Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure

Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure

Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

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My guys over here at Dockside media. Really holding it down, putting in work. And I think you’ll enjoy what they have to say. We’ll take it away now and remember question everything. Hello and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast I’m joined today by Chris and Tyler, they are documentary. Makers, I guess that’s how you label it.

And they are coming out with a documentary about, uh, aliens and alien contact and UFO’s and all that good stuff that we love in this sphere. So I’ll introduce them now. Hello, Chris and Tyler.

[00:02:54] Chris: Hello, Jeremiah.


you for having us on the podcast.

[00:02:57] Tyler: Yep. Thank you so much, man. So happy to be here, man.

This is great. I love what you’re doing.

[00:03:05] Jeremiah: Yeah, thanks for coming on. Um, I watched the documentary with my fiance the other night and we really enjoyed it. And we were sitting there and I said, Hey, this is something you would see on like the history channel or whatever, like this isn’t a scrub documentary or anything. Like you guys actually took time and effort to do this.

And the filming was great. And she even said like the alien parch hadn’t in there with your like, Alien costume or whatever. She’s like, I was expecting it to be like corny, but it actually wasn’t, it was really well done. And, um, so you guys did a great job. I have to applaud you.

[00:03:42] Chris: I feel like, um, that’s well, for one that’s all Adam Hartwick, uh, from shadow alley productions, who’s those, uh, local, Pennsylvania, but he is obsessed with the Silicon and latex masks.

Um, and so his house is actually filled with them and he’s designed some and stuff like that in the past. So we just, I just reached out to. And he’s like, yeah, I would love to do that. I think we kind of did him a little dirty with that one though. Cause we didn’t give him that much time and he just kind of used what he had with that alien.

The head was awesome, but that the hands and stuff were a little bit different. So when we did our next film, the secrets of the Sasquatch and he came out for that, we gave him a little bit more lead time and he like built this custom made Bigfoot costume, full body, everything incredible quality. Like it just looks crazy when you’re there in person with them.


[00:04:28] Jeremiah: so what, um, I have to ask, uh, it’s a standard question, but what made you guys set out to do this? You have multiple documentaries and they all have different themes, but it seems like you touch on all the kind of stuff that I cover on my show. And just wondering how you guys were like, let’s go do this.

Go ahead,

[00:04:49] Tyler: Tyler. Yeah. Yeah. Ma’am will I feel like.

Well, we’ll call it destiny, bro. Destiny brought all these documentaries into fruition, like for lack of a better word, because I mean, here we are April 3rd, 2022. Um, back in the beginning of August. Chris approached me. We’ve been friends, uh, for years and filmmakers, uh, and we just both independent filmmakers doing commercial work music videos, short films, narratives, filming productions for, uh, schools, colleges, different things like that.

Um, but whatever he had the idea, Hey man, what if, what if we start made into making documentaries? And we were going to do a local legend here, uh, near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s actually over in Helen, Helen, Pennsylvania. And it was called the a seven gates of hell. If you’ve ever heard of that, Jeremiah, your listeners, and it’s this, uh, you know, idea on this property.

If you go through these seven gates at night after the seventh gate, you’re like instantly transported to hell. Um, so we were like, oh, we were going to do. And I happened to stumble upon Anjalee story on Reddit and noticed that, you know, she’s a former department of defense intelligence officer. Right.

And she’s, uh, she’s going, um, and giving she’s, like she said, she was going to give up. Uh, press conference in front of the Lincoln Memorial disclosing that she had made contact with extra terrestrials, you know, uh, in this mountain, in the Mojave desert. So I’m like, yo, Chris, bro, this, this lady’s going to do this.

It’s a two and a half hour drive. I’m an animal. I feel like we should pivot to this. We have to get this, the courage, the heart. Uh, to go share something like that in front of the public, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, I’m just like dog. We need to go. We need to go get that. And from that. You know, it just led to like Sue Walker and Sue Walker led to Clifford hoody.

Um, and so for the viewers out there, just to get an idea, man, we got like just this, this variety of cast, uh, like Sue Walker, she’s, uh, been in conscious contact, like via telepathy with the Ponti extra terrestrials and the Sandy and mountains. Clifford Mahoney who has actually passed away within the past, I think two or three months.

So I may you rest in peace, but dude, he’s a Zuni Pueblo, elder man, and had just history and, and, uh, stuff passed down to him, uh, regarding the star people. And he’s done a ton of research on his own, uh, uh, and noticed that other Aboriginal peoples and the. Just that a lot of different peoples and faiths have documented extra terrestrials throughout their history.

Um, so yeah, dude, this thing just conscious contact, full disclosure. It like it made itself. We just felt compelled to reach out to these people and let them share their stories genuinely with the world. Between the, the filming, all the interviews. And then Chris did the final edit and was able to interweave all these separate people and separate experiences into this really beautiful documentary that, that we feel hopefully fires people up to keep like investigating and questioning and, and, uh, looking into the mysteries of the universe.

