Aliens and UFOs

Aliens and UFOs

Aliens and UFOs

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials and welcome back. We’re gonna be having a conversation with the owner of a UFO island tour in Hawaii. So we’re gonna talk with Dr. Lisa Thompson here in a moment, and she’s gonna go into her experiences with aliens UFOs, doing her whole island tour thing in Hawaii. But first, if you could like, and review the show, be highly appreciated.

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Hello, and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast? I’m your host. Jeremiah. We’re joined today by Dr. Lisa Thompson. She’s gonna talk to us about aliens from Hawaii to tropical paradise down there and, uh, well in relation to where I live, but, uh, we’ll introduce her now. Hello, Lisa.

[00:01:54] Lisa: Hi, Jeremiah. Thanks for

having me.

[00:01:55] Jeremiah: Oh yes. Thanks for coming on. I love all things, aliens and UFOs, so I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about here.


and I see your alien floaties behind you or whatever they are balloons

[00:02:11] Lisa: yeah, they’re inflatables. We, um, we use these for marketing, our big island UFO tour, and then we also use ’em for photo shoot opportunities for our customers that come on the tours.


[00:02:24] Jeremiah: So can you, um, explain kind of your Hawaii tours and what got you started with that and how, um, yeah. How do you just go about it? Yeah,

[00:02:38] Lisa: absolutely. So, um, I’ve actually been an experiencer in the alien and UFO phenomena, my entire life. . And so, um, I only, when I moved here to Hawaii, did I actually come like fully out of the closet with that information?

Um, only a few scattered people knew about it, um, because it’s been such a taboo topic and I ha so I have a PhD in biology and all of my, um, fellow scientists thought I was crazy. The ones that I would tell, because they’re like, you know, there’s no evidence. And so I just kept it hush hush so that I could, you know, have when I became a business person, you know, I wanted to be taken seriously so now I’ve made it my business to do this.

But my first conscious experience of being taken in a spacecraft was when I was actually 15 years old. And at the time I was living in Washington state, right outside of Olympia, and the craft that I was taken in, it was a smaller kind of shuttle craft where it was just me and my alien guide. In the craft, he looked very human.

And my question to him actually was, are you human? And the answer was no, but that they camouflage themselves. So they don’t scare us, scare the

[00:03:58] Jeremiah: earth humans. So where were you, um, where were you when this abduction took place? Were you at home or I was

[00:04:07] Lisa: at home. Yep. It was at actually at night. So I was in my bedroom and I don’t remember how I actually got onto the craft.

I just remember being in the craft and flying through space and what it looked like. It was like a, kind of like a bubble where I could fully see out. So the walls were transparent, so it looked like we were just floating through space. I could see the darkness, the lights of the stars. Then we were passing through some different gases layers and the colors were just extraordinary.

We finally got to where we were going. So, when we landed, I, the conversation was. Through telepathy. So, and that’s how most of these alien races communicate actually. And so when we got there, I asked where we were and he said that we were inside of IO. One of the moons of Jupiter and IO is the most highly volcanic planetary body in our solar system.

So you definitely cannot be on the surface there, but you know, a lot of life exists inside of planets and moons within our solar system. So we’re inside and I was being taken on a tour of the facility where we were, and it looked like a hospital kind of scenario where, um, I could see other earth humans in different rooms, um, being worked on nothing scary, no probes.

And I wasn’t scared at all. I, I felt very comfortable being there. And, and I found out later that I had been with them a lot as a child. And so. This was the first time that I got to have a conscious memory. So we’re, I’m being toured around and I asked, you know, what, well, why am I here? What are we doing here?

And the answer was that we were, we were chosen to see if something happened to the earth, if our physiology and our genetics can handle being there with them or, or a similar kind of environment. Now this is back in 1988, where a lot of stuff was going on on earth. You know, we were on the verge of world war II, all of the nuclear threat that was happening.

And so it did make sense. And then what I later found out was those of us that were chosen to come there with that particular race, it was because our frequency matched theirs most closely. So everyone vibrates at a certain frequency. And so those of us that were, um, that were having this experience had a similar frequency to.

so then, um, at the end of the tour, I asked, I was always a very curious kid. And so I asked, can I see what you actually look like? I wanna see, um, since you’re not human. He did change form for me. And, was about seven feet, tall, pure white skin, like really chalky white skin, big dark eyes and long red hair.

Then he also had triad tattoos on his cheeks. The extremeness of the white skin, the dark eyes and the red hair, um, if you saw that coming down the street, it could produce a fear response . I could see why, like they would camouflage themselves for these earth humans that they were bringing here.

Now I was returned back home. Um, and when I, I was laying in bed and. I I thought, okay, that is the weirdest dream that I’ve ever had. So I just dismissed it as a dream, but I remembered all the details and we were in a spiritual school at the time, my mother and I, and so at the time, you know, I was like, okay, it’s just a dream.

But then a few months later I was reading Whitley’s treater’s book communion, which had come out and in his book, he’s talking about his experiences of being taken by the gray aliens, so completely different race. And at the end of his book, he is interviewing different people that have similar, you know, abduction experiences.

