Astral Projection

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Astral Projection

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. The podcast that wants you to question everything. Your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, and thank you for joining. What if the wrong podcast, I’m your host, Jeremiah. And I’m joined today by Vince. And he’s gonna talk to us all about astrol projection. Out of body experiences. Anything else that’s in his wheelhouse. Uh, we’re gonna be, you know, getting a little, uh, fringe on you here.

And that’s what this podcast is about. Uh, questioning everything and. I’ve had a near death experience and I’ve interviewed people with near death experiences. So things like actual projection out of body experiences, all interest me. And, um, I think it all might be tied together somehow. Uh, but I’m not exactly sure how that is, but I definitely like to hear other people’s experiences and perspectives.

So I’ll introduce some now. Hello, Vince. Hey, how’s it going?

[00:01:28] Vince: Good. How are you? Great,

[00:01:30] Jeremiah: thanks. So I’ll ask you. Um, was there a moment in your life that like made all this part of your like, uh, interest? Like, did you have a near death experience. Or did you like, uh. I know you cover lucid dreams and stuff like that.

What was there like a catalyst that made you go down this path of, uh, doing all this?

[00:01:57] Vince: Not necessarily. You know, I was, uh, just an open-minded and, and curious young man. I got into this when I was 14 years old. And, uh, you know, I was just browsing the internet one day and I happened to come across the website. Talking about out body experiences and I thought it was so cool.

Yeah. I really wanted to do it. And I found a technique, uh, you know, that was supposed to produce an outof body experience. And I tried it every night and within a week I was able to leave my body. I’ve been doing it ever since. Okay. So

[00:02:38] Jeremiah: you just happened to come across it or were you like actually searching for it?

I think you said.

[00:02:45] Vince: Yeah. Uh, at that time I had never heard of the concept before and yeah. I just came across, uh, this website about it, you know. Was always interested in like paranormal things. Like a cult, like, you know, unusual fringe topics, even as a, a young man. So yeah, it, you know, it was only a matter of time before I was introduced to astrol projection. That happened to be when I was 14.

[00:03:17] Jeremiah: So what was, uh, did it happen like right away or did it take some practice? Like how long from when you, like first found out about it to when you actually had like, experiences that you consider otherworldly? Um, like what was that timeframe?

[00:03:34] Vince: Uh, within a week of me practicing this technique that I found and trying to do it. I was able to have an out body experience.


[00:03:45] Jeremiah: what was the first, um, like experience that you had that you’re like, okay. There’s something else beyond what we can perceive.

[00:03:55] Vince: Yeah, that, that first experience, um, it was pretty standard for an outof body experience. I floated outta my body. Uh, I saw, you know, my body laying in bed and, um, you know, the room around me. It looked pretty much normal how, how it looks in, in the physical dimension.

And I, I flew out my window out into the sky and I just. I just flew around the neighborhood. Just exploring and, um, you know, just being in awe. An amazement of the fact that, you know, I, I was outta my body, you know. It like having that experience for the first time, uh, is just beyond words. Um, and it’s something you really need to experience to truly understand. But, you know, you have this realization, like there is more to, to reality than, you know. Just the body, just the physical world.

There, there is actually, uh, spiritual realm and I am actually a spiritual being. And you experience yourself as that.

[00:05:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. I always hear stories about people and like hospitals that like have outer body experience. They talk about seeing like code numbers on machines that they wouldn’t really know. Unless they had that experience or they could hear what the doctor says.

Um, have you had an experience where you actually could like listen in on people that didn’t know for sure that you were there?

[00:05:34] Vince: It’s a, it’s a good question. It’s a pretty common question. And it’s something that a lot of people, uh, they, they want to do that. They, they want leave their body and go check out the lottery.

numbers, you know. But, the thing with astrol projection is that these outof body experiences don’t take place in the physical dimension. They take place in higher dimensions. You know, the astrol dimensions are higher dimensions. They’re they’re other realities and in the lower dimensions, um, they do appear very similar to the physical dimension.

Uh, but the higher you go. The farther from the physical dimension. You get like the deeper into nonphysical reality, you get, uh, the more reality diverges from what we’re used to in the physical world. And, things are a lot different. A lot more unique abstract. It gets to a point where you can’t really accurately put words to it, because the experiences go beyond.

Physical concepts.

[00:06:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. I definitely believe there’s other dimensions. I’ve talked about it on my show before, whether you call it parallel universes or dimensions or astrol realms. There’s I definitely believe there’s something else. Um, we’re only coded to perceive, you know, this reality. Like this desk is a desk and outside is outside, but there’s a lot going on that we can’t see and can’t experience. You hear like, well, you see animals can pick up extra perception.

