatantly see him, like conversing with the refs to change a call. And then you saw memes everywhere. That was like all the 12th man on the field or whatever. Yeah.

[00:39:21] Brian Tuohy: Well, there’s, you know, there, there has to be, um, I guess relationships between players and officials and I mean, they talked about it.

The guy who is the NBA ref who got busted by the FBI for gambling on games, you know, he said, and he said that he, you know, when his book he wrote about how certain referees hated certain players and loved others. And that shouldn’t be a surprise. I mean, if you would interact with these people enough, there’s going to be people that you like and people you don’t like, just like getting the other job and the same with the NFL, I’m sure.

You know, the coaches and players constantly. Are begging the rafts hate, you know, I’m being held, please call holding, please call holding. And if the referee, you know, gets logged with the guy, then get, maybe he could still holding flag. And if the referee doesn’t like the guy, maybe he doesn’t, but that’s not the way officiating should be.

It should be pretty strict of, this is the rule. This is how I interpret the rule. You infracted the rule. Therefore you get penalized for it, but that’s again, not exactly what we see in that. So,

[00:40:23] Jeremiah: uh, besides the NFL, what are some examples of fixing in other sports that really stuck out to you?

[00:40:32] Brian Tuohy: I think the biggest one that gets a free pass and I’d want understand why he gets a free pass his game tanking in the NBA.

I mean, basically, I mean, there’s articles written by sports illustrated and other major sports media outlets that essentially begged teams to tank. And if there’s a definition of a fixed game, it’s a tanked NBA game. It’s clear as day because what you’re having to occur is either the ownership of the team or the general manager of the team is literally telling the coach and the players, Hey, we’d rather you lose the win because the more you lose, the more likely we are to get a better draft pick next year.

So don’t go out there and win, go out there and lose. We don’t care if it’s the last 10, 15, 20 games of the season, we know we’re not in the playoffs. And even if we might be in the. We don’t want it to be in the playoffs because we know we’re not going anywhere. So go out there and lose. I mean, that’s just remarkable to me that people are asking teams to do this.

I mean, it should be, you know, hi, can I have a Cinderella story? If you don’t have Cinderella, actually trying to go to the ball of Cinderella would rather sit home. There’s no story. And that’s what game taking to the NBA is. And amazingly like mark Cuban, who’s hailed as this, you know, genius. He literally said it on the Dan Patrick show.

I took my team out to dinner and told them it’s in our best interest. If you have the owner of the team telling you to go out there and lose again, what’s a better definition of a fixed game. And so if you’re saying, you know, regular NBC and regular NBA games can be fixed well, then what about playoff games?

No. Why couldn’t the owner? Tell him the same thing in the playoffs. Hey, look, we’re up three games to nothing. We’d rather have this go to game six because we’re going to make more money. So, you know, these next couple of games in the playoffs, we know. Ah, just let them win and then we’ll, you know, put it back up, put the gas to the floor again in game six and the series.

I mean, it just opens it up to so many different questions and possibilities and again, the NBA gets a complete free pass on the whole situation.

[00:42:26] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Um, you know, if it’s, if it can happen one place, it can happen any place in my opinion, or from my viewpoint.

[00:42:37] Brian Tuohy: Well, yeah, because you’re setting up a slippery.

Like you say, if this regular season game isn’t important that what makes the next one important or the next one or the one after that or any of them important. And that’s my whole argument too, is I said, look, if the NFL only fixed a game this year, you know, for whatever reason, they just fixed whatever, some Monday night football game.

And they made sure teammate B team B, well, that means their integrity can be completely questioned because if they only did it once and I’m wrong on the other 99 times, I think it happens even that one time destroys. Because now you have that situation where it’s open and any game potentially can be influenced if they just did it once.

And I think a smart fan would realize that it’s very likely that they’ve done it at least once.

[00:43:22] Jeremiah: Oh, for sure. So in closing, uh, what would you tell someone that’s like, oh man, I don’t know if I want to watch sports anymore or something like that. Like.

[00:43:35] Brian Tuohy: Well, I’m told by a lot of people that I ruined sports for them because I, unfortunately I make you think about the game hopefully.

And I, you know, I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t necessarily want people to stop watching, you know, if that’s what you enjoy, enjoy it. I mean, I don’t tell people, don’t watch, you know, the Kardashians don’t watch survivor and the bachelor, whatever brings you joy. I just want you as a fan. If you’re a sports fan to be an informed sports fan and understand what it is, you’re one.

And that just because you may project yourself into the game and say, if I was player X, I would give a hundred percent and to, you know, everything I could to win the game, you know, once you’re in there, it’s a job. And it’s like a lot of the jobs. Sometimes you don’t do your best. Some days you don’t care and you know, you just live, you try to live your life.

And that’s what you got to look at sports is you have to understand it’s a multi-billion dollar. It’s legal for them to fix their own games. If they want to, they make all their money. Most of their money through television and television ratings and advertising. So they have to pander to the television audience and you know, what billion dollar business leaves itself up to.

That’s what we believe the NFL and the NBA and the rest do is they all just leave it up to circumstance. And what happens happens when they have the very real ability to control these games and make them as interesting as possible to generate as much viewership as they can, because that’s going to profit them at the end of the day.

And so again, if you want to watch it, I don’t have a problem with it. Just watch it with an open mind and understand what it is you’re consuming. Okay.

[00:44:58] Jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. And definitely just. Enjoy it for what it is like I used to be a die hard fan, but now I’ve kind of just a fan of the game. So I like certain players.

And, um, I still watch it even though I think it’s manipulated and stuff, but,

[00:45:17] Brian Tuohy: and again, there’s no problem with that. I mean, you know, these guys have a talent that few others do and to see talented people, you know, whether it’s an artist, whether it’s a singer, whether it’s a football player is something to watch because it is a unique talent in the.

And it is entertaining. You know, I’m not taking that away from them. I’m just, again, saying, be informed about what it is you’re seeing, because if you go to see, you know, a singer and the singer is not really singing, but they’re actually singing along to an audio track or they’re using Auto-Tune to correct their voice while you’re not really getting what you pay for.

And that’s kind of the same with the NFL is, you know, yeah. These guys are talented and you know, all of these, so many people can throw like Aaron Rogers, but if the game is being manipulated and made sure in Rogers wins, so he can play again next week, then maybe you’re not totally getting what you’re paying for.

[00:46:03] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s, that’s so true. And, uh, hopefully we don’t ruin sports for anybody, but it’ll, hair’s definitely, I definitely think there’s something going on there. So. Do you have like a website? I know you wrote a book called the fixes in, is there a place where people can find you?

[00:46:24] Brian Tuohy: Yeah, the best place to go is my own website, which is the fix is

And there you can, uh, contact me if you want to I’ll answer any questions anybody has, and then they can find my books there. And I post things all over the place on there. So if they want to see more of my writing, uh, the fixes in depth net is the best place to go.

[00:46:42] Jeremiah: All right. Well thank you for coming on and talking about.

Rigged sports. And hopefully we didn’t ruin anyone’s, uh, image of football or basketball, or

[00:46:54] Brian Tuohy: does that maybe Tom Brady, right? Yeah. Don’t,

[00:46:57] Jeremiah: I’m so glad he’s retiring. Like it made my day today. Uh, so yes. Thank you for coming on

[00:47:04] Brian Tuohy: and speaking. No problem. Thanks for having me, Jeremiah. I appreciate it.

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CERN 2012

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The CERN 2012 conspiracies.

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello? Oh, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountain. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, this is Jeremiah. And this episode of what if they’re wrong podcast is going to be about CERN and the CERN 2012 conspiracy. So we’ll start off with what is CERN, because I don’t think a ton of people know exactly what CERN is. I know a lot of my friends look at me sideways when I talk about CERN.

What is Cern

So we’ll start with what CERN is. CERN is the European council of nuclear research. They deal with particle physics. They’re basically trying to find the origin of the universe, the big bang theory they deal with. Anti-matter dark matter. Any type of particles. And it was founded in 1954, 23 member states are involved in CERN, but the United States is not one of those members.

So I’m sure we send them funding and send them money and send our scientists and everything like that. But we are actually not part of the CERN project. The large Hadron Collider, which is the machine that shoots these particles through tubing at near light speed and smashes them together to create many black holes and to find anti-matter and dark matter and other weird anomalies that was built.

The large Hadron Collider in 1998 through 2000. And. So it has 17 miles of tubing in which it shoots particles through so they can smash them together. So what they do is they take a particle and shoot it to the left, so to speak. And then another particle that shoot it to the right. It goes through this 17 miles of tubing and they collide together.

When they meet and in doing so, they say that they create different particles, different matter. They’ve stated that they create small black holes and they just go through a bunch of these, uh, smashing together and just see what they come up with scientists claim to have found the Higgs Boson, or the God particle.

CERN Conspiracies

And July 4th, 2012. And we’ll talk more on that later because it deals with the conspiracy. Part of CERN. CERN is located on the Switzerland France border in a place that was once called a poly AECOM, a poly AECOM, or Polyon in Greek means destruction, which is pretty interesting in Roman times. They believe that it was the gateway to the underworld.

So that’s pretty interesting that CERN would be located in a place in ancient Rome and Greece that they associated with destruction and the underworld. We’ll talk more on that later, but that is what CERN is and what they are dealing with. And basically they are trying to determine how life started, how the universe started.

And by smashing these particles together, they hope to achieve the answers for them. So, this is where the conspiracies come in and we’ll talk about some of the conspiracy surrounding CERN and the strange happenings. So I’ll start with something comical and we’ll go from there. So in the beginning of November of 2009, CERN had to shut down due to a bird, dropping a piece of baguette bread on the electrical substation, pausing the Collider to overheat.

You’re telling me that. This facility that is millions, if not billions of dollars and is housing, all these supercomputers that are trying to find the origins of the universe and life and doing all these particle collisions, you’re telling me. That they had to shut down due to a bird, dropping a piece of bread on the machine that just doesn’t really fly with me.

It doesn’t sound like a plausible reason or they messing around with something and it had to. The shut down. I mean, you can only speculate, but the official story was that a bird trumped, a piece of bread on the electrical unit and it caused the Collider to overheat, which sounds pretty ridiculous. When you think about the facility and the importance of the facility, you would think they would have measures around that.

Supposedly not so right around this time, there was another weird thing that happened. There was a flight flight, a 7 3 0 1. It had 170 passengers on board and it was about to land in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In south America, but it ended up in the Canary islands in Spain and the crew and everything didn’t know what was happening, what was going on.

And they ended up being routed back to Bolivia and it was just. That around this time that CERN had to be shut down. You have this flight a 7 3 0 1, a 5,000 miles away from where it’s supposed to be. And it shows up it’s almost like it went through a time warp. So it should’ve landed in Ballou. But it ended up in the Canary islands in Spain, very strange connection maybe.

And then also there’s claims of a time wave or a grad gravitational wave that sent ripples pretty much around the globe, but to ancient Paramedal structures, including the sun gate in Bolivia and south America experienced massive blackouts and power outages. This is all around the time that this bird supposedly dropped bread on the electrical substation and they had to shut the hedge on Collider down for overheating, which seems very strange, weird connections there.

Make a bit what you will, but to me, Sounds pretty fishy that you’re shutting down CERN. And then at the same time you have this flight, you have these gravitational waves and these blackouts and power outages, and also people claim that CERN is causing earthquakes around the world. A lot of times when they’re doing experiments, there’s earthquakes in random places around the world and other strange phenomenon.

And then we’ll get to another big conspiracy is the fact that there is a Shiva statue. Shiva is the God of, uh, It’s one of the gods of India and it is known to be the destroyer and creator of universes and for them to have a statue of a universe destroyer. And even though it’s deemed the creator as well, but it’s a destroyer as well.

Um, Shiva, this God is a destroying. And why is the statue in front of the facility at CERN? It just seems very strange, very odd that they would choose that statue. Now they say India gifted, CERN that statue because they’re part of the council, but it just seems kind of out of place for what they’re dealing with.

And it’s just a lot of people who think that they’re up to no good. Think that that’s an odd circumstance. So then. A lot of people, including myself, link the CERN 2012 to a lot of other things that have happened. So in CERN, 2012, July 4th scientists claim, they discovered the Higgs Bose on particle or the quote, unquote God particle.

And right around this time, a lot of people started. To experience what is known as the Mandela effect. And I will have shows on that in the future, but around that time, a lot of people think that CERN shifted our reality. They changed our reality in some way. And did they warp us into a parallel universe or did they find a way to change our universe slightly?

I don’t know, but a lot of people point to the Mandela effect as part of this Higgs bows on, or God particle finding back in 2012. Now on the religious side, you have people who think that CERN is actually working on opening a portal to actual. And a lot of them quote this Bible verse from revelations nine, one dash three.

This verse says, and the fifth angel sounded and I saw a star fall from the heaven onto the earth. And to him was given the key to the bottomless pit and he opened the bottomless pit and there came out the smoke of locus upon the earth. And a lot of people think that CERN is actually the device, the key to Oakland opening the bottomless pit.

And they think that CERN is opening portals to hell. And that that are elites that are working. There are. Power knowledge information from these portals that they open up or they’re letting evil beings through and, and, or going through themselves. And what the ultimate goal is on the religious aspect is that they will unleash the devil and the devil was.

Take control of the earth. So a lot of people think that CERN is dabbling in these portals to hell. Also the portals are thought to be used to get into other parallel universes or other dimensions. And are they sending stuff through or receiving stuff from these portals? And if so, what exactly? Are they doing?

And when they did this in 2012, did they alter our reality by discovering something? And we may never know, but in CERN in 2016, June 16th, 2016, Had an awake experiment, whatever that is. I don’t know. And an advanced Wakefield experiment and 10 days after this experiment, there were reportings of strange things in the sky around CERN.

A lot of lightening, a lot of weird clouds, a lot of strange things in the sky above CERN, 10 days after this Wakefield experiment, a lot of people think that has something to do with these portal. Are they residual effects of these portals being open and what’s going on around CERN as far as that is concerned.

Now I worker inside CERN, Mr. Sergio, not sure if that’s his real name, but he claimed. That they opened time, portals and portals into other dimensions, but they’re only small ones and for a small amount of time. But if he sees, because he’s works in there and is claiming this, if he sees small portals and for small amounts of time, who’s to say that.

They don’t know a way to do bigger portals or bigger for longer amounts of time. I mean, you can only guess in that instance, but it seems like if they can open small ones, They’ll find a way to open bigger ones at some point, and then what will happen at that instance? So yeah, a lot of weird stuff around CERN and CERN and the Mandela effect seems like a lot of things have been different since.

2012 time seems to have sped up. A lot of people talk about time being sped up and how you can’t get as much accomplished during the day as you used to. Whereas like before 2012, you could get like 10 task complete in a day, and now you can only get like six tasks completed. So a lot of people are experiencing a speed up in time.

That things seem to be happening more rapidly time seems to be flying at an increased speed. Like we’re almost at Thanksgiving right now. And it seems like November just started. So a lot of people are saying that time has, has been affected a lot of people in the Mandela effects, fear, say. You used to count one, Mississippi, two Mississippi to count seconds.

And now there’s people claiming that instead of 60 seconds, for one Mississippi’s, they’re only getting 47 or 45 Mississippi. Before they hit a minute. And I know that it’s hard to gauge because people can say it at different speeds and different rates. But a lot of people are saying that time just seems to be accelerated and events around the world, seem to be accelerated politics.

Everything seems to be more powder keg, like, and it just seems like everything is speeding up. And then also there’s people who. Including myself who remember the sun being orange or orange is yellow. And now the son is white. And it’s hard to look at the sun for more than a second. Whereas before you could look at it a couple seconds before, um, it would really hurt your eyes.

And I just remember growing up, you always drew the sun in like a yellow or orange it’s yellow, but now it’s. And that could be an effect of them altering or reality. And these Mandela effect. Could be a result of damn altering our reality through CERN. So a lot of weird things going on with CERN and we’ll never probably know for sure, but Stephen Hawking’s one of the smartest man known.

He’s the one in the wheelchair that speaks through the computer. But he’s one of the smartest or revered as one of the smartest men ever to live. And he even stated in one of his writings that CERN could destroy the planet or the universe. And then you also have Neil deGrasse Tyson who has claimed that we don’t fully know the ramifications of what we’re doing.

With CERN and that we should be cautious about what we’re doing. So you have these top scientists who are saying, you know, something ain’t right. You could destroy the planet or the universe, and that we don’t really know what we’re dealing with. So it’s not like just tinfoil hat, people saying that we don’t really know what we’re messing with with CERN.

They do know what they’re messing with and they’re trying to achieve whatever goal that is, whether it’s opening the gates of hell, whether it’s opening portals to parallel universes or other dimensions, whatever it is, they’re definitely doing something that they don’t fully understand, or if they do fully understand.

That they shouldn’t be messing with. And it’s possible that in 2012 they found that Higgs bows on and it actually shifted our reality and it could be super. You know, you always think, oh, if it changes our reality, it would be like a huge, you would see huge differences, but it’s not necessarily, you could just have small changes.

It could have just been a blip. And it just changed our reality very slightly and made everything slow or not everything, but it made certain things off. And a lot of that is in the Mandela effect stuff. And I will have podcasts about that as well or episodes about that because it’s definitely something that’s interesting and a mass amount of people buy into.

So we have that. So then in January of 2019, CERN officials revealed their potential plan for a 62 mile collide. Right now it’s 17 miles. So it’s going to be way bigger. They plan to build this project and there we’re estimating around $10 billion to create this new CERN Collider facility with 62 miles of.

So did they find kind of what they were looking for at the current CERN and then they want to make it bigger. So like say this Sergio guy says portals are small and only for a small amount of time. Well, are they planning to build this bigger CERN facility so they can make bigger portals and have them last for a longer amount of time?

I mean, you can only get. But I think that might be the case. It just seems strange. I mean, I guess you could say that they want to, it’s a technological advancement, but I mean, you’re going to spend $10 billion to build another facility. When you already back in 2012 said you found the Higgs bows on particle.

So what more are you looking for or did they realize that they altered our reality? In the past in 2012, and they’re trying to find a way to push us back or to change it back. I don’t know. There’s many theories around CERN and we can only speculate and theorize, but I personally, in closing, I personally believe that CERN altered our reality in 2012.

When they found this quote, unquote God particle. I think it has created stuff like the Mandela effect, the sun being different, the acceleration in time. And I believe that they are up to no good. And I do not put it past the organization to be dabbling with other universes or parallel universes dimensions, or even ha.


I’m just going to say it. What is going on at CERN? It is very strange and something that might not be the best thing for humanity. Let’s say none of these conspiracies are true and that they’re really just messing with particles and found this Higgs bows on. But even if none of the conspiracies are true, Probably shouldn’t be dealing with these matters that we don’t fully understand because there’s always that chance that they will do something that they’ll regret.

Like Stephen Hawkins said they could destroy the universe, the planet. Why do we feel the need to dabble in these type of matters that we don’t really understand what the outcome will be? So with that, that’s going to end this episode. If you want to contact me or want to be a guest on the show, you can reach me at what, if they are

So that is what if they are And I look forward to seeing you in the next episode or not seeing you. Talking to you in the next episode and that’ll be the Denver airport conspiracy. So looking forward to that, have a good one. .

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Alien Abductions

Alien Abductions

” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>http://<div id=”buzzsprout-player-10200189″></div><script src=”” type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″></script>

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered. Alien Abductions.

We’re going to have a great conversation today with Richard Wright. He has a long history with military service, as well as some high level clearance during his tenure with the United States military. And we’re going to talk today about UFO’s alien abductions and what he thinks about them. And some experiences that he’s had, we’re going to get to it in a moment.

Just want to say that if you can give this podcast a review and rating, it would be highly appreciated. Also the website is up now. It’s. And that is what if and remember all the links and everything are in the description of the podcast episode. So we’ll get to the interview now and hopefully you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Hello and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast I’m Jeremiah and I’m joined today by Richard Wright, the host of the. The paranormal factor podcast. So I will introduce him to you now, today, we’re going to talk about UFO’s abductions, paranormal stuff, just anything kind of strange, cause you know, that’s what we love to do here.


So I’ll introduce him now. Hello, Richard.

[00:02:01] Richard: Hey, how are you doing Jeremiah? Yeah, I love it too. Uh, it definitely. And that’s the, uh, the paranormal factor podcast is all about. Just what it says, the paranormal. So we get into a lot of different things. Uh cryptids and, um, different folklore legends, as well as, uh, course, uh, UFO’s aliens, uh, just a whole lot of stuff.

[00:02:27] Jeremiah: Yes, I love covering a wide range of topics. Uh, that’s my show I’ll cover everything today. I did a simulation theory, uh, interview with someone and that was quite interesting.

[00:02:41] Richard: Yeah. Wow. Yeah, we’ve done. We’ve done episodes on astral projection and I had a right at the end of the first season at the end of December.

Great interview with a local medium. And he went into all stuff, medium, you know, what, what he does and how he interacts with spirits and stuff. So, yeah, I liked that too. I like a lot of coverage.

[00:03:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. Can you, um, explain that like a little bit, cause that’s interesting to me on like what you learned from the medium

[00:03:14] Richard: yeah. So one of the, one of the first things I learned is that there’s different types of mediums. He is a Clare audio. Claire sentience, meaning that, uh, as a clairaudient, he can actually hear, uh, spirits. What he talked about was how it’s often like a light whispering in his ear and he may not get everything, but he’ll get parts.

Then it’s up to him to kind of figure that out. As a Claire sentience, he can actually feel things. So. He, he can feel, uh, touching, um, pushing where somebody else may not have that same sensitivity. And, uh, so it was very interesting. And he talked about some of the other ones that he, he is not.

Um, and he gave a couple of cases where he’s gone into, uh, into homes. Uh, he does remote view. Where pictures will be, or photographs will be sent to him and he will concentrate on those and try to pick up any vibrations in that manner. Um, he talked about a case, uh, one of the things we got into Jeremiah was.

The difference between kind of the real world and what you see on television with like ghost hunters and things of that nature. Um, and by the way, kind of interestingly, he hates the term ghost hunters. He says, you know, he says, go, sir. It’s like somebody going out to, you know, to hunt a deer or something.

He goes to these, these are people, these were people, you know, that were alive. And when they pass over, they still have those feelings. They still have, um, emotions and you need to treat them with respect. So that was a, that was kind of interesting. Um, the, the case though, that, that he talked about took four months.

So you see on television, they go in and they find ghosts, you know, in a matter of, uh, 48 minutes right on television. But it was, it was a four month situation and it took almost a full month to understand what was going on and. Ended up being a man who, who had, um, an attachment and he explained the difference between attachment and possession.

Uh, and he was very clear if you’re talking about possession, uh, he was saying, I, I’m not the guy you want to call it. You want to call it a priest. Right. But he goes, attachments I can handle. And what it was was a spirit that had attached to this guy and was. Sucking the energy from him, uh, feeding on the energy.

And so, um, it took him four months, uh, and he said, it just wore him out to be able to finally get this spirit to leave, um, and, and leave this guy alone. So pretty interesting stuff. Really?

[00:05:58] Jeremiah: Yeah. I interviewed, uh, a lady Ghostbusters. She runs the lady Ghostbusters in New Jersey and Ellen talks about. Yeah, Eleanor.

Yeah. And she, she talks about that same thing, how they overdramatic ties the TV shows and it’s really not like that and how they are people that are just left in the spirit world.

[00:06:22] Richard: Right. And, you know, kind of expanding on that a little bit. When I do the podcast, I try to always leverage some. Skepticism.

Um, it’s not always my skepticism by any means, but I try to give that viewpoint. So if, if I’m talking about, um, any, any given situation or circumstance or case, um, I, I cover it. Um, and I, I give in most cases, for example, if we’re dealing with a cryptid or something, I give real actual. You know, witness type testimonies, um, real from their standpoint, at least.

Um, but then I also like to go back and say, well, okay, but this is what the skeptics say. So I try to give the audience a little bit of both sides. Um, and in the end, in most cases they need to make up their own mind as to whether it’s something that they believe they believe is true, or it’s something that is believable for them.

[00:07:24] Jeremiah: Oh, yeah, for sure. That’s what I try to say is I just want you to question everything and that’s my like tag line. So I don’t want to preach to anybody or like push my beliefs on anyone. It’s up to you ultimately to decide, uh, how you feel about whatever topic I’m covering. So that’s a good perspective to have.

So what got you into. All this paranormal stuff. And I saw you had an encounter at Holloman air base.

UFO Encounters

[00:07:56] Richard: Yeah. Air force base. Um, you know, this goes back for me all the way back to when I was a kid. Right. And I was growing up as, as a, as a young kid in the sixties. And this was like the height of UFO. Uh, there were books out there.

They were exciting. Uh, there were all these cases that would constantly pop up photographs were floating around. So it was very exciting and, and it just really got my interest. And then that sort of expanded more into the paranormal and supernatural as I, as I sort of grew up. And, um, and I’ve had chances over the years to go on.

Ghost tours or ghost explorations. Um, there’s a situation in Holoman that, that I’ll go into here in just a second, but, um, you know, different things like that. Being able to cross paths with people, um, and just get new, new ideas about this kind of stuff. So I know you want to hear about the Holloman story.

Yeah, I

[00:08:56] Jeremiah: definitely do because it’s your encounter. So

that’s definitely interesting.

[00:09:01] Richard: Yeah. So when I say my encounter, it’s not like I was standing out in the desert looking at a flying saucer, but I was part of an event that was a very really event at the time. We’re talking about a 19 78, 78, 79.

Holloman air force base, uh, is a really expansive area in, uh, south New Mexico. A lot of desert. It actually sits in kind of in the desert and, uh, you get a lot of weird stuff out there. And at the time I was, I was, uh, a policeman, uh, security policemen. So. You know, we’re out on patrol and we’re doing different things and all that kind of stuff.

And there was always, it seemed like whenever you looked up into sky, you were seeing something weird. Um, you have white sands missile range, so you’d maybe see a rocket flaring around, you know, up, up there and you’d be, you know, kind of shaken a little bit when you first saw it. So on this particular night I was working, I was, I was working patrol and I had come into the desk and the desk Sergeant was there and he’s on the.

And he’s obviously talking to somebody and he’s saying, uh, no, ma’am no. Um, I don’t know what to tell you. Ma’am I have nothing that we’re doing out here that I know of. And I don’t know what would account for those lights and thank you. Ma’am and he hangs up and he says, My Lord, what is going on? I’ve been getting call after call from people down in Alamogordo, which is the town just to the east of the base, literally right outside the, uh, the, the east perimeter fences of the base.

And they’re saying that over by. The east gate, there’s some kind of, um, of flashing lights in the sky that they’re seeing, like literally just, just a few hundred feet off of the, the gate area. And nobody knows what it is. And as he’s telling us, this call comes in and it’s the New Mexico highway patrol, and they want to know what’s going on and.

Basically tries to give them some information at this point, the flight chief, um, who, who was in charge of the group, you know, that, that, that was out, uh, or assigned at that particular time, uh, the, whatever it was seven or eight of us came in and asked what was going on. And he told him, and so they contacted the base commander that contacted military intelligence and, um, a couple of other groups.

And basically what happened was the base commander. Uh, military Intel person, uh, some, some guards, um, and, and a few other people, I guess, get into a helicopter and they lift off from the flight line and they head out toward the gate to see what’s going on and, and kind of make some kind of, uh, contact and what was reported, uh, just a few days later, was that when the, the aircraft approach.

This object, which was visible on the radar screen from the Alamogordo airport, as soon as it got fairly close to it, this object shot off to the east, literally shooting over a mountain range to the other side of those mountains, uh, in the blink of an eye. So very strange, um, fast forward, about two months after.

I’m parked out daytime parked out on the flight line and I’m next to a building. I don’t know what is in the building. And a first Lieutenant comes out and he said, uh, is everything okay? And I said, yeah, I’m just, I’m just keeping an eye on the flight line. Everything’s fine. He goes, oh, uh, Well, do you want to come in and check things out?

And I said, sir, I don’t even know what this is. He goes, it’s air, traffic control. I said, oh yeah, that’d be great. So he takes me in, it gives me a tour and I’m seeing all the, what we call scope dopes, you know, looking at the, at the radar screens and everything. And, uh, He’s very jovial. He’s very easy going.

And so we kind of wrap up and he says, you have any questions? I don’t know why it popped into my head, but it did. And I said, you know, yeah, I do. You know, the incident, we had a few months back where we had the, um, reported UFO out of the gate. And, um, you know, they, they put a helicopter in the air and his face got serious and he looked at me and he said, I can’t discuss that.

It’s classified.

[00:13:28] Jeremiah: Oh, wow.

[00:13:29] Richard: And that was it.

[00:13:32] Jeremiah: Oh, so there was definitely something


[00:13:34] Richard: on, definitely something that was not, uh, for consumption. Right.

[00:13:39] Jeremiah: So for the UFO thing, from your, you looking into it and your research into it, do you, like, I know there’s theories that the. Actually just government crafts, that technology that we don’t know about, the like the layman person doesn’t know about, but then there’s also, you know, they’re from outer space or interdimensional.

What’s your take on the whole alien thing and the abduction phenomenon.

[00:14:07] Richard: Yeah. It’s a really good question, right. And I can tell you in from being in the air force for 20 years, and some of that time was as a missile launch officer with a very high top secret clearance. I can tell you that there definitely are things in the military.

You know, sometimes we think, well, the government can’t keep a secret. And if they, if we really had, uh, you know, technology of that kind, somebody would leak it to get out. I can tell you for a fact that no. Um, I can tell you, uh, there are things today that I cannot still talk about when it comes to ICBM’s and strategic defense and things of that nature.

So there are definitely areas within the military and government that are compartmentalized, that if that information is close hold, you’re not, you’ll never hear about it. I won’t either. Um, there were. Uh, a few people I ran across, um, in the last 10 years, uh, that I was in as an officer that talked about, uh, just making some really kind of cryptic comments about, uh, being at the Pentagon and saying you would not believe the, the stuff that’s out there.

You have no idea. Some of the things that, that we’re involved in and what we’re working on, uh, from a technology standpoint. Is it possible? Uh, yes, it’s possible. However, um, it’s some of the characteristics of flight of these objects is, is leaps and, you know, just leaps beyond what I could possibly imagine any, uh, human based government would be able to produce.

So I have a hard time with that theory. Um, Let’s let’s hold the, you know, the big, the big, a alien in until the end. Is it, uh, interdimensional maybe? Um, that. That’s an interesting concept though. The concept that really shook me up when I heard it the first time, which was, you know, years ago. And, and I think I was at a TGI F having drinks, um, and this guy just threw it out there and it kind of blew my mind.

I had never thought about it was the possibility of it being time travelers and, um, that they’re actually human beings that are traveling back. Trying to figure out what’s going on. I think you probably have a lot less concerned with, uh, interdimensional beings, not screwing up our timelines. Then you do humans traveling back in time.

Right? Um, I don’t know. I, you know, I interdimensional maybe, uh, it would answer, it would sort of answer the, um, the conundrum about the crafts themselves.

[00:17:11] Jeremiah: Right.

Or if like the, if they are, if UFOs and aliens are from outer space, there’s probably a good chance that our government has either gained knowledge and technology from them, or has taken crashes like the Roswell crash and kind of reverse engineer. Um, to their benefit it,

[00:17:40] Richard: yes. I mean, there’s a lot of that kind of thing.

Oh, there’s a lot of conspiracy things that are out there. A lot of speculation. Right. Um, I did a show on. Uh, it’s it’s it was on Jackie Gleason and, and president Richard Nixon, where the rumor was that, uh, they were in the Miami area and president Nixon, knowing that Jackie Gleason was a huge, um, UFO, um, the fan.

And actually had a huge extensive library library that is now at the university of Miami of paranormal, but especially UFO’s and, um, and aliens, uh, that Richard Nixon took him out to homestead air force base, and actually showed him the dead bodies of aliens. Now that. That’s really kind of compelling.

And that rumored, uh, event has been out there for quite some time. But in the episode, one of the things that, that I used it as an opportunity for was to go through some of the, uh, rumors out there with other presidents and their, uh, experiences. And the big one is, uh, Dwight D Eisenhower. And I mean, this goes, you’ve, you’re probably aware of this year.

But, you know, the stories of him leaving his, uh, Palm Springs, um, resort and disappearing, basically for a 24 hour period now. Uh, his aide said that it was simply that he had chipped a tooth and he had gone to the dentist, but the dentist that he was known to go to, never had any records of him being there.

