Aliens and Paranormal

Aliens and Paranormal

Aliens and Paranormal

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials. And welcome back. Thank you for tuning in to the, what if the wrong podcast today, we have a nice discussion with mark and we’re gonna be talking about the UFO alien abduction phenomenon. Mark believes that he has been abducted himself and has a scoop mark on his arm that he thinks is proof that he was abducted, cuz he has no other recollection of how he got this scoop mark.

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[00:01:41] Mark: I’ve had paranormal experiences on a broad spectrum.

Uh, when I say paranormal, I mean, a, I use that more of a blanket term, uh, anything from parapsychology to UFOs to whatever you. and, uh, I, I’m also an amateur para psychologist. I’m about to get certified through duke university, uh, with a certificate. Um, I’ve got a lot, I’ve got eight over 18 years of earth of research behind me and I can talk about a lot.

[00:02:07] Jeremiah: Oh, wow. Yeah. Um, duke university. I’m in North Carolina now. So not too far.

[00:02:14] Mark: so it’s the, at the RH center there?

[00:02:17] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’m in, I’m over by Charlotte, so,

[00:02:21] Mark: oh, you’re not that far from me. I’m in Gainesville.

[00:02:24] Jeremiah: Oh, okay. Yeah. I didn’t know that they had a parapsychology degree or whatever you’d said.

[00:02:32] Mark: Yeah. Yeah. A lot of people, a lot of, uh, people who watch these paranormal reality shows.

They get parapsychology mixed up with ghost hunting while they do connect and they are correlated. There is a difference. Um, there’s a deep difference. And, uh, I’m also, uh, just as a side note, I’m also a, uh, one of the other hats I wear, I’m a certified storm spotter for the national weather service. So I’m, I’ve been in a lot of I’ve I I’ve spotted tornadoes.

Uh, I, uh, look for ’em on Doppler. I, I try to help forecast them and stuff like, and spot.

[00:03:09] Jeremiah: Oh, that’s pretty cool. um, yeah, I always remember those movies, like, uh, what was that one? Twister and they were like storm Chas. We got a Sidewinder yeah, I liked that movie.

[00:03:26] Mark: Yeah, that, that was a, it was a pretty good movie.

It was entertaining and everything. And, uh, the real thing is much more intense. It’s much more terrifying and it’s much more serious.

[00:03:36] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. . That stuff is not to be played with either.

[00:03:41] Mark: I’ve been in two EF zeros and I’ve been in an EF two. And the EF two, I was in, uh, just as a note side note, um, was back in 1994 in Southern Birmingham, Alabama Metro areas on Palm Sunday.

And it was a, uh, a third of a mile wide, uh, EF two, uh, tornado, which is a significant tornado. Um, it. When I saw it approaching, you could just see this wall cloud practically touching the ground, this massive wall cloud. It was rotating really fast. Um, it was, it was amazing.

[00:04:15] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s, that’s wild. I, I haven’t seen a tornado, but I was in Alabama, my cousin’s house and the, uh, alarm system went off saying like a tornado was coming

Yeah, but I don’t think it ever came by where we.

[00:04:33] Mark: Like the meteorologist James span says respect the polygon. That’s what I tell people. Right. I, I know all about storm structure. I could tell you about, uh, super cells. Uh Supplie linear convective systems, meso cyclones, the whole nine yards.

[00:04:49] Jeremiah: Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s pretty, uh, impressive.

So yeah, I just, um, yeah, just figured we could talk. And, uh, I’m always looking for other people who are into the whole UFO and abduction phenomenon and all that stuff. And, um, I like covering it on my show and I interviewed now, I don’t know the validity, but I interviewed two ladies who claimed to have had an abduction and, um, just give people a platform.

talk about their experiences. You know, that’s

[00:05:31] Mark: kind, you know, my in contrast to my show, I wanna tell you about my show. Um, first of all, when I look through your show, I noticed you caught you. You cover a very nice variety of topics, and my hat’s definitely off to you on that. Um, I saw a very interesting array of topics, really interesting array.

secondly, so project Stargate, friends research, I named it project Stargate, um, because of there was back I’m I’m a Barron and, uh, I was in the army for, uh, three years, uh, third infantry division mechanized, and, um, I learned years and years ago that there was a special access program, uh, called product Stargate.

And it was basically a, it was, it was ran by the army and it was monitored. I believe to some degree by the central intelligence agency in another three letter agency, um, that I’m not familiar with. At any rate, they were what they were, uh, they were experimenting with remote viewing and clairvoyance. And, um, clairvoyance is the ability, uh, per pair psychology.

The actual definition of clairvoyance is the ability to project one’s consciousness in other and view events or objects in time. Other areas of time and space, even pre cognitive. Now that’s the key right there. Um, now that accounts that does account for, I do believe that, uh, that some, some ghost sightings, uh, account for that phenomenon, some it it’s kind of like, uh, and sometimes, uh, I had Mike Rick sucker on my show, uh, Months ago.

And we were talking about, uh, the idea of time warping and, uh, GRA areas where the gravity’s kind of whacked a little bit and having, having some, um, intense geomagnetic, uh, electromagnetic fields and stuff like that. It was riveting conversation. Um, But we think that there also sometimes there are time wars.

So that’s just examples of things that we research I’ve researched, uh, for over 18 years. The reason I got into researching is because ever since I can remember, I’ve had, uh, various different kinds of paranormal experiences. Everything ranging from missing time to, uh, lots of UFO sidings with, and without other family members.

