Alien Abduction: Nicole’s Encounter

Alien Abduction: Nicole's Encounter

Alien Abduction: Nicole’s Encounter

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Hello, my fellow terrestrials. We’re going to get into this riveting episode in a moment where I interviewed Nicole. Nicole came to me after hearing Adrian’s abduction encounter, and she had a similar experience. And she wanted to share it with us. So, I have her on the show. We’re going to listen to that in a moment. But first, I want to give a shout out to some podcasts that I’m friends with.

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So we’re going to get into this interview with Nicole and her abduction encounter. And I’m just remember question everything. Hello, and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. Podcast that wants you to question everything. We have with us today, Nicole. She’s going to share with us her alien abduction experience and, uh, the traumatic event that she had to endure.

We talked with Adrian, and she heard about that story and wanted to share her own. Because, she said there’s a lot of similarities. So we’re going to get into that and hopefully get some answers and maybe at least be able to. In the open so that, um, maybe other people that have a similar experience can, uh, feel free to talk about that.


So I’ll introduce her now. Hello, Nicole,

how are you?

[00:04:22] Nicole: I’m doing good.

[00:04:24] Jeremiah: That’s good. So, when your abduction happened, uh, just trying to get a little background. Where were you kind of at, in life? Were you into aliens and abductions and stuff like that? Or was it just something that randomly happened? Or, I’m just trying to get a feel for where you were at in life at the time?

[00:04:47] Nicole: Well,

I had always, like, not really, um, been like, I wouldn’t say like obsessed with it. But I was like, you know, kind of interested. Hearing other people’s stories. How, you know, Our world is so small compared to our universe. And, you know, like we, I, it’s just hard for me to believe. That we’re the only, you know, the only race. Only things that were created.

Um, and so I’ve always had like that interest in, you know, what if, or, you know, things like that. So, I was always interested and the unknown and things that we just can’t explain. Or have, you know, don’t have the answers to. But as far as like, that time period in my life. I was actually, I was 20 years old.

I was, um, engaged to be married. Um, I’d actually just had my first son. Um, and I was in a really good spot. Me and my soon to be husband at the time, had a house on some land. We were just doing really well. He worked out of state out of town a lot, so he was hardly ever home. So I would go months without him being there.

And during the time that this had happened, it was just me and my four month old time. Um, so I mean, it was unexpected. It was very random. But that’s pretty much it. That’s pretty much how, um, how life was going at that moment at that point in time.

[00:06:33] Jeremiah: So you said he was away a lot. Did this experience happen while he was gone?

[00:06:39] Nicole: Yeah, he was actually working. Um, he was in the same state, but he was out of town. He was about work. He was working about nine hours away. Um, And so at the time it was just me and my son. And like I said, we had, you know, how little house on land. So there wasn’t really, there wasn’t anybody really close to me.

I mean, we had the landlords that owned the home. But they were, you know, a little bit, a ways down the road. They weren’t like right on our doorstep, you know? So, um, so we’re the house side. It was just us. And it, you know, at the time I didn’t have a vehicle, we only had one vehicle. So I, it was just me and my son there all the time. You know, until occasionally I would go out with friends or family.

Um, other than that, it was just so us all the time.

[00:07:30] Jeremiah: Okay. So, you were alone, so to speak, while you and your son and when this event happened. Do you recall when exactly it happened? Like, was it during the day? It was that at night time, what were you doing? Were you just sleeping? And it happened. And

[00:07:52] Nicole: so, um, it was actually a nine time. Me and my four month old son, which he was a preemie baby.

So he was really, really tiny. And, um, I was like, you know, like any other mom. I always super terrified that, you know, something would happen like SIDS or something like that. So, I always have to in really close next to me. But because he was so tiny, I kept him in. Like the little diaper changer things that have like, you know. The sides were kind of up.

So that way, if he did roll, he wouldn’t really wouldn’t go anywhere. And so, I laid his diaper changer thing next to me on the bed, and I laid him down to sleep. I’m actually like I had fallen asleep, and what I thought was a dream at the time. Which, you know, the next day I kind of learned really, you know, might not have been a dream.

Um, I mean, I can go ahead and explain the, the experience, um, if, if that’s okay.

[00:08:52] Jeremiah: Yeah, go ahead. Um, so we’re just trying to, I’m just trying to get a picture for when it like, quote unquote started. So yeah, it was nighttime. You were laying with your son and okay. Now you can continue with what happened.

[00:09:09] Nicole: So, I had fallen asleep and, um, I, what I thought was, you know, I was having a dream and in the dream I actually was in this circular.

And I can tell that it was literally just metal. There was nothing but metal everywhere around me. The balls were metal, everything that was in there was metal. And, um, I’m actually laying on this table. What kind of, you know, th it was a metal table, which to me kind of resembled like a corners people almost the way, you know, just the, the look of it.

Um, except the fact that there was also like, my arms were stretched out and beside me and the table had extensions for my arms. And at the end of the table, there was like, it came to a V point for the legs and my wrists and my ankles were like, had these cufflink things to the table and I’m paralyzed. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t say anything.

