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Paranormal Mashup

Paranormal Mashup

Paranormal Mashup

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Paranormal Mashup

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. And welcome back. Thank you for tuning in today. We’re gonna be talking to McKayla Ford. McKayla Ford is the host of the paranormal or what podcast, make sure to go check out her podcast. The link will be in the description of the show, but before we get to that, I just want to make a few announcements.

What if the wrong podcast is on buy me a coffee. Donate to the show. The link is in the description. Also, you can go to if you wanna reach out to me, you can message me a show topic, or if you want to be a guest, or if you just want to.

I’m always open to responding to emails in a timely manner and hearing from you. We’ll get to this interview here and McKayla is gonna talk to us. It’s kind of a mash up of her podcast. We’re gonna be talking about aliens. We’re gonna be talking about ghosts, all kinds of paranormal stuff. So sit back, relax and enjoy McKayla Ford and the paranormal or what podcast.

And remember question everything.


Hello and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast, I’m your host, Jeremiah. McKayla from the paranormal or what podcast joins me today. We’re gonna be talking about her podcast about different things that she covers on her podcast. You know how we always do question everything and, uh, just let people present.

What they find and what they’ve researched and what they’re passionate about. And we’ll introduce her now. Hello, Michaela.

[00:02:23] Michaela: Hello, Jeremiah. Thanks for having me on.

[00:02:26] Jeremiah: Oh yes, no problem. Thank you for coming on. Uh, how are you doing today?

[00:02:30] Michaela: I’m good. Thank you. Yeah. Great,

[00:02:34] Jeremiah: good, good. So I have to ask it’s a common question.

Uh, what got you started with the whole paranormal scene and then deciding you wanted to make a podcast about it?

[00:02:49] Michaela: Well, um, it’s quite a long answer. so sit back and enjoy yourself. Um, that’s fine. So it all started for me when I was about eight years old. I had already had, um, a couple of strange students when I was really tiny.

Um, , uh, this may seem really weird, but I was convinced that when I was about four years old, that, um, that some entity helped me to fly down the stairs when I was tiny. Um, and, and that’s a very weird experience. I sort of, um, I wasn’t allowed to come out of my bedroom cause I was only a tiny child. Um, but I, um, I did at night and I, I didn’t know how to get down the stairs.

Then I remember something picking me up and I remember very vividly floating down the stairs and being placed very carefully at the bottom of the stairs. I knocked on the living room door and my mum was sat, uh, or lived with my grandparents at the time. They opened the living room door to see me stood there and said, how on earth did you get there?

And I said, I flew down the stairs. Somebody helped me to fly down the stairs and that was. The very beginning, although I didn’t remember that memory until many years later, but the, um, the main thing was when I was about eight years old, um, myself and lots of friends in my classroom, um, at primary school had what you might call, um, a group experience.

Uh, some people might call it a group hallucination. So we were playing out in the playground at lunchtime and next to our school yard, there was the sports field. Then, um, I used to live in a tiny village that was in the middle of the countryside. After the sports field, there were two or three other fields that went up this gently sloping hill.

and we used to have a sort of, um, a legend in our school of these creatures that we used to call the zombies. Now, this was not anything like modern day zombies. We, we used to sort of the word that we had for monsters at that time was zombies. Um, and we used to have this story of this monster or zombie that used to work around in the field, outside school.

One particular day, there were some kids next to me and one of them shouted out, look, it’s the zombies. We all looked over and not in the school field, but two fields over there were three figures and they looked like what you would imagine grim reapers to look like. They all had. Um, long cowed, black hoods and gowns that went right down to the floor and they all had staffs and they were herding the cattle up the hill.

Very slowly. Could not scare the cattle. Three figures herded the cattle. And we could all see them. There were about 20 of us and we were all shouting and pointing and going there’s zombies there, zombies. One of the teachers came over and said, what on earth are you doing?

We said, look, Mac look, Mac it’s the zombies. I was pointing at these creatures and saying, can I go over, can I go over to the field? I wanted to get out of the yard and run over the field to get a closer look. And of course she said, no, of course you can’t go over. You’re not allowed to. As she was looking, she said, What are you looking at?

I said, look, they’re the zombies. She couldn’t see them. That was the really weird thing was that there were about 20 of us when we could all see them. We were all hysterical by this point with excitement and no adults could see them now that really freaked them out, as you can imagine. Break time was cut short. It was a big deal.

Everybody was ushered into the classroom when the bell rang. Now I was in a temporary classroom, which looked out sideways towards the, um, fields where these creatures were. I couldn’t see them anymore when back in the classroom. Um, and I was really sad about it. And so that was the experience.

But on top of that, um, fast forward then. 20 years later and behind the school, there was this sort of farm store. Farm freeze is what it was called. And we had a friend who lived there with her parents and he used to sell sort of frozen food. Um, and he was a real entrepreneur and he’d decided to build a sort of cabin apartment for his teenage children, um, and his grown up children so that they didn’t have to go and fend for themselves.

So they had these kind of really cool cabin apartments, and they looked out over the field where I’d seen these zombies all those years before. Um, so my friend, my other friend, and I went to visit this girl. And we went into her apartment and we were having a cup of tea as we do because we’re English.

Um, and we were actually looking through her bookcase and I’d picked out, I remember, um, Mabu nightmares and we’d got onto the subject of ghosts. And she was telling us that she actually saw ghost. She was quite sensitive. So, as I looked out of her kitchen window over this field, it popped into my head about these zombies from all the years before.

I told her the story, um, and as I was telling her what they looked like, she just stopped and looked at me and went, oh yeah, I see them all the time. It corroborated my story from when I was a little kid. Was just one of those moments where you go cooled from head to toe. This person’s basically telling me that what I saw was real and.

She sees them all the time and that started everything for me. Um, and I’ve just been kind of really, really interested ever since up until I did the podcast. So I think like many people in the middle of lockdown, um, we were all tearing our hair out and I thought, what can I do? What can I do to do with the paranormal?

That’s gonna keep me occupied and maybe work towards a future career to do with the paranormal. So I decided to do a podcast and it was just on ghosts to start with, but the more I read into, or the phenomena, the more I’ve interviewed people, then the more my interests have sort of grown. So that’s it really?

[00:10:27] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Um, I know with my podcast, I was like looking into stuff and. One thing, I looked into led into a different thing and then another thing, and it was kind of like a ripple effect and nothing seems to be just one, one lane, so to speak. Uh, it seems like a lot of things are connected, so I can definitely understand yeah.

Uh, where you’re coming from with that.

[00:10:58] Michaela: Yeah. I definitely, before I started the podcast, I’d, I’d always watch paranormal programs on TV, but I, I was never, I always thought that things like Bigfoot were just a story and, um, and UFOs scared me the idea of it scared me. So I, I hadn’t really looked into that before.

Um, and I didn’t even know about the idea really of crypted and things like that. as you said, the more I’ve started reading and researching, the more open-minded I’ve become. And the more things seem to start making sense. And as you say, it are connected to each other, it’s quite mind boggling. Really?

[00:11:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. So when you, um, started getting into it, what was one of the like main, I guess ghost stories or, uh, ghost events that kind of like was your favorite ?

[00:12:07] Michaela: Well, um, the F they came from a book and a book since I’ve I’ve since Reed it, and it was a book I had when I was a kid and it was a book by a publishing group called Armada, and they used to do horror stories.

they used to have like the first book of Omar to horror stories and the second and go on and on. But then they had this one called true ghosts and, um, and it had true ghost stories in it. And in there was the, uh, there was the case of the bell witch. Um, and there was the case of barley rectory in England.

And that really caught my imagination at the time. Um, and then since then I’ve gone on to be fascinated by, I, I suppose my bag as it were, if I was to pin it down to one really small area that I’m fascinated by it’s haunted houses, um, places like east drive, um, I Pontiac and the bat sea Polter guys, I’m fascinated by Polter guys.

So those sorts of stories with the things that I really kind. laptop up and read about,

[00:13:29] Jeremiah: yeah, I I’ve said it before on my show and interviewing other ghost hunters and stuff like that. Uh, I, myself am a scared cat, so I don’t think I could, uh, go deal with that stuff. I know friends that want to go to like the hall, new penitentiary and stuff that’s nearby.

And it’s just not for me. Like, I don’t know if I could, if I could handle that, but I do like hearing about the different stories and tales and I do like, uh, looking into it and trying to figure out like, what is going on? Like, why, why is this happening? What are ghosts and what are they trying to do? Um, from your research so far, have you come to any type of conclusion?

Like what ghosts are, are they kind of just like trap spirits or are they like. Um, people that can come and go from the afterlife or what’s your take on it?

[00:14:30] Michaela: That’s I I’m a bit, um, I’m a bit naughty in a way because I, um, oh, I like to think of it as completely open minded. So I often, I don’t like to pin myself down to a particular theory because, um, I’m, I’m always open to new ideas and new things, but I suppose if I had to be sort of, if I had to give my favorite theory, it would be that, um, that there are obviously, I think there are residual hauntings, which are, um, I’m sure you’ve heard of stone tip theory where.

The building can basically record very strong emotions from the past and almost play it back like a videotape. I think that’s completely plausible. I also believe that there are that, that yes, dead people come back and communicate with the living. And I think that maybe there are, um, other dimensions and there is, and that they can come back to the one right next to us and come through at will.

But I also believe that there there’s something that controls them, um, that doesn’t allow them to tell us, um, what we want to know the meaning of life, what happens when you’re dead and all that sort of thing. I think, um, also I believe that, um, The PGA type energies are, um, are, are just energies, um, that do things and move things.

So I think, I think, I believe there are several different things, but I think I do believe I’m really putting my neck on the line here for somebody to shoot me down. But, um, I do , I do believe that there are spirits that come back from the dead and communicate with the living. And I believe that some people, some mediums, some psychics can communicate with them, but I also believe that there’s a, a lot of gray area and let’s say not so honest people who say that they can communicate with them, but can’t.

[00:17:07] Jeremiah: yeah, we I’ve talked about that with people before. It’s like, you gotta really be careful. Um, cuz there are unfortunately people who take advantage of the whole genre. Yeah. And like say they can do things, but they really can’t. It’s just for a way for them to get attention or make money or whatever. Um, but yeah, that, I totally believe that there’s something going on.

I believe that places are actually haunted and I believe that there really are ghosts. And it’s funny, you said the different dimensions cuz I totally believe in, we live in like a multidimensional, uh, reality, I guess for lack of a better term. Yeah. And um, I say that about the aliens too is like. Um, I believe that most aliens are, if not all are interdimensional, not extraterrestrial.

So that’s just my personal, um, belief. It just to me adds up in what, um, happens with the abductions and stuff like that. And I know you get into that kind of stuff too, so

[00:18:26] Michaela: yeah. I’m, um, I’m so fascinated and utterly confused about the idea of aliens. I almost don’t know what I think, because there’s so much information out there I’ve read.

I’ve got lots of books, um, on UFOs and aliens, unfortunately, because I’ve been so busy, I’ve probably read less than I’ve got. Um, so , they’re all on my to-do list. Um, but I, I just find it so fascinating and I’m. really fascinated by, um, particularly, and I can’t believe I did three podcasts on, um, John Edmonds.

I’ve completely forgotten the name of his house now. um, so the skin Walker ranch, there’s one called the Bradshaw man. Sure. Mansion. And then there’s John Edmond’s one, um, all, uh, over towards Utah in a big line. And they had so many different alien experiences there. Um, and I remember John Edmond saying that he said they were interdimensional, but could also, um, that they were basically coming from within rather than without if you know what I mean.

So rather than hopping from one planet to, to another, all the time, they were actually constantly here. um, and just moving between dimensions and actually living underground and in mountains, I just find it also mind boggling. What’s your take on it?

[00:20:07] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve heard of, um, that theory and also, um, some people say about the hollow earth and that there’s actually like civilizations deep underground that we can’t get to, or haven’t got to.

And so there’s definitely different theories out there. And I’ve heard of a lot of UFO encounters where the UFO is coming in or going out of like a lake or a, um, you know, whatever river or some type of water. So maybe there’s something deep in the deep assertions that we can’t get to. I, I like you, I don’t like to pin down to like one thing, but I lean towards.

that they can they’re from another dimension and they found a way to cross over into ours. I think that we can probably do the same, um, if we like know how to, and also another thing that really interests me, uh, lately is people who do like hallucinogenic drugs. You have like, um, people taking mushrooms or IO Wasco, or anything like that.

A lot of ’em say that they have encounters with what you would consider an alien, like a gray. It just adds to my belief that they’re in another dimension and by taking these, you know, hallucinogens or whatever, you can kind of like peer and peek into that. Other world that they come from. But I think that when I say that a lot of people might think like, oh, they’re like ERI or whatever, but like, I think they can actually manifest in our plane of existence.

That’s why you see like the aliens UFOs and, um, like the Roswell crash and stuff like that. But I think ultimately they’re from another, you know, dimension, um, and they’ve just found a way to, to travel back and forth, but that’s just my take on it.

[00:22:25] Michaela: yeah. Do you, I do that, um, that they are from also from other places in the universe.

I just don’t believe that they constantly go backwards and forwards through space. If you know what I mean? Like everyone’s always going well, well, how could they possibly blah, blah, blah, blah, you know, travel. It takes 5 million years to get. I don’t know, Zeta Reticuli to here, but I, I just think that people are quite small minded, you know, this theory of being able to fold time and, and whi through could definitely be, um, true.

So maybe they did come from far away, but they’ve found a way to, to sort of live into dimensionally as well. I don’t know. I don’t actually think I’m clever enough to, uh, understand how well this works, to be honest

[00:23:21] Jeremiah: now I’m not closed off to the idea that. they are from outer space, but they have found that’s how they found out how to travel space.

So maybe they use dimensional portals to get here instead of just flying across space in a spaceship. I’m not close off to that idea. Um, because you know, no one really knows for sure. And I don’t want to say like, oh yeah, I know a hundred percent. Yeah. So it’s definitely possible that they’re from Zada Reticuli and just use wormhole and travel like that.

So it’s definitely possible.

[00:24:02] Michaela: Yeah. What’s your, uh, sorry. We keep turning this around now. It’s like I’m interviewing you. That’s okay. um, what do you think about things like Bigfoot in connection to that, that sort of idea?

[00:24:17] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s another one. That’s interesting. I interviewed a guy who, um, And is really into Bigfoot and like documenting.

He goes out in the forest and stuff and does research. Think that the Bigfoot has a interdimensional type, um, thing going on as well. And I think that might be part of the reason why we have not found one. Yeah. Or like that we know of. Um, I don’t put anything past the government cuz I think the government has like aliens and probably a big foot or something going down in some underground base.

But um, yeah, there definitely seems to be some connection between Bigfoot and aliens and um, and the fact of that they’re so elusive and yeah, I definitely don’t roll out the possibility that Bigfoot is, um, you know, Part interdimensional or knows how to use it. Cause I there’s a lot of stuff around us that we can use.

We just don’t use it. And like, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the like, um, what is it called? The world grid theory or whatever that there’s energy flowing all over the planet and you just have to tap into it. And um, like Tesla was trying to say, we can get free power, but the powers that be didn’t want that to go out, cuz they can make money off of charging us for power and all that stuff.

[00:25:56] Michaela: yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I think a lot of it comes down to money and I think a lot of it comes, probably comes down to, um, very, very large companies, not wanting, um, things like this to get out. It means that they would, you know, there was, um, oh my goodness. I wish my memory was better. I was reading something a few weeks ago about a particular, um, element it’s called maybe element 15 or something like that.

That could basically power the whole world instead of fossil fuels. It was something that the U O vehicles used to power themselves. The big companies didn’t want anyone to know about it because if it got out, then of course, all the oil companies and the gas companies would lose billions and billions of dollars in revenue.

So I think probably everything does come down to money in the end.

[00:27:13] Jeremiah: Yeah. I heard someone say that. the reason why you’re hearing a lot lately about, um, Elon Musk and forget the other guy, maybe Bezos or something about going to Mars and stuff is that there’s some type of like crystal, um, or something on Mars that has like it’s could be turned into a fuel source and is like a, a overabundance of it on Mars.

And that they’re really going there that Elon Musk really wants to go there. So he can mine this, um, you know, fuel source or potential fuel source. So I’ve definitely heard

[00:27:56] Michaela: that yeah, I just, you know, things like that, just, I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s because I’m not rich and powerful, but I’m kind of, of the opinion that, you know, once you’ve got billions of dollars, why do you need any more money?

Why does he need to do that? He also, you know, he kind of, one of the most powerful men in the world. Why is there just like this need for greed to be the person in charge of the whole world? I don’t know. I don’t get it.

[00:28:26] Jeremiah: yeah, I don’t get it either. Um, I actually just read an article this morning. It was a soccer player or football player, depending what part of the world you are?

Um, he is from Senegal Africa, and they interviewed him, um, because he was getting made fun of cuz he didn’t have like fancy clothes or a car or he wasn’t living like, you know, your normal like superstar or whatever. Yeah. And I guess his response was why do I need all that stuff? He’s like, I’d rather build, uh, schools and hospitals in my home country and feed the poor people in my country and stuff like that.

And. You know, um, yeah, you need more people like him and not like, uh, Bezos or whoever .

[00:29:19] Michaela: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I just don’t understand this need for total power, but, um, yeah, maybe I would change if I suddenly wouldn’t, I don’t know, 10 million pounds or something. I hope not.

[00:29:34] Jeremiah: yeah, I don’t, I don’t know what it comes for.

I think with Musk. Um, I think cuz he has like, I don’t know if he has like autism or Asperger’s, there’s something definitely going on there, but um, he, I think he just likes to, you know, figure things out and, and try to invent things. And I think his brain’s just working and overdrive and yeah. Um, , you know, he, you know, some people say he’s not, not a real person.

He’s just an Android. I don’t know. But , but he is very awkward if you listen to him talk and stuff like that. It’s yeah. But I think it’s cuz his brain’s just firing on a different level. Yeah.

[00:30:21] Michaela: Yeah. I’m sure it is. Um, maybe it’s yeah. More about solving things, solving the problems and seeing if we can do things maybe.


[00:30:32] Jeremiah: yeah, cuz it’s funny. It’s funny. How like, um, when he bought Twitter, there was like huge meltdown from our left wing, uh, media and politicians and whatever. Um, and it’s just funny because he. Is legitimately what they’re pushing for. Like he created a fully electric car and he’s pushing towards, you know, using extra power or like alternative power.

And he’s doing the like Neurolink implants and stuff to try to help people with like hearing disabilities and other ailments and stuff. So it’s just, it’s funny to me, not funny and like, I’m laughing, but like, it’s just weird that, you know, the thing that they say there are for they’re like against him, but he’s like what they’re for?

Like, it’s

[00:31:27] Michaela: just weird. Yeah. Well, politics is just messed up anyway, isn’t it?

[00:31:31] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. But anyway, the, um, getting back on track a little bit.

[00:31:38] Michaela: sorry. Tangent

[00:31:40] Jeremiah: no, no, it’s alright. Uh, it happens. Um, so for the ghost stuff, um, since we were talking about that, do you look into, or do you believe in like possession and people getting possessed and the whole, like, um, what is that movie exorcism or Exorcist?


[00:32:04] Michaela: yes, I do actually. And do you know what, um, it’s quite interesting that you said that because I’ve literally without, um, you know, I am, I am not being paid to advertise this program. I’ve literally just been watching it. So, um, I, I finally, um, bought the discovery plus app. Um, and of course now it’s not working, so I can’t even tell you what the program is called.

Um, this, um, I think it’s called the haunted house of terror or something like that with, um, oh, come on phone at that moment in time where you’re just looking on your phone to tell you what the thing’s called. Right. I shall talk about my theory first and then see if my phone works. Um, yes, I do. I do believe in that.

And it’s something I feel quite sort of superstitious about because there is this fear and I think this is why, um, this sort of thing is so scary to people, but there’s, there’s a fear. I think, I mean, I haven’t read a lot of the Bible, although I actually do believe in a higher power. I’m not a church goer, but I definitely believe that there’s someone that I call God looking out for me.

It might not be the same as everybody else’s, but I do believe in that. Um, but I, I believe that I think that somewhere in the Bible, it says that the more you dwell on things like demons. The more, they kind of know that you are thinking about them. And the idea is that you shouldn’t think about them because if you do think about them, then they might try to connect you.

So that it’s very clever in that way that it, it sort of tries to get people to be good by not thinking about something that they say is bad for them. Um, and I don’t subscribe really to organized religions, uh, sorry to anybody who does, but, um, I, I, I’m just an ultimate rebel, really. I don’t like being told what to do.

I like to believe in my own thing. Um, so I do, but I do get ne I think it has got to me because I get nervous when talking about things like demons, because I think on some level I do believe in them. And I do believe definitely that there are negative energies that can affect people. I really do believe in that.

And I know that there was a case not long ago, maybe a couple of years ago, where there was, um, a boy that was possessed in America and he ended up walking backwards up a wall in a hospital. Did you hear about that case?

[00:34:57] Jeremiah: I think so. I, I didn’t really look into it, but I think I did hear something

[00:35:01] Michaela: about that.

Yeah. And the, the thought of that just absolutely terrifies me. You know, I’d be quite happy to walk out into a field where a UFO is landed and go up and shake their hands and go, please don’t take me away, uh, and hope for the best, but the thought of demons just absolutely terrifies me. Um, so this, um, where is it now?

Do you know, what’s really annoying about going on your phone, that when you’ve watched something, it kind of disappears off your phone. And then you can’t find what it was called.

[00:35:40] Jeremiah: well, discovery plus has the exorcism of Roland DOE and there’s a show called deadly possessions.

[00:35:49] Michaela: Yes, there is. Yeah, I think it was called I’m sure it was called haunted house of terror and it was with Sapphire San and a guy hold on, hold on to Taso Terra.

Anyway, they went to, um, a place called Anaconda, which, oh God, I can’t remember. It is in Montana. Um, and it was this ranch where this lady they thought was possessed by a demon and they did, um, a whole kind of five or six episodes on this. And I literally just watched the last one last night and it was.