So, you know, that’s a little strange. And apparently he, the rumor was that he met with actual aliens and he talked about some kind of deal to give them sort of access. And part of that access was the ability to go ahead and, uh, duct people. Uh, requirements that they had, as long as they didn’t kill anybody.

And in turn, they would give us technology. Now we know for a fact that, uh, you know, re-engineering or reverse engineering, it is, is actual and we’ve done it, right. I mean, we’ve done it. This, the, the former Soviet union did it, you know, China’s done it in. Anybody can take something and reverse engineer it.

If you want to make that leap and say alien technology was either, uh, provided or captured or, um, you know, discovered the possibility to re-engineer or reverse engineer off of that is certainly there. Absolutely.

[00:20:33] Jeremiah: Yeah. So the, uh, Whole phenomenon is, is strange. And I totally believe that there is something going on because there’s so many people that have abduction stories or have witnessed UFO’s or things that are not of this world. It’s kind of hard to just negate that and just say, oh, there were. Crazy. Just me personal.

[00:21:00] Richard: Yeah. There are, there are a lot of cases and, and look in some of those, um, it’s been pretty well-documented right. Some of those, um, you know, can be attributed to hallucinations or, um, um, you know, mental health. Issues that were going on at the time. I don’t, I don’t mean that, you know, they were mentally ill.

I’m just saying that, you know, issues might be going on. Um, you know, um, lucid dreaming, a lot of those kinds of things. You know, those, those are valid, uh, explanations. Do they fit every circumstance? Probably not. Uh, What’s compelling to me are, are some of the really specific cases. And those are pretty easy to find, right?

Because they got a lot of coverage in the media, et cetera. Um, two of the ones that I recently covered on, on my pod, Um, I’ll start with the earlier one was Betty and Barney hill in 1961. Now that is a landmark case you cannot find, and I’m not kidding you on this, Jeremiah, you cannot find a book probably on UFO’s and or UFO alien abductions that doesn’t mention Betty and Barney hill.

It is. Uh, really a serious of a case. And there are a lot of compelling things that are kind of packed into that story. Um, the, uh, the descriptions were, were very, um, specific.

[00:22:40] Jeremiah: Yeah. Their story is definitely well-known in anyone who looks into UFO’s.

[00:22:46] Richard: Yes, yes, absolutely. And, uh, you know, all this stuff under hypnosis and, and I’ll tell you.

And it’s out there on the internet. You can find it. If you listen to some of Barney Hills actual hypnosis sessions, they are terrifying. The guy was genuinely terrified. And I mean, it almost gives you goosebumps when you, when you listen to those. But, you know, the biggest thing about that case was this was really.

The first case we got with, um, aliens, probing people and, and doing medical things to them. And so really, really important. Um, your listeners, if not, if they don’t know about that case should really, uh, Get it, you know, get a chance to look into it. Cause it really is good. Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah. And it’s just, uh, when you listen to the recordings of the hypnosis sessions, it’s very terrifying to hear him.

Um, but I think your listeners really, if they, if they don’t know that case, they should, they should really go out and look it up because it’s really good. The other one that I recently covered is the 1973 Pascagoula Mississippi case, um, with the two guys that were out fishing. That also is really compelling.

I’ll tell you what, Jeremiah, the thing that really strikes me in these kinds of cases. It’s the thing to me, that’s really hard to deny. You can bring up, you know, different explanations of what happened and this and that, but you can’t get away from the actual terror. These people felt. And when they report to officials, whether that’s the local police or whatever, those folks are pretty good at judging people’s.

You know, current demeanor, right? Whether they’re agitated or angry or, or whatever. And when those folks are saying these people were absolutely terrified, that to me really gives some credibility. You

[00:24:46] Jeremiah: know, a lot of these people that get abducted, they don’t even want to tell their story until like way later on or they, you know, get forced to tell it or something like that.

They’re from the lot of the ones I’ve heard, they don’t. Like to really bring it up or talk about it. Cause they don’t want to feel, you know, ostracized,

[00:25:08] Richard: right? Yeah. They, they, they don’t want to be ridiculed, um, or made fun of, or things of that nature. Um, and you know, the, the fact that. They’re not going out and publicizing stuff.

They’re not going out. And, um, a good example of that is Lonnie Samora. He’s the, uh, New Mexico, uh, police officer in the saguaro incident. Uh, this is probably people talk about Roswell, but this is probably the most single, uh, Compelling case in, in UFO annual. So this is the case that actually started to turn Dr.

J Allen Hynek from a skeptic to a believer. There was physical evidence. There was an outstanding eye witness in an officer’s, a Maura. When we talk about people, not wanting to talk about things, this is a guy who did not want to talk about it. And actually in later years of his life refused to do interviews about it.

He didn’t go out on the UFO circuit. He didn’t write a book, he didn’t try to make money, but he definitely experienced something that was extraordinary.

[00:26:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. I don’t really know that, um, case too well. So I’m going to have to research into that of myself. But, yeah, it’s definitely one of those things. Like I said, that people just assume that as soon as people get abducted, they just run to the tabloids or whatever, but a lot of them, uh, really are secretive about it.

Cause they don’t want to seem different in or feel like people will think they’re crazy. It’s just, um, that’s what makes it more realistic to me than just now? Of course, there’s some that are fabricated. You know, I’ve heard some wild abduction stories. That just seem a little far-fetched for me.

[00:27:13] Richard: Yeah. I know what you mean.

And when, when you get into some of these where, uh, they’re ducted and, and, you know, they’re, uh, zoomed off to, you know, to Venus or Jupiter, right. For a little sightseeing tour, and then they come back and, you know, those are the ones that. Are really hard for me to, to sort of latch onto, or the aliens gave them some deep, deep meaning for all of mankind.

Um, really because these aliens over here are just probing people and like taking skin samples and then kicking them off their ship, you know? So which one

[00:27:52] Jeremiah: is it? Yeah. And a lot of the, like what I consider the real UFO abduction. Abduction stories are like, the people don’t even really remember it. They have to go to like, um, hypno hypnosis or regression or some type of therapy to get that experience out.


[00:28:15] Richard: the ones that have, or, or it comes back gradually to them right there, it’s very fuzzy and yeah, but I know what you mean, your.

[00:28:23] Jeremiah: Yeah. So the ones where they talk, like you said about traveling to Venus on a sightseeing tour, her, like, I don’t know, I’m not discounting them completely, but it just seems a little little out there for me.

[00:28:36] Richard: Yeah. Yeah. It’s uh, and the whole. You know, space brotherhood, uh, you know, joined the interplanetary circle, you know, kind of stuff that comes out. And the next thing you know, that person is writing a book, right. I’m putting a book out. So, um, for me it it’s a little dubious.

[00:28:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s like the Benny and Barney hill case that you spoke of.

That is a huge one. And I believe from what I’ve heard of it, that they as well weren’t really. About coming out about it.

[00:29:11] Richard: They were, um, it took them quite a while and you know, they tried to do the right thing to they, they went to the air force and reported it to the air force. Um, what they couldn’t get away from was, uh, Barney.

Had a lot of anxiety. He ended up going to, um, a psychiatrist. Betty was having nightmares and they were very, very, um, detailed lucid nightmares. And that’s really how she was remembering what happened to her because when she went through the hypnotic hypnosis sessions, Um, basically she was recounting pretty much the same thing as the nightmare.

She was having, um, a little bit different in some, uh, details, but basically the same, the same thing, but they did not want to talk about it. And they finally went to, um, a session, uh, or a, um, program that their church was having. They were members of a Unitarian church and there was a. Uh, speaker on, on UFO’s and, uh, abduction cases and stuff.

And so they approached him after his presentation and they described what was going on. He put them in touch with, um, a couple of people that then were able to start to help them, uh, kind of bring, bring back these repressed memories and, and the details then started coming out. But you’re right.

Initially they did not want to talk to people about it.

[00:30:51] Jeremiah: Yeah. So with the abduction, uh, phenomenon, it seems a lot of it is focused around, uh, reproduction. So, uh, I say sexual, but I don’t mean it in like having sex. I’m more like in the reproduction aspect of it. What is your insight on the abduction phenomenon?

From what you’ve. Research like, is, is there something to that or,

[00:31:21] Richard: yeah, there’s sort of a, uh, you’re you are correct. There’s sort of this pseudo sexual kind of thing, even the, um, and I’m not being funny here, but even the anal probes, you know, are sort of in that, that area. Right. Um, I, I don’t. I, you know, it appears if you’re, if you’re talking to me about implants and tracking and, uh, alien human hybrid, you know, babies, I, I have a little bit of problem with that.

I, I don’t see that. Um, but if you’re talking about basically, um, taking samples, skin samples, Um, hair samples, um, you know, checking things like with, um, with both Barney and, and Betty, the aliens ran their, their hands down, their spinal cord. And both of them thought at the time that they were actually counting the vertebras as they were doing it.

So, you know, this whole thing about trying to figure out what humans are, how they work, um, and who knows what for what purpose? Right? I mean, honestly, I mean, is it. Find our vulnerabilities, you know, for, for an alien attack or, um, I don’t know. I couldn’t even guess at what their, their reasonings, you know, their reason for doing that is, but I think those sorts of medical ish, um, circumstances tend to be pretty.

And they tend to be, um, they, they, they tend to be very, uh, very much alike when you listen to the details of them.

[00:33:06] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. And it definitely almost all of the abductions that I’ve heard about include some type of like examination. I think you might be right. That they’re just trying to figure out what exactly we are, how we tick, so to speak.

And for what purpose we’ll probably never know, but

[00:33:28] Richard: let’s hope we don’t. Yeah.

[00:33:30] Jeremiah: Or let’s hope. Hope not, unless it’s a good, good reason, but

[00:33:33] Richard: a good thing. Right. Unless it’s a good thing.

[00:33:36] Jeremiah: So you had spoken about. The black eye children. Is this part of the whole alien thing or is this black-eyed children thing?


[00:33:45] Richard: completely different? Yeah. No, that’s a really good question, Jeremiah. So it’s black eye kids, uh, and you’ll see the you’ll actually see it as B E Ks black-eyed kids. And, um, what are they? That’s the million dollar question. Uh, the guesses range from. Flat-out aliens to alien human hybrids to, uh, demonic entities, demons, um, um, interdimensional beings, uh, you know what they are.

It’s really difficult to say. And, and the thing is when you talk to people who have encountered them, or you go through those cases, it’s almost the terror is almost to the point where. It’s like, I don’t even care what they are. I just know that whatever they are, they’re evil because it radiated. Could feel it.

Feel the terror. Knew that if they, if I let them into my house, if I let them into my car, something really, really bad was going to happen. And so that’s the overall feeling, but there, you know, the theories of what they are, it really runs through.

[00:35:05] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve definitely heard about them, but I haven’t really researched into him into them.

To be honest. I was just curious if they had any connection with the aliens or UFO’s or anything like

[00:35:16] Richard: that. Yeah, there’s no, there’s no sightings. Uh, at least I’ve never run across any there’s no sightings of UFO’s in the area. For example, if you look at. You know, some big foot sightings. Uh, there are situations where UFO’s were, were seen in the area prior to Bigfoot showing up.

Right. So maybe there’s a connection we don’t know, but I’ve never run across that with the black eyed kids, but I have read and come across, um, the possibility that they could be alien or alien hybrids. It’s one of the possibilities.

[00:35:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s definitely, I’ve seen like pictures of them. So. Definitely creepy.

[00:35:55] Richard: I don’t know. It really is

[00:35:57] Jeremiah: another thing that has kind of like made me think over the past few years or whatever is like, whenever I look at a picture of your classical, like gray alien, I don’t know why, but I feel uneasy. Like, it’s almost like my subconscious knows something that I don’t really know. So I wonder if there’s anything to that.

That’s just a random thought that I, that I had.

[00:36:24] Richard: Yeah. They’re not, uh, I, you know, I’m the, the pictures that you see. Uh, they’re definitely creepy to me. And if I, if I saw something like that, standing in my bedroom, you know, in the middle of the night, I mean, you know, I would, that’s probably why they, they have to induce people into like, almost like a coma state, because people are, would be so completely freaked out.

You know, you’d have people having heart attacks and things.

[00:36:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. It does seem like a common occurrence where they’ll. Like put you under paralysis or, you know, you’ll remember any of it.

[00:37:07] Richard: Right, right.

[00:37:08] Jeremiah: And it seems like they can manipulate like, uh, physics and stuff like that. Cause I’ve heard stories of them taking people through dug the windows of, or the walls of their house without actually like opening anything.

And it’s this very interesting.

[00:37:26] Richard: Yeah. I’ve, I’ve read those cases too, where, um, people just watch them phase right through the wall, into their room. And that, you know, I mean, you talk about something that’s terrifying. It’s like, you can’t even count on the walls, you know, to keep somebody out and it Truder out.


[00:37:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s definitely a scary thing also. I don’t know if you have heard this, but I have, because I’ve looked into, um, What are they like hallucinogenic type substances, like mushrooms. There’s a Iowasca is one where people have taken these substances and they claim that they have actually had alien encounters.

So I don’t know if you’ve looked into that at all, but it might be something that you might want to look into because I just find it really strange that there’s people. I don’t really have anything to do with aliens or UFO’s or anything, but they say that they encounter what we would consider

[00:38:29] Richard: classic gray.

I mean, the thing that, that kinda struck me as you, as you were talking about it is, um, of all the things you could do, if you were, you know, taking a psychedelic. W w why would it be aliens? Right. I think, I think that’s a good point. You’re raising. Why would it be aliens? Why wouldn’t it be, you know, something really groovy, you know, something really fun.

[00:38:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. Or if you’re in a bad trip, like demons or something, but aliens. So I wonder, I mean, I’m not, it’s just speculation, but I wonder if those people who witnessed. Actually I’ve had an accounter just don’t remember, and the drugs are like bringing that to the surface or something.

[00:39:19] Richard: I certainly think that’s plausible.

[00:39:22] Jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. Cause I think there might be more people than we know that have had an experience, but they just don’t remember it.

[00:39:33] Richard: Yeah. Um, you know, there are, there are those, there are those hallmark. Um, and they tend to be the biggest one is a lost time. So, um, uh, now that’s not going to really matter to you if you’re sleeping in your bed at night and, uh, somehow you were spirited away, but in these other cases where somebody is driving, uh, as in the case of Betty and Barney hill, and you see, um, a UFO and, and then you have this encounter, And you don’t remember it all, you know, is all of a sudden, you’re kind of aware again and you look and you notice you’ve lost two, three hours.

Right? Um, that’s, that’s really a key sign that something definitely has happened.

[00:40:26] Jeremiah: Yeah. And it bugs me because I hear a lot of the. Abduction deniers. They say like, oh, it’s just sleep paralysis. That’s all it is. And, but how do you explain ones? Like any Barney hill where they were in their car or people who were out in the woods or fishing or whatever, like how has that sleep paralysis?

So like, yeah.

[00:40:52] Richard: And of course the answer is it’s not right. So, you know, when I look at these things, Almost every single episode in the topics that I cover. It, it really boils down to this situation and it’s kind of, um, you know, a conundrum or a catch 22, if you will. But, but it is what it is. It comes down to this.

You can’t absolutely prove. That they were abducted or they ran into Bigfoot or, uh, or any number of things you can’t, you know, they can’t prove that that really happened. Okay. However, you can’t prove it. So you’re kind of stuck in this place and over and over again, it really comes back to, there are some cases where you do have some physical evidence that would suggest maybe something happened, or there was something there, but even that could be explained to different ways.

So it really comes down to, and it comes down to this for my, my listeners. Do you believe the account because. You know, you can say all the skeptical things you want, but you can’t prove it didn’t happen to that person any more than they can prove that it did. And so you really, in the, in the end, in the final analysis, you have to make up your own mind as to whether you believe it or.

[00:42:23] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Definitely. And even the ones, like we talked about where they fly to Venus and all they could be telling the a hundred percent truth. I just, I just choose not to believe it, but I mean, like you said, there’s no way I can prove that they didn’t experience that.

[00:42:40] Richard: Right. Right. Exactly. And, um, you know, uh, you have, uh, Linda Goodman of course was.

Reporter for a small newspaper in Wisconsin and wrote the book on the beast of Bray road and has done all the, that investigation. And now she’s kind of expanded out into other investigations of different creatures that people are seeing out there. And when she took that, that on. As a reporter for the local paper, she thought it was a farce and she thought, yeah, okay.

I’ll, I’ll go out and do this story. She really didn’t want to. And, and she thought, uh, this, this is just ridiculous, but okay. You know, it’s my assignment. I’ll go out and do it. It was after talking to the witnesses and there was no proof. There was no physical proof. But after talking to these witnesses who had seen this car, You know, multiple people, that’s when she started to get this gut feeling that something there’s something more here and these people are genuine and they have encountered something.

[00:43:48] Jeremiah: Yeah. There’s been times where I’m like, that doesn’t sound right. And then I hear other accounts or witnesses or. Uh, other people who experienced the same thing, and then it changes my mind, like, okay, maybe this did happen.

[00:44:06] Richard: Yeah. And I think it’s healthy to be skeptical, you know, it it’s, um, look, when you go into, um, and you look at project blue book, project blue book had, uh, Something like over well, over 12,000 cases that they investigated only 700, a little over 700 of those were unexplainable.

And when they talk about, um, those that were explained, the vast majority of those, you can absolutely believe, uh, from the standpoint of people, misidentifying, Venus, I’ve seen. Okay. Up in the sky where it, it, I know exactly what it is. I’ve also seen Venus at dusk at the horizon when it, it was huge and it looked like the lights of a plane.

So, you know, people are going to misidentify that they see a cloud. They miss a misidentify that they see a commercial aircraft and maybe they can’t hear an engine and they misidentified. So those things happen right. We’re still left with over 700 that were the air force. Couldn’t couldn’t make a determination on what those are.

What I tell people. Um, Jeremiah, when it comes to UFO’s is this, you know, people will ask me, do you believe in UFO’s there’s nothing to believe in UFO’s are a fact unidentified flying objects. They are they exist? There is no question that there are things that are in the sky that are unidentifiable. Now, does that mean they’re alien craft?

No. You know, interdimensional beings or anything else, um, that, that you want to put forward? No, it doesn’t. There’s no hard proof of that, but you can’t say that UFO’s don’t exist because they do.

[00:45:59] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. Numerous accounts throughout history of this phenomenon happening for it. Not to be a fact

now, whether it’s, you know, alien or whatever, that’s up to you to decide, but it’s definitely happening. Right. And I thought it was kind of weird. And me and my friends joked about it was. During this pandemic and COVID and all that stuff, kinda like right in the middle of it, the government decided, Hey, we’re just going to drop all these UFO files.

And we’re going to say that UFO’s are real. And that we’ve looked into that. But no one really batted an eye because it was kinda covered with the whole

[00:46:48] Richard: uh Pantex. Yeah. And we’re still investigating. Yeah, that was to me, the shocker it’s like, yeah, we did away with project blue book back in 69. Oh, well we’re still investigating them.

We didn’t tell you that, but yeah, we’re still doing it, so, yeah, really interesting. I’ll tell you something really quick, Jeremy, uh, Jeremiah to, to give you another personal story. And it’s my son, one of my sons. Oh, I have a couple of sons in the. He, uh, one of them is coming back. He’s on base. He’s coming back from the gym and it’s at night and he’s just kind of, you know, bopping along and he’s looking up in the sky and he sees this light and it’s a, it’s a bright light.

So, he’s stops and he’s looking at it. The first thing he thinks is it’s, you know, it’s an airplane, but it’s drifting kind of slow. Then it, it absolutely stopped. As he’s watching it, it shoots off horizontally at, at tremendous speed and it’s gone. Right. And he’s freaking out. So he calls me up and he says, dad, dad, he goes, uh, I, I’m not joking.

I think I saw a UFO. I said, okay. You know, tell me, tell me about it. And so he kind of describes, and he goes, I, you know, the question I have is I thought it might be a meteor, but can do meteors, like stop. I was like, no, no, they don’t stop. No, if it was a meter, you, you would’ve known it. Uh, think shooting star, you know, you would, you would definitely know that.

Um, and you know, the one feeling I got out of that whole thing, man, was IGL. I want to see a UFO and adhere. He was just walking along and, you know, but I think, uh, for your listeners and for mine to keep your eyes to the skies because, um, people are seeing stuff all the time, man, all the time. Yeah.

[00:48:46] Jeremiah: It’s funny you say that.

Cause I was literally just thinking. In this modern age with all this technology and smartphones and all that stuff, people don’t really take the time to look up. They don’t look at the sky, they don’t really pay attention to it. And if they’re in the city, they have, you know, all the, uh, what do they call that like light pollution and all that stuff.

Yeah, I try to take more time to look up words and check out the SGAs like, even if it’s just taken out the trash or something, I can look up and just look around.

[00:49:23] Richard: Yeah. I D I do it all the time and I, and I want people to be, to, you know, to, to. To use their, you know, use their, their brains a little bit.

Right. If they see a light don’t jump and say, oh, you know, it’s a UFO. Um, think about it, you know, listen, you know, can you hear, can you hear engines? Um, you know, is it at a height where it could be a drunk. Uh, or any number of things. Right. But, but kind of use your common sense first. Don’t just, don’t just go there and make that leap without really kind of considering what you’re seeing.

Oh yeah, for

[00:50:00] Jeremiah: sure. And my favorite UFO case, I guess, um, was the Phoenix lights and.

[00:50:09] Richard: Yes. Yes. I did an episode on that. It really

[00:50:13] Jeremiah: is compelling. How can you deny something happened? Because you have so many people from so many different areas you had the, uh, I think it was the governor was making fun of it, but then came back out later saying, look, yeah, there was something going on.


[00:50:31] Richard: Yeah, he saw it. Right. And, and the most to me, the most ludicrous thing, which, which is what they really tried to paint this as was the, um, flares, you know, aircraft dropping flares. And it’s like flares do not, first of all, they don’t hover at exactly the same distance and move concertedly as one story.

You know, one group consistently moving that whole time. Uh, and for the amount of distance that this thing was seeing, you know, flares don’t last, that, that kind of length of time? No,

[00:51:06] Jeremiah: not at all. That’s a sad excuse that they

[00:51:10] Richard: put out. Yeah, it really was.

[00:51:13] Jeremiah: But, yeah. Okay. Well, thank you for coming on the show and sharing your experiences.

And, uh, is there a website that people can go to to find your stuff? I know you have your podcast.

[00:51:28] Richard: Yeah, I, um, I would point them to, you can go out on Facebook and S and just do a search for. The paranormal factor podcast, make sure you put in the word podcast as well, and you’ll pull it up. And we do a lot of really good content.

I put something out every single day, Monday through Friday. So Mondays we call it monster Monday. I highlight a monster. Uh, give you some info Tuesdays. Um, we have a quiz, but you’re not going to get the answer to the quiz unless you listened to that week’s episode. Wednesday, I cover a paranormal book or film.

And in Thursday I try to give you some, some current news, uh, on paranormal stuff from out there in the world. And then Friday is when we dropped the episode every Friday at 5:00 AM central time. So I really appreciate the opportunity. Um, Jeremiah really fun talking to you, man. Really, really good discussion.

I enjoyed it. Very.

[00:52:23] Jeremiah: Oh, yes, I appreciate you coming on. And I love speaking to like-minded people. And even if we have different views on different things, at least we can, uh, come to terms with, you know, there’s something and just discuss it without it becoming like a heated thing or anything. So, so yeah, definitely had a good time and I will definitely link your stuff in the show notes and.

That way people can find you easy and yeah. Thank you for coming on.

[00:52:57] Richard: Yeah. Appreciate it, man. Take care of yourself and, uh, have a great night. You too.

[00:53:03] Jeremiah: And there you have it. Richard Wright giving us great insight into the abduction phenomenon. We had a good conversation. Just remember, go support him, Sean.

Sign up for his podcast and, uh, head over to his Facebook and remember question everything. .

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Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

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[00:00:00] jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

Hello, my fellow human beings. Thank you for tuning in to the what of the wrong podcast today, we’re going to talk about tarot cards and finding your true self and your true purpose in life with Nicki Ojeda but first, if you could rate and review the show, it would be highly appreciated. Lets me know you’re enjoying the.

And we’ll keep the good content flowing. Also, you can find any information about the podcast on www dot. What if or on most social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tik, TOK. It all be in the description. So I won’t keep you any longer. Let’s get to this amazing interview with Nicki Ojeda and finding your true self and your true calling in life.

Hello, and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast? I’m the host Jeremiah and I’m joined today by Nicki Ojeda. I hope I pronounced that. Right. And, uh, we’re here to talk about. Tarot card reading and past life readings and all kinds of good stuff. So we’re going to introduce her now. Hello,


[00:01:55] nicki: hi.

Good to be here.


[00:01:58] jeremiah: Thank you. I’m glad that you came on to talk with us and, um, we just want to find out like, Look into your world, so to speak. So let us know what your, what got you into all of this in the first place?

[00:02:16] nicki: Well, I started when I was 15, I was, I was working in an herb shop and I was learning all about essential oils.

And, um, I tied that into my tarot reading because the person who was my teacher effectively presented me with the taro deck. That was the herbal taro. And it had all of the symbolism of. So, I really learned them side by side. When I do readings, I, um, whether they’re the taro or the past life, I offer optional essential oil blends that compliment the energies to help checks and balances the things that are revealed in the readings.

At the age of 15, I just started learning all about that. And I’ve been doing it for 35 years.

[00:02:58] jeremiah: Uh it’s a long time. Yeah. So you definitely know your stuff. So what all entails with the tarot cards and tarot card reading? Cause I honestly know nothing about it. So if you can kind of break it down.

[00:03:17] nicki: Sure. Okay. Well it’ll definitely be my take on things because the way I see it. The taro, um, sort of a mirror of all human possible experiences. Um, generally, so you have the major Archana, which are the, um, the more like judgment and the magician and all those cards. Those tend to, um, describe spiritual matters.

And then you have the minor Archana, which are similar to just playing cards. You’ll have like four of ones and three of cups, et cetera. And those are more likely. Deal with every day, um, situations, but in reading, you’ll get both and sort of like it’s a symbolic picture. You really have to have be able to tap into the symbolic mindset.

And then the cards as they’re spread out or sort of holographic as in the reading has to be seen as a whole, like this card will affect that one and et cetera. And. So I tap into the symbols and basically I have an archetypical mindset and archetypes are like primordial energy patterns that are like the whole gamut of human consciousness.

And the taro is a way of narrowing down the infinite into the symbolic pictures that can be interpreted usually by intuition, but, um, definitely a lot of training.

[00:04:45] jeremiah: Yeah. There was a game that I play. A long time ago, it was called indigo prophecy. I think that was the first time I’ve actually heard about the taro cards because in the game they make you play, uh, the taro cards, or I don’t know if you call it playing or doing a reading, uh, cause the lady that you’re playing as wants to know, like her future or whatever.

So are they used for things about like the future and um, I remember the cards had different pictures on them, right?

[00:05:17] nicki: So there are many different ways that can be used. And, um, the way I use them is not like a standard fortune teller. I take this seriously as a way to help people, um, affect the trajectory of their life.

The way I see it is that the reading is a snapshot of your current problem. And since nothing is fixed. And the reason we’re doing divination, which is taro is one kind is so that we can get some consciousness and have like some empowerment about, okay, this could becoming, I need to make a check, a balance, a switch.

I need to pay more attention here. So I do. Uh, way of empowering my clients to change the archetypes that are coming into their world. And, um, you know, they can be used just as seriously or as professionally as possible or not. You know, some people I’ve had a bad reading by someone who wasn’t on the up and up.

You have to look out for that in all areas, but especially when you’re dealing with the unseen. Spiritual or whatever. So you do have to, um, you know, make sure a feeling here of whether this reader resonates with you or not. So, yeah, I, I definitely do it as a way of gaining some knowledge and on so that you can create the outcome that you want for your life a little bit better when you can control it when you can,

[00:06:39] jeremiah: you know, so it’s more of like a guide than a actual, like four tablets.

[00:06:45] nicki: Right. I mean, I do see things coming sometimes, you know? Um, but they’re not set in stone. That’s just not how I see it. I feel like, um, I mean, it’s kind of paradoxical. We have, like, there are certain things that are set, like. Where we were born, you know, who we are that we can’t intrinsically change, but even if there’s something we came here to do, how that happens is always within our control.

It’s not set, you know, so yes, guidance and insight, and, you know, sometimes even hope for people like. I don’t see a way out and then it can kind of help and guide. And then with the past life readings, I generally, um, I use taro cards to get in there with that too. Cause I have clairvoyant ability, but it’s my way of narrowing it all down.

And it works, um, for me to, to use that. But I do those primarily when people have patterns that are affecting their life that keep happening over and over and they don’t really have a call. From any situation they remember in this life. And lots of times it’s from just an, an energy pattern that I’m still rolling behind the scenes, and we can make as many conscious decisions, you know, as we want about what we want to do, but it’s the unconscious patterns playing in the background that tend to affect.

What happens to us. That’s why positive thinking, you know, it’s wonderful, but it’s only half the picture. You still have to deal with your unconscious patterns and your shadow work. So I’m all about the depth, psychology meets spirituality about it all. And just wanting to get to know yourself. It’s really introspection.

I’m not a sugarcoater type of reading. It’s like, we’re going to go deep. If you want to do this. Yeah. You

What are Tarot Cards?

[00:08:22] jeremiah: gotta be serious about it. If you’re gonna go in and the, for the cards themselves, I don’t know if you can kind of explain. What, what is on them and what are they for people at home or in the car, wherever that don’t really know anything about them?

Like what what’s there? Like I know you talked about, they have regular ones, like regular cards, but there’s other ones. I think they have like pictures on them and stuff. And like, what is that all supposed to.

[00:08:55] nicki: Okay. So there are a couple of different theories about what exactly it symbolizes, but for our purposes of explanation, you have the full, the magician on and on all the way up to the world.

And then you get the full again. If you think, cause the fullest zero, the magician is one. So it’s like a spiral of every life situation. Um, you always have to go back to the beginning and the foolish. Not really like a foolish one. It’s just the one at the beginning of the journey who doesn’t have that expertise in whatever arena, you know, whether it’s a big thing in life or just a new path, it’s the kind of human experiences that come over and over.

And so these, um, 22 major Archana. They’re just symbolic pictures of all these different phases of sort of like the hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell has laid out. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that or not, but it’s basically like the monomyth structure where it’s almost like the story of a person is laid out.

The Tarot definitely reflects that. Um, but it also, it reflects possible situations too. It’s pretty deep and very symbolic, you know, apparently there’s a theory that they were. The pictures that were along the hall in an Egyptian temple, but that’s a lot of legend too. You know, the history is definitely pretty clouded, but very interesting.

[00:10:21] jeremiah: Yeah. There seems to be, well, there’s definitely a mystery with history to rhyme and, um, and there’s stuff that’s kept from us, I think, purposely and hidden from us. So trying to Decipher. What’s really going on can be tough sometimes. Definitely. And there’s so you said there was good Tara cards too?

It’s not just all bad. Cause I think a lot of people have the misconception that it’s all like bad stuff.

[00:10:55] nicki: Okay. So I’m glad you brought that up. So certain cards look scary. We have. The tower we have death, we have the devil, but I’m going to tell you, they’re not always meant to be something bad. It’s just things come to an end and something else starts all the time.

And so when you get a death card, it’s pretty much it’s transformation or death and rebirth more often than not. And so it’s just like an inevitable ending of a cycle and a starting of another one. That’s just, um, how that rolls. And then when you get something like the devil, it could be something as simple as like don’t party too much, you know, it’s time to get back on path, you know, and don’t let things stray you off your path of what you need to do.

Not like someone else’s idea of right or wrong, but what resonates with your actual truth when you’re not being true to yourself, that can show up as the devil. So can you see how they’re like symbolic of other things? And the tower is often. You know, you have expectations about this endeavor, but it’s not going to be what you want it to, and it has to burst apart and get out of your way so that you can build something better.

Or you have this metaphorical castle, you know, this thing that once was a safety and a beautiful thing, but it has become a prison that can also be the tower it’s got to go, you know, it’s, um, it seems unsettling, but it points the way to the work that we need to do to create that outcome. We’d rather see, you know, it’s, it’s good information.

So I never coat it because that’d be given a disservice to the queer and that’s the one being given the reading the queer, and then I’m the, diviner the one giving the reading and I really want to give them what I see because, um, That’s where the power is. And that being said, I’m not one of those readers who I just had this experience myself.

