Paranormal Mashup

Paranormal Mashup

Paranormal Mashup

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. And welcome back. Thank you for tuning in today. We’re gonna be talking to McKayla Ford. McKayla Ford is the host of the paranormal or what podcast, make sure to go check out her podcast. The link will be in the description of the show, but before we get to that, I just want to make a few announcements.

What if the wrong podcast is on buy me a coffee. Donate to the show. The link is in the description. Also, you can go to if you wanna reach out to me, you can message me a show topic, or if you want to be a guest, or if you just want to.

I’m always open to responding to emails in a timely manner and hearing from you. We’ll get to this interview here and McKayla is gonna talk to us. It’s kind of a mash up of her podcast. We’re gonna be talking about aliens. We’re gonna be talking about ghosts, all kinds of paranormal stuff. So sit back, relax and enjoy McKayla Ford and the paranormal or what podcast.

And remember question everything.


Hello and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast, I’m your host, Jeremiah. McKayla from the paranormal or what podcast joins me today. We’re gonna be talking about her podcast about different things that she covers on her podcast. You know how we always do question everything and, uh, just let people present.

What they find and what they’ve researched and what they’re passionate about. And we’ll introduce her now. Hello, Michaela.

[00:02:23] Michaela: Hello, Jeremiah. Thanks for having me on.

[00:02:26] Jeremiah: Oh yes, no problem. Thank you for coming on. Uh, how are you doing today?

[00:02:30] Michaela: I’m good. Thank you. Yeah. Great,

[00:02:34] Jeremiah: good, good. So I have to ask it’s a common question.

Uh, what got you started with the whole paranormal scene and then deciding you wanted to make a podcast about it?

[00:02:49] Michaela: Well, um, it’s quite a long answer. so sit back and enjoy yourself. Um, that’s fine. So it all started for me when I was about eight years old. I had already had, um, a couple of strange students when I was really tiny.

Um, , uh, this may seem really weird, but I was convinced that when I was about four years old, that, um, that some entity helped me to fly down the stairs when I was tiny. Um, and, and that’s a very weird experience. I sort of, um, I wasn’t allowed to come out of my bedroom cause I was only a tiny child. Um, but I, um, I did at night and I, I didn’t know how to get down the stairs.

Then I remember something picking me up and I remember very vividly floating down the stairs and being placed very carefully at the bottom of the stairs. I knocked on the living room door and my mum was sat, uh, or lived with my grandparents at the time. They opened the living room door to see me stood there and said, how on earth did you get there?

And I said, I flew down the stairs. Somebody helped me to fly down the stairs and that was. The very beginning, although I didn’t remember that memory until many years later, but the, um, the main thing was when I was about eight years old, um, myself and lots of friends in my classroom, um, at primary school had what you might call, um, a group experience.

Uh, some people might call it a group hallucination. So we were playing out in the playground at lunchtime and next to our school yard, there was the sports field. Then, um, I used to live in a tiny village that was in the middle of the countryside. After the sports field, there were two or three other fields that went up this gently sloping hill.

and we used to have a sort of, um, a legend in our school of these creatures that we used to call the zombies. Now, this was not anything like modern day zombies. We, we used to sort of the word that we had for monsters at that time was zombies. Um, and we used to have this story of this monster or zombie that used to work around in the field, outside school.

One particular day, there were some kids next to me and one of them shouted out, look, it’s the zombies. We all looked over and not in the school field, but two fields over there were three figures and they looked like what you would imagine grim reapers to look like. They all had. Um, long cowed, black hoods and gowns that went right down to the floor and they all had staffs and they were herding the cattle up the hill.

Very slowly. Could not scare the cattle. Three figures herded the cattle. And we could all see them. There were about 20 of us and we were all shouting and pointing and going there’s zombies there, zombies. One of the teachers came over and said, what on earth are you doing?

We said, look, Mac look, Mac it’s the zombies. I was pointing at these creatures and saying, can I go over, can I go over to the field? I wanted to get out of the yard and run over the field to get a closer look. And of course she said, no, of course you can’t go over. You’re not allowed to. As she was looking, she said, What are you looking at?

I said, look, they’re the zombies. She couldn’t see them. That was the really weird thing was that there were about 20 of us when we could all see them. We were all hysterical by this point with excitement and no adults could see them now that really freaked them out, as you can imagine. Break time was cut short. It was a big deal.

Everybody was ushered into the classroom when the bell rang. Now I was in a temporary classroom, which looked out sideways towards the, um, fields where these creatures were. I couldn’t see them anymore when back in the classroom. Um, and I was really sad about it. And so that was the experience.

