Hidden in the Shadows

Hidden in the Shadows


Hidden in the Shadows

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about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. Thank you for tuning in. We’ve got a good interview right up ahead, where we’re going to be talking with Isaac from the hidden in the shadows podcast. He’s going to be talking to us about how he deals with ghost hunting spirits. Uh, also how he created a ring to trap spirits in and a bunch of other good stuff.

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She’s going to be coming on to speak with us, share her, um, research and experiences. We also have a, um, person on rumble that makes videos on rumble coming to talk with us about false flags and how some things that you see are not exactly as they seem. We also have the man, the myth, the legend LA Marzel Lee.

He’s coming on to talk about his book, the cosmic chess match. We’re going to be talking about biblical prophecies. We’re going to talk about is on the trail, that Nephilim, where he tries to hunt down giants and, um, the elongated skulls and all that good stuff from the ancient past. So that’s coming down the pike and, um, definitely a lot of content.

So stay tuned and remember to question everything.


Hello, it’s Jeremiah from what if they’re wrong podcast? And I’m joined today by Isaac host of the hidden in the shadows podcast. And we’re going to talk today about energy manipulation abilities and probably get into some other stuff to just find out his viewpoint on other topics, but mainly about his energy manipulation and stuff that he covers on his podcast.

So I’ll introduce him now. Hello, Isaac.

[00:03:01] Isaac: Hey, thanks. Thanks for bringing me on. Um, yeah. Uh, energy manipulation abilities is something that me and my wife were talking about when we were discussing, um, psychics. We’ve met in a few cause we are panel investigators as well, uh, along with having our podcast. Um, but, uh, the EMA or Angie manipulation ability, because we’re just gonna call it EMA for now because using the whole Angie motivation ability every single time is a mouthful.

But it all starts with the, I I’m trying to catalog, catalog, uh, my ability, um, and anyone who’s ever listened to the hidden, the shadows podcast knows exactly what I’m talking about, but those who haven’t though around the year 2020, um, in September, uh, and ability was awoken in me. Um, I I’ve never had it my entire life.

I’ve never been able to do any of this whatsoever. I’m not psychic, I can’t hear spirits or anything of the essence. And I clairvoyant and I Clair out ain’t nothing, but in 2020, um, my hands started to be able to feel the energy of the dead and essentially the energy that they give off when they’re on our plane, when you’re here.

Um, and the sensation feels like, uh, when your hands go to sleep, that tingling sensation that spread. Um, so the closer I am to entity, it would start in the middle of my hand and the spread out throughout my entire fingers until my entire Palm is charged sensation. I call, I call it charge. Um, over time I learned to differentiate, um, my left to the right it, depending on what kind of spirit I’m dealing with.

So my left hand charges, it’s a human spirit, good spirit. So on the light side of the spectrum of the paranormal, but when my right hand charges, that’s something dark, something evil, something demonic. And I have come across a lot of those things being a criminal investigator for the last two years or so, but that’s only part of it is me feeling a sense of like a natural EMF detector.

The other part of many parts is, um, I can pull, set energy into myself. I can pull it in my hands. It’s almost like I’m creating a vacuum of energy that starts in my Palm and it pulls anything. Well, whatever the entity is. Am I close proximity? Um, I guess pull that energy, ripping it from the entity, have it in my hand.

And I used to filter it through my body, um, cause that’s where the energy would go, but that started taking a toll on me physically. So I actually learned with the help of, uh, a friend of mine, who’s also a psychic who’s on our paranormal team as well. Um, they Mike that, what if we could transfer sit energy into an object, essentially creating a haunted object.

So, uh, through practice I learned to, um, well put the energy into a ring, not just any ring, a replica king Solomon rang with a king Solomon symbol on it. And if you know anything about the king Solomon story, um, he entrapped 70 demons into his ring that he used to build. Uh, to his temples now I didn’t have the same idea to use whatever I had pulled in there.

But the idea was that if he can attract them in that symbol, possibly I could do the same. So everything that I have pulled on the dark side, uh, in the last nine, 10 months now is in that ring, I have lost count of how many things are in that ring. I can show you Tilly, for sure. I know for sure. At least one demon is in the ring.

Um, and probably many more of, I just don’t, I’m not a hundred percent sure how many, but I know for sure, at least one, um, because we had an exorcism case, um, several months back that we were part of, uh, but the energy, uh, that I pull, I only ever pull anything that’s dark. I never pull anything. That’s like, cause that’s like tearing a person from their home.

This. It’s not, it’s not very moral, but it’s not a nice thing to do when some person’s just trying to communicate with you. So anything I ever pulled was always on the dark side of, of energy essentially. And it goes from evil spirits to demonic spirits, to, you know, just everything in between. But if it charges my right hand, I do not hesitate to ripping off the plane.

Um, yeah. And funny enough, I never knew what to call this for a longest time. Until I met a woman in Australia, they meet her there. I had a podcast to her, um, who heard my ability before talk to her friend who was there at her home at the time she talked to me and because she has that same ability. Um, but she, what she does, her name is Jen.

Uh, she, uh, can pull some energy to her left hand and then transfer to the other side, kind of like a crossing them over, um, But she said when she went to her shopping to learn how to use this ability, but also what it’s called, um, psychopomp came up, but also the name shadow Walker came up and she said, that’s what you are.

You are a shadow Walker. Um, and that’s what we, since we called our paranormal team, which is shadow Walker, paranormal. Uh, so yeah, I had the idea, I had the term and I knew what to do. Um, so as my ability evolved from different criminal investigations, we did, uh, one imagery that came to my mind was having my hand to the ground, making the connection and feeling out anything dark within that area.

I can tell you like the radius of how wide, but anything that the ground touches. So practice and time, I have pooled from the ground energy, uh, an entire farm and entire building. Um, and entire house, of course, there’s an easy, almost an entire block one time. Um, and it’s all just putting my hands to the earth, feeling the energy around and it pulling everything dark into one spot.