They make it all sound bad, so that you’ll do something. You’ll buy their class, take their thing. I do not do that. I always phrase it. And here’s a line of. A chance for a change to change your trajectory. I hardly ever say, do this, you know, it’s like, this is leaning this way. You know, I, they have to see what I’m showing them.

I never say this is definitely happening because it’s not quite like that. It’s like, these are your probabilities. And so it’s a lot of power. Really. It’s a lot of more consciousness about, you know, when you get it done, it’s very eyeopening.

[00:13:25] jeremiah: So when someone comes to you and say, Hey, I need some guidance or I don’t know how they come to you, but when they come to, uh, initially is the tarot cards, the first thing that you do, or do you have like a preliminary thing before that?


[00:13:44] nicki: good question. So right now I’m doing mostly online reading, you know, videos and readings. Ever since COVID and it turns out to be very it’s, it’s very easy to focus. So what I do is I do not want to know what they know about at first, what they want to know about. I have my three cards, that’s my doorway in.

Then I tell them what I see in the, in the three cards. It’s, I’ve never not gotten some kind of. You know, and then after I go there, then I asked them if, uh, the option of, do they want to ask me for more clarification or do they want me to just keep talking? And I, the way I do the taro is not like a typical terrorist.

I’m a very conversational tarot reader because I’m using my clairvoyant abilities as well as the cards. So it’s a back and forth. Like I have done it over the phone, but it’s so much easier when I can look at their eyes, at least, you know, it had the energy exchange, but it’s not absolutely necessary. So, um, yeah, I just keep on laying out cards and talking about what I see.

Sometimes they’ll have a question, but I don’t want it. Before I’ve done my three cards. We take three deep breaths first to just get into the space and just kind of get here.

[00:15:04] jeremiah: Yeah. Just

push out the worries of the day or whatever

[00:15:08] nicki: exactly. And focus a little bit.

[00:15:11] jeremiah: And then for the actual reading part, um, you were talking about, you show them three cards

how many are in like a deck and then how much do you unveil to them?

[00:15:23] nicki: Okay. So, um, 78 cards are in a deck. I have a supplemental deck of archetype cards that I will use for a pastime past life reading. And those are just one word symbolism cards that really helped me see something. Um, I’ll do those.

Occasionally. If someone has a really intense situation, That’s not a past life reading, you know, it just helps me see a little bit more clearly, but, um, generally it’s however many sets of three. I it’s usually a half an hour reading. And so we talk about those. There’s so much to say most of the time, it’s amazing, but it generally ends up being like, you know, um, 18 or 21 or 24 cards at the most because, um, with my archetype.

Because, you know, you don’t lay out the whole deck, but then again, the way it comes out is also, um, revealing that you got this first and not this it’s, it’s really just hard to explain it. It goes back to that holographic thing where it’s like, everything affects everything. So then at the end I talk about it all once it’s all laid out.


[00:16:35] jeremiah: and do they have different ones for like, say someone comes to you is like a. Need a different career or something, or I have a bad relationship problem, or like, is there specific things that they can do when they have a specific problem?

[00:16:53] nicki: Um, yeah, usually it’s something that’s revealed in the reading about, let’s say you said the career as.

So, um, that had came up and this isn’t given to anyone’s information away, but someone was having that. They wanted to know what they needed to be doing, because it was definitely obvious that something was ending in their job arena. And I ended up telling them that it was something where they needed to take some risks.

And it wasn’t extremely clear to me at first, but it was very clear to them what I was talking about because they were doing something to do with, with stocks that required them to, uh, make some, take some risks. But that’s just like the example. It’s like a little hint and then I’ll either keep going or they’ll give me something to work with and we’ve come to like an idea.

Paths. I always tell them, no matter what I say, listen to your inner bell, ding, like it’s like not the one based on fear, not the one based on what you think you ought to do, but that one that really resonates with your actual, authentic, truth and that’s what I’m here for us to get people to their authentic truth.

That’s becoming more and more important and more and more accepted, you know, uh, in the end you have really got to put out there what you have to your own unique, absolutely unique energy is needed in the world. People are starting to see that more and more, the more you tend to your true individuality, the more it’s going to help the whole, you know, so yeah, I did have another example where.

It’s usually not so cut and dry, but a woman was expecting and she was wanting to know about, um, the father who wasn’t very committal and it wasn’t looking good. And the cards were just like merciless. And I had to tell her, I was like, I’m sorry, you didn’t really need to check whether this person is deceitful.

I mean, you really, you know, and it’s, it really revealed that it’s hardly ever that. Obviously cut and dry, but sometimes it is. So it’s really different. It’s really different how the information shows up sometimes.

[00:19:02] jeremiah: Yeah. I can imagine it’s probably hard for you to like break bad news to people.

[00:19:08] nicki: I always try to offer hope to the best of my ability without sugarcoating things.

I want to make sure they get that. What I call the nugget of treasure. And it’s not always pleasurable to hear. It’s not always pleasant, but neither is going deep and working on yourself, always pleasant, which that’s really what it’s about. I mean, I’m like, yes, I’m a think positive, but I’m also like, you gotta acknowledge your shadow.

You know, you’ve gotta acknowledge the depths of everything so you can integrate it, work with it all, be more whole and be more. Just try to level up with that.

[00:19:43] jeremiah: Yeah. You can’t really grow if you don’t experience that pain, I guess you could say.

[00:19:51] nicki: Yeah, it’s true. That’s the greatest giver of consciousness.

[00:19:56] jeremiah: Yeah. It takes struggle to get success. So that’s why I think a lot of people who, um, are like born into money or get gifted a lot of money. They tend to be bad keepers of, of that, because they’re just not, they haven’t been through the struggle to appreciate the, the, some that they’ve got.

[00:20:20] nicki: Absolutely. It’s like an experiential knowledge.

It’s like, you either have it or you don’t, you know, and um, sometimes people have more of a proclivity, you know, of knowing things, but there’s always going to be some challenge. If you don’t have it here, you’re going to have it over here. The only way out is the only way through is through something like that.

Enter cliche here. You got to experience.

[00:20:43] jeremiah: So if this is going to be a strange question of, but since you do the taro and all that, are you into other things like, um, I know a lot of people who are mediums and stuff like that, or that can talk with the, uh, spirit. Okay, can you do anything like that or you just strictly on the tarot readings

and all?

[00:21:07] nicki: Um, I can do that. Um, I don’t do that professionally often. I will be honest with you when I’m doing a past life waiting for someone. Some spirit often comes forth and we’re often both in tears because it’s either their grandma or someone who is with them in that life. Or it’s really intense. I do not purposefully call.

Um, I don’t really know how to make that happen, um, without being at a terror reading setting, but it has happened to. You know, um, I have like several stories where one friend committed suicide, one friend was murdered and that I had gone to a house where it had just like spirits trapped in that they’re like pulling at me.

And I know that sounds like I would have, I’ve been very skeptical of my own experiences for years. And skepticism is very. So, uh, but there just comes a point where I have to realize, yes, this is happening. And then I also have been in the unique position of having two close friends who are with me with these experiences and experienced it with me.

And I’m the one who was murdered was actually in me in a way. Um, and I got really cold and she said, my face turned into his and. You know, if I had been murdered, I’d probably would’ve come to us too, because we were all spiritual together. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’m not a professional medium or anything, but I know how to tap into those energies.

Especially when they’re required, you know, it ha it just comes up when it’s required, you know, and I do have those doors open, but I can’t necessarily contact the dead anytime. and anybody you want me to? I don’t have that.

[00:22:53] jeremiah: And, uh, I know a lot of people bring up the Ouija board. Uh I’m uh, I don’t know if you mess with that at all.

[00:23:00] nicki: Well, we creeped ourselves out with it when I was like 13 or 14, but that’s about it. I didn’t really, but I haven’t like tried really hard either, but it’s just, um, yeah, we used to definitely scare ourselves with it, but. I don’t know much about that, per se, as far as personal experiences concerned. Really?

[00:23:19] jeremiah: Yeah. I was just curious cause, uh, it’s one of those things where like either someone, a lot of people are like, oh, don’t even touch it or it’s, it’s bad. And then there’s other people that are like all about it and stuff like that. I was just wondering if you have had an experience with it. But

[00:23:39] nicki: yeah, I tend to not come from fear because lots of those fear of the spiritual is based on, um, fears of like really black and white situation, like there’s demons or there’s good spirits.

And it’s just more like, I don’t discount that, but it’s Mo anything, you might try to interpret a message from a mischievous spirit, just cause the Spirit’s given you a message, you know, doesn’t mean it’s true. You know, it’s, it’s kinda like, I, I don’t feel fear messing with it, but at the same time I have psychic protections of at all times just because it’s the unknown.

[00:24:18] jeremiah: Yeah, definitely a, a good thing. I’ve covered possession. Know my show before. Uh, there’s definitely people who, for the lack of a better term are possessed and. Some of them are tormented by it. So it’s definitely not something you want to take lightly, or

if you don’t know what you’re doing.

[00:24:38] nicki: Exactly. I always have my purse protections up, you know, uh, but I guess I just don’t feel like a Ouija board is going to really be a tool for that.

Uh, maybe I’m wrong. What if I’m wrong? I don’t know, but I keep an open mind. Definitely because my experiences have been so. Across the board that I’d never want to discount someone who tells me they’re experiencing, you know, such a thing. I definitely give it a near.

[00:25:07] jeremiah: So, um, as far as you’ve mentioned past life a few times, what’s your whole take on the past life phenomenon and all that stuff.

[00:25:18] nicki: Hmm.

Okay. So first of all, It’s a mystery. And I like to let it be a mystery, but I tend to pull out exactly what needs to be heard for the person who’s asking for it. And the way there’s several ways that it could be looked at. Um, we could all be part of one soul. We could all be part of an entity called consciousness.

And certain times we tap into these things and they’re like, Um, patterns that a soul must go through, but I don’t know. All I know is that I could give the same reading to an atheist and who absolutely does not believe in spirituality or past life, and I’ll still tap into it and the symbology will be real.

So I like to keep it a mystery as much as possible, but I have had past life memories of my own since childhood. It’s not something I can say. I know exactly what it is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s this thing. We all become a part of, again, whether it’s the divine or God or whatever. And we’re the story is that we’re just going through these things to get the knowledge and gather the knowledge.

And it almost feels like in the end, we’re all part of it. But again, you know, it’s so mystical and we’ll never know. And. You know, I feel like certain people come into this world being tapped into that, and I’ve always been tapped into the mystical even I was a little kid, you know, and it’s just part of what I’ve come here for is to help people be their truth.

And I know other people have a soul calling like that too, and they do it through other medium media. Mine just happens to be taro and I’ve realized that I could do, you know, the past life readings, not as. Definitely like 10 years later, you know, I’ve been doing that probably since I was like 25. So,

you know, yeah.

[00:27:15] jeremiah: You definitely have the experience with them. So, um, if you have the knowledge and, and know what you’re doing and, uh, you can help people out. That’s a great, great thing to do. And there’s a


[00:27:30] nicki: I always get, you know, accolades for it. I mean, they’re always happy about it, but I also feel like it’s just something that comes through me and that it’s, I’m not really doing it.

I’m just like the channel for it, you know, but I tune in with our intention is to, I, my intention is to help them and to have exactly what needs to be seen, come forward, not the whole barrage of every experience they’ve ever had. The ones that are relevant to the stuck pattern or the stuck energy.

[00:27:57] jeremiah: Yeah, I like that.

Uh, you don’t want any context upfront, you kind just roll with the cards and roll with the punches and then it comes out eventually. And that way people don’t think it’s like skewed because you don’t know beforehand.

[00:28:15] nicki: Yeah. That’s, that’s very important to me and it’s not from an ego level, like I could while them, but it’s more from a level of, um, I could tap in more purely without the words that doesn’t, that’s not to say that I can’t ever do a reading, knowing something for someone, but there’s just something about it where I, uh, if I, especially, if it’s someone who just schedules an appointment on my website and I don’t know them, I just want to talk about the three cards first.

And then that often clarifies their question a little bit for them, honestly, as well for my experiences. It helps them clarify exactly what it is. They really do want insight on.

[00:28:55] jeremiah: And what is your website so that people can

[00:28:59] nicki: it’s Tara with Tati, And, um, you can just schedule your zoom reading right on there, and you have the choice of choosing past life or taro.

And then you have the choice to add on whether you want the essential oil to compliment the, um, energetics of the reading. So that then when you’re doing your personal, either meditation. Introspection that oil. You can, you have to do the magic though. You know, you have to tap into the energy of that, how it is all been put together and that’s optional add on as well.

[00:29:35] jeremiah: So how my fiance is into the essential oils and stuff. How do for you, how does the essential oils like fit in to everything. So

[00:29:46] nicki: we’re back to energies and then archetypal energies. So when you start to sense into energies and doing energy work, um, the taro can really reveal where there’s something that needs a little bit more like, you know, a balancing the checks and balances thing.

It’s all about balancing, you know, where something will feel off, you know, Like someone is like, not, they’re just not, they’re stuck or they’re timid or they’re fearful. They just can’t be themselves. They can’t take the next step to level up. You know, there are certain oils that will have the architectural energy signature, archetype, energy signature that they have.

It’s still use their intention. They still have to do it, but it assists the process by, um, the brain can tap into those kinds of energies. I mean, it’s also mysterious. Is it the brain? Is it the spirit? But um, along those same lines, I have a Zodiac line of oils. I’ll be selling those on my website very soon, but for each Zodiac sign, that’s also, archetypally designed for the right energies to, you know, Magnify the positive and nullify the negative of a sign.

And so that same concept is what I do with the energy shown in the reading. It’s still a little vague, but it’s beyond words.

[00:31:12] jeremiah: Yeah. So the, um, I had done an interview with someone about astrology and you brought up the Zodiac. So, um, you had also mentioned that I think what that guy with his career, he needed a new path.

I think we were talking about how seems to be a shift now that we’re heading into a Aquarius, it seems like a lot more people are becoming more aware of themselves and their reality, and also awake to the controlling powers that have been around for awhile. The government or their boss or whoever. Uh, what’s your take on all


[00:31:59] nicki: So that’s funny. The age of Aquarius is exactly what I’m here to do. So speaking of astrology, my north node is Aquarius. That’s my purpose. That’s who I came here to be. Can’t help it. I came here to push boundaries. Was born revolution. I’m different. And I want to allow people to give those the same spaces to be right now.

It’s called different, but it’s be true. You’re not just like non-conformist for the sake of it, you know, like you’re like some 17 year old or whatever, but then, um, yes, the world is slowly becoming more and more attuned, you know, to it’s spirit, truth, whatever. And then these powers that be, have become internalized.

You know, we do it to ourselves now just as much as the government or fill in the blank, but, um, that’s shifting, it’s, it’s very slow, but the more people who sort of were like, okay, I’m just not going to take this BS anymore. Just like the great resignation. It’s like, why am I toiling away my life? This job that doesn’t tend my own garden, that doesn’t tend the garden of my soul.

And then even just getting like a simpler job that’s makes you happy and makes people happy, or you could go entrepreneurial and feel into what’s your purpose. Why are you here? You know, any little step toward that personal authenticity, it helps the whole, and that’s what Aquarian energy is. It’s taken.

Everyone being their true, absolute unique energy pattern. And then that is like an upgrade for the whole, the more people tap into that. And, um, yeah, that’s what the age of Aquarius is. Absolutely. It’s definitely people just being more awake to what’s what, even their own truth and seeing where deceptions have.

Ruled what we can and can’t do as an evolving species, you know, all that we’ll have to follow fall away, you know, and there’s always some sort of chaos and death before a beautiful rebirth, but you know, having a couple of ways of being aware helps that way you can do it more consciously rather than having things happen to you.

You know, they still will, but not as much, you know, it’s just a little bit more of an empowered position to be. Well, the more you wake into your own truth. That’s my take on.

[00:34:30] jeremiah: Yeah. I definitely notice a notice the shift going on. And I think there’s a crazy stat for podcasts. Like 80 million new podcasts have happened since the pandemic started and stuff like that.

And I think it has to do with the whole people, trying to be their true selves and put out a message that resonates with them. Um, hope and then other people having the opportunity to listen to like-minded people that share the same, uh, resonance as they have. And it’s helped.

[00:35:10] nicki: Absolutely. And, you know, so I, when all this happened, you know, I wasn’t doing zoom readings before that.

Right. I mean, I still do like psychic fairs or workshops whenever possible, but being online has really okay. So I’ve done readings for people in Greece and the UK and Belgium, you know, because I was part of the sisterhood circle there for awhile. It was online and it was kind of like giving me all these connections.

And so. People don’t want to say the gift of COVID. I mean, yes. I’m saying that from a privileged position, I didn’t lose any loved ones. Some people got sick, but there is a gift hidden in there. If we can take it as, okay. What’s meaningful. We absolutely have had to say what is meaningful to me because, you know, I can only do so much, you know, numbing out with television or whatever.

Your job can take a lot out of you. And if it is definitely against what your soul is. And so the gift of that, as we’ve all been given a chance to get to know ourselves again, and to get back to what really matters, and that is love and it’s connection, and it is shining forth with some kind of light that will inevitably help others.

If it’s authentic, it’s, it’s an interesting time to be alive and I’m glad.

[00:36:30] jeremiah: Yeah, definitely, definitely is. We’ve experienced quite a lot in the past, you know, 20 years for sure. And, uh, a lot more, I think, than previous generations, but I don’t know, it could be relative, but it seems like a lot of stuff has been going on.

So has the tarot cards kind of reflected this shift at all? Like have you noticed the change. ’cause you said you’ve been doing it

35 years.

[00:37:01] nicki: Um, and I would have to say like, because of the nature of what I do, it reflected the people struggle with that often who I was giving the reading to. Um, I, I don’t do straight readings for myself because it’s just, I’m in the way, you know, but I will draw like the archetype cards for the situation and those have been revealing, just kinda like, okay.

Everything is changing and yes, this is an accelerated time of change. And I know there’ve been other ones like the industrial rev revolution really was like kind of an abrupt change here and there, but something tells me this is way more abrupt, you know, but then again, I wasn’t there, but yeah, this is, um, you know, ever since we entered the atomic age, really, I guess if you look at it a certain way, like in the fifties or forties, whatever, that’s when things really started, uh, being.

You know, an unstoppable trajectory of expansion and, um, there’s good and bad in that. Like most things involving being a human, but I feel like the more we can tap into using that energy. To the best of our ability because, you know, yeah. When I was 17 or 18, I’d be like, man technology is the root of all evil, but it’s just not, you know, I mean, come on.

That was like an uninformed opinion, you know, but it was coming from a good place. And I think a lot of people are, are like that. They don’t want to give up the way. They’ve always seen things. And I feel a lot of compassion for that, but things are going to keep going, you know, regardless of what you think about.

It’s like, you’re going to have to evolve or repeat. I mean, that’s the big message here. It’s like where, and, you know, even more controversially, the bigger messages that this is all one planet, and I’m not talking from an Illuminati perspective, I’m talking from, you know, Affect each other. The separation is so illusory, you know, I mean the internet shows that, but what shows it more than a virus?

I mean, it’s really, I don’t want to get too off a crazy tangent, but really we are all one and we have to care and love about us all to the best of our ability, but we have our people we care about, but we have to be able to send love energy instead of hate. Just try that.

[00:39:11] jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. There’s definitely.

Definitely a need for more kindness in the whole entire world, not just in the states or wherever, but I have also seen, you know, people do. I know a lot of people like to think that, oh, humans are awful people and stuff like that. But if you really break it down to it, your fellow human is going to help you.

If you need help, like we’re just not wired to let people suffer. I don’t think unless you’re a maniac or something, but you see countless times where there’s like a hurricane while everyone, you know, stands up, donate some money or sends food or so there’s definitely a lot of good out there. I just think the negative is focused on too much because you have the new.

And they only put negative stuff out because that’s what gets on the ratings. So then you start thinking like, everything’s negative, everything’s bad. But if you really look outside everyone, everyone’s just trying to get by like everyone

[00:40:18] nicki: else. That’s so true. And you know, it’s also scientifically because of our human evolution, how we evolve to survive, the negative is going to reverberate harder because we want to make sure that we’re surviving and that we’re safe.

And that we’re good, but yeah. Everything has changed with the information that we get. It’s like, you have to ask yourself, it’s like, see, I’m the kind of person I like to be informed, but I also want to be mentally healthy. Right. So it’s like, I have to step back. You have to take that quiet time within, you know, because yes, the average person, other than your, you know, every rare sociopath, most people are, you know, they want to.

They’re good. You know, and I experienced that firsthand. I, you know, my family and I were in hurricane Katrina and we had to evacuate to Wisconsin. And then there was just like this group of wonderful people who just like, we lost like so much, but they supplied us with so much. And it was just so heartwarming, you know, uh, really nice people up in Wisconsin just to shout out there.

So from new Orleans to Wisconsin, that was quite. Culture shock, you know, but you just get to see how really, when it comes down to it, we all have that. It’s like a knowing that, Hey, you know, the whole phrase there, but for the grace of God go, I, that could be me. That could be the person I love the most going through that.

And the more we tap into that, compassion, not the kind that drains us or that’s in authentic, the authentic compassion. You know, we hold our boundaries, keep ourselves safe, but yet we are. You know, there for humanity to the best of our ability, even starting with being there for ourselves and people don’t talk about that alone with your self-talk is divisive.

And you look in the mirror, you know, more than once a month at least and say, oh, you little Creek or whatever, you know, you need to fix that really, because we all have our moments and that have compassion for that. Don’t judge yourself for that. But at the same time, if it’s more than. It can really cause problems with you, seeing how good people are, if you can’t see how good you are.

[00:42:28] jeremiah: So, yeah. And so the lesson here is don’t be a scumbag. Uh, I know there are some people out there that are, but the majority of people, like I said, are just, they’re just living their life. And, you know, if they see something happen there from my experience quick to try to help out. Um, we had an incident at my work, um, just the other week where, uh, one person pulled a gun on another person.

And, um, it was a lady with a young kid and, uh, you know, everyone came to the ladies aid and a guy sped off with the guy that pulled the gun, I guess, ran off and got in his car. And, but yeah, people, people will. Uh, when the time comes, cause we’re just trying to get.

[00:43:22] nicki: Yeah. And it’s like, it’s so weird. It’s like, it’s like a paradox.

Like you can look at that person who pulled the gun and you can be like, I absolutely have boundaries against that person, but at the same time that that’s definitely a soul in pain. Right. So it’s like, you just want to make sure that you are. And authentic and all fluffy about your compassion. It’s like, yes, you have it, but there’s still reality.

And there’s still boundaries. And so it’s like an interesting thing where I realized, so like, there’s so many cool things. Like, I love like new age stuff or whatever, but it’s pretty incomplete how it’s shown in the mainstream where it’s like, oh, all you have to do is think such and such. You know, you can’t magic it away.

You still have to do the. Okay. You still have to be real. And so that’s what I’m all about. It’s like, yes, I love energy work, herbs, taro, crystals, and everything, but you still have to tend to the nitty-gritty. I mean, that helps. It’s not the cure. All it’s just in this. For you to focus your intention or wherever if you use those tools or not.

The point is too many people have tried to bypass and that spiritual bypassing, you know, they think they can develop by skipping steps. You can’t, you got to go through it. I wrote a whole blog about spiritual bypassing and how I used to do it. Like I used to think that, oh, you know, just by clearing my head, doing yoga, being vegan, I could magic it all away, but then it all comes roaring in and you have to deal with the dark night of your soul.

Don’t do what I did be authentic now and move forward with yourself. That’s my message.

[00:44:52] jeremiah: Yeah, I forget. What was that called? Oprah was really pushing it back in the day.

[00:44:57] nicki: Uh, the law of attraction

[00:44:59] jeremiah: thing. It was called the secret

[00:45:00] nicki: grit. Yeah, it’s the same thing. Okay. Let me speak on that for a minute. So, okay.

The law of attraction and the secret have wisdom in them. Okay. But it’s a skewed version of a universal law where it’s like, yes, our thoughts do affect our reality. Um, you know, The way they package that as for our society’s quick fix mentality. Oh, just, you know, manifest it, but really more than our thoughts, like I had kind of stated before more than our thoughts, creating our reality.

It’s our unconscious patterns, because I could sit here all day and answer. You know, um, I’m rich, I’m beautiful. I’m skinny, whatever. But my unconscious pattern means I could make a joke about loves Twinkies, but what I’m really saying is there could be things in the way that if they’re not deal dealt with it doesn’t matter how many positive affirmations you do.

They’ll still help, but they won’t, they’re not enough. So really I find those to be like an immature version of really. Because, yes, if we could change our wiring, we can change our worldview, our inner attitude, our paradigm, you know, then we can respond to life rather than react because it’s those unconscious reactions that create our reality, even more than our conscious thoughts, but keep doing your affirmations, keep thinking positive.

Just know you got to do more than that. That’s all I’m saying. It’s like half the picture

[00:46:28] jeremiah: you have to actually take action. Think about it and it just magically happens. It’s like, it’s not, if you keep thinking about a million dollars, it’s not just going to magically fall on your lap. Like you got to put in the action to get towards


[00:46:43] nicki: Right. But at the same time, I will concede that when you meditate, viewing yourself as an abundant being, as in don’t like keep, always being afraid of, you know, your money situation. I mean, you know, Once you’re at, uh, past a certain survival level, of course, but some people carry that fear regardless of what prosperity they have, you know, and that’s where the problem is.

Like, I have really gotten a lot of progress within myself by meditating and I do espouse meditating. And even if it’s just having that quiet time within where you don’t let your mind rule, you it’s like the mind becomes the interpreter of what the spirit feels or the. Your inner self. That’s not so intellectual.

There’s a lot of different words you could use here, but tapping into your real self, even your body wisdom is something that is a whole nother thing that I base work around. I do workshops where we do archetypal embodiment. It’s bringing that energy in, in a way that’s beyond the mind, because the mind wants to figure out how, why, what, but if you just bring in that energy, you can transform.

Things, um, in a very mysterious way, you know, and, and being able to meditate, assists that, you know, it gives the mind arrests. We overload our minds. We identify with our minds a little too much. I mean, I value my intellect and I read and study and I won’t stop, but you have to, um, realize that the mind can’t comprehend most of the human experience that’s going on on other levels of.

I’m getting out there again, but Hey, that’s the right place to do that, but yeah, just like, look at your deep levels, deeper, deeper levels, and try to shift that, um, along with your little happy thoughts.

[00:48:26] jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. And it’s definitely good every now and then to just shut your brain down, shut your mind down.

Put the phone down, put, turn the TV off and just sit in silence. Even if that’s your meditation. Just disconnect. Like for me, I like to go out and do hiking and stuff like that. And that’s kind of my time away from, I kind of can just unplug

[00:48:52] nicki: myself. The nature is the best medicine too, if you can get to it, do it.

[00:48:58] jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. So have you had anybody? Who you’ve worked with, come back to later and like, be like, oh, thank you. Changed my life or anything like

[00:49:11] nicki: that. Yeah. I have several repeat clients. Um, I don’t foster a dependency though. You gotta really watch out for that. Cause there’s I said there’s like a lot of riff-raff in my lane, you know, like there’s people out there who are trying to use others and manipulate.

It’s just what they’re gonna do. But there’s also people who have something that. They can channel to help you. And there’s plenty of good readers and beautiful people out there. So yes, I do have repeat clients and, um, they don’t come back too often. Cause you know, if you’re coming like more than like once a week, definitely look at yourself, you know, cause you still have to do it.

All I can do is show you this. You still have to make your adjustments, you know? And I have told a couple people it’s like, um, you know, you you’ve been given this information. You have to do something with them. Yeah. So, yeah, I’ve gotten some good accolades and it feels really good, you know, cause I’ve worked jobs where I wasn’t aligned with my truth and it really starts to hurt and it really start to shut down.

And um, after a while I have so much compassion for that, but may everyone find their calling even a little bit more?

[00:50:24] jeremiah: Yeah. And even if, uh, even if you have to work your full-time job to pay the bills and stuff, What I’ve learned by doing this podcast is when you’re not at work, dump your time and energy into something you’re passionate about.

Even if it’s 15 minutes a day or 20 minutes a day, just chip away at it. And then you can get some fulfillment out of it. Like I get fulfillment out of talking to people like you and all the other interviews I’ve done and just bouncing ideas off of each other. Hearing other people’s perspectives and learning things that I didn’t even know.

Like I don’t know about tarot so you definitely expanded my knowledge there. So it’s definitely something I’ve been dumping all my extra energy into it. It’s made a world

of difference.

[00:51:18] nicki: Yeah. That’s such a good point. You bring up. Cause I don’t want to, uh, you know, accidentally suggest. Don’t work, throw away your job.

You lose it? No, I mean, it’s a process. Yes. I like the phrase chip away and just keep, uh, you know, focus on that. What resonates that, um, They say, follow your bliss, which is true. But even the person who said that Joseph Campbell was like that it’s been misused, um, you know, your higher bliss, which doesn’t always mean it’s easy, you know, or, um, you know, but follow that thing that lights you up, you know, the thing it’s like, okay, this is a lot like what I’m here to do or what I get something from.

It’s like an energy exchange. Like you’re like my eighth or ninth podcast, you know? And I have found that I love it, you know? There’s I always get something out of it too. I always feel a new perspective somehow some way, and I’ve really been enjoying this and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here and just, you know, So I hear something it’ll be like a ripple on a pond in my life.

And then maybe something I say will be like a ripple in the pond of someone else’s life that might do some good, that I’ll never know about. You know, hopefully something, things like that will happen with the words I’m putting out there to help try to help jog people’s way of thinking to their better.

[00:52:38] jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. My podcast motto is question everything. So I. I present my audience with what I’ve learned or whatever researched. I bring people on that research, their own field and topics and stuff. Then at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decipher everything and, and decide what you want to feel and believe and how you want to implement it in your life.

I’m just presenting it to you, giving you, you know, now another perspective. I like to, uh, you know, tweak those little wires in people’s brains and make them think

[00:53:20] nicki: differently. That’s beautiful. And you know, we’re also different. So we are all going to need different paths and different ways of getting to our truth or whatever it is.

You know, This might resonate to what I do might resonate to part of your audience. Another part will be like, well, let’s just not my thing. That’s absolutely normal and the way it’s going to be, you know, but I would just suggest to people too, don’t automatically close off your attitude to something too fast, you know, just let it feel it out a little bit, you know, at least, um, even if it’s not for you, you can see how it might be for someone.

You know, it’s really, we’re also unique and that’s really coming to the floor. You know, I, I just can’t stand up where everybody feels like everybody ought to be the same. I balked at that ever since I’ve been a little kid, you know, I always want to dress weird and be different, not for the sake of anything else, but just because that’s what felt right.

And we all have something like that, you know, where it’s our own positive weirdness needs to shine because the world needs.

[00:54:24] jeremiah: Oh, yeah, for sure. So again, for everyone listening, uh, where can they get ahold of you? And I’ll also put all the links in the description, but if you want to say your website again and


[00:54:37] nicki: Absolutely. It’s Tara with taught and then you can go right there and schedule your appointment right there. And there I have all my whole appointment calendar, and you pick which one it is. And I would like to offer a little coupon code for the listeners. So, um, after, when I check out, just write in the coupon code, spell cast, and it’s all one word.

So that’s just a little, you know, if you really want to try it out, it’s a little $10 incentive off.

[00:55:05] jeremiah: Alright, I will definitely put that in the show notes too. So anyone that comes along can, can use that code. So thank you again for coming on. I really enjoyed talking and learning about taro and talking about this crazy world that we live in


[00:55:22] nicki: Yes, it is. So my pleasure, it gives me an opportunity to talk about what I’m passionate about, and I really am grateful.

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Flat Earth

Flat Earth

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Flat Earth

Flat Earth

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials

coming to you from an RV

deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if

they’re wrong

podcast, the podcast that wants you

to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow homo-sapiens thank you for tuning in. We’re going to be talking with David Weiss and we’re going to be talking about the flat earth and how the sphere trickle earth that you’ve been taught through school and media is actually incorrect and that the earth is a flatter type of plane and that space and everything is all a lie And a way to control us.

So, we’re going to talk with David. Because, he’ll present his information that he’s found that has him believe that the earth is actually flat and not spherical. You can find David and that’s where you’ll get all his information. But first, I’ll show you how to save a bunch of money by switching your car insurance.

Ha just kidding. First, if you can rate and review the show, it would really be appreciated. So, Lets me know that you’re enjoying the content. Furthermore, it lets me know to keep it coming, and also helps with us ranking higher on the searches so you can get more out of the show and you can also go to on there?

