Damu the Moon and 9-11 Conspiracies

Damu, the moon, and 9-11 conspiracies


Damu, the Moon, and 9-11 conspiracies descript
[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow Terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina Mountains. Welcome to the What If Their Wrong Podcast, The podcast that wants you to question everything. Your reality is about to be shattered.
Hello and welcome to the What If the Wrong Podcast. The podcast wants you to question everything. I’m joined today by Rocco and he is gonna talk to us about his book and his experiences with the, uh, reptilian race of, what are they called again, .
[00:00:52] Rocko: Well, they’re call it Reptilians. Yes. Domino. Yeah.
[00:00:56] Jeremiah: Yeah.
Domino. Um, I apologize, , like I said, I’ll have trouble remembering that name for some reason. I don’t know what what it is. But yeah, we’re joined today by Rocco and we’re gonna talk with him about his experiences, his book, and we’ll find out all about his work. So under some now. Hello Rocko. Hello.
[00:01:19] Rocko: How are you doing?
I’m good. Good. It’s, uh, it’s starting to get a little cold, You know, we’re mid-October, at least when we’re recording this. It’s mid-October.
[00:01:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. The seasons are changing. My allergies are pretty bad, so if I sound congested, that’s probably why. Um, I just can’t stop. Pollen and all the trees drop and leaves and and all that stuff.
So yeah, I was looking at your book and it sound interesting and, um, I read the insert from it that you could get on, uh, Amazon, little sneak peek and, uh, saw that you started off by getting kind of into like conspiracy stuff through a coworker. Uh, um, yeah, if you can explain that, uh, we’ll start off with that.
Okay. So,
[00:02:08] Rocko: um, there was a coworker that, uh, the two of us got along great because we were into conspiracy theories, paranormal, all kinds of, of things of that nature. And um, so that’s how we got to know each other. And we would always exchange links or stories. We would argue, we would agree, we would change each other’s minds on certain.
Topics, you know, uh, depending on what it was and depending what evidence we would bring forward, I always had to be, uh, you know, okay, well you, you’re saying this, well, what can you back it up with? It was almost like a debate, debate club, uh, between the two of us. And, um, so that’s how we got to know each other.
As far as the demo Chronicles is concerned, uh, so the book is the Demo Chronicles emails from a Sumerian God. Uh, so what happened is eventually the two of us, we switched departments, stayed in the same company, but we were communicating less, was less face to face. It was more just through internal, uh, mail as well as, uh, email.
And email was quite new at that time for us at the, at the company. And one day he came to see me and he said, Hey, Rocco, that that, that was funny, that email you sent me and I. What are you talking about? And send you an email. And he goes, Yeah, to my personal email. I’m like, I don’t think I even have your personal email address.
I what you’re talking about. Um, so he insisted it was me. I said, Cuz he said the subject matter stuff that we talk about and stuff like that. And I said, Can you forward me the email, like to see this email? So he forwarded it to me and I read it. It was a, a long email, uh, almost like a rant, uh, basically telling my friend to just stop what he’s doing, stop spreading the BS that he’s spreading.
Cuz what he’s, he’s giving out is more like misinformation. And, um, and that was that. But it was very, um, it was very interesting the way it was written. The, the words used the topic, uh, matter. So I said, you. , you gotta keep this going on. And he just still thought it was me. And he was like, You know, I don’t have time to play these games with you.
Just tell me it’s you. And I’m like, Listen, just email this person back and let’s, And that’s pretty much how it started. And then the email started going back and forth. Uh, we would ask questions and eventually find out the name of this entity or whatever it was, indicating that it was Damu and saying that it was a Sumerian God.
And at that time, when we looked up Damu on the, uh, on the internet, there was nothing, I couldn’t find anything on Damu. But if you look now, you’ll see that Damu is a vegetation God. So whoever this person was, was well versed, I guess, on Sumerian, uh, you know, uh, folklore or mythology or whatever you want to call it.
[00:05:08] Jeremiah: that’s, that’s very interesting. The, um, email thing and how it came about and it kind of, uh, In a non funny way, it’s like how the, I don’t know if you ever saw the show Office? The Office? Yeah. Mm-hmm. . And they had, um, they, they were emailing Dwight and like having him believe it was like his future self
Okay. And, uh, he started freaking out cuz he thought it, he started thinking it was really his like future self. It was a funny episode but, uh,
[00:05:40] Rocko: Interesting. I didn’t see that one. I’ll have to look for it.
[00:05:44] Jeremiah: I bet you thought it was weird when he said like, Oh, I got this email from you. Like, what are you doing?
And you’re like, That’s not me, .
[00:05:52] Rocko: Exactly. And, and, and for the first little while, he still thought it was me and I had to continuously convince him to continue the communications cuz he was just getting annoyed by the answers because it was going against, I guess his, you know, at, at one point when you start, you know, Gathering information on whatever, be aliens or whatever.
You start to kind of, uh, your mind starts to close in the sense you have an open mind in the beginning, but then you start to, you know, have a certain belief right, of this, Okay, I’m, I’m good with this, this is what I believe now. And then, uh, this damu, um, emails was kind of putting a twist in there and, and changing the, you know, the, the, the frequency.
And so, you know, one of the first questions people, you know, would ask is like, well, really, like, uh, an entity is gonna contact you by email. Like, that makes absolutely no sense. I’m like, Well, you know, you’re, you’re a believer of the Bible. And you know, there was a burning bush talking to, uh, to Moses. So you take the medium that’s available to you.
And, uh, you know, Danu had indicated that he had taken over, um, a human, uh, to be able to transmit this information. Next question was, Well, why you’re friend? Why? Did he choose him to transmit this information to? So what we learned through the emails is that, uh, we produce a lot of, um, negative energy. And, um, my friend was producing negative energy to the point that he was annoying, um, Damu and Damu just instead of ignoring it, decided to confront.
Uh, cuz Damu indicated that, uh, in our, uh, in our kind of reality you would be considered like a teenager. So kind of a little impulsive and, and decided to, you know what? You’re bothering me with your, your stuff, your negative energy is affecting me. I decided to not shut up and here I am .
[00:08:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. So, um, What made you like decide to write this book and like what was the moment where you were like, I gotta get this out, I gotta write this down.