Um, and oddly enough, I wasn’t really scared. I was kind of like at peace. You know, terrified. Um, there was a point that I was terrified, but it wasn’t because of the situation itself. It was because of something that was there with me. Um,

[00:10:29] Jeremiah: where are you kind of like, um, where you kind of trying to figure out what was going on at the time?

Like, even though you weren’t scared, were you trying to figure out what, where you were?

[00:10:41] Nicole: I mean, I kind of like, I had like an idea of what maybe was going on, but I mean then again, I never had an experience like this, so I wasn’t 100% sure of exactly what was happening or anything, you know, I’ve heard stories about it.

I, you know, had seen shows about it on TV. I’ve seen, you know, I’ve seen and heard so many different things. So when it was actually, you know, happening in the stream, I didn’t think, you know, for a second of maybe, you know, something bad was happening or, you know, what exactly was really going on. I, all I knew is that.

I was laying on this table and I was covered on my chest and I was covered on my, you know, my waist down below. And the only thing that was exposed on me was my stomach. And now, before I say anything about that, um, there were other beings in the room with me now over my shoulder to my left of me laying on this table.

Um, there was this female, like, and I’m assuming she was female because her voice was female. And I mean, she kind of looked feminine. Like, I don’t know, for some reason, like, I didn’t see her. It’s kind of hard to explain. Like I didn’t see her in front of me, but for some reason I knew exactly what she looked like and, you know, down to everyday toll of her.

And she was very human, like, um, but she wasn’t like, she wasn’t built like us, you know, like she had. Um, she had here, she was very, very tall, very slender. She had arms and legs and everything just like we do, except she was just really very tall and splendor. Now her eyes, she had eyes, but they were huge.

They were like a bluish green and her lips were very small. Um, and she had very white hair, like when I say white, I mean like whites and, um, but she kept reassuring me throughout this entire time that I was okay. That, you know, that they weren’t going to hurt me, that I was fine, that I was safe. You know, she just kept saying over and over, I guess, whenever I felt like I was doubting what was going on or I felt afraid she kept reassuring me that I was okay, that I wasn’t going to be hurt, but they weren’t harming me in any way.

And that’s pretty much all

[00:13:04] Jeremiah: right. When she talked to you, um, was it like telepathically or did you actually hear her?

[00:13:12] Nicole: No. So, okay. So I very quickly realized that what I spoke it wasn’t with my mouth. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk physically. Um, and when she spoke, I knew that it wasn’t with her mouth. I don’t know how I knew that, but I just knew that.

And it was literally exactly like we were telepathically communicating with one another. Like, I didn’t have to say anything, like anytime I thought something or was afraid and just had that feeling of emotion, she knew, I didn’t have to say anything. I mean, I couldn’t anyway, but she already knew exactly what I was thinking, how I was feeling.

And she would just be there to just reassure me that I was okay, that I was safe and that they weren’t hurting me. And she kept telling me that every single time that I would be afraid, no, Too at the bottom of the table at the end of the table where my feet were, um, that’s where the terrifying part comes in for me.

Now, this happened to me in 2014. So I’m not terrified of it anymore because it happened so many years ago. Um, it doesn’t scare me anymore. You know, really talk about it. I am nervous talking about it because I’ve never talked about it to anyone else other than close, very close friends and family. Um, but this thing that was at the end of the table, its face, it was a, it was a male.

I knew it was a male of some sort. I don’t know what exactly kind of creature this thing was. Um, those days of it, the entirety of this creature terrified me. If anything, in this situation, it scared me. It was that thing. Um, its face was like, like a praying man, Like it literally had the head of the praying mantis and it was brown in color with black, you know, specs here and there, or little, you know, I don’t know really how to explain the blackness part.

Um, but he had, it was brown and black and it’s faced, like I said, had the point and the head, the face of the praying mantis, except its eyes were just huge and black and, and it was very tall, very slender, just like the female, except like at any did have hands and arms and legs and feet. The thing that terrified me the most about this creature though, is that it had extended lens from its back coming out of its back that literally resembled spider legs.

They were super thing and he had four on each side and it terrified me. I’ve never seen anything, you know, like that in front of me, you know, and I don’t. Y, but I just, the look of him terrified me. It was something that, you know, we don’t see here, you know? And so after I saw him, I noticed that there were three actually like little gray aliens, like what we’ve been, you know, showed that our great Amiens is exactly what they were.

So like what we see in the media, what we see on the TV, as far as gray aliens, that’s exactly what they look like, because that’s exactly what I saw. And there was three of them and they were very short. They’re maybe only about 3, 3, 3 and a half feet tall, but they were very, you know, just calm and mellow.

They, they were involved with what was going on, but they were more like standby and, you know, only intervened or helped whenever they needed to, or when they were directed to now I will save that. The lady that was over my left shoulder, she was the one in charge. She was the one who gave the orders and everything, which I had never heard.

Exactly. What she would say to them or anything, or I never heard any noises that would make me think that they were communicating back and forth. I just had that gut feeling that she was the one who was in charge of everything going on and that whatever these beings were going to do or were in the process of doing was because she had directed them to do it.

