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Conspiracy Mashup

Conspiracy Mashup

Conspiracy Mashup

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[00:00:00] jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. And thanks for tuning in. We’re going to have a nice interview with Brittany, and she’s going to talk to us about various conspiracy stuff. We’re going to talk a little about, about aliens and a whole bunch of other stuff. So definitely wanna keep a listen, but first, if you could go and rate and review the show, just lets me know.

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I’ll put like a minute or two clip up. Just gives you a little glimpse into what’s to come, but without further ado, let’s get with Brittany and talk about some conspiracies.


Hello, and welcome to the what of the wrong podcast, the podcast. I want you to question everything I am joined today by Brittany.

And we’re going to be talking about a few different conspiracies. Probably probably get into other topics like aliens or what she thinks of Bigfoot. Since I just did an episode about that recently, and it’s just going to be a mashup. So sit back, enjoy, and I’ll, uh, introduce Brittany now. Hello, Brittany.

How are you? Good. How are you?

[00:02:05] Brittany: I’m doing all right. Well, I’m a little under the weather. So I live in Texas and the pollen, the allergies. It’s just a mess. So if you hear me snuggling, please forgive me. I’m trying to like, hold it together.

[00:02:21] jeremiah: Yeah, they, um, allergies have been bad, like all year we’ve been talking about.

Yeah, we’ve been talking about, um, and it’s kind of just a joke, but it could be real. I don’t know. But, uh, me and my fiance talk about, they must be like spraying something in the air because it seems like our allergies have been bad, like all year long. And usually I only get allergies when it turns to fall and sometimes when it switches to summer, but not very often, but this past year it’s been constant.

[00:02:58] Brittany: Yeah. I don’t know what it is. It’s just, it’s really strange. Like I don’t get sick. So when I do, I’m always like somebody put a curse on me. Why am I saying, but this time around, I don’t know. It’s just my nose, my throat. It’s just a mess. I don’t know what the heck is happening, but I don’t like it.

[00:03:20] jeremiah: So, um, you had reached out to me, uh, because you said you were reading the book at pale horse, and I just wanted to talk to you about different things that you found or have fought about.

So I guess we can start by talking about the book and about the guy who wrote a William Cooper bill Cooper and, um, see how you, what you think about it. So what have you found so far by reading through it?

[00:03:49] Brittany: Um, so basically like the first. I would say like the first couple of chapters in that book is everything that we’re living right now.

And it’s really scary because I’m not exactly sure when he wrote the book, but the, it was back then. But the accuracy to what is happening right now is it’s amazing, but it’s also scary and I haven’t finished it yet. I’m still like in the beginning part, but basically, basically he talks about how everything is just orchestrated.

Everything is energy. There’s a certain special group of people that have a withhold on everybody else. If you’re an optimistic person, I’m going to say, this is not the book for you, because it’s going to leave you feeling. It’s going to leave you feeling so sad. Then when, once you sit back and think about it, you’re like, man, you know, they are one of the things that he talks about is how the entertainment has to be at like a sixth grade level.

When you look at Tik TOK, you look at the stuff on TV, the music it’s just like mush. I’m like, oh my gosh, I came out. I believe that, you know, he has all of this in this book and people can actually purchase it and, you know, read it and figure out what the heck is happening. It’s really scary.

[00:05:25] jeremiah: Yeah.

I was looking into it and. Surprisingly, and it’s probably a Cardinal sin for having a conspiracy fringe show is I actually don’t have the book. I need to get it, but, um, and I’ve not actually read it and I probably should, but I know, I know about it just from hearing it through different channels and different people.

And, uh, I think he wrote it back in like 1991. I want to say I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think it was in the nineties and he had his own radio show where he was basically like the Alex Jones of that day. If you know who Alex Jones is, where he would basically talk about like government, uh, conspiracies, government coverups and stuff, they were doing that most people weren’t aware of or didn’t think about.

And, um, it’s kind of strange that, like you said, that you can buy the book because. Uh, he ended up having a shootout with the government or law enforcement at his door in Arizona. And, you know, I’m surprised they let his book continue in circulation and he is a figure that is split they’ve the mainstream.

Just write some office, some crazy nut conspiracy guy. And then the conspiracy circles kind of look at him as like, I don’t want to say profit, but for lack of a better word, kind of like a profit of things that are happening now, like you said, and it’s just very interesting the whole situation and how he’s predicted things.

And I listened to a radio show of his, uh, from June of 2001. So right before nine 11 and. Predicted the whole situation, the whole thing. And it kind of blew my mind. Yeah.

[00:07:26] Brittany: So apparently how, and I don’t, I don’t know if I’m explaining this correctly, but either way you guys listening, just go get the book or listen to it on YouTube.

Somebody uploaded with like 11, 12 hours of the entire book. So listen, read it, do what you can. But basically he explains in the first couple of chapters, how there’s this? I don’t want to say super computer, but super computer that runs different scenarios. And basically this scenarios that the computer is running.

That’s how the elites are always able to stay like I had of everybody else because they’re running all these scenarios. Now, my husband, who he dibbles and dabbles in queue a little bit, and he reads the post of parents. They too have a super computer. I know I sound crazy, but whatever, they too, having some computer that has ran different scenarios where the good guys actually win at the end of all of this.

So I don’t know whether you believe it or not. I think it’s kind of interesting stale, you know?

[00:08:39] jeremiah: Yeah. Well, I did an episode about, are we living in a simulation and it would kinda play into that where, um, if it’s a simulation and everything’s coded, then what, what would stop someone from tapping into that code and figuring out like, you know, what’s to come and, uh, you know, maybe the government does have ways to figure out what, what the future holds and they try to plan things out to match what they want to have accomplished.

Or if you’re religious, maybe it’s just supposed to be this way because, you know, if you take the book of revelations, which I think the pale horse is what he pulled from is, um, you know, revelations is supposed to happen and that cues in the end times, and then eventually the rebirth of like a godly kingdom.

[00:09:39] Brittany: Yeah. Yeah. It’s all interesting and very scary.

[00:09:44] jeremiah: Yeah. And yeah, just the fact that where we’re at now, like I think he talks about microchips and all kinds of other stuff that wasn’t really a thing back in the nineties when he wrote that.

[00:09:59] Brittany: Yeah. And then the whole concept, I can’t remember his exact phrase, but it was, it was something along the lines of eat now pay later or buy later or something like that.

And when you look at. I mean, you can get plane tickets or you got to do is make four payments. You know, you can get pretty much whatever you want. Can get it now and then buy it or pay for it later. Just in other debt. It’s just, it is a lot. I’m like, I should probably go back and finish the book, but the first 40 minutes of it is just a lot.

So I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t know if I really want to get to the end. I think I got to the part where he starts talking about, uh, the secret societies and all of that. And he does mention the Illuminati, but I think at this point where like beyond the Illuminati, like it’s gotta be it’s something now.

So I don’t know. I might think. That might not.

[00:11:07] jeremiah: Yeah. When I look into things like, um, I did an episode on Satanism in the music industry, uh, doing my research and I’m watching all these videos and all these interviews. And, uh, after a little while I have to kind of take a day break from it and cause it’s just too heavy and too, too much to consume at one time.

So yeah, I definitely get that. Um, I might be the same way I might start listening to it or reading it and then have to come back to it later.

[00:11:39] Brittany: Yeah. That’s what I’m probably going to do. I think I watch a lot of videos and I’ve listened to yours too. Um, in regards to the Satanism in music. And it’s like, once you start exposing yourself to all of this, nothing is the same method is enjoyable.

Like if you’re listening to music, it’s gotta be. I don’t know, like just instruments. Nobody can be singing, no rapping,

[00:12:09] jeremiah: like really upbeat,

[00:12:13] Brittany: high frequency. Like he can’t be any low-fi it’s just, I’m like, I don’t even, I don’t know how I even fell into this stuff, but sometimes I wonder, like, what would I be better off?

Like not knowing the things I know, or what do you think?

[00:12:33] jeremiah: Um, yeah, I do ask myself that it’s like, man, it would be nice to go back to before I looked into anything, because it seems the old saying ignorance is bliss kind of thing. But now like, um, I, I have friends and stuff like that, but I just. I haven’t really felt like I fit in, fit in with a lot of people.

A lot of people I’ll be friendly with them, but I can’t really make like a connection, I guess you could say. Um, just because if, unless they are awake to these type of things, and then it’s a little bit easier, but if they’re not, then it’s kinda like, well, what do I talk about? Or what do I, I do it. And I don’t want to be that guy.

Who’s like, oh, don’t listen to that. Or don’t eat that or don’t do that. Like, I don’t want to be that type of person.

[00:13:32] Brittany: Yeah. I can totally relate. So I don’t, I really don’t care for small talk, but if we have to talk, like it’s gotta be something like this. It can’t be, I don’t care about celebrities. I mean, they’re all devil worshipers anyways, but you can’t say that to normal people because then they’ll think you’re crazy.

[00:13:54] jeremiah: Yeah. Then like doing this Satanism and music thing, I try to present it in a non-crazy way, but still, but still make you like aware that. I say like, I’m not trying to make you stop listening to something or following an artist that you like, but just to be aware. Think there’s too many instances as I’ll show in no future episodes.

It’s too much to just be a coincidence. Like a lot of there are so many artists that are doing the same type of symbolism and following the same, uh, Alice Crowley character and all this other stuff for just to be a coincidence. Like there’s gotta be something going on there because. Why else would every artists do the same exact thing?


[00:14:45] Brittany: yeah, it’s very, very strange. Yeah. There this one guy that I listened to, or that I’m subscribed to on YouTube and he used to work for a record label. I want to say maybe it will Sony music. I’m not completely sure, but, um, he was a producer and he was making his way through, you know, through the chain and doing beats and all that good stuff.

And he said that they had. Invited him to a, an industry party, you know, some mingle and he didn’t give too much detail, but basically he was like, everything in there was extremely weird. Um, a lot of the higher ups are like witches and warlocks. And he said that really beautiful lady had approached him.

And he was kind of like, oh, well, how’s she looking at me? Cause I look up madness at this party book. I don’t know, but why is she talking to me? Guess she just started questioning him on, was trying to fill him out and, and all of that. Basically he wasn’t down with the weird stuff and they ended up firing him.

He said he got a text the next day that told him to bring his bag, his badge back to work and he took it back. And that was the end of that. And then ever since then, he’s been on YouTube, exposing, you know, Satanism and music as well. But his channel is on the decline because YouTube, you know how YouTube is.

So, yeah. But yeah, I totally agree. I don’t know how like rap music specifically, like how do y’all come from the projects in the hood and have guns and drugs and all of that. Like, that’s, that’s where you come from and then you shoot your music videos and you got all type of goats and vampires. Blood like, and pentagrams, like Joan, they’re not doing witchcraft in the hood.

Like I don’t get it. So this is just really strange. It’s so strange, but it’s really fortunate that I don’t know what people are not catching on, I guess. I mean, well we are,

[00:17:03] jeremiah: but yeah, well, I find recently, I say since the pandemic started, I guess, um, seem to be a big awakening time. A lot of people are becoming more aware.

They’re starting to realize things aren’t exactly as presented and they’re starting to try to take control of their own life and stuff like that instead of just following along. So I definitely see a trend towards that, um, on the downside, as he talked about and pale horse and all, is that. The government is essentially going to control everything that we do.

And you’re not going to be able to do pretty much anything without them telling you, you can.

[00:17:51] Brittany: Yeah. I’m not how we’re going to, I’m not sure how we’re going to get out of that either. That’s why I said, I feel like I need to finish so that we can, so I can kind of be like a step ahead. But at the same time already know it’s going to be like some Debbie downer.

We’re not getting out of this. We’re stuck type of stuff. So that’s on like, I don’t, I don’t know if I want to finish it.

[00:18:15] jeremiah: Yeah. And I feel like lately, um, like I said, since the pandemic started, seems like they’re really starting to put things in place to create this global government and as global, uh, force, if you could say, and you even had Joe Biden just did a news story on Thursday and Joe Biden said at the business console or whatever that, um, he’s working towards a new world order.

And like, that’s exactly what he said. We’re working towards the new world order. And I mean, there’s no way to hide what he said it was said. And

[00:18:58] Brittany: yeah, I heard that and I was like, I’m like, who else said this back in the day it was George Bush senior, right? Yes. I was like, see, and to us, when Pete, when he said that, I know you were. What’d you do say like we automatically caught on, but to other people, they were just like, oh, okay. Yeah, it’s just buying it.

But I’m like, you guys have to pay attention to the stuff that these people be saying when they say dark winter and you know, another, I don’t know, biological, whatever. It’s on a way it’s on its way and you know, new world order, like it says a stressful.

[00:19:40] jeremiah: Yeah. And there, I, I think they’re putting things in place for this global government or whatever cause, and I think that might be part of the reason they’re really cracking down on Putin right now.

Um, it, I don’t want to defend Putin or anything. I don’t think he’s a good person or anything, but, uh, it just seems like there’s so much focus towards him. Current time that we’re in and really makes you wonder, like, why are they so focused on, on this one thing when there’s so many issues going on at home, but yet everyone has to put the Ukraine flag up and you know, like, it just makes you wonder.

And then I heard things about, um, I guess the new thing is when Trump was president and he was saying China, like, there’s actually a town in Ukraine. That’s like chai, uh, Hyphen N NA or whatever. And a lot of people are saying that that’s what he was actually talking about, but he couldn’t like come out and say it because, you know, he’s got hours watching him and stuff like that.

So there’s people that are saying, well, what if these biological labs in China, in Ukraine was actually the source of this whole pandemic and not China, which was originally what everyone thought it was coming out of. And I thought that was pretty crazy. Yeah.

[00:21:16] Brittany: It’s definitely a lot to digest from what I understand, Russia is the one place where they’re not, they’re not trying to get down with what everybody else’s doing and because Russia is such a significant force in order for the powers that be.

To be successful. They meet China and he’s, I mean, not China, Russia. And he’s like, no, I don’t want to join the party. But I, I don’t know. It is very strange and I feel bad for the people in Ukraine, but I’m like, I never, I never heard of Ukraine prior to all of this. And to just see, I mean, it’s Everett, the blue and yellow is everywhere.

Even in our neighborhood. I don’t even know who put these God-dang ribbons up on the light pole, but they’re here. And apparently we have, you know, some Russian residents, so there’s a lot of back and forth in the HOA group. It’s just, it’s a mess. It is, it’s a mess. So

[00:22:24] jeremiah: yeah. And then you have, uh, then you’ll have the sad part is this is all polit political and.

Oh, conflict is all political, but yet the Russian people, a large majority of them, they don’t want the war. And, but yet they have to suffer because, uh, all these companies are pulling out of Russia now, and they’re not, uh, opening up shop or sending supplies or anything like that. So all these average, everyday citizens that don’t want anything to do with the war Ukraine or anything, or now they can’t watch Netflix or go to Starbucks or whatever.

Like their whole life is like turned upside down and it’s, they’re just part of the pawns in the game.

[00:23:12] Brittany: Yeah. And see, that was another thing I’m like Netflix has gone. There was a lot of major companies that pulled out and I’m like, I’ve never seen any, like anything like this before, where everybody just essentially shuts off all of their businesses, all of their services.

So this one particular place is just very, uh,

[00:23:35] jeremiah: yeah. And I think if you look back and I don’t remember all the instances, but I remember, uh, what was it Gadhafi off wanted to leave the central banking system, I guess, or the global currency, which is us right now. Um, and he wanted to have his own thing. And then wouldn’t, you know, shortly after we had to go in and take them out and then they fall right back in line with, you know, what we are trying to push.

So it seems like. Instances, and I don’t remember them all, but there’s instances where these leaders of these countries want to create their own system and their own dollar and everything like that. And, um, just seems like shortly after that, they’re no longer in power anymore. It kind of makes you wonder, you know, why is that?

[00:24:30] Brittany: Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve seen, um, the Simpsons, but every now and then I think it’s like during their tree house, so whore episodes, they will have like the big map of the world. And then they’ll have like the conference with like count Dracula, a couple of other, that is exactly what it reminds me of.

Like you have, I don’t know some aliens at this meeting. So reptilians at this meeting, couple of our government officials, and they’re all just coordinating this mass plan. That’s only going to be beneficial to them. It’s just. It’s all very, um, just strange and troubling,

[00:25:13] jeremiah: very troubling. And then what this Russia thing, cause it’s current, um, it makes you wonder if the reason they’re pushing so hard and all these companies are moving out of Russia and stuff like that is because they, that, like you said, Putin doesn’t want to fall in line with what they’re trying to do.

So the only way to achieve what they want is to demonize him. And, and like I said, I don’t, I’m not trying to be a S uh, Putin supporter or sound like, um, you know, pro Russia or anything, but it’s just, you got to look deeper than just what the news is presented.

[00:25:56] Brittany: Yeah. We could talk about the news. Do you even watch the regular news anymore?

I don’t watch the regular news.

[00:26:03] jeremiah: I only watch it through other sources. Like people that commentate on it.

[00:26:09] Brittany: Yeah. Yeah. Same here, because I was seeing compilations of it’ll be like channel five in San Francisco, channel seven out here in Texas channel 39 in Vermont. And everybody is saying the exact same thing.

[00:26:27] jeremiah: Yeah. That, that blows my mind too. Yeah. Yeah. You see those montage is where it’s like, they show like 10 different news programs and they all have the same exact opening line. And it’s like, who are you really getting your information from?

[00:26:47] Brittany: Yeah. Well, I leave, you know, that all the news stations, all the, uh, the broadcast and centers are owned by like what the same?

Well, at one or two people, I guess, so. I don’t know. Oh, no, I wish I could

[00:27:04] jeremiah: like three or four.

[00:27:07] Brittany: Yeah. I wish I could just go to another planet because this one is not, this one’s not working at

[00:27:14] jeremiah: all.

Yeah. So you had, um, mentioned aliens. What do you think about the whole alien phenomenon? And like, do you think that they are possibly meddling in things too behind the scenes where you can’t see? Um,

[00:27:34] Brittany: okay. So I, a hundred percent believe in aliens, so I’m going to say there, but as far as messing with stuff behind the scenes that I don’t know, I’m going to say I’m open to it.

I’m open to it, but I’m not exactly sure. But I do remember, um, watching the last season of American horror story. Did you watch that by the way?

[00:28:04] jeremiah: I did not, but I want to, yeah.

[00:28:06] Brittany: So apparently towards the tail end of the show, it starts to go into, uh, how president Eisenhower made this treaty with extra terrestrials in exchange for like technology.

He would give him some of us, like people, I guess. And, um, ever since I saw that that was one conspiracy that I, that I wasn’t too, that I didn’t really have knowledge on, but every, since I saw that, I’m like, you know what? I’m open to that as well. So I don’t know. I don’t know if they’re messing around, but I definitely think they are.

They are here. I do believe that I’m just not sure in regards to how involved they are. In our affairs, I guess is my

[00:28:54] jeremiah: answer. Uh, okay. Yeah. I just figured I’d ask. Cause some people think, some people say like the reptilians, which is a suppose that alien race that is nefarious. A lot of people say the reptilians are behind everything.

And then other people say the grays are kind of helping the government and manipulating things. So it’s always good to hear different viewpoints and

[00:29:23] Brittany: yeah, I wouldn’t put it past the government, like at all, but I will say generally, let me tell you the story. Okay. So I was about, I want to say about eight and a half months pregnant with my first son.

Right. And I could not sleep because he’s kicking, you know, how babies are doing what they do. Okay. So. I was trying to fall asleep, but I could not, because I just had this craving for cereals. Went to get my cereal, came back, ate my cereal in bed, went to sleep. Kid you not. Woke up, but I was dreaming.

Think when I woke back up, I was on the super, super cold metal table. And there was these bright lights all around me. I could barely, barely see, but I could hear stuff happening around me. And I kept saying, you know, don’t take my baby. Cause I was still pregnant. I was like, don’t take my baby. Don’t take my baby.

Don’t take my baby. And the TV flashed. And it woke me up and I will say, what the hell like was, was that like an alien experience? I don’t know what, I don’t know what it was when I tell you it was so real. It was so real. And if it had not been, I think my husband had turned the TV off. If it had not been for him turning that TV off, I don’t know what the heck would have happened.

It was scary. And I’m like, oh man, the aliens was trying to take my, take my baby.

[00:30:57] jeremiah: It’s um, it’s actually kind of funny that you say that because I interviewed a lady who claimed, so have been abducted by aliens and she was actually pregnant as well. And she talked now the people listening would already hear this because that episode will come out before hours.

But, uh, uh, she claims that they, you know, stuck something into her stomach or whatever. They’re like, I don’t know if to test on the baby or whatever. And, um, so it is very interesting that you say that cause. You know, I always talk about the alien abduction phenomenon and how, um, it seems to be very centered around reproduction and, um, sexual, but not in like a like naughty kind of way more like a scientific kind of way.

And yeah, it’s just interesting that you say that and who knows, maybe you did have a real experience and you just talk it up as a dream. Yeah,

[00:32:03] Brittany: I really hope Matt, but when I tell you it felt so real. And normally in my dreams, like when sleep arounds is about to happen or if I’m about to die in my dream, like I wake up because I refute, you’re not going to take me out in my sleep, but in that instance, and that instance, I was trying to fight it so hard and I just could not wake up.

I’m like, I don’t know if it was the cereal or what, but I couldn’t beat it. And if it wasn’t for my husband turning the TV off. Yeah. I don’t know what would have happened. It was really scary.

[00:32:41] jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. I wouldn’t, uh, I wouldn’t write it off as just a dream because I mean, it could have just been a dream, but you know, there’s always that slight possibility that you had a real experience.

I mean, I hope not for your sake because I still don’t know what is behind the whole duction thing. Because I have a feeling it’s not as good as people think.

[00:33:11] Brittany: So let me ask you this. So do you think that aliens are just extra terrestrial beings from different planets and all of that? Or do you think that they’re actually demons because I’ve heard that too.

[00:33:30] jeremiah: Um, so I always say that they are interdimensional. Um, I don’t, it’s possible that there’s aliens out in outer space, but I think a lot of what we see or experience or other people have experienced, I think is I think whatever entities they are, I’m not exactly sure. I think there’s some good and some bad, but I think.

They’ve found a way to rip through space-time or through dimensional portals or something. And so I think there are from another dimension myself, or they could, they could be from outer space and use dimensional, travel as a way to traverse the universe in a quick manner.

[00:34:18] Brittany: Yeah. That’s a good point. I don’t know.

I’ve heard the whole demon theory and then I’ve heard they are inter interdimensional beings, but I don’t know. I really hope we’re not going the demon route please,

[00:34:36] jeremiah: but I do, I don’t close off the theory that the grays that we see are demonic entities and that they, um, are actually, I don’t think they’re the actual fallen angels.

I think they’re more, uh, Android dish. I don’t think they’re, I don’t think they’re a hundred percent sentience beings themselves, the grays, but, um, I think they might be used by the quote unquote fallen angels from the Bible. And I think it’s possible that their whole alien abduction phenomenon is them trying to create life, even though they really can’t because they’ve been cast out of the heavenly realm, if you want to take on the religious aspect.

[00:35:31] Brittany: Okay. I can see that. I can definitely see that. Cause I’ve

[00:35:37] jeremiah: heard, I’ve heard Benny, I’ve heard many abduction stories that like women that get abducted while they’re pregnant or they get abducted, they become pregnant and then they get abducted again. Then they get shown their baby. It’s like a hybrid baby and other ones, other ones have been shown babies that look really sickly or they’re dying.

The aliens tell them you got to, um, hug this child and love on this child or whatever. Cause it’s dying and kind of makes you kind of makes you fall more towards that. Like you said, like demonic fallen angel side. Cause it’s like, if, what I think is right that they’re trying to create some type of life, but they’re not successful at it.

And it would make sense that. These alien babies are like sickly are dying and they’re trying to find a way to keep them alive. But I don’t know if they’ve found a way yet, or if they will,

[00:36:43] Brittany: you know, what that’s that was in that American horror story the last season. So it’s kinda, it’s split up into two different stories.

There’s like a, um, like a vampire S story in the beginning, but then on the tail end, when it starts to talk about, um, president Eisenhower and the aliens on all of that come to find out, they are abducting people to basically create the perfect hybrid, but they do keep that. So it’s like this girl and her friends, like three or four of her friends, they’re all abducted.

Even the guys, they’re all ducted. They all get impregnated. They all have the babies. And then hers was the only one that was the perfect one, the perfect hybrid. And then all the other ones were keel is yeah. Watch, watch that season. It’s very strange. But

[00:37:44] jeremiah: it’s another thing to watch.

[00:37:47] Brittany: It’s another one of those things where you’re like, Hmm, I don’t know.

This could happen. Yeah. It’s very strange.

[00:37:53] jeremiah: I don’t know if you’ve heard of like predictive programming or anything like that. It’s like where they’ll put stuff into movies and TV to kind of get you used to it. So like, um, I don’t know. A lot of just, this is just an example, not saying it’s happening or anything, but a lot of shows nowadays seem to be geared towards like the.

Collapsing or society collapsing. You have like the walking dead. I think one was revolution or evolution where the power went out and everything. They have all these shows that are like post-apocalyptic and all that. There’s a theory, predictive programming where they’ll show all that stuff because they know in the future it’s going to happen, but they’re trying to prepare society to handle that situation.

So same thing with aliens, they show all this alien stuff and alien movies and just to desensitize people to it and kind of make it also to make it not as real as it really is. And kinda like so other people that aren’t like into conspiracies and aliens and all that stuff are like, oh, that’s just crazy movie stuff.

And then it kinda like helps them discredit people that are actually looking into things.

[00:39:19] Brittany: Yeah. And you know what, Dr. Cooper, he talks about that in his book too. And it’s basically like your, it’s almost like a silent consent because you watch it, but you don’t say anything about it and you don’t do anything about it.

So I don’t know. Like I remember seeing, um, I remember watching, I think it was doctors sleep, I believe. Did you see that movie?

[00:39:49] jeremiah: I have not now.

[00:39:51] Brittany: Yeah. So, yeah. It’s based off, uh, a Stephen King book and basically to make a long story short, there’s this one particular scene in the movie where the there’s all these people trying to harvest this energy from this child.

It was really disturbing watching it because I mean, we know about the whole adrenal problem and all of that stuff. Then when you watch the movie, I kid you not it’s it’s right there. That’s exactly what they’re doing. They actually killed the kid. And I remember sitting there with like an eight and ten-year-old of my own and was just like, what the hell did I do?

But falling back to my, you know, con conspiracy stuff, I’m like, they just did like some type of weird adrenochrome ritual on this child, in this movie that is in theaters and everybody can watch it. And so the common person, they they’re just watching this kid, but I’m like to me, to us, to our kind of people, we know exactly what’s up.

And I’m like, what? I don’t know why they would put that in a movie, but I also know that. Hopefully all that stuff that, you know, celebrities and all that, all of, you know, the stuff that they do will eventually come out. But I think it’s going to be so mind blowing to regular people. They’re just not, they’re not going to believe it.

We know what’s that. So again, I don’t know. Um,

[00:41:30] jeremiah: it’s like the whole Epstein island thing. It’s like, it’s obvious that this was going on and they have all the records and stuff, the flight logs and all that stuff. But the average, I would say the average person, the person who’s not into this kind of stuff, they don’t really make too.

Uh, what’s the word I’m looking for? They don’t really like, think anything of it. They’re just like, oh, it’s a flash news story. And then they move on to whatever else is in their life. Or, um, The next show that they’re watching or whatever, but this was a real thing that was going down. And a lot of celebrities, a lot of government officials, and it should have been a way bigger case than what it was like.

It should have been on national news everywhere and all these people. But if you notice, I don’t think well that Jocelyn Maxwell or whatever is the only person who got arrested and tried for any of that stuff that was going on. It’s just crazy. I mean, you have, you know, like I said, all those records, all the pictures of her and Epstein together and all these celebrities that they were with.

Just not saying, uh, but the average person is not awake enough to like make a connection, I guess. Uh, and I don’t want to make people sound dumb, but like they’re just focused on other things. And, but like, something like that is just perfect example of how they can get away with stuff.

[00:43:14] Brittany: Yeah.

And that is the scary part. I mean, I thought for sure, which, I mean, we weren’t going to get much from that whole case, but I’m like, surely like y’all have to like give us something and we’ve heard nothing, nothing at all. And I’m like, y’all, don’t find it suspicious. Like, I guess he was trying to create like his own, I don’t want to say Colt, but like his own perfect people.

And then she had, I guess she had like her submarine license and they were going to start doing this whole thing using the oceans. Like you guys don’t find anything suspicious about that. What about the whole Wayfair situation? Here on a Friday, re a random Friday afternoon and then like gone the next day.

Like, come on. I’m just hoping when stuff like that happens, I’m just like, come on people, please come on. Like, you don’t have to be crazy, but just please, please wake up before it’s too late. And we’re all in FEMA camps, like, come on y’all but no, nothing.

[00:44:27] jeremiah: Yeah. That Wayfair thing too was like, how can you deny human trafficking?

Wasn’t going on? Like they had cabinets cabinets for like $30,000 up there. Like what cabinet in this world was $30,000.

[00:44:40] Brittany: Exactly. And when you think about it, like it is the perfect plant as disgusting as it is. It is the perfect plan because. You know, only people in those circles would know what to look for.

Like if we go on there and we’re looking for, I don’t know, for like shelves or something, we’re going to totally bypass $30,000 shelves. Yeah. But if you’re in that circle, you know exactly what to look for. And for that to be here, just like, like I said, randomly on a Friday afternoon and then gone within hours, it’s just, it’s crazy.

[00:45:18] jeremiah: Yeah. And there’s something going on. Um, when it comes to children, like I know the whole theory of like, they gain power from children or whatever, like you said, from that show. It’s just, uh, especially with this, um, Satanism and music and stuff like that, you notice a lot of these artists come up and like, Disney or Nickelodeon or wherever, some type of kid’s platform.

They become super famous to all these little kids. Before you know it, right when they’re the kids that were focused on them, like Miley Cyrus, let’s say all her little girls that were like in love with her as Hannah Montana now of right when they were reaching like puberty age, you notice Miley Cyrus shifts over to the Miley Siler.

So we know now and those, the whole chore and on stage thing, and kind of goes down that, that path. And I don’t think there’s a coincidence there. I think that’s all orchestrated. Same thing with a little NAS X with the old town road he came out with that became super popular. All the kids loved him. He was at the, uh, Was it called elementary schools and singing along with the kids and stuff like that.

And then when, you know, right after that, his next hit was where he was lap dancing on Satan. So,

[00:46:47] Brittany: yeah. See, I can do some disturbing stuff, but my mouth was on the floor the entire time that I watched that video. I’m just, and I understand he’s grown, you can do whatever you want to do, but I just feel that you were in that you intentionally knew what was going to happen and what the outcome of this was going to be.

I kind of took it personally because I’d like to his old town road, but to see him go from that and even the lyrics and that song, it’s kind of like, ah, you know, should the kids be with. But, you know, you know how kids are, you know, how we, parents can be, we’ll let us slack, but to go from that, which is seemingly, I’m going to say kind of innocent to now you’re like twerking on the devil and just like the visuals were really, um, yeah, they were like really intense.

And then you release the Satan shoes, like, and then you’re pregnant. Like, like what, what type of demonic juice did you sip on this

[00:48:00] jeremiah: morning? Yeah. And, um, I was actually kind of glad the backlash that his shoes got. Cause I wasn’t expecting that, but it definitely showed some hope for humanity, I guess, that you’re like, okay, that’s a little too far that you’ve put in real blood in these shoes.

And then like he dropped him and all that stuff and. Yeah, like it makes you wonder, like, like I say, the music industry itself, I think plays a huge part in what their videos do and what they look like, and they’re signed to these contracts. So they have to fulfill these contracts if they want to get paid.

You know, some artists will take it, you know, as far as they’ll let them, and then you have other artists that kind of start going against it, like Michael Jackson, where he started going against them. Then when, you know, not too long after he ends up dead and you know, they, you know, like Epstein blame it on a suicide overdose, well suicide for him.

Yeah. So it’s just weird. How, and like what I say, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think there’s definitely something going down.

[00:49:20] Brittany: Yeah. I don’t know if it’s some type of initiation or what, but I do remember that apparently there was this meeting back in the eighties or nineties and I need to get my dates.

Right. But anyways, there was this meeting back in the day between the print prison industry and the music industry, particularly like gangster rap, I believe. And basically the two were supposed to come together, make more destructive criminal, shoot them up type of music in order to continue to continue funneling people through the prison industry.

And I’ve heard that. On a couple of different platforms that that meeting actually did happen. And I’m like, so how did we go from like, it just being drugs and gangster rap to now, like you guys are a full blown, sacrificing, like goats and stuff in your video. So w w what happened? What time period did the devil?

I’m sure the devil has always been in music, but now it’s, we’re way past, like, shoot him up gangster songs. This is full-blown pentagrams and stuffing your

[00:50:42] jeremiah: videos. Yeah. It’s almost like they’re not trying to hide it anymore. It’s kind of like, oh, well, no, one’s going to do anything about it. So,

[00:50:51] Brittany: yeah. But you know, what’s crazy though.

I still hear people saying where they’re just doing it for shock value, or they’re just doing it because they know that you guys will talk about it. But I think at this point it’s been so overdosed. Like think of something else, but I get some guys can’t think of something else. It’s the same theme in every video, the last video, why didn’t watch the entire video, I’ve seen screenshots of it.

It is a Megan, the stallion. And I want to say duel, lipo, Dua, Lipa music video. And I’m like, ladies, come on, let’s get it together. I’ve seen some of the demonic screenshots from that music video. And it’s like, what, what, why, why do we have to do this? But I don’t know. I guess that’s the thing nowadays.

[00:51:48] jeremiah: Yeah.

And then there’s artists that come out against it too, but they never can go mainstream because they’re not part of. Click or whatever. And same thing with, like you said, like when rap music first started, it was just about the inner struggles or the struggles of like inner city living and talk. They had a lot more uplifting, empowering, uh, you know, lyrics and stuff like that.

And they were trying to, you know, try to make the best of their situation, I guess, and try to change, you know, society’s view and everything like that. But then, like you said, all of a sudden it seemed like gangster rap just took over. And like all the nineties was just like gangster, gangster, everywhere and, you know, shooting drive-bys and all that stuff.

And it just was the only, well, not the only thing, but it was the majority. The music out there. And like you said, it’s has a destructive force. Cause music, music can persuade music can control. Um, you know, if you’re sad, you listen to sad music because you can relate, it resonates with you. And same thing when you’re going to the gym, you want uplifting life, power music and stuff like that.

So music definitely plays a huge role in people’s lives and it can definitely persuade you one way or the other depending. And they’ve done studies with like lab mice, where they’ll have one listen to heavy metal and the other listen to classical and the one listen in a classical performs better on all the tests that they do.

So there’s definitely something there.

[00:53:35] Brittany: Yeah. I totally agree. You know, I’ve heard of stories where they were recording artists will record their session and it’s just the raw music just run. And they are recording on the masters, but then I guess somebody takes the masters and does whatever they do with the master record.

And that is what we hear. So if anybody is trying to get into the music industry, I highly recommend you just stay independent. Don’t sign with any big time, don’t take the record deal because they’ll take your soul and it won’t be good. So that’s my, my word of advice for the day.

[00:54:21] jeremiah: Yeah. And the same thing with the like music videos and stuff is like the artist may not even know that that imagery is behind them.

Um, they’re just probably dancing on a green screen or whatever. And the label industry puts all those images behind them after the fact. So like the artists might not. Totally be about that stuff, but because they’re signed with a major label and that label has their own agenda, then that gets added on after the fact.

And, and then if they go to the label and they’re like, oh, I don’t, I’m not down with that. Then the label could just be like, well, you’re not getting paid. So

[00:55:09] Brittany: yeah. You know, I’ve heard the same with, um, even with gospel music. And I’m like, you know, as somebody who kind of disorder grew up in the church, those gospel songs do not sound the same.

Now that I’m older and I’m into this stuff either way across all industries, it just sounds like we’re all chanting and singing to, you know, some mystical being that we probably should not be singing and chanting to. And I remember there was this one gospel artist. I can’t remember his name, but. He said that he had a label meeting and they wanted him to perform his song a certain way or do his, do his song a certain way.

And basically he meant he ended up stepping away from the gospel industry because come to find out, it was just as bad as the secular music industry. And I’m like, dang, y’all got gospel music too. We can’t listen to it.

[00:56:12] jeremiah: I know it’s, it’s crazy. And like I said, through my research and looking into it and watching countless videos and stuff like that, it’s just, like you said, it kind of makes you just want to listen to classical music or something, something without any words or anything like that.

But, you know, I still do listen to songs and stuff. I’m just, when I listened to it, I’m aware of what I’m repeating or listening to. So it doesn’t just brainwash me while I’m listening to it.

[00:56:43] Brittany: Yeah, same. So when doing your research was probably like the weirdest or strangest, um, musical artists, conspiracy you’ve came across.

[00:56:59] jeremiah: Um, I think, Hmm, that’s a good one. I think lady Gaga is probably up there.


[00:57:09] Brittany: jeez weird.

[00:57:11] jeremiah: Yeah. And there’s supposedly a story and I don’t know if I covered on episode one, but I’m going to cover on episode two. I can’t remember. But, um, there is actually a story and the mom of the girl, uh, says that it’s true too.

That her friend, Lena, I think was her name. She, um, Trying to become an artist before lady Gaga was famous and lady Gaga was kind of like her backup singer and they kind of detracts together and stuff like that. Music videos. They, the theory is that lady Gaga had her friend Lena killed to take over her image and her style and become famous on her own.

Now lady Gaga was not present at the time. Lena fell off of the top of the apartment building or whatever, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t someone paid to go do that or something. Um, but yeah, it just seems very weird. And then Lena’s mom came out in an interview and said, yeah, lady Gaga, um, had my daughter killed and took her image and style and everything.

Cause if you watch the old videos of Lena and lady Gaga, they’re very similar characters. So that’s definitely a one that I found was very interesting.

[00:58:46] Brittany: That’s strange. You know what? I’m not going to put that past lady Gaga. I’m not gonna put that past her. Yeah. She’s very weird too. She’s another one that kind of just came out of nowhere and when she does appear, she’s always doing some really strange, weird stuff.

I watched the video about. And how she’s friends with that marina I’m Brock what’s that lady’s name? Marina Abramovich or something like that? Yeah, something like that. Yeah. But how marina had her, like in the woods doing this cleansing ritual type of deal, where they were like running naked in the woods and trying to become one with nature?

No, I’m not putting that past lady. God, God, she probably did have that poor girl killed, but that seems to be the, the thing with all of them. Somebody close mysteriously dies and then, you know, they take off.

[00:59:45] jeremiah: Yeah. You have, uh, you have a lot of instances where someone close to them dies. Like, uh, what was it?

Dame dash and someone else were wanting Aliyah. I think it was. And then Aaliyah ended up dying and. Then they became, you know, super rich and everything like that. And then you have a thin Kanya west and his mom.

[01:00:13] Brittany: Yeah. I’ve watched a video on that too. And I don’t think so. Apparently after Ms. West had her surgery, she was discharged, went home was fine.

But then in between being at home and, you know, going through rehab care and all of that, like she ends up passing and I listened to the nine 11 call. It was a complete mess, but I’ve also seen Kanye in concerts. Well, not like physically there, but I’ve seen videos of him being in concerts, talking about, you know, he sacrificed as much.

He never, should’ve moved out here to LA if you would’ve stayed in Chicago and she would still be alive and. I don’t know Kanye. I don’t know why you, what you done did, but,

[01:01:10] jeremiah: and then you have, um, what’s her name? Think there’s one also that I saw Jennifer Hudson, supposedly like, uh, her, her nephew and her stepdad or her dad or somebody, some.

So there was a couple people in her family that got killed at the same time. And, you know, there’s people that chalk that up as like a sacrifice to become famous and all that.

[01:01:39] Brittany: Yeah. But even like with her situation, I think it was like, I think it was like her nephew and then like two other people. But the guy who supposedly did it, he said that he didn’t do it.

I don’t know. But you know what, who else? Megan? The stallion. And I hate to keep talking about her, but her mom passed away. And then shortly after her mom passes away, she takes off. Um, there is a rapper by the name of, I think it’s a baby because dad passed away and then he’s like everywhere.

[01:02:17] jeremiah: Um, I think the baby guy, um, he actually lives in my town.

He, uh, has a big, I don’t want to call it compound, but he has a big house. Like, I don’t know, maybe 10, 15 minutes from me. Cause he’s originally from Charlotte, I think. I think someone tried to kill him at the Walmart and he ended up killing that person instead. Then he moved out to where I’m located now, uh, or in this area.

Yeah, he kind of just blew up out of nowhere to

[01:02:52] Brittany: yes. And I, if I’m not mistaken, his album dropped, I think like the same day or oops, within days of his dad. Passing. And then he takes off, um, Kendrick Lamar. They, there was a chicken Nair group who apparently she climbed on top of one of the radio towers out there in LA and jumped.

And then, you know, they blew up right after. So I’m just like, yo, yo, I just, I don’t want anybody to try to sacrifice me don’t

[01:03:28] jeremiah: and like I said, I don’t know for sure. I’m just saying that these are things that have been presented as possibilities. And, um, it just, like I said, it’s, if it’s just one thing, then it’s, you know, just a coincidence or, but if it’s multiple, then I start questioning like what’s really going on.

Like why does every artists have a picture with their one eye covered with their hand or. Something over there. One, I like, why, why this, every artists have that and we’re, we’re talking across rock, rap, everything. Um, it’s not just one genre. So if you’re like, well, they’re just copying each other wall. Why would rap artists copy, uh, heavy metal artists?

Or, you know what I mean? It just doesn’t make sense. And yeah, there’s other things too. Like I think prince might’ve gotten knocked off cause he was kind of into conspiracy stuff. He talked about like chem trails and she, and he was starting to like speak out, I guess. And then a lot of times it seems like when these artists are getting close to fulfilling their contract or going off and doing their own thing seems like when they end up dead and uh, Yeah, it’s just strange to me as, as the more I look into it, the more I’m like, there’s something going on here.

There’s got to be,

[01:04:56] Brittany: yeah, I definitely agree. I know for that, um, ex ex 10 Tachyon guy, I’m sure I’m butchering his name, but he had said that if he dies, basically Drake did it and then he ends up getting shot. And then even with, um, I think there was another one, uh, juice world had, did like some type of Pinta gram type of ritual deal on a beach.

And it was like, where are y’all getting this stuff from? Like pulling this from it’s weird and

[01:05:30] jeremiah: everywhere and said, it’s not something they grabbed the oldest streets of whatever town they’re inner city

[01:05:35] Brittany: they’re here. Everybody’s doing the devil horns and I’m like, you cannot tell me that’s not satanic.

When the creator of the satanic church, did you, have you seen that interview? It’s it’s really old, but he, the guy, he goes on a talk show and he’s like talking about how he’s blessing the audience and he has his hand, you know, doing the thing.

[01:05:57] jeremiah: Yeah. I saw that

[01:06:00] Brittany: just like, like stop throwing, but start doing that.

Don’t cover up your eyes. Stop taking the vowel of silence. Like don’t do no periods stop throwing up the triangle. Don’t do that. Don’t do any of that. Just thought.

[01:06:16] jeremiah: Yeah. And yeah, like I said, it’s. If it’s just one or two times or one or two artists, I would just be like, eh, it’s whatever. But when I have like 12 pages of artists that do the same exact thing as the next 10 it’s at that point, it’s not a, it’s not a coincidence.

[01:06:38] Brittany: Yeah. It’s, it’s very strange, but you know what? I’m not surprised because on the Hollywood walk of fame, there is a may Sonic building down there in Hollywood. So I’m not surprised that, you know, all of that stuff is happening there when you guys have that make Sonic temple downtown. And it’s, um, I would assume that Cali is like the entertainment district of the world.


[01:07:13] jeremiah: Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff in Hollywood too. And I hope to cover that eventually. Um, I’ve just been focusing on music now, but my next focus will be the Hollywood aspect, but there’s a lot of, lot of stuff in the Hollywood industry that is very dark and satanic. And, um, you know, if you, if you really look into it, you’ll start to notice that there’s patterns, there’s symbols.

There’s other things that are involve. Um, a lot of the, well, there was a guy I listened to, well, he still makes videos, but there’s a guy listened to and he did a whole series on Bob Saget and, you know, Bob Saget died recently and everyone’s like above Bob it. But like, if you really look into this guy, Bob Saget, he.

He’s not a very good person. He’s not a very good guy and not someone who should be praised or wherever. Like there was an instance on that full house show where he, during a break from filming was doing a fake rape of a baby doll on the bed or whatever. And even his like chat, even as castmates were like, dude, what are you doing?

It’s weird and stuff like that. And he’s just very, very strange and there’s other stuff. Um, but it’s just like, you know, what, what is really going on back here? And then one more thing about, um, lady Gaga was she was actually invited to a party by that Prama Vich or whatever her name is. And they had a cake that was shaped like a human.

All bloody. And these people were cutting this cake and there was like fake blood everywhere and eating this human cake or whatever. It’s just very odd, very strange. And

[01:09:15] Brittany: it is, and I’m like, isn’t that one of Crawley’s teachings where you have to, I don’t, I can’t. I keep saying, I don’t know. Know what I’m trying to say, but he had, there’s something about this particular cake that you’re supposed to eat.

Can’t remember the exact name of it. Don’t even want to remember the exact name of it. All of that human, like pretending you’re doing camp participating in cannibalism. That’s all right. Up his alley. So yeah, I wanted to look into Bob Sackett, but I remember watching full house as a kid. And it’s another one of those things.

Where do you really want. That memory to be targeted. But the fact that I think said no lie, he said that he would most likely be found dead in his bed and then like,

[01:10:09] jeremiah: you know,

[01:10:11] Brittany: yeah. It’s, it’s all very, it’s all very strange, but yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to you covering Hollywood because things like that, the whole situation where Isaac Cappy, like calling out everybody and then getting them saying that he like pushed, pushed himself or thrown himself through his self off a bridge or something like that.

That’s all suspicious. Tom Hanks is suspicious. Um, just everybody suspicious. So yeah. I’m looking forward to you doing

[01:10:50] jeremiah: that. Yeah, I think wasn’t. What’s his name? Tom Hanks. Wasn’t he? The one that was gonna fleet a Turkey during the whole Epstein thing, because they cause they had like legalized pedophilia or something like that.

I don’t remember for sure, but they are, they had less strict laws about it or something like that. And everyone gets shocked because they’re like, oh no, Tom Hanks. He’s like one of the nicest guys and one of the, you know, from our childhoods, you always see them as this nice character or this, you know, sweet character or whatever.

But I think you need to detach yourself, not you personally, but people need to detach themselves from the character and the actual person, because what you see on screen, they’re just acting, they’re playing a part and you don’t know what the actual person is like.

[01:11:48] Brittany: Yeah. I definitely. I agree. And you know what?

I want to have his Instagram and I don’t follow any celebrities, but once the rumors started to circulate about him, I went on his Instagram. And when I tell you it’s one of the weirdest, strangest Instagrams that I’ve been on, it’s like random pictures of like gloves or a card, or, and it goes back to if you’re in his circle, if he’s into the things that we think he’s into, if you’re in, if you’re in his circle, when you go through his Instagram, you know, the things to look for, but to a regular person, it just looks like he takes a picture of takes a bunch of pictures of her ass.

Yeah. It’s really strange. It is very strange. And another thing definitely look into what the heck happened to Heather O’Rourke. I think that was her name, the little girl from, um, the culture gap.

[01:12:48] jeremiah: Oh, yeah, it didn’t go. I did hear something about that, but I didn’t look into it. Yeah. I’m going to write that down because I definitely want to look at that.

[01:12:58] Brittany: Yeah. What the heck happened to her? Apparently she died on set and her what? They didn’t tell her mom nothing. So she left apparently, and I don’t know how correct this is, but apparently she went to go film, whatever movie and her mom was not there on set. And when her mom came back, her daughter had passed and she does not know what exactly happened to her daughter.

So I always thought one was kind of strange. I’m kind of, I’m trying to see what else. Um, definitely.

[01:13:37] jeremiah: What’s his name? Uh, Corey Feldman. I think he’s coming out many of times talking about how he was, uh, Like a cost ID or, um, sexually advanced on, or, um, you know, told to do weird stuff and, you know, he’s come out and said it plain as day that some, and then he’ll shift back to being normal, normal, uh, Corey Feldman.

But there’s definitely, definitely characters that. Then Brittany Spears, Brittany Spears, perfect example of being mind controlled and stuff. You had that instance where she had that mental breakdown and shaved her head and all that stuff. What, what did they say? Oh, we checked her into rehab and then all of a sudden she came back out with new music and being regular Brittany again.

So did they reprogram her where you a brainwasher. I mean, and then the whole freeing her of the conservative ship, uh, that just transpired, you know, I don’t know. It’s just strange. Everything’s so strange.

[01:14:49] Brittany: Yeah. It’s so weird. And then I’m trying to think, um, what else? Oh yeah, definitely looking to that doctor.

No sleep movie, doctor sleep doctor, no sleep. Yeah. Yeah, definitely look in to that. Um, yeah, it’s just, it’s crazy. It’s so crazy. And it’s really unfortunate because it kind of takes the joy out of everything. Like you can’t just sit. I’m a big mustache. Algia cartoon watcher. And it’s like, when I try to watch the cartoons now as like, I can’t, I can’t even do it.

The music don’t sound the same holidays. Aren’t the same because everything is paid. Ritualistic, if nothing is enjoyable, but like hot Cheetos and water, that’s it?

[01:15:47] jeremiah: Yeah. Like if I watch shows now I’m always constantly on the lookout for like subliminal messages or symbols that pop up and that don’t really fit what’s going on and all that stuff.

So, yeah, like you had said earlier, like it, sometimes it would be better to just not know any of this stuff and just unplugged so to speak. Yeah. I

[01:16:11] Brittany: definitely agree. Totally.

[01:16:15] jeremiah: But yeah, thank you for coming on. And uh, definitely enjoyed this chat. I love talking about all this stuff. And like I said, in the beginning of the show, it was a mashup.

So I know we were kind of all over the place set points, but you get the overall gist and feel and, you know, I just tell people like, oh, he’s just question everything. Don’t just go by what you were raised by or what you were taught about or anything like that. And I’m not trying to tell you to believe anything, just look into it yourself, if you question it or if you aren’t sure, just go look it up yourself.