Um, I have cats, and they’ll stare at something. There’s gotta be something there, but, um, you know, I can’t see it.

[00:07:34] Vince: yeah, that’s exactly. Um, how reality is, you know, um, basically reality, uh, is an entire spectrum. Of of various frequencies of energy, various, you know, dimensions. And, you know, it’s like, um, the frequencies of light, like we can perceive some of them. But, a lot of them, uh, we can’t perceive they’re invisible to us. They still exist, you know?

You know, we have tools to, to perceive them. We can’t perceive them with our eyes, you know. In the same way, all of these higher dimensions of reality exist. They’re beyond our perception while we’re grounded in the physical body. But, you know, you have these outof body experiences and then you travel directly into these, these higher dimensions.

It’s like your consciousness, um, tunes into them. And you, you gain this firsthand experience of the fact that, you know. Reality is so much more than just this physical world.

[00:08:37] Jeremiah: Now, is there something that can only be done like. While you’re sleeping or is it something you could do while you like meditate?

Or is it something you can trigger like on and off whatever you want kind of thing? Well, yeah,

[00:08:53] Vince: the, the standard, um, outof body experience, uh, Astro projection, um, is triggered in the mind, awake body is sleep state. So your body falls asleep, but your mind remains aware. What you realize, uh, I mean, what I’ve realized over, you know, years of, uh, experiences and experimentation in different different states of consciousness is that it it’s actually a natural phenomenon that takes place, uh, with everyone, every time we go to sleep, um, we, uh, we project into the Astro dimensions.

Uh, the thing is that we’re usually unaware of this, you know, our mind falls asleep with a body. And so, uh, the, these projections are unconscious. They take place, but you know, we’re not aware of them. And so with astrol projection, with a conscious out body experience. Uh, your mind is awake and aware of this, of this natural, uh, projection process.

And you essentially just go along for the ride.

[00:10:08] Jeremiah: Yeah. So when you have these experiences, you, you can tell that it’s not like a dream, like your standard dream. It’s like something completely different, like a different feeling.

[00:10:20] Vince: Yeah. Yeah. Um, a lot of times, uh, it’s more real than this physical world, you know. Um, you can experience these, these really enhanced states of consciousness.

These. These really high levels of lucidity that make, you know, our perceptions in this physical world, like dull in comparison.

[00:10:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. When I was floating towards the light, I, um, felt like intense love and warmth and peace and something. I would never feel on earth. Just can’t imagine the intensity of that feeling.

Definitely understand what you’re talking about. Where you can’t really grasp the full experience, cuz we’re not really set up in this human body to, to comprehend that yeah.

[00:11:19] Vince: Right. A, a lot of these experiences in other dimensions are, are just beyond, uh, the realm of our physical experience. Regarding this feeling that you mentioned of, of love, um, Yeah, this is especially common in the higher dimensions. Not so much in the lower dimensions.

And typically what happens is in the beginning of your Astro projection practice, um, you’ll have like a limited reach. So your consciousness, um, will typically project into the lower dimensions. Over time with practice with development, uh, you begin to access, uh, higher and higher dimensions.

And, and so in the lower dimensions, um, there experiences of, you know, love and light are, are pretty rare. Um, but these become, uh, the norm. Once you reach the higher dimensions and, uh, you know. You’ll begin to experience, um, states of, of bliss, not even, not just love. I mean like bliss, like mind shattering bliss that, um, that definitely has no.

In the physical world.

[00:12:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. And, um, through your experiences, have you ever came across like entities or other people or anything like that?

[00:12:49] Vince: Yeah, all the time. From the very beginning, actually, um, in, in the beginning of my practice. I would encounter shadow beings, shadow people. Giant, dark silhouettes.

Um, and usually they would just be standing there, you know. Next to my bed, almost like they were waiting for me to project for my body. They were really frightening. On occasions they would actually like, come at me, like trying to grab me. Then, yeah. So the experiences with these shadow beings were usually pretty scary, but, you know, I reached a point.

Um, I, I was able to, um, you know, conquer this fear and, um, it stopped becoming a problem. I was able to, to basically transcend, um, these lower dimensions where they exist. And eventually I would completely bypass, uh, you know, these lower realms. These shadow beings seem to, to exist primarily in the lower realms. In the dimensions, just slightly higher than the physical dimension.

And, you know, some people say I saw shadow being like here in this physical world. And, uh, I don’t doubt it. I’ve never seen one here in the physical world. But, it seems like they exist in, in such a close dimension from the physical dimension. I can see how there might be some kind of bleed through at times.

