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Paranormal the New Normal

Paranormal the New Normal

Paranormal the New Normal

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if their wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, this is Jeremiah from the, what if the wrong podcast I’m joined today by Jeremy and he is with the paranormal, the new normal podcast. So we’re gonna talk today about paranormal other French topics. Probably get into some aliens, UFOs, stuff like that. Uh, find out his, take on it all. Uh, I’ll introduce him now.

Hello, Jeremy.

[00:00:57] Jeremy: How’s.

[00:01:00] Jeremiah: It’s going, how are you other than smoking

[00:01:03] Jeremy: diet on some good green smoke, but you know, other than that break, other than that pretty good sore, but,

[00:01:12] Jeremiah: well, yeah, thank you for coming on and, uh, talking with me and the audience and, uh, I’m sure we’ll be able to talk about some good stuff here.


[00:01:20] Jeremy: I’m sure we’ll go down. Plenty of worm holes.

[00:01:24] Jeremiah: so I’ll start with, um, have you yourself had any paranormal events happen in your life or have you witnessed anything?

[00:01:35] Jeremy: Um, yeah, until recently the answer to that was always no, but recently I, in the last year or two, I’ve had a couple UFO sightings basically where they just look like stars, but they’re moving faster than fast enough that the human eye can make out the difference and no star can move that fast.

So they’re definitely more UFOs. Which given what the government has told us recently, I’m not surprised at all, but, and I also live in a house with the two, the two spirits of the couple that originally lived here. So yeah. That’s interesting. Yeah. It’s uh, interesting. I, I was actually interviewing a medium this past Thursday, I wanna say.

When we got done recording, she basically told me that one of my grandfather’s spirits it’s behind me. Oh, wow. Oh, she didn’t tell me that at first, but after some deductive work of who it could be, that’s what we figured out. Yeah.

[00:02:42] Jeremiah: That probably, uh, gave you some goosebumps. Maybe

[00:02:46] Jeremy: that, that that’s actually, how I found out is I told her after I stopped recording, Since we’ve been talking, I’ve had chills down my back and I’ve had like a feeling in my brain, in the back of my brain that I cannot push away.

Like, what is something around me? She immediately was like, her eyes went wide and she’s like, yes. I was like, seriously, like apparently it was standing right next to me. Couldn’t, I can’t, I couldn’t even, I couldn’t see that it could sense it, which leads me to want to start trying to study ways to open up my spiritual side, to see if I can maybe even be a medium myself.

Maybe, maybe I do have the gift. I just never realized it.

[00:03:29] Jeremiah: Yeah. Maybe you just haven’t tapped into it or like focused on it.

[00:03:33] Jeremy: Yeah. I mean, yeah. Don’t know. Was always one of those people who wanted to see things, but never could. So I mean, you know, those who want to see, can’t see, that’s usually how it goes.

[00:03:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. I’ve noticed a lot of, uh, mediums that I’ve come across or interviewed and they all say like, they didn’t really choose to have that gift or to go down that path. It was kind of just there. Oh,

[00:04:04] Jeremy: they’re born with it. They’re a hundred percent born with it. Usually if they have it, you can’t just go figure out a way to do it yourself.

But I mean, maybe there’s ways, which I’m gonna explore that route by talking to all the mediums. I have lined up for interviews about it. But until then, I’m saying keep getting creeped out and having cold sweated on my back.

[00:04:25] Jeremiah: Yeah. So, um, has anything happened in your house that made you, like think that you had spirits or ghosts

[00:04:32] Jeremy: in there?

Well, when my now wife then girlfriend, when her and her father were up here fixing the house for a weekend, she walked into the bathroom and like a white Misty cloud flew past her. which nobody has the shower wasn’t even set up yet. So no one has showered at the house yet, so it couldn’t have been steam or anything like that.

Then her and her, her and her dad kept hearing like noises all throughout the night. They couldn’t explain cuz nobody was using anything. They, we didn’t move in. It was just a empty house with a couple chairs in it. But, and fast forward to that was October-ish of last year. So fast forward to November after we moved in, my sister-in-law was up here for Thanksgiving and she was up, she she’s at night owl.

So she sees up to like early hours and at like two or three in the morning, she saw a shadow person walk down my hallway, into my kitchen and then back and forth, back and forth and it would, and then it would stand in the hallway and just stare at her. While she was in the kitchen, it there’s a door that goes out to the basement garage area and it looked like someone was in the other side trying to open it.

according to her, but everybody else was sleeping. So it couldn’t have been anybody human.

[00:05:49] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s definitely creepy. I say to, uh, my previous guests and stuff, I’m not one to try to like go places that are haunted or cuz I’m kind of a scaredy cat, but I like hearing about the different tales and hearing other people’s experiences.

[00:06:09] Jeremy: I’m kind of the same way. Or at least I used to be more that way now I’m kind of at the point where I want to go out and start investigating east coast. Paranormal was just in my town a couple weekends ago, doing a investigation on a mansion in garden or where I live Gardner Massachusetts. Wanted to go so bad, but I couldn’t afford, I, I really couldn’t afford ticket.

I mean, if I contacted the woman from, and I interviewed Christina Westerville, I might have been able to, you know, get in for free, but it was just a bad night. It was a bad, it was a busy day anyway. I just. Couldn’t do it. I was so disappointed cuz I mean, after living with spirits and my wife’s house that she lived in before she lived with me was in the Bridgewater triangle.

So her house is creepy as hell. So I mean, since dating her, I definitely am more open to going doing things. Nothing really scares me anymore. well short of short of running into a Dogman in the middle of the woods, but

[00:07:05] Jeremiah: you know yeah. I think I would do like a Sasquatch hunt or something like that before I would do ghosts or haunted houses

[00:07:14] Jeremy: or I would love to do a Sasquatch hunt.

I would love to, but I feel like unless you are with like small town monsters or something, you can’t get into the areas where you’re actually gonna find them.

[00:07:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s usually like deep woods and uh, you really have to be savvy or you’ll probably get like lost or injured or.

[00:07:37] Jeremy: you have to know how to go downwind.

You have to know how to walk without making sound. Otherwise it will just evade you the whole time you’re looking for if it’s out there. So what,

[00:07:46] Jeremiah: um, switching topic, I guess, but what’s your view on the whole Bigfoot phenomenon? Like some people say like, they’re just left over, what are they called? Uh,

[00:08:00] Jeremy: gigantic or, yeah, I never, I never, I never could pronounce it.

Right. But yeah.

[00:08:05] Jeremiah: Yeah. Like hoed and, um, other people are like, well, they might be more interdimensional or something of that nature. So what’s your whole take on the thing?

[00:08:18] Jeremy: I mean, I don’t, I have heard both sides and I’ve heard, I mean, I personally heard the theory. I love the most, which I highly doubt is true, but I love it the most I heard this years ago, I don’t remember from where.

I heard this theory basically goes that earth is a prison planet for species of aliens that other aliens have determined. They don’t want living among them. So that theory would explain Bigfoot. It would explain T cobras. They would explain dog men possibly. I mean, it could explain a lot of weird phenomenon.

We have, I mean, Thunderbird slash Tarda slash tarts. Like it could, it could explain a lot of things that on this earth that we can’t explain sea monsters. I mean, the, basically that the that’s one of those encompassing theories where everything gets put into it kind of,

[00:09:16] Jeremiah: yeah, definitely heard of earth being a prison planet, but it was more about like souls, souls related instead of creature related.

Like we

[00:09:26] Jeremy: like, so like Scientology belief,

[00:09:29] Jeremiah: I guess. Yeah. I don’t know much about Scientology, but, um, Yeah, kind of like our souls are trapped on earth and we have to like pay to play basically. We have to try to escape from the prison or else we get, keep getting reincarnated on this planet. ,

[00:09:50] Jeremy: that’s basically what Scientologists believe they believe that one alien species dropped off the souls of a bunch of different alien species on earth.

That’s what the human soul is, is. You have to move up in their levels to get off earth. I mean, that’s how they make money, but yeah. That’s so, yeah, I mean, if you never heard, if you don’t know much about Scientology, I suggest watching the south park episode or one Lei, uh, documentaries about it.

Yeah. I definitely

[00:10:19] Jeremiah: need to check that out cuz um, like I’m not into Scientology at all, but it would be interesting to like research. .

[00:10:28] Jeremy: I never knew a thing about it until I was a kid and I saw the south park episode about it and they actually, it says right when they’re doing it, like Scientologists, believe all of this when they tell the story and, um, and it’s a hundred percent accurate to what they believe.

Like they, they actually just did a really good job of that. Yeah. I’m gonna have

[00:10:45] Jeremiah: to watch that too, but I’m my personal belief and opinion is that that’s a whole cult and

[00:10:53] Jeremy: oh, uh, yeah. I mean, just one example of someone who got out it and talks about it is Leah Ramini. I mean, I, from, from king of Queens, when she was doing that show, she was in Scientology and paying them a shitload of money to get higher levels.

But then eventually someone made her realize it’s all bull crap. She got out of it.

[00:11:16] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s like a multi-level marketing scheme.

[00:11:20] Jeremy: Oh, it’s a pyramid scheme. Yeah. A religion all thrown into one. It’s ridiculous.

[00:11:24] Jeremiah: Yeah. I think it’s based off of that guy. That he’s L L Ron hubber. Yeah, he’s just a science fiction writer.

He is nothing special. I know. It’s I don’t get it, but people fall for

[00:11:36] Jeremy: the, well, I mean, that’s just the BA that line right there just describes religion in general. Yeah.

[00:11:42] Jeremiah: but, um, it’s funny, you said something about tactle cuz I never really tell anyone this story, but I guess it’s important for now, but, um, cuz people probably think I’m crazy.

But when I was younger, probably like in high school, maybe ninth, 10th grade, we would always go down to this place called hell’s funnel. It was in like is their Pennsylvania. There was supposedly like this haunted house there and this lady that haunted the house and um, I’m not sure if it’s still there or not, but at the time it was so we went down there and there was like a bridge and there’s a bridge that goes over this Creek to get to this haunted house.

We were parked in my car and I swear on everything that there was a tactle that flew over my car and everyone in the car was like, what the heck was that? It was like bigger than any bird you could ever think of, like wingspan wise. We were like, what the heck was that? Tactle and we kind of joked it off cuz we were young and, and weren’t into this kind of stuff, but just made me think about it.


[00:12:53] Jeremy: that’s actually very interesting. You say that, cuz you said Pennsylvania, right? Yes. I just interviewed the other day, um, launch Strickler he’s a author, he’s written a lot of books about crypted and he’s a investigator and he’s from Pennsylvania and he actually was telling me that he’s done a lot of investigating of uh, flying crypted sightings, including dragons in Pennsylvania.

so tactal are not outta the realm of PO of possibility for Pennsylvania. I mean, all those caves and all those minds in the woods of that state could lead to who knows where? Yeah, it was

[00:13:34] Jeremiah: definitely a wooded area. A small town called Strasberg. If you drove like 10 minutes out from it, there was like all these woods.

Then this place called Hells funnel. I don’t know the real name of it, but that’s what

[00:13:52] Jeremy: we called it. Strasberg. Is that ne is that near the New York border? Uh,

[00:13:59] Jeremiah: no, I think

[00:13:59] Jeremy: Charlesburg oh, okay. I mean, I had friends in college at, lived in Pennsylvania and I went, we went to college like a half hour away from where they lived in New York.

So I just was like, that name sound familiar for some reason. I, I don’t know

[00:14:13] Jeremiah: why. No, this was more inland, but I was just like, oh, okay. I was like, it just made me think of that incident where we were like, what the heck was that? We’re like, there’s no way that was a goose. That was way too big of a shadow going over the

[00:14:27] Jeremy: car.