Like everything that I present is available to find online. Unfortunately you have to dig a little deeper sometimes because the internet is so censored now, um, which people should be very worried about too is yeah. If they’re starting to remove certain things from YouTube now what’s to stop them from saying you won’t be able to search something on Google or won’t be able to look something up and then it’s like, then you’re force fed whatever they want you to be force fed.

And, but anyway, yeah. Thank you for coming on and talking with me and talking with the audience here and definitely enjoyed it.

[01:17:43] Brittany: Thank you for having me. I was so excited to see your post because no disrespect to everybody else, but I have to be honest, everybody’s podcast is, you know, it’s all the same stuff.

It’s all relationship, entrepreneur business, true crime stuff. But I think yours was the only one that I had seen in our group that is just totally different right up my alley. So I was so excited and thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate.

[01:18:13] jeremiah: Yeah, no problem. And yeah, I like, I like to be different and cover different topics and like, I’ll go from, you know, covering Bigfoot one day to aliens and the next to, uh, say Newsom and music the next day.

So it’s like, you never know what you’re going to get. It’s kinda kind of fun, but, uh, yeah. Thank you.

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Ghosts and Preparedness

Ghosts and Preparedness

Ghosts and Preparedness

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[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina


Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

hello, my fellow. Terrestrials welcome back. We’re going to have an awesome interview today with Brian Duff. Brian Duff spent a lot of time in the. States military. He also has his own podcast for prepping and survival, and also has another podcast with a friend of his, where they talk about current events and also different preparedness situations and tactics.

So we’re going to get into that. But first, we’re going to talk about his ghost experience and how he was living with a ghost, which is very interesting and entertaining. So stay tuned because you’re really gonna wanna catch everything in this episode. Got a little mash up here of two different topics, but I think you’re going enjoy it both.

Brian’s a really good dude. And we had a great conversation and I think he really get something out of it. Also, I had been battling COVID so hopefully my voice isn’t completely out of whack, but, um, I appreciate all the love and support that I’ve been getting from. People online. Uh, it is definitely something to not be messed with, but I was able to battle it out, get through, and it’s not been too terrible and I should be back on my feet in the next day or so.

So anyway, if you want to support the show, just give a rating and review. We would really appreciate it. Lets me know you’re enjoying the content. Also, if you want to reach out to me, you can go to www. Dot what if or check the description and a, there you can send me a message and I will respond in a timely manner.

I like talking to anyone who wants to reach out to me. So don’t be afraid to reach out. I will respond if you want. Give a show topic, or if you want to be a guest or anything like that, I’m up for whatever you want to send my way. So I won’t hold you up too much longer. Just want to say question everything.


Welcome to the what of the wrong podcast. I’m your host, Jeremiah. And I’m joined today by Brian Duff. And we’re going to be talking about a ghost experience that he had and then maybe get into some prepping and stuff like that. So we’ll introduce him now. Hello, Brian.

[00:02:57] Brian: Hey, what’s up Jeremiah long time since we talked.

[00:03:01] Jeremiah: Yes,

yes. Long time. The whole minute. Right? Um, for people who. Just did a show on his podcast. So. I don’t mind now.

[00:03:15] Brian: I just sprung it on Jeremiah the last minute he didn’t, I don’t think he saw it covered, so

[00:03:21] Jeremiah: I’m a little frazzled, but it’s all good. Yeah.

[00:03:23] Brian: No. When you mentioned the lady, you mentioned the lady and her like having a ghost story.

I was like, oh, I spent two years living with a ghost a while back. So, um, yeah, let’s talk. I love ghost stories because I like having personally experienced it. It’s it’s there. I didn’t really enjoy it.

[00:03:39] Jeremiah: Yeah, I do too. I I’m a scaredy cat. Um, I’ve said it before on my show. Like I have to be in the mood to watch a horror movie and I don’t like going to haunted houses.

I don’t like any of that stuff. I get freaked out too easily, but I do love hearing about it and, um, hearing other people’s experiences. So take us through your. Experience and what you, uh, had a run in with a ghost, I guess.

[00:04:05] Brian: Yes. So it was a start in 2017, myself and my girlfriend at the time were moving from Washington DC to Las Vegas.

So she flew out to Vegas ahead at a time. Uh, to look at a couple houses and she came back and said, Hey, this house is, this, this house, this, she goes, this house has everything we want, but there’s a weird energy. And at the time I was like, oh, it has the garage. I have all my prepper stuff. Right. And so, especially in Vegas, you can’t put that in a shed or anything like that because it’s so hot in the summertime.

So, it had a garage, it was connected to the house. It would, the garage was a little bit climate controlled and I’m like, that’s perfect. We took the house with the weird energy. And, uh, we get out, we move, I ended up having so much pepper stuff. We get to Vegas, unloaded the first truck and I had to fly back and pick up all my end of the world stuff and drive another moving truck out from Washington DC to Vegas.

We get out there, I get back out there and it was, I was probably gone for about five days. My girlfriend comes up to me and she says, uh, Hey, uh, just so you know, we have a ghost. And I’m like, and I never didn’t believe in ghosts, but I don’t know that I really did believe in ghosts either. You know, I wasn’t convinced.

And so she, uh, I’m like, we have a ghost and she’s like, yeah. And his name is Simon. Now my girlfriend was a very. Cereal granola crunchy into energy. Go walk around in the desert with her feet off the field of the earth and all that kind of stuff. Like a hippie, total hippie. She, she, I mean, we, we both grew up, we grew up near each other in Southern California, just outside of Los Angeles, total hippie.

She’s a nutritionist. She works at a health food store, um, the whole nine yards. So I’m like, okay. And she’s like, yeah, his name’s Simon. They’re like, oh, Simon, the ghost, you know, Simon says. He’s scared, I guess. So I’m like, okay, whatever. So, like a week or so goes by no Simon, I don’t see anything. Then not, it’s kind of an open floor plan house.

One night she’s in bed, she’s sleeping. I’m up watching Joe Rogan videos on YouTube and, uh, I get up and go into the kitchen to get a drink of water. And I turn the light on, well, I go sit back in the living room and the light was still on the kitchen and just shine too much light in the living room was annoying.

So I was like, I forgot to turn the light up or low light out. And I turned around and I could look across the kitchen and I see the light switch. And as soon as I thought about getting up and going to shut off the lights, the light switch went out and the lights went out and I, all of a sudden. Well, that just happened.

And I was like, nah, I can’t be a ghost. It must be like bad electricity. I mean, it’s Vegas. Like I think the house is your built kind of, they just slap them up because they’re building so many. So like, ah, this must have shoddy electricity. So a couple of nights later I’m sitting on the toilet. And the lights start like flickering, but there was like, like this weird sort of pattern to it a little bit.

And I’m like, what is this, this thing gonna catch on fire? What’s going on? If I’m like, wait, is this okay? I don’t believe there’s a ghost, but let’s just go this I’m like, all right. So. If you’re really here, if you’re, if there’s a ghost really here, shut off just to shut the lights out. And the light switch lights went out and I was just like, oh no, you got it.

And that was the beginning of a very interesting two years of living in that house. Um, I don’t recall the episode now and I’ll find it out and I’ll let you know and talk about it again. But I have an episode. So my podcast studio, that was it. It was in a different house. I don’t live in a house. Um, my podcast studio was in the, it was an office.

There was, it had one window that was to the back of the house. There was nobody around. My girlfriend was gone. I was in there, the door was closed. Recorded a podcast episode. Put it out and a buddy of mine that listens to my episodes. He calls me up. He goes, who’s on your episode. Like it was just me, man.

I was just doing a solo episode where he’s talking about. He’s like, no, there’s someone like saying something a couple of times on your episode and, uh, sure enough, go back in the episode and listen to it. And you could hear the ghosts voice, like, like it, what he said. Wasn’t nice. It was like, my, my belief is that this ghost was we’re.

We were about at the time about 40. What back in the day would have been about an hour. Or so drive out of Vegas into the desert and you’ve, you’ve heard of all the reports of the, by supposedly everybody that around here, they says, oh, that stuff is true. So I kind of get some sort of vibe off him like that.

But, um, there was a time I, I used to be a firefighter and we had the living room we had was pretty big there. And I had this big, old bookshelf. It’s probably on the top. It’s. 10 feet off the ground. And at my fire, old fire home, it stuffed up on top of the bookshelf. And one day I’m sitting there and I hear this, this clank, it wasn’t a clinic.

It was just a ruckus of noise. I’m like, what the heck was that? I got to the living room. And now this is a fire helmet with a shield, the, you know, the Nomex hood in the back of it. I had goggles on it. So it’s a heavy thing. And it was, it was situated. There was no way it fell off the top and it didn’t, it wasn’t down at the base or anywhere near the bottom.

It was all the way across the room in the corner. Um, and then I S I saw him one day as I was walking towards some mirror. Not mirrored, but, uh, just some glass doors or when, uh, doors with windows in them that led to the outside. And I was walking to go outside. We had a choosy outside, I looked next to me and he was, he was walking.

It wasn’t like I could see his face or anything like that. It was like just as dark sort of shape, kind of squat, maybe like five, six, something like that next to me, sort of fat shaped. And, uh, he went outside and. Every once in a while, I would hear him in the house. Like you be in one room and you’d hear somebody yell something in another room.

Uh, doors were closed. I’d, I’d have to go around. If I hadn’t seen my dog once in a while, I have to go around and see, would try to walk in. And he did successfully a couple of times close the door when he, uh, enclosed, uh, The door on the dog in a closet. But, um, and yeah, that was, he was there for, oh, until I moved, he, he was there and, uh, it was, uh, I finally got used to him and I used to talk to him and I think we ended up, I think at early on, he didn’t want us there.

And eventually I kind of, I don’t know. I think he just sort of, it felt like he sort of accepted us and did it. He would mess with us a little bit once in a while he, I would always feel like something. Flicking with my hair. Uh, every once in a while, while I was watching TV, sitting on the couch and the back of the couch was to an open room.

So yeah, that, that’s my, my, uh, One of my, my ghost experiences. So

[00:10:56] Jeremiah: yeah, that’s wild. I, I don’t know if I can handle that. I’d be calling the realtor like the next day.

[00:11:02] Brian: Well, I think I realized early on, like, he couldn’t really hurt you. I think he w I think it was like, you know, again, if I, and when I say like, I feel, it’s not like, I’m just going, oh, well, those people hit, so it must’ve, I have this, this, this energy that came off and like this vibe, this feeling that that’s like, he, he didn’t have a good death.

Right. And that, you know, so I think he was just like, uh, like kind of an angry. Spirit, you know? And so that was his thing, but I don’t, I never got the feeling like he was gonna, you know, hurt us. It was kinda like having sort of a, you know, just a knucklehead uncle that lived with you.

[00:11:48] Jeremiah: Yeah. Or like a pesky roommate or something.

[00:11:51] Brian: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What, what is some of the other experiences you’ve heard about on your show? Like what do they.

[00:11:57] Jeremiah: Um, so I interviewed a lady Ghostbuster. She has a team. She has a team of like female ghost hunters, I guess. There they have a couple of guys too, but their main thing is they’re the lady ghost busters.

They went into this mind and, uh, this mine in New Jersey, I believe it was. I guess they came across spirits of workers that used to work down in the mines and they were just pretty much going about their. Uh, business, like they were still alive and working and

[00:12:34] Brian: kind of stuck in that

[00:12:35] Jeremiah: loop. Yeah.

And I thought, how terrifying is that? Like, and I’ve heard someone talking about it not too long ago. They were like, what if when you die, you just continue on. Working and living. And you feel gypped because you were promised like heaven and all this stuff, but you just have to go clock in at work again.

But in the spirit world,

[00:12:58] Brian: actually working, especially working as a minor that that’s, that’s some tough work and to be stuck as a minor for eternity, I don’t know that.

[00:13:09] Jeremiah: And I was like, yeah, that would definitely saw. And then I hear a lot. Um, yeah, I hear a lot from these ghost hunting experts or whatever you want to call on mediums or whatever that.

You tend to get a lot of ghosts and spirits that had traumatic or sudden deaths. So what you were saying about Simon might be the same type of deal where you might’ve had a sudden death and he’s kind of still stuck here in this world.

[00:13:46] Brian: Have you ever seen again?

[00:13:48] Jeremiah: I have not found myself. I’ve heard of people that have, but I haven’t.

[00:13:56] Brian: What do you think if you saw one, you’d be like, oh yeah. I, it took me a while to be convinced, right? Like, you know, again, I watched the light switch go down and I’m like, oh, it must be a problem with the electric. I’ve never seen a problem with an electrical system where the, where. Uh, a manual light switch just flips itself off.

So, um,

[00:14:16] Jeremiah: and to do it on your command to,

[00:14:18] Brian: yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you think you, do you think you’d go, oh, I have a ghost or since you do all this, like you do the podcast and everything where you hear about them, all the, a bunch.

[00:14:29] Jeremiah: Oh, yeah, definitely. And then there’s some weird stuff too. Like, uh, I don’t know what to make of it, but like my fiance and her one daughter they’ll and I think, well, maybe two of her daughters, but they’ll, they said I’ll be at work or something like that.

And they think they hear me like in the house, like talking or doing something that’s where you live now. Where I live now and I’m obviously not home because I’m at work and they swear they could hear me talking like in the house or so I don’t know if like I’m leaving behind some residual something or, or if there’s something that.

Pretending to be me or something. I don’t know. But then my fiance works at the jail, like I said, and she’s had, you know, spirits there that slammed door shut and stuff like that when there’s no one around. And so I definitely, I definitely believe that it’s true. I believe that there are ghosts and. True purpose and stuff is, I’m not sure I’m still learning about that,

[00:15:36] Brian: but, well, I think it comes back to man, the more I go down this rabbit hole and a lot with a lot of the work I had to do to be able to deal with my PTSD is understanding the energy and like the vibrations happening in my body.

Right. Like, you know, we talked about like in, in my show, the, the darkness and then the, the, the. You know that depression, I look at like depression, anger, nervousness, all that is a, uh, on the, on a wavelength of fear. And each one of those words just what’s the volume of the fear resonated in your body at the time.

And I look at. On the good side that you have love with all these, you know, the ultimate love, like you experienced with your near death experience at the one end, and then just like a good feeling or when you have a nice thought about somebody that makes you warm all the way at the other end. Um, so I I’ve become big into energy.

And I think in my current understanding of things or my current perspective on it is that. We’re all energy. Right? And I mean, if you think of us as being energy, it gives, you know, I think if some of it spills over into the Bible about the soul and different things and who are, you know, I think part of the problem that we have as humans is that we try to define everything and we’re.

We’re evolved monkeys, you know, that that are still in, in, in the billion years, scheme of things as intelligent creatures, we still have a long way to evolve. Right. You know what I mean? So to think that. Have it all figured out, you know, we look at it, I’m like, you know, Einstein was right. Einstein was right for what he knew at the time and what we currently know, but I’m willing to bet they provide Stein wrong at some point.

And that guy will be like the new Einstein. So I think when we try to define what, you know, energy is, what the soul is, what everything else is. Um, and I think it’s, you know, sometimes I think when it, cause I’m very spiritual and religious, um, I, I’m not. Uh, church going religious person just cause I struggle with that.

Um, I think probably cause my PTSD, I struggle with that, but I think that it, when it comes to God and everything, I think, you know, we can only define the universe and what we can as humans. Because again, we’re. Evolved past monkeys. I don’t, I think we probably can’t really define it, but we try to convince ourselves that we really just, because that’s what we do.

Right. Convince ourselves that we really know everything that if w if, instead we admit that the one thing we don’t know that we do know is that we don’t know everything and that maybe we’re getting it wrong a little bit. So I think when it comes to the energy and go with something, like, of course it makes sense that they’re there.

Right. We feel the energy of the world around us. Whether people want to know it or not. You that’s what you feel. We feel it. So I think that it, uh, again, that’s so when I, when I think about ghosts, I’m like, yeah, of course they exist. It’s just a trend. It’s it’s energy in a different form once they’ve died and didn’t make it to wherever the rest of the energy people go or whatever.

[00:18:44] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s definitely interesting to think about. And yeah, I feel like we cling to this idea that science is the almighty and that we have to put a, I don’t know, a stamp on everything, so to speak. And sometimes there’s just things that. Are unexplained. I wish that there was more acceptance of maybe they could just be like, you know, we just don’t know, instead of saying, well, this is because of this.

This is because of that. While there are some instances where it’s like, I don’t know why did that guy flatline for eight minutes and then come back to life and he’s alive and living like that should not have happened scientifically, but it happened, you know what I mean? So, yeah. So questioning more, um, you know, would be, be better and go a long way, I think.

[00:19:45] Brian: Yeah. Well, you hit on it. You said, you know, just, uh, like admit that we don’t know. I, I am calm. I am more. Confidence in someone when they say I have no idea what’s going on. Right. I’m trying to figure it out like, you know, and where you can see that they truly are like it’s bothering them, that they can’t figure it out.

I mean, it goes back to, I mean, Hey, you got a conspiracy show, right. It goes back to the pandemic when Fowchee came out and they kept coming out and trying to act like they knew what was going on, they had no clue what was really going on. Just tell us that. I would have been more okay with everything they said, had, they said, look, we don’t know what’s going on.

This is what we, what we think. And this is, you know, what we believe or something like that, but to come out and, and then when it, it shifts to suppressing people, it’s like, all right. You know? So, um, yeah, I think people need to be more open to the possibility that what they are seeing. Isn’t the reality that they believe it is again, that’s what we talked about before.

Right? That’s it’s just, it’s their perception. It’s a skewed understanding of what reality is. And so when it comes to energy, who knows, I just think there’s a lot more to it than we believe. Then we as humans, let ourselves believe.

[00:20:58] Jeremiah: Yeah, I totally agree. Like, like you said, if they would’ve just came out in the beginning of the pandemic and said, Hey, this is a new virus.

We don’t know what’s going on, but we’re working on it. We’ll keep you informed. I think it would have went a long way. A lot better than coming out and saying, you got to do this, this and this, and then a month later, change it to where you got to do this, this and this. Then, oh wait, Nope, you gotta do this, this and this again.

It creates more. Disbelief and more people questioning what’s going on because you’re being told like a flip-flop story and this work now, but it’s not working here. You know, people start questioning like I was talking about. See a lot more resistance and stuff like that.

People like saying, Hey, what’s going on here? Like, this is an ad. Whereas it, what you wouldn’t have all that resistance, if you will just be from the jump, just open and honest and Hey, this is a new thing. We don’t know what the heck it is. What’s going on, but it’s serious. And, um, You know, we just want people to be more, want people to be more prepared.

I think that would have been a lot better.

[00:22:21] Brian: Yeah, I think so. I, you know, I, I don’t, I am a hundred percent opposed to mandatory lockdowns. And if they, if people would come out and said, Hey, we don’t know, we think it may get very serious. Here’s what we want. We’re asking everybody to do. You know, like at least give, give people the benefit of the doubt.

If you want to pull your draconian stuff and start locking everybody down, give everybody the benefit of volunteering first it’s it’s like, it’s like with the military, if we got into a big shooting war, like we take the United States government, it takes pride and say, well, we have an all volunteer force and that’s a really big thing.

Like I think that’s a huge thing that people readily volunteer and do things like that. And if we got in a really big shooting war and that, and that all volunteer force didn’t meet muster. We’d have, we’d have a very quick, we’d have a drafty force. Like they, they have no, no bones, you know, about pulling it.

So got you there. Hello? Yup. There you are.

[00:23:23] Jeremiah: Yeah. Sam, my Internet’s on stable. I don’t know why. Yeah.

[00:23:29] Brian: I don’t know the T the two big seats of, uh, you know, cyber crime, Russia and Ukraine are going out a war right now. And we have censorship and everything else happening online. I don’t know why our internets are unstable.

I’m surprised every day that they’re not down. Yeah. When

[00:23:44] Jeremiah: Russia, when Russia said they were going to disconnect from the internet, I was kinda like wondering if it was going to crash.

[00:23:52] Brian: Isn’t there. Isn’t that part of the world economic forum, the great reset thing. The cyber polygon for shutting down the internet.

Have you heard about that one cyber polygon where they basically want to shut down the internet reset it so that they’re more, they have it more, I guess, under control. I think they are a control it, but maybe I think more shut it down. So that way any opposition information could get not to get shipped, to get shut down on.

[00:24:21] Jeremiah: Yeah, I wouldn’t, uh, I wouldn’t doubt it. People have been talking about, um, you know, uh, what’s the term, the blackouts, like where they’ll wear their thoughts, that in the future they’re gonna do like power. Um, fluctuations to conserve on power or whatever new, like blackout a city for a day,

[00:24:48] Brian: or yeah, they do that in California sometimes to be right.

They call them. I think they, I think they call them rolling brown outs. I guess it’s a blackout. If everything goes out and if they control it and they only affect certain people when they want them to, it’s a brown.

[00:25:02] Jeremiah: Yeah. And it’s the same thing with the Russia. Ukraine conflict is like all these companies pulling out and all these sanctions and stuff.

It’s not bothering Putin or the oligarchs. It’s the average everyday citizen that doesn’t want anything to do with it. Yes. And there they’re hurting now because you know, these political figures want to, you know, bump chests or whatever. And I think, I think people need to think more before they start like protesting in the streets and backing all these sanctions and stuff.

Cause like it’s not hurting who you think it’s

[00:25:39] Brian: hurting. Well, I think there’s that. And I think there’s two other sides. There’s two sides to it. One is you have, or, or two considerations not to Stites. There’s two considerations. Well, there is two sides, us and them, the haves and the have nots. But I think there’s two considerations that people need to think about.

You can either think that these people are very smart and what they’re doing is planned, or you can think they’re very stupid. And what they’re doing is totally unplanned. Or maybe some combination should have in between if they’re totally stupid. And this is unplanned where you got nuclear armed, super powers who obviously one has some mass mental defect and the other, one’s just a crazy, you know, you don’t become a Colonel in the CIA by being a, a purse or in the KGB or FSB.

By being a, uh, you know, some way it wants to err on the side of pre peace, love and happiness, right? So you got a megalomaniac oligarch in charge over there that that is all about reputation and riding bears with his shirt off. And so they’re all punching it out. You got the world going in on the oil. So if it’s not.

Well, that’s a really bad thing because it means a bunch of meat heads are start, are basically talking trash and starting a problem. If it is planned well, that’s really bad. Cause you got a bunch of meat. Hands are all in concert doing, going basically going to war to get to whatever, to further their and agenda.

And at the same time, it’s obviously it’s obvious that either it’s that they want to crush us is planned or unplanned that they’re crushing us, but either way we’re getting crushed. And if it’s somewhere in between, it’s just as bad because. Either way, what they’re doing is not in the best interest of we, the people and, you know, Hey, I’ll make the, I’ll make the, uh, World economic forum, forum, happy.

We, the people of the globe, we’re all suffering right now. And that’s the one thing that scares me on all this stuff is if I look back through history and I look at a time in history, when the world was kind of were politically, we had a lot of instability and things happen. Like the last point in time, I think was.

Back during the American revolution, the French revolution, yet a bunch of red, all these revolutions going on big turning point where, and the key in, in both Paris or in France and here in the U S was the people got tired of being kicked around, right? The, the, let them eat cake moment. So what scares me now is that that’s what I see more and more as people are getting tired of, they feel like they’re being kicked around and disregarded.

You know, and it’s hard when there’s options out there to hopefully less than the impact on the economy and we’re not doing it right. Like they’re not taking these things to lessen the impact. I mean, I talked about in my podcast that came out this week. I, I try to you, you mentioned to my show that you eat healthy, right?

So I try to eat all organic. I try not to have. Be processed food. Right. And, and I do that because one, I have type two diabetes and two, I found with my PTSD, the more processed foods I put in, the more agile, like the easier my PTSD is to get kind of going. So I try to eat organic. So I get this premixed or gain protein powder, uh, or drinks.

And they come in a four pack. I was like 7 99 back in January. It’s bumped up and went to 8 99, about a month ago, 1199, and about three weeks back. And now last week I went in or it was a 9 99. Last week I went in, it was 1199. I’m up. I’m like, okay, this is how much money or as everybody losing on this. So what scares me about all this stuff is like that that’s going on and either they’re too stupid to see it, or they don’t care and they’re intentional and they’re just pushing forward ahead.

So what does that mean for everybody?

[00:29:18] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely have not witnessed the time where St. The entire globe is suffering right now. Well, the average people of the globe, um, obviously the super rich and, uh, politicians and all that, aren’t going to be hurting too bad. It’s same thing with the lockdowns that they had.

Like the politicians weren’t really affected by that, but you had all these mom and pop businesses that had to go bankrupt or close shop because. They couldn’t afford to stay running, but all these big box stores, you know, they were able to continue running and, you know, is there, was there an agenda behind that and all that stuff.

And, and then you have, like you said, like how much are people going to take? And I was talking on the last, on your show about how there’s riots in Peru right now, because they noticed the inflation that’s going on. They said enough is enough. And you know, it’s different here in the states. Cause I think we’re more afraid, I guess, to uprise than other countries.

And I don’t know what that is. Um, maybe

[00:30:23] Brian: I think in the U S man, my view on the average person here in the way we behave is we’re willing to tolerate a lot of stuff. Right. And where it becomes. Uh, a little nerve wracking because, and when I say nerve wracking, I spent over a decade in places like Iraq, Afghanistan.

I did a little while in Pakistan. I worked in Africa, I’ve been in war torn countries and every one of those war torn countries was pretty much a war torn country that had some sort of civil war, uh, level going on. Right. I was, I was in Iraq when the military was doing his stuff, but it was. You know, it was more of a split country, a sectarian, then you would go meet with a Rockies.

Why other Iraqis were trying to kill you. So it was like kind of a, we were present in the middle of their mess that we caused in a lot of ways, right. From getting into illegal war. Anyhow. Um, so my perspective on it now is we’re where people are like, well, we need to have, this is the level of, um, I don’t know the level of pain that brings to the average person is just insane.

Like the people, when you can’t go to the market, if you go to the market and like we w I was down in a place called Al Hila and they had a market there that had, like, I dunno, it was a bizarre when they, when they say markets, it’s a street market and they had two suicide bombers blew up and killed like 120 people.

That were there shopping to get their oranges and their food and the stuff that they needed. Now keep in mind their electricity wasn’t working much. So they were having to go to a market lot because they had their, their food. It’s it’s Iraq. It’s not like your food is going to stay good for long. So I overlay that on the United States or any country.

And I look back and I’m like, thinking about you or me or anybody listening to your show at my show and people we know through whether it’s social media or whatever is if, if we were to split and we had some kind of, I don’t see a splitting, like, like that happened in the civil war where you have kind of front lines.

I think we’re so divided that in, in a lot of ways it would be just a nasty asymmetric kind of thing. That seen all these people, you know, have to go through that, knowing that like some of them, their kids, their family, they’re gonna go to work. They’re gonna go to school. They’re going to have to go to somewhere the doctor’s office and they’re going to get killed in the process.

It, you know, uh, a lot more so than. Going down the street. I was paramedic for years going to the street, having a traffic accident, right? Like where you’re going down the street, worrying about, you know, 1600 degree ball of molten, copper coming through the, through your car and just smoking everybody inside.

So when I say all that stuff, it’s like, look, I don’t want to go down this road. And at times I’m like, it doesn’t seem like that anybody has, is taking their foot off the gas. It’s to me, it’s like they have right now and I’m maybe I’m totally full of it, but it seems, it feels to me like right now they have a plan they’re pushing forward with it.

Like, you know, I think now that they’re finally coming around on the herb hunter Biden story, it’s not like, I think that they just decided finally that, oh look, this thing might be true. They got their marching papers. Right. They were told about. They were told to suppress the story when the laptop came out before the election.

And then now they’re being told to run with the story. It’s all being orchestrated. You see the talking points right? Every day, when it ratchets up a little more across all the media, and they’re going to hang, they’re going to try to have a democratic, whether it’s AOC, Hillary, whatever, come out of the woodwork, I think, but they’re going to try to hang everything.

That’s bad on it. On Biden’s neck and the Democrat and all of this. Isn’t the fall Democrats fault, a Biden and. With the way the world is. I don’t know when it comes to preparedness, I’m worried about where it, where it’s headed. And I think everybody with the hyperinflation going on with the supply chain, go walk, go to your grocery store.

You know, it’s becoming normal. Now this is our shelves are looking more and more. What like grocery store shelves look like overseas holes in a missing stuff. If we, if we think that if we look from here to where it would be like, say nothing on the shelves and that’s a range, we’re a lot farther down towards nothing on the shelves than we were a year, two years ago, three years ago.

So we were going down that slope so far. I haven’t seen anything where that’s been turned around. So that means we’re still heading in that direction. Well, in the preparedness world war does that. If you’re heading in the direction of possible, not having stuff on the shelf, what does that leave? Food, you know, individual, your family, you know, food instability for people who aren’t prepared, that leads to people, can’t feed their kids that leads to food riots and grocery stores and just general civil unrest.

So as a, uh, a prepper, I look at people now and I’m. Stock up on whatever you can get, you know, if nothing, nothing worse than that, you buy some food now and get ahead of the power curve. So you’re not spending it as inflation goes up or say, think it’s still going to go up and maybe it gets all better.

They wave a magic wand and they fix everything and it comes back down. Well, you didn’t spend as much as much money on food because you bought ahead of time. Don’t go broke. Don’t. Pull out your credit card and max out a credit card and getting debt in the middle of a financial crisis and try to get repaired.

And the other thing is, uh, in the preparedness community, a lot of people used to before COVID talked about, um, bugging out, right? Talk about evacuating, their homes. Ah, just leave. Well, I think COVID taught a lot of people. Like you don’t have anywhere to go to most people. I think most people can barely afford the roof.

They have over their head, much less, you know, some place. Now, if you have family or friends somewhere else, that’s a good option rather than not having a place of your own to go to. So what are you left with securing your home? Practice securing your home, like going there’s door on where you can put on the door, jam the reinforce your door jams put longer screws on the hand sites do stuffs to make your home like your own little castle, make it as hard as possible for people to come in.

Uh, if you have a door that can be kicked in easily, because all it takes is a, is, uh, one person’s foot of pressure next to the, you know, next to the doorknob or someone coming up with a little battery Ram. Was it hard to make. Well, they’re inside your house and they, they think they know that’s going to happen.

Well, if you come up there and you have a Rayanne front forced front door and they go bang against that door, nothing happens. Now you have the element of surprise on your side. You have the initiative to some point, uh, take you, take it, at least take away some of it. So reinforcing your house right now. I think all these things are important, especially as we head into summer and keep in mind that we, I think we have.

Two-year rough ride at least ahead of us because it’s not like the politicians and the mainstream media are going to take their foot off the gas with the, with the presidential election coming up on the line. It’s just what we’re going to go through this election. And then we’re going to move into that president election presidential election.

And I think the rhetoric and the insanity is just going to get ratcheted up. So. The more that does that. The more pressure we have put on society, the more pressure you put, the more likely things are to start popping and squeezing through the hands. So I think everybody right now, you, it’s a really good time.

If you haven’t gotten into preparedness, start stocking up a little bit, start thinking, what can I do to prepare?

[00:37:34] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Um, we’re definitely a turbulent times and people were not thinking about. Toilet paper, like before the pandemic started, but they learned pretty quick that, you know, it was all it all up.

And there was a shortage and people were actually selling toilet paper out of their trunks and who would have thought that would’ve ever happened. So. Being ahead of the game, being prepared in case something happens is not a bad thing. And like you said, if, if you buy it now at $3 a can or whatever, but you don’t have to pay $8 for it.

You still have the food there. It’s not like you’re wasting your money. Like you can always go eat that whenever.

[00:38:22] Brian: Yeah, no, I think it’s important, man. And I think I’m excited to see. Because the typical prepper, um, demographic is someone that’s like in their late forties on up usually. And I think a lot of that comes when you’re young, you just don’t have the time and bandwidth to like, you’re just trying to, trying to get by much less have stuffs, um, you know, a stockpile stuff.

I like it. When I see, you know, you being 40 right now, and others that are getting into it more and more, I’m seeing more young people get into it. And hopefully we come back around where we have a lot more self, you know, more, uh, self resiliency and more self-reliant people. Cause I think. Started late is kind of a tragedy.

If you start budgeting early, like one of the greatest things I tell people to think about is even if it’s a couple of grants, but like a freeze dryer harvest, right. Makes a freeze dryer. You can fit on those countertops and they need bigger ones, but like being able to freeze rise all your leftovers. So that’s food you can use.

Yeah, 10, 20 years down, down the road. And it’s, you know, it’s a little bit expensive, but you know, two grand over your lifetime of freeze, drying and stockpile. I mean, you can go out and spend $5,000 to try to get a family of four fed for a year. With long-term storage food, two grand, you can, you can have a lifetime of food.

So I think preparedness magazine really set people up to, um, have much more comfortable lives over the long run.

[00:39:44] Jeremiah: Yeah, you never know. Cause like I think we become complacent here in the United States. Cause we compared to the rest of the world, we have it pretty easy. And um, through my travels around the world, I noticed that, you know, we are kind of blessed to be here in a way that we have a lot of niceties that other countries don’t have.

Um, I went backpacking through your, up in Peru and I can tell you that Peru, those people are roughing it out. Like some places they’re. I would not want to live. So I think it’s kind of a naive for us to think that we’re always going to be like the superpower and be everything else. I mean, there’s nothing people in Rome, ancient Rome thought that they were going to be a super power forever, but that fell as well.

So just be prepared for anything. You never know. We could be a first world country today in a second or third world tomorrow. All it takes is one event. One.

[00:40:42] Brian: And the other side of it is too. Like if, if people listen to your show are believing conspiracy theories. Well, think about it by 2030, you’ll own your own nothing.

And like it, you know, you’ll that, that food’s going to be, you know, it’s going to be a thing. I mean, all the conspiracy theories, what do you, if you believe in that, what do you, what is it, what should that lead? Nobody has my best self interest at heart. So I should probably do something to make sure my me and my family are fed that we have the ability to take care of ourselves as much as possible and not have to be relying upon the system.

[00:41:15] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Well, thank you for coming on and speaking with us and talking about your ghost story too. It wasn’t expecting that, but it’s a fun little, uh, extra.

[00:41:27] Brian: Yeah. Right. Thanks, man. It’s been a good time. I love your show, man. Keep it up.

[00:41:31] Jeremiah: But yeah, thanks for coming on and speaking with us and, um, I’ll make sure.

To let everyone know to listen to yours as well, and definitely good to share, um, pick each other’s brains and share the information that is becoming more suppressed on a lot of avenues and streams. So definitely good to keep it alive.

[00:41:54] Brian: Yeah. It’s important, man. People have to stay on top of the things too.

That’s been a good time for you. Thanks, man. I had a really good time though.

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Alien Abduction: Nicole’s Encounter

Alien Abduction: Nicole's Encounter

Alien Abduction: Nicole’s Encounter

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Alien Abduction: Nicole’s Encounter

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. The podcast that wants you to question everything. Your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. We’re going to get into this riveting episode in a moment where I interviewed Nicole. Nicole came to me after hearing Adrian’s abduction encounter, and she had a similar experience. And she wanted to share it with us. So, I have her on the show. We’re going to listen to that in a moment. But first, I want to give a shout out to some podcasts that I’m friends with.

So I’m going to play their promos. I recommend going over and checking out their works. I’ll put their links in the description as well. So you can get there easily if you like the sound of their show. So we’ll play that right now. Hey everyone. It’s Brandon and Whitney from the Perry and any

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Hello and welcome to the paranormal or what podcast with me, your host, Michaela Ford. Join me for tales of the paranormal cryptids UFO’s spooks, specters, and ghosts. We’ll have interviews, stories, theories, and musings, and maybe just a sprinkling of spine tingling terror. Don’t forget to please email me or forward slash paranormal, or what podcast forward slash message.

The reason I’m doing the podcast is to get to know like-minded people. People like you, because together we can figure it out.

So we’re going to get into this interview with Nicole and her abduction encounter. And I’m just remember question everything. Hello, and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. Podcast that wants you to question everything. We have with us today, Nicole. She’s going to share with us her alien abduction experience and, uh, the traumatic event that she had to endure.

We talked with Adrian, and she heard about that story and wanted to share her own. Because, she said there’s a lot of similarities. So we’re going to get into that and hopefully get some answers and maybe at least be able to. In the open so that, um, maybe other people that have a similar experience can, uh, feel free to talk about that.


So I’ll introduce her now. Hello, Nicole,

how are you?

[00:04:22] Nicole: I’m doing good.

[00:04:24] Jeremiah: That’s good. So, when your abduction happened, uh, just trying to get a little background. Where were you kind of at, in life? Were you into aliens and abductions and stuff like that? Or was it just something that randomly happened? Or, I’m just trying to get a feel for where you were at in life at the time?

[00:04:47] Nicole: Well,

I had always, like, not really, um, been like, I wouldn’t say like obsessed with it. But I was like, you know, kind of interested. Hearing other people’s stories. How, you know, Our world is so small compared to our universe. And, you know, like we, I, it’s just hard for me to believe. That we’re the only, you know, the only race. Only things that were created.

Um, and so I’ve always had like that interest in, you know, what if, or, you know, things like that. So, I was always interested and the unknown and things that we just can’t explain. Or have, you know, don’t have the answers to. But as far as like, that time period in my life. I was actually, I was 20 years old.

I was, um, engaged to be married. Um, I’d actually just had my first son. Um, and I was in a really good spot. Me and my soon to be husband at the time, had a house on some land. We were just doing really well. He worked out of state out of town a lot, so he was hardly ever home. So I would go months without him being there.

And during the time that this had happened, it was just me and my four month old time. Um, so I mean, it was unexpected. It was very random. But that’s pretty much it. That’s pretty much how, um, how life was going at that moment at that point in time.

[00:06:33] Jeremiah: So you said he was away a lot. Did this experience happen while he was gone?

[00:06:39] Nicole: Yeah, he was actually working. Um, he was in the same state, but he was out of town. He was about work. He was working about nine hours away. Um, And so at the time it was just me and my son. And like I said, we had, you know, how little house on land. So there wasn’t really, there wasn’t anybody really close to me.

I mean, we had the landlords that owned the home. But they were, you know, a little bit, a ways down the road. They weren’t like right on our doorstep, you know? So, um, so we’re the house side. It was just us. And it, you know, at the time I didn’t have a vehicle, we only had one vehicle. So I, it was just me and my son there all the time. You know, until occasionally I would go out with friends or family.

Um, other than that, it was just so us all the time.

[00:07:30] Jeremiah: Okay. So, you were alone, so to speak, while you and your son and when this event happened. Do you recall when exactly it happened? Like, was it during the day? It was that at night time, what were you doing? Were you just sleeping? And it happened. And

[00:07:52] Nicole: so, um, it was actually a nine time. Me and my four month old son, which he was a preemie baby.

So he was really, really tiny. And, um, I was like, you know, like any other mom. I always super terrified that, you know, something would happen like SIDS or something like that. So, I always have to in really close next to me. But because he was so tiny, I kept him in. Like the little diaper changer things that have like, you know. The sides were kind of up.

So that way, if he did roll, he wouldn’t really wouldn’t go anywhere. And so, I laid his diaper changer thing next to me on the bed, and I laid him down to sleep. I’m actually like I had fallen asleep, and what I thought was a dream at the time. Which, you know, the next day I kind of learned really, you know, might not have been a dream.

Um, I mean, I can go ahead and explain the, the experience, um, if, if that’s okay.

[00:08:52] Jeremiah: Yeah, go ahead. Um, so we’re just trying to, I’m just trying to get a picture for when it like, quote unquote started. So yeah, it was nighttime. You were laying with your son and okay. Now you can continue with what happened.

[00:09:09] Nicole: So, I had fallen asleep and, um, I, what I thought was, you know, I was having a dream and in the dream I actually was in this circular.

And I can tell that it was literally just metal. There was nothing but metal everywhere around me. The balls were metal, everything that was in there was metal. And, um, I’m actually laying on this table. What kind of, you know, th it was a metal table, which to me kind of resembled like a corners people almost the way, you know, just the, the look of it.

Um, except the fact that there was also like, my arms were stretched out and beside me and the table had extensions for my arms. And at the end of the table, there was like, it came to a V point for the legs and my wrists and my ankles were like, had these cufflink things to the table and I’m paralyzed. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t say anything.

Um, and oddly enough, I wasn’t really scared. I was kind of like at peace. You know, terrified. Um, there was a point that I was terrified, but it wasn’t because of the situation itself. It was because of something that was there with me. Um,

[00:10:29] Jeremiah: where are you kind of like, um, where you kind of trying to figure out what was going on at the time?

Like, even though you weren’t scared, were you trying to figure out what, where you were?

[00:10:41] Nicole: I mean, I kind of like, I had like an idea of what maybe was going on, but I mean then again, I never had an experience like this, so I wasn’t 100% sure of exactly what was happening or anything, you know, I’ve heard stories about it.

I, you know, had seen shows about it on TV. I’ve seen, you know, I’ve seen and heard so many different things. So when it was actually, you know, happening in the stream, I didn’t think, you know, for a second of maybe, you know, something bad was happening or, you know, what exactly was really going on. I, all I knew is that.

I was laying on this table and I was covered on my chest and I was covered on my, you know, my waist down below. And the only thing that was exposed on me was my stomach. And now, before I say anything about that, um, there were other beings in the room with me now over my shoulder to my left of me laying on this table.

Um, there was this female, like, and I’m assuming she was female because her voice was female. And I mean, she kind of looked feminine. Like, I don’t know, for some reason, like, I didn’t see her. It’s kind of hard to explain. Like I didn’t see her in front of me, but for some reason I knew exactly what she looked like and, you know, down to everyday toll of her.

And she was very human, like, um, but she wasn’t like, she wasn’t built like us, you know, like she had. Um, she had here, she was very, very tall, very slender. She had arms and legs and everything just like we do, except she was just really very tall and splendor. Now her eyes, she had eyes, but they were huge.

They were like a bluish green and her lips were very small. Um, and she had very white hair, like when I say white, I mean like whites and, um, but she kept reassuring me throughout this entire time that I was okay. That, you know, that they weren’t going to hurt me, that I was fine, that I was safe. You know, she just kept saying over and over, I guess, whenever I felt like I was doubting what was going on or I felt afraid she kept reassuring me that I was okay, that I wasn’t going to be hurt, but they weren’t harming me in any way.

And that’s pretty much all

[00:13:04] Jeremiah: right. When she talked to you, um, was it like telepathically or did you actually hear her?

[00:13:12] Nicole: No. So, okay. So I very quickly realized that what I spoke it wasn’t with my mouth. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk physically. Um, and when she spoke, I knew that it wasn’t with her mouth. I don’t know how I knew that, but I just knew that.

And it was literally exactly like we were telepathically communicating with one another. Like, I didn’t have to say anything, like anytime I thought something or was afraid and just had that feeling of emotion, she knew, I didn’t have to say anything. I mean, I couldn’t anyway, but she already knew exactly what I was thinking, how I was feeling.

And she would just be there to just reassure me that I was okay, that I was safe and that they weren’t hurting me. And she kept telling me that every single time that I would be afraid, no, Too at the bottom of the table at the end of the table where my feet were, um, that’s where the terrifying part comes in for me.

Now, this happened to me in 2014. So I’m not terrified of it anymore because it happened so many years ago. Um, it doesn’t scare me anymore. You know, really talk about it. I am nervous talking about it because I’ve never talked about it to anyone else other than close, very close friends and family. Um, but this thing that was at the end of the table, its face, it was a, it was a male.

I knew it was a male of some sort. I don’t know what exactly kind of creature this thing was. Um, those days of it, the entirety of this creature terrified me. If anything, in this situation, it scared me. It was that thing. Um, its face was like, like a praying man, Like it literally had the head of the praying mantis and it was brown in color with black, you know, specs here and there, or little, you know, I don’t know really how to explain the blackness part.

Um, but he had, it was brown and black and it’s faced, like I said, had the point and the head, the face of the praying mantis, except its eyes were just huge and black and, and it was very tall, very slender, just like the female, except like at any did have hands and arms and legs and feet. The thing that terrified me the most about this creature though, is that it had extended lens from its back coming out of its back that literally resembled spider legs.

They were super thing and he had four on each side and it terrified me. I’ve never seen anything, you know, like that in front of me, you know, and I don’t. Y, but I just, the look of him terrified me. It was something that, you know, we don’t see here, you know? And so after I saw him, I noticed that there were three actually like little gray aliens, like what we’ve been, you know, showed that our great Amiens is exactly what they were.

So like what we see in the media, what we see on the TV, as far as gray aliens, that’s exactly what they look like, because that’s exactly what I saw. And there was three of them and they were very short. They’re maybe only about 3, 3, 3 and a half feet tall, but they were very, you know, just calm and mellow.

They, they were involved with what was going on, but they were more like standby and, you know, only intervened or helped whenever they needed to, or when they were directed to now I will save that. The lady that was over my left shoulder, she was the one in charge. She was the one who gave the orders and everything, which I had never heard.

Exactly. What she would say to them or anything, or I never heard any noises that would make me think that they were communicating back and forth. I just had that gut feeling that she was the one who was in charge of everything going on and that whatever these beings were going to do or were in the process of doing was because she had directed them to do it.

Now, after, you know, while all of this is going on, I’m laying on his table and above me, there’s this very bright light. And it’s kind of like when you go to the doctor or, I mean for a female anyway, when we go to the doctor, there’s this, you know, the little light that hovers over this, the little bench or seat thing that we have with the doctor’s office, you know, it’s kind of like that, but it’s, you know, slightly different and, um, it’s very bright.

And as I’m laying on this table and I look up at the light, like I said, my stomach is exposed and, um, There’s this little ring thing. Like this machine comes in and on this machine, there’s this little ring attached, but it’s like a little circle. And in that circle, um, from the machine drops, it’s huge like needle.

I mean, that’s all I can explain it to be. Was this just a very, very long needle is huge. Uh, it wasn’t thick, but it was just very long. And as this needle dropped through the ring, it, they inserted it into my belly button. And like I said, I wasn’t really terrified. I didn’t feel anything other than just pressure, but it wasn’t like I kind of pushed that hurt.

It was just like kind of uncomfortable. So after all of that, I woke up, you know, the next day and I’d go and I’d take a shower. And I had like this sensational, my arm that I, you know, it’s kind of hard to explain the feeling of it. It didn’t really hurt, but it didn’t really, you know, it wasn’t didn’t feel great either.

And I had noticed that I had three dots on my arm and when I looked at it, it kind of resembled like a burn, like exactly. Like when you burn yourself, it looks like a burn, except it looks like a burn that had been healed up already, you know, somehow. Eventually it actually went away, but the burn, like this thing itself was three dots.

If you connect to the dots, it, you could literally make a perfect triangle out of these thoughts. Over time it went away. It was like, it was there one minute and it was gone the next. And now the one thing that other, there was two things, two physical things that made me think that maybe this just wasn’t a dream that triangle the dots and my arm was.

Thing that made me think that this wasn’t really a dream. And then the second thing was that I had actually went to go shower while my son slept the next morning, FN him. I laid him back down to sleep. And as he slept, you know, I put him in his bassinet into the bathroom with me and I took a shower and hasn’t taken a shower.

You know, everybody’s different. Everybody has their own ways of washing and whatever. Well, I always watched my belly button just because I’m, you know, fat, pristine. And I had watched my belly bending in the process of washing my belly button. I actually had one at having a scab come out of my belly button and my belly button naturally started to bleed very little.

And so at that point I was kind of starstruck. I was like, you know, how, how did this happen? Was flabbergasted. Didn’t understand what was going on. It kind of made me rethink all of it made me really think that maybe that actually did happen to me that it wasn’t just a dream. But like I said, this happened in 2014.

So for the last eight years I have five. You know, I’ve gone crazy at times. I’ve seen lights me thinking about it, you know, did this really happen? Was it a dream? Did I go crazy? Did I imagine this thing? You know? And so when I heard Adrian story, I was struck, I was like, you know, I felt relieved in a sense, but also terrified because as I’m, because I’m a mom and I was doing laundry, cleaning the house and everything always listen to podcasts.

I listen to different podcasts all the time. And so when that particular podcast came up, I was actually in, I was folding laundry and dealing with my kids and I literally stopped everything. As soon as she started to talk about her encounter, I saw everything I was doing and I stepped outside and I listened to her and I was so shocked of the similarities.

From my story and hers. And the thing that got me the most was not only the encounter itself of the details of the encounter, but also the fact too, that the most shocking part of the encounter that I had was that actually two weeks from the day that I had that dream, I actually found out that I was four weeks pregnant with my middle son, and I’m also RH negative.

And he was also the only child that I was pregnant with. Cause I have four children of my own. He was the only pregnancy that I had that I had no complications with at all. And if anybody knows anything about RH, negative and pregnancies within women, it actually creates a lot of problems for our pregnancies.

Your body actually tries to get rid of the baby unless they are RH. No. And so with my first son bringing, he was a preemie, like I said, I had so many complications with him. I was on different kinds of shots. I was on different types of medications. Um, the reason why he was premium was because I had to be induced because it had gotten to the point where my body was trying to get rid of him to the point where we had to, I had to get induced or I was going to lose him.

Um, and then with my middle son, like it said, it was the perfect pregnancy was the only one that I had that I had, didn’t have to take shots, but I didn’t have to be on medications with. And not only that, um, me and his father, we haven’t been together in, you know, five years, five and a half years. And, um, me and his father have debated on whether or not we wanted to let him skip a grade in school or two, because he is so intelligent.

He is the smartest child that I have. And they’re all smart in their own ways, but my middle son is beyond intelligent. This child. He’s about to be seven. And he is so smart that he used her passing, even children that are older than him. He gets bored in class. The things that they like, the math and the science and stuff, he already knows it all.

It’s like as if someone had already taught him all of this and he gets bored and he gets frustrated and sometimes we get phone calls from the school telling us, you know, Hey, like we don’t really know exactly what to do. And when we tell them to challenge him, he already knows it. He already knows the challenges.

He already knows things that are above his grade level. And it’s, you know, I’m not saying that it’s uncommon for children to be this intelligent, but for my son to, you know, not have, you know, as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t have, you know, I worked with him when he was, you know, before he started school, I worked with him, taught him letters and alphabet and stuff.