[00:14:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I wonder. If like the whole ghost phenomenon might have something to do with that as well. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:14:36] Vince: Uh, probably I’ve, uh, I’ve had my experiences with ghosts over the years. I mean they idea with ghosts is that, um, they’re unable to, to really move on. I mean, the way the afterlife works is is, is very similar to out body experiences.

You know, there are, there are these dimensions that exist beyond the physical dimension. This is non-physical reality, you know, this world that we’re in right now. This is physical reality and non-physical reality, uh, is just layer after layer of, of different dimensions. And, um, you know, like I said, in the lower dimensions, um, nonphysical reality appear.

almost identical to the physical world. And you know, so these, these ghosts, they have maybe attachments to some aspect of this physical world. And so they, they remain in these lower dimensions and these dimensions that are very close to the physical dimension. Seeing a ghost, it, it could be some type of, of bleed through experience.

Cuz these ghosts are occupying these lower dimensions that are really close to, to the physical world.

[00:16:02] Jeremiah: Yeah. For people out there that might be like kind of skeptical, I guess you could say. Like people who might have like more religious background it’s even written in the Bible. There’s like second heaven, first heaven.

I think there’s different layers too. I can’t remember exactly, but I know there’s definitely like a second heaven. And, um, so it’s spoken of even back in ancient scriptures and, uh, texts that there is different levels. I call ’em dimensions, but there’s places beyond our reality here on earth. So if for people that, you know, kind of like are skeptical or have that religious side. Like there, there is plenty of information out there that, you know. Backs up the whole, like something is beyond what we can experience in this human body.

[00:17:07] Vince: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I mean, they talk about out body experiences, uh, in the Bible. I mean, the, the biblical perspective is typically that, um, these practices of, of entering these spiritual dimensions? Um, well, it’s, uh, it’s dangerous because you know. There are deceptive entities out there and, um, you know. I, I think there’s a, there’s a reason why, uh, it’s frowned upon. Not just because the Bible says so, but there is some logic there, you know, it’s not all love and light out there got both sides to it.

And, you know, I’ve had my experiences with some really negative beings over the years. So, I can see why caution would be, um, you know, a wise choice.

[00:18:03] Jeremiah: Yeah. Um, so you said about like, um, I don’t know how to say it, like deceptive entities. Other than those shadow beings. Have you come across any other ones that you kind of felt like were tricking you?

[00:18:23] Vince: Uh, yeah. Well, um, I mean, I’ve been attacked by, by entities. During these attacks, I experienced pain, like real pain while outta my body. The first time this happened, I was, I was in a lower dimension and I was grabbed from behind. I felt this presence and it didn’t feel like a good presence. And I was grabbed from behind.

It felt like a claw. Really sharp nails were digging into my shoulder. I felt this, this deep, sharp pain. And I immediately panicked. I was like, this is some kind of, you know, malevolent entity. Went back into my body and, I still felt the pain in my physical body’s shoulder.

I’ve had other experiences over the years of a similar nature. Had a lot of experiences with entities that look like aliens. They looked like a typical gray alien. Um, and I was essentially stalked for quite some time by this one particular group of aliens. These entities that, that look like aliens.

Had light orange skin. They weren’t gray, but every other characteristic, you know. Was essentially the gray, uh, you know, stereotypical alien. and, uh, I had some frightening experiences with them. I mean, I would leave my body and sometimes, uh, there would be a group of them just standing around me.

Um, you know, probing me like this one time. Um, one of them was standing over me and it bent down and it reached into my mouth. It reached all the way down into my throat and I could feel its arm, like, almost like in my stomach. And now I was, I was outta body. So this wasn’t my physical body. It was my, my Astro body.

But, uh, it was affecting me in this way that it, you know, it felt identical to, you know, uh, how it would feel in the physical body. And, uh, yeah, they, um, they would pull me outta my body at times. I wouldn’t even be trying to have an out body experie. I would be, uh, laying in bed and I would slip into a deep meditative state, which is common, you know, after so long of having these experiences, it’s very easy to, to enter these states.

So I slipped into this, this meditative state and I felt hands on my ankles and they began to, to push and pull gently like, like swinging me, swaying me. And it, it loosened me for my body and they eventually pulled me right. Outta my body. And they did this, uh, on, on quite a number of occasions. And I mean, being pulled outta your body, essentially against your will.

I mean, I didn’t ask for it, but that kind of raised a red flag and, um, yeah. Uh, you know, it was a similar experience, um, with the shadow beings because. Uh, in the beginning, there was a lot of fear. I mean, these, these aliens, this one particular group of aliens, they just radiated with this, this negative energy.