That is my hand from however far I reach out. Uh, yeah, that’s, that’s my, and my abilities evolved since then. And what I’ve been doing now is that, uh, if I take your right hand and I hold it and you allow me in, I can look into your, uh, what I have to call the mind forest. Now everybody’s mind force is different.

Um, but it’s on the dark side of your mind. Now. It’s not something you, all the secrets you hit or anything you’re ashamed of anything like that? No, it’s not. It’s just something subconsciously you might be in your dark set of your mind, mind forest, essentially. That’s hiding that you’ve never dealt with yet, or you don’t know.

And I can lose you, go in and see what’s there. And I’ve done it with several people when everybody’s mindfulness is different ranging from even the foliage to the type of trees, to how dark it is, to how light it is to even the color of the moon. It all depends on the person, but, um, yeah, that’s where my ability is as of right now.

Um, but one thing that I always like to do on these podcasts that I can talk to people on is ask if they have any connections to native Americans or know anybody,

Jeremiah. No,

[00:10:54] Jeremiah: I don’t.

[00:10:56] Isaac: Um, or anybody who listens well to this episode, uh, to reach out and contact me because, um, I had surgery about a month ago, uh, hernia surgery, and, um, while anesthesia, while under anesthesia, um, The idea of meditation was given to me by Mike psychic on our team. Um, because he’s had so many surgeries over his time has died on the table.

A lot. He’s had cancer, he had stomach problems, a lot of stuff, but he’s told me when he was under anesthesia, it’s the best time to meditate because he can go far. He can get a lot of answers. So he told me to do the same now. And the only answer to a question I’ve had is what is this ability called?

Where does it come from? Where does it originate from? Was it given to me or was it just born in me? You know, all the simple things like that and the person to give it to me strangely enough was my grandfather, but not my, this lifetime’s grandfather. Uh, I had a, a past life regression regression session done on me by a psychic we know, uh, named.

And she has her own show. Paranormal, uh, life was B, but she did a past life regression on me and she found three past lives. But the one that we’re talking about now is one that I was in the late 17 hundreds, early 18 hundreds, a Shian spirit warrior. And my grandfather from that time found me this time.

And he was the one who I met around a campfire, uh, fire was blue. Um, and basically in under anesthesia, the small amount of time I was under, well, I was actually under hour and a half, but I just remember closing my eyes and opening them and boom, I was back in the patient room. So that’s like how fast it was, but he told me you are Ash will come to the Reaper of souls.

That’s all I remember, Ash will that the Reaper of souls. That’s all I remember for the hour and a half I was under and I get like a split second of. That that is all. I remember him telling me. And that’s why that name I know is somewhat familiar with Cheyenne people who, people who speak out like Walkman or people in this, in the native tribes that sorry, that name is, is it something that they haven’t shared normally with other people, but I always try to find people in the native community.

They might point me in the right direction to someone may know the story, but, um, as my ability lies now, that’s where it is now. The EMA thing, my wife. Um, I’m sorry, I don’t know if you have any questions about my ability. Usually I tell people that it kinda blows their

[00:13:45] Jeremiah: minds. No, no. I’m just listening to it all.

It’s a fascinating, I’ve never heard about it. So

[00:13:51] Isaac: yes. And not only people have, and I’ve only met besides Jane. I think I said Jen, her name at the chain. Um, in Australia, another woman I met was a woman in Seattle named Shariece, um, who can pull it. Uh, energy out of her left hand to kind of like push back any dark entities.

Um, it was only two people that besides, um, my wife and psychiatric team Mike, uh, who have EMA abilities, um, and EMA energy manipulation ability, it’s those who can manipulate the energy around them with either their hands or their body. And it’s either producing energy or absorbing it so far that I’ve met my, excuse me, my wife, I’m also the cohost in the shadows podcast.

Um, she’s very powerful, psychic, and I say that with confidence because there’s not a lot of things she can’t do in the psychic abilities like clairvoyant, clairaudience, uh, or remote viewing channeling, um, talking to the dead, going to Astro plane, anything you can think of, she has been able to do. I it’s just, it’s astounding.

Sometimes stuff that she can do, but all that long list of stuff she has learned to push energy out of her hands, creating a force field, almost to push back anything dark. Um, Mike, like I said, his EMA is that he can do the same thing as Megan though. Instead of using his hand, he admits it out of his entire body, almost creating like an EMP, a positive energy out of himself, blasting back.

Anything that gets too close Megan’s is focused like mine. I focus my, and I pull things in and I can even do rev differentiates, which hand I use against what kind of entity? Um, like Shariece pushes energy, every left-hand. And then of course, PETA, um, absorbs it in her left hand and I transfer it to you.

Uh, sorry. Jane pulls it into her left hand and pushes it out. Uh, pita is the name of the, but when I interviewed in Australia, her. She has a, uh, a paranormal team over there too, but no EMS is something that we have found. There might be other psychics out there that have something that is this, but never called it that maybe they call it something different.

Um, I’m not saying this is a new Psychobilly, I’m just saying this is something that we have cataloged at least categorized. K K. You won’t try to say, um, yeah. Uh, try to figure at least, you know, give it a name because, um, I tried to, you know, figure out what, what my ability is called in there’s little to no information around it, because either it’s so rare or it’s not commodity, right.

It’s it’s that, or the story that’s not shared often with it never got passed down and it got hit through time. And I can really tell you, but no, EMA is something that I know there’s other psyches surrounded, but what separates me. From all the other ones is most EMA users. We found our psychic with this extra ability, but me, I can’t hear them.

I can’t see them even after I gained this ability. I can’t see what I pool. When someone asks me, who did you pull? I don’t know. Don’t have it. Can’t see them. I only feel the energy and that’s it. That’s I can’t hear them. Remove you. All I can do was in my hands and the only mental, psychic connection I ever make with somebody, I have to physically touch them.