I’ll shut up.

[00:08:49] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s definitely interesting. And I, um, like I said, watch the video and I liked the different angles you had, like the Pueblo elder was talking about spiritual teachings and stuff that he’s had passed down to him, not from written, but from oral traditions. And then the lady in front of the.

Memorial giving her disclosure of running into different species of aliens, I guess. Um, she named quite a few and, um, just her experience with that. And then I think it said that she was, uh, like in the government too. So she’s not just like some quack job out there, her or whatever. And, um, yeah,

[00:09:33] Tyler: she ran for public office in South Dakota.

I know.

[00:09:37] Jeremiah: Yeah. And yeah, Sue Walker is definitely someone I’d like to have on the show because she’s got some tails that just had me on the edge of my seat. So it’s cool that you were able to get different aspects instead of just one basic concept. Yeah,

[00:09:55] Chris: but what I think is, is also interesting about the whole thing as well.

Um, they’re all telling their own, you know, unique perspectives and stories. There’s a lot of things that come up that are similar about their stories. Um, namely like the download idea, um, the contact, the way that they are contacting, you know, extra terrestrials and stuff, they use different words, but it’s kind of like the same ideas they’re talking.

[00:10:21] Tyler: And bro, we can get Sue Walker up on this giant.

[00:10:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. The, I want to interview her because she has some amazing stories and I will put you in

[00:10:32] Tyler: contact with her. She’s did she’s like your, your grandma man? Well, I don’t know your grandma, but she’s like my grandma’s. I mean, she is a just great job. She’s a really very hospitable and welcoming, like human being.

I mean, she doesn’t know. You know, from Adam and, um, her and her husband, uh, Reverend Otter, we’re like just super yeah. Welcoming, uh, for my crazy buns to come flying in their home. It’d be rearranging furniture. And then for her to, um, Deliver her experience and story and all the things that she’s been through.

And, you know, we couldn’t even include all of it right in the documentary. I mean, she is just a fascinating, fascinating individual. And so dude, I will definitely put you in contact with her. I was just out the Sierra again. I interviewed her. Uh, secrets of the Sasquatch, which Chris is finishing editing right now.

Um, we have all the interviews, we’re just, you know, getting the, the feature length doc. You know, out into like the somewhere in the 60 to 70 minute range. Um, but we got that coming for you at dude. That was like, if this is what your, your, uh, your fans and audience are like into do, this is what we go get, bro.

Like we’re doing camp outs looking for Sasquatch. Like we like hairs on the back of my neck, standing up in the woods. Cause like I’m out filming shots by myself in the dark and like getting people with like Thermo I’ll do it. It’s just, it’s madness. And it’s so much fun and we hope that passion and energy, like while we’re not in the film, like we try and use our upbeat attitude and energy and optimism to get everybody else in a great frame of mind.

Because it doesn’t really matter, like how great your story is. If you can’t talk about it comfortably on camera, it’s really hard to make a documentary it’s really hard to, for those words to be internalized by listeners and viewers. So I think one of Dockside media strong points in what conscious contact full disclosure, uh, does a good job of, I think is, is that you guys get to see these people like really share.

Um, like their experiences and their knowledge from like a, you know, just a place of like love and, and, uh, sincereness. Yeah,

[00:13:07] Jeremiah: definitely. So did you find it challenging at all to hunt these people down? Or, or how did you contact like all the different types of people? Yeah,

[00:13:17] Tyler: dude. So it was, um, we pivoted to the.

To Anjuli when I saw the story on Reddit, this was like a week before, August 17th, when she was giving the, the, the public press conference. Um, I’m heading down there, you know, I’m going to go down there on August 17th. So August 16th, I think if you check the history books, Dockside media was born.

Although at that time it was actually Dockside production. So baby, we’re new and we’re cranking out docs left and right. So I hope that people out there can understand, like, dude, you can do anything that you put your mind to. It just takes some effort and passion and heart and just really trying your best, but you can do it.

So do we kick started it, um, real quickly? I, uh, I happened to notice then on Twitter. Sue Walker. Uh, who’s under the account at Sandia wisdom. Um, and that’s where they’re, they’re broadcasting and putting out the telepathic messages that they’re receiving from the Ponti extra terrestrials. Um, but, uh, so, um, I noticed that she had conf, uh, made some sort of tweet confirming that there were extra terrestrial.

And a mountain base and the Mojave desert. So thus like confirming what Anjalee was saying. So I’m like call out, let me see. Dude reached out like DMD her or DMM. Boom, boom, boom. She, like I said is just as amazing. And just very generous. And I don’t know if it was like, she’s like, as I’m out there talking to her, she had mentioned about, oh, this guy clipped, moody.

