Lady Ghostbusters

Lady Ghostbusters

Lady Ghostbusters Eleanor Wagner

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. The podcast that wants you to question everything. Your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, this is the, what if they’re wrong podcast? And we are here with a real life lady, ghostbuster, Eleanor Wagner. And if you want to introduce yourself,

[00:00:47] Eleanor: hi guys. Um, Eleanor Wagner. It’s nice to be here.


[00:00:51] Jeremiah: All right. So the first thing would be interesting would be how did you first encounter ghosts or spirits?

Made you go down this path.

[00:01:03] Eleanor: I was a child about five years old, living in the Bronx. In the 1920’s the home was built. And I resided in that home with a ghost. And that was my first encounter. The paranormal fascinated me. Even growing up, just reading everything about ghosts. Watching everything I could about those.

Um, even just reading fiction stories about ghosts. Writing about fictional ghosts. Led me to wanting to write about true accounts, which included my own. Since then it’s taken off. I’ve been writing about the true accounts in my community and the counties around where I live. What I thought was going to be one book has turned into four. I’m continuing to move forward.

I have another one I’m working on right now. I can just foresee at least three or four others.

[00:02:01] Jeremiah: Okay. So you like to write and, um, it’s good to log the experiences you have. How did the lady Ghostbusters form and how did you all meet?

[00:02:15] Eleanor: Okay. I was writing my first, um, non-fiction true account book on ghost stories in Sussex county, New Jersey.

That was the very first one. I was given the opportunity to bring a paranormal team into the Ogdensburg Sterling hill. Here in Sussex county, New Jersey, and I didn’t have a paranormal team. He was like, oh, I’ll bring your paranormal team in. You can spend as many hours as you want in the mines. Can come into the buildings where the offices are because they’re haunted too.

I was like, oh wow, thanks. Going, what am I going to do? I don’t have a paranormal team. So I reached out to a local group that I had met on one of my outings with girlfriends. Invited a few of them if they wanted to come on this adventure. Then I went into my journal of notes to find people that I had interviewed for the book. September of 2019 the book was published.

This was, um, in the works at the time that I was getting this story about the mines. I’ve met so many intriguing people. Most of them end up being women, but that didn’t just limit it to. Women I’ve, I’ve spoken to men as well, but at the time when I had been interviewing people. It was mostly women and, uh, very, uh, sensitive women, way more than I am.

I mean, I’m sensitive to a degree. But some of these women are major sensitive and have been dealing with paranormal for like 40 years. Have had experiences since they were children, that sort of thing. So I reached out at the time to five different women that I had interviewed. And I said, I mean, I know I just interviewed you for my book and I’m coming out of nowhere with this invitation. But, I thought I invite you if you’d like to participate. Three of those five women accepted my invitation and came on that very first investigation.

And that was really when the lady goes, bust. We started when it was formed because they, I refer to them as lady Ghostbusters in my book. Because, of that investigation and it just stuck. So, I started getting requests from local residents and businesses with video footage of stuff on their cameras that they couldn’t explain.

Could I bring my paranormal team into their building and try and figure out what was going on? That’s kind of what led us to do the paranormal investigations. From that point on, I would continue to get requests from people in the area to have the team come in. Um, I mean, today we’re 20 members strong and we had men that are part of our group too.

There were four men in our group right now. Um, but like I said, it’s primarily comprised of women and the seven core group is women. And so the lady Ghostbusters. The men don’t mind it being tagged that. They’re just part of the paranormal investigators with the lady Ghostbuster teams. That’s how we refer to them.

[00:05:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. I like it. It’s a catchy name and it seems like ghost stories and stuff like that are becoming very popular. There’s a lot of shows about ghost hunting and stuff like that. Um, have you been on any of those type of programs?

[00:05:45] Eleanor: We were on paranormal caught on camera. Paranormal caught on camera had us on, because of that footage that we got that very first investigation in the mines.

We had all had our cameras going. We got the footage from different angles. Then when I had the idea to send it into the show. I picked, uh, the footage that I thought was the most clear. For the public to view and they liked it so much. They featured us on one of their shows. One of their episodes, I should say. Which was a really exciting experience to say the least, but you’re right there.

There’s a lot of Ghostbuster stuff going on, but there’s nothing about a lady goose Buster team. You think these people would be like, oh, let’s get a lady Ghostbuster team on TV. Trust me, I’m trying. But you know, it hasn’t happened yet. Yeah,

[00:06:42] Jeremiah: no, go ahead.

[00:06:42] Eleanor: I’m sorry. We were, I mean, we try, you know. We do whatever we can to market ourselves and, um, get the word around. But you know, if it’s going to happen, I guess it’ll happen, right?

[00:06:57] Jeremiah: Yeah. Hopefully one day. Um, I know my sister-in-law was joking with my brother today about how. Uh, quitting her job and joining your team. So there’s definitely a lot of people out there that are into this type of thing. So is this like a hobby or is this like a career? Like how,

[00:07:21] Eleanor: right, right now it’s a hobby I’ve been writing ever since I was a kid. My first book was published in 2015. It was paranormal romance. But, it takes place in the county where I live.

I was in the middle of writing my second paranormal romance, which also takes place in the county where I live. Kind of hit one of those writer block moments where I knew the beginning, middle and end. But, I just wasn’t moving in any direction from that point on. It was at a writer’s group and people were tossing ideas around. The whole idea of ghost stories came up and I’m thinking, oh my goodness.