Yeah, there’s other logical, there’s other real logical possibilities for what it could have been. Cranes and all that, but I don’t like the, I hate playing the skeptic. I hate it. That it’s just not in my nature to be a skeptic to anything paranormal, but on my show, I am the skeptic when I need to be, cuz someone has to be sometimes just to ask the questions to make sure they know what they’re talking about.

But I mean, it’s funny cuz we just, on my other paranormal show I do with two other people, sometimes three other people, uh, global strangeness. That was our episode. We did live this past Friday was McClay and Bebe and other living dinosaurs. Of course we covered tear dactyl and. The Raptors in south America and all that.

The giant snakes that had been seen in Africa.

[00:15:18] Jeremiah: Yeah. Like the Lochness monster. Um, you hear a lot about that obviously, but there’s other creatures.

[00:15:27] Jeremy: We were actually, we’re saving sea monsters in lake monsters for another episode cuz you, you can’t combine those in one episode, that’s just, that’s unfair to lake monsters and, and see to any water monster.

Like they deserve their own special episode cuz there’s so many awesome ones.

[00:15:41] Jeremiah: Yeah. A lot of people wanna like just shoe it off and say it’s all fantasy. But the there’s so much of our ocean that we have not even explored yet.

[00:15:54] Jeremy: I mean, forget the ocean even. I mean look at Lockness or Lockness yeah.

I ha I am actually interviewing next month. A woman named Katie Elizabeth. She is the head of the international Dragonology Alliance. She spends all her time in L at Lochness, trying to catch her footage and some of the pictures that she’s put on Facebook and everything. I see something. I don’t think it’s a freaking log.


[00:16:21] Jeremiah: It’s hard to tell. And, I was just in Peru, on vacation and, uh, we were at lake Titicaca and I know it’s a funny name.

[00:16:32] Jeremy: always, ever since I was a kid, that name still makes me laugh. It’s so

[00:16:35] Jeremiah: funny. But our tour guide, he lived he’s from the one of the islands on the lake. So, he’s been there his whole life and we asked him like, forget your tour guide stuff that they tell you have to say, we’re like, has anything strange happened on this lake?

He went in to say like, yeah, we see all kinds of light and things that I would call UFO. Other stuff like that. They said they even have. Tales of like mermaid type creatures and stuff like that, that he got told from his like grandparents and stuff. So, yeah, you never know.

[00:17:17] Jeremy: Oh, I mean, lake Titicaca, as much as I love the name and it’s, it’s funny, it’s it, it seriously is a huge hotbed, a paranormal activity as it’s well known as a UFO site.

It’s, it’s one of those weird things where, I mean, we still can’t fathom why UFOs are going into water unless they’ve had underground bases or underwater bases, I should say on earth for who knows how long. That’s just where they go when they come to earth to meet with their brethren that stay on earth.

I think, cuz there’s definitely aliens on earth in some kind of way, whether it’s alien spirits that go into humans. Like a couple of the people I talk to in my podcast have said, or if it’s just men in black movie style aliens where they wear disguises.

[00:18:07] Jeremiah: So, um, I guess we’ll switch topic again.

Uh, what’s your whole take on the whole like UFO slash alien alien abduction phenomenon,

[00:18:20] Jeremy: aliens, a hundred percent exist in my mind. Nobody can tell me different. I’ve had many people that have confirmed my belief that aliens exist and they say they talk to aliens, mental, like telepathically, telepathically.

Yeah. That’s psychopathic way but, but yeah, telepathically, they talk to aliens. I mean, I had a star seed to my show and the medium I was telling you about, I interviewed on Thursday, she says that alien energy do come through when she’s talking to spirit sometimes, and she could tell the difference. So, and she’s actually the one who told me that alien energies are, are on earth and they go into people’s bodies and she thinks that people who are just like rude or obnoxious or.

They think they’re better than everybody else. I forget the exact word she used, but it, it, it made a lot more sense with that, but she thinks those are new alien spirits who have, haven’t been on earth that long and are kind of like learning how to act human. She thinks a lot of the famous people on earth throughout the last century, or couple centuries may have been alien spirits in human’s bodies, but they’ve been around long enough to know how to get away with no one thinking they’re weird or annoying.

They have advanced knowledge for be from being from an alien species so they can help us develop new inventions throughout time, which they might have. I mean, I, I read books about, I read books about that idea when I was a child. I mean, if people are thinking about it back in the nineties and they’re still thinking about it, then maybe there’s something to it.

You can’t, it’s one of those things I can’t just throw away the idea of

[00:20:00] Jeremiah: yeah. A lot of. Like people who claim to have been been abducted, they really don’t try to seek fame or fortune, or like a lot of ’em are scared to talk about it or scared to get hypnotized, to like remember their experiences and they just don’t want to deal with it, or they don’t want to be looked at as crazy and

[00:20:24] Jeremy: a hundred, a hundred percent.

I mean, just look at, look at, well, look what happened when Barney and Betty Hill got hypnotized. Look what happened with Travis Walton when he got hypnotized to tell what happened to him. I mean, there’s so many cases out there where these horrible memories come back once you’re hypnotized and you just don’t want to go through it again.

I mean, Barney hill died of a heart attack because he couldn’t get over the memories that the EISM brought back up.

[00:20:53] Jeremiah: Yeah. Their case is very fascinating and. I, I have to say, I believe it a hundred percent cuz all the testing that they did on them and in uh, interrogation and their stories and the HYP hypnosis, like it just, how can you say nothing happened there?

[00:21:13] Jeremy: I mean Betty Hill to her dying day in the nineties, I think she died to her dying day. I mean she was, she was on coast to coast of art bell. She was on all these other crypted call in radio shows and paranormal radio shows that cuz that’s the only place you could find this information back in the nineties and she would call, she would talk to the mall and say that they were telling the a hundred percent honest truth.

She never changed her story as far as I know. So I mean I have to believe them. I mean, Travis Walton, that’s another story. He’s I’ve heard stories by him coming out and like rebuking a lot of the stuff he said earlier, but that could just be because he doesn’t want the attention anymore. I’m not sure.

[00:21:53] Jeremiah: Yeah. There’s certain characters in the like UFO alien abduction scene that rub people the wrong way. like, I think, um, oh, what’s his name? He has glasses and he is kind of slimmer. But anyway,

[00:22:15] Jeremy: uh, off the top of my head, I can’t think of it,

[00:22:17] Jeremiah: but is it Steven Greer or something that sounds familiar.

I forget his name, but yeah, a lot of, I’ve seen a lot of comments where they’re like, oh, I think he’s just out for money. He acts real arrogant and so that’s the

[00:22:32] Jeremy: problem. A anything paranormal it’s like Jerry Springer back in the day, like the usual people with deformities would come on regularly just cuz they wanted the money.

So with anything paranormal people who say they have proof can come on just to keep going on the talk show circuit to get the money they want. They could change their story like five years later, just so they can get more money. I mean, it’s sick. It really is. Cuz people who take this seriously, like you and me are just, we we’re trying to find out the truth and these people are making a mockery of it all.


[00:23:06] Jeremiah: exactly. That’s one thing I like about having this show is I can have people on with different backgrounds, different upbringings and different stories. It kind of just in a space where it’s not like, like you said, being a skeptic or one of those people who just shoot everything down without looking into it.

[00:23:31] Jeremy: yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s what made me want gay in the paranormal. Podcasting is, cause I heard people like Derek Hayes on monsters among us podcasts. Like he plays all these listener called in stories of paranormal experiences. Sometimes, I mean, he plays a skeptic more than I ever would, but.

He sometimes he’ll try to like point out something obvious then he’s just like, oh, that must be what happened. But a lot of the times he’ll just strip say, I can’t explain that. He’s like, I, anything I could think of is immediately blown away. I can’t explain this at all. Which I like that. That’s what made me wanna be a paranormal podcaster.

Yeah. It

[00:24:08] Jeremiah: definitely has been fun. It’s been fun interviewing people like you and some of the other people that I’ve interviewed and the fact that it can branch off into so many different areas. At the same time, a lot of it can tie in together. So it’s not like, you know, you have to pick one path or the other.

It could be two things that merge into one.

[00:24:35] Jeremy: Yeah. I mean a hundred percent. There’s so many, as I said earlier, there’s so many worm holes. You can go down with paranormal that you could literally sit and talk someone about it for five hours and you’ll look down the clock and be like, oh my God, it’s spend that much time.

[00:24:49] Jeremiah: so doing your show, what’s been like one of your favorite, uh, things that you’ve uncovered or spoke about on there.

[00:24:58] Jeremy: Well, I use this example every time someone asks me this question, but it’s just the truth. Well, first of all, you know, my buddy Glen Ralph, right? Oh yeah.

[00:25:08] Jeremiah: Me and him talk for a while.

[00:25:10] Jeremy: yeah.

Glen Glen’s episode, which is the third episode, I believe of my show or the fourth actually. Yeah. It’s the fourth episode of my show. Synchron synchronicities and fate with Glen Ralph. That his story definitely the threw me for a loop because it’s so it’s paranormal, but it’s so almost plain paranormal, like nothing freaky that it’s just, it’s so believable because why would you make this up?

Like, especially when, I mean, especially when it’s about hit the story he told, which I’m not gonna give way details, but it was about death in his family. You’re not gonna make something like that up about a death, like in your family. That’s just not the way it ha stuff works. But the episode that truly stuck out to me the most, and I always say, this it’s called you mean the devil make three with Christopher Susi.

And, he is a military veteran and he has been a paranormal investigator his whole, since he was a kid, basically. He has had three run-ins with the devil, he believes and nor I’m agnostic. So normally I don’t believe in any religion stuff, at least not too easily. I have to have really have proof or just get a feeling for it.

But his stories about how he’s met the devil and heard the devil. He met the devil three times and one of the times he actually heard the devil and at least that’s what he believes and the way he tells it, I could not help, but believe it, like I could not help, but think he’s not lying. He can’t be.

There’s too much detail in this. Like it just, and he’s not his he’s keeping a straight face the whole time. It’s not like he’s laughing, trying, trying not to laugh when he is telling it. So it’s, it’s, it’s so eerie that it’s fascinates me to this day and it is one of my higher listen to episodes. So apparently a lot of people feel the same way.

[00:27:08] Jeremiah: Yeah. I interviewed a lady, Kathy. I can’t remember her last name. McDaniel, I think. Yeah. Kathy McDaniel. She had a near death experience where she went to hell or a hellish realm. Then after series of events there, she ended up in like a heavenly realm and was shown like a book that had like her life in it, I guess.

It was not completed yet. She wanted to stay in the heavenly realm cuz her friend who had passed away was there, but he told her it’s not her time. Then she came back, uh, and was like, I guess, resuscitated. So that, that was super interesting for me cuz um, I’m really into like the whole near death experience thing and what people

[00:28:02] Jeremy: experience.

I’ve had one N D E I show so far Kefler I put, says name. Okay. You know who I’m talking about? Yeah. Yep. Yeah. He was on my show about a month ago almost. I, I think I have another NDE scheduled, which is why, when you said that name, like I went my messenger real fast to see if I talked to that person.

Cause I’m like, that sounds familiar, but I haven’t, I must have just heard it somewhere else, but I actually did have another guest though, who was, who got a glimpse of hell without dying. She was just in the, she was in the woods as a teenager doing bad stuff. She had a, she had a full glimpse of hell.

Like it was just. The way she describes it and the way she believes things work is just completely different than I ever heard. That’s the one, that’s the one thing I hear the most is on my show is people telling things that I could never imagine, and I could never think of even.

[00:29:01] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely.

Like you said, when they tell the story, well, most of them anyway, or the ones I’ve talked to, uh, you can kind of sense that they at least believe it. It’s not like a made up story. Like even if it isn’t true. Yeah. They believe it wholeheartedly. That’s what they’ve

[00:29:24] Jeremy: experienced. Yeah. That’s, that’s why I love about it.