And his brother, my, my son that was a preemie, had to go through speech therapy and stuff like that. But not one time did we ever teach math or science or chemistry or anything like that? And my son already knows a lot of that. He knows science, he knows math. He knows multiplication. I mean, like he knows things that other children older than him don’t even know, you know, like it’s, it’s insane to think that, you know, and me and his father had talked about that his father knows, you know, the situation.

Cause like I said, and with him being gone from work during this entire, this thing encounter that same day, I called him and I told him about what had happened. Then whenever we found out that we were pregnant, we had talked about it again. I was like, you know, it’s kind of very coincidentally that that happened to me.

We found out two weeks later that we’re pregnant with, with another child. Had no clue that I was pregnant during the encounter. So, with everything, when you piece everything together, it’s kind of very hard for me to believe that they didn’t do something to my child during that encounter.

You know, I’ve ha I’ve heard so many people think or say that no, that maybe, um, they’re doing something to hurt us or, you know, different things that, you know, perspective. But the thing is, is to me, I have that feeling the entire time during the encounter and even thereafter that they weren’t doing anything to hurt me, that they were actually doing something to help us to help my son and to help me along throughout my pregnancy.

I mean, I don’t, I don’t have any other, any other explanation other than that, because like ending with the only pregnancy I had, that I had no complications with, it was the literally the perfect pregnancy. Now my son being as intelligent as he is, and I’ve heard so many different, you know, Stories or other female stories, having these encounters where they’re RH negative, where they’re pregnant, where they have had complications.

You know, there’s so many similarities to not only my story and Adrian’s story, but other women’s stories as well. It makes me think that maybe they are doing what they’re doing to actually help us become advanced, help us by generational. You know, things that they’re doing is to help our children, you know, be intelligent, be smarter than what we are.

Because if you look back in history, there are so many, you know, civilizations that are, you know, more advanced than what we were led to believe for so long. And these scientists are discovering, you know, more and more over time that these civilizations are far more advanced than we ever thought. And so it makes me wonder, you know, what if that’s exactly what’s going on with us?

What if they are, you know, it’s not really, I don’t want to say experimentation. I don’t know where they were to use really, but what if they’re doing what they’re doing to help us not hurt us, you know?

[00:27:39] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s definitely, definitely an option. As far as the RH negative blood type goes, like, I know that is a lot, I think it’s a large percentage of adult T’s have that RH negative.

The pregnancy thing, my fiance, she actually has orange negative and she had a bunch of issues with her, one daughter pregnancy that her body was trying to terminate it basically. It’s definitely, I don’t really believe in coincidences. So, you know, having that experience and then finding out you’re pregnant two weeks later is, you know, kind of a coincidence and, um, yeah.

And then afterwards, like his development. Pattern, maybe they did do something. Maybe you were already pregnant and they just tweaked something or did something to make him more advance. Yeah. And then maybe who knows, maybe once he grows up, he’s going to invent something that will be like life-changing or something like that.

[00:28:54] Nicole: I mean, I just, I always had this feeling from the moment that he was born, even, even while I was pregnant with him, that he was, he was going to do something, you know, when he got older that he was going to be that one child of mine, that would be very, very bright, which, you know, every child has their own, you know, their own personalities, their own traits, their own, you know, everything.

And for some reason, reason, my son, when he was born, I just felt, I just had that feeling in my gut and in my heart. That he was destined to do so much. It’s something very important. And I could never really figure it out. Of course, you know, I won’t know until he’s older, because like I said, I mean, he’s about to be seven.

So I mean, but if I had one child that would, you know, which I hope that all of my child, my children, you know, succeed in life and become, you know, very important figures. But for some reason, if I had one child out of my Ford that I knew without a shadow of doubt that would succeed with no problems would be him.

He would become the one that was the scientist or the doctor or the, the surgeon, the lawyer, you know, I always knew in my heart that he was going to be the one out of all four, that would become, you know, or Suprax, you know, whatever I thought he could possibly do. You know? And I can’t explain why I’ve always felt that, you know, uh, you know, another thing is, is outside of.

You know, I had, when I was listening to Adrian’s podcasts, I had, you know, or whenever you guys had the podcast and she was talking about her encounter and she had talked about talking to that researcher and the researcher had said something about her maybe being a hybrid or something, you know, I don’t think, I mean, I’m not entirely sure because I don’t know anything about that, but, um, I don’t want to call myself a hybrid.

Um, but there’s always been a part of me that has always felt like I really just was at a place. Like I didn’t really belong here. There’s always that tiny part that just always felt like I just never really fit in here. I don’t know if that’s how maybe she feels as well. As far as intergenerational thing goes, I will say too.

Because I also, you know, had heard her talk about how, you know, the, the, during her encountered the. Over her head told her that, you know, her daughter was going to be next in line to go through this and things like that. Now I will say that the being that was with me, didn’t tell me that, but I will say that out of four of my children, I have three boys and one girl.

My girl is the only one who has already each negative factor. So, I have had family and friends asked me, you know, like, are you afraid that maybe something like this would happen to her and she’s over or anything like that? Honestly, my answer is no, I’m not because I don’t think for a second that they’re doing anything to hurt as because honestly, if they really wanted to hurt us, they would make it known they would do something to hurt us.

They’re not. Um, and not only that, but there’s so far. More advanced and we are, so, I mean, if they really wanted to do anything to really hurt us or harm us or get rid of us, I mean, I really do think that they would, you know, and the fact that they haven’t and the fact that if you look back on history and you see all of the evidence that shows that they’ve actually, you know.

All these civilizations that have, um, you know, are spread out all throughout the world and have all simultaneously over time, come to the same knowledge as each other, without having interactions with one another or ever meeting each other kind of baffles me and makes me think that maybe these beings or the aliens, you know, whatever you prefer to call them are actually here to help us become advanced, to help us advance in life.

And, you know, in my honest opinion, that’s honestly how I feel. I do not think that they are here to harm us. Um, There’s so much evidence that proves that, you know, and there’s so many close minded people that are not willing to hear it, not willing to, you know, even look at the proof that’s in front of them.

We have so much of it that it, it can make a person go crazy, you know, when you really think about it. So, you know, I was talking to my best friend about it this morning, and there’s just so many questions that we have that are answered. We’re probably never gonna to get the answers until our time is probably over, you know?

Um, but I feel like there’s a lot, we don’t know, and humans are very, you know, easy to call something crazy or insane to something we can’t explain to the unknown. And there is that, you know, that quote that says anything is possible, you know, and, and a lot of people use that quote, like it’s nothing, but in reality, that is actually.

You know, the truth of life, anything can happen. Anything is possible. And I think with not only my encounter, but with other people’s encounter, it’s very possible that this is happening, you know, to thousands of people, you know, there’s been so many encounters that have happened and a lot of people dismiss it.

Like we’re just crazy. Or, you know, we have people that try to, you know, put other people on Hutch, you know, not to talk about it. Feel like at one point in time, eventually there’s going to come a time when it becomes the normal that people are going to be able to come out in public and talk about these things that have happened to them.

It’s because it’s going to become a wide known thing and people aren’t going to be afraid of it anymore. And, I feel like, you know, one thing that the public or the, you know, the government or anybody like that, uh, fails to realize is that there’s so many people. You know, throughout the world that believe in this, that have, you know, that feeling that we’re not alone and aren’t really afraid of it.

They just want the answer, they want the truth and we’re probably, you know, we might not ever get it, but I also have that feeling too, that eventually there will come a time that we will get those answers, that we will be able to openly talk about these things and not be, you know, criticized or discriminated against or called crazy, you know?

[00:35:42] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’re definitely at a, um, pivotal point in society. And I feel like this kind of stuff is becoming more acceptable, like you said. And I think with all these government documents being leaked and put out to the public and stuff like that, I think it’s creating more awareness. People are more open to hearing about these types of stories or these encounters and UFO’s and abductions and all that stuff.

Like I think they just said that they’re going to release more UFO information. So they’re definitely, and then during the pandemic, they released a bunch of information about UFO saying like, oh yes, they’re actually a thing, but we’re just looking into it. We’re not claiming what it is or whatever, but they’re at least acknowledging that there’s some things that are going on that they have no idea what they are.

So I think the more, and then you have great things like podcasts and stuff that are a platform for people to talk. And I like that my podcast lets people share their experience and without a judgemental type of thing going on and. You know, your story does have similarities to Adrian’s as well. And a lot of UFO abduction stories seem to be very similar or have slight differences.

So is it all these people are just making this same thing up, but I don’t think so. I don’t buy that. Um, and then the whole thing with the RH negative blood and all, it seems to be a commonality. And then you have the mantis beings and the grays and all that stuff. Now, when you were in that metal room, um, did you know you were on like a spaceship and did you see any type of like markings or did the Manis or the gray say anything or was it just a female lady?

[00:37:44] Nicole: No, the only thing that I heard, you know, speak or communicate with me was that the lady or the female. Now the grays and the mantas. Caught Colin mantis. Don’t know what else to call them. I don’t know what the races are. I haven’t really looked into any, any of that. Um, I know the grays because those are, you know, the most commonly known alien.

Um, but she’s the only one that actually communicated with me. I did not hear, like I said earlier, I did not hear them communicate with each other or, you know, the grades where the main tools communicate with me. Um, I just know that she, I know, I just felt like she was communicating with them, um, on their own kind of frequency, I guess, because I couldn’t hear it, but they would, you know, kind of intervene or kind of help here and there, you know, kind of, I don’t know, it was very small things like, you know, like one would cover this one would cover that on my body or, you know, one would pull something, you know, it wasn’t, it wasn’t a very big.

Big deal that they were doing this. It was, it seemed like something that they had done very often, something that they had done almost like every single day, multiple times a day, honestly, because it was so pristine and perfect. Like just the whole, um, the, the way that they were doing everything was, it was so precise.

Like they had done this so many times. It was like, they had, you know, like when you go to work and you have a certain, you know, certain way that you’re supposed to do things is like that, like they knew exactly what they were doing because they had done it so many times before that it was just kinda, it was kind of natural to them.

You know, now, as far as the room goes, as far as I know, as far as what I could see, because like I said, like I was on this table, like I literally just appeared on the table. I did not, I, it’s not like I walked into this room or anything, you know, not that I remember. And, um, It’s literally just embeddable, circular room.

I knew that the circular, just because of the way it looked, I could tell that it was just a circular room and the walls were metal. Now whether or not it was a space ship. Can’t really, you know, I can’t say that. Don’t want to say it was because I don’t know. Um, but I mean, I would assume it might have been, but I’m not entirely sure either.

Um, now, you know, one thing that a lot of people that had these encounters also have in common to you is the fact that we all are most of us who haven’t gone under a hypnosis, we always feel like we want to do it, but then we kind of suppress our feelings on it because we’re kind of, you know, scared or terrified to maybe relive that again.

I don’t know if I would ever do it honestly, just because I feel like, you know, me being a mom and everything. I would have more questions than answers if I did that. And I’m not saying that it would terrify me, but you know, just like any normal person, your spirit of the unknown. And I feel like, you know, about was to actually happen to me if I was to go under a hidden hypnotic state and literally remember detail by detail, every single thing that happened to me during that encounter, I don’t think I would be the same after that.

I think that it would affect something within me that I would just, you know, I’m not saying that I would go insane, but I feel like there’s a part of me that would not be the same, you know? Um, and that’s what I’m scared of the most. And so as far as hypnotic state goes are probably would never do it. Um, I feel like what I remember is enough because, you know, hearing Adrian story and the fact that the being had told her that she wouldn’t remember and she did anyway, I think they kind of under.

How our brain works. I don’t, I think that that’s another reason why they do the things that they do, because they don’t quite understand how our brain works, because there’s so many things that happens within our brain. We only use what, you know, 5% of our brain or something like that. So, I mean, there’s a huge capacity of our brain that we don’t even use.

We don’t even have access to. So, you know, if we’re able to, you know, we’re being told, oh, Hey, you’re not going to remember that. And we do anyway, that’s kind of proved you wrong. You know what I’m saying? So maybe that’s why they’re doing all of these different experiments, trying to progress our civilization, trying to make us more advanced, trying to see how far they can push us, you know?

Um, and for me, I mean, like there’s different encounters as well. Just like mine where you, you, we assume that it’s a dream state, that it was just a dream. And then we have other people that have the similar, you know, encounter just like me and Adrian. Where it’s different or, you know, like the situation is different.

Hers was a physical and mine was more of a dream state, but they literally matched each other. So that kind of ruled out the fact that mine was a dream state or hurt, you know what I’m saying? Like it’s that on that level was different. Um, so it kind of rules out that possibility of it just being a coincidence because I’m sorry, the two people that had never met each other don’t know, I don’t even know the throw.

I don’t know what she looks like. I, you know, this happened to me 2014, so this was eight years ago. And so I don’t know how long it had been for her to come out and talk about it for her. But I do know that there’s not a coincidence between that, that two people can have the same exact encounter just about with this same, you know, you know, the fact that she’s, she was pregnant and I was pregnant.

The fact that we were both RH negatives, you know, the fact of, you know, just everything, every bit of detail within our encounters was. Literally identical down to what these things look like and the rooms we were in. And so it’s not a coincidence to me. Everything is a, is a possibility. Anything is possible, you know, in this world.

And I’m sorry, but we are not the only things here. There’s so many, you know, different things out there that we have no knowledge about. You know, we are only one planet in a solar system with 10, a universe within millions of other universes, you know, so it’s not, to me, it’s just, it’s almost stupid and dumb to think that we are the only things here, you know,

[00:44:09] Jeremiah: Have to ask this. I asked everybody that I have on about aliens and stuff for your personal view and opinion. Uh, what do you think the aliens are and what do you think they’re trying to accomplish? Or, even if you don’t know. You can say you don’t know. But like, what would be your inkling of what the whole alien abduction ex uh, phenomenon is about?

[00:44:40] Nicole: So, I have, I do have opinions and thoughts of my own, um, but it kind of goes into, um, you know, different, different theories. And, um, it’s kind of hard to explain it because, you know, a lot of people would be like, oh no, you know, like that, that can not be it. You know what I’m saying? Um, and you know, I know.

I’m kind of scared to really talk about that part. Only because, you know, it involves religion. A lot of people are very, you know, stern with their religion and no coming from someone, myself who was, you know, a Christian for two years. Like, you know, I’d always had an interest in Christianity. But for two years, I completely and solely devoted myself to God.

And, um, did everything, you know. I lived alive for two years without saying I did everything I possibly could to, you know, be that. That perfect Christian, you know? One thing I will say is that, you know, um, things that you go through in life kind of change your perspective on religion.

Now I’m not going to say that I’m, you know, there’s not a part of me. That’s not a Christian anymore because there’s a part of me that still believes. Um, but there’s also a bigger part of me that also believes in. More of the unknown. Like for example, like, you know, um, we have, you know. The Bible and in the very first book of the Bible, it talks about how God creates us.

And, um, the one thing that stuck out to me after all these years of going through that encounter and the things that I’ve seen on movies and TV and other people’s encounters and hearing and seeing all of these different things from different people is that the Bible says, you know, let us create men in our own image.

You know, let, like, as from God, let us create man in our own image. So what does average mean? You know, what does the word hour mean in that sentence? Because to me, you know, a lot of, a lot of people speculated. A lot of people think that the word hour in that sentence means the holy Trinity, the father, the son, the holy spirit.

But when. What if it’s not the holy Trinity, what if it’s something else that we don’t know yet? What if it’s something that, you know, we’ve experienced, but can’t explain. I mean, there’s so many possibilities out there. And to me it is, you know, I’m a very open-minded person. And so, even though I have gone through that phase of devotion to God. I know the Bible a lot better than most people around me.

I’ve done so much research and read and read and read. I’ve never read a book or research to have more than the Bible I read a lot. When you open it, and you read a lot of the things in there. A lot of the different stories, and it makes you wonder, it really does and makes you ask more questions.

’cause, you know, a lot of people sit there and say like, a lot of Christians will sit there and say, if you want answers to questions about the Bible, you have to look in the Bible. But the thing is though, is I’ve researched and I’ve researched and I’ve read and read and read, and there are more questions than answers in that Bible.

And there are more situations from the stories and those end up in the Bible that makes you really wonder and ask yourself what is actually happening within those stories, you know, and makes you kind of want to be in that person’s shoes to kind of figure out exactly what they saw, what they went through.

You know, there’s, I mean, we have, you know, Moses and the flood you have, um, not Moses and the flood Moses and, you know, partying the red sea. You have Noah and the flood. The arc you have, you have so many different things. You have Samson and his strength out of nowhere, you know, God gave him strength, you know, with his long walks of hair, you have so many different stories in the Bible with all these supernatural gifts that us humans do not have.

I’m not saying that every single person is supposed to be a prophet. But where on earth here now, do you see someone with any of that gift? Even the most religious people don’t have those gifts. And, I see their gifts because they are, I mean, you, we, everybody has their own, you know, their own way of doing things.

Everybody has their own, you know, like spiritual connections. Spiritual things that they do. Uh, their own little gifts. But not anything so supernatural that you can part a red sea or that you can, you know, build a. Uh, boat within, you know, so many years. Um, I don’t, I can’t explain a lot of it. Um, like I said, I have more questions than answers.

I mean, but for me, I think that they are actually helping us. Um, but see, the thing is too is another thing for me is that just like, there are good and evil here. There aren’t good and evil within their own race as well. I do believe that I do believe that. Now that the things that I experienced. The beams that I encountered were not, I felt like in my heart that they were not trying to hurt me. That they were actually helping me.

And I don’t know how I can explain that. I mean, I just felt that way. But, I also feel like there’s always going to be good and evil. Just like there’s good and evil within us. There’s always going to be good and evil within any race animals. Um, you know, other races in the universe. And I feel like. I, the one thing that at the end of the beings that I’ve encountered, I feel like we’re helping us.

I feel like that kind of extends to protecting us and protecting our planet. Because, you know, if you kind of think outside the box and you kind of put yourself in their shoes for a second. You look down here. I mean, you’re going to sit there and be like, oh my gosh, like these things are dumb.

They don’t know anything. Compared to what they know, you know, I mean, we ha we’re doing so much. I’m not a very big, you know, go green person. I’m just, you know, somebody who is just an average person, I’m no, I’m a normal average person. So I’m not like, you know, nothing against vegetarians or go green people or anything like that.

Nothing against them. It’s just not me. So coming from my standpoint, we’re doing a little. As a race to destroy this planet, you have wars going on, you have bonds, you have nucleus newts. We have all sorts of things that are destroying our planet. And I feel like these things are supposed to protect us and our planet from getting to that point. You know, where it doesn’t exist anymore. Because I feel like the human race is going to be at his own its own end.

You know, we’re, we’re probably going to be the ones to end our own civilized shaped civilization. Not anything else.

[00:52:16] Jeremiah: Yeah, totally. Um, I. Listen to many accounts of abductions, um, from other shows and stuff like that. And it seems like a common occurrence where the aliens were saying, uh, you guys are destroying your planet. The talking about living better, being better stewards of the planet and stuff like that.

It seems to be one of the main overarching themes of what people who have conversed with, you know, extra terrestrials. You know, like you said, and I haven’t even thought about it until just now. So, you kind of sparked an idea in me. It’s like, um, You know, maybe they need the planet and they need kind of us.

So, they’re trying to keep us from destroying ourselves, so to speak. Because, you hear all these accounts of UFO’s over like nuclear reactors. And in war time, you hear a lot of heightened stories about, uh, heightened UFO activity during wars and stuff like that. So, it’s possible that they’re, you know, trying to make sure we don’t do something stupid and wipe ourselves out for sure.

[00:53:31] Nicole: I mean, because if you really think about it, I’m thinking here. I mean, if you look at every scene going on in our whole brain now and everything that, you know, the history has to offer. We are not the brightest crayons in the box. We’re really not. I mean, some of us, you know, seem to be more intelligent than others. But the thing is, is, I mean, if we would stop the stupid.

And the fighting, and the bickering over this stupid things and just come together or would it be a lot more peaceful than. You know, fighting and arguing over things that don’t even really matter? You know, we’re, we’re fighting over things that, you know, are very unnecessary and very uncalled for. I mean, everybody has their own opinions.

Everybody has their own thoughts and views and perspectives on things, and that’s fine. It takes more. It’s going to. Needs to take more people that view things like that. That are just more open-minded and comfortable with the fact that, you know, they’re, people are different from one another. And people are okay to have their own opinions.

We would be so much better off that way then to, you know, be fighting, arguing. It gets people from making their own decisions are living their life the way they want to live it. Instead of judging someone or pinning someone down. Because, oh, that’s wrong, or you shouldn’t do that, or you shouldn’t do this.

You know, every single person lives their life, the way that they want to live it, every single person. You know? Coming from a Christian standpoint, every single person in a Christian community sense, even Christians You know, down to the way you think is a sin. So, I mean, there’s, there’s so many different perspectives out there.

So many different people let people be people. And I feel like it’s the sooner we realize that the better off our world would be. Then to say her and start war over something stupid or to, you know, sit here. And I don’t know, I don’t really want to go into all that because that’s a whole nother call. Me and make, you know what I’m saying, but there’s just so much that, you know, it’s, it’s stupid.

And I felt like if we would just stop and just come together as people, as humans and just work together, try to understand each other, try to fit each other in other people’s shoes, instead of letting violence overcome us and starting problems. And I really think we would just be better off, you know,

[00:55:54] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. That’s the perfect way to put it. I couldn’t say it better myself. So yeah, there’s a lot of fighting, especially in the past couple of years. Just seems heightened to a crazy extent. Like there’s such a, especially in the United States, there’s such a political divide right now. Like there’s no, it seems like there’s no middle ground. Even though like a lot of people think similarly. but, you know, they, the powers that be, you know, box us into these groups and like, if you think outside of that box, then that box doesn’t like you. And then, you might not be exactly like this other box, but you know, so yeah, it’s definitely good to open your mind and think about other things.

And even if I don’t agree with someone, at least I can be like, well, that’s your. Opinion that’s your belief or whatever. And, um, I don’t have to get like, hostile about it or, you know. I don’t have to believe it myself, but you know, at least, you know,

[00:57:04] Nicole: let them speak and you’re getting their point of view. Without, you know, discriminating them or belittling them for the way that they think, you know.


[00:57:12] Jeremiah: exactly. So, yeah, that sounds like the perfect spot to wrap things up. Is there any, um, anything else you would like to speak on? Or say about your encounter or anything like that?

[00:57:28] Nicole: Um, the only thing that I really have to say is that I, I decided to contact you because I wanted, you know, not only Adrian to know, but also other people to know as well that they’re not alone.

Like if you’ve had an encounter. You know, even though it scares you and terrifies you and you may get nervous talking about it and you may things that people are going to discriminate against you, or be a little silly or call you crazy. I feel like I feel so much better now being able to talk about it to someone I don’t even know.

Don’t know you and I. Feel better talking about it and putting it out there for other people to, you know, just for me in a way. Because, it helps other people. I am one of those people that likes to help other people. And to me, me coming out and talking to you about my experience, um, you know, Adrian helped me, you know. So, I want to be able to, you know, pass that along and, you know, let other people know that it’s okay to come out and talk about it.

It’s okay to feel the way you feel and, you know, speak on what’s happened. And you know. Whether it was a dream or however you went through this thing. It’s okay to come out and discuss and talk about it in. You know, put it out there for other people to let them know that they’re not alone.

[00:58:50] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely.

Um, I don’t want people to feel like they can’t come on and talk about their experience. I think it’s important. It’s kind of like a type of therapy in a way. To just get it off your chest, so to speak and be able to share the story. And I will definitely get you in contact with Adrian. I actually talked to her this morning and she said, I can give you her email and you can reach out to her.

And you guys can talk about your experiences and maybe, you know, at the very least get some type of therapy out of it, letting

[00:59:28] Nicole: a little bit of closure, honestly, to the both of us, to be able to communicate with each other. Not only that. Not only closure. But it makes you feel like, you know, that little voice that tells you that you’re.

You’re not alone anymore. You know, you actually have someone to communicate with and share your experience with. And, know that you’re not alone anymore actually makes a huge difference and a huge impact on how you feel. You know? And I’m actually glad that I was able to get in contact with you. It took me a while to figure out how to talk, how to get in touch with y’all, but I’m actually glad I really, really did because it kind of sparked something in me.

And, you know. Even though I have a lot of questions that are going to go on answered. I feel at peace, knowing that I’m going to help someone else. And, knowing that I was able to come out and talk about this. Um, there’s so much out there, we just don’t know. And I want other people to know that they’re not alone in this. You know, that that feeling of, you know, loneliness that I have felt in that Adriana has felt. Is it doesn’t have to be a thing anymore because you can come out and talk about it now.

[01:00:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. So, I will make sure to get you her email and I will. I want you guys to converse and tell your tale to each other or your experience. So yeah. Thank you for coming on and sharing your experience with me and the audience. Every time I do one of these. I learned something. You definitely, uh, put something else in my research bank, in my brain.

So I appreciate you for that.

[01:01:06] Nicole: Thank you so much.

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[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. The podcast that wants you to question everything. Your reality is about to be shattered.

welcome back my fellow terrestrials. We are going to get into this awesome interview with Jess king. Clairvoyant, Jess, as she’s called and talk to her about her goes hunting, medium ship and her spiritual cleansing. And all her information to get in touch with her or see her works will be in the description.

So you can go below the show and, and easily get to that stuff. So make sure you go over there, show her some. Check out her stuff. She’s even got a TV show that you can watch. Um, very interesting. The Alabama school one was definitely my favorite, but the other ones are good as well. So we’ll get into that in a moment.

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And if you ever have a show topic idea. Or if you want to be a guest, or if you just want to talk, I’m available. And I respond to every message that I receive. So don’t be afraid to reach out to me. We’ll get into this interview. Jess king clairvoyant, Jess. She is going to tell us all about her ghost hunting experiences and tell us about her world of ghost hunting and her experiences.

And shed some light into some of the topics surrounding the whole John rhe. So we’ll take it away with her right now. And remember question everything.


Hello and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast? I’m your host, Jeremiah. I’m joined today by Claire clairvoyant Jess. If I could talk, um, so introduce her now.

She is a medium and she deals with the spirit world and ghosts and cleansing people of their ailments. Places that are considered haunted or have a dark history. So we’ll be have a conversation with her today about all the good juicy stuff that goes on with the spirit or world. And.

And ghosts and cleansings and everything. So I’ll introduce her now. Hello,

[00:03:26] Jess: Jess.

[00:03:30] Jeremiah: Thank you for coming on and talking with us. How did you get started? Uh, clairvoyant thing and dealing with ghosts since the spirit world

[00:03:45] Jess: I’ve had it my whole life. It’s been a lifelong gift that I’ve actually, uh, I’ve, I’ve known it. I guess, or had experiences since I was a child.

But it was not something that I was really a fan of. And so. You know, one of those things that I kind of tried to avoid the majority of my life. And then, um, I just, it kept getting more and more intense and it kept getting stronger and stronger to the point where it was just not really any longer an option.

So, uh, I guess, uh, I was about, well, about 12 to 13 years ago is when I started doing readings, but it was a closet. So I did not read ’em or tell people what I did because it was not something that I really wanted to do. Five years ago is when I took this path professionally, because it was just where I kept getting pushed.

[00:04:35] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s a definitely, if it’s your life’s calling, you should probably go towards it. I try to tell people, you know, whatever you’re feeling drawn to, you should at least give it some entertainment and. Figure out. Everyone has that certain gift or path that they’re supposed to do.

And a lot of people, unfortunately don’t tap into that path and then they, you know, deal with a lot of issues like anxiety and stress and depression and stuff and burnout. Yeah. Cause they’re not doing what they were really like put on earth to do so. Definitely good that you’re following that path. So I see that you do like cleansings of like how certain people themselves and stuff like that.

Can you explain the process and what steps you go through to, uh, to do these.

[00:05:39] Jess: And it is honestly, I wish there was, there was never a cookie cutter. Uh, I wish there was a cookie cutter when it comes to those. And it honestly, really depends on the situation, the property, the place, the person, um, as to the process that I have to, uh, kind of go, go with the, um, the beautiful thing, I guess, as I’ve learned to where I worked with it, it can be done anywhere so I can work with it.

So I’ve been able to do it, you know, all across the United States, in other countries and been able to do it from my home. Um, because I worked directly with just energy and, you know, kind of, I guess, being a late liaison, you know, through, um, you know, that’s a process, but the, uh, you know, it was the energy healing.

I got my masters at about four different modalities of different levels or different types of energy healing. And I just. I guess formulated those to the, what would work for me and what I liked to, um, be able to connect with to help people. So, and then the properties is literally, I mean, it really just honestly, There’s no two they’re the same, but I enjoy getting to go out on the properties to walking them, seeing what’s there, what, you know, they’re experiencing and then finding out what we need to do to resolve the different scenarios that they may be dealing with.

Sometimes it’s, you know, something a little bit more aggressive that takes a little bit more work and it’s dealing with land or, uh, and not just a home, you know? So there’s involve a lot more, I guess. When you’re having to deal with somebody’s entire land and the history that may be going with it. So,

[00:07:16] Jeremiah: yeah, I think a lot of people think that the ghosts are because of them, but it might not be that it might just be the place where they’re at currently a

[00:07:27] Jess: lot of times.

And, you know, it’s what people want. I’ve gone to homes and they’re like, but the house is new and I’m like, is the land new? Do you have new lines? Because that’s generally where the history kind of falls in is, is that it was, you know, the land’s been there for so long and what’s happened, you know, for hundreds and hundreds of years and maybe even longer, you know, that wasn’t being experienced on that property.


[00:07:51] Jeremiah: There’s actually a piece of land in my neighborhood. I’m in a new construction place, but there’s a section that they can’t touch because it was a old slave graveyard. And, um, I heard that somebody. I actually was fighting to get the lot next to that. So I don’t know, maybe they’re into that type of thing, but, um, yeah, it’s definitely interesting.

We go up there, you can’t really tell that it’s a graveyard or anything, but I guess they found out when they were doing the zoning and all and yeah, they’re not allowed to touch it. Like you said the land might still have the spirits just because the house is new. It doesn’t really matter

[00:08:37] Jess: to them the matter.

And I mean, some of the vice does interesting ones that I have, um, I guess dealt with would be things that have dealt with slaves. Um, you know, had some sort of a history with slaves in there, um, you know, with the land. And then also with anyone that had, I actually had a home that was on the trail of tears and that one was.

Quite interesting. I walked up on the property, it was, I was scalped, so that was a little uncomfortable, but um, to, to feel that, to experience, but it, you know, and then I was like, I’m solid these Indians and started talking to her about what was going on and what I was seeing. I didn’t realize I was only, you know, I guess right by the trail of tears.

And she was like, well, you know, you’re at the trail of tears. No, I just get addresses and calm. I don’t, um, I don’t do any research because I don’t want to have that influenced by whatever it is that, you know, that may be historical here.

[00:09:33] Jeremiah: So for like spirits and stuff, a lot of people that are into your type of work and field, they, um, they don’t really talk about actually feeling the spirit.

So you can actually feel them like contacting you.

[00:09:50] Jess: That is, that’s always been, I guess the one way that I would come, I guess when they stepped forward, I experienced either their deaths. So if there was something that happened, you know, whatever happened during their death state. So if they had an aneurysm and they had a heart attack, I mean, whatever it may be, I experienced that physically as they stepped forward.

And it’s just a way for me to confirm whatever, you know, the way the person passed or medical ailments that they expect. And then that gives the person that I’m speaking with some sort of a confirmation there’s other information, of course, that they bring forward all fourth also, but that’s just the first thing that I’ve always experienced.

[00:10:28] Jeremiah: And then when you go and do these, um, you know, readings or cleansings and stuff like that, I saw that you have team members that go with you. Is there a reason why. Use them or do they do things that you aren’t able to do or like do they just assist or

[00:10:50] Jess: really, it just depends. Now the, I know that you had seen this, uh, the show where I did that was at the school house and the interesting thing with Kiera witches, who was with me in that one, she actually sees, um, she sees orange and the energy at a different way.

Always find it interesting the way that she can actually see certain things that I see differently. I’ll see spirit, she’ll see, you know, or as an energy. It makes for a different component for what, uh, what we both can obtain from the space and the place that we’re actually at.

[00:11:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. It was definitely interesting seeing you guys interact, um, I’m going to link your website and everything.

Highly advise people that are listening to this to go look at these episodes because you’ll get a real idea of what goes on. And I really like how you have a no BS approach to it. It’s like you’re not into the thrills and cheap tricks. Like a lot of these shows that are on TV.

[00:11:56] Jess: There, there are some out there that I’m like, I cringe.

I’m just like, I’m watching it on my life. That’s not even the way it goes. I’m not even sure why y’all are editing it that way, but you know, it just puts a lot of false, you know, I guess information out there. It makes people, you know, it also gives people, I guess, a lot of misnomers about the industry and kind of how it works.

Everyone, a lot of times feels like they should jump on board and try a bunch of different stuff that needs to be played with. And toyed with that honestly can end up landing them in a lot of trouble, you know, where there, whether it be, you know, Apps that allow for communication or, you know, the, a spirit boxes and things like that.

They think it’s, you know, fun. And I’m like, it’s kind of like somebody coming into your house and then acting really, you know, and then just overstepping bounds, overstepping bounds and overstepping bounds and them not listening to anything that you’re saying to them. That’s what you’re doing to a spirit because I mean, there’s, they still have, you know, feelings, emotions, and energy that’s with.

So yeah, like that drunk person at a party that doesn’t shut up.

[00:13:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’ve all had that cast at some point where we just want them to leave because they’re being annoying. Right. So as far as, um, I’ve talked with a previous guest about, um, spirits, like attaching to people, and I saw on your show, you were trying to draw out a spirit from some lady.

Um, yeah. What is the process that you find for, for dealing with something, if you feel like something’s attached to you or there’s an, you know, negative or about.

[00:13:40] Jess: The, um, I always worked. I mean, I work with the, the arch angels a lot of times, uh, asking for assistance with them. I do have a lot of guests.

That’s been my main focus, because I know that they have with working with them, allows me to channel their energy and allows that to, you know, remove anything that’s stuck with the person. People get emotionally attached to attachments and they don’t even realize what’s attached to them.

But, you know, a lot of times they can cause a lot of Habak wreak a lot of chaos in people’s lives. And by the time they actually realized there’s a problem, they’re either dealing with things like, you know, severe mental health disorders they’re dealing with, you know, maybe even addiction issues or just a lot of.

In balance and chaos in their world. So I work with removing and then also just transmuting the entities. If I need to, I have crossed, I will cross them over. I don’t like to go with the force method, but if it has to be done, especially if it’s at the harm of a living person, then that’s what I deal with.

You know?

[00:14:47] Jeremiah: So what do you think about, um, like exorcisms.

[00:14:55] Jess: I think that they’re, uh, they do have their part, you know, and they are legit, you know, it was, uh, with things that have to happen and things that people can experience from them. It’s one of those things that, again, it’s, uh, those were really scary things that people can actually have to experience in their life that that needs to be dealt with by the right.

And, you know, it’s a, you know, it’s not easy to get the help that most people need when it comes to exorcisms. So because of how, um, the process that it requires to actually have that happen.

[00:15:28] Jeremiah: And as far as demonic spirits and stuff, do you think, is there a difference between spirits spirits and like demonic entities?

[00:15:40] Jess: Yes, very much so. And, and generally the. Generally a lot of times people think that they’re dealing with demonic entities and sometimes, excuse my language. They’re just dealing with an asshole. That’s the spirit. And, um, that literally that’s really all it is. It’s somebody that was rude and just not very nice in line.

And that’s just how they are in the spirit realm. Um, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually dealt with something that was more of a demonic nature and they are definitely a whole different ball of wax.

[00:16:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. I tend to believe. The demonic realm is separated from like what we would call ghosts or spirits.


[00:16:22] Jess: absolutely I very much so. And there, there also, I mean, you can, you can tell a major difference by what it is that they can, they will they’ll do. I mean, generally they’re going to cause harm. I mean, you can see that’s when people deal with physical harm and things that are going to be a lot more aggressive than what it would be just as a traditional, I guess, a spirit that has departed and passed on.

[00:16:45] Jeremiah: Um, have you ever dealt with someone who like the demon talk through them, like speaking in tongues or anything like that? And how did that play

[00:16:57] Jess: out? Um, it was, uh, that one was a multi-day practice experience. I ended up actually getting wiped out, um, from that experience because of the. Work that it required.

I actually had some photographs that were taken afterwards, where I literally had physical bruises on my body, uh, after dealing with that situation. So it is it’s, it’s horrendous. They’ll actually go to, but a lot of times what can happen is, is that they were invited in one way or another.

Opened by their Ouija boards by, you know, again, the spirit boxes, things like that. And it was people that were toying with things that they thought they were communicating with. Like dear aunt Martha. And it wasn’t dear aunt Martha it’s, you know, Satan or, you know, one of his foot soldiers or whatever.

That’s, um, you’re actually more dealing with.

[00:17:51] Jeremiah: Yeah. I definitely think the, especially the Weegee board, like you said, if a lot of people mess with them and especially like kids that are curious and stuff like that, and you just don’t know really what you’re getting, how that experience and.

[00:18:07] Jess: And a lot of times it’ll lay dormant.

I mean, so you can, you know, it can be a completely okay. Didn’t have any issues with it. You think that it’s, you know, that there was no issue. Then down the road is when it can actually manifest into something much bigger. It’s not that it’s a bad tool. It’s the fact that the most people that use them don’t know how to use the tool.

[00:18:29] Jeremiah: Yeah, exactly.

[00:18:31] Jess: Kind of like they try and go do electrical work. It wouldn’t work out real well. I mean, because I’m not an electricity.

[00:18:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. Um, I like to stick to my lane most of the time, unless I have someone to advise me, uh, if I don’t know something, which is kind of the same deal. Yeah. So let’s get into this Alabama school that you went to.

Cause I watched that episode and it was giving me the willies because, uh, or the TV GBS. Um, so how was. Whole experience. Um, and how did you find out about it?

[00:19:11] Jess: So that one was that actually listed as I was, I, I follow several different pages that are, you know, ghost and paranormal pages and things like that.

Honestly, I generally don’t do much with the, you know, I don’t respond too much or I don’t deal with much this actually posted on them, but I saw something on there. And as soon as I saw it, I just went. These people are getting into something that they don’t have any idea what they’re dealing with. And so it was one of those things that it just worked out for me to go over and, and be able to be, be there for that.

The thing that was probably the most frustrating about it was is there was a lot of stuff that we caught on camera, but then it did not ever appear on the, um, afterwards, like it was gone. So that was crazy as far as like, I mean, Full on salt, like full body apparitions, like manifest out of nowhere and then like walk into walls and stuff.

It was like,

you just said, I know we all just saw it, right. One just me, because I mean, it was just too much right there, but it’s, um, it had a lot with this history and it would the land and it just was such a, uh, tormented space.

[00:20:28] Jeremiah: Some things that stuck out in my head when I was watching, it was like, um, you kept saying you felt like you were getting sick or there was a sickness present in the, in the school.

Yeah. And, um, I guess later you found out that the, they were putting kids in some special room that were not feeling well.

[00:20:53] Jess: That’s the one thing I do enjoy is making sure that I have someone there that can actually be able to, to confirm and verify the information that I actually receive intuitively. So that at least it’s, you know, it kind of helps people to understand the type of information that comes through when I work.

So, yeah, that was a, the sickness was so intense, uh, for that space. I mean, and then there was just so much energy that was there. That was, that was a lot of mental, uh, issues. That were in that space. It just was insane.

[00:21:29] Jeremiah: and then, um, you, it was fascinating watching you walk from room to room and the guy that was with you was very skeptical, but then by the end it seemed like he was like, yeah, something’s up with this space?

Yeah, he

[00:21:44] Jess: actually told me after the recording that he, uh, he was not a believer before I got there.

[00:21:50] Jeremiah: And then. There was a room that, um, was like, soundproofed. Do you have any inclination? What, what that was for? Cause it seemed kinda strange. Like it didn’t, it didn’t seem like it was somewhere where it would create a problem for another room if there was like singing classes going on there.


[00:22:17] Jess: I have a lot of inclinations, and I just think that it was being used for something that was a little nefarious. Keep kind of sounds in that should have been that really shouldn’t be having to be kept in.

[00:22:34] Jeremiah: Yeah. I think you guys were hinting at, um, but you didn’t really say it was like, uh, you thought that the school, or maybe before the school was a thing, uh, there was a lot of.

Child abuse or some type of stuff

[00:22:50] Jess: going on there. I mean, I think that, uh, I think that it went through many different, um, Tom’s of it. And that was the interesting thing is, is because I think it started. From say, I guess, you know, from so many different layers of it. I mean, and it really went really far back as to when it all began.

It just seemed to kind of owners trade hands into other ones that still kind of kept that same energy or still had issues within that space, because it’s almost like they embraced the, a there, or they got engulfed by whatever was within that property.

[00:23:22] Jeremiah: Yeah. I think the guy had said that it used to be at church.

[00:23:29] Jess: So we heard, I mean, yeah. I don’t even think that that was a, um, a safe church space. So

[00:23:40] Jeremiah: I think there was a room, um, that you guys were in and it looked like there was windows, but he told you that they were boarded up. They took them off before you got. And then your friend, uh, forget her name, Chiara or something.

She was saying that, um, it seemed like someone got locked in there or abused in there.

[00:24:07] Jess: Yeah. I felt a lot of abuse there and that’s, and then I also literally felt like that the children that were in the school house at the very early years were, I mean, they were literally left down in that, um, in that basement area, I think they were just left there to do.

Oh, so, I mean, I think that once they became, you know, sick and I think a lot of it has to do with like, um, you know, breathing and issues with their lungs and things like that. And I think once they kind of got into certain states that it was just, they were just left. I don’t think they were really cared for at that point.

[00:24:41] Jeremiah: And then, um, yeah, your friend Kara was constantly saying like, all she could see is black color and like. And how evil it felt to be down there.

[00:24:54] Jess: Yes. You could literally smell it. Smell, you know, you smell the sulfur down that’s area seven. You could smell it coming from that space. And I was like, that’s a situation you’ve got going on there.

[00:25:10] Jeremiah: Yeah. Not the best smell to have. So what are some other interesting places? Experiences that you’ve had doing your whole, uh, I don’t know if call career, but

[00:25:28] Jess: yeah, that’s what we’re calling it now. I mean, so, I mean, it’s definitely, wasn’t the first route that I chose, but, um, you know, I, I had 20 something years in corporate sales, but this is the where we’re at.

So the, uh, the, I think one of the most interesting ones that I’ve had, that was one of my, one of my first ones. And it was. I got caught. I was, I met a lady that is now become a very dear friend of mine, but she and I met through the neighborhood watch and she, uh, realized what I did. Could you come to my property?

she says, I’m not going to tell you anything, but I just want to see what you get from coming to my property to see, you know, I just need to see what kind of has going on. I walked onto her property. When I got there, I talked to her about a woman that was standing on the corner of the property that was screaming and crying.

I was like, she’s desperate to talk to somebody. She goes, well, that’s the reason I had you here. I’ve had the police show up at my, at my house multiple times in the middle of the night. It was because neighbors were calling the police because they heard screaming coming from her.

But she was sleeping. So she had no clue what was going on and that, so I was actually able to help her with that property. It was extremely interesting just because it was, the woman was trapped there. It was a residual, it, it w it felt like it was almost residual, but it wasn’t because the lady stayed stuck there because of her child and her being murdered on that land.

And. I channeled the woman. And there was a video that was made at that point that what the lady was doing. And as I was doing the channeling, my face changed to her face. My voice changed her hers, and it was like that Whoopi Goldberg, um, you know, in the movie ghost that happens. And I literally started showing signs of like blood and bruises across my face.

It was super weird. Um, even for me as what I do. But we were able to help her cross over and she’s actually not been back ever since then, but because she just needed somebody to hear her story.

[00:27:41] Jeremiah: Huh. Interesting. So, yeah, I love, love hearing. I mean, love is probably the wrong word, but I like hearing about these tales and stories and uh, just trying to process it all and because it’s not something you typically.

Deal with it, unless you have, you know, um, I don’t know the word I’m thinking of. Let’s you have the ability, like you gifts like you to experience it because like myself, I can’t see ghosts or talk to ghosts or anything like that. So to hear other people’s experiences is very fascinating to me.

[00:28:25] Jess: They can be super interesting and then they can be super weird.

I mean, but it’s all, all of it’s. Um, you know, it’s just part of the story, I guess, is what I had just come to accept. So, you know, especially, you know, when my, when I was earlier on in my, uh, you know, you have to have a, or at least kind of, I guess, accepting my gift. It was super out of control at that point.

So that, but at that point, things were like, um, it was a free for all. And I mean, I would wake up with them and you know, there would be embedded with me. They’d be shaking my bed. They’d be talking. And I was just like, this is not, I don’t, this is why I don’t want this because I don’t need y’all in bed with me or talking to me while I’m trying to sleep.


[00:29:00] Jeremiah: I heard you in the, uh, episode telling the ghost to stop touching you.

[00:29:08] Jess: Yes. Cause I’m like, look, I have a five foot roll. I mean, let’s not, I mean, we don’t have to touch me all the time. I mean, if you have something to say, go ahead and say, Stop touching.

[00:29:17] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s definitely. And then, um, I want to talk a little bit about the, you went to a theater, like an old theater.

[00:29:27] Jess: Yeah, that’s actually right here. Uh, I it’s in where I live now, but I’ve only lived here a few years, so I didn’t know anything about its history. And so that was a super interesting one for me to be able to go do.

[00:29:39] Jeremiah: And what kind of, uh, things did you find there, uh, while you were going.

[00:29:45] Jess: It was really interesting because that one was, uh, there was just a lot of different, it was an old building, I mean, like really old.

So there was a lot of energy that had been there. The other thing that I guess, culminated within that space was the fact that they also had taken out a bunch of stuff for props. So there was a lot of antiques and a lot of different things had been brought into the facility. So you add that in with an old.

And you’ve got kind of a trifecta there of things that people could be actually experiencing. But I think the most interesting one was that, you know, I, they had said, we’re not going to, of course give any information, but we want to see what you get. And there was a room that was upstairs that after I told them what was there, they said, that’s the room that we feared the most.

And I was like, Well, now it makes sense because I mean, it is a very intense energy, but the thing was, is it wasn’t anything that was bad? It was just the guy that was very, he was, he was angry about how he died and he had every right to be angry. He was murdered. So, I mean, I mean, wouldn’t you be angry too?

I mean, so

[00:30:51] Jeremiah: yeah, for


[00:30:54] Jess: You know, it was, and because of him being a slave that was actually just kind of shoved under the rug and it was. No, no one ever really understood what happened.

[00:31:04] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s definitely, um, definitely would be a little upset if someone murdered me. Yeah.

[00:31:12] Jess: You feel a little upset. So, I mean, the interesting thing was is that after the, uh, after I left, she, uh, she had followed up with me and she let me know that the activity had actually subsided since.

And I was like, that’s fantastic. And I was like I said, see, just wanted to be heard, you know? I mean, and once this story was told and he was able to actually, you know, say what he needed to say, he kind of was more peace at that point.

[00:31:36] Jeremiah: Yeah. What, um, so for I’m switching subjects here a little bit, but sorry about that.

That’s all right. I might eat too. So yeah, sometimes my brain is just like all over the place. There was, I think it was episode two. There was a lady you were trying to get the spirit out of her, but she was very reluctant. It seemed like. And like, you were like trying to tell her, like, if you want it go on, you gotta, you gotta tell them.

Do you find is it’s a lot of people or just a small amount of people that just, they want it gone, but they don’t really, really want it gone.

[00:32:20] Jess: Uh, I think that there’s, you know, it really can vary with each person and it, and it depends on, I guess, how, you know, some of them, I feel like I’ve gotten addicted to the person or the personality or whatever it is that they have with them.

So they almost fear it not being there because they’ve either had it with them to protect them or to, you know, for some, I guess, um, some way that they actually have found comfort with this. And it can be, so it can be dangerous because they actually, it’s just a merged personality. It’s not really even theirs, but they’re using that as a face for themselves to, uh, protect through traumas and through different, uh, events that they’ve maybe experienced.

[00:33:03] Jeremiah: And, uh, yeah, definitely. I I’ve heard of. Um, people that the spirit follows them from house to house and they think it’s the house, but it’s really them and the spirit and they need to let it go. But then when they’re told that the spirits clung to them, they, they don’t want to believe.

[00:33:29] Jess: Some of them, some of them don’t want to believe it.

And I mean, and then some of them just struggle with that with understanding it. I mean, and I’ve had some that, you know, when I’ve worked, tried to work with them or tried to help them, that they have actually struggled with letting me take them. I mean, just like she was experiencing that, that was something that was an issue.

But there’s others that literally, I mean, I’m like, it’s like a, uh, a energetic tug of war. And I’m like, okay. I mean, right now I feel like I’m trying to take candy from a toddler. So I can’t even do, I can’t take this from you if you’re not willing to allow me to do the work, if something that you’re wanting to hang on to.

[00:34:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. That makes sense. For sure. And then, um, uh, as far as cleansing the house, uh, what kind of things do you do to like ward off spirits? I guess you could say keep them from coming.

[00:34:23] Jess: Yeah, well, there’s, you know, there’s all kinds of different methods that people can use. I mean, you know, I always say it’s, you know, if you’re not experiencing, you know, any activity and you’re just looking to keep the house energetically cleanse, you know, clear for, you know, for whatever may be there.

I mean, using sea salt, mop water is a fantastic way to kind of have that, um, put throughout the house and it allows for the energy to be clear. And just making sure that windows and doors are kind of open so that you’re not making them run in circles. Um, and you don’t give them really any exit point to go out and, uh, you know, there’s Sage and Palo Santo and, you know, there’s St Michael’s, um, you know, coins and things like that that can be used, you know, so there’s a variety of different things and it really honestly just depends on what they’re trying to accomplish as to how to actually, uh, Yeah,

[00:35:12] Jeremiah: it’s interesting that you say keep the windows open, because I think back to the, even in the Bible, they told the Jewish people to leave the door open for the ghost of Elijah and, you know, Conda kind of makes sense because, you know, I’ve heard you can invite spirits in and then I guess you can assist them out.

[00:35:40] Jess: Yes, absolutely. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s all in, you know, as long as you’re, you’re doing it with the right energy and you make sure that it’s a, you know, it’s not something that’s, I guess, too, uh, too much to deal with them. If it’s something that you feel nervous about or there’s something that you feel fear of, don’t deal with it.

