P’nti Aliens

P'nti Aliens


P’nti Aliens

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. And thank you for tuning in. We’re going to have a great interview ahead with Sue Walker and the Ponti extraterrestrials and her, um, dealings with the Ponti and what she’s learned from them and what they’ve taught her. So we’re going to get to that in a moment, but first, if you could go rate and review the show, I’d really appreciate.

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And we’re going to talk with Sue here in a moment and her experience. Don’t forget to check the description where you can find all her work and links to where you can contact her and find out other stuff that might not have been covered during our interview here. So with that, remember question everything and we’ll take it away with Sue now.


Hello, and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. Podcast that wants you to question everything I am joined today by none other than Su Walker, who is in contact with the P’nti extra terrestrial, I guess race,

[00:02:08] Su Walker: you could call it star nation

[00:02:10] Jeremiah: , her and her husband, Reverend Otter. And we’re going to talk today about her experiences dealing with the P’nti race, and what they’ve empowered her with and talk to her about and are trying to express to the masses.

I guess you could say through like social media and stuff like that. So we’re gonna talk with her now. Hello, Sue.

[00:02:36] Su Walker: Hello. Thank you for having me on, I w I hadn’t stumbled across your show, your podcast before, but was delighted to find it. And so what your interests are. We can share to dovetail quite nicely.

Hence, I’ve been looking forward to this again. Thank you so much.

[00:02:58] Jeremiah: Um, I guess we can start with, well, you have quite a background with other things besides this Ponti thing like that. So you’ve worked with three letter agencies to solve crimes and stuff like that. Um, can you just touch on that real quickly?

[00:03:15] Su Walker: Sure. I’ve been a detail clairvoyant and medical intuitive. Now for 31 years, I started working in this area because my friends kicked me in the seat of the pants and said, you’re better than the people we go pay to see why aren’t you doing this for a living? And so my career, this was my sole income is working with, uh, people and, uh, Doing readings for them about either everyday life things or medical details.

When I was in college, I studied to be at a physician and then decided that Western medicine and I, we’re not going to completely get along. And so I diverted from that, but still use the knowledge that I gained, um, to, uh, as a medical intuitive, to look at the human body. Um, I know how the systems work. I know what the cells look like.

I know, uh, how the hormones work within the body. And so all of these things work together with eyesight or sights so that I could picture things, describe them and, um, get detailed information. The three letter agency work that I did was murder and missing person case. Um, I used to, uh, share a ride time with police officers and, and troopers in the state of Iowa, where I lived at the time.

Uh, I would talk to these officers, male and female about trusting their instincts and developing that blue sense skillset as well as working with the FBI and the DCI and, and the CIA. Um, a couple of three letter agencies you probably have not heard about. Just never knew when somebody would call me up and say, we have a missing person.

Um, I remember the night I received a phone call about 20 minutes before sunset, a two year old. Cornfield and they couldn’t find him. So, they called me the deputy called and said, can you look right now? I did. They found him and right, right before dark. So, um, the detail that I’ve been able to get and the, my ability to drop down quickly and easily.

That, that first thing that comes back is what I had been doing when I met, uh, Reverend white odder. He and I started dating. The first time I came to visit him here in New Mexico, I’d been here about 10 days and something really strange happened. Um, and keeping in mind, I’d done ghostbusting and paranormal investigation and haunted houses and cemeteries and channeling work and all of that for decades.

And yet what happened to me when I got here was very different. We were sitting in the living room and it was real close to the fall Equinox. And we were on television and a male voice that I had never heard before clear, loud, and friendly sounding popped into my head and responded to a comment that I had made to Otter.

And clearly was indicating that he was observing what was going on in the room with us. But the strange thing was it, wasn’t your usual spirit because the voice came with a specific directional and distance sense, and it came from a spot across the. 10 miles away from beneath the Sandy a mountain and it made a comment and then it went quiet and I went, is that, and it didn’t say anything more until the next day.

Then I heard if he can, same voice, same intelligence, same calmness, same comment about something we were watching on the news and discuss it. It went silent again. Here I am visiting Otter for the first time ever. I was scared to ask him about it. I thought he think I was not, but the third time I heard it, I finally turned to him and said, Hey, Otter, I got a question for you.

You ever hear a voice coming from the mountain? I keep hearing this guy. And he said, oh God, They’ve been talking ever since I moved into this house in 2009, they talk so much after tune them out. Why? And that was the first time I understood that he could hear the voice of this fellow of the same as I could.