Now, after, you know, while all of this is going on, I’m laying on his table and above me, there’s this very bright light. And it’s kind of like when you go to the doctor or, I mean for a female anyway, when we go to the doctor, there’s this, you know, the little light that hovers over this, the little bench or seat thing that we have with the doctor’s office, you know, it’s kind of like that, but it’s, you know, slightly different and, um, it’s very bright.

And as I’m laying on this table and I look up at the light, like I said, my stomach is exposed and, um, There’s this little ring thing. Like this machine comes in and on this machine, there’s this little ring attached, but it’s like a little circle. And in that circle, um, from the machine drops, it’s huge like needle.

I mean, that’s all I can explain it to be. Was this just a very, very long needle is huge. Uh, it wasn’t thick, but it was just very long. And as this needle dropped through the ring, it, they inserted it into my belly button. And like I said, I wasn’t really terrified. I didn’t feel anything other than just pressure, but it wasn’t like I kind of pushed that hurt.

It was just like kind of uncomfortable. So after all of that, I woke up, you know, the next day and I’d go and I’d take a shower. And I had like this sensational, my arm that I, you know, it’s kind of hard to explain the feeling of it. It didn’t really hurt, but it didn’t really, you know, it wasn’t didn’t feel great either.

And I had noticed that I had three dots on my arm and when I looked at it, it kind of resembled like a burn, like exactly. Like when you burn yourself, it looks like a burn, except it looks like a burn that had been healed up already, you know, somehow. Eventually it actually went away, but the burn, like this thing itself was three dots.

If you connect to the dots, it, you could literally make a perfect triangle out of these thoughts. Over time it went away. It was like, it was there one minute and it was gone the next. And now the one thing that other, there was two things, two physical things that made me think that maybe this just wasn’t a dream that triangle the dots and my arm was.

Thing that made me think that this wasn’t really a dream. And then the second thing was that I had actually went to go shower while my son slept the next morning, FN him. I laid him back down to sleep. And as he slept, you know, I put him in his bassinet into the bathroom with me and I took a shower and hasn’t taken a shower.

You know, everybody’s different. Everybody has their own ways of washing and whatever. Well, I always watched my belly button just because I’m, you know, fat, pristine. And I had watched my belly bending in the process of washing my belly button. I actually had one at having a scab come out of my belly button and my belly button naturally started to bleed very little.

And so at that point I was kind of starstruck. I was like, you know, how, how did this happen? Was flabbergasted. Didn’t understand what was going on. It kind of made me rethink all of it made me really think that maybe that actually did happen to me that it wasn’t just a dream. But like I said, this happened in 2014.

So for the last eight years I have five. You know, I’ve gone crazy at times. I’ve seen lights me thinking about it, you know, did this really happen? Was it a dream? Did I go crazy? Did I imagine this thing? You know? And so when I heard Adrian story, I was struck, I was like, you know, I felt relieved in a sense, but also terrified because as I’m, because I’m a mom and I was doing laundry, cleaning the house and everything always listen to podcasts.

I listen to different podcasts all the time. And so when that particular podcast came up, I was actually in, I was folding laundry and dealing with my kids and I literally stopped everything. As soon as she started to talk about her encounter, I saw everything I was doing and I stepped outside and I listened to her and I was so shocked of the similarities.

From my story and hers. And the thing that got me the most was not only the encounter itself of the details of the encounter, but also the fact too, that the most shocking part of the encounter that I had was that actually two weeks from the day that I had that dream, I actually found out that I was four weeks pregnant with my middle son, and I’m also RH negative.

And he was also the only child that I was pregnant with. Cause I have four children of my own. He was the only pregnancy that I had that I had no complications with at all. And if anybody knows anything about RH, negative and pregnancies within women, it actually creates a lot of problems for our pregnancies.

Your body actually tries to get rid of the baby unless they are RH. No. And so with my first son bringing, he was a preemie, like I said, I had so many complications with him. I was on different kinds of shots. I was on different types of medications. Um, the reason why he was premium was because I had to be induced because it had gotten to the point where my body was trying to get rid of him to the point where we had to, I had to get induced or I was going to lose him.

Um, and then with my middle son, like it said, it was the perfect pregnancy was the only one that I had that I had, didn’t have to take shots, but I didn’t have to be on medications with. And not only that, um, me and his father, we haven’t been together in, you know, five years, five and a half years. And, um, me and his father have debated on whether or not we wanted to let him skip a grade in school or two, because he is so intelligent.

He is the smartest child that I have. And they’re all smart in their own ways, but my middle son is beyond intelligent. This child. He’s about to be seven. And he is so smart that he used her passing, even children that are older than him. He gets bored in class. The things that they like, the math and the science and stuff, he already knows it all.

It’s like as if someone had already taught him all of this and he gets bored and he gets frustrated and sometimes we get phone calls from the school telling us, you know, Hey, like we don’t really know exactly what to do. And when we tell them to challenge him, he already knows it. He already knows the challenges.

He already knows things that are above his grade level. And it’s, you know, I’m not saying that it’s uncommon for children to be this intelligent, but for my son to, you know, not have, you know, as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t have, you know, I worked with him when he was, you know, before he started school, I worked with him, taught him letters and alphabet and stuff.