I have trace evidence as I’m gonna show you here in a little bit, uh, that I can, I can share with you. I’ve had this trace set evidence, uh, looked at by both Kathleen Martin and Darrell Sims. Uh, they seem to be pretty convinced that this, uh, scoop mark or whatever it is on my wrist is very consistent with what they’ve.

Very frequently over the past several decades. So, so we’re a research group first and foremost. We, um, what, we’re the whole idea behind project Stargate friends research is to share our research with the public, uh, first and foremost, but at the drop of a dime, I can go art bell. We, we can, I can go, we can flip the talk show mode and I can go art bell.

Just fine. No problem. I can go all out art bell on somebody. Um, but that’s what we are. That’s who I am. And that’s what I do.

[00:08:46] Jeremiah: Yeah. The I’ve been listening to the coast of coast for a long time. My show, I kind of model it around that. and um, like you said, I cover various topics and I like to dive into anything that I consider fringe and, um, Give people a platform to share their experiences and research and places that they couldn’t get to do that elsewhere.

Cuz like you probably wouldn’t see a lot of stuff I cover on mainstream TV or anything like that. So

[00:09:22] Mark: that’s what sets you apart from everybody else. And let me, and let me E encourage you to keep doing this because the more people that do this, the more, we’re all an important piece of these puzzle. The more of us who puts our piece out there.

The, the closer we’re gonna come to answering these que some of these questions. Some,

[00:09:41] Jeremiah: yeah. Some things are probably never gonna be answered, at least not in our lifetime, but who knows maybe on the other side, we’ll figure it out.

[00:09:51] Mark: correct. Hopefully. So, um, me personally, I approach things from I’m a little unique.

Um, I come at things I, I believe in science and I believe in God, basically that’s the bottom line. Uh, I believe that their synonymous and I believe that God, what we call science is real. A, and we have even begun to scratch the surface on it, but I also believe that what, what we call science is simply God’s methodology or the universe’s methodology, whatever you prefer to prefer as, uh, like the methodology of making everything in these three dimensions.

We, uh, we live in livable and for us to be able to better ourselves. That’s what I, that’s my philosophy. That’s the very bottom.

[00:10:37] Jeremiah: Yeah, if, uh, better ourselves and to experience life and, um, you know, they like this world is constructed for us to experience, like you said, cuz if you take everything down, so it’s basic form, it’s all just like energy and.

you know, this desk really isn’t a desk. If you take it down to like the microscopic level. So it’s just what we perceive. And we’re programmed, in my opinion, we’re programmed to perceive everything this way, but there are ways and techniques to go outside of, of that. And people have throughout time found ways to, to do that.

[00:11:25] Mark: Um, I recommend, I wanna recommend a guest for you if I okay. Um, and I can, I might can introduce you to this individual. His name is Dr. Barry TAF. If you can write that down, you have Barry. He is a Barry TAF, uh, PhD. Has a PhD in biomedical engineering. Wrote a book. He’s also, he’s a para psychologist and he wrote a book called aliens above ghosts, below explorations of the unknown.

And it’s basically, uh, it’s almost like I call it the parapsychology Bible for lack of a better term, cuz that’s kind of what it is. Um, and also like I have in many, many other researchers, uh, have, have, or is starting to see us some correlation between various different types of paranormal phenomenon.

And I can talk about that at length. If you ever want me. Oh, yeah. Get

[00:12:23] Jeremiah: into that. Let’s talk about that.

[00:12:25] Mark: um, yeah. So I can talk about that for sure. I, um, first of all, I want, we gotta kind of go back into my, uh, early life. Um, I was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi, and, um, I, I had a pretty good upbringing.

We, my mom and dad, they were, they, they kind of sheltered me a little. Um, you know, I was able to watch TV a little bit here and there and, you know, I, they just demanded respect and obedience and they, they took very good care of me though. They took excellent care of me. They, uh, there was no abuse really going on of any kind.

Um, my throughout my childhood and, uh, I, uh, I was raised in a town called, uh, Columbus, Mississippi in Lowes county, uh, which is right on the Alabama. And I had my grandparents, they lived down south and Laurel, Mississippi, uh, which is where my mom and dad reside currently. Um, so I had a pretty good upbringing, but one thing though, um, is I, I noticed at a very, very young age that think that I, I was having these bizarre experiences that, um, people would raise their eyebrows out, uh, things that I could see that my mom and dad or other people couldn’t.

And usually it was like, it was a man. It was the same person every single time, uh, this guy. And, uh, I, I, I don’t know if he was my guardian angel. I I’m about, I’m pretty sure that’s what he was. Uh, I think he was my guardian angel or something, uh, to that effect, but he, um, at any rate, he. I would see him all the time.

And I would climb. What I would do is I would climb underneath, uh, our dining room table in the dining room, in this house in Mississippi. And when I would crawl under there, he would show up at a, just practically outta nowhere. And he would crawl under the table and talk to me just like me and you are having this conversation right now as we speak.

Um, and so I started having these experiences, um, One of my earliest experiences that I remember I was visiting my grandparents in south Mississippi, and we, um, I was staying in this basement room and I, I think you could call it, probably considered this like some sort of close encounter experience of some kind.

Uh, but I, I woke up and there were three entities standing at the foot of the bed and these entities were very small. They were approximately three and a half foot. uh, three and a half to four foot. Uh, they were about, they were taught a little bit taller than me. Um, cause I was about four years old or something like that.