[00:08:12] Rocko: Well, the emails, like I indicated, we started asking questions, so we were getting answers on the origins of mankind, the origins of the universe, and they were very original, creative. Sometimes I had to read four to five times and probably even till today, some stuff I still don’t understand. So it was very intriguing, it was very, um, impressive as far as what was coming.
It was like, I never heard any of this stuff before. This is really a whole new take on things. Completely original. I said, This is incredible. But it was also frightening to a certain degree cuz you know, it started to consume, uh, consume me, consume my friend. Um, Other people started getting involved.
Cause I printed all the emails. I would leave them on my desk, coworkers would snoop at my desk. And then next thing I know, everybody’s reading these saying, What is this? This is incredible stuff. What’s, what’s going on? Who, who are sending? And I said, I really don’t know. Yeah, right. Whatever. What’s happening?
What are you doing? And um, so it sat in a drawer, uh, all those printed emails for many, many years. Cause I didn’t know what to do with it. I said, I’d like to get this information out there. I think people would, would like to, to hear this information. But I couldn’t figure out how to put it out there because as indicated, a lot of it was very complex and hard to understand.
So I was like, Well, how do I do this? Do I just put a book where I just have all the emails and then after every email I would give my interpretation. But I’m like, that’s my interpretation. That’s, that shouldn’t be the way it’s done. Uh, and then, you know, I thought maybe I should tell the story about my friend and I and how these emails.
Happened between, um, between that, those, uh, emails and, um, so we went, I went with the, the ladder and, and still it took me about 15 years to finally put it together. What happened was I started looking for the actual original emails. I couldn’t find them cause like I said, 15 years had passed. I know I have them somewhere, some of them I did find.
And um, so I started just typing them in to my computer. Um, and then it just wrote itself at that point and then I released it. So once I started typing it in and putting the whole story together, it probably took less than a month before
[00:10:34] Jeremiah: it was finished. Yeah, I would assume cuz it’s already kind of like fleshed out that cuz on, on the side I don’t do it as much anymore, but I used to be a big writer and, but I would write like, you know, science fiction novels and stuff like that, and.
Yeah, it, it takes time to like piece together a story and everything like that and then flush it out and, but if you already have that source material coming in, it definitely could make it a lot easier to, to produce. And um, yeah, it’s good that you get it out. I tell everyone that I come in contact with and my other guests and stuff, it’s like, you gotta get the stuff out there cuz there’s other people that have a thirst for knowledge and have a curiosity and people want to figure out, you know, what is going on in this universe, What’s going on on earth and all this other stuff.
And you hear about the, um, whole anon Aki tale. Do you know if that anon Aki tale plays into this, uh, Damu and the Sumerian God and everything?
[00:11:39] Rocko: Um, To a certain degree, it takes it to a different, uh, direction completely. There’s a main, there’s a very big focus on humanity versus other, uh, entities that are out there.
Um, and some of the information at the time when I received it, I think this was like 2004, 2005, um, are starting to, um, I’m starting to see them becoming more and more, uh, mainstream now. Uh, for example, when we pose the questions on the grays, uh, you know, the most popular alien race out there, which is the ones that probe the humans and, uh, do the alien abductions that we see in all the movies.
Um, when we asked. Were they, And the answer was, they’re human. Uh, they’re just us from the future. At the time I was just like, you know, like I said, I was starting to get set in my ways. For me, the grays were an alien race from some other, you know, galaxy or whatever. Now Damu was saying, No, no, no, I got it all wrong.
You’re, you’re looking in the wrong direction. You, you gotta look to yourself. And I was like, What are you talking about? Um, but now if you look it up, there’s many more people that are going in that direction seeing that, uh, you know, the grays are quite possibly just our future, you know, selves.
[00:13:04] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve definitely heard that theory and I’ve had, well, I’ve seen people break it down and it definitely makes sense.
Like they’re talking about how we’re not that physical anymore, cuz a lot of people like sit behind a computer or um, just watch TV or whatever. So they’re saying like, over time our bodies will start to shrink because we don’t really need them. And then like, because we ingest so much knowledge through like, you know, Google and whatever other programs, our heads will, our brain will start like expanding and, you know, it wouldn’t make sense cuz you have the gray, the, they have the bigger heads and the smaller, more frail bodies.
And, um, it said like a, but the eyes would expand because we’re always staring at screens and stuff like that. So, um, now I’m talking like long term, uh, evolve of course, but, but it definitely could play into the fact that the grays are. Our future selves kind of coming back and tampering things.
[00:14:05] Rocko: I think it’s one of the main things when you hear the abduction stories is that they can’t reproduce.
They’re looking for a way to create a hybrid. Uh, which, you know, is very, I don’t know, very similar to the story of, of Jesus, right? I mean, Jesus is technically a hybrid. It’s human with an entity technically, uh, you know, to create a, a mix of a. You know, a half human, half, half God, Right. A demigod. And, and you hear that in, in a lot of different things where there’s Hercules or hos and, you know, there’s always this a god and, and a human.
Um, so there’s, you know, I mean, if the graves were to land, you know, in some primitive, uh, you know, country with, with a tribe and show up, I mean, they would be treated as god’s, right? Just like we would at a primitive, you know, showing up in a helicopter. They’ll like say, Hey, this guy’s a God. He just took a picture of me and wow, I see myself in this picture.
It’s like, he must be, you know what I mean? So it’s, you know, quite possible that back, back, you know, 2000 years ago, people would see aliens as Gods versus today, wherever you might be a little bit more scientific and say, Okay, well no .
[00:15:20] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. And like they say, that old saying, the, uh, I forget exactly what it is, but it’s like, Any technology that’s unrecognizable would come off as magic.
So like if we went back in time with a helicopter, they’d think that’s magic. Like what are, how did we do that? How are we taking off and landing and flying around like a bird basically? .
[00:15:45] Rocko: I mean, I still can’t understand fully how a plane with 400 people manages to get off the ground. Right. . Yeah. Yeah. But I see it, I can’t, I see it at any basis.