There’s a contact page. You can send me a message. Shoot me a message with any show topics, or if you just want to talk, or if you want to be a guest on the show, I will respond to you in a timely manner. Moreover, I am on Tik TOK, Facebook and Instagram, all. What if they’re wrong, check the description.

Show Opening

I’ll put it all down there. And with that, we’ll get with David and talk to him about how the earth is flat. And we’ve all been lied to. So, remember question everything.

Hello and welcome to what if they’re wrong? The podcasts that wants you to question everything I’m joined today with David Weiss, and we’re going to be talking about the flat earth and how the globe earth theory is wrong and how you’ve been taught by school and media and everything else.

A bogus idea that the earth is a sphere and that we’re living on a ball floating out in space. So, I’ll introduce him now. Hello Dave.

[00:02:52] David Weiss: Hey Jeremiah. That was an excellent opening. He sounded like a flat earther man,

the globe theory. It is a theory and we weren’t taught. We were told we weren’t taught a guy in a bow tie, who lies told us that the earth is a ball and boats go over the horizon. consequently, we were told a lot of things and we were told by teachers like our kindergarten teacher in first grade, they’re teaching us about the globe, whether you know it or not, and they’re not liars, they’re just indoctrinated.

They were the ones that could memorize and regurgitate the Rockefeller, funded this information in the textbooks, and then they get to become the teachers of the new generation. So, those of you that are here in flat earth for the first time. Oh my God, that’s crazy. It’s been debunked for 2000 years.

Programmed Responses

That’s a programmed response, I had it too. I banned people for life from my podcast. Right from leaving, listening to it. I banned them, um, for even suggesting that I look into it. So, if you stick around today, uh, this could be your red pill podcast.

[00:03:55] Jeremiah: Yeah. I want people to, um, suspend what you’ve been taught in school and everything like that, just for the hour of this show and kind of have an open mind and try to really think about what is presented here.

As a result, at the end you can come to your own conclusion, but I think there’s going to be some things that will probably make you scratch your head and be like, yeah, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Uh, what we’ve been told

[00:04:24] David Weiss: a hundred percent. Next, where do you want to start?

[00:04:27] Jeremiah: So, I guess the first thing is, um, which is pretty standard.

What got you into doing this whole thing? Made you set out to like create this flat earth podcast and your app that you have and everything like


What Got Dave Into This?

[00:04:42] David Weiss: Yeah. First, I’ve always questioned reality and questions, stuff that just didn’t make sense as a kid. And I was told, uh, you know, that’s a good question.

We don’t know, but this is the way we’re told to teach it. And that never sat well with me. And, uh, I did a podcast called deep inside the rabbit hole, looking into lots of deceptions that are going around. Um, flash forward, three years into it. People started saying, Hey, David have you looked into flat earth.

So, as I said earlier, I banned those people For life or even, you know, commenting for saying such a stupid thing. But then I was forced to look reluctantly with a closed mind. I went into disprove flat earth, improve the globe. And that’s how you become a flat earther. Because, once you start looking into this, if you have eyes to see and an ego that doesn’t yell at you loud enough where you stop looking.

Then you can see once you see it, everything changes. People say, what difference does it make? Because, I still have to go to work tomorrow. Well, that’s what they want you to think. Right? We live in this slave system that people don’t realize it. You remember the, I call it the documentary with Keanu Reeves the matrix.

[00:05:53] Jeremiah: Yes. Yeah.

[00:05:54] David Weiss: It literally the matrix is the heliocentric system. It’s a prison for your mind. So, what I’m doing here is I’m going around, and I’m unplugging people from the matrix. Letting them see the world. And, when they see the world, it changes everything. Uh, it changes everything. Like I had.


I went to college. I worked in corporate America. So, I left corporate America. started my own company, and was a CEO of my own company. making more money than I ever thought I could make. I had the American dream, quotation marks. And then, all of a sudden, I walked away from the whole thing because, I realized that isn’t the American dream.

Uh, we’re, we’re in a slave system that people don’t see the jail, the, the, the bars that are surrounding us and those bars are the heliocentric system. So, I figured, you know what? I want a better place for my kids. I want a better place for me. And I’m helping people see the reality. And, we are literally at the tipping point right now, there’s so many people waking up to flat earth, and they’re waking up new people.

Uh, it’s becoming, um, a problem, a problem for the power structure that is because, they need us plugged into the fear matrix. Because, they need us living in fear, so they can control us. But, when you unplug, when you, when you realize where you are, and you stop believing, you believe you live on a ball, do you have no proof?

That’s a belief. You believe my name’s David. It’s a belief. You haven’t checked it out. You haven’t really looked after you look and you do some research. So, you’ll know my name is David, but belief is easy. It takes no. Okay, I believe you. But, um, once you start looking, this world becomes very interesting.

Commonality in Flat Earthers

And one thing that all flat earthers have in common is we’re never bored. There’s never a moment in our life, whether we’re stuck in a massive track at traffic jam, waiting in line somewhere, insomnia, whatever it is, we’re never bored, because there’s always stuff to think about, stuff to see stuff to learn.

Uh, and this world is an amazing place. They don’t want you to know that.

[00:07:59] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Uh, you know, definitely makes you think. And the more I look into it, the more, or listening into it kinda makes me scratch my head and, and kind of question, you know, am I being fed a bunch of lies and bunch of nonsense.

So, we’re going to cover some of that today, hopefully. Um, so, what does the flat earth look like? Um, is it. So, if we’re not on a sphere and a ball, and what do you think of like outer space, and what you’re looking at as far as like stars and the moon and all that stuff. And, you know, what’s, what’s the flat earth kind of

look like.

[00:08:36] David Weiss: I’m going to just jump. Because, I’m going to give you, give you the answer to that, but I’m just hearing the questions that you’re asking, and the things that you’re saying, I’m going to tell you something that you haven’t consciously admitted to yourself yet. You know, that we don’t live on a globe and the earth is flat.

You’re just finding out, trying to find a way to deal with it. And we’re going to, we’re going to get through that today.

Breaking Down Flat Earth

So, what does the earth look like? Well, if you’ll Google flat earth, if you think flat earth, um, you come up with that pizza floating in space, a disc floating in space, and you, uh, if you Google, what is flat earth, you’re going to see a meme of all the planets and the earth being the only flat.

That’s another meme, all nonsense, all of that is fake. Okay. Even the planets parts are fake. And then, you’re going to see the turnip floating in space. That’s from the, you know, when I say Turnip, it’s a flat desk with the roots of the, well, you know, going down to the, to the earth or whatever, whatever it’s supposed to be.

Um, that’s not the flat earth. So, what is the flat earth? Well, the, the way, the best way I describe it is we are the basement of the universe, for lack of a better word, where the foundation, and we’re at the center of creation, whatever that means, because people say, well, what’s under the flat earth. I want to see what’s under there.

People under there. No, the deepest hole ever dug is short of eight miles. It’s in Russia. It’s called the great borehole. And for years they tried to get beyond that eight mile mark and they couldn’t, it was impenetrable. They tried drilling, blowing it up, everything. Okay. They couldn’t do it. And there was some wild stories that come out of there.

Look into that one day. So, that’s like drilling halfway through the skin of an apple, think how thin the skin is. Right. And, when they were drilling, they were wrong.


Every step of the way, uh, you know, no more rocks, no more water. They hit rocks, they hit water, right? So, the ground penetrating radar that they were using was wrong.

Every step of the way they got halfway through the skin of the apple. And then, they just knew that the next 4,000 miles they knew, they, you know, we saw the memes and our science books, molten magnetic metal, metal core, which is impossible. You can’t have a magnetic melted, anything. Um, and it’s all just fake means that we were brought up on with no scientific proof of it whatsoever.

So, getting back to what the earth is, um, large bodies of water at rest need a container. They need lateral pressure. Like if you look in a cup of water, your cup is providing the lateral pressure and the surface of the water is flat. And, if you remove the cup, and any part of the cup lower than the surface of the water, the water will flow out.

Same thing for. What contains the puddle water accumulates in the low spot, and it’s held by the land that’s higher than it. Well, what’s bigger than the puddle upon a lake is bigger than a pond. A lake has a shoreline, that shoreline is consistently higher than the, than the lake. If it was lower, you’d have a waterfall or a river.

Okay. So, now expanded even bigger. The world pond, all of the oceans of the world create a big, pretty circular pond. And inside that pond are islands and continents, and they’re all surrounded by water. And, the edge of that pond, the lateral pressure comes from the land that is higher than the water.


Well, did you know that the highest land on earth is Antarctica?

No, I didn’t know that. Yeah. So, they tell us Antarctic cause the highest land on earth. When you go to Antarctica, um, you see the ice wall, quotation marks, uh, it’s really the ice cliff. I shoreline, uh, where the plateau is, you know, a couple of hundred feet above your head. It’s pretty spectacular. Well, that’s just the, the shoreline of our world pond.

It goes all the way around the world and they tell us, Antarctica is about 10,000 miles in circumference. If you went around the 10,000 mile journey, the problem is anyone that’s tried to circumnavigate, Antarctica has gone far more though. The most famous story is, um, uh, captain cook. It took him three and a half years.

He went over 60,000 miles. Okay. 60,000 miles, when it should have been 10. But, look at the flat earth map, look up the, the Gleason’s map, which used to be in every school, every library, uh, until the 1950s, they got rid of it. They pulled it, they pulled it from everything. Like you don’t even find it in any educational reference material.

And that’s really what the world looks like. That’s the best map we have as a perfect, I don’t know. I don’t think so, but, it’s pretty darn close. And on my app, the flatter sun moon and Zodiac clock app, the, the, the sun is the, our hand. And, it goes around once every 24 hours. Well, I can, when the sun is over Sydney, Australia, I can call up my friend PK and say, PK, where’s the sun.

More Antarctica

He goes, oh, it’s right over my head. What time is it? It’s noon. Right. And then, you know, six hours later, I can call a friend in Johannesburg and say, Hey, what time is it? He’s like, Hey, it’s noon. Right? And, uh, and you can see that there is something right about that map because the sun is where, uh, the map shows it.

So we live in the Antarctic basin. Nobody is allowed to explore Antarctica. If you wanted to explore Antarctica, you can file for permits. It’ll take you a year or two, It’ll cost you from $200,000 to $2 million, just for the application. You will be turned down and they keep the application fee. Okay. So that’s not happening.

You can’t get south of 60 degrees south without, um, without being accosted by military, uh, drones, jets, cruisers, um, they will come after you and turn you around immediately. People have tried it and that’s when you’re like a thousand miles from Antarctica. So you can’t even see it. And they’re already turning around.

There’s eight islands equally spread around one of them, the Falkland islands. If you remember the Falklands war years ago, why are they fighting over this little island south of, uh, I think, uh, Santiago and it’s because they have military bases on these islands, which are spread out all around the world and then they have buoys and radar and all sorts of stuff to make.

Admiral Byrd

Nobody goes to Antartica. Why is that? Why is that? When Admiral bird went out there in the fifties and said, there’s more land bigger than the United States filled with resources that can power the world for hundreds of years. And in the time when we’re at war for resources and land and everything, why all of a sudden they’re like, eh, he made that announcement.

And literally the same year, they said all Antarctic treaty and all of the warring countries in the world all signed it. Everyone signed it. And it’s still in effect today. No treaty on anything has ever been an agreement and lasted that long. It’s still an agreement. And you can’t even question it until the year 2041.

Does that make any sense to you?

[00:15:25] Jeremiah: No, not really.

[00:15:25] David Weiss: No, it doesn’t. The reason that they did it, they said it’s the only pristine place on earth. Well, there’s no people there there’s maybe some. And there’s no life there’s no trees. There’s no plants, no people. They were worried about environmentalism.

Meanwhile, back then they were killing whale oil. So, this whole environmental listen thing, environmentalism wasn’t even a word back then. So that’s nonsense. And you know, you want to be environmental, take care of the lungs of our world in the Amazon, but you know, we’re just burning that down by acres every second.

So, that’s what the flat earth is. And Antarctica is off limits because if you went there, um, you would find out that you don’t live on a ball and then everything changes from that. The last thing I’ll say is, um, in Antarctica, it’s really difficult to navigate because compasses are so far away from the north that they don’t work.

Compass At The Poll

There’s no south pole compass. Right. But, on the heliocentric, you know, bipolar, earth, there should be a compass pointing to the south, but there isn’t, and they don’t really want. There because they, the north is just too far away and GPS doesn’t work because, well, for many reasons, one is, you know, there’s no such thing as satellites falling around the earth.

So, even if you got there, how are you going to navigate? Where are you going to go? Right. Um, the only way that you could do it, like there’s no place to fuel up is I’m an Airship. There used to be many, many airships, right? Cause the Airship, you just need like a solar panel on a fan and you’re good to go.

And, um, they demonized helium, I mean, hydrogen with the Hindenburg, which was a false flag event and NASA, uh, liars that NASA, they own all the helium companies in the world and they use more helium than everyone else in the world combined. What’s going on there? What are they using helium for?

[00:17:22] Jeremiah: Yeah, I do

find it strange.

Um, within the past, I don’t know, decade or so, you’ve been hearing a lot of reports of these world leaders going to Antarctica and stuff like that. And like why

[00:17:34] David Weiss: John Kerry went on election day.

[00:17:35] Jeremiah: Like, why are they going there? If there’s nothing there,

[00:17:39] David Weiss: maybe they’re getting their marching orders from the people that really run this world.

[00:17:43] Jeremiah: Maybe I just find it weird.

Flat Earth and Aliens

[00:17:48] David Weiss: So, think about this. Let’s let’s talk about, you know, when I first heard about this, I’m like, what, what about aliens? What about extraterrestrials? What about, you know, the secret space program? The secret space program is real, but I call it the secret propulsion program where uses not anti-gravity, but anti electromagnetic propulsion systems, MIT just came out with an airplane with no moving parts.

It uses what they call the ionic wind. And it’s just changing the electric potential of this thing. Go on YouTube and you search anti-gravity tinfoil triangle. You’ll see this thing where they electrify it with a negative charge and it goes up into the air. Why does a negative charge defy gravity? It doesn’t make any sense.

It is defying electromagnetism. The world, the earth is electric. The earth does not move and it has a testable measurable, scientifically provable, negative charge to it. What does that mean? Well, the sky, the air has a positive charge. The ground has a negative charge. Anything you lift up off the ground is now in that positive field and it’s positive and negatives.

If you remember science do attract. So, the earth is not moving, not rising, it’s not moving at all. So, it’s not moving. It says, come here down is this way. And then, buoyancy and density sort, everything else out. And if you look at all of the elements in the periodic, They all there they’re charged there. Um, electrostatic charge is relative to their density.


You know, the higher that negative charge, the immune positive charge they have the heavier they are and it makes it actually works. Makes perfect and total sense. There’s experiments that we do where we, um, we have, uh, we took some helium balloons and we hooked them up to just like a little toy or whatever.

And, uh, we had a wire connected to a Vander graph generator, which can put a charge into something. And we just had it where it was like two or three inches off the floor. The balloons were holding it up equally, you know, um, in that perfect balance. And then, we cranked up the generator and made the, uh, the little metal.

It was just a metal button and we added a, a stronger positive charge to it. And bam, it went right down to the floor. We discharged it, it went up or we define gravity or we defined something.

Flat Earth and Gravity

[00:20:11] Jeremiah: Yeah, it definitely makes you wonder. And I was going to ask you about gravity and what your take on

it is.

[00:20:17] David Weiss: I’ll just go a little farther. And gravity, the, we live at the only true forces in this world are electricity and magnetism. And we live in a giant free energy system. The sun and the moon are that cathode and anode of our earth battery system.

The salt water, salt water carries the current. The land is a salt bridge. And if you remember your chemistry, that’s a battery. That’s how a battery works. And, so the sun and the moon circle above the flat earth circle around the center, which is our north pole. And it creates this free energy system.

Tesla proved that, you know, with the world’s fairs, it was free energy technology. I don’t know if you’ve looked into tuttare yet. Um, there’s lots of resources on the app for . Uh, there was an advanced civilization here, um, not more than, not much more than a hundred years. Wait a minute, a hundred years ago.

It’s like, the early 19 hundreds while we’re just coming out of, um, a reset, whatever it was. I don’t know if you’ve looked into the mud floods, but that’s a good way to describe it. I don’t know if it was manmade, if it was God made or whatever it was, but somewhere in the late 18 hundreds, um, there was a reset that happened and much of the world got buried in mud.

Heliocentric Matrix

So, what happened there, but we look at buildings. They’re everywhere. In New York city. Buildings in Connecticut, Places in Philadelphia, they’re in San Francisco. Every country, everywhere in the world. These are buildings that are, have free energy technology built into their towers and domes.

And, uh, you know, they’ve been repurposed as churches and places of worship. Uh, this was a living building system living with the living earth and all of that has been taken away from us. The robber barons that have come after the reset have taken that technology and put us in the matrix. They literally plugged our mind.

Into the heliocentric matrix. So, we don’t know who we are, where we are, what we are, you know, in school, they tell you, you only use 10% of your brain. Right? Remember they taught us that in school. Yeah. That’s because that’s the goal of school to disconnect your creativity, your, your connection to spirit, your, your connection to the earth.

It’s this to take you and put you into a slave, um, you know, number crunching calculator, um, serve, serve, serve, serve that surf. Um, that’s so hard and, um, they won’t only want you using 10% of your brain because when you unplug from the heliocentric matrix, uh, you start to see everything. You take your power back.

All flat earthers are Neo at the end of the movie. Okay. All globers , are the people walking around in New York city when, uh, When a Morpheus was training Neo, right? These are all people that are living in the matrix. They’re all, they’re happy. They got their job. They’re making enough money on the weekends.

Pacified Masses

They get to drink and watch sports and chill out. And then, you know, they love, uh, making their money, giving it 40% to the government. And then, at the end of the year, the government gives them 4% back and they’re like, oh my God, I am so lucky. They gave me 4% back. Right? It’s all a control system. What if you lived in a world, where there was a hundred more continents than they’re telling us about you might, what, if you live in a world where you didn’t have to pay for gasoline or electricity because free energy was everywhere.

What do you live in a world where food, you know, we live in a world right now. You can grow enough food to feed yourself really easy, go out, plant a garden. And food grows out of the garden. After water falls from the sky, you can’t make up stories like this. You stick a seed. That’s a hundred years old that your great grandfather put into a jar.

stick it in the ground, water will fall from the sky water, the most valuable substance on earth, and then food will grow out of the ground. That’s crazy.

[00:24:11] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure.

Yeah, there’s definitely, I think, um, false scarcity, I think is what it’s called, where they have us believe that we’re limited on things when we’re really not

[00:24:25] David Weiss: a hundred percent.

False Scarcity 

They want us to believe we’re running at a dinosaur juice, right? It will oil that’s nonsense. All of the empty oil Wells are full again, but we shouldn’t be pulling oil out of the earth. The oil is like the blood of the earth. Um, we don’t need to because there’s free energy everywhere. Right? They want us to believe that we’re running out of food.

Not true. Food is everywhere. Right? Um, they want us to believe that we’re overpopulated, where every family in America could have a half an acre in Texas, and there would still be tons of free land in Texas. Right. They want us to believe. That the, the overpopulation, I think all of the world could live on half of Australia.

Okay. It’s unreal. What people will just believe. They want us to believe that we can be taken out by an asteroid at any second, that some crazy madman is going to blow us up with nukes, asteroids don’t exist and neither do nuclear bombs.

[00:25:18] Jeremiah: So, as far as space is concerned, um, what, what exactly is it like, what are we looking at when we look up, and see the stars and the moon and the sun and

[00:25:29] David Weiss: yeah.

So, in the heliocentric system, uh, you like looking at the stars, you ever go into the mountains and on a clear night and, see amazing stars away from the city.

[00:25:37] Jeremiah: Definitely.

[00:25:39] David Weiss: Yeah. So, so tell us, tell me what you think should happen here. We took a balloon. We, that we have these weather balloons that we send up to 120,000 feet.

Flat Earth Test

And in Arizona, we, we launched one on a super clear night and we had the high Def 4k cameras looking at. And, before we even let the balloon go off the ground, it could see the Milky way, could see all the stars perfectly clear night. Now what’s going to happen as it gets higher and higher.

[00:26:06] Jeremiah: Uh, I’m not sure

[00:26:10] David Weiss: you get it.

It should get clearer, and clearer, and see even more, and more stars. Because, even though it’s a clear night, as you get up higher, you get above the, the moisture deck and it’s just should get clearer and clearer, and brighter and brighter, right? Just like, when you’re on top of a mountain on a cool clear night, it’s clearer than down in the valley.

And so, in the heliocentric system, it should get brighter and brighter, because you have less and less interference. But what happened was at 50, 60, 70,000 feet, all of the stars were gone. Let that sink in. All of the stars were gone. I took a flight from California to Sydney, Australia. Years ago, long before I knew any about this, I love stargazing.

And I was either were living in the middle of the night. We’re going to be in the middle of the ocean, not near any light at all, above all the clouds. I couldn’t wait to see what I would see in the sky. And I looked at, I saw like two or three lights. I think they might even have been airplanes. Maybe, one of them was a wandering star, also known as a planet, but they were nothing.

What is the Sun, Moon, and Stars?

And I couldn’t figure it out. The lights were off in the airplane. I even tried, you know, putting a blanket over my head, blocking out all, any of the little light that was in the cabin. Nothing, nothing. Why is that? It doesn’t make any sense in the heliocentric model. So, what are stars? What is the moon?

What is the sun short answer is nobody knows. Right? But, what we do know and what we, no one has even been able to say a better, no one has even been able to prove that their physical, that their physical objects. They might just be for lack of a better word, a projection into our, um, dome a vision. One, one, uh, one example would be the new moon is when the moon is near the sun, and the sunlight is lighting up the backside of the ball moon.

If you believe that story, that’s fine. And the side that’s facing the earth would not be lit. And, therefore, we have a new moon. You don’t see the moon. Why don’t we see a dark spot in the sky? Well, people say, well, cause the moon, the sun is so bright. It’s blinding. You it’s like, like having a a hundred watt light bulb and others, you know, uh, a million, um, candle, light spotlight in your face and say, asking if you can see a fleet next to it.

Right. Good. That’s, that’s interesting, but not true. Um, but during a total eclipse of the sun, the moon covers up the whole sun, um, except maybe the ring of fire, but you can even block that out and you still don’t see the. Nobody has ever seen the moon approach.


Eclipse or exit the face of the sun during an eclipse.

Well, why would that be on a, on a middle of nowhere, full moon night, you can read by the Moonlight. Well, the Moonlight’s supposedly reflecting sunlight. It’s going all the way back to earth, 238,000 miles. And, it’s lighting up your book so you can read it’s casting your shadow on the ground. Well, during a total eclipse of the sun, if you were on the moon, you have a full earth.

Well, earth is arguably shinier and six times bigger than the moon. More reflective with all of the oceans. The moon is the dusty dirty ball. Well that’s six times the amount of light or more being reflected at the moon. Nobody has ever seen the moon. Now from the international fake station, not from an airplane, not from an infrared camera, not from any optics ever from any angle ever.

Has anyone seen the moon? So, what are we.

[00:29:47] Jeremiah: Yeah, it definitely seems when you look at it to, uh, be emitting its own light, just from my perspective, when I look up at it, it doesn’t seem like something’s bouncing off of it,

but, that’s me.

[00:29:59] David Weiss: Well,

also, it’s because it’s lit from edge to edge, the same brightness. If you like something up with a single source light, there’s a hotspot.

And then, the light fades out as it goes around the edges. And that’s how you can tell it’s a sphere, but this is very flat and it is emitting its own light kind of like it’s Nope. It’s powered up by some sort of electricity.

What are Eclipses?

[00:30:23] Jeremiah: Yeah, it does. It does make you wonder. And then, um, as far as like the eclipses and stuff, I guess that’s a big one that people who believe in the globe model like, well, how does the eclipses work?

Because, you know, if the earth was flat and when you see. Like, a line instead of the whole thing being covered, or

[00:30:46] David Weiss: that is bill Nye, the line guy with the bow tie program response number 2017. Okay. Right. Cause only a sphere, no matter what angle it comes in from could cast a curve shadow. Well, just from the beginning, that’s not even true.

If you cast a shadow from a sphere onto another sphere, it comes out straight. Okay. It doesn’t come out like that. Now, if you have a single source light, and a S and a and a ball and get a basketball and a light in the dark room and then eclipse it with like the edge of a book, it comes out curved, just like we see.

Now I am not saying that the flat earth is eclipsing casting a shadow on the moon. I think that the eclipse of moon at all as totally has to do with polarization and we we’ve done experiments with polarized filters where you can block out things. Or sometimes they turn red. Ooh. We’ve seen eclipses where the moon turns red.

Okay. So, there’s also the sell-in Ninian eclipse, which happens, uh, where the observer can see the eclipse start while the sun and the moon, opposed to each other on opposite horizons are both still above the horizon. Well, what does that tell you that tells you that you’re not in alignment yet?

More Eclipse Info

The earth is an in between the two, if they’re both above the horizon and the eclipse starts and worse than that, the eclipse comes in from the top of the moon, based on that person’s view, which makes no sense at all.

So, we can prove right there that it’s not the earth that’s causing the eclipse. And then the solar eclipse is worth worse. The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon, and it happens to be 400 times farther away. Therefore it looks the same size. Cool story, bro. Okay. And then, occasionally that the odds of those two lining up from the Earth’s point of view.

Perfect. Going across each other, like two quarters lining up are so infant testily small. I can’t even think of the number. Okay. Then, the idea of it happening a second time is exponentially worse or third time. The problem is there is cycles of eclipse that happen every single year. There’s totally eclipses every year, every year there’s eclipses and they happen in patterns.

And guess what? That pattern repeats every 18 years. Does that sound like a Helio nonsensical, beehives galaxy solar system flying in all different directions, gravity tugging here and there where these things happen and are testable are, are, are, um, predictable. I’m making sense at all.

[00:33:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. Like you said, the chances that our earth and moon and sun and all are aligned in such a way that create what the accepted.

Uh, mainstream model of eclipses and stuff happen. It’s like you said, it’s a crazy coincidence that it does that.

Eclipse Conclusion

[00:33:54] David Weiss: It’s a crazy, ridiculous impossibility is a better way to say it so that the whole, the whole idea is just absolute, satanic garbage. Um, they don’t want you knowing that you’re at the center of creation.

They don’t want you knowing that this place was created for us. And that the thing that people call their soul is a spark of the creator within us. And we have a simple task here, have a great time. Don’t lose control of your soul and those control of your soul by literally selling it, giving it up succumbing to nonsense or doing evil.

And we’re here. To experience this realm, which has been stolen from us. And we’ve been literally plugged into the matrix. The entire matrix movie is such an accurate analogy of what is going on in the world. That some people can’t see it it’s such, the lie is so big that some people refuse to see it.

They are like, you know what, I’m happy. I got my job. I’m making good money. I’ve got a new car. I only got 20 more years on my mortgage. Um, nonsense. It’s all made up control.

[00:35:03] Jeremiah: Yeah. Once people start looking into things and start questioning things, then you know, the reality starts to unravel. They start to question like I did.

You did, I’m sure a bunch of other people that are into this type of fringe stuff or quote unquote fringe stuff. Uh, yeah. Once you start to realize, then you go down these rabbit holes and you start to realize that there’s a lot of dark powers that are. Keeping the truth from us and keeping us down and, and not knowing the


More Fear

[00:35:39] David Weiss: People are generally good people. They can’t fathom evil. Therefore, they can’t see it. They don’t believe in a spiritual war, but that doesn’t matter because the evil people that are running this place do, and they are using that to their advantage. Okay. This is a, uh, an amazing realm we’re in, it’s literally like a video game and we are in it and we chose to be here at this time.

And there’s absolutely nothing to be fear, to be afraid of people watching the news. Now they’re like a potent might use nukes and we got to do that. You know, all of that’s nonsense. Once you understand that nuclear bombs don’t exist, what about Hiroshima Nagasaki, right? Once you understand, that that never happened.

Yes, there was an explosion, but it was not a nuclear bomb. Um, once you understand that that doesn’t exist, you now laugh. You now laugh. It freeze every cell in your body. Right, because every cell in your body, if you believe in nukes is afraid of nuclear explosion. You’re afraid of that scene from the Terminator was Sarah Connor holding onto the fence as her body is shredded.

Right? Um, all of that is puppy cock nonsense. Okay. And once you free yourself from the fear, false evidence appearing real, you free your mind and you take back your power. You stop feeding the evil that is running this place. And, uh, you take back your life. So real, real quick, for those of you that are, don’t think this is nonsense.

Flat Earth Bet

I’m offering three Bitcoins for one globe proof, three Bitcoins for one global roof. All you gotta do is get the app. It’s the flat earth, sun, moon and Zodiac clock app by blue water bay. Make sure you don’t get the knockoff one. That’s just garbage. And it’s the highest rated app in app store and Google play.

And. Take the challenge every day. There’s a featured video, watch a video every day for two weeks. And at the end of that two weeks, if you think you have a glow proof, send it to me. But, before you do check the frequently asked questions, cause the very most likely is answered there clearly. And again, don’t believe anything in the app or anything I say verify it all yourself.

But, the problem is when you don’t know the questions even exists because we’ve been programmed to think while boats go over the rise and therefore this is the globe. There’s nothing more to discuss, but they never taught you about the angular resolution limits of your eyes and how on a flat plane, a boat would disappear from the bottom up.

Okay. They don’t teach you. Um, you know, our consumer optics have outgrown their lives. We can zoom in on boats. That should be over the horizon, but there they are like, how did that, how did I zoom in on that? If it was over a physical horizon? Well, the horizon isn’t physical, it’s awful. And they don’t teach you that in school.

The problem is if you go Google flat earth, you’re going to end up at nonsense. You’re going to end up with all of the pushed propaganda fact-checker nonsense that they want you to see.

Bet Continued

Like there’s a, one of our great videos been out for years that had millions of views is a stranger’s guide to flat earth.

21 question. That’s a pretty unique name. You search that in YouTube. It won’t come up. You, you, you search in top 10 reasons. The earth could be flat. You’re going to get top 10 reasons. The earth is a globe and you’re going to get pushed. Uh, you know, uh, con man, like, uh, professor Dave, who’s not even a professor and Simon, Dan, who’s just a, uh, a crisis actor, whatever you want to call them.

Um, whether they’re snarky little, you know, attitudes and, and they make you feel stupid for even questioning flat earth. And that’s a, that’s all mental mind control. So, the app bypasses all of that. If you’re unsure about spending $3 on the app, by the way, just go to the, go to the app store and read the.

Let’s go read the reviews, and then I challenge you not to buy the app.

[00:39:27] Jeremiah: Well, isn’t

there no actual photos of the


No Real Photos of Earth

[00:39:31] David Weiss: There are they NASA even admits it. The only people that claim there’s photos, there’s people that are defending the globe. NASA admits they don’t have any the blue marble, which was on everyone’s iPhone.

When the iPhone first came out, as admitted by Robert Simmon, uh, who is a national visual artist. He said he just got strips of data. And then, he did made it in Photoshop, hitting command Z a lot, tried to make it, you know, I was like, oh, I got some data that says there, the there’s lots of plankton here.

So, he made that water bluer or whatever, you know, and he created it in Photoshop.

He admits it, but people will defend it. And then, if you look at all of the different space agencies out there, um, they’re all run by NASA, by the way. They’re all, you know, all there’s 20 different space agencies. They would rat out each other. No, they’re all one. It’s just like the a hundred companies that you can go to Antarctica on a sightseeing tour.

Uh, they’re all run by one guy. Why does he have a hundred companies competing against each other? Right. Why does he do that to make you think that you have free choice? It’s like voting left and rights. Same thing, same monster, or though where the news in your

mind? Three companies.

Yeah, Northeast west, south news.

Okay. They’re steering your mind.

[00:40:44] Jeremiah: yeah. There’s um, well, as far as you know, there’s no actual photos of the earth, that’s all CGI or

CGI Earth

[00:40:51] David Weiss: maybe it’s all, it’s all. And it’s not just us saying it’s CGI. Look at it. You can see the clouds are stepped and repeated. You can see that the continent sizes are wrong.

The go look at some of the pictures. You’re like, oh, that’s a nice clean shot of the earth. There’s United States or south America. And all of the other continents are on the other side of the ball. Wait a minute. All of the other continents are on the other side of the ball. Cause we’re looking at half of that.