Um, anyways, these, uh, these entities. Didn’t they had very, they had very, very small little areas that you could call a mouth. They had, um, the, what, these little nub things that looked like, I guess they were ears. I don’t know what they were. Um, and two little holes, like right up here. And then they had these big black app, wraparound eye lenses.

And, um, they also wore these little what looked like a, like a really dark maroon robe with a hood over it. Kinda like a Dr. CLO. That was one of my, uh, young, that was one of my earliest, uh, experiences that I remember.

[00:15:44] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s a very common thing to, um, people who get abducted. Now, I’m not saying you got abducted, but maybe did.

Um, but people who got abducted from their room and bed and everything like that, it’s usually three, three gray type aliens. deck do it. And I don’t know what the significance of that is, but, um, yeah, from a lot of encounters I’ve read and heard about it always seems to be three and they usually are like assisted by a taller gray type being or a Manto type being.

So yeah, you definitely, it definitely fits the, the, it hits

[00:16:32] Mark: the profile. For sure. I don’t like, I don’t like to jump to conclusion his brother. I, I really don’t but you know, if it looks like a pig and it works like a pig, it’s probably a pig. Yeah. That’s what they say. But let’s go deeper. Let’s go a little bit deeper if you want to.

Yeah. Um, so moving forward, let’s move forward about, you know, maybe, I don’t know, four years, I think I was about eight years. One summer, my grandparents from south Mississippi, they came up, they spent the weekend at our house and, um, they actually, uh, when it was time for them to go, they were ready to go home.

Sunday. I just, outta nowhere, I just had this overwhelming desire to go with ’em. I was like, Hey, you know, I was, I begged my mom and dad to let me go. And they did, you know, we got in the, we got in the vehicle and, um, we started, uh, heading south and, uh, through, through the state of Mississippi, And, um, as it was getting dark, this is how I recall these events.

I recall these events as, uh, in kind of in this order. We started, I remember where this started because I would, I, I saw a sign, an exit sign off this highway, and I know the general area that this happened in. Uh, cuz I remember when I was little seeing the sign lit up by the, uh, car lights, um, By the lamps.

And I could see that it was an exit for Philadelphia, Mississippi. So not very shortly after we passed that exit. Now keep in mind, it was around, uh, 8 50, 8 55 in the evening. It was summer and it was getting dark. It had just gotten dark and we’re, we’re going down the highway and outta nowhere, this very bright fiery object flies in front of our vehicle.

I felt stunned. I felt afraid and very confused. Uh, my grandmother was very outta sorts and the next thing we knew, uh, we were probably about an hour away from their house at this point. Uh, and we should have gotten there by 10 o’clock, but it was close to midnight when we actually got there. How can that.

Uh, I got very sick to my stomach. I, I got, I threw up, uh, I, I was very sick. I was fine the next day, but, um, experiences like this, that I’ve had a lot of times they’re followed up by other types of phenomenon. Uh, like for example, uh, I had a UFO siding when I was older and, um, I was having this UFO siding almost every night for about two months, one summer.

And, um, I had a witness, my partner, Greg that’s on my show. Uh, he’s one of my co-hosts and my partner, uh, Greg, I, I, we got, we used to work together and I, when we got off, when we were about to get off work, I asked him, I told him what I’d been seeing. Uh, I told him what’s been happening and he agreed that when we closed up shop, we were gonna go, he was gonna follow me back to my house and, and come.

Well, he did. And sure enough, it wasn’t within five minutes of him staying there. This object manifested, uh, in the horizon, not too distant horizon and it seemed to have the ability to implode and then reappear somewhere else in another area of space. So later that night after he, after all the, the event, uh, transpired, um, I had a brief, uh, what a akin to a Poulter, uh, outbreak in the house I was living at the time.

So, I mean, there’s a lot of things that could, that I’ve seen personally. Um, uh, that’s just a couple of my experiences that I remember where I had some other Paran types of paranormal phenomenon associated. There would be associated with parapsychology, including, uh, a sort of telepathic. Idea projection into my head, like, come with us, like in the first experience I told you about it wasn’t it was not a language that it was used towards.

It was ideas, like come with us, stuff like that,

[00:20:42] Jeremiah: kind of like, um, yeah, they just put the thought in your head kind of thing. It’s not like actual like speech or talking. You just kind of know, is that how it was. .

[00:20:56] Mark: Yeah. I mean, it’s just like, it’s really hard to describe. They’re not your thoughts and what scares me about what, the thing that kind of creeps me out about that is I’ve also studied some demonology and that kind of sounds like possession in a way, but it wasn’t, I know I wasn’t demonically possessed or anything, but it’s kind of similar to that.

Uh you’re you’re someone else’s consciousness is operating in your mind, it being projected to you or whatnot.

[00:21:21] Jeremiah: Now, have you, um, tried to go through like the hypnotherapy or regression. Hmm.

[00:21:31] Mark: So that’s a good question. Um, I’m a Mo member of Mohan. and we’re starting up, uh, here in Georgia. We’re starting up.

We’re actually about, uh, me and, uh, some other, well, this, this one of my fellow members, I should say, this is his, his, uh, group that he’s starting and I’m, I’m gonna, uh, I’m. I might be assisting with it. Uh, it’s an experience’s group and, um, As far as, before I made, I have not made a decision on whether I want to try hypno, hypno, regression.

Um, it’s kind of one of those things like, do I, do I want to add trauma to this? Do I, you know, is it gonna really screw me up? You know, is it, do I really wanna know what happened? Because a lot of the cases I’ve already studied already. Uh, most of them weren’t very.