Um, but that’s, that’s what separates me from other email users that we’ve met.

[00:17:37] Jeremiah: So like, when you go into a place you can like kind of instantly tell if there’s like a good spirit or bad spirit or no spirits.

[00:17:48] Isaac: Yeah. Um, like I, uh, uh, a person we met once I was like, oh, you’re like a natural EMF sector. I was like, yeah.

Um, yeah. What we found out. A lot of places we’ve been is that there’s always seemed to be one to three dark spirits or one dark entity. It’s powerful enough to keep all regular people, spirits, almost imprisoned, um, and keep them there to feed off their energy. As soon as I pull and take that dark empties out of a location, uh, all the regular humans spirits, or the people just start talking and like, oh thank you.

We start to help some of them cross over because sometimes they got stuck there because they’ve been almost like bullied into staying. Then we, we tend to find that a lot, a lot of places we’ve been around here in North Carolina, um, especially a location at a web library, there’s three different entities, um, three bullies essentially.

They were keeping all these spirits, including children, uh, almost prison and this library, they couldn’t leave. But when I took care of all three of them, All of these human spirits, a lot of them moved on and left. Um, and now the library is probably if it was a hundred percent haunted before, it was probably 10% haunted now.

[00:19:09] Jeremiah: So like every spirit that you come in contact with, like, are you sure? Are you able to, I don’t know how to say it, like, I guess for pokey Mon terms, catch them all, or is it like only some of them? And some of them can like resist

[00:19:27] Isaac: from a my experience. And, um, I don’t say this to be cocky or arrogant or any of that.

Nothing has been able to stop me nothing. Even the demon that we took care of an exorcism case. Couldn’t stop me. Um, dark entities that I’ve taken up before. Couldn’t stop me. I categorize, um, the intense. Into a sensation of feeling, uh, between smoke and sand, um, smoke. If you can, you’ll have smoke fields, you can put your hand through it.

You kind of feel that, right. But it’s it just like air vapor, essentially when I pull regular entities, just like your everyday normal guys, they’re just assholes on a spiritual point. That’s smoke or even low level demons. There’s smoke things that are tougher, older, stronger that’s sands it’s course hard.

You could feel it. It has weight to it. When I pull that a sand level entity, right. It does cause me physical pain through my entire hand and form. And maybe even up to my shoulders sometimes. Um, but no, nothing, nothing has been able to resist fight back or even stop me when I, when I

[00:20:40] Jeremiah: started to pull. And then, like you said, you trap them in a ring lug and you said there was like a symbol on the ring.

Is there anything. Ellis about the ring that makes it able to contain them and stuff. Is there like stones on it or

[00:20:55] Isaac: now it’s just steel and silver with the king Solomon symbol on it. And if you look up the king Solomon symbol that he had on his ring, it’s exactly one that’s on mine. Um, and I don’t know if it’s the symbol itself that allows it or interrupts them in it.

It doesn’t allow them to escape or it’s what I’m doing. Maybe this is another part of the ability to, I don’t know about just like a native American legend. Couldn’t tell you. Um, cause that’s the, that’s the, uh, the thought that can keep you up at night is like, is the rain keeping it in or am I keeping it in?

Because that’s part of the ability. Could I do this with any object or it has to be the spring Pacific. Yeah. So that’s, yes. That’s it goes around in a loop and loop. And until I get an answer, I’m not going to bother, what’s trying to figure it out. But, um, my wife, uh, she has looked into. Um, and all she hears from it is screaming, snarling, growling, swearing, uh, like you, you think like a death metal vocalists from like any kind of band that, that kind of level of screaming, but always cussing and swearing.

Let me out, uh, different things like that. Um, some even to try to talk to Megan directly to, they called her a witch and told her, uh, to, uh, get left them out. And of course she said, you know, fuck off. I’m going to about, and they always get pissed and stuff, but, um, no nothing’s been able to leave and it’s, it’s just still in silver and it’s, it’s almost like I created a pocket that I mentioned where they’re trapped in there and they can’t escape.

Um, other psychics that I’ve brought the ring twos have also the same thing that someone said, it sound like a prison. A lot of people yelling at once, um, anyone who can look into a haunted objects would touch this or even be near it and know that that has a lot of stuff in it. Um, Speaking of haunted objects, I can pull the energy from a haunted object and not make it haunted anymore.

So it’s not just stuff that’s on the plane. If it’s entrapped to something, I can take it from there as well.

[00:22:57] Jeremiah: I guess you guys work as a team then you and your wife, her co-host or wherever, um, to like, so what’s her like, like how, what’s your normal thing for like going out and trapping a spirit? Like, does she, do you come into the room and say, I feel this, and then she like, kind of, kind of communicates with them or,

[00:23:21] Isaac: uh, yes and no, I guess I’m Lucy.

If we go to a location, we kind of feel it out. And my wife we’re instantly start getting messages from whatever spirits are there some asking for help. Some basically riding on whatever dark entity is, keeping them there. Some basically telling me, Hey, you might want to go to that spot. So I’m just trying to make communication.

Um, but if something is dark in that location, Um, we lose you to try to get pulled towards it. And I try to take it out first because it’s easy to talk to you to spirits after essentially the bully is gone. Um, and that’s, that’s, that’s just from experience. A lot of places we’ve been to before. Um, but yeah, essentially it just go, but like me feeling out the place first walking around the property or someone’s home and my wife making connections to the spirits that are there, uh, the other psychic center team, uh, which all four members of our paranormal team are psychic, or at least have some guys psychic abilities.

They all have different abilities that help in the situations, getting names, getting ideas, finding out what we’re dealing with sometimes. Cause if I’m dealing with like an average asshole on the, on the plane who just was, you know, asshole in life and he’s asked when the afterlife, um, dealing with personal like that easy.