Because as soon as you invite that energy in, then you. But just, you know, making a, uh, a mess of whatever it is that you may have to deal with, but if you feel secure in what you’re dealing with, then absolutely. I encourage everybody to kind of clear out the spaces and keep their energy and their space clear, you know, with the regular, you know, practices of that.

[00:36:17] Jeremiah: If not then context, someone who is experienced and

[00:36:21] Jess: have it right. The first night for me. Cause the first time that they opened up any, I guess, a fear or they feel nervous or even anxious energy, you know, while they’re doing what they’re doing, then it can be a, I mean that’s things will go wrong very fast.

[00:36:37] Jeremiah: Yeah. And have you noticed any, um, like I don’t know how to say it other than trickster demons or spirits that play tricks to. Keep it going so to speak.

[00:36:55] Jess: Absolutely. I mean, there are ones that, I mean, I, I would say that they are that’s, their energy is very much a trickster type, you know, energy where they enjoy playing, you know, games, but they’re not really good games.

They’re not nice games that they’re playing. So they’re, they’re all, they’re generally can be all kinds of different things that they can be doing. Because the, uh, home discord, I mean, it can be anything from, you know, electrical surges to, you know, batteries and being drained and your electronics that can be illnesses and, you know, things that you might be experiencing in the home that make you feel sick constantly and drained of energy.

It could also be really strange, uh, mannerisms or, you know, different personalities that kind of seem to only come out when you’re in that certain space.

[00:37:42] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I remember back to that Alabama school, uh, incident, there was like a rocking horse and, um, and it moved somehow it moved spaces.

[00:38:00] Jess: It did move and. It could go to different areas of the building. So, I mean, that’s strange within itself, that’s the rocking horse was able to find its way into different places by itself. But it’s the same way that just like with, uh, with dolls and things like that, that can get inhabited by different entities or energies and be taken over and they can kind of use that as their vessel.

[00:38:26] Jeremiah: Okay. Yeah, definitely. Um, definitely heard about dolls and stuff like that. And of course, Movies. And I know they’re just movies, but

[00:38:36] Jess: some of them are very, very, uh, very accurate to, on some of those.

[00:38:39] Jeremiah: What’s the, uh, main one that I saw. I actually really liked it. No, it wasn’t that one, it was, uh, a boy Brahms or something.

Maybe it was called the boy. And it was a doll that, um, this family had. And then. I invited a babysitter to watch him while they were gone on vacation. And they had like a list of stuff that she had to do for this doll. And she was like, oh, it’s just a doll. So she didn’t do the stuff on the list. Well, it didn’t turn out too good for her.

[00:39:16] Jess: So the redirection for her, would that be? Yeah.

[00:39:20] Jeremiah: So at the end it turns that this doll was possessed or whatever. Other stuff too. I don’t want to give away the movie if anyone wants to see it, but I think it’s called the boy. And then of course you have the animals. Yeah.

[00:39:32] Jess: Look it up. Yeah. I’ll have to go look it up.

I always find it interesting to watch the different ones. I mean there, and there’s a lot of different ones that I are are on that that are movies that have portions of them. That can be, I guess, accurate. Some of it just gets sensationalized a little too far, you know, to where it’s a little much, but there is a lot of that stuff that can actually happen and you can become.

[00:39:55] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s kind of like the TV shows the ghost hunters and all that stuff is like, they sensationalize it because people need to be entertained when they watch. But, uh, as I’ve heard from my previous guests, who’s a ghost hunters is like, yeah. There’s hours of just standing around or sitting around.

[00:40:15] Jess: And it, and it honestly can depend on the property or the place, but there is a lot of times that you can go in and I mean, you’re not going to experience or see anything.

I mean, and there’s also the ones where, you know, you can go in and then you may not even have realized something and then you catch it, you know, afterwards that, you know, you’ll see something that maybe came up on the camera or you see that, you know, or hear that, you know, you didn’t even realize at that moment, but yeah, there’s a lot of hours that are generally put into those.

And the ones that are saying that it’s just like over and over and over. It’s not the way that works.

[00:40:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. Just like a lot of other things in life. Like, it just doesn’t happen right away.

[00:40:56] Jess: Right. It’s not like spirit on demand. Yeah.

[00:41:00] Jeremiah: It’s not the Netflix of the spirit world.

[00:41:03] Jess: Right.

[00:41:05] Jeremiah: So have you been to any other interesting places like St.

Asylums. Old rundown hospitals or anything like that?

[00:41:15] Jess: I have not. Um, I have not done a insight assign asylum, and I think that is the one that would be on my list of, uh, places that I would like to go and check out. And there is one actually here in Georgia, but it, uh, they’ve actually closed it where you’re not supposed to have access to it anymore because it had become such a hotbed of people going through.

So there is if there’s anybody that ever knows, if something within my area that I’m, you know, it’s having activity and they have a way for me to get into, I’m always open to, you know, new locations, especially too. I do new locations for a show. So,

[00:41:53] Jeremiah: yeah, I, um, it’s always like seeing the different places that people go to, to experience these things.

Cause it’s. Like it’s everywhere. Like you could go to a old school like you did, or you could go to a rundown hospital or sane asylum, or, you know, and pretty much anywhere. And there’s probably some type of those third spirit activity and like battlefields

[00:42:23] Jess: battlefield. Yes, I am at the, uh, the one that, um, the house that I went to that was near the trail of tears.

That one wasn’t not recorded, but that one was a super interesting one because I mean, Because of all this different stuff, would that, uh, I guess the history and I think they need thing with history is always phenomenal. I just enjoyed a walk them just to see what happens. I mean, I also like going into antique shops just to see what all is, you know, which I can get using the psychometry, which is just touching the objects and kind of finding out the history based off of what I, what I’m getting from, you know, holding them, it all kinds of stuff can come up.

[00:42:58] Jeremiah: Yeah. So when you touch an object, like. Or if you’re near an object, you can actually like sense things from that.

[00:43:08] Jess: Yes. So I can get information from holding him. I said, it’s just psychometry is what it’s called. It’s one of those different things that I will use every once in a while just to kind of gain some additional insight or information.

You know, it’s, it’s always interesting what can be brought forth. So the. The only thing that can also be extremely intense sometimes.

[00:43:35] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause you never know what you’re gonna

[00:43:37] Jess: get. Never know what all is going to decide that, you know, come through. But it’s just like when you’re channeling. I mean, so when I, when I channel it can also get extremely intense depending upon who I’m dealing with.

So. I’ve had several times where I’ve channeled and done the automatic writing, where I would actually write out the different messages and the things that they have to say and what they’re bringing forth. And it’s been super interesting. What, you know, how those processes work and have been able to be, have people tell me, do you know that it looks like they’re handwriting and I’m like, well, no, I didn’t.

But glad it worked out to, you know, make sense for you.

[00:44:13] Jeremiah: Yeah. I really like how. Have any, uh, pre context or anything, you kinda say it and then the people respond like, yeah, that’s how it is or no, that’s how you’re not like trying to, I don’t know how to say it. Like make them say something or do something.

[00:44:35] Jess: Yeah, I don’t ever want, uh, I mean, and even if you, any of my lives that I used to, I used to get a lot of lives on my page when I was first, I guess, getting established to try to let people kind of. See my energy and how I worked and things like that. And I let them know at least that I was legit, not out here to scam people, because it has happened a lot in this industry.

And you know, that I always just, you know, I’m going to give you what I get and you know it, whether, again, you can take that and you just, this for you to deal with, not me and then go from there with it. So I don’t look to decipher everything and I know that the messages are meant for them. And that’s all I do is just spit them out and keep going with that.

[00:45:15] Jeremiah: Yeah, you’re just the medium. You’re the in-between. Yep. So for, I hear a lot about EVP, I think it’s called

[00:45:26] Jess: where electronic voice. Yeah.

[00:45:29] Jeremiah: Have you had an experience with that or experiences with that? And do you use that?

[00:45:35] Jess: Yeah, actually. The funny thing was, my son gave me one for Christmas, uh, because he knew that mom wanted one, but then he told me I couldn’t use it at home.

So I was like, what, what? And he was like, no, not don’t mom. Um, but yeah, they, those are fantastic. I mean, because they are super powerful to be able to have, I guess, that scientific proof, you know, to have that information that the spirit realm is bringing forward and it can, you know, I guess solidify and bring forward some additional different components to whatever might be being brought forward forward for me as a medium.

So I liked that because it does give that scientific evidence tied in with what I call the womb.

[00:46:19] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve, I’ve heard some and they definitely make my hair stand up. Cause it’s like, how can you not hear that coming from the device? And certainly certain things that can pick up that you wouldn’t hear just standing there or doing whatever

[00:46:40] Jess: it can.

It can be super quiet. And so that’s always the thing that makes it to where it’s, you know, if we didn’t hear it with our, you know, if we can’t hear it with just our star regular ears. And that’s why when I tell people, I don’t listen to, with my regular ears when I get my messages. So this is just a way for this to amplify those regular ear messages that.

[00:46:59] Jeremiah: Yeah. So I always found that whole thing to, uh, be fascinating because like you said, it actually produces evidence that there’s something, something going on. Absolutely. So it’s definitely interesting. I love, uh, hearing different stories and tales. Was, has there ever been, is there any message that comes to the front of your mind that has come up during.


[00:47:34] Jess: I’ve been cast out a lot through them. Uh, I’ve definitely been cussed at a lot through, through them. And I’ve had several of them that have told me to leave or to get out, uh, that they’ve said for me to, um, they they’ve definitely used a lot of four-letter words for what they feel about me that were caught on audio.

Oh, I’m glad we’re all friends here. So generally those are the ones that I’m, when I’m dealing with a cleansing of a property and I’m trying to, you know, deal with whatever’s there and they don’t want to, uh, exit where they’re at. But I think the ones that are super powerful or when it’s just that I love when the steps forward with, you know, even just an I love you.

[00:48:19] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’m sure that, uh, definitely changes the boot in the. Yeah. Cause I saw on your website that you offer a service for contacting loved ones that have passed on

[00:48:33] Jess: that’s my that’s what I started in the industry with. So that’s been my. My number one thing that I do is, anybody that has had a loved one that’s passed on.

That’s just been my front runner of a, of what I’m doing doing, because it’s such a, such a powerful experience, especially when people have lost somebody in a tragic way. It’s just to be able to share those messages and to give them the information that maybe they needed to, to bring them peace in some way or another it’s phenomenal.

[00:49:02] Jeremiah: Yeah. It helps with giving people clothes. It’s left open and they’re like wondering. You know. Why or where are they now? How can I let them know that I still think of them are still loved them? Or do they still think of me or love me?

[00:49:28] Jess: Yeah. Alot of times it’s even just those moments that they, you know. They like, so the other day I was, I’ve had a message from my neighbor for a while now. Because of the rules that spirit has set up with me, I’m not allowed to approach them unless they actually come to me.

And so my neighbor called across the street and he goes, Hey, I have a strange question for you. And I was like, thank God. Cause I have one for you. He didn’t know what I do. Um, and he asked me some, some random question and I was like, oh, well, that’s not really strange. And I was like, but I said, I got one for you.

I said, there was a man following you around in the yard the other day, I said, I’m gonna go ahead and say he was dead. I said, he wasn’t alive. Then I started to describe this person. I was like, and he was saying how hardheaded you are. He was really just saying that you have always been this hard-headed and he’s looking at me so weird.

Like, and he said that she didn’t get there before he died. His mouth fell up and he goes, my dad. And I was like, he goes, ha how did you? So by the way, I talked to dead people, that’s what I do for a living and that, and he was just like, he’s looking at me to guys. Was like, he wants to let you know he’s okay.

Didn’t, you know, he knew that you were trying to get there, but just couldn’t in time. He’s proud of you. Looked at me and he says. He’s about six foot, four, six foot five man. Looks at me and he goes, I’m going to go out my house now and drink heavily. And I looked at him, I was like, you’re going to run from me next time you sent me, aren’t you.

[00:51:01] Jeremiah: Okay? Yeah. You definitely showcase his whole existence.

[00:51:07] Jess: Yeah. He was like, I gotta go. I was like, okay. But saying,

[00:51:10] Jeremiah: yeah. Yeah. I found it very interesting by watching your episodes and stuff like that. Say things that you wouldn’t know. The people are just kinda dumbfounded. Like can’t really believe that you knew that this person had this issue or this person had this health problem or, and your life.

You’re like, yeah, I felt this in my left arm or I felt choking, well, my friend had throat cancer or whatever.

[00:51:43] Jess: Yep. It’s a, you know, and people think that it’s interesting, but it is also intense. I mean, so, you know, when you experienced whatever it was, that how they pass it. So, but it’s, uh, it definitely is one of those things that it, it gives them that confirmation that there’s no way I could have known. You know, and, and always just have to give glory to the spirit realm and just say, Hey, look! It’s just, I’m just using, I’m just a vessel, but I I’m grateful to be able to be that vessel and allow them to be able to deliver those messages.


[00:52:11] Jeremiah: yeah, for sure. And, uh, it’s good that there are people out there that can do that and bring some type of peace and, and I guess let people get back to normality, so to speak.

[00:52:27] Jess: Yeah. Especially with the amount of, I guess, uh, people that have passed up, especially with all. The Delfern illnesses. Everything that’s happened over this last little bit.

It’s definitely been amplified for people that have had a lot going on and they need somethings. You know, bring, bring them back to some level of normal.

[00:52:45] Jeremiah: So I have to ask, because I asked everyone that I interview about ghosts and spirits and stuff like that. What exactly do you think ghosts and spirits that we experienced here on this earth?

Plane? What do you think? They all. Um, are they kind of like trapped here? Are they free to go back and forth between? I guess, for lack of a better term heaven and earth or another realm in earth? What’s your thought process on.

[00:53:18] Jess: Again, there’s no straight four days or I, Hey, I, you know, this is such a gray or this field is such a gray one.

Um, but I think that, you know, that there are people that do stay trapped on this earth plane when they pass. It’s because of something that is unsettled or undone within their life. Whether it be something that they felt like that they had not resolved and they don’t want. And so they’re here and there’s till they, I guess, get that accomplished.

Just like the woman that I was talking about earlier that was, you know, that I channeled that her. Someone murdered her and her son. Uh, and Nope. And nobody had ever heard her story. She didn’t, nobody knew about it. They, you know, so she needed that to have peace for herself. And there’s others that do I believe come back and forth, you know?

And. You know, come back and see their loved ones they’ll visit. They may just come to them and dreams. But, just have to realize that even those dreams are really honestly it’s them coming and giving them messages. You know, when they’ll, when they are able to accept. Then there’s the other ones that I say are just completely earthbound and which is something that is dangerous.

I don’t like to see it happening because it can leave them very susceptible to darker or lower vibration entities. It can be, you know, something that could cause a lot of problems for them in the spirit realm.

[00:54:41] Jeremiah: And then the, the month, like for lack of better term again. Um, cause I know different people have different views for the after life and whatnot.

The demonic entities. Um, do you think they’re just part of the whole thing? Or do you think they come from a different realm or plane plane of

[00:55:01] Jess: existence? I don’t think that they were ever up this realm.

[00:55:05] Jeremiah: Okay. So there’s,

[00:55:07] Jess: they never walked the earth. Plain is what, anything that is like demonic, lower vibration or anything like that.

Maybe even elemental type. They didn’t walk on this plane ever. And so that would be a whole. Ball of wax, I guess, as far as where their existence, you know, is.

[00:55:25] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s interesting for sure. Because the talk of ghosts and spirits, like I said, goes all the way back to the beginning of time. So they’ve always been around and always been present and people have picked up on them.

Certain people are more susceptible to seeing them than others and put you have from all over the world. You know, the native Americans, the Indians, um, mean east India and, um, yeah. Africa everywhere. They have tales of servicemen experiences. Yeah. And, uh, yeah, go ahead.

[00:56:05] Jess: I was just gonna say, which is what baffles me sometimes that people are like, oh, that’s not right.

And I’m like, how could you even just say, it’s not what you okay.

[00:56:14] Jeremiah: Yeah. How do people deny that there’s something going on? Right. Yeah. I just, I don’t know. I don’t, I don’t understand it because especially like, I know people who claim to be like atheists or whatever. but like, um, there’s just in my opinion, too much proof that there is something beyond what we can

[00:56:39] Jess: sell them, writing something, something out, something more than what you see with your physical.

The nice thing with the physical law, you know? Yeah,

[00:56:49] Jeremiah: exactly. So, thanks for coming along and talking with us about ghosts and your experiences with them. Your cleansing and everything. Um, where can people find you and your works and stuff like that? I know you have a website. Do you have any other.

[00:57:08] Jess: Um, yeah, my website clairvoyant,

So, um, I’m also, I’m also on Facebook with, uh, all under clairvoyant, Jess. I got Tik TOK, uh, Facebook, Instagram, pretty much across all the different platforms and yeah. You can find me, uh, listed there. So I try to make sure that each week I’ll do a few different things to kind of give information out. Share messages to each person.

And then all of course, if there’s any questions anybody has, you can always feel free to message my page. And I would be happy to see what I can do to help.

[00:57:40] Jeremiah: All right. Sounds good. And like I said, thank you again for coming on and talking with us. Sharing your experiences and I will link everything up. So if anyone is curious, they can.

Click the link in the description of the show and, uh, yeah, it was a good talk. I enjoyed it. I shifted my views. So, um, it’s always good to have different perspectives and

[00:58:12] Jess: it’s only great to expand it. Uh, and just to, just to be open to it is, uh, is always a good thing.

[00:58:17] Jeremiah: Yes.

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Meeting God at the Door

Meeting God at the Door

” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>http://<div id=”buzzsprout-player-10026761″></div><script src=”” type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Meeting God at the Door

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.


Hello, this is Jeremiah. And thank you for listening to the, what if they’re wrong podcast. I’m joined today by Kaelin, and he’s going to talk about his near-death experiences or his near death experience. And we will just pick his brain about what he’s learned from. That experience. So I’ll introduce him now.

Hello, Kellen.

[00:00:59] Kellan: Hi Jeremiah. And thank you for having me. First thing I want to do is just honor you in your episodes. So everybody can hear that because of the work you’re doing and the effort that you’ve taken to create something, anything to help people ask. What if they’re wrong to think for themselves to dig into stuff and to create their own feelings, opinions, and to listen to.

Voice yearning and drive that we all have inside to do B think something.

[00:01:25] Jeremiah: Oh, thank you very much. So the first question I’ll ask you is, cause I asked everyone I talked to that has a near death experience. I’d like to know where they were at in life and. Relationship with spirituality, religion, or lack there of, so like when I had mine, I was a atheist, so it completely changed my view and philosophy.

So I just like to ask people where they were at in life, what they were doing, how their relationship was before they had. Their experience.

[00:02:05] Kellan: So I had one experience where I died. I had more than one divine experience. My, I was raised in a very, very strict religious home, and the strictness is represented by physical discipline.

That today would be felony child abuse, and we would have been removed. I would have been removed from the home. Um, I remember in high school, for example, getting dressed last in locker room. Cause I didn’t want people to see I was black and blue, uh, kind of thing. And the context of that was that I didn’t hate religion.

I just turned it into, I’m not good enough. And that created this whole. Uh, issue with depression and feeling like I had to prove something and not good enough. My lasted my whole life. Basically. I never talked to anyone until I was 52. I had a wild ride of really big corporate success, making a lot of money in a very technical field, uh, electricity market and deregulation, electricity market design, and a bunch of things that are probably about as interesting as watching paint dry.

But anyway, um, Uh, that went on and on and on. And I burned through multiple relationships. I was married and divorced. Three times had 10 kids. I had trouble with drugs and addiction and religion and heaven and all that. I, you know, my upbringing didn’t turn me off to it. Turned me off to me. I figured it was out there somewhere, but I just, wasn’t going to be able to be part of this cause I wasn’t good enough.

So that’s kind of the landscape during that 35 years, between when I was 17 and left home in 52, when the first divine intervention happened, uh, Different times I was in and out of churches and trying to, but it was all in the context of making my mom happy. So I stuck with the idea that somehow I needed to prove I was okay my whole life.

And I never talked to anyone and just figured I was the mess, the mess. And like I said, in and out of rehab, I attempted suicide a couple of times. So it was a pretty tumultuous, um, Thirty-five years, multiple, like I said, multiple relationships, three marriages and divorces and 10 kids and all kinds of crazy stuff.

In 2007, that all came to a screeching halt. I was at the pinnacle of that career. I was making enough money that. Th the, I was wasting spending using, I had a $3,000 a week cocaine habit, and I was making enough money that, that didn’t matter. It was lunch money, essentially, which is kind of tragic. Can you consider how stupid that is?

But anyway, I had a divine intervention at that time. That completely, it was an invitation really to change my life. I did not die. And that is not the near-death experience. After that I realized. That I had been invited by the divine to change my life. So from 2007, until 2018, when. So 10 years, plus almost 11 years, uh, when I did die and I’ll, we’ll get into that story in a minute, I had a very strong relationship with the divine and spiritual connection and knew that there was something there I had witnessed it incredible set of experiences.

Two things that I got out of the business I was in, walked away from the career, just sort of walked off in the sunset and created a new life. And so that was the divine intervention that both got me sober and then got me the courage to go address the depression, start talking to people for the first time in my life, take control of it and go do something about it.

It was then I walked away from the technical career I had and became a coach, which I am now. And so for the last 14 years, I’ve been pursuing that path and have, as I said, a very strong spiritual relationship and very personally. Relationship with the divine. It’s not an abstract thing out there. It’s very clear, close and personal.

And that led after 10 years in 2018 to what we’ll talk about later. So that’s a long answer to a small question, but I needed to set a little bit of stage.

[00:06:16] Jeremiah: No, that’s good. I like to deep dive into where people are at, because you don’t really know about that. Usually when you hear. Near-death experience people instantly think, oh, you’re just a religious nut or something.

You know what I mean? And, uh, so I like to set the stage for some people know that people come from all different walks of life when they have these near death experiences.

[00:06:44] Kellan: Well, let me, let me do a little bit better in 2007, what I call the divine intervention? Is it okay if I talk a little bit about that?

Uh, so I was a big dog position, made a lot of money and all this kind of stuff. And I came home in August of 2007 on one Friday night, uh, getting ready to go out party for the weekend. I was single again for the third time, had four teenagers living with me for my 10 kids, and I was getting ready to go binge for the weekend.

I might’ve come back to work on Monday, maybe Tuesday and. That was sort of typical and that’s what I was getting ready to go do. And on Friday night I was going to go out. And for some reason I had this urge to turn on the television. And that sounds like nothing, except I didn’t know how I’d had the local electronics store come and put in the biggest, coolest stuff.

Cause that’s what you buy. Right? Cause you can except I didn’t watch TV. And I realized when I went to turn it on, I actually didn’t know how to turn it on. So I asked one of the kids, my 16 year old daughter turned it off. Yeah, threw the remote at me and it, it, you know, left the room and it landed on a program I’d never heard of, but that was not weird.

Cause I’d never heard of any of them. The program is titled intervention. Now, if you know anything about reality TV, you know what that show is, it’s a show where family members call some professionals and a family meeting the other to help somebody who’s in trouble. Right. And the protagonist of the show is a high ranking executive with a cocaine press.

So I watched about 10 minutes of this and thought, screw this. I’m not watching it, turned it off, stomped around the house for a few more minutes and was getting ready to leave. And I felt absolutely compelled to turn it on again. So idea, and this time I knew how so I turned on the television and that program started over in the middle of the hour.

And no, I don’t have a DVR and no it wasn’t on the schedule and no, it can’t do. And so it scared me and I thought, holy crap, I guess I’m supposed to watch this. And I’m talking, excuse me, talking about it glibly now. But it scared the crap out of me. I thought, what the fuck? So I sat down and I watched it and it went badly.

The guy, he got mad yelled at his family, refused all the help and stomped off, but it scared me bad enough that I didn’t go out. I went to bed and when I went to bed, I went to hell. And what I mean by that is for the next unknown amount of time, the entire. Panorama of my life from young to old played before my eyes, we focused on all the suffering and pain when I was younger, all that had been inflicted on me.

And when I was older, all that I had inflicted on others by being who I was being as an addict in a creep and all the things that come from struggling with depression and bad relationships and everything else. And after an enormous amount of time, I had, I just participated in these events and watched it and the suffering was overwhelming.

I, I don’t have language to describe it. It was terrifying and terrible. And then I heard a voice and it simply said it is enough. I woke up and it was five o’clock Saturday afternoon. So 18 hours had passed roughly. And. I, I got up and realized I’d been invited to change my life. I had no idea what to do.

I had no idea how to start or where to go or what the heck, but I knew I had to get out of the business. I was in, I threw a thousand dollars worth of stuff away that I had in the house and thought, okay, we’re done. And I quit cold Turkey. And that’s the first half. And the second half of the divine intervention was two weeks later because that made me make a choice to get sober.

And I never touched that. Any of it, again, two weeks later, I had another, the other half and that was this in the position that I held. I made lots of important decisions that affected other companies worth sometimes billions of dollars. And so people were really nice to me. They gave me gifts and take hits and you know, that kind of stuff, freebies.

Right. And one thing I got was a pair of tickets to see a concert. And the concert was yo-yo ma now if you know, classical music, you know who that is, and if you don’t, you don’t, it doesn’t matter. But he’s like, oh, so I thought, well, I’m single. I don’t want to waste this other ticket. That would be silly.

So I said to the groups that I manage now, this is two weeks. I’m two weeks stone, cold sober. Now I said, who likes classical music? And some lady in one of the groups said, well, I do. And I looked at her and I said, well, if I ever given you anything before, and she said, no, I said, okay, fine. See you there. He gave me the ticket.

And now we met at the concert and it was electrifying is fabulous. Yo-yo ma you gotta look them up. If you don’t know him, he’s a phenomenal player all by himself with his cello on the stage, you can absolutely captivate an auditorium just astounding, but anyway, halfway through the show, and again, two weeks stone cold sober, that feeling that I had two weeks ago came over me and the voice said in my head, you need to marry this.

And I said, you are insane. I said, I have failed. I don’t even know her very well. And I failed three times with some other half-assed attempts in between this can’t be right. And so later that night we were backstage because of course they were backstage passes with reception and all that jazz. And the voice came back and said, comma, and you need to tell her tonight.

And so I flipped out and argued like crazy because, you know, she could have me arrested for harassment or whatever. Right. But you don’t win those arguments. So I did. And it went about like, you would have expected. She thought I was crazy and, but she didn’t call the cops gratefully. And within two weeks, uh, she had her own set of experiences and she had a very good job.

Uh, in the groups, one of the groups that I managed, like I mentioned, anyway, she quit. I walked away from millions of dollars of contracts and we walked off into the sunset together. And a month ago we celebrated our 40th anniversary. The reason that’s important is the divine intervention is because the first part got me sober, but didn’t do anything about how I got there, which was all the depression and decades of self-loathing the thing that mattered there is she wasn’t.

The angel, literally that was sent to help me figure out and work through this depression business. Like she helped me find counselors and people to talk to and taught me what it was like to be a friend, to have a friend to tell the truth. I’d never done any of that my entire life. And I’m 52 years old.

So that divine intervention in two parts completely changed the course of my life. I got out of the business. I didn’t been in for 30 years. I became an author. I’ve written 15 books, became a coach and just said, okay, if God cares enough about some, sorry, moron like me to do that, I got work to do. And that, so that was what set me on the path that I had been on for the last 14.

[00:13:48] Jeremiah: So then, um, yeah, that’s all very interesting. And obviously, well, at least I believe that you did the right thing, answering that calling because 14 years into your marriage and, um, seemed like that was divinely put in place for you and probably to help you get to where you’re at.

[00:14:12] Kellan: Well, it was my opportunity to do something good because I should made a mess out of my life, up to.

[00:14:18] Jeremiah: Yeah, with my near death. Um, I think it was a wake-up call for me to think of the bigger picture and not wallow in the stupid stuff. That doesn’t really matter. That was making me depressed.

[00:14:36] Kellan: I guess that’s the same thing. Although this wasn’t the near death, it was, uh, well, I tried suicide a couple of times before that, and I was regularly using ridiculous stuff.

I mean, I told you how much, so that set me on this path. Now you want to get to the near death experience. The first four years after that I spent seeing shrinks and counselors and trying to get a handle on depression and. Medications and just sort of working through who I was in the world, because up to then all I’d ever done is pretend I played a game and hidden and just, I was behaving as whoever I needed to be sometimes on the world stage kind of like a movie on one side, it’s like, wow.

And then the other side, it’s like, you know, behind the scenes. All right, well, so fast forward to 2018, uh, The several years working on getting my health and my depression squared away. And I was doing well, my coaching practice as well established, I’d written already a number of probably eight or nine of the, of the 16 books that I’ve now written and was doing really well.

And in June of 2018 joy, and I decided to go on a cruise and we’d never been on a cruise before. Neither one of us. And I just thought, okay, sure. So we went on a cruise, a Baltic sea, which I wasn’t even sure where it was, but it’s, it runs east and west. I didn’t know that, but it Stockholm and, you know, uh, Oslo.

Helsinki and St. Petersburg, you know, that kind of thing. And so we flew to Amsterdam and then went over to Stockholm, got on a ship 10 days, got back at Oslo. And on the last day we got off the boat. The first day in Oslo, I started getting sick, a fever bad in the second day was horrific. We flew home from Amsterdam that day, and I had a bad fever on the 13th.

1213 hour flight or whatever it is over the pole from Amsterdam to Edmonton, Alberta, where we live. And, uh, today they would have, you know, either not letting me on or throw me out the window with, with COVID. But in those days they, that was pre COVID. So they brought me ice and took care of me. Right. Okay.

But anyway, so I got home on Tuesday and that was the end of the second day of this illness. Did what dumb things that we sometimes do is Muchow idiots. I didn’t go to the doctor. So I thought, okay, I’ll get over to it’s a flu or whatever. So Wednesday, Thursday went by and finally on Friday I realized this is not getting better.

This is not going to go. So I went to the walk-in clinic, which is what they have here in Canada at that I always went to as close to the house and, um, they wouldn’t let me in, uh, the lady said you can’t come. Uh, you go to the hospital, go to yard. There’s nothing we can do for you to get out of here. So I don’t know what I looked like, but it was obviously that.

So I went to the emergency room and this is, this is day five. Now of, of this illness. That’ll be important in a minute. I got to the ER and you know, you got to, ER, you might wait an hour. You might wait two, you might wait. Three, depends on how busy they are and all that stuff. In 10 minutes, I was in a private room.

I didn’t even know they had private rooms in the ER, nothing I’ve ever seen as those curtains, you know, that they say, no, this is a private room with a door. And the doctor was in there in 10 minutes and I thought, holy crap, this is not good. Did the

[00:18:09] Jeremiah: nurses see you and say like, oh, we got quarantine, this guy or whatever?

[00:18:14] Kellan: I don’t know what the conversation was. I just know I sat down and like, literally in less than 10 minutes, they called me and ushered me into a private room. I don’t know what the conversation was. Anyway, the doctor came in right away and they asked me the same time. Where have you been? What did you do?

I told him about the cruise. I told him when I got sick, I told them I’d been home for three days, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And they over and over again, they were trying to figure out they did x-rays and all kinds of stuff, trying to figure out what was wrong, but everybody, and they started scaring me.

Cause I thought, holy crap, like this is frantic. So pretty soon. And they said immediately, yeah, we’re going to admit you to the hospital. There’s no question. Just we’re getting, we’re finding a room in a bed. So I sent joy home because after we were there because we had dogs and cats and I was going to stay.

So I said, come back tomorrow morning, Saturday morning, and we’ll see. Well, we know, so she went home and then the doctor took me up and had to took me upstairs to the room. And then they came in and said, you know, at a minimum you have pneumonia in both lungs. And they came back in a little while and said, yeah, there’s something much, much worse going on.

We don’t know what it is. We’re probably going to have to put you in intensive care. Uh, okay. Okay. And then they came back after a little while and said, yeah. Um, we’re gonna put you in biological isolated. Which if you haven’t been in that, that is a room with double doors, air lock, kind of negative pressure biohazard crap.

Right. But, okay. And by this time I’m really like going downhill and I could feel it. So I started meditating and what. Then the doctor came back and asked the question you don’t ever want to hear. And he looked at me and he said, do we have permission to intubate you and do anything we need to do to preserve your life?

I said, uh, okay. Like what? Uh, and so then I went back into meditation, which had been, I’d done many, many, many years decades actually, but I could feel my body and spirit separately. So I sent joy. I could barely operate my phone at this point, but I sent joy a text and it had three lines on it. First-line was ICU.

Second line was isolation slash intubation. And the third line said I may be dying because I could feel that happening. And, um, She didn’t see it. Cause she was gone to sleep. It was like midnight by then. And then somewhere right after that, I crashed like crash cart, closed green, blue, red, black, orange, pink, whatever it is like gone.

So, uh, then about two 30 or three in the morning, joy got the call from the hospital. You never want to get it. Hello? Are you coming? She’s like what? And then she saw my text, right? So somewhere in there, my heart’s. And I died when I came to energetically spiritually, I was in, I was horizontal. Like I was on a stretcher or on the bed, but the room is gray, a soft photo card, gray ceiling, floor walls.

And I really couldn’t see the size of it, but it was a very soft, great over my left shoulder. I could see a door. And, uh, I could see on the other side of the doorway that it was white, it wasn’t streaming through the door or anything, but it was white on that side and gray on my side. And I had an desire to be at the door.

And so suddenly I was at the door and I was leaning on the door jam on my right shoulder and right across on the other side, on the white side, was someone else leaning on that door jam, looking at me, close enough to tell. And he looked at me and he said, do you want to come home

straight? And in a millionth of a second, I knew where I was, what the threshold was, who I was talking to and what was going on. So who

[00:22:31] Jeremiah: was this person? Do you

[00:22:32] Kellan: know at the door? Talking to me, asking me if I want to do.

[00:22:38] Jeremiah: Did he have any like features or was it just like a form or

[00:22:43] Kellan: no, it looked like a person.

It didn’t have a name tag on site saying, hello, my name is God, wasn’t wearing a name badge, but you, in that space, you just know things. Okay. And so I, I knew that’s what was being asked and I started almost like hyperventilating thinking. Holy crap. Okay.

And there was no expectation about how the questions should be answered or the timing or anything. It was just a question and it needed. And so we talked about it for a while and I thought about everything that I was doing in my coaching practice and what had happened 10 years before that I had already told you about, and the opportunities that I had already taken advantage of and what I was doing.

And after we talked for a while, the feeling I had was just, I’m not done. I, I, there’s more, I want to do, I’m not done. So after we talked about it and I said, I’m not done. He said, And that was the end of that first of three conversations the next day. And I’m sure it was at that time, they were able to restart my heart.

Um, the next day I was back at the door in the same, same thing, leaning on the door jam, talking to the same. And this question of the previous day didn’t come up and people have asked before, how did you know it was the next day? And the answer is I have no idea. You just know what you know, so the next day we’re there talking.

And then we were, then the question is, okay, what are you going to do? You know, you’ve decided to stay. That’s fine. What are you going to do? And so we talked about what we’re doing here and what I was trying to do already, and mission and purpose and. You know, the purpose of creation. And I don’t know if you’ve ever had seen the movie contact with Jodie foster.

Yes, I have actually. Okay. Well where she falls through that thing and there’s this super-intense that passes as 12 seconds that the video’s missing, but intense. Experience where she’s having all this input. It felt like that it felt like if I hadn’t been in some kind of a protective bubble, I would have been incinerated and just this overwhelming presence and amount of experience and knowledge just came washed in through, over.

Uh, when I, when it was finished, what I can summarize from it is four things that I know. Number one is every single one of us, every person in every situation throughout all history, we’re intentional created divine beings, period, no exceptions. No, we are. Number two is that every one of us was given intentionally divine gifts, talents as we came number three, none of that’s surprising.

We all feel that at different times, but this is different than feeling like I know these things. Number three, we each have a mission, a purpose that arches through and over our entire life. And we were, we not only agreed, but we were excited. We were stoked about it before we came.

[00:26:26] Jeremiah: It’s funny you say that because when I had my and D E um, I remember seeing figures and I screamed out to them, not like in a mean way, but I screamed out to them.

I have too much left to do on earth. I have a mission that I need to accomplish in. They, they were like, well, you can come, it’s fine or whatever, but I was like, adamant that I couldn’t come yet.

[00:26:54] Kellan: Well, then that’s totally the same. Exactly the same. So anyway, and then the fourth thing is that all the help we need to do that is available from both sides of that door.

So when I got done with the super-intense part of the experience, I said, well, since that’s true, why do we. Settled for crumbs, uh, quiet. Why for the most part to be settled for crumbs. And I don’t know if in the economy of heaven, brevity is a virtue, but the answer was four words that many said because you don’t believe.

And I thought, holy crap. Okay. I didn’t say duh, but I thought, duh, okay. We don’t believe so. Then I said, all right, well, what am, what am I supposed to not supposed to, what can I do about that? Oh, glad you asked. So then what followed was a framework to use for changing? Beliefs even deeply held long seated beliefs.

And I wrote a book meeting God at the door, conversations, choices and commitments of a near death experience. And I described all of that, except I didn’t go into detail about that framework because it would have been out of place in that book. But I wrote a book following it, called the book of context and context is like, What we think is possible.

It’s your beliefs, definitions, experiences, expectations, and perceptions. I call it your BD deep, straight jacket, because the things we believe experience and expect are possible. It limits what we try. It limits what we think we can have and, and all that stuff. And we all live sort of. With that. So there was this framework about how to work with those things and change it.

And I wrote it in a second book called the book of context, and it was funny that the little side note, when I wrote, I wrote both of those books kind of at the same time, one right after the other, as soon as I got out of the hospital. And, um, I, a friend of mine, who’s a retired physician lives in Baltimore.

I asked him to write the forward. For the book of context and he did, and he loved it and said nice things. But then he spent an hour trying to convince me to change the name of the book. And he said, you know, I, if you’d written the book of joy or the book of love or something, we’d understand it. But the book of context and I waited patiently till he was all done.

And I looked at him and I said, The name is not negotiable. It’s like, it’s not negotiable too. And he laughed and got it. But anyway, so that was the end. And the third day I was back at the door and this time I was excited, I was buzzing. I was repeating over and over again in my mind, the framework of context and all of the things that I’d seen and just, I was excited and that.

The third conversation on the third day was just one question. Uh, he looked at me and he said, are you sure? And I almost hyperventilated again. I thought on my shirt. Like, what do you mean? Am I sure my stupid, my biting off more than I can chew? Like, like what am I sure. So we talked about it from every possible angle and finally said I I’m I’m sure.

And okay. So nothing was said, but that conversation ended with a finality that I knew we were done and.

Um, I was in, uh, after they had restarted my heart. I was in a coma for probably 17 days. So assuming that was the first three, um, a couple of weeks later, I came out of the coma and remembering everything that I just told you is clear as the sunshine and Phoenix, where I used to live. And, uh, th that was the.

The substance of the experience. And so I wrote a couple books, meeting God at the door, conversations, choices, and commitments of a near-death experience and the companion book, the book of context, which talks about how to stop settling for crumbs.

[00:31:40] Jeremiah: So through. This experience and what you have learned from it, what would you say to someone who feels lost and trying to find their way or find their purpose? Like third divine calling, I

[00:31:58] Kellan: guess? Well, so what I know about my life is that there were many, many times I felt called and pulled to do different things and.

Ignored it or made up reasons why it’s too hard or I can’t do it right now, or it’s not the right time or I could never do that or no, I’m supposed to, a lot of supposed is right. And the advice I would give is, look, we all have to eat and have, you know, an apartment or house and take care of whoever we’re supposed to take care of.

Those things are universal. Every single person has to have some of that.

The yearnings that you feel come from the divine energy spirit that you are. And they are usually whispers. I ignored them for a long time and I had to learn to listen.

And so I don’t know advice, but here’s what I know. No matter where you are, no matter what has come before, no matter what has happened to you before this moment, it’s never too late to make a difference and to have a big impact. I also know that acting doing something is the fastest way to find that, uh, the expression of your divine gifts and to feel into those things.

That you are called to do clarity by itself. People say, wow, I’m not clear. Clarity is overrated. It is not found it is created. Yeah. That rhymes. And I made it to one of the members because some people act like, you know, I’m going to go on a safari and I’m going to dig it up in the yard. And if I just could find that clarity, then I could go do something.

I don’t know anybody that found it like that. Everybody, including me that knows what to do, found it by doing what’s in front of them. Do, and then listening, develop your skill to listen, learn to meditate, learn to be still with yourself. Like there is a, there is another part of things that we can’t see that communication from that plane or realm is almost always quiet.

And still and can, is easily drowned out by noise. I think the only reason I had that experience in 2007 is because I was thick and I needed a couple of two by four. Okay. And I I’d failed at relationships. And so, you know, God finally said yet, you don’t get to choose that one. I mean, I can’t think of it and okay.

And all of that’s true. I was really bad at it. I attracted broken people. I was a broken person. I hadn’t done terribly. So Hey, that one was just right. Even though it scared the crap out of me and her and everything else. So the advice learn to be still like I can’t push a button and make a million dollars to solve problems or get rid of some other person’s behavior.

The thing I can control is my connection to the divine. And I use the meditation to start that practice. Go ahead.

[00:35:41] Jeremiah: Uh, I was just going to say, yeah, I think a lot of people waste energy and time on trying to make things happen instead of just going with the flow. So to speak. Like, it always feels like things come easier when you just.

Let it happen the way it’s supposed to happen instead of trying to force something or, uh, push towards something. That’s I don’t know how else to describe it, but like, if I would try to do something and it just. Everything falls in place, then I know that’s what I’m supposed to do, but if it’s a ton of resistance, then I have to think about like, is that, is there a reason that it’s not coming naturally so to speak?

[00:36:33] Kellan: I used to have a real struggle with something. I now call MST manner size and time. I had a view in my mind of. Things we’re supposed to be like, you know, successful, supposed to look like this. And I had all these definitions. And as long as I lived with the idea of insisting that things happen in the manner I wanted them to, the size that I wanted and the timing I was always disappointed.

And what I finally figured out is if I look at my playbook for life, What I think is good. My playbook might not anymore, but would have looked most of my life. Like get a good job, make a lot of money, do cool stuff, have cool stuff, be healthy and that’ll be happy. And so all these things, here’s the playbook and all this needs to happen.

If I think about the creator’s playbook for life, for me or you or any of us. The purpose. It seems as for us to learn, to make good choices and to grow and to love and serve each other and to develop different indifferent and sometimes challenging ways. So if you look at those two playbooks, they’re completely different.

And any frustration that I felt was just a discrepancy in the playbook. And when I get done thinking about it, Uh, I finally learned to just throw mine away and just say, all right, I’m in. If it’s hard, that’s fine. If it’s easy, that’s fine. What’s next?

[00:38:22] Jeremiah: Yeah, it almost seems like, um, the divine will kind of help you along if you’re willing to follow it.

[00:38:36] Kellan: 100%. I want to just echo, echo, echo that because there seems to be a rule, like really a rule about the interaction that there’s no coercion, like even when the divine interventions happened, I could have brushed that off and gone and gotten high instead of throwing it away and walking away from all the work, all the money, or I could have freaked out and said, there’s no way I’m talking to this lady.

I can’t do that. I could easily have done that. It wouldn’t have been weird at all. And then those moments and things would have been passed. And so you’re you’re right. It is our choice. That choice never gets violated. It’s our choice to believe to walk into that, to listen, to say, oh, that’s scary. Okay, here we go.

Kind of thing. Yes. It’s. And also, I’ve

[00:39:33] Jeremiah: heard you talk about it, um, on a different show, but, um, I think it’s also important to speak on is the, how people let fear control. Their actions and their life and what they try to do and how fear can really hold you back from doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

[00:39:58] Kellan: Know. I have a funny acronym. I love acronyms, right? It’s wit taught w I T O T. And it stands for what I think others. And there is a degree of fear that we have, that’s all internal, but most of the fear that we have that keeps us from doing things is fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of what somebody is going to think, fear that you know will look bad and that’s all we’re taught.

And so I had a chance to talk to a doctor yesterday day before yesterday. He’s not a client. Um, maybe he but will become on, but we were talking about that very thing. And so I asked him, I said, doctor, you are so infected and I’m using infected because you’re a doctor you’re so infected with, with Todd, it’s eating your lunch.

When are you going to stand up and be who you are? And there was silence for a long time, you know, but it’s a real question for all of us. I’ve done that, you know, we’re afraid because we are, we are so attuned to external approval and validation that we have thrown away the real compass, which is the divine guidance that everyone is entitled to.

If we’ll just tune to the station, Listen up and then have the courage to act.

[00:41:31] Jeremiah: Yes. I definitely believe that. I believe that you can definitely tap into that higher power. If you’re open to receiving whatever cosmic download that they that’s available. So after this whole ordeal, have you. Any different, like, are you more sensitive to things like on a spiritual level or.

Do you feel any different internally or other than, you know what we just talked about?

[00:42:04] Kellan: Yes. All of the above. Uh, and October of that year, I went on a speaking tour and spoke four different times in four weeks. It was a little early. Cause when I get out of the hospital, I’d lost 35 pounds. I couldn’t walk.

And by October I could barely move, but I had written both books because I could sit in a chair and write on the computer. Um, at one of those conferences, uh, Q and a after I talked and one lady said, um, so what’s the biggest change for you because this, you know, happened and did not a weird question, but I just hadn’t thought about it.

And while I was thinking about it, I heard my mouth open and say, I no longer experience fear. So you ask what’s different. I no longer experience fear. And I’ve thought about. A bunch of times and someone asked me more than once. How can that be? Like, what does that mean? And my answer’s not very complicated.

It’s after what I have seen and been through what is there in any context to be afraid. I already died. I already know what’s there. I already know what I’m doing here. I already know why I’m here and what’s going on. Like, I cannot think of anything that there is to fear. So that’s one thing I no longer experience fear.

Another thing that is different for me is when I, when I meet people and visit with them, I see them differently. I have seen things now that make me know who we all are. And so I see people often in their contexts straight jacket, right. And I can see what they’re believing in. What’s holding them where they are.

And I can see that. And I understand that and I can see that it’s actually transparent and flexible, but that they don’t know that the example. I had once I was out walking my dog and Phoenix, we live in Edmonton, Alberta since 2016, but from eight to 16, we lived in Phoenix and I was out walking the dog one morning and I was walking to a corner and it was a hedge and the dog was way down below the hedge and it was a thick hedge, but I could see over it and I could see coming toward the same corner I was from the other street was another lady walking her.

And I knew that in 15 seconds, my dog was going to go crazy and jump up and down and pull and want to go see the other dog. I knew that like I knew the sun was shining, but the dog from his point of view, didn’t know. And I’ve often at that just occurred to me. And it happened just like clockwork and 15 seconds.

He went nuts and everything happened exactly as I knew, but I had seen that. And the event itself, wasn’t very exciting, except my mind sort of expanded to the idea of how a different viewpoint lets you know, things. That can’t be seen. Otherwise that makes sense. It just completely expanded my whole head and just applied to a million things in the universe.

I thought. Wow.

[00:45:39] Jeremiah: Yeah. A lot of people, um, I guess you could say auras, like you can sense auras around people like. Kind of like read them as a bull kind of thing before you actually know them, I guess.

[00:45:56] Kellan: Yeah. We all have, I mean, look, there’s two parts to us. We’ve got a container, the body part physical part, there’s an energetic piece inside.

Call it a spirit, call it whatever you want. And when the body stops functioning, the spirit goes somewhere else. Like we know that’s going to happen and.

Energetic thing. Like we don’t know what it is. We can’t really see it. We can’t measure it, but intuitively our feelings teach us and we know that it is it’s true. And our ability to communicate, to read energy, to feel things, to get downloads, get inspiration and all that stuff that is simply the operation of a set of laws and principles that we just don’t have names and words in inches and miles.

Wavelengths and crap for, and to me, it’s the Supreme arrogance to think that, because I don’t know, it, it can’t exist.

[00:46:50] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. The, uh, like I said, I used to be an atheist and the atheistic viewpoint is kind of like, you know, because I can’t hold and hold it if it’s not there. And I know now that that’s far from the truth,

There’s definitely something on the other side. And we definitely were created with a purpose. And I think some people might never find that out and some people do find it out. And I think people that have these experiences near death experiences and stuff, maybe I’m not quite sure how to. Wrap my head around why we have these experiences, but maybe we have a really important purpose.

And we’re just, I guess the creator doesn’t want us to dive off the deep end, because that’s what I got from my experiences. Hey, it’s not that bad, even though you think it’s that bad and.

[00:48:03] Kellan: So I agree with you. We have a purpose and I absolutely know mine. One of the things I’m absolutely committed to this, I’m committed to helping 10 million people discover, develop, and serve with their divine gifts, who are happy as humans happiest when we’re helping, when we’re serving and we’re doing good at that, intrinsically makes our spirits happy unless we’ve beat ourselves down to the point where we can’t be.

And even then, you know, you can change. And, and change is the fundamental constant, if there is one. And so what, like, I don’t know that I know every one of the reasons I, or anybody else’s here, of course I don’t, I don’t have that playbook, but I know enough to do what’s in front of me and I to live every life every day in excitement and like lifting and encouraging and being as everything I can possibly be with every breath.

[00:49:02] Jeremiah: Yeah, I think there’s something strange about a strange, in a good way. It’s strange that. The most happiness that you can actually achieve is by helping and by doing things for others instead of wanting for yourself. And, uh, a lot of people fall prey because of society and everything. It’s all like me, me, me.

But like the most happiest times I’ve had is when I’m helping other people. Or I see the joy on someone’s face because I gave them something or, you know, a guy at work didn’t have lunch. So I gave him money so he could eat. And that was more powerful than. Buying something that I wanted to play with there or whatever,

[00:49:53] Kellan: isn’t it interesting.

We are built that way. We, we secrete neurotransmitters oxytocin and other things that make us feel good when that happens. Well, the creator had a design there. We are designed to, to learn to love and serve each other. And, you know, we can fight that and we can argue about it and we can call it stupid or we can just live into it and enjoy it.

[00:50:16] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Uh, giving and stuff will make your life more fulfilled for sure. So, um, I’ll let you plug any of your books or your, uh, I think you have said you had a podcast. If you want to plug your stuff and then I’ll put it in the show notes as well.

[00:50:38] Kellan: You know what, my only goal. I mean, I’m a coach. My work is to help people realize who they really are and then to create from that place.