He’s a great guy. And you know, very knowledgeable about the star people. And, um, I’d be like, oh, that would be insane. Yeah. If I could interview him, well, dog, like I think a week or two later, I’m at like a fantasy football draft and she’s calling me, Hey, cliff from the hood. He settled talk to you. You need to get ahold of him now, before he changes his.

And I’m like, why? So, boom dude lined him up. I’m out talking to Clifford, Reverend John Polk somehow came into the mix and it’s like, yo, I’m in the same state. I will zip my buns up there and get you to, uh, and dog. And then, uh, Atlantean 1947. Um, had come across them early on, like in this process and a one and two.

I just wanted to interview them and hear their thoughts on what they had found through, uh, you know, being active on UFO, Twitter, and writing like a, uh, alien novel, uh, there’s this fictional coming up. But, um, yeah, dude, we just like pulled this thread and so here’s, what’s up too. We’ve had this thing done since November.

Uh, we wish we could have gotten it out to the public sooner, but you’ll see old podcasts that we were on. Say, man, we need 10 91 pictures to pick this up for distribution. They’re the, they’re the company that has documentaries on Netflix and Hulu have the same, uh, material that we’re making. And, uh, I’ll be damned if we didn’t manifest that into existence.

And we eventually got them to pick that up and pick up the ghost of Gettysburg, which, which comes out, uh, April 26th, um, which is another fascinating tale, but either way, yeah. When to get distribution and get it onto the right platforms, it took a little bit of time. But now that we have that existing relationship, we are hopeful that we can get these things.

Just continue to find these, these. Interesting paranormal stories that we are curious about and want to help generate additional like dialogue and interest. Because like, I feel like one of the main things that we’re trying to do with conscious contact full disclosure is like, man, I just would like the public to start talking about UFO’s and aliens in like a, in a less, um, like, like a de-stigmatize way.

We can study it more. Let’s figure this out, dude. If stuff’s been messing with nukes of people, who’ve been abducted. If, if there’s cattle, mutilations of people, if we’re talking to extra terrestrials telepathic, whatever it is like, bro. I think the more people that are talking about it and studying it, it helps us get to the bottom of it.

Time travelers. I don’t know.

[00:17:59] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s what I tried to do with my podcast. I’m not trying to preach or like be like the Alex Jones, the next Alex Jones or whatever, like, like crazy, like all they’re all going to die and they’re going to, whatever. I just like to present questions and material that makes you think, and it’s up to you to decide what you want to believe and what you want to think.

And, but you should have an open mind enough to look at other views beyond. Just what you think.

[00:18:31] Chris: Yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah, we don’t, we didn’t approach conscious contact or any of our things we made so far with a predetermined narrative. We had no idea where the stories were going to go. Um, cause they’re all just their personal experiences.

And so. It’s a little, like when you’re, when you’re getting these interviews and I’m not, I wasn’t there for any of them for conscious contact. So I would just, I got the five interviews and I plopped them into premiere and I didn’t know what was going to be said. Um, so. It kind of, you know, it found itself in the edit, but it was really easy to do because there’s stories, like I said, sort of interweave a lot of times as well, and not one of the people that we talked to isn’t sincere and does, you know, they all believe everything they’re saying.

And so I think that really, you know, helps you at least keep more of an open mind to their perspective because they seem, you know, legitimate and they see. Um, passionate about what they’re saying and they’re credible people, you know, we talked about Anjalee and her, you know, government background and Sue Walker, she’s worked with, you know, three letter agencies to help solve murder murders and missing persons cases and stuff like that.

Um, so these are experienced. And, uh, that’s the thing about like the end of the movie that I was so proud of with Tyler and I, what we were able to do, I thought was a really push a very optimistic message about this stuff and about keeping an open mind to these things. Um, cause a lot of times people come to a lot of situations with a predetermined, uh, ideas or thoughts about something.

And that’s a bad way to approach a lot of things. As I get older, I try and keep much more of an open mind about a lot of things.

[00:20:23] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause, uh, well it does seem like the fringe stuff is becoming more acceptable. Uh, there seems to be a lot more shows on TV and documentaries and podcasts and everything like that.

Cause I think, I think people crave more. Is presented or taught at your school level or wherever university. Um, and once you start looking into it, you realize there’s definitely something more than what you’re presented for sure. So it’s good to have people like you guys that are trying to shed light on the whole situation and like, From being too like tinfoil Hatesh or whatever.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean,

[00:21:08] Chris: um, the other thing we do, you know, I come from narrative filmmaking background and I love scifi movies and I love horror movies. I’m more way more of a skeptical person than Tyler’s. Um, I think that helps in so far as when we’re making these things. We’re also trying to make it interesting and compelling because like Tyler said, if you just get someone up there talking head who’s dull and boring, it doesn’t matter what they’re saying.