Well, this is New Mexico. It’s the land of Roswell. It’s the land of everything. That’s important. And secret happens underground here. And I thought, what are the odds of what this voice is other than being boast or an ancestor or spirit when it’s not that is this somebody who’s not from here, it wasn’t until November two months went by and we’ve been chatting with this fellow.

I nicknamed him San Diego, because that’s where the voice came from. The Sandia mountain and San DIA in Spanish means watermelon. So when the Spanish explored this area, first, they named the mountain San Diego. And I told Otter that I was going to give the voice from the mountain, a nickname. And then I was just going to call it San Diego.

Cause I didn’t want to keep calling it. The voice from the mountain, Sandia was listening and he piped up immediately and he went Sandia that’ll work. What, and I didn’t understand until when I finally got brave enough to ask him what his real name was and where home was, he said home is the further of the two stars of the binary system.

You call Zeta Reticuli. We reside on the fifth planet there and we call our planet Pantel we are the P’nti my name is TLKM and he spelled it for me T L K M. Our language seldom uses vouls unless they are borrowed. That was the beginning of our sharing of cultural information back and forth.

We purposefully never pressed telecom for technical information. Like how many shifts do you have? What kind of weapons do they have? What’s their power source. We waited for him to bring up those topics. And eventually he did, um, after we’d talked to TLKM for almost a year and now. He entrusted his introduced us to two other P’nti individuals underneath the mountain with him.

And he referred to the facility underneath the Sandia mountain as the Sandia mountain Information Station, he told us it was one of four land-based P’nti managed information stations here on earth. And that there were also four aquatic information stations. Whoa, why are you here? I mean, why are you on earth?

He said, we are cultural explorers. And, he used the phrase that they described themselves as gardeners of intellect. And so they find. sentient nations that have potential and have not quite gotten to the point where they’ve left their own solar system and try and assist those nations in achieving what they call advanced civilization level zero.

Now, Dr. Greer of C5 fame, um, calls it advanced civilization level one, same thing, advanced civilization level zero that by their definition was if a sentience nation provides 100% of its own population with food, clean water, shelter medicine. Thing if necessary education, then they have achieved advanced civilization level zero and are considered, ready to go beyond their own home world to meet their interstellar neighbors and explore if they haven’t gotten there yet, they’re not quite considered ready.

So we’re right on that edge. Um, we do not yet provide all those things for all of our people. And so the star nations that come to earth to assist us as earth, uh, the terrestrial population usually come to help with that process specifically now about 75% of the star nations that come visit earth.

Don’t come to see. They come because of our oceans, we’re a Waterworld and where there’s water there’s life. And we have this huge amount of water on our planet with the aquatic nations, come to explore and exchange information. And so the P’nti have described all manner of aquatic explorers that you and I never see, but they’re here.

There’s multiple alien races, not just the Ponti. According

to him, they’re an information station for interstellar visitors coming to earth to do their cultural work or their exploratory exploratory work. And so if a star nation say from the Orion area came here and needed to know the latest.

Information about earth humans. What’s their technology. Is there a danger? Are they going to shoot at us? Are they friendly? Then they stop at one of the information stations for the latest Intel before they go onto whatever they’re going to be doing or where, whatever facility they have underground. The Ponti tells us that average, you can find somewhere between 75 and 80 separate star nations visiting earth, but about 75% of those are in the oceans.

[00:15:36] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve heard, I’ve heard a lot about coming out of the oceans and big lakes and stuff like that. So it definitely makes sense.

[00:15:46] Su Walker: Sure. So that’s kinda how it started. Um, we’d been talking to TLKM for a year and a half plus. And one of his staff members who is their cultural media collector, um, they observe our media to keep their finger on the pulse of what is the earth human opinion about aliens UFO’s visitations from someplace else because they recognized very early on that Hollywood shaped our opinions.

And so the, their cultural media person told TLKM that earth has something called social media. He came to us and said, we understand you have this thing called social media. Would it be permitted for us to have an account we wish to teach? And that shocked me, but. I said, I don’t see why not, as far as I know, it’s not illegal.

And so I agreed to translate and help them word from their language to ours, some of the more difficult concepts so that earth humans could understand it or so that they could understand earth human slang, the P’nti come having studied earth, but they’re up on our current verbal communication with each other because slang changes so quickly.

