Ghosts Ghosts [00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered. welcome back my fellow terrestrials. We are going to get into this awesome interview with Jess king clairvoyant. Jess, as she’s called. Talk to her about her goes hunting, medium ship and her spiritual cleansing. And all her information to get in touch with her or see her works will be in the description. So you can go below the show and, and easily get to that stuff. So make sure you go over there, show her some. Check out her stuff. She’s even got a TV show that you can watch. Um, very interesting. The Alabama school one was definitely my favorite, but the other ones are good as well. So we’ll get into that in a moment. First. I just want to say, if you could go and rate and review the show, we would highly appreciate it. 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And shed some light into some of the topics surrounding the whole John rhe. So we’ll take it away with her right now. And remember question everything. Hello and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast? I’m your host, Jeremiah. I’m joined today by Claire clairvoyant Jess. If I could talk, um, so introduce her now. She is a medium and she deals with the spirit world and ghosts and cleansing people of their ailments. She looks into places that are considered haunted or have a dark history. So we’ll have a conversation with her today about all the good juicy stuff that goes on with the spirit or world. And. And ghosts and cleansings and everything. So I’ll introduce her now. Hello, [00:03:26] Jess: Jess. [00:03:30] Jeremiah: Thank you for coming on and talking with us. The obvious question is how did you get started with this whole. Uh, clairvoyant thing and dealing with ghosts since the spirit world [00:03:45] Jess: I’ve had it my whole life. So, it’s been a lifelong gift that I’ve actually, uh, I’ve, I’ve known it. I guess, or had experiences since I was a child. But, it was not something that I was really a fan of. And so. You know, one of those things that I kind of tried to avoid the majority of my life. And then, um, I just, it kept getting more and more intense and it kept getting stronger and stronger to the point where it was just not really any longer an option. So, uh, I guess, uh, I was about, well, about 12 to 13 years ago is when I started doing readings, but it was a closet. So I did not read ’em or tell people what I did because it was not something that I really wanted to do. Five years ago is when I took this path professionally, because it was just where I kept getting pushed. [00:04:35] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s a definitely, if it’s your life’s calling, you should probably go towards it. I try to tell people, you know, whatever you’re feeling drawn to, you should at least give it some entertainment and. Figure out. I feel like everyone has that certain gift or path that they’re supposed to do. And a lot of people, unfortunately don’t tap into that path and then they, you know, deal with a lot of issues like anxiety and stress and depression and stuff and burnout. Yeah. Cause they’re not doing what they were really like put on earth to do so. Definitely good that you’re following that path. So I see that you do like cleansings of like how certain people themselves and stuff like that. Can you explain the process and what steps you go through to, uh, to do these. [00:05:39] Jess: And it is honestly, I wish there was, there was never a cookie cutter. Uh, I wish there was a cookie cutter when it comes to those. It honestly, really depends on the situation, the property, the place, the person, um, as to the process that I have to, uh, kind of go, go with the, um, the beautiful thing, I guess, as I’ve learned to where I worked with it, it can be done anywhere so I can work with it. So I’ve been able to do it, you know, all across the United States, in other countries and been able to do it from my home. Um, because I worked directly with just energy and, you know, kind of, I guess, being a late liaison, you know, through, um, you know, that’s a process, but the, uh, you know, it was the energy healing. I got my masters at about four different modalities of different levels or different types of energy healing. And I just. I guess formulated those to the, what would work for me and what I liked to, um, be able to connect with to help people. So, and then the properties is literally, I mean, it really just honestly, There’s no two they’re the same, but I enjoy getting to go out on the properties to walking them, seeing what’s there, what, you know, they’re experiencing and then finding out what we need to do to resolve the different scenarios that they may be dealing with. Sometimes it’s, you know, something a little bit more aggressive that takes a little bit more work and it’s dealing with land or, uh, and not just a home, you know? So there’s involve a lot more, I guess. When you’re having to deal with somebody’s entire land and the history that may be going with it. So, [00:07:16] Jeremiah: yeah, I think a lot of people think that the ghosts are because of them, but it might not be that it might just be the place where they’re at currently a [00:07:27] Jess: lot of times. And, you know, it’s what people want. I’ve gone to homes and they’re like, but the house is new and I’m like, is the land new? Do you have new lines? That’s generally where the history kind of falls in is, is that it was, you know, the land’s been there for so long and what’s happened, you know, for hundreds and hundreds of years and maybe even longer, you know, that wasn’t being experienced on that property. Yeah. [00:07:51] Jeremiah: There’s actually a piece of land in my neighborhood. I’m in a new construction place, but there’s a section that they can’t touch because it was a old slave graveyard. And, um, I heard that somebody. I actually was fighting to get the lot next to that. So I don’t know, maybe they’re into that type of thing, but, um, yeah, it’s definitely interesting. We go up there, you can’t really tell that it’s a graveyard or anything, but I guess they found out when they were doing the zoning and all and yeah, they’re not allowed to touch it. Like you said the land might still have the spirits just because the house is new. It doesn’t really matter [00:08:37] Jess: to them the matter. And I mean, some of the vice does interesting ones that I have, um, I guess dealt with would be things that have dealt with slaves. Um, you know, had some sort of a history with slaves in there, um, you know, with the land. And then also with anyone that had, I actually had a home that was on the trail of tears and that one was. Quite interesting. I walked up on the property, it was, I was