It’s going to be hard to. Take that in, if it’s, there’s not a level of entertainment value to it. And so I think, I think conscious contact and I think so far everything we’ve made is a good mix of that entertainment and interesting storytelling that is, um, you know, interesting, hopefully to people who have very little interest in alien stuff.

Maybe they don’t believe maybe this make them a little bit more open-minded, but also if you are already into this kind of stuff, Maybe there’s some sort of new nugget of information that you haven’t heard before.

[00:22:07] Jeremiah: I think Tyler wanted to say something.

[00:22:11] Tyler: Ah, man, I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t, um, I don’t know where my head was there for a second.

Uh can’t dude, we all like you, I just, yeah. I’m open-minded man to a lot of stuff and I think it’s. Like stuff, that stuff that the crazy people were talking about a hundred years ago, like a lot of that stuff is yup. Has come true today. So who knows, man, what is going to be going on a hundred years from now?

Cause like when we go from pond to PS five in our lifetimes, uh, and PlayStation, VR, and. Dude, it just it’s mind boggling. So man it, and another 30 years alone, like I won’t be surprised if somehow like actors, like people acting or done away with, can we just like an algorithm create like a deep fake or a person that they know is appealing?

To people and craft the person. Like, can you just do that and know, and be indistinguishable, you’re not paying them anything like, uh, and stuff with like nanotechnology and Neurolink and all these fascinating things that we are just starting to discover like, yeah, this is nuts. I got my son’s eight years old, bro.

I won’t be surprised. If my son never has to learn how to drive, right. Say eight years from now, everything is just yet, like, if everything is, is, uh, um, electric cars or whatever, with, with like autopilot and you’re using. GPS and the cameras and all that feedback, like in theory, bro. Yeah. A computer can run all of those things on a highway and get everybody from point a to point B way safer than any of us can.

So at some point I feel like we’ll relay. Yeah, we just won’t be able to drive ourselves. So that’ll be nuts. Maybe my son never has to take a driving test other than, Hey, can you hold your hands at this? Or they might not, they probably won’t even want you to put your hands on there. You’re like a liability, right?

There’ll be like, no, dude, you need to have your hands on a video game or be distracted because if you try and control this car, the only thing that could happen is something bad. We got this shit covered. Um, so with machine learning and everything like that. Yeah, dude, I think, and quantum entanglement and like spooky action at a distance.

And like, I can spin an electron here and, and there’s an electron spinning at the exact same time over in your, in your podcast room simultaneously. Like the other way, like something is connecting those two points in space, right? We can’t say. But I can’t see the wifi signals going through my body right now either, but it doesn’t mean they’re there.

They’re not there. So like, um, yeah. I just think you need enough knuckleheads like me and Chris looking into this stuff and trying to bring it to the masses in a way that’s like, yo, this looks up, I can feel comfortable talking about some different experiences, iPad, and as people start sharing that.

Maybe we start, like I said, getting more like scientific research and getting just more clear answers. Um, because dude, like, it still blows my mind that the government was spending millions of dollars for like 20 years or whatever, studying remote viewing. Like if there’s nothing to it, brown, what a waste of time and money.

Why do that? So. I don’t know how do we get public study and public funding of that stuff. And I think things like the James Webb telescope and, um, uh, what’s the, uh, man I’m drawing a blank on, on what the project is or a project. Yeah, the Galileo project, like dude, as we start getting. More scientifically or scientific minded people looking into this on a larger scale.

I think we get, we get some like cool answers and who knows, who knows what those answers are like? My man, John Ramirez for a retired CIA officer that I interviewed for our upcoming documentary in plain sight, the intelligence community in UFO. Bro. He speculates were hybrids, man, that at, at the bodies, at the, that the alien bodies found at the Roswell crash, uh, they found that like their DNA like shared human DNA.

It was in the human genome. And it’s like, yo, that makes you wonder. Yeah. Could it be hybrids?

[00:27:20] Chris: And then we talked to, um, Tom. Uh, who is an author who researched Roswell in depth and he, he pushed back on that notion, but then also brought up the possibility of them being temporal terrestrials I think was his wording

[00:27:38] Tyler: or they’re right.

[00:27:40] Chris: Extra temporal. Yeah. And so there could be a potential. Yes, I believe that was his wording. Um, and that was a new concept. I hadn’t, hadn’t heard before. That was really interesting. I mean, it’s essentially travel. Through time in some way, because of how you would have to traverse the long distances of space, full space in some ways, but in doing so you’re essentially time-traveling.