And there’s one guy that has a completely different story. Everyone else has the same story that he had with the grays. But there’s one guy that had been, um, taken to a moon of Jupiter and told he was one of the chosen ones. And then Whitley made a little side comment. I hope it isn’t IO. And as soon as I read that I had head to toe chills, which is my body’s responsive, like there’s truth there, you know, that is real tears coming down.

So I went and told my mom knowing she would believe me. So, and she did. And our school, our spiritual school had some high, like former government people that were attendees of the school. And so there happened to be a man. She knew that knew about the different alien races that our government actually interacts with.

And so she had me tell him the story, which I thought he was gonna think I was crazy, but he didn’t when I described the race, he, he said that, you know, that’s not one that we know about and not one that we work with. However, we don’t know all of them and you had a real experience. So he validated it for me.

And so since then, um, I’ve had contact with other. Alien races. And it was three and a half years ago that I actually met my Arturian family. So I do consider myself an Arturian star seed. And, um, and that’s a whole nother story.

[00:09:44] Jeremiah: sorry, my cat’s trying to make an appearance he always comes around when it’s time for a podcasting yeah, but, uh, yeah, it’s interesting.

You talk about the pale skin with the red hair and all that, cuz I believe there’s, it’s either central America or south America where they have oral traditions from ancient past that talk about that type of being and that they were gonna return at some point. And they say that that might be part of the reason why they got conquered so easily from the Spaniards and all that stuff.

So that struck in my mind when you were talking about

[00:10:27] Lisa: that. Okay. . Yeah, well, and there are groups from Lera and groups from the play eighties that do have red hair, but I think, I think this group from IO that there maybe some kind of hybrid race of, you know, a mixture of a couple of things. Um, they never told me specifically where they were from, um, IO was not necessarily their home.

That was just an outpost for them. And, um, and so I’ve been able to have some communication with them, um, recently, but most of my communication is actually with my Artian family. And so I moved to Hawaii, um, back December, 2020. So in the middle of the pandemic, and when we got to Hawaii, we realized like how much activity there really is on the big island.

I mean, it’s, it’s through Hawaii, but the big island has massive amount of activity and the veil is much thinner. And we are also the most remote place in the world. So it would be safer for them to be here. There’s also a suspected underwater base off the Southern part of the state. There are multiple eyewitnesses of seeing craft coming in and out of the water, all around the island.

Even over in Oahu, there was a mass siding that was on the news. We decided to, um, start a UFO tour. We were inspired because we five years ago, took a trip to, to Sedona, Arizona, where we actually went on UFO tour and got to look through the advanced military night vision goggles, which was just incredible.

And so that’s what we do on our tours. We, um, we teach people how to identify the known objects first and foremost. And then with the goggles, we can see some of the really amazing activity and the skies are very busy right now. , there’s a lot of activity going on.

[00:12:26] Jeremiah: Um, do you have any inclination as to why there’s a high activity currently?

[00:12:34] Lisa: I do. Well, once again, we are kind of in a precarious, um, position on earth where, you know, war is ramping up again, nuclear threat. And so these beans actually are our family. We have up to 22 different alien races in our genetics. And so they are trying to keep us from destroying ourselves. Um, and they don’t want another Atlantis type of situation.

And so they are watching and, and trying to correct whatever they can. They’re not allowed to interfere because we have free will on earth. But when we invite them to come in and connect with us, then they have that ability to do so. We’re also in a time of awakening. Um, there’s more awakening happening now than ever on in our history.

And so some of them are trying to help that process along and they’re watching, observing.

[00:13:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. And I’ve talked to people about this before. It’s like, definitely seems like we’re at that point where like, people are no longer just going along with everything that’s being presented to them.

There’s a lot of more, a lot more questioning and like my show’s motto, question everything. And like, it just seems like we’re at like a pivoting point. And obviously there’s still a lot of people that aren’t like, they’re kind of asleep, so to say, but right. But it seems like more and more people are starting to like question things and not just follow along.

[00:14:16] Lisa: yes, I agree. And, um, even for me, I mean, like I. Feeling comfortable enough to step out and share my stories, my experiences that itself is part of the awakening. You know, those of us that have connections that, um, channel them. So I’ve actually started channeling my Arturians through writing and vocally as well.

And so the more that people are doing this kind of work, um, you know, it’s just, it’s opening up the minds of the people that are asleep and just helping that process

[00:14:52] Jeremiah: along. So all these different alien races, I guess you call it, um, do they have, like you said, they can’t interfere with earth and, and really, they can’t really interfere with earth.

So is there like a, you hear about the galactic, uh, council or anything like that? Uh, do you know anything about that? So,

[00:15:16] Lisa: yeah, the galactic, the, there are different names for it, and there might be different groups. So I’m familiar with the galactic Federation of light. And that, that is very similar to star Trek.

you know, the movies like, and TV shows like star Trek and star wars and the books, um, they are based in reality. And so, um, I don’t directly work with the galactic Federation. They have invited me to ask them to work with them, but the beans that I’m working with are, um, more higher dimensional than that.

And so, you know, I, I know that I could, but there are other people that are working directly with that galactic Federation. Now, anyone who has an experience with any of these beings, whether it’s in their minds, a positive or a negative experience, They signed up for that at the sole level before they were born.