Okay, it’s ridiculous. Okay. And then, people say, well, the satellite from Japan takes a picture with real weather data every 10 minutes. That’s their biggest claim. But, the real Anti-Flat earthers out there don’t even use it anymore because somehow some whistleblower, somebody leaked us a link to an FTP server out of NASA wasn’t password protected or anything.

And in it were tens of thousands of folders of weather data. And in one of the folders was the blue marble. As a flat map, blue marble wrapped around a sphere and showed how they take the weather data from all of the radar. They put it in a big computer, they lay it over the flat earth, the flat version of the blue marble.


They wrap it around a sphere in Photoshop, and then they add a day and night Terminator Terminator. And, we absolutely expose this 100%, but there’s still people out there that go. What about the satellite? We showed you how they faked it. Absolutely. 100% their images, their server, everything. And, uh, it’s, you know, it’s not real.

None of it’s real. Although, go look, go Google. Um, NASA photo of June, uh, of Pluto. Now, Pluto is so far away from our sun. The sun looks like a star from Pluto, but somehow this spaceship flying at 60,000 miles an hour past Pluto took a snapshot in high definition, brightly lit up Pluto and transmitted it back to earth.

And somehow there looks like there’s a desert on Pluto shaped like the dog Pluto from Disney. Okay, look it up. Look it up. Pluto, planet Disney. And it’s all put together. It’s absolute insanity, you know, the red bull space jump. Remember that? Yeah. Felix Baumgartner, um, jumped, went up to 127,000 feet. Well, they lost communication with him.

They could barely get a, a V a audio communication with him when he was low, where like 120,000 feet. They couldn’t, they were directly underneath him. He’s 120,000 feet above them. And, they couldn’t communicate with him very well, but they can have a call in the 1960s and seventies to the guys on the moon from the white house.

Okay. And a television, a signal live.

[00:43:52] Jeremiah: Yeah. I heard someone on a other podcast. You were on where they were saying we didn’t even have, uh, Atari and they were making space shuttles to the moon. It just

thought it was funny.

Old Tech

[00:44:06] David Weiss: The, the amount of computing power in my apple watch is magnitudes more than the entire space program.

[00:44:15] Jeremiah: Yeah.

it definitely kind of makes you wonder that, you know, how were they able to do that with the tech of that day?

[00:44:25] David Weiss: Well, the, the tech, you know, the bill Nye, I think it was bill Nye it says that he goes, no, no I’m Neil deGrasse Tyson, the failed actor. They, he says it would cost. I think it was him.

One of the other, it would cost more to fake it. Then, it would actually go, that’s what he said. How stupid is that? Okay. It would cost more to fake it. And, uh, and just look up the lunar Lander, go on the app, flatter sun, moon, and Zodiac clock app, click the images button, the color wheel.

And one of the top pictures, there is a lunar Lander zoom in on it. It’s made from papier-mache tinfoil curtain rods. Scotch tape not even masking tape. Okay. It’s made from cardboard. It’s horrible. And, you have to believe that this thing’s a spaceship that landed on the moon with two guys wearing diapers and a car and golf clubs, and then it took off and it connected with another spaceship that was falling around the moon with another guy in it.

Give me a break. And have you watched the videos? The movie jaws, holds up better than the full moon landings. The movie jaws is a complete and total real realistic movie next to this moon landing. Okay. It’s unbelievable.

Flat Earth and Flights

[00:45:43] Jeremiah: What about like, I’ve heard you talk about plane travel and flights and stuff like that and how it doesn’t add up for the curvature and the spinning of the planet and stuff like that.

Can you explain that a little bit?

[00:45:59] David Weiss: So, let me ask you a question. So, think of your globe and you got the Northern hemisphere. Uh, belt around the middle. There is the equator, and everything below that is in the south. I’m going to ask you to think here, because they didn’t teach us to think this is a very easy question.

Just use your logic, pick any two locations in the north. Doesn’t matter, California, to Moscow, uh, you know, the, um, you know, Ireland to, to Florida, whatever, any two locations would you ever need to cross below the equator? If you’re a flying an airplane,

[00:46:37] Jeremiah: you wouldn’t think so, no

[00:46:39] David Weiss: you, well guess what? You’re right.

No airplane crosses the equator. You’re going from a Northern location, to another Northern location. All of the flight routes stay in the north, because it makes perfect sense. If the earth is a globe, the same thing should be for the bottom. If you’re going from, let’s say a, we picked two airports that a certain latitude in the north that were on opposite sides of the, of the.

And, uh, and they fly to each other across the north. Just like you guys could imagine. Well, if you had two airports equally distant on the south at the equidistant latitudes southern latitudes, they should take a similar route down there, but they don’t, they cross over the equator and well, why did they take this big arc

More Flights

and a little that’s the, that’s the, um, what do they call that?

The great circle route that no, it’s not. Okay. Why does going from Santiago, which is at the bottom of a ball right next to Antartica flying to Australia. Why wouldn’t you just stay at that same latitude and cut around the bottom of the ball and fly over to Antarctica, right? Flying upside down around the bottom of the ball.

I like once you think about it, it actually makes no sense, but it goes all the way up to America across to China or Dubai, depending which way it’s going. And then, all the way back down. Why does it do that? Well, if you look at it on a flat earth map, it’s a straight line between the. And people go well on your flat earth pizza map, Santiago and Australia are too far apart.

A plane could never make it in that amount of time. Okay. Well guess what, there’s only one airline Quantis that does something I’ll go to Australia, uh, nonstop. And there’s only four pilots. I think that are all military pilots, probably Freemasons also that only fly this one specific airplane that happens to have seven layers of heat resistant paint.

Why would it have seven layers of heat resistant paint?

[00:48:40] Jeremiah: Yeah. Makes you wonder,

[00:48:41] David Weiss: it makes you wonder. Well, the answer is maybe airplanes can go faster than they did in the 1960s, because according to, you know, regular plane routes and everything, they really haven’t gotten much faster. Right. Maybe, you know, instead of a plane flying.

And More Flights

If I were in a 550 miles an hour, it’s flying at 1300 miles. Because at 40,000 feet, they are, these, these planes do fly higher. They’re in thinner air. Um, maybe they’re flying the passengers on the plane would never know it. And then, you make it on the right amount of time. Okay. There’s also major issues with that flight canceled quite often.

And, because they use, uh, these jet streams that sometimes don’t cooperate, they’re pretty consistent. Um, but sometimes, you know, there’s a two or 300 mile an hour tailwind and that helps, but sometimes they cancel the flight, they go, oh, you know, this, that they make up all sorts of excuses. So, you know, there’s, uh, uh, one of the crow’s laws is, uh, if something is claimed to be true, it hasn’t been proven.

The longer that happens, the more likely is that it’s not true. So, when you look at Southern flights, Southern flights prove that we, uh, don’t live on a globe. And another thing that happens sometimes on these Southern. There’s an emergency. Someone has the land, even Northern flights. Um, there’s emergencies, the ones that put dying or has a baby or whatever, and they need the land and they go like a thousand miles out of their way.

According to the flight route that they’re telling you on a thousand miles, a thousand miles, that would take two hours, two more hours to get there. But, somehow they land right away in these weird locations. And it makes no sense on the globe. But, if you look at it on a flat map, that that place, that landed is right on the line between the origin and the destination again on the app,

Evidence on App

go to the images section or the Southern flights button, if you want to watch videos on it.

But, in the images section, there’s a whole bunch of these flight routes drawn out for you. And there’s a book in the book section on the app called 16 emergency landings, um, amazing book documenting 16 emergency landings that absolutely 100% prove we don’t live on a spinning. Airplanes fly straight and level over the earth plane.

The Arctic means the north, the Antarctic means not the north. Another thing, the Arctic means is arc the sun. When you are inside, the Tropic of Capricorn in the inner north, the sun arcs around you, it’s circles around you. But, when you’re outside, the topic of Capricorn in the outer south, the sun doesn’t go around you.

It comes towards you and an ant arcs away the Antarctic.

Spinning of the Earth

[00:51:27] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Also, I think you had said, um, like if the plane only flies like 300 miles an hour or whatever, but the earth spinning like thousands of miles an hour, it doesn’t add up.

[00:51:43] David Weiss: Yeah. Close. If you’re, if you’re, uh, on a plane sitting on a runway at the equator, the earth is spinning at a thousand miles an hour.

So according to your relative to a point in space, you’re spinning at a thousand miles per hour, but you don’t notice it because you’ve always been spinning. It’s ridiculous. But, let’s say I’m sitting, I’m in a helicopter at the north pole. Well, I’m not spinning a thousand miles an hour. I’m actually just turning around once every 24 hours slower than not our hand on a, on a regular clock.

Okay. So, I have none of that sideways momentum. And now if I got up, if I took off and flew to Ecuador and I tried to land or is flying a thousand miles an hour underneath me to the east, how would I ever gain that? Speed makes absolutely no sense, planes land on runways because the runways aren’t moving.

[00:52:36] Jeremiah: Yeah. I mean, it definitely, definitely seems. Logical that the flights would work better on a flat surface, than a full one. And I took a flight somewhere and I can’t remember where maybe it was Peru or maybe a Germany. And I remember looking at the screen and saw the flight path. Cause I guess they show you like where you’re going to go.

Confusing Your Mind

And I was, I don’t know why, but I looked at it and I was like, that route doesn’t make any sense. Like why, why is it going backwards to go forwards type of deal,

[00:53:13] David Weiss: the great circle route, how they confuse your mind? Here’s the thing they don’t teach people to think. You know? Um, in the, in the, again, back to the matrix, Neo, when he got unplugged from the matrix, he’s on the recovery table, it’s got all those IVs in them and he says to Morpheus, why do my eyes hurt?

Morpheus said, because you’ve never used them before. Okay. Well, when I’m talking to people that are just learning about flat earth, they’re like on a show where you’re, you’re already more advanced. You’ve already, you’ve already started using your brain, but halfway through the show, they go, my brain hurts.

So, I go because you haven’t used it before, right? Cause you were just taught to memorize and regurgitate what bill lye, the lying guy with the bow tie said, or lying box, the other guy or Neil deGrasse Tyson, the failed actor. But, these are, these are, um, controllers for your mind telling you nonsense, but they’re wearing lab coats.

So, they have to be, you know, they have to be, it has to be truthful. No government power system controllers will ever educate their people to the point where they could challenge their authority. Teach us nonsense in school. Schools teach us garbage math. People don’t teach us vortex mathematics. They don’t teach us sacred geometry.

What They Don’t Teach You

Mainstream don’t teach us, um, about signs and symbols. They don’t teach. About the, you know, energetic systems of the world and lay lines and all of the stuff that really matters don’t teach us any of that. They’ve stolen that from us.

[00:54:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. They don’t even teach us like essential life skills, like doing taxes.

[00:54:50] David Weiss: So, that’s the, that the w the reason they don’t teach you that is because nowhere in the tax code, you want to make more than three Bitcoins. There’s a $300,000 reward for anyone that could find the line in the tax code that says the regular person is required to pay taxes. There isn’t one. Why do you do it?

Well, Wesley Snipes, Al Capone were CIA agents. Okay. It’s all fear in your mind. It’s all fear in your mind. You have to learn about, um, the maritime law and, uh, and that, you know, how they have stolen our rights away. And if you know how to play the game, you can get them back. Um, and the place to learn all of that.

Are you a subscriber to Crow triple seven radio?

[00:55:36] Jeremiah: I am not no, but I’ll have to,

[00:55:38] David Weiss: So, that is CROW, with two R’s, C R R O W 7 7 7 radio and It’s $8 a month. Don’t go to college. If you’re in college dropout immediately get your money back and just listen to, there are two new two new episodes a week. So, then I say three old episodes.

Flat Earth Videos

There’s 400, three old episodes already. So, you got five courses a week and you will be way smarter than anyone else. And know how to navigate this screwed up world for $8 a month. I don’t think you have to go into debt for that. Okay. College is like 100% scam. Now, if you want to become a surgeon or something like that, sure.

You need to go learn those skills. But, all of the other stuff is all garbage. It’s all garbage.

[00:56:26] Jeremiah: Oh yeah. Because, it’s all for profit. And, all these schools get so much funding. And yet, we still have to pay, you know, $50,000 a year to attend.

[00:56:40] David Weiss: And for those of you that, that had a adverse reaction. When I said nukes don’t exist, episode 0 5, 3, and episode 400, which is actually the current episode.

Nukes are Fake

The day of this recording, listen to those two in order. And you two will know that nuclear bombs don’t exist. Hiroshima Nagasaki, uh, were in incendiary bombs three days after they went off, all the stores were open. Sandwich shops were open. People were selling flowers on the streets. The trains were running and nobody was allowed to report on that.

Only one reporter was allowed to write articles and take pictures. Anyone else that did was put in jail, right? And then, Chernobyl and Fukushima. Uh, plants, people in animal are thriving there animals are thriving there. They’ve never, they always have, and they always will. So, the whole radiation thing is another scam, right?

No, don’t take away my nuclear bombs and Ray fear of radiation. That’s part of who I am. Well, guess what? It’s fake. It’s not real. Watch those episodes. So then, literally your DNA will open up. You will, you will start claiming, you know, you can’t blossom if you’re filled with fear, okay, you can’t, you can’t grow and, and, and thrive with all of this nonsense.

Because, once you unplug, it’s the best thing ever.


[00:58:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. Fear is the biggest blocker

of success.

[00:58:05] David Weiss: False evidence appearing real.

[00:58:08] Jeremiah: For this reason, if people want to learn more about the flat earth or get in contact with you, where can they find you and your information? And, obviously your app,

[00:58:22] David Weiss: th the app is listen, the app is $3, always selling apps.

Okay. It’s $3 one-time charge. There is an $11 a year subscription. If you want to use the app to go on the social network and communicate with other other users. There’s I have a thing called the friend finder. You can see all the other users all around, all across the earth, and you can message them and you can send out group messages like, Hey, I’m having a meet up Saturday at 4:00 PM at Joe’s bar and grill 1 23 main street.

All the people show up and you have all new friends. You don’t have to do that. It’s again, it’s $11 a year. It’s a margarita. Okay. One margarita for the year. On my website that I have a flat earth crash course, you don’t want to get the app, just take the crash course. It’s just a series of videos watch one a day for a week.

I guarantee that you won’t make it half way through the week. Oh my God. The guy’s not crazy. Flat earth, Everything. Is there flat earth,


[00:59:24] Jeremiah: Sounds good. Yeah, And I’ll definitely link that in the show notes and everything. People can get there fast. And thank you for coming on and talking about this and spreading your knowledge and hopefully get some people to open their minds and question.

You know. Because, people still cling to the sphere. They at least can scratch their head and think, Hm, Hey, and look

into it.

[00:59:50] David Weiss: They’ve made some interesting points, but I still think the earth is a globe. And I just throw it back to them. Can you give me one reason? And the only reason they could ever give.

Well that’s cause I was, that’s what I was told and I can’t imagine that many people could lie. Therefore, know why you can’t imagine it? Because, you just said it. I can’t imagine. Right. I can imagine. You don’t need to dream. Okay. I don’t believe anything. I know that the earth is not a globe. Right?

What is the earth? It’s a level it’s horizontal. All horizontals are parallel. Horizontals parallel with the horizon, right? Global is say that horizontal is curved level is curved. Okay. It’s ridiculous flat earth Thanks man

[01:00:36] Jeremiah: oh yeah, no problem. Thanks for coming on.

[01:00:39] David Weiss: All right. See ya.

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Simulation Theory

Simulation Theory

Simulation Theory

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Simulation Theory

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

Hello. I am Jeremiah. And you are tuned into the what if they’re wrong podcast I’m joined today by Julie of the hone it as, or hone it AAF podcast. We know the play on the words there. So just introduce her today. We’re going to be talking mostly about the simulation theory and then probably branch out into other various topics that she’s covered through her podcast.

So we’ll say hello, did you Julie now? Hello?

[00:01:09] Julia: Hi, good morning. Yes. And actually my co-host her mother is always a little offended by the name. So we always say it’s haunted. Awesome fun. And, uh, you know, if it makes you uncomfortable to think about anything else,

[00:01:24] Jeremiah: that’s a good spin on it. So, um, the theory seems to be a hot topic right now because a lot of people are speculating that we live in a simulation kind of like a computer program.

Uh, what have you found through your research on it, um, that you would like to discuss to the people.

Simulation Theory Intro

[00:01:49] Julia: Um, first, I would like to apologize for any gross stomach noises you might be hearing. I have not eaten anything for breakfast, and I’m just now realizing that I can hear my own stomach. So if you guys pick that up, I’m sorry, because that’s disgusting.

Um, the whole simulation theory concept was very new to me. Uh, I listened to a lot of paranormal podcasts because I host a paranormal podcast and, um, the first one. I really got gobbled up was when David farrier, he does these guest appearances on armchair expert and he called it’s called armchair. What armed and dangerous I think is what he calls it.

But he did a whole episode on the simulation in theory, which I highly encourage everybody to listen to because it was so informative and really smart. And it was one of those things that when you first hear about the basic concept of the simulation theory, which is that none of us are really. We are all really just, uh, we are in a computer game.

And that the reality that we experience is a simulation that is guided by players. Potentially some acne covered teenager, often some universe that we are completely unaware of. Um, that’s the. The whole of it. You can even think of the movie, the matrix, which is a very, um, it’s a very bare bones type way to look at it.

Like, okay, we are being controlled. And if we woke up, we would have a physical body in another universe. Other people are like, no, we don’t exist outside of this plane that we are in. We’re nothing more than Sims standing around in a kitchen, eating scrambled eggs. So when you first. Here this concept.

You’re like, well, clearly that’s BS because I inhabit my body and I live in my life and I have my children or whatever. But when you start hearing it and really thinking about it, it makes you feel kind of bonkers because then you start. Well, damn, that could be true. That could, that could actually be true.

Uh, shut me up whenever you need to. Cause I I’ll like start rambling and uh, cause I could literally talk about this stuff for days. And if it does, when you first get started, it sounds like a conversation you would have when you’re really high sitting around with your friends or something. But this current.

Has been discussed literally for centuries, even Play-Doh had this thing, what was it? It’s called the allegory of the cave. And what it’s really based on is our perception, perception versus reality, and our reality. What we think is real, is based on nothing more than our perceptions. So if we can’t perceive something, then we won’t think it’s real.

Uh, just, you know, when you look at science throughout history, all of these things like germs, we never would have thought that was real. And yet once we have the technology, we have the tools to actually see it. We’re like, oh yeah, that’s real. Look at this. I got bacteria on my skin. It’s gross. So, um, it’s all about the.

Perception versus reality discussion. So, uh, but yeah, just the idea that even Decart people have been talking about this for so long, But it really started taking hold, um, in scientific circles in 2003. And I’m going to use my cheat sheet here. So bear with me is a Swedish philosopher, a Swedish philosopher.

Thank you. Named Nick Bostrom. And he wrote a paper called, are you living in a computer simulation and his whole thing? Really what it came down to was like, If we, okay, let me just read this. I don’t screw it up. If humans are able to survive for thousands of years and reached a really advanced state of technology, like we would have the capability to make our own simulations and what would we do with that?

So one of the things that stands out to me is like, well already, what, when our computers have advanced and think about video games, what they have advanced to. Where we are right now. And what have we done with that? We’ve created simulated realities, where we go in and play out all kinds of crazy stuff or games.

I don’t play video games. So, you know, if you play video games, you know, sometimes even Joe. Reality’s where you create people and, and then mess with them. Like I have a teenage daughter when she plays Sims, she has one character that she just gets pregnant over and over and over again, just to be a jerk, essentially.

So it’s like, when you look at human nature already, we’re already creating these simulated realities. So. Why isn’t this possible?

[00:06:41] Jeremiah: Yeah. I play video games. Um, I’m actually a video game collector on top of doing podcasts and stuff. Um, so I’ve, and I’m also like 40, so I’ve been from the Atari to the X-Box one now.

And, um, Whatever the new X-Box is series X or whatever. And the leaps and bounds from when I started playing till now is just insane. Like back then, if you would have told my younger self that you would actually like be able to tell that it’s like a person and that there, you can actually tell them to do the things that they are able to do.

Get it get out of here. So that’s not possible.

[00:07:24] Julia: Well, and that’s part of Elon Musk’s argument in favor that the simulation, you know, that we are living in a simulation is that it has taken 40 years, a mere 40 years to go from pong, which was just like a line and a couple of dots to what we have today and what we’re building on.

When you think about VR, Uh, virtual reality and how that is going to evolve into like augmented reality. This is all happening so quickly. If that’s the case where we’ll be, be with that in a hundred years, how long will it take us to get to a point where you won’t be able to tell the difference between a virtual reality and a reality?

Again, if you’re talking about, if perception is our reality, then how is it not the same. Are we not already doing, let’s see you start getting to this, like, wait a minute. One of the things that. Like okay. When we talked about this on the podcast, one of the theories that people always say is, have you noticed when you bring in your groceries, like you never see other people bringing in their groceries, like, you know, why is that, is it just your thing?

Is it just, uh, I don’t know what my big thing is. Every time I see my neighbors bringing in groceries all the time, so I shut that theory down already. Um, but my, my cohost. I’ve never seen another person bringing in groceries. So, um, but there was actually according to the David farrier podcast, somebody actually was like, well, if this is the case, I’m going to try to kill somebody.

And I’m going to see if maybe the overlords will try to stop me. Like I’m going to do something completely out of my. Whatever my regular plan and see if somehow whoever’s in charge of me, they’re going to get in there and make it stop. Well, they killed somebody which the whole N and then it’s like done.

Now you’re going to go to jail because that’s a stupid hypothesis. You know? It’s like, no matter what, you’re in your reality, it’s not like that Jim gray movie where somebody’s going to step in or a light’s going to fall from the ceiling. It’s like, no, you, you will. And who knows if we are similarly. Then maybe that was just programmed into his plan any,

[00:09:42] Jeremiah: and I think people want to.

Like just shut it down right away, especially if they’re on the religious side, but I don’t think it would necessarily discount a God. It could be we’re living in God’s simulation. Cause I was thinking this morning that what if. This is God’s simulation. And that’s why in the Bible you hear about stories, like he told no with a flood was coming well, how would he have known that, you know, unless he programmed it to happen already.

So I don’t think it like discredits that it’s just, um, different way to think about it.

[00:10:21] Julia: Right. Or maybe God created the people who are playing the games for me. I see it. And let me be clear if you want to nerd out hard on this stuff, uh, there is much deeper, much, uh, more math out, a method, a mathematical way.

Thank you. I appreciate that of looking at this. So I was reading an article. It was at built-in dot com, just like explaining the simulation theory. And it goes into specifics that make absolutely no sense to me because I’m not, I don’t have that kind of brain, but the thing that stands out to me is, um, excuse me.

No problem. He knows he’s trying to run. I feel like. In a way we are already kind of built this way. Um, when you think, uh, consider our brain is like a hard drive and our DNA is like our programming in a lot of ways. We’re already proof of this and that. The way our bodies are built. Like our brain will only show us so much, like there’s only so much that we can even comprehend based on what our brain is capable of.

And there’s only so much that our body can do based on what our DNA is going to allow. You know, we’re already programmed to maybe get breast cancer at a certain age or to be so smart that we’re going to figure out the Wordle, you know, on our first try in the mornings or whatever. We are actually programmed.

So to me, I like to go more in that vein. I don’t see it as much as a kid playing a video game and, and controlling us. I think that we are already. Kind of living that like, and it’s been scientifically proven. Um, and who knows? It’s like, if our brain can only perceive so much, what else is going on around us or in the universe that we really can’t even perceive,

[00:12:24] Jeremiah: which honestly.

Yeah, it’s very fascinating how our brains work too. Like going back to your thing about people saying they never see their neighbor bring in the groceries or whatever, but as soon as you put that into your like brain, then you start seeing it. It’s the same thing with, like, if you get a new car, you start seeing it everywhere.

Whereas before you didn’t see it before, it’s kind of like your brain gets programmed to pick up on that stuff. Whereas before it just shut it out. So just something for me.

[00:12:56] Julia: It is. And then once you start, you start noticing things, like you said, that we had a story from a man who said that he noticed he worked an overnight shift and so, or a late shift.

So he would be driving home every night around two o’clock in the morning. And there was a. Spot where he would always see another car coming towards him. And every night it was a different car and it was always coming from like a very small neighborhood area where it just wouldn’t seem that there would be a car there every single night at two o’clock in the morning.

And so he started making notes of it. He was like, I’m going to start. Making note of the make and model of the car. And he said sometimes he was even motorcycles. Like it would be something, but every single, so he got a notebook and a pen and he put it in his car and it never happened after that. So he says, I feel like in a way I canceled out the, whatever was happening because there were like, oh, well, we got to change this program because now he’s picking up on it.

Um, which I, I don’t know. I, again, I don’t feel like it’s that on the nose. I think that, um, I think that whatever the simulation might be, we would never be able to really fully grasp it. Because if we are created by something to be in the simulation, they would create us to not be able to fully understand it, uh, with.

It’s actually another, uh, proof of the simulation to a lot of people that we have so many questions in our universe that are completely unanswered and things that we absolutely can’t do. Uh, even basic things like, um, considering infinity or space that our human brain can’t really process infinity or just the expanse, the vastness, and that that alone is.

We can’t, we can’t handle that. So that’s because the evil overlords creative sit away. So we wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Uh, which again, I need to be clear that I don’t know how much. Any of this that I buy. The one thing that I do know is that my brain and my body are programmed and there’s kinda, there’s no denying that.

So it does open up a whole lot of questions to me.

[00:15:17] Jeremiah: Oh yeah. There’s definitely this simulation theory can go so deep depending how much you want to dive down into it. I just. Um, it’s like when you break everything down to its basic form, um, so scientists say, uh, it’s all energy. So, you know, if we’re in a computer program that would kind of make sense that we’re just energy projected as something else, kinda like when an image pops up on your TV or you’re playing a video game and it pops up on the screen, uh, You know, that’s what I was thinking when I was thinking of the whole theory.

Like, if everything is broken down into energy and then you wonder who is, and then there’s thought of like, well, how did that come to be? Well, then you start getting into dark matter and anti-matter maybe that’s the behind the scenes type of deal.

[00:16:23] Julia: Great. Well, and there was a philosopher, this guy, his name’s John Wheeler, who worked with Albert Einstein and, you know, their whole thing is like every, everything is mad or like breaking down to basic matter.

But. Wheeler said that really the definition of like particles over time has kind of evolved that it used to be matter, but at some point it became information. So the idea, the kind of physical aspect of it is so not concrete that now it’s more defined as an idea, which takes the reality portion kind of out of the discussion.

Which is creepy. And, uh, what you were saying about energy. Like that’s something that really stands out to me as someone who hosts a paranormal podcast. Um, I try to leave the door open. For all beliefs and all ideas. That doesn’t mean that I believe all of it. I just need to leave space for all of it because you know, our reality is our little podcast has been going for three years and every week people send.

Tons of emails of these unexplained experiences that they’ve had things that they can’t put a finger on. And it’s not all, it’s not all ghost stories. I mean, we have big foot and UFO’s lots of glitch in the matrix stories. Um, just anything that’s kind of weird. We, we tend to talk about it. So again, I have to leave the door open to the possibility.

All of these stories are true, but if they weren’t, even, if you could explain away 99.9% of every single story that we have shared since we started, it’s only like 1% of those stories were actually true, that could not be explained. That’s a lot. That is a lot of unexplained stuff. And so much of it goes down to what you were just saying about energy.

This. In explicable, unharnessed energy that causes things to happen. And, um, and again, for me, I always think, well, this is because of our little monkey brains not being capable of processing. What’s really there. But maybe whatever it is, has so much energy that our brain tries to give us something to tries to give it shape.

And maybe then our brain will turn it into a lady in white floating down the hall, or the shadow person climbing up your wall or big foot, like who knows what our brain is actually showing us when it doesn’t know what to do with this information that it’s receiving. So, which is a very, not romantic.

Look at ghost stories because everybody, you know, when you feel a touch or something crazy happens in your kitchen, you want to think it’s your deceased grandma watching over you. Maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s just some ball of weird unharnessed energy, just cruising through your house to mess with you. Who knows what this stuff is.

So, but again, I know it’s not, that’s not the fun people kind of hate it when I say that. And they’re like, no, I know that was my dad who started my music box when I was, you know, Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, uh, I, I don’t know. It’s well, we’ll never

[00:19:42] Jeremiah: know I’m going to get a little far out there. This is my template.

This oil has a side coming out. It’s just some things I think about. What if, when we go to sleep, the sleep is. Connecting us to the ether to download a new information and new program and also on another side of it aliens and UFO’s. So I believe that they’re interdimensional, not from like outer space.

And I think they come through the fabrics of space-time or whatever, and, or parallel universe or whatever, what if they are like, Okay. What are they like patches for video games, where they fix the bugs and stuff like that. What if they’re coming through to like, try to fix and patch the bugs and stuff?

Just the crazy.

[00:20:41] Julia: No, I haven’t had that thought. I, gosh, I’ve had that thought. I had that. Here’s a crazy story I had. Um, I was hosting an event at the ballpark in Arlington where the Rangers play and it was, um, gosh, it was like an Alzheimer’s walk and I had to be out there super early. And so I was driving on the highway and, um, the sun was just, uh, Just starting to come up, but I saw it was so strange.

It was not a cloudy day. The sun was coming in. And, um, it was right in front of me as I was driving, but this is something passed over the sun. Something was big enough to where it blocked out the sun for a minute. Again, this is to make me sound so crazy. So it, but I was watching it and it was so strange because there was a line and it slowly past the sun.

And then I saw the bottom of it where the sun started to be visible again. And I was literally pinching myself. I’m like, what the hell am I saying? And, um, so when I got home and I got to the ballpark and I asked everyone, no one else had seen it. And, um, I did some research and it, there was a, there’s always a weather phenomenon explanation that they said that when that happens, there’s actually haze in the sky that you can’t see.

That’s not what it looked like to me, it looked like something was passing over the sun. And in that moment I thought. I was like, oh, their sensors are off. They don’t have the, all of their, their blocking, um, stuff on or whatever, you know, it’s like, like star wars where they had their, um, you know, the shadow, whatever wasn’t turned on properly.

And for in that moment, I could actually see it, which again, I, I told this whole story on the podcast and there was like, you know, awkward silence for days. Like really, you know, like, have you talked to your therapist about this? Um, So I, I agree with you and, uh, especially the dream aspect. Um, I have a thing when I wake up from my dreams that where I have to remember who I am for a split second, not all the time, but a lot of times where I’ll wake up from some crazy dream or I’m blowing up a car, God knows what, and it’s, if I’m not.

You know, and the people who are with me, the man who’s standing next to me, who’s my husband is not my husband. And I have to have that moment of settling back down into my skin. And I’ve thought before, like, well, am I off playing other games? Is somebody using my avatar or whatever to play something. Or, you know, put me in this other simulation for a little while where I’m doing all these other things.

And, uh, and again, it’s one of those things it’s like, that’s crazy. That is a wild thing to think about, but it does. It’s like, well, what are dreams? Like we. 2022. We don’t know what dreams are. We don’t know what our brains are doing at night when we are sleeping. Like there’s a whole lot of speculation on that.

Um, you know, sleep paralysis. What the hell is that? Oh, it’s so strange to me that we have all these things that we have no answers for. And we all kind of, you know, here’s another thing that’s going to sound real crazy. I also think that. Um, maybe the, uh, our tendency to look at something that we can’t explain as crazy and to kind of dog on people who talk about it.

I think that’s also something that we’ve been programmed to do to discourage us from questioning these things. So that’s another thing that our evil overlords put into our programming. So we wouldn’t question it, you know, so it’s better when you don’t question.

[00:24:17] Jeremiah: Definitely are interesting. And I want to hopefully dive into them more often.

I’d love to get someone on the show that is like a dream interpreter or whatever, and just deep dive into dreams, because like you said, we still don’t really know what the purpose of them is. There’s theories, but nothing like concrete to why we even have them and why some people have them all the time and some people don’t and it’s just a very.

Strange thing. And then as far as the like bugs and glitches, uh, that brings up another thing. Uh, the glitches I’m in a Facebook group called glitches in the matrix, and it’s all about people just posting weird occurrences that happen in their life and things that were there before that aren’t now. And.

Random things and it always brings up the Mandela effect. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it before. And I wonder if that is due to this whole simulation program, is it like a hiccup in the system or a malfunction or what are you thinking? Give me

[00:25:26] Julia: a brief definition of the Mandela effect. Cause I think I’m thinking more like the butterfly effect.