But if I’m told, um, there might be a demon on the property, then I have. Mentally prepare for something like that because, um, those a little harder and stronger, uh, that take out. So I will like figure out, okay, this is what I need to do for here. Cause I know it’s going to be a bit of a challenge.

[00:24:52] Jeremiah: Yeah.

I’ve heard, had another guest on that was saying how the demons are the biggest problem and they’re separate from the ghosts and stuff that we encounter. So for like, um, cause I’m like super interested about it. You said you were involved in a, um, exorcism. Can you kind of like explain that and how that went?

Like did someone come to you or did you, um, hunt them down or was there like another person that was like, Hey, I need your help. And how did that whole thing play out? And cause you know, you always see it in the movies of like a girl chained to the bed and someone’s just like speaking tongues on them and stuff.

But how did it actually go for you?

[00:25:39] Isaac: To be very specific, the exorcism case wasn’t so much pulling a demon out of a person. It was more pull in demon from a person cause he was being, the kid was being oppressed. It wasn’t possessed. And the difference between oppression and possession, I don’t know if you know or not.


[00:25:55] Jeremiah: do not know. No.

[00:25:58] Isaac: Okay. Uh, just making sure, um, oppression, uh, is the, basically the starting of a, of a possession, the oppression will be a demon will break someone down mentally before possessing them there, make them sad or make them angry or make them depressed. They’re make them, uh, uh, shun their family, try to be isolated as much as possible, you know, uh, become a whole different person, just angry, depressed all the time too.

You have no will live to resist. And at that point you’re prime picking for possession. That’s what a demon gets in it. Once they get in, they’re almost impossible to get out. Um, But he was being oppressed. He wasn’t possessed. So that would make it a lot easier. Um, but no, uh, uh, the F the family was, uh, friends with Mike.

They knew Mike, our second team, uh, uh, second entity, Mike. Uh, they knew him from a previous cases that he’s done in the past, um, with a different, like, not exorcism per se, but parallel investigations. They saw what was happening to the son. Of course, Mike, they knew he, he always dealt with stuff like this and they said, can you help us out?

And he said, you know, I just got, I just got the guy who might be able to take care of this pretty easy. It was me. So he was telling me about it. He was telling me that they were going through horrible stuff. The family’s having nightmares. Um, they’re seeing dark figures in their home they’re that their son is acting like a completely different person.

He has. He’s like, he’s angry all the time. He’s swearing at the mother, father. It’s just a whole different person. So. I asked Megan or Mike and me. Well, Mike asked Megan to see if she can remote view in to his home to see if there is anything there, or maybe he’s just being, you know, just typical teenager.

And she remote viewed in. And when she saw was, um, if you can imagine a Groot of course, with the Marvel movies, but just made of black and Ash, just all black burnt wood standing about, you know, eight or nine feet tall with the human head almost, but made of wood with horns that looked like beta tree branches, of course, like red eyes and stuff like that.

But just black and Ash stand in front of Megan laugh and said, oh, they sent a witch after me this time, I’m in a very demonic voice. And I said, I’m H I’m old. You’re not gonna able to get rid of me. And then Megan course jumping back home and telling me what the fuck happened. And I was like, okay, um, now I know I did.

It was a big. Um, so, uh, the night we went over to deal with this, um, I was all hyping myself up cause like, okay, this is the big test to see if I can take something out like this, you know what? See my ability is worth anything. Um, and then a spirit guide who made himself aware that night, um, was a spirit guide.

How to describe him. Um, his name is Elgin. Uh, he is a, a Norseman from a horse. The Viking error looks like credos from the newest video games. Best way I can describe him. So yeah, the God of war, not what the Ashlyn’s divorce. Yeah. Kind of looks like he’s bald, he’s got a big beard and he kind of has that same busy.

That’s the best way I can describe how he looks like. But anyway, he made himself present that night and basically gave me the warrior since of mine going to combat against this thing. But they basically started out with. Um, and also the same night I learned to speak in my higher self, um, which that’s a whole nother conversation, but, um, my higher self voice is different from my current voice.

Um, it doesn’t sound like me, but it does. It’s very low and very authoritative and it’s very intimidating is what I’ve been told. But the whole time we were there, I was trying to provoke this thing to come out and fight. Cause it was hiding because I was feeling around the entire time and I had a kid right in front of me and the, and the kid.

Um, he was being channeled. The teaming was channeling him to talk to me through him saying stuff like I’m ancient, you know how old I am. You’re just pathetic, man. And I was just trying to talk back to him in a sense, like you need to look past the vessel and see the essence of what’s been here for a long time.

Um, and just like going back and forth, like basically challenging, um, while challenging it. Um, my wife was outside. I think on a porch preventing it from running because I wasn’t worried about distinct possessing somebody else. I was worried about it running away, getting away. So she was outside with Mike’s wife who was also named Megan, which makes it very confusing on investigations sometimes, but they were outside preventing this thing from running.

Mike was in inside with me due to native American prayer to try to sever the tie, uh, the attachment that this demon had to the, to the kid. Through enough time, the sta attachment was severed and Mike said, get him. I was reaching around and I couldn’t feel him. That’s the crappy run. Then, um, I felt the energy move and I felt it right on my right side of me.

It started getting stronger and stronger, like it was coming at me and that I felt it and I grabbed it and I pulled and in the incident of pulling, I laughed because it was so. Imprisoned in the ring and I, I thought to myself, this is too easy. I haven’t had to do something wrong. It couldn’t distinct with ancient Olin, talk to big talk and all this.

Was easier than most things I’ve taken out in the field on a, on a night that I didn’t even know what was there. You will with this was I knew exactly what it was. I was like, I was thinking like that. Then we were like, we sat around and with the family for like a good two hours afterwards, just talking and the kid a complete 180 that’s the parents they’re like, look, he’s like, he’s like, he’s a whole, he’s back to his normal self clean 180.

