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Pursuit of the Paranormal

Pursuit of the Paranormal

Pursuit of the Paranormal

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[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. And welcome back. Thank you for tuning in. We’re gonna get to this thought provoking episode with Greg and Ash from pursuit of the paranormal in just a moment. But first, if you enjoy the content and enjoy the show, make sure to subscribe or add it to your list. So that way you get every episode that comes out, when it comes out, you’ll be able to listen to it right away.

You can also contact me if you like to be a guest on the show, or just like to talk with me at www dot. What if hit up the contact page? I respond to all emails in a timely manner. So let’s get with Greg and Ash, the pursuit of the paranormal, and talk about everything paranormal and remember question everything.


Hello, and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast, I’m your host. Jeremiah. I’m joined today by two of my favorites, Greg and Ash. And we’re gonna be talking about all kinds of French topics and, uh, we’re gonna get really into some stuff. And. It’ll be a fun hour. So I’ll introduce them now. Hello, Greg and Ash.

[00:01:42] Greg: Hello? Hello. Nice to speak to you again. I’m traveling as well. Yes.

[00:01:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s been a long time. So it has,

[00:01:49] Greg: it has, and you’ve, you’ve been on our podcast and we chat regularly on messenger or Instagram or, uh, socials anyway.

[00:02:00] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. Um, just for my audience, these guys have really helped me a lot in my podcasting journey.

uh, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without ’em. So I’m honored to have you guys on and they’ve got what, the number two ranked paranormal podcast.

[00:02:22] Greg: Us.

[00:02:22] Ash: Yeah, it was a couple months. Yeah. We were like, we were like 10 Clement third. We went seconds. So in the APO magazine podcast charts. So that’s pretty cool.

Just to be up there with some of the big sort of podcast names. That’s pretty awesome. And thanks. Obviously you having a desire, you’ve been doing a great job yourself, so kudos to you. Yeah,

[00:02:40] Greg: definitely.

[00:02:41] Jeremiah: Yeah. My show’s been really, uh, taken off and it’s, uh, fun to see, and I’m starting to get messages from audience members and, uh, I just love hearing from people and whether they want to be on the show or just talk, it’s, uh, good to get some recognition and know that people are enjoying the content.

[00:03:03] Greg: Yeah, definitely. I, I listen to the, the podcast as well. I, um, when I’m out and about, I have a listen, so I check in Wrigley, I’ve listened to, to quite a few of ’em recently as well. And I was listening to one, um, I can’t remember the guy you were speaking to. Uh, and he was.

um, UFOs, paranormal, crypted, all being, um, interdimensional. And it, you were talking about his thoughts on that. Um, and that really stuck, it struck a chord. Uh, with me and me and Ash have discussed it. Um, we, we speak to podcast people all time and, and guests, and, and that seems to be sort of the route. A lot of people are going down as an explanation, um, for sort of the missing link between everything and what it could be.


[00:03:55] Jeremiah: yeah, that was cool. Definitely. Uh, just me personally makes more sense, uh, to look at it that way now that’s not the. That they might be from other planets, but they use interdimensional travel. So I’m open to that theory as well. Yeah. But, um, I just, I don’t know. I feel there’s a, there’s definitely some type of way they can phase in and out of what we can perceive.

[00:04:23] Greg: So is, is called the, um, The, that that’s kind of the, the thought process we’ve had and the guests have had on our podcast and also the kind of conversations you are having. I also liked an episode that you did and you interviewed a lady, um, who had some harrowing sort of abduction experiences. And her daughter was starting to have them as well.

And it was all a bit. Dark for them, but, um, yeah. Yeah. Fascinating. So you’ve had some really emotion interview. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Anytime anybody sort of opens up about experiences like that, it’s not necessarily an easy subject for them to talk about. Um, and that’s what we enjoy on when we are recording our podcast that you get people on that are not necessarily comfortable sharing it within their peer.

Publicly. Yeah, but the, the, the podcast like ours, like yours gives people a bit of a, almost like an anonymous forum that they can go onto, uh, and reach like-minded people. So that’s that? That’s cool. That’s cool.

[00:05:36] Ash: And a lot of times it was the first time they spoke and to everybody about. and they just sort of like this.

You can see the belief in the face where they’ve S like I’ve actually told someone and they’re not gonna think I’m crazy for saying it. So it’s good to have to give that platform to people. It’s an honor was to allow people to do that. It’s some people did it cuz they don’t know anybody and don’t have anywhere else to turn and they come to us, which is just an honor.

[00:06:01] Jeremiah: and I apologize. I’m so rude. Uh, I forgot to say that you’re from the pursuit of the paranormal podcast. Yes, we are. Totally

[00:06:10] Greg: that’s right. Lost over that. Oh, don’t worry about that. We are keen just to get in and get chatting.

[00:06:16] Ash: yeah. We’re not here to south. Well by that’s. No, definitely not.

[00:06:18] Greg: We’re we are here to, uh, yeah.

Have a chat to like-minded people like yourself.

[00:06:24] Jeremiah: So, um, through your podcast, uh, what’s been some of your like favorite topics to cover. Favorite like stories that you can recall. Wow.

[00:06:33] Greg: I know you’ve been doing at a while, but yeah. So we regularly talked to people about all sorts of different things. So we’ve recently talked to somebody about time slips.

Um, we talked to somebody which was really interesting and there’s something that we’ve touched on a couple of times where people sort of, all of a sudden are like in a different. Era, they could have gone back like 50 years or just by walking for a door, blows my mind, how you could just sort of open a door and just be somewhere, some time out.

Um, which is odd. But I think for me the times when we are, we are talking, um, to guests about it. We’ve had a guy, a guy called Michael that reached out to us. and the whole thing was completely weird. We had, um, you know, when you send an email to somebody and you spell it wrong or whatever, it, it says this, you get a, like a Microsoft thing back and it says you can, this email can’t be reached.

We actually had that from our email on an email it’s sent to us saying that the email couldn’t be sent to. It’s very strange but I had the message in, so I contacted the guy back and we, we went backwards and forth for a little bit. And then we got him on, we talked to him twice about some like nightly abductions he’s having from, from aliens or entities.

Uh, we went through his life of paranormal. Into the entity stuff. A friend requested both me and Ash on Facebook. Like we, like, we all do. We all sort of like touch base with each other. Um, then all of a sudden he’s not, doesn’t appear to be on Facebook anymore. Not been able to get hold of him at all. It says like, he’s just completely vanished again.

He sort of came in weirdly. left Willy. So he’s been one of our favorite ones, cuz like we are doing now and the people on the podcast, when they’re listening to this podcast, we we’re actually having a face to face conversation on like a Skype type program. So, um, you can see people’s reactions and you can see a lot of the time whether or not somebody seems to.

Hm, pulling a wool over your eyes that we say in the UK or, or lying or whatever. Um, and this guy just looked completely genuine. There was times when it went really dark and he was talking about the mental darkness he’s faced as part of his journey with these, these creatures. Um, and that, that doesn’t necessarily come across in the audio.

So that that’s the, that was probably one of. Most favorite ones, just purely from the fact that the way it all came about and mysteriously so vanished afterwards. But, but you Ash.

[00:09:35] Ash: Well, I was just looking through our episode list and just to sort of trying and recap, cuz we have been, been doing this for getting closer two years and over about 150 episodes.

I just it’s been a lot and it’s quite hard to think sort of a favorite, but one that sort of stuck with me. One of our earlier ones, when we spoke to John Edmond, A starers ranch. Oh yeah. No. That, so that Greg could sort of follow the story for years, been trying to get a hold of him for a long time. We finally got hold of him.

And his whole story of starers ranch is similar to skin Walker ranch, but in Arizona, and he had like strange creatures on the property. Uh, he gets attacked by gray aliens, which he kills with some saw. He tries to stop his wife and being an adopted. on a regular basis and this other sort of panel activity going on all on this ranch.

And just to talk to him about his experiences that have been going on for what is like 20 odd years mm-hmm on the ranch. Yeah. He’d never changed his story. He’s never been to like try and get fame or entering from it. It’s just, this is his story and that’s sort, and that was one of our first episodes.

Well put in the first couple months. Yeah. And that’s the sort of one that we go back to quite a lot, just because of. Who the guest was and the whole story that sort of, when that sort of stuck through me, aside from that one is we’ve had quite a lot of mediums on his guests. And that’s something that as sort of more UFO guy hadn’t really thought any sort of history of that side of the paranormal.

And I could, we had quite a lot of different mediums on different types of medium ships and different experiences. Just hearing all the. sort of gifts that they have been able to contact others and the message and that they give that’s, what’s been sort of, eye-opening just to hear all the different types of mediumship that’s been going on.

So probably that’s my favorite type of episodes at the minute. Really?

[00:11:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s um, it’s fun to go down different paths. And the good thing about paranormal is it encompasses so much that yeah, you’re not stuck to one specific topic. There’s so much. Stuff out there and so many different people that experience different things.

And so what’s your guys’ take on cuz it’s my favorite thing is, uh, what’s your guys’ take on the whole like alien UFO abduction phenomenon. I know we touched on it a little, but

[00:12:00] Ash: it’s, I mean, it is hard to know because there’s so many stories and so many experiences. and a lot of them are similar. They just, it’s hard to ignore the fact that so many people having these experiences and these some cases there is evidence in terms of like time missing and marks and the bodies and even implants in some cases, and people are people just like, wipe it up and say, nah, it’s, it’s so bullshit.

So made up, but you can’t ignore just a multitude. okay. From all around the world. Like there’s some famous cases in the UK, in the us all over the world and this, I mean something to it. I mean, I like, I, I kind of do like the, sort of the XFiles the way they did it, whereas it was the government sort of pretending to be something else and taken, which could be, which could be what’s happening here.

Um, but I mean, it’s fascinating. I mean, duction is one that I’ve, um, sort of locked into quite a large part of my UFR. And we’ve done a few like articles on different abductions and sort of less than known sort of abduction cases. And there’s a lot that have a lot of evidence to go with him. Like there’s one case in Australia where there’s long story short, there was a family, a couple that had a friend staying over.

And the, the, the female friend heard the, the female couple screaming shout for help. She runs into the room and she sees her basically in a beam of light and she disappears. And then, so she wakes the husband up, they call the police, they come out to search the land on this sort of property. Can’t find anything to get a random phone call a couple hours later, and it’s from the female and she’s like 500 miles away at a petrol station.

She had just been dumped like the side of the road, managed to walk, to find a Petro station. They called the police in that part of Australia where she was now, you confirm that she was with him there with her, and she’s in this place, this place 500 miles away. But there no way she could have got from that building to 500 miles away in that space of time.

And again, there was some sort of physical evidence. Property as well. So it’s just one case where not where people heard of it, but she was like, it’s fact that she was there and then she was suddenly found hundred miles away and it’s space a couple, couple hours later. There’s no way she could have got in a car and traveled that distance.

So it’s just a really, that’s just a really interesting case that I love about you, Greg. What’s your abduction.

[00:14:43] Greg: So like you say, there’s so many. It like people and accounts of it happening. And you’ve got the famous ones, um, got Travis Walton. Um, we’ve also spoke to a guy called Philip Canella who had his own experience in his house when he was younger and even refused to, to talk about some of the experience because of the nature of what they did to him.

Um, and. I dunno it, why not? If we are open to think that we are being visited by whatever, then why wouldn’t they be? Know you’d put up a post on your Facebook about, uh, with a picture of somebody being sort of drawn up into a beamed up here and you’re asking. Uh, like what, what do you think it is?

And I put down, um, it’s PO possibly a future. Us coming back. They’re doing tests on us to find out what went wrong, to get, get to whatever it is in the future. So that maybe that’s a, a thought on it. It’s definitely some kind of experiment of some kind of sample taking appears to go on. Like you said, Ash, people have got marks.

Some people. So their experience being like on a operating table and they can see these creatures, um, over them. And it’s, I dunno, uh, if I’m open to believe everything else that I, I like to, to look at and we read into, and, and we discuss on the podcast, why wouldn. I think that abductions take place. And I, I think I’ve heard enough stories from people in their experiences that something’s definitely happening to these people.

What is, who knows? I don’t think you’ll ever know unless you are, it happens to you. Um, but it doesn’t seem impossible if, if we’d been visited by whoever.

[00:17:00] Jeremiah: yeah, I actually saw a, um, program. I can’t remember what it was. It was on TV, but, um, and it showed like a computer generated like graphic, I guess, of like what people would look like if like evolution kept happening with like us staring at screens all the time, our eyes would get bigger.

Uh, we would start eating less, so our mouse would get smaller and it ended up turning into like what you would think as a classical gray. So that was really interesting and ties into your theory of them possibly being from the future and coming back. And maybe that’s why they’re so secretive too, is they can’t really be known

[00:17:46] Greg: mm-hmm so was it, it was wasn’t it a famous astronaut on UK TV, Nolan.

Talked about future humans. Was it? We were discussing it Ash. Yeah.

[00:17:56] Ash: Tim, Tim peak mentioned it. Tim peak, peak morning television, but like he’s, he’s NAU and he’s become bit of a celebrity in the UK being like one of our astronauts going to the space station. So he’s quite high profile. Like the morning TV of show HES on is like what’s by millions.

And we was talking about one of the recent developments in the us and talking to him about it. He was talking about like the different fears about you mentioned in dimensional. It could be that you mentioned it could be future humans. And it was taught like in a serious manner. It wasn’t like jokingly.

He was saying like, I believe it could be this. This is from like going from natural, like astronaut that’s well respected. So it’s just cool to hear him talking about it in like that way. It was pretty.

[00:18:37] Jeremiah: all right. So we’ll

[00:18:38] Ash: what you meant and what you, yeah, go ahead. So I was gonna say, what, what, what you mentioned then about, um, the future humans and the way that we evolve.

I was listening to an anthropologist a while ago and he was talking about how we sort of became how we appear now and it’s and how we became sort of intelligent. It’s because we stood up is that we are the only like creature on earth that stood up. Then, because we stood up two legs. the gap at the back of our heads widened and that allowed our brain to grow bigger and that allowed us to gain more intelligence.

As we evolved, our brains became bigger. Obviously we evolved into homo sapiens now and obviously very intelligent species, but because we stand up, we get a lot of back problems as a species, but that’s the genetic sort of evolution is gonna give you a bad back back problems. Cause you’re standing up in two feet rather than.

But the plus side is you have the bigger brain and you’re able to evolve and survive because you have big intelligence. So you fall that forward. Like you say, the head getting bigger, like sort of the gray alien, typical gray alien got sort of the big heads cause you have a bigger brain. So it’s just, again, further down the evolution trait is the bigger head with the bigger brain, the bigger eyes from the screens.

So it just sort of tie in with that. And if, if we hadn’t stood up like a million millions of years, We’ve still been and like something crawling and all falls, like the rest of the creatures are, they are. So it’s just sort of, it does tie into that. They’re

[00:20:05] Greg: also, um, evolution is happening to humans as we speak as well because children are now being born without wisdom teeth, because there’s no.

Yeah. So they, they reckon children’s faces. The shape of children’s faces is gonna change over the years because we’re all born with wisdom. Already and they just sort of move and whatnot over the years, but children are now being born without ’em cuz we don’t need them.

[00:20:36] Jeremiah: It is wild to think

[00:20:38] Greg: about yeah.

It’s odd. Completely odd.

[00:20:41] Jeremiah: Yeah. So, um, I guess that’s a good segue into old Bigfoot phenomenon. so I’m gonna have to ask the same thing about that since we’re talking about preachers standing up and all. Um, what’s your guys’ take on the whole Bigfoot phenomenon. What do you, what do you think you think they’re real?

You think they’re out there? Do you think they’re like leftover homage or are they like inter dimensional beings? And then I’ve heard some things where they like, kind of a, are seen with UFOs and stuff like that. So, uh, I’ll hear your guys take on that.

[00:21:21] Ash: Greg’s got the t-shirt on. So like you got, I saw that.

[00:21:24] Jeremiah: Yeah. Oh, there it goes. so he’s got the big foot in UFO t-shirt

[00:21:29] Greg: yeah, yeah. Available on our website. Um, just a little plug. So, um, at the start of this journey that me and Ash have been on at the start of the podcast. It wasn’t something that I really knew much about really put, I thought it was more of like a romantic type of idea that there’s this unknown species in the woods, blah, blah, blah.

But the more we, we talk about it and we more, we speak to experts. People who’ve had experiences. There definitely seems to be something in it, even in the UK. Which we don’t have half, well, a tiny speck of the percentage of wild life, um, and wilderness that you guys have over in the states. There’s still reports of similar type creatures in the UK.

I think the only way we can explain some of that is inter dimens. Alien related. So UFO related, there are hotspots where, um, crypted are spotted, um, with UFOs and other kind of experiences at the same time. As you talk about SDU ranch, similar type thing happen there, ski Walker ranch. They’ve had Creek just coming out of portals over the ranch.

So I’m more of a believer now than I was right. The.

[00:23:06] Ash: Yeah. So similar to Greg, like I’ve always had an interest in the whole Bigfoot of things. Didn’t think it could be in the UK, but there’s literally hundreds of reports that are from the UK and from some of the places where you think there’s no way, like there’d be a small park for bit Woodland.

And it’s surrounded by housing states yet. There’s like multiple reports of Bigfoot sighting. It’s like how it’s like middle of a housing state, surrounded by houses there. No way it could go. But if you look at the, in dimensional aspect of it, it easy. If its, if he just come in and go in, dimension’s a dimension.

There’s no reason why it can’t be in that small park. It does explain sort of how they can seen. I’m actually a member of the Bigfoot research team, UK. We go out into the, the forest, we set up the equipment, we talk to different people that have had experiences. We take sort of sightings reports and like similar.

The last topic abduction there’s that many reports independent of each other, even going back hundreds and thousands of years, similar reports from different parts of the world. Like there has to be something like we, we, we done episodes on yawe in Australia and some of the, like sort of before the Brits came over and sort of the aboriginals, they had folk long legends going back hundreds and hundreds of years of eight.

and like, and he would be like, sort of, they kept away from each other. They respected each other sort of land. That was his land. They did it en croach. They did it en croach into the humans land. And this case is from like native American time where they reported seeing a moon shape in the sky and monkeys coming out of the mood.

So that’s like, that’s how they describe. And it was like monkeys coming out of the moon was when you try and sort of think of how we would. Interpret that is a craft in the sky and Bigfoot coming outta the craft. That’s kind of what they’re describing when they’re saying this all monkeys coming out of the moon in the sky, like, and it’s like, obviously if people say like UFOs drop off Bigfoot, it’s like a pet or they do, they abduct Bigfoot the same as they abduct humans to do experiments and stuff.

So again, that link is just there. Always whatever sort of avenue you go down. If it’s Bigfoot, abduction, UFOs over crypted UFOs, are there there’s other aspects of the paranormal is always there. It’s never sort of isolated cases. It’s too the all interconnected one way or another. You can’t have one about the other.

It seems the more we look into it.

[00:25:49] Greg: and there’s a new documentary has just come out. I will just plug them cuz I know they’re we’ve uh, they’re coming on my show. Yeah. Are they secret to the Sasquatch by Dockside media, Chris and Tyler. Um, it’s awesome guys, but their documentary. Um, we really enjoyed that.

I, I, I was really, it was a good take on the. Sort of the big, first Sasquatch sort of phenomena, uh, and their, the experiences of people they interviewed have had. So that’s cool. So check out everybody.

[00:26:25] Jeremiah: Yeah. I watched that too, and I like how they went different angles. Like it wasn’t just one angle at it.

There was multiple cause they had the Sue Walker on there again, and yep. She had a different angle and. Then you had the guy from, I think Pennsylvania actually, that was like very like straight laced. And he’s like, I don’t know. I, I believe they’re out here, but you know, he wasn’t into like the fantasizing of it or anything.

He was very like straightforward and I was actually just talking to a guy, um, and he had a different theory of Bigfoot and he said that, what if, cuz we were talking about hollow. And, um, he said, what if they just live in the cave systems and stuff that we don’t venture into, and then they pop out from time to time to wander around.

And you know, it just, I never thought about that before. So it made me think like, oh yeah, that’s actually a good theory. yeah.

[00:27:29] Ash: I suppose in America you have, what are they called? Like the massive underground cave or something it’s called. Like when you look at the actual map of American where the caves actually.

And how far they stretch on the ground is just phenomenal. Like obviously lots of people got missing trying to explore it. And a lot of it is just UN explored. Like, yeah, it’s a legitimate reason. And again, in the UK, it’s a similar thing where you can get from city to city on the ground in abandoned coal mines in old railways aren’t used anymore.

And it just natural K formations. You can’t get across many miles on the. that aren’t generally humans don’t generally go down there. Cause it’s all black D it’s unsafe. It’s just unexplored. So yeah, again, you could explain it both the UK and America as well, but America does have the mass. Is it called the massive K system?


[00:28:19] Jeremiah: not exactly what it’s called. I know we have a bunch of different

[00:28:22] Ash: case. It’s got a good hyper bowl. I think I it’s actually cool. Massive something like I’m sure it’s,

[00:28:28] Jeremiah: it’s something like that, but there’s like Cape systems, like all over the states. Not too far from me. There’s LaRay caverns, and there are massive tunnel systems and you can actually take tours down there and you can’t get to every part, but they’ll take you to like the main parts.

And I know in the, uh, Northwest and Midwest, there’s a bunch of CA systems. So ,

[00:28:55] Greg: what’s your take on Bigfoot then? What do you think he did? Um, she.

[00:29:02] Jeremiah: So I think they are leftover hoed. So like, um, you know, how you see in magazines or national geographic or wherever, like they found like Lucy skeleton and then there was like Australia pit the scene and all that.

I think there’s some type of branch of early ed and, um, they just happened to escape slaughter. They take refuge in cave systems and in the deep woods where people don’t really venture. And, uh, then of course you have like Yeti and they’re in like the mountain mountainous regions that there’s not a lot of people and south America, I’m sure they have in the Amazon and stuff like that.

So that’s my take on it. I think they’re just left over and the whole alien connection, maybe. The aliens are just abducting them and doing tests on them, just like they are us. And maybe we’re both products of alien DNA tampering. Yeah.

[00:30:09] Greg: Maybe, maybe

[00:30:12] Ash: we, I think one thing when we did our, a first episode actually on yai and we talked about all the different ones, like you got the year in big, uh, Yeti, Bigfoot yai, all different ones like China, India, all these different places.

Well, and there are very similar in descriptions are very similar in behavior and sort of place where live. It’s always like forest regions or mountain regions. And obviously so many thousand millions of years ago before the constant split, it could have all been sort of together. And obviously, obviously going back a long time, but as the continent have split and come apart, they obviously then evolved into their own sort of sub species of the same.

The for five sort of thing. And it is like they all come back to the same ancestor. I think that’s the way I’m looking for originally before, like the content split. Cuz when you look at your parts and from basically from hundreds and hundreds years ago, how does someone in Australia sort of know about Bigfoot in America?