So anyone that is taken and part of the hybridization program with the Zetas and has hybrid children, you know, they, they signed up for that before they came into this, this earth incarnation. And so one of the things that I get asked a lot on the tours are, are there really like bad, like negative aliens out there.

And I talk about this. I just, um, wrote my newest book connection to the cosmos, which comes out August 30th. And in that I’m describing, um, the different dimensions or densities that these beings live in because anything that’s still in third and fourth dimension like earth humans are, we have polarity.

So we have perception of good, bad, right wrong, negative positive. And that is a mechanism for E. It’s that’s simply what that is there for. So there are beings that do reside in that third and fourth dimension that possibly come and interact with earth. They might have, you know, a lot of technology, but aren’t necessarily spiritually advanced.

And, but as a race, they’re not necessarily like across the board, a negative race, just like earth humans. You have people that are service to others and you have other people that are service to self, you know, and want control and power. So the same thing with these being, but the majority of the races out there actually exist in fit dimension and higher where there is no more polarization.

And the underlying universal concept is love and

[00:17:50] Jeremiah: unity. Yeah. It’s um, I guess it’s not the most popular theory or opinion, I guess, in the UFO alien. Thing, but I personally believe that they aliens are more interdimensional. So yeah, when I heard you say that, I was like, yeah, I, I feel where you’re coming from there, cuz like they might be from outer space, but I think they use dimensional travel.

[00:18:23] Lisa: Yes. Yeah. They have, there are some that are, you know, utilizing worm holes and holding space time and all of that. But then others are just multidimensional beings and they can shift what dimension they wanna be in just by simply changing their vibration, just like we can too. So we, in our minds, we can actually raise our vibration and be in a fifth dimensional reality where we’re able to feel that love and to actually see things like fairies or the ETS or aliens that are in those dimensions.

[00:18:58] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I think kids are more prone to connecting to that, cuz I think they’re not tainted by the dimension that we’re in.

[00:19:09] Lisa: Yeah. They, um, they haven’t had the veil come up over their minds yet. Um, generally age eight is when that veil comes down. And so there are some people that I know that never had the veil, um, they’ve been open their entire lives, but they also had parents that didn’t try to say, you know, that’s not real.

And that’s, I think that’s what happens to kids is, you know, the imaginary friends or the, the ghosts or the other things that they’re seeing, um, are real, but the parents just can’t accept it.

[00:19:42] Jeremiah: Yeah. I was talking with someone, I think we were talking about ghosts and stuff and I was like, what if kids that have like imaginary friends?

What if they’re not really imaginary? What if we just can’t perceive them? Yes.

[00:19:59] Lisa: Yes. My, um, several of my friends have kids that had imaginary friends, but I knew they were real and they, and fortunately my friends knew they were real as well. So

[00:20:12] Jeremiah: yeah. Yeah. It would make more sense cuz like why do kids create imaginary friends?

Like I, I don’t know, just my brain wheels spinning. Yeah.

[00:20:24] Lisa: Yeah. Well, and here’s something interesting is that, um, we cannot create something in our mind that doesn’t already exist, that hasn’t been experienced by us. So anything that a child is really creating or, or experiencing, they didn’t just come up with that out of the blue.

That is something that, that is a real experience.

[00:20:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. I, I totally believe that. Um, I think there’s definitely more that meets the eye as far as what we can perceive. I think we’re locked into. this perception that we have, but I think there’s ways, like you said, of tapping into other stuff. Like, I know a lot of people talk about using like substances, like mushrooms or iowaska or DMT.

And I think those are just tools to Pierce the veil and kind of like reconnect with other, with other things.

[00:21:25] Lisa: Yes. Plant medicine is definitely one way to go about that. And then the spiritual school that I grew up in, um, we did different practices and modalities that would really, um, hone in our clear abilities and, you know, things like clairvoyance, Clair, Clair audience, we also practiced remote viewing telepathy, um, things of that nature.

And so when. I was a teenager when we started going to that school, I was 13. And so being exposed to that, um, at such a young age was huge in me, accepting who I am really as an adult and not shutting down and not having to unpack any religious dogma that might have, you know, that other people have to

[00:22:18] Jeremiah: experience.

Yeah. And it’s, uh, funny, you mentioned remote viewing. It’s like, you’re like reading my brain. I don’t know. But it’s like, um, the government, like people want to say, oh, that’s just woo woo or whatever. But like, if there was nothing too remote viewing, why does the government have a remote viewing team? They know something’s up.


[00:22:43] Lisa: exactly. Exactly. And that was part of actually the, again, the spiritual school that I was in. The government, it was a high enough profile school and what we were learning that they did have CIA and other government officials infiltrate the school to see what we were doing. Um, yeah.

[00:23:03] Jeremiah: so when you were, um, aboard this spaceship and this to retrial, I’ll say, um, what other things were conveyed to you like, or did they do any tests on you or was it just a like exploratory explaining type of deal?


[00:23:24] Lisa: that particular, um, experience that I was able to remember was more of me getting to ask the questions and, and being shown what was going on. There were other times previous to that, that they had been, you know, working on me physically, but this particular trip that I got to remember there wasn’t, um, any of that going on and.

you know, a lot of people who have contact experiences or, and I don’t like the word abduction, cuz it has a negative connotation. So, um, I love Lisa Royal Holt. She’s re coined that to call it temporary detainment cuz everyone is always returned . And so in, in my experiences with them, um, I feel like I got to remember this one, you know, most, all the other memories can only be pulled up through regression.