And so if I said to you, oh wow, that’s cool. That’s the bomb. You would know that I was impressed by something, but if I said that same thing to a P’nti who’s new to earth they would hear cool and bomb in the same, trying to describe the same thing and not be able to get it. What do you mean a cool bomb? What are we blowing up?

How, how, why is it cool? So we helped them understand the questions posed to them on Twitter, and they helped us understand new concepts that we didn’t have any knowledge of. And they began to share. And the last time I looked there, weren’t 90,000 tweets, but almost something like that. It was a huge number.

Anyway, um, we have about 17 and a half thousand followers on Twitter now. And part of that is because. After we’d been talking to the P’nti and they’d been on social media for a year. They came to us and began to dictate a manual about telepathy because that’s their primary means of communication. And they wanted earth humans to understand that.

What, what would it would feel like? And all of the things that you would experience if you had a telepathic download so that it wouldn’t frighten somebody. If they suddenly woke up with this whole encyclopedia of information in their head, and they had no idea where it came from. So they dictated a telepathy manual.

We published it for free in December of 2017. And within three months we were bummed bar. From all over the world, they translated the telepathy manual into 10 languages inside of 90 days, volunteers did for free. So it was in French and Spanish and Chinese and just all of these major languages. And so we began to get emails, calls, direct messages, and even people flying halfway around the world to knock on our front door and say, I have some questions.

Can I talk to you? And so a lot of these people had questions in common because not only was the telepathy manual about improving your own telepathy, but it also included protocol for contact with them. How do you ask them to come see you? What do you need to do to get a visit? And so all of these people were trying to get visits from the Ponti and some of them quite successfully, we ended up having questions that were not fully explained or answered in the telepathy.

One-on-one primmer. So Otter and I wrote an addendum that we called inviting ET and that book is out and available on Amazon. And it’s all about if you’re by yourself or with a friend at your house in your garage, or if you’re with a group of 150 people out in the national park, if you want to have a CE5 and invite somebody to come see you, what do you need to do?

That’s what the book covers, what started happening next. Became a phenomena that is unparalleled. And that is that these people began to invite the P’nti get visits and look for and save evidence of those visits. And so the evidence that came in started with videos and still photos of graft, and then started doing includes landing sites of swirled grass, or indentations in the soil where tripod landing gear had gone, or it included four fingered fingerprints on the window or the dresser in the dust, or it included soil samples from somebody’s bedsheets.

But the soil didn’t match where they lived on the planet came from somewhere else, usually here, and then. We at the smart idea of app Fante if we could record them on audio now, the Ponti, because they’re a telepathic nation, don’t normally talk, but they do have vocal chords. They just aren’t practiced.

And so they sound a little squeaky sometimes until they can develop their vocal chords. But what we asked them to do was whisper into a microphone. You can whisper without having vocal chords. Can make a lot of mouth sounds without vocal chords. Could blow a raspberry or, or whistle or whatever.

So any mouth sound that you can make that doesn’t involve the vocal chords they can do too. And so now on their website, which is called official first contact.com. We have three pieces of audio that came from the P’nti. Some of the Twitter followers were asking, how are we going to know if it’s that same body type patient instead of one of the others?

Cause there’s about five of them that get confused with each other. The P’nti are the fellows that have those little button, cartilage noses, instead of just holes for, um, nasal or for nostrils, um, right. Flush with the skin. They actually have a small nose like we do. And so, um, they wanted that the people who were inviting the P’nti to come visit wanted to know how are we going to know for sure it’s them.

So I talked to him and I said, what do you guys want? How about if we come up with a catch phrase so that if you say this phrase they’ll know it’s you let’s keep it simple and radar who’s one of the P’nti and a cut-up said I know wassup, so what’s up became the catch phrase and 11 hours after we decided on that as the identifying phrase, we got our first audio capture of what’s up.

It came across as

on the audio, but you can go to the evidence page on official first contact and listen to it. So right now we’re putting out a request to the P’nti that we would like, um, a video. Camera still photo close up. That that’s our next request. And so that’s what we’re working on now, a number of the Twitter followers or, um, people who have invited the P’nti who have gotten one visit are setting up cameras

that they can do the video capture. And I’m assuming we’ll probably get that between now and I don’t know, probably the end of the year for sure, but I’m hoping sooner. So that’s kind of the gist of, of the P’nti we learned that there sense of humor is marvelous. Just great. And so we were blessed with being able to tease back and forth with them and learn what their sense of humor is like.