Whereas if it happened today, you think, oh, this was ready on the internet now gonna make up a. Based on what someone saw in America, but hundreds and thousands of years ago, and two different communities on different parts of the world that don’t know your exists yet, both reporting, seeing the same type of creature acting the same way.

They it’s not, they’re not really in the newspaper. They’re just, they’re having them experiences. They are both saying something independently of each other. So it’s gotta be something, something. Yeah, I have a

[00:31:47] Jeremiah: wild theory and, uh, it’s just my personal theory and it might be rubbish, but like panga, like you said, when everything was together, all the land masses, what if, what if all the like, pyramids around the world and all that stuff happened during that time?

And then the cataclysm happened and they all spread apart. Like you were. And, um, that’s why there’s so much similarities and so many different stories, but, um, they’re all similar, but in different regions of the world, it’s just, you know, like I said, a crazy theory that I think about.

[00:32:29] Greg: Yeah, cuz there’s a lot of like temples and buildings, like specifically like pyramids and like the Aztecs have got a certain kind of building and there you can see stuff like that in other, um, civilizations across the world that couldn’t have known about each other like that like cash was talking about.

So how could any of that have all happened? And, yeah, it’s, it’s just as likely, like you said, it all happened at the same. And then it all splits and that’s why it’s they’re apart or there’s something in it.

[00:33:03] Jeremiah: But yeah. And if you throw like, um, biblical reference in like, maybe that was part of like the tower of babble when they were trying to, you know, build something to God or something, and they got, uh, spread apart in different languages and stuff, like.

I don’t know. I’m just trying to tie it all together.

[00:33:24] Greg: Yeah. It’s, it’s just such a, like a massive rabbit hole when you think, right. How can all this be? How can it all be linked? It’s there’s so many ways you can sort of go off and think about, is it aliens? Is it, I dunno, re civilization of the world. We’ve we’ve gone extinct and we’ve been repopulated and it’s just the old stuff.

And it’s.

[00:33:51] Ash: Or the universe was created yesterday and it it’s all, all been implanted memory. We we’d have no way of knowing mm-hmm if we weren’t all created today.

[00:34:01] Greg: Yeah. Yeah. Tom DeLong is going down the hall. Everything. There’s no history. No past. Present doesn’t exist. Oh, sorry. There’s no past there’s no future.

All time is happening right now. So everything that’s ever happened and everything that will never happen. It’s. so like you say, Ash, we just, it

[00:34:22] Jeremiah: is what it is. So what, what do you guys think about it’s becoming very popular now, like this simulation theory where we’re in a simulation.

[00:34:33] Greg: I tell you what I picked up a shitty character.

If that’s a, how did I get somebody else to work all the time? but yeah, I don’t, I don’t see what. let’s say anything seems to be on the table for me now, the, the more we look into stuff, the less we seem to get closer to the answer. It just seems a little bit further away. Um,

[00:34:59] Ash: I’m up, it’s like the pat the patterns in nature, and like now they’re getting small and smaller.

They’re splitting the atom and they’re splitting the small atoms and the quantum nano. Getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Then when they do, you know, they’re getting smaller and smaller when they open it up. So to speak, it’s the same sort of pattern as what was there, but just on a minuscule, can’t even think about how small we actually, they actually are, but they still have so much inside them.

And it’s just,

how, how can it be.

[00:35:40] Greg: Um, yeah, you only have to look at the, um, the James web space, telescope pictures to, to, to try and figure out how small we are in the grand scheme of things. And we are pathetically small. So going down to that atomic level, and like you said, there’s patterns and everything. How is math.

a thing. Maths seems to be the explain, um, allows us to work out everything. And I,

[00:36:14] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s like, like a code. Yeah. And then you get like, um, there’s people that are into, like, I forget what it’s called numerology and stuff like that. And they can find like number patterns, everything like from like sports betting to like biblical code and it all like breaks down the math mathematics.

So weird.

[00:36:35] Greg: Yeah. The, the Bible code is, is good. It’s I’ve read a couple of books on the Bible code and how people finding stuff in that is just . I dunno. And, but yeah. How, how, how, it’s another possibility of everything that’s happening is we are in a simulation

[00:36:56] Ash: and we can, we can create now like artificial communities, artificial sort of inte.

It’s, it’s not too far beyond a step for them to become sort of not self-aware but self living and where they’re all sort of living alive, even though they’re created by us. So that’s only a little step beyond where we are now in the fact that we could create us like humanity in a microchip. And is that all we are, could be easily, could be.

That would

[00:37:32] Jeremiah: be pretty sad. Like you said,

[00:37:35] Greg: we just did a big Petri dish that explains flat troll me,

[00:37:39] Jeremiah: needs to step up their game.

[00:37:42] Greg: yeah. Throw some more coins my way.

[00:37:47] Jeremiah: it is a fun theory to think about though. It’s like, what if we are, I’ll just the coded program that’s running and maybe not controlled by anybody, but just set to run and we’re just living out whatever code it.

It. .

[00:38:03] Greg: Yeah, definitely. It’s just, it’s a good theory. Is any other theory? I

[00:38:07] Jeremiah: suppose, cause there’s like times in my life that like, it feels like it was like preordained to happen. Like there was no way around doing whatever, whatever event it is. It’s like, It, I had a choice, I guess, but not really. It doesn’t feel like , it’s almost like it was meant to be regardless.

[00:38:27] Greg: Yeah. So whichever choice you fixed point in time. Yeah. So wherever, whichever choice you made was still gonna, it was still gonna happen. So me and Ash, when we started the podcast, we, we met through like a mutual appreciation of poker. Then since then we’ve had guests on, they live in places where like down the road from me, but they’re the same place in America, like names of cities and towns.

Like we speak to Chris and Tyler, um, from Dockside media and it turns out they they’re local to you. We’ve spoken to yeah, they’re from my hometown or it’s just insane. Speak to loads of people we’re talking. Somebody who was recommended to us the other day. He belongs to like, the Oxford paranormals is like in America.

Oxford’s like 10 minutes from me in the UK. Just all these weird things. We interviewed a guest and he grew up in the same village that my best friend grew up in. We spent, we would’ve been roughly around the same time in the same village. It’s just like loads of weird things happen. we have weird experiences, me and Ash on our recordings, weird stuff happens it.

I said to him the other day I said something like it, like lo loads of weird stuff happens that we like, we seem to be on a path. So for you just saying now, um, that ties in with what me and Ash were, were talking about the other day. It was just like a random, late night message. I sent him. whilst they’re high on my prescription pages.

There’s a lot of coincidences. Yeah.

[00:40:11] Ash: Yeah. There’s a lot of coincidences.

[00:40:13] Greg: Yeah. Let’s just say that. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Very straight. Yeah. It’s like

[00:40:17] Jeremiah: my podcast, like before I did this, I tried to do like a video game website type of thing, and everything just seemed so hard, like to get it going and do all the work for it and stuff like that.

So I gave up on that and then I was like, I wanna do a podcast. And I was thinking like, what I could talk about. I was like, well, I’ve always been into, you know, X piles type stuff. So I was like, I’m gonna do a podcast about that. And everything just seemed so to flow so easy and everything just kind of like lined up and it’s still like snowballing.

I feel like, and it’s almost like, like I said, it’s, uh, destined to happen. And whereas the video game website wasn’t meant to happen. That’s why I had so much resistance to like, get it going. Yeah. It’s just odd. It’s weird.

[00:41:11] Greg: I feel you there. I’ve um, yeah, I’ve thought I’ve had ideas in the past and it’s just like, everything just seems so difficult.

Then met Ash and it’s just. nonstop. We just, we just think

[00:41:26] Ash: we didn’t even like plan anything. We didn’t even talk, talk each other that didn’t really even know each other. And then he just messing me and said, you wanna start a podcast? pretty much sounds like it was two weeks later. We had a podcast and now it’s like nearly two years.

I’m 200 episodes nearly. It’s just don’t know what’s happening. It’s just crazy.

[00:41:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s weird. Yeah. The synchronicities. like, um, my fiance and I were talking about how, like, you could be talking about someone and then they pop up sure enough. And like, where does that come from? Because it happens all the time.

[00:42:02] Greg: Yeah. My, my daughter keeps talking about manifestations and manifesting stuff and like talking about stuff, mate makes it happen. So I D I dunno if I’m quite that far down the line with believing that, but weird, weird stuff does seem to. For

[00:42:19] Ash: definite, we were talking with Tyler actually from duck side last week about, so is there some sort of lost gift that humans have that would just give food evolution or food?

Other things have sort of lost it where you can connect on a, obviously on a subconscious level with other people, like we’re talking about, like you can sort of feel when someone’s staring at you, you know, you can’t see it. You’re, there’s some sort of, part of you. Recognize if someone’s looking at you, and they’re saying that when someone talks about you, your ears burn, these different things, somebody say about thinking about someone and suddenly they call you or they message you.

Maybe you are thinking of them. So there’s somehow think of you in return. That message does get to ’em. Cause you’re thinking about them and there’s that gift that humans have that maybe mediums still have it, but majority of people don’t have that. We’ve not we’ve lost it or we’ve closed the fair eye or whoever they refer to it.

And then, but that’s is still on some level it’s still there. So you’re thinking about them somehow. They picked up on that however many miles where they are thought, oh, and, and seeing J away, that’s a text him. See how he is. And it’s because you were thinking of them and somehow they’ve picked up on that and some wavelength somewhere that, cause obviously all atoms are connected, getting closer again in science to, is it quantum or quacks or whatever it is where you can two atoms, not connected.

They can control all in different, I think like 20 feet away or they’ve got the distance they’ve got so far or something under where they can connect. we have nothing. I dunno what I’m talking about anymore, but it it’s, that fair sounded good where it’s sounding good or every atom is every, every atom is connected.

Yeah. Um, and again, like we are built from, at homes, you get us down to the basic level. We’re just bits of hydrogen and oxygen and carbon. We’re the same as a tree or whatever. Literally,

[00:44:18] Jeremiah: basically it’s all like energy.

[00:44:21] Ash: Whoa. Yeah. It’s all energy. So it’s some sort of lost gift that we can, we just don’t have that gift anymore, if that makes sense.

But I just .

[00:44:32] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause I heard about, um, there’s this thing called, like the cosmic download where people say that if you like meditate a certain way or um, you can like tap into this universal knowledge, that’s out there just floating around and. they can some, that’s why they think like, some people like Nicola, Tesla, and Einstein, they were able to like tap into that, like universal like knowledge and like, that’s why they drew all those like theories and inventions and stuff like that.

And it kind of goes into like, I don’t know, I would, I used to watch basketball a lot and there was games where, and this was when Al and Iverson was in the league. And. He was a very famous, uh, basketball player here in the states. But, uh, it was like, he couldn’t miss the basket. Like you would score. You’d be like, how the hell did he make that shot?

And it was like, he was tapped into some higher level of consciousness or something that like, and then there was nights where he was just cold. Like he couldn’t hit anything and, or couldn’t score at all. And it’s just a crazy thing

[00:45:45] Greg: to think about. Yeah, definitely definit. It’s a crazy world. Don’t it?

[00:45:52] Jeremiah: so if you guys, um, are there any like dream guests or any topics that you still wanna cover or someone you want to talk to?

Like if you could get any guests on, who would your pick me?

[00:46:11] Greg: Good question. So we’ve had, we’ve had had a few people and there is one guest that I’ve always wanted. But I, I don’t really think he certainly, nowadays doesn’t really fit with, with what the podcast is. So I’ve been a long time sort of follow of the work of David Ike.

David Ike is, um,

wow. Wow. He. It’s very difficult to explain David Ike but back in the eighties, I know, I know he’s used to listen to him. Yeah. So he’s got a lot of good theories about a lot of stuff and a lot of weird theories about a lot of weird stuff. Um, but I. I think he’d be very interesting guest for anybody who who’s aware of him.

He definitely is a polarizing figure. People will ever like him or I don’t like him. I’ve got a lot of his books, which talk about lot of coincidences in conspiracy theories, which isn’t something we really touch on in our podcast. Um, and it’s just fascinating to see his process behind it. And he, he was talking years ago, like 20 years ago about.

High profile pedophiles in the UK and politicians and, um, celebrities. And everybody was saying, ask rubbish, that’s rubbish. And now we’ve got this thing called operation. in the UK where all these top celebrities from like the sixties, seventies and eighties, um, are all tumbling because they’ve all been found that they’ve been touching kids or acting inappropriately with minors.

Um, back in the early days of TV. um, and all the stuff he said about in those books is all like true. And he is like, if it was ever false, why are people not suing me? Cause they, they don’t want the truth to come out. So he’s a guess I’d really like to talk to, however, I don’t think we’d ever get him and be, you know, yeah.

It’s not, not really doesn’t fit in with the podcast anymore. That’s a long. Long

[00:48:21] Jeremiah: well, if I ever get him on as a guest, I’ll have you on his cohost. Yeah.

[00:48:26] Greg: Yeah, definitely. I’d love to chat to him. I’ve been fascinated by his work and he, he covers all like the aliens, reptilians energy, uh, conspiracies, all that kind of stuff.

So it’s some good stuff, but he’s got some way out theories that I don’t necessarily agree with. He,

[00:48:43] Jeremiah: he used to do, he used to do, um, like six, eight hour. Like, uh, conference things at the Wembley stadium. Yeah. Sold

[00:48:52] Greg: out stuff. Yeah. It’s just like insane. You’d get more people coming to him than some football teams in the UK soccer teams in states.


[00:49:01] Jeremiah: yeah, he’s one of the first ones I listened to when I started like looking into, you know, fringe stuff, same his

[00:49:08] Greg: P yeah, same, same. And he was ridiculed for a long time. Um, due to the way that the. sort of focused on the joke side of him being saying, he’s like the son of God and all this kind of stuff.

And he was just ridiculed, but, um, yeah, very polarizing figure. Um, how about you Ash? Sorry, I went on quite a bit there.

[00:49:35] Ash: sorry. So for me, I guess, I mean, I’m a pop punk email boy at heart, and I grew up listening to like blink 180 2 and green. Or type of bands and Tom DeLong still listening to play 180 2.

Tom’s not part of him anymore different singer, but Tom DeLong then obviously went into TSA and that’s like, my two loves just combined in Tom and the work he’s done and everything sort to, I mean, yeah, Tom DeLong would just be, cause he he’s mean he’s. Gone through aliens, even like the early days blink when I two, when he was still teenager and it interviews, he’s talking about crash retrieval and bodies and aliens and everything is, is been there his whole life.

And it’s obviously now had the money in the time fruit last few years is left the music well, did leave the music and then went into UFOs. Which why, why wouldn’t you wanna do that? You had the money and the time to do it. And then obviously now it’s gone back into music a bit more. Those airways, but yeah, Tom DeLong just, uh, he’s he’s like he, he knows a lot of stuff as well.

He knows a lot of high profile people, a lot of stuff. He’s not said that he knows that he can’t talk about and stuff and yeah, the starting would be a dream, a dream come true. He’s supposed to explain in the Manchester main in March gonna go, gonna go over sign saying like, thank you for TSA and everything.

Trying to see, like, so as I I’m one of those that I’ll wait for five hours after the gig for the, for them to come out and to see him and stuff, I’d be there. I’d wait, trying to, to see him, he canceled in the end. Um, but yeah, T long would be, I’ve

[00:51:12] Greg: got, I’ve got another one, got another one. It would never happen.

I for C Clark.

So he was the inventor of the communications S. He designed it back in wherever he, he move, he was an English guy, moved out to Sri Lanka, sort of retired and done all this stuff. But he had a program called AFC cloud’s world of strange mysteries. And that is the program that got me into this whole journey.

When I was younger, there was a, a story about a pot Geist, um, case, and it freaked me out completely. He was always talking about stigma, martyrs, and crystal skulls and all this kind of thing. That was the, the one part where I thought, actually, this stuff’s really fascinating. Started taking me he’s long time dead now.

I think he’s, he was in his nineties when he died, but that would be one, cuz that would be my proper fanboy moment. I think . How about you, Jeremiah? Yeah. Who’s your ideal guest? Who would you be looking for?

[00:52:17] Jeremiah: Oh man. Um, it’d probably be hard to get ’em on, but maybe not. I don’t know. Um, well the episode airing on Monday, tomorrow is one of my dream guests, LA Marzuk.

I just like the guy he’s very passionate. He’s got a different take on the whole alien and UFO thing. It’s not for everyone cuz he’s more religious based. So he’s more on the aliens or demons and stuff like that. , he has gone a long time trying to uncover like giant skeletons and elongated skulls and, uh, stuff to back up his claim.

And so that was one of my dream guests, but the other one that I haven’t done yet, and I’ll, I’ll try to reach out to him maybe who knows, but, uh, Graham Hancock, uh, I don’t know if you guys know him. He’s from UK too. Yeah.

[00:53:14] Ash: He’s C of the gods.

[00:53:16] Jeremiah: Is it? Yeah. Oh no, that was Fanta Graham. Hancock’s the one who’s always on Joe Rogan for like iowaska and he wrote, um, fingerprints of the gods, I think.

Oh, fantastic one. Yeah. Where he talks about the pyramids and all that. So yeah, he’s one of my dream guests to track down and , I, I really want to talk to him cuz he’s got so much to talk about and I like his, uh, works as well. Just the. Not just the iowaska side, but like the ancient past and forgotten civilizations and all that stuff that he talks about.

[00:53:56] Greg: that’s cool. Yeah. Just fire him a message, you know, he might be on sorry, online at that time and it pops up. Yeah. You never know. That’s how I think we got lucky with some of our guests. They just sort of, they read the message at the right time. Um, let’s do the interview.

[00:54:12] Jeremiah: Oh, I actually had another dream.

Um, I emailed him his name’s Michael Tinger and he’s from South Africa and he, um, he actually responded to me and said, I can’t do it right now. Cuz I’m starting this one small town, I guess he’s building a, like a small town in South Africa and um, he’s like con contact me back in October and I’ll come on.

So I was like sweet. So yeah, that’s cool. I’ll reach out to ’em again in October and that’ll be another dream guest off the list.

[00:54:47] Greg: Awesome. That’s cool. Yeah, sometimes it just needs that one, one message. And

[00:54:53] Jeremiah: it all changes. Yeah. If you hit ’em at the right time and exactly, I’ve learned to like, try to reach out to people when they’re like not doing any type of tours or, uh, anything like that.

and sometimes they’ll be like, sorry, I can’t do it. Or sometimes they’ll. Reach out to me in few months or whatever, but , I think a lot of people are willing to, to talk and share their experience.

[00:55:21] Greg: Definitely. I think now cuz the technology allows us to do it. They don’t need to go anywhere. People can just sit in their bedroom or wherever and just speak into a device.

Don’t necessarily have to do anything. I think that that definitely opens up guests a lot. Um, oh, yeah, for sure. Makes it easy for people for definite.

[00:55:42] Jeremiah: So, um, for the audience, where can they find you reach out to you? I’ll let you plug all your stuff oh, to you.

[00:55:51] Ash: Well, the podcast is pursuit of the paranormal podcast.

You can find on Spotify, apple, anywhere looking to your podcast. All our links are on our link tree, which is link for last pursuit. The power normally got our bar coffee on there. Our. You can listen to the show on there. You buy our merch on there. We do two episodes a week, at least every Saturday, every Tuesday, different topics.

We’re increasing that to free episodes weekly. Very soon, this is hard work. We have a tip talk, see at the paranormal podcast, which we are sort of concentrate on the minute, trying to get a younger, a younger crowd involved, uh, yeah, just should have had normal on Facebook on Instagram, Twitter. Just say, appreciate the paranormal.

Yeah. And you’ll find us. All

[00:56:39] Jeremiah: right. Well, thank you guys for coming on and talking with us. And we went down a lot of different rabbit holes, but it was

[00:56:45] Greg: fun. yeah, it was. Yeah. Thanks for having the song.

[00:56:49] Ash: Yeah. Good to see you again. Yeah, definitely.

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On the Trail of the Nephilim

On the Trail of the Nephilim

On the Trail of the Nephilim

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On the Trail of the Nephilim

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.


my fellow terrestrials. And welcome back. Thank you for tuning in. We’re gonna have an amazing show here with the man, the myth, the legend LA Marli. We’re gonna talk about on the trail of the Nephem about his research into UFOs and alien abductions and a bunch of other stuff. So, hang around for a bit. But, first I wanna give a shout out to a friend, fellow podcaster.

You should check out her podcast. It’s called strange origins. Play a clip right here.

Hello, my friends. My name is Paige Wilson Hume and I have been interested in the MC cob from a very young age. Gothic tales, mysterious disappearances and strange events that you can’t quite explain. These are some great examples of what I dive into in my podcast.

Strange origins in strange origins. I try my best to answer your questions about history and even pose some new ones. Have you ever wondered what gave birth to the stories that we tell around the campfire? What happened in our history that caused spooky tales of creatures, such as, werewolves and ladies, and white to be passed down from generation to generation.

More importantly, why are we still so fascinated with the macab join me as I jump down the rabbit hole of a new subject each week and attempt to stitch together the history of all things strange and

spooky. If it sounds interesting to you, give it a listen before we get to the interview, just wanna say.

Don’t forget to rate and review. The show really helps out also, what if the wrong podcast is on, buy me a coffee, you can go on, buy me a coffee link will be in the description. If you want to donate to this show, you can donate. It would be highly appreciated. Also, you get a shout out on the following episode, all LA Mar’s links will be in the description as well.

So, if you enjoy what he talks to us about, you can find it pretty quickly and easily. He’s definitely gonna drop a lot of knowledge on us. So, without further ado, we’ll get to the interview here, and remember question everything. Welcome to the what if the wrong podcast I’m Jeremiah, your host joined today by co-host April.

And we’re talking to the man, the myth, the legend LA Marli and his works with on the trail of the neem, uh, prophecies and the cosmic chess match. A lot of information, a lot of stuff to, uh, talk about and his knowledge is vast. And, unlike a lot of other people, he actually goes and, uh, to these places and researches and puts the feet on the ground and really, uh, ties it all together.

So, we’ll introduce him now.


[00:03:28] Marzulli: Hello, LA. Great to be here guys. Thanks for having me on, appreciate it. Yes.

[00:03:32] Jeremiah: Thank you for coming on. Uh, we’re excited to do this. So, I wanted to ask what was your aha moment when you said I have to do this on the trail of the neem and what got you down that

[00:03:46] Marzulli: path? Did you, have you heard this

[00:03:49] Jeremiah: before?

I have, but my audience probably hasn’t. Okay.

[00:03:52] Marzulli: This is cause I’ll, I’ll tell you the story. I mean, the aha moment for me was, um, several years ago, about 10 years ago, maybe, maybe longer. I don’t know. So, I get a call from my battle, buddy. Russ Diar. and, you know, Russ passed away in December and I really miss him.

He was, we attended 90 conferences together and we were kind of cut from the same cloth. We, you know, had the whole rough UN tumble world of the sixties and you know, the whole deal. Right. I was a little older than Russ, but it was basically the same, you know, it’s fast times at Mont I hate to say it, but that’s exactly what it was right with spa.