And his brother, my, my son that was a preemie, had to go through speech therapy and stuff like that. But not one time did we ever teach math or science or chemistry or anything like that? And my son already knows a lot of that. He knows science, he knows math. He knows multiplication. I mean, like he knows things that other children older than him don’t even know, you know, like it’s, it’s insane to think that, you know, and me and his father had talked about that his father knows, you know, the situation.

Cause like I said, and with him being gone from work during this entire, this thing encounter that same day, I called him and I told him about what had happened. Then whenever we found out that we were pregnant, we had talked about it again. I was like, you know, it’s kind of very coincidentally that that happened to me.

We found out two weeks later that we’re pregnant with, with another child. Had no clue that I was pregnant during the encounter. So, with everything, when you piece everything together, it’s kind of very hard for me to believe that they didn’t do something to my child during that encounter.

You know, I’ve ha I’ve heard so many people think or say that no, that maybe, um, they’re doing something to hurt us or, you know, different things that, you know, perspective. But the thing is, is to me, I have that feeling the entire time during the encounter and even thereafter that they weren’t doing anything to hurt me, that they were actually doing something to help us to help my son and to help me along throughout my pregnancy.

I mean, I don’t, I don’t have any other, any other explanation other than that, because like ending with the only pregnancy I had, that I had no complications with, it was the literally the perfect pregnancy. Now my son being as intelligent as he is, and I’ve heard so many different, you know, Stories or other female stories, having these encounters where they’re RH negative, where they’re pregnant, where they have had complications.

You know, there’s so many similarities to not only my story and Adrian’s story, but other women’s stories as well. It makes me think that maybe they are doing what they’re doing to actually help us become advanced, help us by generational. You know, things that they’re doing is to help our children, you know, be intelligent, be smarter than what we are.

Because if you look back in history, there are so many, you know, civilizations that are, you know, more advanced than what we were led to believe for so long. And these scientists are discovering, you know, more and more over time that these civilizations are far more advanced than we ever thought. And so it makes me wonder, you know, what if that’s exactly what’s going on with us?

What if they are, you know, it’s not really, I don’t want to say experimentation. I don’t know where they were to use really, but what if they’re doing what they’re doing to help us not hurt us, you know?

[00:27:39] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s definitely, definitely an option. As far as the RH negative blood type goes, like, I know that is a lot, I think it’s a large percentage of adult T’s have that RH negative.

The pregnancy thing, my fiance, she actually has orange negative and she had a bunch of issues with her, one daughter pregnancy that her body was trying to terminate it basically. It’s definitely, I don’t really believe in coincidences. So, you know, having that experience and then finding out you’re pregnant two weeks later is, you know, kind of a coincidence and, um, yeah.

And then afterwards, like his development. Pattern, maybe they did do something. Maybe you were already pregnant and they just tweaked something or did something to make him more advance. Yeah. And then maybe who knows, maybe once he grows up, he’s going to invent something that will be like life-changing or something like that.

[00:28:54] Nicole: I mean, I just, I always had this feeling from the moment that he was born, even, even while I was pregnant with him, that he was, he was going to do something, you know, when he got older that he was going to be that one child of mine, that would be very, very bright, which, you know, every child has their own, you know, their own personalities, their own traits, their own, you know, everything.

And for some reason, reason, my son, when he was born, I just felt, I just had that feeling in my gut and in my heart. That he was destined to do so much. It’s something very important. And I could never really figure it out. Of course, you know, I won’t know until he’s older, because like I said, I mean, he’s about to be seven.

So I mean, but if I had one child that would, you know, which I hope that all of my child, my children, you know, succeed in life and become, you know, very important figures. But for some reason, if I had one child out of my Ford that I knew without a shadow of doubt that would succeed with no problems would be him.

He would become the one that was the scientist or the doctor or the, the surgeon, the lawyer, you know, I always knew in my heart that he was going to be the one out of all four, that would become, you know, or Suprax, you know, whatever I thought he could possibly do. You know? And I can’t explain why I’ve always felt that, you know, uh, you know, another thing is, is outside of.

You know, I had, when I was listening to Adrian’s podcasts, I had, you know, or whenever you guys had the podcast and she was talking about her encounter and she had talked about talking to that researcher and the researcher had said something about her maybe being a hybrid or something, you know, I don’t think, I mean, I’m not entirely sure because I don’t know anything about that, but, um, I don’t want to call myself a hybrid.

Um, but there’s always been a part of me that has always felt like I really just was at a place. Like I didn’t really belong here. There’s always that tiny part that just always felt like I just never really fit in here. I don’t know if that’s how maybe she feels as well. As far as intergenerational thing goes, I will say too.

Because I also, you know, had heard her talk about how, you know, the, the, during her encountered the. Over her head told her that, you know, her daughter was going to be next in line to go through this and things like that. Now I will say that the being that was with me, didn’t tell me that, but I will say that out of four of my children, I have three boys and one girl.

My girl is the only one who has already each negative factor. So, I have had family and friends asked me, you know, like, are you afraid that maybe something like this would happen to her and she’s over or anything like that? Honestly, my answer is no, I’m not because I don’t think for a second that they’re doing anything to hurt as because honestly, if they really wanted to hurt us, they would make it known they would do something to hurt us.