Because when you live into your divine origin and your divine gifts, you can create anything you want. You can build a business, you can make more money, you can fix relationships, you can do all those things. So I never looked for clients. If you want to read about these experiences, one of the benefits of having a weird name, Kaelyn Flueckiger is really easy to find.

So if you put it in and put my name in on Amazon, you, you do have to spell it, right. But if you put my name in, on Amazon there’s books, there’s music. If you look me up on Google, there’s all kinds of. Also from my old executive days, but you know, my, my YouTube channel, my website, I, my goal is to lift and bless people.

The podcasts name is your ultimate life, your ultimate life. And if that will serve you, it’s a 15 minute daily podcast. Please listen and, and listen with the idea of being lifted and blessed and encouraged to develop your own talents and go do that.

[00:51:52] Jeremiah: All right. I will make sure to put all that in the show notes so people can easily find it and put your name down there so people can easily spell it

[00:52:02] Kellan: out.

Well, there’s only two Kellen flu. Kegers in the world out of 8 billion people. And the other one is my son. So nobody can tell me, I can’t find you unless you’re spelling my name wrong. If you’re spelling it right. I can’t hide.

[00:52:20] Jeremiah: All right. Well, thank you for being on the show and sharing your experience.

Definitely, um, is something I am interested in and love hearing other people’s perspective and stories, and definitely trying to help other people make it through this crazy life that we, uh, chose to do.

[00:52:42] Kellan: If there’s anything I could leave, it would be two things, one acknowledgement, and. Honor for you for putting your time and effort and energy to lift and bless people.

A phrase I use is add good to the world and I love what you’re doing. And it would be a final note of encouragement to anyone that listens to your podcast like quitting and giving up and being discouraged and yelling at the world or God or whoever that’s always available to us. You can always quit, but nobody writes those stories.

Your heart will not be satisfied with. Your soul yearns for more, because you are more, you want more, you were born to more and whatever you have to do to continue to do good, add good, be good, serve, love, lift. Those are the emotions and energies that build and create and will ultimately triumph in every.

[00:53:43] Jeremiah: That was fantastic. So thank you for coming on again, and, um, we’ll have to hopefully get people to look at your books and, and get something from this podcast so they can have a better, more fulfilled life. Thank you.

[00:54:04] Kellan: Thank you for.

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We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

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We are not Alone


[00:00:00] April: Yeah, nothing happened. Yes. Welcome back. Hello and welcome to power and perspective. I am April. This is Erin and we reframe conversations, including those about technical difficulties with empathy and humor. Remember that empathy, empathy, and humor. Uh, today we’re talking about Ailey Yens, um, with Jeremiah.

Welcome Jeremiah. Thank you for joining us officially this time.

Do you remember? Jeremiah is our resident alien expert. Uh, and as, as we do first, we’re going to share our perspectives, um, by alien perspective, my perspective as an alien or on aliens,

[00:00:44] Aaron: I mean, you are dressing already terrestrial who is the little bit extra.

[00:00:50] April: Oh my gosh. That should be a.

[00:00:54] Aaron: No. I mean, I wouldn’t know.

I haven’t

[00:00:56] Jeremiah: seen him make a shirt

[00:00:58] April: like that. Right. I’m a terrestrial. Oh, that’s a little bit extra O M G. This has to have.

[00:01:05] Aaron: Okay.

[00:01:09] April: So, uh, I would say my perspective on aliens is. Uh, I teach science as you all know. So I’m clearly an expert on all things, and there are a lot of stars out there. And if every star is a sun with the capability of possibly having an earth, statistically, I would say, oh, look, there’s a

[00:01:30] Jeremiah: cat.

[00:01:33] April: Okay.

Statistically, I would say that there has to be other life, right there really has to be another. That’s that’s, this is the extent of my knowledge of aliens. Uh, I also think like conspiracy theory wise, people can’t keep secrets. So if there was actual proof, when we, like, we would know it, somebody commented on Facebook that, that the government has already said there is extra terrestrial life, but I don’t, I must have missed that tweet.

I don’t know.

[00:02:03] Jeremiah: I think that government recently said that they acknowledge UFO’s are real phenomenon. They’re not sure exactly what it is, but they released it during the beginning of the pandemic that they kind of slid it in there with the pandemic stuff and stuff.

[00:02:23] April: We’re going to give you a thousand dollars every, and also BTW aliens are real.

[00:02:28] Jeremiah: That’s exactly how it happened, which

[00:02:30] Aaron: is, I mean, I mean, it could just be a misdirect. So that we’re all, we’re all talking about that now, instead of talking about anything pertinent. Cause I mean, I mean just the nature of a UFO, right. It’s an identified. So it could still also be anything.

[00:02:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. But they definitely said that yes, there is something going on with UFO’s but yeah, it was kind of like slipped in there and no one really paid that much attention.


[00:03:04] April: I clearly didn’t. I was busy collecting my checks.

I’m straight up ghetto with my giant nondescript and collected my check. I’m a teacher. You think I don’t pay taxes. C’mon like half my y’all get half of my paycheck and

[00:03:25] Aaron: it, it, it it’s, it’s a whole other thing, right? When we’re talking about extra trip, extra terrestrial life being a statistical inevitability.

Like on a fundamental level, right. That there’s nothing special about earth, fundamentally

[00:03:38] April: speeding, nothing special. Just that there’s so many stars that could there, like statistically there were, I would imagine half to be.

[00:03:47] Aaron: That’s what I’m saying. Yeah. There’s nothing special about earth. Yeah. That’s what I mean.

[00:03:51] April: It’s but I say, by saying those words, those are hurt. I’m offended. I’m offended as a terrestrial,

[00:03:59] Aaron: sort of the religious argument against.

Helio centrism, Darren, that earth is special. And we have, I mean, I read the only thing I’ve got is I read a lot of scifi and I spent a lot of time thinking about things like the fair paradox, um, which is the paradox between the inevitability of extra trust of your life. And the fact that we’ve had no interactions with.

[00:04:30] April: Uh, well, we don’t know if we’ve had interactions. Yeah. Us

[00:04:34] Aaron: as a society. We don’t know, like, as, as, as humans don’t know, not any one person does know. And you don’t know, but we, as a collective don’t know, or haven’t

[00:04:47] April: had, we’re fairly young, we’re fairly young species as species go.

[00:04:55] Aaron: Yeah, theoretically. I mean, I have no, I have no real context other than looking at him sensor monkeys or I

[00:05:02] April: wasn’t there.

Uh, and Katie says we’re all special

[00:05:08] Aaron: and that’s one of the, one of the resolutions to the Fermi paradox is that earth is an early bloomer so that we, maybe we are the first civilization to have,

[00:05:20] April: uh,

[00:05:24] Aaron: And maybe we are yet to find or something like that has happened, but it doesn’t address it. Doesn’t address what we’ve seen here on earth.

Right? Like if we’ve had close encounters or if there were a UFO. Yeah. I think

[00:05:37] April: that’s a good point though. I never thought of that. That we could be the newest, I never thought of that.

[00:05:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. A lot of scientists like to say we’re like the caveman of the universe, but what if it’s the opposite? What if we did space flight first, then other planets or primitive.


[00:06:01] April: We always like to think we’re the dominant. Well, not, we don’t like to think that, but that’s, what’s portrayed right? That the

[00:06:06] Aaron: science is humble.

[00:06:09] April: Yeah. They, we portrayed, like they always make those memes too. Like the aliens drove by and said, oh, don’t stop in that bad neighborhood. I’m hilarious.

Yeah. So that’s a good point. W what are the

[00:06:25] Aaron: thoughts about interaction with humanity, Jeremiah, that you have, do you, do you believe in, uh, close encounters on earth and that we’ve had interactions? Okay.

[00:06:33] April: We haven’t even asked what his beliefs on aliens are.

[00:06:37] Aaron: I’ll step back from the beginning ceremony.

[00:06:41] Jeremiah: Yeah.

So I started getting into like conspiracies and stuff. Um, after I had a near-death experience back in like, oh nine, I think it was. And obviously one of the first things you go to is like aliens and UFO’s and stuff like that. And I just went down the rabbit hole, so to speak. W looked at and researched a whole bunch of stuff.

And even before that, I’ve been, uh, into like the show X-Files and unsolved mysteries was a big thing back in the day. And they had specials about, um, aliens and UFO’s, so I’ve always had an interest for it. Um, now my views of it have changed over time. And like what they are and what is going on has changed.

So I guess we can get into that if you want to. But as of now, I personally believe that they are not so much extra terrestrial, but they’re like interdimensional and. They don’t actually come from other planets, but they come from some type of parallel universe or some other dimension or something. And a lot of their behavior is very, um, matches that theory to me personally, like the fact that they can, their craft moves in ways that our modern craft would never be able to do the fact that they can pull people out of the.

Houses or rooms through the walls and stuff like that. And the missing time that people talk about and stuff like that, it just makes more sense to me after doing all the research that they’re actually not from like outer space, so to speak, but more from a parallel dimension. And they found a way to.

Rip through the fabric and like enter our world and leave our world at will is my guess.

[00:08:59] April: So I have which probably an ignorant question, because I know just enough to be that dumb. So I had, I have to find him a piece of paper. So we had, I had an astronomer come and talk to my class and he talked about, for example, Black holes and things like that.

I can’t even keep a piece of paper in my hand. He talked about black holes and things like that and how it was just like a bend in space and time, like, like this is universe and like that’s the universe on black hole, like the universal on drugs, but that’s the universe on black hole. Um, like, so it makes sense that.

Even if it is from another place, but it’s not only from another place and time. Right. That makes so much sense.

[00:09:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. It could be that too. Um, I don’t discount any theory, but my personal belief is that there, there from a parallel dimension is my guess. Um, some people like to take that theory. On the religious side and say like they’re demons or whatever.

And then there’s other people that just think they’re like from another galaxy in another parallel universe or something. And then there are other people that think that they’re time travelers from the future that are coming back to do tests on us and stuff like that. But I don’t know what I believe as far as all that.

I just have a feeling. It just explains a lot to me that their spacecraft can just blink out in a second and how fast they go. And I’ve heard accounts of people getting abducted from their bedrooms and the aliens or the grays as most of them are called. Um, just carry them out of their room, like through the wall and up into the spaceship.

It makes more sense than like a physical, like worldly being to me personally. So

[00:11:18] April: like, this is so I love when science right. Crosses what we consider. Quote unquote, woo. I don’t like that word, but when we cross the science, like astronomy talks all the time about, uh, Ben Ben’s in time and time. Not being a real thing and that we have constructed.

So this time thing is super interesting and like them being matter from a different time, like if your matter from a different time, you may not, your now physical being may not resemble what you was symbol in real time. Right.

[00:11:58] Jeremiah: It’s possible. Um, it’s really hard to say. I just know that there’s countless accounts of people saying they’ve got abducted and they were like on a road and their power stopped and they get abducted.

And then it’s three hours later and they come to, and they don’t know what happened the last three hours of their life. And it would make sense to me. That if they get sucked into a different dimension or something like that, it would account for all that time that was missing. But the time on earth might be a few seconds, but on the other parallel universe or whatever, it might be like three hours long.


[00:12:50] April: That makes sense. Eight. Aaron, are you thinking anything you were having your facial things

[00:12:54] Aaron: happen, settled down there? Um, well, so I’m thinking, I’m thinking about it in the context of like the, and it’s a little bit of a stretch of like the multiuniverse theory, right? Like thinking about the possibility of alternate human development, um, in, in the way that you’re talking about it being another dimension, like if there’s another dimension where humans.

Technology and an alternative alternative way. And that might be part of what we’re experiencing in those situations. I’m just thinking a lot.

[00:13:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause like you have, you have a lot of top scientists like Michio Kaku and um, there some others, I can’t think of their name off the top of my head, but a lot of top scientists that are way smarter than me, um, believe that there are. You know, Malter mult multiple, um, universes that parallel ours. So like I, whatever job I do here in the other universe, I might be doing something completely, completely different.

So, and who’s to say it’s even humans from another universe, they could be something else. And that’s another thing that I’ve found through my research. The typical graze, the typical aliens that people think of that like three foot tall, big guys, like little to no mouth type of a alien. I don’t really think that they are completely biological.

I think that they might be mechanical in nature or some kind of like Androids that are. To perform tasks. Um, now whether it’s from outer space or my theory of another dimension, I’m not a hundred percent sure, but it’s just, uh, something I’ve really thought about and kind of buy into is that they’re not actually biological entities, that they’re more of like a Android.

Drone type of thing that’s sent to perform these abductions and cattle mutilations and all this other stuff that’s going on. So

[00:15:21] April: that’s so interesting. We always think, because we’re so focused on like what we are ready, experienced, and, uh, caught. I was thinking of a word. For example, this is just mildly related.

So I’m teaching the kids this week about personification, right? Where we put this is an educational podcast as well, profound personification, where you put human characteristics on inanimate objects and even on animals. And we do that so much as humans because we assume everything is like us, right?

We’re like, oh, the dog is sad because he looks like this. When people are sad, they look like that. So that must be, you know, when dogs are sad, they look like that. So we put so much of what we know on to other things, and it makes more sense that we do that for alien life or extra terrestrial life as well.

Whereas it might not be the case. Um, yeah, I’m so much thinking Aaron’s space thinks more. My mouth thinks more,

[00:16:21] Jeremiah: um, Um, the problem we have with our human condition is that we like to view everything through our personal lens. And it’s hard for people to think outside of the box and accept things that might not fall in line with, you know, what our view of the world and everything is.

So I like to try to think outside of the box and try. Think of other ways that it might be, um, that things might be so, you know, most people think aliens just come from outer space where I’m like, well, what if they’re not from outer space? What if they’re from a parallel dimension or universe or something?

I just think we do ourselves, but disservice by just falling in line with our like view of the world as humans. Instead of, you know, things might not be as they are. Like to our knowledge,

[00:17:31] Aaron: what I mean, it’s all the time it’s co it’s coming. It’s common everywhere. I mean, it’s the way, and it makes me wonder if, if the other beings don’t have a similar construct, right?

Maybe that’s why they’re here. Um, is that when you perceive things like all you have, the only information you have is what, you know. So you even put that on to other people, you meet, you assume everybody kind of understands what you’ve been through and is in a similar place that you are when nothing could be further from the.

So it, it, it makes me curious. Like, if, if that’s, what, if that’s what that’s about, if that’s why those contacts are happening, trying to expand knowledge outside of the limited scope that they might have in their, in their current environments,

[00:18:17] Jeremiah: it’s possible. I’m, uh, I’m still intrigued by the whole abduction phenomenon and.

All the cattle mutilations and stuff like that, that many researchers have documented. Um, like what is their grand purpose of these abductions if they are really happening? Um, if they seem to be a lot of the abductions seem to be, um, geared towards like, um, reproduction and sexual, uh, nature, not in the sense of.

Um, they’re trying to make a porn or something, but like sexuality as in your private parts and your reproduction, uh, how it works and all that stuff. So yeah, a lot of abduction stories and people that have said they have been abducted, whether it’s true or not, I’m just going by, based on what they say.

Um, a lot of it has to do. Them trying to create some type of hybrid, uh, alien being. And a lot of it is like humans, intermingling with the aliens and creating like half half-breed children and stuff like that. It’s just very interesting to me if it’s really happening. Like, I’m not sure if it is or not.

[00:19:49] April: Yeah, Katie asks, have you met someone who, who you believe has been abducted? Have you ever met anyone?

[00:19:56] Jeremiah: Um, not personally. I just listened to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of books. So, um, just from other things I’ve heard, um, I used to listen to coast to coast am it’s, uh, like I guess conspiracy type radio.

And a lot of their stuff was about aliens and abductions. And so hearing the people from the call in section of the show and the guests that they had on just soaking in everything that was said, just really peaks my interest because I’m like, if this is really happening, what’s the end goal. Like what is their end goal?

Like. Eventually going to wipe us out and put this new hybrid race in or, um, are they just curious, like, it’s, it kind of makes you wonder if it’s really happening, what their purpose our bowl is.

[00:21:02] Aaron: Well, as a, as an absolute Sinek, I’ll bring in my absolute central point here is that, um, and, and this may be limited, but, uh, survival is, is an economic game essentially.

And we explore in order to better sustain ourselves. Um, and historically speaking is led to war and all kinds of awful things. But if you were to. Find a new species that you wanted to eradicate determining its reproductive habits would probably be a good starting point.

[00:21:39] Jeremiah: True.

[00:21:42] Aaron: Yeah. True. If they need an R if they, if they came here initially, because they needed resources that they, they don’t have available to them

[00:21:51] Jeremiah: now there’s theories.

There’s theories that, um, they. Are here because they can no longer reproduce something happened in their evolutionary, um, journey or whatever. So now they’re trying to find ways to reproduce, to replenish their own population. Um, then there’s other theories where they’re planning to populate the earth with these hybrid beings and wipe out the.

Like quote unquote, normal humans. That’s another theory. Um, there’s a ton of theories with aliens out there. Cause obviously we don’t know the true answer. Um,

[00:22:39] April: do you think aliens are already on earth?

[00:22:42] Jeremiah: Um, yes I do. Um, if they are. I never want to say for a hundred percent certainty, that things are real.

Yeah. I haven’t met one until I meet one.

[00:22:54] April: You don’t know if

[00:22:55] Jeremiah: you’ve met one? True. I might’ve, I might’ve met a hybrid one. I have met some weird people in my life,

[00:23:03] April: but

[00:23:05] Jeremiah: while there’s, you know, there’s stories of underground bases that how’s aliens like in Dulce, New Mexico. And supposedly our government is working with aliens down in that base and, um, stuff like that. So I don’t know, but I know that during war time, it seems that there was a ton of UFO activity during war time.

Like, um, When we dropped the bomb in Hiroshima and during the Nazi regime and different points of history with war, there seems to be a heightened, um, UFO activity. And some people think that they’re trying to manipulate the outcomes of wars and, and, or stop something worse from happening. So there’s a lot of UFO activity around like nuclear reactors and other, um, military installations.

And, you know, is, is it actual like aliens UFO’s or are they secret military vehicles or something? I don’t know, but it’s definitely been written about undocumented about that. Heighten UFO activity during times of war and different things that might shape our future differently. So some people theorize, the aliens are trying to contain us from annihilating ourselves.

And so

[00:24:52] April: I think if you look statistically at human thought though, like we always go to the negative. We always think apocalyptic time. So it’s like, we’re all gonna shoot each other there. I always say this. There’s no stories about. Crap. There’s another species against us. Let’s all bond together and do each other, like there’s no stories of that.

We always go to the negative. So it doesn’t mean it’s the case

[00:25:18] Aaron: and speaking to their motives, I is there, is there like in the community, is there a significant amount of, of people who believe that there are, uh, altruistic motive? Um, like you said, like preventing escalation to the point of eradicating human life, do they believe that there are altruistic motives?

[00:25:40] Jeremiah: Uh, for sure. There’s well, they’re on there’s people on both sides of the spectrum. There’s people that think that, um, Space aliens or whatever, um, are gonna end up saving humanity, um, by bringing us, you know, enlightenment and whatever technologies they have, but then there’s other, the other side that thinks that they’re going to wipe us all out eventually and, um, use the earth for other gains or that, um, There’s another one that we’re basically on an ant farm on earth, and they’re pretty much just using us as a SIM game type of thing.

And they’re just doing enough to keep us in line, but not enough to stop us from doing stupid stuff.

[00:26:38] April: So there’s definitely like what if we. The bacteria have a giant gut, right? Because our bacteria has its own Viome and it’s good. It’s like chugging along doing live. Right. What if we’re just gut biome of a giant there’s

[00:26:56] Aaron: potentially supportive of religious narratives.

Um, no, no, no. To, for it to be other potentially altruistic beings who are performing tests, if that’s how we were created, if we were created in that instance, it would be a check-in right. We’d be doing preventative maintenance for the lack of given way to put it.

[00:27:20] April: That’s an interesting duck. It also goes with what Monique said about animals, having the same thoughts when they’re captured, like from a Marine environment.

That has never been discovered before. And we capture the animal and we do tests on the animal. Like, do these animals have thoughts like this, but we kind of know more about their neurological capabilities from what we know. They don’t have the neurological capabilities, but heck what do we know? That’s what, that’s another shirt.

Heck what do we know?

[00:27:49] Jeremiah: Well, if you go to the religious side and throw religion in it, then there’s a group of people who think that. The aliens are actually like fallen angels or demons of some sort, and that they have quote unquote rule over the earth until God comes back. And then there’s that final battle of Armageddon and, um, things get settled.

So there is a religious aspect to it as well. Um, That these gray aliens are actually like some type of demons are fallen angels and they’re performing these tests on humans because they cannot reproduce or anything like that because they’re cast out of heaven or whatever. And they’re using us to try to make beings since they can’t create lifelike God that, um, They’re trying to use us to create life, but it seems to fail because a lot of stories I’ve heard through like just random people talking about their abductions, they’ve been shown, um, like hybrid babies that are like sick or dying or are already dead.

And, um, so it’s just another theory. Like no one knows for sure.

[00:29:23] April: Interesting. You would think if it wasn’t real though, right? Like that people would have different people would have different experiences, right? Like very different experience. It’s because there’s so many similarities and less, those people are like alien type people who do a lot of research before their abduction.

But if we have a lot of similarities of people who. They have not done this research have not been exposed to this information, although it’s difficult to determine that, especially on a wide scale, then there’s gotta be something to it. Even if it’s not the something we think there should, there’s probably something to it.

Uh, Jacob is very insistent upon knowing where you research your theories. I think it’s the second time he asked, where do you read?

[00:30:13] Jeremiah: Um, all my research is basically from like books on the topic. And a lot of podcasts, I listen to podcasts like all the time. So a lot of it’s from like coast to coast am, or, um, various, you know, fringe podcasts and stuff like that, because that’s basically where you find this stuff.

It’s not something you find on mainstream media because they don’t want to acknowledge any of this. Um, yeah, most of it’s from like that and just articles online and, um, hearing people’s testimonials on like call-in shows and, uh, a bunch of books that I have on the topic. And like I said, I’m not a hundred percent sure of anything, but I’m about me personally, about 90%.

Sure. That they are not from outer space, that they’re from a parallel dimension or universe. That’s just my personal belief from years of looking into this. So

[00:31:24] April: interesting.

[00:31:26] Aaron: So would there be in, in, in your opinion, do you think there would be a fundamental difference in interpreting their behavior if they are from a parallel dimension, as opposed to, uh, an interstellar being.

[00:31:41] Jeremiah: Um, probably cause right now you’re thinking about, or not you personally, but as a collective right now, you’re thinking about what planet are they from? Uh, where are they coming from? Can I beam a message out into space and get a message in return? Um, I think SETI has been doing that for quite some time.

Just blasting. Radio signals out in the space and hoping to get a response, but what if that’s a waste of time and money and resource? What if it’s better to find a way to rip the fabric of space-time and go to the alternate dimension or universe or whatever. Um, and I believe they’re trying to do something in certain.

To open some type of portal or something, but it’s a completely different, um, topic and show, but, um, yeah, just think if you waste all your time and energy and effort into looking into outer space, um, you might miss something that could be in a completely different direction.

[00:32:59] April: That sounds, I felt that statement like that.

That is like human. Human this at its core, you’re looking somewhere else. You missed something

[00:33:11] Jeremiah: like it’s totally my personal belief and my feeling. But, um, with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos or whatever, spending millions or billions of dollars on flights out to Mars or whatever, why. Why don’t they use that money on things that we need here on earth?

Like why blow all that money on that? Getting to Mars or whatever. We have some, we have so many issues here that we can deal with and resolve with that type of money. But that’s just my, my little soap box that I I’m like. You’re wasting billions

[00:33:53] April: of dollars.

That the astronomer who came and spoke to my class, he was very up in arms about how much we spend on the Superbowl, which he’s like, it’s like $2 billion or something and they can get, they hardly get any funding for NASA to like, do these, this space for you to search or whatever. Um, just as a side note on how.

Sure primers.

[00:34:24] Jeremiah: Okay. Uh, yeah, I think the aliens got you

[00:34:31] Aaron: there.

[00:34:31] April: They’re in your waiting room.

Uh, Jordan aliens.

[00:34:38] Aaron: Well, I mean, it’s worth stating not to defend the Superbowl, but if, I mean, we’ve all met humans. If we weren’t all entertained, we’d probably be around. Like those are the two options. Sure. So I think it might be money well spent.

[00:34:55] Jeremiah: Yeah. If we don’t have entertainment, then it would be chaos. Probably it’s the same thing with the, the Romans through the gladiator games to keep the population quelled or whatever.

[00:35:11] April: As to why would the government high let’s see the government knows about this, that there’s aliens, whether they come from a different planet or a different time, what, why would the government hide it?

What’s the purpose behind hiding it?

[00:35:25] Jeremiah: Um, from what I’ve noticed is that they. Well, there’s different thoughts on it. It could be, they don’t want to create mass panic. It could be, they don’t want us to know that they have access to, um, other life forms. Because I mean, if you really honestly think about it, if they came out tomorrow and said, Hey, we’ve got aliens here and brought one out on stage.

Me personally would think that there would be like a huge chaos and collapse because like your religions of the world would crumble because people will be like, well, what the heck? And, um, you know, cause it’s not supposed to be. And I just think it would create so much problems if we actually knew a hundred percent, if there was a.

For real.

[00:36:30] April: So I now have, I literally just discovered this about myself. That’s how not religious I am is that I didn’t even think of religion and Monique. And you said that at the same time in the chat, they’re talking about people’s religions and core beliefs would be rock didn’t even cross my mind.

That’s how, you know, if you’re religious

[00:36:49] Jeremiah: and like you’ve heard like you, and I’m saying you as a collective, like people who aren’t religious. They don’t really feel like that would be an issue, but like you have some devout religious people that would, their world would be shattered if aliens trotted out on stage and was like, Hey, I’m here.

You know what I mean? Because there’s literally people that think that, um, there is, we’re the only life in the universe and the earth is flat and there was no, you know, so. Yeah, I a hundred percent think that, um, there would be complete, complete destruction in some way, if, uh, they came out and said a hundred percent error, irrefutable.

Well, I just,

[00:37:44] Aaron: I don’t like being in a position to, to make this defense, but, um, religious thought and religious belief is very, very dynamic. Right. So when, and, uh, just like before, when we were talking about like the end of geo centrism, right? Um, geo centrism is a huge. Thing when it comes to earth being special and God’s relationship with humans and all that.

And we have irrefutable proof that nothing short the moon revolves around the earth. Right. Um, they survived it. They would, there would be sex that would probably rise up against it. There would be a lot of talk and definitely now on the internet, but I don’t think it would fundamentally change anything.

I think a lot of people would adapt relatively easily. But, I mean, like they

[00:38:33] April: put it in there and be like, oh, this is the part we didn’t know. Right.

[00:38:38] Aaron: I

[00:38:38] Jeremiah: mean, I mean, it’s just my speculation. It could be,

[00:38:44] April: oh, you’re right. That’s probably, that is probably why. Cause it’s, it’s not you. Weren’t the only one that said it, that I always think multiple people say the same thing.

Like, that’s a thing like people’s, like you said, world would be rock. Somebody has a question or like, That I don’t know what he’s talking about, but also sometimes he trolls, so I’ve got to be careful, but Steven asked, uh, have you listened to any podcasts on January 6th? Does something happen on January 6th that you know of?

[00:39:15] Jeremiah: I wasn’t that the storming of the capital building or whatever.

[00:39:21] April: Oh, was it, uh, how do you know that?

[00:39:28] Aaron: That’s Stephen trolling.

[00:39:29] April: Oh, so he’s trying to say, oh, gotcha. So he’s trying to say that maybe the alien stormed the building. Is that what he’s trying to say?

[00:39:37] Jeremiah: I have no idea what,

[00:39:38] Aaron: well, I mean, it, it, it was, I mean, it’s, it’s easy for it to say that there were a few individuals that were the impetus for that whole situation.

Humans are very easy to manipulate.

[00:39:50] April: Oh, yeah.

[00:39:53] Jeremiah: Now, now you have people who believe that all our elites of the world are really lizard people, um, of very prominent figure. David Ike buys into that, that our elites are lizard people. Um, so I mean, Maybe they are. We don’t know. So, I mean, I don’t personally believe it, but I can’t say people

[00:40:24] April: suck enough on their own.

We don’t need to add lizard people to suck.

[00:40:28] Aaron: We wouldn’t be

[00:40:28] April: surprised. Yeah. But also people sec, but Monique makes a very good point about the toilet paper. She said we saw what happened when people freaked out over just toilet paper. Imagine we had aliens to the Mexican. You’re right. Mooney, Che cliche. I agree, Monique.

[00:40:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. Now we’re having issues with it again, like we didn’t learn the first time and right

[00:40:55] April: now they’re stuck out on boats. Uh, Katie asks a good question. So based on what you’ve heard of all these alien abductions, and if you were abducted or you knew you were about to be abducted, how would you feel.

Based on everything you’ve heard, excited, scared, intrigued, like what would your feelings be?

[00:41:17] Jeremiah: So I would, it’d probably be scary as hell at first. Um, I mean, a lot of the abductions are done, like obviously against your will. A lot of them are done, um, while you’re sleeping or, um, A lot of people get abducted from their cars.

Uh, this is the speculation, but, um, so I’d probably be really scared at first. And then I’d probably be intrigued once the fear, like kind of dissipated because a lot of the times, a lot of people end up saying that their experience and it positively, even though it started off like, Really bad, like being abducted from their room or, um, having tests done to them.

But there are people who said like every time and it seems like a lot of people get abducted multiple times. It’s not just one time. So like this one, there’s a lot of people that are like, yeah, I’ve been getting abducted like four or five times already. So I don’t know if they have like, uh, I don’t know, for lack of better term doctor schedule or they’re like uptime to get your checkup or whatever.

Um, but it seems like there’s certain people that they select, which I have no idea how they go about selecting people, but it seems like once they abducted you they’ll continue abducting. You

[00:42:58] April: has there been any statistical analysis on that? If there’s any commonalities of the people that they tend to abduction.

[00:43:06] Jeremiah: Um, I’m sure there has been, there’s a group called . It’s like the UFO researchers group and I’m sure they have studies done for statistics. I’ve also heard a lot about families being abducted, so like grandma got abducted. Mom got ducted. I got abducted. Seems to be a common thing too, in the abduction world.

So I don’t know if there’s something to that, like family bloodlines or whatever, but it seems to be a common, well, maybe

[00:43:45] April: they are aliens and that’s who they’re studying bloodline passing on.

[00:43:50] Jeremiah: Uh, I can’t tell you that, but there definitely seems to be methods that they go about doing this. Um, a lot of the abductions seem very similar.

Um, there might be slight differences, but a lot of times seem to be quite similar as far as how they go about abducting, you, what they do once you’re aboard the ship, so to speak. And, um, a lot of people talk about getting impregnated or in pregnant. A alien type female and then being abducted again a few years later and being shown their alien hybrid baby and stuff like that.

There seems to be a lot of people that talk about that type of experience. So it’s just very interesting whether I buy into them or not. I, you know, I, I don’t like to close off anybody. Some of them sound really. Wacky far out there, some of them seem very believable. So it’s hard to tell who’s fabricating and who’s being legit legit.

[00:45:07] April: If this happened to you, it’s going to sound wacky, right? Like I would feel crazy. I don’t know if I would even, well, I would tell everyone let’s be real, but,

[00:45:17] Jeremiah: well, there’s a lot of people. There’s a lot of people that say they haven’t come out in years because they’re afraid of the perception of them. And they’re like, I got abducted 15 years ago, but this is the first time I’m talking about it because I was afraid I’d be called a wacko or whatever.

I look at

[00:45:37] April: movies like, uh, there’s movie, I’ve watched two Michele vision clearly, but there’s like movies of even people who have like, even psychic abilities. Right. Uh, they never told anyone because there’ll be perceived as crazy or like, uh, I don’t know, matrix type movies where they can feel something or see something, but you can’t tell.

Cause if it’s against human nature or human construct, then we think it’s insane. Right. And we, it doesn’t have, if it doesn’t have a place in our little box, it doesn’t belong.

[00:46:09] Jeremiah: Yep. Exactly. Like if I got abducted tonight and told people tomorrow, they’d be like, get the hell out of here. You’re right. You’re dumb.

[00:46:19] April: They think you’re dumb. Even if it

[00:46:20] Jeremiah: really did happen, they wouldn’t believe me. No one would believe me.

[00:46:25] April: So do you think, have you, oh, sorry. Okay. Has, do you think you live your actual life any differently based on what you know, and the theories that you have of.

[00:46:40] Jeremiah: Um, not for aliens and UFO’s now I don’t, a lot of people want to be abducted.

I do not. I hope that I never get abducted. Um, I just, I don’t know enough about what their agenda is to want to experience. Because if it’s for something nefarious, I don’t want to be a part of it. So without knowing what their agenda is, I, I hope they never have dunked me, but now watch me tonight. So.

[00:47:21] Aaron: I have to come back. You have to come back on next week. If that happens, we’re real rough. Um, and it’s funny that you said that cause uh, Jacob asked if you’ve ever tried being a duck abducted, isn’t there a highway. Uh, do you know, like in that community, if there’s like a regional bias to that, if people actually congregate in areas with an a, with an intent to be able to.

[00:47:45] Jeremiah: Um, I believe there’s like hot spots, but I don’t think you can actually like in, um, uh, an abduction. Um, I think they’re just kind of random, or maybe not so random, but it’s not something you can like will to happen.

[00:48:04] April: You said there’s families, right. Family lines that it tends to happen. And so that’s that kind of construct.

So location.

[00:48:14] Jeremiah: Yeah, there’s definitely like UFO hotspots. Like in North Carolina here, there’s a mountain Ridge not far away. And they always claim that there’s like UFO lights out there at certain times of the night and certain times of the year. So I haven’t had a chance to go out there to look yet, but it’s on my list of things to do.

See if I can see some lights.

[00:48:39] April: Okay. So I have a question. So when I asked that question, Does this change the way you live? Like you said, not to UFO’s. So were you thinking of something that does change the way you live your day-to-day life? Is it something supernatural?

[00:48:55] Jeremiah: Yeah, my near-death experience in 2009, I think it was

[00:49:01] April: that I was going to come back to that

[00:49:03] Jeremiah: has completely changed how I live my life now.

Uh, I’ve changed completely as a person. Um, I used to get severely depressed. I don’t get severely depressed anymore. I’ll still have my moments, but nothing like before. Um, just my outlook on life is different now after experiencing what I experienced,

[00:49:28] April: this is not a near death experience show. Although coming at you at a podcast soon, um, can you sum up, would you expect.

[00:49:39] Jeremiah: Um, it’s nothing like wild and crazy. It was just the typical dark tunnel with the light at the end of it. And I was floating towards it. And, um, as I was about halfway up, I just got this feeling of like love and warmth and like something I’ll never experienced on earth. Like I can’t even describe the feeling of love and warmth.

Just feeling at peace and not thinking about the world or nothing and, um, no ego and just love and warmth and bright white light that I could stare into. It didn’t hurt my eyes or anything. But, um, and as I got closer, I saw silhouettes of what I would say, a humans. Um, and they were saying like, come you’re okay, it’s fine.

Come to the light or whatever. And I’m just very rear reassuring, very loving. And I just remember yelling out, like, no, I can’t leave. I have stuff left to finish on earth. And I just kept yelling at the light. Like I’m not done yet. I have stuff to do. And after a couple of times a yelling at it at the top of my lungs, like, uh, like I got shot out of a cannon back into my body and.

I woke up gasping for air and it felt like someone was like crushing my heart. So I had my brother who was living with me at the time, rushed me to the hospital and they put me on all these machines, did all these tests ended up saying I was a hundred percent healthy, nothing’s wrong with me. And then for like three days afterwards, my heart just hurt.

Like someone was lightly squeezing it in their Palm. Um, and. But they said I was a hundred percent healthy, no heart attack, no nothing. And I’m no other way to describe like the feeling I felt in the halfway up the tunnel and then like waking up with the heart ache and all that stuff. It was just a crazy experience.

So, um, that was pretty much they experience. And I didn’t know the people at the light at the end of the tunnel, they were just. Very loving, very reassuring. Like it’s okay. You can come on. It’s fine. Like just normal people. So I don’t know. It was weird.

I think you froze.

[00:52:13] Aaron: Oh, there we go. She’s back.

[00:52:16] April: Oh, Lordy, Lordy. Every time we have an episode, I feel like this whole other episode inside of the episode, right? Like, remember when the stateness was Mormon or something. Or no, like somebody had a more, oh no. The, it was the biracial growing up by racial and then her family was Mormon.

That’s what it was. Wow. Yeah. This is crazy in Florida. I do feel like the in Florida part is

[00:52:43] Jeremiah: important. Now the crazy part and the sad part is like, I don’t know what I have left to finish down here. Like. I just got this feeling that I have something more to accomplish. Maybe it’s this podcast. I don’t know.

But, um, it was just the feeling of my mission is not done yet. And I don’t know, ever since I’ve just been different person. So the huddle now.

[00:53:13] Aaron: Well, we, yeah, I think she froze again. Well, I mean, that’s, that’s one of the reasons that we, we do this is to have. Um, and I mean, people we know and, and other people who don’t have experience and don’t have interactions with people like who have had those experiences to open up their mind and to think about things a little bit differently.

So it, I mean, it could be, yeah,

[00:53:40] Jeremiah: I missed, oh, sorry. No,

[00:53:42] April: go ahead. I thought I was still frozen. God,

[00:53:46] Jeremiah: no, I was just going to say. I don’t like the current state of our country and stuff in the fact that everything’s so black and white, there’s no gray area anymore. It’s just, you’re either this or you’re that.

And if you’re that, I don’t like you cause you’re this and vice versa. And I just wish more people would open up to other possibilities. And even if you don’t a hundred percent agree, at least you can have a mutual respect for. Standing up. That’s just me. You can

[00:54:20] April: disagree

[00:54:21] Aaron: with somebody and it doesn’t make either of you a bad person.

[00:54:24] April: And like we’ve established everything is human construct. Like we created these things and these beliefs and these things, there’s so much more out there that we don’t even know. How can you say you have to be this or that? How egotistical? Or like, what do you guys say human centric? Or like, you guys say science words, but anyway, it’s like, Then you have to fit into these things.

Like it doesn’t make any sense. Also I’m starting a go-fund me support April’s internet connection

[00:54:54] Aaron: and also her library. So she can learn science-y words.

[00:55:00] April: Yeah. That too. Oh my gosh. We’re at our end of her time and I feel like we always end on such a high note, like, oh, the guy I’m just like, that just hits everything. Katie said, this is awesome. Stephen totally thinks too, your mission on life is this podcast. So we’re apparently have to keep having you on because we don’t want your life to end

[00:55:20] Jeremiah: cause.

And, um, I am starting my own podcast to do conspiracy stuff. Um, I have a composer doing my intro music now, so I’m just waiting to get that back and, um, and I gotta get my artwork, but I plan to have it up within the next month. And the podcast will be called. What if they’re wrong with the question mark?

[00:55:44] April: Oh my God. I love that. And we will share it 100%. That will be shared. So just tell me and we’ll share it all over our podcasts stuff. Like,

[00:55:54] Aaron: yeah. We’ll make sure it ends up in the description of the, of the videos and stuff. So just the app, please let us know.

[00:56:00] Jeremiah: And I also have a Facebook group that I just started.

It’s called a what if they’re wrong? With the question, mark. And I just started that to posts like conspiracy stuff on there. So if you want to join my Facebook group, go for

[00:56:15] April: it. Yeah. I have to write that one down. What if they’re wrong? They

[00:56:20] Jeremiah: like, they are wrong. What if they’re wrong? There’s an

[00:56:23] Aaron: apostrophe in there.

Shut up.

[00:56:25] April: Shut up. I know, I knew you were going to say that.

[00:56:29] Jeremiah: Well, yeah, I do plan to start my podcast and speak on various. Conspiracy related stuff. That’s awesome. So, um, I’ve dived into a lot of conspiracies over these years, so I, I’m not an expert on any, but I know a lot about a lot.

[00:56:49] April: Yeah. And we’re going to have, uh, more supernatural peeps on, because the group that I met Jeremiah in, there were some other people that were interested in sharing about things like ghosts and stuff.

So stay tuned for that. Um, I’m hoping next week, but y’all know, my life is rough. I was just in Hawaii for 13 days. And so, yeah, I know. And, but I’m on it now, like I’m on it. So, so I’m hoping to

[00:57:15] Aaron: get the, for next week, new job, new life, right.

[00:57:18] April: Oh, yeah, I got a new job too. I think I told you guys that last week, so

[00:57:21] Aaron: there’s, there’s more time.

Um, so to find out what it is, uh, make sure to pay attention to her Facebook, like Sharon’s subscribe, do all the things below, um, get more people involved in the conversations, especially people who don’t have exposure to all these kinds of topics. Um, hopefully bring some enlightenment. Uh, so we’ll work on next week.

We’ll bring you something and, uh, we’ll let you know what it is until then having.

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P’nti Aliens

P'nti Aliens

P’nti Aliens

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P’nti Aliens

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. And thank you for tuning in. We’re going to have a great interview ahead with Sue Walker and the Ponti extraterrestrials and her, um, dealings with the Ponti and what she’s learned from them and what they’ve taught her. So we’re going to get to that in a moment, but first, if you could go rate and review the show, I’d really appreciate.

Also, if you’d like to contact me, you can go to the website, on the contact page, you can send me a message. I will respond in a timely manner. If you’d like to just talk, send me a idea, or if you’d like to be a guest on the show, just reach out to me on there and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

And we’re going to talk with Sue here in a moment and her experience. Don’t forget to check the description where you can find all her work and links to where you can contact her and find out other stuff that might not have been covered during our interview here. So with that, remember question everything and we’ll take it away with Sue now.


Hello, and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. Podcast that wants you to question everything I am joined today by none other than Su Walker, who is in contact with the P’nti extra terrestrial, I guess race,

[00:02:08] Su Walker: you could call it star nation

[00:02:10] Jeremiah: , her and her husband, Reverend Otter. And we’re going to talk today about her experiences dealing with the P’nti race, and what they’ve empowered her with and talk to her about and are trying to express to the masses.

I guess you could say through like social media and stuff like that. So we’re gonna talk with her now. Hello, Sue.

[00:02:36] Su Walker: Hello. Thank you for having me on, I w I hadn’t stumbled across your show, your podcast before, but was delighted to find it. And so what your interests are. We can share to dovetail quite nicely.

Hence, I’ve been looking forward to this again. Thank you so much.

[00:02:58] Jeremiah: Um, I guess we can start with, well, you have quite a background with other things besides this Ponti thing like that. So you’ve worked with three letter agencies to solve crimes and stuff like that. Um, can you just touch on that real quickly?

[00:03:15] Su Walker: Sure. I’ve been a detail clairvoyant and medical intuitive. Now for 31 years, I started working in this area because my friends kicked me in the seat of the pants and said, you’re better than the people we go pay to see why aren’t you doing this for a living? And so my career, this was my sole income is working with, uh, people and, uh, Doing readings for them about either everyday life things or medical details.

When I was in college, I studied to be at a physician and then decided that Western medicine and I, we’re not going to completely get along. And so I diverted from that, but still use the knowledge that I gained, um, to, uh, as a medical intuitive, to look at the human body. Um, I know how the systems work. I know what the cells look like.

I know, uh, how the hormones work within the body. And so all of these things work together with eyesight or sights so that I could picture things, describe them and, um, get detailed information. The three letter agency work that I did was murder and missing person case. Um, I used to, uh, share a ride time with police officers and, and troopers in the state of Iowa, where I lived at the time.

Uh, I would talk to these officers, male and female about trusting their instincts and developing that blue sense skillset as well as working with the FBI and the DCI and, and the CIA. Um, a couple of three letter agencies you probably have not heard about. Just never knew when somebody would call me up and say, we have a missing person.

Um, I remember the night I received a phone call about 20 minutes before sunset, a two year old. Cornfield and they couldn’t find him. So, they called me the deputy called and said, can you look right now? I did. They found him and right, right before dark. So, um, the detail that I’ve been able to get and the, my ability to drop down quickly and easily.

That, that first thing that comes back is what I had been doing when I met, uh, Reverend white odder. He and I started dating. The first time I came to visit him here in New Mexico, I’d been here about 10 days and something really strange happened. Um, and keeping in mind, I’d done ghostbusting and paranormal investigation and haunted houses and cemeteries and channeling work and all of that for decades.

And yet what happened to me when I got here was very different. We were sitting in the living room and it was real close to the fall Equinox. And we were on television and a male voice that I had never heard before clear, loud, and friendly sounding popped into my head and responded to a comment that I had made to Otter.

And clearly was indicating that he was observing what was going on in the room with us. But the strange thing was it, wasn’t your usual spirit because the voice came with a specific directional and distance sense, and it came from a spot across the. 10 miles away from beneath the Sandy a mountain and it made a comment and then it went quiet and I went, is that, and it didn’t say anything more until the next day.

Then I heard if he can, same voice, same intelligence, same calmness, same comment about something we were watching on the news and discuss it. It went silent again. Here I am visiting Otter for the first time ever. I was scared to ask him about it. I thought he think I was not, but the third time I heard it, I finally turned to him and said, Hey, Otter, I got a question for you.

You ever hear a voice coming from the mountain? I keep hearing this guy. And he said, oh God, They’ve been talking ever since I moved into this house in 2009, they talk so much after tune them out. Why? And that was the first time I understood that he could hear the voice of this fellow of the same as I could.

Well, this is New Mexico. It’s the land of Roswell. It’s the land of everything. That’s important. And secret happens underground here. And I thought, what are the odds of what this voice is other than being boast or an ancestor or spirit when it’s not that is this somebody who’s not from here, it wasn’t until November two months went by and we’ve been chatting with this fellow.

I nicknamed him San Diego, because that’s where the voice came from. The Sandia mountain and San DIA in Spanish means watermelon. So when the Spanish explored this area, first, they named the mountain San Diego. And I told Otter that I was going to give the voice from the mountain, a nickname. And then I was just going to call it San Diego.

Cause I didn’t want to keep calling it. The voice from the mountain, Sandia was listening and he piped up immediately and he went Sandia that’ll work. What, and I didn’t understand until when I finally got brave enough to ask him what his real name was and where home was, he said home is the further of the two stars of the binary system.

You call Zeta Reticuli. We reside on the fifth planet there and we call our planet Pantel we are the P’nti my name is TLKM and he spelled it for me T L K M. Our language seldom uses vouls unless they are borrowed. That was the beginning of our sharing of cultural information back and forth.

We purposefully never pressed telecom for technical information. Like how many shifts do you have? What kind of weapons do they have? What’s their power source. We waited for him to bring up those topics. And eventually he did, um, after we’d talked to TLKM for almost a year and now. He entrusted his introduced us to two other P’nti individuals underneath the mountain with him.

And he referred to the facility underneath the Sandia mountain as the Sandia mountain Information Station, he told us it was one of four land-based P’nti managed information stations here on earth. And that there were also four aquatic information stations. Whoa, why are you here? I mean, why are you on earth?

He said, we are cultural explorers. And, he used the phrase that they described themselves as gardeners of intellect. And so they find. sentient nations that have potential and have not quite gotten to the point where they’ve left their own solar system and try and assist those nations in achieving what they call advanced civilization level zero.

Now, Dr. Greer of C5 fame, um, calls it advanced civilization level one, same thing, advanced civilization level zero that by their definition was if a sentience nation provides 100% of its own population with food, clean water, shelter medicine. Thing if necessary education, then they have achieved advanced civilization level zero and are considered, ready to go beyond their own home world to meet their interstellar neighbors and explore if they haven’t gotten there yet, they’re not quite considered ready.

So we’re right on that edge. Um, we do not yet provide all those things for all of our people. And so the star nations that come to earth to assist us as earth, uh, the terrestrial population usually come to help with that process specifically now about 75% of the star nations that come visit earth.

Don’t come to see. They come because of our oceans, we’re a Waterworld and where there’s water there’s life. And we have this huge amount of water on our planet with the aquatic nations, come to explore and exchange information. And so the P’nti have described all manner of aquatic explorers that you and I never see, but they’re here.

There’s multiple alien races, not just the Ponti. According

to him, they’re an information station for interstellar visitors coming to earth to do their cultural work or their exploratory exploratory work. And so if a star nation say from the Orion area came here and needed to know the latest.

Information about earth humans. What’s their technology. Is there a danger? Are they going to shoot at us? Are they friendly? Then they stop at one of the information stations for the latest Intel before they go onto whatever they’re going to be doing or where, whatever facility they have underground. The Ponti tells us that average, you can find somewhere between 75 and 80 separate star nations visiting earth, but about 75% of those are in the oceans.

[00:15:36] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve heard, I’ve heard a lot about coming out of the oceans and big lakes and stuff like that. So it definitely makes sense.

[00:15:46] Su Walker: Sure. So that’s kinda how it started. Um, we’d been talking to TLKM for a year and a half plus. And one of his staff members who is their cultural media collector, um, they observe our media to keep their finger on the pulse of what is the earth human opinion about aliens UFO’s visitations from someplace else because they recognized very early on that Hollywood shaped our opinions.

And so the, their cultural media person told TLKM that earth has something called social media. He came to us and said, we understand you have this thing called social media. Would it be permitted for us to have an account we wish to teach? And that shocked me, but. I said, I don’t see why not, as far as I know, it’s not illegal.

And so I agreed to translate and help them word from their language to ours, some of the more difficult concepts so that earth humans could understand it or so that they could understand earth human slang, the P’nti come having studied earth, but they’re up on our current verbal communication with each other because slang changes so quickly.

And so if I said to you, oh wow, that’s cool. That’s the bomb. You would know that I was impressed by something, but if I said that same thing to a P’nti who’s new to earth they would hear cool and bomb in the same, trying to describe the same thing and not be able to get it. What do you mean a cool bomb? What are we blowing up?

How, how, why is it cool? So we helped them understand the questions posed to them on Twitter, and they helped us understand new concepts that we didn’t have any knowledge of. And they began to share. And the last time I looked there, weren’t 90,000 tweets, but almost something like that. It was a huge number.

Anyway, um, we have about 17 and a half thousand followers on Twitter now. And part of that is because. After we’d been talking to the P’nti and they’d been on social media for a year. They came to us and began to dictate a manual about telepathy because that’s their primary means of communication. And they wanted earth humans to understand that.