And Iole, it’s like, you know, clueless. So, I’m getting ready to head that new Ohio, Newark, Ohio, and Russ called me and goes, Hey LA, do you know where you’re going? I’m going to Newark Ohio. Why Russ? And, he starts, you have to know him when he, when he has that little undercurrent of a laugh, when he is sort of chuckling to himself, you can barely hear it, but it’s there.

And he goes, no, no, no, no, no. Do you know where you’re going? I go, Russ, I’m going to Newark Ohio. And in that little laugh again, a little louder. Come on Ross. What’s going on? He goes, are you buying your computer? I go, yeah. And he goes, Google, uh, NEM giants, fallen angels in the Ohio valley. I go, what? And he says the title again by Fritz Zimerman.

I mean, what, you know, fallen angels in the Ohio valley, uh, you know, the Neel and Chronicles. I mean, what, you know, I thought I was done with all this. He goes, oh, no, no, no, no, no. They just, you need to look at this. So, I get the PDF on Amazon. I read it on the plane, cuz it’s a five hour flight basically. I’m like reading this thing on the plane, like, oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, my mind’s blown Fritz Silverman. And um, I get to, Nerk see when they say it, I know where you guys are located, but in Ohio it’s Neha. That’s how they in and that that’s fun. I live in NEKA high and that that’s fine. But, you know it. Hm, anyways, Newark, Ohio, but you know, I haven’t people, I don’t have an accent.

Oh, yes you do. So, I get it. So, I’m going to near aha. And I’m there and I’m, I’m my, driver’s driving me from the, from the hotel to the venue to back again. So, he’s doing this, and on Saturday, uh, after lunch, he’s driving me back to the venue or dinner, whatever it was. And I go, let me ask you something. I’ve I’ve been reading about this great circle, Mel, in, in, right here in Newark, Ohio.

Um, do you know where that is? And he goes, oh yeah. You’ve, you’ve gone by it every day. I go, what he goes. Yeah. In fact, it’s coming up here in about a mile. So, I’m in the car, I’m in the back seat. He goes, there it is. And I look over and I get my first shot of the great circle now. And I go, well, look, I’ve got the conference heads tomorrow at noon.

I gotta go to lunch, and then I’ll be free. Instead of dropping me to the hotel. Can you drop me off here? Let’s say around one o’clock, and then from one to five, let me just spend, you know, three or four hours here and I’ll, I’ll call you if I get done early, he goes, okay, next day conference lunch drops me off.

There’s nobody in the parking lot at all. I’m the, he drops me off in the parking lot. Nobody there, this is like a God ordained moment. I’m walking up this asphalt path, which is about four feet wide to my left is this large mound of earth. I know it from Fritz’s book that this is the great circle mill and it’s huge.

I’m just kind of staring at this, like what? Get to the top of the path. I look to my right there’s the museum it’s closed. And so, what else is new? And I, I go to the left and I begin to walk. At the entrance of the great circle, Mel, and probably about 50 feet away from it. I just freeze. I just stop.

And I freeze and I’m hyperventilating, I’m doing this

and I, I can’t move. I’m not moving a muscle. I’m my eyes are darting around looking at this thing. And I realize I am looking at the rest of my life. I, I mean, it’s, it’s one of those moments in time that few people get in an entire lifetime, but I’m sitting there going, you are looking at the rest of your life, Mr.

Marzuk. This is what you will be doing for the rest of your life. And I just sat there like this, just like staring at it. And I I’m all, you know, every single cell, my, my whole body is just tingling and I’m, and I’m, I’m hyperventilating. I’m afraid to move. And I’m just sitting here looking at this thing for probably, I don’t know.

I don’t know how long I was there. I have no idea frozen. And then, I finally eased my way very slowly, not reverently, but very slowly and cautiously into the grid circle, Mel and I spent four hours there. Wow. And that was the beginning of on trail of ethylene. We have created, uh, seven films in the series.

I’m working on number eight now outta place artifacts. Hopefully you’ll have that done by the end of the summer. Um, all the film has been shot. I just gotta edit it. So, um, there is a hidden history. That’s been deliberately obfuscated from the peoples of the world. There’s no doubt about it. And you can see this.

There it is the mysterious mound builders, and you can see this, the elongated skull right behind me. And you can see the giant behind that. Um, it’s it’s mind boggling. It’s mind blowing. Now. Most

[00:09:47] April: people think that the mounds were. Indian burial grounds and, and things like that. Can you explain why you don’t believe it’s the ancient Indian burial


[00:10:03] Marzulli: Well, native Americans used them for secondary internments. They did. We know that they went in, and they buried their dead on the mounts, but native Americans did not know trigonometry. Let’s just start there. They did not know trigonometry. Now, if they did know trigonometry, why isn’t in the oral tradition of any tribe, if they knew about geometry, why isn’t in surely they would’ve guarded that they would’ve handed it down.

It would be in the oral tradition. Stop there. It’s not there. Right. So, when you go to the octagon mound, let’s just start there at the octagon mound. And when you’re in it, and I’ve been there three or four times, maybe, maybe more, I don’t know, you know, you lose track. I’ve been there a lot and, and I film there and through a drone over it.

So, you’re there in the octagon mound. It’s 50 acres. and it’s flat and you don’t know what you’re looking at. You know, you’re looking at something, but you don’t really know the only way you can see it is from the air. And then, when you’re in the air, you kind of go, oh my gosh, it’s an octagon, but then it gets better.

It’s in irregular octagon. Two of the sides are not equal. And octagon is eight sides with a specific angle. I forget what it is. And, it creates an octagon that’s geometry, but it ups the, it ups the ante. When you create two angles that are different. So, here’s the deal. I’m gonna show you what I mean. So, I’m gonna draw an octagon.

I’m gonna do this fairly, you know, free hand here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Now there’s my hand drawn octagon. Not bad LA too

[00:11:46] Jeremiah: bad. Good.

[00:11:48] Marzulli: right. But, if I presented that to my teacher, she would go, well, how did you arrive at that? Well, I just drew it F got eight sides F no, it’s not what you do. You take a pro tractor and a ruler and you need the angle, the precise angle of that, of that thing.

And then, you need each side equal that’s for an equal octagon. But, this octagon okay. Is two of the sides are longer. Now it becomes like E off the charts and then you’re enclosing 50 acres. And then, if that, that wasn’t bad enough, right? How do you know what you’re doing? You don’t right. You don’t know what you’re doing, unless you’re in the air.

I mean, you know, you just don’t, how does it look to you? Tons O it looks pretty good to me. I think let’s keep going with the next slide. You don’t know what you’re looking at. You don’t know, unless you’re in the air. but it gets better, because the octagon, the great octagon, Mel, like many of the sites are built on an 18 and a half year lunar calendar, lunar cycle.

They know about, in fact in the octagon, I’m gonna show you where it is. It’s like right there where the big star is right there. Right there. There’s the star, right? There’s like a high place. It’s ceremonial. They don’t know what I know. Tell you exactly what it was used for. And that’s where the lunar standstill happens.

So, the moon is doing this 18 and a half year deal. And then, at the end of 18 and a half years, it stands directly over that spot and just stands there. Now let’s take my calculator in my computer. I’m gonna do some saffron for you people right now. yes, sir. Hold on. So, where’s my calculator. Where gonna it go?

They were just right there. .

[00:13:41] Jeremiah: So, sound like us in North Carolina.

[00:13:43] Marzulli: Yeah. Yes, sir. 18, 18.6. You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorist. how did he get elected? I mean, we all believed in him. It’s like, ah, don’t at me. See, I’m down a rabbit trail. I promise I wouldn’t do that. I’m sorry, please. I’m having way too much fun tonight.

So, 18 and a half years, right? Times 365 days. So, if it’s 365 days in our calendar, but let’s go 360. Cause that’s that’s what ancient calendar. All right, so we’ve got 6,696 days where the moon comes up, but wait, the moon rises and sets. Okay. So, we all three of us, April and, and Jeremiah in LA, we go to the, we go to the site and we go, yep.

We’re gonna make this thing at 18 and eight. We’re gonna, we’re gonna figure out what the moon’s doing. We don’t know what the moon’s doing. The moon is rising and it’s setting. So, it comes up and it comes down. But, guess what? We go back the next night, it comes up in a different place, different and goes down in a different place.

So, now we put some stakes down, we put a center stake. That’s where that’s our viewpoint. And then we put the first stake up and then the sec, the second stake. So every single night, 6,696 stakes times two, 13,392 stakes in the ground. But you don’t know, what’s an, we don’t know what’s an 18 and a half year Luna cycle.

So we put the stake in. Rising and setting. And we, you know, after about 30 days, we’ve got a bunch of stakes and we’re, you know, recording in on deer hide. How’s that for you trying to figure out, you know, making little points where the, where the stakes are. So after 30 days, a four day rainstorm comes in and we can’t see the moon now, what do we do?

Moreover, we don’t know whether we’ve jumped in, in year five, year, 15 year two. We don’t know where we are. And then how do we crunch the data? How do we sit there and go, you know, I’m thinking that we’ve seen this stake here before and you go, how can you possibly tell there are 13,392 stakes on the ground.

So God just, just that. Not yet. It’s just like, and the archeologists just go, well, they did it. So they must of known no, that’s a straw man argument. Thank you. I’ll get serious here. I’m kind of goofing on the whole thing, cuz it drives me nuts. The bottom line is that’s a straw man argument. to say that they did it.

You don’t know who. native Americans did not know about the 18 and a half year lunar cycle. Moreover we know from the book in Enoch, it was handed to mankind from a fallen angel by the name of Elle. So we can believe in the supernatural explanation or we can believe the modern day archeologists. And some of these guys are really great.

They do great work, but don’t, don’t tell me. That this happened because you don’t know how this arrived. You don’t even know who built the octagon mound. You call them the Hopewell Hoppo was a flipping farmer where the artifacts were found 150 years ago. And so you name this entire culture after the farmer, you don’t even know what these people or these entities called themselves.

You have no idea. And you insist that they use digging sticks and clamshell hose and other hose. You have no clue how they can pack of the soil, where it came from. It came from a mile away. They use dog sleds. Oh, really? Let me get this straight. The ground is hardened over there for four to five months out of the year.

You can’t dig in it. It’s frozen probably from November, December, January, February, definitely four months. More than likely five, depending on the winner. So everything’s frozen. So now you’ve got a limited building thing. These are a hundred gatherers, so who’s gonna pay, who’s gonna feed the guys. While they’re out there digging this sink, we’re gonna make an octagon mound.

Why? I don’t know team said we’re gonna make it not golly. We’re gonna do it. I mean, then you get to the circle mound, one of the largest circles earthworks, and it’s got an interior moat. Well, our team, I hired a surveyor. The surveyor went out, Todd wills and, and he he’s in the film mathematical mysteries of the mound builders.

There it is mysterious mound builders. I’m a trail of bene name. There’s seven of them, seven films. In my series, you can download them by going to streaming, do streaming that LA Marzo dot, or if you want the hard copies, you can go to the website, LA So you look at the, the circle, Mel.

it’s about 1,250 feet in diameter and that’s the one I walked into and just went, oh my gosh, what am I looking at? It’s got an interior Mo that in its hayday was flooded with water. So the torch light, no trees. There’s the circle Mount alter the, the, the, uh, the moat. It’s not a moat, but the mote right. Is reflecting the stars and the Torchlight.

I mean, this is like mind boggling ceremonial. It’s gotta be off the flip and charts. We hired Todd Willis. Todd tell me is the mote level. Yeah. Hey, we measured the mote. It’s pretty much dead level within six inches to a foot. Okay. Well, a foot’s like. That’s not very big. And it’s the, you know, that’s things like thousands of years old.

So he said easily, that could just be slough going in it’s between six it’s basically level for all practical purposes it’s level. So now I go, Todd, how did they do that in the ancient world? Well, they must have brought the water in somehow and used water as a leveling device.

I mean, you know, guys, there is a hidden history. That’s been deliberately obfuscated from the peoples of the world. And then you go to, so say wa on

[00:19:46] Jeremiah: we’re going there. There it is. Next, next week. We’re going there.

[00:19:51] Marzulli: are you going next week? Yes.

[00:19:53] Jeremiah: Yeah. We fly to Peru on Tuesday next week with who?

[00:19:56] Marzulli: Just yourselves?

[00:19:57] Jeremiah: Just us and her daughter. Yes. Where,

[00:19:59] April: where are you going? We are going. We’re going to practice and then we’re gonna be seeing the NASCA lines. Of course. And we’ll be going to Cusco and Lima and Machu Pichu. And I, I always say it wrong. All UN Tombo and yeah. Okay. You, I wanna be able to get into the museum with the, the skulls, but I believe it’s closed

[00:20:22] Marzulli: right now.

Yeah, the, the, uh, senior Juan museum has been closed. Just go to the eco museum ICA and you’ll get to see B Chango skull. Okay. Hold on. So let me get to where the heck is. Socks say wa she’s

[00:20:40] Jeremiah: right next to me. No, just kidding.

[00:20:46] April: I thought that was crazy. Mama

[00:20:51] Marzulli: well, it’s in Tobo like he,

[00:20:54] Jeremiah: yeah, we’re going there too. Mm-hmm , we’ll go everywhere. It’s worth.

[00:20:57] Marzulli: It’s worth waiting for so. lake titty,

[00:21:00] April: Coca

[00:21:02] Marzulli: oh, titty Coka. That we’re

[00:21:03] April: hoping to see something above lake titty, Coka come, you know, maybe something come outta the water.

[00:21:10] Jeremiah: We don’t know . Yeah, but even there, you can tell the stones on the bottom are like, not from the ink of people.

Oh. Or the old oh yeah. And then as it goes up, you see the craftmanship go down.

[00:21:24] Marzulli: Yeah. It’s hysterical. I don’t know why I’m having trouble finding this. This is ridiculous. Well, there there’s the Chongo skull. Yes. And, and we, in, in episode six, the DNA, we’re the only team. Well, not the only team other people have copied it.

We show where the Farman Magnum is. Our, our team was able to, to mess with that. Hold on. I gotta, I really want to find this. I don’t know why I’m having trouble finding it.

[00:21:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s all right.

[00:21:58] Marzulli: Gotta be like right here. Yeah, here it is all. So when, when we’re at, you know, when, when you’re, when you’re there and, and you go to, so say wa mom, and you look at this, look at the people, look at the size of the stones.

And then when you’re there and you touch those stones, my friend, you are touching the fingerprints of the supernatural.

[00:22:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. Even look at the like way it shaped and all.

[00:22:30] Marzulli: And, and if you’re with an Inca guide, you’re you’re with a tour guide. Oh, the in ankle were master stone builders. Excuse me. You’re lying through your teeth.

The Inca had nothing to do with this and you’ll see it. You’ll see the ink ankle lop directly above it. And it’s hysterical because it has nothing to do with the stink in Inca. And I’ll show you what the Inca slot looks like. Hopefully let’s

[00:22:55] Jeremiah: back a little bit. Yeah. Cuz how are they able to like have the stones going

[00:23:01] Marzulli: 80,000, a hundred thousand times?

I mean, you know, quit lying, just quit master

[00:23:07] April: builders with builders who cannot even do that today.

[00:23:11] Marzulli: No. See the ink of slop next to the stones up on top. Yeah. That’s the ink of lop head size boulders, you know, mortar together. Quit lying. Yeah. I mean just quit, quit sitting there telling us that the Inca did this with copper chisels when we’ve already shown this with a piece of ANOC side stone.

So here’s my copper chisel. Let’s say right, this is on film. We’ve got it on film and we take the chopper chisel and we put it on the Endocyte and we go tin. We hit it one time. Chisel is. Stone, not even a indentation, quit lying, quit lying, quit, quit telling us that the Inca did this because it fits your goofy narrative.

You don’t know who built it. And I, I take great umbrage in the fact that you sit there and repeat the same BS to everybody trying to tell us that the Inca did this and the Inca had nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing. Zippo. This is fallen angel technology, NEHI architecture, shame on you, people for deliberately obfuscating the truth, but that’s what you guys do.

And you do it over and over and over again.

[00:24:25] April: Mm-hmm . Now, can you tell our viewers who the Neal lium actually were?

[00:24:30] Marzulli: The Neal li are the progeny of phone angels and the women of earth cohabiting and creating this hybrid being. unless a person understands Genesis three 15, they don’t understand the rest of the biblical narrative because Jesus is there in the garden.

And he’s looking at the dragon. He’s looking at Adam and Eve and he utters this to the dragon. Your seed, your offspring will be at war at ity with the seed of the woman, the one coming from the woman, the proto andum. He will crush your head. Yo bruises heal. , it’s not tied in the churches for the most part.

People have no idea what it means it sets, and this is the deal. Well, you know, EPMS only mentioned in a couple of verses throughout the Bible. Why do you take such great amount of time and dedicated your entire life to it? Because Genesis three 15, if we knew that, then it unlocks the rest of the scripture and we see, oh wait, tower of babble.

Oh wait, Abraham. And the five Kings, oh, wait again, Sodom and Gamora. And then there’s the conquest of Canan. I mean, it’s just all throughout their seed, Daniel, their Sieble mingle with the seed of men, but they will not Cleve to them. Who is their seed? Who are they? Their seed will mingle. It’s not the seed of men.

Cause their seed will mingle with the seed of men. Genesis three 15 is the key to the entire Bible to the entire. It tells you that the antichrist. Will be the seed of the dragon. Literally he imitates the seed that that became the, became the Messiah. Because no matter how you say it, and you never hear this, it’s got jerked because people go, can’t talk about thought.

That’s just, oh my God, Jesus is a hybrid. He’s a hybrid. He’s fully God and fully man. Mary is somehow, somehow she gets genetic information. Somehow the holy spirit comes in overshadows her and that genetic information is passed into her ovum to her seed. And that becomes the Messiah. How does that work? I have no idea, but that’s what happened.

Cause he’s fully God and fully man. He is in essence, a hybrid a hub bread because he’s God and man that never happened before.

[00:27:05] April: I’ve never heard him called a hybrid. I’ve heard him called an extraterrestrial old

[00:27:10] Marzulli: well,

[00:27:10] April: he, no, well, cause he’s not of this,

[00:27:12] Marzulli: but he is well he’s of this earth because he was born in the stable, but he’s a hybrid entity because he’s not, he’s not he’s fully, man.

I get that. He’s fully gone. I get that. But the genetics, you know, part of it comes from, you know, the eternal and I have no idea how that works, but that’s, that’s who he is. And he is the God man. You sure Jesus Genesis three 15 is, is, is the key that unlocks the scripture and the antichrist will be the seat of the dragon.

That’s who he’ll be. He will be the offspring of the dragon himself. And that’s where all that power comes from. He may already be

[00:27:54] Jeremiah: here. So you believe that the fallen angels spread with the women of earth and um, created the giants or the Netline and then they’re responsible for all these mega structures around the world is what you’re saying, right?


[00:28:13] Marzulli: When, when you guys go to Peru next week and you sit there, if the Barus museum is open Inca, the ICA, the Inca, museum’s about an hour away, you should call to make sure it’s open when you go. Okay. Definitely. Cause this is their winner. So things are kind of shut down up there. Um, you’ll also see elongated skulls as a museum near the qu concha up at so a Mont, um, you can catch them there.

Um, but the eco museum has a great display. You’ll see the Chango skull, which is in our film. And you should watch the DNA film before you go. I would, you know, watch episode six and watch episode, um, uh, what is it? Um, hold. Episode six of, of my series, the DNA series. You need to watch that. And then episode six of the watcher series, the secret cosmic war, watch those.

I, I, you know, highly recommend it Watchers six and on trail six because, okay, you’ll get the whole DNA deal from number six. You can also watch my on trail number seven because we talk about some of these other sites. If you can, when you’re in Lima, three hours, north of that is corral. It’s the oldest city in the Americas.

Once again, 18, a half year lunar cycle Plaza, dead level. Oh, they have step pyramids. There there’s no preexisting culture. They’re kind of going, let’s make a pyramid, Bob, what? The heck’s a pyramid. I don’t know, but we’re gonna make one I mean, it just all just goes poof. There it is. And we see it over and over and over.

And when you’re in, when you’re in Orton Tobo you will see when you, when you go up to the, to the temple of the song, they have no idea where called something very cataclysmic happened. That’s why you need to watch this stuff. Cause we’ve already, you know, it’ll, it’s a great, great primer to get you to, you know, it’s a great springboard.

So when you’re there, you can discover things yourself, but you know, so say, well, mom, you sit there and look at it and go give me a break. Give me a break. There’s no way human look. Could you do it today with cranes and lasers and diamond saws, maybe 80,000 tons. Paul, we gone, let me just show you this. I didn’t let me, you know, since we’re here and you guys look at this, this is in Cusco.

This is the corner. Everybody goes, look, look at the curve. No two stones are alike, right? To make that. Are you kidding me? And to make it fit perfectly. No, no. Now we top, you gotta take it down all. Where’s the crane. Yeah. Stone number 82. We gotta take that

seriously. I mean, just show me if I were a billionaire, you know what I would do? I would create the LA Mazuli Al challenge. Oh yeah. and I would go get all the copper chisels and the best stone masons on the planet and go guys, we’re you don’t even have to quarry the stones. We’ll do that for you. How’s that sound?

And here they are just make a 20 foot wall for us that, that simulates no cranes. Okay. No beast of burden. And you guys can make your own pulleys or ropes, or if you gotta do, but just, just do 20 feet. Just, just show me how you make these perfectly circles with no mortar and how they stand up. Thousands of thousands of years, I believe in Tim Albarino believes thats Saman probably is pre flood, probably is pre flood.

Mm-hmm just saying

[00:32:15] Jeremiah: there’s a lot of sites around the world that I believe are pre flood as well.

[00:32:21] April: Now, why do you think personally, I I’ve read the cosmic, uh, chest match. Why do you think personally, do you, do you think that they came down, gave the information to men to be like God, to be above God, to, um, to people like us today to dissuade us from believing in God.

I know with the mounds and things like that, uh, All the giant skeletons have disappeared. Smithsonians hidden them, got rid of them, ruined them. Um, there’s people all the way around the world. Um, destroying ancient technology and things like that. And, and things of the Bible. So personally, what do you think is going on?


[00:33:10] Marzulli: I think that in all of these sites, they want to be worshiped. They want to be worshiped because they act like gods. They come down, they do this, they might heal people, fallen angels can do that. There’s power there. They can heal, they have knowledge. Fallen Ones have this, they have that. Can manipulate space, time matter and energy.

So they’re worshiped as gods and that’s what they want the Lord right. Allows it for a period of time. And then he acts. And that’s why we hear this over and over and over again in all these megalithic sites all over the world. Well, they just, I guess they just died out and they assimilated into the general population.

That’s, you know, conjecture on your part. You have no idea what happened to these people. What if they were completely destroyed Sodo Andora as a perfect example. None OFA mm-hmm is a perfect example. We don’t know, but we hear well, T two WCAN right in Mexico, we call ’em a T two WCAN, but we have no idea what happened to them or where they got the information to build that pyramid.