You can just feel almost like, like this sinister, like evil energy. And sometimes I would feel this energy, um, even before, um, being able to see them like before actually being fully outta my body. Uh, and you know, um, over time I just got, I got tired of, of being afraid and I conquered my fear and, um, I actually allowed myself to, to start communicating with them and, you know, they shared information with me.

They, they told me about different technology they have. Um, but they never really gave me an indication that they were benevolent entities.

[00:23:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. I was gonna ask, um, If you had any actual, like, communication with them. And do you think that, um, the whole like alien phenomenon, the abductions and UFOs and all that stuff, do you think they’re like tied together too?

Cause I, I hold to the belief that the, what we consider gray aliens are actually interdimensional beings. And I think that they come from another dimension, whether I don’t know where that is, but, um, it just makes a lot of sense. Cuz you have a lot of people who take hallucinogenic drugs, say they come across alien type beings.

Uh, you’re doing your astrol projection said you’ve encountered what you would consider a gray. So I’m assuming you have the same type of feeling for what they are. Um, that they’re actually. Somehow able to Pierce the veil of dimensions.

[00:24:05] Vince: Yeah. You know, I never actually, uh, expected to encounter them during my outof body experiences.

And so I was, I was shocked. And, um, so after so much experience with these entities outta my body, uh, there’s no doubt that they, they operate in other dimensions. They operate in the astrol dimensions. Uh, now whether, um, they’re also physical entities and they’re projecting their consciousness, like, like we do, if we have astrol projection, uh, I don’t know, or whether the astrol is like their home base and they don’t actually have physical bodies.

Uh, you know, I can’t say that for sure. Um, what’s interesting is that I’ve, I’ve done a lot of research into alien abductions and things like that over the years. And, and a lot of these experiences actually sound a lot like Astro projection, there are a lot of similarities. Um, a common element is, uh, waking up and feeling like you’re, you’re paralyzed.

Right? And, um, and this is what happens, uh, at the onset of, uh, of Astro projection. Like, you know, like I said, um, for Astro projection to take place, your body needs to fall asleep and your mind stays awake. And when that happens, you experience your body essentially being paralyzed. You know, it’s a temporary state of paralysis that everyone experiences when we go to sleep.

Uh, so you’re, you’re conscious of that and it can be frightening, um, because it’s such an unusual experience and. Uh, another element of this is that a lot of times when you enter sleep paralysis, um, your consciousness is already shifting into another dimension. So many times during these sleep paralysis states, we’re not actually perceiving the physical world.

We’re perceiving into the Astro dimension already. And so a lot of people will report shadow beings or aliens or demons, you know, during sleep paralysis. And they don’t realize that they’re actually perceiving other dimensions. These aren’t entities like in the physical world. And, uh, you know, other elements of alien abductions are like, you know, flying through your roof, being pulled outta your window.

Um, and you know, that’s, astrol projection right there. That’s, that’s how you move in the out body state. You fly. Uh, there, you know, there’s no gravity, there’s no need to walk. So, you know, like I said, I’ve been pulled outta my body at times, and me having this background and the experience to actually understand what was happening.

Um, you know, I was able to discern that, yeah, I’m being pulled outta my body, uh, by these entities that exist in other dimensions. Um, but people who lack this experience, you know, they, they don’t have the discernment to make that, um, you know, distinction. So, um, a lot of times they may think that they’re still in the, the physical dimension and, you know, there’s somehow being, you know, taken, you know, out through the roof into some ship or something.

And so, you know, I, I don’t think that all abductions are astrol experiences. Uh, I’m, I’m pretty certain. That a number of them are real physical, real world experiences. But I have heard a lot of stories over the years that I’m pretty sure are other dimensional experiences. Yeah. It

[00:28:08] Jeremiah: makes a lot of sense to me.

Um, cuz I’ve always said with my belief that they’re interdimensional where they can phase between another dimension in ours and it just, yeah, it does add to the fact of, like you said, you hear experiences that get pulled out through their window without the window opening or up through the roof or out of the car without any doors being opened or anything.

So it definitely, definitely would support that, um, that they’re having these experiences and they could be like you experienced against their own will cuz these alien entities, whatever they are. Um, tried to rip your spirit body out. So if anyone who doesn’t have any experience with it, um, probably is defenseless against someone like that, an entity like that, just pulling them along and doing whatever they want to do.