You know, I live in New Jersey. Cape May is my favorite place in NJ. One of the most haunted places around and you go there and you step back in time. You feel like you step out of your car and you’re in the Victorian era. All the houses are that, and they’re all maintained and beautiful. They have horse and buggies going down the streets.

And it’s just, just this most beautiful place to step back in time. But they’re big on ghosts and they have ghost tours and they have the latest books on ghost stories. So, whenever I go to Cape May I buy the latest book on the ghost stories. Thinking, well, damn, you know, I have ghosts in Sussex county.

I used to own a shop on main street that was haunted. And I, I, you know, so I know it’s going to be haunted with in other places. So, I put it out on social media just to kind of get feelers. See how receptive the public would be to sharing their ghostly accounts in a book. And my phone didn’t stop dinging for two weeks.

W I thought it was going to be just one book. I just was getting pictures and video footage and stories from people from my county. But, also like five other different counties in the area. So I began compiling files for future use because I said those are going to be books eventually. When I finished Sussex county hauntings and other strange phenomenon book one. I had enough stories to start writing book two.

Next, when that finished, I was already compiling all these stories for Warren county. Which is the next county over and wrote a book about them. Now I’m currently working on Sussex county to book three. So I know it’s popular because the people keep on sharing their stories. And as I said to you. I have other counties that, uh, got files for that will eventually be books as well.

So I haven’t given up on my, you know, my, my. Paranormal romances because that’s something that I enjoy doing as well. Um, and that book will eventually come out possibly this year. But, you know, I’ve gotten diverted to the ghost stories. Now ultimately have this, um, team, this paranormal team that came out of it.

And I have my own podcast, which is, um, Eleanor Wagner, a strange and scary world. Which deals with the paranormal and just crazy things UFO’s and Bigfoot and that sort of thing. So, it’s become this whole new career for me, even though I have a regular job during the week. It’s a whole other job doing this, but it’s something that I enjoy.

So it’s a hobby, if that makes sense.

[00:10:34] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. Um, podcasting for me is the same way. So what was this thing that you caught in the minds for your first, uh, outing for trying to capture.

[00:10:52] Eleanor: I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

[00:10:55] Jeremiah: You said you caught something when you were doing the mind thing.

Uh, what exactly did you

[00:11:01] Eleanor: okay, well that it was, it was an extremely eventful evening. I mean, it wasn’t just staff footage that, that we caught, we had other things happen, but it wasn’t anything viable that I could actually say here. Listen here, see, we had tons of shit happen to us that night, but for that particular episode that we were airing on paranormal quote on camera.

We actually had footage. We were in, in these minds and you know, it’s just a regular temperature. There’s no wind or drafter bugs or anything like down there like that down there, it’s just, it’s just this pitch blackness. And we had the lights on our heads and, you know, we were walking around thinking we were going to be scared, but we weren’t.

And, uh, talking to spirit because a lot of these people that I brought with me are mediums and they can hear and, and send spirit. So, um, we made contact with one and all of a sudden we get this kind of Misty, foggy ectoplasmic kind of stuff in the air. And it was, it was almost like you would, you would think you were in let’s imagine you were in this freezing cold place that you breathe from your mouth and you know how that comes out of your mouth.

Like the cold air gets that foggy kind of thing. But that, that, wasn’t what it was. It was just this, this similar thing floating around us in the air, interacting with us and responding to our requests. And it was so obvious. On the camera when we were taking the video and the people that were around there, their responses and the reaction like, oh my God, you know, that kind of thing that you, you, you could tell that we were really excited and that it wasn’t made up and that it was actually happening.

And then you can see it on the camera as well. So that was the footage that, um, impressed them enough to put us on an episode. But in that same investigation, we had walked over one of these greats in the floor. Now this mine was a non-functioning mine. It hadn’t been open to actually doing the mining stuff since the eighties.

They used it now for like a museum for schools to bring the kids to come and see what it was like to be in a mine. Um, and there were recorded deaths, like hundreds of them, but before they started recording them, there were so many deaths that were not recorded. So you can only imagine the amount of men and.

And that the miners that died, these tragic deaths in these mines, when they in the explosions and we were walking over this one grate in the floor, I think there was maybe four or five of us walking over this. Great. And all of a sudden we hear Diane and Mike go off in the levels below and we’re like, oh my God, that’s just crazy.

Because that was residual haunting. That was something that happens. Um, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the terminology of like a residual haunting, but a residual haunting is, is something that plays over and over and over again, it was just, it’s a haunting because it’s actually happening, even though there is no dynamite and it’s a non-functioning mind, but it’s a haunting because it’s replaying history.

It’s replaying what happened over and over again. And that was a crazy experience, but obviously we didn’t get it all. Um, audio or video, because we would just happen to be walking down that tunnel at that time when it happened. And then, um, these two mediums that I had with me that day, Laurel divine, she’s one of my present lady Ghostbusters and our Peterson.

He’s also a member of our team. Now they’re both very, very sensitive and they’d never met one another before the, that first, that was the first time they ever met each other on more on an investigation together. But they had such a connection in the respect that when they, when they made connection with this spirit, they were both seeing the same spirit, hearing the same, spin, a spirit and able to finish one another’s sentences, ironically enough.