Well, they, they have to, and it’s always circular reasoning and it’s always a strong man argument. Well, they did it. So they had to have the information from somewhere. Well, that’s, you know, mm-hmm , you know, pitch can fly too. Right. So now what, you know, you guys just make up stuff, you just make it up, right.

You just make it up. It drive. It literally drives me nuts. And I’ve argued with archeologists. Well, what about this 28? You know, pound accent. That’s ceremonial LA. How do you know it’s ceremonial? Because, we don’t know what else it could possibly be used for. What if a nine footer is wielding it?

Well, there’s no such thing as nine footers, but what if there are that’s utilitarian for the nine footer? So it’s not ceremonial. What about those three foot Lance that we call the Neelum, Lance that weighs 28 pounds. You know, that’s made of bronze that found in Michigan native Americans did not know how to make bronze.

They didn’t. Right. So what’s it doing there? And chief Joseph comes on the record talking about the neem Lance and saying, this is why you guys need to buy this book. It’s all in here, right? I’m on, I’m on a trail. He’s on the trail.

[00:35:31] April: Oh, we have it. Yes. I have both books. I believe it’s the

[00:35:34] Marzulli: same. Yeah. I’m gonna show you in a second.

Where’s some information in this. I mean, I, it blows my mind. It really does. Like, yep. I’ve got both. There’s actually, there’s actually three books in here. Three

[00:35:46] April: books. Yeah. I didn’t, I must not have, here you

[00:35:47] Marzulli: go. Here’s the Neum Lance right there. And you put a nine footer on that thing. It’ll, it’ll go right through three people.

And that’s what chief Joseph said. Yeah. That, that originally, um, this Lance there’s, there’s a shot. What? It looks like mm-hmm and when we, when we tested it right, the first lab, oh, it’s just the, the, the, the, the person we were with said, oh, we’ll be able to tell you where the copper’s from. Maybe the age of it, blah, blah, blah.

So a month and a half later, two months later, I’m there with Bob Sheey. Bob is the guy that, that foul the Lance, eh, well, you know, not so fast now they got a PR person with the, with our, our point of contact and she can’t say anything to us. So she clears it with the PR person. We can’t film anything. What are you guys so afraid of?

well, when you think it’s just, oh, it’s just, you know, you could build this in today.

[00:36:44] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then you hear stories about, um, like David and Goliath and king ag and all those, the 28.

[00:36:51] Marzulli: And, but here’s the deal. So Christian Widener had a lab and we caught a piece of a Lance off and we gave him the piece of a Lance and he went over that thing and tested it.

And he found isotopes in that Lance, which are only from Turkey and the middle east and the tin comes from England. Hello.

[00:37:16] Jeremiah: But it’s

[00:37:16] Marzulli: in America. It’s my wheelhouse it’s ne well,

[00:37:19] April: then they say that, oh, it was the Landbridge. They came over from the Landbridge and ,

[00:37:25] Marzulli: I mean, they’re look, it’s, there’s a steel a that protopia talked about in Northern Africa and, and Mondo Gonzalez was the first person to tell me about this.

We are, they. Who fled from the face of Joshua, the robber, the son of none. We are, they who fled from the face, the IANS, the Venetians were here 4,000 year old site, America Stonehenge, mind, boggling mind boggling site in New Hampshire showing the connectivity. I mean, I’m not making this stuff up. That’s why we’re on the trail.

You know, that’s why, and number eight will be out of place artifacts. Cause I I’ve already filmed it and it’s time to let’s release the film. Let’s get it edited. You know, we’re working on every UFO film, that’ll be number three and the ongoing UFO series. So I mean, we’re, you know, we’re, we’re constantly, you know, the Lord has blessed me, blessed us and I’m sitting in the studio, I’m looking around and.

this place is firing in all eight cylinders tomorrow morning. I’ll meet with, uh, bill, not his real name as a follow up. Bill’s the guy that we took the implant out. Mm-hmm in, in Watchers, uh, seven and Watchers eight. So I’m following. Yeah. I

[00:38:47] Jeremiah: wanted to talk with you about the, um, whole abduction thing, cuz I know that’s a lot of your work

[00:38:53] Marzulli: too.

He’s coming up to the studio after I take him to breakfast. and we’re gonna do a follow up. Oh yeah.

[00:39:04] April: Oh, so, so back in the Bible times, you know, um, there was something interesting. I am, I’m a spirit filled Christian and. I’ve I’ve read a law of the Bible. I was always told that the Aroy and all that you know, was not true.

Not to believe it, you’re messing with bad spirits if you’re reading this stuff. But one thing, you know, churches believe pretrip or, uh, mid trip or, or tribulation, one thing that in your book, you said it was gonna be like the days of Noah. Well, we always thought, okay, well, it must be pretrip because in the days that, you know, Noah was taken out.

Right. But something that you had made a point of, and it really I’ve always believed that aliens were fallen angels, but I never knew where I got that belief. I just kind of believed it and people thought I was kind of crazy. Oh, sorry. but you, you, you made in your books that. You know, the fallen angels, they are pretending to be God in the days of Noah.

That means that they’re literally, these angels have come back and they’re doing the same thing that they’ve done back in the Bible times. Um, genetically, um, in these abductions, messing with our genetics and, and still doing, they might not actually have in sexual contact. They may be, but it’s, it’s like the days of Noah.

Once again, I completely con and, and that’s what they’re doing.

[00:40:46] Marzulli: And, and this is why, unless, and look, unless you understand Genesis three 15 and three chapters later, you get the days of Noah. Then, then when Jesus says we like the days of Noah and what does that mean? And that’s why it’s not taught because most pastors have no clue and they don’t teach it.

Well, that’s impossible. Angels can’t have sex. It says, well, be like the angels neither given in marriage. Yeah. But it doesn’t say that you can’t have sex. they saw the woman of earth that they were beautiful. They took wives, plural. Went into them in the biblical sense and they Sid the giants. Fallen angels did it.

Then they did it afterwards. And that’s what this book, counter move is all about. However, Neel and returned after the flood. And they’re doing it again in modernity, their seed will mingle with the seed of men, seal up these words, Daniel until the time of the men until the time of the end, men and women will run two.

And for over the face of the earth, knowledge will increase, but you go your way, you go your way, but seal up the book until the time of the end, their seed will mingle with the seed of men. They will not Cleve to them. We’re here. The, the essence of my work guys, and it’s like what happened in modernity?

What happened in antiquity is being repeated in modernity. Happened in antiquity is being repeated in modernity. In the distant past is happening again as I speak, right? And now the whole UFO thing. Real versioning and not going away. So we’re here. I mean, we’re, we’re in it up to our eyeballs,

[00:42:17] Jeremiah: right?

Yeah. I’ve been researching into UFO, abductions and abductions and reading a lot of works from like, you know, Dr. David Jacobs and other people. I can’t think off the top of my head, but, uh, the one thing that sticks out that really like bugs me is the whole like hybridization thing and the whole, like, uh, they’re very focused on reproductive type of stuff.

And a lot of women claim to see like these sickly babies and, yeah. Um, do you think that they’re like trying to create life so to speak or like do what God

[00:42:59] Marzulli: does or no, but they’re just making hybrids just they’re making modern day. Nephem. it’s exactly like the days of Noah except their seed is mingling with the seed of men.

There’s no, not a lot of procreation they’re taking over from the woman, sperm from the men. They’re taking the blood from the cows. They’re, they’re doing like the they’ll take the fetus, um, and the, and the third month or the second month, but in the first trimester and the woman thinks she’s just had a miscarriage.

Well, she hasn’t. And I, we, we have one woman that came on the record. It’s it is this, or one of the most intense, um, the most intense, uh, interviews I’ve ever done. Um, she was, I pregnant in three times and they, they took three of the children. 20 years later. She’s with her second husband, all that stopped born again, Christian, and she wakes up one night, the husband switched off.

He doesn’t wake up and she looks over, there are three men standing in her room. She knows instantly these are my children. and they’re looking at her bigger eyes with absolute hate, absolute hate it’s visceral. So look, I might make this stuff up. Um, you know, it’s my wheelhouse, I’ve been doing it forever, you know, in some ways it’s like, golly Lord, you know, but it’s so dark.

But our mission statement is to expose the deception of the prince of the power of the air and to Herald the return of the king. Jesus. So, you know, we’ve talked about the works of the enemy, but this is why he’s coming back soon has to, you can’t fix this anymore. And now the whole UFO thing is about to be revealed.

And as a saying, I coined a number of years ago, we go up, they come down, we go up, they show up, we go up, they come down and that’s, that may be exactly what we see. Conjecture, but that’s one of my right Yogi Barris sayings, you know, it’s just like, God gives ’em to me. And we go up. I remember when I said it to Gary streaming, he goes, you have to copyright that LA that’s incredible.

bill Salis heard it the other day. And he went, oh my gosh, LA that’s. That’s amazing. I’m just trying I’m not smart guys. You know, it’s not me. It’s right there. You know, say this poof. Wow. That’s really good Lord. Thanks a lot. look the, I remember when I was writing politics, prophecy with supernatural report, he gave me this, this saying the current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened in some cases millennia ago.

That’s a mouthful. When he gave me that I just went, that’s profound. That sums up mm-hmm our entire history in one sentence. That’s unbelievable. Say it again. The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened in some cases millennia ago, let’s walk through it.

So the Jews are in Israel. They believe in supernatural events that happened to who Moses Moche Moses, mu Moses that’s color their body politic. Now we can tap dance around that all day long and say, well, it really doesn’t color their body political. I mean, there’s a lot of secular Jews, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Excuse me. Mm-hmm excuse me. It colors the body politic all day long. Let’s go to Iran. They believe in a different set of supernatural events, allegedly Mohamed receiving the Quran, right? That’s colored the body PO well, not really. Oh yes. It has look at the MOS. It’s a theocracy over there. They believe in, you know, that, that the America’s the great Satan and the Jews are the little Satan.

We have to kill all the Jews for the Yeman money to come back has so supernatural events that happened thousands of years ago have in fact, colored the body politic in this country. Unlike Barack Obama, insisting that America is no longer a Christian nation. I’m glad you think so, you know, so, you know, whatever, I won’t go there, but, but the bottom line is, did you dare?

Christian worldview has colored the body politic all day long supernatural events, right. Are responsible for the body politic in Iran, in Israel, in, in America. I mean, wake up the present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened in some cases, millennia go. And I didn’t write that.

He did that. That is one of the most profound statements I’ve ever heard. and he gave it to me go figure. Right. See, I’m not, you know, I’m like, well, I could say, well, you know, I’m really brilliant. That was just a, a genius statement. I had nothing to do with it. The holy spirit said, Hey, look at this point.

And I’m like going, oh my gosh. And, and typing as fast , you know, I’m not that smart guys. I’m not, but he is. And so he chooses, you know, this broken vessel, you know, to give that, give that statement. That is, that is one of the most profound statements I have ever heard in my life. And again, I’m not, I’m not taking any credit for that at all.

That’s from

[00:48:44] April: me. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve noticed in your books. You’re like, I am not a prophet. ,

[00:48:50] Marzulli: I’m not, you know, some people, I just love it in the body of Christ. It’s like, you know, prophet. It’s like good for you. Call yourself, call yourself whatever you wanna call yourself. I’m just as sinner, save by grace.

You know, no titles. I just,

when we get raptured and taken out, I’m on my white horse. I’m part of the white horse police force. I can’t wait for that. Me

[00:49:19] April: too.

[00:49:20] Marzulli: I already got one foot over there. You know, I do. OK. Know, maybe we’re going up soon cuz you can’t fix this anymore. You just can. I mean, the left is so rabid. We have to kill all the babies.

Have to kill them. Somehow a woman’s right. It’s like, really? That’s what you’re defending here. You know, maybe you should think about that before you have sex. I mean, we’re living in a world where you don’t have to ever get pregnant. I mean, you can take all sorts of stuff and, and never have to worry about it.

So why are you discussing this crap? You know, the onus is on both of you, you know, before you get together and do this. If you get pregnant now you got a third person involved here. So maybe you do, maybe you do a preemptive strike, you know, maybe you, well,

[00:50:04] April: now we’re now we’re women. Again, I shouldn’t get on this subject, but now we’re women again, when it comes to abortion.

Oh, I know. I love it before we were just, we were just menstruating with our menstruating person. Yeah. But

[00:50:15] Marzulli: you know, the new Kani up there in the Supreme court, babe, I’m not, I’m not a biologist. I’m, I’m not a biologist really. And you’re in the Supreme court and, and I’m gonna entrust my, you know, drawers, prudence to you.

Are you outta your mind? You can’t tell us what a woman is. You know, I’ve been reading, I’ve just read this book, um, about endometriosis and you know, I I’m, I’m, I’m a father of two kids. I’ve been married 37 years. I mean, I, I know that there’s a difference. No idea how much of a difference there really is.

It’s like when you get into a woman, Reproductive organs and the fallopian tubes and the womb and how all this works and the hormonal activity. And, and I mean, it’s just like, and, and the whole womb in itself, it’s like, excuse me, you know, you can lock body parts off and do all this stuff. You will never create a womb in a man.

It ain’t gonna happen. You know, sorry, men don’t get pregnant. Women do. And it’s just like, when I, after I read this, I mean, it was almost like too much information. It was just like, I had no idea the complexity of a woman’s body. And I remember when I married my wife, 37 years ago, I’m going, what are you doing?

I’m journaling. What are you journaling? I’m keeping a track of my monthly flow.

Oh book like 12 years old till she stopped her monthly flow. It’s like, I think we have it enshrined and just,

it’s like, it’s like, it’s a completely different universe than I’m in. Cause I don’t have a monthly flow. Men don’t have monthly flows last time I checked. So I’m not journaling. It’s like, I’m feeling my, I think I’m two or three days away. No, we don’t do that. Well, you know, men have hormonal cycles too.

Yeah. But we don’t, we don’t bleed like women do so, you know, it’s like, let’s stop pretending somebody wake up the emperor’s got new clothes on. You know, if, if you wanna go down that road, that’s your business. I’m gonna love you because we’re all broken here. And we do stupid things, but maybe think twice about it and maybe read some other people that have actually detransition and regretted the surgery.

Once you start lopping off body parts, you can’t put them back in again. Right. That’s what right. And, you know, giving hormones to five year olds and purty blockers, wait a minute. We we’ve gone crazy here. When you’re 18, see, and they do all this because when you give a kid at eight or nine puberty blockers, and they never go into puberty.

And so it’s easier to transition, but how do you know with an eight year old knows and, and, and we’ve, we’ve, I’ve done the science on this and red it that most people grow out of it. Most people grow out of it. Most people regret transitioning. You can’t say that or you’re, you know, your you’re anti whatever.

No, we’re not anti read the literature, you know, why can’t the other side who our de we had, I had this guy in my show, we, we took down our whole PPPs report because we just got tired of poking the bear. It’s not worth it, but he lived as a woman, I think for 12 years. And then he detransition, and he’s the 21st century unit.

I mean, that’s what he is. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s what he is and he regrets it and he still looks very feminine for the most part, because he had facial feminization and you can’t really change that stuff, you know, and all your, you know, they come in with electrolysis and they take all your facial hair.

And I mean, it’s just like, and, and in my, in my opinion, there’s a spirit behind all this. There’s a spirit of BFA met BFA met is half man, half woman, half animal, half man. That’s exactly where we are. It’s exactly where we are. The spirit of BFA met and this spirit, when people open up to it, it will just lead you down the path because you don’t wake up one morning and go, I wanna be a woman.

No, you’re you’re or I wanna be a man. I’m gonna cut my breast off. I’m gonna remove my testicles, you know, and invert my penis, whatever you don’t just wake up in the morning and do that. You don’t you’re led step by step by step, by step, by step by step. And that’s from the ever side mm-hmm and that’s why it’s a spiritual problem.

And, these people, when, when I talked to this man who detransition, he told me that the Lord did a deliverance ministry on him. His, his sister anointed him with oil and prayed over him on the way home seven demons came out one at a time and it was gut wrenching, literal. . I mean, he was like heaving in the car, gut wrenching.

Yeah. Seven of them came out and you know, people on the other side. Oh, that’s just, that’s just superstition. They blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Really. You ever seen a demon manifest? Have you ever seen a demon come out of somebody? Ever in my dreams? right. So, anyway, let’s move on. We kind of banded, we got six minutes left.

[00:55:33] April: here. what other questions you’ve got?

[00:55:35] Jeremiah: oh, got sidetrack there. Huh? yeah, we just, um, yeah, we just wanted talk to about that. And then, one thing I wanted to hear, um, was the whole implant thing. And, uh, Roger Leer, you were working with. Uh, can you like, give us just a little bit of that? I know we don’t have a ton of time.

[00:56:00] Marzulli: well, we, we, we took out the implant.

We’re the only Christian team that’s ever done. So, um, and again, I’ll be speaking with bill tomorrow. Uh, we removed the implant. Uh, we did, uh, before we did the pre-op we did, um, um, let me, uh, x-ray Gause meter, um, stud finder, cat scan, and then the ultrasound. And we knew where it was. We knew it was there and the day of the operation, uh, we’re there.

And, uh, we can’t find the thing and pretend this is the wand and pretend my arm is Dr. Tric on is going over this little eight inch piece of flesh where we knew the implant was. He can’t find the implant, cannot find it. After an hour and 20 minutes, he can’t find it. So, Richard Shaw and I are, there were the only Christians in the room.

Dr. Roger, there never came across the aisle, but this, this changed his life. This, this experience changed his life. So I’m in the room. Tric Chian is there, Dr. Roger Le is there, Rick Shaw, myself, another two guys filming on top of that. You’ve got a few nurses. There’re about eight people in the room.

There’s 15 people watching it in another room. On a closed circuit, TV, big, huge monitor, HTM I, and all that kind of stuff. And the holy spirit tapped me on the shoulder and says, you need to take authority over this right now. I look at Rick and I go, I just kind of go, okay, I’m gonna pray, guys. This might sound strange, but I’m gonna pray and I’m gonna do it.

Now. Everybody kind of looks at me like. Like that. So, I go father. If there are forces, which are cloaking this device, I pray that you would break their power and do it. The room goes dead. it’s like this Patricia goes, and we are looking at the monitor, and the implant just goes like this from nowhere.

Yeah. Aware. Yeah, just like that. Mm-hmm and everybody goes what’s that? And Dr. Patricia goes, that’s the implant. He takes the, the wand and he kind of taps it and looks at it, puts it back on the leg. There’s the implant tap. He does this like a half a dozen times. He can’t figure out why we’re seeing the implant.

All of a sudden, I’m laughing. I look at Rick he’s laughing. Cause the spirit of living, God just showed up. We took the implant out. It was on film it’s in our Watchers series. We’re gonna recapitulate that, uh, cuz I’m interviewing bill tomorrow. And we’ll talk about that now I’ll, I’ll redo it in one of our UFO update things.

The bottom line is this, that was on a Saturday. We took the implant out Monday. We’re at seal lab with Dr. Roger Le I go, rod, can I talk to you? Privately goes. Sure, sure. LA and he gets up and we go out in the hallway and I go, Roger, I hope you understand what happened in that operating room. And he looked at me, his eyes got really big and he said, LA, I now believe there’s a supernatural dynamic to this implant stuff.

And I’m gonna tell Wheatley streamer about it. Roger died, massive heart attack in the doctor’s office.

[00:59:21] April: Mm. So, with alien abductions, I’ve also heard that there are some people that were going to be abducted and they, they. Pled the blood of Jesus they’ve called out.

And, then they

[00:59:37] Marzulli: weren’t abducted it’s it stops many of the abductions. Um, and this is where it kind of goes off the rails. There are people that claim to be Christians, that were taken mm-hmm. Many people that I’ve talked to who were born again, spirit filled walking. Where they were supposed to be walking where they’re supposed

[00:59:57] April: to.


[00:59:59] Marzulli: It just stops it like different.

[01:00:03] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve I’ve said that I believe aliens are interdimensional and yeah, they are that, and I don’t think that they are benevolent. Um, it just, the stuff that they do and everything just doesn’t make me believe that they’re up to good. Um, and yeah, just, um, hearing tales like that, where people call out and puts it in this supernatural realm and not.

There’re are space brothers.

[01:00:35] Marzulli: no, they’re not our space brothers. And so, I’ll tell you that before I go. If you go to my YouTube channel folks, LA Marzuk and you open up the text box right below any of our videos on YouTube, you will see if you scroll down a little bit, you UFO free film part one, and part two, watch those.

Okay. Cause we’re working on part 3, 4, 5, and six. And then, They will not be free, but part one and part two are, are there. If you wanna buy the hard copies, you gotta go to our website, LA If you go to YouTube, you can just download it for free. I’ve done my part. I’ve done two films for free, and that takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to do that.

but, I gotta go. So, Thanks so much for having me on guys.

[01:01:21] April: Thank you, so much.

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[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Welcome back my fellow terrestrials and thank you for tuning in today. We’re gonna have an awesome interview with Earl gray, Earl gray Anderson. He is the head of Southern California moan. And, uh, he’s gonna talk to us today about obviously UFOs, aliens, abductions. It was a very good conversation. So I think you’re really gonna enjoy it.

Stick around, but first, just wanna say, what if their wrong podcast is on? Buy me a coffee. If you decide you want to donate to the show. I will give you a shout out on the next episode. The link will be in the description of the show. So check it out. If you want to donate, cuz you enjoy the show, enjoy the content and want to help keep it going.

Feel free to do so. If you have a show topic idea, or if you would like to be a guest or if you would just like to talk, hit me I respond to messages in a timely fashion, so don’t be afraid to reach out. So let’s get beamed up with moan and Mr. Earl gray Anderson and remember question everything.


Welcome to the what if the wrong podcast, I’m your host, Jeremiah. And I’m joined today by Earl gray Anderson and he is the head of the Southern California muan, which is a mutual UFO network. And we’re gonna be talking today about. UFOs aliens, abductions, the whole phenomenon figured there’s no better person to get on than one of the head of moan.

And I’m sure he has a lot of stuff to present to us. And his knowledge is pretty vast and definitely something we can gain knowledge from. So let me introduce him now. Hello, Earl

[00:02:30] Earl Grey: gray. Hi there, Jeremiah. How are you doing? I’m good. How. I’m doing great. It’s a little hot out here in Southern California today.

Oh, reached 104 yesterday. I not, I haven’t ventured outside yet. I’m a little scared. My, my cats and I are just hudling with the air conditioner.

[00:02:50] Jeremiah: yeah. It’s like someone turn on the oven out there. Oh,

[00:02:53] Earl Grey: I know. It’s crazy. You could probably, you know, bake a pizza or something. on the sidewalk. So, uh, so you guys, you, you wanna talk UFOs, huh?

oh yeah. Yeah. Because I like to do that. I, you know, it’s my obsession

[00:03:08] Jeremiah: yeah. My I’m starting to become obsessed with it myself. Uh, the whole alien abduction phenomena, especially. And I had said to you before that, you know, I just read Dr. Jacob’s book and I read Jim Mar’s alien agenda and I’ve read some LA Marzuk stuff and just the whole thing.