And, uh, it definitely, and then the other aspect is like with hallucinogens, like people who take IOSCO or mushrooms, I’ve heard stories of them coming in contact with these same gray entities. And, um, it, it kind like how is that possible if aliens are just beings from outer space? Like, it just doesn’t add up to me personally.


[00:29:37] Vince: for sure. Uh, I’m, I’m pretty certain it’s possible to, to tap into other dimensions of reality, you know, taking drugs like that. and, you know, the fact that so many people have such similar experiences with essentially the same types of entities, uh, I’m sure many of them having no idea about the experiences of the others, uh, that definitely lends, uh, credibility to that hypothesis.

[00:30:10] Jeremiah: So, um, when you were ever projecting or outta body, did you ever , this is probably kind of funny to ask, but did you ever have like a thought or realization, like you might not get back to your body?

[00:30:28] Vince: not so much, you know, it’s actually the opposite because it’s so easy to, to be pulled back into your body, even just like the slightest thought of your physical B body, uh, can cause you to, to snap right back into it.

and really the, the challenge is, is learning to stay outta your body for longer and longer periods of time. Um, and you know, I’ve heard people, uh, saying they’re afraid they’ll get stuck outta their body. They’ll never be able to come back. Um, they say there is a silver cord and if the cord gets cut, you know, they’ll be out forever.

And that’s just not the reality of the situation cuz um, the true reality, the true nature of this projection process is, is a lot more complex than just we have this one spirit body and it leaves the physical body. And then the physical body is essentially an empty shell until the spirit comes back into the body.

That’s not the case. Uh, it’s a lot more complex. and there is an aspect of your consciousness, uh, that remains, uh, within the body. And what happens is your consciousness actually splits off and projects into multiple levels of reality simultaneously. Um, but we typically only have awareness of one of these particular, um, levels of, of focus, right.

But it is possible to shift between the different levels. It’s also possible to experience these different levels simultaneously and experience like that over the years, and, you know, experimentation, um, you know, going between one and the other and experiencing multiple different levels, levels of reality at the same time, um, have, you know, informed me that this is the case.

Um, and so there’s really no danger of getting stuck out of the body. Yeah, I was just

[00:32:44] Jeremiah: curious, like, cuz you think like your spirit body is floating away and uh, I would wonder if you could like actually detach, but like you said, it’s not that it’s not set up like that. Like, um, you are pretty much attached to your spirit form.

[00:33:07] Vince: Yeah. You know, I have had experiences in higher dimensions that were, were so real and so much more real than this physical world that I forgot about this physical reality. And I forgot who I was as this human being here on earth. And you know, for, uh, for a period of time out here, out, out there outta my body, um, that was who I was.

That was my. my main and only, um, identity as this, you know, higher level spiritual entity. And, um, I was actually shocked when I came back into my body, um, and remembered who I, who I was here, like in this level of reality. Yeah. That would definitely be

[00:34:02] Jeremiah: shocking. Like, uh, if you’re in like a whole nother existence, I think I heard a story about some guy who, um, I think he was doing like some type of psychedelic and he like claims to have had a whole different like wife and kids and stuff and this other dimension and, uh, aside from his wife and on earth so I just, at the time I was listening to it, I thought it was pretty comical, but I mean, who knows, maybe it’s possible.

[00:34:38] Vince: Hmm. Well, what, what I have experienced many times is, um, encountering friends and family in these O other dimensions, um, who I don’t know from this physical world, from this current life that I’m living. Um, but you know, the fact that we had, um, a relationship and a strong bond, uh, there was no doubt about that, but, um, the nature of our relationship was, um, you know, beyond this physical world now,

[00:35:16] Jeremiah: um, as you honed your skill and got better and better at it, were you able to advance past like the, I would call ’em entry level realms and get up to those higher ones.

And what did you experience when you got past those, like initial. Uh, the ones that you said were like more on the, uh, I don’t know, negative side or darker feeling side mm-hmm

[00:35:50] Vince: yeah, yeah, definitely. Um, a while into my practice, I, I, um, I made it my primary focus to access these higher realms. That was basically my main goal for, for a while.

I began to, to penetrate deeper and deeper and higher into higher dimensions. What I experienced was just nothing that I could have expected, because it’s just so much different from anything you can experience in this physical world. But, you know, there are, um, uh, common, uh, elements in these higher dimensions.

Like, um, you experience a connection with, um, higher aspects of your own consciousness and you receive, um, knowledge and insights that are basically, uh, experienced as, as, uh, direct truth. It’s like you’re connected with the source of truth. And so, um, you have, uh, access to, to this information from, from a higher source and it informs you into, uh, you know, the nature of your experiences.