I mean, that’s why I love talking on video too, cuz I don’t know how Glen does it when he does it on like his phone cuz to me that’s I wanna see the person’s face when they’re telling me these stories so I can see their emotions behind it. Cuz that’s what truly makes me tell right away. If it’s gonna be a great experience listening to this or it’s gonna be a so, so experience.


[00:29:47] Jeremiah: yeah. I always tell people, like, I, it, my podcast is only a audio, but I do video when I record cuz I like, like you to see the other person’s reactions, see their emotions. Um, I interviewed Adrian who claims to have been abducted while she was pregnant. She, um, you know, she was crying at a couple times and I could just tell by looking at her, like she was in pain over this whole, her whole situation.

Uh, she was not to my knowledge. She was not making it up. Cuz why would she put on an act like that and the crying and the, it was like not crocodile tears either was the real deal.

[00:30:39] Jeremy: yeah. I mean I do, I do my show as live now for the last. Uh, basically about a month and a half, almost a month and a half now I’ve been doing him live on para host para post network.

I inter I interviewed AJ Capasso from Coventry circle paranormal, and he has, he has his own show. I forget what it’s called. Oh. Talking with the source. He was so he had so much fun on my show that he got me onto para post network, cuz he wanted me to be on there cuz he thought my podcast to be a great addition to it.

It’s basically just a paranormal network where it’s hundreds of podcasts of paranormal origins that live stream on there. So I live stream three outta the five podcasts I’m on live on there. So it’s it’s cool. I like, I like seeing people comment on stories we’re telling and stuff like that. It gives the guests, it gives the guests more of an, an like more, it gives ’em questions.

Maybe couldn’t think of, so

[00:31:37] Jeremiah: yeah, true. Like a, almost like a question and answer .

[00:31:41] Jeremy: Kind of, I mean, and I really haven’t had any bad commenters yet where there’re like any negative people just coming out there being like, oh, this is bullshit. Like I haven’t had any of that yet. So, I mean, I think that’s partly because it’s a good network to be on.

I mean, anybody can go to the network and watch a video. You don’t have to be a member. You don’t have to be a editor on it to go on it. So anybody can go and watch as many paranormal videos as they want. They’re all saved on there too. So,

[00:32:06] Jeremiah: so I have to ask, cuz it’s one of my like focal things is in your own viewpoint and your own opinion.

What do you think the whole alien abduction thing is about? Like what are they trying to accomplish and stuff like that?

[00:32:26] Jeremy: Uh, I mean, I think at first, like back in the Barney, Betty Hill days, or even back to ancient times, it was more of a experimentation just to figure out what kind of species we are. I think it was all.

Purely extraterrestrial scientific test on us to see what we do. That’s why like with Barney and Betty Hill, they were very interested in the reproductive systems. But since then, I can truly believe to some degree it had to evolve to them, trying to make a hybrid of some kind.

[00:32:55] Jeremiah: Yeah. I think, I think there’s definitely a hybrid program going on now what the end goal is.

Maybe I don’t wanna know

[00:33:05] Jeremy: but I wouldn’t want to cuz I mean the only the end goal is could only really be to infiltrate. I can’t think of another reason they would do it honestly. Cuz why else would you do wanna make hybrids? I mean, do you wanna send ’em back to your planet and just have everybody think they’re freaks or put ’em in a zoo and like an exhibit on your planet.


[00:33:28] Jeremiah: weird. Yeah. Either that or they wanna wipe us out eventually and repopulate with these hybrids.

[00:33:35] Jeremy: It may have race started.

[00:33:36] Jeremiah: Yeah. Maybe. Then also, uh, I’m almost positive that aliens or what we call aliens are in cahoots with our governments. oh,

[00:33:49] Jeremy: I mean, since I believe since ancient times they’ve been dealing with pharaohs and Kings and leaders of wherever they, wherever the local nations called their leaders.

They’ve been dealing with ’em since ancient times. Cuz, I that’s all the Egyptian gods, all the Greek gods, all the Aztec gods. I mean, I think they’re all, I think if not all, if, if not all, most are aliens and they just, that’s why the Egyptian gods looked like animals cuz they were a certain race alien.

That’s why the Aztec gods looked like different set of animals, which is maybe been the same species. But that’s why the Greek gods looked human because they were, they were north aliens. If no one knows what they are. North aliens are aliens that look like Swedish or

[00:34:38] Jeremiah: Finland, Indian people.

Yeah. The Nordic aliens. Um, yeah. Yeah. I definitely think that, like you said, that gods of old might have been aliens or like the hybrid of whatever they were doing. Cuz I heard a lot of theories about the pharaohs of Egypt were actually like hybrids of aliens and people

[00:35:02] Jeremy: make, I mean, would make sense and I mean, hell even assassin creed, put that into their game play because they understand it’s such of like a very close theory to what could have happened.

I, it just makes sense and it completely makes sense. I forget where I, oh, I mean, and if you move forward to like, even when Eisenhower was president the Valiant Thor incident where supposedly an alien named Valiant Thor who was a Nordic alien. Weeks and months in the Pentagon, in the white house with Eisenhower, right.

When we were starting to get big into nuclear power and nuclear arms, and they, and he was trying to talk Eisenhower outta using them ever, because it’s, he said, you’re gonna lead yourself. You lead your world down a road. You can’t come back from. I believe Eisenhower’s daughter even came out years later and said, this is all true.

I’ve met. I met this Valiant to, it was all true.

[00:35:59] Jeremiah: Yeah. There’s definitely something with the UFOs and like nuclear plants and UFOs at war time. I think there’s even a book called like UFOs at war time. So, they definitely seem to have, you know, an interest in our combative nature and

[00:36:21] Jeremy: well, cuz we’re hanging into space soon.

We already have heading into space supposedly and we’re hanging into space soon again. Ma I’m guaranteeing, they’re concerned. This little dirtball planet. If they get to space with these weapons, they’re just not gonna destroy their own planet. They’re gonna destroy our plants too, if we make ’em mad.

[00:36:41] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve also had her theory, um, that Mars used to be inhabited and that there’s a possibility that some of us humans actually descend from there and that they actually wiped out their planet. Our planet is like the new planet.

[00:37:02] Jeremy: yeah. I mean, I’ve seen that meme on Facebook that says like AONE Eve came from Mars.

They were last two people while of a dying race. But I mean, I definitely believe Mars once was inhabited. I mean, even recently they had that picture of what looked like a wild boar on Mars, which I don’t know how true that picture was, but it could have just been a shadow of something else it could have been, but Mars definitely wasn inhabited.

At one point it had to be, I mean, The structures that we see in the pictures of it are man are creature made. They’re not made naturally they’re not natural made structures. I mean, there’s no way.

[00:37:40] Jeremiah: Yeah. Plus you see the evidence of like, uh, rivers and, uh, ocean beds and stuff like that. So at some point it had to have had water on it.

[00:37:52] Jeremy: yeah. I mean, the aliens that live there could have all evacuated, cuz they could have been more scientifically advanced and they could be some of the ones that still visit earth because maybe they stay on another planet closest to Mars that they could live on. Or, there is some of them on earth and there has been since prior to the beginning of time and they just, maybe they’re the geniuses of our planet.

Like maybe they’re the Socrates and the Platos and the gang cons, even the bad people too. I mean, maybe they’re just all these important people and they are more intelligent than the people at their time that they live. So maybe that’s why they can be in control and. Help or destroy.

[00:38:32] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cuz I’ve definitely heard that there’s like different factions of aliens and like some are good.

Some are bad, kinda like how some people are good, some are bad and uh, sorting it all out. But

[00:38:48] Jeremy: funny enough, not one person that I talk to about aliens has ever said that they think the reptilians are good.

[00:38:55] Jeremiah: Yeah. That seems to be a common thing that the reptilians are bad that they’re like are elites or whatever.

Like the people behind the politicians

[00:39:09] Jeremy: yeah. I mean hype. See, I don’t, I can’t just full out believe in the whole reptilian society thing and that they’re everywhere and they’re just trying to take over earth. I can’t believe in that. Just can’t. Can believe in a what, like. N w O or something like that.

Like some order of POL where all the politicians meet and they decide what’s gonna happen to the planet. I can believe that before I could believe reptil in society.

[00:39:42] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s a hard one to, to like follow, I guess but I just remember hearing it like way back. I think David Hoke was the one who really pushed to say that like all our world leaders are reptilians and ,

[00:39:57] Jeremy: I mean, they could all be free masons or some other group like that.

They could easily be in a group where they track it, tour everything. They’re really friends, even though it seems like they’re enemies, but I just can’t believe the reptilian theory. I, I like to, but I can’t, it’s just, it’s too unrealistic. Somebody would have some proof by now. I mean, it’s been hundreds of years since someone first, like hypothesized that theory.

um, yeah, you

[00:40:27] Jeremiah: think there’d be some type of leak picture or leak something?

[00:40:31] Jeremy: Yeah. I mean, at least that’s why I think. I can’t.

[00:40:38] Jeremiah: So what do you think about the whole hollow earth theory that there’s like inner earths

[00:40:44] Jeremy: well, see that goes back to the McClay McKen bay and living dinosaurs theory.

Cause hollow earth. Can I believe in it? Yeah, I can give it some credence, maybe. I mean, I believe hollow earth a hell a lot more than I believe in flat earth, but hollow earth. I mean, the way I look at it is the whole east coast is full of cave systems. So is the west coast and these caves are endless. I mean, native Americans used to say as part of a pilgrimage, they would go through thousands of miles of these caves to prove their Manliness.

They would. Hunt, these creatures that didn’t live on the surface. So could there possibly be a hollow earth with like a Savage land for Marvel or like a land of a loss type thing in it? Maybe, maybe I don’t wanna say no. It would explain a lot of the weird creatures we see such as living dinosaurs and rakes or pale crawls, wherever you want to call them.

It could be how Bigfoot’s high. It could be where all these creatures could be coming from. I mean, I like how they described it in like the king Kong Godzilla theory. Antarctica also could be like a Savage land really. They could have got that Marvel comics could have came up with that.

Cuz maybe they heard it from someone in the government. It’s just the whole, there’s just too much. There’s reasons why nobody can go to Antarctica without a permit. Yeah.

[00:42:22] Jeremiah: I know the flat earth people. That, uh, whole thing where you’re not allowed to go to Antarctica without a permit, but like you said, maybe that isn’t because of flat earth, maybe it’s because they’re hiding that there’s an inner earth or some type of like cave system, like you said, that they know about, but they don’t want us to know.

[00:42:46] Jeremy: I mean, Willie mammoths have been seen in Russia Siberia for the last hundred years or every so often. So if you, if we’re seeing Willie man, Willie mammoths, I mean, who knows? I mean, they’ve been seen for the last hundred years, like, and it’s recent stuff too, where people see what they believe is a boy mammoth walking through a freaking plane.

Where could it have come from if it’s not a hollow earth theory? Cuz we wouldn’t noticed if there were still boy mammoth walking around. I’m pretty sure. Yeah. You

[00:43:17] Jeremiah: would think so. Also you hear ancient stories of like. an ant people coming and like taking people underground when there was like a cataclysm going on or like meteor shower.

So who knows, maybe that’s true. Then maybe there’s like an ant people underground. But

[00:43:39] Jeremy: I have heard theories about that. Like sparsely, it’s not a highly talked about subject anymore. I mean, but it’s the same thing as like the Loveland frog and how people have seen like frog, frog, men, lizard men, which I mean, yes, people do when they think lizard men, they immediately go to reptilian, but I’m, I think more like Kurt Connors lizard from Spider-Man when I think of that, but cuz that’s basically what they said.