What, what would it would feel like? And all of the things that you would experience if you had a telepathic download so that it wouldn’t frighten somebody. If they suddenly woke up with this whole encyclopedia of information in their head, and they had no idea where it came from. So they dictated a telepathy manual.

We published it for free in December of 2017. And within three months we were bummed bar. From all over the world, they translated the telepathy manual into 10 languages inside of 90 days, volunteers did for free. So it was in French and Spanish and Chinese and just all of these major languages. And so we began to get emails, calls, direct messages, and even people flying halfway around the world to knock on our front door and say, I have some questions.

Can I talk to you? And so a lot of these people had questions in common because not only was the telepathy manual about improving your own telepathy, but it also included protocol for contact with them. How do you ask them to come see you? What do you need to do to get a visit? And so all of these people were trying to get visits from the Ponti and some of them quite successfully, we ended up having questions that were not fully explained or answered in the telepathy.

One-on-one primmer. So Otter and I wrote an addendum that we called inviting ET and that book is out and available on Amazon. And it’s all about if you’re by yourself or with a friend at your house in your garage, or if you’re with a group of 150 people out in the national park, if you want to have a CE5 and invite somebody to come see you, what do you need to do?

That’s what the book covers, what started happening next. Became a phenomena that is unparalleled. And that is that these people began to invite the P’nti get visits and look for and save evidence of those visits. And so the evidence that came in started with videos and still photos of graft, and then started doing includes landing sites of swirled grass, or indentations in the soil where tripod landing gear had gone, or it included four fingered fingerprints on the window or the dresser in the dust, or it included soil samples from somebody’s bedsheets.

But the soil didn’t match where they lived on the planet came from somewhere else, usually here, and then. We at the smart idea of app Fante if we could record them on audio now, the Ponti, because they’re a telepathic nation, don’t normally talk, but they do have vocal chords. They just aren’t practiced.

And so they sound a little squeaky sometimes until they can develop their vocal chords. But what we asked them to do was whisper into a microphone. You can whisper without having vocal chords. Can make a lot of mouth sounds without vocal chords. Could blow a raspberry or, or whistle or whatever.

So any mouth sound that you can make that doesn’t involve the vocal chords they can do too. And so now on their website, which is called official first We have three pieces of audio that came from the P’nti. Some of the Twitter followers were asking, how are we going to know if it’s that same body type patient instead of one of the others?

Cause there’s about five of them that get confused with each other. The P’nti are the fellows that have those little button, cartilage noses, instead of just holes for, um, nasal or for nostrils, um, right. Flush with the skin. They actually have a small nose like we do. And so, um, they wanted that the people who were inviting the P’nti to come visit wanted to know how are we going to know for sure it’s them.

So I talked to him and I said, what do you guys want? How about if we come up with a catch phrase so that if you say this phrase they’ll know it’s you let’s keep it simple and radar who’s one of the P’nti and a cut-up said I know wassup, so what’s up became the catch phrase and 11 hours after we decided on that as the identifying phrase, we got our first audio capture of what’s up.

It came across as

on the audio, but you can go to the evidence page on official first contact and listen to it. So right now we’re putting out a request to the P’nti that we would like, um, a video. Camera still photo close up. That that’s our next request. And so that’s what we’re working on now, a number of the Twitter followers or, um, people who have invited the P’nti who have gotten one visit are setting up cameras

that they can do the video capture. And I’m assuming we’ll probably get that between now and I don’t know, probably the end of the year for sure, but I’m hoping sooner. So that’s kind of the gist of, of the P’nti we learned that there sense of humor is marvelous. Just great. And so we were blessed with being able to tease back and forth with them and learn what their sense of humor is like.

And as a very intelligent. Their sense of humor oftentimes will include what we call double and triple entendres say one phrase, and it has multiple meanings and you have to know which one to apply if not all of them. So, um, I feel like I’m babbling asked me more questions.

[00:27:02] Jeremiah: It’s okay. Yeah. It’s a lot of good information and stuff.

A lot of people don’t know about, so it’s good to enlighten. And then, so the P’nti are like a air traffic controller of the, or as you could

[00:27:21] Su Walker: say, kind of like I had an air traffic controller as much as it is tourists, visitor information. So, you know, how, if you go from one state to another, there is always a visitor center.

As you enter into the new state there, the visitor center, it’s more

[00:27:42] Jeremiah: so have they

[00:27:44] Su Walker: been to the world? No, there’s a lot more involved in that’s true, but there’s, there’s four stations on the planet and we asked some way or the other forward and they’ve readily identified the locations of the other three terrestrial locations and the four aquatic stations.

But believe it or not, that doesn’t mean that that’s all of the locations that you’ll find the P’nti here, because there are many underground stations that are interstellar information, internet tellers, uh, facilities, where you can find a half a dozen to a dozen different star nations. Interacting with each other at any one point in time, especially if they’re all doing the same thing.

So if you go to say Mount Shasta in California, it’s an under the mountain facility that is interstellar and you’ll find a number of different ships, star nations the bar in Star Wars, like the bar in Star Wars. Otter said, you remember the, the bar scene in star wars. It’s like, and it’s honestly, that’s not far wrong.


[00:29:05] Jeremiah: yeah. Cause you always hear about the different, they have like a typical gray alien and then the tall gray and then the Mantoid type. And so there’s different, uh, races, like for lack of a better term,

[00:29:23] Su Walker: There’re Feline . Um, amphibian Repterran and reptilian. The difference being that Repterran’s original home of origin was here.

So that, that classifies reptilian, original home of origin could be anywhere else. Um, we’ve met Nagas who are, uh, torso and head that look kind of human but the tail looks like a giant snake. Um, we’ve interacted with, I don’t, I can’t count how many Sasquatch that are also friends of the P’nti and sometimes we’ll go explore other worlds with them because the Sasquatch physique can withstand all kinds of environments.

They’re also members of the galactic Federation. That’s true. And believe it or not, the Sasquatch are considered to be at advanced civilization level zero to one, and we are not. And so they are considered to be a more advanced terrestrial nation than you and I are the P’nti by the way, considered themselves.

That was one of the first things that expressed to us was that we are human too. You are earth human. We are upon tell human. And the funny thing is just this past week, we heard of a leaked source of information and I don’t, when it came out, why we just heard about it, that the DNA testing of the deceased individuals, the Roswell crashes, cause there were two, um, Indicated that DNA indicated a good measure of sharing with us as humans.

So they were afraid of the reaction that the public would have in learning that the little gray guys just like also have human DNA, they thought the public would freak. So that was kept very quiet for a long time.

[00:31:55] Jeremiah: So the P’nti are, are, they the typical gray that everyone talks about, or,

[00:32:06] Su Walker: um, they’re very, very, um, average height is somewhere between four and four and a half feet, large dark eyes with black for very, very dark nictitating lenses that retract.

Just like R as our alligators. And so, oh, they have four fingers that are each section of the finger is about twice as long as ours. So if you measure from the top of your finger to the first joint is about that big it’s twice that big in them, same thing with the second joint, same thing with the third joint.

And so you can look at the length of your fingers and then look at theirs and you’re double yours and you get theirs. They do have fingernails, they do have four toes and toenails. Um, they have peach fuzz on their heads, in their faces. It’s not smooth like the dolphins skin smooth, but it’s close to that with fine, fine hair and their eyes and eyelash.

They also have tiny, tiny, little fine hairs around their eyes for eyelashes. But unless you look close, you miss them. Um, they don’t have quite as many teeth as we do, but they can handle digesting a lot of our food, just, um, they don’t like the super spicy stuff. They don’t do alcohol very well. Um, and they are pescatarian, meaning they will eat some fish, but no birds, uh, no four footed animals, no.

Um, octopus, because they’ve sent it. And so, and no w no citations, no whale, meat, dolphin, meat, nothing like that. So. We exchange with them information about cooking and food preparation techniques. Because again, as cultural explorers, they find our foods and our food preparation to be fascinating. So what else would you like to know?

[00:34:45] Jeremiah: Um, have that’s all very interesting and stuff that I didn’t know. So I love here and that kind of stuff. And cool. Getting a glimpse into other side, I guess you could say and communicated with you at all about. Um, but the whole alien abduction phenomenon is about like why it’s happening?,

[00:35:10] Su Walker: okay. Yes. It varies by star nation.

When the P’nti come to visit you. If they’ve been following your family or have taken an interest in you, would they, or could they portray themselves as something else that they think that you wouldn’t be afraid of? Like, could they have you, um, see them as a great big four foot tall bunny? Yes. We call that a screen memory when they, they do that because when they come to visit us, they have protocols that they have to follow.

Just like any mission team of any kind, whatever their protocols are caused off here, which is why the screen memories do no harm, leave no trace. All right. So when they, what you call an abduction. They might call a wellness check let’s, let’s bring you over here and make sure that you aren’t carrying anything bad and you’re doing okay.

And, and what’s your health wise? Like? And so would they, if you had asked for a visit to the station or on one of their ships, can they drive down and pick you up, pop you onto the ship and you wake up on board having not no memory of how you got there. Yeah. As long as they don’t think that it would freak you out and cause you to panic.

Sure. But again, cause no fear. Um, as a telepathic nation, it’s not difficult for them to take control of what you’re thinking and seeing and feeling. That’s one of the reasons. The a number of people that go out into the forest, where the Sasquatch are suddenly have this huge amount of anxiety and feel like they must get back to their car right now, all the Sasquatch is gone.

You, I don’t want you in my forest and giving you the message perfectly to head back home,

[00:37:43] Jeremiah: the, uh, P’nti are they in cahoots with the government and stuff like that? Cause I’m sure people want to know what are they like are they dealing with our government and stuff like that?

[00:37:58] Su Walker: Our government knows about them and knows that they’re there.

Um, our, our tape from the P’nti is they’re not huge fans. Of governments because they’ve been lied to so much and our military in its treatment of injured or deceased, or, uh, crew members that have crashed from any star nation. Our military is treatment of those individuals who’ve survived. The crash is terrible, just terrible.

We do not treat them like people. Do not treat them fairly. Not treat them ethically. And we abscond with deceased and the living. But do we return the bodies of the deceased to their people? No. So. The P’nti are not necessarily a fan of governmental bodies around the world. And are they working with yeah, they’re kind of doing their own thing.

So do, does the government know about them? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So they’re not helping them. Re-engineer craft

in New Mexico, if it’s important and secret it underground. So here before white men came to this continent, they’re already existed in this part of the world and extensive tunnel system leftover from the last age of man, when the local Pueblo people work here. Before white man came, they were very aware and knew of the extraterrestrials that came and went from the Sandia mountain as well as other places.

And so the Zuni still talk about the P’nti in another nation that always come together to Zuni. Webelos all of the levels talk about different alien nations that came to their right. Um, I was going to get there. Okay. So there are underground here, a lot of facilities and some of them are, uh, Zeta body type and others are definitely not.

And the Pueblo people would be instructed how to interact with them and when, and what to trade. And so. We had a very dear friend who passed away in January, a Zuni elder by the name of Clifford Mahooty , who has been on shows like ancient aliens. But what Clifford told us is that the star nation peoples would explain to them how to go to a certain location in the desert, Southwest, usually in a mountainous area, time’s up a canyon and what to say and what to bring as a gift.

And then they would exchange things with that star nation. Not always see them. Sometimes they would, sometimes they wouldn’t. But, um, I said, well, what, what would they trade? What would they give? What would they get back? He said, well, one of the biggest things they traded with seeds.

And as I thought about. That probably would include animals, seeds, sperm, and egg. If I’m at nation. And I’m trying to see what kind of things were grow here on this planet versus what can I take from this planet and help another planet with that’s what, the kinds of things that the Ponti do. And so I can certainly understand when they tell us that there are some plants and some animals on earth that did not originate here, or that you can find on many worlds.

I said, give me an example. And they said, bamboo, I said, bamboo. They said, you can. You can construct things with it, like housing, you can use it as a fuel source. You can strip it and weave it and create garments and other things. So it has all of the earmarks of a plant that grows easily in an aquatic environment, or most enough environment has multiple uses.

I said, give me another example. I said flax would be one. Soybeans would be one. Coconuts is one. Marijuana would be one. And again, they were looking for, can it be used as a fuel source of food, medical? Oh, something to use for weaving or environmental fabric or fibers. And so hemp meets all of those qualifications.

And can you find it on other worlds apparently. So, so that exchanging of seeds made sense. Yeah, it made sense.

[00:44:19] Jeremiah: Yeah. And, uh, we were at the zoo today, me and my fiance hands, our family and stuff. Were at the zoo and I was just thinking like how weird humans are compared to like all the other animals on the planet.

We have to wear clothes. Have to have houses like it. Like I was just thinking like, it’s so weird how with the natural world, and it makes you wonder if, kind of like planting.

[00:44:51] Su Walker: Well, the P’nti tells us that genetically, we have been majorly tweaked at least 13 times by separate foundations. It’s completely separate periods of time, but that most of the time in their genetic manipulation, if they’ve done a splicing somewhere to significantly alter a species, they’ll sign their work, just like an artist will sign painting.

Okay. And so you can go back to the original splicing and see who did it. You may not be able to tell exactly when, but you might be able to get close to, um, back more than 5,000 years ago, there was a race of elongated skull folks in the area of the middle east, um, Egypt sooner. Tigris Euphrates that area, that star nation, um, began doing genetic manipulation that they were not supposed to do.

And they got caught at it by another group from another area of the galaxy that also have the elongated skulls. Um, this one happened to be doing studies and work down in south America, not Egypt area when the south American elongated skull folks called the elongated skull folks in Egypt on you’re doing you’re, you’re not supposed to do that’s against the law.

That’s against the rules of the Federation. Um, the first group sent, where on earth, what are you going to do about it? And essentially the Federation. Got brought in and they were all kicked off planet for 5,000 years, which is why you don’t still see them, but they were here extensively helping in both of those areas until the fellows over in the Egypt, middle east area, got a little power hungry ingredient, the two groups of elongated skull folks, it ended up battling it out in our skies.

They aren’t the only ones to have battles above us. And you’ve seen paintings from, um, I don’t know, a thousand years ago. Middle-aged that? Yeah. Then the middle ages that indicate battles in the sky between flying shit. When they didn’t have flying ships then, so it clearly had to be somebody else. So when star nations, cause mayhem here, death and destruction, whoever initiated it usually gets kicked out.

We’re considered a protected planet until we get to the point of our own disclosure and deciding whether or not we want to remain protected by the Federation.

[00:48:21] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’re like children of the galaxy or the universe.

[00:48:25] Su Walker: We’re definitely kindergarteners. Yeah. And people with a nuclear button children. So yeah, exactly.

Well, we’ve got a little bit of time left before your hour. What else would you like?

[00:48:44] Jeremiah: Um, what is, is there like a rankings of the P’nti or two who all is based here? Is it all like all of them or is it just a certain team or,

[00:48:56] Su Walker: oh, um, um, um, of the four information stations. Um, usually you’ll have, um, a manager of this information station and the second in command you’ll have, um, people who normally are at the information desk to take questions from interstellar visitors.

Okay. They come in, they ask their questions, they go on about their business. Um, you will have trainers of individuals, uh, who train other staff as to the protocols. And how do you go visit earth humans in their homes? And that’s different on every continent because culturally we’re a little different on every continent.

Um, they do, um, media expert who keeps track of not only our media, but also the slang, the common language, so that the star nations that come visit you in your home. If you respond to them with a slang phrase, they have a better idea of what it needs. Okay. Um, they have instructors for their staff as to, uh, they have an instructor to teach their staff how to download information into you while you sleep so that you wake up in the morning, feeling like somebody filled your head.

Full of an encyclopedia of knowledge and your brain is tired. Um, they have somebody who takes care of their whole fleet. All right. So instead of a mechanic, they call that person a fleet master because while the sh Ponti ships are not constructed piece by piece, they’re extruded through, there’s no space in one piece.

After that process, then UN a nation volunteers. There are several aquatic nations that volunteer to become essentially the consciousness of the ship. So the fleet. Is sentient and conscious. And the person who takes care of the fleet instead of being a mechanic is more like somebody who takes care of a herd of horses.

They all have personalities, they all have names. All have likes and dislikes. Have things that go wrong on a regular basis and things that don’t. And so they have a fleet master as well. Um, they have described to us how to identify their ships. And again, because their ships are extruded.

There are no scenes, no do dads on the outside of the ship, like in 10 iron or weaponry, um, seamless, completely smooth, shiny white or shiny. And so if you see a ship that has no, it was the chances that it’s being piloted by somebody not birth are much higher than if you see say a, a triangular ship that clearly is made with seams and rivets and has other things visible on the outside, which is likely something that we built.

So good question. What else? Yeah. That’s,

[00:53:01] Jeremiah: that’s really interesting. Uh, yeah. And then they have, I heard on the documentary from Dockside media that, um, helped you with like painting or artwork and you were able to draw them and stuff like that.

[00:53:19] Su Walker: Yes. Um, the first time I ever drew one of them, it was. Then basically Tillikum told us that in 1971, they signed a 50 year treaty the earth humans from the heads of various countries, all got together in a desert in the middle east and had what the Ponti referred to as the desert accord.

And in that accord, they agreed to give earth humans five decades to prepare their people for meeting their interests, to neighbors. And that desert treaty that they signed said that they could not provide video or photographs or technology to the everyday old lay-person telecom. They were still under the treaty when I met TLKM and he came to me and specifically said, You know that we can’t do photos or videos or things like that.

And I said, I know he said, but, and this is a big, but there is absolutely nothing in the treaty that prohibits an experience or a contactee from drawing what they experienced. And I said, tell him, I haven’t drawn anybody in 40 years. What are you talking about? He said, I would like you to draw me. And that’s how it started.

That was, it must have been 2016. And so, uh, I have spent the last six, seven years drawing, not only the P’nti but the Sasquatch to cause the two nations. And so we have a lot of squats culture along with P’nti culture, just because the population. An hour north of here, Sasquatch up in the old dormant supervolcano called the Valles caldera.

Um, that population is big and they’ve ventured down this way on occasion. So

did that answer your question?

[00:55:46] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Um, and I do, I’ve looked at your artwork and stuff and it’s great. I like it. Um, I like all the, I like anything like alien and extra terrestrial or whatever. Like I have this, uh, I just bought it. I just bought it, uh, when I was in the mountains, but it sits on the shelf and it’s just a little,

[00:56:14] Su Walker: well, they had me try a lot of things and so.

I will, um, try a rough draft, um, like here’s back of a Sasquatch walking, and I wanted to understand what his musculature underneath the hair was light. When you draw a Sasquatch and I’ve drawn a number of I’m working on finishing up a Yaqui right now. Um, I want to grab that Yaqui that’s up there and bring over.

Yeah. Yeah. My prowl and super ne this guy.

Yep. And so this is my first attempt at a drawing a yellowy.

[00:57:04] Jeremiah: Oh, cool.

[00:57:07] Su Walker: Yeah. Some Sasquatch. I have hair all over their face and you cannot see any. Some have their forehead was sparse hair. And then the longer hair like you and I have longer hair on our heads starts up higher. We have seen Sasquatch with hair that’s so long that they braid or twist the sides of it into like a dreadlock.

Um, you will see them do the same thing with the mains of horses and ponies. They will either braid or twisted. Uh, the, the hair on the body typically, um, comes down and covers up to the, the first knuckle here. And then you might get some sparse hair and the fingers, but the bottoms of the palms, just like our palms are hairless.

And here on the underside of the arm is a little sparkle. Then here up top here. And the same thing goes for the front of the calves is full here, but behind the knee is not so much. So it really depends. Um, some have much longer arms than we do. Others are more comparable to our length. Uh, their strength is enormous.

Their speed at starting from a dead stop to a full tilt. Boogie run is astonishing. And so can you outrun the minute in your car? Yes. But can you out run them in the forest? No. No, not at all. We’re understanding more about Sasquatch art and what kind of art they construct and why they’re considered, uh, stewards of our forest.

And what they do with stone and rock and trees and soil is really astonishing. We are learning about their glyph language and we are learning more about their vocal capabilities because they can make sounds that are so old and powerful that you literally are stopped dead in your tracks, and you cannot move.

Elephants can do that. Tigers can do that. Sasquatch can do that. I didn’t know that until the punty told us and so a lot, and we’re loving the learning curve because it’s fascinating to talk directly to them. In fact, that’s what we honestly recommend. Download the telepathy. One-on-one from her. It’s free.

You got nothing to do. Study it for a hundred days, practice with feedback for a hundred days and then invite them and start learning what you want to learn from them. So if your interest area is music and you want to know about that, ask them about their music. If your interest area is consciousness, then you have a golden opportunity to have conversations about that.

So people all over the world now are inviting the P’nti and other star nations and having conversations that are very different from the ones that are, are, and I have with them and learning a completely different subject matter, which is perfect because we can’t do it all. We don’t want to do it all.

We want other people to have the quality of experience. With our interstellar neighbors that we’ve had, and we want to help them put down their fear of approaching that process and recognizing that these guys are just human too. They’re just shorter with bigger heads than darker eyes, but they’re funny and they’re fun and they’re polite and they’re respectful and they want to learn about us as much as we want to learn about them.

And that’s perfect to me.

[01:01:37] Jeremiah: And last question, um, and then we’ll wrap it up, but have they mentioned anything about, do they have a religion or do they believe in a higher power

[01:01:50] Su Walker: or they do? Um, we asked that early on also they pray, they believe in the all. And the all means everything. Every part of the multi-verse is the, all they refer to the collective consciousness in a kind of a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

They call it the soup. Meaning it’s full of all of these, of people’s consciousness. All stirring around and milling around and doing their thing. And they know that the collective consciousness, or the soup is this vast encyclopedia of amazing information over billions of years. And so, they honor the collective consciousness as very special. They do believe in unconditional love and they do have their own.

Ceremonies where they give thanks for all the things that they have. And so do they have a spirituality? Yes. I wouldn’t say they have a religion, but they are very deeply spiritual people.

[01:03:16] Jeremiah: Yeah. I was just curious about that and I’m sure other people are probably wondering

[01:03:21] Su Walker: about that too. So it’s a natural curiosity

[01:03:24] Jeremiah: because yeah, because I always hear like, well, if alien is created while I’m just saying, like, I’ve heard, like if aliens created us who created them.

So I was just wondering if they touch on that at all.

[01:03:39] Su Walker: They do. They recognize that there are many orders of advanced peoples. I mean, there are some people so advanced that they designed worlds and solar systems. Okay. Somebody’s got to. But who designs them. So I agree that the concept of the art in the huge multi-verse makes the most sense to me.

And it includes, it implies that huge collective consciousness through time and space that literally creates and shapes our reality.

[01:04:24] Jeremiah: Yeah. I believe in a creative force. I don’t know. You can call a God or whatever you want to call it, but there’s definitely something out there. Something beyond what we can


[01:04:38] Su Walker: Yup. Yup. Things are too perfect. Yeah, I agree.

[01:04:43] Jeremiah: So if anyone wants to get ahold of your work or reach out to you or anything.

[01:04:49] Su Walker: Well, okay. If you’d like to learn more about P’nti yep. Go to official first If you would like to understand more about our nonprofit and, and want to help spread the word about disclosure and the fact that our star nation friends are visiting even goes visit the infinite voice

That’s our nonprofit. If you would like to interact with them personally, and then ask them direct questions on Twitter, the Twitter handle is at Sandia wisdom. Or, you can look up Twitter sent eat tea. If you would like to see the artwork that I’ve done. Um, it’s you visit on Twitter, but it’s easier to go to my YouTube channel.

Uh, my YouTube channel is Su Walker. Just remember I don’t put an E on SU, so it’s just SU SU Walker. If you go to YouTube and look up Su Walker portraits. You’ll bring up Sasquatch and ET portraits and their playlists that tell you more about the P’nti. and, more or more about the Sasquatch. And then also some of the other art areas of things that the P’nti have taught us about.

And, uh, if you’d like to, uh, download the telepathy one-on-one primmer and whatever your choice of language are. It’s available in the documents section of official first If people want to talk to me and have me sketch. Experience, I can do that as a forensic sketch artist and would be happy to, sorry, I interrupted you.

Go ahead.

[01:06:54] Jeremiah: No, you’re fine. I was just going to say, I’ll make sure to link it all in the show notes. So, if you are listening at home or in your car or wherever. Uh, you can reach out and find all these things.

[01:07:08] Su Walker: Yeah. And there’s a lot there there’s a lot there. Yep. You can see what all the staff members of the Sandia mountain information station that we have met to date are, uh, because TLKM asked me to put out a current roster within the last several months.

And so you can see all kinds of things there. So thank you, my friend for having me on, I really appreciate it.

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Poisons in our Food

Poisons in our Food

Poisons in our Food

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Poisons in our Food

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.


hello. This is the, what if they’re wrong podcast? And I’m joined today by Jody Holden. And we’re going to be talking about health wellness food. And how it all plays into your life and making you a better person. So I’ll introduce her now. Hello, Jodie.

[00:00:52] Jodie: Hi Jeremiah, how are you?

[00:00:54] Jeremiah: Good. How are


[00:00:56] Jodie: I’m good. Thank you.

[00:00:58] Jeremiah: So what, let you start down this path to wealth and making sure you’re eating well and staying fit and all that stuff.

[00:01:12] Jodie: Okay, well, I’ll be honest. I’ve certainly had healthier periods in my life from a physical perspective. So, um, I had children at quite a young age. I sort of did the whole left school, did college thing, and then, um, got into a relationship.

So as a young. You know, you don’t want to feel frumpy. So I initially started investigating and really trying to learn because there’s that many different diet plans out there. There’s that many different ideas of what good nutrition is supposed to be. Um, I wanted to know what would work best for my baby.

So I think probably one of the first eye-opening things was learning more about the biochemistry of what we talk about with soup foods. So the idea that you can consume food items that are not only going to be. The full of nutrition or the should be full of nutrition if they’re in a more natural state, but they’re going to be anti-inflammatory, they’re going to be antioxidants.

So they support all of the systems in the body. And, um, at the same time as that, as well as being a mum, I started studying, I was doing a degree in social sciences and. Within that, although it was whole spectrum. So the first year we looked at everything from psychology to sociology, to economics and politics and, uh, social policy.

So what I was learning in my own personal investigations for my own sick, for my own health to get the baby weight off. And all of that, what I was seeing is that what we’re provided with, through our health care system in the UK, I know, you know, you’re over in the U S. Different healthcare system between us.

We’ve got the national health service right in the UK. So what was being offered in terms of information, advice around nutrition, through that and what we were seen as major crises, not only what you would expect in terms of obesity and that kind of stuff, diabetes, heart disease, all of the stuff that comes with having a poor diet.

There’s also a very strong connection between. The effects of poor nutrition on mental health and our emotional wellbeing as well. You know, these, these become much more, um, obvious it’s discussed more openly now at that time, you know, we’re going back 20 years. So there was very little discussion about how the good bacteria in your gut helped to support and communicated.

Through the mind, body connection communicated with what hormones were released, you know, through the biochemistry from the brain. And it, it wasn’t at that pain, really a topic that I could see many people talking about. So I was doing a whole lot of research, both academically and in my own personal investigations to really figure out what, why would we have systems in place?

That could use very cost-effective measures. Um, but instead they’d rather, you know, prescribed medications and that sort of stuff. So that’s what got me very much interested in health and the freedom and the revolution side of it, which as you know, is a project I’m working on at the moment.

Yeah. So what is, sorry if I am not super knowledgeable, what is your whole movement and organization like focused on.

Okay. So health, freedom revolution. Um, it is about bringing a more holistic approach to health. So yes, nutrition is a part of that, but of course you can be in really good physical shape, but not great mental or emotions. The state’s right. So we know what’s going on with the last couple of years has been very stressful for a lot of people.

And there’s many factors to that. There’s the isolation side of it. There’s the fact that a lot of people it’s affected their incomes and for some people they’ve lost their incomes entirely. So there can be a lot of financial stress. Um, we know that there’s links now between what’s been going on and we’ve seen a rising.

People reporting, being depressed are even, you know, the suicide rates have increased. There’s a lot of people that have been struggling with the pressures of being so contained and cut off from the support systems that they would normally have. So the thankfully given the networks that I’ve got, I’ve worked in further in higher education for a number years.

I know a lot of other people that are professionals in other respective fields. Some health-related some with magical backgrounds, some from a more alternative approach. I know people that have knowledge around the law and the legalities and the health freedom rights side of it. So through various conversations and, um, But the colleague who I work most closely with TALEN, she had also been having seamless.

Thoughts and ideas around what we need is a service it’s comprehensive that people can come to a community and have access to experts from all different backgrounds. So regardless of what that particular challenge may be, if it’s physical, great, we’ve got doctors and medical professionals. Our alternative therapists that can help.

If it’s Myra on a mental level, we’ve got counselors, we’ve got people that can help you relieve yourself of the deaths. We’ve got people who can, um, you know, if you’ve faced in being unemployed as a result, The mandates that are happening around, you know, I don’t know if I dare say the V word it’s been censored everywhere, but you know, the fact that people are being told they’re gonna lose their jobs.

If they don’t make a certain choice when it comes to what should be medical freedom, um, what can you do about that? So we’ve got legal and lawful expert. I can talk about that and guide people through a process where they feel more empowered and they’re able to actually stand up for themselves. So it’s all of that.

And. By having it as a community where people can come to group coaching sessions and our, um, trainings, you know, we’re going to be providing trainings. There is going to be opportunity for one to one consultations, but actually by doing things in small group environment, she meant 10 a sense of community.

And this part at the same time, it’s not so overwhelming that you can’t deal with each person’s individual. Questions are concerns, you know, within that environment. So most of it will be done that way and it lowers the cost massively rather than having to pay our fees to go and try to access that information and advice individually.

It’s a service where it’s all covered within a small membership fee. So that’s the model that we’re working with. And one of the wonderful things about it, as well as. For those that can afford to do that. That’s great. It’s not going to be overly expensive. So most people will be able to, but those that can, we’ve got a, not for profit model that we use in.

So beyond our expenses that we have to cover in order to be able to provide the service beyond that any profit will go into what we’re calling a bursary fund and the people that need it most. And haven’t got the funds to access it. We can pay for the services for them through that bursary fund. So that’s what we’re just getting off the ground, you know, the launches this coming weekend.

So it’s a crazy times around side of things, but it it’s worth it, you know? Cause we’re already seeing people that are genuinely relieved that there’s going to be that help available.

[00:09:37] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s very important. Um, I don’t think enough people. Realize, what you put in your body can really affect your health.

And it seems like the systems, especially in America, I don’t know about over there, but in America they want to throw prescription pills at you instead of actually fixing what the root of their problem is. So it seems like it, a lot of these illnesses that people are experiencing. Probably boiled down to what they’re consuming from my opinion.

So I don’t know, uh, how you feel about that.

[00:10:18] Jodie: I would agree. I think yes, absolutely. The diet and hydration is a massive part of this as well, because I think. It’s true for America as well. As far as in the UK, there’s a whole lot of chemicals going into our drinking, you know, drinking water supplies. Um, in interestingly, one of the speakers that we’ve got at the summit.

Did an interview the other day is like an introduction with her she’s campaigning at the moment, because they’ve just brought in a proposal for new legislation to give our government the right to decide to fluoridation policy for the entire country. We’ve never had that before. What we used to have. Uh, local areas would decide and, you know, the local pupil should get a say in that, um, that the trying to change that.

So I agree as far as foods are concerned, there’s certainly a whole lot more effort that goes into promo in, you know, the, the unhealthy stuff. It’s funny because the reason the summit we’ve designed it as we have is we’ve got people, experts from all different backgrounds. So in addition to talking about like the, the hydration and the water supplies, I was also having a chat with another speaker who his background is.

Uh, world renowned, um, specialist in Nordic gardening. Right? So what we’re trying to do is promote that people can find easy and fun ways to actually grow their own produce. So you’re not relying on big businesses. Big government and whatnot actually giving you what’s good for you because I think one thing that most people have seen now is that not what is happening, right?

So, um, he was talking about how, you know, the soil and the environment that you’re growing, your fruits and vegetables and whatnot in plays a massive role in what the nutritional value of what you’re consuming is. If you buy in commercially it, number one, the regulations as they are in the UK farmers have to adhere to certain protocols in order to receive the subsidies that they get from the government.

So they’re having to use fertilizers and, um, that sort of pesticides and, you know, all that kind of stuff. That’s not great for the foods that we’re consuming. It wasn’t all that long ago. It was only a couple of generations ago that it was pretty common. Most people within your family you’d have someone that had an allotment or that grow their own fruits and veggies at home.

It’s become much more trend in our, like the convenience side of things first to just go and be able to purchase whatever we want to purchase from whichever, you know, supermarket or whatever. Um, Within that space of time, that, that maybe 40 year period where we switched from people being more self sufficient to becoming more convenient shoppers, we’ve seen a massive spike in anything and everything from your various cancers and your heart disease and your diabetes and all of that.

Although. There’s an argument to suggest it’s never been proven that there’s a direct cause and effect happening there. S the, certainly the correlation that I don’t think we can ignore. So. As far as what we’re consuming. Of course there needs to be some personal responsibility with that, but we also need to attend to the fact that within the supply chains, within whether it’s your water supply, whether it’s your food supply decisions will be made on our behalf, that are not in our best in.

So it’s how do you then counter that? Because another part of it, which is very close to my heart from the social scientific studies that I did. So I did the, my first degree was social sciences, the broad spectrum. By the end of that honed in very much so on the psychology side of it, I then studied education and went on to teaching further and higher education, and then did a master’s degree in linguistics because I was very interested in the messaging where, you know, we’re in the information age, we’ve been bombarded with advertisements and media and you know, the constant on a constant basis with.

That information is entering our system in one way, shape or form, whether it’s subconscious or not, you know, there’s what we attend to. And then there’s what we’re subliminally receiving. And that’s a huge part of health as well. So, When I say full spectrum or broad spectrum approaches to health, that’s what we’re doing with health.

Freedom revolution is looking at all the different aspects. Where can we take responsibility and where are we being attacked for lack of a better expression, you know, that w w where are the threats and what do we do to release ourselves from those threats? So that it’s not something that. We play in a game of one step forward, two steps back all the time, because you can address one component.

But if then, you know, if your diet is good, but you’re drinking the water from your national supply and that’s not great. Now you’ve got a problem. So, you know, it’s that it’s being able to ensure that people have got easy solutions that they can implement without too much cost and disruption, but it covers all bases.

[00:16:24] Jeremiah: Yeah, they definitely, um, try to get you to eat all the bad food cause they make all the best, like advertisements for it and stuff like that. And then there has been, well, from my perspective, there’s a big issue with. A lot of alcohol consumption, especially here in the states, uh, it’s become like the cool thing to do to go get drunk all the time.

And like that obviously has a negative effect effect on you as well. And, but they put so much money into advertising to have. Be a thing. Not saying you can’t drink, but just like your general health.

[00:17:14] Jodie: Yeah, no, you’re absolutely right. I think, um, I dunno if you’ve ever been to the UK here in Britain, you know, places by the Pope crawls are available, so you start going, oh yeah.

I’ve seen that. Yeah. We went to. Yeah, problem that bar and this, and, um, it’s very much a part of the social culture for us is, you know, if you want to celebrate something, you get together, you have a few beers are, you know, a glass of wine or whatever, and in moderation, fine. But we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t knowledge that it is a toxin, you know, so probably isn’t that we’re putting in a system.

So. Again, if you have everything in place to help your body detoxify efficiently and naturally not a problem, it’s when the toxins start building up, you know, that I’m sure there’s a book, um, with the title you’re not sick, you’re toxic, you know, um, I don’t know the author off the top of my head and I just remember seeing the title.

So my, um, Uh, but it’s, uh, it’s absolutely true because every system is in to connected within the body. So if, for instance, your lymphatic system, which is what is working to drain the toxins out your system, and you know, that should be coming out through waste. If that’s not happening efficiently and you start to get a buildup, that’s going to have a knock on effect to your immune system because you’ve essentially then got posted.

Actively, you know, sort of floating around in your system, um, that happens, then it’s going to start to have an effect on your nervous system. If that happens, that’s going to have an effect on your mental wellbeing. It’s a knock on effect. So, um, I agree as far as alcohol is concerned, I think one of the dangers as well is because it’s so convenient, it’s so readily available anywhere and everywhere.

You know, we don’t think of it. The same way that we would a substance that we’ve been programmed to see us I’m full and all, um, you know, the. If it’s an illegal substance, we automatically have that. Ooh, this is dangerous. It’s not good for us. Whereas we’ve been brought up with a message in the, you know, let’s celebrate, have a beer, let’s do this.

Yeah. Cheers to that. You know? So we, we attach psychologically enjoyment to the consumption of it, which makes it fine now. And again, but if you become dependent, Now you’ve got a problem because it’s not just a physical dependency more often than not within addiction. It’s a psychological dependency.

That’s far stronger than the physical. So yeah. That’s definitely something that we have to be aware of, you know?

[00:20:14] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I also, um, have heard. And I guess you can witness it yourself is if you go to like a grocery store, all the bad food is in like the middle, like the most common area. And then the outside is where your more healthier options are.

And they designed it that way. Cause they know most people are going to go through the middle and then the packaging obviously.

[00:20:41] Jodie: Absolutely. There’s so much within that industry. Um, uh, I don’t just mean, you know, your food and beverage sales industry, but the PR the marketing side of it, that’s one of the things within, you know, when you’re looking at psychology and how it’s been applied through social policy and through social Constructionism, which, um, There’s a fascinating documentary called the century of the self.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that, but yeah, it’s quite a popular one. It’s quite well known. One. It goes into the background of, um, Edward Bernays. Had he been A’s right. So he was froze nephew. He studied how propaganda had been used in the second world war. And then took the same principles, repackaged it, and that became modern PR.

And then the added to that, because obviously we’ve now designed more sophisticated ways of studying human psyche through not just psychological studies as in. Um, gathering information through testimonies and that sort of stuff. We’ve now got a neuroscientific approach where we can literally measure the signals that which aspects of the brain are active.

And you know, what is that releasing? We can, it’s the chairman reaction that we can now trace. We can see what emotional reactions people are having to, you know, certain images, certain, um, video clips, certain sensations. So having. And the industry with all of that information and now having what we’ve got with, you know, social media and the fact that we can be targeted in a very individualized and specific way.

There is no wonder that there’s an epidemic of people suffering from health and wellbeing issues because we are being influenced to make the wrong choices on a regular basis. Very cleverly. And another thing that, about that documentary. I hadn’t realized it was very interesting to me at the time. It talks about how one of Edward Bernays’s initial campaigns that were very successful and really sort of put him on the mappers, you know, this godfather of this new PR arena that he’d created, right.

He, um, major companies within the cigarette industry. Had approached him and said, you know, it’s really uncool at the minute. It was socially unacceptable for women to smoke at that time they associated. Uh, psychologically for people was a, it was something that, you know, tough guys did and big, strong men, and they associated it with like the soldiers from the walks.

The soldiers have all been given for your rations of cigarettes to. Encourage them to use them to help to stabilize the nerves. So as you do, when you’re being given free things, and you’re in a horrendous situation, if you’ve got something that’s going to help you, you’re going to use it. Right. So there’s a lot of men smirked, but hardly any women did because they didn’t want to be perceived as unfeminine and, you know, to take the social backlash on that.

So. Big sort of corporations from the industry at approached Edward Benares and said, well, you know, we need to do something about this. Cause we’re missing out on a whole lot of profit. We could do with a whole lot more people being able to, um, purchase our products. Yeah. He came up with a campaign where he had search lights in New York.

I believe it was go to some major social event where there would be press and whatnot there. I think the possibly even arranged for press to be there. And had them photograph smoking and it a bit of a, like a women’s liberation sort of starry, you know, and they all got blown up in the media and everyone was talking about it.

So that changed women’s perceptions of. It was no longer a disgusting on feminine. Who do you think you are? You’re not one of the guys kind of thing. Now, hang on a minute. I’m empowered. I, I get to show, you know, I’m a woman hear me roar. So things. So, you know, they got really behind that and the sales for cigarettes for women went through the roof.

So it’s that sort of stuff you can trace back throughout history. Whenever there’s been a means through which. The, um, it said special interests of governing bodies and or rulers of any kind have had the ability to affect change socially. They’re always going to do it in a way that’s going to profit them, you know, and I, I think most people realize now that.

Governments are corporations themselves. They are also very private interest oriented. So yeah, it is fascinating when you start to look at the various examples of it, but what you’re describing with the food, how things are placed and the, you know, everything is chorus, psychology, the colors that they use to give you that.

Underlying feeling of like, oh yeah, this is really gonna rev me up. Ah, wow. Yeah. That’s really new. Chill me out, whatever, whatever it is, we don’t even realize a lot of the time the messaging that we’re attending to which take it for granted as part and parcel of, you know, it’s just what everybody knows is what is everything that we’re used to?

[00:26:43] Jeremiah: Hmm. Yeah. They, there’s a page. Um, thing now the energy drinks, and a lot of people are drinking these energy drinks, and they’re actually terrible for you and they destroy your kidney and your liver, and all kinds of give you heart problems. And, but there’s people that use them all the time and drink multiple a day.

And I’ve heard of some bad effects from those things.

[00:27:13] Jodie: Yeah. Well, I know they’ve done studies and it’s been proven that one of the artificial sweeteners that the put in those kind of drinks and many other products, in fact, most, if it’s a diet product, if it tells you it’s, you know, sugar-free typically there’s going to be an artificial sweetener in there to compensate for the sugar that’s not in.

Right. So a lot of the time if they use. Aspartame. I know studies have shown the effects on the brain from that is the equivalent to using cocaine. So. We wouldn’t give that to us kids, but yeah, we will allow him to have cereals. And, uh, like you saying, maybe not the energy drinks, I don’t know many parents encourage, but yeah.

Soda. Yeah. Your diet soft drinks, that kind of stuff. Um, absolutely. So you think of that on a consumer? Regular basis, maybe even daily basis, um, the effects are going to build up and then we go and there’s this epidemic of ADHD and add, and you know, like there’s these conditions. So we’ve got hyperactivity disorder and people can’t concentrate.

And there’s many factors that are contributing to that, but I don’t think we can ignore that. This is certainly one of them.

[00:28:41] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then, um, back in the day they had that food pyramid and everyone was supposed to follow it. So, but now they’re saying, well, some people are saying that it should actually be like flipped upside down that they were totally wrong with.

What we’re supposed to consume. There’s a lot more like allergens. Now, a lot more people seem to have allergies to things that I don’t remember hearing about before. Maybe that’s due to the chemicals in all in the food. I don’t know what your take is on that.

[00:29:19] Jodie: I know for hours, the nutritional advice that we used to have, um, rather than pyramid.

When I was at school, they would show you a plate and sort of, you know, section it off into however many, um, Whatever the ratio is. I am trying to think, I believe we had it where it was 60% sort of grants, you know, like your carbohydrates, um, which I think most people realize now that that’s not great.

And there’s definitely a link between a lot of your, you know, you’ve got your wheat intolerances and gluten intolerance and all of that. Um, which without doubt. We have had, we’ve seen within the industry lobbying to have certain food items, whether it should dairy or, um, I know at one time growing organic vegetables were seen as being, um, wasteful that the yields, you know, the land that you were using, the, the yields went, um, up to scratch up to par for what.

Um, for our country, what was needed for the food supply. So there’s been a whole lot of lobbying to stop certain practices and people moving away from, um, your carbohydrates and you must produce factory produced sort of foods. Um, a lot of money’s being thrown it convinces. To move in the opposite direction.

So yeah, I’m not a specialist in it. I’m not an expert in the nutritional side of it. And where that does have a knock on effect to the allergic reactions, but just from anecdotal information, just from my own personal. Circumstances, you know, I know many people that have been suffering with that, and I know that when they’ve cut out a lot of the mass produced crap, and I know when they’ve cut out a lot of the, um, the grains and that sort of stuff, and just stuck to, you know, lean proteins, mob greens, and fresh fruit and vegetables, the being a whole lot better.

The health has. I love the conditions of reversed, which I think that just goes to show why you don’t need to go and have, you know, a prescription for some sort of medication that is only gonna mask the symptoms. It’s not going to get to the root cause it’s just going to present itself in some of the way through some other set of symptoms once you suppressors.

So I think knowing that you can reverse a lot of what people are suffering and struggling with. You know, another example is I know a whole lot of people that are suffering with, um, like abs and you know, all that kind of stuff. Of course you, can’t different, you know, you can’t separate what you put in into your system.

That’s got to work its way through your system. If you ha, if you serve them with like digestion and then that sort of stuff. Of course there’s a link there. So, um, yeah, that’s, that’s my experience of it, but I’ve not worked one-on-one with clients and, you know, put protocols in place to speak definitively about, you know, what the, uh, overall answer to that is.

I think a lot of it is common sense to be honest. Yeah, I don’t know about from your point of view, have you found if there’s certain foods that you eat, you, you know, you can tell you feel a certain style, where do you experience any kind of symptoms?

[00:33:08] Jeremiah: Yeah, so, uh, I don’t know, probably like five, six months ago, I found out that I have a issue with my liver and they.

Pinpointed it kind of to my eating habits because I hadn’t been eating healthy like at all. And so I went on like a Mediterranean diet, uh, where I ate mostly like fish and some chicken and a lot of fruits and vegetables and like figs and dates. And I definitely could tell, like, after like a couple of weeks of eating that, that I just felt like so much better.

I was less tired. Um, I didn’t have, it sounds weird, but like a brain fog was kind of like gone. Cause I hear from other people too, like they have kind of like a fog in their brain and it’s probably due to all the sugar and salt and everything they put in all the food now and, uh, how your body can’t really process it like it’s supposed to, but I definitely feel way better when I’m eating

[00:34:20] Jodie: healthy.

That makes complete sense. And, and of course, you know, as you’ve said, the energy levels and all that sort of stuff there, the, those effects kick in within a few days. So, uh, certainly I find that, you know, cause it’s like, we’re human and we’re living in this world where there’s all these temptations. And, um, you know, I do know some people that are.

Unbelievably healthy. Um, and you know, very strict about what they put in the system. Most people, I know it’s the 80 20 rule. If you’re 8% of the time he, you making the right choices, then you can have cheat days and relax a little bit. Can’t you when you want to. Um, and then I know some people are incredibly unhealthy the choices at the mag, and there’s no doubt what you were describing with the brim fog.

A thousand percent I can tell just to, you know, as I’m constantly answering emails or designing sessions or delivering sessions, uh, it. It is very difficult. If you are running down and you suffering from that brain fog and you know, it takes 15 minutes to write an email that you really needed to do in 30 seconds a thing.

It just really interferes with your life in a multitude or other way. I would say with that as well. The hydration side of it is a massive factor, and it’s not just about how much water is in quantity. You’ve got a new system because you have to think on we’re electromagnetic beings. So when we increase like the, the fruits and vegetables that we, it’s not just about the nutrients that’s in that.

They each and I’ll act as a, let’s say a little package of distilled water, which, you know, comes from nature. So that in and of itself helps with cell hydration. You can have a whole lot of fluid in your system. But if it’s full of toxins itself, what the cells are absorbing is not informing them to function optimally.

So you’re still gonna see that you’ve got, you know, issues. So it’s the two sides of it. Yes. Diet, yes. Hydration. Um, but certainly you mentioned right at the start with the introduction, the fitness side of it as well. Because if you stagnate, you know, if there’s not flow, we’re electromagnetic beings providing we well-hydrated and we’ve got the right, you know, when we talk about nutrients, really, we’re talking about frequencies of information.

If you really get into it, um, if we’ve got that on pine, then not moving around enough is going to be the next obstacle that you face because, um, That energy has to go somewhere. Something has to happen with that energy. So you’re going to find you either develop conditions that we would describe as being more like your hyperactivity or your anxiousness, because your nervous system’s on overdrive or is going to be started as some sort of fat deposit.

You know, you can’t have surplus energy. It should be energy in energy. Yeah. So you’ve got to move as well. You know, the there’s all that side of

[00:37:53] Jeremiah: it. It could build up on your depression too. If you’re not active, then that energy could be. Turning into your depression as well. Cause we talked about that a little bit.

Like people being depressed because of the pandemic and being locked in their house and all that stuff. So just seems like it definitely could be. Cause if you’re just holed up in your apartment or your house and you can’t really do much, so that energy has got to go somewhere.

[00:38:27] Jodie: Yeah. It’s this density and you know, I mentioned.

I started transition from social sciences to then study in linguistics language as an energetic tuning device, essentially. And think of the language that we use on an everyday basis. When we talk about. Being on a high, you being on top of the world, up in the clouds, like, you know, there’s a positive connotation to that.

When you talk about being on your ass down in the dumps, now that I need to pick myself back up from this it’s at that downward merge and it’s that, and that, you know, we’re describing what we would associate with depressive stairs. The only difference between a diagnosis of depression. There are, there are different farms, but everything is interconnected, right?

So you can talk about depression from a clinical perspective. That means you’ve been experiencing the stairs powerfully enough, long enough or frequently enough that it’s now created a biochemical reaction within your body. That’s a clinical diagnosis that you’re going to get. On the other hand, we can talk about emotional depression, which tends to be more circumstantial and people would argue well, yeah, if you’re clinically depressed, that’s when you need to go and get the pharmaceuticals.

If you’re emotionally depressed and it’s circumstances. Change the circumstances then ill alleviate the stress. Then you’re not going to feel depressed. However, the only difference really is that this is a process and one’s further along than the other. It starts, it always starts mentally and emotionally, any kind of physical disturbance, any sort of disease.

It will start mentally and emotionally first over a prolonged period of time. If it’s not addressed. You will start to manifest, or you will start to develop physical symptoms. And then we start using all different types of labels for that. So what if you’re aware of what the actual fabric of this reality that we’re all intertwined with operates as it becomes much easier then to understand that first and farmers.

I need to ensure that I’m practicing what feels like I know self love becomes a bit of a woo. You know, feel it. Oh, are you caring for yourself? Are you, are you actually attending to what makes you feel good? Because more often than not with that busy, are we doing what’s convenient are some, a lot of the time we just trying to numb, we’re just trying to switch off from things because we’re so bombarded that then when we do get home and we do just want a few beers into our repeat, so in to veg and watch some telly, that typically is our way of wanting to just disconnect from reality because it’s, you know, the.

As nerve’s afraid, oh, you know, his brain is tired or whatever, you know, whatever it is that you personally experience it. As I know, I certainly have those days where I’m like knows now I just need to put a box set on. And again, that brings us then back to the. Overarching external systems, because how and why?