And that’s one of the modalities that I do actually, which now I understand why I was so attracted to that modality, but I was able to remember this to plant a seed for the work that I do now as a galactic ambassador. Whereas had I not been able to remember that and have that experience with that government official, you know, validating my experience.

Then I would’ve just been in dream state and thinking that, okay, that was just a dream for probably my entire life.

[00:24:50] Jeremiah: And then during this experience, you had mentioned that you saw other people as well. And did you ever come in that you remember, did you ever come in contact with other temporary detainees?

[00:25:06] Lisa: Um, actually they were in separate rooms, but the doors or the curtains were kind of open. Um, so it really was like, it was like being maybe in the ER, where you can see into some of the rooms, but again, nothing scary was going on. And so, no, I did, I did not have any interaction talking to the earth humans.

It was really just me and the one guide.

[00:25:34] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve heard a lot of a book. I can’t get off of the abduction word that’s okay. I’ve listened to a lot of abductions and it always seems like there is one being that is kind of a sign to taking you where you need to go. And, uh, except for like the initial, the initial, like when they take you from your bedroom or wherever, then there seems to be three, but, and you have three back there behind you, but

Yeah. Um, well, and

[00:26:05] Lisa: I think that, that depends on which group it is because they have different technology. Mine, um, again, it, the shuttle crap that I was in, it was just me and my guide. So, there were just two of us. He was able to whatever technology to raise my vibration, to get me into that craft. It only, it took that technology.

Yeah. But I have heard, I, I know what you’re talking about with the three and that I think tends to be with the Zetas. That, um, they have multiple people or beings that are getting the people onto the

[00:26:42] Jeremiah: craft. I think the Zetas are like your typical grays, right?

[00:26:48] Lisa: Yeah. There are a lot of different gray races.

And so they all get thrown into one kind of category and, you know, some people perceive them as negative, some people positive. Um, but like I said earlier with the different races, you know, you have some that are higher dimension. Now, what I understand about the, the Zeta Reticuli that specific race, um, that are doing this hybridization program, they are higher dimensional beings.

They are working for the greater cause of the universe. And so what, with this hybridization program, we have agreed with them as earth humans to create a, an evolved hybrid. The Zetas can reincarnate into, and that we as earth humans, if we choose to, we can reincarnate into that form. And so these are beings that have the best qualities of the zes and the best qualities of the earth humans.

[00:27:49] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve always been fascinated with that hybridization program. And I know there’s like two different camps. There’s the more positive one like you, and then obviously there’s a camp that’s like, no, it’s for evil or bad. And

[00:28:08] Lisa: yeah. Well, and again, what I understand and in the spiritual work I’ve been doing, like my entire life is that the people who have that more fear based or negative outlook it’s because they don’t understand how soul contracts work.

And so they think they’re being taken against their will. But they’re not, cuz they can’t be everything. Every experience that we have with earth humans, with other being we sign up for, um, before we come into this incarnation. And the other thing that’s, that’s really interesting is that, you know, people who have those experiences, um, some of ’em do get regressed, but the regression doesn’t go deep enough.

And so when you still have ego involved, um, you haven’t gotten the ego totally out of the way. If people already have that fear based mentality, haven’t worked through the shadows of their mind, then that’s what they’re gonna experience. They’re gonna just remember maybe some fear that all the people who get regressed to a deep enough level, then they fully understand the picture, the bigger picture of what happened.

And then there’s no more fear. And so the work of Dolores cannon, she was instrumental in. showing this with 35 years of regressions, you know, that she did, they’re not one of her clients who had these, um, temporary detainment experiences, um, ever came out of that regression still with fear or, or knowing not what happened.

Yeah, I just, so that’s a really important thing to know.

[00:29:49] Jeremiah: Yeah. I just got done reading Dr. Jacob’s book of, uh, it’s called secret life. And it’s about his hypnotic regressions of, uh, temporary detainment people. And, uh, there’s a lot of insight in that book. So if anyone that’s listening is into abductions, definitely go get secret life by Dr.

Jacobs, cuz it really dives into people’s actual experiences and stuff. And it does seem like at first the people are kind of scared to like, remember. But then afterwards, they kind of get a clear picture of what happened to them. And then it seems to help

[00:30:34] Lisa: them. Yes. Yes, exactly. And I mean, again, we, a lot of people have fear of the unknown and there has been so much negative press my whole life.

I’m turning 50 this year throughout my entire life, negative press with the government, the media with Hollywood portraying these things as, oh my God, there’s, they’re gonna come and get us. They’re bad where they’re not, you know? Yes. Maybe there are a few out there that are a little more nefarious.

However, the majority of them know they love us. They, we are their family and they want us to succeed. They want us to

[00:31:16] Jeremiah: survive. Yeah. The, um, ones that always get the, I don’t know what else to say other than bad rap is. The draconian, I think

[00:31:26] Lisa: they’re called yeah, the draconian and some of the reptilians as well.