They’re not. Um, and not only that, but there’s so far. More advanced and we are, so, I mean, if they really wanted to do anything to really hurt us or harm us or get rid of us, I mean, I really do think that they would, you know, and the fact that they haven’t and the fact that if you look back on history and you see all of the evidence that shows that they’ve actually, you know.

All these civilizations that have, um, you know, are spread out all throughout the world and have all simultaneously over time, come to the same knowledge as each other, without having interactions with one another or ever meeting each other kind of baffles me and makes me think that maybe these beings or the aliens, you know, whatever you prefer to call them are actually here to help us become advanced, to help us advance in life.

And, you know, in my honest opinion, that’s honestly how I feel. I do not think that they are here to harm us. Um, There’s so much evidence that proves that, you know, and there’s so many close minded people that are not willing to hear it, not willing to, you know, even look at the proof that’s in front of them.

We have so much of it that it, it can make a person go crazy, you know, when you really think about it. So, you know, I was talking to my best friend about it this morning, and there’s just so many questions that we have that are answered. We’re probably never gonna to get the answers until our time is probably over, you know?

Um, but I feel like there’s a lot, we don’t know, and humans are very, you know, easy to call something crazy or insane to something we can’t explain to the unknown. And there is that, you know, that quote that says anything is possible, you know, and, and a lot of people use that quote, like it’s nothing, but in reality, that is actually.

You know, the truth of life, anything can happen. Anything is possible. And I think with not only my encounter, but with other people’s encounter, it’s very possible that this is happening, you know, to thousands of people, you know, there’s been so many encounters that have happened and a lot of people dismiss it.

Like we’re just crazy. Or, you know, we have people that try to, you know, put other people on Hutch, you know, not to talk about it. Feel like at one point in time, eventually there’s going to come a time when it becomes the normal that people are going to be able to come out in public and talk about these things that have happened to them.

It’s because it’s going to become a wide known thing and people aren’t going to be afraid of it anymore. And, I feel like, you know, one thing that the public or the, you know, the government or anybody like that, uh, fails to realize is that there’s so many people. You know, throughout the world that believe in this, that have, you know, that feeling that we’re not alone and aren’t really afraid of it.

They just want the answer, they want the truth and we’re probably, you know, we might not ever get it, but I also have that feeling too, that eventually there will come a time that we will get those answers, that we will be able to openly talk about these things and not be, you know, criticized or discriminated against or called crazy, you know?

[00:35:42] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’re definitely at a, um, pivotal point in society. And I feel like this kind of stuff is becoming more acceptable, like you said. And I think with all these government documents being leaked and put out to the public and stuff like that, I think it’s creating more awareness. People are more open to hearing about these types of stories or these encounters and UFO’s and abductions and all that stuff.

Like I think they just said that they’re going to release more UFO information. So they’re definitely, and then during the pandemic, they released a bunch of information about UFO saying like, oh yes, they’re actually a thing, but we’re just looking into it. We’re not claiming what it is or whatever, but they’re at least acknowledging that there’s some things that are going on that they have no idea what they are.

So I think the more, and then you have great things like podcasts and stuff that are a platform for people to talk. And I like that my podcast lets people share their experience and without a judgemental type of thing going on and. You know, your story does have similarities to Adrian’s as well. And a lot of UFO abduction stories seem to be very similar or have slight differences.

So is it all these people are just making this same thing up, but I don’t think so. I don’t buy that. Um, and then the whole thing with the RH negative blood and all, it seems to be a commonality. And then you have the mantis beings and the grays and all that stuff. Now, when you were in that metal room, um, did you know you were on like a spaceship and did you see any type of like markings or did the Manis or the gray say anything or was it just a female lady?

[00:37:44] Nicole: No, the only thing that I heard, you know, speak or communicate with me was that the lady or the female. Now the grays and the mantas. Caught Colin mantis. Don’t know what else to call them. I don’t know what the races are. I haven’t really looked into any, any of that. Um, I know the grays because those are, you know, the most commonly known alien.

Um, but she’s the only one that actually communicated with me. I did not hear, like I said earlier, I did not hear them communicate with each other or, you know, the grades where the main tools communicate with me. Um, I just know that she, I know, I just felt like she was communicating with them, um, on their own kind of frequency, I guess, because I couldn’t hear it, but they would, you know, kind of intervene or kind of help here and there, you know, kind of, I don’t know, it was very small things like, you know, like one would cover this one would cover that on my body or, you know, one would pull something, you know, it wasn’t, it wasn’t a very big.

Big deal that they were doing this. It was, it seemed like something that they had done very often, something that they had done almost like every single day, multiple times a day, honestly, because it was so pristine and perfect. Like just the whole, um, the, the way that they were doing everything was, it was so precise.

Like they had done this so many times. It was like, they had, you know, like when you go to work and you have a certain, you know, certain way that you’re supposed to do things is like that, like they knew exactly what they were doing because they had done it so many times before that it was just kinda, it was kind of natural to them.

You know, now, as far as the room goes, as far as I know, as far as what I could see, because like I said, like I was on this table, like I literally just appeared on the table. I did not, I, it’s not like I walked into this room or anything, you know, not that I remember. And, um, It’s literally just embeddable, circular room.

