Quantum Healing and Zero Point Energy

Quantum Healing and Zero Point Energy


Quantum Healing and Zero Point Energy

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to

question everything your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast? This is your host, Jeremiah. And I’m joined today by Steve NOAC. I hope that I pronounce that right. yeah, you got that right? Yep. All right. Good. Sometimes I worry, cuz names can be tricky. Yeah, but I nailed it. So . But yeah, we have, uh, Steve with us here and he’s gonna be talking to us about his near death experiences.

He’s had two, which is unusual, um, but definitely something that’s changed his life. And he’s gonna talk to us about that and about some of his works that he does now with quantum healing and zero point field and other good stuff. So we’ll introduce him now. Hello,

[00:01:17] Steve: Steve. Hey, how’s it going? Nice to be.

Yeah, thanks

[00:01:22] Jeremiah: for coming on and talking with us and sharing your experience.

[00:01:26] Steve: Yeah. Anytime, anytime I get the, um, opportunity, I like to come on at least, uh, tell people some of what I learned from over there.

[00:01:35] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. And I like doing the show. It’s a way for people to have a platform to talk and express their feelings or their experiences and.

That I’m able to give people that chance and that opportunity. So let’s go back to the beginning of it all. You had a near death experience at the early age of four.

[00:02:01] Steve: Yeah. I was, uh, four years old and, um, I was getting ready to go to the mall, which is a big thing. When you’re a kid, you know, your parents are like, let’s, let’s go to the mall.

I’m like, okay, I’m across the. And I’m on my big wheel, which is like a small plastic tricycle, basically like a foot high. And I come down the driveway, my, my brother’s across the street and a car comes and I go in between two cars and this car hit me and I went completely underneath the car and the woman who was drinking.

So she didn’t, she didn’t know she hit me. So she kept going another 20 or 30 feet. And, uh, people had to wave her down and stop. . Um, but my big wheel was actually what saved my life because it got caught underneath the back tire. And that sort of kept me from going under the back tire. Um, from what I understand, uh, I had a lot of injuries, like collapsed lungs, broken ribs, broken shoulder blade, um, a few other things.

It was so long ago. It’s hard to like dig all the details outta my mom. I do have the newspaper clippings, um, but basically. Immediately saw, saw myself. Was looking at myself, I sort of lifted up. Saw myself, I saw my eyes roll into the back of my head and then everything faded to black. And then it came back again, except I was sitting in a room.

It was kind of like, I don’t know if you ever seen the show romper room. Um, or it was like sitting in a room where everything was carpeted and there was a bench all the way. And that was all carpet. So I wake up and I’m leaning to my side and I have my head down like this and I open my eyes. And the first thing I see is hair, that’s almost touching the ground and it was silver white.

And, and I didn’t really have any thought. I was just kind of like, who am I leaning on? Cuz I’m leaning on someone. And when I turned to my right to see who it was. They had no face, it was just light. And they were wearing a luminescent, silverish robe. And, um, I asked them what happened. They basically told me I was in an accident.

Um, and I looked away from this being, cuz I’m still trying to process, you know, cuz now we’re talking without words and I pick up on that, like there’s, we’re not talking, but we’re. so I turn away and I go to look around and I could see kind of through this room. And it was what I would, I guess, basically caught heaven.

Uh, the colors were breathing and they were alive. Um, I knew instantly at that moment that pain didn’t exist there, suffering all these things just hit me at once. And I turned back to the being. and the face kind of started to pull me in and I wanted to go there, but they told me that this is where I’ll get to the really weird part.

Um, have you ever heard of a walk-in? No, they basically told me that I can make an agreement to leave my body because it was gonna be painful for me on earth at a certain time. I. At that time, we talked about the quantum field. They showed me what looked like a blueprint and it was underneath everything we see here in the material world and everything was built upon it with energy.

Um, they, so I saw the blueprint, saw the quantum field. And the next thing I see is I’m standing in the middle of kind of like a medicine wheel except in the middle. I’m I recognize this as myself. Pure energy. Love in the middle of this wheel. And they started showing me how humans extend their energy to the field and then it cycles through them so they can experience reality and how we spend our energy to experience reality.

They talked a bit about soul retrieval, how we can get the pieces of our soul back. Um, they talked. About a lot of things, uh, about how angels and demons were a part of us. And we had the power to create here, what we wanted. Um, they talked about the seven arc angels existing as frequencies that flow through all mankind, same thing with like to seven demonic, princes, things like that.

And at the time, you know, I couldn’t understand all this. They’re basically showing me everything is energy. Everything is frequency. Um, the way we resonate in our, in our nervous system is the world we live in. That’s how we create the outside world through our heart. Um, they taught me that, uh, basically there’s one God, and it was love.

And this became the Christ. This became the love one for Egypt. The Brahman for. And there was all these different names, uh, for different cultures that formed their identity for this power that they called God. And, uh, so right there, I instantly knew everything was one and it wasn’t separate. So I don’t know if you wanna break in at all.

[00:07:43] Jeremiah: No, I’m just, uh, fascinated by the whole thing. And, uh, the map thing is that kind of like the principle of like, as above, so below.