Like if he was talking to us, he was having a good time. He was like, just like we were having the whole atmosphere change in the house. And we check back with the family afterwards, like a week or so later just to make sure. And they’re like, yeah, you, whatever you guys did it, it’s gone. It’s like, we don’t have nightmares anymore.

We are asleep that night. It’s just like a complete 180, but we haven’t heard anything. It’s all good. And I was like, well, I guess I did it. But then I thought came to mind, is the, why was it so. I was so sure that this would be a challenge. Like it would hurt my arm. I might have scars. It might scratch me.

I had all these different thoughts, but no, very, very easy. So that’s the only conclusion that came up with is that it talked a big game. It talked a really big game. And when it came down to gain time, it went out fast, very fast, very easy. I I’ve, I’ve taken things out in the field, uh, on a location. We’ve never been no, nothing about, I pulled something that was tough and hard and gave me a challenge, not knowing what it was.

And I actually pulled what I know is a demon and it was, it was easy, but yeah, that was the Xs in case that we, we did. Yeah.

[00:33:09] Jeremiah: That’s definitely a interesting and good that you were able to do that and like change this kid’s life and, uh, cast out whatever was in there. And. Um, maybe what the native American thing was saying was true that you have like a special

[00:33:28] Isaac: power gift, essentially.

But like I said, I really that’s like my current mission right now is to, uh, find someone, the native American community. Maybe they can leave American community and maybe you get again, um, uh, tell me the story. At least tell me the only the fascia it’s of disability. Like what’s the extent, like how far, what all the things I can do.

It’s still a lot of questions, all the stuff I could do.

[00:33:53] Jeremiah: Yeah. And, um, like for any, like, I don’t know, nonbelievers or people on the fence or anything like that, like ghosts and spirits and possessions and stuff like that has been around since the beginning of time, like it was written about in ancient scripts.

And I think even like cave art had like instances. Evil spirits and stuff like that. So definitely, um, definitely something there. I totally believe that there’s all that stuff going on. And I’m sure that there’s people who are more in tune, like you said, the native Americans, they seem to be more connected to like the spirit world and, um, be able to sense things that, you know, average people today can’t really sense and stuff like that.

Cause I think maybe due to them being more connected to like earth and nature and stuff like that, where now a lot of people are kind of disconnected from that. Just my perspective.

[00:35:02] Isaac: Yeah. Um, there’s a lot of, I know there is a lot of native American legends and Laura’s that were never shared with the white man essentially.

Um, and they kind of kept to themselves, kind of kept very close to the chest with a lot of legends and stuff. They didn’t want. And probably passed down through time, but the only people that I can think of would know would be like medicine man, or even tribal elders. Yeah. I

[00:35:25] Jeremiah: was hoping to interview, um, this elder, uh, can’t remember his name off the top of my head, but he was in a UFO documentary or alien abduction documentary that I was watching.

And he was talking all about like how his grandpa and his ancestors talked about all these like weird things that happen, uh, even back in the day, like with things in the sky and, you know, aliens and spirit contact and stuff like that. So it’s definitely interesting to me. Unfortunately, he passed away.

So I haven’t, I didn’t get a chance to interview him, but, um, in the documentary, yeah. He talks a lot about, about that. So you do

[00:36:14] Isaac: your pod now.

[00:36:17] Jeremiah: Oh, go ahead.

[00:36:19] Isaac: I said, uh, speaking of aliens, um, I had a dream recently. It was kind of strange. And, uh, me and my wife were in a van with government officials. At least I knew where they sounded like, and they acted like they always suits government officials.

And I asked where we’re headed and said, well, we asked for your expertise on this because the alien bodies were giving off heavy amounts of EMF, um, air. I was like, what? Um, but it took us to a crash sites of a tease to aliens, um, who apparently died and their skin was kind of falling off. But what I could tell from their bodies cause they were like crashed together.

They had a very teal blue skin, very dark blue, teal, metallic. Like texture, but color almost with almost these white, uh, very geometrical tattoo designs going to all of their, their body and over their head and stuff. And, uh, I remember there were like, I won’t say close, but almost like suits, I guess, like space suits.

You, you think what aliens would wear? But, um, I put my right hand near them in my right hand, started to charge. And I was like, I looked at Megan, I said, they’re giving off a lot of dark energy. And I think the other government officials said, well, what would happen if you pulled it? Like these government officials knew what I could do.

They wanted me there for that and the dream. So I said, well, we can see. I pooled. When I pulled the air, as you from this dead alien body, the energy was so intense that it shot all the way up to my head. It like caused like a massive, like, almost like electrocuted in my brain, stylish.

Was like, oh, it’s like that. It makes like stop if you’re causing me pain and like, oh, I got it. I got it. And then it slowly dissipated, the more I pull the energy from it, the point where I had it in my hand. And when I had the energy in my hand, it was very tangible. I could feel it almost like having a ball of like, I don’t know, like energy in your hand.

Like almost like a soft, not soft ball, like a tennis ball, almost just that, that consists of that thickness. And then I said into the ring, as I commanded the, the energy and it was in the ring and that ring was literally vibrating after I put alien dark energy into it. But that’s all I remember from that dream.

[00:38:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s pretty wild. I had a dream, uh, not last night, but the night before that I was like, uh, driving in my car while it was a long dream, but I’ll make it short. I was driving in my car and I looked over and I saw like a big fireball kind of like a mushroom cloud. So I got out of my car for whatever reason.

I was just looking and all of a sudden it was like an actual mushroom cloud. The like flames and stuff, sorry, like shooting out like a wave. I just like laid on the ground, uh, on the curb. Like I had this winter jacket on and I just kind of held it up, trying to like block the flames.

Then, um, this guy at work and I don’t know why he was in the dream for any reason, but he was just like, see, this is why this happens or something like that. The flames like came over me and then I woke up and I was like, okay, that’s weird. So yeah. Dreams are pretty wild.

[00:39:48] Isaac: Yeah. You were, you were asking something about the podcast.

Oh yeah. Yeah.

[00:39:52] Jeremiah: I was going to ask about. Through doing your podcast, what some like interesting events or people that you’ve talked to for like on your show. I like what sticks out in your mind from your show that you were


[00:40:07] Isaac: uh, Hmm. I know one of the most interesting people I’ve talked to you was, uh, Carl Johnson, um, who him and his brother, Keith Johnson were the original investigators at the conjuring house.

They were the ones who told the Warrens, Hey, come check this place out. Um, he has had a long history of being in the paranormal field, but what was interesting afterwards after I got done interviewing him, um, I mean, I went to the bathroom. I was telling Megan all about my coast and she, uh, because I go, well, that was pretty cool.

And then as I went to the bathroom and I was coming out, I opened the door. To go back down the hall because the hall from the room right now, where I’m recording and it versus the room where the bathroom is maybe five, 10 steps. Something ran from under between my legs, from the bathroom, back into the room that I was recording it.

I say thing, because it looked, it had the shape of a cat, but it looked like a giant caterpillar. It was all black, like a black shadow, like, like Vanta black, like very black and it moved like a cat, but in a shape of a caterpillar is like that in a mood into the room here, told Megan about it. We walked in here, I felt around didn’t feel anything.

So I don’t know what the hell that was, but it was strange, like right after I got done recording, that happened.

[00:41:34] Jeremiah: Yeah. Um, was it, uh, my fiance’s always like on me. Kind of that kind of stuff. Like be careful who you like have on, cause you don’t know if it’s going to jump on to you or something and um, yeah, cause this one is something that

[00:41:54] Isaac: I

[00:41:54] Jeremiah: should, yeah, go ahead.

[00:41:58] Isaac: I said that, I would say that that is something I should have warned you about ahead of time. Um, sometimes stuff from your second come over through mine and sometimes stuff on my side, come with yours. Um, and that’s what I’ve learned through technology and a paranormal that, that spirits can travel through electronic waves.

So, um, I, I know we haven’t dealt with in here, so again, they’re really no worry about lately.

[00:42:24] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s good. Um, I was interviewing some people and they had like ghost acting up in the room while I was talking to them and stuff like that.

[00:42:34] Isaac: Uh, funny enough on, on it. Conversations with technology. A neat trick that I have been doing, um, is I have practice with it and I didn’t know I could do it until I actually started, but I can pull through cameras.

I can pull through live video like this. Like I were talking to, if something was in the room with you, I can instantly feel it and I could pull it in habit on my side. Um, and I’ve done it with other people, um, that we’ve met. And I did it for a few friends. I pulled through like, say a FaceTime or like Instagram live messaging like that.

I pull through to camera on my side of the phone from where he is and I pulled it to where I am and I, of course I take it. Um, and the strangest thing that happened while doing that is, uh, the last friend I did it for. Um, his room probably had the best taken care of, um, praying that. The reason I bring that up, um, is when I pulled from his place to mine and I took whatever it was, she was very strong.

Uh, a moment later, um, my room started to smell toward the smell, very bad, like feet and just like sweats, like in like a gym room. Right. And I was like, why does my room smell like this? It’s like, I’ve pulled things from many places before. And that things that were small like that, and I thought to myself, could, could, uh, scrap the cooler, like a tear in time and space or the fourth dimension or whatever could what I pulled through, caused a tear to happen.

And there is some kind of connection between my room and his, and I can smell his room. It’s just a new theory. It might’ve been playing around with, but me pulling through the phone, do stuff like that. So they have been doing lately. I’m getting better at it, but yeah, that was just a weird thing to happen with him would evolve into, you know,

[00:44:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve heard, uh, heard of different things in different techniques for like blocking off new spirits or whatever from trying to attach to and, and take over or whatever.

So definitely something to think about now you were talking about the tear through time and all that. Like, so my view on aliens is probably different than a lot of people’s. Like, I think that they are from another dimension and I think that they have found a way somehow to like go through the space time, like kinda make portals and stuff like that.

And I just think it, to me personally makes more sense for a lot of the abduction stuff that I read about and hear about just like the fact that they can. Uh, walk people through walls or like right through their roof for, um, and then also the whole missing time thing and all that, all those little things that like, just make more sense to me when you think of them as interdimensional, instead of like from outer space or maybe they’re from outer space and they found a way to rip through the fabric to like travel the far distance and we’re like primitive and thinking we have to like send a spaceship out

[00:46:02] Isaac: there.

Yeah. I mean, that’s very plausible and it’s something that I remember. Um, one of the episodes we talked about, I think we were on aliens for now of the, just talk about aliens, but that was one of our theories is that, um, they’re traveling through dimension. And my theory was that spirits and ghost they’re like on the fourth dimension where space and time essentially exists.

The fifth dimension. Of course, and that might be where a space-time and everything can be combined. And moods is any way possible. Kind of like an interstellar with a Tesseract and all that. And aliens. I don’t think they’re moving up or down. I think they’re moving side to side in other places, like other hard to even understand other dimensions that necessarily that are moving up or down, but side to side, they’re still in the third, but they’re moving side to side in different realms or realities.

Um, and they’re using technology like that. That’s why a lot of people, we always talk about like, cryptids like cryptos could be something dumped from another reality, another dimension by aliens or something. And they come over here like big foot or any of the ones you’ve seen in the past. Um, because remember we talked about the faith folk, like fairies and leprechauns stuff like that could be for another dimension and they’re allowed to be here to essentially mess with us.

Who’s going to stop them because they can jump back through other realities because using what we perceive as magic, but what them is like technology. Yeah, it’s

[00:47:29] Jeremiah: definitely possible. I ended up more, I look into it and like I said, the more, I, I believe in that instance and, um, the only thing I’ve been scratching my head on is the whole like hybridization program that they seem to have, like making babies and trying to make babies grow up and having lug of duct DS hold babies, or interact with babies and toddlers and stuff like that.

It’s just a whole weird whole weird. Since I’m currently reading this book called secret life and it’s, um, by Dr. Jacobs and he, I guess put like 300 plus people under hypnosis who think they had an alien encounter and. He, um, wrote about like 30 of the people that he believed the most in his bulk.

And it’s so interesting and it really makes me like think. And so I really recommend that book to anyone who’s into aliens and abductions and stuff. It’s called seeker life by David Jacobs, Dr. Jake, David Jacobs.

[00:48:47] Isaac: Hmm. I’ve never heard that one before. That’s uh, never even heard the whole way at baby adduction thing.

I know that they must eat the people, but I’ve heard it starred children and stuff like that, but that’s new what the, my high information. Yeah.

[00:49:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. I definitely, I want to cover more about that stuff cause um, you know, the alien aspect is the most interesting to me. Um, you know, I do, I do, even though I’m a scaredy cat, I like to talk about or hear stories about ghosts and, and whole new places and stuff like that.

Um, even though I personally don’t know if I could go do it, but it’s, uh, it’s definitely something that I enjoy hearing about.

[00:49:32] Isaac: Yeah. It’s more, the more that I learned about the paranormal, the more questions open up and stuff like that. And one person, one woman that I think has the most scientific study on the afterlife is Dolores cannon.

Um, and with her stuff that I’ve learned, it, it applies, it makes the most sense of stuff I’ve experienced. Um, at least coming through visions and speaking to spirit guides and, uh, accessing, um, higher selves and stuff. And well, most people look at just like, you know, oh, this is like, you know, new, new, uh, old, Eastern world stuff and stuff like that.

A lot of it applies to what we’re doing now, uh, amongst psychics and stuff like that. Especially even stones like stiffened cells. I never care too much, never put too much stock in rocks or stones or anything like that until I became a paranormal investigator and having a bracelet made for me out of different stones, like amethyst and a crystal and stuff like that.

Vibrate on my wrist. When I do pools made me think twice about maybe someone says something different and then actually having a piece of molded device in my hand, when I do a pool and basically changing the power level, like powering up essentially like my hand went from a, B, C, D power level C of a handgun to a bazooka with one small gram of molded right in my head.

Um, and if you know anything about motivated, motivate, it’s one of those stones apparently amplify, uh, the emotions around people or anything, but they amplify energy and psychics. It’s like a boost.

[00:51:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve definitely heard about, uh, I mean, obviously you see like shops that sell the stones and stuff like that, but yeah, I’ve heard from multiple people that, you know, are into that kind of stuff.

They’re like, you got to wear the crystal around your neck to ward off whatever and, um, different stones do different things. And then people talk about using like rock salt to, uh, or like sea salt or something to like purify things and, or like block entryways. So it’s, I think there’s probably something there, um, that, you know, the ancients knew about.

Really connect with anymore because everything now is like technology and, and all the stuff that we make.

[00:52:03] Isaac: Yeah, no, there’s a theory. I mean, we only talked about one on one of the episodes was that if witchcraft is possibly an old form of technology that was lost through time, and now it’s seen as like, you’re not really doing anything or at least not real, but a lot of stuff they’re doing is tapping into the energies of the earth and everything around us.

And using set spells said, objects said words in a certain way to curse someone, to activate something, to do different things, to hack the planet, or essentially your energies around and do stuff like that. It’s almost like they’re, like I said, like an old, former technology that was lost, but few people will keep it around, but I don’t think they’re even using to its full extent.

It’s almost like you’re trying to explain wifi to people in the mid 1600. They might give the gist of it and maybe able to use it a little bit, but then that can use it the full extent, kinda like what’s going on now. We’re probably still barely trying to figure out what it, what it, the full extent of what it can do, but like, like it’s been kind of forgotten and the few people that are keeping it alive, still, some might be mastered somebody.

I mean, it just it’s like, it’s something that should have been studied a long time ago, especially with the paranormal. Like my hope in the future is that the paranormal it’s studied as any other form of science, because it can be, it can be studied like, and the energies around it, stuff like that before a few scientists in their, you know, long time ago discovered electricity and to learn how to harness it.

I guarantee they were looked at as weirdos using the wind and flying and stuff like that. You were like, how it, this is blasphemous. Shouldn’t do this. Know, paranormal can essentially be same way. Can S. Can be studied, can be catalog, can be figure it out. Give me, give me a measured, can, all that stuff.

It just takes the right scientist to actually do it. And I think with enough time and technology advancing, it can be, but LFL Hans. We see it in my lifetime or not. Yeah.

[00:54:01] Jeremiah: If you heard, um, I’ve been hearing a lot lately from my different Facebook groups and stuff like that. And, um, other channels that there’s a thought that we’re actually shifting into five D or something.

I forget exactly what it is. I think it’s like five D or yeah. Cause we’re in 40 now I think, but like, I guess there’s a theory going around that we’re actually like at that turning point of becoming higher dimensional beings and that’s why there’s so much like chaos and stuff going on right now, um, around the world.

And, and then. Like a lot of people waking up and a lot of more people into fringe stuff and, uh, thinking outside the box. I don’t know if you’ve heard about that.

[00:54:56] Isaac: Yeah. Um, and, uh, a good question. I mean, my wife had always tried to figure it out is why now? Why do my, my credibility get awoken now, you know, last two years, right?

Wait until I’m 33 at the time to gain this ability that could have been helpful for all my entire life. Why now? And the only conclusion that we came with is that there’s going to be a spiritual awakening amongst a lot of people, most the entire world, but not in a Christian format. It’s almost like spirituality in its old hole is going to be more used, studied and embraced.

Now not everyone is going to choose a light side of embracing spiritual. A lot of people are going to choose dark as well. And that is going to make a plethora. You would say of openings for demonic activity to happen, which then comes me, who can take said demons and imprison them and take them from the plane, um, dark spirits, anything.

And I, and that’s one of my missions. Air ability was born in me is to go to location, to location, place, to place, house, to house, and eradicate as much darkness as I can from everywhere. I that’s, that’s from a place that’s been haunted for years from someone dealing or from someone dealing with it recently in their home.

Or, just on someone needs help. Like I can’t help them cause they’re across the world this day, a set up a time for me to call them that maybe I can pull it from your place. It’s more effective. I finally, in a way if I’m actually there, but yeah, I’ve seen be able to do it through the phone. Yeah, it works.

It works, but that is why, at least we theorize why now my ability was woken. You could say it’s because there’s going to be a time where it’s going to be heavily needed. And my children are going to play a part in that as well. Supposedly Lisa’s was told to us, um, because my son is already showing EMA style, uh, abilities.

You could say, um, he is like his mother and is able to push back things. And, he’s already doing it now. And he’s only five years old. He will put his hands up. Tell something, no, and essentially he’s pushing something back. Um, cause he can already see them. So, uh, apparently my children are gonna play a part in this as well.

Um, with having EMA, uh, well, energy manipulation of.

[00:57:35] Jeremiah: Yeah, I definitely feel like there’s something something’s happening. I also think that the rulers of the world. The people like the governments. I think there’s something behind the government’s even more powerful than the governments themselves.

That’s just my, my thought. Think they’re trying everything they can to keep people from advancing to the next level or people realizing their true selves. And, the power that we actually have. Like, I think a lot of the stuff is to suppress, suppress the people. And, but I’ve been noticing a lot of, a lot more open minds, especially doing my podcasts and stuff.

There’s people that listen to it that I never would have. I would have enjoyed any of the stuff that I covered. But yeah, it’s just seems like we’re at this point where people are more open and more willing to think outside the box. And explore different things that, you know, before we’re considered like crazy tinfoil hat. People are, you know, we lose or whatever, and it just seems way more acceptable now than in the past.

So definitely. And then

[00:59:01] Isaac: when it comes to conspiracy theories, my, my answer is always, does it logically make sense? Does that, does it have to have a Lunchable reason behind it? Um, and one thing that I’ve observed more than anything is that regardless of what government tries to hide from you. Or, do to you or keep anything like that?

The basic thing is that the machine, this machine of society, the consistent. Nice to always happen because the second the machine stops for any reason, um, anarchy will fall very soon. And I, we, as in America, just got a glimpse of it. During 2020, we just got a glimpse of what would happen if the machine stopped for a day. We saw toilet paper people almost killing themselves over toilet paper.

And he said, imagine what happened if there was no law, no control over set things that happen. The majority of us would be dead. Um, a lot of, uh, we call it a lot of, uh, groups would start. You know, taking control of other people and either join or die, that kind of tribal sense of mind. It would spread across us.

And that scared the shit. I mean, more than anything. So after I saw that I was like, there has to be some form of control. There has to be the machine moving that there isn’t. It’s the end of us all, uh, when it comes to having any form of normality. Um, and that’s kind of how I feel listened to you about government when it comes to the idea.

Now there’s a lot of things that we could be free about. Yeah. But in the basicness the machine always has to keep moving because the second it stops, there goes a

[01:00:44] Jeremiah: world. Yeah. We definitely saw a lot of turmoil during that, uh, initial part of the pandemic for sure. And, uh, working where I work at. Yeah. I definitely saw fights over stuff that you never would have thought people would be fighting about.

And a lot of, a lot of people realizing that they’re unprepared for, you know, bad times, quote unquote.

[01:01:13] Isaac: Yup.

[01:01:16] Jeremiah: All right. Well, we’ll wrap it up here. Um, is there anything you would like to say to my audience and or where they can find you. And I’ll definitely make sure to link your show with. Description and all that stuff as well.

Um, but I’ll give you some parting words.

[01:01:38] Isaac: Yeah, no, um, yeah, you can find this, uh, in the shadows podcast.com. As links to all our social media, and all the ways you can listen to us. Uh, from apple iTunes or Spotify or iHeart radio, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. You can lose, you find us on, um, we’re on Instagram, we’re on Twitter, we’re on Tik TOK.

Um, I also got to the same website has links to our merch store. We can get a shirt for, so, um, new episodes always come out on Mondays. Um, bougie about an hour long, sometimes about well, 30 to 30 minutes to an hour long different subjects. I have different guests on. Um, we talk about everything, paranormal, um, anything, well, mostly paranoia, but also aliens crypto words. Um, is everything that would be hidden in the shadows essentially.

Uh, but. If anyone out there listens to you. That has questions, concerns, or even needs help with what they’re dealing with in the paranormal. Feel free to mess just to Instagram through the website. However you want to get hold of us. Um, Instagram, most places we are most of the time. But the website, you can email us from there as well.

Um, we also have a paranormal team called shadow Walker. Paranormal has an Instagram page. Not a website yet. But, the Instagram page is the same way you can get in contact with there as well. Um, because, um, we’re never, we’ll never turn down a case that we feel like we can help them.

[01:03:06] Jeremiah: Sounds good. And I’ll, uh, make sure to link it all in the description when the episode goes live.

And, uh, thank you for coming on and speaking with us and sharing your experiences and definitely. Definitely interesting and stuff that I didn’t know about. And I’m sure a lot of other people didn’t know about. So it’s good to get the word out and thank you for coming on. Thank you.