And as a very intelligent. Their sense of humor oftentimes will include what we call double and triple entendres say one phrase, and it has multiple meanings and you have to know which one to apply if not all of them. So, um, I feel like I’m babbling asked me more questions.

[00:27:02] Jeremiah: It’s okay. Yeah. It’s a lot of good information and stuff.

A lot of people don’t know about, so it’s good to enlighten. And then, so the P’nti are like a air traffic controller of the, or as you could

[00:27:21] Su Walker: say, kind of like I had an air traffic controller as much as it is tourists, visitor information. So, you know, how, if you go from one state to another, there is always a visitor center.

As you enter into the new state there, the visitor center, it’s more

[00:27:42] Jeremiah: so have they

[00:27:44] Su Walker: been to the world? No, there’s a lot more involved in that’s true, but there’s, there’s four stations on the planet and we asked some way or the other forward and they’ve readily identified the locations of the other three terrestrial locations and the four aquatic stations.

But believe it or not, that doesn’t mean that that’s all of the locations that you’ll find the P’nti here, because there are many underground stations that are interstellar information, internet tellers, uh, facilities, where you can find a half a dozen to a dozen different star nations. Interacting with each other at any one point in time, especially if they’re all doing the same thing.

So if you go to say Mount Shasta in California, it’s an under the mountain facility that is interstellar and you’ll find a number of different ships, star nations the bar in Star Wars, like the bar in Star Wars. Otter said, you remember the, the bar scene in star wars. It’s like, and it’s honestly, that’s not far wrong.


[00:29:05] Jeremiah: yeah. Cause you always hear about the different, they have like a typical gray alien and then the tall gray and then the Mantoid type. And so there’s different, uh, races, like for lack of a better term,

[00:29:23] Su Walker: There’re Feline . Um, amphibian Repterran and reptilian. The difference being that Repterran’s original home of origin was here.

So that, that classifies reptilian, original home of origin could be anywhere else. Um, we’ve met Nagas who are, uh, torso and head that look kind of human but the tail looks like a giant snake. Um, we’ve interacted with, I don’t, I can’t count how many Sasquatch that are also friends of the P’nti and sometimes we’ll go explore other worlds with them because the Sasquatch physique can withstand all kinds of environments.

They’re also members of the galactic Federation. That’s true. And believe it or not, the Sasquatch are considered to be at advanced civilization level zero to one, and we are not. And so they are considered to be a more advanced terrestrial nation than you and I are the P’nti by the way, considered themselves.

That was one of the first things that expressed to us was that we are human too. You are earth human. We are upon tell human. And the funny thing is just this past week, we heard of a leaked source of information and I don’t, when it came out, why we just heard about it, that the DNA testing of the deceased individuals, the Roswell crashes, cause there were two, um, Indicated that DNA indicated a good measure of sharing with us as humans.

So they were afraid of the reaction that the public would have in learning that the little gray guys just like also have human DNA, they thought the public would freak. So that was kept very quiet for a long time.

[00:31:55] Jeremiah: So the P’nti are, are, they the typical gray that everyone talks about, or,

[00:32:06] Su Walker: um, they’re very, very, um, average height is somewhere between four and four and a half feet, large dark eyes with black for very, very dark nictitating lenses that retract.

Just like R as our alligators. And so, oh, they have four fingers that are each section of the finger is about twice as long as ours. So if you measure from the top of your finger to the first joint is about that big it’s twice that big in them, same thing with the second joint, same thing with the third joint.

And so you can look at the length of your fingers and then look at theirs and you’re double yours and you get theirs. They do have fingernails, they do have four toes and toenails. Um, they have peach fuzz on their heads, in their faces. It’s not smooth like the dolphins skin smooth, but it’s close to that with fine, fine hair and their eyes and eyelash.

They also have tiny, tiny, little fine hairs around their eyes for eyelashes. But unless you look close, you miss them. Um, they don’t have quite as many teeth as we do, but they can handle digesting a lot of our food, just, um, they don’t like the super spicy stuff. They don’t do alcohol very well. Um, and they are pescatarian, meaning they will eat some fish, but no birds, uh, no four footed animals, no.

Um, octopus, because they’ve sent it. And so, and no w no citations, no whale, meat, dolphin, meat, nothing like that. So. We exchange with them information about cooking and food preparation techniques. Because again, as cultural explorers, they find our foods and our food preparation to be fascinating. So what else would you like to know?