[00:07:52] Steve: Yeah. Basically like everything anchors itself here is like, we can’t exist with just positive. There has to be positive and negative basically to hold our molecules in a solid state.

Otherwise we’d float away, uh, to billion molecules, like the kid on Willy Wonka or whatever . So they taught me a lot about that and a lot about how to, um, cleanse the nervous. Things like that, that I would recall later. So I wind up living. I knew as I came out of that, something had happened, but I couldn’t fully remember, um, fast forward to I was 17, 18 at the time.

And I flipped a car over doing about 75 rolled. At five times, there was five people in the car. Two of them flew out of the windows. Don’t know how anybody survived, but yet everybody stood up and walked away. Uh, they landed on the grass. They were fine, no seat belts for anybody. Um, but during this, uh, I could feel myself, leave my body and sort of observe myself as I’m going through this in slow motion.

Um, so I, I was knocked out. They brought me to the ER. To do a surgery to repair. I believe it was my elbow, but I had broken bones like elbow here, uh, a couple other things from being banged around in the car. And I got very anxious during, and this was before any medication, very anxious. And, uh, I was getting ready to leave.

Like, you know, how you get that feeling? And you’re like, I gotta get out of here. And I had that feeling and I was ready to. Pull all my stuff off and leave before they came in and put me under. And at that point I felt this energy start from my head to my toe toes. Um, cause I have 10, so it starts at my head, goes to my toes and it’s just complete calm.

It’s like somebody had wrapped me in a grandmother’s love on the inside, like a velvety blanket. That feeling of pure safety and comfort. And I laid back and then that’s when I heard the voice say what they said when they closed with me the first time they said, Steven, put your head down. Everything’s gonna be right.

And then right there was like the floodgates opened. I started to have all these visions. Um, I started to perceive shadows and silhouettes all around me somewhere, smoky somewhere. uh, kind of, depending on the energy they were made out of, it was like that caused me to open some other link to where I had been.

Um, so I have the surgery at that point. I’m a game stop store manager. Um, well later I’m a game stop store manager in like 2008. And then this is when everything starts. It. it’s like being on a, a kid on Christmas Eve and you can’t relax cuz you have all that energy inside you times a million. It was like somebody installed a reactor in my stomach and it started to burn everything away.

That was false. Like my shadow side. What I know now to be polarity. So polarity started with my conscious.

For the scientific people, it’s called action potential in your nervous system, uh, where light comes in. And it, I didn’t perceive where it was coming in from the time, but light enters you and it starts to basically call up all the charges and your cellular memory, all the information that you held inside your body, your spirit, your subconscious.

Um, so this started a whole mess of things. I started to hear spirit. I started to hear people’s thoughts. Um, I remember playing games, you know, as I’m ringing people out and I’m like thinking in my head, do you want a bag? And I could hear the answer back. No. And I knew it was coming back as a frequency and I was also feeling it.

So I was getting pretty good at that. Then I started to have the hunger. I was getting very hungry when people would walk in and then I, I would eat lunch. Entirely full somebody would walk in and I, that it was like, I didn’t eat. So I went through that quite a few times, and then I just started asking customers, Hey, are you hungry?

And I had a few people turn around and walk out. And I figured out I was feeling their energy. Somehow we were trading energy. Um, what I later figured out to be quantum entanglement. So I went through all. So you could feel

[00:12:52] Jeremiah: so you could feel their hunger.

[00:12:55] Steve: Yeah, because it was humans produce bio photons, they emit light.

That’s too dim for the human eye to perceive. And in this, in these bio photons there’s information, uh, it’s like we’re broadcasting, like we’re tuners, you know, if you’re around somebody with really good energy, you usually feel good. If you’re around a place that has really negative energy, you kind of feel yucky or you just get that feeling.

It was kind of like that on steroids. so I started to hear spirits. I couldn’t shut ’em off. I said, and, and I couldn’t, they were like kind of tuning in on the, the side of my head here. Um, I believe that’s called the, it’s not the frontal lobe. There’s I’m trying to think of the word, but I just don’t have it right now.

But, um, later to find out if that’s the spiritual center of your brain. So I started to hear him. I couldn’t shut him off. I, I didn’t sleep for like, probably a. Until I kind of got fed up with all the things they were telling me. Now, what they were telling me was that I was a piece of crap. I wasn’t gonna do anything in life.

They were gonna take me to hell, um, all this junk. And later I figured out these were my emanations and how I treated myself throughout my life being broadcast. And now I was able to see them and interact with ’em and that kind of gave me the power. clear all of, uh, all of the pain that I caused on the world, as far as how I treated people, how I acted, um, become more humble.

It brought me to God. I started to go to like every church to find answers about what was happening at the time. Cuz I didn’t go to church before this. So suddenly I’m knocking on all these doors to churches. when they were locked, I would break down and cry. It was like, all these feelings were just so magnified and overwhelming.

There was times at work where I would just bust out, laughing as this energy passed through my system. There was times I would just cry. Eventually I had to leave the job, uh, go do something else that wasn’t dealing with the public. Um, trying to think of where I, where I was going with the rest. Well, when you

[00:15:15] Jeremiah: went to the churches and, and I’m assuming you actually got to talk with like a pastor or a priest or anything, did they, uh, think you were

[00:15:23] Steve: crazy or even, yeah, eventually I did.