[00:15:57] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cuz I could strap on wings and jump off a cliff and I’m just gonna fall . Exactly. Yeah. So it’s, it’s definitely a crazy thing. So what other, uh, messages did you receive through that? Like, did they go over like, creation and go over like where they’re from and what they’re doing here? And
[00:16:19] Rocko: it went through quite a bit of, um, different, uh, races as well as, like I said, you know, mankind, it went over, um, you know, things that science had vindicated, for example, that, you know, time is an illusion, uh, that, you know, we, it’s a, it’s a something that we fabricated because we need to make sense in a linear fashion, even though the universe doesn’t.
You know, a linear fashion. So there was things of that nature. And, and like I said, a lot of this stuff, uh, ended up being very difficult for, um, me to understand. The first time around I started to even try to draw them out and drawing it just didn’t make in sense because a lot of it would be like, you know, a circle within a circle within another circle, and then you break that circle with another circle and you’re just like, ah, what do I do with all this?
So it was, it was very complicated. Um, information. Right now I’ve actually, I think it was about a couple of weeks ago, I decided to do an, um, audible version of, of, of the book. So I read it out loud and now I’m editing it. And even as I’m editing it, I’m just like, I don’t understand that part. I don’t understand that either.
And, you know, Damu had made, you know, mention of that. It’s like, you know, um, that we are just not mentally capable of understanding this stuff. Like we, we’ll never be able to understand it. And, um, you know, and I can see it just because if you look, you know, we’re, we’re a 21st century and you know, we, there’s still a lot of, you know, cryology, um, type stuff.
You know, people are still seeing Bigfoot, people are still seeing Lock the sponsor. And I, I, I like that kind of stuff too. And I, and I can see the possibility they exist, but it almost seems that it’s built in our DNA to, to really like, um, have, you know, a, a great, um, like for fables, you know, um, there’s, you know, elves and ferries and you can name it.
People will indicate that I saw fairy, or I saw an elf, I saw a lepon. And you’re just like, It’s kind of hard to believe in the 21st century that, but at the same time, it’s real to the person that saw it, right? They, they see it like you can have, uh, you know, a Catholic person, um, an atheist and uh, you know, someone else standing and, and a vision will come and the Catholic person says, I just saw Jesus.
The atheist says, Well, it’s an alien, obviously. And then the third person says, Hey, I just saw my, my cousin Joey died three weeks ago, so they all saw the same thing, but their brain, the way the brain works, the brain is very powerful tool that I find can take any information in front of us and make it, you know, Right.
For us, like, you know, everybody can, you can have 50 people in a room that all believe in, in the same thing, but when you talk to them individually, you’re gonna have 50 different stories.
[00:19:19] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s funny you say that cuz I’m in a Facebook group and um, they were just having a discussion this evening about the Mandela effect.
I don’t know if you ever heard of it.
[00:19:30] Rocko: Yes. I was just having a discussion about that a few weeks ago. Yeah.
[00:19:34] Jeremiah: So we were having like a debate on that Facebook group about, um, the Mandela effect. There was, you know, obviously the believers and then the people that are like, no, it’s just faulty memory. Then other people that are like, I don’t really know , but I do remember things a certain way.
And so I think it’s, it’s an interesting topic that I definitely want to cover at some point on my show. But, um, it’s like you say, our brains are kind of made to make sense of things and to try to piece things together. , it’s kind of crazy, like if you have a scratch on your like glasses say and you’re like looking out of them for long enough time, your brain will like get, erase that scratch and you’ll like, it’ll like encode everything you’re seeing around that scratch and then you don’t even notice it until you take ’em off and put ’em back on again.
So it’s pretty wild. .
[00:20:30] Rocko: Yeah, it’s pretty wild. And you know, there will be some places I’ll walk by on a daily basis part of, and then all of a sudden I see something new and it’s not new. It’s always been there, but I just never, how could I have never noticed it before? Since I’ve been walking the same route for the last a hundred times in the last month, and I’m like, Hey, I never seen that before.
How can you have not seen, you know, my, my wife will look at me. How could you have not seen that before? I’m like, I don’t know. It’s like, it’s new to me now.
[00:20:59] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s like, um, so I’ve been wanting, uh, to buy a truck and I never had a truck, never owned a truck. And I have a certain truck in mind that I want to get, and now I see that truck like everywhere.
But before I thought about getting another truck, I never like noticed it, but now my brain’s like honed in on the head . Exactly. So these, um, emails, was the damu the per the creature or whoever was emailing, was that their name or was that their race? Or did they convey that they have a certain race?
[00:21:36] Rocko: They did not.
They indicated that, you know, as Damu and Samari and God, so based on. And Unac and stuff like that. That’s where I, I came up with the deduction that it must be reptilian. Never in any way or form did, um, damu indicate that he was reptilian. Uh, my friend confronted him many times in emails, calling him a, you know, flesh and blood eater and, and going on and on about that.
Um, but there seems to be, according to Damu, um, different factions of reptilians, there’s different factions of, of, of different entities out there. So, um, it’s just that, uh, whether or not Damu was reptilian and was not the flesh and blood eating kind. Um, and, you know, this went on for several months. It, like I said, it really consumed, consumed us.
And near the end of the book, that’s pretty much when I had to find a way out because I really got, um, Too involved. And, and then something strange happened and I, I didn’t like it . I liked it for a few seconds, but I didn’t like the fact that I would, I felt like I was losing myself. And so I had to, to pull out from that.
So there is a chapter at the end of the book, which is, uh, other, I guess other communications that my friend received, uh, after I pulled away and I left them in the book even though I did not actually read them. I read them probably about a year ago finally, cuz uh, you know, I, I just copy pasted that part into the book.
I had the email so I didn’t actually even have to type ’em out. And yeah, it was, and the main reason I went to read it again cuz one of the readers, um, had posted, um, a review on, on, um, a. On Amazon indicating, you know, those particular emails at the end of the books, I’m like, I go guess I should read them
And um, and I was like, yeah, very, very interesting, uh, information in there as well. So, so they
[00:23:41] Jeremiah: never conveyed, or that person, whatever entity, it was never conveyed like where, where they were from?
[00:23:47] Rocko: No, they never conveyed where they were from. But based on, um, you kind of know the origins of Damu based on the information that he has provided on the origins of mankind and the origins of, of the universe and reality as we perceive.