So there’s just so many interesting things brought up and that they all lead to something else. And, you know, spider web out, as we meet these people, cause we met Tom Kerry and he leads us to somebody else and somebody else and somebody else that just keeps

[00:28:19] Jeremiah: going. Yeah, it’s definitely a fun ride, especially doing this podcast because I’ll talk to you guys and you’ll hook me up with someone and then that pursued a paranormal podcast.

Hook me up with you guys. And it’s all like a big network. And I just love getting all the different minds and picking up people’s minds and seeing what what’s out there. Because if I just stay with what’s around me, I don’t get to experience those other things.

[00:28:51] Chris: Okay. That

[00:28:51] Jeremiah: Bumble, you got to get out of that bubble, right?

Yeah, exactly. And I feel like through doing my show, I’ve noticed that cause I got a lot of friends that watch it and, or listened to it and people at work and people that I thought would never be like into the stuff are like, dude, I love your show. Like, uh, I never knew about this. I’m learning about this and it’s an awesome feeling.

[00:29:19] Chris: Yeah, it’s the best one. When you’re a creative and you put out something and people respond to it, it feels so validating in a lot

[00:29:26] Jeremiah: of ways. Yeah. Cause we do it for our love and passion. It’s not, well, at least for me, I’m not like expecting to get famous or anything like that, but it would be cool, but like I’m doing it because I want to get the word out there.

I want to give people a platform to talk about things that aren’t normally talked about.

[00:29:45] Tyler: I feel you, but brow, I would encourage. Not to don’t limit yourself. If you like, as far as though, like, yo don’t want to be famous, I’d be loud, bro. I wouldn’t throw that out into the universe. It’s okay. To want to like, like have a high goal, right?

Like I’m kinda, that’s what Chris and I are trying to do with Dockside media. Like dude, if somebody wants to try and minimize me. Attempting to be the best filmmaker in the world. Like dogs. That’s good. It’s a good goal to have. That’s the only way I’m going to keep getting better. And people can say, bro, you’re silly.

It’ll never happen. But it’s like dog. The only way it, it definitely doesn’t happen is if I don’t try. And if this is what fires me up and this is what makes me happy. Then what the hell dude, why not keep going and having the mindset of like, bro, we can go big. We can reach a ton of people because I only think that type of positive thought process and spinning those electrons in my head and then spinning the other way elsewhere.

Helps it happen. I like very few people. Other than maybe me. We’re crazy enough to think we could get, make a documentary. That was good. Get it, get it picked up for distribution. Like, but bro, I, yeah, I just, I thought it was possible. Help build like, believe it into existence, but dude, it took a lot of emails and calling people and following up, like, it didn’t just happen on its own, but like, yeah, dude, I believed it was possible.

And so it’s sick man, that, that we are here and I hope we always remain like. Hungry and passionate and feel that bro, we can, we can accomplish anything. I know that person seems way above us and they would never agree to an interview. We’ll do it. The worst they can say is no, like literally my life still goes on.

Their life still goes on. It’s a no who cares. And sometimes if you ask enough people, somebody says, yes, Do you catch him at the right time on the right day? And the whole thing with like synchronicity is wild. How we got connected to be on this podcast and the, a series of events that transpired to get us here.

And then to find out that you grew up very close to where Chris and I grew up. I mean, it’s just, but being connected through a podcast in the UK, like dog, you can’t script it any better than that. Right. But somehow it’s just, yeah, it blows my mind. So I hope I always try and just stay. Like curious and, and, uh, passionate and hungry to like, and be thankful that bro, this is just like a blessing or this is dope that we can even do this stuff, man.

We taught ourselves how to be filmmakers. That’s nuts. Why stop? We can get whatever we want.

[00:33:14] Jeremiah: Yeah. I think it’s cool. Like my. On my bucket list and I always talk about it and it annoys my fiance, but my bucket list is to film a short movie B rate horror. So at some point I’ll look into doing that.

[00:33:35] Chris: You can definitely do it.

Yeah. Just start doing it. Um, yeah, I mean, I’ve made 14 short films. With no money, you know? So you could do it too. Like there’s nothing to stop you, especially, you got a phone, there’s your camera. You don’t even need to buy one right now. Like that’ll work. Uh, all you gotta do is just start

[00:33:53] Jeremiah: working on it and it’ll happen.

[00:33:56] Tyler: And dude, and the more you do it, the better you’ll get. I mean, that’s how Chris and I started. I was on a cell phone. Yeah. Saw a movie trailer come across the TV like five and a half years ago. I’m like, oh dude, that’s just a bunch of one second to second, three second clips. I bet I could do that. Took my son’s toy.

Dinosaur outside, made this fictitious, uh, trailer called the dyno Slayer. And bro, here we are today. Cranky. Documentaries that you’re like, dog, this is quality. I could see this on history channel. It’s like, dude, that’s it like, that’s it, it means a lot to Chris and I, but I hope it also inspires others to be like dog.