Amazing. And it really actually reinforced my idea that that yes, people can be taken over by demons, but I’ve got this bizarre sort of fear of admitting that the devil exists. It’s like, I’m in my brain. I can go. Yeah. There are really negative entities that can possess people. But taking that extra step to the idea of something like the devil, I dunno if it’s just cause I’m really scared of it or if it’s just that my brain can’t go that far.

What do you think?

[00:37:13] Jeremiah: um, yeah, I believe that there is, I don’t know if it’s just one figure like the devil, but I believe there is like a dark realm and I believe that, um, there is evil and I think, um, , you know, the more I look into the whole alien abduction phenomenon, the more, I don’t know, I’m not gonna say a hundred percent, but there’s a possibility that there’s a dark, uh, energy behind the whole phenomenon and what they’re trying to do.

And then, um, as far as like ghosts and stuff, I think demons are a separate thing from ghosts. I, yeah. Assume you think the same. Yeah. Um, and I think you can definitely invite these demons things into your body or your life or whatever, if you’re like dwelling on it, like you said, and there’s other things too, like oui boards.

Um, I don’t know if you looked into those

[00:38:23] Michaela: yet. Oh, yes. Yeah. I played with them when, uh, when I. School. And, um, even now when I go on go investigations, sometimes people bring them out and I don’t like to have anything to do with them. Um, in fact, , um, I started this trend. Um, we used to, um, at secondary school, we had an art club and you could go to art club at lunchtime if you didn’t wanna go outside.

So we’d do, we’d go to the art club and the, in the art club, it had a, a kind of a closet like of a store room. Um, and I being the one that read about ghost and things, all the time said, oh, I know how to make a oui board. So we made one out of paper and we used to sit in there every lunchtime with an upside down glass doing this Ji board.

Um, and then one day I was off sick and the other kids did it and they got caught and they were threatened with being expelled from school, uh, which I felt really guilty about. But, um, when I was at college years later, my friends and I became quite obsessed after we’d been out to the student bar and, um, you know, imbibed things that we shouldn’t have inspired, probably we all thought it was a great idea to, um, to make a Ouija board.

And we literally did it for a few months and we became quite obsessed and we became obsessed to the point of, we would have a secretary, um, who would sit and write notes on what the board said, because it came through so strongly, but then we started having things happen in our student house. So we stopped doing it.

Um, and ever since then, I’ve been very wary of doing it. Actually,

[00:40:16] Jeremiah: I do find it strange with the whole oui port thing is like the fact that most people. experience or have knowledge of Wei boards when they’re like young, like, uh, tween or teen. And, um, it’s just kind of strange in a way that like, when you’re in your, like, you know, tweens and teens, you’re very success, success.

I can’t say the word susceptible to like influence and stuff. Yeah. Um, I mean, you see it all the time with like people who are like, uh, really into a certain music artist or whatever, and they just dress and act and talk just like them. And, um, I just find it kind of strange how it seems like the Ouu board pops out around that age when you’re like susceptible to, to like being led certain way.

And maybe it’s on purpose. Maybe the. Demons or whatever are, are aware of that. And they use that since you’re young and impressionable and stuff like that, maybe they can use that as a way to like enter you or whatever

[00:41:38] Michaela: maybe, or maybe it’s that we are at the height of our psychic power at that age, because everything I always reminds me of the film carry, you know, where everything’s just sparking off the energy that you’ve got.

And everything’s just kind of this psycho, kinetic energy is just crazy around teenagers. So maybe it’s that we’ve got a lot more power at that age.

[00:42:07] Jeremiah: Yeah. Or like, um, you’re a, maybe you’re a lot more curious when you’re like in your teens, cuz as you get older, you start to like. Realize the consequences of your actions and you, yeah.

You kind of like tie down to the, the normal life and all quote unquote, normal life. Um, so yeah, it’s just, just something that pops in my head when I think about weed. Ju just like, I wonder if there’s a reason why, like, it always seems to be that people first experience ’em when they’re like in their teens.

[00:42:42] Michaela: yeah. And I think actually it’s probably to do with fear. I think when you are a teenager, you are so fearless compared to the rest of your life. I feel that the, you know, the older I got through my life, the more scared I was of things, the more I liked things to be quote unquote normal, and the, the less willing I was to take those sort of risks and put myself out there.

Whereas when you’re a teenager, Up for everything. It’s like, oh, you know, I’m gonna live forever. I can do anything. Adults only tell you not to do those things because they can’t do them anymore. That sort of thing. And maybe it’s just the LA the lack of fear.

[00:43:31] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s definitely, uh, possible. And, uh, I’m kind of glad, I guess it’s a weird way to say it, but I’m kind of glad that there’s a lot of like paranormal researchers out there trying to get to the bottom of things and trying to like cleanse areas that have bad energy and stuff like that.

Like yeah. It seems like a lot more of that has been coming out recently. Yeah. Compared to like back in the day so,

[00:44:03] Michaela: yeah, definitely. And I think it’s, um, It’s nice to know that maybe there are things you can do about it and things that you can actually find out about now. Um, you know, all, all sorts of things, um, you know, incantations are using crystals or Sage or all those sorts of things.

People feel like maybe they’ve got more control. And even if the people who have been affected don’t know what to do, then maybe paranormal investigators have more of an idea. I’m not saying that they can, you know, fix things or solve people’s problems all the time, but maybe sometimes they can help, which is probably, uh, a good feeling to some people.

[00:44:52] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. And I like doing the podcast and I’m sure you do too, where you can talk with people who might have more experience in a certain area than you, or yeah. Know a little bit more. And I end up learning a lot through talking with people and, um, you know, sometimes it changes my perspective. Um, and then sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it solidifies my previous perspective and yeah, so it’s, it’s definitely fun.

So what other, um, things have you covered on your show that like really stick out to you that you like probably want to touch again in the future?

[00:45:35] Michaela: Um, well, I’d probably have to go back to ghosts again, and there are a lot of where quite lucky in the UK that, because we’re a small island, which has got a really long history, we’ve got a lot of ghosts to investigate.

Um, and a lot of people who claim to have seen them. So that’s because I’ve branched out quite a lot. The more. Excited. I got about learning about different things like crypted and, um, UFOs and big foot and all that sort of thing. I kind of got very excited about wanting to learn about everything. And, and then I sort of forgot about my initial interest, which is in haunted locations.

So I’d, I’d like to go back and speak to more people who have had, um, experiences of haunted locations. I’d really like to speak to people, um, who claim to be sensitive or mediums and, and ask them about their experiences there. Also there’s, um, in the UK, we, we don’t seem to have. what you, what you would call Bigfoot, but there are a lot of cases of, um, people seeing some sort of hoed type creature, um, on a smaller scale.

I would, I would really like to look into that more. We have a lot of big cat sightings over here, which are fascinating. Um, and there have actually been a lot of actual big cats court, which you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t think from such a small island. I’d really like we have, um, the beast of Bodman the beast of Dartmouth.

We have quite a lot of big cat sightings up in Scotland. So I’d really like to look into sort of to come back home and look at some of our. Our crypted. Um, there’s, um, one that really fascinated me and I was so annoyed. We go on holiday to Cornwall nearly every year. Um, and we stayed near Falmouth in Cornwall, and there’s a place nearby, a very small place called Constantine, which is where we stayed last year.

And about five miles away from that is a, a little village called mourn Smith. And in mourn Smith, they have a legend of an owl man who is basically, um, not too dissimilar from the moth man, I guess who is a man who can fly with enormous wings, but has the head of an owl. Um, and he’s been cited there even last year.

And I was unaware of this when I was staying five miles away from it, which really annoyed me later. So I’d really like to look into some of our, um, indigenous crypted and, and ghosts again. Really?

[00:48:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. That would be definitely interesting. I know I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff lately about the dog man over here, and people trying to capture that.

And then of course, skin Walker ranch. I’d like to go there sometime and, uh, see what’s going on. Cuz they say it’s like one of the hotspots of the planet. So yeah,

[00:49:13] Michaela: I’ve been watching the program. I’ve only seen, um, the first two seasons because um, we get everything a lot later over here, which is really annoying.

And um, I keep seeing on Facebook posts, people talking about the third series and I really want to know what’s happening cuz it is such a fascinating place. It just blew my mind when I watch the first two series. .

[00:49:40] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s definitely a place that I want to go. There’s another place. Um, I, I don’t know if I want to go there or not, but just because I’m easily scared or whatever, but there’s another place that seems to have a lot of weird stuff going on is, uh, Houdini’s mansion.

Oh, right. I believe it’s in California. Um, but I’ve heard a lot of stories about spirits being there and, uh, artists like music, artists stay there and, um, say that like a lot of weird stuff goes on, like people walking, but no one’s there or doors closing and just odd stuff. So yeah. Houdini’s mansion would be interesting to, to see.

[00:50:30] Michaela: Yeah. There’s so many places in America that I’d like to go to.

[00:50:36] Jeremiah: but then of course in the UK, you guys have all those castles and I’m sure there’s a lot of like haunted stuff in the castles too.

[00:50:46] Michaela: Yeah, there is. I mean, yeah. We have a lot of things that we can, we can go to and we have a lot of haunted forests as well.

Um, which I’d like to go to, uh, have a look around. I think one of my, um, I’d really like to go to of, of course I visited the tower of London, but I’d really love to be able to go around there at night. Cuz apparently there are loads of ghosts there. Oh

[00:51:12] Jeremiah: yeah. That it wouldn’t be for me cuz I would be scared, but it would be cool to see.

It’d be cool to see on like a TV show or something. Aw. But uh, yeah, definitely. Um, I like to cover this stuff and I like how, um, the paranormal world. Paranormal world. I wish I could talk today. the paranormal world seems to be, um, becoming more diverse where it’s like, I see a lot of paranormal podcasts and yours as well, um, where they don’t just cover ghosts.

They cover like aliens and abductions. Then they cover, you know, Bigfoot and all that other stuff. Um, where, so it’s for me personally, I like that the paranormal world is becoming a little more diverse. Um, whereas before it seemed like it was all just strictly ghosts or strictly, uh, you know, spirits or whatever.

[00:52:20] Michaela: Yeah. Well, I think it’s become more. Acceptable to talk about the idea of, you know, UFOs and aliens visiting. Whereas, um, you know, years ago, people were just seen as crap pots. If this, they talked about things like that. Whereas now I think people are sort of going well, at least considering, well, what, what if this was true?

What if, you know, people or creatures came from somewhere else? Um, and I think that’s really opened everything up.

[00:52:57] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. I think, I think there’s a, um, shift in consciousness coming or in the process, um, where you’re seeing a lot more people, um, becoming more open to stuff outside of. What’s uh, put right in front of them, like through mainstream news or TV or whatever people seem to be thinking more for themselves.

Um, and I think just my personal opinion that we’re just in this process of, uh, for lack of a better term Ascension and our consciousness is like expanding. And I think it happens from time to time for like a lot of people say cycles of time where like, you know, we went through the stone age and then the bronze age and iron age, and there’s all these like ages.

And it seems like, I think we’re on the beginning of like another age that is gonna come, whatever that age will be. I don’t know. But , that’s just my view.

[00:54:09] Michaela: Yeah. Somebody will think of a snappy name. .

[00:54:12] Jeremiah: yeah, it probably be like the technology age or something. Yeah, just really, but I definitely notice, especially cuz I get into conspiracies and stuff that they they’re becoming more widely spoken of than in the past where you kind of had to keep it to yourself or talk with people in a dark basement or something and um, or you’d be called like a tin foil hat person and yeah.

Um, and that still happens, but it seems like more and more people are like waking up and realizing like there might be more to something that’s put in front of you. Um, and a lot more people are asking questions. And so yeah, for me personally, uh, seems like a good time for like being into

[00:55:07] Michaela: this stuff.

Yeah. Do you know? Do you ever, um, speak to people and then years later you think, oh, I wish I’d kept in touch with that person because they’d be really interested to talk to now when I was, uh, I’m a, a primary school teacher in my real life. Years ago, when I did my teaching course, there was a guy on our course and he was called John and I cannot remember his surname and I’ve asked other people who were on my course, no one can remember his surname.

At the time we thought he was quite nutty. I dunno if he ever went on to be a teacher. He was really interested in the paranormal. So, one day I decided to go and have a, a cup of tea with him. Sat in his flat with him and he told me all this stuff about, um, seeing UFOs in London, and he was telling me that, um, he’d seen them for years and years and that he, they were always Suren to him that they would UNC clerk and he could see them, but other people couldn’t and that he could see them all around London the whole time.

Um, and when he was talking to me, I was really interested to begin with. I actually started to think that he was slightly unhinged while he was talking to me. Um, and he gave me a couple of books, which I’ve still got to this day and the . Then of course, we went off and I became a teacher and, and life carried on.

This was what about 18, 19 years ago now. Now that I’ve started my. Podcast. I would love to interview John again and ask him from, from my new perspective of where I am now and what I’m interested in. Would so love to get hold of this man, but I have no idea what his surname is. He was called John and he was on my teaching course at the urban learning foundation in London in about, I D know when it was 2004.

John, if you’re listening, get in touch with me. I want to, I really, really want to talk to you again, cuz now I’m starting to understand where you’re coming from.

[00:57:39] Jeremiah: yeah, I definitely understand that. And I also find it strange when, and I don’t know what there’s probably a term for this, but if you ever like, think of somebody and you haven’t talked to ’em in a while and you think about them and then they contact you or.

You know, shoot you a message. Yeah. And you’re like, how the heck did

[00:58:01] Michaela: you know synchronicities? Well, I really hope John gets in touch

[00:58:06] Jeremiah: yeah. Hopefully he’s listening or gets the synchronized code or whatever. . So if, um, I’ll let you, uh, uh, just had a Marine fart um, yeah, if you wanna tell my audience where they can find you and your show and all that stuff

[00:58:28] Michaela: and yeah.

Yeah, definitely. So, um, so it’s paranormal or what podcast available on all good podcast apps? Um, I should be on just about all of them. So if you just whichever app you use to listen to your podcast. Type in paranormal or what? My name is McKayla Ford. I also write for paranormal magazine, which is an online magazine by Magister.

Um, and we’re also, um, publishing paper copies now in the USA. It’s a paranormal magazine. Um, that’s really high quality and fantastic. You must buy it and read it. Um, and also you can email me your paranormal stories either from the UK or from the USA or anywhere in the world to paranormal or what podcast,

[00:59:28] Jeremiah: sounds good.

And I will make sure to link all that in the show description. Uh, so people can find it easily. And, uh, thank you for coming on and talking and, uh, going over. Your show and some of your experiences and, uh, even with the tangent, still a great conversation.

[00:59:48] Michaela: thank you. It’s been really fun, Jeremiah. I’ve really enjoyed it.


[00:59:53] Jeremiah: Yes. Thanks for coming on. And, uh, well,

[01:00:12] Michaela: we’ll see you next time.

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False Flags

False Flags

False Flags

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False Flags

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow. Terrestrials welcome back. Thank you for tuning in. We’re gonna have a great episode thought provoking episode ahead. So, make sure you stick around. Listen to the whole thing. This is a trigger warning and easily offended warning. If you fall into either of those categories, you might not like this episode, so you might wanna wait till next week’s or go back and listen to the older episodes.

Further, if you’re open minded, And you question everything like this shows motto, then stick around, cuz this is gonna be a really thought provoking episode before we get to it. Make sure you go to on there? You can contact me if you wanna be a guest on the show or if you wanna share a topic or if you just even want to just, just talk then, um, shoot me a message on there.

What if they’re wrong is also on Buy Me A Coffee. Again, you can go on buy me a coffee. I’ll have the link down below. If you want to donate to the show, show your love and support. Any donation will get a shout out on the next episode. Therefore, without further ado, we’ll talk with Mel. See what he thinks about false flags.

Oh, and one last thing, sorry for my audio quality, I was having technical issues during the recording. So I do sound kind of like a transformer, but, um, It should be listenable, at least. So, yeah, just bear in mind. I know. I sound like I’m talking through a vortex or something. All right. Let’s get to the interview.


Yeah, that’s fine. I just, uh, heard you guys on rumble. You had a video and you were talking about the, uh, like Texas shooting and the, uh, completely fake and the Buffalo shooting and all. I was like, I want to cover this on my podcast, cuz false place have been prevalent for a while

[00:02:30] Mel: now. And I remember back

[00:02:32] Jeremiah: Sandy hook, and all that stuff, so

[00:02:37] Mel: okay.


[00:02:38] Jeremiah: and I like the way you guys were going and how it

[00:02:41] Mel: so, right. But, before we get into Uvalde, let me ask you a question who blew up? Uh, the, the building in Oklahoma. Um,

[00:02:53] Jeremiah: what was his name? Ted

[00:02:54] Mel: Kazinski or something? Timothy McVey or Timothy McVey. There you go. What about, I don’t know, let’s bring up another event.

Waco. Who is who’s responsible for that who actually put their initials on it wa

[00:03:09] Jeremiah: the, uh,

[00:03:10] Mel: what’s that? No, no, no, go on. No, I was

[00:03:15] Jeremiah: gonna say the government, probably the CIA, um, Was involved and then just blamed it on the crazy cult or whatever. Right.

[00:03:24] Mel: Um, Columbine, they ended up,

[00:03:26] Jeremiah: but, they ended up burning down the building or whatever with the

[00:03:30] Mel: kids inside.

Right. But, even Columbine, what was that? Just, just Columbine. Go on

[00:03:38] Jeremiah: Columbine. But, That one I’ve looked into, not as much, but, um, I know it was the two kids that went in there and shot everyone and said, was asking people if they believed it in God or Jesus or whatever. And if they said yes, they shot

[00:03:55] Mel: him and okay, well, well, let’s go to, uh, the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

I was in Germany at the time and, uh, 2000 years. Right. Gotcha.

[00:04:10] Jeremiah: yeah, I was in Germany. I was backpacking through Germany and the family I was backpacking with, like was like, you need to go check the, uh,

[00:04:20] Mel: TV, something happened in America or whatever.

[00:04:23] Jeremiah: And, then I saw about the, uh, theater shooting, which to me sent, seemed really strange.

And, then when I got back, I started looking into it and I thought it was. Pretty strange too. So, the character and I say character, but I mean, the shooter, um, seemed very odd too. And yeah, that one,

[00:04:46] Mel: Unfortunately, I didn’t odd as in like MK ultra, but what if I were to tell you that every single one of those events and, and many, many more were all perpetrated by our government?

What if every single thing that has changed America? Because, in one way or another, sorry, whether it be strict or gun laws or gun free zones, or it usually has to do with firearms. What if every single one of these things were perpetrated by our very own government? Uh,

[00:05:24] Jeremiah: I would not put it past them.

[00:05:25] Mel: Because, you’re into a lot of stuff, you don’t have to put it past them because they were.

they were and what really woke me up the other day. Uh, can, can I, can I share my screen here? Yeah, go ahead. No, no, no. I’m saying because you’re gonna put this on your show, right? Also,  Audio on though, right? No, no, no. It’s audio people could, could, could listen to it too, because there’s a lot of things that I had no idea about, about Columbine.

Uh, the Columbine shooting. And, when I heard it, I was absolutely fucking flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe it. I said, wait a minute. Do you mean to tell me it just came out? See now information travels a lot faster. Because, the Buffalo shooter was in touch with the FBI right before the shooting. Then we find out afterwards, That the first guy that got killed was the black guy.

Uh, uh, did you hear about this?

[00:06:32] Jeremiah: Um, I heard about the, um, the kid who did the shooting supposedly, um, was like military trained. Cuz I heard someone saying that he, uh, he executed that Buffalo shooting or whatever with like military precis. Even

[00:06:53] Mel: Because, though he was over like 18. Well, well, what if I told you it had absolutely nothing to do with, I mean, look, I, I, if you just gimme the floor for a second, I want explain a couple things to you.

These evil bastards, that rule us, they never let a, a, a tragedy go to waste ever. They never let a tragedy go to waste. Now I know that sounds kind of like a cliche, but hear me. The security guard for the supermarket of tops or whatever it was called. Also, did you know that this guy just invented, it’s been done before and they killed him off in the past, but did you know that he invented, uh, a way to power your car using water?

And he was just on the news about his invention? And I


[00:07:49] Jeremiah: see that I saw, um, I forget his name, but he, because I took some notes. Also, it was a security officer.

[00:08:01] Mel: he got

[00:08:01] Jeremiah: killed and yeah, he was working on a, uh,

[00:08:05] Mel: car that ran off water. Okay. So, why would they have to kill him? And, why would the elites, the same elites that have been controlling us since way before you and I were ever born, all of a sudden, some sch.

Is gonna come out. Also, what was the last guy’s name? The last one that invented the, the water engine and they in the CIA poisoned him, uh, Stanley Myers Myers. There you go. Last name. I was looking for Myers. They killed Myers. Now think about it like this. You have a guy that was just on the news. He actually made the news.

This wasn’t back then, you know, like when Myers was alive, this is now meaning people see it on their phones. People are waking up. People are like, wait a minute. I could run my car on water. That is an immediate hit squad. That’s that’s not even FBI shit. That’s CIA shit. You gotta get rid of him. The guy’s already famous.

He was already on the local news, but how could we capitalize off of everything all at once? We could get rid of him this way. Could continue to Jack up the prices of the gas and fuck the American people. Get rid of him. That’s the first priority, but also we could spread more racial division between black people and white.

We could create a story saying that he hated black people and, and you understand what I mean? And also we could use it to say, Hey man, you know what? There are too many damn guns. I, I, I think we should take people’s guns. These motherfuckers will take down an entire airplane just to kill one person. If they see several, several different positives to their evil diabolical schemes, they will take that avenue.

Not only did you get rid of the guy that was, you know, trying to teach people how to make, uh, a cars run on water. Oh no, that was priority. Number one, you get rid of him, but you could also divide the people further, which is what they always want to do. divide us. I, I tell people this shit on my live streams all the time.

Just think about the scene from planet of the apes, right? Uh, the first one, the, the remake, the not, not the, uh, originals, the remake, the first one, I think it was rise of the planet of the apes. Caesar held a twig together and Caesar said apes alone, P and he just snapped it in half. Meaning apes alone are weak.