Really fascinates me. And it’s like, I’ve learned so much, but yet I know basically nothing and that seems to be the case is like, you kind of get pieces here and there and you kind of gotta piece ’em together and then come up with your own, uh, conclusion of what you think is going on. So I’ll ask you first, what do you think is going on with the whole like UFOs, alien abduction?

Like I know there’s different camps out there. Like some people say they’re interdimensional, some say they’re from outer space. Some say a combination of some and then a bunch of other theories out there. So what is your personal, uh, view on the whole phenomenon?

[00:04:19] Earl Grey: I, I think they’ve always been here. I’m, I’m one of those guys.

I, I think that we’re perhaps even their project, uh, that they’ve had their hand in, in, in human evolution. And that it goes back to time memorable, um, as far as where they come from. I, I think that, uh, it’s both dimensional and, uh, inter stellar. Uh, also, I, I, I think that, you know, we do live in a multiverse there and the other dimensions, uh, may mirror this one very closely.

So in other dimensions, uh, things are close to what they are here, but the further you go out, it, it gets a little stranger and more different, uh, you know, as, as you go out dimensionally. So, uh, they, they may be coming from, you know, alpha Tari, or even from a earth in another dimension. It would be as easy as walking through a door.

You know, I think that they’ve mastered portal technology, um, that they’re thousands of years ahead of us. Uh, there’s, there’s a, a scientist, uh, rich Hoffman that has, has a, uh, investigatory group. Uh, he’s not with Mohan anymore, but, uh, I, I was speaking with one of his scientists, very, very intelligent, uh, you know, guy with, with, you know, quite a few degrees on the wall and PhD and all that.

And he was saying that he believes that, uh, from what they have seen and, and, and how that, what they used for propulsion. I mean, they, they did a deep, deep study on the tic TAC, uh, case that happened out here, uh, near Catalina island with an USS Nimitz in the Princeton, uh, Kevin Day. Who was you? Part of all, that was the strike force commander on the Princeton.

Uh, he’s the guy that first saw thetic TAC type UFOs that was on the radar, you know, and they were seeing these things coming down from, uh, low earth orbit down to sea level and then shooting back up again. Ooh, we have a loud airplane out there. if it’s the men in black, maybe. Yeah. I’m saying too much.

Alrighty. I barely opened my mouth but um, he was telling me that, that what they’ve seen, uh, as far as propulsion and what they can do that they’re like 5,000 years ahead of us at least. Um, and, and that doesn’t surprise me. I mean, the tic TAC itself was traveling at mock 18, 18 times. The speed of sound.

Uh, it didn’t make a single Sonic boom. It should have made 18 of them. It should have sounded like a, the world’s biggest thunderstorm. Uh, it was making 190 degree turns and, uh, I’m guessing it wasn’t killing the, the pilots that were inside. Uh, as far as it being unmanned, I don’t know why you would make, uh, something that was 40 feet long, that, that didn’t have a pilot.

That was a drone. There would be easier ways to do that. I, I think that they were, that thetic TAC was piloted certainly under intelligent control. And, uh, that, you know, Rich’s guys, they, they, they, and, and Kevin Day as well, he had a team out at seal beach. They recently made that the movie, uh, tear in the sky, I think it’s called, uh, and they, they had all manner of monitors and scientific equipment, uh, at this beach house where he had gathered this group of scientists to study this phenomenon.

And whenever they would have a head UAP, they would come out of the ocean, you know, and it, they were actually getting Gama rays from the object. Uh, there’s only two things that can produce gamma rays, a black hole, or a neutron. and their belief is, is that for propulsion, our visitors are using a mini black hole.

They use a thing called quantum metrics. Uh, and, and what happens is they carry this black hole with them and it creates, uh, a gravity, well, a dip in, in gravity and, and the ship just kind of falls into that. Constantly, never falls in it’s a mini black hole, right. But just the attraction of the craft to the black hole is where they get that speed.

And apparently they carry their own physics with themselves because I mean, you can’t make 190 degree turn like that and survive, you know, you’re, you’re gonna be a little splash on the wall, uh, pardon in the gross, uh, imagery there, but that that’s, that’s, that’s what would happen, but, uh, that it was doing what, you know, what it was meant to do, what it was designed to do.

And, uh, there’s nothing that we have that could do that. Uh, MI Coco, the, the, the famous, popular science scientist recently came out and said that, you know, that don’t believe what they’re telling you. There’s nothing that Russia, China or America has that could possibly do this. It’s so advanced from anything we have, uh, it would be like showing an iPhone to a caveman, uh, the, you know, you, how do, how do you tame a black hole?

How, how do you carry a black hole with you? But that’s the only, I mean, it’s amazing. I mean, that’s what throws off gamma Ray. So apparently that’s what they’re using, uh, to, you know, propel these objects with .

[00:09:58] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely, definitely makes sense. Like the rate of speed that they can go and like do pinpoint turns that like none of our aircraft can do, like, there’s gotta be a way that they can.

Go around the physics of our planet and all, or as our reality as we know it. So yeah, there has to be a way they can, you know, like you said, carry a black hole around or bend space time or something, kind of like a Dr. Strange. And like ,

[00:10:32] Earl Grey: that’s, that’s a good, yeah. A good example. It is like a graphic novel.

It’s crazy. I. I think the biggest problem that, that, you know, your scientists in any field have have had with this phenomena is, is that it’s just so absurd. And it, it just like, you know, snubs its nose, you know, Isaac Newton and says, no, , uh, the, you know, we, we don’t follow those rules of physics. We have our own, I, I think that they, uh, it’s just the most interesting, amazing phenomena.

And, and, uh, you know, I, I, I began doing this. Uh, I, I became a Mo on field investigator about seven and a half years ago now. And it was one. It’s it’s the great adventure of my life, you know, I, I just, I love it. Uh, and it, but it’s so mysterious and, and, you know, you just have to have an open mind, but try not to let your brain fall out.

Right. You can’t, you know, but you gotta keep that open mind and, and still, you know, of course, I mean, in moan we use a scientific method. I mean, the moans creed is the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity. And so we. Keep the sciences intact, but, uh, boy, boy, this is way beyond anything that we have.

And you know, it’s, it’s like the population of an ant hill looking up at a skyscraper, an airplane and trying to understand it. yeah. I can understand why our physicists and scientists are, are, are offended by, by this phenomenon. It’s it’s got to, you know, it’s absurd by design in a way it’s, uh, it’s crazy.

And I think it goes way back. I think that if you read the Bible or read the Greek myths, you know, read the history of Samaria and Babylon, uh, that, that they, uh, that we’ve had contact, uh, worldwide, you know, and it’s, it’s nothing new. What’s new. Now finally government officials are, are saying, yes, this is, this is something it’s not crazy people.

Um, this is a real phenomenon now. They don’t understand it.

[00:12:51] Jeremiah: now what’s your take on them releasing all this information recently. Do you think it’s leading up to something or do you think they just can’t hide it anymore or what do you, why? I don’t think they can hide

[00:13:03] Earl Grey: it. They can’t hide it anymore. I don’t think that they wanted to disclose, I don’t think they wanted to disclose, but there were just too many people that knew about it and the videos got out.

What are they gonna say and do. . Everybody that saw that video, that was a, you know, a Navy pilot knew exactly what it was and where that came from. So they had to answer questions, but they’re acting like they’re dumb. Like it’s some new thing they’re suddenly interested in, but we know, you know, through, through FOYA requests that we put in the freedom of information act, uh, they have to release a lot of this stuff and, and their interest in UFOs goes way back to the 1940s.

You know, it’s not nothing new . Yeah. But, but it is new for them to admit that it’s a real thing and that it they’re stumped by it. They, they don’t understand it. Now,

[00:14:00] Jeremiah: do you think, um, the government is communicating with aliens or whatever these beings are

[00:14:08] Earl Grey: that wouldn’t surprise me one bit. would it, would it surprise you?

[00:14:12] Jeremiah: No, not at all. Not that they are

[00:14:15] Earl Grey: I think so. I, I, I, I think that, uh, you know, people wonder why disclosure proper hasn’t happened. Right. I really don’t think that humanity, a lot of us are, are really ready for it. Just any new idea or anything is, you know, people get angry, they, you know, , they March on the white house or whatever, you know?

It just, uh, and, and imagine if they came out and they said, yeah, we’re being visited. We can’t protect you from them. They’ve been here since forever. Um, we, uh, There you go, have a nice day. Well, yeah, like people would be, you know, building bomb shelters and, you know, there would be a rush for tin, foil hats.

People would probably rush the banks afraid of, yeah. I mean, it could cause all kinds of problems and I don’t think the government wants to see that. And I don’t think our visitors wanna see upheaval here. So I think that they do what they’ve been doing and, and people will see a UFO or they’ll have a face to face anomalous encounter with beans.

Uh, and, uh, and that’s how they work. Uh, it, it’s almost like, uh, animal sanctuary that we would have. And, and what do you do? You know, you go and you’ll tranquilize the lion first and you go and you do medical tests, get blood and do all that stuff. Uh, make sure everything’s okay. Then you go, and if the lion could speak, you would probably say I’ve been abducted by anomalous, uh, humans.

It’s the same thing for us, you know? I will say that the, you know, the experience surf phenomena, abductions visitations, it is very, very, very real. The people that report having had these anomalous encounters are not just a bunch of Hicks or idiots. They’re, they’re PhDs, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and, and garbage collectors and window washers and, and working class heroes.

You know, uh, I, I was a nurse just recently retired. I’m, I’m glad because I wouldn’t have time to work 12 hour shifts and, and do everything that I’m, you know, doing right now. You know, we’re hands on at Mo on people will see a UFO. And just for your listenership out there, if you see a U F O uh, just go to, it’s M U F O.

and on the front page, it will say report a UFO or, you know, report, uh, an entity encounter. I’ll take you like 15, 20 minutes to fill out that little form and write a little narrative about what happened. Your spelling doesn’t have to be great, or you can be Ernest Hemingway, but it doesn’t matter. Um, that will go to, uh, the one we work regionally.

So I get all the, all the sightings in Southern California. I think we had 80 of them last month. And, uh, I see every one of those reports and I’ve got a team of field investigators that I assign each one, two, and they’ll do a deep dive and figure out if it was, uh, if it was an identified flying object.

And we got plenty of drone reports, we. You know, people that will see a Mylar balloon that’s, you know, flashing the silver side and it looks like it’s sending them messages and stuff, or, you know, the drones are, you know, one of the, you know, IFOS that are real popular now, but we’re, you know, we can go and we can figure out what it was.

And if we can’t figure out what it was, then you’ve got an unknown, a UFO and. That’s maybe five to 10% of the accounts that come in, a lot of people will see the planet Venus, or, you know, they’ll see the, the ISS space station. It looks like a little cross that’s going across, you know, across the CTIC. And, and we’re, we’re, it’s gotten to the point now.

I mean, I’ve personally closed 808 UFO, uh, cases myself. And, but a lot of ’em I can read like the first two sentences, you know, as, and, and I’ll know what it is, you know, we, we had like, uh, in San Diego we had, uh, anomalous lights that, that, uh, in the sky about three nights ago, And, uh, it turned out that it was the coast guard doing a, usually the Navy will let people know beforehand now because they know they don’t wanna scare everybody.

The coast guard, not so much. So the whole city of San Diego, they thought that they were being invaded by et, but it was actually the coast guard doing, uh, night training and they’ll use a they’ll shoot flares up with little tiny parachutes. You can’t see the parachute, but you do see the flare and it’ll be there looking like it’s in formation.

These certainly did. But I took a look at the video and I knew exactly what it was, was like, yeah, this, the military is doing something out there tonight. Now wasn’t there. And that’s a lot of what we do, you know, wasn’t

[00:19:27] Jeremiah: there a video, I don’t know what year or anything, but where they had those multiple lights and the government tried to play it off as they were just like flares, but

[00:19:39] Earl Grey: like a lot that would be the Phoenix lights.

Is that what it was? Yeah. Uh, back in 1997, and that that’s a different story. Um, with that one, there were thousands of people that saw full on spacecraft. Uh, one was about a mile across triangular shaped. Um, they had various shapes, various craft that were seen, uh, they were seen from, uh, Arizona out to, uh, Utah.

And, uh, after the event, the military sent up flares and tried to blame the whole thing on that. This is their way of not disclosing , but no, that was, that was a real thing. That was an anomalous, uh, that, that was a fleet of, uh, UFOs. Yeah. And didn’t the, uh, my, my friend, uh, Dr. Lynn Katai she’s, uh, she has the film, the Phoenix lights, and she was sort of one of the first people that saw that and, uh, yeah.

Is a very, very real thing. Yeah.

[00:20:39] Jeremiah: Didn’t the mayor or governor, whoever come out in like an aliens face suit to like mock it and then later yes. Recounted that and said, yeah, something happened.

[00:20:49] Earl Grey: That was governor Simonson and, and, uh, yeah, he came out with a guy in an alien suit and made a big, made a joke about it and it didn’t go over very well.

No, he, he lost the election, I believe, probably because of that. Um, but yes, he did come, uh, he later on said that he went to the top of a Mount and he had been hearing about this and he saw the mile long craft kind of flew right over him. And he just watched this thing with his jaw drop down to the ground and, uh, yeah, he’s, he’s he’s uh, he knows that we’re not alone.

yeah. It’ll have a huge impact on you when you see a UFO. You’ll know what it is. There’s no question in your mind. Um, and, and it changes a person’s.

[00:21:38] Jeremiah: yeah, for sure. And, um, where I’m at in Carolina, there’s the brown mountain lights, which probably aren’t a UFO, but it’s some weird phenomenon where . Um, but also,

[00:21:51] Earl Grey: yeah, I mean, there are atmospheric phenomena that will look like a UFO and that’s one of our jobs is trying to figure out and pick apart what people saw and then some people, I mean, I’m, I’m their buzzkill.

You, you don’t want to tell somebody that they were looking at a Mylar balloon and I, you know, I, I I’ve learned to you. I mean, you just have to be sweet to people and, and, and be kind and informative and let them know, Hey, you know, I would, I, this is what I do. I, if I had seen that, I would’ve thought that it was something too.

So, uh, keep looking up next time at, you know, maybe a Starship

[00:22:33] Jeremiah: yeah. There’s also, um, and it. Hugely talked about, but I’ve heard about UFOs coming out of like lakes and stuff like that. Um, yes.

[00:22:45] Earl Grey: I don’t know. There’s a connection with water. Yeah. So most of the impressive cases that I’ve been getting off the coast of California, um, I had, I have a case I, I closed, uh, about a year ago, uh, is a commercial pilot, his wife and brother-in-law, they were camping on east Catalina island.

And this guy is he, he flies across California along the coastline. That was his usual flight path. And so he’s very good at dead reckoning. And knowing how far away something is by the naked eye. Plus, he had binoculars with him, which was helpful. Cell phone was in the tent, unfortunately, but he watched this.

Huge sphere. I guess you could call it an orb, but I mean, it, it was, it was like the sphere that was maybe 200, 300 feet across come out of the water and he called his wife and his brother-in-law out. So there were three sets of eyes on this thing. He said it was about 10 miles off of the coast of Catalina island, uh, equidistant from the mainland.

So it was 10 miles away from the mainland. A golden sphere comes outta the water and it starts doing this pattern of like a crosswise pattern up and down, back and forth. He watched this for a while and then it shot back down into the water. Had binoculars on it. Said it was just bright, like plasma, like this little miniature sun, not quite that bright, but.

You know, it was just perfectly spherical. Uh, a couple seconds went by and the thing comes out of the water. Again, this time, it just HAES there hovering maybe 200 feet in the air, and then they watched this thing shoot out of the atmosphere. So that was off of Catalina island. And that was something’s underwater there.

I think so many reports are going out. Um, I really want to get a dive team together and take them out to the coordinates. This guy, thankfully, he actually had the coordinates. Uh, when I heard about it, I called up Kevin Day, who is the Strikeforce commander that, that reported thetic TAC at first. And Kevin knew the exact coordinates of where they saw thetic TAC.

And he said, oh my God. He said the pilot, what, what he saw, those are the exact same coordinates of thetic TAC. So that’s where we sent the jet. So I think there’s something underwater there off of east Catalina island.

[00:25:26] Jeremiah: Yeah. I wonder if they have like bases underneath these bodies of water, because I hear about them coming outta different lakes and, uh, stories of that kind of stuff and kind of makes you think that they might have something down there.

And they probably also know that we don’t search down there. mm-hmm so, yeah, it’s definitely a way to hide themselves.

[00:25:53] Earl Grey: well, the military, they get the, you know, in the boomers, uh, submarines, uh, I know a few people that, uh, they, they get anomalous hits. They call them fast walkers and, uh, it happens all the time and it’s something that’s moving faster than anything that we’ve created.

It’s like UFOs moving through the air. It’s almost like some kind of spacial Telon they use. For their craft, but they, they move and they move fast, you know, mock 18 under water for God’s sakes. And, uh, so that, I, I think that that’s a really good supposition that they probably do have a base that they use.

It’s a good place to hide something. That’s for sure. I mean, it can be underwater and underground, you know that, I mean, I know the military even looked into doing that. There there’s, you know, blueprints hypothetical blueprints, they came up with way back in the 1950s to show how you could do, uh, underground base under the ocean.

So I would guess that they probably have something like a facility down there, our visitors do. So

[00:27:02] Jeremiah: now for the UFOs themselves, I know you have different like shapes and sizes and stuff like that. Do you think, um, , they are different species of aliens. I don’t know what term to use, but like, cause you know, you hear about the Nordic and the, uh, draconian ones or uh, whatever.


[00:27:26] Earl Grey: there’s all manner of beings. I mean, we, we see a lot of the little gray guys, of course, you know, you’re kind of four foot tall with the big black eyes and uh, you see tall gray aliens that kind of look similar, but, uh, are, are more, you know, comparable to our height, like five and a half feet tall as usual.

You’ve got the more, uh, reptilian type, uh, ETS that are out there. Hear bad stories about them, but I hear good stories about, uh, about certain reptilians. So, they, you know, it’s just like humanity. I mean, we might look the same, but talking to people that are gonna have different beliefs and philosophies, and, and I think it’s the same thing with our visitors.

Um, and you know, you’ve got the tall whites, the Nordics, and there are other beans that look more like us, perhaps that’s intentional. I mean, if, if you want to go and study a planet, how better to do it than to look just like the inhabitants of that world. So I, I think that, that they’re here among us, you know, they’re, they’re, uh, certainly involved with, uh, I think they always have been, we’re interesting to them.

  1. So the big human soap opera , you know, yeah. Forget life gets boring, go to earth, you know, you’ll see revolutions and wars and crazy ni you know, rock concerts, and it runs the gamut. , you know, we may just be a great vacation site. I don’t know. Um, but there you

[00:29:04] Jeremiah: go. Yeah. So for the whole abduction side of it, like, what, what’s your take on the abduction side?

Like what do you think the purposes of it and why are most accounts pretty much the same as far as like, they’re really interested in our reproductive system and, um, about our human makeup and stuff like that. So what’s your take on it from what you’ve researched.

[00:29:36] Earl Grey: well, there was, uh, a period of time where people were having their DNA taken pretty regularly.

And that seemed to be the, the main motive of abductions and visitations. You you’d hear the same story over and over and over again. Um, that seems to have calmed down over and in, in recent years, the last five years, six years or so. Um, you don’t hear as much about DNA collection. Uh, there’s more like teachable moments and people get downloads of information that is supposed to be activated when needed.

Uh, if there’s some future, I guess, disaster or something, they wanna make sure that humanity is, is not destroyed by it. And, and that, you know, that there’s knowledge that’s here. That’s not just in a library or on, on your computer. I mean, if, if God forbid society were to collapse, uh, most of the information that we have now is digitally, you know, collected and, and that’s, you know, even the books I read anymore is I just read ’em on my Kindle, you know?

So I think that there’s some of that going on with abductions, a lot of teachable stuff. I have a cop here who, uh, Was abducted from his squad car. He was out doing his rounds. There was a bridge where, um, they would have a lot of, you know, homeless, people would drink and stuff and he would go, that was on his beat.

So he would go and check this area out. He parked his squad car there. And, uh, he was just, you know, he had his little computer system that they used to to write, you know, their reports. So he is doing that and suddenly there’s this bright light. He thought somebody had a flashlight shining at him. Uh, so he is looking, you know, you, you, you know, he had every reason to think, well, maybe I’m at risk.

So he’s looking out the window and, uh, the light kept getting closer and closer. And the, the man was, um, he said that the, and I’ve heard this before, you know, it’s like the dash board of his car. It was like Tesla, like a Tesla coil. This energy was, you know, spinning around on, on his dashboard. Uh, and the next thing he knows, he said that he had two hours of missing time.

Uh, and when he was cogent again, when he, he was back in his car, he said that he felt like a fish outta water at first. Like he hadn’t taken a breath in a while. Uh, but the man had a download of, of, uh, mathematics and it kept going on for a month. He would go to sleep at night. And he would see, this is just absurd, but I mean, the phenomenon crazy, you know, it just nuts.

He would see this little thin gray hand with four fingers, holding a little pointer with a Blackboard and was teaching him. He, he said that they were teaching him about zero point energy. Uh, he had a month of this and he thought it was so ironic because he was a D student in math. That was like the one thing he couldn’t get his head around after a month, it suddenly stopped.

Now, this guy, you have to realize he was honest. When they were looking for him, they, they were trying to contact him the other, the, the, the police station. And he wasn’t answering his, his phone for like two hours. Wasn’t answering the calls. He told them what happened to him. So he was like, leave it to you to get abducted.

You know, all of his, uh, friends, you know, that, that he worked with and colleagues, but he came to move on, hoping to get, uh, hypnotically regressed by somebody so that, because all that information had left him, he was told with his last meeting, with this gray thin, you know, de hand with the, the, the pointer, he said that, that this will come back to you when it is needed.

And. That was it. You know, he didn’t have any more abductions, no more alien contact. It’s like they wanted to give him this thing that would be activated some days, as far as I know, he was not able to get to the information even through hypnosis, uh, is deep there in his mind. And I’m, I’m guessing that, you know, if it’s needed in our future, that you’ll have the, you know, what that, which will solve every energy problem on earth.

They think that zero point energy is the way to go. It’s sheep clean and, uh, and very powerful, but we don’t know how to do it. Apparently our visitors do. And apparently there’s this police officer out there that has that locked in his brain. So that’s one of the reasons why, you know, things like that. We see a lot of stuff like that with abductions and visitations.

Um, you still have some people that, that have their DNA taken. Oftentimes it’ll just be by taking blood. Uh, your DNA is in your blood, uh, or, you know, the other ways that you’ve probably read about, you know, national Inquirer just loves alien probes and stuff like that, but people don’t usually get probed, but sometimes they would have semen or ova, uh, taken from no, that happened a lot, you know, from like the 1970s up until maybe six, seven years ago.