All we did was start doing something and then we just kept doing it. And in the process, in the journey, We got better at storytelling at framing shots at recording audio, right at, uh, thinking ahead of time of what B roll needs to be captured and just like, so dude, if that’s what your passion is, uh, and same here with us early on in our, especially for me, my first short film, I think it was called enough is enough.

And I happened to see a post on Facebook. Uh, this local group out of Harrisburg called and they were doing this 48 hour film competition where people could enter, they give you a theme and then everybody makes a like five to seven minute short film based on that, um, theme. And so it was, uh, yeah, we just try, I just tried it, put myself in the position where I had to.

And dude, here we are today. We kept going. So go do it, bro. Make that beat that Bihar.

[00:35:47] Jeremiah: Yeah, man. Yeah. Make your B-movie or do it. Yeah, but now you guys make me want to do a alien movie or something instead of definitely do it.

[00:35:57] Chris: You both, I mean, I made a movie with my daughter called very pig trouble about a killer Guinea pigs.


[00:36:04] Jeremiah: you can do it. So from doing the interviews and everything like that, what, um, what is your take on the whole alien UFO abduction phenomenon?

[00:36:18] Chris: Um, I can answer that from my perspective. I think me and Tyler have different, different perspectives on a lot of things. We’re very different people, as you can tell, he’s super upbeat and energetic and positive, and I’m a little bit the opposite of that.

I’m definitely more skeptical of a person, but. I’ve told this before, but I started doing therapy like a year ago. In therapy, one of the things my therapist said was, do you want to do hypnosis? I was like, all right. I picked her in my mind would hit notices from movies, right? Like, somebody’s gonna wave something over me.

I’m going to fall asleep. They’re going to make me act like a chicken or something. Uh, that’s not what it is. Like, it’s not that at all. So when I went and did it, it was, uh, it changed my perspective on a lot of things, because. It was effective, but it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. And so what I try and do now, like listening to these people, they tell their stories and they believe them.

And I think before the, I did that therapy and stuff, I probably would have written them off. I wouldn’t have been as open-minded about their perspectives. Um, but when you do things. And you have a predetermined notion of what it is, and then you do it. And it’s not what you were expecting. That changes you a bit.

If you keep doing stuff like that, you start to see like you have these rigid perspectives. That aren’t really what the world is like. And so listening to them, try and keep a more open mind. So I think they believe what they’re saying. And I can’t say that this stuff didn’t happen to them. Um, and I want to experience what they experienced.

So. I believe, I believe they believe what they’re saying. So, yeah.

[00:38:03] Tyler: And as far as abductions go, I would be like, yo. Are we not sending probes to the moon to Mars? Are we not tagging animals in the wild? Right. And studying them like, this is what we continue to do to learn about stuff and what we stumbled upon some tribe in the Amazon that has never been contacted by.

Dog. We don’t contact them. We study. So like, I don’t think it’s that crazy to think that we could be watched and studied that extra terrestrials could be interested in, right. That the science and the consciousness and all these different things that are unique to the human species. Yeah, because like, bro, we weather like just the, the, the scientific studies we do now, or whether it was like, like crazy far out, like stuff the Nazis were doing for experimentation right back in, in world war II.

Like either way like mankind throughout our history has been capable of some wild stuff, dude. So what, like, who knows. Else is out there because in a universe is big as it is. And as old as it is, it’s like dog. If intelligent life formed anywhere else and followed a similar evolutionary track as ours.

And they just happened to like spawn a hundred to a thousand years before us will dog get in a hundred or a thousand years, we’ll be doing shit. We can’t even think of right now. Right. It’s just not even on our radar. Um, because the collective mindset just is, it’s not there. We don’t even think of it. Um, but in hindsight, a thousand years from now, we’ll be like, bro, this was common sense.

How did, how did those barbarians never think of this? I feel like there’s some key to it all like that perhaps. So, yeah, dude, I think it’s possible. Absolutely.

[00:40:21] Jeremiah: Um, have you heard the theory that, uh, gray aliens or river, or actually us from the future

[00:40:28] Chris: that’s sorta goes along with the extra temporal thing that Tom Carey brought up when we interviewed him?

Yeah. It’s an interesting concept for

[00:40:37] Jeremiah: sure. Yeah. Cause I, I actually was listening to something today and they were, the lady was talking about how, um, if you advance our evolution with the way we live now, like will actually turn out looking like the grace.

[00:40:56] Chris: Go ahead, Tyler. I knew you were gonna say something about it.

[00:40:58] Tyler: I was just going to say no. I mean, yeah, it makes sense. And the, the fact that, you know, extra terrestrials are like typically reported with like, you know, arms and legs and fingers to manipulate the environment. Like, it wouldn’t surprise me that that, that human-like form just happens to be the form that like yeah.