Then he put a bunch of tweaks together and he tried to break it and he said, apes together. Strong, the last thing they ever want us to do. The last thing is be United as one, because if we were, and we all looked at what they’ve been doing to us for the last hundred years and the way they, uh, the ways that they divide us, let me tell you something, man, that would be the end of them.

Rockefeller himself said it. Go on.

[00:11:07] Jeremiah: Um, they definitely do. And they even like nine 11, the like king of conspiracies, it just shows you the air, like if it was inside job, which I think it was, then they killed thousands of people to

[00:11:22] Mel: achieve an agenda. Well, what did they get from nine 11?

[00:11:25] Jeremiah: They got more power

[00:11:27] Mel: cuz they’d had the Patriot.

Ah, there you go. There you go. There you go. That was the intention. One, one of them, one of. What that I’m sorry. Right, right, right. Uh, no, no, no. I, I think it had a lot to do with the, the heroin and the oil in the middle east. It had a lot to do with that too, but more importantly control over us. You, uh, Edward Snowden came out and I, I watched a movie Snowden, but Edward Snowden said something that was very interesting.

We have all of these three letter organizations, agencies, whatever you want to call them. Right? Why is it that they are targeting? And this is how you know that the devil is real for all of these. CIA is never supposed to operate in America, NSA. I mean, that’s for like cyber and, uh, cyber espionage and shit like that.

But everyone was looking at. You understand what I mean? So, okay. So if you have the CIA, a majority of what the CIA was paying attention to was us. Isn’t that like for, I don’t know, China, maybe, maybe Russia, maybe somebody that would want to come in here and hurt the American people. Don’t you think that that’s who that should be geared more towards, but know a vast majority of their security was focused on us, on us.

what does that tell you that, uh,

[00:13:02] Jeremiah: we’re just pawns in the

[00:13:03] Mel: game. no, no, no. Uh, yeah, that’s true too. We are every single one of us. We are, we are all pawns in the game, but I’ll tell you, I, I I’ll tell you it another way and I, I don’t know your, your religious beliefs. I’m not very, uh, very religious, but I am a devout Christian.

I am, but it means that even though America. being America in the Bible, it was called something else. It was called Babylon and the devil has been trying his hardest to corrupt us, which he’s done a very good job, a very good job corrupting us. You understand what I mean? For sure. And, and, and making just, just all the most heinous things you have men running around saying they are.

All of the most diabolical things that you could possibly think of. It’s all directed towards us Americans. You understand what I mean? Like I said, in the Bible, we were called something different, but that’s why all of these missiles, so to speak or pointed at us, it was never about surveilling fucking Iran.

They don’t care about Iran. Iran can’t do anything to. It was about surveilling us. And that was the devil’s plan to hold time. Even this fucking phone that’s sitting here right now, I call it a phone. This is nothing but a tracking device and a monitor. It listens to every single thing that I say on a daily basis and stores it and archives it.

But they made us dependent on these things. If I took your phone right now, what would you. What the fuck .

[00:14:39] Jeremiah: Yeah, I would, I would feel weird

[00:14:41] Mel: at first for sure. Oh yeah. Uh, that, that’s why when I, when I go out to play with my kids, I leave my phone inside, man. Like when we go out bike riding or water, gun fights in the yard and stuff like that, I leave my phone inside, cuz I don’t wanna be fucking bothered.

I don’t wanna be bothered. You get addicted to it and I’m guilty of it too. Like, no, they had, I always look

[00:15:01] Jeremiah: at the screen to see

[00:15:03] Mel: if something new notification pops up. Right, right, right. But it was done deliberately. They addicted us to technology on purpose to the point where we feel like you track everything we see

[00:15:15] Jeremiah: or do and talk about.


[00:15:17] Mel: Exactly. I’m telling you, man. But as far as false flags, There there is, you know, I, I believe that American citizens are decent people. I do believe that. And I believe that that’s why America slash Babylon is in the Bible. It’s, uh, the land of the free, but our government are some of the most satanic diabolical, evil, crooked, twisted motherfuckers you’d ever seen in your life.

My wife is from Guatemala. She remembers our government Amer the American government going down to Guatemala, but kind of like bill gates and experimenting on people, testing different drugs on people. Then we did it in Africa for a couple decades. We just go to some poor village and just tested on them.

And then the COVID vaccine came out and they said, fuck it. Let’s just test it on the Americans. They lost four years with Trump. Remember Trump was never supposed to win, but God intervened. And he won. They lost four years, four years. So that’s why you see everything right now is as I always say, pedal to the metal, destroy us by any means, they create these fake ass shootings.

They tug on people’s heart strings. Oh my God. The poor kids. Did you see any videos of kids or, or, or body bags being carried out at a school? No, you. No.

[00:16:44] Jeremiah: And then they want us to believe that this 18 year old kid that worked like part-time at burger

[00:16:49] Mel: king, when what Wendy’s $5,000 worth of guns and that body armor and everything else.

Oh, don’t forget the body armor. No, but, but listen, listen to this, he had $5,000 worth of guns. He had an expensive car, body armor, but he was also a transgender. What.

[00:17:10] Jeremiah: yeah. When I saw that, I was like, wait a minute.

[00:17:14] Mel: they can’t keep up with their lies. They can’t keep up with their lies. Sandy hook was bullshit, and that’s why I’d never forgive Alex Jones for that shit.

Because Alex Jones actually went back on what he said, cuz he was right at first or should I say, I can’t say he was right. I would say he was telling the truth, but apparently he got so much backlash from it that he backed up off the story. No, no, no, no, no. I, I, I didn’t say that. Okay. Sandy hook really did happen.

No, the fuck it didn’t no,

[00:17:44] Jeremiah: I was watching a video from, um, I forget, I think his last name’s Hal big, but like Wolfgang, Hal big. I think his, his name is mm-hmm and. He really breaks down the whole Sandy hook thing that like nothing adds up. Nothing makes sense. And he’s like a decorated officer and everything, and he’s like all the phone calls that came into nine one, one were like way late and all the different procedures that they did were not correct.


[00:18:12] Mel: oh shit. Uh, Jeremiah. Right? I could call you that. Yes. Yes. I just put up a video a second. You wanna see false flags? Let me find the video first. You wanna see false flags? I’ll show you a fucking false flag right now. Where is it? Man? Bear pig sent it to me. I’ll show you a false flag right now.

Hang on, hang on. Let me just let the stupid ass ad play. One of my subscribers sent this to me, right? Say switch. Now I want you to listen to this and I want you to tell me in your mind, if you actually believe this. Okay. You wanna talk about false flags, Jeremiah, we’ll talk about false flags.

[00:19:06] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s just all the video of the friend of the yal shooter. And there was some weird stuff

[00:19:12] Mel: with that too. okay. Wait, hang on, hang on, hang on. This is, this is how you know that it’s all bullshit. This is how you know that it’s all bullshit. Right. You know how they’re pushing the whole white supremacy thing, right?

Like, so in other words, since I’m black, I should hate you and think you’re white supremacist just because you’re white, right? There was a pride parade, obviously. It’s pride month, unfortunately in the same month that it’s my birthday. I want you to listen to this report. It’s only like, yeah, it’s, uh, two minutes long.

Listen to this and tell me if you fucking believe it afternoon, just a few blocks from that pride parade, a parade that drew hundreds of people to downtown cour d’Alene law enforcement says they’ve been tracking this group and suspects that all the individuals detained showed ties to a white nationalist organiz.

Yeah, por d’Alene police Pring the actions of a quick thinking 9 1, 1 call. I don’t think this would’ve been as successful. Had we not had one extremely astute citizen who saw something that was very concerning to them and reported it to us Saturday afternoon, that person reporting a quote, little army loading it the back of a U.

10 minutes later, police make a traffic stop. This video shows the moment that truck door slides open 31. People arrested all with suspected time. Okay, let’s stop it right there for a second. Do you believe that? No, I don’t. 31. People arrested every single one of ’em dress exactly the same. They still have their faces covered and they’re all a bunch of FBI agents.

That’s what you’re seeing right now. That’s what that is. Well, when

[00:20:52] Jeremiah: I first saw it, that’s the first thing I thought was those were all like order agents or something. Uh, but then it turns out that they’re, they’re supposed to be the ones arrested.

[00:21:03] Mel: Yeah, this dude, this is, this is, and thank God Trump gave us this cuz this is the, the dictionary definition of fake news.

It’s fake. You wanna talk about false flags? This is a false flag, a bunch of white guys in the back of a U-Haul were going to a gay pride parade to go. And I don’t know, disrupt the event. They didn’t say that they found any guns on them, but conveniently, this is at the same time that they’re telling America that all white people are evil and now they hate the gays too bad thing is some gay people.

Are gonna see this, it ain’t gonna say, oh my God, they’re after us too. At first we thought they only hated black people. They hate the gays too. Do you understand what I mean about false flags? Oh yeah, definitely bullshit. It’s bullshit.

[00:22:02] Jeremiah: And what’d they say 30, some people arrested for this. And did you see the size of a U-Haul?

I don’t even think 30 people

[00:22:10] Mel: could fit. I, I, I think they could fit 30 something people in there, but, but here’s the. Have you ever been in the back of a U-Haul? I have like moving and shit like that. What were they hanging onto? The second? The person presses the gas, like you’re flying all over the fucking place.

but those guys were just standing like, Hey, nah, man. Hey, we’re totally fine. False flag, man.

[00:22:39] Jeremiah: Open the U-Haul in the clip there. The first thing I noticed when they opened the U-Haul was they had like the hats and they were all like brand spanking, new

[00:22:49] Mel: everything, brand new, every brand new never, never been used before.

Bullshit. Total bullshit. You don’t definitely Jeremiah. You don’t understand how evil these fucking people are. they are evil. They will fake anything. As long as it, as they reach their goal, they will fake anything. They’ll make anything look like anything just to reach their goal. They’re fucking evil, dude.

We are run. We are run by a Satan. evil diabolical group of individuals. And honestly, I’m pretty sure a lot of them aren’t even humans. Did you see the CEO of Pfizer with his fucking pulsating? A, a neck I’ve never seen somebody’s neck. Do that shit. Why is your neck doing that? You know what I mean? Plus like,

[00:23:46] Jeremiah: I don’t know.

Some. like, I think Mark Berger is a Android or something. I,

[00:23:51] Mel: I, he’s not, he’s not real right. No, no. I think, I think what happened with him was they just used the body and you see that AI that they’re always talking about and, and how they were talking about how they could transfer consciousness from a person to another person.

what they could also do. This is the part they left out was that they could also take an artificial intelligence program and put it into a person’s fucking brain or a robot’s brain. I don’t think that’s a real person.

[00:24:25] Jeremiah: No, I don’t either. I mean, you just look at him and he’s,

[00:24:29] Mel: he doesn’t look like a person.

No, you don’t remember the video where he said when I was human, I mean, I am human. You don’t remember that. Come on. Yeah, I think I do. Joe Biden, come on, man. He really said that. How do you fuck up something like that? You know, because when I was a human, I used to eat, uh, beef patties. I mean, since I am a human, I eat be no, you just said when I was human past tense, which means what the fuck are you now?

What are you now?

[00:24:59] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. And then, um, Yeah, you have so many different shootings. Another one that sticks out to me is like, uh, the Las Vegas one

[00:25:10] Mel: total bullshit. A lot of, well, what, what, what, what the guy barricaded himself in the Mandalay bay, which so much ammo. Nobody saw him come in with it, but he sat out there just picking people off, killing people one by one.

No problem. Nobody was able to do anything. Everybody was it’s listen. there. There’s a couple of them. Uh, another one is the, the, the, the, the nightclub in, uh, the gay night club, Orlando in, in Orlando. That’s another one. The listen, you know, when you first hear a story and you kind of wanna believe it, you know, like you kind of wanna believe it.

First video I saw is on the news. They kept showing a video of two guys carrying another guy down the block, and then it. We, yeah, but what we didn’t know was that the video still had about 10 more seconds on it. And as soon as they got to the edge of the block, they put the guy down and just start having a conversation.

Hey, what’s up, man? So, uh, we going this weekend, cause apparently they, you were just in the shooting. This guy was hurt. You’ just put him down on the floor. He’s standing up just fine. So what the fuck are you carrying him for? oh, these fucking people.

[00:26:27] Jeremiah: But the thing is they know, they know that most people won’t look into it

[00:26:32] Mel: like we do.

Yes. So yes, that’s what they bank on.

[00:26:37] Jeremiah: So they can just like, and I feel like they’re getting sloppy as they go along too

[00:26:42] Mel: panic, panic. That’s what it is.

[00:26:47] Jeremiah: Cause I really think like their rain so to speak is, is about to.

[00:26:53] Mel: And they know that and they’re like, scrambling it. It’s not, they it’s Satan dude, Satan knows that his time is running out.

People are waking up, you know, I damn dude, I don’t even know how much time you have, but let me tell you something. Jeremiah did something. I went over on, um, on my show the other night, man. Uh, it was a dude you ever heard of? Um, wait, wait, let’s get into that. Uh, uh, uh, in one second, um, this is something that one of my subs sent me.

I’m gonna read something to you. Okay. This is Craigslist, south Florida. Okay. You ready for this? Craigslist crisis actors needed west Palm beach. We are a government contractor with 15 years of experience working with county, state, and federal agencies to ensure that safety of civilians by conducting simulated crisis event.

crisis scenarios may include, but are not limited to the situations involving natural disasters. And in quotations it says tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, et cetera. Okay. Terror scenarios, militias extremists, cetera. Think about all those George sorrows funded people, biological slash chemical war warfare attacks.

That’s an ad on Craigslist in south Florida.

[00:28:21] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s crazy. And I’ve actually heard of other places looking for that too. And then the, um, Aldi shooting, I heard that, uh, shortly before it happened, they had like a school shooting drill and, um, and then lo that debacle, that happened well, planned debacle in my opinion, but

[00:28:45] Mel: right.

So you don’t, you have no idea about the military being involved too.

[00:28:50] Jeremiah: Well, I’m sure they do,

[00:28:52] Mel: but like I said, no, I’m saying you, you haven’t heard it. I have not heard it. Okay. Well, I’m glad you said

[00:29:02] Jeremiah: that. All know, is that the big, uh, big uproar about the cops just standing

[00:29:07] Mel: outside for 45? No, that, that was their order.

not that’s. That was their orders. They were given orders to just stay exactly where they were. Let me just find it. Okay. Here we. Here we go. I found it. This is one part of the whole Aldi thing that you didn’t know about VDI story. That’s important, but often. Overlooked. And that’s the local air traffic before and during the school shooting in particular, us military air traffic at the UAL, the airport.

Here’s the story at 10:15 AM. Central time, a us army MC 12 recon plane left Fort hood. It approached K U V a the Uvalde airport at 11:02 AM. At the exact same time that the shooter killed his grandmother. The aircraft entered a pattern, which is the normal pattern that an aircraft takes to land and landed at 11:25 AM.

The gunman crashed his car in front of the school. Three minutes later, just over an hour passes. And the army aircraft takes off again at 12:48 PM. Two minutes later, the door to the classroom is breach. And the border patrol agent kills the shooter. The most important part of this story is for you to understand what an MC 12 w recon plane actually does.

It provides full motion, video and Satcom intelligence for military troops and leaders in the middle of a battle. Looking at historical records for 2022. This plane had not landed at the Uvalde airport until may 20. The day of the shooting. Now, the media loves to confuse you. The media loves to make you question reality.

And when you hear facts, things that would normally be really easy to understand. They love to just make you question yourself, but I wanna ask you this question. What is the likelihood that a us army military aircraft that specializes in intelligence data video shows up at the Uvalde airport after not landing.

All year long at the exact moment of the deadliest school shooting we’ve had in a very long time. I’ll take your thoughts. What do you think?

[00:31:37] Jeremiah: Uh, it’s pretty damning. . I mean, what are the chances, you know, I don’t think there’s

[00:31:44] Mel: many impossible, actual coincidence, impossible chances of fucking impossible that doesn’t happen.

[00:31:52] Jeremiah: Well, I heard someone say that, um, the cops outside were told to stand down for that 40 minutes or whatever, so they could set, set it all up and, um, you know, arrange it to where they could have the, have it seem like it was a normal, you know, school shooting or whatever.

[00:32:13] Mel: And, um, you mean to stage the whole event?

[00:32:16] Jeremiah: And then there was like parents of the kids that were inside. That like, I guess we’re calling the cops or

[00:32:23] Mel: by, by parents, you mean by parents? You mean actors? Yes.

[00:32:28] Jeremiah: Actors. And, um, they were saying like, oh, we’re hearing there’s shots going off and stuff, but you heard zero in the background of shots going off, like yeah.

Not the

[00:32:39] Mel: whole time. It’s something that you said that’s very, uh, it’s so true. You have no idea how true it. They’re getting sloppy. Nine 11 was buttoned up pretty nice until people started asking questions and then the whole thing started to unfold. Now they’re getting so sloppy. For example, another false flag event, whatever happened to the black guy in New York city that shot up all the people in the subway car.

What happened to. You don’t hear nothing about it? No, no. You don’t hear shit about it anymore because apparently a black guy outta nowhere, just pull out a gun, starts shooting a bunch of people. Subway doors, open nobody’s running for their lives. There’s somebody waiting there. You didn’t see the 6 66 in that.

No, I didn’t. Ah, damnit. Huh? It it’d be, I don’t know how long it would take for me to find it now, but

[00:33:50] Jeremiah: I know like the, um, a lot of these school shootings and, uh, mass events and stuff, they, um, someone always finds like a free symbol. Yes. Like somewhere on the

[00:34:03] Mel: back of the windshield or on the, that was all over the Uvalde thing.

Yeah, yeah,

[00:34:07] Jeremiah: yeah, yeah. Or, um, on someone’s baseball. And, and we know all about

[00:34:13] Mel: the free bases, right? yeah. Well, listen, look, I’m gonna go back to what you said about them getting sloppy. They are getting sloppy and, and I, I, I think it’s panic. I think it’s panic. I think, I think, you know, they follow their orders directly from the devil.

If you didn’t know that. And, and I’m 100% convinced of that. And, if you wanna know how I came to that conclusion, all you have to do is look at when Donald Trump was in office. He could say one thing that we all clearly know what he was saying or what he meant. And they went online. Thanks to Obama, by the way, to Smith Mon act.

They’ll just say exactly the opposite and call ’em a racist or call ’em this and call ’em that, whatever it’s all nonsense. which means, I don’t think put it like this. I don’t think somebody would take money except money to lie to people like that, unless they were not given very specific orders to do so.

And I don’t think that an a, another man could steer, could scare a man enough to make him do some shit like that. I don’t think that’s. I think that they take their orders directly from the devil himself, but that’s just me.

[00:35:45] Jeremiah: No, I don’t disagree. I I’ve done, you know, Satanism in the music industry. I’ve episode of it.

And I definitely know about the dark dealings that a lot of our politicians and movie stars and, uh, music artists, like, you know, pretty much make PS with

[00:36:06] Mel: the devil. uh, it’s a hundred percent true.

[00:36:11] Jeremiah: And, then I know all about the pedophilia that’s ramp been with,

[00:36:15] Mel: you know, that, that that’s their, that’s their drug man, people, uh, people like us.

I mean, I don’t smoke weed, but you know, regular people like us, we just think of what, eh, man, gotta go get some pot. No, their drug is baby blood. That’s their drug. And, then when they’re done. If they don’t wanna eat the flash right down the spot, they just sell it back to McDonald’s or they sell it back to some other of food place.

You know, that they are finding human DNA in all types of food. Right? No, I did not do that. Are you? Fuck Jeremiah. Really? I,

[00:36:52] Jeremiah: I mean,

[00:36:53] Mel: I don’t

[00:36:55] Jeremiah: I deal more with like aliens,

[00:36:58] Mel: UFOs, Bigfoot. I used to, I used to be big into that, man. I used to be big into that, until I realized, what did I realize? There’s no such thing as an alien from outer space.

There’s no such thing. They’re demons. They’re demons. They sold it to us at something else. Oh yeah. Well, this one comes from the, um, drama galaxy. This one comes from galaxy, but fuck, there’s no such thing. It’s all bullshit. They’re demons. And they’re here with us. You could thank Jack Parsons for that.

There’s still a portal open at area 51 right now. I don’t know why I didn’t do a video about that, cuz I can’t even find a video. But, there’s still a portal open at area 51. You got them in se right now, as we are speaking in se yes, sir. Conjuring up all types of shit and bringing it into our world. We can’t leave here.

It’s not such thing as fucking aliens from outta space. They’re fucking demons, but that’s how I started too. I used to go up on my roof and, uh, and, and with my video camera, hoping I could catch a U. I caught one, but it wasn’t really a UFO. God knows what the fuck it was at this point.

[00:38:15] Jeremiah: I definitely believe, especially at CERN, they’re opening portals to the dark brown

[00:38:24] Mel: is what I call they’re.

They’re letting them in here. Jeremiah. They’re letting them in here. I don’t know why Satan thinks he needs so much, uh, reinforcement, but apparently he feels like he. and, and he’s an idiot, I think also,

[00:38:39] Jeremiah: I think also, like whole alien abduction thing, and their hybrid program and all, I think it all ties together.

Like, um,

[00:38:49] Mel: well, there’s a lot of people that have been taken and, and implanted with, uh, whether it’s demo or reptilian babies. I I’ve heard stories of women that wake up after being pregnant for six months and there’s no. I heard that too. They just wake up and the baby’s gone.

But, the thing is, it’s this whole time we were thinking that it was aliens from out of space. No, it was us in league with, uh, with these demonic entities.

[00:39:25] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. And I think, um, was it the Roswell crash? I think they found live bodies or whatever. they did deal with them, the government, I mean, oh yeah.

Deal with them like exchange for technology and power

[00:39:42] Mel: and stuff. I, I, I believe that too. This is when, uh, what Eisenhower, wait, Roswell was 45 Eisenhower Eisenhower. Uh, Truman was president when Roswell happened and Eisenhower took over after then. And from what I understand, it was Eisenhower that gave the okay.

that’s when the president was still the president, and he could, you know, do whatever we wanted, but Eisenhower was the one that gave him the green light. Like, okay, no problem. Not, yeah. Not, not knowing what their, what their real intentions were, but we were talking about this on one of my live streams the other day.