[00:22:19] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s one of those double edged swords.

It’s like, do I want to know or will it make things worse or, uh, yeah, I understand that completely. Um, cuz like you said, a lot of the stories I’ve heard from David Jacobs and all that is like, yeah, the people have terrible experiences, but of course their memories are pretty much wiped until they go through.

regression or whatever. So, yeah, I was just curious if, if you were planning on doing that to try to get some answers, but maybe you don’t want to get the answers.

[00:22:58] Mark: I don’t know I’m gonna prayerfully consider it, but at the same time, um, one of the reasons why I wanna be involved with this, uh, group, uh, is because one thing it’ll give me a direct in my face insight.

I’ve I’ve studied tons and tons of, of Abdu abduction cases. Over the years, I’ve had, uh, I had Kathleen Martin on my show twice, a couple, two or three times, and we talked about Betty and Barney heard that, you know, her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney hill, we talked about a lot of stuff. She ran and experienced her group along with this lady named den Denise stoner, uh, who I also had on my show.

Um, and they were, they ran that for a while in Florida. Down in Florida, uh, for, and, and separately from Mohan.

[00:23:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s definitely interesting that Benny and Barney hill case is, um, pretty dang. Um, well, I believe it, but I’m saying it’s pretty hard to dispute their case. Uh, if you’re like a denier or whatever,

[00:24:04] Mark: if you’re a Michael Shermer or a Philip Glass, understood.

Yeah. You know, you know, it’s, it is funny, you know, I, I catch my, you know, every once in a while, um, I like to listen to Joe Rogan. He’s he’s I like the way he does his podcast. There’s the chill environment, the, the campfire style conversation, kinda like we’re having right now. Um, very similar. Um, but, uh, I saw him, uh, when he interviewed, um, uh, he interviewed, he had several really good interviews.

I recommend people checking out. One was Dan Aroy, uh, the actor. Um, and he’s very interested in the paranormal, um, in real life. And, uh, the other one was Bob Lazar and that was just probably one of the best interviews, more detailed and descriptive and brutally honest interviews I’ve seen. And I, I tend to believe his story.

I tend to lean that.

[00:24:53] Jeremiah: Yeah, I think I’ve heard at least sections of that, Bob Laar one. Um, I have to go back and listen to the whole thing again, but yeah, I’ve always liked Joe Rogan myself. Like I just like how he’s the same type of way where he just gives people a platform to talk. And, um, it’s not really like geared towards one thing or the other.

It’s kind of like, just tell me your experience. And, uh, like I, I listen to a ton of. One’s about like people’s iowaska trips and stuff and, um, yeah, that kind of stuff like really fascinates me, like,

[00:25:30] Mark: yeah, me too. It does me too as well.

[00:25:33] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve never done it and I’ve been to Peru, but I went to like, do the, um, see all the ruins and stuff like that.

And I’m actually going back to Peru in like two weeks. And. I, I won’t be doing iowaska, but I’ll be looking at the ruins again. I hope to get footage so I can make like a short documentary or something of like all the weird stuff there that just doesn’t make sense for like traditional history.

[00:26:02] Mark: Yeah. AB I I’m fascinated.

I’ll tell you what, man. I’m really fascinated with the NASCA. Uh, the, the NASCA lines is, is very mysterious. You know, who, how the. Did they get those things done as, as, as accurately and as, and as they have, it’s just incredible.

[00:26:20] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then also why, like, they won’t be able to see it from the ground. So what were they doing?

Were they, I’m not saying like instantly it’s aliens, but like why would they create that? They can’t even like admire their own work.

[00:26:38] Mark: Yeah. And, and, you know, there’s a lot, there are other possibilities about that, but at the end of the day, um, it speculated they did it to, to honor their gods in some way.

And who knows? I mean, there’s a, there’s, there’s evidence, there’s some, some evidence out there to support that some kind of non-human intelligence has, uh, has operated and interacted with us for at least a couple thousand years. And I find it very interest.

[00:27:04] Jeremiah: So through, uh, your research and everything and people you’ve talked to and stuff like that.

I know I’m in the camp of aliens being interdimensional. Um, and I know there’s a small group of people who think the same. Um, what’s your take on the whole alien thing? Do you think they’re from outer space, you think they’re interdimensional or are they kind of like a mix of both?

[00:27:32] Mark: Okay, so I’ll start with this.

I got a friend of mine. He’s actually, uh, a, a member of moan. His name is Joseph Jordan, and he joined moan decades ago. I want, I’m just practicing with this, but he joined moan many years ago and he started a sort of like an experiences type group as well. This is back in like the night early nineties. I think it was.

um, I’ve got his book. He, he gave, he sent me a copy of his book, but, um, at any rate, um, he did a lot of research and he started seeing some anomalies that were popping up in this research. Now some of this had religious overtones, which, uh, is hard for a lot of, is a pill, hard pill for a lot of people to swallow.

But, um, at any rate, Um, there, there are some cases there’s a, a pretty decent amount of cases that were reported to that, uh, that he investigated over the years. Or he, he was, uh, told by, uh, people who had, uh, experiences different, these types of contact experiences with, uh, non-human intelligence of some kind.

And they seem to not like the whole, uh, mention in God’s name or Christ name or whatever, or YWA or whatever. Your belief system is, uh, they didn’t like that at all. And the, um, the experience was terminated, uh, through using that, uh, that technique. Um, I actually had a very similar experience one time, uh, which I can talk about, uh, later, if you ever want me to.