Uh, now you hear about that, but it’s, it’s much more rare. And my guess is perhaps we were stockpiling our DNA in case we destroyed ourselves. They could start us up again, uh, or maybe. You know, I, I sometimes wonder about the aliens that look like us. Um, maybe they, you know, maybe they’re gene tailored and, and, and purposefully by them.

Uh, I don’t know that they naturally, I mean, why would nature favor two arms, two legs and ahead, you know, I mean, the way an octopus’s body works is, is great, you know, , you have eight arms to, to, you know, do whatever you’re doing. Uh, so I, I sometimes wonder if, if it’s for our benefits, that we’re not afraid of them, that makes it easier for them to get around or certainly to blend in.

You know, if, if you see, you know, you saw an octopus, you know, walking down the street, you know, you, you’re not gonna be so apt to talk with them, but if it’s just some pretty girl behind the counter and, and your, your drug store or wherever, um, that’s a good way to find out about humans is to live among.

So that’s my guess with a DNA gathering. Yeah. It’s um, for whatever reason, it’s not real popular anymore, they don’t seem to be doing it so much. Yeah.

[00:36:27] Jeremiah: The whole thing just fascinates me, like in the, um, hybridization program where you hear a lot of, and I’ve actually interviewed two ladies who claim to have been abducted and, uh, been shown children or babies and, uh, had their stomachs tampered with, or, you know, examinations of their unborn child.

And it’s just all fascinating and kind of makes you wonder, like, what’s the end game here? Is it like, are, are we Destin for failure? Cause I think this is just my opinion. My take from my research is I feel like time is kind of cycl cyclical and that there’s been. Civilizations before are known time. And I think the great pyramid is from a previous civilization.

That’s just kind of been taken over by, you know, our recorded history. But, um, I, I don’t know. I think it kind of makes you like, on one hand kind of scared on the other hand, it’s kind of like, well, maybe they’re helping us out, but on the other hand it might be like, maybe they know we’re gonna wipe each other out or wipe ourselves out and they need to use these hybrids to like replace us when we’re gone.

I don’t know. It’s just something I

[00:37:49] Earl Grey: think about perhaps. I mean, that’s certainly a theory. You know, I, I wish I could give you a positive answer about that, but I do know that our visitors are concerned about the way that we treat each other, the way that we treat the planet. I must have talked with at least 200 experiencers at this point, just because that’s what I do at MoveOn.

You know, I’m a executive committee member of the, uh, experience or re resource team at, uh, was started by Kathleen Martin, who was the niece of Betty and Barney hill. If you’re familiar with that, uh, it was the earliest, uh, oh yeah. Abduction case that we know about. But, um, we, we are more of a support for these people because it’s confusing.

Uh, it pulls your baseline reality out from under your feet, you know, people are afraid. Um, and, uh, and it’s more common than you would think. I mean, I’m constantly talking with these people that have, you know, that are having, uh, that have had an abduction or a visitation or that where they continually have them.

And it’s generational. . I mean, I have one gentleman who, uh, I, I took his, uh, case on about seven, six years ago. It was about six years ago, head of Homeland security at a major airport, highly educated man, a black building karate and a pilot. You know, he, he used to fly out to my moan meetings cuz he lived up, you know, closer to, uh, the San Diego area.

Uh, but uh, he, he was, uh, being visited when he was seven years old and his parents thought he was having night terrors. Uh, then the parents started noticing weird lights and, and, and just strange stuff was going. And, uh, now they, they accept the fact that, that, you know, their son was, was having these entities coming in and they would bring machines in that would float over his bed and they would take, you know, blood and DNA and elsewhere.

It was as though they were monitoring his health and, and, and his wellbeing, you know, uh, the man’s now an adult and, and he is the head of Homeland security at a major airport. And, uh, he found out that his birth father who he, um, didn’t know he had been adopted as a child, but he was, uh, he had a reunion with his, uh, birth father’s brother.

His father is, is, is gone. Now. He passed away, uh, talking to his uncle. Told his uncle about his, his history and his uncle told him, he said, my God, he said, your father told me the same exact story that you’re telling me. Said the people didn’t know about aliens or abductions and things back then, um, your, your father went through that.

I think that it might have made him insane. Finally, you know, uh, he kind of became a drinker in, in his later years. And, but, uh, now he’s, he’s kind of, he’s concerned, but he’s not worried. His daughter is, is, uh, you know, about 12, 13 years old, I guess. And, and there’s started to be some signs that she’s being, uh, visited as well.

So it’s, we got three different generations there. For my friend, we call him Mandy because I can’t, you know, we, we have to keep him safe. His job could be at risk if he came out and was known to be, you know, an alien abductee. But he, uh, his, uh, He feels, he was afraid at first, but he had the same entities visit him for like 40 years.

He gave them names when he was a child, they didn’t tell ’em a name. So he gave them names. He still calls them that they answer to it telepathically. They, they communicate not with their mouths, but with the mind we see that, you know, from case to case too highly telepathic our visitors. Apparently we have the potential to do that as well, but we’ve just kind of disabled ourselves.

I think by we’ve learned to vocalize and sing and we get our emotions out that way. Apparently that’s a rarity in the universe. I’ve heard that we’re one of the few, uh, uh, advanced cultures that never developed telepathy as, as a way to communicate. Um, but, uh, he, he believes that his entities are benevolent.

Uh, he, they, they hadn’t visited him for about two years. And I remember getting a phone call from Andy and him saying, I’m really concerned. My, my aliens have left me what what’s happened, you know, are they done with me? Or, um, and then about a month later, I got another phone call from him. He said, nevermind.

They’re back. . Yeah. And he was relieved. Now I. You know, I get other cases where, you know, I had one man that just hated his entities so much that he just wanted to be able to throttle them. I mean, he kept having the same implant put into his foot over and over and over again, he was a old, an elderly German man.

Um, he had had this thing removed six different times surgically and they would just paralyze him again in middle of the night and put it back in. Uh, he hated his entities and he felt like it was this intrusion. And, uh, you know, so there’s that, you know, people react differently to it. Uh, it seems like people that are in the military or involved with the military or the Pentagon, uh, tend to get the more militant entities as well.

Uh, I, I think that’s purposeful. I think that they’re trying to tell us something and, and they’re, they, they have scary encounters. Yeah, I I’ve got a, a Marine that was, uh, abducted through his Barrack ceiling. Uh, you know, his bunk mate noticed he was gone for all this time, you know, and, and then he said, he sees him in the middle of the floor covered with all these black marks.

And, and, and, and he’s just crying this big Marine, you know, your Marines don’t cry, but there he is just a mess. And, and he had to get him into the shower and try to get him because, you know, the guy was gonna be on guard duty in a few hours. Um, and for him as a counter was horrifying. I mean, the entities told him they were gonna steal his soul.

Uh, they, they, they, you know, showed him what looked like a robot that was menacing. Uh, you know, they, they didn’t paralyze him entirely. They, they kind of let this guy run around purposefully so they could show him that they could subdue. Uh, I don’t wanna meet those guys, you know, but I think, you know, having had so many cases now, I, I noticed that, you know, warriors get treated differently.

If you’re military, it appears that, uh, uh, sometimes you’ll get, uh, you know, kind of a warning that I don’t think is so much for that person, but just for humanity in general, that, uh, we’re still acting like barbarians. We are still killing each other as advanced as we are. We’re still acting like genus Khan out there.

Uh, same old problem. So the only problem is now we can destroy the whole planet, not just ourselves. And, uh, so people hear a lot of the two things that I hear from people are three things. Three messages people are left with is. You know, nuclear weapons, you need to get rid of them. You guys are gonna destroy yourselves.

They’ve shown us that they disapprove of, you know, there’s a friend of mine, Robert SOAs, who is the commander of a, of a ICBM base in Montana. Were hovered over by a UFO and, and it shot a laser down into where they had the missiles in, in the control room. He watched every single missile go offline.

It’s like, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo. Every one of them just, yeah, we can do this. and, and you know, it was, it was like the minutes were going by, you know, you asked to call up, you know, the Pentagon and all this stuff. I mean, this was, you know, they, they took down our nukes. Then they go back online just like nobody’s business.

It’s like boo, boo, boo, boo. Yeah, we can turn them off and we can turn them back on again. You know, uh, the guy up at the guardhouse was freaking out, uh, you know, is like the radio back and forth, just, you know, because there’s a flying saucer overing over the, their, their ICBM base. Um, so that, that was a message for us.

It is to say, you know, you may think that you’re powerful and, and, but, but we’re actually in control of these and, and it’s bad and you’re gonna kill yourselves. Uh, the other two things that people hear are you need to elevate yourselves, elevate your vibration. We’ll hear that. It’s like, what does that mean?

You know, but a lot of it has to do with spirituality. It has to do with being aware. I mean, people can find a deeper self through meditation or, you know, spirituality, but that apparently is important for us as a species. And, um, and we get, uh, we get warned about ecological disaster. People will see just trash piled up and up and up going out of the, out, out of the atmosphere, you know, which I think is just, you know, it’s giving them a mental image of what we’re doing to this world.

And, and people are told that this is a very rare planet, the biodiversity and the beauty of it. You have this gem and you treat it like a trash pile. So tho those are the three things that people, I hear it over and over and over again, some of these people have researched since they’ve had their encounters and they know something about the phenomenon, but the lions share of people are just confused.

They, they don’t have anything to compare it to. And, uh, we look for certain markers from case to case, and those are the three messages people are left with. Yeah. I’m

[00:48:18] Jeremiah: glad that you mentioned the, uh, nuclear thing, cuz I was gonna ask you that as well, like. There seems to be a huge UFO presence around nuclear reactors and during war times and stuff like that.

And makes you think that they’re, you know, Medling with our trajectory, like maybe they’re trying to prevent us from going overboard or cuz you always

[00:48:47] Earl Grey: hear about destroying ourselves perhaps. I mean, we hear that from case to case that you guys are gonna destroy yourselves and you don’t know how rare intelligence is in the universe.

I think it’s, you know, maybe they’re watching their science project going awry, uh, but. You know, and, and I know you were talking about that you had been reading David Jacobs and a lot of these guys, and a lot of these guys feel like it’s an invasion. I’m more with, uh, Dr. John Mack who put out a book called, uh, abduction.

And he was, uh, head of, uh, psychology at, uh, Harvard. I believe it was Harvard, Harvard. Uh there was a lot of blow back for him when he decided that, you know, this was a real phenomena and he, he threw himself into this great study of it. And he was one of the, you know, early people that you know, was doing hypnotic regression and, and then talking to abductee that it was a real thing, but he believes that, uh, it it’s that our visitors are much like us, that there’s benevolence.

And there’s some that are less benevolent. um, and I’m kind of in that school. I, I think that, uh, I don’t think that they’re all our space brothers, but I don’t think they are enemies or, or something that we should fear. We know they’ve been here at least since 1947 when the Roswell crash happened. And that was a spaceship.

I mean, I know the Jesse Marcel’s family, they’re all very dear friends of mine and they grew up hearing these stories. And, and, uh, I know my friend, Denise, Marcel, her, her father handled the, the memory medal is what they call it. After the Roswell crash, it was lighter than foil. Lighter. Light is a feather, but the Tenile strength, I mean, they shot bullets at it and, uh, it, it retained its shape, a bullet couldn’t harm it.

Uh, and if you would crumple it up, it would crumple up like foil, but then it would go back to its original shape. So it kind of got the, they. We call it memory metal for lack of a better term, maybe. Uh, but, but her father held that in his hands when he was 10 years old, his, her grandfather was a first official out to the Roswell, uh, debris field.

After the crash, it was about a square mile across, it was fanned out. It was something hit with a great force. And, uh, the, the main material that they found was this weird stuff that looked like foil, but acted like nothing that we had.

[00:51:27] Jeremiah: Um, yeah, I, a hundred percent, a hundred percent believe that Roswell crash was a real crash.

And I believe, well, this is just me personally, but I believe that there were alien bodies found and possibly living alien entity. And I think that there was some type of deal struck with the go. For secrecy in re exchange for like technology advancements, but that’s just what I think happened.

[00:52:02] Earl Grey: yeah, I, I I’m similar.

I have similar thoughts about it. Uh, the day after Roswell is a pretty good book. Uh, what’s his name, uh, Corso, uh, was an official that, uh, and, and he, he wrote a book called the day after Roswell, and it talks about how they, they took these materials to different, uh, universities, different, uh, aerospace companies.

They acted like they had gotten at, it was some foreign acquisition that spies had gotten it from another country and then figure this out. And apparently, you know, there were some electronics that were in there like circuitry. There was supposed to be fiber optics that they found. One of the technologies that supposedly came from this is, uh, night vision cameras.

It’s a very interesting story. My mom was connected with, uh, my mom was connected with the Pentagon. Uh, she actually worked for the Howard Hughes as one of his secretaries. And Chad have security clearance because she, you know, she, back then you would, you would dictate they, they would, they would have their meetings.

And my mom was like taking this stenography from these meetings and they also sent my mom out to a deep, underground military base. That’s a whole other story, but I grew up with this strange arcane knowledge. You know, my mom did like a little disclosure number on me when I was five thinking that I would never remember.

You know, you were a baby girl, you know, years later when I would keep asking her questions, you know, and she would just. Put her, you know, she’d face Palm and just say, I can’t, I wasn’t supposed to ever tell you that. And your mom could go to prison. You can’t talk about this. You know, I , I had to take oaths, you know, but she told me that, uh, you know, similar stories about the technology that, uh, apparently under the desert, they were trying to figure out how these things worked.

And, and I think there were bodies too. And I think there was a living one, there were two crash sites. You know, there was one in Corona, New Mexico, which was about, uh, 7,000 miles away from, from, uh, uh, the Roswell crash site. Apparently this scene, it, when it hit, uh, the, the habitat module. Was left in Corona and that’s where they found the bodies is, is the way the story goes.

The rest of this thing shot back up into the sky, like a super bowl and came back down in Roswell. And that was just the light material that they found there. So, uh, somebody from, uh, probably Wright Patterson, air force base, cuz that’s where they take, uh, you know, they would take materials. That’s where they took a Japanese zero that they acquired during world war II, you know, to reverse engineer certain things and figure out stuff.

So they, according to my sources, they, they that’s where they’ve taken a lot of the alien materials. Of course, Robert Bigelow’s aerospace company in, uh, Las Vegas, Nevada, apparently he’s getting, uh, a lot of interesting material samples and stuff out there. I don’t know if they’ve figured out how many of it works, but, uh, they sure are trying.

Yeah, for real. But, you know, if they were, if, if they were invading us or if they were evil, if there was all evil intent, I mean, they’d been here since at least 1947 and, and here we are, you know, we’re still doing the same old stuff, you know, fighting our wars and you know, the human soap opera or the human zoo, whatever you wanna call it.

Uh, we’re still here. And, and, uh, you know, if it was an invading force, they they’re doing a lousy job of it. so I, I don’t think that’s the intention. Uh, I don’t think that they’re here to steal our souls. I don’t think they’re here to, but I, I do think they’re concerned for us. I think that, uh, if you’re in the military, they may play, they may mess with you a bit.

Just kind of put us in our place. I I’m I’m gathering, uh, And, uh, but I think that whoever is overseeing whatever operation that is going on here, because there are a multiplicity of races that are visiting us, whoever’s in charge there’s rules and they, they can’t do certain things, you know, not supposed to harm us, not supposed tos.

Certainly. Um, whether that happens sometimes probably, I mean, we have people that break the law. Right. You know, so I guess that threat is probably there, but I don’t think that’s the core of what’s happening. Uh, I think that they’re worried for us that they’ve been here a long time that we’re our, we are their pet project and you, you watch your pet project going awry.

You’re gonna try to get it back on path. And I think that’s a lot of what we see.

[00:57:05] Jeremiah: Yeah. I, yeah, it does make you kind of wonder, cuz like you said, if. Yeah, they really wanted to exterminate us. Um, they would’ve done so already, especially how much more advanced technology they were at that time. And even still, like, we still can’t fly planes.

Like there are UFOs and all that stuff, so yeah, it definitely, um,

[00:57:30] Earl Grey: does. I think they’re concerned for us. Uh, they they’re worried that we’re going to destroy ourselves and I, I I’m like you too. I think that there’s a cyclical, a cyclical thing that happens with, with, uh, civilization. I, I, I think that our history only goes back so far and there’s been other civilizations before us, perhaps he looked exactly like us.

Maybe not. I don’t know, but, uh, I, I don’t think they wanna see us go that way. We we’ve been here a long time. Uh, they’ve been working with us for a long time and, and we’re, uh, I think that, that, that we may even be related to them. I mean, if they’ve been here, as long as I think they have, they may have had a hand in human evolution and it wouldn’t surprise me if, uh, they had, you know, given us some interesting DNA.

there are certain blood types that they just do not understand that have a propensity for healing, like O negative. My wife is O negative. She just doesn’t get sick, you know? And she just from, you know, and I know a lot of people that have that, and I I’ve heard that there’s, uh, some kind of anomalous connection.

Uh, the RH, uh, types of blood are, are, uh, interesting. And then they can’t really track where these, you know, blood lines came from originally. It’s like they pop into existence. So, uh, yeah, they’re interested in us, but I don’t think there are. Yeah, I don’t think so. Anything, I don’t think there are space brothers though.

Not necessarily some we’re like their, uh, some probably don’t

[00:59:07] Jeremiah: like us. We’re like their, uh, aunt farm. They just like watch us or we’re like the Sims that video game, the Sims, yeah.

[00:59:16] Earl Grey: oh my God. The alien Sims. Yeah. Yeah. There you go. If your Sims, you know, program up and did what it wanted to do and flipped the bird, you know, that’s more like us or reality TV, I’m guessing we’re pretty frustrating.

Yeah. Their reality TV. I don’t think that’s far fetched. I mean, you know, we, we wanna be entertained and, uh, people, their science project is sometimes, you know, becomes their, their joy as well. So, you know, uh, I think that we’re a work in progress and they don’t want to see us destroy ourselves that that’s I think the main motive.

So I’ll ask

[00:59:57] Jeremiah: one last deep question, I guess. Uh, what about the whole theory that their time travelers? I

[01:00:07] Earl Grey: think we can travel. I’ve heard that they can travel back in time. I don’t know that they can travel forward, but, uh, I’ve been told that time is a shared hallucination that we live in that makes it convenient for us as humans to hold a, you know, have a, have a time clock and clock in and clock out and stuff.

But, uh, that it’s much more malleable, more fluid than we think it is. And, uh, I, I believe that they can go back in time. Yeah,

[01:00:39] Jeremiah: I think so. Or like some people say there, our future selves, like future humans.

[01:00:46] Earl Grey: Yeah. Us from the, as jock filets, uh, as jock, file’s old, uh, theory and, and. I think some of it’s probably that, I mean, I had, uh, I was friends with, uh, the bass guitar player from the band.

Yes. Chris quire, uh, long story, but I’m a musician as well. And, uh, I, I, he married a, a mutual friend of ours and so I sort of, he wound up becoming a friend of mine and he had a, a UFO encounter back in 1977. He was in the UK going to a gig. Uh, he had his bus driver pull over cuz he had to use nature’s bathroom.

So there he was standing there. Peeing on a rock and he feels like some somebody’s watching him, just that feeling of eyes behind your back, you know, and he looks up and there is this right out of a science fiction movie, this, this a flying sauce, or about 40 feet across, uh, silver, no windows in it. But, uh, a little string of light spinning around like a carnival ride.

He said that he called them. He said they were garish looking lights, like you’d see in a carnival. Uh, he watched this thing tilt to its side and then shoot off into the distance in the blink of an eye and, and into the vanishing point. And it made quite the impression on Chris and he would, he would wanna talk about.

ETS, you know, till late at night, but he was asking me, uh, where do you think they come from? And I said, well, there’s one, you know, idea that some of these are us from the future, their time machines and maybe they’re human historians going back. And maybe that’s what happened with you. I mean, John Lyn told the same story.

I, I talked to, uh, John Lennon at the time was, was broken up with Yoko. He, he was with his, uh, old secretary, uh, may Pang and I’ve talked with may and she saw it. She was there, it was in New York. John calls her into the room. He says, what am I seeing? And are you seeing it too? Uh, he thought he might be having an acid flashback or something.

She comes out there and she said, oh my God, it’s a flying sous thing was hating in front of their picture window. Uh, they watched it go between buildings when it left, but it had the little screen of lights on the bottom. And I wonder. Maybe there’s like some music historian in the future, uh, going, going back, you know, into the past.

Uh, I wonder if the same, uh, flying saucer has been, was seen by Beethoven and, and Mozart and those guys too. I’d be, I guess I should do a deep dive into some, you know, music history to find out. So yeah, there, there may be some that are coming from the future. That might be us. Chris liked it so much. He wrote a song called aliens and the chorus is aliens are only us from the future.

Uh, you can find that on, on, uh, the YouTubes as put in Chris Squire, dash aliens, and the song will come up. I think he was inspired by our conversation to write it too. He never told me that, but it’s pretty close.

[01:03:49] Jeremiah: uh, it’s pretty

[01:03:50] Earl Grey: obvious.

[01:03:51] Jeremiah: Pretty pretty

[01:03:52] Earl Grey: obvious. Yeah. Thank you, Jeremiah. Oh, just, I’m gonna have to look that up.

Tell everybody. Yeah, everybody, you know, if, if what I’ve been talking about out there in, in, in listenership, uh, if it’s meaningful to you, if you’ve seen a UFO or you’ve had an en encounter, do go in and do put in, uh, a siding report, if you’ve seen entities, uh, you can put in a, the, we have a, a questionnaire, the E R T the exp the experience or resource team, uh, it’ll just say, uh, you know, experience or questionnaire.

You can fill that out. Somebody will get ahold of you. We’ll talk with you about your siding. And, uh, believe me, we, we have some amazing cases, so you’re not alone out there. That’s what we do. So yeah.

[01:04:43] Jeremiah: If, um, anyone wants to, uh, look at you or your works, or, um, get in contact with you, uh, how would they go about doing so.

[01:04:56] Earl Grey: Well, I’m on Facebook. I’m just Earl gray, but everybody can read my page. And I, I post a lot about what I’m doing. If I’m, you know, working on a, you know, documentary or radio show or a podcast like, like this one, uh, I’ll usually put it up there so people will know about it. Uh, if you have a burning desire to get ahold of me, um, I do have a Gmail account.

It’s Earl gray Anderson, uh, gray with a E G R E Y, uh, Anderson with an O Anderson. Son of Ander. Uh, so Earl gray Anderson, That’s that’s me. And, and, uh, I’ll get that. Um, other than that, uh, go to Uh, if you go to the experience or resource team page, I’m in there, and I’m also speaking at the Denver symposium in two weeks.

So if you’re in the Denver area, uh, do come and check us out. And what

[01:05:51] Jeremiah: does that all, uh, entail for anyone who doesn’t know?

[01:05:58] Earl Grey: There will be many speakers, very well known speakers. Uh, Kathleen Martin, that I was speaking of earlier, who is Betty and Barney Hill’s niece will be speaking. Uh, Peter Robbins, who, uh, was bud Hopkins, assistant.