I don’t think it has anything to do. Do you know why they hate women?

[00:40:27] Jeremiah: Cause they carry wife.

[00:40:29] Mel: Ah, Jeremiah, you’re a smart mother. They hate women, because women give life. These other beings. these, uh, other entities, they cannot do what humans could do. God gave us that gift. We can reproduce that way. They can’t.

Also, that’s why they’re so damn old. They can’t do it. And I think,

[00:40:54] Jeremiah: yeah, I’ve been telling people about the. A hybrid program with the abductions and all, cuz I really like got into that and I always say like, why is it that whenever you hear women recounting or even men recounting seeing children or babies on like UFOs or wherever they are mm-hmm um, why are the babies always like sickly or dying or uh, need human, uh, touch or.

Being held by a human like it’s cuz they can’t create

[00:41:29] Mel: one. Exactly. They’re not like us. See, and this, I, I said this in my video. I don’t know if you even watch any of my videos, but I said this on my, uh, my video earlier today. Um, the reason why the devil is so hell bent on destroying us is because of the way God made.

Why do you think the, uh, uh, even food right now they’re targeting people’s reproductive systems. They’re putting shit in food now, right now, as we speak to target our reproductive systems, they’re jealous.

[00:42:12] Jeremiah: Now they’re, um, I’ve noticed within the past, like, I don’t know, five years or so, they’re really pushing this fake.

And you’re trying

[00:42:21] Mel: to of course, price of regular

[00:42:23] Jeremiah: meat. So, you can’t afford it

[00:42:24] Mel: anymore, right? Well, okay. But, fake meat. Okay. Who owns all the farmland in America? Most of it.

[00:42:32] Jeremiah: Um, what’s his name? Bill

[00:42:34] Mel: gates. Okay. Why do you think it’s bill gates? That’s telling you to eat fake meat

[00:42:41] Jeremiah: because, it’s part of the plan.

[00:42:43] Mel: right. They want the real food for them and their people. Us, you know, these, these peasants, at least that’s not what God thinks of us, but us. That’s what they think of us. No, we can’t eat real meat. Are you kidding me? No. Fuck that. We have to eat the fake shit. Synthetic food GMO or whatever you want to call it.

We have to eat that bullshit. They don’t, I don’t how. Yeah, go on

[00:43:16] Jeremiah: on, you gotta think why, um, you have to ask yourself, why is a computer geek telling you what to do with your health? Wellbeing. And why is a computer geek owning most of the farmland in the United States? Right? Like you gotta ask yourself that

[00:43:35] Mel: why?

Well, first of all, Jeremiah, you just proved a couple things. One, you are Putin support, and white supremacists, because you’re not supposed to ask those questions. You’re not supposed to ask those questions. Why is it that bill gates wants to own all the farmland and tell you what to eat? Is it that he warns you about vaccines, and then says, Hey guys, by the way, I made one.

That bill gates says that the population of the earth is too high this way I could do a good job with that with vaccinations. Wait a minute. Shouldn’t it had been with vaccina, with vaccinations. We could help people live longer. Should that have not been the message? You understand what I mean?

Yeah, he, yeah, he

[00:44:16] Jeremiah: legitimately said that like they’re

[00:44:18] Mel: feuding. I know. I know. And everybody just sat there, like mm-hmm mm-hmm . I dude, you couldn’t have me in that place. I would’ve been like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up, back up, back up. Whoa, whoa, hang on. Hang. You just said that with vaccines, we could go back down to about 5 billion or I forgot an number he gave.

You said that we could cut the population down, but isn’t the point of vaccines to ensure that we survive longer? Isn’t that the point of a vaccine? Yeah, not all these people full of shit. And the thing is he never gets called on it. I don’t know how somebody has not, uh, by now with that dude. And this includes his, his private security, because the man is so clearly satanic and evil, evil, evil, so evil that he could say it on TV, and nobody would even bat an eye.

You think he’s gonna get a tough question from Don, uh, Don lemon from Rachel Maow from, from Matt Wallace, you think, uh, uh, not Matt Wallace. What’s his name? Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace. You think Chris Wallace is gonna ask him of, is

[00:45:24] Jeremiah: that what’s that guy’s name? Uh, he’s always at the school shootings too.


[00:45:30] Mel: oh, oh, oh, oh yeah. Okay. Well, this is your show. I was gonna say something, but I’m trying to reserve myself with a lot of things, because I don’t wanna mess up, you know, what you have going on. You know, but yeah. Anderson Cooper’s right there. Oh, Uh, uh, what’s the, the, uh, what’s the, what’s the name?

His, his brother’s name, Chelsea, whatever the hell. The one that he’s always with. That’s his brother.

[00:45:57] Jeremiah: Oh. And then, you know what kills me too is like with these mainstream media outlets and stuff and how blind a lot of people are. It’s like, you have a station like CNN, right. And all their main news anchors.

Are already outed and canned for like sexual misconduct and all this, that and the other. But, yet people are still like glued

[00:46:21] Mel: to it. And here, here, here’s how I feel about that, man. You see smart people like you, me, your people like, you know, the, the, the ones that are subscribed to you, my people, the ones that are subscribed to me, they’re not.

There are so many people that are sleeping and no matter how you just wanna fucking shake ’em and wake ’em up, you can’t listen. Let me tell you something. I love my grandmother so much. She raised me. Loved me. Gave me everything I wanted growing. But if you tell her to vote Republican, something as simple as that, Hey, you know, Donald Trump is actually not a bad guy.

Me, her grandson, her favorite grand or grandson, she’d be like, get outta here. She doesn’t curse, but she doesn’t use profanity, but I’ll just say it for her. She’ll be like, get the fuck outta my face. I don’t want to hear that Donald Trump. No, he’s a, he’s a, he ran as a Republican. I can’t vote for him. But the, the, the even more disturbing part is if he ran as a Democrat, she would love him.

[00:47:39] Jeremiah: It’s like when Donald Trump, before every minute before Donald Trump became president, he was not racist at all. He was,

[00:47:50] Mel: you know, until he came down the escalator

[00:47:52] Jeremiah: racist. Until he became president, then he was all of a sudden racist because that’s what the media pushed on the,

[00:48:01] Mel: oh, of course.

[00:48:03] Jeremiah: There’s countless pictures of him with like rap, uh, stars. And

[00:48:07] Mel: oh yeah. Matt, a bunch of black people, everybody even Obama himself said the American dream is to grow up and be Donald Trump. even Barack Obama said that .

[00:48:24] Jeremiah: And then, like I said, when, as soon as he became president, and the media told you to hate him, then everyone

[00:48:30] Mel: just started hating and that should tell you everything you need to know about the, what did I just tell you about who they take their orders from?

That should tell you everything you need to know. I’m sorry to cut you off going.

[00:48:43] Jeremiah: No, it’s okay. I was just gonna say that. yeah, like E you know, how many people that were lifelong Democrats. My parents included that voted for Donald Trump when he ran the, that first time. Well, he only was president once, but when he ran, they voted for him.

But then, like I said, soon as the mass media said, oh, orange man, bad. Then all of a sudden, they hated. and it was like, well, you voted for him.

[00:49:16] Mel: yeah. But that, like, he wasn’t an issue until then. But that, that, that, that speaks volumes to how the mainstream media has such a hold of people’s minds.

They said not one bad thing about Barack Obama when he was running for president, and that motherfucker, he’s not American for one, and he’s not a, let’s just say a traditional human being. I’m fully convinced of that. And if you remember correctly, who is the only person that called out Barack Obama.

Oh, Trump. Ah, there you go. Jeremiah. I was like, it took me a second. The only person that came forward and said, who the fuck is this guy? Nobody knows him from, yeah, the, the media sensationalizing him. Nobody’s saying anything bad about him. Who is he from? Oh, he went to Harvard, who are his teachers.

Then after eight years of him, you have people that allegedly went to Harvard said, we didn’t know who the fuck that was. We never saw him in our school. So, bullshit, but they never expected there was a, um, gone. Sorry. Did me to cut you? No, no, no, no, go on. No,

[00:50:31] Jeremiah: no. I was gonna say, I think there was a movie or a TV show that, um, had a character just like Obama.

Basically, they were saying that he was just an actor like, that he was made for that role.

[00:50:46] Mel: Yes. An engineered puppet. Forget what show it was. I don’t, I don’t know the show either. Don’t watch TV, but an engineered puppet. Yes. A hundred percent, uh, uh, an engineered puppet and, and, and it’s so sad now you have, uh, yeah, go.

no, no, I was just it’s so it’s so sad. You know, they they’re telling us right now, Obama was as evil as he is, uh, a sensation. I voted for him in 2008, you know? Well, mainly because my grandmother told me to, you know, well, he,

[00:51:24] Jeremiah: he had a lot of people believe in the hype.

[00:51:28] Mel: Nah, I, I don’t know, man. It is just. Who would really, in a million years, believe that Joe Biden got 10 million more votes than Barack Obama?

[00:51:41] Jeremiah: No way. There’s no way

[00:51:44] Mel: 10 million more vote. Obama was a sensation. People were fighting people just to get to the front of the voting line to vote for Obama, Joe Biden stadiums. Right? Of course, you remember in Chicago. Thousands and thousands of people and Joe Biden, somebody that didn’t campaign got more VI Joe Biden.

Look, come on, man. You really want me to believe that bullshit?

[00:52:16] Jeremiah: I’m telling you it’s it’s crazy. And

[00:52:19] Mel: Hey, Hey listen, listen, you put Putin support and white supremacists. If you even talk about election integrity, if you do not repeat these words. 2020 was the most safe and secure election of all time then?

Uh, apparently you’re just a white supremacist dude. I mean, that’s what the media’s saying. Uh, I, you gone,

[00:52:41] Jeremiah: I personally, I personally think this is, well, it used to be agenda 21, but now it’s agenda 30. Um, but I, I, I think it’s all part of the plan, like this whole pandemic nonsense, and then. All the election, and then all that’s transpiring now, like it’s all part of the plan.

Like I posted today and I have it right here. You have Klaus Schwab, who’s the head of the world. Economic forum,

[00:53:09] Mel: evil, fuck. He said will use

[00:53:11] Jeremiah: this. And he says, this is his direct quote. The pandemic represents a rare, but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world. So, what’s that tell.

[00:53:24] Mel: it tells you everything, they’re talking about now, cl Schwab may be an evil son of a bitch and he is, but do you see his number two? Noah Harari? You know, Noah Harari. I’ve heard


[00:53:40] Jeremiah: him. I don’t know too

[00:53:42] Mel: much. Noah Harari is the guy that just sat there straight up and down and told you. Yeah, human beings are obsolete.

We’re not gonna need you soon. You guys are all useless. sooner or later, we’re gonna replace you. We’re gonna be able to read your thoughts with vaccines. Not gonna care about you. Gonna give you enough money to live, just so that you can sit there and masturbate, and play video games all day that’s that’s Klaw Schwab’s number two, and he’s worse than K schwa.

K Schwab is fucking devil reincarnated, but Noah Hararis in my opinion, worse than him, because he actually just says. Yeah, we don’t need so many humans. Let, let’s just kill some of them. I mean, a, a lot of them who cares, we don’t need you. You’re useless. But, the part that really hang on, I gotta find it.

You, you gotta hear this shit yourself, dude. No, listen. Just hear me out on this one. Uh, Noah, uh,

[00:54:43] Jeremiah: well, same thing with, um, what was it? The world business forum or whatever, Joe Biden straight up said where we’re getting towards, or we’re heading towards a new world order. And I, I made a little news clip about it and I was like, this guy just actually just said that

[00:55:00] Mel: yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It was the one that Noah Harari said about, we are no longer, what did he say? We are no longer. uh, clueless. Uh, did he say souls? Mysterious? I think is the word he used. We are no longer mysterious souls. We know now, that we could hack you. That’s what he said. We know now, that we could hack you. He said, he said, um, uh, uh, the Germans tried to do it, and then the Soviet union tried to do it, but we’re gonna do it.

We can hack human beings. Human beings are hack. now, I don’t know about you, Jeremiah, but, um, ain’t no metal in me. Okay. There’s no vaccination in me and there’s no Bluetooth signals coming from me because I never was vaccinated. How are you gonna do that?

[00:55:59] Jeremiah: Well, another thing that, um, I’m kind of torn on, and I’m still trying to like process it, I guess you could say, but.

this Elon Musk character. Like, I don’t know whether to trust him or not, cuz he’s like dealing with that neural stuff. And I’m like, I don’t know if I’m down with that. But then he goes and buys Twitter

[00:56:20] Mel: and I’m I’m 50 50 on Elon Musk even though, uh, I have a, a sub she’s actually become a very good friend, uh, Vegas.

Well, she’s from Vegas. So, I just call her Vegas. Uh she’s like, don’t do it, doc. Don’t do it. She said, do not trust him. This guy is talking about hacking people’s minds, just like Noah Harari. Don’t trust him. And I was like, wait a minute. Is she onto something? Now? Of course, with distractions, he got a lot of praise when he came out and said, you know, he wants to buy.

but, here’s the thing. What if it’s all a part of something bigger anyway. All right, Jeremiah, I don’t wanna keep you for, uh, for too much longer, man, but thank you for, uh, for having me on your show.

[00:57:19] Jeremiah: Thanks for coming on. Keep making content, cuz I definitely listen to it. And uh, and your friend, I forget her name Tori.

I enjoy her stuff too. She put up a long. Uh, Sandy hook video today, I think. Or

[00:57:34] Mel: yesterday. She text me this morning. Um,

[00:57:37] Jeremiah: yeah, I was watching that today. but yeah, guys keep it up, and we need more people speaking

[00:57:43] Mel: the truth. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And we need more people like you getting the message out there, man.

I, I could only reach, but so far, I’m not one of these people, you know, with a million people listening to, uh, you know, everything that I have to say, but the only thing I’m trying to do. And this is between me and you. I’m just trying to wake people up, man, before it’s too fucking late.

[00:58:06] Jeremiah: I feel like we’re on that.

Like cusp of like the point and overturn

[00:58:12] Mel: revelations. We are, we are living in revelations right now, right

[00:58:18] Jeremiah: now. Like the whole gas price thing, I think is all orchestrated

[00:58:22] Mel: to you think, oh, I know. I was gonna say, how the hell was gas? Just, I was in Kansas. What a dollar 93. And now in California, it’s almost $8.

How, how, how, how does that happen? We didn’t run out. You made them stop making more gas and I’m telling you right now, and this is for all your viewers. Um, it’s not like a fear mongering thing, or anything, but make sure. That you guys are ready, food, water, ammo, the hardware. You know what I’m talking about?

Make sure you have it, because remember one thing, dude, when food runs out, when they can get in Walmart easy, they will be coming to people’s homes to kick the door. And get whatever food they can. So, just make sure that you guys are ready for that. And that’s it. I’m out. All right.

[00:59:28] Jeremiah: Take it easy. Uh, have a good rest of your weekend, which is probably just a few hours.

[00:59:34] Mel: you got it. All right, Jeremiah. All right. Take care, buddy. Byebye.

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UFO Encounters

UFO Encounters

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[00:00:00] jeremiah: Hello? Oh, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow. Terrestrials welcome back. Thank you for tuning in. We will have an amazing interview with Joanne summers. Joanne summers is a UFO researcher and has dedicated a good chunk of her life to researching UFO’s and interviewing up duct teas and other people who have had an experience with UFO encounters.

So it’s going to be really awesome. We’re also going to be talking about her Iowasca experience in the beginning of the show, but we’ll get into the UFO stuff and also don’t turn it. If you hear Lai Iowasca stuff, cause it will turn to some really good stories involving UFO encounter. What if the wrong podcast is now on buy me a coffee.

So if you feel like donating to the show, you can go on the link in the description, drop a donation, be highly appreciated. Also, if you donate, I will give you a shout out on the next episode. Today’s shout out is going to be for Ponzi Ponzi, donated to the show. And I want to give him thanks. Keep listening, keeping your mind open and remember question everything.

And without further ado here is Joanne summers.


Hello, and welcome to what if the wrong podcast? I’m your host. Jeremiah. I’m joined today by Joanne or Joanna from the ITI newsroom. And, uh, we’re going to talk about aliens UFO’s abductions and whatever else. Comes across our plate here. So, uh, we’ll introduce her now.

Hello, Joanne. Hey,

[00:02:13] Joanne: how are you?

[00:02:15] jeremiah: I’m good. How are you? That’s

[00:02:16] Joanne: great. I hope you’re getting some nice weather where there’s a bit blustery and blue today. I’m by the sea in, uh, the Southeast of England near Hastings. And, uh, but it’s, it’s just, you know, the weather is really trying to ramp up and get a bit sunny, you know, get a bit warmer.

[00:02:31] jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. I’m in North Carolina and it’s like 90 something today. It’s hot.

[00:02:37] Joanne: Oh, that, that, that’s why we’re down in. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That that’s that’s hot.

[00:02:44] jeremiah: Yes. So definitely summertime is, is

[00:02:48] Joanne: coming. Yeah. Well, we haven’t got quite into summer time yet. We’re still in our spring, although we’ve hit June now.

We’re kind of early, early summer. Late spring.

[00:02:59] jeremiah: Yeah. Well, it’ll be around the corner.

[00:03:02] Joanne: It is. It absolutely.

[00:03:06] jeremiah: All right. So, um, I guess we’ll get started with. What got you into the hole, ITI and UFO and abduction phenomenon, you know,

[00:03:16] Joanne: that’s, that’s a very interesting one. And I, and I’ve just interviewed a guy, an older gentleman in the UK has got some amazing astonishing images that he’s just put through some amazing software she’s never done before.

Um, and we can talk about that in a minute, but what he was saying to, uh, he is an experience. So, and I don’t consider myself an experience or though I may be now, I’m not quite sure since going public with this work in about 2011, uh, you know, I wouldn’t call myself an experience where the paranormal and stuff like that.

And I’ve also had quite a few experiences like that today since starting that in a big way. So that being, uh, producing public material, uh, and so going back and back and back, I just, I don’t know, I’ve always known there was more to life than the physical. Not that the physical is not important, it’s just a part of it.

And. You know, I’m a regression therapist. So I started quite early on wanting to know what was making me tick and what were also causing me issues because, um, you know, within the experience a UFO field, uh, a lot of it, it’s not uncommon for experiences. People who’ve had these ITI experiences and whether they’re positive or negative or in-between, it, it’s a life changing event.

And sometimes it’ll just be seeing a craft. I, I didn’t have that right at the beginning in my life. I haven’t had that growing up, but I’ve just had this knowing the sense that there’s something more out there and seemingly along the way, I’ve just been led by the nose and I’ve got more and more public with my work or exploring it.

Um, but things like, um, other sort of on the, on the outer edges of life, things that I’ve done in exploring this kind of thing is like going to the Philippines to see, um, psychic surgeons, which I did a couple of times. And so several of those, so, you know, that’s another whole level of experience. Um, in the same year, 2011 that I started, what was the mash project, which is now the ITI newsroom, uh, because it got hacked and sadly, my hallway is like, you know, somebody was trying to stop it and, uh, they stopped their mash project, but they didn’t stop the overall tenant of what I’m doing.

But anyway, I went to Peru and, uh, I’m not a recreational drug user or anything like that. So I much prefer a glass of wine, stuff like that. Um, but I went to with an old pal and we, we went to experience as part of, um, I guess, exploring ourselves a spiritual quest, if you like, without sounding too highfalutin about it.

Um, I was Oscar, so, you know, that was another, um, interesting thing. And then along the way, uh, various things have, um, Kept propelling me in this direction. And I can’t tell you any one thing or a, you know, any series of events, it seems to be cumulative, but it seems to be a kernel of an idea about this expanded universe, expanded life that has always been, um, kind of, you know, bubbling along inside me.

So I, I, you know, I guess that’s probably very similar for a lot of people. I don’t think that’s very different, not everybody’s done was gone to the Philippines, but, you know,

[00:06:42] jeremiah: yeah. It’s funny that you say that because actually in like a month, I’m going to Peru with my fiance and her daughter. And, but we’re not doing like Iowasca or anything.

We’re just backpacking and checking out the ruins and all that stuff.

[00:06:57] Joanne: Yeah. Well, I didn’t get much time to do all of that. I was there on, you know, that, that wasn’t for very long. So how long have you guys done

[00:07:04] jeremiah: we’re going for like eight or nine days? No. Okay. And, um, I heard, I’ve heard about Iowasca before and, um, I think I first heard about on like Joe Rogan or something and, uh, and yeah, I’ve heard about different people’s experience with it and it really seems like a soul searching journey, like you said.

[00:07:26] Joanne: Yeah. I, I, you know, someone said to me, oh, that’s, that’s really funny because you’ve gone from like being a zero user of anything like that to like a straight up class age. Oh, I know. Yeah. Okay. Well, I, you know, I never think in those terms, because it’s not my life, it’s not my experience. Unlike the T stuff is much more so, you know, other people perceive it and, and perceive me doing those things as something, you know, a bit, a bit weird.

[00:07:55] jeremiah: Um, where are you able to, uh, I know this isn’t really on topic, but were you able to. Get any answers through your Iowasca sessions?

[00:08:07] Joanne: Um, well I, well, yeah, interesting. Not as you might think. Not the ordinary way I had an injury. I fell I D during the session, uh, and I cut my head quite badly. Think I probably quite as quite badly concussed that brought me out the experience.

Know it’s just, I kind of was a big detail, but there was something that came out of that. And then on the second time where, where I went, there’s a guy, a compatriot of yours called Ron Wheelock. Who’s been an Iowasca Sharman, if you like in the Amazon, just outside of ketosis for, for, for very many years.

I don’t know whether he’s late fifties or 60, but he’s been doing it since he was like 18, you know, again, probably a past life, previous life experience of being in, in the Peruvian shamanic journeys scenario. And so. I w the weird thing is this isn’t this how intuition works sometimes again, a little aside, but how we are in that collective mindset.