So just so I know what we’re on this. So

Mandela Effect in Simulation Theory

[00:25:32] Jeremiah: Mandela effect is like, The biggest one is like Baron, Steen bears. Everyone remembers it being Bernstein bears, but it’s, Berenstain now. And a bunch of different things like Oscar Mayer being spelled differently, people remembering a tale on curious George and other people.

So there’s random things throughout people’s lives that just don’t, they don’t remember it being that way, but it is now. And. It created this whole thing, the Mandela effect. Uh, I think it started when, uh, people said that Mandela actually died back in like the eighties early nineties. And he actually died in like 2013.

So a lot of people say that the computer program that we live in, like glitched, and now we’re like in a different. Slightly it’s like mostly the same, but slightly different reality possibly

[00:26:29] Julia: in which yes, that’s possible. It’s just, it’s hard for me to know, because like I’ve heard these things so much, but like I’ve also.

Like I never, I knew that Mandela was alive until the day he died. Um, so maybe, maybe my simulation, they had fixed it by then or something. But, uh, so that’s why, you know, just like the question of the, why don’t we see people bringing in their groceries, um, Berenstain bears like, um, For me, one of my best friends, her last name is Verenstene.

So it’s always been barren. You know, I’ve kind of always known that because it’s a joke with us, you know? Um, I don’t know if that’s as much proof of the simulation as it is that we’re all a little lazy with our brains and that when we make a mistake, we like to point to the fact that everyone else has made a mistake.

Um, I know one of the Mandela effects was, oh gosh, what was it? It was, uh, it was a movie. This one particular movie about, was it Sinbad was in the movie. Oh

[00:27:39] Jeremiah: yes. Yes. And I remember tons of people, tons of people like me and my best friend, Matt. Uh, remember seeing it, but obviously it doesn’t. At least not in this reality.

[00:27:50] Julia: Right. Which I’ve always heard that one, but I’m also, you know, my day job, I’m a film critic. And so I I’ve always, I mean, it was like, I never had that confusion. So, um, so yeah, the Mandela, I don’t buy that one quite as much again, just because we, you know, we really, women. A lot of the same mistakes and, you know, we’re big, dumb ass and wholesale similarly.

And so I think we also like to point out that, you know, when we do something stupid that it’s like, well, so-and-so saw thought the same thing. So, um, and plus there’s just, you know, we’re overloaded with information. We can’t possibly get all of it. Right. All of the time.

[00:28:32] Jeremiah: Uh, or what if, and this is just my rebuttal is like, what if the people who remember things differently actually got glitched into.

A different program. Like, so like you remember stuff the way it says it’s always been, but like I remember something different, so maybe I glitched into your reality type of deal. I know that’s out there, but.

[00:29:00] Julia: I here’s an example. This is a little little off the path, but we get, um, audio, people will send us audio of things that they pick up in their house all the time.

So me and my cohost, Rebecca Black, not that Rebecca Black. Um, We won’t play. I will play the audio. When we’re, you know, when we’re taping the podcast, I will hear a voice saying something and she will hear grumbles. She won’t hear the voice. And we have discussed this so many times, cause it’s always these whispers, these weird EDPs that people pick up in their home and.

I will hear, like what I will hear T sounds and P sounds like very clear as she will hear or are raw, or she always says, it sounds like Zul from the Ghostbusters or something. It’s just kind of a growl. Hmm. So what that is one thing that’s common is people when they have a paranormal experience, sometimes they’re very different.

And so I wonder when she and I listened to these things and we hear very different things. Is this based on our programming? Is it based on our specific simulations or just based on our brains, how our brains are processing things. So we’ll even put. The audio out to our audience and say, what do you hear?

Some people don’t hear anything. So, but usually people will hear either the growls they’ll hear whispers or they’ll hear the weird, the words that I’m hearing. So, uh, which is just, that’s always very strange to them.

[00:30:28] Jeremiah: What was that guy who did a stage show? I don’t know if he was a standup comedian or what, but he would say.

Uh, lyric and then play the song. And you would hear his lyric, even though the song didn’t say that lyric, because he said it before the song played. So your brain was already fixated on his lyric. So when you heard the song, you heard his lyric, but not the actual song lyric. And he played it back. So you could like refigure your brain.

It was very interesting.

[00:31:06] Julia: Oh, I’m sorry. My battery’s about to die on me here. Well, and that’s another thing we are highly, um, I mean, very easily influenced. We can be convinced of something so quickly and easily. So, um, so yeah, our little monkey brains, man, sometimes it’s. It’s hard for us to keep up with all of this stuff, but it also it’s like, well, we could be tricked into believing, you know, our own realities very easily.

And then you think about like, uh, the TV show Westworld, you know, when you have these robots that are programmed to believe in an entire lifetime of experiences and you know, you have this one character whose daughter died early on. Um, but, and then. She is reprogrammed to be a character who doesn’t have any children.

And yet she had these like heartbreaking dreams about her daughter. And yet none of it was real. It’s just all part of her programming. She’s a robot. She never actually gave birth to something. But then when you have the, these, these highly, uh, these really smart. Creations when they realize, oh, my stuff, isn’t real.

None of this is real and it didn’t really happen. It’s heartbreaking. It’s a whole life that they’ve lost. Have you seen, or did you ever play, what was it called? The Detroit becomes human. Did you play that game?

[00:32:31] Jeremiah: I have not played that yet, but I’ve been wanting to, I just never have, but I kinda know the concept, right?

[00:32:37] Julia: It’s another, uh, robots become sentience and they decided to fight back because they don’t want to, but I don’t play the game, but I was watching my daughter watch a YouTube or play it. But I thought I kept thinking this is so such a simulation type of concept or theory. It was really, it was pretty amazing.

But they, when the robots are, when they are deprogrammed and turned off, it’s heartbreaking for them because they have created this existence in this being, and to lose it, even though they’re going to be reprogrammed and live again, as something else, it’s so hard for them to think they’re going to lose everything that they’ve already learned, which is a very human experience.

[00:33:23] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve seen like news stories about and stuff on YouTube about like the Androids they’re making now in like China and Japan and Korea or whatever, where they’re like super lifelike and they actually have these robots talk to each other and. Like, I think the one, they started talking about God within the first like 10 seconds and then another robot, they started talking about taking over the world and they had to shut them down or something it’s creepy.

Like, yeah. It’s very strange and creepy. And if we can create something like that, um, what’s to say a far advanced civilization couldn’t create our existence or something like that. Well, yeah,

[00:34:09] Julia: because if we went from pong to what we’re doing now, where will. Alexa be in 50 years, you know, where will these talking robots?

I saw one, there was an interview with a robot and she was saying she wanted to have children like, wow, that’s, that’s an, okay. I didn’t read the article. It was a tweet that might be total bullshit, who knows, but it was out there and I saw it and I just reported it as fact, boom. Our perception is our reality.

So which, uh, it’s, I don’t know. The whole thing is kind of terrifying, but I love it. I love thinking about this and I love the fact that really we are in a, and we’re living in a world where we still know nothing, you know, even our smartest, most advanced people, you know, even Elon Musk, the whole idea that he’s like, you know, that the idea that we’re not in a simulation.

It, the possibility is like one in billions that we’re not in a simulation. That guy’s pretty smart,

[00:35:12] Jeremiah: you know? Yeah, he definitely, uh, he’s definitely smart. I mean, he created, you know, Tesla cars and everything else and, and he definitely seems to be pioneering, you know, space travel again. And it seems, I don’t know, kind of strange.

I know there’s obviously theories that say we never went to the moon or anything like that. I don’t personally believe that, but it’s just, um, it’s just strange, like, Our space travel’s been super limited. Like we’ve only really been to the moon as like people. Now we have like a Rover on Mars, but like no people have actually been there.

I don’t think so.

[00:35:56] Julia: Yeah. And that’s another, uh, that’s what they say is another proof of the simulation that why would we not be able to go to these places or figure these things out? And it’s just because our programming won’t allow it yet. Um, which though I do think that also kind of plays into just the concept of science.

Like our brains do have to develop over time and we do have to learn how to process con concepts and, and build. These building blocks that take us from point a to point B. So, um, maybe it isn’t as much a simulation as our brains just have to grow one step at a time. And once we get that human on Mars, or once we.

You know, w we can’t work with tools where they don’t have, and if we haven’t been able to experience something that we haven’t been able to have those build those tools yet. So it all that kind of, you know, there’s a very basic way to make sense of it, but the whole space concept as well, that’s mind boggling to me, you know, um, that even within our own existence, We have space literal space that we can’t explain, describe figure out, you know, that’s amazing in itself.

[00:37:17] Jeremiah: Yeah. And going back to my theory about aliens coming through to like fix glitches and change the program or whatever, um, It also seems like a lot of UFO presence comes at time of like war. Uh, I think someone, I can’t remember the name, but someone wrote a book about UFO activity in war time, where it seems like there’s, uh, a lot of UFO activity.

And then there’s also a lot of UFO activity around like nuclear reactors and certain major events. And if it is all just a simulation and. Sent to like program stuff or fix bugs or whatever. I mean, they could be shaping history, so to speak.

[00:38:06] Julia: Yeah. Or I always have the theory that, um, UFO’s are really just basically government stuff that we don’t know about.

So if these things are showing up around war time or around dangerous sites, maybe it’s just the government using that stuff in a way that we’re not aware of. Um, but the other side of that coin, the whole alien coin is how is it possible that we could live in a world or an existence this vast and there not be life outside of our planet.

And yet it seems to be over and over and over again. It’s proven that there isn’t. So if that was the case, would that not also be proof of a simulation because. Physically, how could there physically be only life here? Um, there’s a really great podcast. Called wild thing, hosted by an NPR, a reporter named Laura grants.

Her second, first season is on Bigfoot, which is really fun. Our second season is on aliens. The great thing about Laura is that she comes to everything as a, um, skeptic. She’s a hopeful skeptic. Like she wants to believe the cool things are out there and her. Her whole take on, um, aliens in UFO’s it’s, it’s really exciting.

And, uh, but I also, I’m a big fan. I’m sorry. I love plugging other podcasts. There’s a show called astonishing legends and everything that every episode they do on aliens or UFO’s or what do they call them now? UAPs are the ones that go under water, like all that, while it’s mind blowing all the wonderful stories that are out there about that stuff.

I love it.

[00:39:51] Jeremiah: Oh, yeah, for sure. They, uh, it’s definitely. And in the recent history, it’s become more mainstream, which I am liking because back when I was younger, you know, people were looked at as like tinfoil hat, wearers, and ridiculed and stuff like that. And a lot of people who from the past had UFO encounters and abductions, they didn’t talk about until later on, because of.

They didn’t want to be looked at differently or ridiculed or anything like that. So it is nice to see people’s um, I guess viewpoint or acceptance is shifting and modern society.

[00:40:37] Julia: Their capacity to hear these stories has definitely gotten, gotten better. Um, yeah. And it’s funny to me again, just with the podcast, how many, very basic UFO stories that we get, uh, just amazing, you know, the lights in the sky or the big green, or that followed them across the field.

Like how many of those stories from people. You know, very normal I’m employed. I’ve got kids, you know, and they will tell you these amazing stories. So, and even, and be skeptics on their own, who will say, like, I don’t believe any of this stuff, but I did have this experience and I can’t explain it. So, uh, yeah, I, that.

That’s so, and even the video, all the video evidence that there is today, but then we’re also junking up our skies so much with drones and I mean, there’s, there’s so much space garbage. It’s getting to a point where. Right. It’s very hard to detect. Like what, what am I seeing? Is this really unidentified?

Or is it just, you know, some garbage floating around up there?

[00:41:46] Jeremiah: So I have to ask, um, before the episode ends, if we are in a simulation that was created by our far future selves, maybe not like specifically ourselves, but you know, our society, what a. What do you think transpires when you actually die? Like, I know a lot of people talk about the tunnel with the light at the end.

I’ve experienced it myself through my NDE. Is that kind of like you’re unplugging and then you’re, I didn’t get to the other side, but like, what is your thoughts on like actual death and being part of the simulation?

[00:42:31] Julia: Um, I think it would be you’re reprogramming. But. What I like to tell my kids is like, when I go, don’t be sad.

Cause I’m simply leveling up. I’m simply moving on. And, uh, there are theories out there that based on our perception that maybe when we do die, we don’t, you know, Go to heaven or hell or whatever. We just move on into the next dimension, which is actually still a part of this dimension is just one that where we are currently, we can’t see them.

So when we say, I’ll see you on the other side, like we legit are moving to the other side. Um, we hear stories all the time from, you know, little kids it’ll say, uh, back when I was a grown man. And, you know, I was your father a long time ago. Are these really great stories that people will tell, um, about reincarnation ultimately?

So maybe it’s, maybe that’s just it. Maybe we move on to our next level of programming and hopefully the people who matter to us in our lives will be in there in some form. And, uh, we will get to share all of that. So, um, I do believe there’s something. And I don’t think that it’s something to be scared of and, uh, as sad as it is for those of us who are left behind on this side, I do think we level up into something else.

And, uh, and I do think that the people who are already over there. Do try to let us know sometimes. And maybe that’s why it’s always in these weird little electrical charges or, um, weird things that happen to your phone. Maybe it is kind of based on an electrical thing here. Here I go again, past the joint, but, um, maybe that’s what I choose to believe that it is.

And yeah. Hopefully, uh, hopefully we will still be surrounded by the people we care about. Yeah.

[00:44:23] Jeremiah: And there’s definitely been a lot of movies that touched on this. Like I think, um, it’s been a while since I’ve watched the matrix, but I think it was it towards the end where he woke up in the pod where he was plugged into and realized he was in a simulation.

I think that’s what happened. Um, and then you had the new one too, and then you have. Um, the movie surrogates with Bruce Willis, where the people live in pods, basically in their apartments and live their actual life in this computer SIM type of deal and super weird movie, but, um, definitely touches on this topic.

And then I think. Was it Wally, the Disney Pixar one where, uh, people were floating around and little spacecraft, pup plugged into the system or whatever. So they definitely, this theory is definitely out there and people are definitely talking about it.

[00:45:23] Julia: Yeah. And it’s been out there for centuries, you know, it really, it feels like something.

I mean, I think that the definition or the defined discussion of the simulation theory, it’s been about 20 years that people have really started talking about it. But I think right now with, uh, virtual reality and video games, we’re starting to see how possible this actually could be. And it is making us question.

A lot. I know I am

[00:45:52] Jeremiah: definitely. Yeah. I think the modern technology really makes you actually see and envision the possibility, whereas before yeah, they thought about it, but they didn’t have the reference of the technology. We have to really. Be like, yeah, that’s actually possible. It was kinda just like, yeah.

It’s it’s it might happen. But now it’s kinda like, yeah, this actually could be the real thing.

[00:46:21] Julia: Yeah. Yeah. Cause we’re kind of witnessing it, you know, we’re playing when you play the Sims, it’s like, this is a simulation. I am the evil overlord in this simulation

[00:46:31] Jeremiah: theory right now. Yeah. Now you have mark Zuckerberg with Facebook creating Mehta and he wants to have people basically.

Live out life on this meetup platform where they were talking about, I saw his press conference and he’s talking about having your work, uh, office and stuff on there, and be able to throw house parties on there and have like virtual houses and virtual office spaces, and basically live your life on this meta platform.

So it’s not that far off from what we’re talking about.

[00:47:09] Julia: Well, in some ways we’re already kind of doing that, you know, especially when you think about everything that happened during COVID, we’re already moving to, you know, zoom, happy hours, uh, officing from home. Like our whole existence started going through our computer screen.

So in some ways we were already doing that. And I know, uh, I was talking about getting an Oculus. My kids, you know, um, and my daughter was telling me how you can actually do chats with Oculus, where you will be in virtual reality with other people. It’s a it’s here. It’s already happening. The question is how long will it be before we can tell the difference between that reality and this one, whatever this one is and shit.

[00:47:58] Jeremiah: So

[00:47:59] Julia: sometimes I say these things and I embarrass myself. I’m like I did I say that,

[00:48:04] Jeremiah: but it’s fun to speculate. And I have used an Oculus headset before and. It’s pretty crazy how once you have it on and it’s playing and whatever, like you totally are oblivious to your world around you. Like, it’s like you’re in there now and it’s there and then you take it off and it’s kind of like jarring at first.

Cause it’s like, oh, okay.

[00:48:32] Julia: It’s like waking up from that dream. You have to remember everything.

[00:48:36] Jeremiah: Do.

[00:48:37] Julia: We’re totally in a

[00:48:38] Jeremiah: simulator. I’m starting to think so more and more. The more I think about it.

[00:48:44] Julia: That’s the thing. When you start, when you start off, you’re like, this is BS and then by the time you get to the end of it, you’re like, I feel like there’s no way we’re not in a simulation.

[00:48:54] Jeremiah: So, uh, we’re going to close it up. Now, if you would like to plug your podcasts or any other websites or anything that you have.

[00:49:05] Julia: Yes, please. It’s haunted AAF, and we have a website, haunted, Uh, you can listen to the podcast at the, on the website or wherever podcasts are available. And, um, you can also, we do videos that we post on YouTube, which is just a video version of the podcast.

And it’s a lot of fun. It is stories that have been shared from all over the world. And they’re amazing. And the really fun thing is that, um, we have people film themselves. Or record themselves. So it’s not just me and Rebecca talking the whole time. You get to hear all these really cool people from all over the place.

And it’s funny how hearing the story from someone’s own mouth really makes a difference, but lots of fun stuff. So please go find it on a day

[00:49:49] Jeremiah: All right, sounds good. And thank you again so much for coming on and talking about this. I really enjoy discussing these far out conspiracies. I guess you could call them and it’s just fond upon.

Um, existence. Absolutely.

[00:50:07] Julia: Well, thanks for having me and huge apologies if you heard my stomach grumbling because it’s been

[00:50:12] Jeremiah: going on since no, I have not heard it yet. So I think you’re

[00:50:16] Julia: saying, yeah. And you’ll probably hear to play back.

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You can go on the website, send me a message and I will read it and I will respond to you with that. We’ll get to this interview. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I know you will actually. All right, we’ll let Sanjay take it away. Welcome to the what if the wrong podcast. I am the host Jeremiah, and I’m joined today by Sanjay, and we’re going to be talking about all things.

And his experiences with Bigfoot. And he also has a website blog that it encapsulates all his, uh, experiences and all the things that he’s encountered. He writes files and. Documents, everything that he’s come across. So I’ll put that in the description of the episode. So if you want to check it out, you can, so we’ll introduce Sanjay right now.

He’s a big foot expert from my opinion. So hello, Sonjay. Hey

[00:02:23] Sanjay: Jeremiah. How’s it going? Good. How are you? Good, good, good. Just enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon and, uh, uh, looking for, and, uh, thank you for inviting me to be on the show.


[00:02:36] Jeremiah: Yes, no problem. I’m really excited to talk about big foot. It’s been on the top of my list of topics to cover and just, uh, haven’t come across it yet, but this will be the perfect opportunity.

So what I wanted to ask you first off, um, instead of asking you about your background, uh, what do you think big foot is or big foot’s? I don’t know what the plural of it is, but. Uh, what do you think they are and where do they come from? And are they like from our ancient past or are they kind of like an offset of what we would consider modern day human?

Kind of like how we had Neanderthals and stuff like that. So I was just wondering what you think from your research of what big foot actually is.

[00:03:26] Sanjay: I well, that’s a good question. It’s a pretty loaded question. Uh, when I first started investigating a Bigfoot, I firmly opined that it was simply a flesh and blood creature, uh, undiscovered, unknown, but interacting with humans in really strange ways.

And over time. Uh, numerous experiences and observations led me to realize that perhaps big foot is not as physical as one might imagine. Uh, there have been situations where I’ve experienced things in the woods, or even here at my house, uh, which are absolutely non-physical. And I really have to wonder either I’m completely crazy, which is a clear possibility or there’s something else going on, which we can’t explain.

Uh, I look back to the legends of the indigenous peoples of this continent who firmly believed that big foot is not a physical creature. But as a spirit entity, which comes and goes between the spirit world and the physical world and comes either intentionally to give us messages or for reasons.

Clearly understand, but certainly in this world he becomes a physical presence and is able to leave it and go at will. Um, I don’t know how true that is or how accurate, but based on my own experiences, I would agree with that, uh, quite hard.

[00:05:16] Jeremiah: Okay. So you don’t really think that they’ve just always been on earth, kinda like a subhuman, I guess you could say,

[00:05:25] Sanjay: you know, I, I honestly, I don’t know the answer to that question.

I think there are hidden or unknown species of humanoid creatures. Of which we are still unaware of. Certainly there have been discoveries in Russia and in China and in Vietnam of creatures, we don’t know what they are, even in India or the Yeti, uh, in, um, oh, there’s one, that’s the one in south America. I forget what it’s called.

Uh, there’s certainly a lot of. Um, Shelby say offshoots of the human tree, we’re still finding them. We’re still finding them in classifying them. And as we do, so we learn more about who we are and where we have come from. I think that’s still an excellent possibility, but. Perhaps we are looking at something that has been with us for hundreds of years, if not millennia, which, uh, is clearly part of who we are.

And if it’s part of who we are, did it come from us? Did we create it ourselves or has it always been there on the edges of the forest watching us?

[00:06:39] Jeremiah: Yeah. So, um, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, but there’s a researcher he passed away, unfortunately, but his name was Lloyd PI and he has lectures where most of the lecture he’s talking about hominoid and Bigfoot and he breaks down.

You know, the classic, uh, six rivers, national park bluff Creek incident of the big foot caught on camera by the Creek. He basically breaks it down and kinda says like, it’s a legitimate video. Also breaks down the Yeti’s into four different categories. Has the regular Bigfoot that like everyone knows.

Then there’s also the Yeti, the Almos, which I think are. South America and then the agog ways and it says, or a Gog ways or the south America. Oh, yes, yes. Yes. So there definitely seems to be different, uh, offsets of big foot different, uh, I don’t know, cultural groups, so, um, but yeah, I just thought it was very interesting how.

It’s not just like an American thing, American phenomenon. These stores have been found all over the place. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that as well.

[00:08:02] Sanjay: Well, and when I said, oh, I’m sorry. Didn’t want to know. Well, what I find interesting is that our human civilization has existed now on this planet for several millennia and throughout, you know, every single culture that’s existed has stories of other worldly creatures or bizarre.

Unknown creatures, some of which are benign, some of which are malevolent and many of which are considered highly spiritual and symbolic. What I find fascinating is that those creatures and variably take their form and their function from the location of those cultures. For example, Uh, Pacific south Pacific Islanders have stories of sharks who have human characteristics or, uh, in the jungles, you know, there’s, uh, various, uh, stories of.

Uh, different types of creatures in the mountains. We have, you know, different things. Ireland is famous for its trolls and it’s not per cons. And Iceland is famous for its trolls and it’s K ferry. So we all have these other things. That we talk about or have stories about surrounding us. And what I find fascinating is that even though gorillas were not discovered until, you know, just over 150 years ago, Stories of big, hairy ape-like man-like beings have been with us long before then.

So I think there’s something that we have to look at is that where did these creatures come from and how did, if, if they are simply the product of our imagination, how did we come up with them and why are they so universal? You know? So there must be something going on. For them to be so prolific and you’re absolutely right.

It’s not an American funnel.

[00:10:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. And it’s, um, one of those things where a lot of people are like, well, if there was big foot, we would have had one by now, like in a museum or something like that, or call it one. But what people don’t understand is like how vast the farce. In the world, even though we have been doing devastation on them, but there’s still vast amount of forest that have not even been explored by people yet.

Or if someone has explored them, they usually don’t come out from it or whatever. So there’s definitely places, little pockets that they could be living. And we would have no clue. I think recently we just found a tribe. It’s from like the stone ages or whatever, and they had no idea what about the outside world?

So I think it’s a little naive to think like, oh, we would have caught one by now.

[00:11:06] Sanjay: Well, yeah. And that’s an interesting comment and I certainly had this conversation with other researchers. It’s curious to me that with so many of these creatures living or interacting in such close proximity to humans, that a body has not been.

Salvaged or harvested, uh, because certainly there’s numerous accounts, you know, across the internet, across the continent of people, interacting with these things many times in their own backyards, uh, for T you know, here at the cottage, they come up to the window and load. And, uh, if you ever want to really wake up in the morning, that’s a good way to do it.

Trust me, you won’t have any issues with us staying in bed and, you know, having a bit of a land. But in all of that, you know, in most rural areas are most settled, you know, less settled areas. Uh, most persons carry some type of fire. And, and I, there’s got to be people who have taken a shot at this, and there are reports of people firing out these and nothing happens.

You know, the creature keeps going. That would no apparent injury, no apparent distress. And some hunters will, will tell you to your face. It went right through him. You know, how, how does a bullet meant for stomping, an elephant or a buck pass through an 800 pound? Th th something’s something’s not adding up and I’m not saying these people are liars because they clearly are not, you know, they’ve experienced something and they’re absolutely terrified, but how do you shoot something that keeps walking away?

[00:12:58] Jeremiah: Yeah, it could definitely lend to your theory of, uh, them being some type of spiritual entity, um, could be the bullets just whizzed, right. Thrown, because. Really physical, physical, even though we see them as such.

[00:13:13] Sanjay: Right. And, and, and the same goes, I think, for any type of legendary creature, you know, again, like in Ireland we have the story of the leprechauns or in Iceland, the story of, you know, the, the cave ferries or Pixies or whatever they’re called and there’s.

There’s numerous entities running about all over the place. We don’t have pictures of them. We don’t have evidence of them, but we have wonderful stories of people who will swear in a court of law that they’ve interacted with these things. And who, you know, are you waiting? Call everyone a lie? I mean, obviously there are hoaxes, you know, no matter where you go, there’s going to be a few hoaxers out there, but.

Are they really making it up. And then if we go back to the Patterson film, which is an incredible piece of camera footage, we see very clearly there’s an upright, physically physical creature walking across a sandbar and, uh, amazingly with clearly a female, you know, with large pendulous breasts and, uh, you know, glaring at the camera as if to the NSA, just go away and leave me alone.

[00:14:26] Jeremiah: Yeah. And they have, um, I believe the footprints that it left behind to yes.

[00:14:32] Sanjay: Yeah. Quite a few of them were cast. Actually, I think I’ve had seen one or two at a couple of big foot conferences, which is a really kind of amazing to get to hold that in your hand and say, holy cow, this made this. Think the most brilliant statement on the Patterson film actually came from.

Beloved mother who was a nurse and, and heard nursing work did a lot of physical therapy with her patients. So she understood very well how people move and how people walk. I remember showing her the Patterson film once, and she just looked at just, you know, almost like a deer in the headlights expression.

When it finished, she turned to me and she said, people don’t walk like that. That’s all she said, and she just said, people don’t walk like that. That’s not a human. And she saw it immediately, you know, which to me just made, made everything. You just validated that entire film right there. And then,

[00:15:44] Jeremiah: yeah, like I’d mentioned that Lloyd PI.

Guy, unfortunately pass away, but he broke down the film and was like the way the arm is swinging. There’s no way a person in a suit could have made the joint on the elbow flex like that. Then he talked about the creature having breasts and like, why would, and the way that they moved, like how it normally would be like anatomically correct.

And how it would be hard to fake that. Footprint that they had from the Creek bed, you know, was sunk so far down that, you know, You know, 500 plus pound person to have it sink that low into the sand. So he was like, you you’re telling me a 500 pound person was in that suit. Walk-in and so it really like, kind of clicked with me.

Like it’s, it’s gotta be a legit. Oh,

[00:16:44] Sanjay: absolutely. Absolutely. And another, I recall another analysis of the film, not by Lloyd PI, who you’ve mentioned, and I don’t recall the gentleman’s name at this time, but he had done an analysis of the way the hips move and apparently on the Patty creature. And forgive me if I’m saying this incorrectly, because I’m not a.

Physical or what’s the word? I’m not a biologist, but apparently the hips swift. Around the base of the spine in a way that our hips do not. And the upper torso rotates in a way that we simply could not. Uh, there’s a famous frame where Patty turns to look at the camera, but only the upper half of her body turns the lower portion of her body is still walking forward and that it is simply an impossible.

Gesture that for a human, we simply cannot do it.

[00:17:48] Jeremiah: Yeah. We don’t have the flex points to position ourself like that. So if we can go back to the beginning, hit, rewind, and go back to when you first experienced a big foot or your first encounter or how you came to like really look into the. Phenomenon. Okay.

If you can explain that.

[00:18:14] Sanjay: Well, let’s see my probably, and my very first encounter with what I would call a Bigfoot type creature happened in South Dakota, where we lived for a time after coming from India. And I probably would have. Been about seven or eight years old. So this would have been in the very early 1970s and probably 1973 or 1972.

And of course at that time, you know, I sure didn’t know what a Bigfoot was. I had no idea, but, uh, my parents, uh, my father was English Indian. My mother was English every afternoon would have tea. And if we were good little boys, we would get a. Which was, you know, for kids, that’s a big deal. My, that one summer, I remember my little brother would always ask for an extra cookie.

Mom of course, was very indulgent and gave him an extra cookie. After a while, she’s asked him one day, who’s the extra cookie for? He said, oh, it’s from my monkey friend who lives in the tree. My mother, I remember my mother saying to me, Go follow him out there. What’s what’s something’s not right about this.

She was somewhat concerned and I followed him out there and there was a large windbreak behind our house, which is common in the great Plains. At the edge of the windbreak, we had what we called our tree forest, but it was really just, you know, a little clearing in the woods, but there was a tree with a, with a very wide fork, uh, not too high off the ground.

In the fork of this tree was a big. Um, sort of sentiment. Quite well for a little boy, quite large and very comfortable. My little brother and his best friend, literally climbed up in the tree with it, sat on its knees and gave him food. And he would feel in their pockets for treats. Had held his arms around them.

Three of them had, were having a perfectly wonderful time at chirping away in some sense. You know, jibberish, but they all understood each other perfectly. And it was the most amazing thing. And to me, you know, being a little bit older, I thought, well, this must be a gorilla that escaped from the zoo.

You know, what else would a kid think? Especially back then. So I went back home and told my mother, I said, you know, I think it’s a gorilla that escaped from a zoo, but it’s a, it’s a big red monkey. And all the men on the farm with their rifles and went after it and we never saw it again. And not until much later.

Did I realize that in 1973, there was a tremendous flap of Bigfoot sightings across South Dakota, uh, which were documented by John Green, uh, the famous Bigfoot researcher and also by. And I don’t remember their names. It’s a husband, wife team, and I believe their English and they documented these sightings as well in 1973.

So there’s certainly a strong possibility that what we saw was a big foot creature in this tree. I obviously can’t go back in time to prove it, but, uh, I just don’t know what else it might’ve been. I truly don’t

[00:21:42] Jeremiah: that definitely. Like an interesting, uh, encounter. And it’s funny that it seemed to be like peaceful because a lot of people think big, further, just, you know, out to get you like hurt you or whatever.

It doesn’t seem from what I’ve looked into it, which hasn’t been a ton, but from what I’ve seen, they kind of just want to be left alone. They kind of don’t wanna be bothered with you.

[00:22:10] Sanjay: Well, and I think that this is the great paradox of. Encounters, you know, most of the time they they’re doing their own thing.

They’re gathering food. They’re looking after their young or what have you. And they’re, they’re just trying to make their own life. But then there are other encounters where they seem wildly into. In humans or a specific group of humans. And, you know, one of these of course is the Capella’s Creek or the common of Capella’s Creek, a story, which, which is absolutely fascinating.

And a film adaptation was made of it by, I believe the gentleman’s name is David Ford. He’s a filmmaker out of Texas and he did his own version of. Yeah was set in Texas in the 1950s and called it something in the woods. And I believe it’s on Amazon video and you can watch it there. And it’s a very. Very well done adaptation of the story.

And a lot of the events in it are somewhat chilling because this big foot started coming around this peoples, these people’s home, and this kid would look up and see it standing in the window, looking right back at him every time. No. So why would it come to someone’s house? Why, why would it do that? Uh, knowing that the family had, you know, shotguns or rifles or other firearms, which they would not hesitate to use against.

[00:23:41] Jeremiah: So, um, can you break down that story? I honestly have never heard it.

[00:23:46] Sanjay: Sure. If you go to a, well, I’ll give you the website, big foot and it’s listed on there. It’s one of the great, uh, shall we say, old time, big foot stories. It was the actual stories set in, uh, Capella’s Creek. Believe they were a logging family or a lumber related to the lumber industry and the, they had two boys or three boys and the youngest one would see this creature in the window staring at him.