And they thought I was nuts, dude. Um, most, maybe one listened, but none of them had the answers. None of ’em knew the God that I was feeling in me at that moment that allowed me. I woke up. And when I woke up, I felt like we were in a war and they say heaven is within. And I felt like that’s what was taking place through mankind, that there was a war going on within them, for their emotions, for their nervous system, for their identity.

Cuz there’s so many things in the world trying to tell us who we are, what we should be. And I realized obviously through the NDE that I was in. I was loved when I came into this body and I should leave as love. So I started to feel the, the misnomers and what wasn’t true, what truth was, what, what it wasn’t and the church didn’t have it, you know, I had to dig within myself to find it.

So I went through a couple times where I would be praying, uh, you know, show me, where is all this coming from? Cause I had all this inform. It changed my personality drastically, you know, I stopped playing video games. I stopped smoking weed. I stopped doing all the things that kept my soul in a way satisfied, but on a lower level, you know, you don’t know any better at the time.

Um, and I started to read all the spiritual books. I could find it didn’t matter what religion it was to. and I could feel what was God and what wasn’t in there. You know what man put in there, what God channeled in there for man. And I started to identify really with all the religions, but none at the same time and feeling the resonance because I learned it on my inside.

Now I could recognize on the outside of me, what was love and what wasn’t, what was false and what was. Yeah.

[00:17:28] Jeremiah: I find that, um, a lot of religions have a lot of good stuff in them. Mm-hmm, a lot of good teachings and wisdom and stuff like that, but I feel like there’s always that dog Mo or that, like, I don’t know.

Human structure to it where it’s like it’s been banded and shaped into whatever that religion wants to perceive or, uh, present. And, and then there’s also like, you know, books that are left out or intentionally left out. And so you never really get like a full, clear story. Yeah. It’s kind of like whatever man shaped to.

For you to experience.

[00:18:13] Steve: Yeah. And I was certainly after the truth and I realized, you know, it was a tree with many branches and some branches were dead and some were more lively and it was all part of the same tree. So it was like, I searched for that truth within myself. And I started to identify with the way Christ taught.

So I started to Jesus Christ. I, I would say because the way I identify it was, he was a. That made himself a clean vessel to embody that light and give that message, uh, to complete it in the physical world, at least to me. Um, but I started to follow those teachings, uh, speaking to my subconscious, bringing all the lower Carnel Carnell south, the Carnel south that feeds off the earth off these lower emotions.

We all know people like this. I started to speak to all the frequencies that existed within me and bring them together as one. And then I would give them to the Christ to God, to be transmuted or turned into light. And I figured out, okay, I’m creating density with lower emotions inside my nervous system, higher emotions create higher, uh, lighter energy.

You know, this was why all the masters came and told us to. at least the good ones. Uh, they have pretty much the same message and that’s because when we are this lighter energy, we’ll go to where we want to in the afterlife, you know, I learned our bodies were just vehicles, um, that we don’t die. Of course.

[00:19:54] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely a lot of the teachings around the world, uh, speak about that. Like raising your vibration, uh, raising your enlightenment and your positivity. And it seems really focused around that, but then of course you got the other side of people who are really, um, in the dark and mm-hmm, , you know, you have your satanic worshipers and your.

Uh, whatever cults and all that stuff. And they’re kind of just on that lower vibrational

[00:20:25] Steve: level. Yeah, for sure. They’re, they’re feeding. I figured out, you know, this, this one being of light is one. Well then there has to be one being of darkness that everybody feeds in some sort of way. And, uh, that reality, like Einstein said, everything is in this state of vibration to perceive this as a solid.

It has to go through my consciousness. So that’s when I was like, so everything is within then. There’s a battle of light and dark taking place within people. And, uh, through, I started to figure out I had like a gift for healing. How that happened was I had a woman fall outside of the game stop that I was managing at the time.

It was an elderly woman. She fell down. She was in a lot of pain. Uh, I went out. I put my hand on her back for some reason. And I wasn’t always that person, I wasn’t a very personable person, like before all this, um, I was pretty negative, so I’m not sure why, but I put my hand on her back and she looked at me and she said, I’m all warm.

And I don’t feel any more pain. So a couple minutes goes by EMTs come and I go back to my job and I’m thinking about that. And I’m like, man, that was. and I’m just mulling it over and mulling it over until someone else asks me for help. Uh, because they saw like things I was posting on Facebook and, uh, just the energy.

They could feel the energy of it. And it just rolled into figuring out that I, I could transmit and channel the place that I was at at one time, which I call a quantum field. That’s what looked like a blueprint to. And I figured out that everybody was connected there and that I could help them connect there to this blueprint of themselves that they hold in that field.

You know, it’s always there for me, it really resonated with like the promise of Christ and the things he talk about talked about. But naturally he had to go through his state of purification and the wilderness, things like that. Um, so then I. Started helping people. And it just turned into one, turned into another, another.

I came across in that I came across dark entities who would speak to me during sessions through these people who would growl, speak different languages. People would scratch themselves. And then that’s when I started to really get the education of the dark side and what they were doing and that they were inside.

People’s subconscious mind. uh, as trauma, the unaddressed things that we’re kind of acting out through our nervous system.

[00:23:14] Jeremiah: Yeah. So those, um, like negative thoughts that people have, um, they’re actually, well, you think that they’re actually, for lack of a better word, like demons or like a dark energy.

That’s trying to

[00:23:28] Steve: feed off that. I would say in my experience, a Demonn is self-created. As far as the dark and the light, uh, what we refer would refer to, like I said earlier with like, uh, the seven arc angels, the seven demonic princes they’re just here to grant humanity, their creation, as far as the demons and what, like a Catholic priest would perceive as a demonic entity.

It’s just a Mon entity is just a really powerful manifestation, unaddressed, UN control. and I’ve had those before and it can be controlled. It can be cleansed, but a person has to become accountable for their creations. You know, they have to hand it all over as kind of like a sacrifice, like, okay, God, you know, better, you know, better to me and do it with their heart, not just in their words.

But, um, what I find really interesting is I came across extraterrestrial like nervous system hijacking. The sort of narrative about how they’re harvesting our quantum energy. Uh, we’re basically quantum batteries generating quantum energy, and that’s why as a society, they want to keep us in a low state of vibration.

They wanna keep our nervous system full of division, full of hate, full of all these things so that we don’t find that door within ourselves and expand out of our body as opposed to being trapped inside.

[00:24:59] Jeremiah: Yeah, I definitely hear about that. And, um, on the conspiracy side, like, um, quote, unquote conspiracy stuff is like, uh, You hear about like how the elites and all are trying to keep us down and by, you know, putting chemicals in our food and, uh, giving us mindless television programs to watch and

[00:25:24] Steve: music.

Yeah. I’ll take away the conspiracy perspective. They don’t even know what’s happening. Half of them don’t even know this is going on through them. Uh, I just actually had a client the other night who had the nervous system hijack. thoughts in her head that would make her wanna repeat these thoughts, carry out these actions so they could harvest her energy basically.

Then a lot of this stuff happening is happening through consciousness. Unless you really go there and look, they’re not gonna know, you’re just gonna resonate as a negative evil person and you’re gonna do bad things and probably not be aware of the narrative behind it. There’s there’s good.

ETS too. Uh, they’ve. A couple times and spoken to me and they’ve come into session and I would be able to see them and feel them in my mind’s eye, different races, things like that.

[00:26:18] Jeremiah: So what’s your take on the whole like alien ex extraterrestrial thing? Like, do you think they’re just, uh, extra dimensional or do you think they’re from outer space or

[00:26:30] Steve: combination?

Yeah, extra dimensional interdimensional for sure. Uh, the first time. Like, I didn’t believe in any, in any of this stuff, dude. That’s important for me to know I’m the biggest skeptic of all. So this voice comes in and at the time I’m still learning how to control, hearing these spirit emanations of myself, other spirits as well, coming in and out.

Uh, so I’m eating bowl of Cheerios and these, I would call ’em galactic interdimensional. Whatever you wanna call it, they show up and they’re called the Arturians and they say, yeah, you’re you had a walk in, uh, around 2008. You’re integrating that into your consciousness. You had a walk in of a soul that had like, I don’t know all this knowledge because it was just common and common and common.

And I would write it down and write it down and it overwhelmed me. So that’s why I went to God, but so they tell me I had a walk. That I was, uh, a member of some divine council of nine. And I’m like, yeah. Okay. Whatever galactic Federation, I’m like go away. And I eat my Cheerios and I go, and I look it up. I try to find as much information as I can.

And I’m finding it. I’m like, this is real. This is other people experiencing this stuff. So I’m like, okay, you can come back. They didn’t come back until the next time I was eating a bowl of cheer. So it was kind of like, I guess, an inside joke. I’m like, what is it with the Cheerios? So they came back again and then then talked about the Ascension and the evolution of humanity and about how our waking consciousness is like the operating system.

And our subconscious is like the hard drive where all the programs are stored and they’re like, well, humanity has used up all this. We need to clear it so that they can expand to the next level of evolution consciousness. So then I started to, um, kind of align more with that and the nervous system about how we were a computational being.

We’re always computing data, storing data. And I started to really tone down what I was intaking and also what I was putting out to creation. I stopped putting out lower vibrations. I would stop myself, you know, cause everybody gets that charge that comes up and they want to answer something in a negative way.

Especially if somebody does you wrong, something happens in traffic. You wanna get mad. But I started to recognize that energy wasn’t me. I was the energy of love. I was an energy in my body. That’s my identity, everything else formed from the world. So by correcting my inputs and outputs, intake of data, things like.

That led me to evolve myself. And on a grander scale, it was sort of a reflection of what humanity was undergoing as evolution. Eventually one day to basically be beings of light and photosynthesize more with the sun, cuz the sun is a big part of our expansion. And that’s why I discovered we see the message of the son in a lot of religions.

Um, like the law of. Jesus Christ, who became the son and the flesh. Um, so that is connected to our consciousness expansion now at a cycles and the solar flares. So it was a lot to intake dude, and like even comprehend, like how do I even comp my logic mind was fighting it, you know? Yeah. I was just

[00:30:11] Jeremiah: gonna say, I’ve noticed a lot of solar flare activity lately.

It kind of makes you think, uh, is it booting up to do something like, I feel like we’re at a pivotal point in time where, um, choices are being made. I’ve heard about like this thing where, uh, you know, if you’re a lighter vibrational or more positive vibrational person that, um, You’ll be able to ascend whenever this point in time happens.

Then if you’re not, you’ll kind of just linger on and kind of goes into the whole like revelation thing with the what’s that, uh, the rapture and all that stuff. So maybe it’s all tied together.

[00:30:57] Steve: Yeah, I believe it is for sure. I believe people are being raptured up, but heaven is here and hell is also here and we’re creators and we’re relearning our power of.

Like it’s so much faster now. It’s like instantly you’ll send a signal out and this is scientific. We create quantum emissions with our thoughts and you’ll receive it back, send it out, receive it back. So for a while, I focused on doing that with the quantum field and sort of lifting myself into this state of being where I was unattached to everything, what I call the zero point feel you’re fully grounded as an energetic system.

but yeah, it’s uh, I’ve I lost my train of thought there.

[00:31:44] Jeremiah: It’s all right. Um, yeah, I was just talking about how we’re at a point in time.

[00:31:48] Steve: Uh, yes. Yeah. Many people are gonna evolve and splinter up and try to stay natural, and there’s gonna be the people who adopt the AI and the robotic side. And it’s just gonna keep ’em in a suspended state.

basically, they’re not going to fully embrace their whole selves. When you deny yourself, you’re gonna deny others that part of themselves. You know how I, basically, anytime we’re bothered, there’s an unhealed part of ourselves. That’s sort of reflecting in that person. If I’m bothered by something in this person, there’s something I need to look at within myself, cuz there’s a link.

So there’s gonna be a lot of people who don’t accept them, wholesale their whole.

[00:32:36] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I find the whole like, um, and it seems to be ramping up lately too is the whole AI thing, the whole integration of, uh, computer and human and all that stuff. And I, I personally don’t want any part of that, but

[00:32:54] Steve: no, I stay far away as possible.

[00:32:57] Jeremiah: Yeah, but there’s a lot of people who are like looking forward to it and, um, you know, looking forward to having chips implanted in their brain and whatever else. And I, like I said, I don’t want to do any of that, but Nope. Um, there is definitely people that will, uh, follow along and do it.

[00:33:17] Steve: I want a 55 Chevy in my garage that I can fix that runs on gas.

So when everything goes, computer. And the sun goes full solar flash. If that happens, you know, there, there, there’s a lot of things where these people are asleep and they’re complacent and they don’t think all these, all these things can happen. Um, but it’s definitely gonna happen. You know, that’s what you’re seeing through society.

Now, you’re seeing a lot of pressure from the solar flares on people’s subconscious and there’s a term called neural hijack. We’re basically hijacked by our trauma and this, this trauma starts to run information and it takes control of us. And that’s what we’re seeing in society right now. We’re seeing literally the lower kingdoms start to rise up.


[00:34:09] Jeremiah: And I wonder, um, I’ve just been thinking about it and talking about it to people lately is like, I wonder if all this has to do with all this, um, what is it called? The great resignation where all these people are leaving their jobs, trying to go somewhere else and all these different movements that are popping up and fighting.

And then the, it seems like, you know, the powers that B try to like use it for division

[00:34:35] Steve: and all that stuff and oh yeah. First it went, uh, first it went from the. . I don’t know if we’re allowed to say that on your show. first. It went from that and shaming and pitting people against each other. Then it went to race.

Then it went to gender and, uh, a few other things I could think of shaming you for driving a gas powered car and all of it. If you see the pattern, it’s not in alignment with the message of love. That’s how you know, okay. These, this person is not a good. They would not be putting these feelings into my nervous system.

They would not be gaslighting, humanity as a whole. And, uh, you Gaslight people and you get ’em in that state. And they’re a lot easier to control. I could kind of see them being pushed one way, pushed this way.

[00:35:25] Jeremiah: There are, uh, certain people that are easily swayed and easily. What are they brainwashed to?

Follow a certain ideology or thinking, and it works for both sides too. It’s not just one

[00:35:39] Steve: side it’s oh yeah, it’s both. And that’s where our identity comes in to know yourself and stand there on that foundation and not let somebody push you off to the left or the right, but to align with the acts and the principles of kindness.

Et cetera, et cetera. And no matter how you’re feeling and addressing your own feelings because they happen within you. So we’re in control of them. You just don’t have the tools right now to, uh, do that.

[00:36:10] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I. Tell people like the best thing you can do is to just cut out the news. Don’t watch the news.

Yeah, for sure. Either way, cuz they have a propaganda and a message to spread and you’re only getting that side of the story. Whichever one program you watch, you’re gonna get whatever they want to present to you. And. I just noticed a lot of people who follow like the news programs and stuff seem to be the most like tense people and the most like yeah.

Up in arms type people and Carnel. And, um, when you cut that out, it seems like things get life gets better. yeah.

[00:36:51] Steve: I mean, you’re basically a, like I was saying earlier, a computational being you’re digesting data, you’re storing it and you’re subconscious. Even while you’re sleeping. That’s why people listen to books on tape when they go to sleep.

And the studies about songs that, you know, the lyrics to, if you’re listening to, while you’re sleeping a lot, things like that, we’re always taking in this data and if we’re not processing it, uh, this lower data, it’s definitely building a sort of program. That’s going to guide us to more of that. Uh, more of that, whatever resonates, you know, I’ve seen people with extreme fear in their.

And they’re fearful of everything that, uh, fear encompasses. You know, they’re afraid to drive. They’re afraid to go into a store without a mask. They’re afraid of this afraid of that afraid of that. And to me, it’s one program. Yeah. I was watching

[00:37:43] Jeremiah: that show house. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but, um, I actually’s


[00:37:47] Jeremiah: a middle times.

Yeah. Yeah. And the episode I watched last night was. That same type of thing. The guy wouldn’t leave his house. Wouldn’t leave his room. Um, well he would leave his room, but like barely. And he would definitely not leave his house. And mm-hmm, , it’s like you said, that programming where something is so bad that, or you have a thought process that bad that, uh, it prevents you from, you know, living your life.

Right. He was just like withering away in his

[00:38:19] Steve: house. and it’s all these thought forms that we. And we add one platform to another, to another, to another, to another, and now we’re creating an entity that is binding us to a certain thought pattern. And, um, basically we’re creating this between ourselves and the quantum field, what I was shown during my near death, because we’re always sending out information and receiving it back and then process.

[00:38:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I think the ancient people were more in tune to that and knew about that. Uh, like you spoke of with the son and everything, but also it seems like a lot of their structures are laid out like the stars in the heavens and they also seem to know things with like mummification and all these practices.

Um, for archaic people is actually pretty intelligent, pretty, uh, advanced.

[00:39:14] Steve: Yeah. I was just watching, uh, I think it was expedition unknown, cuz I like that show and they’re always going to the different agent sites and they were talking about how accurate the mine calendar was. Uh, and they still can’t figure out how they got it, that accurate things like that.

And a lot of ’em all have the same message of these beings coming down, sort of like extraterrestrial, but I consider. Interdimensional rather than outside of us, because everything is within. Um, but they kinda, you know, you have angels, then you have, uh, the ANOC for the Egyptians and then you have different gods for like the Mayans and things like that.

And they all hold these principles and these sway over, uh, creation. And from my knowledge, I understood, okay, these. Archetypes, we have a higher self and a lower self. And if we can resonate to that angelic space to that demonic space, then we can sort of be inside of it and almost wear it like a suit.

You know, we could do amazing things as creators, but, um, yeah, that they were inside us as arc types, uh, for us to resonate in the same frequency and em, It

[00:40:33] Jeremiah: just, uh, ancient stuff, like fascinating to me. It’s like, how did they know all that stuff and, and get it in such accurate form. Uh, it’s just incredible to think about, yeah.

There’s no way

[00:40:46] Steve: without divine help that they’ve lined up all that stuff in all these different civilizations. When I was

[00:40:53] Jeremiah: brought up with going through school and stuff like that was like, they always put it in your head that they were like super primitive and like kind of stupid, but they definitely were not stupid.

[00:41:04] Steve: No. And I mean, considering they probably had a lot less distractions. That’s what it is. It’s distract humanity, distract humanity, distract humanity. So they don’t find themselves. Uh, nature is great. Like we were talking about connecting and, uh, reson. Going out in nature and just simply saying thank you to the trees, thank you to the land because it’s all part of you and we’re only separated by vibrational frequency.

So if it’s all part of me and I’m thanking it, then I’m now receiving it back into me and it’s lifting me up. It’s lifting me out of the depression. Lifting me up out of, um, all these different low states of being, you know, that’s why nature’s so great. That clean F. Oh,

[00:41:51] Jeremiah: yeah. And I love going out hiking and, uh, being in the deep woods and stuff like that.

Cuz it does. It makes you feel more at ease. Yeah. It makes it more peaceful.

[00:42:03] Steve: Yeah, I’ll go out there. I was just out there actually. I got this device called the plant wave and you connect, uh, two electrodes to a plant or to a mushroom and it plays the bioelectrical frequency of the plant, uh, through a synthesizer.

So it’s really cool healing. Uh, I just tried it out. So I’m trying to make more healing videos put up for people, but, uh, it’s really cool. Cuz the plants are playing music. They’re always communicating trees and knees and they have a spirit and a, basically an aura of their own. Uh, and we connect our energy with their energy and we’re supposed to be living.

According to me, we’re supposed to be living at the pace of nature, not outliving it and outliving it until we become burnt.

[00:42:46] Jeremiah: Oh, yeah. And we definitely are. And did total pollution and destruction that we’ve yeah. Inflicted on, on earth is pretty bad too. And, and then there’s, I feel sad for some people, cuz there’s some people in major cities like New York or LA or whatever, and they like literally are never in nature.

They’re always in the concrete jungle and yep. Uh, it’s just crazy to me. I’ve thought

[00:43:12] Steve: about that a few times. Like I, dude, I could not do the. not as I am now as I was when I was still bound to my vices, uh, of a lower nature, because I, I really took pride in conquering them conquered, uh, the, any addictions I had conquered any sexual things, like letting pretty women in for a long time.

Okay. I would date this one. I’d date, that one date, that one never settle down and. I understood at a certain time, I had to learn how to say no to these feelings that were calling me to participate in co-creation. So then I started to look at all the impulses. Okay, that’s an impulse then it’s not coming from me.

It’s coming from my subconscious and it wants to create more energy, whatever it would be impulse to bind me to a certain pattern of behavior. So I started to look at that and the toxic. and being in a city. Yeah. It doesn’t help all the toxic chemicals. Like we were saying earlier, vibrated, a low frequency.

They don’t help. And the people didn’t even know they’re intake and ’em, you know,

[00:44:20] Jeremiah: I’m guilty of it too. I’m not trying to say I’m like better than anyone else cuz you know, I, I eat some crappy food and just like, you know, chemicals. Probably shouldn’t Hey, I mean, me, I’m not saying like drugs or anything, but like me too, here, there,

[00:44:37] Steve: chemical and food, but it’s a, it’s a, when you get into patterns, then when you start to get into problem, soon as a pattern starts now you’re creating a neurological circuit and imprint for your brain to run a okay.

More of this, more of that, more of that, that you do it a couple times. Cool. You go have a drink on a Friday night. You start to have a drink every Friday night, that becomes Friday, Saturday, that becomes during the week, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, things like that. So you always want to keep an eye out for the patterns.

We’re here to have an earth experience. We’re here to experience everything the earth has to offer and then return to a state of love. Hopefully. And that was the important part about my ND too, was that nobody does anything wrong here. There’s nothing to be guilty. Shameful of we’re all learning, basically how to navigate our way as human beings.

Um, and I, I started to gain this observer perspective. That was very helpful where I would look at myself as a main character of this movie. Okay. Do I like this character in this movie? Would I like it? If I were watching my own movie, things like that, and that helped me observe other situations about my.

and kind of be like, no, I don’t like that guy. I’m gonna correct this. I should be more kind next time. Things like that. Yeah. That’s

[00:46:04] Jeremiah: good to be able to see yourself from the outside view instead of cuz everyone’s so ego focused and ego driven and you only see through your lens, but sometimes it is good to put yourself out of your own body and kind of view yourself in the situation from a.


[00:46:24] Steve: different perspective. Yeah. It’s like a third person perspective and I’m like, wow, that guy’s a Dick so maybe you shouldn’t be a Dick, but it was, uh, basically I understood that it was a divine play that we were in. It was a story we were weaving with creation itself and there was nothing to be like, upset about, guilty about I had to go through all these emotions to feel ’em and learn ’em and understand.

and sort of allow that to shape me into who I was.

[00:46:54] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. So, um, is there any other gifts or anything that you’ve, uh, experienced since all this?

[00:47:05] Steve: I would say connection to what, like people know as angels, like in some of the healing sessions, people would see them, people would go off and connect to them themselves.

Um, I had a woman see if it, she had stage four cancer. Uh, she in particular had a great vision during her session. You know, she goes to sleep. Christ leads her into a pool of water, there’s animals, all around, things like that. And I just noticed my gift was to bring the holy spirit to people, whether that was healing, casting out, um, just to bring that light back into the world.

However I could, because I wanna leave clean footprints when I. so you could say healing, uh, you could say removal channeling. Um, I don’t really get it too much into like psychic reading and stuff like that. I try to stay away from that. To me, it’s a lot more pure to watch somebody’s light come on inside them and have them go off and have that relationship them.

So, and to feel loved, you know, the way I felt. Yeah,

[00:48:16] Jeremiah: that’s definitely a great way to go about it. And, um, definitely something that is needed in this world right now, especially with all the negative energy that’s been going around in the news. And, uh, it’s just. Everything. It gets so heavy. Like when, if I watch a bunch of news stuff, it’s all like negative and everything.

They present. Well, 90% of it is negative and just lower vibrational. And after a while, it kind of like weighs down on you. And I had that issue when I was really into like conspiracies and stuff was like, I had to step back because I. It just feels too dark. I’m I’m going down too many rabbit holes. Yeah,

[00:48:59] Steve: same here.

I, I was in that state of being for a while where I was just like, they’re doing this and they’re doing that and they’re doing this and they’re doing that. And I was like, this is messed up. How does nobody not know? But then I was like, okay, pullback, observe a world’s gonna happen as it is. And I was like, just work on strengthening your connection with what I refer to as.

But I believe we were made in that image so that we can become that on earth and be one with it. Um, but yeah, I had to pull back from that as it kind of snowballed into, again, that, that cluster of subconscious thoughts, and it kind of runs your being into creating more of that. Then before, you know, it you’re masking an emotion with a smoke or you’re masking an emotion with a.

and, uh, that was a big part too, to look at all my emotions. What was I trying to escape from when I wasn’t present? No matter where I was, if I didn’t wanna be here, I had to reset myself to being present. And then I knew my path would reveal itself. I could never get to where I wanted to go. If I was thinking too, too much to the left, too much to the right, too much in the past, I had to realign my.

Yeah. And I

[00:50:17] Jeremiah: think a lot of people, um, they try to, I don’t know how to say it. They try to like run from themselves or mm-hmm or they want to sedate themselves from reality and by doing drugs or drinking a lot or yeah, whatever it is. And instead of actually owning up to themselves and trying to better themselves, they just, you.

use it as a crutch or a Bandi to like get through yep. To the next day or the

[00:50:48] Steve: next week. And, and a lot, we, we got this pharmaceutical industry to thank for a lot of that. Talk about rabbit holes. It it’s like there’s so many things we could do with our own being energetic being when we connect with it.

And we identify more as energy than the body. There’s so many things we could heal in ourselves with the power of thought with the power of will. Um, Basically we’re largely subduing emotions that we don’t wanna feel. We’re just not ready to feel. ’em so we’re just gonna keep doing this until we get sick of it.

You know, that that’s what happened to me. Like I had so many accidents, I played sports. I was in a lot of pain. I had elbow surgery, shoulder surgery stayed on my pain medication way too many years until I got to the point where I was sick of it. And I was sick of everyth. and I just didn’t like my state of being that’s when I started to reach out and, and knock on the door to my soul, which was on the inside.

I’m okay. God, if you’re real, where are you? You know, I was in that state of being in like 2008 and now I go to bringing people into that state of love so they can experience heaven. I really believe we’re still in the garden of Eden. We have the power to create heaven or. , you know, not only in the, after not the typical hell where they tell you everybody’s in hell, they’re burning, things like that.

But as a state of being in a resonance, there’s a lot of other dimensions of service that we can undergo when we leave our bodies, if we need to. But I don’t wanna try to learn how to love people when I’m dead without a body. I can, it’s a lot easier here to learn how to love other people and accept.

Yeah. And I’ve

[00:52:42] Jeremiah: interviewed a couple, uh, people who have had near death experiences and I’ve talked with others on Facebook groups and stuff like that. And it seems a common theme that’s like, kind of like you kind of create your own hell or you’re heaven, and that if you are disconnected from. Source or creation or whatever, or a creator or whatever you could, uh, a lot of people claim to have felt like they were out in middle of space by themselves kind of isolated from every thing and everybody mm-hmm during their near death experience,

[00:53:20] Steve: kinda like a void.

[00:53:20] Jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. And it’s just, uh, and then others talk about, you know, um, I interviewed a guy who does like Astro projection and stuff like that. And he talks about there’s different dimensions and different levels. Mm-hmm and stuff like that. And, you know, we have earth realm, which is the dense one. And then you go up and you’re kind of in that shadow realm, that kind of darker.

To mention. And then as you extend, you get to the lighter and lighter stuff. Right? Exactly.

[00:53:55] Steve: Um, that’s something else too. I, I don’t know if you wanna call it Astro projection because I don’t consider it like the Astro realm, but I can heal over any distance, uh, cleanse people and bring them into that light over any distance, do removal.

But I, I like to make it scientific for people too. You know, quantum entanglement, you know, I start charging. I send my energy there with the power of thought, well, it connects to your bio photon, and now we’re both starting to vibrate at the same rate. So I found, found that, and that was pretty unique. Um, all the visions and things I experienced through that, it’s just been mind blowing to me to witness.

Like at one point I had the thought and the knowing that I was playing myself from a console. Somewhere else. I’m like I’m up at this console, playing myself with like a controller or something, inputting and outputting, certain energies and data to create the reality I wanted. It’s just that I needed to learn my energetic system.

That’s why we go through a lot of what we go through. It’s not really punishment. Emotionally anyone,

[00:55:10] Jeremiah: if anyone, uh, wants to see your works or get ahold of you or anything, where can they, uh, find

[00:55:17] Steve: that stuff? Uh, you can find me at Trinity T R I N I T Y Trinity healing Reiki, R E I K i.com or the same thing.

Trinity healing Reiki at Gmail. Um, I also have a Facebook page, uh, Trinity hail Reiki. You can find me through Facebook.

[00:55:41] Jeremiah: Sounds good. And I will put all that in the description of the show. So if you just look at, or my listeners out there, if you look down at the description, uh, all his links will be there.

You can click on, ’em get there fast and. Easy. So thank you for coming on and speaking with us and sharing all your experiences. Thank you.

[00:56:03] Steve: I could probably share all night. there’s just so much. Yeah, it’s a lot to cover. Yeah. Hopefully, hopefully people get something out of it and that that’s, what’s important to me, you know, to understand that they can connect and redeem themselves with love.

Anytime they could feel love with inside themselves, they don’t have to find it through the approval of other. I don’t need to go to someone for approval to feel loved. I Canor it within myself and feel it any time I want.

[00:56:31] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely a good message. And anyone listening out there just know that you have the power within you to decide how you wanna live and how you want to be.

And you have the choice to put out positivity or negativity. It’s up to you to, to decide which route you’re gonna go.

[00:56:51] Steve: Yep. A divine blueprint. Uh, that’s perfect. Uh, is waiting for you in the quantum field.