CERN 2012

CERN 2012 CERN 2012 [00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello? Oh, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountain. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered. Hello, this is Jeremiah. And this episode of what if they’re wrong podcast is going to be about CERN and the CERN 2012 conspiracy. So we’ll start off with what is CERN, because I don’t think a ton of people know exactly what CERN is. I know a lot of my friends look at me sideways when I talk about CERN. So we’ll start with what CERN is. CERN is the European council of nuclear research. They deal with particle physics. They’re basically trying to find the origin of the universe, the big bang theory they deal with. Anti-matter dark matter. Any type of particles. And it was founded in 1954, 23 member states are involved in CERN, but the United States is not one of those members. So I’m sure we send them funding and send them money and send our scientists and everything like that. But we are actually not part of the CERN project. The large Hadron Collider, which is the machine that shoots these particles through tubing at near light speed and smashes them together to create many black holes and to find anti-matter and dark matter and other weird anomalies that was built. The large Hadron Collider in 1998 through 2000. And. So it has 17 miles of tubing in which it shoots particles through so they can smash them together. So what they do is they take a particle and shoot it to the left, so to speak. And then another particle that shoot it to the right. It goes through this 17 miles of tubing and they collide together. When they meet and in doing so, they say that they create different particles, different matter. They’ve stated that they create small black holes and they just go through a bunch of these, uh, smashing together and just see what they come up with scientists claim to have found the Higgs Boson, or the God particle. And July 4th, 2012. And we’ll talk more on that later because it deals with the conspiracy. Part of CERN. CERN is located on the Switzerland France border in a place that was once called a poly AECOM, a poly AECOM, or Polyon in Greek means destruction, which is pretty interesting in Roman times. They believe that it was the gateway to the underworld. So that’s pretty interesting that CERN would be located in a place in ancient Rome and Greece that they associated with destruction and the underworld. We’ll talk more on that later, but that is what CERN is and what they are dealing with. And basically they are trying to determine how life started, how the universe started. And by smashing these particles together, they hope to achieve the answers for them. This is where the conspiracies come in and we’ll talk about some of the conspiracy surrounding CERN and the strange happenings. I’ll start with something comical and we’ll go from there. In the beginning of November of 2009, CERN had to shut down due to a bird, dropping a piece of baguette bread on the electrical substation, pausing the Collider to overheat. You’re telling me that. This facility that is millions, if not billions of dollars and is housing, all these supercomputers that are trying to find the origins of the universe and life and doing all these particle collisions, you’re telling me. That they had to shut down due to a bird, dropping a piece of bread on the machine that just doesn’t really fly with me. It doesn’t sound like a plausible reason or they messing around with something and it had to. The shut down. I mean. You can only speculate. The official story was that a bird dumped a piece of bread on the electrical unit. And, it caused the Collider to overheat, which sounds pretty ridiculous. When you think about the facility and the importance of the facility. You would think they would have measures around that. Supposedly not so right around this time, there was another weird thing that happened. There was a flight flight, a 7 3 0 1. It had 170 passengers on board and it was about to land in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In south America, but it ended up in the Canary islands in Spain. The crew and everything didn’t know what was happening. What was going on? And they ended up being routed back to Bolivia and it was just. That around this time that CERN had to be shut down. You have this flight a 7 3 0 1, a 5,000 miles away from where it’s supposed to be. And it shows up it’s almost like it went through a time warp. So it should’ve landed in Ballou. But it ended up in the Canary islands in Spain, very strange connection maybe. Then also there’s claims of a time wave or a grad gravitational wave that sent ripples pretty much around the globe. but to ancient Pyramidal structures, including the sun gate in Bolivia. South America experienced massive blackouts and power outages. This is all around the time that this bird supposedly dropped bread on the electrical substation. They had to shut the hedge on Collider down for overheating, which seems very strange, weird connections there. Make a bit what you will, but to me, Sounds pretty fishy that you’re shutting down CERN. Then at the same time you have this flight. You have