Um, but at any rate, um, there’s a, uh, I, I tend to leave towards the interdimensional theory. It’s a mixed bag. Think there’s a lot of things at play here. I think that there. Different types of entities that are interacting with us. Um, a guy, I had a guy named Howard storm on my program. He was on salt mysteries, um, and Howard had a near death experience.

Uh, he ended up in a very hellish place, uh, that was kind of wrapped up in our dimension in some way. Uh, he was out of his body fully and, uh, people were ripping him to shreds and he was, and it got dark and. He had, and then turned into a very positive experience. And he was there with our creator one on one, and he was asking God, all these questions.

And then they got to the, the whole, I asked, I looked at him dead in the eye. I said, I said, Mr. Storm, what about aliens? He said that God told him. uh, or the, be the Supreme being whatever you prefer that told him that yes, there showed him all these examples of different types of beings he’s created throughout dimensions and space and everything.

And said, but the ones that were interacting with mankind at this point are up to no good. That’s what he said. So, you know, these could be aliens. These could be. Um, but I think that they’re, they would most certainly have to be interdimensional in nature because, uh, you could call ’em alien.

You can call ’em interdimensional beings. You can call ’em whatever you want to call ’em. Uh, but the, the facts are this. We don’t know where the heck they come from or who they really. That is a fact, uh, we could be dealing with fallen angels in some cases, uh, we could be dealing with, um, each BA, uh, bad ETS.

We could be dealing with some sort of bio. I think that some things are biological Androids, uh, specifically the grays. Uh, they don’t seem to have a very high intelligence of any kind. Uh, they just seem to be like a worker B type thing. Um, they’re there for one purpose and one purpose only that’s to, uh, drag your tail out bed or out of your car in broad daylight, and then in the evening, and do things to you that are can to rape torture and mutilation.

So interdimensional, uh, extra terrestrial, it’s all the same at the end of the day. I believe it is. Um, and I think that there may be something else at play here that more, even more sinister, uh, at play that’s that’s involved with these.

[00:31:29] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s kind of crazy to me, cuz like, if you just look at it one way or something like that, you could be like, oh, there’s just from outer space.

There are space brothers or whatever. But then I think like while I listen to stories of people who have. Mushroom trips or iowaska journeys or all these different things. And they will legit tell you they’ve met like gray type aliens on these trips that they’re having. And it would just make more sense to me, you know, maybe these be these whatever substances.

Are able to give people glimpses into these other realities, these other dimensions? Um, I don’t know. It’s just my take on it.

[00:32:21] Mark: Yeah. And is, I don’t think you’re, I think, I don’t think you’re off the beaten path at all. Very fascinating. And, uh, I have to, you know, I think I have to concede that that’s a definite possibility I’m, I’m open, we’re wide open to other possibilities.

Our, our motto is, is we listen to understand, not to listen, to respond. So that way, even if you disagree with their conclusions, you can still learn from other people.

[00:32:45] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. Have you heard of, um, well I’m sure you have, but, uh, LA Marzuk, he is totally on the, and he’s totally on the. Yeah, he’s totally in the camp of, uh, them being like demonic beings.

And, um, I think he has like documentary videos of like, um, implants and stuff, and he like prays on them, praise on them and they like disappear. So it’s just very interesting to me.

[00:33:20] Mark: absolutely. Um, I think, like I said, I think everybody’s at an important piece of, uh, the paranormal puzzle. Um, we also, now I’ll tell you this, um, there’s also, I’ve, I’ve had a lot of, I’ve had some other experiences that had, uh, various types of paranormal phenomenon.

It seem to be kind of a hosh positive of activity. I can, I can tell you talk about that a little bit. If you. yeah, yeah, go ahead. Um, when I was older, I was probably around 12, 13 years old. And, um, I had an experience one night. Uh, it was in the middle of the night or early morning. Uh, I’m not really sure what time it was, but it was in the middle of the night.

And I, I was about, you know, 12, 13 years. And I woke up and I, I could feel, I, I was paralyzed. I was, I felt like I was suffocating and I was paralyzed. I could see, but I couldn’t move my body or anything. But the weird thing about it was is there’s not, I was not laying on my bed. I could, I could not feel the bed underneath me, my pillow underneath.

I mean, it was, I was probably several feet levitating, both my bed. And when I woke up the next morning, I felt that I felt myself, uh, impact the bed and I slammed down the bed and I woke up at the following morning and there I had, what’s what they call scoop mark on my, uh, right wrist. And I’ve never had an injury there.

I’ve never been to the doctor. Uh, it looks like something, some kind of device or instrument just scooped a little piece of flesh off right here off my wrist. You can’t really see it cuz of the, my resolution’s kind of low my cam, but it’s there. I, I have a high resolution picture.

[00:35:02] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve heard about the scoop marks and then there’s the, um, three dots that are like a pyramid kind of thing.

And, um, I’m sure there’s others. I can’t think of off the top of my head, but yeah, all these abductions, definitely. It seems to always start with like an examination type of thing. And, uh, a lot of it turns like, I say sexual, but I don’t mean like porn or having a having sex or whatever. It’s more like reproductive sexual.


[00:35:35] Mark: sometimes it is though.

[00:35:37] Jeremiah: Yeah. And yeah, the whole hybridization, um, and like hybrid babies and all that stuff. Like yeah. That stuff like really fascinates me and creeps me out at the same time. It’s like, it is what are doing.

[00:35:54] Mark: my, I have a theory on that, by the way, I actually have an I a hypothesis rather.