And again, just like, you know, if they’re third and fourth dimensional, they’re polarized. And so there are some that have an agenda of service to self. Um, but then there others within that, those races that either are higher dimensional beings, or they understand the service to others mentality the cosmic law of one, you know?

[00:31:54] Jeremiah: Yeah. If they’re on lower, lower dimensional vibration, then it would make sense that there’s just like people there’s good people, there’s bad people. There’s people that are kind of in the middle and there’s people that are only out for themselves and people that are super giving. And so it makes sense that it would traverse all types of races that are out

[00:32:19] Lisa: there.

Yes, definitely. And the other thing that I do want to, um, to share is that whatever vibration you yourself are vibrating at attracts that vibration. And so if you are a high vibe loving person, then that’s gonna be your experience with people and with these, um, other beings. So if you are low vibe, you’re negative.

Well, you’re gonna attract that. Yeah. Some people don’t like hearing it , but, but it’s

[00:32:56] Jeremiah: reality. Yeah. It’s like whenever I’m in a bad mood or like a really bad mood, things just seem to go wrong. so like, mm-hmm, , I’ll drop something or, and I’m already mad, but then I’ll like drop something or I’ll screw up something.

And then it makes me more mad. And, but then on the opposite side, if I’m. like in a really good mood. Seems like everything just flows and everything’s great. And

[00:33:26] Lisa: yes. Well, they, you know what they, the higher being, they want us to be in a place of love. Like true love, not, not like physical, sexual love, but like real unconditional universal love.

And they want us to be in a state of joy when we are in joy. That’s when magic happens.

[00:33:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I think, and I don’t like the, what was that book that Oprah was pushing for a while? The secret. Yeah, the secret. Yeah. I’m not a huge fan of that, but I do believe that kind of like you’re saying the energy that you put out and the thoughts that you put out, um, definitely have an effect on what transpires and I think the whole, like.

If you keep saying you can’t do something, you won’t do it. But yes, if you, if you say I’m gonna do this and you work towards it, it seems it tends to happen more often than not. Yes.

[00:34:29] Lisa: I completely agree with that one. Um, yeah, on that topic of the secret. So the book doesn’t go into the science behind that.

Um, but there is, there is underlying science to how it works and it’s quantum mechanics. So, you know, when we are able to really like visualize and feel it fully in our body as if it’s already happened and that’s the key, it can’t be like, I want this to happen because if you keep wanting something to happen, then that’s what you’re gonna keep getting is want.

But if, if it’s something that you can really. Um, override whatever your subconscious mind is doing and be fully present in that reality as if it’s already happened. And again, physiologically you’re feeling it, then that’s how things can manifest.

[00:35:26] Jeremiah: Yeah, I believe. And this is just my woo. Woo is like, yeah, I think there’s like a divine energy.

You could call it God’s help or whatever you want to call it. Um, where, like, for instance, with my podcast, I tried to do something before I started my podcast and everything just felt forced and hard. And cuz my heart wasn’t really there. Like I enjoyed it, but wasn’t really like my passion passion. But then I started my podcast and it’s like my passion.

So everything just seemed to flow and it was kind of like that divine forces. like helping me along kind of like I have to put in the work. It’s not easy, but it’s like, I don’t feel the resistance. Like I felt with the other thing I was trying to do. Yeah.

[00:36:20] Lisa: Well, and that’s the beautiful thing. When you, when you are coming from a place of like, following your passion, following your joy, that again, that’s where the magic happens and the universe wants us to be in flow with it.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Yes. There is energy that we have to put into making something happen, like the production of a podcast or the writing of a book. However, if we are really experiencing that, that joy and that passion, it doesn’t feel like work.

[00:36:54] Jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. Like it is work, but it doesn’t feel like work

Yes. If that makes sense to anybody, but, uh, yeah. So it makes sense to me it makes. So you have a book coming out. What is the, what is all involved in that?

[00:37:14] Lisa: Okay, so the book is called connection to the cosmos and the subtitle is remembering your galactic heritage and embracing your oneness. And so the book has four major sections in it.

Um, it’s basically an intro to the terminology and of UFOs, you know, UAPs what these dimensional beings are, some of who they are as well as there’s a, I have a whole section on the galactic evolution of a humanoid form in our, in our galaxy, which is fascinating. I’m a former evolutionary biologist. So I love looking at how things, um, change and how they’re, how they’re evolving, how they come to be.

I also have a section where I share a lot of my stories. So more than just my ex experience in IO, um, I, I have a lot of different channeled information, um, in there as well. And I, the final section actually teaches people, some different practices, techniques, modalities on how to enhance this connection with themselves, but also with higher dimensional beings, whether it’s fairies, angels, ETS, and ultimately with source.

[00:38:40] Jeremiah: So you said, um, you said that you were an evolutionary biologist, so I’m gonna have to ask because it’s in my sphere, this type of thing is like, what do you think as far as human beings. There’s obviously the standard theory of we evolve from apes and then you have the whole camp that’s oh, we were tampered with, by aliens.

And so what’s, what’s your take on yeah. And the missing link part and how it has not been found yet as far as I know. Right,

[00:39:19] Lisa: right. No. And, and this is something, again, I talk about in my book and I love this topic because I, um, for graduate school, I went to university of Chicago and I had a position at the field museum in natural history.