I had this feeling, I’d heard a Ron Wheelock talking on coast to coast, um, some long time ago. And I went along with, um, uh, Graham Hancock and Graham Hancock is known for having done about 30 times or more. I mean, uh, you know, I’ve, I’ve done it twice. And, uh, that’s probably enough. There are, you know, if some people were going and they said, come on, John, there’s a, there’s a, there’s a tremor.

I might go, but I don’t feel I need to anymore. But, um, but because the way Ron explained it and how, of course he’s, he’s American. So he spoke perfect English, and I have some Spanish, but you know, it’s not hugely conversational or in trouble Spanish. And something said to me, you need to really find someone who speaks English in cases of crisis.

Now I’m not a worrywart. I don’t have. Feelings or thoughts normally, but I just observed and thought, well, that’s odd and never thinking for a moment. It might be my emergency, like split my headache. But anyway, so, so we went with Ron from Wheelock. He also does an amazing, an amazing, uh, amazingly affordable.

He makes it affordable for, for everybody, you know? Cause you can go and do these two or $3,000 luxury jobs or you can go to Ron

[00:10:34] jeremiah: curious.

[00:10:35] Joanne: Yeah. So, so, um, anyway, it, it was interesting because one of the things that happened on the second time I took, it was an experience of being on board, a ship, a craft spacecraft, and I was captain and it was very intense and it was very. I mean, it was like a reality. It was interesting. What had happened was that the whole session where everybody gone to bed, so the Iowasca session took place between nine and one, 1:00 AM 9:00 PM, 1:00 AM.

And so everybody was in bed and mainly people were sleeping and in deep sleep, after that, I wasn’t, I just was wide awake and we were, it was this sort of dorm kind of scenario. We’d all got the NEPs over our beds. Next weren’t drawn around. But what was interesting is my neighbor’s bed.

I started now, first of all, I felt a physical shaking of my bed. Absolute physical shaking. I thought, oh, wow, that that’s strange. We must be having a little, a little earth shake quake, whatever. And then, uh, at the same time I noticed that there was an orangy ready, yellow. Color going, playing up my neighbors curtains.

And I thought, oh, you know, nets. I thought, oh wow, that’s really weird. If that had stopped there, I would just, just thought that was my imagination. Then, but it continued. The bed shaking, my bed being shaken continued, and I sat up and looked around and I thought, well, other people must be feeling this.

Um, anyway, it turns out that they didn’t, nobody was aware of that. And I’ve, since, since I came back and I mean, on my return, I, I check this out and try to find out what, you know, is there such a, an anomaly, a phenomenon as, uh, as you being physically shaken? And I don’t mean like a Poltergeist. I mean, some other force acting anyway, apparently that this is not a known when it was unknown to me at the time.

Um, but of course in that moment, I didn’t know it. And I found myself having an internal conversation with. Some others. I can only say others who were demanding really asking that. Um, I, I hope them with my ship, my ship was B what the shaking was apparently was my ship was taking flag. I was being, I was being attacked.

I was being, you know, ordinance was being threatened my way. And I was being told if I didn’t, if I didn’t take action, you know, that was it. I really didn’t have much more time left. And I don’t know whether I would died or in that life or whatever, but it was, it was interesting. Cause it was so real. I mean, here I am sitting or laying in this bed, having this experience of the bed, shaking the light, which still continued like, and it was like flames actually.

And that’s what it was. Apparently it was flames from this other dimension showing on this other part. Um, lips and, um, anyway, ultimately to, to, to stop this, I acquiesced and I was, I was given some instructions that I had to action, certain things which were to actually hit, hit back. And I had some ordinance myself, which they told me about it and there was some code going on.

It was quite involved. And, uh, and I looked at the ship. I said, if this is my ship, you know, uh, give it, it must have a name. Cause you know, all shit, you know, I just was getting really testy at this time. And um, they said it’s the Aurora Aurora. And it really, I got this view of it on the outside. I just saw this whole.

And it looked really battered. And I said, oh God, don’t tell me, you know, I don’t even get the star Trek thing. I get the L bucket. I can’t to be captain Marvel, honestly. Anyway. So there was all of that. And the next day I, I told the other guys about my whole experience and, and one of the guys said, John, you know what?

I think I must’ve been on board. Your craft. I was, I was I’m dreaming like a real dream of being onboard craft. I went well. Geez. I didn’t see you there. And if possible, because it, it was really intense and it was as real as I’m sitting here talking to you. Very amazing. So anyway, that was the, the Iowasca, um, friend I went with had gone specifically because his father had passed quite early on in his life.

And he wanted to see if there was a way to connect and he had bad experience, which is great. But no, I, I had the Zuki spooky, you know, I’m captain of some shit. I mean, it sounds absolutely crazy to say it out loud, but you know, that was just my experience and people can make it what they want, but I know there’s a quantum universe and I know that we can have these several lives.

And as a regression therapist, I, I know from my own work and training myself, You know, there’s several different lives I’ve touched base with, and that’s quite extraordinary as well, because there is a kernel, a tiny little kernel of the person I am today there that I recognized, although not, no, not the whole personality.

Isn’t that fascinating.

[00:15:53] jeremiah: Yeah. It is an every, every, uh, Iowasca experience. I hear other people’s stories. Um, definitely. It’s definitely interesting. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And it really does seem to like make you see yourself kind of well were experienced. Probably not, but a lot of other peoples they kind of. Get some deep meaning out of it.

[00:16:20] Joanne: Well, you knew that that was quite deep for me in a, in a way that, um, I’m quite a skeptical person and I have a very logical, fairly analytical way of thinking. And so when this was happening and it, these the I, this conversation internal conversation was going on, which it wasn’t me speaking with myself.

It was me, you know, w with some other party, uh, you know, that feels that, that feels quite challenging to accept if, if you go down that route. So, and at the end of the day, what happened was, is the moment that I had set my ordinance off. It seemed to stop like on a dime at everything quiet and the bed stop shaking, the lights stopped funk, or, you know, stopped, uh, being there and everything was quiet again, mean.

I was quiet. There was nobody around me battering my inner ear, trying to get me to do something. But a humbling experience I had was that when I fell, what happened was it that Ron, Ron Wheelock, the Sharman had said, you know, guys, when we do this, it’s really important. And there are some, you know, housekeeping, danger notes as well that you really must be aware of.

Um, first of all, if you, if you feel, you know, you need to go to the, to the loo, you know, that the hole in the ground around the corner, um, if you’ve taken the, I already, you, you know, and you don’t feel stable and believe me, you do not feel stable. Um, just put your hand up or just say, uh, could I have some help?

And there was a guy who was helping Ron, and anyway, he said, I, or this chap will come. And of course, you know, I felt, oh, well I just, you know, it’s four hours can be four hours. I thought I bet Lou break. And so, and I, and the iOS grid taken effect in as much as my head was spinning. And I obviously tried to stand up.

I have no conscious memory of doing that, but I know I would have done. I know that this chap came toward me. What happened was that as he, I think, went to try and, and just, uh, stabilize me if you like, just, you know, whatever I actually fell. There was, um, there’s a concrete plinth of about ye deep and I hit, uh, I mean, sack of potatoes, jobs, split head, all that, no edge go with that in the, in the jungle.

Um, and any. And that brought me out to the iowaska and the pain. Anyway, I just can’t tell you the pain. It was unbelievable, but the next day I was really, really angry with this guy. I mean, I was consumed with anger. I mean, this is a story, uh, against myself and I thought, you know, I also know too well that when you are working in these higher forms, dementia is you cannot take heavy negative emotion into anything because you can bring some unpleasant stuff along that resonates where you are.

So I knew I had to deal with that. Anyway, so I was blaming him for not holding me or catching me and whatever anyway. So, I w I went and did a little bit of meditation. As I did that, I saw this image of this chap. He was in a white Tabard with a red cross, like a. I think he was, I think it was in the template time.

And this was obviously a past life that we had together and there was I, and I don’t wear gray at all. And there I was in it and I looked smaller. I looked like I was very, very petite. Um, and, and I had a gray hood, a cloak with a hood that fitted the head and it was, it was to the floor and I was, and he said to me, I will come with you as far as I can go.

And there was something that I was going to have to do, which now this is going to sound very, very strange, but it was a sense of having to negotiate either on behalf of my community human community or humanity. I’m just not sure. I don’t, I can’t reach that information. And I was going to go through this tunnel into a subterranean area to meet these.

And for some reason, I, I, I don’t know why I was doing it. I think it was something to do with my bloodline that they weren’t going to kill me first off. Anyway, I know it sounds completely outlandish. I’m completely aware of that, but that was, that was what I saw. That was what I understood. What I saw was this, the guy I was so angry with was actually doing what nobody else would do.

He was coming with me to the very edge and I was blown away and I sat there in tears because it was such a deep emotional thing because clearly he had, you know, th this was a task that nobody else would do. I was going to have to do whatever I had chosen to do, let’s say, but he was the only one that would come this far with me and protects me to that point.

He couldn’t do anything afterwards. He wasn’t allowed whatever, however, that worked. And I felt so. You know, there was my ego rara raging against the sky. Couldn’t even just stop me falling over and, you know, half killing myself. And anyway, so it was very humbling and I never did find him to apologize to afterwards.

He just disappeared from the group just gone. So, you know, that was very, very, um, it was humbling because I was blaming, I was definitely in the blame game there. And, um, there was no blame, it was just something on that was also, I think part of the mechanism for me understanding that, um, there was another layer of experience that this was to do with which I don’t have any more information about.

And I don’t know the outcome of any meeting I might’ve had with those subterranean beings. That was not also in my remit to know it was just really, I had to clear this stuff and, um, whether that was a convenient sensing or feeling. It certainly brought me back and put me back in my place.


[00:22:42] jeremiah: yeah, it sounds, sounds like a, quite the experience. Yeah, it

[00:22:47] Joanne: was that it wasn’t as dramatic as some people’s fear granted, but it was dramatic enough.

[00:22:53] jeremiah: Do you remember, do you remember like, um, conversing with these beings or you just knew that it was coming?

[00:23:01] Joanne: No, I just, I, I don’t know why. I know. And I D I think that they were, uh, I don’t know if I said this already reptilian kind of beings or somebody similar.

And I was, I saw myself, it was a tunnel entrance and I saw myself and there were some steps create, you know, couldn’t made steps and I, and I saw myself beginning to go down and it’s like, I wasn’t allowed, or it wasn’t relevant or pertinent at that point to know what the outcome of that was, but it was a shock.

I, I, it was a real shock eight. Be humbled at my raw outrage at that guy, poor guy who actually was doing me, such a service. I had no idea and it probably doesn’t seem many thing, you know, when I tell it like this, but actually it felt like it was a huge deal. You know, anyway, you know, there we go. So all of these experiences, they kind of, uh, you know, add to you the, you who you are this time and, you know, talking about that sort of thing, you know, I didn’t know those memories.

And one of in my regression work, when I was, uh, working on that, uh, level more, I had a couple of clients, a gentleman who one had, um, an ETA experiences. So every night he would have this thing of needing to go to the loo. And every time he would see him, his reflection is washing his hands in the bathroom cabinet.

There wasn’t his face. It was the face of what we know is the gray, the archetypal gray. And so he was trying to get to the bottom of what the heck that meant. And then another guy. Somebody completely different. He was having these nightmares and an H and he wants to get to the bottom of what that was about and where this investigation took him.

Uh, as I helped, um, support him in that was, he wa he said that he was now in, obviously in the human body, but he had been at some point, uh, gray and that he’d come from a planet that had, um, exploded and this, and so. Because they were dying, he needed his soul or essence needed to take on a new form, uh, in, uh, on a different planet.

And so I hadn’t had her, Hey, I hadn’t heard that before. So that was kind of fascinating. And, uh, you know, I also met, um, and did a couple of little, uh, across the dining room table interviews with a wonderful Peruvian guy called Sixto as well as, I don’t know whether you know, of him, his, uh, work is known under the banner of mission Rommer and he, when he was 17, got some automatic writing through.

And basically these ETS were saying were from, uh, one of the moons of Jupiter was Ganymede and, uh, ARPU and, and, you know, that started off a lifelong association. So now he’s a contractor, he’s not an abductee and he’s totally conscious of his meetings and has actually been on board. I don’t know it was once or twice in full consciousness, which is not what often happens, you know, often it’s just, um, it is that, you know, we suddenly find ourselves in a, in a different set of parameters, but just like, uh, the guy I have just finished interviewing, um, he’s called Nigel right from the UK.

He had an experience when he in 65, when he was just seven years old and he only found out what that experience actually was when he was 40, in 1997, when he had a regression, a session with somebody and he found that on that night, there was this sort of event going on and just his family, his, he hadn’t seen it, but his mother had seen this craft.

Anyway, none of the family spoke about this artist, but in 1997, when you had this regression, he sold that these Nordic type ETS had come in. Uh, th they were on a caravan holiday, very popular in England. And he, they had taken the parents and him onboard craft, and they were talking to him about being medical scientists and that he had some particular issue that they wanted to look at because they were from earth, but in a different time.

Very interesting. Isn’t it? I mean, that’s absolutely fascinating. So people want to go and check out the Nigel, right. Uh, interviews on my YouTube channel. They’ll find that fascinating because he hasn’t, um, he hasn’t spoken to anybody by his, uh, circle about this before to any degree. So we’re kind of bottomed out these details and also he’s been taking some extraordinary images or putting them through these images he’s been taking of craft through their software.

I need you to just throwing up some absolutely remarkable. So I’m just putting that one together.

[00:28:10] jeremiah: Yeah. I have heard about the, um, there are some people who say the alien and a abduction stuff is actually like time travelers. So I have like that spin on it.

[00:28:24] Joanne: Absolutely. I mean, um, this guy, I’m just going to show you this so, so people can know it.

If they see it. Um, bill Brooks is, came to me in about 2012 and he, because he’d had a series of heart attacks and strokes, and he just wanted to try one last time to see if someone would listen to him. Because this guy from the mid of England, he was a died in the more skeptic. Absolutely didn’t believe in ghosts or paranormal.

Anything to do with ITI would have thought people like me were a complete fruitcake in those days. And then in 1994, interestingly, when he was 44 and the title of the book, 44, um, he had this download for want of a better term. And what happened. It’s a bit like a near death experience. That’s the best way to understand it.

You know, when you people recount how they’ve seen their whole lives played out and you know, everything that they’d forgotten about. And not only that, the people’s reactions, all of that stuff. Well, so this guy for 44 years, he’d been in the army, he’d be earning his livelihood as a musician. He, he really didn’t think anything of the UFO ITI scenario.

And then when he had this download, which. Jeff, you know, who knows what triggered it? We don’t know that he doesn’t know that, but this download happened when he saw his entire life play out from virtually a toddler, which is when he was first taken. And he just, it was like whole deluge, like a tsunami of experiences, you know, like rapid gunfire going through his brain and his heart.

And he said, I, I thought I’d had a nervous breakdown. I thought I’d had a mental breakdown because for a man who is so skepticals, who sees everything in black and white, and maybe will say that white is black. If he feels like it, that kind of mentality. Um, for him, this was a huge, huge, you know, it’s like broken it, breaking his head, open, huge deal.

And 20 years later, it was about 20 years later that. Contacted me and just, and he said, I’m still recovering. He said, I’m still assimilating all of that that came in. But this guy, or I what’s interesting about just referencing the Nigel right incident when these medical scientists, Nordic looking, people spoke to them.

I got him to describe what he could of the craft. And he mentioned that the windows that he could see there were like portholes. Well, how fascinating is this? When bill Brooks was only about, we don’t know who he was five or sorry, not five or, um, nine or 10, which would have been in 59 or 60. Um, 1960. He, he was invited a border craft with a similar looking party of people, but they’d got two kids with them and he said they, he also saw.

Windows in the ship, uh, amongst other things. So that was a fascinating bit of corroborative information if you like. Cause I haven’t heard that before. And so bill Brooks, getting back to him had the most incredible experience which did involve, um, you know, Jeremiah, like you were saying this time, travel business, this time, dilation time shifting.

I don’t know what, what else it actually is because I mean, get this, this is a fascinating short story and stop me if you want to ask any questions, but, okay. So, so he was. One of the things is he was delivering he, well, actually, let me tell you the army thing, because that also involved people, personnel of Mary, of 51 when he was in Germany and on this occasion, he, so he typed this good friend called John and they were abducted together within the first week or at least 10 days of him being in the army.

And he was only 18. He didn’t know anything. So this would be 1968. And again, some 40 years later, barely still having his head messed with, with all of this realization. Now that’s coming to him and he thinks God, if only I could get hold of John and talk about this, I, you know, it would kind of put some things to bed for me, you know, help me understand some things.

So he found a number and it wasn’t John’s, it was John’s brother. Now he’d met John’s brother. So he’s made in the army because his, his brother had gone into the. And, um, he’d seen the two brothers fighting before he knew they were brothers, his maiden there’s other guy. And some people pulled him back.

Cause they don’t know. No, you don’t interfere with brothers fighting. I went oh, okay. Okay. Anyway, so he kind of just knew the brother from that. He’d actually met him all those years ago. Bill said, well, I want to speak to John about this year for business about the CT thing that went on and the brother said, well, you won’t speak to him because he’s become a complete recluse literally for all these donkey’s years, because he is terrified of this subduction scenario going on and he will not speak to anybody.

Anyway, a little bit more conversation, Suzanne, and then the guy’s brother says to bill my guy, well, when were you in the army? Anyway? And he goes so 68. He, he said, that’s impossible. That’s impossible. Cause we were there in the late fifties. How wild is that right?

[00:34:22] jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve heard of, I’ve heard a lot about, um, you know, the missing time with abductions and stuff and yeah, it definitely, there’s definitely some component of the abduction phenomenon that has to do with like bending time or space or

[00:34:40] Joanne: I, and again, just to give you another really amazing example in Bill’s life, because I, I know it’s so well having written the book.

Um, but, and it’s just fascinating because it’s unusual. And so he was just, he’s just a regular Joe, he’s just an ordinary guy. And before he started his life as a, as a musician, proper, he was, you know, trying to get into Cirque on the circuits and all that sort of thing. But in the meantime, he was doing, you know, delivery, driving jobs, that kind of thing.

Like people do, uh, you know, keep the rent, paid, all that. And. It got a job to deliver some, some, some cookers, some stoves, uh, to some people and the locations where, um, south of England and then a L a lot near it, where he was actually based, which is sort of near Oxford, near Oxford England, just to give people an idea, the other areas called Southampton.

He thought, well, I’ll do the furthest. This was at least two day journey. Picks up the van and the van is already loaded off. He goes down to south Hampton. And so he delivers there. And now as he’s finished and he finishes really late, it’s probably by the time he parks up and he just is going to sleep in his car and then drop the more Homeward bound delivery off on the way back to Depot the next day.

So, so then he has this unbelievable, full on ITI abduction experience. Even sees a cow being taken up in a beam. And when I said to him, well, what did you, what did you think that was? You said, well. I’m not a typical bell. I’m not a farmer. You said for all, I know they could have been getting him up in the air with a forklift.

Did you think why they might be doing, he went, no, I just, I’m not a farmer. I don’t know what happens to animals in the fields anyway. So I mean, how crazy, right. But that’s how, that’s how bill is. He’s just, you know, a black and white kind of guy. So then, so he has this incredible experience, which it’s full on.

It comes back in the download some many years later, but at the time, all he sees when he comes back from that, the next day, when he’s due to do this next delivery, right, is the cow in front of his van, very dead mutilated, like the car mutilations. I need things. Oh my God. They going to think I’ve killed a cow.

And he links it out of that. He runs because he’s scared. He’s scared that someone’s going to get him to pay for this cow. So anyway, he, he then goes to deliver the rest of the, you know, the load and then he gets back. And when he gets back to, um, to base it’s they say, well, what are you, what are you doing back?

So he’s been gone over Monday and Tuesday and it’s now Tuesday afternoon, he went what’d you mean? I said, I’ve just done the delivery and I’m back. And yada, yada, I went, no, this is Monday. This is Monday. No, no, this is Monday. You’ve got that wrong. And he goes, no, I haven’t. I cause how can I deliver this one load?

All those very many miles away. And then do the delivery, you know, anyway, so the boss goes, this is a bit weird. He said, well, unless you’re Superman, you, you can’t. Right. So then he goes up and he rings the offices of the south Hampton Depot. And he apparently he said comes back to, he says, you’ve got your brother working for you, don’t you and bill goes, I don’t know what you thought bill had a disabled brother.

I mean, very disabled. So there’s no way that guy could work, let alone be delivering heavy cookers. And, um, it seems that his doppelganger was delivering, seemed to be delivering the ovens, although he’d done it in one life. Um, I, I, and you know, and the thing is, it was Monday. So what had happened to that time?

What had happened to Tuesday except he’d had on the Monday night, this unbelievable abduction experience. So, I mean, you know, it’s, it’s crazy. It’s worth a read. I tell you because it is, he found out that he’d been having abductions and encounters all his life from babyhood. And he said, and what’s more journey.

He said, I would not have believed it. If, if they had not continued after I was aware, he said they continued and I became conscious of the abductions happening and I became a sensitive to when they were around. And when something was going to happen, I tell you it’s the most for me, it’s one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard really is.


[00:39:34] jeremiah: yeah. Yeah. I’m, I’m, I’m reading this book by David Jacobson. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Um, he does the hypnosis to try to get duct these, to remember their experiences and, uh, through reading the book of all his encounters with these people, um, Yeah, there seems to be something with, uh, families and generations.

And like, if, if you get abducted, your parents probably got, or one of your parents probably got ducted and then your kids probably will get abducted. And just seems like they have, there’s some procedure with the ETS that they just go through the generation and it’s like, they’re tracking people.

[00:40:22] Joanne: Yeah.

There, there is definitely a family. And also, I don’t know if it’s all separate bloodline thing going on. Um, no doubt about it, but not for everybody. It’s not a foregone conclusion. It’s just not unusual either. So I mean, you could have just, uh, you know, somebody who started having experiences in their forties or thirties or whatever, and nobody else in their family.

You know, I get set is interested or has had that as far as they’re aware, it’s a very interesting, curious scenario, but clearly, I mean, these, um, the Nigel rights scenario, um, they were medical scientists, these people who were talking to him, and they said that his father was carrying a particular, um, gene to do with bowel cancer.