Just happens to evolve intelligently, uh, to, you know, to be like the apex predator. Um, so yeah, go ahead. No.

[00:41:31] Chris: I mean, I agree. I mean, we can look back, like people look different just from where they are born and raised on this planet, depending on their climate and everything like that. And, you know, there’s you

[00:41:43] Jeremiah: look back

[00:41:45] Chris: since, you know, the human species first appeared on this planet and how we’ve changed and our look and stuff like that.

So it makes sense. Yeah. Especially considering where we don’t know where the future goes. I’m sure we will change in some ways to better suit the environment that we are creating.

[00:42:04] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause she was saying how long. The way that we don’t really do a whole lot of physical stuff anymore, like back in the old times.

And so like our bodies would shrink and then our heads and brains would get bigger because we’re doing all this technology and stuff like that. And with the cell phone use and everything. Possibly your eyes could get larger and she’s like, and then if you just think about it that way, you know, it paints the picture of what, you know, as a gray alien, I just thought it was interesting.


[00:42:38] Chris: definitely. Yeah. This

[00:42:39] Jeremiah: cool. So for the, for the next film, the, uh, in plain sight, how has that, um, different than. One that’s coming out in April’s or you going a different angle with it? Or

[00:42:57] Tyler: go ahead, Tyler. Yeah, we just, within, in plain sight, um, you know, we we’ve, we’ve hooked in with like some more like the intelligence community with retired CIA officer, John Ramirez, who, uh, you know, through his career at the CIA and like analyzing, uh, I believe.

Ballistic missiles and stuff like that. Um, he just, whatever is just privy to a lot of, uh, interesting information. He’s been in a lot of interesting circumstances and he has a lot of interesting theories and speculation, uh, as to like, um, yeah, what. Extra terrestrials are and where, what humans are. He’s he’s very much so of, I believe the mindset that, you know, we could be fibroids of an extra terrestrial being our or raised.

And so, um, and then we coupled that with Tom Carey, who’s like, uh, the dude he’s putting out his 12th, 12th novel. Witness to Roswell 75th anniversary edition. Um, so he’s been, he’s interviewed over 600 witnesses, um, and has a lot of background on what the government did to help silence this story. Right.

And what these people saw. Um, so. Uh, that the implant site, the intelligence community, and UFO’s, it follows more of a, uh, like a government and hybrid angle to the UFO’s and extra terrestrials. And we got also move on fielding investigator, Jesse peak. Um, who’s had some, some unique experiences, uh, uh, Investigating write reports and sightings.

And he was in the army or national guard, I believe. Um, and then tomorrow we’re interviewing Eric mental of bucks, county paranormal investigations. Uh, and then we need like one or two more interviews to finish that up. Um, that, so that’s the next alien doc. We’ve also got the ghost of Gettysburg. That’s coming out April 26th on Amazon iTunes, Google play, and Microsoft movies.

Chris is just about finished with secrets in the Sasquatch, and that will hopefully be out at the beginning of the summer. And in plain sight, we’re thinking like beginning, middle of the.

[00:45:40] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s great that you guys have, uh, all this content coming out and it sounds like you have the drive to keep going, making more.

And, uh, I like how you are kind of, kind of like macho where you’re not focused on one specific thing. You want to kinda put it all out there for sure.

[00:46:04] Tyler: I mean, we just

[00:46:05] Chris: kind of find things we think are interesting. Yeah. And then we, we go for it. Um, so we’re always open to like new ideas. We have a couple of things, like we’re thinking about next, but like we B S as soon as something catches our attention, we know if it’s like, oh yeah, this is something we need to

[00:46:23] Jeremiah: do.

Um, but

[00:46:25] Chris: yeah. Yeah. We’re excited. We’re very.

[00:46:28] Tyler: Yeah, man. I feel like it’s very dead. Like our journey has just been very destiny driven because just for like, we’ve been doing this filmmaking thing here for like five and a half, six years independently, but to both link up and to both be making documentaries, bro, this wasn’t on our five-year ten-year 20 print.

Nobody ever thought this would happen. Um, I’ve always been curious about tons of different things, but Chris never super and reading into this type of material. Right? So like, it’s just this crazy, crazy journey of fate, man that like finds us going on these adventures and these journeys of a lifetime. I mean, bro, we filmed the ghost of Getty’s.

Like on hunting grounds, man, where like tens of thousands of soldiers bled, bro died, went missing. Like it’s insane. It’s just crazy that we are even in these scenarios, man. And it’s so, so fun. So we try and enjoy every moment. We’re probably going to do one, maybe like a ghost in the graveyard dude, and go ha like camp out at this haunted graveyard and go get an experience.

’cause it’s I don’t know. It’s it’s like we have fun investigating it and trying to share that with others. Right. We really sure.