[00:34:45] Jeremiah: Um, have that’s all very interesting and stuff that I didn’t know. So I love here and that kind of stuff. And cool. Getting a glimpse into other side, I guess you could say and communicated with you at all about. Um, but the whole alien abduction phenomenon is about like why it’s happening?,

[00:35:10] Su Walker: okay. Yes. It varies by star nation.

When the P’nti come to visit you. If they’ve been following your family or have taken an interest in you, would they, or could they portray themselves as something else that they think that you wouldn’t be afraid of? Like, could they have you, um, see them as a great big four foot tall bunny? Yes. We call that a screen memory when they, they do that because when they come to visit us, they have protocols that they have to follow.

Just like any mission team of any kind, whatever their protocols are caused off here, which is why the screen memories do no harm, leave no trace. All right. So when they, what you call an abduction. They might call a wellness check let’s, let’s bring you over here and make sure that you aren’t carrying anything bad and you’re doing okay.

And, and what’s your health wise? Like? And so would they, if you had asked for a visit to the station or on one of their ships, can they drive down and pick you up, pop you onto the ship and you wake up on board having not no memory of how you got there. Yeah. As long as they don’t think that it would freak you out and cause you to panic.

Sure. But again, cause no fear. Um, as a telepathic nation, it’s not difficult for them to take control of what you’re thinking and seeing and feeling. That’s one of the reasons. The a number of people that go out into the forest, where the Sasquatch are suddenly have this huge amount of anxiety and feel like they must get back to their car right now, all the Sasquatch is gone.

You, I don’t want you in my forest and giving you the message perfectly to head back home,

[00:37:43] Jeremiah: the, uh, P’nti are they in cahoots with the government and stuff like that? Cause I’m sure people want to know what are they like are they dealing with our government and stuff like that?

[00:37:58] Su Walker: Our government knows about them and knows that they’re there.

Um, our, our tape from the P’nti is they’re not huge fans. Of governments because they’ve been lied to so much and our military in its treatment of injured or deceased, or, uh, crew members that have crashed from any star nation. Our military is treatment of those individuals who’ve survived. The crash is terrible, just terrible.

We do not treat them like people. Do not treat them fairly. Not treat them ethically. And we abscond with deceased and the living. But do we return the bodies of the deceased to their people? No. So. The P’nti are not necessarily a fan of governmental bodies around the world. And are they working with yeah, they’re kind of doing their own thing.

So do, does the government know about them? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So they’re not helping them. Re-engineer craft

in New Mexico, if it’s important and secret it underground. So here before white men came to this continent, they’re already existed in this part of the world and extensive tunnel system leftover from the last age of man, when the local Pueblo people work here. Before white man came, they were very aware and knew of the extraterrestrials that came and went from the Sandia mountain as well as other places.

And so the Zuni still talk about the P’nti in another nation that always come together to Zuni. Webelos all of the levels talk about different alien nations that came to their right. Um, I was going to get there. Okay. So there are underground here, a lot of facilities and some of them are, uh, Zeta body type and others are definitely not.

And the Pueblo people would be instructed how to interact with them and when, and what to trade. And so. We had a very dear friend who passed away in January, a Zuni elder by the name of Clifford Mahooty , who has been on shows like ancient aliens. But what Clifford told us is that the star nation peoples would explain to them how to go to a certain location in the desert, Southwest, usually in a mountainous area, time’s up a canyon and what to say and what to bring as a gift.

And then they would exchange things with that star nation. Not always see them. Sometimes they would, sometimes they wouldn’t. But, um, I said, well, what, what would they trade? What would they give? What would they get back? He said, well, one of the biggest things they traded with seeds.

And as I thought about. That probably would include animals, seeds, sperm, and egg. If I’m at nation. And I’m trying to see what kind of things were grow here on this planet versus what can I take from this planet and help another planet with that’s what, the kinds of things that the Ponti do. And so I can certainly understand when they tell us that there are some plants and some animals on earth that did not originate here, or that you can find on many worlds.

I said, give me an example. And they said, bamboo, I said, bamboo. They said, you can. You can construct things with it, like housing, you can use it as a fuel source. You can strip it and weave it and create garments and other things. So it has all of the earmarks of a plant that grows easily in an aquatic environment, or most enough environment has multiple uses.