But on top of that, um, fast forward then. 20 years later and behind the school, there was this sort of farm store. Farm freeze is what it was called. And we had a friend who lived there with her parents and he used to sell sort of frozen food. Um, and he was a real entrepreneur and he’d decided to build a sort of cabin apartment for his teenage children, um, and his grown up children so that they didn’t have to go and fend for themselves.

So they had these kind of really cool cabin apartments, and they looked out over the field where I’d seen these zombies all those years before. Um, so my friend, my other friend, and I went to visit this girl. And we went into her apartment and we were having a cup of tea as we do because we’re English.

Um, and we were actually looking through her bookcase and I’d picked out, I remember, um, Mabu nightmares and we’d got onto the subject of ghosts. And she was telling us that she actually saw ghost. She was quite sensitive. So, as I looked out of her kitchen window over this field, it popped into my head about these zombies from all the years before.

I told her the story, um, and as I was telling her what they looked like, she just stopped and looked at me and went, oh yeah, I see them all the time. It corroborated my story from when I was a little kid. Was just one of those moments where you go cooled from head to toe. This person’s basically telling me that what I saw was real and.

She sees them all the time and that started everything for me. Um, and I’ve just been kind of really, really interested ever since up until I did the podcast. So I think like many people in the middle of lockdown, um, we were all tearing our hair out and I thought, what can I do? What can I do to do with the paranormal?

That’s gonna keep me occupied and maybe work towards a future career to do with the paranormal. So I decided to do a podcast and it was just on ghosts to start with, but the more I read into, or the phenomena, the more I’ve interviewed people, then the more my interests have sort of grown. So that’s it really?

[00:10:27] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Um, I know with my podcast, I was like looking into stuff and. One thing, I looked into led into a different thing and then another thing, and it was kind of like a ripple effect and nothing seems to be just one, one lane, so to speak. Uh, it seems like a lot of things are connected, so I can definitely understand yeah.

Uh, where you’re coming from with that.

[00:10:58] Michaela: Yeah. I definitely, before I started the podcast, I’d, I’d always watch paranormal programs on TV, but I, I was never, I always thought that things like Bigfoot were just a story and, um, and UFOs scared me the idea of it scared me. So I, I hadn’t really looked into that before.

Um, and I didn’t even know about the idea really of crypted and things like that. as you said, the more I’ve started reading and researching, the more open-minded I’ve become. And the more things seem to start making sense. And as you say, it are connected to each other, it’s quite mind boggling. Really?

[00:11:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. So when you, um, started getting into it, what was one of the like main, I guess ghost stories or, uh, ghost events that kind of like was your favorite ?

[00:12:07] Michaela: Well, um, the F they came from a book and a book since I’ve I’ve since Reed it, and it was a book I had when I was a kid and it was a book by a publishing group called Armada, and they used to do horror stories.

they used to have like the first book of Omar to horror stories and the second and go on and on. But then they had this one called true ghosts and, um, and it had true ghost stories in it. And in there was the, uh, there was the case of the bell witch. Um, and there was the case of barley rectory in England.

And that really caught my imagination at the time. Um, and then since then I’ve gone on to be fascinated by, I, I suppose my bag as it were, if I was to pin it down to one really small area that I’m fascinated by it’s haunted houses, um, places like east drive, um, I Pontiac and the bat sea Polter guys, I’m fascinated by Polter guys.

So those sorts of stories with the things that I really kind. laptop up and read about,

[00:13:29] Jeremiah: yeah, I I’ve said it before on my show and interviewing other ghost hunters and stuff like that. Uh, I, myself am a scared cat, so I don’t think I could, uh, go deal with that stuff. I know friends that want to go to like the hall, new penitentiary and stuff that’s nearby.

And it’s just not for me. Like, I don’t know if I could, if I could handle that, but I do like hearing about the different stories and tales and I do like, uh, looking into it and trying to figure out like, what is going on? Like, why, why is this happening? What are ghosts and what are they trying to do? Um, from your research so far, have you come to any type of conclusion?

Like what ghosts are, are they kind of just like trap spirits or are they like. Um, people that can come and go from the afterlife or what’s your take on it?

[00:14:30] Michaela: That’s I I’m a bit, um, I’m a bit naughty in a way because I, um, oh, I like to think of it as completely open minded. So I often, I don’t like to pin myself down to a particular theory because, um, I’m, I’m always open to new ideas and new things, but I suppose if I had to be sort of, if I had to give my favorite theory, it would be that, um, that there are obviously, I think there are residual hauntings, which are, um, I’m sure you’ve heard of stone tip theory where.

The building can basically record very strong emotions from the past and almost play it back like a videotape. I think that’s completely plausible. I also believe that there are that, that yes, dead people come back and communicate with the living. And I think that maybe there are, um, other dimensions and there is, and that they can come back to the one right next to us and come through at will.