And he also was not a carrier, but there was something about his genetics. And it said, what these beings, people, humans, they said, they were said was that it could affect their timeline. It could affect them at some point. And so they were here doing some. Uh, you know, incredible, uh, research work and interestingly enough, so Nigel was only seven at the, at the time of this encounter.

And back in, I think 1991, he suffered from a particularly virulent life-threatening form of bowel cancer, which he, uh, finally came through, but really, really very serious. And DA’s father died, died from it. So it’s fascinating, isn’t it? You know, there are, you know, I think the majority of ITI stuff is, is, uh, maybe research and, and a lot of people find it very positive because you you’re never the same.

I mean, if you have these experiences, you’re not the same person you were bill Brooks for goodness sake. You know, there was a guy suddenly opened his mouth. Because you cannot stay close minded when you are, have these things shoved in your face and your experience and your, your life begins to, uh, you know, have a lot of things that occur due to this thing.

And also your behaviors, because sometimes, uh, you know, you have PTSD from all of this, and this is another, uh, element that, uh, for those people who are ridiculed or do the ridiculing, please don’t please stop because it is a cause of terrible isolation and sometimes PTSD for these people. I know I’ve spoken to quite a few people who have lost family members and I say lost.

I mean, they are like ex-communicated because they dad to speak about. Had happened to them and they were looking for support, not to not retribution. Um, so businesses have gone, marriages have gone because the other party just can’t countenance, what’s gone on now. You know, I understand that. I, I do, but you know, this making fun of and ridiculing and all the rest of that, I mean, it’s just got to stop.

It’s awful. And if you don’t agree with it or don’t believe it that’s fair enough have your opinion, but you know, just don’t harangue, the person they’d been through enough, they’ve been through.

[00:43:47] jeremiah: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And a lot of abducted don’t really want. Fame or fortune from it or anything. They just want to live a normal life.

[00:43:57] Joanne: They’re just looking for some, for someone to, to share, you know, this incredible story with, because for them it’s life changing for them. If you know that, as I said before, they’re never the same and it totally changed the parameter of how they operate, who they are, how they develop as a person. It’s big it’s it’s. I can’t think of anything more life-changing than that than having an encounter with an extra terrestrial. You know, I mean, I haven’t had an experience with, uh, not really, um, had some weird things happen, but, but not a full on, you know, somebody having to talk to me who tells me they’re from earth, from another dimension or, or, you know, whatever.

So, yeah, it’s just that we, I, and if we are clever and box clever with this, you know, we can, we can have so much of a collaboration and, you know, different life, you know, everything from technologies to medical stuff. I mean, you, I don’t know if you know, uh, Chris Bledsoe from the Carolinas. I can’t remember if he’s north or south, but he’s, um, he had, um, again, he was bedridden for, I don’t know, it was a couple of years, something like that with Crohn’s disease.

He was just at the end of his tether. Then he had, uh, He comes from a fundamentalist religious background, very interesting, the backdrop and the context in which these things happen. Therefore in which we are challenged to deal with it, accept it, assimilate it, make sense of it as part of our, you know, our story of who we are.

So Christopher Bledsoe had an incredible, incredibly difficult time for about five years, because first of all, when he had his experience, he was actually cured of this debilitating disease, which had seen his business go under his family, almost, you know, everything was, was bad, bad, bad, because he wasn’t able to work anymore.

And you know, he, he was the lead guy in his construction business and all the rest of that. And then for the next five years, there was the trauma of coming to terms with the. Aspect of existence that the fundamentalists religious groups, for example, and I’m not talking, I’m just exiting example, do not accept.

They will only say, oh, it’s demons. Oh, it’s this it’s that? You know what nonsense? Sorry, what nonsense. Clearly these are other intelligences. They cured him. And they not only did that, but he has become an entirely different person. Somebody who is, um, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me saying this even much more compassionate.

I’m not saying he wasn’t a compassionate man before. He he’s a big family man and all the rest of that, but he was a hunter, a Rutan two-ten shooting hunt up. And you know, one of the things that he was a well-known for in the area was shooting one of the biggest bears. Well, he said he could no more hurt a creature now than fly to the moon without having.

And, you know, so something in his heart has opened up something in his compassion and consciousness has opened up to understand that all life, um, has a reason and you know, it, it was massive. So the Chris Bledsoe story, he’s done quite a few interviews and it’s an incredible story. And I said, he’s in the Carolina’s wonderful, wonderful man.

And part of that five years of desolation, emotionally, and every other, which way was also because of society not accepting him, him being ridiculed, his children being ridiculed at school, and now that’s all different, but it was, it was a. Hellish difficult time. So please people do not ridicule people. If they tell you they’re an experiencer, if you don’t believe it, put it on the back burner and go, you know what you’re telling the wrong person, just leave them alone.

They’ve got enough. Definitely.

[00:48:22] jeremiah: So through all your research and everything and talking with different people and stuff, what is your, what is your take or your view on the whole E T and abduction phenomenon? Like what do you think? I mean, no one really knows, but what, what’s your takeaway from it? Like what, what do you think the abductions are about?


[00:48:45] Joanne: told him what seems to happen to everybody, whether they’re scared to death, of the whole experience or not whatever experience that is even sightings can change people’s lives. I mean, just that alone can be enough to, you know, fire somebody into that, another dimension of their life. If you think about it, logically one is people are out of the fear.

They’re into expensiveness of consciousness, of mind, they’re into, uh, a spiritual understanding. And I’m not talking about dogma. I’m not talking about Catholicism or fundamentalism or Islam or anything. Like I’m talking about a deep, inner, intuitive impulse that tells you that you’re a part of something greater bigger.

And there is more to this world then as you know, us sitting here and we are multi-dimensional. And I do think from my own experiences, as I’m in the regression, work in my own experiences during my training of, of those other lives, that we’re multifaceted and we’re not taught. We’re not taught anything of this aspect of our being.

So to get back to what is it all about? I think that we’re part of a huge community, and I think we’re quarantined at the moment because we are a warmongering, you know, the Brits and the Americans are very good at doing that. And I’m not saying other nations aren’t, but we certainly seem to lead and you know, that has to stop.

So, you know, something needs to switch in us as a collective that says normal no more. There’s another way. There’s a better way. And we can all benefit and we can all enjoy it. It’s not one-upmanship it’s, it’s not about having bigger toys. It’s about energies technology. And it’s about us being the best we can be through.

Say things like, I don’t know, you’ve heard of something called med beds. It’s about, you know, working with your frequency and you know, all illness, all people, everybody has a frequency. And if you say, for example, how to, uh, some issue with your liver, your liver would be giving off an ill liver frequency, and you can measure that you will have a tone.

Now I worked some years back with a guy called sir Peter Guy manners, who worked in a field called psychotics, which has to do with sound and frequency and, uh, around the body. And this is all part of my answer to your question. And when I asked him, you know, okay, the liver issue, somebody’s got to pull the lever.

I said, well, you know, everybody’s liver is going to be the same surely he said, yeah, there is a harmonic frequency of about. I’m somewhere, that person. So I, liver is a liver. Liver is not ever going to be a heart. So the liver has its own discrete frequencies, but within every body’s different body, it will have a harmonic gradient if you like, and you can pinpoint it.

And then once you see what is off with the liver, you can input that frequency and the liver will regenerate and recover the same for most diseases. You know, the way we look after ourselves is so archaic through the pharmaceutical world. I mean, it’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s a dinosaur, you know, we need these frequency, medications and medicines, and that’s what a lot of the, um, the psychic surgeons even, and certainly the ETS seem to do if they’re doing healing.

Uh, I’m not saying they don’t use, uh, equipment, but there’s a lot of things that they can do, which are. Using the mind and train the mind to work with frequencies on health and wellbeing. So the takeaway from all of this is that it is challenging us to be more than this. What we’re told we are our education.

We’re much more than that. And, uh, it’s actually quite exciting and it’s not that you have to go banging drums about or anything. It’s just that you can really expand your worldview and your world around you. If you’re willing, if this all is nonsense to you, then you know, you’re going to stay well and truly planted in 3d for a while.

And that’s fine. That’s just, you know, the evolutionary path, but we can speed it up. It’s just about opening that and that the whole,

[00:53:13] jeremiah: yeah, I, I was just talking with someone the other day about like, there’s this theory, I guess you could call it going around where we’re at a tipping point where yeah. Our souls are trying to ascend to like five D I guess it’s called.

I think I

[00:53:34] Joanne: probably kind of crossing. I think we’re, we’re kind of in the middle of it.

[00:53:38] jeremiah: And I think you see a lot now, um, a lot more now than before people waking up and people questioning things and people and people like looking outside the box and, and not just taking everything at face value. And I think it might just be part of the whole, um,

[00:53:57] Joanne: process.

I think that’s, that’s definitely true. And you know, every time I’ve had something happen, it’s, it’s, it’s, you know, it pushes the boundaries yet. Again, it just makes you think differently. And the quantum physics element is it, you know, this multi-dimensional totally regenerative ongoing, you know, roiling energy it’s that we can access.

You know, just if you go to remote viewing that kind of thing, you know, they can take their consciousness or we can take our consciousness to all these different places and times it just needs a little bit of a technique and sometimes people just do it because they’ve got a natural, uh, facility for that on board already.

So, and

[00:54:46] jeremiah: then, uh, and then, uh, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, um, over in Europe or whatever, but the us is starting to release saying, uh, UFO’s are real. And, uh, there’s definitely things that we don’t know what they are, but they’re there and it’s kind of like they’re disclosing quote unquote. Yeah. And

[00:55:09] Joanne: don’t think about it a little bit.

Yeah. You know, I mean, Well, you know, Hey ho good. You know, for some people that’s going to open their eyes for the rest of us, we’re going, oh yeah, we, yeah. Okay. Let’s, let’s get to the real stuff, but, uh, you know, the thing is it’s, it’s about a lot of it is, is about, you know, a very good marker of what it really means.

This information coming out is, is the trajectory that it’s going on now. What do you hear them saying? Oh, it’s a threat. Oh really? Okay. All right. More money for the ministry then. Is that it? Okay. Yeah, no stop timeout.

I don’t go with that.

[00:56:06] jeremiah: Yeah, I think that might be part of the reason why they haven’t, um, announced themselves yet partially due to the

[00:56:13] Joanne: hours that what’d you do with this load of folks that we often are.

[00:56:20] jeremiah: Right.

[00:56:22] Joanne: I mean, honestly, uh, you know, yeah, no, he’s like going into the lion’s den. Why would you put yourself in harm’s way?

Of course you wouldn’t of course they can, they can handle themselves. I know, listen, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that that every, a lot of ETS are, uh, you know, uh, angels or whatever. I don’t mean that, but it’s like us stepping up to a new level of maturity and it’s opening our hearts a lot more.

We’ve been taught to, uh, to close down, you know, And, and, you know, there is something to that, but there’s different ways of handling it and dealing with it. So the ITI thing is certainly I tell you what, it’s certainly a place where you have your mind open don’t if you want to be around it, then, you know, and, and you start drilling down to some of the detail about what’s really going on here.

Um, a lot of it is, is about our development as a species. And we’re not there yet, but, you know, as you said before, a lot of people are waking up, so that’s, that’s great. You know, that’s all good. And it’s just a bit slow for me, but I’m a bit impatient, but yeah. You know, I think some exciting things coming down the line and you know, of course we could have had this over a hundred years ago with the Tesla technology.

And I don’t mean Elon Musk. I mean, wireless technology globally, we could have had that we could have had. Bye now. So we’re a go to a hundred, hundred and 50 years behind. And most of the governments of the world are at least 50 years ahead, technologically, if not more. So that’s a

[00:58:01] jeremiah: fact it’s like the, um, very annoying.

It’s like, it’s like the guys who, uh, created like cars that runoff water and stuff. And then they ended up dead after the patent’s been bought or whatever the technology has been. It’s almost like the, it’s almost like the powers that be are trying to like keep us from


[00:58:23] Joanne: Oh yeah. Well, yeah, because it doesn’t bring them any money.

And of course it’s not all money either at the end of the day, it’s, it’s a lot more and there’s no reason why the shot. They shouldn’t be plenty for everybody. I mean, if you’re not paying for utilities, if you’re not paying for fuel, you know, if you can do all of that, which, which with a lot of the technologies that have been suppressed, you code, and then you have.

Funds for your enjoyment of life or building, you know, that would be great. You not, everybody wants to be a millionaire. Not everybody needs to be some people, you know, but you want to have enough without struggling. And there is more than enough that is, uh, it’s just not being, uh, dealt with correctly.

But I think we’re in those times when this is, uh, this is that threshold. I mean, we’ll see how long it’s going to take, you know, before the, uh, the negative, uh, warmongering lot, you know, get ousted or, uh, diverted in some way. I don’t know what that looks like, but, um, or

[00:59:29] jeremiah: in the worst case scenario, we, what herselves?

[00:59:33] Joanne: Well, we could it’s possibly, but I don’t, I didn’t feel that, you know, we’ve had too many ETS over, uh, nuclear facilities switching them on and off, but mainly off. You know, if, if they want to control that they will, that they, you know, the, the info down the pipe is that this planet is really important earth and they’re not going to let little humanity running around like a whole load of warmongering ants kick it.

But we’ll see, you know, if that guy came back as in a human form from a gray, having destroyed their own planet, you know, I’m sure we’re more than capable of bringing that to bear. I think there’s something about our life and what we’re supposed to be doing the evolutionary of the planet evolution of a planet as well as a, as a sentient being in large scale.

So I don’t know, we don’t have the answers yet, but we can, we can put forward sort of ideas and suppositions based on history and where we think we’re going with that. Yeah,

[01:00:36] jeremiah: yeah. From the abductor, the accounts that I’ve heard, uh, and, and also read about, there seems to be a commonality. The ETS, tell the abductor that, you know, earth has a special place.

And, um, a lot of them are here to do something to either keep it going or, you know, keep us from destroying it or whatever. And that seems to be a common

[01:01:04] Joanne: message. Oh yeah. And, and quite a few people who who’ve had that, um, earth is, you know, likely to succumb to some terrible situation. If, if you don’t do something about it and I’m not talking about the climate change or the politics politicians, not that that’s not it at all, but, um, I mean, people like Jim sparks, one of your compatriots, he went and, you know, started doing something with a rainforest and other people have done other things to, uh, help support nature and the planet.

So everybody is inspired to do things, uh, you know, as, as in natural to them to, to do that is within them to be able to. It’s fascinating. It really is. And he asked you, right. A lot of people have had the gloom and doom scenario that, you know, if humanity continues like this, well, you know, we’ve only got to look at current scenarios, which has been, you know, manufactured very, uh, very well under the noses of everybody, um, to see that, yeah, it’s not difficult to see that that could end up in, uh, difficulties for the planet, but we’ll see, you know, I don’t, I don’t think honestly that, um, I think the planet is being saved before, and I don’t think they’re going to have a, let, let us with all runty humans do our worst, but we’ll see.

You know, I don’t have any inside scoop on that.

[01:02:33] jeremiah: Yeah. I personally believe that there’s cycles of time and there. This is my opinion that there have been, um, civilizations before our noon humanity and, uh, they’ve succumbed to cataclysms and stuff like that. And then survivors survivors of that start over again, basically.

[01:03:00] Joanne: And, oh, there’s definitely evidence of that as well. And I’m also, I also believe that, um, the collective also is very powerful and if the collective wishes it, then those catechisms could be, um, watered.

[01:03:22] jeremiah: Yeah. They say it like your speech and your thoughts and stuff can like actually like be recorded, like leaving your body and like, so it’s definitely, definitely something that if everyone’s thinking the same thing, like all the world.

Just blow up or something that like, it could actually bring that about in a roundabout way people, uh, or if they want to save the planet.

[01:03:49] Joanne: Yeah. Or if the majority of people who just want to be in the belligerent, um, you know, warmongering frame of mind if that’s where they’re going to stay then, and that becomes their meme and the meme of people in their society, around them or their, you know, whatever their, um, situation then, you know, that’s also very powerful, but there’s a lot of people countering it.

And I saw that, uh, and it was really impressed with the Canadian truckers. They were just phenomenal. I don’t know if you know what I mean, but it was great. They, uh, and they still are. There’s just not being reported, but you know, that is fantastic. And, and they just kept buying that it’s about love. Do not, do not threaten do not, you know, Keep it level, keep, keep love because they can’t get you on that.

And, you know, and, and that has been rolling out across the world in lots of different ways. And so there’s some amazing things happening. Um, you know, amazingly courageous people as well, stepping forward and taking the lead on a lot on lots of things. And, you know, because it’s like, there’s a take down of a human potential at the moment going on with the powers that be.

And, you know, I think we have the ability to stop that in its tracks. If we know enough say this far and no more, I’m one of those.

[01:05:20] jeremiah: Yeah. Hopefully, hopefully the massive amount of people or the majority of people, this is what I’m trying to say. Uh, hopefully they figure out, you know, That we have the power, like the governments and stuff.

They don’t really have the power. I mean, they have their laws and stuff, but

[01:05:40] Joanne: yeah,

[01:05:41] jeremiah: but like with the Canadian trucker thing, if truckers just say, we’re not going to deliver a ho you know, that gives me more power than if you go riding and stuff like that

[01:05:52] Joanne: in mind. Exactly. And you know, that there’s a lot of stuff, negative stuff that is preordained, you know, people have been set up to do it, all that kind of stuff.

So it’s all part of the theatrics as part of the optics, as they say. So, you know, it’s just to be aware, how does it feel? Does it feel real lightly? Not it’s feels contrived or lightly is. Yeah. Anyway, so, you know, it’s just onwards and upwards and just trying to enjoy your life and deal with things. And if it’s an ITI thing, well, you know, it’s looking at finding out what that is for you.

How does that change you? But cause that’s where it all brings us every time it’s, it’s us where the, where the magic particle.

[01:06:41] jeremiah: Yeah. And I think people have a lot more power than what they believe or think that they have. And we’ve also been conditioned to not tap into our own potential. So

[01:06:53] Joanne: that’s absolutely right.

And I think that’s, and a lot of people, you know, that they’re not used to thinking, um, differently, you know, there’s a tradition or a, you know, just way of thinking if you’re in a certain position or certain job and, you know, I mean, it is a bit scary to come out of that box. I understand that. I think. But anyway, we’re at that time when we have to be our own Jack in the box.

[01:07:24] jeremiah: So if people want to, um, check out your works or anything like that, um, how can they, well,

[01:07:32] Joanne: everybody wants to drop me a line. If they’ve had an experience or they want to go on camera and talk about their experiences. It’s the eating Just like all one word. The 18

The eating website is under construction. So, um, it should be up within the next, within the month. But I keep saying that we keep doing a bit more to it. I’m I’m on Facebook. I think it’s under Jones. Or some of it might be some scales there. I actually couldn’t fit my whole name on it initially when I did it.

And then anyway, so I’m on Facebook. If anybody wants to say hi and they had the chat, uh, or whatever. And, um, basically, um, that’s what I do is I tell people’s stories and look into it and see how we can, you know, make things work better and see if we can bring a little bit of relief from PTSD or trauma in the situations, because it, it, we do, we do have some incredible, uh, times ahead of us.

That can be wonderful. I really do really.

[01:08:38] jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Well, thank you for coming on and speaking with us and sharing your information and I’ll make sure to link everything in the show description so people can find your stuff, uh,

[01:08:51] Joanne: quickly. Well, I, I tell you what people might find interesting is that this is, um, this is the ICI newsrooms, um, eclectic album spelled with a K and on this album, there’s a whole load of people, American Canadians, and Brits who have come together to they’re all experiences of one kind or another, and they are doing their music, but they’ve.

Had an amazing event and the album, isn’t just music. It’s part, voice as well. So some of the musicians you’ll care a minute or two of their story proceeding their song. So it’s fascinating to hear. And I do one or two interviews with people like grant Cameron and others talking about the ITI connection.

So that’s on the eclectic website, which is a Wix Wix website. And if you do a collective Joanne or collect your Wix website, you should come across it. But there’s a whole load of amazing information and also tasters for some of the music.

[01:09:52] jeremiah: Sounds great. Yeah. And if, uh, send me all those links, I’ll get them posted so people can.

People can find you quickly.

[01:10:02] Joanne: Yeah, that’s fine. Well, the time that’s great.

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Hidden in the Shadows

Hidden in the Shadows

Hidden in the Shadows

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Hidden in the Shadows

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow,

terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in

the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if

they’re wrong podcast,

the podcast that wants you

to question everything, your reality


about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. Thank you for tuning in. We’ve got a good interview right up ahead, where we’re going to be talking with Isaac from the hidden in the shadows podcast. He’s going to be talking to us about how he deals with ghost hunting spirits. Uh, also how he created a ring to trap spirits in and a bunch of other good stuff.

So definitely want to hang around. We’re going to have a good interview. The, what if the wrong podcast is now on buy me a coffee. So if you want to donate to the show and show some support would be highly appreciated. Every donation. We’ll get a shout out on the next episode. So whenever you donate, uh, the following episode, I will give you a shout out and anything would be appreciated.

Uh, if you don’t want to give anything, that’s fine. You don’t have to, um, you’re not going to miss anything, but if you would like to support the show, you can just, uh, go and buy me a coffee. The link will be in the description below. Got a lot of great interviews coming down the line here. We have a UFO and alien abduction researcher from the UK.

She’s going to be coming on to speak with us, share her, um, research and experiences. We also have a, um, person on rumble that makes videos on rumble coming to talk with us about false flags and how some things that you see are not exactly as they seem. We also have the man, the myth, the legend LA Marzel Lee.

He’s coming on to talk about his book, the cosmic chess match. We’re going to be talking about biblical prophecies. We’re going to talk about is on the trail, that Nephilim, where he tries to hunt down giants and, um, the elongated skulls and all that good stuff from the ancient past. So that’s coming down the pike and, um, definitely a lot of content.

So stay tuned and remember to question everything.


Hello, it’s Jeremiah from what if they’re wrong podcast? And I’m joined today by Isaac host of the hidden in the shadows podcast. And we’re going to talk today about energy manipulation abilities and probably get into some other stuff to just find out his viewpoint on other topics, but mainly about his energy manipulation and stuff that he covers on his podcast.