And a lot of times I would receive information that was just so far beyond my, my conscious mind’s ability to, to comprehend that, uh, you know, it’s. It’s somewhere in some deep level of my mind, but there’s just no way to, to truly make sense of it. You know, just using physical concepts cuz you know, these experiences take place so far beyond physical reality.

It, it just wouldn’t really be logical to, to expect, um, an explanation of them using physical concepts, just a completely different, um, category. So, um, you know, other elements of these higher dimensions are, um, feelings of, of bliss. Like, like I, I mentioned earlier just like mind shattering states of bliss that, that make you feel like your identity is just like disintegrating and uh, it’s like you’re, you’re literally exploding from within, um, just constantly just.

uh, a never ending series of explosions of bliss. And, um, you know, in, in some of these higher dimensions, um, your perceptions are a lot different from our perceptions here in the physical world. So for example, um, any one particular sense perception will manifest in, in many different ways. So like in some of these higher dimensions, there will be a music that’s playing kind of as like the background of, of the entire dimension.

This music is just radiating through the dimension and it’s the most beautiful music that, that you’ll ever hear impossible to, to duplicate it here in this, in this world. But you, you not only hear the music, but, but you feel it and it manifests. As various, um, images, um, kind of just popping into existence before you and, and like colors.

Like you don’t just see colors, but like you feel them and, um, you know, your emotions kind of explode out from, within you in various, um, abstract, um, visual elements. It’s so hard to describe, but, um, I, you might get the

[00:39:56] Jeremiah: idea. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Um, like I say, what I felt, I can’t put into words. It was just like you, I don’t use the word, but I don’t think about it, but bliss is a good word to associate it with it.

Like just a feeling of the world just is not there. It’s like shed it away. Uh, all your doubts fears were he’s your ego. Everything’s just gone. And it’s just like happy. it’s just like a bliss.

[00:40:31] Vince: Yeah, man, in, in, in some of these higher dimensions, um, in one, in particular, I realized that that this dimension was in a sense, like my home and this was a dimension that, uh, just permeated with this constant bliss, it was essentially heaven.

And, and this was, this was my home. I had that realization. Was like, oh, I remember this experience. Remember this state, I remember this place. And it was so amazing. Uh, but I also understood why. I didn’t stay there. Like I understood why I came into, into this world because, you know, if you’re at, in, in this heavenly dimension and the only thing you’re experiencing is, is bliss and love just constantly.

There isn’t much learning or growth that can really be attained from that. You know, a lot of times, uh, you know, learning and development comes from difficult experiences. And, and so, uh, I, I, you know, I came to the, the understanding that that’s why we’re incarnating into these, these lower level realities.

And we’re temporarily forgetting like our true home on these, in these incredibly blissful heavenly dimensions, because, um, you know, we’re here for, you know, evolution, spiritual

[00:42:09] Jeremiah: growth. Yeah. Whatever entities I saw in this light, um, when they called to me, it was almost like I already knew them, even though I had no idea what or who they were.

Um, it was almost like I had already been there, like you said, and it felt like, um, they wanted me back for some reason. and, um, maybe cuz like you said, that’s where we’re, we’re supposed to be most of the time. And I wonder if, uh, you know, there’s that theory where we’re God consciousness manifested to experience this realm.

So maybe, maybe that’s what it is,

[00:42:58] Vince: right? Yeah, definitely. Um, I mean, um, you can experience, uh, a state of, of being a, a higher consciousness entity. Um, it’s commonly called the higher. and, um, I’ve had experiences where I’ve, um, integrated with my higher self I’ve merged into my higher self or, you know, my consciousness, um, like returned to, to this, this highest level of, of consciousness that, that we exist in.

But we’re UN unaware of it typically. And, um, and like, so who we are as, you know, these current personalities, these people on this earth, you know, is just a small aspect of this much larger consciousness. And, and we’re not the only individuals, um, but it’s not quite reincarnation, but it’s more like, um, multiple simultaneous incarnations where our higher self Essent.

sends probes into these lower realms, these lower realities, like the physical dimension, um, to, to gain, you know, a multitude of different experiences, um, essentially to accelerate, you know, the, the learning and, and spiritual growth. And, um, and so when you merge with a higher self, you actually experience yourself as being one with all of these other individuals.

And, you know, at this level, the higher self, you’re all just one consciousness, but it’s one consciousness that is, uh, essentially, um, defining

[00:44:59] Jeremiah: itself. Yeah,

[00:45:01] Vince: yeah. Um, expressing itself in all these, um, different, unique individual ways. And, and I’ve actually heard similar accounts, um, from near death experiences.