It looked like the kid who saw it read comic books and he says, that’s what it looked like. But there’s all these creatures based on different animals. I mean there’s goat men, which were Saders as they were called thousands of years ago. There’s all these dog men and all these different creatures.

Which either they’re coming out out of from an underground society somewhere that we don’t know about the entrances to, or the people that do find it are the missing four 11, because they don’t come back or it, or they are all ultra terrestrial and they’re coming through dimensional rifts, and then they disappear just as fast as they come in.

[00:44:42] Jeremiah: Yeah. You, I guess we’ll never really know, but , it’s fun to fun to theorize and, and look into

[00:44:52] Jeremy: it is I love doing it on a show, man. I love doing it on my show. It’s always fun to theorize, but that is the hardest part about being a paranormal fan is you can, you’re never really gonna get answers. If I get answers to any of these questions in my lifetime, I would be shocked and amazed.

[00:45:10] Jeremiah: Well, what kind of shocks me is recently our government has been releasing UFO files and. saying that like, yeah, UFOs are real. We don’t know what the heck they are. Although, I think they really do know what they are, but

[00:45:27] Jeremy: oh, they do. They do the videos they release were just a distraction from COVID.

Yeah. That’s all. They were just anytime the government wants to all of a sudden tell you something that they known about for years, it’s just a distraction. They’re they’re, they’re, they’re doing slight of hand magic. That’s all they’re doing. I mean, thetic tech, UFO video and all that. Yeah. It’s awesome.

They released it. But guess what? There’s plenty of videos like that and YouTube already. Why does the government need to all of a sudden release this when most Americans who wanna believe in it do believe in it. Yeah.

[00:46:00] Jeremiah: Like you said, I think it’s a distraction and I think they use that to divert your attention.

Like, oh, inflation’s really high. Look over here. We got UFOs or COVID and yeah.

[00:46:15] Jeremy: I mean the next big, the next. Crisis America has all of a sudden, they’re gonna say, oh, here’s a video, but real Bigfoot. Yeah. We knew we’d known about it for about a hundred years, but we’re just keeping it a secret. So you guys don’t worry about it.


[00:46:30] Jeremiah: there’s definitely, I like looking into the Bigfoot phenomenon too, and I want to believe like a Fox molder. I want to believe

[00:46:42] Jeremy: oh, Fox molder is my hero. I mean, I I’m the same way I wanna believe cuz Bigfoot is just, there’s too much evidence for it. Not to be real. I mean the Olympic project out in the west coast of, I believe it’s Oregon like or Washington, I forget what state is, but I’m pretty sure it’s Washington, but small town monsters literally found Bigfoot nests there or what they believe to be Bigfoot nest than there’s so much proof out of that one little section.

That you know, there’s proof in other places there has to be. Yeah.

[00:47:20] Jeremiah: Um, you, that video, that famous video, I forget what it’s called. It’s escaped my brain, but oh, um, the one where it’s walking by the

[00:47:30] Jeremy: Creek, I know is that, um, I can’t remember, but that, but that’s,

[00:47:39] Jeremiah: it’s gonna annoy me now. but I was talking with a Bigfoot researcher and they were breaking it down and then, um, he’s not alive anymore, but Lloyd pie really got into it.

He has a lecture. You can watch it on, um, YouTube, but yeah, he breaks down the video and he is like, there’s no way. This is a fake

[00:47:59] Jeremy: pat Patterson, Gimlin film. Yes. That one I had to Google it. It was just gonna piss me off if I didn’t,

[00:48:06] Jeremiah: but yeah, like a film like that, like, and like I said, the guy broke it down and was like, there’s no way that this is a fake film.

[00:48:16] Jeremy: Yeah, it’s not, I mean, I’ve heard, I don’t think it’s Gimlin. I think it’s Patterson, but there was actually four guys there that day. Not just the two, those were just the two came forward with the video at first. But I believe I heard Patterson in an interview before he died. I mean, people have tr the two other men who are not named, they both try to come out later and say that, oh, we, yeah, we, we put on a gorilla suit, but then I think they got caught lying in a lie detector test later about it.

I mean, it’s just that video was too damn convincing. Cause I’ve seen it remastered into like 4k and everything else too. It’s it’s still too convincing to be fake. Yeah, for sure. Plus some of the stories I’ve heard about Bigfoot encounters. Yeah. Some of them could easily be fake the ones where you just see it walking up a hill or something from a long, a long distance away.

Yeah. You could be making that up, but. I literally heard a story on mantras among us about a man who fell out of a tree blind and was he broke his back basically. He was picked up and breastfed by a female Bigfoot while a male Bigfoot was in the background, hooting and hollering at the female to get outta there before the humans come.

Oh, wow. I mean, we assume that’s what, what he was saying. I mean, obviously it’s big F Bruns and whatnot, so you can’t really tell, but

[00:49:39] Jeremiah: yeah, I never heard of that one. I’ll have to look that one up.

[00:49:42] Jeremy: Oh. If, if I can remember what season episode it was, I would tell you, but I’ve, it’s on a bunch of them cuz he’s played it over and over again for different guests.

That’ve come on for like rewinds and everything. Cuz it’s just, it’s such a fascinating story. It’s from a guy named Mack that lives down in south America, south of the United States somewhere. I forget what state is. I wanna say Georgia or Alabama, but I mean it’s and the funniest thing is he said that the big foot milk was the w worst tasting thing.

He ever taste

[00:50:10] Jeremiah: in his life. yeah, there was another guy. I forget where he was from. I wanted to say California, but I could be wrong. He, he was like an older guy and he said that he came across a big foot and they like actually captured him and brought him to their like camp or whatever. Was able to escape.

Um, I can’t remember how he escaped, but it was kind of comical. Um, he ended up escaping and like, he wasn’t, he didn’t run off to go get like famous or like brag about it. He was just like a simple man that lived in a trailer out in the rural area. That story really like piqued my attention

[00:50:57] Jeremy: to, I think I’ve heard that story.

Was he dragged away in like a sack kind of by them? Yeah. Or, or he was in, or, or no, he was like in a sleeping bag or something and they just grabbed the sleeping bag and took it. With him. Yeah. I think

[00:51:12] Jeremiah: when he was out hunting or something.

[00:51:14] Jeremy: Yeah. I, I have heard that story. Don’t, I believe it’s on multiple different podcasts.

Heard about it, but it’s a, it’s a very convincing story too, as well. Cuz I mean, there’s also the whole bride of the woods theories that like Bigfoot actually takes female humans to meet with.

[00:51:32] Jeremiah: It could,

[00:51:33] Jeremy: yeah. I mean, I don’t know how much, but there have been women who came out and said like I was a bride to big boy and it’s not just in like those crummy, uh, dollar newspapers.

They used to sell gas stations back in the nineties and two thousands.

[00:51:49] Jeremiah: yeah. They’re kind of like forced into to doing it.

[00:51:55] Jeremy: well, if a big foot want you to do that, I don’t think you’re gonna have much of an option. They’re gonna, they can overpower anybody. So I don’t think you’re gonna have much, you could be a 400 pound human and a big foot will still overpower you.

So yeah. Good luck to you. That’s all I can say.

[00:52:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. So my personal belief for Bigfoot is that they are leftover hoed. So like there’s different kind of like when you see that chart of all the monkeys and then it turns into a human, um,

[00:52:24] Jeremy: yeah. The evolution

[00:52:25] Jeremiah: chart. Yeah. Yeah. I think they’re like a separate branch of, you know, how you see all those skeletons of like, oh, this is Lucy, this is Australian pit, the scene or whatever.

Yeah. Yeah. I think that if Bigfoot is real, then I think it’s just a, a descendant of some hoed that actually is still surviving and the deep woods and, uh, mountainous areas.

[00:52:54] Jeremy: I truly believe it is possibly gigantic OUS. Did say it right that time. Yay. but I truly believe it is that’s that to me has always been the most logical explanation for Bigfoot.

If, if they thought human, if they thought homo sapiens killed out this group, maybe they just got better at hiding from humans because they didn’t wanna get killed. There’s even stories of native Americans trading with Harry humans. They called them. Yeah.

[00:53:25] Jeremiah: You get stories elsewhere. I think, um, I’m probably gonna get it wrong, but I think it was the Philippines or something, or maybe it was somewhere else, somewhere where the people don’t have a lot of body hair and they have stories of, you know, beings with a lot of hair that are like hoed, OID.

[00:53:49] Jeremy: Sorry. It could have been the Philippines. I’m, there’s a lot of different Asian countries where they, there are Bigfoot variants. I mean, there are, I posted this to my paranormal than a normal Facebook group about a month ago, but it was just AER with. Eight or nine different Bigfoot style faces on it, but it’s all the country.

It’s what it’s, what’s Bigfoot is supposed to look like in all the different countries that people I see. I mean, the yawe in Australia, the Yeti and the Himalayas. I hate the word bomb snowman. Cuz everybody thinks the freaking Rudolph cartoon. Oh yeah. but I mean, and uh, the little ones in China, I forget what they’re called now.

[00:54:35] Jeremiah: Yeah. I know what you’re talking about. I can’t think of the name though. Yeah. I, uh, YAG something. What’d you say? I think you might, I think they’re like the YAG or something like

[00:54:48] Jeremy: that. No, the Goway is a, uh, I believe that’s a south American thing. Oh, maybe I, I could be, I could be wrong though, but I forget what they’re called, but they’re like little mini bigfoots.

They look like E walks almost. .

[00:55:04] Jeremiah: But yeah, but yeah, there could be different, um, variations, different subspecies, I guess, than cause obviously they’re living in different climates, different areas, just like people. So, I

[00:55:16] Jeremy: mean, according to, I believe it was either the Japanese or the African Bigfoot looks like a baboon.

It has a face like a baboon. So same as human beings. If we did evolve from primates, which I always tend to believe that cuz Darwin made more sense than religion to me always. But if that is true, then why wouldn’t the Bigfoot evolve the same way based on where it lives. Cuz we evolved with different skin cars and traits to survive where we lived.


[00:55:47] Jeremiah: yeah, it would only make sense that they’re the same.


[00:55:49] Jeremy: mean, scientifically speaking it has to, if they, if they do exist, which I believe they

[00:55:54] Jeremiah: do. So, um, for your podcast, what’s like a, um, guest or topic that. Hope to get at some point, like kind of like a, one of your top ones that you want to talk about.

[00:56:11] Jeremy: Well, I actually am interviewing mark Maki from small town monsters this week, and anybody from small town monsters, he was definitely like, they were, they were right in top of my list of trying to get on my show and mark MACU ISS. The one I got on, I found on Twitter and I was able to get him to agree to come on and I’m hoping through him.

I can get Heather and Seth too, but, and I hopefully will be having Derek Hayes from monsters among us in August as well. Which that would be amazing. Cuz the man that got me back into the paranormal after gang for a few years, like I would love to have him in my show and just run things through his head.

But other than that, I mean, I, I would love to get like an actual dog man sighting person and I would love to. I mean I’ve yet to have a big foot sighting on my show and that’s something I so want is a big foot. I’ve had a couple people who said, they’re gonna recommend people who they know who have seen Bigfoot, but I get to have any of those leads come through.

I mean, a lot of stuff in my show so far has been more tele path, like medium psychic world type stuff, and a lot of religious stuff like seeing God and seeing angels like, like Kell’s story. But so I, I mean, yes, launch Strickler has investigated dog men settings as well. Pennsylvania, apparently it’s a big phenomenon in Pennsylvania, which I knew that already, but, and actually that, that, that is the last person I would love to get is the people who started the north American Dogman website.

Cuz I don’t know if you’ve ever been on there, but the map they have of sightings will make the skin in the back, your neck stand up. If, if 75% of those sayings are. Then, which I believe they are, then that’s scary that there’s, that made Dogman out there. It’s still an undiscovered thing. Yeah.