And the spirit was of a mining supervisor who was trying to relate to the team, how he died, how he tried to save his men, how he tried to get them out and how it was unsuccessful because the account. Caved in. And he actually made them feel and sense what he went through at his time of death. You know, how he hit his head and the blood coming down the side, that kind of thing, which was crazy cool too, because we were there just sitting there listening to one, say something and the other one finished the sentence.

And just the story unfold between the two people that only met each other for the very first time that night. And then, uh, with that same spirit, at that point, we try to, um, get him to go to the light. We wanted to try and get as many of the minors into the light that we could, but he refused because he said he wasn’t going to leave his men behind.

And some of those men didn’t want to go to the light. So even though that there were some that might have. The majority didn’t want to go. And so he wasn’t going to leave anyone behind, so they decided to stay there, but it wasn’t a scary experience. I know the minds have been on television before they they’ve had them on other programs.

When I’ve seen them, they try and make it sound like it’s this scary place. That it’s got, um, mean spirits down there, you know, angry miners. It’s just a crock of shit because that’s not, it, that’s not it at all these guys. I mean, the feeling that we got when we were in there is, is this, this cameraderie like them.

You could sense them coming in, in the morning and, you know, tagging themselves in letting them know that because they have, there had to be very specific about, um, Their own little specific tags for themselves so that they would put that tag there and take it in the morning with them when they went into the mine.

And then when they came back, they’d have to put it back up so that they were accounted for. And if somebody didn’t have their tag up there, they would know, oh, Joe, Schmoe’s missing. Where the heck is he? You know what I mean? And if for some reason, a minor forgot to put his tag on that, um, board, he.

Getting a lot of trouble. I mean, they’d make him do the shit work down there to make up for it because it makes people go crazy frantic thinking, oh my God, what happened? Did he hurt himself down in the mines? You know? And then they go all go frantically looking for this person. It was just because he forgot to put his hand on the board.

You know what I mean? So they, we, we sensed that whole camera via them coming in and getting their coffee and getting their tags ready and just busting up joking around that kind of thing. And you could tell that they were like a family and, um, nothing negative at all. So I got in and got furious when I was watching those shows and it’s almost like they were trying to do this for entertainment purposes.

Let’s make it look like it’s this scary place and I’m not gonna lie. I mean, I thought I was going to be scared going into this pitch-black mine. We were in there for six hours. It was great. It was just a really, really good experience. But I had nothing negative to say about it. No negative spirits, just all good.

[00:18:35] Jeremiah: So this might sound like a dumb question, but, uh, what exactly do you think ghosts are? Like, why are they here? Why do they haunt places and people? And obviously you think there’s a difference between good ones and bad ones?

[00:18:52] Eleanor: Well, the, the best way to explain it is if you’re, if you’re a nasty person in life, you’re going to be a nasty person in death.

If you’re a happy person in life, you’ll be a happy person. And that the enemy that’s your personality. You’re going to take with you. Ghosts are people that stay behind or get stuck behind for whatever reason it could be. They had a tragic death and didn’t know that they were dead or they had unfinished business.

A lot of that is a good way to explain children ghost because most of the time they, they don’t know that they’re dead and they’ve kind of missed that opportunity to go through the light and they’re frightened and scared. And, um, it kinda kinda gets stuck in a way, but. In the situation of the mining ghosts.

I mean, as I mentioned to you, we tried to get them to go into the light, but they just liked being there. They like doing their thing and minding their own business, not bothering anybody, that’s where they want to be. So, um, it’s definitely the spirit of that person that was in life. And some of them choose to be here.

Some of them have unfinished business, some of them get stuck. We kind of try and decipher what the situation is when we’re in, in an investigation. If we get to talk and with the spirit, we try and figure out whether they know they’re gone. And if they, they don’t, we try to explain it to them. Um, And find out if they want to go to the other side or not, because what a lot of them don’t realize is if you go to the light, you can come back and forth as often as you want.

I mean, that’s how we get visits from our deceased loved ones. They can come and be with us anytime they want. But if you’re a ghost, unless you go to the light, you’re stuck here, but it’s really hard to get them to understand that. And sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

[00:20:46] Jeremiah: And then for like, you hear a lot about the evil ones, probably more than the good ones.

Uh, is there, are they course to be evil or is it just like, is there any beds and stuff like that? You know how

[00:21:04] Eleanor: people talk? You talking about demons. Yeah. There were such things as demons. I’ve never had to encounter any of them, but I’ve, I haven’t been doing this for very long, so. I hope never to have to deal with one because you just, from things I’ve read pretty terrifying, but, uh, there, there are such things as demons.

If that’s, if that’s what you’re asking me, um, and E I would consider that to be an evil entity, but there are angry spirits because like I mentioned to you before they were nasty people in life, they’re going to be nasty people in death. And I know a lot of my team members and when they’ve gone to like prisons, um, to do investigation, you know, you’re going to meet a lot of nasty stuff in there because they weren’t very good people in life.

You know? Um, we did an investigation locally at this Tavern. Well, it’s not a Tavern anymore. It’s um, back in the day it was, but now it’s just a restaurant, but it’s a four story building. And the ground floor is where the restaurant is, but the upper floors have been used to house. Convicts that are out of jail.