Where the, the person has temporarily died and, um, you know, had an experience in, in a higher dimension where they, uh, they, they merged with a higher self and they experienced themselves as being one with all these other different people. You know, they, they understand that, um, it’s not like, uh, a linear, sequential reincarnation where, you know, you die and then you’re reborn into a new body.

Like that cycle continues, but it’s like, all these incarnations are taking place, uh, kind of separately individually. You share the experience with all the other individuals through this higher consciousness, which you all essentially share. So it’s not like a, a cyclical, um, Buddhist interpretation of reincarnation, but it’s a lot more complex than that.

[00:46:13] Jeremiah: Yeah, I, I don’t know if I buy the reincarnation in the way that it’s presented. I think there’s like you said more to it than that. Um, and I think that you can manifest yourself in law, like lower realities than our own, and that’s when you get into like the whole demonic stuff and, uh, evil spirits and stuff like that.

I think, I mean, if there’s a higher one, there’s gotta be a lower one, right?

[00:46:49] Vince: yeah. Well, um, the way I have come to, to understand, uh, like the structure of, of this reality is that this physical dimension is essentially like the base level. So it’s like the densest, uh, frequency, the dense dimension, and. then beyond this by, by nature, nonphysical reality, it lacks this, the density of, of physicality, right?

So, um, you know, by nature, all nonphysical reality, uh, it is higher on, you know, on the spectrum, um, than the physical world. But, um, yeah, there are these lower demonic realms you can say than there is like the higher heavenly realms and everything in between. Um, and actually these are all existing, um, you know, beyond higher than, um, the physical dimension, if you want to use the term higher, but, you know, um,

yeah, what’s interesting is that in, um, in the afterlife we tend to. uh, gravitate towards, um, a dimension or a reality, a non-physical reality that is in alignment with, with who we are with our own consciousness, you know, and, and that’s essentially how these, you know, heavenly and hellish dimensions, um, manifest and come together, cuz it’s like a, a like attracts like type situation.

And this even takes place during, you know, typical outof body experiences. You know, like I said, in the beginning, you’ll typically project to lower realms just because you haven’t had the, uh, development to, um, to be able to tune into the higher dimensions. So, you know, over time with practice, you know, you gain that development and you know, your own energy, um, you know, evolves in a sense.

You’re able to access these high realms. If you’re like a horrible person in this world, that’s gonna reflect in, in the nature and the quality of your consciousness of your spirit. And so when you die, it’s, it’s like magnetic effect. You enter a level of reality that is in sync with your own energy.

And so you’ll be in this reality with other individuals who share that energy. So if this is a horrible energy, then you’re gonna be surrounded by these horrible people who love to do horrible things. And, uh, that’s essentially what hell is, you know, and, you know, on the other hand, uh, you know, if you’re a kind and loving person, then your consciousness will reflect that.

And when you die, you will, uh, enter a level of reality that also reflects that, you know, in terms of. uh, you know, the other individuals that you will be with in this realm and, you know, also just in the nature of your experience. Yeah. I,

[00:50:20] Jeremiah: uh, I definitely agree with that. I think, I think, uh, unfortunately organized religion has kind of like warped what the afterlife is.

and I hate to say that for any of my like religious listeners out there, like believe what you wanna believe. But, um, I don’t know. I don’t think I don’t buy into the whole, like, if you don’t believe this one thing you’re going to hell or, uh, the other way around, if you believe this one thing you’re automatically going heaven or something like that, I think it has more to do with what you said, like what you project in this physical realm is kind of like what you carry over to the afterlife.

So. If you’re like a really crappy person or you’re doing bad stuff and it’s, your soul is gonna get attached to that when it goes beyond this dimension into the other ones and you always hear stories. Well, the famous story of like purgatory, and I think that has something to do with it too, like where they had like different levels and depending what you did now, obviously it’s humanized and warped into human experience.

But like, I think it kind of just draws to the same conclusion that, you know, you can kind of figure out what you want to do. so to speak and yeah. So I definitely, I definitely follow you

[00:51:55] Vince: there. Yeah. I mean, there are a lot of, uh, near death, uh, experiences that essentially, um, you know, recount the same thing, you know, um, a guy will.

And, you know, he will temporarily die and he will go to this, this hellish dimension. And when he’s brought back, um, he has this epiphany, epiphany, epiphany, like, and he like, I life, I need to change my ways. I need to change who I am because, um, this is reflected in, you know, my reality after this life.

[00:52:31] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely.