[00:58:08] Jeremiah: There’s a map that I saw recently of the United States that, um, it shows like specs on the map of all the missing people.

Then another map that shows all the cave systems and it like matches like perfect. I love

[00:58:26] Jeremy: that map. That map to me is just happiness. Cuz it brings the hollow earth theory, like right.

[00:58:32] Jeremiah: To mind with that. Yeah. I just thought of it when you said the map of the

[00:58:35] Jeremy: Dogman. Yeah. I love, I’ve seen that map a few times on Facebook and Twitter and I, every time I see it, I was like, this makes sense.

[00:58:44] Jeremiah: Yes all right. So, uh, if people wanna find you, where can they find you and your podcast and everything?

[00:58:54] Jeremy: Well, as IRA said, um, paranormal than normal Facebook group. I post every podcast I’m on there. Whether it’s a show, I’m a host co-host on. Or if it’s a show I guessed on such as what if they’re wrong, that when this episode comes out, it’ll be post there as well.

I, I am on bracket bastards to pop culture, tournament, podcast, paranormal, normal, my main paranormal podcast. I’m on maniacal music, musics, a album challenging podcast that me and one of my friends do. I’m on TBA. It’s a topical news podcast and I’m on global strangeness, which is a weekly dis paranormal discussion podcast with myself and two or three others and three outta five of those live stream on para post network.

So if you join para post network or follow them, then you’ll see when I’m releasing VI. When, when of my podcasts are coming out too, cuz I always advertise my videos at least a couple days before, if not a week.

[00:59:59] Jeremiah: all right. That sounds great. I’ll, uh, put your links in the show notes when this airs and that way people can find you easily.

Appreciate it. Well, thank you for coming on and speaking with us. We covered a lot of ground, a lot of different topics, and always fun to talk about for me, cuz there’s so much to dive into so much to uncover and look at

[01:00:26] Jeremy: oh, a hundred percent and I’ll have to get you on my show sometime too. So we can, uh, do the, all the ones on my paranormal creature list that I, that we didn’t even touch on.

there’s so much, there’s so much paranormal stuff. You can never run out conversation. That’s why I love it. Yeah. Sounds good.

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Spirit Medium

Spirit Medium

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the

Carolina mountains.

Welcome to the what if they wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow Tores and welcome. Thank you for tuning in. We’re gonna have a great conversation with spirit, medium Daniel Jackson in just a short moment. He’s gonna talk to us about how he communicates with the spirit world can see spirits flying in and out of our world and not just human spirits, but spirits of animals.

But first, if you could like, and review the show would be highly appreciated. Just lets me know. You’re enjoying the content. Just drop a five star. And if you wanna review, drop a review. So we’ll get with Daniel Jackson now and remember question everything. Hello, and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast podcast that wants you to question everything I’m joined today by Daniel, the spirit medium.

And he’s gonna explain to us his gift and how he uses it or how he deals with it. And we’ll get into all that good stuff in a moment. But first, let me introduce him. Hello

[00:01:41] Daniel: Daniel. Hey Jeremiah. How are you doing this morning or this afternoon for you?

[00:01:46] Jeremiah: yeah. Afternoon over here. Uh, it’s all good. Um, just finished up another interview and now I’m, uh, interviewing you and ready for a different experience.

We were talking about iowaska and so it’s gonna be a little shift, but I’m looking forward to it.

[00:02:06] Daniel: yeah, it’s gotta be a lot of a shift, but that’s okay. We all need some shift in our world. Yes

[00:02:12] Jeremiah: for sure. So, um, for background, for my listeners, uh, when did you like learn that you had this gift or have you always had it or, um, like how did it come about?

What, what triggered it, if it came later in life or. What’s the story

[00:02:32] Daniel: behind it. Um, I’ve always seen spirit my entire life. Um, ever since I was three years old, my parents and I, my two brothers and sister lived in New Jersey. And we lived right next to a battlefield and there was a hospital on there as well.

So it was a he and spot. And, but not just out in our home, other people around us as well were also experiencing the same things that we were. So, um, to the point where like my sister and mom were getting ready for my helping my sister get ready for school. And they were in the bathroom and standing in front of a pole length mirror.

And when they looked in, there was another woman standing. In the mirror with a, uh, colonial outfit on, um, there was a time when the, this was back in the seventies, uh, cuz I’m old. And uh, the, uh, my brothers and I were sitting downstairs watching TV and my sister’s record player turned on. Now, back in that day, you had to pick a record up and you put it on this post and you hit a switch and it would drop and you would, uh, the needle will come across and play a record.

But the strange part about it was is. It was switching records. So whatever was go upstairs, playing records, it would take one record, play it for a little while, take it off, put another one on. Uh, but these things happened on a regular basis. Uh, this went on throughout my entire life. Not to, to just skip ahead, but I have seen things, hear, heard things, felt, things, smelled things, uh, my entire life.

Into my say, like in my, in my twenties, uh, my mom and dad and I, when I was 17, moved down to Delaware and, uh, I was playing in a rock band, you know, in the eighties I had big hair and a, had a zebra stripes spandex to prove it. And, um, and I came home from a gig, laid down at bed. And when I did. Something laid down next to me, it happened four or five times that fifth time, I kind of rolled over to see what was going on.

And when I did that, whatever, whatever was there, picked the blanket up that I had on me and brought it up to the ceiling and then shook it above me and then it dropped it on me. And then from two years after that, I, um, I slept on the couch cuz I was scared. Um, because I, I was brought up in the Catholic religion.

I was, I was told and taught that these things are demons and devils. But they’re not. Uh, so there is no demons, there’s no devils, none of that stuff. Um, So I, I continued to see these types of things feel ’em always sensitive to these types of things. I’d be driving down the road, my car, get a chill up my spine, start looking around and there it is.

I’m riding past the graveyard. I just, I pick up on all this stuff, but I never really put two and two together. It wasn’t until right before I was turning 50 years old, when my. My, uh, wife went away on vacation and, uh, to see her daughter for two weeks in California. And for two weeks I saw everything imaginable you can ever think of.

That was in a scary movie happening in my house. I saw, I saw these, uh, seven foot skeletons walking around the house. Saw green and red mist pouring out of the wall, like a witches called and type of thing with skulls floating out with these red eyes and things. Clouds coming out of the ceiling with that were like red or blue or green or yellow.

And then. Red with black stripes green with black stripes, blue with black stripes. It was just something different. Every single night. I saw what the, what people talk about the famed hat man that you can Google him. It’s just that that people believe is in spirit, but he’s not exactly from another dimension.

And I see him on a regular basis all the time now. So when he talks to me and I know why he is actually here and not for what people think he here for. Uh, but I was seeing all kinds of things like that. And the reason this was happening now so much is basically is because. God was testing me to see what I was gonna do next to see if I was gonna move forward and try to use this.

Or, push it away. I decided to, to move forward with it. Sought out help. I tried to get a, a priest to come to my house, do an exorcism that didn’t happen because basically that stuff is bullshit and doesn’t really work. Um, I, I had a paranormal group come to my house. They got so much information from my house that, that they actually, uh, the group broke up on my front lawn after they left.

Uh, so they, they weren’t coming back cuz they were so scared because they got so much information. They, they used this little thing called a, a spirit box and they had me lay down in my bedroom, pretending I was asleep. They wanted to see if anything was gonna come in and they turned it on. And when they turned it on, it said words.

It said, Wendy, hell and Paul, Michael, it said, uh, unique, special, light energy. It said the word road one. When said the word road, a car went, mm, right past my house. And then they started asking the questions. And then they, when they asked these questions that I, on it went on for 10 minutes. Every time they asked a question, it answered, they asked one question that said, are you here to harm Daniel?

And the voice came out and said, no, we are not here to harm Daniel. We love Daniel Daniel’s light. Daniel is the light. When it said Daniel is the light. I couldn’t. I was like, what the heck is that? What’s that supposed to mean? So, um, Yeah, by the time they left, they were like, I, I tried to get ahold of them cuz they were supposed to go back to my house for a big reveal.

They never came back. And when I got ahold of the guy, he said, uh, that the team quit, they were so afraid. They don’t wanna come back to my house. He, they, uh, they said usually what the information they got usually takes 10 or 15 homes to get, not just from one. So that freaked them out quite a bit. And I can’t blame, you know, cause I didn’t need to know that I had spirit in my house.

I just needed to know why they were. So I eventually, uh, I found some mediums. I found five of them. I talked to one of ’em specifically went to, she had told me to come to her show to see how she does things. And I went there and, uh, when I walked into the room, she just locked eyes on me. As I was walking into the room, my wife and I, I said to my wife, I said that was really strange.

And so she, she read eight people out of 50. One of them was me. Um, She told me some things. She said things like she knew my, my mother’s middle name. I don’t even wouldn’t have that on Facebook or anything. How would anybody know that she told me so many things about my father who had passed away, that I have never told anybody.

So at the end of the show, I went down and started talking to her and she said, I want you to stay here. I want you to wait for everybody leaves. Cause I have to talk to, and I said, okay, And she said, she said, I saw you come into the room. I was like, yeah, my wife and I picked up on that. She said, yeah, that’s because I see you, like spirit sees you because when spirit sees you, they see your body frame, but they see your light inside of you.

That that’s your soul. She said with you, I didn’t see that. I said, what did you see? She said, you look like a, a light bulb. You look like a big, giant, massive, glowing light. You don’t even look like a person. And I said, okay, and what’s that mean? She said, well, Spirit’s coming to you. I know you have an ability to see them.

And I said, yeah, lady. I said, I see so many spirit a day. It’s like being in a room with a thousand people, except nobody leaves and more just keep coming in. That’s how many I see every day still to this day. So, uh, she said, uh, well, they’re coming to you because all they see is that late. They believe that you’re the light into.

And I said, what am I supposed to do with that? And she said, you’re supposed to make a big decision either you’re gonna move forward with this, or you’re gonna let it go. She said, but I don’t think you want this to go away from your life. Do you? And I said, no, it’s been a part of my life since forever.

She said, well, you need a big decision. I said, yeah, I guess, I guess I do. Cause I mean, if I could help people with this or help these spirit, these ghosts are coming to me, then I’ll do that. So I went home. My wife and I talked it over and I walked in the bedroom, had a talk with God, told him I would do this.

I’ll do anything he wants me to do. And, uh, I’m saying yes to this, and this is what I’ll do. And then from that point on, everything changed. Uh, and then every everything, all those like scary things started to go away. And then I just started seeing like regular people. Uh, but I don’t just see regular people.

I see everything. I see dogs, co horses, cats. Uh, fish, cows derives everything. I, I, I see other beings from other worlds. Cause if people think this is the only world, but people want, you know, think again. So, uh, yeah, I see everything. I see it all the time. And, uh, and as my, as, as the time goes, by the years go by my, my abilities have progressed, uh, to a, a much higher level, much higher than it was in the beginning.

And. But that was, uh, helped. Uh, I was helped with that because I, I eventually met a woman who put a group together of all these other mediums. When I went in there, I found out that everyone else was experienced. I was the only one who was inexperienced and they helped me to develop everything within a year.

And then from then it, so from that point in the very beginning, I was asking them all kinds of questions. By the time the, the year was over, they were all coming to me for answers. Because they know where I get my information from. I get my information from my spirit guides. Everyone has spirit guides. We all have them.

They are usually just people who have crossed over, who fulfilled their purpose. And they come back here in spirit to help us make decisions. Mine are a little bit different. Mine are what we would refer to as arc angels. Uh, they’re not men with wings. Have no wings. Don’t have a shield. They don’t have a sword.

They’re not fighting a battle in heaven. None of that crap, cuz that’s all made up. Okay. That’s all made up to have power and control over everyone. And I get all my information from them. The reason I have them with me is because they tell me all this information, but they, uh, one of my abilities is I cross spirit over into the light and, uh, spirit asks me questions and I ask them my guides question.