But I also believe that there there’s something that controls them, um, that doesn’t allow them to tell us, um, what we want to know the meaning of life, what happens when you’re dead and all that sort of thing. I think, um, also I believe that, um, The PGA type energies are, um, are, are just energies, um, that do things and move things.

So I think, I think, I believe there are several different things, but I think I do believe I’m really putting my neck on the line here for somebody to shoot me down. But, um, I do , I do believe that there are spirits that come back from the dead and communicate with the living. And I believe that some people, some mediums, some psychics can communicate with them, but I also believe that there’s a, a lot of gray area and let’s say not so honest people who say that they can communicate with them, but can’t.

[00:17:07] Jeremiah: yeah, we I’ve talked about that with people before. It’s like, you gotta really be careful. Um, cuz there are unfortunately people who take advantage of the whole genre. Yeah. And like say they can do things, but they really can’t. It’s just for a way for them to get attention or make money or whatever. Um, but yeah, that, I totally believe that there’s something going on.

I believe that places are actually haunted and I believe that there really are ghosts. And it’s funny, you said the different dimensions cuz I totally believe in, we live in like a multidimensional, uh, reality, I guess for lack of a better term. Yeah. And um, I say that about the aliens too is like. Um, I believe that most aliens are, if not all are interdimensional, not extraterrestrial.

So that’s just my personal, um, belief. It just to me adds up in what, um, happens with the abductions and stuff like that. And I know you get into that kind of stuff too, so

[00:18:26] Michaela: yeah. I’m, um, I’m so fascinated and utterly confused about the idea of aliens. I almost don’t know what I think, because there’s so much information out there I’ve read.

I’ve got lots of books, um, on UFOs and aliens, unfortunately, because I’ve been so busy, I’ve probably read less than I’ve got. Um, so , they’re all on my to-do list. Um, but I, I just find it so fascinating and I’m. really fascinated by, um, particularly, and I can’t believe I did three podcasts on, um, John Edmonds.

I’ve completely forgotten the name of his house now. um, so the skin Walker ranch, there’s one called the Bradshaw man. Sure. Mansion. And then there’s John Edmond’s one, um, all, uh, over towards Utah in a big line. And they had so many different alien experiences there. Um, and I remember John Edmond saying that he said they were interdimensional, but could also, um, that they were basically coming from within rather than without if you know what I mean.

So rather than hopping from one planet to, to another, all the time, they were actually constantly here. um, and just moving between dimensions and actually living underground and in mountains, I just find it also mind boggling. What’s your take on it?

[00:20:07] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve heard of, um, that theory and also, um, some people say about the hollow earth and that there’s actually like civilizations deep underground that we can’t get to, or haven’t got to.

And so there’s definitely different theories out there. And I’ve heard of a lot of UFO encounters where the UFO is coming in or going out of like a lake or a, um, you know, whatever river or some type of water. So maybe there’s something deep in the deep assertions that we can’t get to. I, I like you, I don’t like to pin down to like one thing, but I lean towards.

that they can they’re from another dimension and they found a way to cross over into ours. I think that we can probably do the same, um, if we like know how to, and also another thing that really interests me, uh, lately is people who do like hallucinogenic drugs. You have like, um, people taking mushrooms or IO Wasco, or anything like that.

A lot of ’em say that they have encounters with what you would consider an alien, like a gray. It just adds to my belief that they’re in another dimension and by taking these, you know, hallucinogens or whatever, you can kind of like peer and peek into that. Other world that they come from. But I think that when I say that a lot of people might think like, oh, they’re like ERI or whatever, but like, I think they can actually manifest in our plane of existence.

That’s why you see like the aliens UFOs and, um, like the Roswell crash and stuff like that. But I think ultimately they’re from another, you know, dimension, um, and they’ve just found a way to, to travel back and forth, but that’s just my take on it.

[00:22:25] Michaela: yeah. Do you, I do that, um, that they are from also from other places in the universe.

I just don’t believe that they constantly go backwards and forwards through space. If you know what I mean? Like everyone’s always going well, well, how could they possibly blah, blah, blah, blah, you know, travel. It takes 5 million years to get. I don’t know, Zeta Reticuli to here, but I, I just think that people are quite small minded, you know, this theory of being able to fold time and, and whi through could definitely be, um, true.

So maybe they did come from far away, but they’ve found a way to, to sort of live into dimensionally as well. I don’t know. I don’t actually think I’m clever enough to, uh, understand how well this works, to be honest

[00:23:21] Jeremiah: now I’m not closed off to the idea that. they are from outer space, but they have found that’s how they found out how to travel space.

So maybe they use dimensional portals to get here instead of just flying across space in a spaceship. I’m not close off to that idea. Um, because you know, no one really knows for sure. And I don’t want to say like, oh yeah, I know a hundred percent. Yeah. So it’s definitely possible that they’re from Zada Reticuli and just use wormhole and travel like that.

So it’s definitely possible.

[00:24:02] Michaela: Yeah. What’s your, uh, sorry. We keep turning this around now. It’s like I’m interviewing you. That’s okay. um, what do you think about things like Bigfoot in connection to that, that sort of idea?

[00:24:17] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s another one. That’s interesting. I interviewed a guy who, um, And is really into Bigfoot and like documenting.

He goes out in the forest and stuff and does research. Think that the Bigfoot has a interdimensional type, um, thing going on as well. And I think that might be part of the reason why we have not found one. Yeah. Or like that we know of. Um, I don’t put anything past the government cuz I think the government has like aliens and probably a big foot or something going down in some underground base.

But um, yeah, there definitely seems to be some connection between Bigfoot and aliens and um, and the fact of that they’re so elusive and yeah, I definitely don’t roll out the possibility that Bigfoot is, um, you know, Part interdimensional or knows how to use it. Cause I there’s a lot of stuff around us that we can use.

We just don’t use it. And like, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the like, um, what is it called? The world grid theory or whatever that there’s energy flowing all over the planet and you just have to tap into it. And um, like Tesla was trying to say, we can get free power, but the powers that be didn’t want that to go out, cuz they can make money off of charging us for power and all that stuff.

[00:25:56] Michaela: yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I think a lot of it comes down to money and I think a lot of it comes, probably comes down to, um, very, very large companies, not wanting, um, things like this to get out. It means that they would, you know, there was, um, oh my goodness. I wish my memory was better. I was reading something a few weeks ago about a particular, um, element it’s called maybe element 15 or something like that.

That could basically power the whole world instead of fossil fuels. It was something that the U O vehicles used to power themselves. The big companies didn’t want anyone to know about it because if it got out, then of course, all the oil companies and the gas companies would lose billions and billions of dollars in revenue.

So I think probably everything does come down to money in the end.

[00:27:13] Jeremiah: Yeah. I heard someone say that. the reason why you’re hearing a lot lately about, um, Elon Musk and forget the other guy, maybe Bezos or something about going to Mars and stuff is that there’s some type of like crystal, um, or something on Mars that has like it’s could be turned into a fuel source and is like a, a overabundance of it on Mars.

And that they’re really going there that Elon Musk really wants to go there. So he can mine this, um, you know, fuel source or potential fuel source. So I’ve definitely heard

[00:27:56] Michaela: that yeah, I just, you know, things like that, just, I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s because I’m not rich and powerful, but I’m kind of, of the opinion that, you know, once you’ve got billions of dollars, why do you need any more money?

Why does he need to do that? He also, you know, he kind of, one of the most powerful men in the world. Why is there just like this need for greed to be the person in charge of the whole world? I don’t know. I don’t get it.

[00:28:26] Jeremiah: yeah, I don’t get it either. Um, I actually just read an article this morning. It was a soccer player or football player, depending what part of the world you are?

Um, he is from Senegal Africa, and they interviewed him, um, because he was getting made fun of cuz he didn’t have like fancy clothes or a car or he wasn’t living like, you know, your normal like superstar or whatever. Yeah. And I guess his response was why do I need all that stuff? He’s like, I’d rather build, uh, schools and hospitals in my home country and feed the poor people in my country and stuff like that.

And. You know, um, yeah, you need more people like him and not like, uh, Bezos or whoever .

[00:29:19] Michaela: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I just don’t understand this need for total power, but, um, yeah, maybe I would change if I suddenly wouldn’t, I don’t know, 10 million pounds or something. I hope not.

[00:29:34] Jeremiah: yeah, I don’t, I don’t know what it comes for.

I think with Musk. Um, I think cuz he has like, I don’t know if he has like autism or Asperger’s, there’s something definitely going on there, but um, he, I think he just likes to, you know, figure things out and, and try to invent things. And I think his brain’s just working and overdrive and yeah. Um, , you know, he, you know, some people say he’s not, not a real person.

He’s just an Android. I don’t know. But , but he is very awkward if you listen to him talk and stuff like that. It’s yeah. But I think it’s cuz his brain’s just firing on a different level. Yeah.

[00:30:21] Michaela: Yeah. I’m sure it is. Um, maybe it’s yeah. More about solving things, solving the problems and seeing if we can do things maybe.


[00:30:32] Jeremiah: yeah, cuz it’s funny. It’s funny. How like, um, when he bought Twitter, there was like huge meltdown from our left wing, uh, media and politicians and whatever. Um, and it’s just funny because he. Is legitimately what they’re pushing for. Like he created a fully electric car and he’s pushing towards, you know, using extra power or like alternative power.