Uh, people who are addicted to drugs and that sort of thing. So the energy in those upper floors is really, really thick and negative because there’ve been so many murders and so many suicides, so many overdoses over time that it’s really hard for even a medium to comfortably move around in those floors because of that negative energy.

And you’re going to get all walks of life. You’re going to get nasty people in that arena as well, which will end up being an angry mean spirits.

[00:23:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. That makes sense. And then, uh, do you think that spirits or ghosts, um, also try to like guard or protect certain properties and that’s why. They act. And what we would say is a bad way, evil way.

[00:23:21] Eleanor: Well, I wouldn’t call it an evil way. I would call it a protective way and yeah, absolutely. We did an investigation and what is now a person’s home, but back in the day, it was a Tavern and the family that was living in there was a young couple with their two small children and they would have an all this stuff going on.

And the husband was being, um, really, he was the one that was being picked on the most. I don’t know why, but he was the one that was having really bad dreams and, um, being affected negatively. As far as the wife was concerned, she was just having stuff. Broken in her kitchen and things disappearing. And, you know, they’re feeling the spirit up and around her or that sort of thing.

And so they were, they were scanned and I think they were mostly frightened because of what her husband was experiencing. So they brought us in there to see if we could figure out what was going on. Might add that they were doing a lot of renovating on this home because they had just bought it and they were, they were redoing the kitchen and usually renovations really create activity because the spirits are very protective of their property.

If they don’t know what you’re doing, they’re going to start acting up. Depending on what they were like in life is going to, um, play out in the way they behave in death in the home when they’re haunting it. So in this instance, the home years ago in the 18 hundreds was a task. And the man who owned it was the, the cook, the chef.

He was the bartender, you know, that kind of thing. And, um, he was the one who was haunting the house and he H he really had a problem with the children being in a Tavern, cause kids are not supposed to be in a Tavern. So we had the job of explaining to him. Oh. And he was also angry that there was a woman in his kitchen.

So, um, and I don’t, I really, to this day, don’t know why he was taking that out, out on the husband. It could have been something along the lines of you can’t control, you know, your family or that kind of thing. I don’t, I don’t know, but he. Playing it out negatively on the husband and doing all this other stuff.

So we explained to him that his Tavern, you know, cause he knew he was dead. We asked him, he knew he was dead. Um, but he still was very protective of his building cause he was there first. And we explained to him that this couple bought this house and they, they love it and they want to keep it up as nicely as he did in life.

And that it was no longer a Tavern. It was their private home. And so that’s what the reason was for the children being there. And um, would he be okay if they continued to do it? If they included him and made him feel like he was a part of what they were doing. I mean, it sounds ridiculous, but if you actually make them feel like they’re a part of it and acknowledge their presence, a lot of the times.

It’ll stop because you can live or not even necessarily stopped sometimes because there are a lot of people that are okay with the ex you know, the experiences happening. You just depends on the homeowner and we want to know how they feel about it. Are you okay with it? Because it’s much easier to get a ghost to agree to something.

If the homeowner or the business owner is okay with it, if they are, they’re like, no, you’ve got to get rid of them, then it’s much harder. So to me, the route that we always try to take is to get them to be on the same page together, to live in peace. And I find that to be the most successful way for things to.

Move forward without anybody getting upset or hurt or, or what have you. So in that instance, she was really fine with, um, talking to him and, and, you know, telling him what her plans were so that he would be acknowledged and would be okay with what was going on. And then when we finally got him to understand that his home was no longer a Tavern or pub, whatever, you know, they refer to it back then.

And, um, that’s why the children were there. Um, the, the negative feelings that the couple had were gone and everything worked out fine from that point on, but it was very cool. I’m sorry. It was really cool that we were able to figure out who it was. And we actually went looking for his grave in the cemetery right down the road.

And, uh, so that was, that was the fun part that we were actually able to find out who he was. Um, why he was doing what he was doing, but then we did an another investigation at one time in, uh, in home in Washington, New Jersey. That when I go, when we go into an investigation, I’m, I’m privy to, what’s been going on in that building because I’m, I’m writing a story about it.

So I’ve made the connection with these people because I’m the author of these books. And that’s why they reach out to me in the first place. But when we go into an investigation, I don’t tell anybody on the team what I already know, because for me, I want to see if they pick up on what I already know and can tell me it.

And to me, then that’s an affirmation that what I’ve heard is true and that, um, I didn’t tell them and we didn’t make this up out of the blue. So, um, it’s just another confirmation that if I say this happened to, in my, I know this happened and it happens to them or they say, I see this, then it’s just confirmation.

Yep. That’s exactly what’s going on. That’s what the Homer homeowner told me. I just wanted to make sure that. See, it are sensitive here. It just like I did. So, um, we were in this deal going into this investigation in this one building that the person had told me her story. And I was already, like I said, privy to, uh, what they had been going through.

The woman had lived in the house with her family for a number of years. And then when they moved to another residence, they were using that home as a rental. And there was somebody that was in the rental for a number of years and they really messed it up. I mean, they, they destroyed it. So when they finally moved out now they had the daunting task of like getting all the cat smell out of it and, um, fixing the damage to the apartment and the department part of the house before they rented it out again.

Um, but they had been experiencing all this stuff when they lived in the home. And, um, she was concerned that when this new couple was going to move in with their five-year-old daughter, that they were going to experience it and she didn’t want anyone to get. And what she had been experiencing in the home when they lived, there was something trying to push them down the stairs.