these gravitational waves and these blackouts and power outages. Also people claim that CERN is causing earthquakes around the world. A lot of times when they’re doing experiments, there’s earthquakes in random places around the world and other strange phenomenon. And then we’ll get to another big conspiracy is the fact that there is a Shiva statue. Shiva is the God of, uh, It’s one of the gods of India. It is known to be the destroyer and creator of universes. For them to have a statue of a universe destroyer. And even though it’s deemed the creator as well, but it’s a destroyer as well. Um, Shiva, this God is a destroying. And why is the statue in front of the facility at CERN? It just seems very strange, very odd that they would choose that statue. Now they say India gifted, CERN that statue because they’re part of the council. But, it just seems kind of out of place for what they’re dealing with. And it’s just a lot of people who think that they’re up to no good. Think that that’s an odd circumstance. So then. A lot of people, including myself, link the CERN 2012 to a lot of other things that have happened. In CERN, 2012, July 4th scientists claim, they discovered the Higgs Boson particle. Or the quote, unquote God particle. And right around this time, a lot of people started. To experience what is known as the Mandela effect. I will have shows on that in the future. But around that time, a lot of people think that CERN shifted our reality. They changed our reality in some way. And did they warp us into a parallel universe or did they find a way to change our universe slightly? I don’t know. But, a lot of people point to the Mandela effect as part of this Higgs boson. Or, God particle finding back in 2012. Now on the religious side. You have people who think that CERN is actually working on opening a portal to actual Hell. And a lot of them quote this Bible verse from revelations nine, one dash three. This verse says, and the fifth angel sounded and I saw a star fall from the heaven onto the earth. And to him was given the key to the bottomless pit. He opened the bottomless pit. There came out the smoke of locus upon the earth. A lot of people think that CERN is actually the device, the key to Oakland opening the bottomless pit. They think that CERN is opening portals to hell. That that are elites that are working. There are. Power knowledge information from these portals that they open up. Or they’re letting evil beings through and, and, or going through themselves. What the ultimate goal is on the religious aspect. Is that they will unleash the devil, and the devil was. Take control of the earth. So a lot of people think that CERN is dabbling in these portals to hell. Also the portals are thought to be used to get into other parallel universes or other dimensions. And are they sending stuff through or receiving stuff from these portals? And if so, what exactly? Are they doing? And when they did this in 2012, did they alter our reality by discovering something? And we may never know, but in CERN in 2016, June 16th, 2016, Had an awake experiment, whatever that is. I don’t know. An advanced Wakefield experiment. 10 days after this experiment, there were reportings of strange things in the sky around CERN. A lot of lightening. Weird clouds. A lot of strange things in the sky above CERN. 10 days after this Wakefield experiment, a lot of people think that has something to do with these portal. Are they residual effects of these portals being open? What’s going on around CERN as far as that is concerned? Now I worker inside CERN, Mr. Sergio, not sure if that’s his real name, but he claimed. That they opened time portals. Portals into other dimensions, but they’re only small ones and for a small amount of time. But if he sees, because he’s works in there and is claiming this. If he sees small portals and for small amounts of time, who’s to say that. They don’t know a way to do bigger portals or bigger for longer amounts of time. I mean, you can only guess in that instance. But it seems like if they can open small ones. They’ll find a way to open bigger ones at some point. Then what will happen at that instance? So yeah, a lot of weird stuff around CERN. CERN and the Mandela effect seems like a lot of things have been different since. 2012 time seems to have sped up. A lot of people talk about time being sped up. How you can’t get as much accomplished during the day as you used to. Whereas like before 2012, you could get like 10 task complete in a day. Now you can only get like six tasks completed. So a lot of people are experiencing a speed up in time. That things seem to be happening more rapidly time seems to be flying at an increased speed. Like we’re almost at Thanksgiving right now. And it seems like November just started. So a lot of people are saying that time has, has been affected. A lot of people in the Mandela effect sphere say. You used to count one, Mississippi, two Mississippi to count seconds. And now there’s people claiming that instead of 60 seconds, for one Mississippi’s, they’re only getting 47 or 45 Mississippi. Before they hit a minute. And I know that it’s hard to gauge because people can say it at different speeds and different