[00:24:08] Jeremiah: Now, did they claim to create mankind or do they still believe, like, does that entity Damu believe in a higher power or creator? And they’re kind of just part of the whole,
[00:24:22] Rocko: They do believe in, I wouldn’t say, you know, the one God, um, concept, but there is, um, again, Damo indicates, um, his creator and indicates, um, a few other things in there in his communications.
[00:24:42] Jeremiah: And what other, um, type of information was like conveyed to you? Or you said it was sent to your friend though, but was it kind of like ended up as a group email
[00:24:52] Rocko: typically? Well, because we started, you know, the Damu was aware that, uh, I was involved then, you know, Damu was aware that, um, the communications and questions were coming from more than just my friend, uh, as well as other people got involved.
Cause at one point, uh, somebody else had provided like a series of questions that we would pose to, to Damu. So it became, started becoming a group effort, uh, in there and, um, and in the end, um, you know, demo. Uh, and I had a little, um, kind of one on one, I guess you can say. It was, uh, a very strange, um, Uh, experience.
And that was, like I said, near the end where I was finally, okay, I need to, because I, at one point, I just kind of like sent the message out to the universe saying, you know, this is all really happening. Like, show me proof. You know, like, where’s the proof of this? And that’s when I just got this, uh, overwhelming feeling of how dare you.
Um, and it was very, um, it was a very negative feeling that I had received of like, you know, like, kind of like after all this, you’re, you’re still, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re still being an idiot, right? Like, it, you know, I don’t need to prove myself to you. I don’t need to, to, to do an, I didn’t even have to contact you to begin with kind of thing.
Not said in any of that form, but that’s the kind of sort of like, you know, like it was just this overwhelming weight on my shoulders that I felt. Um, just, you know, and I felt kind of like guilty for even asking a question, but then you want the sign, you’re gonna get one. And, um, yeah, so I got, I got, I got a sign and it’s all, it’s all in the book, so, yeah.
[00:26:44] Jeremiah: So, um, you did mention the Damu said that there are like multiple quote unquote alien races out there.
[00:26:54] Rocko: There’s, um, yeah, we’re, you know, we’re not alone. And that’s something that at least I would say, even before Damu had to state it, I was, uh, you know, on that page, I was already on that page. I, I can’t believe that in this vast universe, uh, I mean, when I was a kid, didn’t even have any planets outside of our solar system.
And now they’re all over the place. Like realizing, you know, science was saying, ah, there’s no planets outside of the solar system was a fluke. The sun, uh, you know, uh, this is all a fluke, but I’m like, No, it’s pretty much everywhere, uh, out there, you know? Um, the universe is vast. It’s, uh, never ending. So you can’t make a, a statement like that unless you go check.
And as they started checking, they started realizing, Wait, the, you know, and there’s also places that, you know, could be subject to having the same, you know, Distance to the sun as earth or whatever it might be. And there’s earth-like planets, you know, they’re starting to look at the po you know, possibilities of parallel earth.
Uh, you know, there’s other people going towards the matrix, kind of. Uh, so there’s, there’s a lot of people asking a lot of questions. There’s a lot of people wanting to know. Um, and they all, they all have interesting, I guess, theories on there. You know, as long as you can back them up, cuz there’s, you know, there’s a lot of, uh, beliefs out there that you can’t really back up where you, you you’re not changing.
And as far as I’m concerned with science, what I do like about science is it’s continuously saying, I don’t know, or we will figure it out. Then when they figure one thing out, then they go to the next one and they go to the next one. Uh, versus when you have a, you know, belief in, uh, in something that was written thousands of years ago.
it’s kind of like stagnant. You can’t change it. Like it’s, it’s, it’s set in stone. You know, You can’t, you, you cannot turn around and say, Okay, well now we’re here. And, but no, the book is written or the, the subject matter’s there. And so I’m, I’m kind of shied away from that to kind of go more, you know, towards a, a, you know, an analytical way so that I can, you know, change based on, you know, uh, like I said, I mean, when I was a kid, you know, I believed in Santa Claus and, you know, you get older and you don’t believe, you realize, hey, something’s wrong with this, this story.
Right. Um, so that’s pretty much where I’m at. Yeah.
[00:29:27] Jeremiah: I personally think there’s a lot more to our past than what we’ve been told and what is out there, um, as far as, you know, scripture, literature. And then you gotta ask yourself two other questions, like, why was certain books left out of the Bible? Um, why are certain texts looked down on or disregarded?
Um, and then others are put out to the forefront and it really makes you question, Well, it makes me question like, what’s the agenda behind that? Like, why, So I’ll take for instance, the Book of EOC is mentioned in the Bible a couple times, but yet we can’t read out of the book at Enoch. So why is that?
What’s the agenda behind that? Like, if it was good enough to be mentioned in the Bible, why can’t it be part of the, you know what I mean? So,
[00:30:19] Rocko: yeah. And, and the Bible, as we know, has been edited. You know, a lot by the Vatican. Um, so it’s sort of like, how, how can you edit a book that you, you’re saying is the word of God and you’re, and you’re, you know, just a, a mere human and you’re going in there and you’re modifying things.
Or for example, the, you know, Bible doesn’t say anywhere that Mary Magdalene is, was a hooker, but it’s kind of common knowledge in, in Christianity that she was, even though there’s nothing, nothing in the Bible whatsoever. indicating that. And they’ve said it too. They just, they just felt, for some reason, I guess to create, you know, potential villain I guess.
I don’t know. But they, you know, they created that, uh, themselves out, out of just, I don’t know why, but then, and that story stuck.
[00:31:09] Jeremiah: Oh yeah. And, um, another thing is like, you know, those, like I said, those ancient scriptures that are, are excluded from it. And then, um, You know, you have whoever I was talking about, someone, um, I think my last episode that came out, it was like, history is his story.
So the victor gets to write the story. Yeah. So then all those tales and things like that from like the previous civilization or whatever, like take for instance the Native Americans, they have a lot of, you know, rich history, a lot of rich oral traditions and a lot of mythology that has been just totally disregarded because, you know, we conquered, took over their, their land and everything.