It, this is one of the questions that really spurred me on to take a bit of a diversion from the academic path that I was on. It was pretty clear cut to me. I was going to finish my master’s in linguistics. So we’re going to go straight onto PhD. I thought I’d spend the rest of me years working in academia and I were going to be a lecturer and write books.

You know, that, that’s what I intended for myself, but when I was studying linguistics and I was, so the first thing was I attended a lecture where we were talking about universal metaphor. And what I’ve just been describing to you with the up and down thing that came up, but also what came up was the light and dark thing.

So, you know, we talk about people being radiant. We talk about people beaming, she lit up the room, he filled the stage, you know, we, we talked like that. And then we talk about being an adapt place. Uh, people having a dark heart, uh, you know, so there’s this contrast and what. The, the cost leader who was delivering this lecture was saying is how strange that throughout history, any, and every culture, whatever period of time, any age group, any gender, whatever have always used these sorts of terms, these T you know, there’s terminology to describe these certain experiences and these certain stairs.

And at the time. Again, just out of my own personal interest, I’d read, um, a few books about how we are bio photonic beings. And when we’re in a good state of health, we translate. Frequencies of light that are more powerful than if we’re in poor health. And if we’re in a happy stair, we do literally, it’s a literal physical effect that can be measured.

We do transmit more light when we’re in a high powered, positive stay, you know, anything and everything. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen David Hawkins, a scale of consciousness. I have possibly not know, not to worry it’s if you look it up, you’ll see what I mean. So there’s in, in alignment with each immersion, we might experience, there’s a measurement, a frequency that can be measured as to what we transmit in app.

And that is, uh, essentially frequencies of light. We are beings of light. Now there’s no secret to that. We’ve known that in. Quantum physics and quantum biology, and it’s been well-proven scientifically and academically. So when I raised that pine in the lecture that I was in and using the term metaphoric isn’t.

Accurate because the metaphor assumes it’s not actually the same thing. It’s like something. Well, if there’s a literal physical effect, it’s no longer a metaphor, is it? So actually what we need is an interdisciplinary approach to this where we’re drawing, what’s being discovered in the scientific arenas, into what’s being studied in linguistics.

And actually then we can start to. Hmm. So reframe the conversation around this and it can give us insights into something that’s a whole lot more powerful and tells us a whole lot more about these ideas that we’ve written off as being in woo, crazy metaphysical stuff. You know, the law of attraction and power of active.

And then yeah, all of that stuff, actually, this, some truth that we use in different language for it, but. Beacons of energy. We are transmitting information and it is having an effect on anything and everything connected to his relationships, to us health, to, you know, essentially how we show up in the world.

So, um, that is what kind of taught me down that path of exploring these subjects, mark, because we’re getting resistance. Other academics sort of saying, oh, well, no, you know, that’s a bit of a leap. We can’t just assume. And it’s like, well, there’s no assumption, fair enough for the maybe other studies that we can do around it to just have a more accurate understanding of it.

But this there’s a whole lot of credibility here. So, you know, we shouldn’t be dismissing it. Um, So, yeah, I’m just trying to remember why I went off on that tangent. Something about energetics. I remember, but I let you, yeah,

[00:46:49] Jeremiah: you can definitely tell, um, like people’s auras. So if like someone’s down, you can tell, uh, they don’t have to tell you.

You can tell that they’re feeling down or if someone’s really like lively and feeling good, you can tell, they just admit, like you said, admit that aura that you can just tell

[00:47:12] Jodie: you can feel it, you know, depending again, there’s like a client of where you’ve got people who are highly sensitive energetically and people who are hardly sensitive.

Energetically, none of us are completely. And sensitive in the sense that we’ve all got that capacity because the cells, but, you know, by design, we are a configuration. I feel like of trillions of cells and they each have little antennas on them that are picking up frequencies of information. You know, that’s what the whole field of epigenetics is about.

Is it not only what’s going on within your physical. The body and the systems, or, you know, governing that it’s, it’s also what we’re absorbing from the environments around us. So there’s that, but, and, and some of it is, you know, it’s a more visible thing you can see through your physical senses. You can hear in someone’s voice.

If they’re depressed, the S you know, the sound frequencies you can tell with the turns and the, you can tell with posture, you know, when you look at body language, that that’s one of the things that’s one of the quick hacks that you can do. If you are feeling down in the dumps, and you’re getting fed up with yourself, one thing you can do.

You can shift your state by shifting your pot past your stand up, you know, spread out, stretch, um, just run on the spot for 15 seconds, whatever, and it’ll completely change your biochemistry. So, you know, the there’s that, um, I think the very simple tools and people often mistake simplicity with it. Can’t be that effective kind of thinking.

But within psychology, there’s a whole field now that is positive psychology. That’s what they focus on. And there’s so much, that’s been discovered about a lot of the things that we did, right. Offers woo. Now we’re seeing merit and credit where it’s due a lot of. Teachings of spiritual thought leaders and stuff like that.

We’ve seen it come up time and time again, this idea around practicing gratitude, more deliberately instead of just, you know, being caught up in the negativity of the modern world sort of thing, that kind of stuff can make a huge difference. Um, so yeah, this is all the stuff that with the health freedom revolution we want to integrate because there’s no one thing.

Has all the answers, but there’s certainly a lot of different discoveries that have been made that haven’t been incorporated with your typical healthcare systems as they operate at the moment.

[00:49:57] Jeremiah: Yeah, they definitely, from my perspective, just want to patch the problem and not actually fix it because like we spoke before, they just want to shove pills at you and that’ll get you through instead of fixing exactly.

Is ailing you in the first place. I know my brother had high blood pressure and the beginning of type two diabetes and he changed his eating. And now he’s off his blood pressure medicine and his diabetes medicine. So it can be done for her.

[00:50:35] Jodie: Yeah. And what is heartening is here in more of those accounts as well?

Because I do think there are more and more people. I don’t think it’s all related to, what’s been going on this last two years, but I think there’s certainly been even more of a spike in people wanting that sovereignty, wanting to take control of the conditions of their own lives because they felt it’s being taken out of their hands in.

Where’s the. It had been before, but never to the same degree. It wasn’t in your face the way it has been this last couple of years. And you know, it certainly raises my spirits to see people standing up for what they believe in and providing the, put the effort in, and they’ve done the research and the know what the target about, then everyone should be heard.

I think. This whole idea of not being able to question the science side of things like science literally translates to the study of if you stop studying you stop science. So, you know, we, we need to remember that and I’m not saying that. The can’t be coexisting theories, a birth. True. You know, you’re going to have that sometimes you’re going to have, well, I’m saying this over here.

Well, okay. That’s fine. But the evidence for what I’ve focused on surpass their server there. So maybe there’s more study needs to be done to find the middle ground as to how the two connect. Yeah, that’s fine. But to just have this dismissive approach and, you know, anybody and everybody that talks about this stuff, all of a sudden, a conspiracy theorists and , and you know, it’s all that.

And it’s like, well, As far as if a conspiracy theories is someone that doesn’t agree with the mainstream narrative. Not that that’s a problem now we’ve got a problem. Now we need to look at what’s actually going on with the whole notion of freedom of speech and what it is to be a sovereign being. You know, if we can’t think for ourselves.

W w we no longer belonged to ourselves. And if you don’t belong to yourself, there’s an existential crisis about to happen.

[00:53:01] Jeremiah: Then you have a problem.

So for anyone who’s currently feeling down or feels like they need to turn their health and wellness around, what’s like a. Like pep talk. You could give him for like going in the right direction.

[00:53:23] Jodie: Yeah. Okay. I would say first and foremost, nothing’s irreversible and I know some people come in, particularly coming from a allopathic medical background would probably want to jump on me right now and say, you can’t say that.

There are a whole lot of cases out there that, you know, books, testimonies talks, where people have shared their experiences of spontaneous healing, or they’ve come back from conditioning. You know, they’ve had near death experiences and I’m not suggesting just rely on the fact that even if it gets to your worst and you’ll pull it around in the end.

That’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is first and foremost, nothing’s irreversible. And if right now, You’re not so far down the path that you’ve had some sort of scary diagnosis address it sooner rather than later, because it’s not about stopping, doing everything that you enjoy with your life.

It’s the opposite of that. It’s finding more enjoyment from life by having the energy and having the clarity and having that sense of self-assuredness that you are in control of your life. There are resources out there available for people. And one of the things that we’re trying to do with health freedom revolution is make sure it’s as easy and accessible as possible.

It’s all going to be online. Um, you know, mostly online. We possibly, when things saw themselves out a little bit, a bit further down the line, we might do some, um, meet up kind of events for those that are based in the UK, but anybody, and everybody’s welcome to join knows. Um, We’re building an online community.

So if you have specific questions and you know, you want to plan a search, then access such as our resources or have a look, you know, there, there are many other health fitness, mental health. Counseling, energetic healers, alternative healers. There’s all sorts of online. We that’s one thing that is good about the information age, anything and everything you could possibly want it’s out there.

So if you’ve already set the intention, you want change, you’re ready for change. The sooner you start to look into that, you’ll be guided to the information that’s most effective for you. It’ll resonate with you just set the intention. Yeah. The resources will start to pop up in places and you’re like, oh yeah, that’s what I think.

And I need to do some yoga. Oh yeah. Now, you know, that that’s exactly what I were hoping. I was going to be able to find out about, you know, whatever Kito, diet, whatever. So, you know, see what resonates with you, make it focus, make it a priority. And for those that have possibly had some really scary, so a diagnosis.

You don’t want to just simply accept what has been told to here from that one person lift your spirits. First and foremost, there’s a book called the biology of her by an called nom and cousins. Have a look at that. I got a copy of that. Have a read of that, just renewed what the testimonies are and the care studies are in that that’s going to help shifting state straight away just to know that what’s possible.

What’s available. I would absolutely recommend getting more in alignment with the true essence of who and what you are because our bodies are designed to heal themselves. It’s the fact that we’re out of alignment a lot of the time, and that has a lot to do with. What we are putting in our systems, what we are being bombarded with.

They act as blockages and disturbances. So if you can clean your system out detoxify and start to feed, not just your body, but your mind with more positive messaging, you’d be astonished at just how remarkably we can recover from. I would say anything, but, you know, just as a disclaimer, that pretty much everything, anything, so, yeah.

That’s my thoughts on it, Jeremiah and I, with anything you would like to add to that?

[00:57:49] Jeremiah: Um, not really. Just that. Yeah. You can reverse, uh, any diagnosed, well, not any diagnosis, but a lot of. Diagnosis is that you get can be corrected. You just a look at it and what you need to do. Reverse, whatever damage was done.

Like I said, with my brother, uh, just by changing his eating habits, he was able to drop two medications. So it is definitely possible. And hopefully by eating better myself, that I can reverse any damage on my liver that was done from poor eating before. Yeah, it’s definitely possible. So we’ll wrap it up here.

I’ll make sure to put your organization and links and everything in the show notes. So people can easily access that and get a hold of your organization if they need help. Hopefully don’t be afraid to reach out to someone to get counsel or any type of advice that you need. Um, you won’t be uncooled by reaching out for help.

So. Hmm. Thank you so much for coming on and talking about this.

[00:59:03] Jodie: Ah, thank you. Thank you for having me. I’ve really enjoyed it and yeah. Thank you for sharing the information as well. .

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To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back

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To Hell and Back

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

before we get into this amazing interview with Kathy and her near death experience. If you could go and rate and review this podcast, if you enjoy. Or even if you don’t enjoy it, just give me a review, a rating. It would help me tremendously with the rankings and getting this podcast out to more people.

Also, if you would like to be a guest or have a topic idea, email me at what, if they’re That’s what if they’re wrong without the and I can work on getting you on the show. So without further ado here is Kathy and her near-death experience. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast.


This is Jeremiah and I am joined today by M K McDaniel. She’s an author of a her near-death experience and we’ll call her Kathy for this. And we are going to talk to her today about her near-death experience and how it’s changed her life and how the experience is shared by many people around the world.

So we’ll introduce her now, Kathy. Hello,

[00:01:58] M.K. McDaniel: Hello to the people and hello to Jeremiah. Thanks for having me on,

[00:02:04] Jeremiah: oh yes. Thank you for coming on. I’m excited about this. Near death experiences and hearing about them. So this’ll definitely be fun for me. So the first thing I want to ask is when you had this experience, what was your mental mind state as far as like religion?

Were you practicing anything or was religion kinda in the back of your mind or I’m just trying to get an idea for. Where your mind state was when this experience happened? Because a lot of people, uh, say that near-death experiences are only for the religious people, but myself, when I had mine, I was an atheist.

So I just like to hear different people’s positions in life when they’re near death happened,

[00:02:57] M.K. McDaniel: um, I was a cradle Catholic as they call it. My dad was an atheist, like. Young man. But he went to world war two and was a fighter pilot. He got shot down, uh, over the Philippines, his plane crash caught fire turned upside down and he was looking at death.

So he said, okay, God, if you’re out there, save me. And if you do on my whole family will become Catholic within seconds. The three guys came out of the jungle, uh, open the cockpit, drug him out and saved him. So we became Catholics and my. We’re an S well, dad died of COVID last year, but mom’s still, uh, a Catholic.

So is my sister and, and most of the family, I was, uh, very much a Catholic. I’ve always struggled with some of the concepts of God and some of the rules and all that. But I, I was taught that, uh, There was heaven, purgatory, and hell. And purgatory was just like, hell, except she got out. And I always went to schools, always with the nuns and, uh, this was drummed into me and I, I believed it.

I believed. I would, when I died, I’d go to purgatory. Cause only saints went straight to heaven and there weren’t many of them. So I would spend time in purgatory, get my sins burned off, and then I could go to heaven and be pure before God. That’s just the way it was. I believed it. So that’s the way my religious, uh, exp I had, you know, I had a lot of trauma in my life.

And so a lot of times I was questioning God, shaking my fist at him, you know, what’s going on? What’s you know, why, why are you doing this to me? So we had kinds of some struggles, but that’s where I was.

[00:04:45] Jeremiah: Okay. And then what were you? So my near-death was when I was just sleeping in bed. Where were you in life when your near death experience happened?

[00:04:57] M.K. McDaniel: I was 53. Um, I had a very dear best friend that came down with leukemia. He was 50. And he needed some caregivers to go with him to Seattle, to go to a research hospital.

They, they didn’t, they couldn’t stop it. And they wanted to try some of this research. You know, they do trials and stuff on people that volunteer. So I went up there being told it would be two or three months and eight months later after a lot of, of, of trauma of him getting better than. And, uh, he died and, you know, he was my best friend and I just couldn’t understand it.

Plus I was exhausted. Uh, it was, it was a day and night situation, a lot of, a lot of stress. So I was visiting some people and I caught this virulent flu that was going around in LA and I brought it back home and I got super sick and, uh, it turned into pneumonia. And then by the time they got me to the ER, um, it was going into ARDS, which is acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is also called lung failure.

So when people die of complications of pneumonia, like with SARS or even COVID, it’s, it’s hard. So they said I had a 38% chance of making it. They, uh, told my family, mom didn’t look good. They uh, said they were gonna have to put me on a drug induced coma. Uh, trached me and, uh, put me on a ventilator and said pray.

So the doctor, just as I was getting ready to go out, uh, said, now don’t worry. You won’t remember anything that goes on. We’re giving you something called white amnesia and it makes it impossible for you to remember anything. Go to sleep and he didn’t add, and hopefully we’ll wake you up one of these days.

Uh, so I had no choice. So, um, my dad gave me a thumbs up, you know, from the, the window in my room and I went away

[00:06:58] Jeremiah: and, uh, I don’t know if I asked this, but how old were you when this happened? You were

[00:07:02] M.K. McDaniel: in your faith? Uh, actually I was 52 and between 52 and 53, it went on for. Okay. And I was in great health, you know, I just sold my business and, um, I was, I was fine

[00:07:16] Jeremiah: real estate.

I think I heard,

[00:07:19] M.K. McDaniel: yeah, I had a real estate property management business, but I was in, had been in the business before that. Um, I loved it. I got to help. A lot of people hired my, my sister and my daughter and, and we just had a great time, but it. I decided I’d been working since I was 18 and I was through with it.

And so I thought I’m just going to take a few years off. So I moved up to Mendocino, um, in, uh, lived in my best friend’s house. And so that’s, that’s where I was when that happened.

[00:07:47] Jeremiah: So the last thing you remember before your near death was the doctors putting you out for this surgery?

[00:07:55] M.K. McDaniel: No, it wasn’t surgery.

They were just to, they back in those days that, you know, it was a 1999. They didn’t know a whole lot about it. They just gave you odds. And then they tried to, there was a secret to putting enough pressure on the ventilator to keep your lungs, uh, inflated, because if they didn’t, they are fills your, your lungs up with this gooey stuff and they’ll stick the.

And you die, but if they put too much pressure and blows a hole in a lung and you die. So this was, uh, they were experimenting back then. And if my daughter hadn’t gotten online and found a, an arts group of survivors and they were, um, really good about giving her numbers and stuff, which she gave to my pulmonologist, which is probably the reason that, that they, they kept me alive longer.

You can’t cure ARDS. You can’t give it a shot. You can’t give it medication. It just, they told me your body decides, is it going to quit making this glue or not? And they just waited out and try and keep your lungs inflated. Um, yeah, it was a, it’s a weird, weird thing.

[00:09:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. The technology for medicine has come a very long way since, uh, back then, for sure.

So what’s the first. Thing that you remember encountering once you went under and started your,

[00:09:23] M.K. McDaniel: I don’t know how long, you know, in that three week period, uh, it took for this to happen, but I just became conscious. Um, I, I woke up, I had no idea where I was, it was pitch black and I couldn’t hear anything. I didn’t know if I was laying down or sitting or I was like, so he put me in a closet and I, I was just stunned.

I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there or there, or floated there. I didn’t know. I didn’t think I was dead. I just thought it, you know, I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Um, I, I waited. I thought, well, I, you know, something’s got to happen here. I mean, somebody will come looking for me, but what happened is it started to get a little lighter and I thought, oh, my eyes are getting used to the darkness, you know?

And then it, uh, there was like a reddish glow. And then I thought, oh, well maybe the sun’s coming up. I don’t know. And then it looked like it was kind of foggy and this and blowing around. When you see a, a stage play in there, they’re making, you know, fog and stuff. And I thought, what? And then I started hearing these moans and screeches and it got hot and it smelled bad.

And I thought this can’t be good. And I just waited and there’s, this fog was so thick. And then there’s all of a sudden this, this horrible voice, just boom, you know, like was standing right next to me or something. And it just said, do you know where you are all spooky and, and mean, and. It was beyond creepy, you know, I just said, uh, my mind was racing and I thought, well, there’s only one place this could be.

And I thought, I hope I’m wrong. And I just said, hell. And he just went more, uh, this huge, horrible voice, man. Dared me have to, well, I didn’t know I was dead. I just, I just turned from the voice and ran into the black. I didn’t care if I fell on something or what it, you know, that thing was coming for me.

So I just kept running and then it lightened up again. It was the weirdest thing. Um, it was live. It was a bond, but out huge metropolis city, I was in and there were fires and, and big concrete buildings had fallen over and there was big chunks of concrete rebar sticking out of them and people screaming and, uh, wailing.

And again, I just stood there frantic and thought, oh my God. You know, there was an atomic bomb. That’s what happened. Um, you know, I didn’t remember being in the hospital. I didn’t remember anything, but I thought that’s what’s happened and I have to hide. So I did, I tucked in to a behind a concrete thing and, and I can just kind of shaking and looking around thinking, oh my God, oh my God.

I didn’t say God. I got to take that back. I just, I never had the sense of God the entire time I was there. It was like, it was blocked out or something, but I knew I was in trouble. I saw some body, some person, some thing, uh, quite a ways away, kind of ducked down in there. And I thought, well, it could be the.

Whoever the enemy is, or, or somebody like me. So I just shouted out, Hey, you know, I’m over here. Maybe we could get together, you know, I’ll get water, you get a fire started, you know, a girl scout thing kicking in and, and this boys just came back. We are all alone here. Was

[00:13:15] Jeremiah: it the same voice? As

[00:13:18] M.K. McDaniel: you know, this was like a person’s voice, but really depressed, you know?

Yeah, I thought, well, he’s not going to be any help. And so then I heard like this skittering sound and I’m thinking aliens. Right. You know, I mean, it’s like, and then shadows go by great big shadows, like, like huge spiders. And I ate spiders. So I, I mean, it’s terrifying and, and. I thought, well, I’ve just got to get out of here before they come.

They’re gonna eat me. And I just went running, you know, and tried to climb up this thing and they got closer and I just closed my eyes. I thought that’s it. And then I woke up, not woke up. It became light again. And this happened over and over again. I mean, when I got back, people said, well, how long were you there?

Well, I didn’t have a watch. You know? Uh, I, it felt like a couple of years. I mean, there was so many things that happened and they, it just drug on and on. And, uh, but it was like a movie set each time. It was a different place, different beings. Sometimes they were demons. And there’s no other word for it. I mean, if, if you saw one, I mean, that’s what you’d say.

That’s a demon and they’re mean and awful. And they were trying to tell me I was stuck down there forever and I just had to give up and despair. I’d never get. I thought, oh man, I’m not a quitter. And I’m not just going to buy that. This is not a good place where I want to stay. So I thought, well, I’ll play along.

Maybe I’ll find a door someplace or somebody to help me. But it, it was like, again, people ask me, well, why didn’t you do this? Why didn’t you do it? Well, you’re running for your life. You know? I mean, I didn’t have time to release it and, and consider all I would say doing is trying to stay one step ahead of.

Things that were trying to destroy me. And it was very, um, depressing and, uh, uh, again, it just went on and on with all these different scenarios. And the weird thing was that I saw two people that were alive. So this is another thing that made me didn’t even Dawn on me that I was dead. I mean, You know, I was, I felt alive.

Somebody, people, people say, well, did you have feet? What were you wearing? And it’s like, I don’t know. There wasn’t a mirror. I know. You’re just, you, you don’t know your soul is you, whether you’re in a body or out of a body, it’s like being in a car. You’re not the car, it just gets you around. And that’s how the best way I can describe how a soul feels to me in my body.

So, uh, when it got worse and worse, And, uh, the people that I saw there, I saw two and they were both relatives and, um, they wouldn’t help me. They were mean to me and they wouldn’t help me. And I was so confused and I thought, what is wrong with everybody? But when I got back, I, I was really moved and pulled to give them each a message, a message that would make a difference in the way they were living their lives.

And I mean, how do you go up to somebody and say, I saw you now. And if you don’t change your ways, it’s like, oh, okay. They’re thinking she’s lost it. Um, so I did, I gave them the message, one of them for about a month or so, never talked to me again, which was on bad because we were really close and the other one was in a bad situation in her inner real.

She listened to what I said, but she was so wrapped up with what she was dealing with. She didn’t really pay attention, but 10 years later I see her at Christmas, one of our Christmases and she came up and she says, okay, tell me again, what you saw in hell. And I told her and she says, oh my gosh, that just that’s exactly what I was going through at the time.

And she got a divorce from this very. Nice person. And, uh, it, it, what was happening in the scenario that I saw was a metaphor for what was happening in her marriage and her relationship, but she finally had the guts to get out of there. And, uh, she just says, that is just so amazing that, that, that you, you knew that because she didn’t really share what much of what was going on.

So that was, that was a good thing that came out of it. Now, one out of two ain’t bad.

[00:18:01] Jeremiah: The way you described it was that each scene was different. Can you describe some of the other scenes that dead they hadn’t played through? Hang

[00:18:10] M.K. McDaniel: on to your share? Uh, is hell it was never pleasant. Um, I can talk a little lighter about it now because it’s been 22 years, but it’s still like emblazed on my soul.

So almost every night I have to really concentrate to not go there when it’s. You know, it’s, it’s still haunts me. It’s, uh, it’s not pleasant. It is. In fact, when I went to my second or third therapist, she says, I’ve got to put PTSD on your chart. I, you know, you’re just a mess. I said, well, thank you very much.

How much is this going to cost me? Um, but it was, it is it’s real. Um, there was a terrible thing in an abortion clinic. Later on. I’ll explain why I think all these scenarios happened, but on earth I had been a pro-lifer and I had volunteered to help ladies, uh, that had decided to keep their babies and that sort of thing.

So to be, to flash in, like I say, it was just like flashing in and the lights went up and at least I was someplace that I could see. Most of the places were very, very. And spooky that way, but this, this was just like too bright. And I thought the smell and the big, long white hallway and all the lights, I thought I’m in a hospital, eh, that, and I thought, wow, okay, I’m going to find other people.

I’ll find a door out of here, catch a bus, whatever I can get out. But when I, I, I looked at the end of this tunnel and that’s when I saw these great big kind of big foot look and. Sorta close on with, uh, uh, like a truncheon or, uh, something that, that you would electrocute people with or something. And I thought what, you know, I’m looking at that thing and I thought that doesn’t look good.

So I looked at the left and right. And there was a door on either side of me that were just canted open just a little bit. And so I thought, well, I’ll, I’ll run in there, but by the time I looked up to see where he was, he was standing right in front of me. I mean, I had heard thump, thump, thump, thump of heavy feet, but he moved really fast.

So, um, he was looming over me with this big. And he says, you’ve got a job. And I said, oh yeah. And he says, yeah, you’re going to go in that room over there. Uh, you’re going to pick up where they give you and you’re going to tell them across the hall, I’m going to keep an eye on you. And you’re going to put it in that room.

Then you’re going to go back. And this is your job. And I thought, I ha well, Rooms, I can get out of his, you know, out of his line of sight for a while. Maybe I can duck out, you know, so I said, sure. You know, so he pointed with a truncheon or whatever that thing was. And I went in and it was a rather large room with, again, lots of lights, but there were like patients on gurneys lined up for rose.

And I thought, huh. And, uh, there were people between. These were obviously women, they were laying on their back. Their legs were splayed. There were sheets around their legs. And there were people on like little stools in front of them with utensils doing, working there’s blood everywhere. And I thought, oh, I don’t like the looks of this at all.

And one of the doctors just raised his hand. His glove was all bloody and he’s waving his hand and I’m standing there and he turns around and barks at me. He says, get all our hair, you know, don’t make me. So I’m, I’m in shock. I walk over and I’m afraid of what I’m going to see. And I looked down and he says here, and he, and he has the remains of this poor little, tiny body and all the blood and everything.

And he says, stick out your arms. And I did because I was in shock and he just slapped it in my arms and said, no, take, go. So I’m, I’m, I’m in shock. I turned around, I walk out into the hall, I stare at this demon and he’s pointing to the other. So I went to the other room and walked in. And as far as I could see in this great big, huge room was just piles of these little bodies and the stench was terrible and gagged.

And I thought, oh, this is, this is hell. You know, but I didn’t know that’s where I was, but I thought, how could this even exist? So I went over and laid this little body down and I went back in the hall and he pointed back into the operating room and I said, no, I’m not going to do that. He says, this is your job and you’re going to do it.

And if you don’t, you have no idea what you’re going to have. What’s going to happen to you next. And I just crossed my arms and I said, I’m not going to do it. So I just closed my, he lifted that thing up, like he was going to hit me. So I just closed my eyes. I don’t know. I don’t care. And boom, I found myself at another place and that just went on and on.

Uh, between some of those scenarios, I found myself like on this road, uh, it was just rocks and dirt, but it looked like it had been tried before. So I didn’t know which direction to go. I just went one way. And then I went the other way and I turned to the right and got on the road, just started walking and it was just like dusk and I, there was no stars and no sun or moon or anything.

Low hanging, um, clouds and maybe in the, there’d be a pile of rocks or, uh, you know, nothing to look at, but I, I thought I’d at least I’m alone. You know, at least maybe this road will lead somewhere. So I spent a lot of time on that road, just walking and walking and walking and looking behind me to make sure something wasn’t sneaking up on me and, and afraid to fail.

Other people, but hoping I’d find somebody or a way out. So it, I remember there’s no sense of humor and hell test. That’s just how I cope with stuff. And at one point when I was walking and walking into the scene where he didn’t even seem to change, I just half as joked to myself, maybe I’m really on a big trip.

And I’m just going to be really thin at the end of this experience, but, uh, in it, then it would just kind of veer off. And that’s when I had seen one of the relatives that, uh, later on thanked me, um,

[00:24:39] Jeremiah: she, I was going to ask, um, how you came across the people that were still alive in life, in the, this experience.

Like how

[00:24:50] M.K. McDaniel: well her hers was about, about halfway through. I didn’t know how long this thing was going to go on, but about halfway through, I was walking on this road and I just remember thinking I’m thirsty, I’m tired, I’m hungry now. And again, people say, well, you are a urine, Hal, you didn’t know you didn’t have a body.

And it’s like, I don’t care. My mice. I didn’t know I was dad. And that’s how I felt. And, um, it’s like, And again, when, when I was hurt by people, how did you feel it? Um, if you believe that something’s going to hurt you, you’ll you’ll feel that pain just before it hits, you know, uh, like if somebody starts to punch you in the nose, but they pull the punch and they stopped just a half an inch, shorter your nose, you’ll always go, you know, like you’ve been hit even though you haven’t.

I that’s how I, I, I, I sensed it I guess. And it was so real that I felt it. So anyway, I, I, all of a sudden started smelling. Something good. And I thought, oh my gosh, this house, it smells like food. Oh, well that may be civilization. Maybe things are looking up. Maybe I’m getting in a better spot. I get a blah, blah, blah, blah.

So I, I hurried down there and it was weird. There was a guy sitting in a chair on one side and he was dressed kind of funny, but he was grumpy looking and, and staring at this person on the other side. So I looked on the other side and there was my F my. She was dressed strangely and then she had, she was a really good cook, really good cook.

And she’s got tables. Like she’s preparing a banquet for a hundred people. She was always throwing great big parties. And, um, and oh, I always thought, oh, I was thrilled. I just said, hi, you know? And, uh, she just looked like she was busy and she looked up kind of annoyed. Oh, I can see you’re really busy, but, you know, can you just spare just a little plate of anything?

I am starving and just a little glass of water. And she, and I always were very, very close and she’s younger. And, uh, she says this, this is for important people. I mean, I was just dismissed and I was hurt and I was shocked and I thought, wow. And so she turned her back on me and, you know, I felt terrible, but I kept going.

So that was one of them. Uh, the other was coming upon this movie set, that was a beauty parlor, you know, uh, and it was supposed to be like, I guess, Twilight zone or something, because the stage was kind of funny. And the chairs were angled and the mirrors were all screwy looking. And, uh, she was a person that always looked her best.

She always, she was very professional, very, um, oh, she just was amazing that way. But, uh, my sense was that she probably could have used a little more interior beauty because there was a lot of, um, Um, criticism of other people who didn’t look good all the time. She was always after me, me, but to wear something more fashionable or, you know, do something with your hair.

So anyway, there she is. And, uh, I just looked at this beauty parlor and I thought, Hmm, I saw two of her friends standing there too. They were friends from high school. I didn’t know them very well, but they were. And, uh, so I just looked at her and she says, oh my God, it looked like hell. And I thought, I, you know, going through and you’re worried about how I look, you know?

So she says, get up in this chair, we need your dog, God makeup, uh, you divorce your hair, that kind of nonsense, you know? And I says, no, you’ve got to listen to me. You’ve got to listen to me. This is serious. This is a serious thing. It doesn’t matter how. And she, and they all started laughing at me, laughing mean laughing and, and wouldn’t stop.

And so I, I got off the stage, got back on the road, you know, so that was the other person. Um, but there were a lot of, there were, uh, uh, zombie people. Uh, that’s all I can say about them. There was another demon that monitored. Cut down an entire black buried field. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Blackberry canes or anything like that.

He told me shortly after I got there, but they’re big and thick. They’re about an inch and a half thick with big spines on them. That when they grow, they overlap each other and they’d just take over. They’re all over Washington where I live. And, um, shortly after I got there, he says, you want to get out of here?

And I says, well, yeah. And he says, well, I’ll see to it that you get out of here. If you’ll just do one thing. And I say he was a big demon, you know? And so I’m talking to this demon, but I’m playing along. Cause he said the magic words get out of here. And um, I says, okay. So he says, all you have to do. And it was like, somebody lifted a curtain.

And as far as you could see where all these Blackberry vines and he says, all you got to do is cut those down and you can get out of here. Well, back on earth, I had had several houses that I moved into that had these lines and I know you need great. Huge Clippers. And you have to cut them in a six inch pieces and put them in plastic bags and you’ve got to wear gloves and heavy duty clothes because those things will eat you.

And so there I am just me, no gloves, no nothing, any, he hands me this pair of kidney garden scissors that they use for cutting paper and it starts laughing. laughing. And I thought. Sure work, you know, and he’s laughing and he said, you want to get out, you know? And so I said, give me those. So I took the scissors.

When in Rome, you got to do what they’d rooms they’re doing. So I leaned down, I’m getting all scratched up and I’m starting to Nall away at one of these canes. And I mean, now my fingers are starting to cramp and I finally. And I’m surrounded now by all these vines. And so I pick it up and I’m going to put it somewhere, but there’s so many around me.

It’s hard to put it down, but I did. I forced it back and I sat it down. I turned, just cut another one. And the thing grew back. So now this demons think, oh, I’ve made his day. He is really laughing mean and stuff. And I just thought he’s. Just give up. You’re not getting out of here. Despair. Everyone does.

Yeah, it’ll be fine. And I said, no. So I leaned down and start cutting again. And that’s when boom, whenever I would, you know, bulk they’d send me someplace worse. Um, yeah, so it, it went on and on and got worse and worse. And then at the very end and I didn’t know what was going to be the. I was, I had traveled through a very long distance and very high snow up about our chest Heights with some other beaten and attacked women like myself, um, to go to this cabin in the middle of freaking nowhere and cold as hell is a real thing.

Um, and we were waiting for our customers, which did not sound promising. Yeah, and hell I can imagine. Uh, so I, we were all a little in the dumps and, um, I, the demon lady that was with us, um, was there and I said, you know, I’ve been here a long time and it seems particularly depressing. Is there something I don’t know, she says, well, it’s Christmas on earth and it’s always the worst day.

That’s the first I heard of hell, you know, and I thought I’m in hell. You know, I, you know, I still thought I was alive and, um, I don’t know, something in me was just worn out. So there’s so I started,

[00:33:13] Jeremiah: sorry, there was a, so from your experience, there was male and female demons in, well, we know this

[00:33:22] M.K. McDaniel: well, um, I think, so this woman was like a half a demon.

I don’t know if you evolve or if you’re, I don’t know the, how it was, but you could tell it was a woman. Um, and it’s funny because she seemed to me when I got back, I thought she, she reminded me of somebody and she reminded me of an actress. And I can’t remember her name, but was an actress that I Al she always played a really mean part sometimes.

And I remember that I always had to turn it off the television whenever she came on, she just gave me such an awful feeling, awful feeling. And I didn’t understand then, but that’s who that was. Uh, and again, I’ll tell you about how you make your own health. Um, when I was started to sing the song, it was my favorite, uh, um, Christmas Carol.

I just started singing away in a MI. And she started shrieking and told me to shut up. And a couple of the other ladies started joining me, you know, so away in a manger, no crib for his bed. And she’s, she’s, there’s a bunch of us all packed in this room. So she’s breaking through the crowd coming at me with her stick and it comes to the little Lord and she shrieks so loud and I closed my eyes and that.

You wanted me to kind of pause here? Oh

[00:34:53] Jeremiah: no. We’ll continue with your story. I’ll ask at the end because I think it’ll encompass everything.

[00:35:00] M.K. McDaniel: Okay. So again, boom, light, but it’s different. Light is warm. Light is loving. Light is, you know, it’s just incredible love and joy. And. Piece. And I completely forgot everything that came before all.

I was just totally immersed in this wonderful love. And I was, I was just shocked and in awe and, and so happy. And it was a, it was like a big room, but it was all white with this light and just kind of had, I dunno, denser or things that made it feel like a room and, and, um, I looked around and there was my friend who had died the month before I did.

And, you know, had had leukemia last time I saw him, his hair, it all fallen out. He was all purple and swollen and stuff. And he looked wonderful. He looked 35 years old. He was healthy and, and, and laughing. And, uh, he was wearing a sweater I’d given him. And I, I couldn’t believe it. Oh, my gosh, he doesn’t know he’s dead, still thinking I was alive and he just starts laughing and I thought, wait a minute, I didn’t say that out loud.

He read my mind. And then I thought he still has got that look like, I know something you don’t know. And I says, oh my gosh, I’m dead. I’m so excited. I’m so tired. I’m in heaven. And this is just fabulous. I’m so, you know, so I, I, I’m saying to my. Come on. Let’s go show me. Let’s go see. And then he just kind of stopped.

And I looked around and I, I remember there was a big table. I got an architect’s table with this huge book and it’s open about halfway and I thought, wait a minute. He was showing me something in that book. What was. And I thought, well, I don’t remember what it was, but I know I said, oh no, that’s going to be too hard.

I want to stay here with you. And he just said, now, Mary Kay, that’s what he always call me. You’ve got too much left to do. I thought, oh crap, they’re throwing me out. You know? No. I said, no, absolutely not. No, it works in hell. Huh?

Do you

[00:37:36] Jeremiah: think the, a book that you saw was like the book of life, you know, how you always hear about that?

[00:37:43] M.K. McDaniel: I think it was my life and it was only halfway open 50, you know, and I, you know, and I’m thinking, oh my gosh, I’m going to be in like nineties or something. I, you know, was just flashing through my mind.

And I thought, no, it was edited. It just irks you when you get back and, and, you know, they told you what you were going to be doing and, and they, they don’t let you remember it just, you know, I guess that’s cheating if you remember, you know, and then you’d go straight to it and get it done. But, um, uh, I found myself and I think it was kind of a timeout room.

Some people have one you’re so mad when they send you. Uh, most people, very few people choose to go back and less. The only ones I hear about it is the ones that just have had a baby. They died giving birth and they just cannot leave that child. And they’re allowed to go back for that or if they’ve got small children.

Um, but I was, um, I was like in a timeout place. It was like this beautiful. No Glenn, one of the flowers and the stuff, and it was calm. There was a stream, you know, and I walked down the stream down the street and Jimmy back, you know, I ran into three people there who gave me gifts and told me I had to give them to this person that I knew.

And, and it was just kind of weird, but I, I was kind of resigned. I was, I always had forgotten the heavens stuff. I’m just. Figuring out how I got here. Uh, but I’d forgotten that. And so I, I woke up and there’s a bright, light, right. Light in the CCU waiting for me and all these people that I’m thinking. I think I know those people.

Where am I? And what’s going on is hot again. Um, I can’t move. I can’t talk. Am I back in hell? And then. It was, it was awful. And, uh, you know, that the people turned around and one of them says, oh, mom’s back. And they’re running over. And my daughter and my mom, and everybody’s happened and praising God, and I’m thinking, oh, crap, how horrible what happened?

And, um, and it dawns on me. I thought I’ve got too much left to do, and I can’t move. I can’t. What kind of crummy joke is this? You know, I mean, I was one, it was really good that I couldn’t talk for awhile several days, several days for it to them and to put some sort of a device in my throat so I could talk like a robot, but at least I could talk, but I was so filled within gratitude that, um, I probably would have been rude.

So it was good that I had a chance to settle down and dig in and they had to keep telling me what was going on. Uh, of the drugs coming out of the drugs and I still remembered hell it came back and I thought, oh my God, I’m, I’m going to have to die again. I’m going to have to go to purgatory again and do this again.

How was not a happy camper? Um, so, um, it took a while for me to understand. Going on. I couldn’t move because I had lost, I had weighed like 105 going in and now I weighed 86. I had no muscle mass, so I couldn’t move. And, um, I could blink and move one finger. That was it, my left hand. And I’m right-handed, you know, it doesn’t get any better.

Um, and I was told that, uh, they were going to keep me another week and the critical care. And, um, I’d been there three almost. And then they were going to try and get me to a physical rehab facility. I had to fight with the insurance. They thought I was a lost cause why? She said that, why should we waste money on you?

You can’t even move. I said, listen, sister, you have no idea what I have been through and what I can do. Um, I’ve had my own business. I’m, you know, blah-blah-blah you better? You better give me a chance or, um, I’ll track you down. So she, they said, okay, we’ll give you a. A week at a time, and we were able to set high goals.

And at the end of that week, all your doctors have to get together with a meeting and assure us that you have met every single one of these goals every week, or we’re pulling the plug. You know, you can go to a convalescent hospital and die basically. Um, so I was motivated and, um, I did what they said and it was hard.

It was hard. And the pressing and I was angry and I probably the anger. Get me get me going. But, uh, my family stayed for several weeks and then they left and then I felt so all alone. And, uh, the fellow I had been dating, um, had been to the hospital every day. I had only known him about three months, three, four months.

And, um, uh, he asked me to marry him and, uh, I said, sure. I you’re a sport. Tell ya, you know, and he says, I believe in you, I, I know who you are be under all of that, you know, medical gear. Um, it’ll be fine. And so, um, I, he took me to, we’ve got a house and, and, um, we got married and we were together 11 years and.

Uh, about eight years, nine years, nine years into the marriage, it was, it was coming unglued. Um, you know, I mean, it’s amazing. We made it that far, but, um, he, uh, had a problem with prostate numbers that were coming out bad and he didn’t want to go on and get the test because it was painful and I made him go.

And, uh, when they got the results, uh, seven of the 10 tests showed aggressive. And the doctor said that if they hadn’t found it, he would have been dead in two years. And that was. 15 years ago, 20 years ago, you still here. So I, we each saved each other’s lives, you know, I believe now that we plan our own lives and all, we bring all our, our, our soulmates with us.

And, um, and so he and I agreed to meet up when it was going to be tough for either one of us. And so we’re still really good friends. Um, yeah, everything changed after I got back everything I, I believed in and thought. And, uh, it took me 10 years to get two ions, which is the international association of near-death studies where there’s thousands of formerly dead people, my tribe.


[00:44:39] Jeremiah: I actually didn’t know about that. So I’m going to have to do look that,

[00:44:43] M.K. McDaniel: oh yeah, anytime you’ve got an NDE ear, it’s fabulous. And it’s not just Andy’s his STEs and, you know, spiritually transformative events or, or when you have lucid dreams or anything in the, in the spiritual realm. There’s thousands and thousands.

And it’s not just everyday people like me. There’s neuroscience, scientists, and lawyers and doctors. And if you know it, it’s, it’s been proven, you know, that these things are real and the majority of people come back spiritual rather than religious. And so it, it, it took me a long time to trans well, it’s called, uh, deconstructing now, uh, To, to move into a comfortable place of being spiritual and to ease out of my religion, which didn’t throw.

Family, the bad thing too about coming back is people don’t want to believe what happened to you is particularly if you’ve been to hell. I mean, you know, it reflects on them somehow. How did I fail her? What was she up to that we didn’t know about? Um, that sort of thing. And they don’t want to talk about it.

They don’t want to talk about it. So you kind of feel very lost and alone. So now I’ve got this thing about the COVID people, all those people in ventilators, I’m thinking, oh, how many of those had that experience? How many of them are coming out of this? And nobody wants to talk to them about it. So I’m not shouting out anybody, uh, get ahold of me on my website or, um, that’s www dot misfit in hell to heaven.

Ex-pat dot com. That’s the name of the. But I’m also, I on irons, they have sharing groups, you know, different, uh, topics and stuff. Anybody can join and I’ve just started a distressing and the sharing group for people who want to know more about those types or have had them themselves, and they can come and talk with people like themselves.

So there’s a lot of resources out there that I didn’t know about. And it was another 10 years after finding ions. Badgering to me to write a book because only about oh 12 to 20% of people have anything distressing or disturbing in an ND. Most of them, you know, I was the angels and the flowers and the butterflies and all that’s lucky stuff.

Um, but uh, they said you’ve got to write a book because there’s only three or four of them out there right now. And people need to know they’re not alone. So a year and a half ago, I finally wrote my book. Got it published. And, and, um, and it sound. And that’s misfit in hell because I was a misfit. I can’t packing up and then have an ex-pat.

And that’s because I believe we’re all pieces of God. Our souls are pieces of God’s soul and we start off in heaven and we come down to earth and we do our work and then we go home just like a next Patriot. So that’s

[00:47:35] Jeremiah: the, so one last thing before we wrap it up, you mentioned something about how you believe that you can create your own.

Um, I don’t know if you can speak on that real quickly.

[00:47:47] M.K. McDaniel: Yeah, real quickly. I was born, raised and believed what they told me about having to go to purgatory hell. So I believe that I manifested that I believed I was going to go, I live my life as if it was going to happen. I made decisions knowing that was going to happen.

And so I made my own hell. I learned in heaven that God is all for. And all loving and would never condemn anybody. You go to hell because you think you’re going to go, or you choose to, there are people that don’t want to be around God, but nobody has to go to hell. Most people just wake up and bliss.

[00:48:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve heard that as well. Like in a lot of the near-death experience, uh, people who have been to hell, um, it’s only been. Well, it doesn’t feel like a short time when you’re there, but it was like, you weren’t permanently there. You, a lot of them end up going to heavenly place afterwards, kinda like showing, you know, uh, both sides of the coin, I guess.

[00:48:57] M.K. McDaniel: So the other thing I’ve learned over that is, uh, I asked for something positive to be able to remind myself instead of just the negative. So every day I say this, this mantra, God helped me to be loving kind, merciful, forgiving, encouraging, grateful non-judgemental and useful. That’s an answer to my prayer when I asked God, what can I do?

That’s positive. So, um, anyway, I hope that

[00:49:26] Jeremiah: helps. Yeah, that was good. Um, so is there any thing else you’d like to share with my audience and I’ll make sure. Put your links for your book and everything in the show notes and all the, I don’t know if you have any parting words.

[00:49:42] M.K. McDaniel: Well, yeah, the book is, is a memoir.

So it’s about my relatives. Great to great grandparents all the way through to now to kind of explain how we are just kind of a chain from our relatives to us and how we come, the people we are and what, and how we believe in. And it’s all important to look at, not just your own life, but go backwards and forwards.

And, uh, so the book is about that, but it also has the hell experience and what I’ve learned from it, I would say to people, you know, believe in the end in just the goodness of God and, um, you don’t have to belong to a religion of any sort, uh, is just you and God.

[00:50:30] Jeremiah: Yes. I, uh, totally feel like that now. And I think also too, like you said, don’t focus on the negative so much focus on more of the positive.

Um, now we’re all human, we’re all gonna make mistakes. And we’re all gonna have times where we like, oh, that’s, you know, nothing’s going on my way, but in the bigger picture, That’s one thing I’ve learned since my NDE was to look at the bigger picture, more often, just the right in front of your face. And then it seems to ease a lot of the turmoil that you feel

[00:51:12] M.K. McDaniel: well, you know, knowing that I chose my life, I don’t feel like a victim in the world anymore.

I don’t shake my fist at God. I just say, wow, I plan that. I wonder what lesson I wanted to do. Um, it makes, makes that part of your life a whole lot easier too.

[00:51:29] Jeremiah: Yeah, I do feel like life is a bunch of lessons and you can choose how you want to respond to those lessons. Um, so it’s up to you. If a situation is put in front of you, you can choose to do one thing or the other, um, that’s like, what do they say?

A free will free will, but yeah. Certain situations are going to be there regardless of what you do, because it’s part of your learning and growth and all that. I agree. And that’s what I’ve come to experience, but all right, we will wrap it up now. Thank you for coming on and speaking about your

[00:52:11] M.K. McDaniel: experience.

Good luck.

[00:52:13] Jeremiah: Yes, that’s good luck to you too.

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Unknown Stories of America

Unknown Stories of America

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, this is the, what if they’re wrong podcasts. And we’re joined today by K w H Ollin. And he’s gonna talk about things that are. In his book, that’s coming out and it’s all about the founding of America, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, and some of the presidents. So we’re going to speak with him today about all the stuff you don’t really hear about in your college or a high school class.

So if you want to introduce



[00:01:08] KWH Olin: uh, yeah, I’m KWH, Olin. Um, I just wrote a book called, uh, a Patriot’s rebirth, um, and just got the new cover up a couple of weeks ago. Um, and, uh, so, um, yeah, I, uh, basically want it in my book. I wanted to point out stuff that a lot of historians haven’t, uh, haven’t really touched on.

And, uh, one of the major things is, cause you know, lately Alexander Hamilton’s been. Um, he’s, he’s been glorified by the ma you know, the main stream and the system and everything, uh, with the Hamilton, uh, show, which is just a complete that it’s disgusting to me, really. So, um, so I, I just wanted to really tell a real, you know, not just Hamilton, but I’ll start there first, I guess.

Yeah. And then, um, but, but yeah, he he’s, uh, basically, uh, there was a lot of arguments with Thomas Jefferson and, um, Ann Hamilton about the Federalist versus state rights. Um, Thomas Jefferson was for state rights and Alexander Hamilton was for, um, the Federalist stung and he wanted, he was big on the Federalist system.

Um, if you’ve read his letters between him and Thomas Jefferson, he wanted, thank God it never happened, but he wanted a mano king. He actually wanted to Congress to run, basically to run everything. Um, To run everything. And the people had no choice. Like he didn’t like that the common people were making decisions.

Um, so that was a big mishap. Now the biggest thing with the biggest problem with Hamilton’s Federalist system is, and in my suspicions too, um, he I’m suspicious that he worked with, uh, mayor Rothschild, um, who basically, I didn’t even know they had a central bank before 1913, but, um, he actually, when I read it, I, I was horrified to hear that they pretty much, when I first started the country, uh, the federal reserve, or I’m sorry, not the federalism, the central, the first bank of America, I think they called it, um, was actually a central bank controlled by the Roth trials.

So, um, so he actually worked, he was basically like a trader, uh, Alexander Hamilton doing that. So, um, uh, so. So he, he, so basically what happened was for 20 years, they had a 20 year charter with the Rothschilds, um, and, uh, Alexander Hamilton. Uh, yeah, so, so he, so he had that 20 year charter, but then Thomas Jefferson and his, um, Thomas Jefferson and, um, uh, other other people in Congress are really angry about this whole charter.

And it was, you know, and they were, they were trying to tell the public, this, this wasn’t something that we should have in the country. Um, so they basically, um, uh, let me think here, sorry. Um, yeah. Yeah. So who are these,

um, for people who don’t really know who are these Rothschild, um, characters and how they.