They tell it to me the answers, and then I give the answers to spirit and then I cross them over. But because I can do that for spirit, I can do that for anyone else too. So if anyone asks me a direct question, I can get you an answer. But the thing about that, People want an answer from God, I get the answer for them, but they don’t always like the answer.

Cause most people can’t handle the truth. They just want their own truth. Yeah,

[00:12:50] Jeremiah: definitely. I can believe that. And sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth.

[00:12:57] Daniel: no, they don’t like it never had, they only want, they only want the truth that they think is their own truth, which, which, which makes sense for them.

Because usually the real truth, it doesn’t make sense to them, but they want, they, they only want the, their own truth because they want what they want when they want it. Right then and there, they don’t want to take time to actually figure something out or take time to do something that’s gonna last for, for the long run.

They just want something they want quick answer because lately these days, everyone wants a quick fix for everything, but everything isn’t a quick fix, they just have to figure that out. But they just have a hard time.

[00:13:39] Jeremiah: So you said something about, uh, other dimensions and stuff. So you think that there is other dimensions? Oh, absolutely. Like parallel, univers, whatever you wanna call ‘

[00:13:48] Daniel: em. Yeah, I was, uh, I actually, I see into them sometimes I see others there. I can tell it’s another dimension because when I see them, there is structure there, there are buildings and doors and stuff like that.

Um, like as when I, when I cross spirit over, I can see into the earthbound realm and what’s, there is just people and other animals and they’re just there. There’s nothing else there. Just, just the beings themselves. Whereas with these other dimensions, I see structure. I. I remember one time waking up, uh, from sleeping in my office and I woke up and when I did, I like to keep my office very dark.

Uh, so, so I can see everything. I could see everything in the light, but I see much more in the dark. And, uh, I remember waking up on the couch and I got up. And when I did. the room. Wasn’t my room. I saw, I saw mountains in the background and, and a stream going through and some green grass in this log cabin sitting there.

And there was two women standing there. One was a, looked like a mother and a, and um, and a daughter and a daughter was telling her mom, she says, I gotta go, mom, I gotta leave. She’s like, all right, honey, I’ll see you later. And she had this red bag around her sh around her, like, Like a messenger bag and she had stuff in it and she said, all right, mom, I’ll see you later.

Took off running, like she was going to catch a train or something. I dunno. And she took off running. And when she ran, I could see her coming towards me from a distance. She ran right through me. She went, ran right through my legs and just kept on running the other way. I’m watching her do.

As a, as she’s running away, all of a sudden everything, Unix, pixelated and Unix, pixelated, and just came Unix, pixelating all the way through and all the way through. Then lady disappeared and everything just disappeared. My whole room just went black and I was like, what the hell of that?

It was just crazy. It was, uh, but, uh, so I asked my guide, I, I just immediately, it came into my mind. All I could think was there another dimension? And I was like, so I asked them, I said, is that another dimension? And I got a yes answer. Now. I don’t always get the same kind of yes. Answers. I get ’em differently.

Sometimes they just put thoughts into my mind. But a lot of times I get touched on my face for an, for yes and no answers. And when I get a touched my face, I feel, it looks like it feels like blood dripping across my face. And I get it in different spots, but I always. Those for yes answers. I only get one, no answer.

And it feels like a two year dripping down my face. And, uh, and the, who is actually touching the, a angel that’s, uh, when it started out in the very beginning, I was only getting two touches. Now I’m up to like 37 and I know exactly what name is doing it. Um, because every time I feel something D. I say, is that someone new?

And they, then they get touched across a general. Yes. And I say, okay. And I said, do I know their name? No. Do I need to know their name? Yes. I said, what’s the name? And I hear something, come in. Boom. There it is. It’s right there. Uh, and then I start saying, hello, I’ll say the name like Jer. Like I have one, his name is Jeremiah.

And I say, Hey ed, Jeremiah, how are you? And then I’ll get touched right where he touched me to let me know that he. so, uh, but yeah, I got, I got yes, answers that this was a, this was another dimension, but what am I going to do with that information? It wasn’t really anything other than to let me know that I could do this.

Um, but those types of things, uh, happen uncontrollably. There there’s a lot of abilities that I have that I’m in control of, but there’s a lot that I have that are, I’m not in control of like remote viewing, remote viewing just turns on for me, I will be with my eyes closed and. I remember being in Walmart one time with my wife, she went into the bathroom.

Said, all right, I’ll just sit here and wait for you. Closed my eyes. And when I did something was already playing and I was watching somebody driving a car and they’re driving through the mountains. And, but where they were, I have no idea. I know there are people who do remote, who are, who are in control of it and know what’s going on.

But, but I do know now, um, that happened, that started about two years. But I know now that they want my GU want me to get control of it. So they want me to start practicing that. So I will, but there’s other things that they ask me to do as well. I just. It takes time for me to, to figure them out, to, to try to develop them.

So, uh, I’ve done that with most, mostly everything that I have going on, but like I said, my, my ability is always progressing. So there’s always something new coming in. It’s like when you order cable, you get some cable channels and then you have other channels that come with it. You get free channels.

Well, that’s the way it happens with me. I, I, something comes in that I’m able to work on and, but other things come in as. That takes a little, takes a little bit of little time to get used to those things as well. So, so like

[00:18:56] Jeremiah: the accepted thing when you pass away, uh, is like, I’d say the most accepted is like, oh, if you’re a good person, you go to heaven.

If you’re bad, you go to hell type of thing. What’s your view on the whole. and what, what happens when we pass and you like is what we do here on earth, important to what happens after or how, how do you, uh, envision it or experience it?

[00:19:25] Daniel: No. Well, it is, but it is, but it isn’t what you do here on earth is important to what happens to the next time that you have to come back here.

That’s all that is, uh, heaven and helm. Uh, heaven is just another realm that we go to. Uh, it’s just a nonphysical. There’s no such place as hell. I cross spirit over every single day. I look into what we call the earthbound side. No one is being tortured. No, there’s no man. Walking around with horns in a tail torturing anybody.

No one’s burning or anything like that. Because at that point, you no longer have a body. They just want you to think in terms of having a body and your body’s gonna burn when you get the, but every soul is a, is a, is a pure energy and pure energy. Doesn’t burn it. Can’t so. They, but they, they want you to believe in this because those are the people wanna tell you how to live your life, the way they want you to live it and give ’em 10% at the same time, how did they know about 10% back then?

Because the people who wrote the scrolls in those books, you know, they called the Bible that they were written by Kings and Queens, the people who were in power and control, people who wanna remain in powering control. And they want you to believe in this stuff so that you won’t break their rules.

That’s all. So is anyone going to hell? No. Does, did Hitler go to hell? His body died, his soul left and moved on. But that soul where that soul goes is, is your choice. Just like you have free will. Now you will have free will then as well. And you’re choosing where you’re gonna go. You’re you’re choosing to whether or not you’re gonna walk into the light or you’re gonna remain here.

The way that it happens is your body will die. Everyone does it’s, uh, there’s two rules in this life. As long as you follow the rules and comprehend these rules, you’ll understand them. And you’ll, you’ll appreciate your life a little bit more rule. Number one. People die every day. And rule number two is you can’t change rule number one, when it’s your time to go, it just is there no one dies suddenly.

No one dies unexpectedly. Dies tragically. One dies too young. We all do the same thing. We all die. That’s it. You just. Die, but people wanna put a blame on something for everything. So the way that it happens is your body’s gonna die. You’re gonna stand up. You’re gonna look down, you’re gonna see your body and go, huh?

I guess I don’t need that anymore. You’re gonna take a step to the left. And a light is gonna turn on at the right. You’re either gonna walk in or you’re not. And if you walk in great, that light will turn off. If you don’t walk in what a, you stay here as an earthbound spirit and you hang out with all the other gazillions of miserable people.

And you just, you’re just there and you just are, and they are everywhere. No matter where you go, you don’t have to go to some haunted house or some haunted prison to look for them. Spirit is everywhere. You’re just gonna do that. When you CR, if you cross over into the light, you will go to a holding place.

It’s not heaven right away. You’re going to a holding place because they’re gonna go over your life with you. It’s a life or Jew. No one is being judged. God, judge, God does not judge us. You know, we judge ourselves a thousand times a day. Why does he need to do it once more? Because he just doesn’t. So you go to this holding place, they go over your life with you and they tell you what you did and what you didn’t do.

And it’s it’s that moment. During, this is very gotta find out if you have fulfilled your purpose or not. If you fulfilled your fulfilled, your purpose, you get to stay home. If you don’t fulfill your purpose, you come back. That’s, it’s that simple, but everything you do here in your life is gonna dictate what you do, where you go next, because you’re here to learn lessons and to fulfill a purpose.

And that purpose is we are here to help each other just for the sake of helping. Not just because you can, but because you should, you’re not, your purpose is not you becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Your purpose is gonna be fulfilled while being human. God made it that way. So it’s simple for everyone to do.

Just not everyone chooses to do it because they use your free will too much about themselves and they don’t wanna do it. You know? I mean, the way that that’s gonna happen is someone’s gonna come up to you Jeremiah and say, excuse me, sir, but I’m lost. Can you help me? I’m uh, can you help me find my. And it’s up to you to use your free will to decide if you’re gonna do it.

Some people won’t, some people walk around thinking the world is all about me, me, me, me, me, and I don’t care about anybody else. I hate people. Then there’s people who just will generally help. When you generally help someone, you know, you’ve done something good because it feels good. Why does that feel good?

It’s because that’s your soul telling you this is good. Good thing to. but those people, uh, who, who generally just don’t give a crap about nothing. They’re just gonna keep coming back over and over and over again. Now we all come back because spirit wants us to fulfill our purpose, but they want us to do it in a certain amount of time.

But it’s hard to do because we live lives. We have other people involved in our lives. Uh, other things come into our lives. We have things that we are, that are challenging us throughout our lives. So it takes some time. So, and they know. They understand that. So you try to get it done as much as you can, but, you know, no one is meant to be 150 years old.

I mean, besides that it’s gonna hurt to pee. So why be here for that? But it takes time to get it done. And if you can’t get it done, then they know that they can bring you back again. So they will. Average time that when I find that when I do readings for people, the average time I find out that I’ve been here is between 26 and 29 times.

I’ve done a reading for a woman who was here 43 times. She’s totally screwing it up. She just doesn’t seem to get it. So, but, and I already know she’s coming back again because the, I did a reading for a year, a year ago and she’s died. She’s died since then. She asked me at that reading, she said, have I fulfilled my purpose?

And I said, no, you haven’t. And you’ve run out of. She said, oh, well, okay. That’s okay. I said, no, not really, but okay. But what she didn’t understand is what I meant by that. When I said you ran outta time, that means you’re going to die soon, but she didn’t understand that. But that’s the only way I can say it because I don’t wanna scare anybody, but she’s coming back to do it all over again.

So it’ll. Life number 44. And I hope she gets it right that time, but I try to tell people to get their purpose done, get it finished because I don’t want them to come back because the next life they would have to come back to. If they’re over the age of 30 years old, they would not come back for another 80 years and 80 years after most people’s lives.

This place is not gonna be nice. This place is going towards mad. Max, it’s gonna be like that. I don’t want them to have to live through that. Not that they’re gonna remember it from here until then, but they will be going through it. Cause that’s where we’re headed. People wake up. If you don’t see that now you don’t and you got your, you got your head up your ass, cuz you’re not paying attention.

Pull it out and start looking. Yeah, so, uh, so you you’re either going into one realm or the other, that’s it. And while you’re in that. Earthbound place. You can cross over anytime. But most of them don’t know that they don’t realize that because they have so many other negative people around them.