And so at, at the museum, we actually had a display for, for the people coming in the museum on human evolution. And we had Lucy and we had, you know, some of those, but then where’s the missing link, right? So this was always part of my sphere. Even though I studied, um, animals, not human evolution, Um, I, I was still fascinated and I am definitely in the camp of the alien tampering.

That’s why earlier I said, we have up to 22 different alien races in our DNA because different groups have come throughout our earth history to inject their DNA into us. And, that was for upgrading our body. There are also, um, yes, we do have some primate in us, but we also, we have these different races and I have a very clear memory and I don’t call it past lives anymore.

I call it parallel lives because at the quantum level, all timelines exist simultaneously. So everything is existing now, but I have a parallel life where I was one of these alien beings coming to earth in ancient Egypt. I was a Syrian and we were master geneticist and we were upgrading the body to be able to hold more.

So I, I have a full memory of that as well as there’s, um, channeled information, highly reputable, channeled information that shares about that galactic history. And then up, up through season 15, I was a huge ancient aliens fan. I’ve seen every single episode, the last three seasons, not as and they’ve changed their messaging to more fear based.

But through season 15 was I, I love the information that they share and the people they have on the

[00:41:29] Jeremiah: show. Yeah. And that show whether you, you know, agree with it or not, or if you’re a fan of it or not, I just like that they present information that is not like you wouldn’t find it. in the mainstream, so to speak.

And it also made a lot of people question things and, and wonder like, well, what really did happen? Like some things don’t add up. Yeah. From what I was told. It just, I like that it makes you question. You can, like, when I watch the show, I’ll think of something, be like, oh, and then I’ll go look it up and hear different perspectives on it.

I like that aspect of like, I can, and then I was just in Peru and we went to all the like Machu Pichu and, uh, lake Titi, Kaka, and all that stuff. To see it in person compared to like TV, like it’s a whole different ballgame cuz some of those stones, like they look big on TV, but like when you’re standing next to it, it’s like a whole different perspective cuz they’re just so massive.

It’s like, how did primitive people. Primitive tools like do this. Like, it just doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense. Right. And if you see it doesn’t we went to inch and aliens live in New Jersey and, uh, it was a fun time and yeah, I’ve definitely been a fan of that show as well.

[00:43:01] Lisa: Yeah. Glen Peru and my husband and I, we were supposed to go, um, on a trip this month.

However, it got postponed next year, unfortunately. So I’m looking forward to seeing all that stuff in person as well. But you know, one thing of being here on the big island, we’re home of goddess pale and Pele is she talks to me, she channels through me a little bit and she wants people to know that the gods and goddesses around the world are ancient aliens.

They really are. So she that’s, you know, that’s the premise of that show, you know, and emit from coming from her. She’s like, It’s true.

[00:43:44] Jeremiah: So then, um, and you might not, that’s not, might not be your wheelhouse, but I’ll ask anyway, since we were talking about evolution and whatnot, do you think that the, um, whole like Bigfoot phenomenon is like a separate branch from like humanity?

Like what, like a early ho that was left alone, so to speak and to like have natural, uh, evolution or whatever.

[00:44:13] Lisa: So I love Bigfoot. So I’m from, I, again, I grew up in Washington state and always a huge squash fan and believer. Um, you know, most of the cryptozoology stuff, even though like I was a serious university of Chicago, you know, PhD student, I was very open minded.

So like mermaids, you know, all of it. They are real. Um, now what they are, that is the question. And my, my idea has kind of changed over time and what Bigfoot really is or where they’re from. So at one point I thought that they were just, you know, a primate group that was left alone. Like you’re saying, however, um, in the work that I’m doing now in this, you know, alien et world, new information has come about where Bigfoot actually came from.

And they resided on the planet called mal, which was the planet between Mars and Jupiter, which is now the aide belt. So their planet was destroyed and they are interdimensional beings. They travel interdimensionally. And so, the reason why we don’t have that physical evidence, or at least not a lot of it is because they can go in and out of dimension very easily.

I have a very good friend that actually channels the Bigfoot collective. She’s been on my PA podcast a couple times and she, um, she’s gotten information from them about like why they have this sent and she doesn’t know, she’s not a scientist. She would never come up with this. But what they told her was this, the stench that people smell when they’re having that experience is because it’s a chemical residue traveling.

Interdimensionally the way that they do. So I thought that was fascinating.

[00:46:10] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve definitely heard the, the take on Bigfoot being interdimensional and also explaining why they seem to also have some type of connection with UFOs and stuff like that. And, um, it definitely makes sense. And like you said, the fact that there isn’t a lot of evidence for them and we haven’t.

well, as far as I know, haven’t had like a actual Bigfoot body, uh, you know, recovered or anything could explain mm-hmm the interdimensional aspect.

[00:46:46] Lisa: Yeah. So for me, um, knowing about these other dimensions and really plain in that realm has, has allowed me to believe that that is really what could be going on or is going on.

Yeah. I

[00:47:00] Jeremiah: just, I had to ask cuz you know, yeah, no,

[00:47:04] Lisa: I love it. I, I, anything, anything of these topics is in my really just I would say. Yeah. And, and on the same note, like mermaids, um, there was that the documentary that came out several years ago on the mermaid, um, that, that, or I guess there were several of them, but there were, um, you know, supposedly, um, what’s the fish people, Noah.