And he’s doing the like Neurolink implants and stuff to try to help people with like hearing disabilities and other ailments and stuff. So it’s just, it’s funny to me, not funny and like, I’m laughing, but like, it’s just weird that, you know, the thing that they say there are for they’re like against him, but he’s like what they’re for?

Like, it’s

[00:31:27] Michaela: just weird. Yeah. Well, politics is just messed up anyway, isn’t it?

[00:31:31] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. But anyway, the, um, getting back on track a little bit.

[00:31:38] Michaela: sorry. Tangent

[00:31:40] Jeremiah: no, no, it’s alright. Uh, it happens. Um, so for the ghost stuff, um, since we were talking about that, do you look into, or do you believe in like possession and people getting possessed and the whole, like, um, what is that movie exorcism or Exorcist?


[00:32:04] Michaela: yes, I do actually. And do you know what, um, it’s quite interesting that you said that because I’ve literally without, um, you know, I am, I am not being paid to advertise this program. I’ve literally just been watching it. So, um, I, I finally, um, bought the discovery plus app. Um, and of course now it’s not working, so I can’t even tell you what the program is called.

Um, this, um, I think it’s called the haunted house of terror or something like that with, um, oh, come on phone at that moment in time where you’re just looking on your phone to tell you what the thing’s called. Right. I shall talk about my theory first and then see if my phone works. Um, yes, I do. I do believe in that.

And it’s something I feel quite sort of superstitious about because there is this fear and I think this is why, um, this sort of thing is so scary to people, but there’s, there’s a fear. I think, I mean, I haven’t read a lot of the Bible, although I actually do believe in a higher power. I’m not a church goer, but I definitely believe that there’s someone that I call God looking out for me.

It might not be the same as everybody else’s, but I do believe in that. Um, but I, I believe that I think that somewhere in the Bible, it says that the more you dwell on things like demons. The more, they kind of know that you are thinking about them. And the idea is that you shouldn’t think about them because if you do think about them, then they might try to connect you.

So that it’s very clever in that way that it, it sort of tries to get people to be good by not thinking about something that they say is bad for them. Um, and I don’t subscribe really to organized religions, uh, sorry to anybody who does, but, um, I, I, I’m just an ultimate rebel, really. I don’t like being told what to do.

I like to believe in my own thing. Um, so I do, but I do get ne I think it has got to me because I get nervous when talking about things like demons, because I think on some level I do believe in them. And I do believe definitely that there are negative energies that can affect people. I really do believe in that.

And I know that there was a case not long ago, maybe a couple of years ago, where there was, um, a boy that was possessed in America and he ended up walking backwards up a wall in a hospital. Did you hear about that case?

[00:34:57] Jeremiah: I think so. I, I didn’t really look into it, but I think I did hear something

[00:35:01] Michaela: about that.

Yeah. And the, the thought of that just absolutely terrifies me. You know, I’d be quite happy to walk out into a field where a UFO is landed and go up and shake their hands and go, please don’t take me away, uh, and hope for the best, but the thought of demons just absolutely terrifies me. Um, so this, um, where is it now?

Do you know, what’s really annoying about going on your phone, that when you’ve watched something, it kind of disappears off your phone. And then you can’t find what it was called.

[00:35:40] Jeremiah: well, discovery plus has the exorcism of Roland DOE and there’s a show called deadly possessions.

[00:35:49] Michaela: Yes, there is. Yeah, I think it was called I’m sure it was called haunted house of terror and it was with Sapphire San and a guy hold on, hold on to Taso Terra.

Anyway, they went to, um, a place called Anaconda, which, oh God, I can’t remember. It is in Montana. Um, and it was this ranch where this lady they thought was possessed by a demon and they did, um, a whole kind of five or six episodes on this. And I literally just watched the last one last night and it was.

Amazing. And it really actually reinforced my idea that that yes, people can be taken over by demons, but I’ve got this bizarre sort of fear of admitting that the devil exists. It’s like, I’m in my brain. I can go. Yeah. There are really negative entities that can possess people. But taking that extra step to the idea of something like the devil, I dunno if it’s just cause I’m really scared of it or if it’s just that my brain can’t go that far.

What do you think?

[00:37:13] Jeremiah: um, yeah, I believe that there is, I don’t know if it’s just one figure like the devil, but I believe there is like a dark realm and I believe that, um, there is evil and I think, um, , you know, the more I look into the whole alien abduction phenomenon, the more, I don’t know, I’m not gonna say a hundred percent, but there’s a possibility that there’s a dark, uh, energy behind the whole phenomenon and what they’re trying to do.

And then, um, as far as like ghosts and stuff, I think demons are a separate thing from ghosts. I, yeah. Assume you think the same. Yeah. Um, and I think you can definitely invite these demons things into your body or your life or whatever, if you’re like dwelling on it, like you said, and there’s other things too, like oui boards.