Because in that realm, it’s a very low, negative energy place, but a lot of negative people. And, uh, and they, these negative people are always telling ’em, oh, you can’t, you don’t wanna go there. You don’t need to go there, stay here. Cuz they want them to stay there because these negative energies have to feed off above the negative energy in order to survive there.

There’s there’s other energy there, but it’s not a lot. And they. They have to get other sources of it. And that’s why they come into this realm all the time here with us and feed off of negative people. So yeah, so you, you you’re either going into one place or the other it’s by your own choice, it’s just up to you to decide what is gonna be best for you.

But that’s our regular lives here. You’re always choosing to decide what is best for you, because someone can infl can influence you, but no matter what, ultimately you’re gonna make the last decision for. And if you wake up in the morning, decide you’re gonna go shoot somebody or kill somebody because you made the choice to do that.

That’s all, that’s your free will you know what? Choose differently.

[00:27:27] Jeremiah: And, um, you always hear like, well, not always, but I hear from various people like, oh, you’re on this earth for. At this point in time for a specific reason, uh, do you think that’s true

[00:27:44] Daniel: or yeah, absolutely. Everyone’s here for a reason.

If you weren’t meant to be here, you wouldn’t be here. It’s that simple, but we are all meant to be here for a reason. It’s just, everyone’s reason is a different reason, but, but the, the one thing that we all have in common is if you go outside in the world and you look around and you look at the other seven to almost 8 billion people, They’ve all been to heaven and they’ve all had to come back just like you.

So if we have all these people out in the world that say they are perfect people, they’re just the most wonderful people in the world. If they’re here now, they’ve all had to go to heaven. They all had to come back. Meaning we’re all equal. No one is better than anyone else, but we are all here for the same reason that we are here to help each other.

And again, if you’re not doing. That’s one of the reasons why you keep coming back over and over and over again, we are here for the same reason, and that reason is to learn, to help each other, to learn, to help each other, grow in this world, to take care of each other, to share everything in the world, because there’s enough of everything in the world for everyone to share, but we don’t, we keep coming back over and over and over again because some people wanna have power over other people where no one is meant to have power over anyone, but that’s what we do, but we need to change.

Because we are running out of time. This place is coming to an end, and I know exactly when it’s gonna happen. It’s actually in my book, that picture is behind me. But yeah, that this place is coming to an end. We have to get it figured out because if we don’t, this place is just gonna come to an end to an unfortunate end that we could actually.

But we don’t have to have it that have it happen that way we can, it can happen differently in a different way would be that we all learned to work together. And then we would all rise up out everybody’s at the same time, everyone, not just those hundred, 14,000 people, they talk about that, that goofy book, all the Bible it’s everyone.

And then we would all go home and get to stay home together, go back to being to the, the original family, which is the sole family. We’re not from. We just come here to learn lessons and fulfill a purpose. But until we do that correctly, we’re just gonna keep continuously going in this vicious circle. Now, the,

[00:30:11] Jeremiah: um, you said like the holding area before you like come back to earth, is it like the earth, but.

Heavenly or is it just like an energetic plane or like, uh, and how long do you have to stay

[00:30:27] Daniel: there? Yeah, it’s a, it’s an energetic, uh, energetic plane. It’s just another place that you’re in. Um, you will, once you get done being in the holding room and they let you know where you’re gonna go next. Either way, if you’re staying or not staying and have to come back, then you’ll go to heaven and you’ll, you’ll just wait there until it is time to come back.

If you die over the age of 30 years old. You’ll come back 80 years later, or maybe a little bit more if you die under the age of 30 years old, you’ll come back eight years later, or maybe just a little bit more, but not much. And the reason for that is because the, the reason of the, the separation of 80 or eight years is because you have, you have to come back in a time that is you’re not gonna be recognizable to anyone else.

You do come back, looking, looking similar to yourself. That’s why I tell people all the time that, uh, don’t mess with 23andme, because the person you’re looking up from a hundred years ago that looks similar like you is just you, it’s just you a different version of you. Now you are a newer version of that person, but again, the reason you’re here is, is to fulfill that purpose.

So that’s why I tell people don’t mess with the, uh, with the whole, uh, You know, uh, past life regression and all that stuff, because your past lives are important, but they’re, but if they were so important, you wouldn’t be here now because if your past life before this one was so important, you would’ve fulfilled your purpose and not had to come back, but you didn’t.

You had to come back again. What’s actually important here. What’s important is what you do. Not what you did, then people wanna look at those past life progressions because they want to have a story. They wanna tell somebody, oh, I was related to a, a king or a queen or something like that. You know what?

We have all been here so many times, we’re all re related to royalty. We’re from all over the world. You don’t have to get a story just so you can put a new hat on each day and say, oh, I’m from Ireland. Or I’m from Africa. You’re from everywhere. A human being. We, we, we are so concerned, put so much concern on our own individuality, but we forget, we forget that we are all a family that we’re all related to each other.

We need to, we need to get back to that and learn how to take care of each other. That’s the, that’s the important thing, not our own egotistical ways and our own selfishness. So

[00:32:59] Jeremiah: why do you think that we are put on earth to begin with like, is it just. Like a way for a soul to experience a physical form or yes, like what’s the point of being here if we just have to keep coming back or whatever,

[00:33:19] Daniel: uh, the point of everything like anything else in our lives, we’re learning.

That’s the point of everything is to learn, to learn the experience of it. And the only way that the soul can learn by, uh, learning physical lessons is by being within a physical. So they come into physical bodies to learn lessons. You’re, you’re learning. The human experience is what you’re doing, but what we are all actually doing is basically one big giant God experiment.

He’s trying to teach us to learn things, just like our own mothers and fathers want us to learn things. That’s what he’s doing. He’s the father of us all. He is putting us out in the, into the world and seeing how much we can learn, but he wants to what he wa he wants us to do is he wants us to figure it.

You know, there’s a term out there that says, God bless you. Well, he does. He’s already blessed you in one way. He puts you here. But what he wants us to do is figure it. But he brings us help. Just like we have help here. You have a, a mother or a father or a brother or sister or someone you work with. They try to help you along.

We have spirit guides that do the same thing and try to help us along and try to help us get it figured out. The only problem is right now. We’re not figuring it out. I mean, we live in a society where, where war and famine are more important than anything else. You know, people are homeless in this world.

No one should be homeless. Should be starving. Not one person should be going to war with each other just because I disagree with you. And that’s the, that’s the big picture of, of things that what we’re here for. We’re here to figure that out. Here to stop doing those types of things and actually start working together with each other to, to learn, to, to share everything in the world, to learn, to take care of each other, to learn, to look out for each other, but.

As we can see right now, that’s not going very well. And on the unfortunate part is we have, uh, we have relinquished out the power of everything we have over to other people a long time ago, and those people don’t wanna give it back. We call those people government. Call those people, uh, the controllers, the, uh, the big corporations, they own everything and they run everything and everyone else is a slave to all those people.

Need to get out of slavery. Are all in slavery. It doesn’t make a difference. What color you are. We are all enslave to the world. We need to stop enslaving people and start working together. And that’s why he put us here to learn that, to figure that out. But as you can see, I mean, look around the.

We’re not doing a good, very good job of it. So at some point we need to come out of that and hopefully move forward. But yeah, we’re just here to learning. Everything you do is learning. If you pick up a towel and you put it down, that’s a lesson. If you pick it up and drop it, it’s just another lesson.

That’s not a good lesson or a bad lesson. What’s the lesson to learn. Well, if I dropped it, then I guess what I need to learn is how to grip it a little bit tighter. So I don’t drop. It’s that simple life is this kind of lesson. If you walk through a door and there’s a nail on the floor and you trip over it, what’s the lesson to learn.

You go get a hammer, you bang the nail in. Then you can walk through the door freely the rest of your life. But we have some people in this world who don’t do that. They continue to trip over the nail, the rest of their lives. Why? Cause they don’t learn lessons very well. We need to learn a little bit better.

We need to teach a little bit better at the same. And once we do that, once we start the teaching teach differently at a, at a younger age. And because we all come into this world, knowing everything, we just came from heaven and they tried to give us some information to try to get, get better at learning.

But we come into a baby body, you wake up and you’re like, well, you have two people in front of you going, I’m your mom and dad and you’re going well, I don’t know who the hell you are, but okay. Then they raise you because they’re not really your mom and dad, they created the body, but they didn’t create the.

What happens is the world teaches you the ways of the world. Those, the ways of the world are pain, anger, SAR, guilt, anguish, all that mess. They basically take a bucket of bleach and throw it over top of you and, and dissolving all the truth that’s inside of you. When you first came in here and putting all these lies into you, it’s just, we have to figure it out that they’re lies, but it takes.

Usually too long of a time to do that before we actually get it figured out. So if we start teaching each other differently from the very beginning, then maybe we can get past where we are now. But again, it’s all just a one big learning experiment and we’re living this human experience. We’re just not doing very.

I’m here to change that. I hope hopefully.

[00:38:01] Jeremiah: Um, now there’s a theory that, um, time is cyclical and that there’s been lost civilizations and kind of like reboots of earth. Do you think there’s anything to that? Like

[00:38:14] Daniel: they’re not lost. They’re they’re they’re not lost. They, those civilizations learned to work together.

That’s why you don’t see them anymore. They’re not here any longer because they learned how to. The last ones who have, are not learning how to do it is us. The other ones learned how to do it. They learned how to work together. And when they learned how to work together, they all rose up outta their bodies and left and went home and then their, their civilization, their homes, and all that were destroyed.

Why? Cause it wasn’t needed anymore. Then the next civiliz legislation comes along and then they start building homes and it is up to them to start learning to work. We just haven’t we’re because we have, again, we have these governments in control. We have religion who’s in control. I mean, that’s the real reason why Jesus Christ came here.

He was only here. One time his soul had been here one time and he was brought here as a representation of us in a human body. Like we are because we are all the children of God. He was brought here to show. But let us know that we could all share everything and take care of each other and not have to live under power and control.

And we could take care of each other and move forward. But the people who were in power control saw what he was doing and didn’t like it. And they said, this guy’s gonna take our money away from us. He’s gonna take our power away from us. We can’t have that. So they put him on a cross. He wasn’t the first one to be on a cross.

He wasn’t the last one. They put him on that cross and they tortured a crap out of him and murdered him in front of everyone to make an excuse, to make a, to make an example out of him, to let everybody know if you’re gonna follow what he does, if you’re gonna do what he does, we’re gonna do this to you too.

And that’s why he was here. I tell people all the time, why are you wearing a cross around your neck? That’s not a representation of Jesus. That’s a representation of the power and control they have over everyone. That, that cross is a form of punish. why do you wanna wear a form of punishment around your neck?

You don’t want to wear it, but they make you wear it because they have convinced you into wearing it so they can remind you of how much control and power they have over us. We need to get away from that. We need to get away from that ideology because that’s all it is. Is it was people deciding that they wanted to have power and control over everyone.

We need to get away from that, stop that mess and, you know, get away from the Bible and 10 commandments. God doesn’t command us to do anything. Why does he need to, but those people who wanna have control and power over you, they wanna command you to do something. No one sins in this world, sins their rules.

And if you break their rules, they call it sin. Because we are all creative from God, from a part of him, which makes our soul divine soul. Everyone is a divine soul, not just Jesus Christ. And he was here telling us that, but the people who wanna have control over you are going to tell you different. So they can use that as a fear tactic to have control over us.

God and Jesus have nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with the Bible. They indoctrinated it then into that ideology so they could use it as a fear. It’s all bullshit. The vibe is bullshit almost into. Yeah, I, um,

[00:41:32] Jeremiah: I always thought it was interesting and I don’t know what passage it is in the Bible or anything, but that Jesus did say like, um, what I can do, you can do, you just have to find it within you or something like that.

I’m paraphrasing. But he was literally like saying like, I’m not, I’m not super special compared to you. It’s just, yeah, you don’t see

[00:41:57] Daniel: it. Absolutely. Yeah, we right. We haven’t figured it out. And that’s what we’re here to do to figure it out because he’s no, he’s no different than we are. We are all special.

We are all good enough to do anything we wanna do. You just have to have faith in that. Have faith in yourself enough to do that. You can fit in anywhere that you want to. If you wanna walk into a room full of suits, go right ahead. If you got own t-shirts and a shorts go right ahead. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you wanna be there or not.

There’s nothing in a rule book. And even if they come up with a rule book, you say, well, that’s something that you created. That’s not something that’s actually the truth. It’s just your own set of rules. Why? Because you choose to have power over someone else, but you don’t have power over me. No one does.

I don’t fear anymore because why should. We shouldn’t fear each other. We should be working together with each other. But yeah, he, he was here trying to let us know that that we’re all the same. We’re all equal. We just have to figure that out for ourselves. But when you have the world telling you that you’re not good enough when you have the world telling you that you have to be, you know, so big around, or you have to be, you have to be strong and you can’t be weak.

Yet when you have the world telling you that you’re, you’re, you’re not pretty enough or you’re not handsome enough or you’re not enough for anything, but the reason they tell us that is because, so that we can rely on them for everything. If you go to a doctor, you, you have a doctor tell you, oh, well you have depression.

Oh, well, no, no. I just kind of feel, well, no, you have depression. You, you have depression. And then you start feeling like, okay, I guess I do have depression. So then you’re gonna go to a doctor and a, doctor’s gonna send you off to another doctor and that doctor’s gonna do one of two things. He’s gonna give you some medication because you know, medication makes money and, uh, and that keeps the world going now, or two, he’s gonna talk you out of it.

Well, one, you don’t have to take the medication and. You don’t have to listen to him, talk you out of it. You could talk yourself out of it. Cause the only reason you have depression is because you choose to do hold on to those depressive feelings, choose differently. And don’t it’s that simple, but people can’t figure out the simple ways around it.

And the reason they can’t is because we’ve always been brainwashed into thinking that we can’t, we have to wake up and stand up and take the power. We were link it a long time ago. Have to stand up and take it back. Go into the governments and, and all the other controlled people and tell them, you know what, you’re fired.

You don’t represent us. You’re not our leaders. You’re the only thing, the only thing you’re doing is helping yourselves to us, everything we do for you. That’s the, that’s the, that’s the actual truth of it. But yeah, we’re all equal. We all came into this world the same way. We’re all leaving the same way.

So what makes us different? Nothing.

[00:44:55] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. So for your personal journey, what’s your, um, I don’t know how to say it. What’s your next, like, step in your journey? What are you working towards next now that you, uh, know all this, all this stuff?

[00:45:15] Daniel: Uh, my next, uh, thing is to try to help as many people as I can.

I wrote a book just recently had a picture of it behind me. It’s called Daniel Jackson, the new beginning, my awakening as a spirit medium. And that it’s the, the story in it is about me, about how I became this, how it started from the beginning, it’s in chronological order. Uh, and the, uh, the idea behind that is to let other people know that if they’re going through the same types of things that I went through, then reach out and find your people.

Find me if you need to. I left my. My website in here, they can get ahold of me if they’re having these same issues, but it’s not just with that. It’s not just about if you have this ability or what they call a gift it’s for everything in your life. No one in this world is alone. I know that the president said this back in 2020, but he’s a lot of shit.

Uh, but we are all in this together. We have always all been in this together. We are here and if you need help or something, go out and find it. If you need someone to help you with something, go out and find them, reach out and find your people. Don’t sit there thinking and just getting it up into your own head, thinking that you’re all alone in this world.

Cause you’re not, no one is sorry, but yeah, no one, no one is, is alone in this world. We’re all here to help each other. We just have to figure that. But so, yeah, so my, my book is about that story, about how this came about, but it also, at the end on chapter 12 as a, uh, the chapter’s called the basics, and these were channeled messages from my spirit guides, arc angels.

And these were messages there’s 25 of ’em of which God wants us to know. And these messages are, are entailing. The, the. Understanding of how we can treat each other better, how we can look at each other better, how we can make ourselves better, better human beings. And, and that’s the, that’s the idea behind these messages?

When I, when I put this book, uh, when I took it to the editor, I took all my stuff, all my, everything I wrote down, I I’m a horrible writer. I just wrote all these paragraphs law in a row and they were, my grammar sucks. And so I put it all together. I gave it to the editor and she edited everything. And then I gave her the 25 messages and out of everything, the 25 messages I gave her did not need to be edited.

She told us, she said, I don’t need to edit these. They’re perfect. I said, yeah, because they didn’t come from me. They come from. It’s just perfect. It didn’t need to be edited. So those messages are, are a big part of the book that I want people to read. I want them to understand these messages comprehend these messages, and I want them to implement these messages into their lives.

And hopefully that will change the world because what I love to sell a million books. I made $2 off each book. Am I looking to make a million dollars? No. What I’m looking to do is help a million people, if not. Because once I help that many people it’s gonna get out to other people and so on and so on and so on because the message has to continuously be carried through because I’m only gonna be here for a certain amount of time.

And I can only do as much as I can do it. Can’t just be me. It has to be a lot of people because there was one person who tried to put out one message a long time ago. And what did they do to him? They put him on a cross and murdered. I’m trying to do the same thing, but I’m trying to just do it to do it in a different way, because we have different ways to do it.

Now we have social media, we have podcasts. We have other ways to do it. It has to get out. I’m not looking to rape everyone out of their, their own pockets and try to get all their money. All I’m trying to do is sell them a book. That’s going to help them to understand things in this world, help them to understand themselves.

The book sells for $8. I could have sold it for 20 bucks, but I didn’t because I don’t need to, because that’s not the point of it. The point of it is not for me to make money. The point of it is to, for me to get it out because I mean, it, cause like I said, you know, the book is published through Amazon.

They get the other $6, you know, I mean, cause you know, it’s Amazon, but uh, but yeah. Um, it’s just, I’m trying to get this message out. And my journey here, my role here is to teach other people why we are here. What is our purpose and how to move forward from here and hopefully with this, with the help of this book, and then me being able to get out and talk about it.

And that, that gives me another platform for me to get out in front of people and try to help them because that’s all I’m trying to do, but that’s what we should all do for each. Yeah,

[00:50:03] Jeremiah: definitely. We could all learn to be a little bit kinder, a little bit more helpful to our fellow human and, um, definitely that’s a good lesson to, to have, regardless of your beliefs, like it shouldn’t be so cutthroat.

And so, yes. So, uh, What are they called? Egocentric?

[00:50:25] Daniel: We learned how to have an ego. We learned how to have pain, anger, and guilt. I mean, if you take two children of the age of two years old, if every, every race green color and you stick them in one large room, and then you turn two of them around and tell them, I want you to point to me, who do you hate?

They’re gonna look at you like you crazy because they haven’t learned how to hate anybody, but they will, but they learn how to have ego. They learn how to have sorrow and grief and guilt and all that. We need to teach them. Need to not teach them those things. Teach them how to respect each other and how to love each other and how to take care of each other.

The important things, not all that other mess. It’s not important to have six cars and seven houses and 10 boats. We don’t need that stuff.

[00:51:11] Jeremiah: look around and like some of the poorest places in the world have some of the happiest people too. You kind of wonder, like, why is that? And it’s because the material stuff isn’t, what’s

[00:51:26] Daniel: important.

Yes, absolutely. It’s not important, but, but the world wants you to think it’s important. Why cuz they want you to go out there and work as hard as you can to make as much money as you can to have these things. But they’re not, they’re not considered, they’re not, uh, uh, worried or, uh, about these things.

They’re just worried about you going out there and making money for them so that they can have more money and more money means more control and more power. That’s why they want us to do. They’re not concerned with our real self being. Oh yeah.

[00:52:00] Jeremiah: Well, I will make sure to link your, um, book and everything.

Uh, when you send me the links and stuff in the description, and I just want to thank you for coming on and speaking with us and, uh, sharing your knowledge and what you’ve experienced, and hopefully it’ll change someone’s life for the better.

[00:52:22] Daniel: I hope so. And, and I appreciate you having me on Jeremiah.

This was awesome being on here. I enjoyed talking to you and, and, uh, enjoyed hearing your point of view as well. But, uh, you asked, you asked some good questions, but not only did you ask good questions, you asked the right questions. Not everybody asks the same questions all the time, but you asked different ones and now usual people, they wanna hear all the scary stories.

They don’t want to hear the truth. I’m more

[00:52:46] Jeremiah: focused on the truth and trying to. A picture of what’s really going on. Instead of I do like my, you know, occasional scary ghost stories and stuff like that, but I think it’s more important to figure out why we’re

[00:53:02] Daniel: here. I have some . I, I have plenty of, uh, scary stories, but they’re not scary to me anymore because, you know, because I, I live it every day.

You know, I, I see spirit all day long. I just, I know what they are. I see the, um, you know, people go, oh, what about the dark shadows and stuff like that? Uh, I tell people all the time, when you go outside and you stand in the sun, what colors? Your shadow? It’s dark. So, don’t you don’t need to worry about the dark ones.

If you see something glowing in your home, that’s. That’s when you need to worry, uh, but not worry. You just take care of the problem. And the only way that you can take care of that problem is by putting positive energy out there that will make the negative ones go away. You can’t do the smudging and any of the stuff like that, because.

Yeah, smudging. You’re just burning some roots and stuff like that. And you’re trying to make these negative energies go away, but those negative energies are no longer have bodies. They’re not in this realm, so they don’t breathe. They don’t smell, they don’t do any of that stuff. So the only thing that you’re doing at that moment is when you’re burning that stuff is you’re setting off your fire alarms.

It’s not gonna make anyone go away. They will only go away because they choose to go away. But the only way that you can make them choose to go away is by putting that positive energy out there. And that will make them go away. I mean, If, if the, if that wasn’t the truth, then don’t you think all the forest fires in the world would make all the negative energy go away from burning everything.

Right? So no. So that stuff is bullshit. There’s a lot of bullshit in this business, unfortunately, and I hate to call it a business, but it’s what it is. People will, will, will, will be vultures and they will come down looking to feed off of you. So they will do anything you, they think they can do that.

You’ll believe into thinking that these things are actually true, but it’s not, you know, I mean, Just like in the same way. Oh, I’m go. I’m gonna put a cross up and make these negative energies go away. But you’re putting up a, a form of punishment in front of their face. What do you think they’re gonna do?

They’re gonna laugh at you because they know it’s not real. So, uh, yeah, there’s a lot of crap out there. You just have to, you have to really do your homework and, and find some people who are telling you the truth out there because not everyone is and, and then, and then figure out what’s best for you to do.

That’s all pretty simple.

[00:55:14] Jeremiah: thank you for coming on and, uh, enjoyed the talk and I wish you the best and have a good weekend. That’s coming up and hopefully the temperatures stay decent.

[00:55:29] Daniel: For you, maybe not for me, it’s gonna, well, like I said, there’s no humidity here. So if it’s 90 degrees, I’m loving it because that’s why we came through it is, uh, it’s nice and warm and I’m not sweating to death, but, uh, yeah, I’m actually gonna be busy this weekend.

We’re, uh, we’re working at a festival this weekend here in Sierra Vista, Arizona. And, uh, I’m gonna be, uh, doing readings for people and talking about and selling my book there. So it’s, uh, it’s gonna be cool. Yeah, it sounds good.

[00:55:54] Jeremiah: Thank.

[00:55:55] Daniel: Thanks for having me on. My last bit of advice for everyone is, uh, be good.

Don’t do any stupid shit. If you’re good, do stupid shit. Don’t get caught.