scalped, so that was a little uncomfortable, but um, to, to feel that, to experience, but it, you know, and then I was like, I’m solid these Indians and started talking to her about what was going on and what I was seeing. I didn’t realize I was only, you know, I guess right by the trail of tears. And she was like, well, you know, you’re at the trail of tears. No, I just get addresses and calm. I don’t, um, I don’t do any research because I don’t want to have that influenced by whatever it is that, you know, that may be historical here. [00:09:33] Jeremiah: So for like spirits and stuff, a lot of people that are into your type of work and field, they, um, they don’t really talk about actually feeling the spirit. So you can actually feel them like contacting you. [00:09:50] Jess: That is, that’s always been, I guess the one way that I would come, I guess when they stepped forward, I experienced either their deaths. So if there was something that happened, you know, whatever happened during their death state. So if they had an aneurysm and they had a heart attack, I mean, whatever it may be, I experienced that physically as they stepped forward. And it’s just a way for me to confirm whatever, you know, the way the person passed or medical ailments that they expect. And then that gives the person that I’m speaking with some sort of a confirmation there’s other information, of course, that they bring forward all fourth also, but that’s just the first thing that I’ve always experienced. [00:10:28] Jeremiah: And then when you go and do these, um, you know, readings or cleansings and stuff like that, I saw that you have team members that go with you. Is there a reason why. Use them or do they do things that you aren’t able to do or like do they just assist or [00:10:50] Jess: really, it just depends. Now the, I know that you had seen this, uh, the show where I did that was at the school house and the interesting thing with Kiera witches, who was with me in that one, she actually sees, um, she sees orange and the energy at a different way. So, I always find it interesting the way that she can actually see certain things that I see differently. I’ll see spirit, she’ll see, you know, or as an energy. It makes for a different component for what, uh, what we both can obtain from the space and the place that we’re actually at. [00:11:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. It was definitely interesting seeing you guys interact, um, I’m going to link your website and everything. Highly advise people that are listening to this to go look at these episodes because you’ll get a real idea of what goes on. And I really like how you have a no BS approach to it. It’s like you’re not into the thrills and cheap tricks. Like a lot of these shows that are on TV. [00:11:56] Jess: There, there are some out there that I’m like, I cringe. I’m just like, I’m watching it on my life. That’s not even the way it goes. I’m not even sure why y’all are editing it that way, but you know, it just puts a lot of false, you know, I guess information out there. It makes people, you know, it also gives people, I guess, a lot of misnomers about the industry and kind of how it works. Everyone, a lot of times feels like they should jump on board and try a bunch of different stuff that needs to be played with. And toyed with that honestly can end up landing them in a lot of trouble, you know, where there, whether it be, you know, Apps that allow for communication or, you know, the, a spirit boxes and things like that. They think it’s, you know, fun. And I’m like, it’s kind of like somebody coming into your house and then acting really, you know, and then just overstepping bounds, overstepping bounds and overstepping bounds and them not listening to anything that you’re saying to them. That’s what you’re doing to a spirit because I mean, there’s, they still have, you know, feelings, emotions, and energy that’s with. So yeah, like that drunk person at a party that doesn’t shut up. [00:13:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’ve all had that cast at some point where we just want them to leave because they’re being annoying. Right. So as far as, um, I’ve talked with a previous guest about, um, spirits, like attaching to people, and I saw on your show, you were trying to draw out a spirit from some lady. Um, yeah. What is the process that you find for, for dealing with something, if you feel like something’s attached to you or there’s an, you know, negative or about. [00:13:40] Jess: The, um, I always worked. I mean, I work with the, the arch angels a lot of times, uh, asking for assistance with them. I do have a lot of guests. That’s been my main focus. I know that they have with working with them, allows me to channel their energy and allows that to, you know, remove anything that’s stuck with the person. The thing about attachments though, is, is that a lot of times people get emotionally attached to attachments and they don’t even realize what’s attached to them. But, you know, a lot of times they can cause a lot of Habak wreak a lot of chaos in people’s lives. And by the time they actually realized there’s a problem, they’re either dealing with things like, you know, severe mental health disorders they’re dealing with, you know, maybe even addiction issues or just a lot of. In balance and chaos in their world. So I work with removing and then also just transmuting the entities. If I need to, I have crossed, I will cross them over. I don’t like to go with the force method. But, if it has to be done, especially if it’s at the harm of a living person, then that’s what I deal with. You know? [00:14:47] Jeremiah: So what do you think about, um, like exorcisms. [00:14:55] Jess: I think that they’re, uh, they do have their part, you know, and they are legit, you know, it was, uh, with things that have to happen and things that people can experience from them. It’s one of those things that, again, it’s, uh, those were really scary things that people can actually have to experience in their life that that needs to be dealt with by the right. And, you know, it’s a, you know, it’s not easy to get the help that most people need when it comes to exorcisms. So because of how, um, the process that it requires to actually have that happen. [00:15:28] Jeremiah: And as far as demonic spirits and stuff, do you think, is there a difference between spirits spirits and like demonic entities? [00:15:40] Jess: Yes, very much so. And, and generally the. Generally a lot of times people think that they’re dealing with demonic entities and sometimes, excuse my language. They’re just dealing with an asshole. That’s the spirit. And, um, that literally that’s really all it is. It’s somebody that was rude