So who’s to say what they were believing wasn’t real or true, you know,
[00:32:11] Rocko: and that’s the thing. Today’s beliefs are, you know, are gonna be, you know, next, the next generation’s mythology. Right? Um, you know, when people say, Yeah, well, you know, the Egyptians, that was mythology. And it’s like, it’s mythology because we’re now believing in something else.
Uh, and you know, a thousand years from now, this will be mythology, right? So it’s, it’s every generation or every whatever millennium has, Cause if you think about it, people believed in the Egyptian mythology for a longer period than they believed in the Bible, right? Cause I mean, it was around for like 3000 or so years, and were pretty much at a 2000 year mark, right?
So it’s like they have a thousand years of people saying, This is the truth, this is the truth, and we’re doing that right now. This is the truth. And who’s to say that 500 years from now, people are gonna look back and say, You believe those guys, they believe in, uh, in this, you know, Moses, dude. So, yeah. So
[00:33:10] Jeremiah: what do you think about.
How recently the government has come out and basically admitted that there’s UFOs and they don’t know what they are. And like why now? .
[00:33:23] Rocko: And it’s what? It’s unidentified aerial phenomenon now. Like UAP or something. No longer ufo.
[00:33:31] Jeremiah: Yeah. They changed it to uap. I still say ufo cause I’m old, old
[00:33:34] Rocko: school.
Yeah. You know, the foo Fighters, right. So, um, yeah, it’s, you know, it’s, we’re we’re living in an, in a, in a, in a time where, information is, is getting easier to get, but also a lot of misinformation is also easier to get too. Right. But the thing is, a lot of this stuff is now accessible through, you know, the informations act and all that stuff.
So we’re able to get this to a mass market without relying on regular media stations to provide it to us. You can go and search it for, you know, on your own. You, So I, I think the government at this point is sort of like saying, well, they keep knocking on our door now. They keep on saying, You gotta release this, you gotta release this, you gotta release this.
That, you know, they ran out of, you know, whatever their, their, their dark marker that they’re, you know, crossing out everything, . It’s like, we still have this on paper. We have to put it out there. And, uh, I think they’re releasing it because, People are finally saying, Hey, you know, it’s, we’re no longer buying, buying your, your, your, your story.
We, we want to know. And they’ve come out and said, We don’t know , what the hell we’re seeing either. Right.
[00:34:50] Jeremiah: Um, now has AAM said anything about working with government or intelligences here
[00:34:58] Rocko: on earth? A good question. I do not believe, No, I don’t think so. He did not bring up any, any information of that, um, of that about working with.
But we, I mean, personally on my, on, on, you know, we can see that, that, you know, for example, we’re looking just at area 51, you’re looking at the Roswell incident. Um, these are clear indications to me. You know, people will say, Yeah, well the Roswell incident was balloons and so on and so forth. I’m like, Listen, it’s, if you actually do a deep dive into the whole thing, You know, but people don’t want to do the deep dive, you know?
Um, you know, if I look at, you know, and, you know, people still get mad at me when I bring up nine 11, gotta do a deep dive, and people just say, You know what? I, I don’t wanna know. There’s, there’s a lot of people that just say, You know what, I cannot even imagine that, you know, what people are saying is true.
So I just don’t want to hear it. And it’s, the unfortunate truth is people just don’t want to to know the. Yeah, there’s
[00:36:05] Jeremiah: like a willful ignorance where people are just willful, willfully ignorant. And like you said, they don’t want to know. And I find when people start looking into things and start really doing their own research and getting different sources of research and all, they start to realize there’s a lot more to the picture than what you’re seeing on Fox News or CNN or any of those major
[00:36:33] Rocko: stations.
And it’s gotta be taken, like I said, with a grain of salt when you’re doing your research, is we tend to kind of. Always go towards what is kind of feeding our belief. Right? So you mean you see that on, you know, Facebook or anything, People will only post what they, you know, that things that confirm what they believe in, whether it’s true or not, but they will run for that.
They see something that goes against it, they just throw it out and they say, I don’t even look at that. I’m just gonna go, No, no, no, this guy said that. And that’s where I’m going with, uh, I see that a lot with edited videos, right? It’s like, ah, you see, for example, you know, not that I’m saying that it’s not true that, you know, some of the cops are bad apples, but sometimes it’s also just really choice editing.
Right. I’ve seen, you know, the full videos at times where you say, Ah, look, he just tased the guy and then you watch the video and it’s like he’s punching the cop in the face. That part’s not in the video. . Yeah. So, but people are just saying, Oh, I don’t wanna see that. I just wanna see the tasing part. So, But I’m like, I will be like, Okay, you know what?
There’s, there’s missing information here. Let me go see the full picture. And a lot of people don’t wanna do that. They just wanna really stick with, This one validates my belief. That’s all I’m gonna, that’s all I all I need. And like, oh, isn’t, uh, you know, you need to again, have an open mind and see outside of the box and say, you know what, You know, like for example, if I, you know, I brought up nine 11 earlier.
I had a hard time in the beginning just even thinking that was, you know, when I heard people at first, I just heard like, you know, people are saying, Oh, you know, some people are saying this, people are saying that. And I was like, Really? That? They sound like re retards. Uh, so I used that word, I’m not supposed to use that word as politically incorrect, but it, I just did.
Um, and um, that’s the thing. So I started saying, You know what, let me just go look up a few things. And, and then you start, you know, questions start to arise and then you’re just looking at other stuff and it’s like, okay. That validates that, that, you know, it’s sort of like, for example, you know, the conspiracy of the moon landing.
Um, you know, I’m kind of on the fence either way. Um, you know, my thing is people will say, Okay, well why don’t you believe man went to the moon? I said, I don’t say that man did not go to the moon. I’m not saying I’m not sure if we did. I’m not sure. You know, whether we did or not doesn’t really change my day to day, but I don’t find there’s like, you know, uh, uh, enough proof for me that we did.
And people say, Well, what do you need? What do you need? I’m like, Well, there’s certain things that, you know, kind of raise a red flag for me. And they’re like, Like, what? I’m like, Well, for example, You know, there was a piece of, I guess, Moon Rock that was delivered, I think to Norwegian museum, and when they finally decide to test it, it was actually Petrified Woods.