I said, give me another example. I said flax would be one. Soybeans would be one. Coconuts is one. Marijuana would be one. And again, they were looking for, can it be used as a fuel source of food, medical? Oh, something to use for weaving or environmental fabric or fibers. And so hemp meets all of those qualifications.

And can you find it on other worlds apparently. So, so that exchanging of seeds made sense. Yeah, it made sense.

[00:44:19] Jeremiah: Yeah. And, uh, we were at the zoo today, me and my fiance hands, our family and stuff. Were at the zoo and I was just thinking like how weird humans are compared to like all the other animals on the planet.

We have to wear clothes. Have to have houses like it. Like I was just thinking like, it’s so weird how with the natural world, and it makes you wonder if, kind of like planting.

[00:44:51] Su Walker: Well, the P’nti tells us that genetically, we have been majorly tweaked at least 13 times by separate foundations. It’s completely separate periods of time, but that most of the time in their genetic manipulation, if they’ve done a splicing somewhere to significantly alter a species, they’ll sign their work, just like an artist will sign painting.

Okay. And so you can go back to the original splicing and see who did it. You may not be able to tell exactly when, but you might be able to get close to, um, back more than 5,000 years ago, there was a race of elongated skull folks in the area of the middle east, um, Egypt sooner. Tigris Euphrates that area, that star nation, um, began doing genetic manipulation that they were not supposed to do.

And they got caught at it by another group from another area of the galaxy that also have the elongated skulls. Um, this one happened to be doing studies and work down in south America, not Egypt area when the south American elongated skull folks called the elongated skull folks in Egypt on you’re doing you’re, you’re not supposed to do that’s against the law.

That’s against the rules of the Federation. Um, the first group sent, where on earth, what are you going to do about it? And essentially the Federation. Got brought in and they were all kicked off planet for 5,000 years, which is why you don’t still see them, but they were here extensively helping in both of those areas until the fellows over in the Egypt, middle east area, got a little power hungry ingredient, the two groups of elongated skull folks, it ended up battling it out in our skies.

They aren’t the only ones to have battles above us. And you’ve seen paintings from, um, I don’t know, a thousand years ago. Middle-aged that? Yeah. Then the middle ages that indicate battles in the sky between flying shit. When they didn’t have flying ships then, so it clearly had to be somebody else. So when star nations, cause mayhem here, death and destruction, whoever initiated it usually gets kicked out.

We’re considered a protected planet until we get to the point of our own disclosure and deciding whether or not we want to remain protected by the Federation.

[00:48:21] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’re like children of the galaxy or the universe.

[00:48:25] Su Walker: We’re definitely kindergarteners. Yeah. And people with a nuclear button children. So yeah, exactly.

Well, we’ve got a little bit of time left before your hour. What else would you like?

[00:48:44] Jeremiah: Um, what is, is there like a rankings of the P’nti or two who all is based here? Is it all like all of them or is it just a certain team or,

[00:48:56] Su Walker: oh, um, um, um, of the four information stations. Um, usually you’ll have, um, a manager of this information station and the second in command you’ll have, um, people who normally are at the information desk to take questions from interstellar visitors.

Okay. They come in, they ask their questions, they go on about their business. Um, you will have trainers of individuals, uh, who train other staff as to the protocols. And how do you go visit earth humans in their homes? And that’s different on every continent because culturally we’re a little different on every continent.

Um, they do, um, media expert who keeps track of not only our media, but also the slang, the common language, so that the star nations that come visit you in your home. If you respond to them with a slang phrase, they have a better idea of what it needs. Okay. Um, they have instructors for their staff as to, uh, they have an instructor to teach their staff how to download information into you while you sleep so that you wake up in the morning, feeling like somebody filled your head.

Full of an encyclopedia of knowledge and your brain is tired. Um, they have somebody who takes care of their whole fleet. All right. So instead of a mechanic, they call that person a fleet master because while the sh Ponti ships are not constructed piece by piece, they’re extruded through, there’s no space in one piece.

After that process, then UN a nation volunteers. There are several aquatic nations that volunteer to become essentially the consciousness of the ship. So the fleet. Is sentient and conscious. And the person who takes care of the fleet instead of being a mechanic is more like somebody who takes care of a herd of horses.

They all have personalities, they all have names. All have likes and dislikes. Have things that go wrong on a regular basis and things that don’t. And so they have a fleet master as well. Um, they have described to us how to identify their ships. And again, because their ships are extruded.