So I’ll introduce him now. Hello, Isaac.

[00:03:01] Isaac: Hey, thanks. Thanks for bringing me on. Um, yeah. Uh, energy manipulation abilities is something that me and my wife were talking about when we were discussing, um, psychics. We’ve met in a few cause we are panel investigators as well, uh, along with having our podcast. Um, but, uh, the EMA or Angie manipulation ability, because we’re just gonna call it EMA for now because using the whole Angie motivation ability every single time is a mouthful.

But it all starts with the, I I’m trying to catalog, catalog, uh, my ability, um, and anyone who’s ever listened to the hidden, the shadows podcast knows exactly what I’m talking about, but those who haven’t though around the year 2020, um, in September, uh, and ability was awoken in me. Um, I I’ve never had it my entire life.

I’ve never been able to do any of this whatsoever. I’m not psychic, I can’t hear spirits or anything of the essence. And I clairvoyant and I Clair out ain’t nothing, but in 2020, um, my hands started to be able to feel the energy of the dead and essentially the energy that they give off when they’re on our plane, when you’re here.

Um, and the sensation feels like, uh, when your hands go to sleep, that tingling sensation that spread. Um, so the closer I am to entity, it would start in the middle of my hand and the spread out throughout my entire fingers until my entire Palm is charged sensation. I call, I call it charge. Um, over time I learned to differentiate, um, my left to the right it, depending on what kind of spirit I’m dealing with.

So my left hand charges, it’s a human spirit, good spirit. So on the light side of the spectrum of the paranormal, but when my right hand charges, that’s something dark, something evil, something demonic. And I have come across a lot of those things being a criminal investigator for the last two years or so, but that’s only part of it is me feeling a sense of like a natural EMF detector.

The other part of many parts is, um, I can pull, set energy into myself. I can pull it in my hands. It’s almost like I’m creating a vacuum of energy that starts in my Palm and it pulls anything. Well, whatever the entity is. Am I close proximity? Um, I guess pull that energy, ripping it from the entity, have it in my hand.

And I used to filter it through my body, um, cause that’s where the energy would go, but that started taking a toll on me physically. So I actually learned with the help of, uh, a friend of mine, who’s also a psychic who’s on our paranormal team as well. Um, they Mike that, what if we could transfer sit energy into an object, essentially creating a haunted object.

So, uh, through practice I learned to, um, well put the energy into a ring, not just any ring, a replica king Solomon rang with a king Solomon symbol on it. And if you know anything about the king Solomon story, um, he entrapped 70 demons into his ring that he used to build. Uh, to his temples now I didn’t have the same idea to use whatever I had pulled in there.

But the idea was that if he can attract them in that symbol, possibly I could do the same. So everything that I have pulled on the dark side, uh, in the last nine, 10 months now is in that ring, I have lost count of how many things are in that ring. I can show you Tilly, for sure. I know for sure. At least one demon is in the ring.

Um, and probably many more of, I just don’t, I’m not a hundred percent sure how many, but I know for sure, at least one, um, because we had an exorcism case, um, several months back that we were part of, uh, but the energy, uh, that I pull, I only ever pull anything that’s dark. I never pull anything. That’s like, cause that’s like tearing a person from their home.

This. It’s not, it’s not very moral, but it’s not a nice thing to do when some person’s just trying to communicate with you. So anything I ever pulled was always on the dark side of, of energy essentially. And it goes from evil spirits to demonic spirits, to, you know, just everything in between. But if it charges my right hand, I do not hesitate to ripping off the plane.

Um, yeah. And funny enough, I never knew what to call this for a longest time. Until I met a woman in Australia, they meet her there. I had a podcast to her, um, who heard my ability before talk to her friend who was there at her home at the time she talked to me and because she has that same ability. Um, but she, what she does, her name is Jen.

Uh, she, uh, can pull some energy to her left hand and then transfer to the other side, kind of like a crossing them over, um, But she said when she went to her shopping to learn how to use this ability, but also what it’s called, um, psychopomp came up, but also the name shadow Walker came up and she said, that’s what you are.

You are a shadow Walker. Um, and that’s what we, since we called our paranormal team, which is shadow Walker, paranormal. Uh, so yeah, I had the idea, I had the term and I knew what to do. Um, so as my ability evolved from different criminal investigations, we did, uh, one imagery that came to my mind was having my hand to the ground, making the connection and feeling out anything dark within that area.

I can tell you like the radius of how wide, but anything that the ground touches. So practice and time, I have pooled from the ground energy, uh, an entire farm and entire building. Um, and entire house, of course, there’s an easy, almost an entire block one time. Um, and it’s all just putting my hands to the earth, feeling the energy around and it pulling everything dark into one spot.

That is my hand from however far I reach out. Uh, yeah, that’s, that’s my, and my abilities evolved since then. And what I’ve been doing now is that, uh, if I take your right hand and I hold it and you allow me in, I can look into your, uh, what I have to call the mind forest. Now everybody’s mind force is different.

Um, but it’s on the dark side of your mind. Now. It’s not something you, all the secrets you hit or anything you’re ashamed of anything like that? No, it’s not. It’s just something subconsciously you might be in your dark set of your mind, mind forest, essentially. That’s hiding that you’ve never dealt with yet, or you don’t know.

And I can lose you, go in and see what’s there. And I’ve done it with several people when everybody’s mindfulness is different ranging from even the foliage to the type of trees, to how dark it is, to how light it is to even the color of the moon. It all depends on the person, but, um, yeah, that’s where my ability is as of right now.

Um, but one thing that I always like to do on these podcasts that I can talk to people on is ask if they have any connections to native Americans or know anybody,

Jeremiah. No,

[00:10:54] Jeremiah: I don’t.

[00:10:56] Isaac: Um, or anybody who listens well to this episode, uh, to reach out and contact me because, um, I had surgery about a month ago, uh, hernia surgery, and, um, while anesthesia, while under anesthesia, um, The idea of meditation was given to me by Mike psychic on our team. Um, because he’s had so many surgeries over his time has died on the table.

A lot. He’s had cancer, he had stomach problems, a lot of stuff, but he’s told me when he was under anesthesia, it’s the best time to meditate because he can go far. He can get a lot of answers. So he told me to do the same now. And the only answer to a question I’ve had is what is this ability called?

Where does it come from? Where does it originate from? Was it given to me or was it just born in me? You know, all the simple things like that and the person to give it to me strangely enough was my grandfather, but not my, this lifetime’s grandfather. Uh, I had a, a past life regression regression session done on me by a psychic we know, uh, named.

And she has her own show. Paranormal, uh, life was B, but she did a past life regression on me and she found three past lives. But the one that we’re talking about now is one that I was in the late 17 hundreds, early 18 hundreds, a Shian spirit warrior. And my grandfather from that time found me this time.

And he was the one who I met around a campfire, uh, fire was blue. Um, and basically in under anesthesia, the small amount of time I was under, well, I was actually under hour and a half, but I just remember closing my eyes and opening them and boom, I was back in the patient room. So that’s like how fast it was, but he told me you are Ash will come to the Reaper of souls.

That’s all I remember, Ash will that the Reaper of souls. That’s all I remember for the hour and a half I was under and I get like a split second of. That that is all. I remember him telling me. And that’s why that name I know is somewhat familiar with Cheyenne people who, people who speak out like Walkman or people in this, in the native tribes that sorry, that name is, is it something that they haven’t shared normally with other people, but I always try to find people in the native community.

They might point me in the right direction to someone may know the story, but, um, as my ability lies now, that’s where it is now. The EMA thing, my wife. Um, I’m sorry, I don’t know if you have any questions about my ability. Usually I tell people that it kinda blows their

[00:13:45] Jeremiah: minds. No, no. I’m just listening to it all.

It’s a fascinating, I’ve never heard about it. So

[00:13:51] Isaac: yes. And not only people have, and I’ve only met besides Jane. I think I said Jen, her name at the chain. Um, in Australia, another woman I met was a woman in Seattle named Shariece, um, who can pull it. Uh, energy out of her left hand to kind of like push back any dark entities.

Um, it was only two people that besides, um, my wife and psychiatric team Mike, uh, who have EMA abilities, um, and EMA energy manipulation ability, it’s those who can manipulate the energy around them with either their hands or their body. And it’s either producing energy or absorbing it so far that I’ve met my, excuse me, my wife, I’m also the cohost in the shadows podcast.

Um, she’s very powerful, psychic, and I say that with confidence because there’s not a lot of things she can’t do in the psychic abilities like clairvoyant, clairaudience, uh, or remote viewing channeling, um, talking to the dead, going to Astro plane, anything you can think of, she has been able to do. I it’s just, it’s astounding.

Sometimes stuff that she can do, but all that long list of stuff she has learned to push energy out of her hands, creating a force field, almost to push back anything dark. Um, Mike, like I said, his EMA is that he can do the same thing as Megan though. Instead of using his hand, he admits it out of his entire body, almost creating like an EMP, a positive energy out of himself, blasting back.

Anything that gets too close Megan’s is focused like mine. I focus my, and I pull things in and I can even do rev differentiates, which hand I use against what kind of entity? Um, like Shariece pushes energy, every left-hand. And then of course, PETA, um, absorbs it in her left hand and I transfer it to you.

Uh, sorry. Jane pulls it into her left hand and pushes it out. Uh, pita is the name of the, but when I interviewed in Australia, her. She has a, uh, a paranormal team over there too, but no EMS is something that we have found. There might be other psychics out there that have something that is this, but never called it that maybe they call it something different.

Um, I’m not saying this is a new Psychobilly, I’m just saying this is something that we have cataloged at least categorized. K K. You won’t try to say, um, yeah. Uh, try to figure at least, you know, give it a name because, um, I tried to, you know, figure out what, what my ability is called in there’s little to no information around it, because either it’s so rare or it’s not commodity, right.

It’s it’s that, or the story that’s not shared often with it never got passed down and it got hit through time. And I can really tell you, but no, EMA is something that I know there’s other psyches surrounded, but what separates me. From all the other ones is most EMA users. We found our psychic with this extra ability, but me, I can’t hear them.

I can’t see them even after I gained this ability. I can’t see what I pool. When someone asks me, who did you pull? I don’t know. Don’t have it. Can’t see them. I only feel the energy and that’s it. That’s I can’t hear them. Remove you. All I can do was in my hands and the only mental, psychic connection I ever make with somebody, I have to physically touch them.

Um, but that’s, that’s what separates me from other email users that we’ve met.

[00:17:37] Jeremiah: So like, when you go into a place you can like kind of instantly tell if there’s like a good spirit or bad spirit or no spirits.

[00:17:48] Isaac: Yeah. Um, like I, uh, uh, a person we met once I was like, oh, you’re like a natural EMF sector. I was like, yeah.

Um, yeah. What we found out. A lot of places we’ve been is that there’s always seemed to be one to three dark spirits or one dark entity. It’s powerful enough to keep all regular people, spirits, almost imprisoned, um, and keep them there to feed off their energy. As soon as I pull and take that dark empties out of a location, uh, all the regular humans spirits, or the people just start talking and like, oh thank you.

We start to help some of them cross over because sometimes they got stuck there because they’ve been almost like bullied into staying. Then we, we tend to find that a lot, a lot of places we’ve been around here in North Carolina, um, especially a location at a web library, there’s three different entities, um, three bullies essentially.

They were keeping all these spirits, including children, uh, almost prison and this library, they couldn’t leave. But when I took care of all three of them, All of these human spirits, a lot of them moved on and left. Um, and now the library is probably if it was a hundred percent haunted before, it was probably 10% haunted now.

[00:19:09] Jeremiah: So like every spirit that you come in contact with, like, are you sure? Are you able to, I don’t know how to say it, like, I guess for pokey Mon terms, catch them all, or is it like only some of them? And some of them can like resist

[00:19:27] Isaac: from a my experience. And, um, I don’t say this to be cocky or arrogant or any of that.

Nothing has been able to stop me nothing. Even the demon that we took care of an exorcism case. Couldn’t stop me. Um, dark entities that I’ve taken up before. Couldn’t stop me. I categorize, um, the intense. Into a sensation of feeling, uh, between smoke and sand, um, smoke. If you can, you’ll have smoke fields, you can put your hand through it.

You kind of feel that, right. But it’s it just like air vapor, essentially when I pull regular entities, just like your everyday normal guys, they’re just assholes on a spiritual point. That’s smoke or even low level demons. There’s smoke things that are tougher, older, stronger that’s sands it’s course hard.

You could feel it. It has weight to it. When I pull that a sand level entity, right. It does cause me physical pain through my entire hand and form. And maybe even up to my shoulders sometimes. Um, but no, nothing, nothing has been able to resist fight back or even stop me when I, when I

[00:20:40] Jeremiah: started to pull. And then, like you said, you trap them in a ring lug and you said there was like a symbol on the ring.

Is there anything. Ellis about the ring that makes it able to contain them and stuff. Is there like stones on it or

[00:20:55] Isaac: now it’s just steel and silver with the king Solomon symbol on it. And if you look up the king Solomon symbol that he had on his ring, it’s exactly one that’s on mine. Um, and I don’t know if it’s the symbol itself that allows it or interrupts them in it.

It doesn’t allow them to escape or it’s what I’m doing. Maybe this is another part of the ability to, I don’t know about just like a native American legend. Couldn’t tell you. Um, cause that’s the, that’s the, uh, the thought that can keep you up at night is like, is the rain keeping it in or am I keeping it in?

Because that’s part of the ability. Could I do this with any object or it has to be the spring Pacific. Yeah. So that’s, yes. That’s it goes around in a loop and loop. And until I get an answer, I’m not going to bother, what’s trying to figure it out. But, um, my wife, uh, she has looked into. Um, and all she hears from it is screaming, snarling, growling, swearing, uh, like you, you think like a death metal vocalists from like any kind of band that, that kind of level of screaming, but always cussing and swearing.

Let me out, uh, different things like that. Um, some even to try to talk to Megan directly to, they called her a witch and told her, uh, to, uh, get left them out. And of course she said, you know, fuck off. I’m going to about, and they always get pissed and stuff, but, um, no nothing’s been able to leave and it’s, it’s just still in silver and it’s, it’s almost like I created a pocket that I mentioned where they’re trapped in there and they can’t escape.

Um, other psychics that I’ve brought the ring twos have also the same thing that someone said, it sound like a prison. A lot of people yelling at once, um, anyone who can look into a haunted objects would touch this or even be near it and know that that has a lot of stuff in it. Um, Speaking of haunted objects, I can pull the energy from a haunted object and not make it haunted anymore.

So it’s not just stuff that’s on the plane. If it’s entrapped to something, I can take it from there as well.

[00:22:57] Jeremiah: I guess you guys work as a team then you and your wife, her co-host or wherever, um, to like, so what’s her like, like how, what’s your normal thing for like going out and trapping a spirit? Like, does she, do you come into the room and say, I feel this, and then she like, kind of, kind of communicates with them or,

[00:23:21] Isaac: uh, yes and no, I guess I’m Lucy.

If we go to a location, we kind of feel it out. And my wife we’re instantly start getting messages from whatever spirits are there some asking for help. Some basically riding on whatever dark entity is, keeping them there. Some basically telling me, Hey, you might want to go to that spot. So I’m just trying to make communication.

Um, but if something is dark in that location, Um, we lose you to try to get pulled towards it. And I try to take it out first because it’s easy to talk to you to spirits after essentially the bully is gone. Um, and that’s, that’s, that’s just from experience. A lot of places we’ve been to before. Um, but yeah, essentially it just go, but like me feeling out the place first walking around the property or someone’s home and my wife making connections to the spirits that are there, uh, the other psychic center team, uh, which all four members of our paranormal team are psychic, or at least have some guys psychic abilities.

They all have different abilities that help in the situations, getting names, getting ideas, finding out what we’re dealing with sometimes. Cause if I’m dealing with like an average asshole on the, on the plane who just was, you know, asshole in life and he’s asked when the afterlife, um, dealing with personal like that easy.

But if I’m told, um, there might be a demon on the property, then I have. Mentally prepare for something like that because, um, those a little harder and stronger, uh, that take out. So I will like figure out, okay, this is what I need to do for here. Cause I know it’s going to be a bit of a challenge.

[00:24:52] Jeremiah: Yeah.

I’ve heard, had another guest on that was saying how the demons are the biggest problem and they’re separate from the ghosts and stuff that we encounter. So for like, um, cause I’m like super interested about it. You said you were involved in a, um, exorcism. Can you kind of like explain that and how that went?

Like did someone come to you or did you, um, hunt them down or was there like another person that was like, Hey, I need your help. And how did that whole thing play out? And cause you know, you always see it in the movies of like a girl chained to the bed and someone’s just like speaking tongues on them and stuff.

But how did it actually go for you?

[00:25:39] Isaac: To be very specific, the exorcism case wasn’t so much pulling a demon out of a person. It was more pull in demon from a person cause he was being, the kid was being oppressed. It wasn’t possessed. And the difference between oppression and possession, I don’t know if you know or not.


[00:25:55] Jeremiah: do not know. No.

[00:25:58] Isaac: Okay. Uh, just making sure, um, oppression, uh, is the, basically the starting of a, of a possession, the oppression will be a demon will break someone down mentally before possessing them there, make them sad or make them angry or make them depressed. They’re make them, uh, uh, shun their family, try to be isolated as much as possible, you know, uh, become a whole different person, just angry, depressed all the time too.

You have no will live to resist. And at that point you’re prime picking for possession. That’s what a demon gets in it. Once they get in, they’re almost impossible to get out. Um, But he was being oppressed. He wasn’t possessed. So that would make it a lot easier. Um, but no, uh, uh, the F the family was, uh, friends with Mike.

They knew Mike, our second team, uh, uh, second entity, Mike. Uh, they knew him from a previous cases that he’s done in the past, um, with a different, like, not exorcism per se, but parallel investigations. They saw what was happening to the son. Of course, Mike, they knew he, he always dealt with stuff like this and they said, can you help us out?

And he said, you know, I just got, I just got the guy who might be able to take care of this pretty easy. It was me. So he was telling me about it. He was telling me that they were going through horrible stuff. The family’s having nightmares. Um, they’re seeing dark figures in their home they’re that their son is acting like a completely different person.

He has. He’s like, he’s angry all the time. He’s swearing at the mother, father. It’s just a whole different person. So. I asked Megan or Mike and me. Well, Mike asked Megan to see if she can remote view in to his home to see if there is anything there, or maybe he’s just being, you know, just typical teenager.

And she remote viewed in. And when she saw was, um, if you can imagine a Groot of course, with the Marvel movies, but just made of black and Ash, just all black burnt wood standing about, you know, eight or nine feet tall with the human head almost, but made of wood with horns that looked like beta tree branches, of course, like red eyes and stuff like that.

But just black and Ash stand in front of Megan laugh and said, oh, they sent a witch after me this time, I’m in a very demonic voice. And I said, I’m H I’m old. You’re not gonna able to get rid of me. And then Megan course jumping back home and telling me what the fuck happened. And I was like, okay, um, now I know I did.

It was a big. Um, so, uh, the night we went over to deal with this, um, I was all hyping myself up cause like, okay, this is the big test to see if I can take something out like this, you know what? See my ability is worth anything. Um, and then a spirit guide who made himself aware that night, um, was a spirit guide.

How to describe him. Um, his name is Elgin. Uh, he is a, a Norseman from a horse. The Viking error looks like credos from the newest video games. Best way I can describe him. So yeah, the God of war, not what the Ashlyn’s divorce. Yeah. Kind of looks like he’s bald, he’s got a big beard and he kind of has that same busy.

That’s the best way I can describe how he looks like. But anyway, he made himself present that night and basically gave me the warrior since of mine going to combat against this thing. But they basically started out with. Um, and also the same night I learned to speak in my higher self, um, which that’s a whole nother conversation, but, um, my higher self voice is different from my current voice.

Um, it doesn’t sound like me, but it does. It’s very low and very authoritative and it’s very intimidating is what I’ve been told. But the whole time we were there, I was trying to provoke this thing to come out and fight. Cause it was hiding because I was feeling around the entire time and I had a kid right in front of me and the, and the kid.

Um, he was being channeled. The teaming was channeling him to talk to me through him saying stuff like I’m ancient, you know how old I am. You’re just pathetic, man. And I was just trying to talk back to him in a sense, like you need to look past the vessel and see the essence of what’s been here for a long time.

Um, and just like going back and forth, like basically challenging, um, while challenging it. Um, my wife was outside. I think on a porch preventing it from running because I wasn’t worried about distinct possessing somebody else. I was worried about it running away, getting away. So she was outside with Mike’s wife who was also named Megan, which makes it very confusing on investigations sometimes, but they were outside preventing this thing from running.

Mike was in inside with me due to native American prayer to try to sever the tie, uh, the attachment that this demon had to the, to the kid. Through enough time, the sta attachment was severed and Mike said, get him. I was reaching around and I couldn’t feel him. That’s the crappy run. Then, um, I felt the energy move and I felt it right on my right side of me.

It started getting stronger and stronger, like it was coming at me and that I felt it and I grabbed it and I pulled and in the incident of pulling, I laughed because it was so. Imprisoned in the ring and I, I thought to myself, this is too easy. I haven’t had to do something wrong. It couldn’t distinct with ancient Olin, talk to big talk and all this.

Was easier than most things I’ve taken out in the field on a, on a night that I didn’t even know what was there. You will with this was I knew exactly what it was. I was like, I was thinking like that. Then we were like, we sat around and with the family for like a good two hours afterwards, just talking and the kid a complete 180 that’s the parents they’re like, look, he’s like, he’s like, he’s a whole, he’s back to his normal self clean 180.

Like if he was talking to us, he was having a good time. He was like, just like we were having the whole atmosphere change in the house. And we check back with the family afterwards, like a week or so later just to make sure. And they’re like, yeah, you, whatever you guys did it, it’s gone. It’s like, we don’t have nightmares anymore.