So I’m like, uh, you know, they, they, they claimed that this was , this was a moon rock and it was petrified Woods. So I’m like, that’s kind of weird. Um, you know, the fact that we haven’t been back or no other country has gone, people say, Yeah, but you know, why would Russia want to go since, you know, the Americans already been there?
And I’m like, Okay. Well, uh, Russia sent up the first satellite. Did that stop America from sending up a satellite or any other country from sending up a satellite? No. Russia sent the first man into space. Did that stop any other country from sending a man into space? No. What? We landed on the moon and now nobody else wants to go like, it makes no sense.
Like in the last whatever, 50 years. There’s been Absolutely. And they still, like, I think during George w Bush’s time, he said, We’re gonna go back to the moon. It took them nine years in the sixties with, you know, the, the technology of a calculator and here we are today and for some reason we’re not able to get there.
So that, these are kind of things where I’m saying, Hmm, you know, but had we gone there, great. I think it’s amazing. But they also erased the, the original footage of the first landing. The small little things like that were just saying something doesn’t make sense. I need some clarity on that.
[00:40:34] Jeremiah: I’ve definitely been looking into that, the moon itself and um, obviously the conspiracies that go around it and yeah, you bring up a lot of valid points and.
I have always been a person that’s like, there’s no way that they faked all that and that we didn’t go to the moon. But then other things pop up, like you said, I start looking into it and it’s like, how did all the original documentation and information just get destroyed? Or, uh, they can’t find it, or whatever their, uh, story is.
And, and then, like you said, the technology of that time was like, we didn’t, we barely had aari yet. You’re telling me we built a rocket to go to the moon and, and then we haven’t been back really? Also, uh, you hear all this talk about going to Mars. We’re going to Mars, we’re doing this on Mars, this on Mars, this on Mars.
But no talk of the moon. And, and then I hear other things about the moon too. It’s like when they supposed, Well this is, if you believe the official story, when they took off and released the fuel canisters, they fell to the moon and the moon rang like a bell for however long and. There’s no way that could do that unless it’s hollow and, or it was, or it’s porous and then you get into the whole moon bases.
And what is the moon? Is it artificial? Is it, you know,
[00:41:57] Rocko: So the moon, our moon is kind of an anomaly in our solar system to begin with, right? Based on its size, its shape. The fact that we only see one side of it, there’s things that our moon does that is completely different than the other moons in our solar system.
So it, it is a very strange, um, thing. Our satellite is very strange. And, um, yeah. So I mean, if we made it to the moon, Great. But some of the stories, like even if I look at Apollo 13, you know, they lost their navigation abilities. And I think, you know, like it would be sort of like me trying to drive down a highway without a steering wheel and keeping a straight, you know, doing a straight line.
Like I don’t see how they managed to do that. But at that point they were losing a lot of interest because of that. They were just golfing on, on the on the moon and driving their moon bug at this point that they were losing a lot of, of sponsorship and whatever, right. They weren’t able to get the money.
So Apollo 13 brought back, you know, it was sort of like a, uh, this, this, this great movie as far as I’m concerned of like, how are we gonna get, you know, people interested in the moon again, cuz if I look at the, when you read up on Apollo 13 and how, you know, they did their little slingshot and came back to the earth, but the whole time they were blind.
They were blind the whole time. Like, I don’t, I don’t get how they managed to get back into without burning up. Like there’s something very strange about the whole Apollo 13 to me personally. I mean, and nobody’s really been able to sit me down and, you know, convince me that you can drive down the highway with without a steering wheel and, and stay in the middle lane.
[00:43:40] Jeremiah: Yeah, it does. Those red raise red flags and make you think, and, uh, especially when you’re dealing with the vastness of space, as they say, and being able to navigate without the instrumentation working, it’s seems a little far-fetched.
[00:43:56] Rocko: And it’s also the communication, right? Cause the whole communication, I mean, even today when I’m watching the news and they talk to their anchor who’s in another country, there’s, there’s a delay, right?
There’s not this. Ability to, to, uh, to speak to that person, even though you can do it with a cell phone. I don’t know whether they’re not doing with a cell phone , but they, they see that, you know, it’s like, Hey Mike, uh, you know, how are things over there? And he’s just holding his head for a second. I was like, Oh, yeah, yeah, okay.
You know, it’s like there’s a delight, but for some reason you were able to communicate with Apollo 13, uh, in the sixties without any delay whatsoever. And you know, it’s, we’re talking about what, it’s 280,000 miles away, in the moon. And, you know, you’re able to talk to them like we’re doing right now. I have difficulty kind of, sort of like even with nine 11, right?
I mean, everybody on, you know, the plane that, uh, supposedly, uh, went down Flight 78, I think it was, I can’t remember which, which one it was, but they were all using their cell phones on a plane. And back then there was no cell phone ability on a plane. Like, it’s like, no, like there’s something strange about that story for me.
Sort of like we’re talking about you. They weren’t, they weren’t smartphones. These were like your Motorola flip phones or whatever are, and they’re, they’re, they’re, and they’re in a plane and somehow they’re able to talk to their loved ones. I was like, I don’t know. There’s, there’s little things like that that make me, you know, don’t, I don’t just sit there and say, Wow, it’s great.
They spoke on their cell phone and spoke. I’m like, No, they weren’t able to. Have you been? I’ve been in the plane during that time and nobody was able to use a cell phone, so it made no sense to me.
[00:45:36] Jeremiah: I totally remember that cuz I was old enough and like you said, there was no smartphones. There was no, uh, I think I might have had like a Nokia, one of those green, like brick looking ones and uh, or they might have had like blackberries, I don’t know.
But, and
[00:45:54] Rocko: back then they had a little antenna. They had one of those little springy antennas. Right? You’re on a plane. We’re talking about analog. So, the analog, um, you know. You had the towers, they had a, so you’re, whatever, 30,000 feet in the air. Let’s say they were down to 10, 12,000 feet. Um, but you weren’t able to, you know, and it’s, it was clear.
Cause I think it’s some, somewhere around the time of like, uh. I think it was like 2010 or even later, where they finally said, You can now start, you know, this was 2001 . Like, and they somehow were, everybody was yapping on the phone. On the plane. I’m like, Uh, no. It’s something bizarre about that.