I knew that the circular, just because of the way it looked, I could tell that it was just a circular room and the walls were metal. Now whether or not it was a space ship. Can’t really, you know, I can’t say that. Don’t want to say it was because I don’t know. Um, but I mean, I would assume it might have been, but I’m not entirely sure either.

Um, now, you know, one thing that a lot of people that had these encounters also have in common to you is the fact that we all are most of us who haven’t gone under a hypnosis, we always feel like we want to do it, but then we kind of suppress our feelings on it because we’re kind of, you know, scared or terrified to maybe relive that again.

I don’t know if I would ever do it honestly, just because I feel like, you know, me being a mom and everything. I would have more questions than answers if I did that. And I’m not saying that it would terrify me, but you know, just like any normal person, your spirit of the unknown. And I feel like, you know, about was to actually happen to me if I was to go under a hidden hypnotic state and literally remember detail by detail, every single thing that happened to me during that encounter, I don’t think I would be the same after that.

I think that it would affect something within me that I would just, you know, I’m not saying that I would go insane, but I feel like there’s a part of me that would not be the same, you know? Um, and that’s what I’m scared of the most. And so as far as hypnotic state goes are probably would never do it. Um, I feel like what I remember is enough because, you know, hearing Adrian story and the fact that the being had told her that she wouldn’t remember and she did anyway, I think they kind of under.

How our brain works. I don’t, I think that that’s another reason why they do the things that they do, because they don’t quite understand how our brain works, because there’s so many things that happens within our brain. We only use what, you know, 5% of our brain or something like that. So, I mean, there’s a huge capacity of our brain that we don’t even use.

We don’t even have access to. So, you know, if we’re able to, you know, we’re being told, oh, Hey, you’re not going to remember that. And we do anyway, that’s kind of proved you wrong. You know what I’m saying? So maybe that’s why they’re doing all of these different experiments, trying to progress our civilization, trying to make us more advanced, trying to see how far they can push us, you know?

Um, and for me, I mean, like there’s different encounters as well. Just like mine where you, you, we assume that it’s a dream state, that it was just a dream. And then we have other people that have the similar, you know, encounter just like me and Adrian. Where it’s different or, you know, like the situation is different.

Hers was a physical and mine was more of a dream state, but they literally matched each other. So that kind of ruled out the fact that mine was a dream state or hurt, you know what I’m saying? Like it’s that on that level was different. Um, so it kind of rules out that possibility of it just being a coincidence because I’m sorry, the two people that had never met each other don’t know, I don’t even know the throw.

I don’t know what she looks like. I, you know, this happened to me 2014, so this was eight years ago. And so I don’t know how long it had been for her to come out and talk about it for her. But I do know that there’s not a coincidence between that, that two people can have the same exact encounter just about with this same, you know, you know, the fact that she’s, she was pregnant and I was pregnant.

The fact that we were both RH negatives, you know, the fact of, you know, just everything, every bit of detail within our encounters was. Literally identical down to what these things look like and the rooms we were in. And so it’s not a coincidence to me. Everything is a, is a possibility. Anything is possible, you know, in this world.

And I’m sorry, but we are not the only things here. There’s so many, you know, different things out there that we have no knowledge about. You know, we are only one planet in a solar system with 10, a universe within millions of other universes, you know, so it’s not, to me, it’s just, it’s almost stupid and dumb to think that we are the only things here, you know,

[00:44:09] Jeremiah: Have to ask this. I asked everybody that I have on about aliens and stuff for your personal view and opinion. Uh, what do you think the aliens are and what do you think they’re trying to accomplish? Or, even if you don’t know. You can say you don’t know. But like, what would be your inkling of what the whole alien abduction ex uh, phenomenon is about?

[00:44:40] Nicole: So, I have, I do have opinions and thoughts of my own, um, but it kind of goes into, um, you know, different, different theories. And, um, it’s kind of hard to explain it because, you know, a lot of people would be like, oh no, you know, like that, that can not be it. You know what I’m saying? Um, and you know, I know.

I’m kind of scared to really talk about that part. Only because, you know, it involves religion. A lot of people are very, you know, stern with their religion and no coming from someone, myself who was, you know, a Christian for two years. Like, you know, I’d always had an interest in Christianity. But for two years, I completely and solely devoted myself to God.

And, um, did everything, you know. I lived alive for two years without saying I did everything I possibly could to, you know, be that. That perfect Christian, you know? One thing I will say is that, you know, um, things that you go through in life kind of change your perspective on religion.

Now I’m not going to say that I’m, you know, there’s not a part of me. That’s not a Christian anymore because there’s a part of me that still believes. Um, but there’s also a bigger part of me that also believes in. More of the unknown. Like for example, like, you know, um, we have, you know. The Bible and in the very first book of the Bible, it talks about how God creates us.

And, um, the one thing that stuck out to me after all these years of going through that encounter and the things that I’ve seen on movies and TV and other people’s encounters and hearing and seeing all of these different things from different people is that the Bible says, you know, let us create men in our own image.