He, it was a very large, hairy bypass. Yeah, the creature and it smelled very bad. And the kid called it the cow man, because it’s smelled like a cow. He didn’t have any other word for it. And again, what kid would, and, uh, they would see it in the fields. It would come up to the house. It, I believe it stole their hogs out of their pen.

Uh, it apparently at one point did try to enter the house and the wife, the mom. Got out of shotgun and shot at it, but it kept coming back and kept coming back to the point where the family literally got in their car and drove away and never came back. And then the father returned to the house later to collect their personal belongings and found that they had come into the house and smashed it to bits.

Uh, there was, I believe there was some conversation about the father going on a alcoholic spree, but he was not known to be a drinker and not known to be violent. And, uh, they never returned to the house after that. And they’ve sort of stayed. Out of the limelight and no, one’s really quite sure what happened to them, but, but it’s, uh, it’s really quite a compelling story.

I highly recommend you read it. I think you’ll find it fascinating.

[00:25:49] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’m definitely going to have to, and probably try to watch that video to, uh, just to see it, like come to life.

[00:25:57] Sanjay: Um, the, the encounters and the effects that the filmmakers shows in the film are very accurate. You know, there’s a scene where the kid is, one of the sons is walking his bike on a trail through the woods and he hears something stomping and move walking in step with him.

And it’s a behavior documented by numerous researchers. And I have, it is, it is very frightening to have that habit and I’ve had that happen. I’ve experienced it. It’s, uh, you know, It’s very unsettling when that happened.

[00:26:37] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’re going to get into more of your experiences, but, um, while we’re on other famous cases, I did come across one that kind of blew my mind and I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

It’s the Albert Ozmen. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. So. Audience to know. Um, if you know it, you can tell it

[00:26:58] Sanjay: well, okay. I, I I’ve certainly read it several times. I don’t know it verbatim, but I’ll share what I know. Albert Osman, I believe was a hunter up in the, I believe the cascade mountains of Washington, Oregon, and was out by his, you know, out hunting one time.

And. I noticed that while he was away during the day, his campsite had been interfered with things had been opened or tossed around. And he thought at first it was just a poacher or somebody else just messing with him. And then one night he was in his sleeping bag and was picked up and carried for several hours through the mountains and realized that very quickly, that whatever, like literally thrown over the gut things shoulder and was sent down in a small valley or box camp.

Uh, by what appeared to be the dad of a clan of four Bigfoot, a mother and two kids, one male, one female. Uh, they were very, very curious about him, but made it clear he wasn’t going anywhere and would bring food and all of that. And I don’t remember if he started a fire or not. I thought he did, but they didn’t like it.

And then the other thing, and then he had a tin of snuff or chewing tobacco, which he gave to one of the big foots and it got very sick and there was a whole uproar and he was able to make a run for it and eventually make his way back to civilization. Uh, there, he had quite a, you know, a lot difficult time getting people to believe.

Because there were, there was some issue with the geography of where he was found or where he claimed to have been taken. I don’t recall all of that, but, uh, there was one detail of his story, which suggests that he was not making this up. And he was interviewed by Dr. Jeff Meldrum from Idaho and was questioned about the physio.

Of the Bigfoot creatures and he provided a detail of the male big foot’s anatomy, which I’m not going to relate here because it is somewhat, uh, shall we say specific, but it was a detail that really could not have been made up. It was something very specific and it was certainly not the type of thing that.

Someone seeking attention or someone hoaxing would have thought to do it. And it goes back to the Patterson film. If you’re going to film a Bigfoot, why would you make it a female? Yeah. Most people would have put a guy in a gorilla suit and off he went. So the details of the Austin story and his discussions about the anatomy or.

I would suggest to me that he was not making this up and that he was kidnapped by these screens.

[00:30:05] Jeremiah: Yeah. So what I heard was, um, that he actually didn’t come out with the story until about 30 years after the incident took place. And, uh, because he didn’t want, you know, any, he was just an average, you know, town folk and didn’t want attention drawn to him or.

Be found to be crazy or anything like that. So, yeah, it wasn’t until 30 years later that he came out with the story and then they tried to like debunk him and he passed all the lie detector tests that they hooked him up to. So, I mean, Kind of hard to kind of hard to argue his story when he’s not trying to get famous off of it.

He wasn’t trying to sell books. He wasn’t doing anything to like, make something of himself off of it and waiting, you know, multiple decades to come out with the tail. It’s like, what does he have to gain from, from making up something?

[00:31:05] Sanjay: Right. Right. Exactly. Exactly. And so

[00:31:08] Jeremiah: with that, oh yeah.

[00:31:10] Sanjay: But a lot of people don’t want to talk about it.

Uh, I remember I was up in Northern Michigan several years ago and it was coming up to November and. Uh, we’ll start with teaming up with a couple of guys to go hunting, you know, deer for deer season. I just went, you know, Richard chatting about being out in the woods and all of that. Said to one of the guys, I said, Hey, you know, do you ever see big foot out there?

And I really didn’t mean it to cause alarm or distress. This one guy gave me a very severe look and he did. Speak for a good 10, 15 seconds. And then he said they’re out there and he turned and walked away and he would not speak to me any further about it. Uh huh.

[00:32:02] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s a little creepy. Yeah.

Bigfoot Encounters

Yeah. Just to like, yeah. So what other type of encounters have you had? Um, or sightings or anything like that, do you travel around from what I saw on your blog?

[00:32:21] Sanjay: Yeah. Yeah. I obviously most of my research is centered here in the Midwest and the great lakes, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan. I have been to Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, California, a few other tenants.

And a few other places and have had some, uh, really startling encounters, some really startling encounters. I would, I would have to say my most, uh, what’s the word vivid encounter, what it was in 2007 at Woodbury wildlife refuge in Southeast Ohio. Where I came face-to-face with a nine foot tall black adult male, which, uh, stepped out of the brush, blocking the trail back to the car, uh, at most 20 feet in front of us.

I was with a colleague Bob Daigle. Remember we were coming down the trail and entered a very heavy, dense patch of woods. And, I remember as we entered the woods, there was the horrible, horrible God awful smell. When you have that smell, you. You know, something’s wrong. Saying to, oh God, what is that smell?

We went down a little bit further and it got pin drop, silent, eerily, quiet. Every step I would take there would be a loud, loud stomp in the woods, just off to our right, you know, 1, 2, 3, 4 stomp stomp, stomp, stomp. You know, realized very quickly, we were not alone. Actually began to get somewhat alarmed because we were quite a distance from the car.

No one knew where we were. And even, I think I had a cell phone of those days, but we sure didn’t have the GPS information and tracking that we have. And I remember saying to Bob, I think we need to head back to the car. I’m not comfortable going further. We both turned around at the same time and literally 20 feet right behind us was this big foot.

He was huge and he was black and he was mad. To this day, I will tell you this. I don’t think I’ve ever been as frightened in my life as I wasn’t that moment. Uh, because there was no other way to get to the car. You know, there was just heavy. I mean, we could have eventually come around, but you know, it would have been a very long, dangerous Trek.

And I remember saying to Bob. Uh, do you, do you see what I say? And he said, yes, I said, is it. I think it is. And he said, yes. I said, do you think I should take a picture? He said, yes. And we both, I remember reaching into my pocket and taking out my car. I had a little digital camera then. And my hand was, you know, my hand was shaking like this as I was, I held it up and I, and I took one picture and Bob took a picture.

And I looked down to put the camera back in my pocket. Of course I did. I was still fairly green then, you know, I D I should have taken 20 pictures, but under the circumstances, I’m amazed. I got one shot off and I looked down to put the camera back in my pocket and I looked back up and it was gone. And I said to Bob, we’re getting outta here, come on.

And we got out of the woods. We came into a wide clearing. And we were standing in the clearing and Bob wasn’t the least bit alarmed. He was perfectly comfortable, happy as a Lark. And I’m sitting there just sh I was shaking, you know, physically shaking. And he goes, let’s just stand here a minute and maybe it’ll come out in the woods and we can interact with it.

I said, are you out of your mind here? And we start walking back to the car and I realize. It’s still with us. It’s walking along the woods, stumping, you know, and I got very emotional. I remember this. Did not know if we would get back to the car alive. Was that terrified. We got back to the car and again, Bob was perfectly calm as a cucumber.

Not even didn’t even blink and you know, maybe just wanted to talk to us. I was like, Okay, fine. And then I re I needed, I had to have something to eat. So we had brought some sandwiches and we’re standing. We took him out of the car and we’re literally standing by the car having sandwiches. And I looked down the trail and I see something on the trail.

Step off the trail, maybe 50 yards behind us. I said, Bob, there’s something coming. Something’s coming up the trail. 30 seconds later, rocks start flying out of the woods landing right at our feet. And I look into the woods where the rocks came from. And I see this hand just disappear behind a Ridge or a behind, uh, a lump of earth that we gotta get outta here.

We gotta get, I finally said, Bob, get we’re going. It was his car. Of course. Uh, it could have been my car. We had a bit of long. Yeah. So he got in the car and we T and to this day I wanted to turn around. I really did, but I knew if I did, I would see something standing there watching slave, and to this day, the most terrifying experience of my life.


[00:38:20] Jeremiah: Yeah. They say that that’s a common occurrence of the big foot throwing rocks. It seems to be their go to. I guess, I don’t know, defense mechanism or if they’re angry or something like that.

[00:38:33] Sanjay: Yeah. Yeah. And I’ve had the rough throwing happened on other occasions at other locations. And it’s always a little bit, you know, oh, you know, you’re standing on the trail in this, you know, rock just falls at your feet and it can, it can be pretty alarming.


[00:38:53] Jeremiah: Now, when you saw this. You know, nine foot gigantic, uh hominoid or whatever. Did it have like human humanoid frigging or, you know, features or was it more ape-like looking? It

[00:39:10] Sanjay: was much more, ape-like very much more ape-like. Uh, In fact in the photograph, if you go to my blog page, Jeremiah can send you the link.

Uh, if you look at the photograph and I’ve shown this to other people, and they said, what’s a gorilla doing in the woods in Ohio, it doesn’t, it does not look human at all.

[00:39:30] Jeremiah: And it was like fully upright, not like, uh, you know, you see gorillas like kind of walk, but they’re not really walking. It’s kind of like a.

You know, temporary thing.

[00:39:41] Sanjay: Yeah, no, this one was more standing on two feet and big as a house. Yeah, just enormous.

[00:39:51] Jeremiah: Yeah, that would scare the pants off me. Um, I I’m easily scared, so. Yeah, I would have hauled my tail all the way across the mountain if I had to, to get away from

[00:40:03] Sanjay: that. Well, let’s see, that’s the thing.

It didn’t come any closer. It just stood there. And then I think it realized, you know, I hope you heard it probably realized for us to leave. We had to go back the way we came and I think it stepped aside to. Yeah, we probably walked right past it and then it followed us back to the car. Yeah. To make sure we left.

Yeah. They probably

[00:40:32] Jeremiah: are just, um, kind of curious, like if we find something we kinda like want to observe it and figure out what it is and it’s probably the same deal for them.

[00:40:45] Sanjay: Yes, yes. Oh, absolutely. But making sure we, you know, keep our distance at the same.

[00:40:52] Jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. And then, uh, you had mentioned you had an encounter in North Carolina and I’m living in North Carolina now.

So I have to hear about this. Okay. Sure. Well,

[00:41:05] Sanjay: I want to say in 2011, holy cow, that was a long time ago. Yeah, 2011. And I October, I went to URA national forest with some friends and. They were aware of my interest and said, we’d like to go out in the woods with you. And it’s just a see what happens.

And I’ll never forget this. We really weren’t quite sure where to go. You know, it’s, it’s a big place. So we come down this road and there’s a little. Sort of w pat road that goes in and we pull them, there’s a little sort of area to park there and we get out and there’s a stump with a baseball cap on it.

On the baseball Cabot said, I said, okay, I guess we’re in the right place. There’s a trail that sort of goes off into the woods and we’re going down this trail and I’m starting to see an incredible number of branch assemblies, all different types, you know, TPS and wigwams and Xs, and, you know, GRA you know, flat ones on the ground.

I realizing holy cow, there’s a lot of S you know, there’s something going on here. My two friends, uh, went on a little bit ahead of me cause I was busy photographing the branch assemblies and we had all agreed before we went into the woods that we would not leave the trail. No one leaves the trail.

The second thing we agreed is that if someone leaves the trail, they do so in full view of the other two at all times. Since I was alone, I couldn’t leave the trail, but I realized I’m hearing something coming up the trail from the parking lot and I’m thinking, okay, well maybe it’s another hiker or camper or whatever, you know, it’s a public forest.

Yeah. And it keeps coming closer and closer. And I don’t see anything. I’m literally not seeing anything coming. And all of a sudden these rocks start flying and landing at my feet and I’m realizing something’s not right. So I skedaddled off to join the others and the trail drops down into this very steep ravine, very heavily forested.

There’s a stream alongside and in the clearing, there are three fire pits. And all around the fire pits are remains of clothing. No, nothing not damaged, not scorched, just people’s clothing. And we’re standing there. Just kind of, is that your cat?

Oh, your sound. I can’t hear you.

[00:44:06] Jeremiah: Oh, sorry. Oh yeah, Mike, my kitten wanted to make an appearance. So here’s an

[00:44:14] Sanjay: That’s correct. I, uh, so we’re standing on there and I suddenly realized, uh, we’re not alone. And I get this horrifying sensation of being watched by something very unfriendly that were not welcomed there. And I, and I started to get. Rattled by those. I said, yeah, we gotta go. We gotta go. Do not need to be here.

Start to come back up the trail and it’s very Rocky, very Rocky, very hilly. And I glance off to the side and I see the body of a snake with its head bitten off the head’s completely caught and it’s turned over. And I, and I’d found this out later that this is something that big foot it’s like to do.

Uh, they clear the area of snakes and they bite their heads off with thought. Um, okay. So I took a picture of it. I still have it. I told him if I ever published it, but maybe I did. And, uh, and someone said, oh, you should turn it over and see what kind I said, I’m not touching that. You know? And at this point I would.

So on. I said, we just, we need to get back to the car. And I don’t know how to explain this Jeremiah, but I, I feel like we were followed all the way back to the car. Like something was waiting for us to leave.

[00:45:39] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s uh, if I saw that snake with the head bit off, I would definitely be on the edge of my toes and, um, But you had spoken before about, um, the smell and we, me and my fiance go hiking.

Like when it’s nice out, we go pretty often. And we, we like to go out to the mountains out in Asheville area and North Carolina.

[00:46:07] Sanjay: That’s beautiful up there.

[00:46:09] Jeremiah: It’s so beautiful. And there’s so many trails and everything you can do. And. There’s times where we are walking by a trail. And like you said, the smell is just, it’s not like anything you’ll ever encounter except for, and my fiance jokes.

She’s like, yeah, that’s just the big foot or whatever to people who are walking by. But like, we kind of really mean it. It’s like, it’s a smell. That is, you never smell it anywhere else than the, like the deep woods. So is there any other. Places that really like stand out to you that you had a, a run in with big foot or

[00:46:53] Sanjay: foot like creature.

There’s a in, uh, Michigan, there is a research site, which I’ve labeled area D and I go there. I haven’t been in a while with the last, with everything going on, but I gone there for a number of years and done a lot of research there. And in 2014, It was a 2014. Yeah, it was 2014. I was there very early one morning and I was going through, uh, the woods and the it’s very hilly and it’s on the edge of lake Michigan.

So that’s a lot of dunes, uh, heavily for. And I was coming up a slope and I looked ahead through the trees and again, maybe 20 to 30 feet away, I saw this very tall tree stump. And next to it, I saw crouching figure. I’m looking at this thinking that that can’t be what I think it is. It’s just right there.

I mean, it’s literally right there. And I took out my camera and I took a picture of it. Do you know? And again, I should have taken more. I know, I know. I just, you don’t think that you’re seeing what you’re seeing when you’re seeing it right there in front, because you don’t expect to see it just standing right there.

And, uh, so I took some pictures and of course it disappeared. Never heard it go anywhere. It came around to the stump and realized whatever was standing next to that stump was really, really big. And. Then I realized it was probably a big foot creature and I’ve had the photograph analyzed by colleagues and they’ve been able to bring out the facial details, uh, somewhat.

And it’s, it’s been a quite interesting,

[00:48:38] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s kinda like that thing with, um, like UFO’s and alien encounters. You’re not expecting it. So I know people are always like, oh, well, why didn’t you take video or picture or something like that. But if you ever like stumbled across something and it takes your brain like a minute to like adjust and figure out what’s going on.

And sometimes by the time you finally figure it out, it’s too late. And you know, you’re like, it’s just like a reflexive, uh, like instinct reactions. So. It’s hard to be like, Focused when you’re just, just surprised.

[00:49:18] Sanjay: Yeah. Right. No, absolutely. Absolutely. And, and I, I remember I got back and I looked at the picture and I thought, you know, I, I think I photographed a Bigfoot and then I had some, you know, some colleagues analyze it and they were able to say, yeah, this is, this is definitely a big foot, you know, creature in the picture.

It’s, it’s not the greatest picture of course, but, uh, you know, I I’m grateful for it.

[00:49:44] Jeremiah: Yeah. I mean, something’s better than nothing. Of course. Absolutely. And so through all your experiences and research and stuff like that, have you had people come to you with their own like experiences and share them with you and wanted you to like document them?

Oh, sure.

[00:50:03] Sanjay: Yeah. Yeah. I’ve, uh, people have contacted me and asked me to come take a look at things happening at their house or their farm, or what have you. And I’ve been able to help them, or at least research it further and, and see what’s what’s going on now. Yeah. It’s been quite rewarding. Yes.

[00:50:22] Jeremiah: And for, uh, I know recently, and it could be a few years now, but people are starting to link Bigfoot with aliens.

Uh, do you like have any say on, on like our big foot’s working with aliens or are they. Aliens themselves or, uh, what, what would you say to people who are trying to link them with aliens or?

[00:50:49] Sanjay: Well, I would, I would, I have two answers for that. Uh, Jeremiah, the first is. I don’t know enough about that to answer you fully.

I know there are quite a few reports. Excuse me, of big foot’s either seen coming up to an alien spaceship or disembarking from an alien spaceship. There’s far too many to be ignored. Stan Gordon, who is an incredible researcher in Pennsylvania has a tremendous documentation of these types of encounters and really can speak very well and thoroughly on them.

My second response would be, I would ask you to read a book by John keel, who as you know, uh, wrote the moth man prophecies and researched the moth man incidents in point pleasant in the late 1960s, he wrote a later book called operation Trojan horse. And I think it’s essential reading for anyone interested in the PR normal because in that book, he discusses aliens and UFO’s and big foots and other creatures and presents his own theories on what those really are.

And I think you will, would find it absolutely fast.

[00:52:21] Jeremiah: And then what is your take on this might be out of your wheelhouse, but what is your take on other like mythical. Beings are creatures like the Jersey devil and think there’s a, the dog man and stuff like that. Do you think they might just be Bigfoot sightings that have been misconstrued or something completely different?


[00:52:43] Sanjay: there’s always missing identification. Yeah. That’s going to happen no matter what. And there are numerous reports from, you know, hunters or hikers, you know, I thought it was a deer, but realized very quickly it was not a deer, you know? Most people don’t go into the wild, looking for Bigfoot. They’re going out there to have a good time or to hunt or what have you, that being said, yes, there are DMS out there.

I don’t like to use the actual name. Well, and I’ve encountered them. I have had one come up to my car and look in the window while I was driving, running alongside. And it was a very, very, uh, shall we say vivid episode? In fact, it was on the travel channel. They did a special on American monsters and they featured that in the show.

Uh, they’re absolutely real. They don’t look anything like a big foot. They’re very distinctive looking and, uh, in my own humble opinion, absolutely pure evil. Uh, they’re not to be trifled with.

[00:53:51] Jeremiah: That’s good to know if I ever try to go looking for something. I won’t go looking for that for sure.

[00:53:58] Sanjay: Nope. We’re looking for those cars.

they’re dangerous. They are dating.

[00:54:04] Jeremiah: All right. So we’ve covered a lot of ground here with the, uh, big foots and some of the stories that encapsulate the whole phenomenon. Uh, if you would like to let my audience know where they can find your works, and I will also put it in the show description so they can find it easily.

If you would like to talk to him about that?

[00:54:31] Sanjay: Well, the, the best way to find my research and my reports is on my blog, which is beyond the forest And that has all my field reports, my encounter reports. Uh, some analysis I’ve written and also all of my daily reports from here at the cottage where I live.

And so there’s, there’s quite a trove of stuff there that I’ve published and is available for anyone to come take a look at and read, or what have you. I’ve also, you can also find me on Facebook at, beyond the forest, beyond the forest radio on Twitter and on YouTube, of course we have several videos.

Again, be on the forest to be on the forest radio and see, I’m trying to think, oh, Instagram, sorry.

[00:55:23] Jeremiah: There’s so many

[00:55:24] Sanjay: that I know. I lose track. So I think that’s all of them. I think I hope, but definitely the, the WordPress blog is the best place to find all of my reports in my articles.

[00:55:36] Jeremiah: All right. Sounds good.

And then one last thing I would like. Find out from you before we end it would be. What do you think? Or do you think there’s anything special about you that lets you encounter these types of things? Because some people like spend their whole life trying to search for an accounter, but it seems like you’ve had multiple and, and any other type of spiritual encounters you might’ve had, like what do you have any like inclination of why.

You’re like chosen, I guess, for the lack of better word.

[00:56:13] Sanjay: Uh, we, you know, and it’s funny that that’s a conversation I’ve had with a number of different people. I, the only good answer I can give you, Jeremiah, is that I’ve been blessed with a number of wonderful gifts. And I think one of them is a unique.

Sensitivity to the paranormal and an awareness of the paranormal. Um, you know, at one time I did study shamanism and I was training to be a showman and that certainly ties into it. Although my experiences certainly happened, you know, many of them happened before that even started. So I would just say that probably I’ve just.

Been given many special talents and I’m grateful for those.

[00:57:07] Jeremiah: Do you feel like you’re a little more, how do I say it in touch with like nature and stuff like that? As, because a lot of people, you know, they’re bogged down with work and doing their daily grind and they kind of, I don’t know, fall out of tune with nature and their surroundings and stuff like that.

And maybe that has

[00:57:25] Sanjay: something that could be, you know, Uh, an excellent suggestion. I would agree with you wholeheartedly I, where I live is on the edge of a 4,000 acre forest preserve. I’ve always enjoyed, you know, being out in nature and stepping away from the desk, stepping away from the computer and sort of just refreshing or recharging the batteries.

So, perhaps that, that desire to see. Solace or inspiration from nature may certainly tie into that. Absolutely. Yeah.

[00:58:07] Jeremiah: All right. Well, thank you for coming on and sharing your research and your, um, experiences with me and the audience. I don’t know a ton about the Bigfoot phenomenon, so it’s good to learn some more about it and I’ll definitely have.

Do more research into it. And it’s something that fascinates me because like I said, I go hiking a lot. I’ve smelled them, I think, but I’ve never actually had a run in or anything, but who knows maybe one day I will. And, uh, hopefully I don’t run for the Hills. Maybe I can get a picture.

[00:58:43] Sanjay: Yeah, good again. And believe me when I.

In all sincerity. Good luck because it always happens when you start, when you smell that smell, get the camera ready because whatever is doing it is very close to you.

[00:58:58] Jeremiah: Okay. Sounds good. Well, thank you for coming on. I will let my audience know where to find all your stuff and hopefully they will do their own research and look into the whole big foot phenomenon.

Thank you for coming on. Oh,

[00:59:12] Sanjay: you’re very welcome. Thank you for having me here.

[00:59:15] Jeremiah: And there you have it. Sanjay dropping knowledge bombs on us, all showing us the world of. And what we can look out for if we’re ever in the deep woods, wherever you’re located, we’ll just leave it at that and remember question everything.

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Planet X and Annunaki

Planet X and Annunaki

Planet X and Annunaki

” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>http://<div id=”buzzsprout-player-10114010″></div><script src=”” type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″></script>

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: ;Hello? Oh, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. the podcast that wants you to question everything. your reality is about to be shattered.
hello and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything. I’m your host. Jeremiah joined with a special cohost April. And we are joined today by the author and star of ancient aliens. Jason Martel. Hello, Jason.
[00:00:56] Jason Martell: Hello. Nice to meet both of you. Thank you.
[00:00:59] April: Nice to meet you.
[00:00:59] Jeremiah: Nice to meet you. Thank you again for coming on and speaking with the audience about this topic. I think it’s important in this day and age to really know where we come from. So I’ll first ask you. Because I haven’t really heard you speak about it before. So how did you get involved with the whole engine alien show?
And did you expect it to be as big as it is today?
[00:01:27] Jason Martell: Great question. Well, no, I did not. So I’m, I’m 48. I just turned 48 and I’d say I got into this research. A little over 20 years ago. And so when I was in college. first of all the climate to talk about things like Annunaki, or Nibiru or planet X or UFO’s. for that matter were just taboo topics.
Um, so when I was in college, someone had just, you know, I was, uh, I was waiting tables, uh, surfed. It’s basically the like circle view of my life encompassing. And someone had college had mentioned that NASA had taken pictures of a face and pyramids on Mars. I was intrigued, but also very skeptical as to why I’d never heard about this before.
So in looking into it. it turns out that the principal photographer that is arming the orbiters and Landers with camera equipment was a gentleman named Dr. Mike Malin. who had a company called Malin space science systems. Which was also located in San Diego where I was attending college. So I thought, okay, well, I’ll just reach out to Dr.
Malin as a civilian college student, you know, and ask some questions about these structures on Mars. His answers really intrigued my curiosity further. He basically said there’s no artificiality whatsoever. These are not. Uh, artificial, uh, just natural objects, you know, sculpted by wind and, you know, natural processes.
And for me, this is kind of made my RA my eyebrows raised even higher. Um, as I was able to find. let’s say two to three other peer level review scientists that had credentials in satellite telemetry. One of them was Dr. Mark callado with a C. mark callado and Dr. Mark Carlito developed these algorithms using fractal analysis. Basically, really advanced math, almost like AI to look at a satellite image and go, oh yeah, that’s that’s actually a tank or some troops being covered up by a, you know, a tarp or something.
His fractal analysis could identify artificial structures. When you applied that same analysis to the satellite telemetry oversight Donia or these pyramids and face are like everything. It came out like 98% probability to be artificial. He wrote a whole book on this, you know, and NASA never did anything.
They just missed the face and the pyramids. And I won’t get into that discussion tonight, but for me, that’s what initially peaked my interest. And then I realized, well, wait a minute, these are pyramids in a face, supposedly on Mars. We have stuff all over our own planet that we still don’t really know. Like who built the pyramids. And what is right.
And so that’s, that’s kinda what kick-started me into the quest of looking for the origins. Of like, all right, well, where do we really come from? If there’s stuff on Mars, like how far back does it go?
[00:04:29] Jeremiah: And then as far as ancient aliens, the show is concerned.

Planet X and Annunaki

[00:04:32] Jason Martell: Um, right. So basically leading up into that, uh, Several years of doing research and lectures.
Uh, I worked very closely with Zachariah Cichon. Uh, and a few other researchers, but, uh, really tried to, uh, embrace a lot of his learning. And at the time let’s say 13 years ago or so ancient aliens was first approaching Erich Von Daniken. and saying, look at, you know, we have this new series we want to do, we want to put this in a new light.
And at that time, All of us. You know, myself, Giorgio, Erich Von Daniken. Anyone else they would ask to do a show like this would instantly put on their skeptical hand, be like, right? You want to do another show where you’re going to basically let us talk? And then put on a bunch of skeptics that make us look like idiots.
You know, it’s like, that was the pattern before ancient aliens. Um, but no, that wasn’t the case. And so Eric Vandana can said, you know what? I’m going to pass on being like your star. But I’ve got this guy, Giorgio. Who would be perfect and, you know, on Georgia for many, many years, and, uh, you know, he’s, he’s great for, you know, uh, how they, how they chose him to, you know, kind of be the star.
And I was in episode one with Georgia, where I did an on-camera experiment with the Baghdad battery, which I’ll show you here in a minute. I pulled it out to show you, but how I got on the show was basically that there were, there were a handful of. That we’re promoting the ancient astronaut theory. And since I had spent years researching and analyzing data and acquiring artifacts, um, working closely with Cichon, you know, when they approached me, I was of course, Skeptical.
Um, but as things progressed was very grateful that a show like that existed and every year as a new season would come out, the same question would come up. Um, holy crap, how are we going to talk about new content? It feels like we’ve covered everything.
[00:06:38] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s definitely a show that we love. We’ve seen every episode at least twice.
So definitely a as long as you guys can keep it going, that would be great for everybody
[00:06:51] April: with the COVID and all that. It seems like you guys are doing more round table. Are you still going out? Plan on going out and doing some more exploration?
[00:07:03] Jason Martell: I’m sure that they will, you know, honestly, there’s, there were some changes, um, during COVID the creator of the show, Kevin Burns, you know, rest his soul passed away and that probably affected perhaps some of the format and ideas.
Cause he was extremely influential in the show. He has just a brilliant mind. Um, so with losing Kevin Burns and with COVID taking. Um, I’m sure that you’ll see things returned to normal. I, I, myself, you know, deviated into other paths, uh, with my personal life, uh, taking kind of a break from doing filming no longer located in Los Angeles, even though I’ll be moving back.
Um, so, you know, it’s just the sign of the times, you know, things change. I wouldn’t, I would comment April that even though ancient aliens shifts, in some ways, what we can also take note of is that there was a huge relief. You for logical data around, let’s not call them UFO’s but UAPs now, unidentified aerial phenomenon, maybe confuse people a little bit, but also throw up this smoke screen of we’re about to release a bunch of stuff now.
Um, which has. Which has been their Mo over decades with a blue book and the content report and various other things that have been structured analysis that were from the get-go one sided. So I’m very grateful that the show ancient aliens has opened up the topic and allowed for a global audience to start to explore their origins and understand that the biblical tales that they were probably taught as kids or raised.
I was raised as a Christian, so that maybe there’s some merit and substance to the myths and legends that are recorded in that form, but are actually telling us a much more deep set of information, if you can lock the secrets and make the connections. Right.
[00:09:02] Jeremiah: So for we’re talking biblical and stuff like that, a lot of people and some people in my audience probably don’t know.
About Zachariah’s situation and the Annunaki story. If you can, um, explain that for us, like where the theory came from and then kind of go into the story of how the Annunaki came to be and how it can kind of shed some light. That’s not currently in the biblical tales.
[00:09:31] Jason Martell: Well, I did a couple of fun things for you too Jeremiah.
Brought out a couple of pieces. Since as soon as you said, this is a video interview and we’ve all been stuck in our homes for so long for, for some, you know, no time. So I thought I would at least show you a couple things. So, first of all, when we talked about Sitchin here, um, here’s the first book that he wrote called the 12th planet and make sure I’m showing you on camera.
Right. And, uh, I, you know, I’m grateful enough to know them back at the time when I got an autograph from him and his wife, where they would sit at the time. And, uh, she was there right alongside him, basically as the strong arm, making sure everything got done. Right. And, you know, over the years, as I got all of his books, um, we became pretty close and he, Lazily would shorten my thing to just like, I’ll take it, take it, but, uh, he’s you know, a great man.
And the, the story was Sitchin into myself. Actually, I don’t really talk about it a lot, but basically what happened was, you know, I’m a very technical person, as far as web technology. Um, I currently worked for Meta. I don’t really talk about that much, but, um, you know, I’m exposed to a lot of technology and things that, uh, you know, run our lives now.
And so, uh, to look back on ancient technology has always been fun and not. Into too much ancient technology, which we’ll come to in a minute, but you know, in the formation of the internet in 1996, that timeframe, um, I was very interested in Zacharia Sitchin’s research. And so I was one of the first ones, if not the first to like dedicate website, uh, you know, videos and information and clips on the site I created called X facts.
Then fax And I basically aggregated so much of his information from his books and various things. Um, and at one point I remember I got my first phone call from Zachariah and I was, I pick up the phone, I’m like, hello. And he’s like, Jason, this is Zechariah Sitchin. And I’m like, oh, and the first thing he says is why are you using my images without my permission
um, and, uh, you know, he’s such a funny character, but you know, we, we became friends and I explained to him what was happening. And I became close with the people that, you know, uh, helped him with his lectures and stuff. And, um, so we, we just became very close and eventually, you know, I would get to work with him off camera in some of the groups that we would do.
Studying things. And he would also call me to use my technology, like my projector and such like that. So it was, it was a lot of fun when was around and it was a different, it was a different ball game back then, you know, he attracted such an audience and he would, he would travel to ancient Iraq locations with actual people.
And, you know, uh, it was just a, you know, an amazing legacy that he left behind. So, you know, I was very grateful to have his influence. And since his passing, you know, the legacy has continued through the show. And, through continued research topics like Nibiru. Uh, topics like on Annunaki, which we’ll talk about in our time. You know, in this show, uh, the two things I note quickly are that when we look at the, Annunaki as just their interaction with the Sumerian civilization. As the Bible talks about, there was a time when giants were upon the earth.
God man lived amongst his living gods. Sounds kind of like the Sumerians were experienced in that with the Annunaki. But we’ll what we also have around the globe are other cultures having similar experiences and B being bequeath knowledge that is unexplainable. And there’s a tying bond, which seems to have been discovered in all of these cultures in their gods.
Most of them is that these all, all the gods seem to have a very strong connection with them. As if they come out during the day and can walk around and be amongst the tribes or the people. And then at night, they recede into the waters. And so, what we have are descriptions of not only the Annunaki like Enki. Always depicted with water or so through Zoroastrian religion, the same picture of a fish, like God.
Um, w what we have across other religions is a play on the word. Like Dogan Dagu and dogda, dog star, all of these show references of what a peer to be like a fish, like God. All referencing the Sirius star system. So. Two things that have happened since Sitchin’s passing with the whole theory of the Annunaki. And such that are interesting, that we can talk about further one, the model of who are the on Annunaki and where they come from.
Is there another sun that is causing Nibiru to loop back around? And where is this other planet? Is it a dead star? Or is it serious star system? Which Orion and many other cultures point to as the source of where their gods come from. And then also the model that sits and put forth around the Nibiru.
It’s really complex stuff, you know, up until now. We always thought of, and you guys will too, when you think of the solar system and you think about it in your head, you see a sun sitting there and planets spinning around. It turns out we’re most likely a binary solar system, which means we have two suns.
Our other sun is probably Sirius if not a failed star, but I think it’s Sirius. And so if you think about two suns, that means our sun is Orbiting. Another sun, it’s in a constant binary orbit. And if that’s the case, then as our sun is orbiting in this vast orbit called precession at 24,000 year cycle, then what’s happening is you actually are moving through space.
Meaning our earth is it’s going around. We’re going along for the ride. And so there’s a whole other model that Sitchin didn’t account for. Including procession, which is a moving a solar system in motion. So figuring out who the Annunaki were really? where they really came from? great topic and also understanding the model of Nibiru in more depth and clarity for, you know, for hopefully maybe they will return who knows.
[00:16:07] April: So they, um, I’ve read your first book. I haven’t read the second one where it was updated or hope to get that soon. But, um, in, you know, 2012, and I’m probably jumping the gun you know, they thought that possibly I say I say it wrong, but X planet that they thought that maybe they would be coming back. And something major was going to happen.
Um, I don’t know if there was an actual visitation or what have you, but did you see anything? Did you notice any changes that nobody’s really talked about?
[00:16:49] Jason Martell: Yeah. So this has been an ongoing topic, and so they’re there. First of all, there aren’t any really notable earth changes or solar system changes of planets heating up or anything that we can actually.
Need to worry about that shows Nibiru’s approach, but there have, there have been blips on the radar and Ufology where people with the wrong credentials making, like hitting a drum. And if you beat the drum loud enough and there’s no one else doing that, everyone’s going to listen to the drum beat.