We are asleep that night. It’s just like a complete 180, but we haven’t heard anything. It’s all good. And I was like, well, I guess I did it. But then I thought came to mind, is the, why was it so. I was so sure that this would be a challenge. Like it would hurt my arm. I might have scars. It might scratch me.

I had all these different thoughts, but no, very, very easy. So that’s the only conclusion that came up with is that it talked a big game. It talked a really big game. And when it came down to gain time, it went out fast, very fast, very easy. I I’ve, I’ve taken things out in the field, uh, on a location. We’ve never been no, nothing about, I pulled something that was tough and hard and gave me a challenge, not knowing what it was.

And I actually pulled what I know is a demon and it was, it was easy, but yeah, that was the Xs in case that we, we did. Yeah.

[00:33:09] Jeremiah: That’s definitely a interesting and good that you were able to do that and like change this kid’s life and, uh, cast out whatever was in there. And. Um, maybe what the native American thing was saying was true that you have like a special

[00:33:28] Isaac: power gift, essentially.

But like I said, I really that’s like my current mission right now is to, uh, find someone, the native American community. Maybe they can leave American community and maybe you get again, um, uh, tell me the story. At least tell me the only the fascia it’s of disability. Like what’s the extent, like how far, what all the things I can do.

It’s still a lot of questions, all the stuff I could do.

[00:33:53] Jeremiah: Yeah. And, um, like for any, like, I don’t know, nonbelievers or people on the fence or anything like that, like ghosts and spirits and possessions and stuff like that has been around since the beginning of time, like it was written about in ancient scripts.

And I think even like cave art had like instances. Evil spirits and stuff like that. So definitely, um, definitely something there. I totally believe that there’s all that stuff going on. And I’m sure that there’s people who are more in tune, like you said, the native Americans, they seem to be more connected to like the spirit world and, um, be able to sense things that, you know, average people today can’t really sense and stuff like that.

Cause I think maybe due to them being more connected to like earth and nature and stuff like that, where now a lot of people are kind of disconnected from that. Just my perspective.

[00:35:02] Isaac: Yeah. Um, there’s a lot of, I know there is a lot of native American legends and Laura’s that were never shared with the white man essentially.

Um, and they kind of kept to themselves, kind of kept very close to the chest with a lot of legends and stuff. They didn’t want. And probably passed down through time, but the only people that I can think of would know would be like medicine man, or even tribal elders. Yeah. I

[00:35:25] Jeremiah: was hoping to interview, um, this elder, uh, can’t remember his name off the top of my head, but he was in a UFO documentary or alien abduction documentary that I was watching.

And he was talking all about like how his grandpa and his ancestors talked about all these like weird things that happen, uh, even back in the day, like with things in the sky and, you know, aliens and spirit contact and stuff like that. So it’s definitely interesting to me. Unfortunately, he passed away.

So I haven’t, I didn’t get a chance to interview him, but, um, in the documentary, yeah. He talks a lot about, about that. So you do

[00:36:14] Isaac: your pod now.

[00:36:17] Jeremiah: Oh, go ahead.

[00:36:19] Isaac: I said, uh, speaking of aliens, um, I had a dream recently. It was kind of strange. And, uh, me and my wife were in a van with government officials. At least I knew where they sounded like, and they acted like they always suits government officials.

And I asked where we’re headed and said, well, we asked for your expertise on this because the alien bodies were giving off heavy amounts of EMF, um, air. I was like, what? Um, but it took us to a crash sites of a tease to aliens, um, who apparently died and their skin was kind of falling off. But what I could tell from their bodies cause they were like crashed together.

They had a very teal blue skin, very dark blue, teal, metallic. Like texture, but color almost with almost these white, uh, very geometrical tattoo designs going to all of their, their body and over their head and stuff. And, uh, I remember there were like, I won’t say close, but almost like suits, I guess, like space suits.

You, you think what aliens would wear? But, um, I put my right hand near them in my right hand, started to charge. And I was like, I looked at Megan, I said, they’re giving off a lot of dark energy. And I think the other government officials said, well, what would happen if you pulled it? Like these government officials knew what I could do.

They wanted me there for that and the dream. So I said, well, we can see. I pooled. When I pulled the air, as you from this dead alien body, the energy was so intense that it shot all the way up to my head. It like caused like a massive, like, almost like electrocuted in my brain, stylish.

Was like, oh, it’s like that. It makes like stop if you’re causing me pain and like, oh, I got it. I got it. And then it slowly dissipated, the more I pull the energy from it, the point where I had it in my hand. And when I had the energy in my hand, it was very tangible. I could feel it almost like having a ball of like, I don’t know, like energy in your hand.

Like almost like a soft, not soft ball, like a tennis ball, almost just that, that consists of that thickness. And then I said into the ring, as I commanded the, the energy and it was in the ring and that ring was literally vibrating after I put alien dark energy into it. But that’s all I remember from that dream.

[00:38:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s pretty wild. I had a dream, uh, not last night, but the night before that I was like, uh, driving in my car while it was a long dream, but I’ll make it short. I was driving in my car and I looked over and I saw like a big fireball kind of like a mushroom cloud. So I got out of my car for whatever reason.

I was just looking and all of a sudden it was like an actual mushroom cloud. The like flames and stuff, sorry, like shooting out like a wave. I just like laid on the ground, uh, on the curb. Like I had this winter jacket on and I just kind of held it up, trying to like block the flames.

Then, um, this guy at work and I don’t know why he was in the dream for any reason, but he was just like, see, this is why this happens or something like that. The flames like came over me and then I woke up and I was like, okay, that’s weird. So yeah. Dreams are pretty wild.

[00:39:48] Isaac: Yeah. You were, you were asking something about the podcast.

Oh yeah. Yeah.

[00:39:52] Jeremiah: I was going to ask about. Through doing your podcast, what some like interesting events or people that you’ve talked to for like on your show. I like what sticks out in your mind from your show that you were


[00:40:07] Isaac: uh, Hmm. I know one of the most interesting people I’ve talked to you was, uh, Carl Johnson, um, who him and his brother, Keith Johnson were the original investigators at the conjuring house.

They were the ones who told the Warrens, Hey, come check this place out. Um, he has had a long history of being in the paranormal field, but what was interesting afterwards after I got done interviewing him, um, I mean, I went to the bathroom. I was telling Megan all about my coast and she, uh, because I go, well, that was pretty cool.

And then as I went to the bathroom and I was coming out, I opened the door. To go back down the hall because the hall from the room right now, where I’m recording and it versus the room where the bathroom is maybe five, 10 steps. Something ran from under between my legs, from the bathroom, back into the room that I was recording it.

I say thing, because it looked, it had the shape of a cat, but it looked like a giant caterpillar. It was all black, like a black shadow, like, like Vanta black, like very black and it moved like a cat, but in a shape of a caterpillar is like that in a mood into the room here, told Megan about it. We walked in here, I felt around didn’t feel anything.

So I don’t know what the hell that was, but it was strange, like right after I got done recording, that happened.

[00:41:34] Jeremiah: Yeah. Um, was it, uh, my fiance’s always like on me. Kind of that kind of stuff. Like be careful who you like have on, cause you don’t know if it’s going to jump on to you or something and um, yeah, cause this one is something that

[00:41:54] Isaac: I

[00:41:54] Jeremiah: should, yeah, go ahead.

[00:41:58] Isaac: I said that, I would say that that is something I should have warned you about ahead of time. Um, sometimes stuff from your second come over through mine and sometimes stuff on my side, come with yours. Um, and that’s what I’ve learned through technology and a paranormal that, that spirits can travel through electronic waves.

So, um, I, I know we haven’t dealt with in here, so again, they’re really no worry about lately.

[00:42:24] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s good. Um, I was interviewing some people and they had like ghost acting up in the room while I was talking to them and stuff like that.

[00:42:34] Isaac: Uh, funny enough on, on it. Conversations with technology. A neat trick that I have been doing, um, is I have practice with it and I didn’t know I could do it until I actually started, but I can pull through cameras.

I can pull through live video like this. Like I were talking to, if something was in the room with you, I can instantly feel it and I could pull it in habit on my side. Um, and I’ve done it with other people, um, that we’ve met. And I did it for a few friends. I pulled through like, say a FaceTime or like Instagram live messaging like that.

I pull through to camera on my side of the phone from where he is and I pulled it to where I am and I, of course I take it. Um, and the strangest thing that happened while doing that is, uh, the last friend I did it for. Um, his room probably had the best taken care of, um, praying that. The reason I bring that up, um, is when I pulled from his place to mine and I took whatever it was, she was very strong.

Uh, a moment later, um, my room started to smell toward the smell, very bad, like feet and just like sweats, like in like a gym room. Right. And I was like, why does my room smell like this? It’s like, I’ve pulled things from many places before. And that things that were small like that, and I thought to myself, could, could, uh, scrap the cooler, like a tear in time and space or the fourth dimension or whatever could what I pulled through, caused a tear to happen.

And there is some kind of connection between my room and his, and I can smell his room. It’s just a new theory. It might’ve been playing around with, but me pulling through the phone, do stuff like that. So they have been doing lately. I’m getting better at it, but yeah, that was just a weird thing to happen with him would evolve into, you know,

[00:44:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve heard, uh, heard of different things in different techniques for like blocking off new spirits or whatever from trying to attach to and, and take over or whatever.

So definitely something to think about now you were talking about the tear through time and all that. Like, so my view on aliens is probably different than a lot of people’s. Like, I think that they are from another dimension and I think that they have found a way somehow to like go through the space time, like kinda make portals and stuff like that.

And I just think it, to me personally makes more sense for a lot of the abduction stuff that I read about and hear about just like the fact that they can. Uh, walk people through walls or like right through their roof for, um, and then also the whole missing time thing and all that, all those little things that like, just make more sense to me when you think of them as interdimensional, instead of like from outer space or maybe they’re from outer space and they found a way to rip through the fabric to like travel the far distance and we’re like primitive and thinking we have to like send a spaceship out

[00:46:02] Isaac: there.

Yeah. I mean, that’s very plausible and it’s something that I remember. Um, one of the episodes we talked about, I think we were on aliens for now of the, just talk about aliens, but that was one of our theories is that, um, they’re traveling through dimension. And my theory was that spirits and ghost they’re like on the fourth dimension where space and time essentially exists.

The fifth dimension. Of course, and that might be where a space-time and everything can be combined. And moods is any way possible. Kind of like an interstellar with a Tesseract and all that. And aliens. I don’t think they’re moving up or down. I think they’re moving side to side in other places, like other hard to even understand other dimensions that necessarily that are moving up or down, but side to side, they’re still in the third, but they’re moving side to side in different realms or realities.

Um, and they’re using technology like that. That’s why a lot of people, we always talk about like, cryptids like cryptos could be something dumped from another reality, another dimension by aliens or something. And they come over here like big foot or any of the ones you’ve seen in the past. Um, because remember we talked about the faith folk, like fairies and leprechauns stuff like that could be for another dimension and they’re allowed to be here to essentially mess with us.

Who’s going to stop them because they can jump back through other realities because using what we perceive as magic, but what them is like technology. Yeah, it’s

[00:47:29] Jeremiah: definitely possible. I ended up more, I look into it and like I said, the more, I, I believe in that instance and, um, the only thing I’ve been scratching my head on is the whole like hybridization program that they seem to have, like making babies and trying to make babies grow up and having lug of duct DS hold babies, or interact with babies and toddlers and stuff like that.

It’s just a whole weird whole weird. Since I’m currently reading this book called secret life and it’s, um, by Dr. Jacobs and he, I guess put like 300 plus people under hypnosis who think they had an alien encounter and. He, um, wrote about like 30 of the people that he believed the most in his bulk.

And it’s so interesting and it really makes me like think. And so I really recommend that book to anyone who’s into aliens and abductions and stuff. It’s called seeker life by David Jacobs, Dr. Jake, David Jacobs.

[00:48:47] Isaac: Hmm. I’ve never heard that one before. That’s uh, never even heard the whole way at baby adduction thing.

I know that they must eat the people, but I’ve heard it starred children and stuff like that, but that’s new what the, my high information. Yeah.

[00:49:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. I definitely, I want to cover more about that stuff cause um, you know, the alien aspect is the most interesting to me. Um, you know, I do, I do, even though I’m a scaredy cat, I like to talk about or hear stories about ghosts and, and whole new places and stuff like that.

Um, even though I personally don’t know if I could go do it, but it’s, uh, it’s definitely something that I enjoy hearing about.

[00:49:32] Isaac: Yeah. It’s more, the more that I learned about the paranormal, the more questions open up and stuff like that. And one person, one woman that I think has the most scientific study on the afterlife is Dolores cannon.

Um, and with her stuff that I’ve learned, it, it applies, it makes the most sense of stuff I’ve experienced. Um, at least coming through visions and speaking to spirit guides and, uh, accessing, um, higher selves and stuff. And well, most people look at just like, you know, oh, this is like, you know, new, new, uh, old, Eastern world stuff and stuff like that.

A lot of it applies to what we’re doing now, uh, amongst psychics and stuff like that. Especially even stones like stiffened cells. I never care too much, never put too much stock in rocks or stones or anything like that until I became a paranormal investigator and having a bracelet made for me out of different stones, like amethyst and a crystal and stuff like that.

Vibrate on my wrist. When I do pools made me think twice about maybe someone says something different and then actually having a piece of molded device in my hand, when I do a pool and basically changing the power level, like powering up essentially like my hand went from a, B, C, D power level C of a handgun to a bazooka with one small gram of molded right in my head.

Um, and if you know anything about motivated, motivate, it’s one of those stones apparently amplify, uh, the emotions around people or anything, but they amplify energy and psychics. It’s like a boost.

[00:51:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve definitely heard about, uh, I mean, obviously you see like shops that sell the stones and stuff like that, but yeah, I’ve heard from multiple people that, you know, are into that kind of stuff.

They’re like, you got to wear the crystal around your neck to ward off whatever and, um, different stones do different things. And then people talk about using like rock salt to, uh, or like sea salt or something to like purify things and, or like block entryways. So it’s, I think there’s probably something there, um, that, you know, the ancients knew about.

Really connect with anymore because everything now is like technology and, and all the stuff that we make.

[00:52:03] Isaac: Yeah, no, there’s a theory. I mean, we only talked about one on one of the episodes was that if witchcraft is possibly an old form of technology that was lost through time, and now it’s seen as like, you’re not really doing anything or at least not real, but a lot of stuff they’re doing is tapping into the energies of the earth and everything around us.

And using set spells said, objects said words in a certain way to curse someone, to activate something, to do different things, to hack the planet, or essentially your energies around and do stuff like that. It’s almost like they’re, like I said, like an old, former technology that was lost, but few people will keep it around, but I don’t think they’re even using to its full extent.

It’s almost like you’re trying to explain wifi to people in the mid 1600. They might give the gist of it and maybe able to use it a little bit, but then that can use it the full extent, kinda like what’s going on now. We’re probably still barely trying to figure out what it, what it, the full extent of what it can do, but like, like it’s been kind of forgotten and the few people that are keeping it alive, still, some might be mastered somebody.

I mean, it just it’s like, it’s something that should have been studied a long time ago, especially with the paranormal. Like my hope in the future is that the paranormal it’s studied as any other form of science, because it can be, it can be studied like, and the energies around it, stuff like that before a few scientists in their, you know, long time ago discovered electricity and to learn how to harness it.

I guarantee they were looked at as weirdos using the wind and flying and stuff like that. You were like, how it, this is blasphemous. Shouldn’t do this. Know, paranormal can essentially be same way. Can S. Can be studied, can be catalog, can be figure it out. Give me, give me a measured, can, all that stuff.

It just takes the right scientist to actually do it. And I think with enough time and technology advancing, it can be, but LFL Hans. We see it in my lifetime or not. Yeah.

[00:54:01] Jeremiah: If you heard, um, I’ve been hearing a lot lately from my different Facebook groups and stuff like that. And, um, other channels that there’s a thought that we’re actually shifting into five D or something.

I forget exactly what it is. I think it’s like five D or yeah. Cause we’re in 40 now I think, but like, I guess there’s a theory going around that we’re actually like at that turning point of becoming higher dimensional beings and that’s why there’s so much like chaos and stuff going on right now, um, around the world.

And, and then. Like a lot of people waking up and a lot of more people into fringe stuff and, uh, thinking outside the box. I don’t know if you’ve heard about that.

[00:54:56] Isaac: Yeah. Um, and, uh, a good question. I mean, my wife had always tried to figure it out is why now? Why do my, my credibility get awoken now, you know, last two years, right?

Wait until I’m 33 at the time to gain this ability that could have been helpful for all my entire life. Why now? And the only conclusion that we came with is that there’s going to be a spiritual awakening amongst a lot of people, most the entire world, but not in a Christian format. It’s almost like spirituality in its old hole is going to be more used, studied and embraced.

Now not everyone is going to choose a light side of embracing spiritual. A lot of people are going to choose dark as well. And that is going to make a plethora. You would say of openings for demonic activity to happen, which then comes me, who can take said demons and imprison them and take them from the plane, um, dark spirits, anything.

And I, and that’s one of my missions. Air ability was born in me is to go to location, to location, place, to place, house, to house, and eradicate as much darkness as I can from everywhere. I that’s, that’s from a place that’s been haunted for years from someone dealing or from someone dealing with it recently in their home.

Or, just on someone needs help. Like I can’t help them cause they’re across the world this day, a set up a time for me to call them that maybe I can pull it from your place. It’s more effective. I finally, in a way if I’m actually there, but yeah, I’ve seen be able to do it through the phone. Yeah, it works.

It works, but that is why, at least we theorize why now my ability was woken. You could say it’s because there’s going to be a time where it’s going to be heavily needed. And my children are going to play a part in that as well. Supposedly Lisa’s was told to us, um, because my son is already showing EMA style, uh, abilities.

You could say, um, he is like his mother and is able to push back things. And, he’s already doing it now. And he’s only five years old. He will put his hands up. Tell something, no, and essentially he’s pushing something back. Um, cause he can already see them. So, uh, apparently my children are gonna play a part in this as well.

Um, with having EMA, uh, well, energy manipulation of.

[00:57:35] Jeremiah: Yeah, I definitely feel like there’s something something’s happening. I also think that the rulers of the world. The people like the governments. I think there’s something behind the government’s even more powerful than the governments themselves.

That’s just my, my thought. Think they’re trying everything they can to keep people from advancing to the next level or people realizing their true selves. And, the power that we actually have. Like, I think a lot of the stuff is to suppress, suppress the people. And, but I’ve been noticing a lot of, a lot more open minds, especially doing my podcasts and stuff.

There’s people that listen to it that I never would have. I would have enjoyed any of the stuff that I covered. But yeah, it’s just seems like we’re at this point where people are more open and more willing to think outside the box. And explore different things that, you know, before we’re considered like crazy tinfoil hat. People are, you know, we lose or whatever, and it just seems way more acceptable now than in the past.

So definitely. And then

[00:59:01] Isaac: when it comes to conspiracy theories, my, my answer is always, does it logically make sense? Does that, does it have to have a Lunchable reason behind it? Um, and one thing that I’ve observed more than anything is that regardless of what government tries to hide from you. Or, do to you or keep anything like that?

The basic thing is that the machine, this machine of society, the consistent. Nice to always happen because the second the machine stops for any reason, um, anarchy will fall very soon. And I, we, as in America, just got a glimpse of it. During 2020, we just got a glimpse of what would happen if the machine stopped for a day. We saw toilet paper people almost killing themselves over toilet paper.

And he said, imagine what happened if there was no law, no control over set things that happen. The majority of us would be dead. Um, a lot of, uh, we call it a lot of, uh, groups would start. You know, taking control of other people and either join or die, that kind of tribal sense of mind. It would spread across us.

And that scared the shit. I mean, more than anything. So after I saw that I was like, there has to be some form of control. There has to be the machine moving that there isn’t. It’s the end of us all, uh, when it comes to having any form of normality. Um, and that’s kind of how I feel listened to you about government when it comes to the idea.

Now there’s a lot of things that we could be free about. Yeah. But in the basicness the machine always has to keep moving because the second it stops, there goes a

[01:00:44] Jeremiah: world. Yeah. We definitely saw a lot of turmoil during that, uh, initial part of the pandemic for sure. And, uh, working where I work at. Yeah. I definitely saw fights over stuff that you never would have thought people would be fighting about.

And a lot of, a lot of people realizing that they’re unprepared for, you know, bad times, quote unquote.

[01:01:13] Isaac: Yup.

[01:01:16] Jeremiah: All right. Well, we’ll wrap it up here. Um, is there anything you would like to say to my audience and or where they can find you. And I’ll definitely make sure to link your show with. Description and all that stuff as well.

Um, but I’ll give you some parting words.

[01:01:38] Isaac: Yeah, no, um, yeah, you can find this, uh, in the shadows As links to all our social media, and all the ways you can listen to us. Uh, from apple iTunes or Spotify or iHeart radio, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. You can lose, you find us on, um, we’re on Instagram, we’re on Twitter, we’re on Tik TOK.

Um, I also got to the same website has links to our merch store. We can get a shirt for, so, um, new episodes always come out on Mondays. Um, bougie about an hour long, sometimes about well, 30 to 30 minutes to an hour long different subjects. I have different guests on. Um, we talk about everything, paranormal, um, anything, well, mostly paranoia, but also aliens crypto words. Um, is everything that would be hidden in the shadows essentially.

Uh, but. If anyone out there listens to you. That has questions, concerns, or even needs help with what they’re dealing with in the paranormal. Feel free to mess just to Instagram through the website. However you want to get hold of us. Um, Instagram, most places we are most of the time. But the website, you can email us from there as well.

Um, we also have a paranormal team called shadow Walker. Paranormal has an Instagram page. Not a website yet. But, the Instagram page is the same way you can get in contact with there as well. Um, because, um, we’re never, we’ll never turn down a case that we feel like we can help them.

[01:03:06] Jeremiah: Sounds good. And I’ll, uh, make sure to link it all in the description when the episode goes live.

And, uh, thank you for coming on and speaking with us and sharing your experiences and definitely. Definitely interesting and stuff that I didn’t know about. And I’m sure a lot of other people didn’t know about. So it’s good to get the word out and thank you for coming on. Thank you.