Um, her little grandson said he wasn’t allowed to go into the basement because the man said he was going to beat him up. And it was not a nice spirit and whatever it was, whoever it was that was in there was angry and didn’t want anybody there. And when I brought my team in, like I said, they didn’t know any of this.

Like I knew about it prior. Um, when we were there, um, my one medium was almost thrown down the stairs and that coincided with what the woman said to me. And then the other medium that I had with us, we were downstairs in the basement and she was visualizing somebody beating the crap out of somebody downstairs in the basement, which also would coincide with the little boy being told that if he goes downstairs in the basement, he was gonna get.

So, um, we weren’t happy with that spirit at all. And he was not going to cooperate with us at all. So we had suggested to the homeowner that, um, she get the house cleansed and we recommended her to a team member who would come in and cleanse the house of the spirit and then lock it out. So to speak, like, they’re there, it sounds ridiculous, but there are ways that you can do that.

And so she was like, well, gung ho about it. Let’s do it because this couple is moving in next weekend. And I don’t want anything to happen to their, do their little one, you know, that kind of thing. And so the team member went in and did the cleansing and walked out the spirit and nothing’s ever happened since the couples been living in their happily ever after.

But I often think. When, something like that happens when you lock out a spirit, is it just going to happen to another house in the neighborhood? Cause that whole neighborhood’s pretty active and all the houses are kind of like track houses. So they all look the same, you know, how they, they just made them one after the other.

Boom, boom, boom. And yeah, so, and it’s, it’s ironically enough. I just recently got, uh, an email from somebody, um, telling me that they lived in that house and they had a lot of stuff going on and somebody else had something going on next day in an area. So I’m thinking, Ooh, I can’t wait to, you know, dip my toes into that one and see, um, if it coincides with what I’ve already written about and experienced with that one house.

And, uh, if maybe it’s gone into another house, if it’s the same thing, I don’t know if it is, but I’m going to investigate that next.

[00:32:57] Jeremiah: Do you guys use, like, um, you talk about like getting the spirit to go to the light and stuff like that. Like what kind of tools or techniques or stuff do you use to try to let the spirit pass on to where they’re supposed to be?

[00:33:17] Eleanor: We use traditional methods of investigating as opposed to some of the equipment that these other groups use these days. We will use a dowsing rods and pendulums. We’ll use K twos. Which are, um, I dunno if you’re familiar with any of this stuff. But, dowsing rods in the olden days were used to detect water on property.

Well, it’s a good way to communicate with the spirit when you want to get a yes or no answer and the same thing with the pendulum. It’s a good way. It’s just a, uh, a stone on a, a long chain, um, that you could direct the spirit to interact with you with yes and no answers with. Uh, we use audio equipment so that we can hear them answering us, um, in real time you can’t, but once you stop and you listen to what you can hear back and you can hear your voices and the response on the audio where we wouldn’t hear it, if we’re just standing there, we wouldn’t be able to hear, unless we listen to the audio.

So we use audio equipment. Um, we do use, uh, those K twos, which go from, um, different colored lights to, uh, tell us that there’s an energy presence, um, with us. And then we also use, um, cameras to help, but we’re, we’re not into any of that. Other, some of the groups like use, uh, stuff that makes a lot of noise and, and that sort of thing.

Um, most of the people on my team rely on their own sensitive gifts, their sensitivity to spirit, where they can hear or speak to them. Um, see the visual almost. Video in their head that they, they can see things unfold in their head. And that’s what they focus on rather than using some of this equipment.

Um, and you know, a lot of people when they watch these programs on TV, you think, oh, it’s all so exciting. And all of that stuff happens, but it really, it doesn’t, it doesn’t work that way. That’s why you really can’t believe everything that you see, because I mean, we can go into an investigation and be there for six hours and nothing will happen.

And to be quite honest with you, an investigation is pretty boring. It’s quite boring. We have to keep ourselves entertained because you’re kind of sitting there and you’re just, you’re waiting. It’s, it’s a, it’s a quiet thing. You’re sitting there in a circle. You might have a candle or your flashlight and you just kind of waiting and you’re waiting for the mediums to get into there.

That frame of mind. You’re asking questions. You’re trying to sense if you see anything or feel anything, and somebody got a camera rolling and somebody got the audio on and you kind of wait, you know? So when they say all this stuff happens, um, it’s, it’s not all that exciting. It’s not as exciting. I think it’s just the whole idea of being there and doing that.

That’s more exciting than anything it’s when you actually get something on camera or on audio that everyone’s like, oh my God, I can’t believe, you know, like you see these, you see these guys on TV going, holy shit. And they run away because their skin I’m like, damn, I’m there to, to try and see and hear and cross not run away from it.

You know what I mean? So, um, that’s when we get excited, when we actually. I do make contact. And now with the power of modern technology, it’s even cooler because you can sit there and get a name and then you can sit there and you can Google that name and see if there really is such a person that lived in that area at, you know, at some point in time.

And that’s really cool when that comes full circle. When, when you’re like, oh my God, I actually found him in his grievance, supposedly in the cemetery of the road. And so that makes for an exciting catch too, so to speak. But, um, yeah, it, it, it’s, it’s a lot different than what you see on TV, for

[00:37:16] Jeremiah: sure. Yeah. A lot of TV is, uh, sensationalized

[00:37:21] Eleanor: and that’s for a lot of, I have to remember, it’s it’s entertainment that, you know, they’re meant to entertain and they’re going to do whatever they can to entertain you, you know?

[00:37:33] Jeremiah: Yeah. They’re not going to show the hours of sitting and waiting. Exactly. So, has anyone reached out to you claiming they’ve been possessed or anything like that

[00:37:46] Eleanor: as of yet? No, not, not for my team personally, on my podcast. I’ve had people reach out to me that they’ve been in the presence of an exorcism or seeing somebody who was possessed, that sort of thing.

Um, I have, I have been in situations where at least two times the person who asked us to come into their residence and see what was going on, that person was actually haunted. And, um, that’s a really strange thing to have happen because you know, 99% of the time from what I’ve heard of. My members who are experienced in this area, they’ve said it’s really hard to get that person to believe you.

Like, they’ll go now. You don’t know what you’re talking about. My houses is haunted. The house that I lived in before was haunted. One that I lived in before that was wanted, and they don’t want to realize that they’re haunted and they’re just bringing it along with them, wherever they go. If you can get them to understand that, and then you give them the tools and the means to help themselves where they can go, what they can do, then, you know, then you’ve done your job, but you can’t convince somebody if they don’t want to listen.

So in the two instances, the one listened and was thankful and followed what we told her to do. Whereas the other one, you know, said we were crazy. We don’t know what we’re talking about. Her house is haunted. No houses that you lived in was haunted. So, I mean, I left there feeling horrible because you know, but it’s not our fault that she didn’t want to listen to what we were telling her.

[00:39:31] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s, people’s eco getting in the way and they don’t want to feel like they’re different than someone else, I guess. Right. And then, uh, uh, no ghost and everything, but what do you, what’s your take on or, cause I hear a lot of talk about orbs and

[00:39:50] Eleanor: we have a huge division in our group about orbs. Half of our group believes in arms and the other one half of it is like, they’re very skeptical about orbs I’m on the pro side.

I believe in orbs. I have caught a lot of orbs on camera. I’ve seen a lot of them close up and um, can’t to me, I can’t deny that it’s something, you know, I mean, I, um, we did an investigation in this church. And the woman, when she sent me the video footage that floored me and, and, and I was like, oh my God, we got to come and do an investigation at your church.

This orb was the biggest one I’ve ever seen. And it was definitely not dust. And it was clearly something. So, um, yeah, or observe spirits. And a lot of the times, if you get them on camera and you do your thing by zooming in close, you can actually get in enough to see the figure or the face. Um, and a lot of times I’ve caught them on camera and I’ll go to the team members that are very skeptical, but that’s not a norm.

That’s just Dawson. Like we’ll be wearing an old bill. We were in an old building. I know we were an old building, but you can tell the difference between dust and an orb. So there’s like this big argument between half the team with orbs. Um, but that’s how I feel about orbs. So I believe that they are spirits and, and they are, they’re a fight.

Thanks for sure.

[00:41:20] Jeremiah: Oh, well, yeah. I was just wondering, um, cause I don’t, haven’t really researched this topic that much, so this is all kind of new to me, but I know my sister-in-law loves watching all the ghost shows and everything like that. So I was just wondering if orbs are like actually spirits or if they’re just like residual.

[00:41:44] Eleanor: No, they’re not residual. They are actual spirits and you know what? You can direct her to my website, author, Eleanor I have a photo gallery in there and I have, uh, links to videos and stuff like that. She can see some really cool pictures of orbs in that, um, you know, on my website, there’s this one that I got from this woman a couple of years back, um, they had their house was haunted and they, they could, um, They could identify the ghosts that they had in their home as well.

One of them was of a little girl and she would play with the dogs all the time. They’ve, they had pictures of her orb interacting with the dog, the dog playing with the orb. That picture is one of the cool ones that’s, that’s on the website. Um, but you know, orbs are spirits for sure. And, and, uh, it’s just another way that they materialize.

[00:42:43] Jeremiah: Okay. That’s cool. And, um, during your whole investigation, since you started this whole thing, um, what was your favorite experience?

[00:42:55] Eleanor: Oh, I’ve had so many really. But I would probably bring it down to the two or bring it down to that very first one and the mines, I actually did it on my birthday. I made it so that we went there for my birthday.

So I celebrated my birthday in the mines. So that, that one and the church experience that I was just explaining to you about. Um, we actually went back to that church three times. That’s how cool and haunted it was. Um, but like I said, I’ve really enjoyed all of the ones that we’ve done, but those two stick out mostly in my mind, just because of all the stuff that we unearthed and experienced from the beginning to when we went back that very last time

[00:43:37] Jeremiah: and from all your investigations and all the people sending you stuff, what places seem to be the most common for, um, ghost visitation?

[00:43:49] Eleanor: You mean like if it’s somebody’s residence or a business that of. Like

[00:43:53] Jeremiah: what’s the most common, like, is it like, um, most common places are houses or churches or, um, like what’s the most common

[00:44:03] Eleanor: in my experience, we’ve in my experience, we’ve had, um, most of the investigations we’ve done have been in people’s homes, but we’ve done investigations in churches and cemeteries and the mines, um, in restaurants and bars.

Um, so they’re everywhere. But in my experience, because I write about people’s personal accounts, most of the time it’s a person’s residence and it doesn’t have to be an old house either because, um, we’ve done investigations in homes that are pretty new, like from the eighties, the nineties early two thousands, and they’re haunted, but that’s because of the land that they were built on, you know, you might be able to trace.

Property back a hundred years, maybe two years, 200 years depending. But you don’t know what was there before that either. And just because something’s new doesn’t mean it’s not going to be haunted.

[00:45:03] Jeremiah: Yeah. I used to live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Gettysburg is not that far away. And if you go to Gettysburg and I know a lot of other people that have been, they say that there’s a lot of, you could feel something there and there’s talks of spirits there too, obviously.

Cause there was war and everything.

[00:45:27] Eleanor: Sure. A lot of that is residual too, just to, um, maybe differentiate for you. I’m sure that there are full Betty, full bodied apparitions and ghosts in buildings there, but a lot of the haunting that takes place in Gettysburg has residual because of the tragic circumstances, all of those.

Died from it’s replaying itself over and over again. And so when you hear about people saying, oh, I saw the, these, these military men on the field, or, you know, we hear canons and we hear gunfire. That’s all residual, that’s all stuff that’s just replaying itself over and over again. It’s a haunting that’s just continuously replaying over and over again.

[00:46:14] Jeremiah: Yeah. It sounds like a lot of, a lot of sudden deaths and stuff create a lot of this. Um, oh yeah. Phenomenon. Yeah. So if you could go, if you could go anywhere to do an investigation, what would your top pick be? And money’s not an option

[00:46:36] Eleanor: and money’s not an option. I would love to go to a castle in Scotland or anything.

Although, you know, I wouldn’t mind going to, um, well, yeah, because in the castles you’re going to go down in the Dungeons. I’m sure there’s a last death going on in there. So I would really like to go to a castle

[00:46:58] Jeremiah: would definitely be fun

[00:47:00] Eleanor: Ireland, you

[00:47:02] Jeremiah: know? Oh yeah, for sure. One day I’ll get there. I was in the castle in Czech Republic, Prague.

Ooh, nice. I didn’t feel anything, but it was definitely an experience.

[00:47:16] Eleanor: Um, do you know if you’re, if you’re sensitive in, in any respect at all, because for me, like I said to you, I’m, I’m not as sensitive of some of the people that are on my team, but my gift is that I can go into a building and I call it my foofy feeling.

It’s almost like I’m drunk. I’m drunk and I’m off balance. And I can tell if it’s negative or. So, um, and that’s how I know that their spirit in the house.

[00:47:45] Jeremiah: No, I, I don’t think I am, to be honest with you, I’ve had a near death experience, but, um, I don’t feel any different in that regard.

[00:47:57] Eleanor: Some people who have near-death experiences and I’ve had some experience with, um, interviewing people, because I just wrote about near death experiences in my Warren county books.

See what I do with my books is I have this other end to the title called and other strange phenomenon, which enables me to write about things that aren’t necessarily considered hauntings. So I’ve written about, um, visits from deceased loved ones. I’ve written about people being with their loved ones at their time of death.

And as I just explained to you, I’ve written about near death experiences. So, um, I know that a lot of people’s lives change. After they have their near-death experiences. Some people come out of it being able to see and feel spirit. Um, sounds like you D you didn’t have that experience, but, um, I’m wondering if anything changed for you after your

[00:48:55] Jeremiah: experience?

Yeah. I don’t feel different in that aspect, but I feel like my outlook on life is, has changed. Like I more focus on the big picture and said that the little things, so stuff that used to get on my nerves before, like they just don’t bother me anymore because, oh, that’s good. Cause I don’t feel like it’s that important anymore.

[00:49:22] Eleanor: So do you fear death?

[00:49:26] Jeremiah: I’m not fearless of it. I’m not very worried about it. If that makes sense. Um, I just. I don’t know. I don’t feel like scared in the fact that I like I’m dreading dying or anything, but there’s always that little sliver in the back of my mind. That’s like, I don’t know what’s going to be on the other side.

You know,

[00:49:56] Eleanor: I’ve had people that I’ve interviewed that had near death experiences where they actually saw heaven. And then I’ve had people that didn’t want to come back. That’s how good it was. And then I’ve had people that came back and their lives were totally changed for the better. They don’t fear death. Actually welcome.

They, they, they feel like they’re going to be going home when they can’t wait for it to happen. So it’s, it’s unusual how people’s experience varies, but they’re very similar as well, you know?

[00:50:35] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. I heard on some other podcast about, uh, there’s only a small percentage of near death experiences that are like negative or like, they felt like they were in hell.

Um, it’s very few, most people just talk about the peace and warmth and love that they felt. Cause I did feel all that and it was incredible. And I can’t really describe it because it’s more than anything I’ve felt on earth. So, um, yeah, in that regard I kinda not look forward to it cause I don’t want to leave people behind, but I would like to feel it again.

Yeah. That just peace and love. And

[00:51:31] Eleanor: there are, um, like you said, some people that. Been to hell, but I just inter interviewed a woman who had a near death experience and in her near the near death experience, she visited hell and heaven too. But I found that there are people that have gone through that, but from them being in these groups that help people with NDEs, they find that the reason why they’ve experienced both is, is that they actually asked to have that experience.