That they had captured one or had had evidence of mermaids and all of that, and that the Navy sonar stuff was killing them off. Um, now mermaids are real beings. And again, I don’t know if they travel, interdimensionally like the Bigfoot, but I think that they might, but they come from the serious star system.

And again, I have kind of like, I have that memory of being a Syrian, um, genetic engineer. I also have a memory of being a me person, um, in, around, um, serious.

[00:48:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. And, um, well, I don’t know what you’ve found, but I think people’s perception when you say mermaid is like, you know, Ariel from Disney or whatever.

Right. But like, I’ve heard a lot of stories where they actually. Are not very attractive and, uh, can be kind of vicious too, if, if provoked and it’s not like what you typically say, when you tell someone mermaid, they just think, you know, those meme chose for teen girls.

[00:48:42] Lisa: It’s girls. That’s pretty right. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, and um, when I was experiencing my mermaid body, I didn’t have a mirror to see what I looked like, but I, I remember feeling how strong and powerful the tail was for swimming. And I loved that sleek body. Like I, Ugh. If I could just be in that sleek body here in the ocean, in Hawaii. I would love that.

[00:49:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. Nice warm motion and . Yes. Or is it warm there? I don’t know.

[00:49:12] Lisa: Yeah, it is warm. Okay. It is warm.

[00:49:14] Jeremiah: Cause I heard the Pacific ocean is colder than the Atlantic, but it is, I guess, around the islands. It’s warmer.

[00:49:21] Lisa: Yeah, it is. It’s beautiful.

[00:49:24] Jeremiah: I bet I’ve never been there, but one day I hope to. I’ve been to the Caribbean, but that’s it.

Um, okay. But yeah, I would, when I was in Peru, our tour guide, um, my fiance was like, Hey, can you be straight with us and tell us, like, what you really experience on lake tidy, Kaka. He was like, yeah, we see UFOs. There’s tales from my ancestors of Mer people being in the lake and stuff like that.

When I say lake, this lake is huge. Like, it feels like you’re on an ocean. Um, yeah. It’s not like you’re typical like little lake or anything, but, um, right. But yeah,

[00:50:09] Lisa: he more like one of the lakes or something.

[00:50:12] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s like one of the great lakes. It’s humongous. Yeah. And, um, yeah, he, he told us like, and he’s from one of the islands on the lake and he’s like, yeah, we experience all kinds of weird stuff out here.

[00:50:26] Lisa: We’ll do the craft. Um, cuz I’ve heard that there, the craft do come in and out of the water, um, in lake city, Kaka, like they do around the Hawaiian islands. Did he talk about that at all? Um,

[00:50:39] Jeremiah: I don’t believe so. I, but he said that he’s heard, uh, stories and I don’t remember if he said he himself has saw anything, but he talked about lights flying over the lake and, and if you’ve been on the lake, like there’s nowhere lights would really come from cuz the people on the islands don’t really have like, I mean some of them have electricity, but it’s mostly from like solar panels and uh, okay.

So yeah. He’s yeah, so it, yeah, go ahead. Yeah.

[00:51:14] Lisa: It’s real activity yeah, that’s amazing. Well, I, I look forward to experiencing that next summer when I am

[00:51:21] Jeremiah: there. Yeah. And there’s actually, um, , we didn’t stay on one of the islands, but he said they actually started doing, uh, what’s that called Airbnb where you can actually rent like a house on one of the islands on the lake.

And, uh, he says a lot of people come to do star gazing and stuff like that. Cuz like it’s such high elevation and there’s no like light pollution. So the sky is you can see like all the stars and everything.

[00:51:51] Lisa: Yeah. It’s incredible. I know actually I do plan on taking my, um, military night vision goggles when we go

[00:51:59] Jeremiah: oh, definitely do that.

Yeah. and um, yeah, just if you ever need, you know, travel advice there, let me know I’ve been there twice already, so

[00:52:11] Lisa: excellent. Now I look forward to it. So when you were there, did you, um, do any of the plant medicine or anything like that as part of your experience?

[00:52:21] Jeremiah: Um, no, we didn’t, uh, we were just there for like seeing the ruins and, uh, stuff like that.

So, no, I never got around to doing that. We never really made it to the Amazon. I think Machu Pichu was about as close to the Amazon as we got, but, uh, okay. It’s definitely a thing there. And people go there for that and they, all the people there know all about it. And, um, it’s not a taboo thing there, I guess you could say it’s kind of like accepted.

They’re just like, oh yeah. It takes you to other dimensions. right. because everyone something I’m.

[00:53:04] Lisa: So, yeah, I was just curious if you had had the, had, had that experience or not. So

[00:53:10] Jeremiah: I have not, but I, I know a lot about iowaska and stuff cuz listening to other podcasts and actually interviewed. A lady on my podcast who had a pretty interesting experience where iowaska became her matchmaker.

And, um, okay. Basically she only had one like visionary trip, I guess you could say the other night she said there was nothing, but, um, basically it told her it’s time to settle down. When you go back home, if you settle down, you’ll find the love of your life. Sure enough. She went home and found the love of her life and it was an interesting story and okay.