You know, let, like, as from God, let us create man in our own image. So what does average mean? You know, what does the word hour mean in that sentence? Because to me, you know, a lot of, a lot of people speculated. A lot of people think that the word hour in that sentence means the holy Trinity, the father, the son, the holy spirit.

But when. What if it’s not the holy Trinity, what if it’s something else that we don’t know yet? What if it’s something that, you know, we’ve experienced, but can’t explain. I mean, there’s so many possibilities out there. And to me it is, you know, I’m a very open-minded person. And so, even though I have gone through that phase of devotion to God. I know the Bible a lot better than most people around me.

I’ve done so much research and read and read and read. I’ve never read a book or research to have more than the Bible I read a lot. When you open it, and you read a lot of the things in there. A lot of the different stories, and it makes you wonder, it really does and makes you ask more questions.

’cause, you know, a lot of people sit there and say like, a lot of Christians will sit there and say, if you want answers to questions about the Bible, you have to look in the Bible. But the thing is though, is I’ve researched and I’ve researched and I’ve read and read and read, and there are more questions than answers in that Bible.

And there are more situations from the stories and those end up in the Bible that makes you really wonder and ask yourself what is actually happening within those stories, you know, and makes you kind of want to be in that person’s shoes to kind of figure out exactly what they saw, what they went through.

You know, there’s, I mean, we have, you know, Moses and the flood you have, um, not Moses and the flood Moses and, you know, partying the red sea. You have Noah and the flood. The arc you have, you have so many different things. You have Samson and his strength out of nowhere, you know, God gave him strength, you know, with his long walks of hair, you have so many different stories in the Bible with all these supernatural gifts that us humans do not have.

I’m not saying that every single person is supposed to be a prophet. But where on earth here now, do you see someone with any of that gift? Even the most religious people don’t have those gifts. And, I see their gifts because they are, I mean, you, we, everybody has their own, you know, their own way of doing things.

Everybody has their own, you know, like spiritual connections. Spiritual things that they do. Uh, their own little gifts. But not anything so supernatural that you can part a red sea or that you can, you know, build a. Uh, boat within, you know, so many years. Um, I don’t, I can’t explain a lot of it. Um, like I said, I have more questions than answers.

I mean, but for me, I think that they are actually helping us. Um, but see, the thing is too is another thing for me is that just like, there are good and evil here. There aren’t good and evil within their own race as well. I do believe that I do believe that. Now that the things that I experienced. The beams that I encountered were not, I felt like in my heart that they were not trying to hurt me. That they were actually helping me.

And I don’t know how I can explain that. I mean, I just felt that way. But, I also feel like there’s always going to be good and evil. Just like there’s good and evil within us. There’s always going to be good and evil within any race animals. Um, you know, other races in the universe. And I feel like. I, the one thing that at the end of the beings that I’ve encountered, I feel like we’re helping us.

I feel like that kind of extends to protecting us and protecting our planet. Because, you know, if you kind of think outside the box and you kind of put yourself in their shoes for a second. You look down here. I mean, you’re going to sit there and be like, oh my gosh, like these things are dumb.

They don’t know anything. Compared to what they know, you know, I mean, we ha we’re doing so much. I’m not a very big, you know, go green person. I’m just, you know, somebody who is just an average person, I’m no, I’m a normal average person. So I’m not like, you know, nothing against vegetarians or go green people or anything like that.

Nothing against them. It’s just not me. So coming from my standpoint, we’re doing a little. As a race to destroy this planet, you have wars going on, you have bonds, you have nucleus newts. We have all sorts of things that are destroying our planet. And I feel like these things are supposed to protect us and our planet from getting to that point. You know, where it doesn’t exist anymore. Because I feel like the human race is going to be at his own its own end.

You know, we’re, we’re probably going to be the ones to end our own civilized shaped civilization. Not anything else.

[00:52:16] Jeremiah: Yeah, totally. Um, I. Listen to many accounts of abductions, um, from other shows and stuff like that. And it seems like a common occurrence where the aliens were saying, uh, you guys are destroying your planet. The talking about living better, being better stewards of the planet and stuff like that.

It seems to be one of the main overarching themes of what people who have conversed with, you know, extra terrestrials. You know, like you said, and I haven’t even thought about it until just now. So, you kind of sparked an idea in me. It’s like, um, You know, maybe they need the planet and they need kind of us.

So, they’re trying to keep us from destroying ourselves, so to speak. Because, you hear all these accounts of UFO’s over like nuclear reactors. And in war time, you hear a lot of heightened stories about, uh, heightened UFO activity during wars and stuff like that. So, it’s possible that they’re, you know, trying to make sure we don’t do something stupid and wipe ourselves out for sure.

[00:53:31] Nicole: I mean, because if you really think about it, I’m thinking here. I mean, if you look at every scene going on in our whole brain now and everything that, you know, the history has to offer. We are not the brightest crayons in the box. We’re really not. I mean, some of us, you know, seem to be more intelligent than others. But the thing is, is, I mean, if we would stop the stupid.

And the fighting, and the bickering over this stupid things and just come together or would it be a lot more peaceful than. You know, fighting and arguing over things that don’t even really matter? You know, we’re, we’re fighting over things that, you know, are very unnecessary and very uncalled for. I mean, everybody has their own opinions.