[00:46:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve seen other things with nine 11 that just don’t add up, like building seven.
No one can explain what happened to that and why that collapsed. That basically free false speed. And also, um, I posted on my Instagram was I guess they found a passport or something of someone that was on the plane that crashed into the tower and it was still like completely legible and stuff. But you’re saying that it, the planes melted steel and did all this other stuff, but this passport, some had some magical force field around it.
Like, I
[00:47:11] Rocko: don’t even flight 78, it’s just like a, a black, a black patch on the ground. Like there’s no plane parts anywhere. Like not a single wing, like a plane would not disintegrate to the point of just a. Spot. Like there’s no, at least with the Pentagon. You know, they’ve shown, uh, like first you didn’t really see the wings, but you saw some kind of shrapnel.
You saw something, but with the other one that fell into the field, there’s nothing like zippo, no bodies, no seats, no nothing. But like you said, for some reason, a passport going through the building with, you know, with, with the jet fuel and, and you know, super hot temperature to have melted steel, the passport’s intact.
I don’t, how does that work?
[00:47:54] Jeremiah: And then I remember, um, It was a little while after that cuz I think when they killed Osama Bin Laden, um, or killed quote unquote Osama Bin Laden. And then I remember they came out with a news report that was like, Oh, we dumped him in the middle of the ocean. And I, I instantly was like, Wait, no, no, that doesn’t make any sense.
Like what the most, the most like heated, like the most notorious guy of history. And you’re telling me you just dumped him in the ocean.
[00:48:26] Rocko: Like what? Have you ever seen the footage? That they released of what they found Bin Laden was doing before they stormed in? Yeah. Was he watching porn or something?
No, he wasn’t watching porn. He was just watching the, the towers getting, getting struck. Like this is what he would, And if you look at the actual person, there’s uh, I would have to say the actor who played Bin Laden, cuz I’m a nose person and I recognize people’s nose is. The time they came out with, uh, when they said Bin Laden had admitted to nine 11, and they, they showed the footage, I was like, That’s not bin Laden.
That’s just, you know, a dark-skinned, long bearded man. With a flat nose and Bin Laden does not have a flat nose. It’s, and so pointy nose, he does not have a super flat nose. But the guy they showed on tv and I said, Did anybody, you know, do a voice recognition or something to ver, you know. Validate that this person that you see on TV that you just assumed because they all look the same.
is Bin Laden. And I was like, That’s not him. When you look at the footage that they released after Bin Laden was, uh, like you said, supposedly killed. Um, it’s, it’s that same guy. It’s that same guy that was, you know. But you just see him sitting there, just this really, you know. Bad old TV sitting there, just, I guess brushing his beard and watching, you know, 9-11.
I’m like, really? That’s what he was doing, like, whatever, 10 years later, . He had nothing better to do than just continuously watch that footage over and over. Look, I was just like, People are buying this though. They’re buying this, uh, this, this crap. Unfortunately. .
[00:50:12] Jeremiah: Yeah, they did. I just, that’s one event I will never freaking forget is when they said they dropped him in the ocean.
I was like, Dad, no. I was like, There’s no way. Yeah. Like the, the guy that they should have, like, you know, put on live tv. Like showing his execution or whatever. Well, I think they killed ’em when they got him right. Or whatever. But still they should have, There’s no way. If it was like, as legit as they say that they would’ve done that.
Something like that. .
[00:50:42] Rocko: Well, I, I believe in the, um, in the one where people have indicated that he had died late 2001 or early 2002. I mean, he wasn’t really poor health. He had, uh, you know, he was hooked up to machines that, and, and he needed certain medication. There’s no way that he would’ve survived otherwise. Unless he was in a ho in some kind of hospital and able to get treatments and medication.
And of course he was cut off from all of that. But, There’s a lot of money that was being made during the war. And the war was based on we’re trying to find bin Laden. And in order to keep the war going, you had to have Bin Laden stay alive. Right? In the mind of like, cuz if they caught Bin Laden within six months they would have to pull out of, you know, everything.
Like people said, Okay, we, we, we did what we’re supposed to do. But if you, you know, if he died on his own in some cave somewhere, I think you would try to hush that up, uh, to kind of like say, well, you know. Cheney was making a lot of money, , and there was a lot of people making a lot of money. War brings in a lot of money.
They didn’t wanna put an end to that. So that’s that. I find that’s much more believable to me, uh, a cover up of, um, his death versus, um, him being dumped into the ocean 10 years later to kind of. You know, sort of like we have this card that we can play cuz we know he is dead. We have this card we can play.
We have to find the exact moment when we can finally play that card. And I think that, you know, it worked for Obama. it, it brought him back towards getting, I guess. I think this happened before he was reelected. Um, so according of like, you know, they said, Okay, I think this is the time to play that card.
Let’s That’s true. The bin Laden card we’ve been sitting on for a while, .
[00:52:33] Jeremiah: Yeah, just a lot of things with the whole nine 11, just don’t add up, don’t make sense. Then the more you look into it, the more questions you end up getting. And um, I totally think it was an inside job. I totally think it was, you know, perpetrated.
And it’s hard for people to believe that it’s, cuz they’re like, why would the government do that? Or the government wouldn’t kill, uh, you know, its own people, but I mean, really the government’s into some shady crap .
[00:53:01] Rocko: I mean, I think it’s, it’s only been a few years now that it’s finally come out that they lied about how they got into the Vietnam War.
Right. They, they had indicated that, that they, they were attacked. Um, you know, the Americans were attacked and they’ve come forward to say that that never happened. So they needed an excuse to get into, um, to Vietnam. They needed an excuse to get into, you know, in, into World War ii. Uh, I think that’s, for me, that’s pretty much when I think it started with, um, they need an excuse to use their, you know, their, their bombs on Hiroshima to test them out.
Um, you know, when you, when you actually researched that, you said, you know, they put so much sanctions on the Japanese, they were actually starving to the point of like, you kind of drove them mad , where it’s like, you know what? They’re gone to attack because you pissed them off so much and then you’ve ignored every single message that came in that they were on route to Pearl Harbor.