Um, and there’s a lot more to it, but in the short, short story you have iowaska was her like matchmaker mm-hmm, interesting. So, um, for the people listening, where can they, uh, find your works and contact and everything like that?

[00:54:18] Lisa: Thank you. So my website is there are two different ways to get to it. You can, the easy way is www dot mystic, manta mystic,

Um, and or you can go to www dot Dr. Lisa J Um, if you are interested in coming to Hawaii, going on one of the UFO tours, that website is big island, UFO I also have a YouTube channel with my podcast, which is connection to the cosmos with Dr. Lisa Thompson. Um, and I’m

[00:54:56] Jeremiah: on Facebook. Yes.

And I will make sure to link everything in the, uh, show description. So anyone listening, you could. Look at the show description, all her links will be there and, uh, definitely check it out. She’s got a lot of cool stuff. I was looking through her website and she makes me want to take a trip to Hawaii now because it just looks so like nice.

I think you had a picture with like a manta Ray, like swimming through the ocean. And I was like,

[00:55:24] Lisa: man, we, uh, one thing that’s unique about our island and especially the Kona side of the island is we have the only resident population of manta raise that lives here a year round that you can actually go out at night and experience them every night.

That’s so awesome. And they are magical higher dimensional beings for sure.

[00:55:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. There’s I know this is kind of a side tangent, but the, uh, there’s definitely thought of water beings like dolphins for one like super intelligent and octopus, surprisingly. A lot of people say octopus is they are more intelligent than you would ever think.

Uh, they are indeed. So it’s just interesting. Yeah. That there’s a whole new world down there.

[00:56:19] Lisa: well, and again, Sirius has a lot of watery planets, and so all of those creatures, so that the sharks, the octopus, the dolphins, the whales, the Mer people, they ha they have lives, um, in these planetary bodies around Sirius as well.

[00:56:37] Jeremiah: So like those higher dimensional, I’m assuming just for my research, like they’re more light and energy. They don’t have like physical

[00:56:46] Lisa: bodies. Yeah. It depends. So fifth dimension still has a physical body, um, that if you’re, if you’re vibrating, so Faries fit in that realm of the fifth dimension, for instance, So there are people that can see fairies because they can raise their vibration high enough to see them.

Um, as soon as you hit six dimension, you’re starting to lose more physical form. You are definitely more of an energy body, but there is still a physical presence, but then anything above that really is just light and energy. But some of these beans, again, they have the ability to shift their vibration.

So they can be a little more physical, um, to interact with us rather than in their higher state of

[00:57:30] Jeremiah: being. So, um, just so I have it clear for my own brain so they can choose to manifest on earth as like, whatever.

[00:57:46] Lisa: So yeah, some of, some of the different alien races are able to lower their vibration temporarily to appear physical.

um, some are already just in fifth dimension and when you’re in fifth dimension, it’s pretty easy to go down to fourth dimension, but you know, if you’re seventh dimension, it takes, it’s hard. Earth is so dense. This physical reality we live in is so dense and slow and heavy . Yeah. And so for them to energetically be in that space, it’s not, they don’t wanna be there for very

[00:58:20] Jeremiah: long.

Now, last question I promise. Um, I’m good. I just, there’s a lot of stuff firing right now. Um, so in your belief, what happens once we like pass away? Like, do we have our spirit or,

[00:58:40] Lisa: yeah, so, um, again, all the work that I have done myself, but then also with my past life parallel life regression therapy that I do with clients, we, we all have a.

And we we’re simply energy. And so we change form. So we then move on to whatever our next life is. And I have had some clients I’ve had my own experiences, but some of my clients, some of the lives that they’re living, like one was a tree for a thousand years. Um, one was a dragonfly. One was creative energy permeating throughout the earth being creative inspiration.

Um, one experienced herself being a planet that ended up destroying itself. Actually we did, she’s the same one that channels the Bigfoot. The planet that she was was actually mal deck and it was filled with fear based beams, not, not necessarily the Bigfoot, but a different group, and they destroyed the planet so that, so we have all of these other realities that we’re living.

Ultimately we’re experiencing these things to feedback, to source. You can call it universe source God, whatever, but we are all one, we are all connected. And so we’re just simply having individual experiences that feed back to the, the greater oneness. Yeah.

[01:00:08] Jeremiah: I definitely like that theory myself just cuz it just, I don’t know.

Makes sense to me personally. yeah.

[01:00:18] Lisa: Well I have a lot of evidence from again, clients that I have worked with from my own journey that I’ve done. And then there are multiple people that work in that realm. Um, again, Dolores cannon, she’s a really prolific writer of that kind of information. And so, you know what I, what, you know, take, take what resonates with you and filter it through.

Okay. Is true for me. That’s that’s how I do and for me it’s true.

[01:00:46] Jeremiah: All right. Well thank you for coming on and speaking with us, definitely enjoyed talking all. Things with you and definitely got me thinking, and my wheels are smoking right now. Cuz I’ve got so many like things firing off and thinking about all the things we’ve talked about.

So yes. Thank you for coming on. I appreciate it. And definitely enjoyed it. It thank you.

[01:01:11] Lisa: I did too. I love talking about all of these things, so I appreciate you having this podcast.