Um, what’s that it kind of takes us back to Genesis chapter five, uh, in the days of Noah, uh, or Genesis chapter six, I think it was six. Um, I believe that it’s very possible that what, what these entities are are doing is trying to replicate that in some. Uh, in the days of Noah, the sons of God came before the Lord and they lusted after the daughters of men, they took ’em as WIS.

And there may have, there may have been some sort of offspring, uh, between whatever the, the sons of gods are and, uh, these women and which, uh, I think what I believe possibly could have corrupted our gene pool, um, in, in some fashion with their, uh, ne or their giants. And, um, I, what I think may be going, what could be possibly happening right.

Right now with this is maybe what if they’re trying to, uh, get that experiment going and, you know, again, or in a different way, try to achieve a similar result.

[00:37:00] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s definitely possible. And something I’ve definitely thought about is like, and. I know a lot of people these days, like as soon as you mention, like religion, they’re like turned off and they’re like, oh, you’re just talking about that crazy religious stuff.

But like, if you take the dogma of religion out of it and just focus on the scripture and her, and it does line up pretty. Pretty, uh, pretty well because you have, like you said, the fallen angels, and then they went into the daughters of men and created the offspring, the NELI and all that. And yeah, it could be the same exact thing they’re trying to make, uh, this hybrid race or whatever.

And. A lot of times it seems to fail at it because from the, a lot of accounts I’ve heard about and looked into the babies always seem like sickly or weak, or something’s not right with them. They ask the person that they’re, they AB abducted to like, hold the baby close to them and, and love on it.

Like tell ’em like, oh, it’s a beautiful baby. Even if the woman is. Kind of disgusted by it and yeah, I definitely could see that being the case that, um, and I know it probably happened before, but it seems like was 1947, the Roswell crash seems to be like the kickoff point. Uh,

[00:38:38] Mark: yeah. Of the modern UFO era.

And as a, as an interesting side note, I’d like to add to that. If you don’t mind, 1947, ironically is the year that Aster Crowley died. Oh. And, um, Jack Parsch Hemond Jack Parsons and other people who was following, uh, his DIIC, uh, satanic type beliefs. Um, they performed ceremonies that when in one theory is they opened up some sort of veil where these entities came through, cuz he Crowley at one point, uh, claims that he had an encounter within being that he called LA L that’s Lima alpha, Mike.

And this entity looked very similar to what they call and what I saw in, in when I was a little, very little.

[00:39:22] Jeremiah: Oh, wow. That’s crazy. I actually didn’t know that but, um, yep. Yeah. I know about Crowley and how he’s evil and satanic. And he did a whole lot of like bad stuff while he was alive. And. Uh, I think I saw he got kicked out of Italy or something cuz he had this cult going on and

[00:39:44] Mark: he did, he, he, he had a cult going and uh, some people died.

I, from my understanding, uh, he was just, he was a loser. This guy was just a loser. I hate to say that I bet somebody, but that’s just the truth of the matter. Um, he let people die. He rumored to have murdered a few people, but I don’t know what there’s also rumors that he was like, they thought the whole, that whole thing was a big front, that he was like a spy for the British, uh, government, uh, spying on the, uh, uh, Germans.

Uh, during more war, I think one and two or at least one, I’m not sure if it was two, but anyways, there there’s all kinds of crazy rumors, but at the end of the day, it’s pretty obvious. The sky is a very wicked man.

[00:40:26] Jeremiah: Yeah. And the coincidence that , that when he died is when the whole alien like modern alien phenomenon, uh, started is pretty, uh, pretty crazy.

I’d never heard that one. So that’s something new, uh, for me. And then. I think also they’re messing with, um, portals and stuff at CERN over in Switzerland. I don’t know if you know about that, but, um,

[00:40:55] Mark: yeah, I really do. I’ve heard a little bit about it. I’m not, I don’t know a whole, I’m not on the up and up with that, but I’ve heard a little bit about it.

[00:41:02] Jeremiah: Yeah, so there’s a lot of weird stuff going on around cer and like when they reboot the machine, I think it back in like 2012. Uh, so I have an episode about CERN 2012 and how, um, a lot of people think our, I hate saying our world ended cuz like we’re still here, but the world that we knew. um, a lot, there’s a theory that when they rebooted CN in 2012, it kind of merged our reality with an alternate, um, like a parallel universe reality.

And I think that’s when the whole like Mandela effect thing really sprung up and people started like noticing things are not exactly how they remember. And, um, so yeah, it’s just another interesting thing that. You know, maybe they are over there and if you watch the like ceremonies they do, and the Godder tunnel conspiracy or the Godder tunnel opens ceremony and stuff like that, it’s just very strange.

And it doesn’t make any sense why they would, uh, perform those type of like acts or rituals or whatever. And unless they’re up to no good. .

[00:42:20] Mark: Yeah. I mean, it is, it’s very bizarre for sure. I mean, if you’re, if these are supposed to be nuts and bolt scientists, but you never know.

[00:42:28] Jeremiah: Yeah. So, yeah, it’s, uh, it’s crazy.

And you know, in the grand scheme of things from 1947 till now, uh, it’s really not a lot of time has passed. I mean, for us, because we. You know, we only live so many years. It seems like a long time, but, uh, in the grand scheme of the planet and everything, it’s such a short time. So, and then you see all the current events going on and stuff like that.

It’s like a lot of people are saying, yeah, we’re we’re are, were in the, uh, book of revelations or whatever. So

[00:43:10] Mark: now the book of Daniel.