There are no scenes, no do dads on the outside of the ship, like in 10 iron or weaponry, um, seamless, completely smooth, shiny white or shiny. And so if you see a ship that has no, it was the chances that it’s being piloted by somebody not birth are much higher than if you see say a, a triangular ship that clearly is made with seams and rivets and has other things visible on the outside, which is likely something that we built.

So good question. What else? Yeah. That’s,

[00:53:01] Jeremiah: that’s really interesting. Uh, yeah. And then they have, I heard on the documentary from Dockside media that, um, helped you with like painting or artwork and you were able to draw them and stuff like that.

[00:53:19] Su Walker: Yes. Um, the first time I ever drew one of them, it was. Then basically Tillikum told us that in 1971, they signed a 50 year treaty the earth humans from the heads of various countries, all got together in a desert in the middle east and had what the Ponti referred to as the desert accord.

And in that accord, they agreed to give earth humans five decades to prepare their people for meeting their interests, to neighbors. And that desert treaty that they signed said that they could not provide video or photographs or technology to the everyday old lay-person telecom. They were still under the treaty when I met TLKM and he came to me and specifically said, You know that we can’t do photos or videos or things like that.

And I said, I know he said, but, and this is a big, but there is absolutely nothing in the treaty that prohibits an experience or a contactee from drawing what they experienced. And I said, tell him, I haven’t drawn anybody in 40 years. What are you talking about? He said, I would like you to draw me. And that’s how it started.

That was, it must have been 2016. And so, uh, I have spent the last six, seven years drawing, not only the P’nti but the Sasquatch to cause the two nations. And so we have a lot of squats culture along with P’nti culture, just because the population. An hour north of here, Sasquatch up in the old dormant supervolcano called the Valles caldera.

Um, that population is big and they’ve ventured down this way on occasion. So

did that answer your question?

[00:55:46] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. Um, and I do, I’ve looked at your artwork and stuff and it’s great. I like it. Um, I like all the, I like anything like alien and extra terrestrial or whatever. Like I have this, uh, I just bought it. I just bought it, uh, when I was in the mountains, but it sits on the shelf and it’s just a little,

[00:56:14] Su Walker: well, they had me try a lot of things and so.

I will, um, try a rough draft, um, like here’s back of a Sasquatch walking, and I wanted to understand what his musculature underneath the hair was light. When you draw a Sasquatch and I’ve drawn a number of I’m working on finishing up a Yaqui right now. Um, I want to grab that Yaqui that’s up there and bring over.

Yeah. Yeah. My prowl and super ne this guy.

Yep. And so this is my first attempt at a drawing a yellowy.

[00:57:04] Jeremiah: Oh, cool.

[00:57:07] Su Walker: Yeah. Some Sasquatch. I have hair all over their face and you cannot see any. Some have their forehead was sparse hair. And then the longer hair like you and I have longer hair on our heads starts up higher. We have seen Sasquatch with hair that’s so long that they braid or twist the sides of it into like a dreadlock.

Um, you will see them do the same thing with the mains of horses and ponies. They will either braid or twisted. Uh, the, the hair on the body typically, um, comes down and covers up to the, the first knuckle here. And then you might get some sparse hair and the fingers, but the bottoms of the palms, just like our palms are hairless.

And here on the underside of the arm is a little sparkle. Then here up top here. And the same thing goes for the front of the calves is full here, but behind the knee is not so much. So it really depends. Um, some have much longer arms than we do. Others are more comparable to our length. Uh, their strength is enormous.

Their speed at starting from a dead stop to a full tilt. Boogie run is astonishing. And so can you outrun the minute in your car? Yes. But can you out run them in the forest? No. No, not at all. We’re understanding more about Sasquatch art and what kind of art they construct and why they’re considered, uh, stewards of our forest.

And what they do with stone and rock and trees and soil is really astonishing. We are learning about their glyph language and we are learning more about their vocal capabilities because they can make sounds that are so old and powerful that you literally are stopped dead in your tracks, and you cannot move.

Elephants can do that. Tigers can do that. Sasquatch can do that. I didn’t know that until the punty told us and so a lot, and we’re loving the learning curve because it’s fascinating to talk directly to them. In fact, that’s what we honestly recommend. Download the telepathy. One-on-one from her. It’s free.