Planet X

And so this started roughly in around 2003, when there was a lady named Nancy Lieder. Who claims to change, who claims to channel information from Zeta Reticuli aliens and a couple of other authors named mark Hazelwood, just people that came out of the woodwork. Hadn’t done any research and had non tangible sources and were making like claims that planet X was coming back.
Well, 2003 came and went, there was no planet X 2012 was aligned with the idea. The Mayan calendar ending, which is the ending of one age, not the end of time. It’s just the end of one age. Um, we’ll talk about that in a second here too, but there’s a large like clock that they use to look at dividing the heavens into 12 parts, the 12 houses of the Zodiac.
And every 2000 years, we point to a new north star. We’re in a new age, like the age of Pisces, which we just left. And now we’re in the age of Aquarius, which some would point to around the 2012 marker, which the Mayans were also noting as well. So now there was no planet X. And the thing to note with planet X is two things.
One, if it has a 3,600 year orbit denoted, from the way math is broken down in sixigesimal. Sumerian math. They had a base math of 60 and very easily divisible by 12 and other numbers. And the orbit of Nibiru was around 3,600 years. Every time it would make a completed orbit, 3,600 years, 3,600 years. So if you think about the solar system being seven, you know, our earth and everything, 7 billion years old, let’s say the earth then.
The time that Nibiru has done a 3,600 year orbit. If you divide like 7 billion by 3,600 it’s it’s like, well, over a million times, that may be your rule has come in and done an inner pass. It probably doesn’t always cause grit like grand effects every time. And the next time Nibiru is coming anywhere near.
We have a very large, um, amateur astronomy community. They always see things first, like Shoemaker levy nine that impacted Jupiter, Hale Bopp comet. They’re the ones that will see things and go, oh my God, look and raise it to the professional community. So if anything, substantial is actually coming to the inner part of our solar system.
We’ll have, uh, you know, enough eyeballs to, to notice something like a planetary size object coming our way.
[00:19:58] Jeremiah: Now I heard that, um, like the asteroid belt and stuff like that was probably made from collision of a planet or something. And then there’s also a theory that a planet or some type of body hit into our earth and kind of created the moon by like taking a chunk out of the earth to create that.
And that’s why it’s not like other moons from other planets.
[00:20:26] Jason Martell: Well, there’s, there’s, there’s a lot of theories around the moon itself being either towed here or, you know, whatever its purpose is. But the story you’re explaining is an interesting one in that, you know, in the Bible, we have the whole story that, you know, the earth and heavens man, there’s like seven days of creation.
If you roll that story back from the English version. Into the Sumerian oldest version of that tale, there’s actually seven tablets of creation, part of a larger tale, uh, called the Atra-Hasis there’s also the epic of Gilgamesh, which the Atra-Hasis is an example of explaining, you know, how we, how we come to be.
And so it’s a, it’s a really interesting tale when we look at the lens of time through that and explaining some of the nuances that aren’t told in the Bible. Um, so the, the basic story is Zacharias Sitchin and interprets. It is that Nibiru was a planet that was being gravitationally polled by the outer planets of our solar system.
Uh, you know, Saturn Jupiter, some of the larger planets that eventually pulled me be so close on one of its successive. That it’s largest moon. You beat her has a bunch of debris following it, a couple of moons. And one of the largest moons of Nibiru called north wind as the Sumerian translation. As, as on one of these primitive orbits, maybe become some so close to earth, which was called Tiamat at the time its primitive name that north wind, the moon of Nibiru struck Tiamat and created the asteroid belt.
What was then Tiamat now called earth into its new position and strung out the asteroid belt, which the Bible calls a hammered out bracelet. So there is enough room, interestingly enough, between Mars and Jupiter, where the asteroid belt is for a planet to freely, uh, you know, be passing by that is four to eight times the size of.
Roughly the descriptions of the Sumerian information. Um, so, you know, we, we do have a really interesting cosmology tied to the Sumerian information. If you think about a collision of that nature, north wind whacking, our primitive earth and creating just this huge collision of the asteroid belt, that leaves earth is just this chunk missing half the planet.
Well, it turns out if you roll the back, if you roll the time, clock back. clock of time, whatever, you know what I’m saying? What we see is an interesting concept called Pangea right? At one time, the continents were all connected. It was just one chunk of land, but like the skin of an apple, that’s the continents of peeled back to where they are.
So even the cosmology of our, of our earth and its creation can be tied to the Sumerian tales of this collision, which fall in alignment to everything that we see today, geographically.
[00:23:30] April: You don’t think it made the earth flat? I don’t believe in the flat earth theory.
[00:23:36] Jason Martell: Every now and then those are interesting things to think about, but I pretty sure that we’re on a sphere.
[00:23:44] Jeremiah: So with the Pangea theory, I was thinking the other day, it’s just something that popped in my brain. Is it possible that all these great pyramids that are found around the world were actually built during the time of Pangea. And that’s why we find them all over the place, because they were actually closer together at a certain point in time.
But spread out when this incident happened, it’s just a theory.
[00:24:10] Jason Martell: That’s an interesting concept, actually. Let me think about that one for a second. So I would say probably not in, from what I see in the, in the architectural changes across cultures, from my into Cambodian, uh, to Aztec, to Sumerian, they all share similar principles, but have slight nuances in their building style.
Um, but what we do see is that there are ancient maps, the Piri Reis map. Um, Charles Hapgood map that actually show all the continents still connected the types of animals and people that were there. Really interesting to think about that. You know, um, there is at least a mile layer of ice, a mile thick of ice covering the north and south pole for these maps to have existed.
Um, you know, Uh, in these timeframes, uh, you know, let’s say 15 hundreds and such, um, there’s no way that they had an aerial perspective. There’s no hot air balloons. There was no planes. These are all coming from ancient sources. So you really have to wonder how they got that. About the accurate topography of the land masses underneath the ice, and somehow have maps to navigate and circumnavigate the actual continent and not the ice.
Um, so it’s, uh, it’s an interesting tale, I think, to look back, um, through the lens and analyze a lot of these artifacts and wonder, um, where did these influences come from?
[00:25:51] Jeremiah: And then also the pyramids. And I think you’ve mentioned in your book, um, that they seem to have some type of alignment and it aligns to different star systems.
Or if you can explain that a little bit,
[00:26:04] Jason Martell: there’s a couple of things there. So we have megalithic monuments all over the earth from Stonehenge to the Giza pyramids. There’s a collection of sacred sites all over the earth that seemed to have been placed at geodetic points. That are connected in some way that somehow shared an ancient source of energy.
Um, we don’t quite understand what that energy was that they were harnessing or what, you know, what it was for. But the greatest example to lean into that would be the Giza pyramids. Um, anyone who analyzes the Giza pyramids can, can quickly see that there they’re not tuned. There’s a great amount of evidence to show that there were some type of a reactor.
A lot of the evidence that I looked into with the pyramids started off on a micro scale, which I’m going to lean over my laptop and show it to you in a minute and then lead up to a more macro scale around how was the pyramid being powered on a micro scale? What we see across Egypt? Ooh, it’s back here.
Our evidence of electricity in Dendera. They see they’re holding up large light bulbs and it’s, it’s plugged into some type of a device. There’s also representations across Egypt of what looked like this, which is known as the Baghdad battery. And these were found in 2,500 BC in ancient Iraq. So a lot of people have put together that if you have an ancient battery, Ancient light bulbs.
Yeah, they were using electricity in ancient Egypt. Now this one, it’s just a very simple clay pot with a copper lining and an iron rod. And if you fill this with any weak acidic acid, grape juice, wine vinegar, you can generate about four volts. And if you think about a modern light today, you know, to get a light, you can do that with a, with a, with a nine volt battery.
So some of the Egyptians. Baghdad battery styles, you see are six feet tall, not four inches. And those are probably generating 30, 40, 50 volts. I’m not really sure. Um, but if you think about the idea that they were using electricity on a micro scale, the pyramids plug in literally at a different level.
The story of the Ark of the covenant, where we basically hear that story where the, the Hebrews use it to put the 10 commandments in there and walk around with it. But there’s an origin story to the Ark of the covenant, where it came out of Egypt, you know? And so what’s really interesting is that when you tie the whole Exodus and Moses leading with his people, well, what if, what if the pyramid of Egypt was actually being powered?
By the Ark of the covenant. Now I say that because the Sakara, the sarcophagus is the exact biblical cubit dimensions of the Ark of the covenant as if it would just fit right in there. No lid needed, there’s no sarcophagus. You aren’t just fit right in. And it was somehow powering the great pyramid. We know the arch of the covenant was.
You know, great energy source. It literally was a way to talk to God and could level any, you know, um, enemy that an army that had that, you know, that stood before them. So to me, what’s interesting is if you change the story of Moses, and there’s a great deal of research about this, uh, Egyptian scholars and such that show the arc all over the place in hieroglyphs being referenced and that when Moses left with his people, He also took the Ark.
That’s why he started the commandments in it. But you think about why Ramseys would come after him take the battery out of the pyramid and the city goes dark. You dang straight. He’s going to come after Moses. It changes the whole perspective of the urgency of the information, and then realized that there was a technological layer to all these biblical tales.
And it makes it a lot more cool to realize that yes, most likely. There is a technological layer explaining that all these ancient sites were harnessing some ancient energy. And to me, uh, in a simple answer is I think in the last golden age, in the last time we were at a, uh, a state where we. You know, use our mind to do things like the ancient Reese, Rishi texts from ancient Vedic text 10,000 years ago, they speak about humans being almost God-like, but we seem to have lost that knowledge.
So I think what happened is that the pyramids were taking some energy that happens and our evolutionary process where we go through the dark ages and then the golden age. And when we’re in the golden. The pyramids somehow use this energy and other sites to hang on to that energy as long as they can, before we go into the dark ages and forget it all, all the pyramids and all the ancient sites go dormant.
We don’t even know what they’re for anymore. And we’re re we’re now just relearning. 2000 years later, like, you know, AD to BC, if you go back 2000 years, there’s all this activity, Sumerians, Egyptians, then we forget it all. And now 2000 years later, we’re rediscovering a lot of this. And so it’s a, it’s a cyclical pattern.
That is a very interesting one. That’s caught my attention. That’s a rise and fall of civilization here on earth, possibly caused by astronomical processes.
[00:31:33] April: Um, so do you think somewhere in our DNA, that that key is in there and it just hasn’t been unlocked yet?
[00:31:42] Jason Martell: It’s a really advanced topic April. I mean, I, we have 30 minutes, so I’m going to try and squeeze in some of this stuff, but this is the stuff that’s really led me beyond the topic
of Nibiru I’m going okay. Well, great. Nibiru if it exists, we’ll find it. But the solar system model to support Nibiru over 30 ancient cultures were aware of a 24,000 year cycle that we today call procession. And, and today we pin it on the moon and say that there’s this lunar solar wobble that causes this degradation by one degree over 72 years.
And they try to explain procession is 24,000 year cycle in a model that fails. But if you look at a lot of these ancient sources, like these ancient Vedic texts and, and our, and our light, our latest understandings of looking at other solar systems with the Hubble, and now the James Webb telescope binary solar systems are everywhere.
It’s like, holy crap. Most solar systems are buying. We’re most likely binary, even the oldest encyclopedia, Britannica and descriptions from the eighties, they, they denote, oh, there’s a dark star. That’s why this 10th planet, this planet X is looping back around and coming around. There’s a lot of evidence in the astronomical circles of trying to explain our solar system model.
If we shifted to the idea that Sirius star system Sirius a and B Cirrus is this huge star super bright in the sky. All the ancients were aware of it. They said the gods most likely came there, but then there’s a little Sirius B you, you can’t see it with the naked eye yet. The doggone tribe, and many others were like, no, there’s planets orbiting that little star and like our gods came from there.
So there’s a really interesting story. When we look at over 30 ancient cultures, here’s another book I have on that one. This one’s a really hard one to get it’s by Giorgio Cintanilla and. Vonn. I can’t even say her last name, but it’s called Hamlet’s mill. There are two MIT professors that wrote this book analyzing over 30 ancient cultures.
Hamlet’s mill, um, where they were, you know, following this cycle of time. To answer your question, April in a long-winded question, there seems to be an astronomical process that over 30 ancient cultures, we’re aware of that we go into a, a golden age. We’ve divided this into 24,000 years.
And so every 2000 years we’re going through a new cycle. It seems to be that we, we have some effect on our higher consciousness when we’re closer to these two sons, when the sons are at their farthest. We’re in what we call the dark ages. When the sons are at their closest point, we’re in what we call the golden age.
And so the only way I can explain it so far that I’ve been able to understand is if you think about the sun’s energy that we have now, our current yellow sun, the way it makes you feel it’s summertime and all the plants lean towards the sun and the energy of feeling. If a second super hot white blue energy sun is introduced somehow that affects us and opens our consciousness in a way that I don’t understand.
And I can only explain it to you like this and then I’ll take a breath. There are motions on the solar system that affect us that we’re just not aware of her paying attention to the three basic ones are this every day we. Lose consciousness and wake up based on an astronomical cycle that our earth is spinning on its axis.
That cycle causes us to go into day and night. Nighttime, everything gets dark quiet. You, you fall asleep 12 hours later. It gets bright again. Boom. You wake up. And so does everything else. All of that is controlled by an astronomical cycle that we have no control over cycle to the earth is going around the sun every 365 days.
Right? That’s a solar orbit. Seasons change animals migrate like all kinds of temperatures change, drop, fall, all because of an astronomical cycle. There’s a third cycle folks. 30 ancient cultures said that there’s a rise and fall of civilization, but it’s over 24,000 years. It’s such a hard thing for us to understand a 24,000 year cycle.
That can cause the, the types of change in evolution. There’s an insect here on earth called the mayfly. And it only lives 24 hours. Its whole life cycle is 24 hours. Birth death, two mayflies are sitting on a branch. You know, I’ve heard of this stuff called wind and rain. I just. I don’t think it exists.
I’ve never seen it and they both die and they’ve never experienced it. So the analogy there being funny is that there are cycles that affect us on a grander scale. That many ancient cultures are going to great lengths to try and communicate to us. And I think that’s the part of the missing link of looking at Sitchin or the Annunaki is that there are many ancient cultures, not just the Annunaki that embedded, astronomical, mathematical architectural knowledge.
Around the time of how they were able to influence us, perhaps when they can influence us. And it’s not, when we’re in the dark ages, it’s at a time when we’re more receptive to being with aliens. And if you think about everything that’s happening now, the aliens have shown huge restraint in buzzing around and interacting with us, but not blowing us up or hurting us just saying, come on, go.
Get with the program. So, uh, we live in a very interesting time to look at the past and try and understand where it’s taking us for the future.
[00:37:22] Jeremiah: So speaking of the past, um, if you can take us back to the beginning of man and how the Annunaki came to earth and how they pretty much shaped those to what it is.
[00:37:40] Jason Martell: Right. Well, we have a really interesting tale that basically shows us that even modern science aligns with this, that around 400,000 years ago in Southern Africa, these beings called the Annunaki came here to mine, the gold that these precious veins of gold that were found, uh, and they didn’t like doing that.
They didn’t like doing this work. And so they fashioned a worker being in their image and after their likeness. To do the work, which essentially was us. And there’s a whole bunch of tales around how the first Adam was created. The first one, an arm didn’t work or the leg didn’t function until finally they show actually tablet of like cylinder seal descriptions from Sumerian.
Times of her name was Ninhursag. One of the chief scientists Annunaki holding up the Adam now not Adam as in Hey, what’s up Adam as an Adam or in. Hebrew Adamou worker. It was the first fashioned being. And so this tale is a very interesting explanation as to the Annunaki’s involvement in creating us in their image after their likeness.
And if you look at the, the, the science of how we’ve looked of looking at our genetics and trying to understand where we come from, there’s something called the mitochondrial DNA. That’s only inherently passed down through mothers and doesn’t mutate. So essentially the human beings that look like us showed up 400,000 years ago that mitochondrial DNA signature shows up then.
And it perfectly aligns with the whole idea that most likely the Annunaki came here saw this ape man naturally evolving here on earth, big foot Yeti, the Australopithecine. All these descriptions, uh, of a, of a being that was already evolving naturally, they basically just put their genetic imprint and took 20% from that and 80% for them and made us.
And what’s really interesting about that tale is, you know, if you look at the progression of Bigfoot or the Yeti, or even just gorillas in eight, They’re fine in the jungle. They can run through and they don’t get sunburned. They don’t get ripped up by branches. You throw a naked human in the, in the jungle and we’re screwed.
You’re gonna get cut up, eaten sunburns. You know, we’re not equipped as like a natural by-product of the, of the planet. So it’s a really interesting tale. When you look at it through the lens that there, there was, there was not a missing link. There was genetic intervention and they created us in their image and after their likeness.
And so when you follow that tale, where through the biblical interpretation, you know, eventually things kind of got out of hand and humanity got too loud. As the Bible would say, um, the Sumerian version basically talks about how the Anakie are chilling up in their spacecraft. Watching, knowing that when Nibiru passes, there’s going to be this cataclysmic event, which will cause a great flood.
Should we do anything about it? No. Let them go and write that I’m being, I’m being soft on the, on the issue, but basically from the Sumerian descriptions, they describe how the Annunaki watch this wave pass over the earth and then realized, oh my God, what have we done? We w you know, we destroyed everything.
They come down and they smell. When the first, you know, Ark landed, they smell him cooking the meat of a lamb or a sheep, and they realize, wow, we really need humans. What do we do here? And they changed their partnership after that. Um, at least that’s the, you know, the story and how it goes. Um, But there’s a lot of tales that show that man has always been trying to rise beyond into the heavens the whole tower of Babel and confusing.
All of our languages is an ancient tale of us. Basically figuring out how to build an ancient spaceport and working together and to the point where they’re like, Nope, you’re not going to do that. So it’s happened in the past. Will it happen to us again? Will we be cut off from going to space as we’re just about to, within our lifetime now another deviation of the topic, but an interesting one.
[00:42:06] April: Well, to stick with that little deviation. I mean, you think sometimes when man has too much knowledge and what we do with that knowledge, you know, knowledge can be used for. Or it can be designed to destroy cities or to distort people, or so I wonder if, if maybe, you know, them being, I don’t know if they’re, I guess they’re smarter than us, you know, sees that ahead of time and is like, okay, you’ve done too much.
You’ve done too much killing. You’re not succeeding in anything really. I don’t know, that’s my biblical part of it when God did Babel. Okay. You’re trying to get up here to where I am. I can just imagine what you’re going to do with it.
[00:42:51] Jason Martell: You know, it’s an interesting point. Apron I’ll shift gears slightly because this is an interesting point is the current progression of what we see with the UAP release of data.
Very soon, you’re going to have this triangular UFO called the tr three B that they’re going to release, which is the next generation of stealth that they going to be like, wow, look, all the UFO stuff you thought was just. Not necessarily, there’s a huge drive from the U S to militarize all the ancient technology, all the UFO technology.
And I’ve come to realize that this isn’t the best approach. I’m fascinated by all the technology I’m hooked, even in my career path, which I won’t talk about on camera necessarily, there are technologies and things that I’ll pursue as a job, but. What I don’t think is a good idea is the militarization of space.
Let me give you an example. All these ancient gods that were here in the past Annunaki. Um, you know, various other religions that have interaction with, with gods that we’re visiting. If these gods come back now and they see a militarized planet with guns pointing at them, that’s not the reception that I’m trying to put out for, uh, having the ancient gods return.
And so, as I said, the aliens and their interactions with our nuclear sites and everything that we’ve seen in modern Ufology shows, extreme restraint on their part to just say, come on, guys, get it to get. Um, so I would say that while I’m interested in all the technology that comes with the ancient and modern understanding that there is a presence beyond humanity, that’s occupied earth.
I don’t want us to militarize and have that be a threat. I think that that is the wrong approach. And the military up to this point might be more interested in using technology to further those initiatives fast. Right. Finger guns and that such, which I understand, but I just don’t think it’s the right approach based on the interaction model we’ve seen over thousands of years is one that we should be not.
Like pointing guns, but like open arms and like doing other things with our technology. We’re just, we’re not there right now in our evolutionary process, but, but there’s good evidence to show we’ve been there in the past. And so we’re just needing a little bit more time to come into this awareness as a civilization and join the galactic community.
[00:45:19] Jeremiah: So weird question. And, um, I don’t know where it’s in anything. The UFO and alien abduction phenomenon and, you know, alien presence on around the earth. Uh, do you think that it possibly could be leftover Annunaki from like maybe some of them stayed back? When the planet like left orbit.
[00:45:43] Jason Martell: Yeah. Well, you know, I, I actually just today for fun, maybe it was cause we brought, I thought we’d bring it up in the show and connected here.
I posted on Facebook and Instagram today. Some 12 year old and 12, 12. Oh my God. 22 year old photo. Before I was looking into the ancient alien topic. I did quite a bit of research into alien abduction and worked firsthand among abductees and other researchers looking into these topics. So I’ve pulled up some photos of me working on a set of NBC for a special called confirmation executive producer was Whitley Strieber and I was working alongside Daryl Sims.
Dr. Roger Lear, another gentleman named Steve Neill and we basically were recreating an abduction scene in someone’s bedroom, manipulating these aliens that my buddy, Steve Neill, 3d special effects made, and, you know, just sharing laughs and ideas with some of these great minds. like Darryl Sims and rest his soul.
Dr. Roger Lear. Um, and so I posted those images as a reflection to answer your point like this. Um, I was very fascinated and when I. Became aware of the alien abduction phenomenon being a very real phenomenon. And then when I realized that the Sumerian culture and many other cultures talk about ancient beings, that very S that are very similar to the modern day, gray alien, or Android like aliens.
So in the Sumerian times, there are descriptions of these creatures called Igigi. And they’re described as flying the craft of the Annunaki. Helping with medical experiments and there’s little figurines and statues that you find in the British museum and the Louvre and Istanbul. In various museums that show these Igigi, they look like a modern day, gray alien.
Some of them also kind of look Android like. And there were Sumerian phrases where you would speak to some of the Igigi. Translating to identify whether it was alive or acting as if so. Uh, there’s a clear parallel between these cloned beings that we see today as the greys genetically modified, not birthed. But somehow a cloned race that are most likely assistants.
To a higher intelligence, perhaps like the Annunaki, a lot of the alien abduction experiences have overtones of, there’s always three. There’s always this like, um, insect, like praying mantis one. Um, and then there’s also this Annunaki like presence, right? And so I think there is something that ties back through thousands of years into current abductions and.
You know, our, our past history as well. Maybe they’re just checking up on their medical experiment. I mean, if they genetically made us in the first place, they probably have little helpers. You know, checking up on us.
[00:48:38] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause it seems like a lot of the abduction stories I’ve heard have a lot to deal with, you know, genetics and reproduction and stuff like that.
So it would definitely make sense.
[00:48:51] Jason Martell: Right. Travis Walton, many other key people Whitley Strieber you know, who have come on camera and talked about. You know, talk about how this wasn’t. You know, um, like, uh, that they were capturing the, you know, them and using them as like animals. Like we tag animals and send them back out to be very similar to how we can be classified as an alien abduction.
But no, some of these experiences go into psychological and meaningful experiences. Some of them can be scary, but some of them also upleveling. Someone’s consciousness, Whitley Strieber had, and probably continues to have. Upleveling experiences. Others have doomsday images put into their head of like the world’s going to end.
Or if you don’t stop doing things, you know, things will blow up and like bad stuff. Um, so all kinds of mixed messages. But what is interesting is that the aliens, at least those grays have not been forthcoming. They’re always very elusive and mysterious about what they’re doing, why they’re doing it. And all we can do is look at the evidence.
There also seems to be this. Hybridization of people being abducted the genetics, but then there’s babies. And then the, the, the, the, the, the women. Sometimes the men are taking a board and holding a baby because it’s, yeah, it’s an alien. But, it still has that human need, which maybe they don’t understand why it needs the mothering yet.
They’re like, okay, well, let it have some mothering, lots of weird stuff. That you can take out of and go in another direction. But you know, John Mack and many others prominent minds have investigated the alien abduction phenomenon and shown that it’s, it’s just something that’s happening on a global scale. That is being, you know, tucked under the topics of discussion.
[00:50:41] April: So if they were to come back and I look at planet earth and the depletion of it, certain things, what do you think they would actually come back for?


[00:50:52] Jason Martell: Well, I don’t think they ever left this part of it. There’s enough evidence to show that there are things happening with the resources and minerals. Perhaps on earth that, you know, we just don’t fully understand.
It might not just be about us. Um, I’ll give you an example. This is kind of a weird thought. But a lot of the ancient tales, um, biblical tales, um, Indian Vedic texts. Talk about wars of the God. The gods at wars, different wars happening amongst the gods. Well, if you lean into a lot of these tales, you’ll see that there are essentially different races at war.
There were Annunaki type beings. There were the Indian invaded gods and there were also reptilian or the demonic, like the demons. But there were also, if you go back these tales. They’re not demons, they’re reptilian and it turns out, or there’s even insect, like ant people. It turns out that there could be civilizations underground in the ocean reptilian.
And I know it sounds weird, but they still exist today. And, are doing things that we’re just not aware of. We’re not paying attention and we only get glimpse of glimpses of their activity and of their vessels. And we’re now just starting to. You know, try and figure it out through shows like ancient aliens. And, you know, uh, even released pilot testimony, the air force, isn’t the one covering this stuff up.
It’s the Navy. This has been going on for a really long time. Stuff coming in and out of our waters and the fleets of, you know, not only craft that land on the ships, but all around the world. There’s, you know, activity that’s been going on and being monitored that we’re just not aware of. And that’s part of the global cover-up, which, you know, I’ve stayed safe.
And what I talk about, I talk about the ancient there’s pyramids and stones. You can lift up and someone learned something, but the modern topic of the coverup coverup has not been asleep. Like career to get involved and pick at, let’s go take pictures of area 51 or classified sites. You know, I really don’t recommend that folks.
Um, but I will end it. You know, as we’re getting closer here in saying this as a civilian today. People have the ability to get involved in classified research. You can get Q level and higher security clearances. To work at sites like area 51 and S four and other places I’m literally in Los Altos, California right now. silicone valley right now.
And there were stories about startups here. Reverse engineering, anti-graffiti technology, and flying around these little drones that would disrupt the atmosphere. And all of a sudden you’d see it, then it would go away and they were invisible and weird stuff. Yeah, my point is, is that there, there are programs today that are happening. That if anyone is interested in learning and wanting to know about UFO’s and the.
Not necessarily going and working for the Navy or the government, but there are companies, if you investigate this stuff enough that have anti-graffiti technology and exotic technologies where they are also employing civilians, depending on you know, your skillset. So I think it’s a very interesting time that we live in.
I wouldn’t say that disclosure is eminent, but it just feels like a different game that’s happening. And we’re about to land people on Mars in, you know, two years. We’re going to go to the moon, the moon 20, 24, 20, 25, and then Mars. And so these are huge steps. If these actually happen, what’d you go, uh, for a few orbits? and, um, you know, let them get it down.
Right. But yeah, I definitely am interested in, in helping pioneer and, and move that needle forward.
[00:54:55] Jeremiah: All right. Well, we will wrap it up here. Um, is there anything you would like to tell the people in closing? or you can, uh, talk about your website and whatever other works you have in the
[00:55:09] Jason Martell: I’ll just do one last fun thing.
So I’ve got my latest book, knowledge apocalypse. It’s on But, I did a fun thing with the cover with some subliminal knowledge. I predict that in the next few years, that’s why it’s on the cover. We’re going to have a new ship release. That’ll become public. Hmm. It looks like that. Not the things above it.
The flying saucers, that little triangle, the tr three B
[00:55:37] Jeremiah: kind of looks like the one I’m the Phoenix lights.
[00:55:40] Jason Martell: That’s right. There’s a whole technology layer there of the tr three B. And you can Google it, maybe another conversation. But that’s probably the latest and greatest new thing that, uh, hopefully we’ll get to see.
See where it takes us. Thanks for the interview guys. Fun stuff. We’ll have
[00:55:56] April: to, gosh, thank you so much. I wish I had a couple more hours.
[00:55:59] Jeremiah: But yes, thank you for coming on. I will link your website and everything in the show notes so people can easily access it. And, uh, we really appreciate it. Thank you for taking your time to talk to us.
Everything’s very fascinating and we love looking at all that stuff. Reading about it. And of course, ancient aliens that we watch pretty regularly. And we’re going to be
[00:56:25] April: heading to Peru sometime this year. So we’re going to check out some ancient very
[00:56:31] Jason Martell: fast
and definitely talk to you soon.
[00:56:37] Jeremiah: Bye-bye thank you. Okay. And there you have it. Jason Martell dropping knowledge on everybody. It was good. Having him all. I like his perspectives, enjoyed the chat. If you enjoyed the chat and enjoyed Jason Martell, make sure to check out his website. Which will be linked below the episode.
Also make sure you support him by buying his book and watching his content that he has on there. He has a lot of free content on his website. and, I think we need to support him and help him in any way we can. And remember question everything.