[00:43:12] Jeremiah: Yeah. And. I, I say that to tie it in with the whole alien abduction thing and you know, what are they up to, or is this all part of the, what was written in the, you know, far past?

[00:43:29] Mark: Exactly. Yeah. You know, it is, it’s really interesting because, um, I had another experience one time. I think I wanna share with you. Um, if you, if you don’t mind. Yeah, go ahead. Um, this let’s go back to 1990. Uh, this is before, right? Not too long. Before I joined the military, I was invited to come to a party at someone’s house and they had a we award.

Now I wanna disclaim one thing. I do not recommend anybody under any circumstances ever mess around with the, a cult, what I call a cult objects like that, uh, very dangerous stuff. However, I was a skeptic at the time, you, I was very skeptical, uh, at that I haven’t woken up yet per se, where I started having these memories flooding back in, like I did in my mid twenties.

So, you know, I was just very skeptical about it. I didn’t think about anything that happened with my past really so much. I would just, all I cared about was girls and, you know, partying and this and that back then when I was really young. So we all, we all huddled around this little table and she had her OUIA board and on the, and then the plant chat was sitting there and, and I put my hands on fingers.

I laid my fingers on it. Very gently. Everybody else did. Then we had, uh, someone keeping notes. And there was some kind of force moving the plan chat. It was, it was, there was a type of force that was moving it around the type, the, uh, spirit board. And you could feel, it, it, it is, it is something I can’t describe.

It is just some kind of, uh, probably pre and natural, uh, force that was moving this plan, chat all over the board. You know, I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t stoned. Uh, I wasn’t, I wasn’t, uh, on any kind of sub I maybe had one beer, maybe a beer. Uh, I was, I was very sober. I was very clear minded. Um, and it kept telling me to go answer the door.

Um, I went to the door and there were someone standing there. Like we could, we didn’t hear anybody pull up or anything. It’s just, they have a very, very long driveway. um, so you couldn’t hear someone pull it up. It’s just too far away. Well, low and behold, there was someone staying there when I opened the door.

No doorbell rang or anything. Well, a little bit later, it tells me to go answer the door again. Well, keep in mind, this is in the middle of summer, the dead heat of summer. And it’s like, you know, in the nineties, it’ very hot stifling and humid eeping. As I opened the door, there was nobody. But as I, after I opened the door and I stood there for a second, I felt this brusher really called air, hit me and it, and it put, it brought chills all over my body and they, we communicated, we, we started, we kept communicating with whatever this entity was, uh, at the time.

And then finally, I just like, you know, I’m, this is boring. I’m going home. Even though I was pretty, I was a little creeped out by the things that were happening. Um, I was just, I kind of got to the point where I was just like, you know, I had to go outta town the next day I wanted to go home and, and I, you know, I’d seen enough of it, you know, I believed it, you know, so I’m driving home and I lived on the other side of this estate neighborhood.

I’m driving home and there was these, uh, very tall street lamps, uh, on both sides of the road. And as I approached each set of street lamps, the lamp would, would turn. And as I, as I moved past it, uh, they would come back. I looked in my rear view mirror. They would go, come back on. Uh, this happened the whole way home from one side of this big neighborhood to another I, and as I, when I got home, I immediately, I felt really tired.

I got really, really tired and kind of agitated. And I wanted just to lay down and I immediately went to this really deep sleep. And as I was laying there, sleep. I had a, this vision, something akin to a, it was like a lucid dream or a vision or something is very, very powerful and intense and real. And in that dream, these two girls that was at the house were, were, were, they were kneeling in front of the board with the plant chat in the middle of the oui board spin really, really fast by itself.

And then the suddenly the. Um, plane chat flies off the table. The girls look like they’re in a trance of some kind. And as right as that flies off the table, I, I woke up and I sat up and there was what looked like an alien gray or something staying right next to my bed. I don’t know. That’s what I saw.

[00:48:04] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s another like weird phenomenon too. And I know a lot of like scientists say. All day alien abduction phenomena is just sleep paralysis, which I think is hog wash. Cuz people get abducted in daylight and in their car and, and they’re not sleeping. So it can’t be sleep paralysis for all those cases.

So you can’t have

[00:48:31] Mark: sleep paralysis. Driving car in broad daylight. Darrell SIM says, has told me, uh, straight up that, uh, almost 60% of abductions occur in broad day. . Yeah,

[00:48:41] Jeremiah: so, I mean, that’s just the way they can try to discredit the whole thing. But what I was trying to say is like, um, there is another phenomenon with, I guess, sleep paralysis where, um, people see.

Demonic type beings, as soon as they like start to wake up, um, or if they get startled awake and there’s actually, what’s her name? The famous artist right now, Billy Eilish. She, um, she had an experience. She said that, um, one of her music videos is kind of about it and she woke up and there was. Like dark, demonic figure type of thing at the foot of her bed.

And she goes on talking about this whole experience and it just reminded me of what you just said when you had that, um, experience. So, you know, it could just be another, like I said, with the hallucinogens, like Luno gens, like it could just be another. Way that brains get tapped into something else that we are not really supposed to experience.

Um, maybe when you get startled outta sleep, it’s still not clicked into this world yet. I don’t know. Uh, and probably sound crazy, but

[00:50:01] Mark: not at all. I believe as a matter of fact, I’ll take that a step further. what if, what if to feature this? So what if our brains are simply a, like a biological processor and nothing else may, because para a lot of parapsychologists now are suggesting that maybe just maybe our conscious is remote and broadcasted to us and linked to us with like a cord or something.