You got nothing to do. Study it for a hundred days, practice with feedback for a hundred days and then invite them and start learning what you want to learn from them. So if your interest area is music and you want to know about that, ask them about their music. If your interest area is consciousness, then you have a golden opportunity to have conversations about that.

So people all over the world now are inviting the P’nti and other star nations and having conversations that are very different from the ones that are, are, and I have with them and learning a completely different subject matter, which is perfect because we can’t do it all. We don’t want to do it all.

We want other people to have the quality of experience. With our interstellar neighbors that we’ve had, and we want to help them put down their fear of approaching that process and recognizing that these guys are just human too. They’re just shorter with bigger heads than darker eyes, but they’re funny and they’re fun and they’re polite and they’re respectful and they want to learn about us as much as we want to learn about them.

And that’s perfect to me.

[01:01:37] Jeremiah: And last question, um, and then we’ll wrap it up, but have they mentioned anything about, do they have a religion or do they believe in a higher power

[01:01:50] Su Walker: or they do? Um, we asked that early on also they pray, they believe in the all. And the all means everything. Every part of the multi-verse is the, all they refer to the collective consciousness in a kind of a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

They call it the soup. Meaning it’s full of all of these, of people’s consciousness. All stirring around and milling around and doing their thing. And they know that the collective consciousness, or the soup is this vast encyclopedia of amazing information over billions of years. And so, they honor the collective consciousness as very special. They do believe in unconditional love and they do have their own.

Ceremonies where they give thanks for all the things that they have. And so do they have a spirituality? Yes. I wouldn’t say they have a religion, but they are very deeply spiritual people.

[01:03:16] Jeremiah: Yeah. I was just curious about that and I’m sure other people are probably wondering

[01:03:21] Su Walker: about that too. So it’s a natural curiosity

[01:03:24] Jeremiah: because yeah, because I always hear like, well, if alien is created while I’m just saying, like, I’ve heard, like if aliens created us who created them.

So I was just wondering if they touch on that at all.

[01:03:39] Su Walker: They do. They recognize that there are many orders of advanced peoples. I mean, there are some people so advanced that they designed worlds and solar systems. Okay. Somebody’s got to. But who designs them. So I agree that the concept of the art in the huge multi-verse makes the most sense to me.

And it includes, it implies that huge collective consciousness through time and space that literally creates and shapes our reality.

[01:04:24] Jeremiah: Yeah. I believe in a creative force. I don’t know. You can call a God or whatever you want to call it, but there’s definitely something out there. Something beyond what we can


[01:04:38] Su Walker: Yup. Yup. Things are too perfect. Yeah, I agree.

[01:04:43] Jeremiah: So if anyone wants to get ahold of your work or reach out to you or anything.

[01:04:49] Su Walker: Well, okay. If you’d like to learn more about P’nti yep. Go to official first contact.com. If you would like to understand more about our nonprofit and, and want to help spread the word about disclosure and the fact that our star nation friends are visiting even goes visit the infinite voice project.org.

That’s our nonprofit. If you would like to interact with them personally, and then ask them direct questions on Twitter, the Twitter handle is at Sandia wisdom. Or, you can look up Twitter sent eat tea. If you would like to see the artwork that I’ve done. Um, it’s you visit on Twitter, but it’s easier to go to my YouTube channel.

Uh, my YouTube channel is Su Walker. Just remember I don’t put an E on SU, so it’s just SU SU Walker. If you go to YouTube and look up Su Walker portraits. You’ll bring up Sasquatch and ET portraits and their playlists that tell you more about the P’nti. and, more or more about the Sasquatch. And then also some of the other art areas of things that the P’nti have taught us about.

And, uh, if you’d like to, uh, download the telepathy one-on-one primmer and whatever your choice of language are. It’s available in the documents section of official first contact.com. If people want to talk to me and have me sketch. Experience, I can do that as a forensic sketch artist and would be happy to, sorry, I interrupted you.

Go ahead.

[01:06:54] Jeremiah: No, you’re fine. I was just going to say, I’ll make sure to link it all in the show notes. So, if you are listening at home or in your car or wherever. Uh, you can reach out and find all these things.

[01:07:08] Su Walker: Yeah. And there’s a lot there there’s a lot there. Yep. You can see what all the staff members of the Sandia mountain information station that we have met to date are, uh, because TLKM asked me to put out a current roster within the last several months.

And so you can see all kinds of things there. So thank you, my friend for having me on, I really appreciate it.