Everybody has their own thoughts and views and perspectives on things, and that’s fine. It takes more. It’s going to. Needs to take more people that view things like that. That are just more open-minded and comfortable with the fact that, you know, they’re, people are different from one another. And people are okay to have their own opinions.

We would be so much better off that way then to, you know, be fighting, arguing. It gets people from making their own decisions are living their life the way they want to live it. Instead of judging someone or pinning someone down. Because, oh, that’s wrong, or you shouldn’t do that, or you shouldn’t do this.

You know, every single person lives their life, the way that they want to live it, every single person. You know? Coming from a Christian standpoint, every single person in a Christian community sense, even Christians You know, down to the way you think is a sin. So, I mean, there’s, there’s so many different perspectives out there.

So many different people let people be people. And I feel like it’s the sooner we realize that the better off our world would be. Then to say her and start war over something stupid or to, you know, sit here. And I don’t know, I don’t really want to go into all that because that’s a whole nother call. Me and make, you know what I’m saying, but there’s just so much that, you know, it’s, it’s stupid.

And I felt like if we would just stop and just come together as people, as humans and just work together, try to understand each other, try to fit each other in other people’s shoes, instead of letting violence overcome us and starting problems. And I really think we would just be better off, you know,

[00:55:54] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. That’s the perfect way to put it. I couldn’t say it better myself. So yeah, there’s a lot of fighting, especially in the past couple of years. Just seems heightened to a crazy extent. Like there’s such a, especially in the United States, there’s such a political divide right now. Like there’s no, it seems like there’s no middle ground. Even though like a lot of people think similarly. but, you know, they, the powers that be, you know, box us into these groups and like, if you think outside of that box, then that box doesn’t like you. And then, you might not be exactly like this other box, but you know, so yeah, it’s definitely good to open your mind and think about other things.

And even if I don’t agree with someone, at least I can be like, well, that’s your. Opinion that’s your belief or whatever. And, um, I don’t have to get like, hostile about it or, you know. I don’t have to believe it myself, but you know, at least, you know,

[00:57:04] Nicole: let them speak and you’re getting their point of view. Without, you know, discriminating them or belittling them for the way that they think, you know.


[00:57:12] Jeremiah: exactly. So, yeah, that sounds like the perfect spot to wrap things up. Is there any, um, anything else you would like to speak on? Or say about your encounter or anything like that?

[00:57:28] Nicole: Um, the only thing that I really have to say is that I, I decided to contact you because I wanted, you know, not only Adrian to know, but also other people to know as well that they’re not alone.

Like if you’ve had an encounter. You know, even though it scares you and terrifies you and you may get nervous talking about it and you may things that people are going to discriminate against you, or be a little silly or call you crazy. I feel like I feel so much better now being able to talk about it to someone I don’t even know.

Don’t know you and I. Feel better talking about it and putting it out there for other people to, you know, just for me in a way. Because, it helps other people. I am one of those people that likes to help other people. And to me, me coming out and talking to you about my experience, um, you know, Adrian helped me, you know. So, I want to be able to, you know, pass that along and, you know, let other people know that it’s okay to come out and talk about it.

It’s okay to feel the way you feel and, you know, speak on what’s happened. And you know. Whether it was a dream or however you went through this thing. It’s okay to come out and discuss and talk about it in. You know, put it out there for other people to let them know that they’re not alone.

[00:58:50] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely.

Um, I don’t want people to feel like they can’t come on and talk about their experience. I think it’s important. It’s kind of like a type of therapy in a way. To just get it off your chest, so to speak and be able to share the story. And I will definitely get you in contact with Adrian. I actually talked to her this morning and she said, I can give you her email and you can reach out to her.

And you guys can talk about your experiences and maybe, you know, at the very least get some type of therapy out of it, letting

[00:59:28] Nicole: a little bit of closure, honestly, to the both of us, to be able to communicate with each other. Not only that. Not only closure. But it makes you feel like, you know, that little voice that tells you that you’re.

You’re not alone anymore. You know, you actually have someone to communicate with and share your experience with. And, know that you’re not alone anymore actually makes a huge difference and a huge impact on how you feel. You know? And I’m actually glad that I was able to get in contact with you. It took me a while to figure out how to talk, how to get in touch with y’all, but I’m actually glad I really, really did because it kind of sparked something in me.

And, you know. Even though I have a lot of questions that are going to go on answered. I feel at peace, knowing that I’m going to help someone else. And, knowing that I was able to come out and talk about this. Um, there’s so much out there, we just don’t know. And I want other people to know that they’re not alone in this. You know, that that feeling of, you know, loneliness that I have felt in that Adriana has felt. Is it doesn’t have to be a thing anymore because you can come out and talk about it now.

[01:00:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. So, I will make sure to get you her email and I will. I want you guys to converse and tell your tale to each other or your experience. So yeah. Thank you for coming on and sharing your experience with me and the audience. Every time I do one of these. I learned something. You definitely, uh, put something else in my research bank, in my brain.

So I appreciate you for that.

[01:01:06] Nicole: Thank you so much.