Um, I don’t know if you looked into those

[00:38:23] Michaela: yet. Oh, yes. Yeah. I played with them when, uh, when I. School. And, um, even now when I go on go investigations, sometimes people bring them out and I don’t like to have anything to do with them. Um, in fact, , um, I started this trend. Um, we used to, um, at secondary school, we had an art club and you could go to art club at lunchtime if you didn’t wanna go outside.

So we’d do, we’d go to the art club and the, in the art club, it had a, a kind of a closet like of a store room. Um, and I being the one that read about ghost and things, all the time said, oh, I know how to make a oui board. So we made one out of paper and we used to sit in there every lunchtime with an upside down glass doing this Ji board.

Um, and then one day I was off sick and the other kids did it and they got caught and they were threatened with being expelled from school, uh, which I felt really guilty about. But, um, when I was at college years later, my friends and I became quite obsessed after we’d been out to the student bar and, um, you know, imbibed things that we shouldn’t have inspired, probably we all thought it was a great idea to, um, to make a Ouija board.

And we literally did it for a few months and we became quite obsessed and we became obsessed to the point of, we would have a secretary, um, who would sit and write notes on what the board said, because it came through so strongly, but then we started having things happen in our student house. So we stopped doing it.

Um, and ever since then, I’ve been very wary of doing it. Actually,

[00:40:16] Jeremiah: I do find it strange with the whole oui port thing is like the fact that most people. experience or have knowledge of Wei boards when they’re like young, like, uh, tween or teen. And, um, it’s just kind of strange in a way that like, when you’re in your, like, you know, tweens and teens, you’re very success, success.

I can’t say the word susceptible to like influence and stuff. Yeah. Um, I mean, you see it all the time with like people who are like, uh, really into a certain music artist or whatever, and they just dress and act and talk just like them. And, um, I just find it kind of strange how it seems like the Ouu board pops out around that age when you’re like susceptible to, to like being led certain way.

And maybe it’s on purpose. Maybe the. Demons or whatever are, are aware of that. And they use that since you’re young and impressionable and stuff like that, maybe they can use that as a way to like enter you or whatever

[00:41:38] Michaela: maybe, or maybe it’s that we are at the height of our psychic power at that age, because everything I always reminds me of the film carry, you know, where everything’s just sparking off the energy that you’ve got.

And everything’s just kind of this psycho, kinetic energy is just crazy around teenagers. So maybe it’s that we’ve got a lot more power at that age.

[00:42:07] Jeremiah: Yeah. Or like, um, you’re a, maybe you’re a lot more curious when you’re like in your teens, cuz as you get older, you start to like. Realize the consequences of your actions and you, yeah.

You kind of like tie down to the, the normal life and all quote unquote, normal life. Um, so yeah, it’s just, just something that pops in my head when I think about weed. Ju just like, I wonder if there’s a reason why, like, it always seems to be that people first experience ’em when they’re like in their teens.

[00:42:42] Michaela: yeah. And I think actually it’s probably to do with fear. I think when you are a teenager, you are so fearless compared to the rest of your life. I feel that the, you know, the older I got through my life, the more scared I was of things, the more I liked things to be quote unquote normal, and the, the less willing I was to take those sort of risks and put myself out there.

Whereas when you’re a teenager, Up for everything. It’s like, oh, you know, I’m gonna live forever. I can do anything. Adults only tell you not to do those things because they can’t do them anymore. That sort of thing. And maybe it’s just the LA the lack of fear.

[00:43:31] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s definitely, uh, possible. And, uh, I’m kind of glad, I guess it’s a weird way to say it, but I’m kind of glad that there’s a lot of like paranormal researchers out there trying to get to the bottom of things and trying to like cleanse areas that have bad energy and stuff like that.

Like yeah. It seems like a lot more of that has been coming out recently. Yeah. Compared to like back in the day so,

[00:44:03] Michaela: yeah, definitely. And I think it’s, um, It’s nice to know that maybe there are things you can do about it and things that you can actually find out about now. Um, you know, all, all sorts of things, um, you know, incantations are using crystals or Sage or all those sorts of things.

People feel like maybe they’ve got more control. And even if the people who have been affected don’t know what to do, then maybe paranormal investigators have more of an idea. I’m not saying that they can, you know, fix things or solve people’s problems all the time, but maybe sometimes they can help, which is probably, uh, a good feeling to some people.

[00:44:52] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. And I like doing the podcast and I’m sure you do too, where you can talk with people who might have more experience in a certain area than you, or yeah. Know a little bit more. And I end up learning a lot through talking with people and, um, you know, sometimes it changes my perspective. Um, and then sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it solidifies my previous perspective and yeah, so it’s, it’s definitely fun.