I don’t know. Yeah. I’ve heard that too.

[00:50:28] Jeremiah: Makes sense. Yeah, I’ve definitely heard that, that we’re. we’re just the, um, I don’t know what you would call it. We’re just like the televisions and we’re receiving the signals, like

[00:50:41] Mark: an avatar.

[00:50:42] Jeremiah: Yeah. Like avatar. Yep. And, um, you know, a lot of that stuff. And I was talking with someone earlier and, um, we said how, it’s funny, how.

One thing will lead into another thing into another thing. And soon you have like a whole spider web worth of stuff that you never thought would fit together, but it ends up fitting together. Once you start looking at everything together instead of separated.

[00:51:12] Mark: Definitely. Um, do we go to a breaker or do you just keep, continue going through you plow through?

[00:51:20] Jeremiah: I usually just go until we’re done talking. Okay. But if you

[00:51:26] Mark: need a break, you can, I need to use the bathroom really quick. Is that cool?

[00:51:30] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll just edit it out.

[00:51:33] Mark: All right. I’m I’m sorry about that. No, you’re fine. I, the, I, the way I do when I do my, um, I’m, I’m my IMM used to doing it a different way.

I’m I apologize for messing that up. Sorry about that. Oh, no, you’re

[00:51:44] Jeremiah: fine. Yeah. Cuz my unusual only lasts about an hour, so.

[00:51:50] Mark: Okay, well, um, I’ll be right back in one minute.

[00:51:53] Jeremiah: Yep. No problem.

[00:52:01] Mark: Okay.


All right, man. Sorry about that. I I’m trying to get over some kidney stones and, uh, I’m afraid it’s played health, my urinary tract and whatnot. Oh yeah.

[00:52:48] Jeremiah: I’ve been there before. yeah, I’ve definitely been there

[00:52:53] Mark: before. How would you like to wrap this up? What do you, where do you, where do you wanna take it till the end of the segment?

[00:53:00] Jeremiah: Um, uh, I don’t even know. Usually I just like ask my guests to plug their stuff, like where they can be found and, and all that stuff.

[00:53:14] Mark: okay. So, um, this has been a really awesome conversation, man. I appreciate you, uh, having me on today. We are actually, um, I, you can find, I just wanna give a, give a shout out to, uh, every, all your audience and, uh, I really appreciate you letting me on today.

Um, you could, we can be found project Stargate, friends research is on Facebook. Uh, we’re also on, uh, Spotify, uh, audio only. And, uh, also check out our YouTube channel, which you can watch on your smart TV with the YouTube. and, um, this has been great, man. I appreciate it.

[00:53:56] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. I like talking to like minds and, uh, even if I don’t agree completely with someone, I can at least see their point of view and their perspective.

And, um, and then, you know, maybe can shift my. Uh, belief or shift someone else’s I don’t know, but at least have the opportunity to talk and not be censored or be, uh, create treated like a. You know, crazy person or

[00:54:28] Mark: something. Yeah, no kidding. And, and I think a lot of us have, have caught that kind of flack.

Um, uh, maybe some other time maybe, um, maybe if you have some time we can talk, I can tell you all about the, uh, coal mountain triangle. I’ve discovered it, it’s an area in north Georgia that, um, goes from Dawsonville to, uh, coming and then up to LJ and then back down. And it’s synonymous with lots of different types of Paran phenomenon, even a satanic cold as.

oh, wow. And I can talk about we’ll definitely, I’d be happy to talk about that sometime.

[00:55:00] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’ll definitely have to get into that. And I still, I don’t live that far from Georgia, so I’m hoping to get down there and see the Georgia Guidestones and all that good conspiracy stuff. So

[00:55:12] Mark: yeah, you oughta come.

We’re gonna be doing an expedition, some expeditions out in the coal mountain triangle. Maybe you can come out and hang out with us and, and, and explore the unknown with us. So. That’d be

[00:55:20] Jeremiah: great. Oh yeah, definitely. You’ll have to let me know. Um, and when it is, obviously I’ll be in Peru, uh, most of July, so, but, um, yeah, definitely.

I’m down for that. And down to talk again and talk more about, you know, the paranormal and stuff that you won’t find on your major programming.

[00:55:44] Mark: Yeah. And that’s what it’s all about. People. That’s where people like us coming into play. You know, that that’s our job, you know? Uh, I have, I have celebrity guests on my show.

I have people that no one’s ever heard of in my show. And these are all just as important. These stories are all just as important to me.

[00:55:59] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. And the more people I can talk to the better for me, cuz I learn things every, every episode that I do and I just like hearing. From other people and people who have experiences that I’ve never had, or have, uh, research that I don’t have.

And, you know, I don’t claim to know everything. So it’s good to have people who are like, well researched on, uh, different topics, cuz you know, I mainly focus on like the ancient past and aliens and UFOs and abductions and. But then I have big foot researchers on so I can learn about that. And then I’ve like did a episode with a medium talking about that and the lady ghost Buster.

So yeah. I like to, to hit different things and I like to learn and I’m constantly reading and learning. So it’s fun.

[00:56:59] Mark: well, you’ve certainly done a fine job of it and keep up the great work.

[00:57:03] Jeremiah: Oh yeah. Thank. Uh, thanks for coming on. And, uh, we’ll definitely, uh, catch up again.

[00:57:10] Mark: That’s my pleasure, man. Thank you for, for having me.