I mean, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that they were aware that they were on route to Pearl Harbor. It’s sort of, Let’s do nothing because then we, we can now enter the war. That’s the way I see it. Uh, and all other people see it that way too. I got that because I started researching and saying, you know, what happened there?
And you know, it’s sort of, um, yeah, if you need an excuse to go in somewhere. The same thing with, for me, it’s like 9-11 is sort of like, well. We wanna go and we wanna get sain and we wanna get, uh, you know, all of this stuff happening. Cause you gotta remember, I mean, Bin Laden was, um, you know, he was trained by America, right.
He was, you know, and the only plane that flew out of New York were his family. Right. They were flown out. And that’s a, that’s a proven fact that they were in a meeting with the Bush family in New York City. The only plane that was a, that was given clearance to leave. was Bin Laden’s relatives. So it’s like, you can’t even deny that.
That’s like , that’s an actual fact. So I don’t know. It’s very strange.
[00:55:11] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s, it’s wild. Now with this whole like Russian Ukraine thing going on. It’s kind of like putting some red flags up for me too. I’m sure other people as well, it’s like, what’s really going on here? What kind of play are they producing right now,
And um, I feel bad for like the people that are caught in the mess cuz you know. No one should have to suffer and go through all that stuff with the war and stuff. But these elites and the bigger heads, like they don’t care about the average person. It’s whatever their agenda is and whatever power and money they can seize.
[00:55:50] Rocko: I mean, uh, you know, there’s been different stories that I’ve heard in the past as well as some of ’em been made into movies because they’re, you know, um, You know, the books are out and, and, and you’re looking at it. For example, I think, you know, with, with trafficking in, in Africa, human trafficking and, you know, a lot of the military, um, from different countries are, are like running them.
You know, it’s like, and you just like, wow. Uh, but again, people just wanna ignore it. They, nobody wants to believe that, Right? Nobody wants to believe that somebody who’s in power, uh, is doing this kind of stuff. You’re expecting it’s some drug, Lord. And in this like, broken down shack, that’s the one who’s doing the human trafficking.
And it’s like, you know, it’s sort of same thing like, you know. With Bin Laden, it’s like, so you’re gonna tell me that, you know. This guy in the cave somewhere planned this all out, you know, just,
[00:56:44] Jeremiah: I don’t know. And then had the means to execute it.
[00:56:47] Rocko: It’s, that’s the thing. So it’s just sometimes you just kind of, but you know, people don’t, people just want the scapegoat and they just, Dive into that, and they’re like, Okay, this is the truth, because so and so on TV said it and, uh, you know, and, and now especially with the us but it’s, you know, it’s the same in a lot of countries is, you know, all news is bias, right?
It’s, it’s sort of like, it’s either left or right, and there’s no, you can’t even get the truth from TV anymore. You’re getting the truth that, that your listeners want to hear, and that truth is not necessarily true or it’s a half truth, or it’s not even true at all. Oh, yeah.
[00:57:27] Jeremiah: And it works both ways. Like Fox News and cnn, they’re doing the same thing.
They have their narrative that they have to push and. They have to keep their audience, uh, in tune. So the only way to do that is to cater to that. There’s definitely a bias on either side. it’s not one singular person or group. It’s kind of everything.
[00:57:52] Rocko: Yeah. Cause before it was, you know, getting your news was not about ratings.
Now it’s about ratings. Right. So, and, and it gets to a point when, you know, I, I can’t even watch, like, I mean, I used to subscribe to CNN or subscribe to MSNBC as well as even with Fox and I can’t, because after a while it’s like, if they get a story, that’s all you see for the next. Three months, and it’s like , you turn back to, it’s like they’re still talking about this, they’re still talking
It’s like, you have nothing bad. I go, and then I, I go on the internet and I, and I see a bunch of things that happened and I’m like, How come none of this is being reported? Like, on, on, you know, on, on the stations that I’m, I’m subscribed to, they’re, they’re ignoring, you know, the story of, I don’t know, the cat that saved, uh, you know, the toddler or whatever.
That story’s not there. But the same story with no new information is being, you know, produced for, for months on end. Then they’ll jump onto another one, but it can only seem to do one story at a time. It has to be, you know, whatever. Like, you know, they’ll take Hurricane Ian and that’s all you’re gonna see for a while.
And you’re gonna take, uh, you know, the, the Trump Mari Lago thing, That’s all you’re gonna see. You know, it’s like there’s not anything else.
[00:59:09] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. So, um, if people want to get ahold of your book and anything else that you’re doing. How can they go about doing that?
[00:59:19] Rocko: Uh, the book is available pretty much on all the, uh, you know, Amazon for sure.
You can get in Kindle copy. I’m working on getting the audible version out there. Hopefully I’ll have that out in about a month or month or so. And, uh, you know. But, Barnes and Nobles, all the, you know. All the digital channels gets available as ebook as well as a physical copy. The physical copy is best, I guess, through, um, through Amazon.
[00:59:45] Jeremiah: Sounds good. And I’ll put a link in the description to make sure that people can find it quick and easy. And, um, Sarah, anything else you want to tell us about the damu before, uh, we wrap it
[00:59:56] Rocko: up here? Um, no, like the only thing has indicated is, um, just working right now and getting the audible version cuz people have been requesting, we’re requesting that and I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it.
And then, you know, I was sitting here and Mike was on, microphone was on and I said, I’ll pull out the book and I’ll, uh, I’ll read it into the microphone and, and then edit it and get it out there as soon as they can.
[01:00:20] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s good. And the audible book should be good too, because some people don’t have the time to read or the chance to read. Being able to just listen to it on their car ride or whatever, um, can definitely be good for a lot of
[01:00:33] Rocko: people, which is what reason why podcasts are very popular, right?
Is people are just running and listening to podcasts, uh, and in the car listening to podcasts. So it’s, uh, it’s great.
[01:00:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. Myself, I listen to podcasts all the time when I’m doing stuff around the house or at work or driving my car. it’s just a good medium to have.
[01:00:57] Rocko: Yep. I agree.
[01:00:59] Jeremiah: So yeah, thank you for coming on and talking with us, talking about the damu and some conspiracies.
I love talking about the conspiracy stuff, so .
[01:01:09] Rocko: Yeah, no problem. It was, it was fun.