So what other, um, things have you covered on your show that like really stick out to you that you like probably want to touch again in the future?

[00:45:35] Michaela: Um, well, I’d probably have to go back to ghosts again, and there are a lot of where quite lucky in the UK that, because we’re a small island, which has got a really long history, we’ve got a lot of ghosts to investigate.

Um, and a lot of people who claim to have seen them. So that’s because I’ve branched out quite a lot. The more. Excited. I got about learning about different things like crypted and, um, UFOs and big foot and all that sort of thing. I kind of got very excited about wanting to learn about everything. And, and then I sort of forgot about my initial interest, which is in haunted locations.

So I’d, I’d like to go back and speak to more people who have had, um, experiences of haunted locations. I’d really like to speak to people, um, who claim to be sensitive or mediums and, and ask them about their experiences there. Also there’s, um, in the UK, we, we don’t seem to have. what you, what you would call Bigfoot, but there are a lot of cases of, um, people seeing some sort of hoed type creature, um, on a smaller scale.

I would, I would really like to look into that more. We have a lot of big cat sightings over here, which are fascinating. Um, and there have actually been a lot of actual big cats court, which you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t think from such a small island. I’d really like we have, um, the beast of Bodman the beast of Dartmouth.

We have quite a lot of big cat sightings up in Scotland. So I’d really like to look into sort of to come back home and look at some of our. Our crypted. Um, there’s, um, one that really fascinated me and I was so annoyed. We go on holiday to Cornwall nearly every year. Um, and we stayed near Falmouth in Cornwall, and there’s a place nearby, a very small place called Constantine, which is where we stayed last year.

And about five miles away from that is a, a little village called mourn Smith. And in mourn Smith, they have a legend of an owl man who is basically, um, not too dissimilar from the moth man, I guess who is a man who can fly with enormous wings, but has the head of an owl. Um, and he’s been cited there even last year.

And I was unaware of this when I was staying five miles away from it, which really annoyed me later. So I’d really like to look into some of our, um, indigenous crypted and, and ghosts again. Really?

[00:48:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. That would be definitely interesting. I know I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff lately about the dog man over here, and people trying to capture that.

And then of course, skin Walker ranch. I’d like to go there sometime and, uh, see what’s going on. Cuz they say it’s like one of the hotspots of the planet. So yeah,

[00:49:13] Michaela: I’ve been watching the program. I’ve only seen, um, the first two seasons because um, we get everything a lot later over here, which is really annoying.

And um, I keep seeing on Facebook posts, people talking about the third series and I really want to know what’s happening cuz it is such a fascinating place. It just blew my mind when I watch the first two series. .

[00:49:40] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s definitely a place that I want to go. There’s another place. Um, I, I don’t know if I want to go there or not, but just because I’m easily scared or whatever, but there’s another place that seems to have a lot of weird stuff going on is, uh, Houdini’s mansion.

Oh, right. I believe it’s in California. Um, but I’ve heard a lot of stories about spirits being there and, uh, artists like music, artists stay there and, um, say that like a lot of weird stuff goes on, like people walking, but no one’s there or doors closing and just odd stuff. So yeah. Houdini’s mansion would be interesting to, to see.

[00:50:30] Michaela: Yeah. There’s so many places in America that I’d like to go to.

[00:50:36] Jeremiah: but then of course in the UK, you guys have all those castles and I’m sure there’s a lot of like haunted stuff in the castles too.

[00:50:46] Michaela: Yeah, there is. I mean, yeah. We have a lot of things that we can, we can go to and we have a lot of haunted forests as well.

Um, which I’d like to go to, uh, have a look around. I think one of my, um, I’d really like to go to of, of course I visited the tower of London, but I’d really love to be able to go around there at night. Cuz apparently there are loads of ghosts there. Oh

[00:51:12] Jeremiah: yeah. That it wouldn’t be for me cuz I would be scared, but it would be cool to see.

It’d be cool to see on like a TV show or something. Aw. But uh, yeah, definitely. Um, I like to cover this stuff and I like how, um, the paranormal world. Paranormal world. I wish I could talk today. the paranormal world seems to be, um, becoming more diverse where it’s like, I see a lot of paranormal podcasts and yours as well, um, where they don’t just cover ghosts.

They cover like aliens and abductions. Then they cover, you know, Bigfoot and all that other stuff. Um, where, so it’s for me personally, I like that the paranormal world is becoming a little more diverse. Um, whereas before it seemed like it was all just strictly ghosts or strictly, uh, you know, spirits or whatever.

[00:52:20] Michaela: Yeah. Well, I think it’s become more. Acceptable to talk about the idea of, you know, UFOs and aliens visiting. Whereas, um, you know, years ago, people were just seen as crap pots. If this, they talked about things like that. Whereas now I think people are sort of going well, at least considering, well, what, what if this was true?

What if, you know, people or creatures came from somewhere else? Um, and I think that’s really opened everything up.

[00:52:57] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. I think, I think there’s a, um, shift in consciousness coming or in the process, um, where you’re seeing a lot more people, um, becoming more open to stuff outside of. What’s uh, put right in front of them, like through mainstream news or TV or whatever people seem to be thinking more for themselves.

Um, and I think just my personal opinion that we’re just in this process of, uh, for lack of a better term Ascension and our consciousness is like expanding. And I think it happens from time to time for like a lot of people say cycles of time where like, you know, we went through the stone age and then the bronze age and iron age, and there’s all these like ages.

And it seems like, I think we’re on the beginning of like another age that is gonna come, whatever that age will be. I don’t know. But , that’s just my view.

[00:54:09] Michaela: Yeah. Somebody will think of a snappy name. .

[00:54:12] Jeremiah: yeah, it probably be like the technology age or something. Yeah, just really, but I definitely notice, especially cuz I get into conspiracies and stuff that they they’re becoming more widely spoken of than in the past where you kind of had to keep it to yourself or talk with people in a dark basement or something and um, or you’d be called like a tin foil hat person and yeah.

Um, and that still happens, but it seems like more and more people are like waking up and realizing like there might be more to something that’s put in front of you. Um, and a lot more people are asking questions. And so yeah, for me personally, uh, seems like a good time for like being into

[00:55:07] Michaela: this stuff.

Yeah. Do you know? Do you ever, um, speak to people and then years later you think, oh, I wish I’d kept in touch with that person because they’d be really interested to talk to now when I was, uh, I’m a, a primary school teacher in my real life. Years ago, when I did my teaching course, there was a guy on our course and he was called John and I cannot remember his surname and I’ve asked other people who were on my course, no one can remember his surname.

At the time we thought he was quite nutty. I dunno if he ever went on to be a teacher. He was really interested in the paranormal. So, one day I decided to go and have a, a cup of tea with him. Sat in his flat with him and he told me all this stuff about, um, seeing UFOs in London, and he was telling me that, um, he’d seen them for years and years and that he, they were always Suren to him that they would UNC clerk and he could see them, but other people couldn’t and that he could see them all around London the whole time.

Um, and when he was talking to me, I was really interested to begin with. I actually started to think that he was slightly unhinged while he was talking to me. Um, and he gave me a couple of books, which I’ve still got to this day and the . Then of course, we went off and I became a teacher and, and life carried on.

This was what about 18, 19 years ago now. Now that I’ve started my. Podcast. I would love to interview John again and ask him from, from my new perspective of where I am now and what I’m interested in. Would so love to get hold of this man, but I have no idea what his surname is. He was called John and he was on my teaching course at the urban learning foundation in London in about, I D know when it was 2004.

John, if you’re listening, get in touch with me. I want to, I really, really want to talk to you again, cuz now I’m starting to understand where you’re coming from.

[00:57:39] Jeremiah: yeah, I definitely understand that. And I also find it strange when, and I don’t know what there’s probably a term for this, but if you ever like, think of somebody and you haven’t talked to ’em in a while and you think about them and then they contact you or.

You know, shoot you a message. Yeah. And you’re like, how the heck did

[00:58:01] Michaela: you know synchronicities? Well, I really hope John gets in touch

[00:58:06] Jeremiah: yeah. Hopefully he’s listening or gets the synchronized code or whatever. . So if, um, I’ll let you, uh, uh, just had a Marine fart um, yeah, if you wanna tell my audience where they can find you and your show and all that stuff

[00:58:28] Michaela: and yeah.

Yeah, definitely. So, um, so it’s paranormal or what podcast available on all good podcast apps? Um, I should be on just about all of them. So if you just whichever app you use to listen to your podcast. Type in paranormal or what? My name is McKayla Ford. I also write for paranormal magazine, which is an online magazine by Magister.

Um, and we’re also, um, publishing paper copies now in the USA. It’s a paranormal magazine. Um, that’s really high quality and fantastic. You must buy it and read it. Um, and also you can email me your paranormal stories either from the UK or from the USA or anywhere in the world to paranormal or what podcast,

[00:59:28] Jeremiah: sounds good.

And I will make sure to link all that in the show description. Uh, so people can find it easily. And, uh, thank you for coming on and talking and, uh, going over. Your show and some of your experiences and, uh, even with the tangent, still a great conversation.

[00:59:48] Michaela: thank you. It’s been really fun, Jeremiah. I’ve really enjoyed it.


[00:59:53] Jeremiah: Yes. Thanks for coming on. And, uh, well,

[01:00:12] Michaela: we’ll see you next time.