Bud Hopkins was the guy that spearheaded experience or research. And, uh, Peter was there for all that for every hypnotic regression and, uh, he’s he’s written books and, uh, and, uh, amazing guy he’ll be speaking. Uh, and what I’m doing is, as I have on the Saturday and Sunday, I’m, I’m running an experience or workshop.

I’ll tell my own story because actually I am an experiencer. I’ve had a face to face and, and it’s a very real thing. Um, and, and I’ll be talking about that. I’ll be talking about some of our more amazing, uh, experience or cases where people have had, you know, have been abducted or con you know, visited.

And, uh, and then the floor will be opened up for people to share their own, uh, their own experiences. Uh, the press will not be invited. Uh, photos and stuff will not be allowed in the workshop because we, we, you know, respect people’s anonymity. And, it could be scary for somebody coming forward. Saying that they’ve met with aliens, but, uh, it it’s more common than you would think.

  1. I, I talk to so many people that have gone through this and they come from all walks of life. And, um,

[01:07:32] Jeremiah: if you’re not in the Denver area, is it gonna be available like after the fact, like, do you guys,

[01:07:39] Earl Grey: uh, I do know that they’ll have it available to stream through Mo on TV. I think that that’s, uh, I think it’s like 70 bucks a year or something. But that’s a vast library of, of just from all the symposiums, every speaker, uh, films and, and, and television shows.

And it’s, it’s all on there and I, I actually pay for it and it’s worth the subscription. I think. So, uh, the symposium, everything will be, uh, collected, filmed. And will be collected and, and will be watchable to the general public if you, uh, if you get a Mo on TV

[01:08:16] Jeremiah: subscription. All right. Sounds good. Well, thank you for coming on and speaking with us.

And, uh, I definitely learned some things. Also glued to your stories, cuz I love hearing about all that stuff and uh, every little bit of knowledge I can get. I like to, uh, keep it in my little memory bank.

[01:08:39] Earl Grey: me too. It’s addicting. Isn’t it? Yeah. It’s the most interesting thing on planet earth and it’s happening. And, it’s the act of phenomena it’s happening right now.

And it’s on in the newspapers, it’s on the news. They don’t laugh at it anymore. They don’t play the X files theme anymore. it’s being taken very seriously. You know? I mean the military has come forward and said, yes. It is real and they’re not ours and they’re not Russia’s or China’s. So, uh, that says a lot about, you know, it’s very different the times that we live in, it’s uh, kind of a blessing.

It’s amazing. So. Now is the time to check it out. Hopefully

[01:09:19] Jeremiah: that will let more people come forward that have had experiences and not be afraid of being laughed at or scoffed at it. Just opens up the door. Yes.

[01:09:31] Earl Grey: Yes it does. Yes, it

[01:09:34] Jeremiah: does. Well, thank you for coming on.

[01:09:38] Earl Grey: It’s my pleasure, Jeremiah. I’ll be back sometime if you want.

I, I enjoyed, uh, talking with you. Oh yeah, definitely.

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Aliens and Paranormal

Aliens and Paranormal

Aliens and Paranormal

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Aliens and Paranormal

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. And welcome back. Thank you for tuning in to the, what if the wrong podcast today, we have a nice discussion with mark and we’re gonna be talking about the UFO alien abduction phenomenon. Mark believes that he has been abducted himself and has a scoop mark on his arm that he thinks is proof that he was abducted, cuz he has no other recollection of how he got this scoop mark.

So we’re gonna get into that as well. But first, if you could go and rate and review the show, we highly appreciated would just let me know that you’re enjoying the content and also help keep us up on the rankings to keep the show going, bringing you all this great content and all these great guests.

Also, what if they’ wrong podcast is on buy me a coffee so you can donate to the show. If you like the content. Every little bit would be appreciated. And also if you donate, I will give you a shout out on the next episode. So let’s get with mark and remember question everything


[00:01:41] Mark: I’ve had paranormal experiences on a broad spectrum.

Uh, when I say paranormal, I mean, a, I use that more of a blanket term, uh, anything from parapsychology to UFOs to whatever you. and, uh, I, I’m also an amateur para psychologist. I’m about to get certified through duke university, uh, with a certificate. Um, I’ve got a lot, I’ve got eight over 18 years of earth of research behind me and I can talk about a lot.

[00:02:07] Jeremiah: Oh, wow. Yeah. Um, duke university. I’m in North Carolina now. So not too far.

[00:02:14] Mark: so it’s the, at the RH center there?

[00:02:17] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’m in, I’m over by Charlotte, so,

[00:02:21] Mark: oh, you’re not that far from me. I’m in Gainesville.

[00:02:24] Jeremiah: Oh, okay. Yeah. I didn’t know that they had a parapsychology degree or whatever you’d said.

[00:02:32] Mark: Yeah. Yeah. A lot of people, a lot of, uh, people who watch these paranormal reality shows.

They get parapsychology mixed up with ghost hunting while they do connect and they are correlated. There is a difference. Um, there’s a deep difference. And, uh, I’m also, uh, just as a side note, I’m also a, uh, one of the other hats I wear, I’m a certified storm spotter for the national weather service. So I’m, I’ve been in a lot of I’ve I I’ve spotted tornadoes.

Uh, I, uh, look for ’em on Doppler. I, I try to help forecast them and stuff like, and spot.

[00:03:09] Jeremiah: Oh, that’s pretty cool. um, yeah, I always remember those movies, like, uh, what was that one? Twister and they were like storm Chas. We got a Sidewinder yeah, I liked that movie.

[00:03:26] Mark: Yeah, that, that was a, it was a pretty good movie.

It was entertaining and everything. And, uh, the real thing is much more intense. It’s much more terrifying and it’s much more serious.

[00:03:36] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. . That stuff is not to be played with either.

[00:03:41] Mark: I’ve been in two EF zeros and I’ve been in an EF two. And the EF two, I was in, uh, just as a note side note, um, was back in 1994 in Southern Birmingham, Alabama Metro areas on Palm Sunday.

And it was a, uh, a third of a mile wide, uh, EF two, uh, tornado, which is a significant tornado. Um, it. When I saw it approaching, you could just see this wall cloud practically touching the ground, this massive wall cloud. It was rotating really fast. Um, it was, it was amazing.

[00:04:15] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s, that’s wild. I, I haven’t seen a tornado, but I was in Alabama, my cousin’s house and the, uh, alarm system went off saying like a tornado was coming

Yeah, but I don’t think it ever came by where we.

[00:04:33] Mark: Like the meteorologist James span says respect the polygon. That’s what I tell people. Right. I, I know all about storm structure. I could tell you about, uh, super cells. Uh Supplie linear convective systems, meso cyclones, the whole nine yards.

[00:04:49] Jeremiah: Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s pretty, uh, impressive.

So yeah, I just, um, yeah, just figured we could talk. And, uh, I’m always looking for other people who are into the whole UFO and abduction phenomenon and all that stuff. And, um, I like covering it on my show and I interviewed now, I don’t know the validity, but I interviewed two ladies who claimed to have had an abduction and, um, just give people a platform.

talk about their experiences. You know, that’s

[00:05:31] Mark: kind, you know, my in contrast to my show, I wanna tell you about my show. Um, first of all, when I look through your show, I noticed you caught you. You cover a very nice variety of topics, and my hat’s definitely off to you on that. Um, I saw a very interesting array of topics, really interesting array.

secondly, so project Stargate, friends research, I named it project Stargate, um, because of there was back I’m I’m a Barron and, uh, I was in the army for, uh, three years, uh, third infantry division mechanized, and, um, I learned years and years ago that there was a special access program, uh, called product Stargate.

And it was basically a, it was, it was ran by the army and it was monitored. I believe to some degree by the central intelligence agency in another three letter agency, um, that I’m not familiar with. At any rate, they were what they were, uh, they were experimenting with remote viewing and clairvoyance. And, um, clairvoyance is the ability, uh, per pair psychology.

The actual definition of clairvoyance is the ability to project one’s consciousness in other and view events or objects in time. Other areas of time and space, even pre cognitive. Now that’s the key right there. Um, now that accounts that does account for, I do believe that, uh, that some, some ghost sightings, uh, account for that phenomenon, some it it’s kind of like, uh, and sometimes, uh, I had Mike Rick sucker on my show, uh, Months ago.

And we were talking about, uh, the idea of time warping and, uh, GRA areas where the gravity’s kind of whacked a little bit and having, having some, um, intense geomagnetic, uh, electromagnetic fields and stuff like that. It was riveting conversation. Um, But we think that there also sometimes there are time wars.

So that’s just examples of things that we research I’ve researched, uh, for over 18 years. The reason I got into researching is because ever since I can remember, I’ve had, uh, various different kinds of paranormal experiences. Everything ranging from missing time to, uh, lots of UFO sidings with, and without other family members.

I have trace evidence as I’m gonna show you here in a little bit, uh, that I can, I can share with you. I’ve had this trace set evidence, uh, looked at by both Kathleen Martin and Darrell Sims. Uh, they seem to be pretty convinced that this, uh, scoop mark or whatever it is on my wrist is very consistent with what they’ve.

Very frequently over the past several decades. So, so we’re a research group first and foremost. We, um, what, we’re the whole idea behind project Stargate friends research is to share our research with the public, uh, first and foremost, but at the drop of a dime, I can go art bell. We, we can, I can go, we can flip the talk show mode and I can go art bell.

Just fine. No problem. I can go all out art bell on somebody. Um, but that’s what we are. That’s who I am. And that’s what I do.

[00:08:46] Jeremiah: Yeah. The I’ve been listening to the coast of coast for a long time. My show, I kind of model it around that. and um, like you said, I cover various topics and I like to dive into anything that I consider fringe and, um, Give people a platform to share their experiences and research and places that they couldn’t get to do that elsewhere.

Cuz like you probably wouldn’t see a lot of stuff I cover on mainstream TV or anything like that. So

[00:09:22] Mark: that’s what sets you apart from everybody else. And let me, and let me E encourage you to keep doing this because the more people that do this, the more, we’re all an important piece of these puzzle. The more of us who puts our piece out there.

The, the closer we’re gonna come to answering these que some of these questions. Some,

[00:09:41] Jeremiah: yeah. Some things are probably never gonna be answered, at least not in our lifetime, but who knows maybe on the other side, we’ll figure it out.

[00:09:51] Mark: correct. Hopefully. So, um, me personally, I approach things from I’m a little unique.

Um, I come at things I, I believe in science and I believe in God, basically that’s the bottom line. Uh, I believe that their synonymous and I believe that God, what we call science is real. A, and we have even begun to scratch the surface on it, but I also believe that what, what we call science is simply God’s methodology or the universe’s methodology, whatever you prefer to prefer as, uh, like the methodology of making everything in these three dimensions.

We, uh, we live in livable and for us to be able to better ourselves. That’s what I, that’s my philosophy. That’s the very bottom.

[00:10:37] Jeremiah: Yeah, if, uh, better ourselves and to experience life and, um, you know, they like this world is constructed for us to experience, like you said, cuz if you take everything down, so it’s basic form, it’s all just like energy and.

you know, this desk really isn’t a desk. If you take it down to like the microscopic level. So it’s just what we perceive. And we’re programmed, in my opinion, we’re programmed to perceive everything this way, but there are ways and techniques to go outside of, of that. And people have throughout time found ways to, to do that.

[00:11:25] Mark: Um, I recommend, I wanna recommend a guest for you if I okay. Um, and I can, I might can introduce you to this individual. His name is Dr. Barry TAF. If you can write that down, you have Barry. He is a Barry TAF, uh, PhD. Has a PhD in biomedical engineering. Wrote a book. He’s also, he’s a para psychologist and he wrote a book called aliens above ghosts, below explorations of the unknown.

And it’s basically, uh, it’s almost like I call it the parapsychology Bible for lack of a better term, cuz that’s kind of what it is. Um, and also like I have in many, many other researchers, uh, have, have, or is starting to see us some correlation between various different types of paranormal phenomenon.

And I can talk about that at length. If you ever want me. Oh, yeah. Get

[00:12:23] Jeremiah: into that. Let’s talk about that.

[00:12:25] Mark: um, yeah. So I can talk about that for sure. I, um, first of all, I want, we gotta kind of go back into my, uh, early life. Um, I was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi, and, um, I, I had a pretty good upbringing.

We, my mom and dad, they were, they, they kind of sheltered me a little. Um, you know, I was able to watch TV a little bit here and there and, you know, I, they just demanded respect and obedience and they, they took very good care of me though. They took excellent care of me. They, uh, there was no abuse really going on of any kind.

Um, my throughout my childhood and, uh, I, uh, I was raised in a town called, uh, Columbus, Mississippi in Lowes county, uh, which is right on the Alabama. And I had my grandparents, they lived down south and Laurel, Mississippi, uh, which is where my mom and dad reside currently. Um, so I had a pretty good upbringing, but one thing though, um, is I, I noticed at a very, very young age that think that I, I was having these bizarre experiences that, um, people would raise their eyebrows out, uh, things that I could see that my mom and dad or other people couldn’t.

And usually it was like, it was a man. It was the same person every single time, uh, this guy. And, uh, I, I, I don’t know if he was my guardian angel. I I’m about, I’m pretty sure that’s what he was. Uh, I think he was my guardian angel or something, uh, to that effect, but he, um, at any rate, he. I would see him all the time.

And I would climb. What I would do is I would climb underneath, uh, our dining room table in the dining room, in this house in Mississippi. And when I would crawl under there, he would show up at a, just practically outta nowhere. And he would crawl under the table and talk to me just like me and you are having this conversation right now as we speak.

Um, and so I started having these experiences, um, One of my earliest experiences that I remember I was visiting my grandparents in south Mississippi, and we, um, I was staying in this basement room and I, I think you could call it, probably considered this like some sort of close encounter experience of some kind.

Uh, but I, I woke up and there were three entities standing at the foot of the bed and these entities were very small. They were approximately three and a half foot. uh, three and a half to four foot. Uh, they were about, they were taught a little bit taller than me. Um, cause I was about four years old or something like that.

Um, anyways, these, uh, these entities. Didn’t they had very, they had very, very small little areas that you could call a mouth. They had, um, the, what, these little nub things that looked like, I guess they were ears. I don’t know what they were. Um, and two little holes, like right up here. And then they had these big black app, wraparound eye lenses.

And, um, they also wore these little what looked like a, like a really dark maroon robe with a hood over it. Kinda like a Dr. CLO. That was one of my, uh, young, that was one of my earliest, uh, experiences that I remember.

[00:15:44] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s a very common thing to, um, people who get abducted. Now, I’m not saying you got abducted, but maybe did.

Um, but people who got abducted from their room and bed and everything like that, it’s usually three, three gray type aliens. deck do it. And I don’t know what the significance of that is, but, um, yeah, from a lot of encounters I’ve read and heard about it always seems to be three and they usually are like assisted by a taller gray type being or a Manto type being.

So yeah, you definitely, it definitely fits the, the, it hits

[00:16:32] Mark: the profile. For sure. I don’t like, I don’t like to jump to conclusion his brother. I, I really don’t but you know, if it looks like a pig and it works like a pig, it’s probably a pig. Yeah. That’s what they say. But let’s go deeper. Let’s go a little bit deeper if you want to.

Yeah. Um, so moving forward, let’s move forward about, you know, maybe, I don’t know, four years, I think I was about eight years. One summer, my grandparents from south Mississippi, they came up, they spent the weekend at our house and, um, they actually, uh, when it was time for them to go, they were ready to go home.

Sunday. I just, outta nowhere, I just had this overwhelming desire to go with ’em. I was like, Hey, you know, I was, I begged my mom and dad to let me go. And they did, you know, we got in the, we got in the vehicle and, um, we started, uh, heading south and, uh, through, through the state of Mississippi, And, um, as it was getting dark, this is how I recall these events.

I recall these events as, uh, in kind of in this order. We started, I remember where this started because I would, I, I saw a sign, an exit sign off this highway, and I know the general area that this happened in. Uh, cuz I remember when I was little seeing the sign lit up by the, uh, car lights, um, By the lamps.

And I could see that it was an exit for Philadelphia, Mississippi. So not very shortly after we passed that exit. Now keep in mind, it was around, uh, 8 50, 8 55 in the evening. It was summer and it was getting dark. It had just gotten dark and we’re, we’re going down the highway and outta nowhere, this very bright fiery object flies in front of our vehicle.

I felt stunned. I felt afraid and very confused. Uh, my grandmother was very outta sorts and the next thing we knew, uh, we were probably about an hour away from their house at this point. Uh, and we should have gotten there by 10 o’clock, but it was close to midnight when we actually got there. How can that.

Uh, I got very sick to my stomach. I, I got, I threw up, uh, I, I was very sick. I was fine the next day, but, um, experiences like this, that I’ve had a lot of times they’re followed up by other types of phenomenon. Uh, like for example, uh, I had a UFO siding when I was older and, um, I was having this UFO siding almost every night for about two months, one summer.

And, um, I had a witness, my partner, Greg that’s on my show. Uh, he’s one of my co-hosts and my partner, uh, Greg, I, I, we got, we used to work together and I, when we got off, when we were about to get off work, I asked him, I told him what I’d been seeing. Uh, I told him what’s been happening and he agreed that when we closed up shop, we were gonna go, he was gonna follow me back to my house and, and come.

Well, he did. And sure enough, it wasn’t within five minutes of him staying there. This object manifested, uh, in the horizon, not too distant horizon and it seemed to have the ability to implode and then reappear somewhere else in another area of space. So later that night after he, after all the, the event, uh, transpired, um, I had a brief, uh, what a akin to a Poulter, uh, outbreak in the house I was living at the time.

So, I mean, there’s a lot of things that could, that I’ve seen personally. Um, uh, that’s just a couple of my experiences that I remember where I had some other Paran types of paranormal phenomenon associated. There would be associated with parapsychology, including, uh, a sort of telepathic. Idea projection into my head, like, come with us, like in the first experience I told you about it wasn’t it was not a language that it was used towards.

It was ideas, like come with us, stuff like that,

[00:20:42] Jeremiah: kind of like, um, yeah, they just put the thought in your head kind of thing. It’s not like actual like speech or talking. You just kind of know, is that how it was. .

[00:20:56] Mark: Yeah. I mean, it’s just like, it’s really hard to describe. They’re not your thoughts and what scares me about what, the thing that kind of creeps me out about that is I’ve also studied some demonology and that kind of sounds like possession in a way, but it wasn’t, I know I wasn’t demonically possessed or anything, but it’s kind of similar to that.

Uh you’re you’re someone else’s consciousness is operating in your mind, it being projected to you or whatnot.

[00:21:21] Jeremiah: Now, have you, um, tried to go through like the hypnotherapy or regression. Hmm.

[00:21:31] Mark: So that’s a good question. Um, I’m a Mo member of Mohan. and we’re starting up, uh, here in Georgia. We’re starting up.

We’re actually about, uh, me and, uh, some other, well, this, this one of my fellow members, I should say, this is his, his, uh, group that he’s starting and I’m, I’m gonna, uh, I’m. I might be assisting with it. Uh, it’s an experience’s group and, um, As far as, before I made, I have not made a decision on whether I want to try hypno, hypno, regression.

Um, it’s kind of one of those things like, do I, do I want to add trauma to this? Do I, you know, is it gonna really screw me up? You know, is it, do I really wanna know what happened? Because a lot of the cases I’ve already studied already. Uh, most of them weren’t very.

[00:22:19] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s one of those double edged swords.

It’s like, do I want to know or will it make things worse or, uh, yeah, I understand that completely. Um, cuz like you said, a lot of the stories I’ve heard from David Jacobs and all that is like, yeah, the people have terrible experiences, but of course their memories are pretty much wiped until they go through.

regression or whatever. So, yeah, I was just curious if, if you were planning on doing that to try to get some answers, but maybe you don’t want to get the answers.

[00:22:58] Mark: I don’t know I’m gonna prayerfully consider it, but at the same time, um, one of the reasons why I wanna be involved with this, uh, group, uh, is because one thing it’ll give me a direct in my face insight.

I’ve I’ve studied tons and tons of, of Abdu abduction cases. Over the years, I’ve had, uh, I had Kathleen Martin on my show twice, a couple, two or three times, and we talked about Betty and Barney heard that, you know, her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney hill, we talked about a lot of stuff. She ran and experienced her group along with this lady named den Denise stoner, uh, who I also had on my show.

Um, and they were, they ran that for a while in Florida. Down in Florida, uh, for, and, and separately from Mohan.

[00:23:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s definitely interesting that Benny and Barney hill case is, um, pretty dang. Um, well, I believe it, but I’m saying it’s pretty hard to dispute their case. Uh, if you’re like a denier or whatever,

[00:24:04] Mark: if you’re a Michael Shermer or a Philip Glass, understood.

Yeah. You know, you know, it’s, it is funny, you know, I, I catch my, you know, every once in a while, um, I like to listen to Joe Rogan. He’s he’s I like the way he does his podcast. There’s the chill environment, the, the campfire style conversation, kinda like we’re having right now. Um, very similar. Um, but, uh, I saw him, uh, when he interviewed, um, uh, he interviewed, he had several really good interviews.

I recommend people checking out. One was Dan Aroy, uh, the actor. Um, and he’s very interested in the paranormal, um, in real life. And, uh, the other one was Bob Lazar and that was just probably one of the best interviews, more detailed and descriptive and brutally honest interviews I’ve seen. And I, I tend to believe his story.

I tend to lean that.

[00:24:53] Jeremiah: Yeah, I think I’ve heard at least sections of that, Bob Laar one. Um, I have to go back and listen to the whole thing again, but yeah, I’ve always liked Joe Rogan myself. Like I just like how he’s the same type of way where he just gives people a platform to talk. And, um, it’s not really like geared towards one thing or the other.

It’s kind of like, just tell me your experience. And, uh, like I, I listen to a ton of. One’s about like people’s iowaska trips and stuff and, um, yeah, that kind of stuff like really fascinates me, like,

[00:25:30] Mark: yeah, me too. It does me too as well.

[00:25:33] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve never done it and I’ve been to Peru, but I went to like, do the, um, see all the ruins and stuff like that.

And I’m actually going back to Peru in like two weeks. And. I, I won’t be doing iowaska, but I’ll be looking at the ruins again. I hope to get footage so I can make like a short documentary or something of like all the weird stuff there that just doesn’t make sense for like traditional history.

[00:26:02] Mark: Yeah. AB I I’m fascinated.

I’ll tell you what, man. I’m really fascinated with the NASCA. Uh, the, the NASCA lines is, is very mysterious. You know, who, how the. Did they get those things done as, as, as accurately and as, and as they have, it’s just incredible.

[00:26:20] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then also why, like, they won’t be able to see it from the ground. So what were they doing?

Were they, I’m not saying like instantly it’s aliens, but like why would they create that? They can’t even like admire their own work.

[00:26:38] Mark: Yeah. And, and, you know, there’s a lot, there are other possibilities about that, but at the end of the day, um, it speculated they did it to, to honor their gods in some way.

And who knows? I mean, there’s a, there’s, there’s evidence, there’s some, some evidence out there to support that some kind of non-human intelligence has, uh, has operated and interacted with us for at least a couple thousand years. And I find it very interest.

[00:27:04] Jeremiah: So through, uh, your research and everything and people you’ve talked to and stuff like that.

I know I’m in the camp of aliens being interdimensional. Um, and I know there’s a small group of people who think the same. Um, what’s your take on the whole alien thing? Do you think they’re from outer space, you think they’re interdimensional or are they kind of like a mix of both?

[00:27:32] Mark: Okay, so I’ll start with this.

I got a friend of mine. He’s actually, uh, a, a member of moan. His name is Joseph Jordan, and he joined moan decades ago. I want, I’m just practicing with this, but he joined moan many years ago and he started a sort of like an experiences type group as well. This is back in like the night early nineties. I think it was.

um, I’ve got his book. He, he gave, he sent me a copy of his book, but, um, at any rate, um, he did a lot of research and he started seeing some anomalies that were popping up in this research. Now some of this had religious overtones, which, uh, is hard for a lot of, is a pill, hard pill for a lot of people to swallow.

But, um, at any rate, Um, there, there are some cases there’s a, a pretty decent amount of cases that were reported to that, uh, that he investigated over the years. Or he, he was, uh, told by, uh, people who had, uh, experiences different, these types of contact experiences with, uh, non-human intelligence of some kind.

And they seem to not like the whole, uh, mention in God’s name or Christ name or whatever, or YWA or whatever. Your belief system is, uh, they didn’t like that at all. And the, um, the experience was terminated, uh, through using that, uh, that technique. Um, I actually had a very similar experience one time, uh, which I can talk about, uh, later, if you ever want me to.

Um, but at any rate, um, there’s a, uh, I, I tend to leave towards the interdimensional theory. It’s a mixed bag. Think there’s a lot of things at play here. I think that there. Different types of entities that are interacting with us. Um, a guy, I had a guy named Howard storm on my program. He was on salt mysteries, um, and Howard had a near death experience.

Uh, he ended up in a very hellish place, uh, that was kind of wrapped up in our dimension in some way. Uh, he was out of his body fully and, uh, people were ripping him to shreds and he was, and it got dark and. He had, and then turned into a very positive experience. And he was there with our creator one on one, and he was asking God, all these questions.

And then they got to the, the whole, I asked, I looked at him dead in the eye. I said, I said, Mr. Storm, what about aliens? He said that God told him. uh, or the, be the Supreme being whatever you prefer that told him that yes, there showed him all these examples of different types of beings he’s created throughout dimensions and space and everything.

And said, but the ones that were interacting with mankind at this point are up to no good. That’s what he said. So, you know, these could be aliens. These could be. Um, but I think that they’re, they would most certainly have to be interdimensional in nature because, uh, you could call ’em alien.

You can call ’em interdimensional beings. You can call ’em whatever you want to call ’em. Uh, but the, the facts are this. We don’t know where the heck they come from or who they really. That is a fact, uh, we could be dealing with fallen angels in some cases, uh, we could be dealing with, um, each BA, uh, bad ETS.

We could be dealing with some sort of bio. I think that some things are biological Androids, uh, specifically the grays. Uh, they don’t seem to have a very high intelligence of any kind. Uh, they just seem to be like a worker B type thing. Um, they’re there for one purpose and one purpose only that’s to, uh, drag your tail out bed or out of your car in broad daylight, and then in the evening, and do things to you that are can to rape torture and mutilation.

So interdimensional, uh, extra terrestrial, it’s all the same at the end of the day. I believe it is. Um, and I think that there may be something else at play here that more, even more sinister, uh, at play that’s that’s involved with these.

[00:31:29] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s kind of crazy to me, cuz like, if you just look at it one way or something like that, you could be like, oh, there’s just from outer space.

There are space brothers or whatever. But then I think like while I listen to stories of people who have. Mushroom trips or iowaska journeys or all these different things. And they will legit tell you they’ve met like gray type aliens on these trips that they’re having. And it would just make more sense to me, you know, maybe these be these whatever substances.

Are able to give people glimpses into these other realities, these other dimensions? Um, I don’t know. It’s just my take on it.

[00:32:21] Mark: Yeah. And is, I don’t think you’re, I think, I don’t think you’re off the beaten path at all. Very fascinating. And, uh, I have to, you know, I think I have to concede that that’s a definite possibility I’m, I’m open, we’re wide open to other possibilities.

Our, our motto is, is we listen to understand, not to listen, to respond. So that way, even if you disagree with their conclusions, you can still learn from other people.

[00:32:45] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. Have you heard of, um, well I’m sure you have, but, uh, LA Marzuk, he is totally on the, and he’s totally on the. Yeah, he’s totally in the camp of, uh, them being like demonic beings.

And, um, I think he has like documentary videos of like, um, implants and stuff, and he like prays on them, praise on them and they like disappear. So it’s just very interesting to me.

[00:33:20] Mark: absolutely. Um, I think, like I said, I think everybody’s at an important piece of, uh, the paranormal puzzle. Um, we also, now I’ll tell you this, um, there’s also, I’ve, I’ve had a lot of, I’ve had some other experiences that had, uh, various types of paranormal phenomenon.

It seem to be kind of a hosh positive of activity. I can, I can tell you talk about that a little bit. If you. yeah, yeah, go ahead. Um, when I was older, I was probably around 12, 13 years old. And, um, I had an experience one night. Uh, it was in the middle of the night or early morning. Uh, I’m not really sure what time it was, but it was in the middle of the night.

And I, I was about, you know, 12, 13 years. And I woke up and I, I could feel, I, I was paralyzed. I was, I felt like I was suffocating and I was paralyzed. I could see, but I couldn’t move my body or anything. But the weird thing about it was is there’s not, I was not laying on my bed. I could, I could not feel the bed underneath me, my pillow underneath.

I mean, it was, I was probably several feet levitating, both my bed. And when I woke up the next morning, I felt that I felt myself, uh, impact the bed and I slammed down the bed and I woke up at the following morning and there I had, what’s what they call scoop mark on my, uh, right wrist. And I’ve never had an injury there.

I’ve never been to the doctor. Uh, it looks like something, some kind of device or instrument just scooped a little piece of flesh off right here off my wrist. You can’t really see it cuz of the, my resolution’s kind of low my cam, but it’s there. I, I have a high resolution picture.

[00:35:02] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve heard about the scoop marks and then there’s the, um, three dots that are like a pyramid kind of thing.

And, um, I’m sure there’s others. I can’t think of off the top of my head, but yeah, all these abductions, definitely. It seems to always start with like an examination type of thing. And, uh, a lot of it turns like, I say sexual, but I don’t mean like porn or having a having sex or whatever. It’s more like reproductive sexual.


[00:35:35] Mark: sometimes it is though.

[00:35:37] Jeremiah: Yeah. And yeah, the whole hybridization, um, and like hybrid babies and all that stuff. Like yeah. That stuff like really fascinates me and creeps me out at the same time. It’s like, it is what are doing.

[00:35:54] Mark: my, I have a theory on that, by the way, I actually have an I a hypothesis rather.

Um, what’s that it kind of takes us back to Genesis chapter five, uh, in the days of Noah, uh, or Genesis chapter six, I think it was six. Um, I believe that it’s very possible that what, what these entities are are doing is trying to replicate that in some. Uh, in the days of Noah, the sons of God came before the Lord and they lusted after the daughters of men, they took ’em as WIS.

And there may have, there may have been some sort of offspring, uh, between whatever the, the sons of gods are and, uh, these women and which, uh, I think what I believe possibly could have corrupted our gene pool, um, in, in some fashion with their, uh, ne or their giants. And, um, I, what I think may be going, what could be possibly happening right.

Right now with this is maybe what if they’re trying to, uh, get that experiment going and, you know, again, or in a different way, try to achieve a similar result.

[00:37:00] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s definitely possible. And something I’ve definitely thought about is like, and. I know a lot of people these days, like as soon as you mention, like religion, they’re like turned off and they’re like, oh, you’re just talking about that crazy religious stuff.

But like, if you take the dogma of religion out of it and just focus on the scripture and her, and it does line up pretty. Pretty, uh, pretty well because you have, like you said, the fallen angels, and then they went into the daughters of men and created the offspring, the NELI and all that. And yeah, it could be the same exact thing they’re trying to make, uh, this hybrid race or whatever.

And. A lot of times it seems to fail at it because from the, a lot of accounts I’ve heard about and looked into the babies always seem like sickly or weak, or something’s not right with them. They ask the person that they’re, they AB abducted to like, hold the baby close to them and, and love on it.

Like tell ’em like, oh, it’s a beautiful baby. Even if the woman is. Kind of disgusted by it and yeah, I definitely could see that being the case that, um, and I know it probably happened before, but it seems like was 1947, the Roswell crash seems to be like the kickoff point. Uh,

[00:38:38] Mark: yeah. Of the modern UFO era.

And as a, as an interesting side note, I’d like to add to that. If you don’t mind, 1947, ironically is the year that Aster Crowley died. Oh. And, um, Jack Parsch Hemond Jack Parsons and other people who was following, uh, his DIIC, uh, satanic type beliefs. Um, they performed ceremonies that when in one theory is they opened up some sort of veil where these entities came through, cuz he Crowley at one point, uh, claims that he had an encounter within being that he called LA L that’s Lima alpha, Mike.

And this entity looked very similar to what they call and what I saw in, in when I was a little, very little.

[00:39:22] Jeremiah: Oh, wow. That’s crazy. I actually didn’t know that but, um, yep. Yeah. I know about Crowley and how he’s evil and satanic. And he did a whole lot of like bad stuff while he was alive. And. Uh, I think I saw he got kicked out of Italy or something cuz he had this cult going on and

[00:39:44] Mark: he did, he, he, he had a cult going and uh, some people died.

I, from my understanding, uh, he was just, he was a loser. This guy was just a loser. I hate to say that I bet somebody, but that’s just the truth of the matter. Um, he let people die. He rumored to have murdered a few people, but I don’t know what there’s also rumors that he was like, they thought the whole, that whole thing was a big front, that he was like a spy for the British, uh, government, uh, spying on the, uh, uh, Germans.

Uh, during more war, I think one and two or at least one, I’m not sure if it was two, but anyways, there there’s all kinds of crazy rumors, but at the end of the day, it’s pretty obvious. The sky is a very wicked man.

[00:40:26] Jeremiah: Yeah. And the coincidence that , that when he died is when the whole alien like modern alien phenomenon, uh, started is pretty, uh, pretty crazy.

I’d never heard that one. So that’s something new, uh, for me. And then. I think also they’re messing with, um, portals and stuff at CERN over in Switzerland. I don’t know if you know about that, but, um,

[00:40:55] Mark: yeah, I really do. I’ve heard a little bit about it. I’m not, I don’t know a whole, I’m not on the up and up with that, but I’ve heard a little bit about it.

[00:41:02] Jeremiah: Yeah, so there’s a lot of weird stuff going on around cer and like when they reboot the machine, I think it back in like 2012. Uh, so I have an episode about CERN 2012 and how, um, a lot of people think our, I hate saying our world ended cuz like we’re still here, but the world that we knew. um, a lot, there’s a theory that when they rebooted CN in 2012, it kind of merged our reality with an alternate, um, like a parallel universe reality.

And I think that’s when the whole like Mandela effect thing really sprung up and people started like noticing things are not exactly how they remember. And, um, so yeah, it’s just another interesting thing that. You know, maybe they are over there and if you watch the like ceremonies they do, and the Godder tunnel conspiracy or the Godder tunnel opens ceremony and stuff like that, it’s just very strange.

And it doesn’t make any sense why they would, uh, perform those type of like acts or rituals or whatever. And unless they’re up to no good. .

[00:42:20] Mark: Yeah. I mean, it is, it’s very bizarre for sure. I mean, if you’re, if these are supposed to be nuts and bolt scientists, but you never know.

[00:42:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. So, yeah, it’s, uh, it’s crazy.

And you know, in the grand scheme of things from 1947 till now, uh, it’s really not a lot of time has passed. I mean, for us, because we. You know, we only live so many years. It seems like a long time, but, uh, in the grand scheme of the planet and everything, it’s such a short time. So, and then you see all the current events going on and stuff like that.

It’s like a lot of people are saying, yeah, we’re we’re are, were in the, uh, book of revelations or whatever. So

[00:43:10] Mark: now the book of Daniel.

[00:43:12] Jeremiah: Yeah. And. I, I say that to tie it in with the whole alien abduction thing and you know, what are they up to, or is this all part of the, what was written in the, you know, far past?

[00:43:29] Mark: Exactly. Yeah. You know, it is, it’s really interesting because, um, I had another experience one time. I think I wanna share with you. Um, if you, if you don’t mind. Yeah, go ahead. Um, this let’s go back to 1990. Uh, this is before, right? Not too long. Before I joined the military, I was invited to come to a party at someone’s house and they had a we award.

Now I wanna disclaim one thing. I do not recommend anybody under any circumstances ever mess around with the, a cult, what I call a cult objects like that, uh, very dangerous stuff. However, I was a skeptic at the time, you, I was very skeptical, uh, at that I haven’t woken up yet per se, where I started having these memories flooding back in, like I did in my mid twenties.

So, you know, I was just very skeptical about it. I didn’t think about anything that happened with my past really so much. I would just, all I cared about was girls and, you know, partying and this and that back then when I was really young. So we all, we all huddled around this little table and she had her OUIA board and on the, and then the plant chat was sitting there and, and I put my hands on fingers.

I laid my fingers on it. Very gently. Everybody else did. Then we had, uh, someone keeping notes. And there was some kind of force moving the plan chat. It was, it was, there was a type of force that was moving it around the type, the, uh, spirit board. And you could feel, it, it, it is, it is something I can’t describe.

It is just some kind of, uh, probably pre and natural, uh, force that was moving this plan, chat all over the board. You know, I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t stoned. Uh, I wasn’t, I wasn’t, uh, on any kind of sub I maybe had one beer, maybe a beer. Uh, I was, I was very sober. I was very clear minded. Um, and it kept telling me to go answer the door.

Um, I went to the door and there were someone standing there. Like we could, we didn’t hear anybody pull up or anything. It’s just, they have a very, very long driveway. um, so you couldn’t hear someone pull it up. It’s just too far away. Well, low and behold, there was someone staying there when I opened the door.

No doorbell rang or anything. Well, a little bit later, it tells me to go answer the door again. Well, keep in mind, this is in the middle of summer, the dead heat of summer. And it’s like, you know, in the nineties, it’ very hot stifling and humid eeping. As I opened the door, there was nobody. But as I, after I opened the door and I stood there for a second, I felt this brusher really called air, hit me and it, and it put, it brought chills all over my body and they, we communicated, we, we started, we kept communicating with whatever this entity was, uh, at the time.

And then finally, I just like, you know, I’m, this is boring. I’m going home. Even though I was pretty, I was a little creeped out by the things that were happening. Um, I was just, I kind of got to the point where I was just like, you know, I had to go outta town the next day I wanted to go home and, and I, you know, I’d seen enough of it, you know, I believed it, you know, so I’m driving home and I lived on the other side of this estate neighborhood.

I’m driving home and there was these, uh, very tall street lamps, uh, on both sides of the road. And as I approached each set of street lamps, the lamp would, would turn. And as I, as I moved past it, uh, they would come back. I looked in my rear view mirror. They would go, come back on. Uh, this happened the whole way home from one side of this big neighborhood to another I, and as I, when I got home, I immediately, I felt really tired.

I got really, really tired and kind of agitated. And I wanted just to lay down and I immediately went to this really deep sleep. And as I was laying there, sleep. I had a, this vision, something akin to a, it was like a lucid dream or a vision or something is very, very powerful and intense and real. And in that dream, these two girls that was at the house were, were, were, they were kneeling in front of the board with the plant chat in the middle of the oui board spin really, really fast by itself.

And then the suddenly the. Um, plane chat flies off the table. The girls look like they’re in a trance of some kind. And as right as that flies off the table, I, I woke up and I sat up and there was what looked like an alien gray or something staying right next to my bed. I don’t know. That’s what I saw.

[00:48:04] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s another like weird phenomenon too. And I know a lot of like scientists say. All day alien abduction phenomena is just sleep paralysis, which I think is hog wash. Cuz people get abducted in daylight and in their car and, and they’re not sleeping. So it can’t be sleep paralysis for all those cases.

So you can’t have

[00:48:31] Mark: sleep paralysis. Driving car in broad daylight. Darrell SIM says, has told me, uh, straight up that, uh, almost 60% of abductions occur in broad day. . Yeah,

[00:48:41] Jeremiah: so, I mean, that’s just the way they can try to discredit the whole thing. But what I was trying to say is like, um, there is another phenomenon with, I guess, sleep paralysis where, um, people see.

Demonic type beings, as soon as they like start to wake up, um, or if they get startled awake and there’s actually, what’s her name? The famous artist right now, Billy Eilish. She, um, she had an experience. She said that, um, one of her music videos is kind of about it and she woke up and there was. Like dark, demonic figure type of thing at the foot of her bed.

And she goes on talking about this whole experience and it just reminded me of what you just said when you had that, um, experience. So, you know, it could just be another, like I said, with the hallucinogens, like Luno gens, like it could just be another. Way that brains get tapped into something else that we are not really supposed to experience.

Um, maybe when you get startled outta sleep, it’s still not clicked into this world yet. I don’t know. Uh, and probably sound crazy, but

[00:50:01] Mark: not at all. I believe as a matter of fact, I’ll take that a step further. what if, what if to feature this? So what if our brains are simply a, like a biological processor and nothing else may, because para a lot of parapsychologists now are suggesting that maybe just maybe our conscious is remote and broadcasted to us and linked to us with like a cord or something.

I don’t know. Yeah. I’ve heard that too.

[00:50:28] Jeremiah: Makes sense. Yeah, I’ve definitely heard that, that we’re. we’re just the, um, I don’t know what you would call it. We’re just like the televisions and we’re receiving the signals, like

[00:50:41] Mark: an avatar.

[00:50:42] Jeremiah: Yeah. Like avatar. Yep. And, um, you know, a lot of that stuff. And I was talking with someone earlier and, um, we said how, it’s funny, how.

One thing will lead into another thing into another thing. And soon you have like a whole spider web worth of stuff that you never thought would fit together, but it ends up fitting together. Once you start looking at everything together instead of separated.

[00:51:12] Mark: Definitely. Um, do we go to a breaker or do you just keep, continue going through you plow through?

[00:51:20] Jeremiah: I usually just go until we’re done talking. Okay. But if you

[00:51:26] Mark: need a break, you can, I need to use the bathroom really quick. Is that cool?

[00:51:30] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll just edit it out.

[00:51:33] Mark: All right. I’m I’m sorry about that. No, you’re fine. I, the, I, the way I do when I do my, um, I’m, I’m my IMM used to doing it a different way.

I’m I apologize for messing that up. Sorry about that. Oh, no, you’re

[00:51:44] Jeremiah: fine. Yeah. Cuz my unusual only lasts about an hour, so.

[00:51:50] Mark: Okay, well, um, I’ll be right back in one minute.

[00:51:53] Jeremiah: Yep. No problem.

[00:52:01] Mark: Okay.


All right, man. Sorry about that. I I’m trying to get over some kidney stones and, uh, I’m afraid it’s played health, my urinary tract and whatnot. Oh yeah.

[00:52:48] Jeremiah: I’ve been there before. yeah, I’ve definitely been there

[00:52:53] Mark: before. How would you like to wrap this up? What do you, where do you, where do you wanna take it till the end of the segment?

[00:53:00] Jeremiah: Um, uh, I don’t even know. Usually I just like ask my guests to plug their stuff, like where they can be found and, and all that stuff.

[00:53:14] Mark: okay. So, um, this has been a really awesome conversation, man. I appreciate you, uh, having me on today. We are actually, um, I, you can find, I just wanna give a, give a shout out to, uh, every, all your audience and, uh, I really appreciate you letting me on today.

Um, you could, we can be found project Stargate, friends research is on Facebook. Uh, we’re also on, uh, Spotify, uh, audio only. And, uh, also check out our YouTube channel, which you can watch on your smart TV with the YouTube. and, um, this has been great, man. I appreciate it.

[00:53:56] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. I like talking to like minds and, uh, even if I don’t agree completely with someone, I can at least see their point of view and their perspective.

And, um, and then, you know, maybe can shift my. Uh, belief or shift someone else’s I don’t know, but at least have the opportunity to talk and not be censored or be, uh, create treated like a. You know, crazy person or

[00:54:28] Mark: something. Yeah, no kidding. And, and I think a lot of us have, have caught that kind of flack.

Um, uh, maybe some other time maybe, um, maybe if you have some time we can talk, I can tell you all about the, uh, coal mountain triangle. I’ve discovered it, it’s an area in north Georgia that, um, goes from Dawsonville to, uh, coming and then up to LJ and then back down. And it’s synonymous with lots of different types of Paran phenomenon, even a satanic cold as.

oh, wow. And I can talk about we’ll definitely, I’d be happy to talk about that sometime.

[00:55:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’ll definitely have to get into that. And I still, I don’t live that far from Georgia, so I’m hoping to get down there and see the Georgia Guidestones and all that good conspiracy stuff. So

[00:55:12] Mark: yeah, you oughta come.

We’re gonna be doing an expedition, some expeditions out in the coal mountain triangle. Maybe you can come out and hang out with us and, and, and explore the unknown with us. So. That’d be

[00:55:20] Jeremiah: great. Oh yeah, definitely. You’ll have to let me know. Um, and when it is, obviously I’ll be in Peru, uh, most of July, so, but, um, yeah, definitely.

I’m down for that. And down to talk again and talk more about, you know, the paranormal and stuff that you won’t find on your major programming.

[00:55:44] Mark: Yeah. And that’s what it’s all about. People. That’s where people like us coming into play. You know, that that’s our job, you know? Uh, I have, I have celebrity guests on my show.

I have people that no one’s ever heard of in my show. And these are all just as important. These stories are all just as important to me.

[00:55:59] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. And the more people I can talk to the better for me, cuz I learn things every, every episode that I do and I just like hearing. From other people and people who have experiences that I’ve never had, or have, uh, research that I don’t have.

And, you know, I don’t claim to know everything. So it’s good to have people who are like, well researched on, uh, different topics, cuz you know, I mainly focus on like the ancient past and aliens and UFOs and abductions and. But then I have big foot researchers on so I can learn about that. And then I’ve like did a episode with a medium talking about that and the lady ghost Buster.

So yeah. I like to, to hit different things and I like to learn and I’m constantly reading and learning. So it’s fun.

[00:56:59] Mark: well, you’ve certainly done a fine job of it and keep up the great work.

[00:57:03] Jeremiah: Oh yeah. Thank. Uh, thanks for coming on. And, uh, we’ll definitely, uh, catch up again.

[00:57:10] Mark: That’s my pleasure, man. Thank you for, for having me.