[00:48:02] Jeremiah: Yeah. There was that place in Pennsylvania that I’ve been tying to go to. I just haven’t gotten a chance to it’s called a central Nalia or something, and it’s where they got the, they got the idea for silent hill video games from it.

Kyla, you went there.

[00:48:19] Tyler: Yeah, I was just up there a couple months back. I was gone to do a camp out with Randall, for secrets in the Sasquatch. And he had to like, uh, bail last minute we were scheduled for the following week, but I’m like, dude, I had plans to go like film something. So I’m like, you know what, I’m going up to Centralia.

And a dude went up there, Gosling ball and drone footage. It’s a, it’s a cool place. And then I went out to. I can’t remember the name. There’s a state forest, like maybe 15, 20 miles away. And, uh, I just went and spent the night by myself, bro, in this forest dude, I saw UFO as I’m setting the tent up. Right.

Like it was just, it was crazy at like one in the morning as I’m falling asleep. I hear somebody like yelling audibly like a hundred yards away. I like grabbed my bread, my knife unzip the sleeping bag, unzip the, uh, the, um, the tent and go flying out into the night, like, oh, nobody was there. But, um, but yeah, do so I’ve had some cool, like Centralia experiences and you should definitely go check it out, man.

It’s any place graffiti highway got all like covered. Right. But then. People find a way. So there’s like a new graffiti highway nearby, right? Oh, this road, that’s all a tattered. So yeah. Do go check it out. And then like the, the stacks where that are like releasing the heat from like the underground mines or seams that have been burning forever.

Like, it’s crazy. Like I went and put my hand, like up against it and it was like a late fall. It was like real cold or, uh, early winter. And I’m like, oh dude. Wow. That’s warranty. That’s.

[00:50:12] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s wild that it’s still burning to this day. Yeah.

So yeah, I’ll definitely have to get up there. Um, I’m actually headed to New Jersey and, uh, may they’re having the ancient alien live, uh, event in New Jersey. So I got my fiance and I tickets for her birthday and we’re going to go, uh, meet Georgia sucralose and all them. Yeah, that sounds great.

[00:50:45] Tyler: That’ll be sick.

[00:50:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. I got plans to take my business cards up there and put them on everyone’s windshield and everything like that. Yeah, for sure. Do it, do it. Yeah. Like you said, find a way. And do you got to put yourself out there? Right?

Is there anything else you want to tell my audience as far as. What you’re doing and where they can find your stuff and all that good stuff.

[00:51:13] Chris: Um, yeah. I mean, conscious contact full disclosure is out April 19th on all major platforms, Amazon, Google, uh, iTunes, Microsoft movies, uh, voodoo or something like that everywhere where you’re looking for a movie, you’ll be able to find it.

And it’s worldwide distribution, Vimeo, sorry, Vimeo. Um, so if you’re into aliens or, um, UFO’s anything like that. You’ll probably find that really interesting. And then on April 26, we have a ghost of Gettysburg if you’re into the supernatural stuff. Um, and that’ll be out everywhere as well. Then look for secrets of Sasquatch coming out fairly soon, ish.

And, then after that in plain sight, another, uh, alien documentary. Also, who knows what’s next after that? Right?

[00:52:01] Tyler: That’s right. And you’ll, we’re super active on Facebook. So it’s site media also on Twitter at dock side media, and our website is www dot Dockside, And, uh, one of the cool things that we did.

People get like behind is if they really enjoy the documentary. Uh, I encourage them to like link up with one of our social media sites and go back through, because I feel like it was a really unique experience of how we put this together and that we were super transparent, like as we’re booking interviews, as I’m flying to these different places and recording these interviews, like we’re documenting it and we’re putting it out there.

And so. Been able to just keep this kind of like hype train going and people can see like, oh dude, that’s how they did it. I can do that too. And I guarantee you, you

[00:52:59] Jeremiah: could. Yeah, that sounds great. Um, and I will look into a little bit more thoroughly creating my, a bucket list movie. Make sure I go for it.

Yeah, dude, do it.

[00:53:14] Chris: If you need any help, you need to go. Any questions. And hit us up

[00:53:18] Jeremiah: from shore. And, uh, yeah, if you can link me up with that Sue Walker, I definitely would, uh, would like to talk to her about her experiences.

[00:53:29] Tyler: Yeah, dude, I’ll send it to you after, uh, after we get off this podcast on absolutely.

[00:53:35] Jeremiah: All right. Well, thank you guys for coming on and speaking with us and, uh, I’m so glad that you were able to do it and I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary and I probably watch it again, to be honest with you. So when the next ones come out, I’ll definitely watch them too. And my fiance also really enjoyed it.

So thank you. That’s

[00:53:57] Chris: that’s awesome. Tell your fiance. Thank you so much for checking out as well and Jeremiah, and thanks for having us on the show. We really appreciate it.