Yes. Um, well, yeah, they they’ve been mayor Rothschild he’d started in like the 17. It was about the 1750s and he was like a coin collector and he basically, he loaned money to governments, like different types of, you know, like the Britain empire and the French, and they kind of played each other off. They played these countries off from each other.

Um, so they’re, they’re pretty and they pretty much, you know, they funded all the, if you look it back, they funded all the major wars. And then later, you know, the Rockefeller has kind of got into that too. And other families, I mean, it’s not just the Rothschilds, but you know, we’ll just try to make it, um, a little more simple, but yeah, basically they like to make countries in debt for them.

And they in a basically all want to have a central bank in every country around the world, just like a rack, you know, like, um, like the whole, whole Saddam Hussein. I, I, in my opinion, I think that was more about, because he wouldn’t have a central bank and he, and he wanted to keep on the gold standards, you know, so, and, and you see this pattern every time, so yeah, they’re just, they’ve been a real, uh, like parasite for, you know, like for a long time, 245 years or something.

So that’s, uh, but, um, yeah, so yeah, I think that answers that question, but yeah. Yeah. So they were there working

[00:05:49] Jeremiah: towards, from my perspective, they want to create like a global

[00:05:56] KWH Olin: order. Yes. A new world, the new world order.

[00:06:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. And they want to have, you know, one currency, one governing body, all that stuff.

[00:06:09] KWH Olin: Yeah. Yeah. That’s and

[00:06:10] Jeremiah: then you have George Soros running around tank and conscious.

[00:06:13] KWH Olin: Oh yeah, he’s got, he’s also in my book or I’m sorry, a fictional character based off him. Um, yeah. Yeah. So, but, um, yeah. Yeah, it’s just it. Well, I think also in my suspicions, I don’t know if this is historically accurate.

Well there, the, the, the dual with Aaron Burr and Alexander Hampton, that is a real historical fact. Now in my book, I allude at Thomas Jefferson, um, sets this up to kill Hamilton because of the central bank. You know, I kind of put my own spin on that. Um, but, um, yeah, it’s pretty interesting that I think that Thomas Jefferson.

Might’ve killed Alexander Hamilton in 1804. So like got him, you know, set it up for him to die. So, and then, and rightfully so, I would say, I mean, cause he wasn’t trader complete trader, so yeah. So, um, and then, you know, oh, and the big thing with, you know, I was telling Michael on, on slaved is, um, is, is the biggest thing that happened in it.

I think what happened, why the war of 1812 happened was because when it in 18, 11 or 1812, when it was up for renewal for the charter, um, Congress didn’t renew it. And the mayor had like, like a shit, the mayor Rothschild, he had a shit fit that they want. And, um, I, and he actually died. He died from a heart attack, so that’s kind of funny cause he was so I guess, well, you know, I mean it could have been other things, but he was really pissed off about that.

And then shortly after it was the war of 18, 12. So like every time they don’t get their little way or something, they always land up starting a war. So, and that’s what I’m trying to write in a book to try to prevent that from happening again. So at least, you know, people are going to have a war, they have to have a war with specific people and it has to be done in a way where it’s, it’s not gonna go in their favor, you know?


[00:08:12] Jeremiah: yeah. So how did, uh, Thomas Jefferson end up getting in tangled with Hamilton? The stuff

[00:08:20] KWH Olin: like how, oh yeah. Um, well, yeah, they were, they were speaking, you know, they were having their arguments in Congress and their debates and stuff. And then, you know, he heard, you know, actually they have it written down.

You can actually, anybody can read these actually too. And, and, um, yeah, he, he just heard what he was talking about and, you know, uh, Bano government and the central bank and, and, you know, and, and that, you know, that, that it’s like a private, especially that the people can’t audit, you know, and it was very dangerous to them.

I mean, dangerous to him. And, and he has, you know, he has like a lot of warnings, like even in my book, I have, well, one of his quotes, this is pretty revelent today. What’s going on. It’s uh, uh, let’s see. You have to, if the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around these banks will deprive the people of all.

Until their children wake up homeless on the continent, their fathers conquered and that starting to happen. They’re there, they’re going to once again, try to take our property and, um, and yeah, you know, we’ll, you know, if we don’t do something about it, we’re all going to be homeless and under another tyranny, like a king George thing.

So I think it’s worse than that though. So fortunately, so

[00:09:40] Jeremiah: yeah, kind of, uh, this is just my personal conspiracy is, was the pandemic kind of like planned out to destroy your mom and pop businesses to bring in like these, uh, monopoly type things like Walmart and target and all those. That’s just my oh yeah, yeah,

[00:10:05] KWH Olin: yeah, yeah.

Yeah. They make these corporations that make them stronger. They’re a lot stronger now because, well, basically, yeah, I think it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of like, they want to own, they don’t want any mom be, like you said, they don’t want any mom and pop shops. They just want, you know, one or two major companies, so they can put whatever they want in the food and the water and, you know, whatever they’re feeding you, they can put whatever they want and you know, and then they, you know, and then the reset.

Yeah. I think it’s about, you know, it’s to get us into the smart cities, basically that tracks everything we do. And, you know, cause now that have like apps now for the Corona, well, they had that last year, but you know where you’re go, how close you are to people and you can’t go to this certain place. So it’s just like training yet.

It’s like it’s training for this new, um, smart city system that they’re trying to an automated too. I, I I’ve been telling one of my friends, um, uh, one of my friends at a warm term. And she doesn’t totally believe me in it, but I I’ve been telling her for a long time. I said that the end goal is really, they just want to get rid of most of humanity, just want a few to repair the machines, but they just want this AI automation thing.

And you could see it even 10 years ago when they were doing the fast checkouts and all that stuff, starting to get rid of the jobs of the computer. So, so yeah, I think they’re just, they’re trying to train us and they are using this virus. To get us quarantine get used to being locked down in these small cities, smart cities where we can’t go out, we can’t drive, or you can’t even go out in nature.

I mean that, like they’ll say, oh, you, you gotta stay in like an 80 mile radius and hearing, and it’s, it’s a privilege if you need to go out in the nature and you know that that’s, what’s going to be the nightmare if we don’t stop this stuff. So, yeah. I agree though. Yeah.

[00:11:51] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I feel like they’re trying to get rid of like cash and make everything like digital so that way they can control and monitor like everything.

Um, like they just implemented the tax on any payments, $600

[00:12:09] KWH Olin: or more for like

[00:12:11] Jeremiah: PayPal or Venmo or just more of seasoned control.

[00:12:17] KWH Olin: Yeah. Yeah. That’s it’s scary, man. It’s got, yeah, it’s got a lot worse in the last 20 years. I mean, they, they always been. You know, that’s what I see. Like they, they try to, they try to push something like, like don’t, they’ll, they’ll feel it out.

Like, they’ll feel out the public was, they tried this 10 years ago. What they, they call it like real IDs. I just keep on changing the name and then they just feel it out to see, oh, is a public going to go along with it. And then like, you know, I don’t know if sometimes you listen to it. I’m an Alex Jones.

Isn’t my only one. But you know, I, sometimes I listened to him and, and he, uh, he’ll say, you know, they’re, they’re trying to, they’re, they’re tightening up their grip, you know, they’ll clamp on you and then they’ll release a little bit and they’re just trying to like, they’re testing you too. So, um, but, um, but yeah, it does seem like it’s accelerated in the last, um, a lot of people are saying it’s not 2030 anymore.

They’re trying to get it to 20, 25, 20, 27 to supposedly complete this. We’ll see.

[00:13:16] Jeremiah: Yeah, it really seems like they’re ramping up. And I also have spoken with someone and we talked about how, in reality, they’re just losing control and their grip. So they have to work harder because humanity’s starting to realize, or, you know, more of humanity is starting to realize that we’re being told what to do and, and trying to be controlled.

And now more and more people you see are pushing back. And whereas before you wouldn’t

[00:13:51] KWH Olin: have yeah, yeah. That, that, that is, that’s a real nice chain. That’s something positive. Yeah. That’s that’s going on. And I’m glad to finally see that. Cause I was, I was pretty frustrated. I mean, I’ve been into this for, since I was like 16 in high school.

Uh, Fuck man, like 15 years now. So, and I always saw so frustrated, but you know, like that, I mean, especially back then, when you try to say something, you were a real wound, a wound, you know, I was against the vaccines then too. And, you know, I had so many girlfriends that would break up me for that , you know, cause you know, we’d have arguments with that and you know, it’s like, it’s work, work people like you are cut.

We’re kind of like, we’re kind of like a headed head of the head of like 50 years ahead of people. You know, it’s kind of, it’s kind of a strange, you know, in, in, in your, you just sound like a crazy person, but now finally, like you’re saying, yeah, people are really more receptive to it and uh, I’m hoping that it, uh, I’m hoping it, I mean, I’m hoping we, it would be great if we could get to at least 10%, you know, I think that would make, make a pretty big impact.

Um, you know, more would be better, but yeah, it’s just, um, but you know, I mean, I think it was only about 3%. Fought the revolutionary war and the rest were Tories. You know, it’s kind of the same. It’s just a repeat in history. Really? It just, you know, these people are just like the Tories again, the one that, you know, the Neo Neo liberals, um, I don’t have any problem with liberals.

I just, it’s more, I, I just don’t like the Neo liberals. I mean, that’s my main thing. I mean, I used to, you know, I’m all for, you know, cannabis and everything and write to those as long as you aren’t hurting anybody. I don’t, I don’t see why anybody should be even voting on things that are, that should be covered by the constitution.

So I think that’s where this division happens with the conservatives and liberals, because they’re there, they’re always like voting on stuff you shouldn’t be voting on anyways. You can’t, you shouldn’t be telling somebody, oh, you’re not allowed to do this. If they’re not hurting anybody or they’re, you know, they’re over 18 or whatever, you know, you shouldn’t be, um, you know, you know, but that’s still, that’s still Luciferians.

They like to divide and conquer. The conservatives and liberals and they want to fight each other. Cause I don’t want them looking at them, you know? And, and that’s why I like my book too. I try to really point that out. Like, like do not fight the liberals can serve as, do not like, unless you have to for self-defense, but I’m just saying like, do not make that your major goal because that’s exactly what they want, you know?

And, um, yeah, we’re, we’re gonna have to be a smart, we’re gonna have to be smart about our targets. You can’t storm stuff like the Capitol, the signal at 16, eight, you gotta be very intelligent and I’m not going to get into that too much. And I don’t want anybody, I’m not telling anybody, anybody to do that.

So, you know, um, yeah, so, but, uh, so,

[00:16:41] Jeremiah: uh, you had said something about the Illuminati and all, so you a. You think that there really is like a Illuminati, like cabal that’s running and stuff. Yes.

[00:16:57] KWH Olin: Like behind this? I do. Um, I would be a little, I mean, yeah, there there’s, there’s not, I don’t think there’s just one group.

I think there’s a couple. Um, but yeah, the main, the main one. Yeah, the Illuminati, the saber T uh, Sabbitarians frankest um, I hear a lot. They’re they’re almost like, I guess they’re, they’re actually kind of infiltrated the Illuminati too, but they’re really more of a problem for me because they infiltrate.

I think it was like, don’t quote me exactly. But I believe it was a 16 hundreds that they infiltrated the Muslim Christianity. Um, and, uh, yeah, they, they, they infiltrated those two religions. And, um, so, so like, it’s basically like you see a lot of these KKK people and they’re saying, I want to know what’s.

It’s well, partially all which the Jews and all that. It’s, it’s, it’s not the Jews. These are people that they actually infiltrated the Muslims and the Christians and they play them off each other. So they don’t really care and they’re not even really Jewish they’re they’re um, they, they actually like to kill their own.

Non-search authentic Jews. I’ve heard if you really go into it. Um, so they, yeah, they’re really bad. Cause they, they play off religions, you know, Christians and Muslims against each other. And then they just, you know, and they watch, you know, and it, you know, and they cause wars and stuff, but, but, um, the, I think people should really look into that.

So they don’t, um, that’s another thing that divide and conquer thing, um, with the Christians and Muslims, I would very much look into who’s pulling the strings on that, those two, two, you know, those two religions, you know, infiltrate now. And then there’s good things about there. There’s good things about all religions, but it’s just that they have twisted stuff on.

And actually have people worshiping, I’m the complete opposite of what they’re, you know, it’s, it’s actually reversed, you know, like it’s twisted into something evil and they’re not really worshiping God, they’re worshiping this new thing that they put in. But, but, but there’s also, I mean, but not, there’s good things about Christians before, um, you know, before this happened for, it was infiltrated, there was re there was good things about Christianity and Muslims.

They had their own thing. It was just that these guys, you know, just like everything else they, they mess around with. So, yeah, but I want to make that clear too. Cause people, they kind of get that mixed up or go watch the Jews, you know, it’s it’s this or that. And then, and then they get, you know, and you just play right in the game.

So, and then I think that’s what they got Hitler too, because of the, his ignorance with that a little bit, they, they kind of ruined Germany’s image with that and they kind of use that against them. They kind of set them up, even though they were doing the same. Cause they put, they put, I G Farben or Rockefeller’s own IgE Farben, which was one of the concentration camps in Germany.

So yeah, they were highly involved with that, so, yeah. And I’m probably going all over the place here, but yet that’s all right. Uh,

[00:19:56] Jeremiah: yeah. So I’ve also heard, um, going back to like the founding fathers and stuff like that, I’ve heard a lot about them being involved in Freemasonry. Have you come across any of that in your research?

[00:20:10] KWH Olin: Um, yeah, they, they were all, uh, they’re all, all the forefathers are pretty much free masons, but, um, what I was telling Michael, I was a little, um, he, he there’s a di there’s more, a lot of people debate. If they were see the dirty turd, the Illuminati, the basins weren’t supposedly all they weren’t bad in the beginning until the Illuminati infiltrated at 33rd degree.

Even then a lot of times the people underneath the 33rd degree, one didn’t even know about what they were doing in there. They were oblivious to it. So, yeah. I, I don’t know if the forefathers were actually, I don’t know if they knew about the infiltration at the 33rd degree. That that’s what I, I’m not, I’m not sure, but I mean, yeah, I mean, it looks, it looks pretty suspicious and as much as I, you know, we all, I’m sure you’ve looked you’re American, you’ve you love George Washington, all that.

And you know, I have good memories of them and that there is some suspicious stuff that you could look farther into. I mean, the fact that he did kind of like agree with, he didn’t, he didn’t fight against the central bank with, was there in Hamilton and that’s a little suspicious. So again, you know, I don’t want to bad mouth, you know, George Washington, but you know, um, I’m gonna Hamilton.

I definitely will, but I just don’t know. I don’t know enough, you know, what he was going through and it, you know, I mean, when your flight in life and limb. You know, all this shit that they went through. I don’t know. Maybe he just, he didn’t want, you just had to come halfway. I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s what he was thinking, so.

[00:21:46] Jeremiah: Okay. So yeah, I was, uh, I have a episode about the Illuminati and the music industry and I’m working on a part two and it just, uh, yeah, you hear a lot about that 33 degree masonry and the symbolism they use and all that stuff.

[00:22:06] KWH Olin: Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. They’re definitely involved in a Scottish. Right. You know, that would be the Scottish right?

33rd degree. Yeah. They put, um, yeah, it’s just it. Just car, car, uh, car. Uh, what do you see a carpet mentalize? You know, it’s, it’s kind of like a lot, a lot of like, just like in the middle you’re like in the government there’s people that are on they’re on different levels where they, they don’t, they don’t know what the hell.

Um, uh, I’m sorry. Uh, th the other, uh, Institute, you know, the other guy, basically, I don’t know what the other people are doing underneath them or up, up on the top. So they, they kind of keep that hidden from people. So, so, yeah, I, I wouldn’t know exactly I’m going to have, like I said, I have my suspicions, but yeah, I don’t, I don’t know if they were actually dirty three masons, but I mean, I think Hamilton definitely was, I mean, one of the things he talks about and I mean, he was playing right in a new world, Adam Weiss re-ups, uh, you know, um, what was the, I think it’s called a declaration of something.

He, he talked like abolishing of a religion and, and, uh, I don’t know, he, he, he, there’s a whole lot clause in, and if you look back in the 17 hundreds with deal Illuminati and, and, and, and that’s how I kind of find it, I just look at the patterns and, and if I see people, if I see if falling the same, the basic.

Then I could pretty much predict what’s going to happen. And it’s not that, that hard to know what they’re pretty much going to do next, you know, and it’s not like our psychic, but it’s just, you know, it’s a pattern that you study and you just kind of see a habit. So

[00:23:49] Jeremiah: yes, yes. Um, definitely some shady stuff going on behind the scenes that people don’t realize what’s going on. Yeah. They, uh, they’re definitely playing a good game of chess with, for sure.

[00:24:06] KWH Olin: Yeah. I don’t know what your take on Trump was. I, I did vote for him, you know, the first time around, but then, you know, halfway through, I just started seeing the pattern where he, you know, he’s fortunately and then, uh, yeah, it just, you know, I w I was, it was pretty much a punch in the gut for me on that point that he kind of went along with a vaccine and.

Um, just at the red flag law thing and just, I don’t know, I’m just, I’m, I’m real, I’m really, I’m really like real hardcore about the constitution. I’m kind of an asshole about that and, and, and I’ll hold like I hold everybody, like even Obama, I did the same thing, Obama, Bush, all of them. And, and if I see them doing something against the constitution, I’m like, Nope.

You know, I just, you know, I check them off and that’s my kind of my test. But, um, yeah, for me, I just, I, in my opinion, I think we should just have no, there shouldn’t be another president. I think I actually don’t really think we need presidents or representatives anymore. Um, because the only reason that you need representatives back.

The old days is cause they had horses and AMD cars and not everybody could go 50 miles to the, to make the vote for the people that represent them. So we don’t really need them anymore. And they’re just a problem. So I, I think some kind of electronic voting system backed up by a manual one that you can compare your physical ballot or something.

But I think we should just scrap. I don’t think we should have any president, especially with them stealing the election and all that. I just don’t see any, any point of putting any effort into even Trump for a reelection format. I think it needs to be C pack. I’m trying to start a campaign first, get rid of that.

You know, that would be one thing and OSI pack is cause really, I mean, how, how can the common man run when they have all these qualifications and you see pack things and all this money that you have to have to have? I think that’s unconstitutional in the beginning. So we need to get, I think that’s a start to get rid of that.

And then we got it. We got to get past. Real real people voting for, you know, well, you know, maybe just not even president, maybe they just there’s one, one last president. And, and then he says, okay, people, you know, do you want to present anymore? Which is have the public just vote on all issues, you know, directly.

And let’s just not have, you know, unless you just want them as like a, um, like the clean, you know, like, uh, just a symbolic or something, you know, but I don’t know, that’s why my opinion on it, but

[00:26:45] Jeremiah: yeah, yeah. At first I was like, oh, Trump’s come in to shake things up. And, and you know, he was on our side and stuff like that, but you can just, like you said, you can see he’s just.

Right in line. And I kind of wonder if he was used to create more division and cause it seems like there’s more division now than like ever in history. Um, and the amount of media focused on Trump himself has just been crazy compared to any other president we’ve had. And it just, I don’t know, to me, it’s just seems kind of fishing puppet

[00:27:30] KWH Olin: and

[00:27:30] Jeremiah: plus you see pictures of him partying with the Clinton, stuff like that.

So like how, how much of an enemy

[00:27:36] KWH Olin: are they really well? Yeah. You know, and then, you know, and he was. You know, I, I used to want to want to punch him, like when he, they would be at the rally and they were like, oh, lock, lock her up, lock her up, you know, Hillary and her. And he was like, well, you know, she’s gone through enough.

And I was like, and that was when I was like, okay, man, like just saying that as like, that shows, I don’t know. Yeah. That, that just, that angered me. I was like, you know, and then he picks these people like Barre, which is a Bush junior person and all these Bush, junior people around him and then signing the Patriot act.

And it just, you know, I had the Russia stuff was bullshit. I mean, I defended them on that. Cause that was, I mean, you could clearly see the Russian collusion was bullshit and it was just a start war Russia. Cause they’re always trying to, but yeah, no, I just, yeah, nah, I was, it was the middle of his term where I just dropped them out.

I was like, nah, you know, I said, he’s not tricking me, man. I, I know the tricks, you know it’s so yeah, no, I totally agree. I think he’s a, I think he’s a puppet. I think he’s a rock he might even be owned by the Rothschilds role. I know probably. I mean, how does he get all that money? Like. You know, keep all that money.

I mean, they would be, if he was real deal, it’d be trying to, I would think they’d try to kill him or destroy his business or like completely. And I’m in like, you know, so yeah. I’m not a, oh yeah. If he was real,

[00:28:51] Jeremiah: if he was real opposition, he would end up like, uh,

[00:28:55] KWH Olin: what’s his name. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I’m even wondering if, uh, you know, I mean, I know Trump and I did my own research on Epstein plan.

I know he wasn’t, he wasn’t on the lead express. I did look up the list and Alan Dershowitz was probably the most on bill Clinton and other people. But, um, but again, you know, I mean, Epstein is just one guy. I mean, this is a whole network that, that, he’s just one, there’s so many there’s, there’s more than just Epstein.

There’s a whole lot of sex trafficking operation going on. So there’s other players in this. So Trump could have been planning. It could have been another plane, you know what I mean? And they’re even sending, he might’ve been on one other Epstein, but I don’t know. Um, Neo liberal media and I, you know, you know how much they lie.

You’ve got to really look into that. But, uh, yeah. Yeah. I agree. I think they did do a division with, um, they divided, divided Trump with the liberal and conservative thing because yeah. Some things he was right about like some of the things, but it was just like, then they wanted to like attack everything, liberals, all their ideals.

And then it was like, yeah, it got out of hand in my opinion. So, yeah, I agree.

[00:30:09] Jeremiah: And then I’m like, obviously you have what most conspiracy people think is like the biggest one is nine 11 and the Patriot act and they’ll be able to spy on you and lock you up without reason, basically. Yeah. And then also I think. Well, I heard that one of the reasons we take out these other country leaders, like, uh, I think Gadhafi was one, cause they were trying to pull away from this centralized, uh, bank and currency and, uh, they

[00:30:52] KWH Olin: were not happy with that.

Yeah, definitely. Yeah. It’s every time, every time it has to do. Yeah. Yeah. Who’s there’s yeah. There’s yeah. Kadafi Saddam. Um, jeez. Yeah, I think there was, you know, in the sixties there was a couple that they took out. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like every time it has to do with the central bank. So, you know, and, and that’s why it again, you know, that’s why people really got, they, they want to focus the anger, focus, the anger towards that way.

Man. Don’t get caught up in another civil war. Bullshit. With that amendment or man, that’s what I, I just hope, I hope people don’t do it, you know, just that part of it just don’t yeah. Don’t play into the game cause it’s gonna get real bad, you know, they’re going to yeah. So yeah. It’s.

[00:31:42] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then, um, what other kind of things do you touch on in your well,

[00:31:48] KWH Olin: yeah, well, I, I go into, I go into JFK, um, like his, my suspicions of who might’ve been.

Um, well it’s a little like who might have assassinated him. Um, I have a, oh yeah. I actually should go into the, well, interestingly enough, what’s happening again now? Um, what happened in the 19 hundreds? Woodrow Wilson, Wilson. He actually, I think it was Eastern Europe. He, it was like, kind of like the refugees now.

He, he was, he wanted a lot of the, he flooded a lot of Eastern Europeans because the Democrat party was doing really bad and they couldn’t. They couldn’t, they couldn’t vote. I mean, they, they weren’t getting any votes. They were just like, I guess, after the civil war, because they were the ones that, you know, were for the civil war, they were going to play there, the races really anyways.

But, um, yeah, he, uh, uh, yeah, he brought in all these Eastern European, cause they didn’t know any of the values of America, so he could easily kind of swap them into the democratic party. And then that’s how Woodrow Wilson, the suspected he got elected was from basically immigrants. And that’s what they’re doing again, they’re they’re, they’re, they’re trying to replace us the voters with the refugee.

So yeah, so that they don’t, because they don’t know anything about American and they could just vote on stuff that taken their rights away and they won’t even know. So, so yeah, that, that’s something I cover my book, Woodrow Wilson, the, the 1913 thing, you know, him signing the, um, You know, signing the federal reserve and on Christmas Eve, you know, sneaky bastard, you know, that kind of stuff.

And, uh, yeah, that, that he, he pretty much, he’s like he angers me the most man that Woodrow Wilson and FDR too, because I also cover how people like sheep, they just lined up and it was illegal to have gold. And you had to give your goal to the government. So that was another thing that, that FDR was part of and, you know, the Pearl Harbor thing.

Um, I don’t want to give it all away, but yeah. Cause our

[00:33:45] Jeremiah: currency was originally supposed to be backed by gold and now obviously it’s just a Fiat from

[00:33:54] KWH Olin: my understanding. So

[00:33:57] Jeremiah: there’s nothing to


[00:33:58] KWH Olin: it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s yeah. It’s yeah. That’s what I’m. Yeah. The only thing you can really do is, you know, You know what I’m thinking?

Keep my wealth I’m I don’t have, I don’t have hardly any money now, but if I did, I would invest it. I think the best thing to do with paper money is just try to get as much physical assets as you can. Not even just gold, but stuff that people will trade, uh, get just land land is the main thing. If you probably better just get rid of as much paper money as you can and convert it into something physical.

Because even if it’s not just gold, because yeah, I’ve been thinking of that. I I’ve been, I wanted to get, you know, me and my wife wanting to get like a cabin self-sufficient up there and we want to just be, you know, have our own cattle in the future hopefully, and just get a completely away from the system based.


[00:34:47] Jeremiah: It’s funny that, um, the preppers were considered like easy. Yeah. And then the, the pandemic hit and then everyone’s like, oh

[00:34:58] KWH Olin: yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So, so now the preppers get the, yeah, yeah, no, it’s a, you know, it’s a chronic, you said that because when I was at work 10 years ago, there was this girl and I was telling her that I stock up on stuff and I was cabin everything.

And she was like, oh, you’re going all your crazy car. Like, why are you doing? I said, well, I said, when shit happens, when there’s a storm or whatever, or disaster or something, you’ll be the one knocking on my door, you know? So, you know. Yeah, exactly man. Yeah. It’s, it’s crazy. Yeah. Well, we got a lot more respect now than we did 10 years ago.

That’s for sure Jesus now, so

[00:35:33] Jeremiah: yeah. Yeah. I definitely, and me and my fiance. Um, she’s a little bit more so than me, but yeah, we make sure we have some supplies,

[00:35:45] KWH Olin: Andy. Yeah. Yeah. You never go oatmeal, oatmeal. Good. I mean that, it sucks, but that’ll last you and we got a lot of that, so that’ll pretty much survive off that for months.

So, I mean, it would get boring. Yeah. I’m hoping to get

[00:35:58] Jeremiah: a, um, like a prepper specialist on the podcast. Yeah.

[00:36:03] KWH Olin: Not that I would like to see that that would be good. Yeah. I like, uh, I like, I like watching that stuff too on YouTube. I watched people building cabins and all that stuff and yeah. That’s the only thing that kind of, I would, I want to want to do the roof though.

You know, that, that, that’s the part that I see these guys they’re like monkeys or something they’re up on their, you know, the chain saw like, no, I’m not doing the roof. I’ll do the rest. Yeah. So yeah.

[00:36:30] Jeremiah: Yeah. It doesn’t hurt to gain some skills to. Be

[00:36:35] KWH Olin: self-sufficient especially now, man. Yeah. Because

[00:36:40] Jeremiah: yeah. You never know with all this wild weather and all that stuff, um, you know, the people in Texas and stuff like that when it froze over, which has been a little more

[00:36:53] KWH Olin: apparent.

Yeah. And that’s oh yeah. That was a, the windmills where they froze or something that it was, there was a yeah. Like the whole,

[00:37:04] Jeremiah: the whole town of, or whole area of Texas, like froze and they were not prepared for it at all. Like there was people just like basically freezing to Dench their houses. I mean, it’s

[00:37:16] KWH Olin: sad, but yeah.

Oh it is. Yeah. But yeah, it’s, it’s, you know, you gotta, sometimes you gotta listen to this so-called with crazies, you know, so, you know yeah, exactly. I always tell him my, my friend, uh, She, she’s not, she’s not with my views, but I, I told her like a year and a half ago and I laid out, I was like, you know, next thing will be the vaccine passport.

And at least two or three things, I put a checkmark, it actually happened. So I think she started to get kind of freaked out now. I mean, people are just like, shit, you know, it’s really starting to happen. So, yeah. And it’s yeah. So, um, I think, yeah,


[00:37:56] Jeremiah: they can just guise it under like whatever public safety and people just follow along.

Even though if you look deeper, there’s deeper reasons for a lot of these things in my opinion. Oh

[00:38:13] KWH Olin: yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. There’s a lot of I’m sure. You know, when you, you got to, even when you found something, you’re always learning something, you got to dig and dig and dig and go, you’ll find more. So it’s never the end.

The rabbit hole, you know,

but at least, you know, but the basic Selise, you know, you can, like we were saying, you know, you just have that basic outline. You can pretty much, you don’t even need Alex Jones or anybody to really tell you what’s going to happen next kind of like a little bit, you know, I mean, you can do a pretty good prediction.

And so, you know, um, you know, I, I’m also kind of thinking a lot of this has to do with, there is a strange, the Luciferians seem to have to, you know, they have to reveal themselves and there are rules that they have to abide by. And, and I think I’m starting to think like, you know, I never participated in the mask.

I didn’t wear it in the store. And I got kicked out of a few places a lot. Luckily my town around here is a lot of them don’t even care. Um, but you know, it’s like you get that feeling. You just, you just don’t, you don’t like participate in their. You don’t, you basically, you’re not signing the contract. So if you’re not, you don’t sign the contract and they, I think that it’s harder for them to hurt you in certain ways.

So, cause I think a lot of people get killed. They were partially had agreements with these people or they got money from an enemy, turned against them later. And then they’re like, you know, it’s part of the contract that they can kill you, you know? But if you don’t ever get into the contract and sign it with them, then you know, it might might be able to get through it.

So I’m hoping anyways and I’m prepared for anything really. But yeah. So

[00:39:51] Jeremiah: yeah, I’m starting to think that there’s well, for my own personal research, it seems like there’s a, I don’t know what to say, like a cosmic, uh, code, so to speak where, like you said, they have to show what they’re doing before they do it.

It’s part of the like universal code that they’re not

[00:40:13] KWH Olin: allowed to break. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So I’m

[00:40:16] Jeremiah: starting to buy into that more and more as far as other things too, like, like I said, the Illuminati in the music industry, they always are flashing symbols and they let it be known if you’re looking for it. But if you’re not looking for it, then you probably won’t

[00:40:32] KWH Olin: know.

And that’s the magic. Yeah. Cause a lot of it’s subliminal, lots of people. Yeah. That certain, maybe I was reading it, some of the psychology, certain people, there’s certain parts of the population that are subs sceptical to that, to, to the, um, yeah. To that, uh, to the, yeah. That where they don’t see the symbols and they, you know, and, um, and then the small, I think it’s like 1% or something.

Um, see, see through that. And that’s kind of us, I don’t know if it’s something with our brains are, you know, more open or something that we can see this stuff, but yeah. Yeah. That’s kind of like the magic, you know, that, you know, with modern day kind of magic there. Um, yeah.

[00:41:16] Jeremiah: Yeah. And you’ve been looking into this stuff for a long time.

Like I have, and it just seems like over the past, I don’t know, five to 10 years. It’s so spin all the predictions of before coming. True. It’s kind of

[00:41:30] KWH Olin: crazy. Yeah. It’s even kind of surprised me. I was like, kind of like, I just didn’t think it would go so fast and like I thought they would do it really slowly.

So people didn’t know they were getting taken away, but this, you know, yeah, this is, this is just accelerated to the point that yes.

New World Order

[00:41:47] Jeremiah: Like I know the huge one back when I started looking into conspiracies was, um, agenda 21 and, and it’s like, yeah, we’re basically living it now. Yeah,

[00:42:00] KWH Olin: yeah, yeah, we are. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah. The, the, the whole, the spray and the, um, sprain. I was looking at this, I forgot it’s some kind of some German scientist. It’s like 2016 or something he talked about basically like the spray in these, a string it’s or this fun guy stuff in air, and then breathing it in. And it was kind of like this COVID stuff.

So that stuff that actually starting to freak me out the most, just the stuff they’re spraying that I can’t control, you know, like, like I can’t even farm, you know, I do organic farm and, and stuff, but I, um, I mean that if you don’t cover it, I mean, you’re, you’re going to get it too. So it’s like, it’s hard to escape it, I guess basically what you just have to cut down on it and try to detox as one guy was in it’s the only way you can, you’re pretty much, you’re guaranteed to get these toxic stuff in your body, but you just, it’s going to be just learning how to detox that I guess, getting rid of it and are cutting down on an exposure.

You know, so that’s, that’s probably the, the soft kill weapons are pretty much the scariest thing to me really. And like that I can’t control, you know, so.

[00:43:12] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then I know we were talking about it, uh, through messaging earlier that, uh, they really cracked down on alternative information online. A lot of like YouTube videos have been from the internet.

Yeah. Your friend, new internet searches. Um, unless you go through like duck, duck go, I think is one, all these alternative search engines. Um, a lot of the quote unquote conspiracy stuff has just been like scrubbed

[00:43:44] KWH Olin: from the internet. It’s crazy. That’s really bad. Yeah. Yeah. Cause maybe like back in a day, like, you know, 10 years ago there was like no ads and there was tons of there’s tons of conspiracy with me and my brother couldn’t even watch all of it.

Like I know it’s it’s yeah. It’s bad. Yeah. I think the only people have to go. Like bitch shoot has. Sometimes they, they take a lot of stuff from YouTube and they copy it over there. Um, my thing is, I like to, I mean, I don’t, I could use a computer too, but it’s, I have a PlayStation four and I like to use it YouTube app.

Like, you know, it’s, it’s easier to use and you know, a lot of times, you know, bitch shoot doesn’t work with that. Or, you know, it doesn’t, you know, there’s incompatibilities. So, but you know, you just, you gotta do some rework and you notice your laptop or something, but yeah, they’ve made it more, a lot more of a pain to get to this stuff, you know?

And I’m no shame it banned. Yeah. They’re really trying

[00:44:35] Jeremiah: to hide. They’re really trying to hide and keep one narrative going. So you can’t look outside of what they’re putting in front of

[00:44:45] KWH Olin: you. Yeah. That’s uh, yeah. And, and that should really, hopefully I mentioned. The common people hopefully will start more waking up to that, like, okay, why are they censoring this information?

You know, like ask themselves that question hopefully, you know, but, um, yeah, because we really do need the numbers, you know? I mean, again, you know, I mean, revolutionary war was fought with 3%, but again, you know, it’s, it would be nice if we didn’t always have to do this, everything for them, you know, th it would be nice if they, you know, and it would actually be a lot more peaceful if they could, you know, everybody would just realize it and just a citizen arrest them and you don’t even have to really get violent with these people.

They could, if they had the military support, I mean, I’ve, I’ve seen, and I’m sure you’ve seen like 10 years ago, you’ll you sit at these people they’ll go in and one lady will try to rest Hillary Clinton and put the handcuffs on her. And it’s like, you know, they just laugh and then the security drags are away.

And I’m just like, well, you know, you need like military, like active, you know, like legal way. Like you need you can’t, can’t just go in there like that. So, I mean, yeah, I think that’s the best that that would probably be best to avoid the violence would be, uh, just a citizen arrest and then put them on trial and all that.

Um, but, uh, yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see how the people react. They don’t get in their squabbles with each other and fighting with each other and all that crap, you know, same thing, you know?

[00:46:12] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. And then, uh, obviously we’re still under the pandemic, but it’s crazy how that jostling Maxwell case kinda got really hush, hush and swept under the rug basically.

And they wouldn’t allow. So like this Kyle Rittenhouse thing, they showed every second of every part of the trial, you could watch it and watch replays, but somehow this Maxwell trial. You don’t

[00:46:47] KWH Olin: really know anything about yeah. It’s like, so yeah, because all the

[00:46:51] Jeremiah: characters involved.

[00:46:53] KWH Olin: Yeah. They’re there. I think they’re going to, they’re going to do like a half-ass job on that and yeah, she’s probably hardly going to can any, I mean, I know they were saying, I don’t think they actually like made the final decision yet and they were saying she could get, you know, like this many years, but I, I, I I’m kinda, I don’t know.

Maybe, maybe they’ll throw her under the bus, but yeah, like you said, I think they’re going to cover, there’s a lot more bigger connections to this thing that they don’t want getting out. And I think they’re, they’re trying to shut it down, you know? Yeah. Fortunately, so,

[00:47:26] Jeremiah: yeah. And another thing I noticed was bright, bright when to Maxwell trial was going on.

That new variant came out, um, which seemed conduct convenient to me that I’m a crime. Yeah. That was a joke. It was just, it made me raise my high brow. Cause I was like, this trial is just starting and all of a sudden there’s this new variant that

[00:47:53] KWH Olin: they’re all like. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s such bullshit. I mean maybe they never, even, they never ice again.

I’ve never seen any proof still that they have not isolated. The COVID-19 original virus. I haven’t seen any evidence. And in those PCR tests, I’m sure you know what Kary Mullis, he, the, the vendor of him, he said, they’re, they’re not even, you can’t even use them for that. And so all these like tests, these test results, you just be all thrown out.

I mean, like I, how can, you know? I mean, that’s, everybody should say it like, Hey, your tests don’t work. I mean, what, w w what, what data you’re going to, you’re going to have to delete all the data now, you know, basically because you can, so, yeah. I, I, my dad, actually, my, my dad, uh, Um, he, he was, he worked for major pharmaceutical companies.

He was high up in Pfizer and, and, um, a lot of stuff. And, and one of the companies he kinda moved around cause he didn’t really believe in commitment to the company, you know, really. Cause like, you know, back in the nineties, that’s when they started just laying people off, you know, there wasn’t any like the fifties, it was good.

You had a good pension and everything, but he was like, screw that. I’ll just move up and get higher. So anyways, he, he, he went to, I think it was, he started with Novartis. Um, or no, I think it was, uh, well, whatever it was, but guy gay, then it was Novartis. And then he went to, uh, Amgen and then Pfizer. Um, but anyways, like through his career, he, he, he actually witnessed, um, his company.

He was doing an audit on another company that was doing a study on Emma NRA. This is like 10 years ago and he saw the test results and he said, you know, a lot of people are saying it’s anyways, but he said, yeah, the animals. That there was horrible side effects with the animals and, and, um, and th th they were, it was pretty much, they just throw it out.

Then they did there. It was really dangerous. So, so the fact that, so he knows how dangerous is MNRF and, and he wrote, he wrote a little section of my book. I let it like a little paragraph, um, where, uh, yeah, he has his, uh, um, opinion on, on the whole things from, from this, uh, from that trial. So, but, uh, yeah, I, I’ve kind of,

yeah, so, yeah. He’s uh, yeah, so I, I’ve got, I got a lot of background knowledge from him too. Like when I was a kid, I, I can’t talk about some of the things he, cause he was, he used to work as a mosquito scientist in Fort Dietrich, Maryland. Um, before he went into pharmaceuticals and, you know, he told me some stuff, he had access to documents.

Um, you know, if I got his permission, I’m sure in the future, he would let me say it, but I can’t now, but basically I saw a lot of weird stuff when I was a kid I grew up. It’s kinda, it’s kind of like what happened with Alex Jones, his father, he says, you know, he’s like all my father, you know, told me it was weird stuff.

And I was like, oh, that’s weird. Cause that’s kinda like what happened? My daddy would tell me like, when I was like eight or something, you know, seven out here, all this weird shit. Now it’s like the truth that that’s coming true. And you know, it’s disclosed and everything. So it’s kinda, yeah, it’s weird. So it’s probably been a weird, yeah, totally.

[00:51:07] Jeremiah: Yeah. I totally believe. This, uh, COVID was lab created and either accidentally or purposefully released to the pop depletion,

[00:51:19] KWH Olin: it’s like 12 monkeys that I’m not sure of it. Yeah. It’s like 12 monkeys or something, you know? Yeah.

[00:51:27] Jeremiah: It’s just, I don’t know, to me, it doesn’t seem like a natural

[00:51:33] KWH Olin: virus. It’s

[00:51:35] Jeremiah: just, there’s too many, too many variables with it.

Like if you get the flu, everyone gets the same exact symptoms basically. Um, but with COVID you could be dying in the hospital or you could lose your taste and smell, or you could just get a headache, like there’s so much range of symptoms.

[00:51:58] KWH Olin: Yeah. Yeah. I noticed. Yeah. Cause I got, while I was telling you I was real sick, you know, I just call it the flu because you know, I know.

I don’t really believe. I don’t like I there’s no, for me, since there’s no evidence of an isolated virus, I just don’t know. I go, I go with David, like with that too. I, I don’t, I don’t believe, I know Alex Jones just kind of switched his story on that and I don’t know why. Um, but yeah, for me, it’s just, I mean, I’ve had, I remember, you know, 10 years ago I’ve had really bad flu is that I almost felt like I was going to die.

It was just the common flu. So I think people are just kind of getting scared. Um, now the taste and smell thing, I did kind of get that for a little while. It was first time I kinda got that, so I couldn’t smell or taste for a couple of days. Um, but I’ve also heard that, you know, 10 years ago there was this guy and I used to work at this grocery store and he was some guy who, as soon I just woke up and I can’t smell or taste, but that was like months.

So I think it was happening. It was happening even. It was ha that, that wasn’t, that was a symptom even like 10 years ago. So yeah, I don’t believe it’s, I don’t believe it’s code. I think it’s just, I think if more, I would be worried about what’s in the vaccines and the graphing or whatever they’re spraying.

Um, that would be more of a concern to me, I think. Yeah. So yeah.

[00:53:16] Jeremiah: Yeah. It is a little concerning, um, how hard they’re pushing it. It’s not like, they’re kind of like, oh, well you have a choice, but not really. Cause we’re gonna make sure you can’t survive

[00:53:32] KWH Olin: unless you get it. Yeah. Yeah. The more you, I get out of the mark of the beast, you know, I’m not Christian, but you know, just going out of, you know, you gotta have the mark of the beast to buy herself.

Yeah. It’s the same thing. And they’re just trying to get us to get used to that, you know, and, and we, you know, we need like some kind of identification and it’ll be a chip and you know, so yeah. I know, I know. That’s exactly what everybody warned us crazy, you know, it’s like, yeah, Yeah, because for a while I kind of would, you know, like maybe five years ago.

I mean, I just, I try to, you know, I got to the point where I had saw so much, you know, I, I was overloaded with information and I was just like, I kinda just wanted to, you know, think about, you know, building mys like a cabin or a self, some self, just getting off the grid or something, just getting away from it for a while.

And I kind of like was more focused on that, you know, for awhile. And then now, now I’m kinda like, I’m forced back into it now. It’s like, I’m returned into it. You know, you know, now it’s actually happening. Yeah. I

[00:54:35] Jeremiah: mean, it is. Yeah. It’s, it’s really hard to live off the grid, so to speak, like, I mean, you really have to like the Amish do, but you know, it’s hard for just some random person to

[00:54:54] KWH Olin: do, especially wanting a one or two people.

Yeah, yeah. To do it. Yeah. Take care of the whole farm and the cattle and all that. Yeah, I know. It’s it’s yeah, you need some kind of like co-op or something. And I’ve been getting together with some of my groups, like Patriot groups down here in Oregon. And so we just been kind of, we’ve been asking each other, like who has, who has like a, you know, like everybody’s talents and we figure out who has a talents.

If there’s a doctor, retired doctor is actually that’s important too. Cause I, I won’t go anywhere near the hospital now because I don’t want to be injected with that vaccine. And, and so I’m not going to call the hospital if something happens and, uh, you know, I, it would be nice to have a doctor. So I think that’s what we need to do.

We need to be going our local community and trying to find people with talents, you know, and, and, uh, And, uh, so we can kind of have a little micro economy when things get real bad, you know, you won’t be totally screwed, but yeah, I know I’m, I’m a little, none of us, I’m sure me and you have never lived, we haven’t lived through a war on this continent, you know, yet.

So most people for like 50, 60, well, we’re not on it. Yeah. It’s just, it’s been, people don’t even know what war is like, and I’m a little worried too, him, and I’ve never lived through a major war, you know, in this country that’s coming directly to us, you know? So yeah. So it’s, yeah, that’s pretty, pretty crazy.

[00:56:23] Jeremiah: Yeah. I worry about, um, because of how much inflation is starting to happen and the fact that 40% of our. Currency has been printed in the past 10 years.

[00:56:39] KWH Olin: Um,

[00:56:41] Jeremiah: yeah. I mean, if you think about that, it’s almost half of all us money since the beginning was made in the last two years. So I do worry about hyperinflation or just the economy just crashed

[00:56:56] KWH Olin: and completely.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s that’s not going to be good. Yeah. It would be better if, uh, we could just cut out, cut out the tumors and keep the rest of the system going, you know? Yeah. That would be nice if we could just, yeah, we just got to get, but yeah, you can’t do it with the federal reserve and the Rockefeller and the Rothschilds and you know that they’re always, I just get, you gotta separate control from him.

I don’t, I mean, you at least got to start there. I mean, I know that’s not like, you know, even in my book, like I think people might think that I know it’s not just the bank and families, but you’ve got to start somewhere. I mean, that’s a good start instead of. Fighting with each other again, you know, and civil war thing.

So, you know, it’s, you know, but, uh, yeah, well, they

[00:57:41] Jeremiah: have the most control currently because you know, our politics are all run off of donations and money from corporations, stuff like that.

[00:57:53] KWH Olin: Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just follow the money, you know, so yeah. That’s uh, yeah. That’s how you find a lot of, a lot of it and no gates, like, uh, well actually, yeah, that, that, that reminds me too with that, uh, the George Soros, uh, this is open world.

Society is foundation. That’s what I was suspicious of with Trump too. Cause like he had Jared Kushner and he, you know, he worked for George Soros, OpenWorld society. I was like, I was what the hell? You know that, that, yeah. I don’t know. It just reminded me of, you said about the funding because yeah. So I don’t know.

That was suspicious of.

[00:58:33] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve heard of, uh, some stuff with George Soros character. I don’t know a ton, but I just know he’s purposely, basically collapsed economies and third world countries and, or turn, you know, second world countries in that third world countries. Yeah. Oh,

[00:58:52] KWH Olin: you saw the 60 minute clip. So this 60 minute clip with him, with him saying, yeah, he admitted that he was like, well, he was that think of what you just said.

Yeah. That it was like 1994 or something. You’d probably still find it if they didn’t scrub it. But, um, yeah, he admits all. Oh, so it looks like your, uh, your camera went out a little bit. Just a camera audio. That’s fine. Yeah. Um, yeah, he, uh, yeah, if I, if you saw the 60 minute clip yeah. He admits to the reporter that will act the biggest thing about him.

Um, helping, uh, is some Nazi uncle is fake. Confiscate his own Jewish, his own Jewish people property. Like that was like the biggest does one of the biggest crimes that he did. And he said he didn’t have any guilt towards it. He’s like, well, I have no guilt, you know? And when he asked him and it was happy times or something that, you know, he’s a psycho, you know, and, and, and then, yeah, he, he talks about, yeah, like you said, he just the, uh, crashes economy.

So that that’s his major and that’s what he was trying it. And then he’s, you know, he buys out all these, he buys out judges, uh, in our system and that’s why some of them vote on these ridiculous things. And, yeah, it’s just a whole mess. I mean, he really needs to be arrested, so that’s for sure.

[01:00:14] Jeremiah: All right.

Well, we’re coming to the end here. Uh, if you wanted to, um, Plug anything promote anything? Uh,

[01:00:24] KWH Olin: you can do that. Um, well, yeah, you can, you can find my work on a K. My book is a for sale on K w H Again, that’s K w H And, um, you can also, you can also find my book on Amazon. Um, but you do have to click on, for some reason, there’s a glitch.

You have to click on books and then you have to put the full title, a Patriots rebirth on a bridged edition. And, um, you can, you can get it there. Um, and, um, if, uh, you want a book signature or anything, you can email, or you can just go to my website if you’ve got the email.

Um, so I’m, I’m going to be, I’m trying to work it on an audio book. Now with my friend, I’m going to try that, get that going. And then the ebook is still, still working on that. Um, and then I have, um, Um, yeah, and, and I have a bridge version. Um, the unimproved version is, uh, edited, uh, or it’s uncensored copy of my book.

It’s a little more, uh, grizzly, but for people that don’t really like all the grisly scenes, um, I, I am, I’m working on a bridge edition, so that will be available next year. And that’s pretty much it. All right. Sounds

[01:01:43] Jeremiah: good. I will

[01:01:44] KWH Olin: post the new cover here. So people want to check it out with a crown. I had it without the crown and I was like, yeah, then it’s, it looks like crap.

So I had it bugged me, so

[01:01:59] Jeremiah: yeah, I’ll make sure to put all your, uh, links and stuff in the show notes so people can

[01:02:04] KWH Olin: find it easily. Yeah. And do I have a copy? Like you have a copy of your, um, is there a way for me that is yours a paid site, your site, or can people watch, like, could I share this, this podcast with people.

[01:02:19] Jeremiah: Um, it’s just an audio podcast, but I will send you the link it’s on almost all the major places you can listen to Paul. Okay,

[01:02:28] KWH Olin: awesome. Okay. Yeah. Cause, cause Michael’s was a little more, it was, uh, you have to, it was a subscription to it and you have to pay so people can’t really watch it. So yeah. I was just wondering of that.

Yeah. Okay.

[01:02:39] Jeremiah: Oh no. Mine is a minus a hundred percent free and I’ll send you the link when I haven’t

[01:02:46] KWH Olin: ordered it yet. Okay. Awesome man. Yeah, it was, it was good meeting you, Jeremiah. I’m glad to meet like-minds here and spread the word, you know? So,

[01:02:56] Jeremiah: oh yeah, definitely. It was a good conversation, even though we kind of went all over the place, but

[01:03:03] KWH Olin: that’s what happens.

So I apologize

[01:03:06] Jeremiah: for that. Yeah. That’s what happens when you get into yeah, you’re kind of one

[01:03:09] KWH Olin: thing.

[01:03:13] Jeremiah: It’s like the old rabbit

[01:03:15] KWH Olin: hole.

[01:03:19] Jeremiah: All right. Well, we will get this loaded and um, thank you for coming on. And it was a great conversation. Probably have you back at some point .