and just not very nice in line. And that’s just how they are in the spirit realm. Um, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually dealt with something that was more of a demonic nature and they are definitely a whole different ball of wax. [00:16:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. I tend to believe. The demonic realm is separated from like what we would call ghosts or spirits. And [00:16:22] Jess: absolutely I very much so. And there, there also, I mean, you can, you can tell a major difference by what it is that they can, they will they’ll do. I mean, generally they’re going to cause harm. I mean, you can see that’s when people deal with physical harm and things that are going to be a lot more aggressive than what it would be just as a traditional, I guess, a spirit that has departed and passed on. [00:16:45] Jeremiah: Um, have you ever dealt with someone who like the demon talk through them, like speaking in tongues or anything like that? And how did that play [00:16:57] Jess: out? Um, it was, uh, that one was a multi-day practice experience. It was not, I ended up actually getting wiped out, um, from that experience because of the. Work that it required. I actually had some photographs that were taken afterwards, where I literally had physical bruises on my body, uh, after dealing with that situation. So it is it’s, it’s horrendous. What sometimes they’ll, they’ll actually go to, but a lot of times what can happen is, is that they were invited in one way or another. Opened by their Ouija boards by, you know, again, the spirit boxes, things like that. And it was people that were toying with things that they thought they were communicating with. Like dear aunt Martha. And it wasn’t dear aunt Martha it’s, you know, Satan or, you know, one of his foot soldiers or whatever. That’s, um, you’re actually more dealing with. [00:17:51] Jeremiah: Yeah. I definitely think the, especially the Weegee board, like you said, if a lot of people mess with them and especially like kids that are curious and stuff like that, and you just don’t know really what you’re getting, how that experience and. [00:18:07] Jess: And a lot of times it’ll lay dormant. I mean, so you can, you know, it can be a completely okay. And, you didn’t have any issues with it. You think that it’s, you know, that there was no issue. Then down the road is when it can actually manifest into something much bigger. It’s not that it’s a bad tool. It’s the fact that the most people that use them don’t know how to use the tool. [00:18:29] Jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. [00:18:31] Jess: Kind of like they try and go do electrical work. It wouldn’t work out real well. I mean, because I’m not an electricity. [00:18:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. Um, I like to stick to my lane most of the time, unless I have someone to advise me, uh, if I don’t know something, which is kind of the same deal. Yeah. So let’s get into this Alabama school that you went to. Cause I watched that episode and it was giving me the willies because, uh, or the TV GBS. Um, so how was. Whole experience. Um, and how did you find out about it? [00:19:11] Jess: So that one was that actually listed as I was, I, I follow several different pages that are, you know, ghost and paranormal pages and things like that. Honestly, I generally don’t do much with the, you know, I don’t respond too much or I don’t deal with much this actually posted on them, but I saw something on there. And as soon as I saw it, I just went. These people are getting into something that they don’t have any idea what they’re dealing with. And so it was one of those things that it just worked out for me to go over and, and be able to be, be there for that. The thing that was probably the most frustrating about it was is there was a lot of stuff that we caught on camera, but then it did not ever appear on the, um, afterwards, like it was gone. So that was crazy as far as like, I mean, Full on salt, like full body apparitions, like manifest out of nowhere and then like walk into walls and stuff. It was like, you just said, I know we all just saw it, right. One just me, because I mean, it was just too much right there, but it’s, um, it had a lot with this history and it would the land and it just was such a, uh, tormented space. [00:20:28] Jeremiah: Some things that stuck out in my head when I was watching, it was like, um, you kept saying you felt like you were getting sick or there was a sickness present in the, in the school. Yeah. And, um, I guess later you found out that the, they were putting kids in some special room that were not feeling well. [00:20:53] Jess: That’s the one thing I do enjoy is making sure that I have someone there that can actually be able to, to confirm and verify the information that I actually receive intuitively. So that at least it’s, you know, it kind of helps people to understand the type of information that comes through when I work. So, yeah, that was a, the sickness was so intense, uh, for that space. I mean, and then there was just so much energy that was there. That was, that was a lot of mental, uh, issues. That were in that space. It just was insane. Something got trapped there. [00:21:29] Jeremiah: and then, um, you, it was fascinating watching you walk from room to room and the guy that was with you was very skeptical, but then by the end it seemed like he was like, yeah, something’s up with this space? Yeah, he [00:21:44] Jess: actually told me after the recording that he, uh, he was not a believer before I got there. [00:21:50] Jeremiah: And then. There was a room that, um, was like, soundproofed. Do you have any inclination? What, what that was for? Cause it seemed kinda strange. Like it didn’t, it didn’t seem like it was somewhere where it would create a problem for another room if there was like singing classes going on there. But. [00:22:17] Jess: I have a lot of inclinations and I just think that it was being used for something that was a little nefarious. Keep kind of sounds in that should have been that really shouldn’t be having to be kept in. [00:22:34] Jeremiah: Yeah. I think you guys were hinting at, um, but you didn’t really say it was like, uh, you thought that the school, or maybe before the school was a thing, uh, there was a lot of. Child abuse or some type of stuff [00:22:50] Jess: going on there. I mean, I think that, uh, I think that it went through many different, um, Tom’s of it. And that was the interesting thing is, is because I think it started. From say, I guess, you know, from so many different layers of it. I mean, and it really went really far back as to when it all began. It just seemed to kind of owners trade hands into other ones that still kind of kept that same energy or still had issues within that space, because it’s almost like they embraced the, a there, or they got engulfed by whatever was within that property. [00:23:22] Jeremiah: Yeah. I think the guy had said that it used to be at church. [00:23:29] Jess: So we heard, I mean, yeah. I don’t even think that that was a, um, a safe church space. So [00:23:40] Jeremiah: I think there was a room, um, that you guys were in and it looked like there was windows, but he told you that they were boarded up. They took them off before you got. And then your friend, uh, forget her name, Chiara or something. She was saying that, um, it seemed like someone got locked in there or abused in there. [00:24:07] Jess: Yeah. I felt a lot of abuse there and that’s, and then I also literally felt like that the children that were in the school house at the very early years were, I mean, they were literally left down in that, um, in that basement area, I think they were just left there to do. Oh, so, I mean, I think that once they became, you know, sick and I think a lot of it has to do with like, um, you know, breathing and issues with their lungs and things like that. I think once they kind of got into certain states that it was just, they were just left. I don’t think they were really cared for at that point. [00:24:41] Jeremiah: And then, um, yeah, your friend Kara was constantly saying like, all she could see is black color and like. And how evil it felt to be down there. [00:24:54] Jess: Yes. You could literally smell it. Smell, you know, you smell the sulfur down that’s area seven. You could smell it coming from that space. And I was like, that’s a situation you’ve got going on there. [00:25:10] Jeremiah: Yeah. Not the best smell to have. So what are some other interesting places? Experiences that you’ve had doing your whole, uh, I don’t know if call career, but [00:25:28] Jess: yeah, that’s what we’re calling it now. I mean, so, I mean, it’s definitely, wasn’t the first route that I chose, but, um, you know, I, I had 20 something years in corporate sales, but this is the where we’re at. So the, uh, the, I think one of the most interesting ones that I’ve had, that was one of my, one of my first ones. And it was. I got caught. I met a lady that is now become a very dear friend of mine. But, she and I met through the neighborhood watch and she, uh, realized what I did. And, she was like, could you come to my property? She says, I’m not going to tell you anything, but I just want to see what you get from coming to my property to see, you know, I just need to see what kind of has going on. So, I walked onto her property. When I got there, I talked to her about a woman that was standing on the corner of the property that was screaming and crying. I was like, she’s desperate to talk to somebody. She goes, well, that’s the reason I had you here. Also, she said, I’ve had the police show up at my, at my house multiple times in the middle of the night. It was because neighbors were calling the police because they heard screaming coming from her. But she was sleeping. So she had no clue what was going on and that, so I was actually able to help her with that property. The woman was trapped there, and it was interesting It was a residual, it, it w it felt like it was almost residual, but it wasn’t because the lady stayed stuck there because of her child and her being murdered on that land. And. I channeled the woman. There was a video that was made at that point that what the lady was doing. And as I was doing the channeling, my face changed to her face. My voice changed her hers, and it was like that Whoopi Goldberg, um, you know, in the movie ghost that happens. And I literally started showing signs of like blood and bruises across my face. It was super weird. Um, even for me as what I do. But we were able to help her cross over and she’s actually not been back ever since then, but because she just needed somebody to hear her story. [00:27:41] Jeremiah: Huh. Interesting. So, yeah, I love, love hearing. I mean, love is probably the wrong word, but I like hearing about these tales and stories and uh, just trying to process it all and because it’s not something you typically. Deal with it, unless you have, you know, um, I don’t know the word I’m thinking of. Let’s you have the ability, like you gifts like you to experience it because like myself, I can’t see ghosts or talk to ghosts or anything like that. So to hear other people’s experiences is very fascinating to me. [00:28:25] Jess: They can be super interesting and then they can be super weird. I mean, but it’s all, all of it’s. Um, you know, it’s just part of the story, I guess, is what I had just come to accept. So, you know, especially, you know, when my, when I was earlier on in my, uh, you know, you have to have a, or at least kind of, I guess, accepting my gift. It was super out of control at that point. So that, but at that point, things were like, um, it was a free for all. I would wake up with them. There would be embedded with me. They’d be shaking my bed. They’d be talking. And I was just like, this is not, I don’t, this is why I don’t want this because I don’t need y’all in bed with me or talking to me while I’m trying to sleep. Yeah. [00:29:00] Jeremiah: I heard you in the, uh, episode telling the ghost to stop touching you. [00:29:08] Jess: Yes. Cause I’m like, look, I have a five foot roll. I mean, let’s not, I mean, we don’t have to touch me all the time. I mean, if you have something to say, go ahead and say, Stop touching. [00:29:17] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s definitely. And then, um, I want to talk a little bit about the, you went to a theater, like an old theater. [00:29:27] Jess: Yeah, that’s actually right here. Uh, I it’s in where I live now, but I’ve only lived here a few years, so I didn’t know anything about its history. And so that was a super interesting one for me to be able to go do. [00:29:39] Jeremiah: And what kind of, uh, things did you find there, uh, while you were going. [00:29:45] Jess: It was really interesting because that one was, uh, there was just a lot of different, it was an old building, I mean, like really old. So there was a lot of energy that had been there. The other thing that I guess, culminated within that space was the fact that they also had taken out a bunch of stuff for props. So, there was a lot of antiques and a lot of different things had been brought into the facility. So you add that in with an old. And you’ve got kind of a trifecta there of things that people could be actually experiencing. But I think the most interesting one was that, you know, I, they had said, we’re not going to, of course give any information, but we want to see what you get. And there was a room that was upstairs that after I told them what was there, they said, that’s the room that we feared the most. And I was like, Well, now it makes sense because I mean, it is a very intense energy, but the thing was, is it wasn’t anything that was bad? It was just the guy that was very, he was, he was angry about how he died and he had every right to be angry. He was murdered. So, I mean, I mean, wouldn’t you be angry too? I mean, so [00:30:51] Jeremiah: yeah, for sure. [00:30:54] Jess: You know, it was, and because of him being a slave that was actually just kind of shoved under the rug and it was. No, no one ever really understood what happened. [00:31:04] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s definitely, um, definitely would be a little upset if someone murdered me. Yeah. [00:31:12] Jess: You feel a little upset. So, I mean, the interesting thing was is that after the, uh, after I left, she, uh, she had followed up with me and she let me know that the activity had actually subsided since. And I was like, that’s fantastic. I was like I said, see, just wanted to be heard, you know? Once this story was told and he was able to actually, you know, say what he needed to say, he kind of was more peace at that point. [00:31:36] Jeremiah: Yeah. What, um, so for I’m switching subjects here a little bit, but sorry about that. That’s all right. I might eat too. So yeah, sometimes my brain is just like all over the place. There was, I think it was episode two. There was a lady you were trying to get the spirit out of her, but she was very reluctant. It seemed like. And like, you were like trying to tell her, like, if you want it go on, you gotta, you gotta tell them. Do you find is it’s a lot of people or just a small amount of people that just, they want it gone, but they don’t really, really want it gone. [00:32:20] Jess: I think that there’s, you know, it really can vary with each person and it, and it depends on, I guess, how, you know, some of them, I feel like I’ve gotten addicted to the person or the personality or whatever it is that they have with them. So they almost fear it not being there because they’ve either had it with them to protect them or to, you know, for some, I guess, um, some way that they actually have found comfort with this. And it can be, so it can be dangerous because they actually, it’s just a merged personality. It’s not really even theirs, but they’re using that as a face for themselves to, uh, protect through traumas and through different, uh, events that they’ve maybe experienced. [00:33:03] Jeremiah: And, uh, yeah, definitely. I I’ve heard of. Um, people that the spirit follows them from house to house and they think it’s the house, but it’s really them and the spirit and they need to let it go. The spirits clung to them, and they don’t want to believe. [00:33:29] Jess: Some of them, some of them don’t want to believe it. And I mean, and then some of them just struggle with that with understanding it. I mean, and I’ve had some that, you know, when I’ve worked, tried to work with them or tried to help them, that they have actually struggled with letting me take them. I mean, just like she was experiencing that, that was something that was an issue. But there’s others that literally, I mean, I’m like, it’s like a, uh, a energetic tug of war. And I’m like, okay. I mean, right now I feel like I’m trying to take candy from a toddler. So I can’t even do, I can’t take this from you if you’re not willing to allow me to do the work, if something that you’re wanting to hang on to. [00:34:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. That makes sense. For sure. And then, um, uh, as far as cleansing the house, uh, what kind of things do you do to like ward off spirits? I guess you could say keep them from coming. [00:34:23] Jess: Yeah, well, there’s, you know, there’s all kinds of different methods that people can use. I mean, you know, I always say it’s, you know, if you’re not experiencing, you know, any activity and you’re just looking to keep the house energetically cleanse, you know, clear for, you know, for whatever may be there. I mean, using sea salt, mop water is a fantastic way to kind of have that, um, put throughout the house and it allows for the energy to be clear. And just making sure that windows and doors are kind of open so that you’re not making them run in circles. You don’t give them really any exit point to go out and, uh, you know, there’s Sage and Palo Santo and, you know, there’s St Michael’s, um, you know, coins and things like that that can be used, you know, so there’s a variety of different things and it really honestly just depends on what they’re trying to accomplish as to how to actually, uh, Yeah, [00:35:12] Jeremiah: it’s interesting that you say keep the windows open, because I think back to the, even in the Bible, they told the Jewish people to leave the door open for the ghost of Elijah and, you know, Conda kind of makes sense because, you know, I’ve heard you can invite spirits in and then I guess you can assist them out. [00:35:40] Jess: Yes, absolutely. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s all in, you know, as long as you’re, you’re doing it with the right energy and you make sure that it’s a, you know, it’s not something that’s, I guess, too, uh, too much to deal with them. If it’s something that you feel nervous about or there’s something that you feel fear of, don’t deal with it. Because as soon as you invite that energy in, then you. But just, you know, making a, uh, a mess of whatever it is that you may have to deal with, but if you feel secure in what you’re dealing with, then absolutely. I encourage everybody to kind of clear out the spaces and keep their energy and their space clear, you know, with the regular, you know, practices of that. [00:36:17] Jeremiah: Someone who is experienced, and have it right. [00:36:21] Jess: The first night for me. Cause the first time that they opened up any, I guess, a fear or they feel nervous or even anxious energy, you know, while they’re doing what they’re doing, then it can be a, I mean that’s things will go wrong very fast. [00:36:37] Jeremiah: Yeah. And have you noticed any, um, like I don’t know how to say it other than trickster demons or spirits that play tricks to. Keep it going so to speak. [00:36:55] Jess: Absolutely. I mean, there are ones that, I mean, I, I would say that they are that’s, their energy is very much a trickster type, you know, energy where they enjoy playing, you know, games, but they’re not really good games. They’re not nice games that they’re playing. So they’re, they’re all, they’re generally can be all kinds of different things that they can be doing. Because the, uh, home discord, I mean, it can be anything from, you know, electrical surges to, you know, batteries and being drained and your electronics that can be illnesses and, you know, things that you might be experiencing in the home that make you feel sick constantly and drained of energy. It could also be really strange, uh, mannerisms or, you know, different personalities that kind of seem to only come out when you’re in that certain space. [00:37:42] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I remember back to that Alabama school, uh, incident, there was like a rocking horse and, um, and it moved somehow it moved spaces. [00:38:00] Jess: It did move and. It could go to different areas of the building. So, I mean, that’s strange within itself, that’s the rocking horse was able to find its way into different places by itself. Dolls and things like that. they can get inhabited by different entities or energies, and be taken over and they can kind of use that as their vessel. [00:38:26] Jeremiah: Okay. Yeah, definitely. Um, definitely heard about dolls and stuff like that. And of course, Movies. And I know they’re just movies, but [00:38:36] Jess: some of them are very, very, uh, very accurate to, on some of those. [00:38:39] Jeremiah: What’s the, uh, main one that I saw. I actually really liked it. No, it wasn’t that one, it was, uh, a boy Brahms or something. It was called the boy. And it was a doll that, um, this family had. And then. They invited a babysitter to watch him while they were gone on vacation. And they had like a list of stuff that she had to do for this doll. And she was like, oh, it’s just a doll. So she didn’t do the stuff on the list. Well, it didn’t turn out too good for her. [00:39:16] Jess: So the redirection for her, would that be? Yeah. [00:39:20] Jeremiah: The doll was possessed. Other stuff too. I don’t want to give away the movie if anyone wants to see it, but it’s called the boy. And then of course you have the animals. Yeah. [00:39:32] Jess: Look it up. Yeah. I’ll have to go look it up. I always find it interesting to watch the different ones. I mean there, and there’s a lot of different ones that I are are on that that are movies that have portions of them. That can be, I guess, accurate. Some of it just gets sensationalized a little too far, you know, to where it’s a little much, but there is a lot of that stuff that can actually happen and you can become. [00:39:55] Jeremiah: It’s like the TV shows. Ghost hunters, and all that stuff. They sensationalize it because people need to be entertained when they watch. But, uh, as I’ve heard from my previous guests, who’s a ghost hunters is like, yeah. There’s hours of just standing around or sitting around. [00:40:15] Jess: And it, and it honestly can depend on the property or the place, but there is a lot of times that you can go in and I mean, you’re not going to experience or see anything. There’s the ones where you can go in. Then you may not even have realized something. You catch it. afterwards, you’ll see something that maybe came up on the camera. Or, you see that, or hear that. You didn’t even realize at that moment. but yeah, there’s a lot of hours that are generally put into those. And the ones that are saying that it’s just like over and over and over. It’s not the way that works. [00:40:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. Just like a lot of other things in life. Like, it just doesn’t happen right away. [00:40:56] Jess: Right. It’s not like spirit on demand. Yeah. [00:41:00] Jeremiah: It’s not the Netflix of the spirit world. [00:41:03] Jess: Right. [00:41:05] Jeremiah: So have you been to any other interesting places like St. Asylums. Old rundown hospitals or anything like that? [00:41:15] Jess: I have not. Um, I have not done a insight assign asylum, and I think that is the one that would be on my list of, uh, places that I would like to go and check out. There is one actually here in Georgia. They’ve actually closed it where you’re not supposed to have access to it anymore because it had become such a hotbed of people going through. So there is if there’s anybody that ever knows, if something within my area that I’m, you know, it’s having activity and they have a way for me to get into, I’m always open to, you know, new locations, especially too. I do new locations for a show. So, [00:41:53] Jeremiah: yeah, I, um, it’s always like seeing the different places that people go to, to experience these things. Cause it’s. Like it’s everywhere. Like you could go to a old school like you did, or you could go to a rundown hospital or sane asylum, or, you know, and pretty much anywhere. And there’s probably some type of those third spirit activity and like battlefields [00:42:23] Jess: battlefield. Yes, I am at the, uh, the one that, um, the house that I went to that was near the trail of tears. That one wasn’t recorded. That one was a super interesting one. Because, of all this different stuff, would that, uh, I guess the history and I think they need thing with history is always phenomenal. I just enjoyed a walk them just to see what happens. I mean, I also like going into antique shops just to see what all is, you know, which I can get using the psychometry, which is just touching the objects and kind of finding out the history based off of what I, what I’m getting from, you know, holding them, it all kinds of stuff can come up. [00:42:58] Jeremiah: Yeah. So when you touch an object, like. Or if you’re near an object, you can actually like sense things from that. [00:43:08] Jess: Yes. So I can get information from holding him. It’s just psychometry. That’s what it’s called. It’s one of those different things that I will use every once in a while just to kind of gain some additional insight or information. You know, it’s always interesting what can be brought forth. So the. The only thing that can also be extremely intense sometimes. [00:43:35] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause you never know what you’re gonna [00:43:37] Jess: get. Never know what all is going to decide that, you know, come through. But it’s just like when you’re channeling. I mean, so when I, when I channel it can also get extremely intense depending upon who I’m dealing with. So. I’ve had several times where I’ve channeled and done the automatic writing, where I would actually write out the different messages and the things that they have to say and what they’re bringing forth. And it’s been super interesting. What, you know, how those processes work and have been able to be, have people tell me, do you know that it looks like they’re handwriting and I’m like, well, no, I didn’t. But glad it worked out to, you know, make sense for you. [00:44:13] Jeremiah: Yeah. I really like how. Have any, uh, pre context or anything, you kinda say it and then the people respond like, yeah, that’s how it is or no, that’s how you’re not like trying to, I don’t know how to say it. Like make them say something or do something. [00:44:35] Jess: Yeah, I don’t ever want, uh, I mean, and even if you, any of my lives that I used to, I used to get a lot of lives on my page when I was first, I guess, getting established to try to let people kind of. See my energy and how I worked and things like that. And I let them know at least that I was legit, not out here to scam people, because it has happened a lot in this industry. And you know, that I always just, you know, I’m going to give you what I get and you know it, whether, again, you can take that and you just, this for you to deal with, not me and then go from there with it. So I don’t look to decipher everything and I know that the messages are meant for them. And that’s all I do is just spit them out and keep going with that. [00:45:15] Jeremiah: Yeah, you’re just the medium. You’re the in-between. Yep. So for, I hear a lot about EVP, I think it’s called [00:45:26] Jess: where electronic voice. Yeah. [00:45:29] Jeremiah: Have you had an experience with that or experiences with that? And do you use that? [00:45:35] Jess: Yeah, actually. The funny thing was, my son gave me one for Christmas, uh, because he knew that mom wanted one, but then he told me I couldn’t use it at home. So I was like, what, what? And he was like, no, not don’t mom. Um, but yeah, they, those are fantastic. I mean, because they are super powerful to be able to have, I guess, that scientific proof, you know, to have that information that the spirit realm is bringing forward and it can, you know, I guess solidify and bring forward some additional different components to whatever might be being brought forward forward for me as a medium. So I liked that because it does give that scientific evidence tied in with what I call the womb. [00:46:19] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve, I’ve heard some and they definitely make my hair stand up. Cause it’s like, how can you not hear that coming from the device? And certainly certain things that can pick up that you wouldn’t hear just standing there or doing whatever [00:46:40] Jess: it can. It can be super quiet. And so that’s always the thing that makes it to where it’s, you know, if we didn’t hear it with our, you know, if we can’t hear it with just our star regular ears. And that’s why when I tell people, I don’t listen to, with my regular ears when I get my messages. So this is just a way for this to amplify those regular ear messages that. [00:46:59] Jeremiah: Yeah. So I always found that whole thing to, uh, be fascinating because like you said, it actually produces evidence that there’s something, something going on. Absolutely. So it’s definitely interesting. I love, uh, hearing different stories and tales. Was, has there ever been, is there any message that comes to the front of your mind that has come up during. EVP. [00:47:34] Jess: I’ve been cast out a lot through them. Uh, I’ve definitely been cussed at a lot through, through them. And I’ve had several of them that have told me to leave or to get out, uh, that they’ve said for me to, um, they they’ve definitely used a lot of four-letter words for what they feel about me that were caught on audio. Oh, I’m glad we’re all friends here. So generally those are the ones that I’m, when I’m dealing with a cleansing of a property and I’m trying to, you know, deal with whatever’s there and they don’t want to, uh, exit where they’re at. But I think the ones that are super powerful or when it’s just that I love when the steps forward with, you know, even just an I love you. [00:48:19] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’m sure that, uh, definitely changes the boot in the. Yeah. Cause I saw on your website that you offer a service for contacting loved ones that have passed on [00:48:33] Jess: that’s my that’s what I started in the industry with. So that’s been my. What I’ve always, I guess my number one thing that I do is anybody that has had a loved one that’s passed on. That’s just been my front runner of a, of what I’m doing doing, because it’s such a, such a powerful experience, especially when people have lost somebody in a tragic way. It’s just to be able to share those messages and to give them the information that maybe they needed to, to bring them peace in some way or another it’s phenomenal. [00:49:02] Jeremiah: Yeah. It helps with giving people clothes. Yeah, cause sometimes it’s left open and they’re like wondering, you know, why or where are they now and how, um, how can I let them know that I still think of them are still loved them? Or do they still think of me or love me? [00:49:28] Jess: Yeah. It’s and a lot of times it’s even just those moments that they, you know, Uh, they like, so the other day I was, I’ve had a message from my neighbor for a while now, but I, but, uh, because of the rules that spirit has set up with me, I’m not allowed to approach them unless they actually come to me. And so my neighbor called across the street and he goes, Hey, I have a strange question for you. And I was like, thank God. Cause I have one for you. He didn’t know what I do. Um, and he asked me some, some random question and I was like, oh, well, that’s not really strange. And I was like, but I said, I got one for you. I said, there was a man following you around in the yard the other day, I said, I’m gonna go ahead and say he was dead. He wasn’t alive. Was like, and then I started to describe this person. And, I was like, and he was saying how hardheaded you are. Also, I said, and he was really just saying that you have always been this hard-headed and he’s looking at me so weird. Was like, and he said that she didn’t get there before he died. His mouth fell up and he goes, my dad. Moreover, he goes, ha how did you? So, by the way, I talked to dead people, that’s what I do for a living and that, and he was just like, he’s looking at me to guys. He wants to let you know he’s okay. You know, he knew that you were trying to get there, but just couldn’t in time. And, he’s proud of you. Also, he looked at me and he says, he’s about six foot, four, six foot five man looks at me and he goes, I’m going to go out my house now and drink heavily. I looked at him, I was like, you’re going to run from me next time you sent me, aren’t you. [00:51:01] Jeremiah: Okay? Yeah. You definitely showcase his whole existence. [00:51:07] Jess: Yeah. He was like, I gotta go. I was like, okay. But saying, [00:51:10] Jeremiah: yeah. Yeah. I found it very interesting by watching your episodes and stuff like that. You’ll say things that you wouldn’t know, and the people are just kinda dumbfounded. Like can’t really believe that you knew that this person had this issue or this person had this health problem or, and your life. You’re like, yeah, I felt this in my left arm or I felt choking, well, my friend had throat cancer or whatever. [00:51:43] Jess: Yep. It’s a, you know, and people think that it’s interesting, but it is also intense. I mean, so, you know, when you experienced whatever it was, that how they pass it. So, but it’s, uh, it definitely is one of those things that it, it gives them that confirmation that there’s no way I could have known, you know, and, and always just have to give glory to the spirit realm and just say, Hey, look, it’s just, I’m just using, I’m just a vessel, but I I’m grateful to be able to be that vessel and allow them to be able to deliver those messages. Oh, [00:52:11] Jeremiah: yeah, for sure. And, uh, it’s good that there are people out there that can do that and bring some type of peace and, and I guess let people get back to normality, so to speak. [00:52:27] Jess: Yeah. Especially with the amount of, I guess, uh, people that have passed up, especially with all. The Delfern illnesses and everything that’s happened over this last little bit. It’s definitely been amplified for people that have had a lot going on and they need somethings, you know, bring, bring them back to some level of normal. [00:52:45] Jeremiah: So I have to ask, because I asked everyone that I interview about ghosts and spirits and stuff like that. What exactly do you think ghosts and spirits that we experienced here on this earth? Plane? What do you think? They all. Um, are they kind of like trapped here? Are they free to go back and forth between, I guess, for lack of a better term heaven and earth or another realm in earth? What’s your thought process on. [00:53:18] Jess: Again, there’s no straight four days or I, Hey, I, you know, this is such a gray or this field is such a gray one. Um, but I think that, you know, that there are people that do stay trapped on this earth plane when they pass. And generally it’s because of something that is unsettled or undone within their life, whether it be something that they felt like that they had not resolved and they don’t want. And so they’re here and there’s till they, I guess, get that accomplished. Just like the woman that I was talking about earlier that was, you know, that I channeled that her, her main thing was is that her and her son were murdered. Uh, and Nope. And nobody had ever heard her story. She didn’t, nobody knew about it. They, you know, so she needed that to have peace for herself. And there’s others that do I believe come back and forth, you know? And. You know, come back and see their loved ones they’ll visit. They may just come to them and dreams, but just have to realize that even those dreams are really honestly it’s them coming and giving them messages. You know, when they’ll, when they are able to accept. And, then there’s the other ones that I say are just completely earthbound and which is something that is dangerous. Also, I don’t like to see it happening because it can leave them very susceptible to darker or lower vibration entities. And it can be, you know, something that could cause a lot of problems for them in the spirit realm. [00:54:41] Jeremiah: And then the, the month, like for lack of better term again, um, cause I know different people have different views for the after life and whatnot. The demonic entities. Um, do you think they’re just part of the whole thing, or do you think they come from a different realm or plane plane of [00:55:01] Jess: existence? I don’t think that they were ever up this realm. [00:55:05] Jeremiah: Okay. So there’s, [00:55:07] Jess: they never walked the earth. Plain is what, anything that is like demonic, lower vibration or anything like that. Maybe even elemental type. They didn’t walk on this plane ever. And so that would be a whole. Ball of wax, I guess, as far as where their existence, you know, is. [00:55:25] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s interesting for sure. Because the talk of ghosts and spirits, like I said, goes all the way back to the beginning of time. So they’ve always been around and always been present and people have picked up on them. Certain people are more susceptible to seeing them than others and put you have from all over the world. You know, the native Americans, the Indians, um, mean east India and, um, yeah. Africa everywhere. They have tales of servicemen experiences. Yeah. And, uh, yeah, go ahead. [00:56:05] Jess: I was just gonna say, which is what baffles me sometimes that people are like, oh, that’s not right. And I’m like, how could you even just say, it’s not what you okay. [00:56:14] Jeremiah: Yeah. How do people deny that there’s something going on? Right. Yeah. I just, I don’t know. I don’t, I don’t understand it because especially like, I know people who claim to be like atheists or whatever, but like, um, there’s just in my opinion, too much proof that there is something beyond what we can [00:56:39] Jess: sell them, writing something, something out, something more than what you see with your physical. The nice thing with the physical law, you know? Yeah, [00:56:49] Jeremiah: exactly. So, thanks for coming along and talking with us about ghosts and your experiences with them and your cleansing and everything. Um, where can people find you and your works and stuff like that? I know you have a website. Do you have any other. [00:57:08] Jess: Um, yeah, my website clairvoyant, So, um, I’m also, I’m also on Facebook with, uh, all under clairvoyant, Jess. I got Tik TOK, uh, Facebook, Instagram, pretty much across all the different platforms and yeah. You can find me, uh, listed there. So I try to make sure that each week I’ll do a few different things to kind of give information out and share messages to each person. And then all of course, if there’s any questions anybody has, you can always feel free to message my page. And I would be happy to see what I can do to help. [00:57:40] Jeremiah: All right. Sounds good. And like I said, thank you again for coming on and talking with us, sharing your experiences and I will link everything up. So if anyone is curious, they can. Click the link in the description of the show and, uh, yeah, it was a good talk. I enjoyed it. And every time I talked to someone, I learned a little something and my views get shifted a little bit. So, um, it’s always good to have different perspectives and [00:58:12] Jess: it’s only great to expand it. Uh, and just to, just to be open to it is, uh, is always a good thing. [00:58:17] Jeremiah: Yes.