rates. But a lot of people are saying that time just seems to be accelerated. Events around the world, seem to be accelerated. Everything seems to be more powder keg, like, and it just seems like everything is speeding up. And then also there’s people who. Including myself who remember the sun being orange or orange is yellow. And now the son is white. And it’s hard to look at the sun for more than a second. Whereas before you could look at it a couple seconds before, um, it would really hurt your eyes. I just remember growing up. You always drew the sun in like a yellow or orange it’s yellow. Now it’s white. And that could be an effect of them altering or reality. And these Mandela effect. Could be a result of damn altering our reality through CERN. So, a lot of weird things going on with CERN. We’ll never probably know for sure, but Stephen Hawking’s one of the smartest man known. He’s the one in the wheelchair that speaks through the computer. But he’s one of the smartest or revered as one of the smartest men ever to live. And he even stated in one of his writings that CERN could destroy the planet or the universe. Then you also have Neil deGrasse Tyson. Who has claimed that we don’t fully know the ramifications of what we’re doing. With CERN and that we should be cautious about what we’re doing. So you have these top scientists who are saying, you know, something ain’t right. You could destroy the planet or the universe, and that we don’t really know what we’re dealing with. So it’s not like just tinfoil hat, people saying that we don’t really know what we’re messing with with CERN. They do know what they’re messing with and they’re trying to achieve whatever goal that is. Whether it’s opening the gates of hell. It’s opening portals to parallel universes or other dimensions. Whatever it is, they’re definitely doing something that they don’t fully understand. Or if they do fully understand. That they shouldn’t be messing with. And it’s possible that in 2012 they found that Higgs boson. It actually shifted our reality and it could be super. You know, you always think, oh, if it changes our reality. It would be like a huge, you would see huge differences. But it’s not necessarily, you could just have small changes. It could have just been a blip. It just changed our reality very slightly and made everything slow. Or not everything, but it made certain things off. And a lot of that is in the Mandela effect stuff. I will have podcasts about that as well or episodes about that. Because, it’s definitely something that’s interesting and a mass amount of people buy into. So we have that. So then in January of 2019, CERN officials revealed their potential plan for a 62 mile collide. Right now it’s 17 miles. So it’s going to be way bigger. They plan to build this project. And there we’re estimating around $10 billion to create this new CERN Collider facility with 62 miles of. So, did they find kind of what they were looking for at the current CERN? Then they want to make it bigger. So like say this Sergio guy says portals are small and only for a small amount of time. Well, are they planning to build this bigger CERN facility so they can make bigger portals? And have them last for a longer amount of time? I mean, you can only get. But I think that might be the case. It just seems strange. I mean, I guess you could say that they want to. It’s a technological advancement. But I mean, you’re going to spend $10 billion to build another facility. When you already back in 2012 said you found the Higgs bows on particle. So what more are you looking for or did they realize that they altered our reality? In the past in 2012. They’re trying to find a way to push us back or to change it back. I don’t know. There’s many theories around CERN and we can only speculate and theorize. I personally, in closing, I personally believe that CERN altered our reality in 2012. When they found this quote, unquote God particle. I think it has created stuff like the Mandela effect, the sun being different, the acceleration in time. And I believe that they are up to no good. And I do not put it past the organization to be dabbling with other universes. Or parallel universes dimensions. I’m just going to say it. What is going on at CERN? It is very strange and something that might not be the best thing for humanity. Let’s say none of these conspiracies are true. That they’re really just messing with particles and found this Higgs bows on. But even if none of the conspiracies are true. Probably shouldn’t be dealing with these matters that we don’t fully understand. Because there’s always that chance that they will do something that they’ll regret. Like Stephen Hawkins said they could destroy the universe, the planet. Why do we feel the need to dabble in these type of matters? We don’t really understand what the outcome will be? So with that, that’s going to end this episode. If you want to contact me or want to be a guest on the show. You can reach me at So that is what if they are And I look forward to seeing you in the next episode or not seeing you. Talking to you in the next episode and that’ll be the Denver airport conspiracy. So looking forward to that, have a good one. .