And that’s why they did. And that I did interview one guy who, um, his near death experience was not good for him and not, not because he went to hell or anything like that, but it changed his life in a negative way actually. Um, he, um, how do I explain this? He, and it wasn’t that he was angry and wanted to go back.

It was, it was nothing like that. It was, it was almost like he became very paranoid and. I was the first person that he actually spoke to about it. Who was somebody who had not experienced an NDA, because up until that point, he would only share his experience with other people who have had NDEs. So, um, that was a huge step for him to take, to speak to an outsider who he knew was going to write a historian share with the rest of the world.

So it’s, it’s crazy how people have the different sides to the story, you know?

[00:53:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s definitely a topic that I want to dive more deeply into and have, I hope to have people on my podcast to talk about their experiences, just so I can kinda gauge from mine and let other people know different aspects of the phenomenon.

And I’ve heard of. Someone going to hell or a hellish place. Next being sucked out of that. Into a heavenly place. Being told that if they don’t change their act like that type of thing. So I’ve heard that it was kind of like showing them what could be if they keep doing what they’re doing.

[00:53:59] Eleanor: I have met so many people in these last few years that I’ve been writing these books and, and have become friends with so many of them and the near-death experiencers have been so moving and the connection. I mean, the one there’s one man that I interviewed, I had developed such a great relationship with and he’s like, you know, you’re my family know.

And I truly feel that like they’ve shared that. Special important thing with me and have entrusted me with that story for the world. It’s just disconnection that I can’t even explain to you. Then there was, there was this young guy too, from England. He was incarcerated in England when I first started interviewing him.

So I was with him at the beginning of his story when he was incarcerated until when he was finally released. And his journey was amazing too, because when he experienced his near death experience, he was incarcerated at the time when he had this hard to get heart attack and died. And, um, he too had a great experience, but it was telling him that he needed to come back because he needed to change his life and that he had things that he had to do.

Stuff that he needed to do, but accomplish. In his near death experience, he actually saw, you know, where he was going to go, what he was going to do and where he was going to live. He got out, his parents had moved to this place, which was what he had seen in his near death experience. So, it kind of came full circle for him and he was sending me the fish, pick these pictures and he’d go and look, this is what was in my near death experiences.

This is where I live. Is the Creek, this is the bridge. The house. And it was pretty wild. But, um, that was a great experience too, just to see him change his life around and pull his life together and make something of himself and, um, you know, fulfill his destiny in a good way.

[00:56:16] Jeremiah: Yeah, it definitely seems like the large majority, maybe all, I don’t know, but.

End up being better people after that experience, it never right. Or I hope that’s the case, but it seems like all the ones I’ve have.

[00:56:33] Eleanor: I think, I think so though. I do. I think so, too.

[00:56:39] Jeremiah: All right. Well, we’re gonna wrap it up here. Uh, is there any thing you want to discuss before we wrap it up? Or you can talk about where people can find your books and

[00:56:54] Eleanor: My books can be found at my website. Author, Eleanor

You can get them through Amazon, eBay, um, but everything’s on my website. So you can find those photo galleries that I just spoke to you about there as well. If they like listening to podcasts and they like to hear about the paranormal and strange and scary, they can get Eleanor Wagner strange and scary world on the paranormal UK radio network or wherever they get their pod.

[00:57:23] Jeremiah: All right. I’ll make sure to link all that stuff in the show notes so people can easily find it. And I’ll put your website down there too. So, and I think I might buy a couple of your books too, so thank you. I don’t know much about ghost or ghost hunting, so maybe I’ll start looking into it. Okay.

[00:57:44] Eleanor: Well, you know what, I’m, I’m available to answer any questions, just reach out to me.

You have my email, so, you know, just send me a message and I’ll help you any way I can. In fact, I’m going to connect you with this woman that I had interviewed for a near-death experience. I have her on my podcast and, um, she’s amazing lady. She’s in her late seventies now. Um, but she’s the one that I was telling you that actually went to hell and heaven.

And, um, she’s just, she’s, she’s a sweetie. You’ll, you’ll love her. She’s a great, great interview. So I’ll connect you with her and, um, oh

[00:58:18] Jeremiah: yeah, definitely. I’ll appreciate that one.

[00:58:22] Eleanor: It might end up helping you get some answers too, because I’m sure that, um, you know, people who’ve had an experience like that want to know where they can find more answers or connect with people that are like-minded or have had experiences the same, you know?

[00:58:37] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. Cause one last thing about mine. I remember yelling that I had a mission to accomplish, so I’ve been trying to figure out what that mission is. So maybe talking to other, uh, you

[00:58:53] Eleanor: want to find out what that is, we’ll help you. Yeah. Yeah. I know this sounds crazy, but me.

[00:59:03] Jeremiah: Sorry. I said, yeah, send me that lady’s info and I’ll set up to talk to,

[00:59:08] Eleanor: I will definitely.

Yeah. And you might want to think about trying, um, maybe past life regression or hypnosis that might help you, um, find out that mission that you might’ve just. Lost touch with because you can’t remember or whatever, you know?

[00:59:25] Jeremiah: Yeah. That would be a good avenue to go down to. All right.

[00:59:31] Eleanor: Well thank you. for coming on.

Thank you so much. Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. And, um, this worked out great, happy new year. Happy

[00:59:39] Jeremiah: new years. Um, well and 2021 with a bang. Yes, .