And I’ve heard from near death experiences where they go to hell and then realize how crappy it is. And then they get pulled into heavenly realm and get shown, like, I don’t know, whatever lesson they need to have and then sent back to earth. So yeah, definitely. I think it all ties together, everything. Um, so for you personally, um, what’s like your next step in your journey, like what are you trying to achieve?

Next, is there like a new, uh, practice that you’re trying out? Or are you just trying to hone this astrol projection thing to become even better with it? Yeah. I’m

[00:53:19] Vince: just getting deeper and deeper into the experiences and yeah, like you said, just really hone into ’em and, um, you know, innovate I’m, uh, I I’m currently writing a new book and, um, this new book will, um, basically detail the experiences I’ve had over the, the past couple of years, you know, especially like, since the pandemic, a lot of free time on my hands since then.

So, um, yeah, things have really, uh, accelerated, you know, even more than before. And so yeah, a lot of new, uh, insights to share there, but yeah, I mean, the idea in general is just to

get deeper and deeper, you know, access higher and higher dimensions and just learn as much as I can. Um, and, uh, you know, push the limits, break the boundaries.

[00:54:24] Jeremiah: Yeah. Maybe, uh, if you come in contact with those gray aliens or orange aliens, again, you can, uh, give ’em a run for their money this time. yeah,

[00:54:36] Vince: well, I’ve actually, um, learned how to deal with them.

And I, I talk about this, uh, in, in my first book. Um, but, um, this essentially is the case with any, uh, entity you encounter that is of a, a lower or negative, um, frequency or has, you know, uh, sinister, uh, energy. um, so what you do is you go within and you manifest, uh, a feeling of love and you project this energy, this loving energy out towards them and just out, um, all around you in, in a general sense.

And, um, what happens is the entities will simply be gone. And, you know, at, at first glance, you know, one may think, well, these are, these are bad guys. They’re probably, you know, repulsed or repelled by this higher loving energy. And, uh, what’s actually happening is by doing this, you are shifting your own consciousness to.

To a higher level, to a higher dimension in which these, uh, you know, lower energy entities, um, don’t have access to. So it’s not so much like you’re making them go away, but it’s like, you are transcending where they are. Yeah,

[00:56:19] Jeremiah: definitely makes sense. And then, um, you have wrote books before, so if you wanna talk about those real quick and where people can find them.

[00:56:31] Vince: Yeah, definitely. Um, well, I’ve actually only published one book, um, and I published this book at the beginning of this year. Um, and, um, yeah, this book is called Astro projection and lucid dreaming, spiritual revelations and out body experiences in higher dimensions. And so, you know, in this book, I share some of my more profound experiences over the past 20 years.

um, I also share the, the techniques that I’ve used along the way to, to access these higher states of consciousness, you know, so, you know, the reader will be able to, to start their own practice and, you know, do this themselves if, if they want to. And, you know, I, I also, um, you know, share my understanding of these experiences, you know, especially the experiences, um, in the early days, uh, I didn’t really have, um, a lot of, um, you know, understanding, uh, of what was happening.

I was just going with the ride and, and over time, uh, you know, I started to learn, um, the nature O of these experiences and, and what’s going on. And so, you know, I’m not only sharing the experiences, but I’m providing the insight into them to help the reader understand what’s actually happening. You know, from a perspective of someone who’s been doing this for over two decades and just looking back and saying, oh yeah, that’s why that happened.

You know, there’s a lot of, um, um, tips and tricks given to, you know, like how to overcome obstacles and difficulties that you may encounter, um, you know, while you’re out in these other dimensions. So yeah, I would definitely recommend checking out the book, even if, um, you know, you’re not so much into spirituality or out body experiences.

I mean, I’ve had so many experiences, like just in AEN, uh, an essentially paranormal nature, you know, um, aliens and ghosts and, you know, shadow beings and, uh, uh, so much more. And, uh, yeah, you can find the book on Amazon, you know, it’s in, uh, paperback on Kindle, uh, audio book, you know, whatever your favorite format is.

Uh, we got it for.

[00:58:55] Jeremiah: sounds good. And I will put the link into description. So everyone listening, you can just go into the description, click the link and, and get your copy. awesome. But yeah. Thanks for coming on and speaking with us about your journey and your experiences, and very interesting to me. I love hearing about this stuff and, uh, finding someone who kind of had a similar experience is what I had.

Obviously yours is a lot more in depth than mine, but, uh, yeah, just shedding some light on some things that you don’t hear much about in the mainstream.

[00:59:37] Vince: Yeah, definitely, definitely. And you know, there’s still a lot more to talk about maybe, uh, after I publish the next book, I’ll make a second appearance and uh, we’ll go at it again.

[00:59:48] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely.