Alien Abduction: Adrianne’s Encounter

Alien Abduction: Adrianne's Encounter Alien Abduction: Adrianne’s Encounter [00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared. hello, my fellow earthlings. And welcome back. Thank you for tuning in. We’re going to have an amazing interview here with Adrian and her alien abduction story. It’s definitely a tale that I won’t share. And she wants to share it with us. So listen to her incredible story. But first, before we get to the interview, if you could go and rate and review the show, I would appreciate it. It lets me know you’re enjoying the content and that you’re getting something from the show makes me want to keep putting out good content for everyone. And I want us to be a community here. I care about what you guys are listening to and what you’re thinking. You can contact me through the website, go to the contact section? Shoot me an email and I can, uh, respond to you in a timely manner. Also, I am on Instagram. What if they’re wrong? And tick-tock what if they’re wrong? So you can find stuff there. The tick-tock I’m going to be using to give short clips before an episode release. So you get a minute or a minute and a half sneak peek into a new episode. That’s. So keep an eye out for that. Follow me on there. And now we’ll get to the interview with Adrian. It’s a story you don’t want to miss. And before we get into it, I just want to say we had some issues getting her audio. I think the aliens were trying to hack into her system. So there will be some spots that are a little glitchy. The story is too good to not put out. So if you can just bear with some of the technical issues. Um, I think you’ll really enjoy this interview and hear her alien abduction story. So we’ll give it up to Adrian now. Hello and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast. I want you to question everything. I am here with special guests, Adrian and her. Alien abduction story. We’re going to talk to her, figure out, uh, well maybe figure out what’s going on or at least shed some light into the abduction phenomenon. So I’ll introduce her now. Hello, Adrian. How are you doing? [00:02:55] Adrianne: Thank you for having me. [00:02:57] Jeremiah: Oh, yeah. You’re welcome. Thank you for coming on. I know these stories can be intimate and we’re not going to make light of them or anything. So, uh, just want you to be able to explain and just, uh, express your feelings and cause there are probably other people out there. I have had an experience and just don’t know how to deal with it or cope with it, or don’t feel like there’s other people like them out there. So it’d be good to have a voice out there to let people know that they’re not alone. And, uh, there is definitely something going on with the abduction phenomenon. So I’ll start with, uh, where were you at, in life at the time of your abduction? And if you can remember. [00:03:47] Adrianne: Um, it was five, it was summer time and I was 19 years old and I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and I live in north Idaho. So I, I went to and had my pajamas missing and I woke up and I wasn’t in my bed anymore and I wasn’t clothed anymore. So I immediately looked down at. Stomach and thought, and I pajamas get off of me. Then at that point I looked up and there was beings all around me. One of them really stood out to me because she seemed charged, seemed, um, seamless. That was in charge of all the other beings around her. I say her, I don’t know why, because they all looked the same. And, uh, I don’t know why, but, um, um, I guess it should tell you how they looked. Um, we’ll talk about the grades. This was that this was a very tall, very white, almost iridescent, um, pianist looking, being, so it made it very scary. I also, I fear of praying mantises and I didn’t know. [00:05:10] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely not something you want to see hanging over your bed. Uh, insect like being, [00:05:18] Adrianne: I was, I’m not in my bed anymore. I was in a roundish room. Uh, it just seemed to have like a really glowing iridescent light. And, uh, I sat down and they are going in to next to my navel with some kind of instant. And I’m immediately thinking they’re going to find AB um, I, I was around seven months pregnant at this time and just petrified and, uh, Okay. Just give me a minute. [00:05:56] Jeremiah: It’s okay. I know it’s a traumatic experience. I don’t know if you can recall any like features on wherever you were. Could you tell you were on a spacecraft or was it kinda like, um an emergency room?, [00:06:12] Adrianne: I definitely wasn’t in my house. I was sitting up around his glowing room. There was symbols on the walls. Um, I actually. One of them, uh, uh, it’s like a triangle with the middle and the other one I too, I can remember. Uh, [00:06:32] Jeremiah: so for the listeners, sorry, I don’t mean to cut you off for that up there for the listeners that can’t see it. Uh, it’s like. Basic like pyramid looking thing with a the middle, uh, with, you know, the inside’s white with a the middle. And then the other symbol is, uh, like a straight horizontal line. And what looks kind of like an arrow pointing down, touching the horizontal line is how I can describe it. So two very distinct markings. I think I’ve seen the one with the pyramid and the dot before, but [00:07:12] Adrianne: it reminds me of the all seeing eye that’s on the money or the fact could be too. Yeah. So I’m at that point, I’m just petrified and I just keep looking into the eyes of the one, the one that I was communicating with, and she just keeps saying, we’re not hurting you. We’re not going to. We’re not hurting you. And I’m thinking this is hurting me. We’re communicating telepathically and they’re the big, large black eyes and how somehow she was able to pull every thought, every memory out of my head. Um, [00:07:52] Jeremiah: and I realized that that’s where the thoughts like a voice or was it like just, you automatically knew. What was being [00:08:00] Adrianne: said. I know like when you’re going throughout your day and you have thoughts, she could read all of them. It, everything that it was happening from there, um, they just kept doing there’s other things I’ve never been under hypnosis yet, which I would like to, I don’t really want it, but I feel like there’s more in there that I remember. [00:08:26] Jeremiah: It might also provide you some therapy and maybe some, maybe some clarity to the whole thing and maybe, uh, help you put it behind you. If you went through something like that. Not that you can ever forget it, but [00:08:43] Adrianne: absolutely not. And I’m really thankful that people are coming forward now because I live in a really small town. And for years I wanted to find someone like me. I couldn’t I, and I had to be very choosy on who I told this to. Like, I don’t even feel like my own mother believed me. It was very hard for me to tell her, but, um, there was a few people that would listen and I felt comfortable with them. The show ancient aliens came out and looked at me one day, we were watching it. You said, this is exactly the things you described to me. I know there’s others out there and I’m really glad for technology and things like this right here. So I can meet people like me and not feel so alone, [00:09:36] Jeremiah: but that we have social. Uh, media. I know a lot of negative stuff gets thrown on social media, but there’s a lot of positive to that. You don’t really hear about too much, like having these Facebook group communities so people can share their experiences. And they encompass a lot of different things, not just like aliens and stuff, but just people with like-minds. So you can not feel like you’re isolated or alone. [00:10:05] Adrianne: No. From there when they were done doing all the features on me that they were doing, they went to drop me off back at home. And this sounds crazy, but I moved through solid matter. I didn’t know how, but the sensation was something that I can’t even describe. It felt like every moment. All of my body was pulled up there. So through the roof of the house, through the second story, and then back into my bed and I looked over into the kitchen and she was standing there looking at me saying, you will not remember this. You will not. And I was thinking, how could I not remember this? This is like the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life. And it petrified me because I, I didn’t think, I didn’t know if they were going to take my baby or what they were doing. And I think it’s a genetic experiment or they’re taking eggs or many things, you know, the same things as we do with animals in a cage, we pull them out. We do things to them. We put them back the next day when I woke up. Yeah, it was a little fuzzy for a while, but I remember looking out the window and something I had built into the window. It was a dream catcher that was kind of framed into the window seal and it was knocked out onto the lawn. And then I started remembering what had happened and I still didn’t tell anyone for a while, but I started having problems with the pregnancy. I had to be on bed rest for the next two months. And, uh, she ended up being okay, but I should get back to when, when I was looking at her, I, when we were technically speaking, I said, I’m done with this. I don’t want, because I realized they had been taking me my whole child. Sorry. If I jumped around so much, it’s okay at once. But, um, I had a memory of my sister and I, we would wake up, up, out in the, in the woods sometimes, and it’s pretty cold up here in north Idaho. So I would be really cold and shivering and I opened my eyes and I think, why am I out in the woods? When I went to sleep in my. So she would just shake me and say, run, run, and we would run home, pull the covers over our head and we wouldn’t talk about it. So when we were telepathically speaking, I said, I do not want this anymore. And it’s a trade-off because it’s a genetic thing where, um, I believe they take families and generations and then they said, she said, It will be your daughter’s turn next. And I didn’t know I was having a girl at that point. Sorry, I’m getting so emotional. [00:13:22] Jeremiah: It’s okay. Yeah, there always seems to be, um, with these abductions, it seems very common that they’ll abduct a certain family. So it’ll be like grandpa, dad, son. It seems like they’re tracking their genetic, uh, output from my perspective. I [00:13:45] Adrianne: I, and that’s why it come forward to my mom. And it was very hard for me to tell her, but she just discounted it. But then when I told my dad, he says, oh, I know, I believe you. But I did end up working for this woman years ago, about 15 years ago. And she ended up being a UFO research, which I didn’t know that. And, uh, one day she just looked at. You tell me, and I didn’t even have to ask her what, tell you what she said you’ve been taken before, right? And I said, yes. And she said, the minute she met me that she could tell, I had, like she said, I was a hybrid and she asked me a bunch of questions. She said, she’d interviewed many people and it matched up. She asked me my blood. I said it was, oh, negative. She said she just kept shaking her head. Yup. Yup. That’s that’s the common blood type that tends to be taken. And I told her that my father claimed, had been taken and she said, no, it had to have been in your mind. Other, so I don’t know about all that, but they did say that they were going to take my daughter and it was her turn next. And I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. And I try not to. Talk to it, to my daughter about it, because I just want to wait for her to come to me if she does have these experiences. But I know that people don’t remember when they do so when they do have these experiences. So, um, when I did get interviewed by the lady that I worked for, she said that I remembered more than anyone she’d ever talked to without hypnosis. So I know there’s a lot in there that I need to remember. Like you said for therapeutical reasons. Cause um, every time I talk about this, I think, oh, it’s been I’m 45 now this happened when I was 19. Okay. It’s not going to be that hard, but every time I get emotional every time. So, um, [00:16:04] Jeremiah: I haven’t. Yeah, traumatic experience. So it’s okay to let the emotions go a little bit. [00:16:12] Adrianne: Yeah. I can’t really help it at this point. It just happens. But, um, I don’t recall any experiences since that. It was almost like we made an agreement that I was done and then whatever happened from there was out of my hands. [00:16:31] Jeremiah: So I’m interested to know. See, if you do do the hypnosis, if you can find out if something has happened since then, like if, if your agreement with her actually held true or if they just made sure you didn’t remember this time and cause I’ve heard of. A lot of stories where if a woman gets abducted and they’re messing with her pregnancy and all that, that usually they get abducted again and get shown. They’re like hybrid child and, and get told that they need nurturing or something. Along those lines. [00:17:13] Adrianne: There was one experience. I do remember. Um, I don’t know if it was before or after this. They kind of blur together in some way, but I remember one time and I convinced myself that this one was a dream way too hard to take, but they did show me one. And I’m sorry. [00:17:43] Jeremiah: That’s okay. Yeah, I’ve heard, I’ve heard about those experiences. Uh, babies dying or looking sickly baby [00:17:55] Adrianne: baby looked at me and they said, hold it, hold it. And I didn’t want to, so that’s the only one I remember. I just couldn’t handle it the way the baby looked at me in the eye and I knew I couldn’t save it. So. That’s the only time I remember, but I have heard other people on, um, shows that I want say that they have hundreds of hybrid children. And I believe it because, uh, they’re definitely taking eggs, sperm from, from people I’m convinced of that. And why? I don’t know. I was told to go to mankind. This is what I did this being. Read all of my thoughts, but I wonder do they have a way of blocking what I get from them when we communicate? Do they have, am I being lied to, or was this being being truthful? Because it certainly didn’t feel like to me anyway, that they were doing me any favors, but that you didn’t do this for something, some reason either to better mankind to help us evolve, or I don’t really. That’s something I would like to know of why I had to go through this. [00:19:21] Jeremiah: Yeah. This a female mantis type being, is that the one who told you it was for the betterment of mankind? [00:19:28] Adrianne: Yeah, that’s the only one I was communicating with. I felt like that is in charge and she would kind of turn and look to the others and they, it was just kinda like a commute, like, uh, I thought. They just automatically fluidly moved and did, as she said, like, it’s kinda like a bug colony, how they do, they all have their little, they’re all little they’re little places that their little jobs that they each do. And it’s almost like the queen bee or the queen Anne or whatever. Um, you know, and the other one’s just followed her orders. So, um, I was communicating with her and. I definitely do need to do the hypnotherapy because there’s a lot in there that I think would be useful. She did take me before she dropped me back off. She, uh, sorry. What’s my thoughts. Um, kind of showed me some really beautiful things about our planet. It would be really deceptive thing. And how they didn’t understand why we do the things we do to the planet and to each other. And those are the things I want to remember. I don’t really want to remember what they looked like. Cause there was something about the hands and the arms that really scared me. The whole thing was scary, but there was something about that art pants that. I blocked out because they were touching things and they just, the intrusive hands, that the way they looked [00:21:18] Jeremiah: now, did they look, um, more biological or were they like Android-ish or like, did you, can you remember? [00:21:28] Adrianne: I believe they were biological. Um, But I did block out how the hands look, but the arms were very long and skinny, no muscle tone, almost like a straw. Like there was really no joints or, and the, the heads were very, the eyes were extremely large. No nose, no mouth. No, it was kind of along the jaw line of the, like on the chin here. But I felt like they didn’t have a reason to have muscle tone. Cause they do everything with their minds. Extremely intelligent. So she’s I got, I got through that one. I’m a tears finally quit coming up. [00:22:15] Jeremiah: That’s good. [00:22:18] Adrianne: Helps me talk about it sometimes, but it’s hard to get it out. Okay. Very emotional for me. [00:22:26] Jeremiah: Yeah, I can imagine. So it seems very common. This thing about the UFO’s and aliens, trying to tell mankind to not be destructive and don’t do wars and got a love and protect the planet. And there is many stories that I’ve heard that talk about. This type of thing. So it’s interesting that you’ve had the same experience. [00:23:00] Adrianne: They’re definitely concerned for us. Um, but then I watched videos of people that say, no, they’re lying to us. It’s for their own gain, but that’s not what I was told. I was, I was told it was to help us still intrusive what they’re doing to take us like that. Eggs and sperm. And there was other things they did to me, but the one I’m focusing on my daughter inside me, I didn’t know if they were doing something with her or something with me at that point, because I was so far along in the pregnancy that I, I almost think maybe they were taking eggs from her because females are born with all the eggs they’re ever going to have. Maybe they untainted one. While they were still pure. No, I was going to have a daughter and she told me that it was a female that I was going to have. So [00:24:07] Jeremiah: yeah, that probably, uh, freaked you out a little bit. [00:24:11] Adrianne: Um, yep. She was born and he’s 26 years old now. I haven’t even showed her the last podcast that I did, because I don’t really know if she believes it. So I’ve talked to her a little bit about it, but I feel like if I put things in her head and I just hope it’s not happening to her, but I don’t know if they lose track of people, but I don’t believe that. [00:24:43] Jeremiah: Yeah, I have a feeling they don’t, they probably have a directory or something. Mental, mental codex. When you [00:24:53] Adrianne: find me from the house that I lived in as a child to the next place that I lived. So I don’t know if I have a tracking device in me. It just, no, [00:25:05] Jeremiah: yeah, it would be, I mean, It would be a pain to go through, but it’d be interesting if you tried to see if you had some type of implant or something like that, like through x-rays or whatever they do for technology wise. [00:25:23] Adrianne: Yeah. I do have an MRI that I’m supposed to be doing here pretty soon and I’ve never been, but broken bones and x-rays so I haven’t been told that they found one, but. [00:25:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve also heard, I’ve also heard stories of implants being like shifty or kinda like they can disappear and reappear or shift location. So yeah, it’d probably be hard to find it. I don’t really hear too many implants actually being like extracted from people, but I think. So my theory is that aliens come from another dimension that they’re not really like from outer space or whatever, and a lot of stuff that kind of adds up to it in my mind. But what is your thought process on, on where they come from or what they, what their purpose is here? [00:26:25] Adrianne: I think it might be both. I, I do believe that they shift from another person, but also from space because. Spacecraft before there was one that used to go above my house. Um, I lived about halfway from my childhood home to where I do now, or from my last abduction. I lived in this house. There was a big field and I’d let a friend of mine camp out in my yard and sit there watching you. And I thought talking about, and he, uh, Um, they go over your house. I will come inside and I’ll grab you and I’ll show you. And I have a bonfire barbecue at my house that night, there was about 15 people and he came inside and said, okay, there we were all inside. And, um, he came out and got us all. We all stood outside, watched it go above the house. It was very rich black triangle in no sound. If it was because it made no sound, it each point on it had a light that’s. So I could tell it was a triangle and couldn’t tell how big it was either, because it might’ve been massive and way high up there and moving very slowly. I really don’t know, but that was an interesting thing right there for him to come in and they’re watching you. So, yeah, and then I’ve seen ones from far away and they’re not helicopters or airplanes because of the way they move. They’ll have, then they’ll shoot up in the sky, hover up there and then like just move diagonally and all across the sky. Um, spot to the other very quick. I’ve seen that probably three times. [00:28:30] Jeremiah: Well, to my knowledge, have not seen a UFO. I kind of wish I have, but I haven’t been able to see one yet, but, or maybe I don’t want to see one. I don’t know. Cause I don’t really think I want to go through that abduction experience myself. Cause like you said, it’s intrusive. [00:28:53] Adrianne: Oh yeah. I’ve heard people joke about. I would love to go up there and no, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. And I think about how we do that with animals and different, you know, how we take a fish out of the water, pull it out when that fish is looking at us going, what is that? You know, we’re looking at it. And I feel like it’s the same kind of good about it. It’s not too hard to believe that this is happening. We do it to animals. [00:29:27] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely makes sense. I mean, like you said, we put animals in zoos and what’s the say that we’re not the zoo for extra terrestrial beings and we’re kind of like their entertainment for lack of a better word. [00:29:45] Adrianne: Oh, I feel like a hole or a purpose for, you know, how we, we make hybrid side of animals. So. That’s what they’re doing here. And I don’t know why, that’s my big question of why. [00:30:03] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then it creeps you out. Cause it’s like, well, if they’re doing these genetic experiments and making these hybrids and all that, uh, and saying like, oh, it’s for the betterment of mankind, what’s going to happen with the current mankind. Are they planning to wipe us out and putting a new. Hybrid being in charge of the planet or, you know, it’s kinda one of those things where it’s like, what, what is their end goal? Well, [00:30:32] Adrianne: it’s happened for thousands of years. You look at how we’ve evolved and evolved so quickly that they’re helping us do that. Each, each one before us was wiped out in a new one, came in doing, but why is why they’re doing it? That’s my big question. But as far as the, if I think they’re interdicting from space, um, the way they move me through the wall or the ceiling, and you feel like it was like a dimension. Yeah. They have the technology to do that and to move me. Oh, that there, that just reminded me, um, when they did take me once, when I was at. I remember being and saying, I’m scared now I want to go home. I want to go home. The one looked at me and said, then go. I said, there’s no door. It sounds crazy, but she said, you don’t need a door. And it moved through solid matter. I’m I’m not going to tell anyone that you can, but somehow, and then all of a sudden I was out with. Um, when I was younger, it was more of a fun and games thing and my sister things. And when you get older, it’s more of a reprieve about your, you know, your reproductive. It’s almost like they were taking me to get my trust and to have me not be scared. And, um, and when you get. H it changes. That’s my theory on it. [00:32:25] Jeremiah: I know it’s [00:32:27] Adrianne: crazy, but I’m telling 100% honest truth here. [00:32:31] Jeremiah: Oh no, I, I believe you. Uh, there’s definitely an abduction phenomenon going on. I’ve looked into it so much that there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s something. Something going on now, whether it’s for evil or for good, or that I’m still kind of torn on because you have two different camps that are like, oh, they’re evil. They’re like demons or whatever. And then there’s other people that are like, no they’re for mankind to do better and be better. So I’m definitely torn on. [00:33:06] Adrianne: I knew when I put myself out there that I was going to get comments like that, and I get a lot of that. There is such thing. There’s only demons, well, um, live entities that were there, um, and demons and angels, that’s more of a spiritual thing. These were actual, and I’m also spiritual I in that way also, but it doesn’t mean that these beings don’t exist. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. [00:33:45] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. And I, I don’t know. I don’t know, demon, the demon thing on one hand kind of makes sense, but then it’s like, to me, they almost seem like they’re. I don’t know, lack of a better term scientists or something like that. It feels more and more in line with the Anna Knocky story. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that, [00:34:11] Adrianne: but no, the, um, the lady that I worked for that actually I worked for her and she, the one day said, Hey, when are you going to tell me? She started telling me about an innocuous in that hole and she’s traveled the world. I had never heard of that before, but it made sense to me. And then ever since then, and that show is now all tied together. So I had never heard of that until she had brought it up. [00:34:40] Jeremiah: So since your experience, um, have you noticed any differences, like, do you, this is gonna sound weird, but do you notice you have any particular skills or. For lack of better words, powers or anything like that, or do you notice if your daughter’s different and [00:35:03] Adrianne: I’m glad you brought that up? Cause, um, um, my sister that I used to get adopted with, I’m going to cry again. He passed away in a car wreck, um, right in front of me. And, um, this, the lady that was the lady I worked for, she said, do you have. Skills like that. She said, it’s a trade-off. They usually don’t take you without giving some. The day they’re passed away, I, I was having visions of this car wreck that was going to happen. I was, we were leaving a concert and it was about a five-hour drive. And I was awake during this and I kept saying, I’m getting. That’s going to happen. And I was thinking to myself, this sounds crazy, but I felt like I had to tell them it was so overwhelming. I, I, it was like, I was seeing it through my own eyes, what was going to happen. And so I have two witnesses that, that heard me explain this. And I said, I think I might be going to die soon. Um, there’s this car wreck and this is how my body’s going to be on the side of the road. This is how is how it’s going to go down. And then we got back, uh, I was supposed to go meet my sister. We were going to go have a barbecue up by the lake and coroner. And I told my friend that I told earlier, I said up there is what I described. And you said, no. I said, no, it is it’s it’s like watching a rerun on TV. I realized at that point, that’s my sister up there because we looked a lot alike. So when I was seeing the body on the side of the road and all that in my vision, because I seen it through my own eyes and, and that prevented me from getting the car because they both got out and walked up and. Everything I described actually how it was. [00:37:13] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s uh, definitely [00:37:18] Adrianne: ESP and they give you, uh, the abilities and I wished I would, I wish that I would, sorry, I didn’t want that gift anymore. After that experience. [00:37:38] Jeremiah: And did you notice anything different with your daughter? Like, or is she just quote unquote normal person? [00:37:47] Adrianne: She seems, she’s very smart though. Like she, uh, she walked and crawled and started most of milestones. The doctor will ask, like she started walking at nine months. She started crawling, like seeing her ABC’s that I don’t know. A year in something, I don’t know. She was very smart. The miles earlier with her. [00:38:16] Jeremiah: Yeah. I was just wondering if maybe they did some kind of genetic manipulation since you were pregnant at the time. [00:38:26] Adrianne: I think a lot of that, they take you and do these mental exercises with you when you’re younger. So that. Your skills on quicker. I’ve heard that the deductions have infancy, but I only one probably around five or six years old. And I think that, cause I didn’t know how old I was. I didn’t know how to really count. You know, I, it wasn’t until school age that I realized, okay, I’m six years old. This is happening. I’m seven year old, seven years old. This is happening. I don’t know I’m getting off subject here, but I do love the things you’re asking me, but yeah, uh, the car wreck with my sister was very traumatic, but yet before it happened, so it’s almost like it prepared me for what I was going to see. I mean, from getting out of the car and walking up there and seeing something I wouldn’t want to see. And I’ve, uh, I’ve asked the two people that were with. Since then, do you remember me saying that? And then it happening? They were like, yeah, I still see it and I can’t believe it. It’s so, uh, [00:39:44] Jeremiah: yeah. So, um, I think you had mentioned it, but I was, I gotta ask again anyway, was, so now that you kind of remember everything and you’re now it’s becoming. Um, no more accepted in society, whereas before it was kind of like, no one really wanted to talk about it or people would call you crazy. If you talked about it is, do you find yourself like really researching a lot more now to try to get to the bottom of it? [00:40:18] Adrianne: There’s just more information out there before the internet, um, to seek out shows. Uh, it would be rare on TV that they would have something. I only got three channels growing up. So I remember one time there was going to be a, I think it was national geographic about it and just, I could not miss it. I was just stuck to the TV. I was, um, I thought, wow, there’s at the time, I didn’t even this happening to me, but I was always drawn to that. And, uh, Now it’s just more open. People are coming forward. And so I figure why not? I want people, if, if everyone comes forward, people think they have something to lose and they don’t want to sound crazy. But if everyone that this is happening in the store, then it will be a little more, and it would have saved me from a lot of years of turmoil of, I knew I wasn’t going. The percent positive the back then I couldn’t just go around and say this to just anyone. [00:41:35] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. And uh, maybe one day you can go to like a alien convention or something where there’s other abductor teas and be able to talk with them and share your experiences would be pretty cool. In my opinion. [00:41:53] Adrianne: I agree. I have nothing to gain from this other, I just want to meet people like me. [00:42:03] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s how I am with my a near-death experience. Like, I didn’t want to tell anyone for a long time, but now through podcasting and stuff, I’m able to talk about it and talk with other people that have had them and kinda get some answers and just get it all [00:42:21] Adrianne: just near death experience. Yeah. Um, I had one of those also, really. [00:42:30] Jeremiah: And do you remember that? [00:42:33] Adrianne: Oh yeah, it changed my life. I might have [00:42:36] Jeremiah: to have ya. My, it wasn’t like a long one or a con mine was a short, like, I didn’t experience a lot, but. [00:42:45] Adrianne: I don’t know how long I was gone because by the time my friend found me on the floor, I didn’t know how much time had gone by, but I don’t have time to leave my body. Shoot. Yeah, we should get into that later because that’s another one I get very, very emotional with that’s. [00:43:05] Jeremiah: Yeah. Might have to do another episode about that one. [00:43:10] Adrianne: I’m more free to talk about that one, because I feel like, yeah, that, that changed my, it healed me from what I was going through. [00:43:23] Jeremiah: Yeah. And that kind of thing is a little more accepted, I think, than saying you’re a viewer abducted even still, which is, which is a shame, in my opinion, like I think people should be able to. Come forth and share their experience. And you know, it’s not, I don’t know how to say. I like, I believe you. I believe you had that experience. Some people might not, but you know, you at least should be able to talk about it until tell it without people ridiculing you or telling you you’re crazy or anything like that. [00:44:05] Adrianne: Yeah. I, I, it just point, I don’t even care though, like I’m telling the truth. So if I hadn’t been through it, I don’t know if I would believe it. [00:44:18] Jeremiah: Well, I thank you again for coming on and talking about it and sharing the experience. I definitely got some information and knowledge out of it to add to my, uh, research bank. And also I hope that you can. Find a way to get your hypnotherapy and hopefully get some healing because I can tell there’s a lot of pain still inside that that needs to be taken care of. And hopefully you can get some answers by doing that as well. [00:44:54] Adrianne: I agree. Maybe this is pushing me towards act, so I, I appreciate you getting a hold of. [00:45:04] Jeremiah: Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you for coming on. And, uh, I’ll probably have to hit you back up for the, uh, find out about your near-death experience too. [00:45:15] Adrianne: I’d like to hear yours also. [00:45:18] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Well, thank you for coming on. Uh, we had a good discussion and hopefully, like I said, You could get some resolve.