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So with that being said, let’s get on with today’s interview with Julia and we’ll talk about astrology and how it affects your life. And remember. Question everything.


Hello, I’m Jeremiah. And welcome to the what if the wrong podcast I’m joined today by a special guests, Julia. And we’re going to talk about astrology and numerology and just, uh, present what, uh, all entails with that.

So I’ll introduce her now. Hello, Julia.

[00:02:09] Julia: Hi,

thank you for having me

[00:02:12] Jeremiah: thank you for coming on and talking with my audience of what got you into astrology and numerology, um, from the start. Um,

[00:02:24] Julia: well it happened a few years ago. Kind of when my life fell apart and I wanted to know what was going on and why. Then I started researching a lot about who I am.

I started to. Look at different articles and everything about, you know, why I feel certain things that like I knew I was different. Um, and a lot of knowing I was different is that I don’t really like, I’m very independent. I’m very introverted and stuff like that. And then things in my life. Just collapsed.

Like nothing was completely okay anymore. And so when I see other people living their life and nothing is, you know, really seriously wrong, they have problems, but nothing is seriously wrong. You kind of wonder what you’re doing wrong. So I remember purchasing a numerology report. Um, I went on Groupon and.

They have a discount thing. So I went on Groupon and then I went on Astro gifts and I got a numerology report. And that tells you all about yourself. It tells you about what your life path is. It tells you about what you are. Future holds, tells you a lot of information. And, um, that was what started it.

And then I also ended up doing a lot of, um, um, purchased a lot of readings from people and. That got expensive. And some of it didn’t feel completely. Right. So I looked on YouTube for readings because I felt like there has to be something for free and those people felt right. And some of those people were also astrologers and what they were talking about made sense for my life.

So I got into that because it just made so much sense for who I am and what I resonate with.

[00:04:16] Jeremiah: All right. Yeah. So definitely seems to be. A lot of answers within the whole astrology thing. And then I’ve heard about numerology before, as far as like, there seems to be some type of code that’s a like woven into the universe, supposedly, I guess that’s how I’ve taken it.

So, um, how do you think, like the numerology part plays into. The whole thing.

[00:04:46] Julia: Um, well, numerology, what I tell people with numerology is that when you add up your birthday, you get your life path number. So, um, it’s literally that simple. You don’t need to pay somebody to do it. You can add it up yourself. Um, and then like, it depends on what number you are.

But if you’re like, for example, if you’re a, if you’re a one. Your life is going to be very individualized. You’re not going, you’re going to need other people, but you’re really going to be very like on your own. Um, you may want to have your own business stuff like that. Um, I want to say relationships.

Aren’t a huge aspect for you. You’re not really gonna care as much about that. You might, but you’re not really going to, um, you know, all about new opportunities, all about being on your own. So I feel like. Spirit God, whoever it is that you believe in, I feel like it is kind of woven into the universe in some ways, because it’s like, you are drawn to what you resonate with and you resonate with that because of a blueprint within you.

And that’s kind of what astrology and numerology is. And people, some people believe in that. Some people don’t either way. It’s fine, but. You’ll notice that when certain like planetary alignments are happening or when certain things where the astrology is happening or with your numerology is happening, you’ll be like, oh, I didn’t really realize that this was going on or okay.

That’s cool. Like some people don’t take it really seriously and they’re like, okay, cool, good to know. And other people do. And they’re like, oh wow. Okay. So I should do this instead. So I think it’s a good blueprint for anybody to follow because it’s like, It can really tell you about when the best time is to do something.

That’s why I really like to use it in my business, because it tells you when you, when you should do something, when you should back off, you know, when you should stop doing something, um, for example, mercury retrograde that’s, that is very, very well known. Um, people don’t necessarily understand what it is.

And basically all that is is when you, um, when. When there’s disruption with communication and that can be any type of communication. So, and then people realize it later and they’re like, oh, that’s why that was happening. I like to use it that way. Yes it is. I feel like it is woven into the universe in some way.

It’s just an unwritten thing.

Zodiac Signs

[00:07:16] Jeremiah: So what do you feel about like Zodiac signs and how they play into people’s lives?

[00:07:26] Julia: People resonate with their Zodiac sign sometimes, but it depends because with astrology there’s someone’s chart and, um, like there’s different aspects of a chart and it’s like a different it’s like every single part of a chart is the different part of you.

So with a, like, if someone has their, I’m just trying to think if someone has. Mercury and Virgo, which is mercury is all about communication. And Virgo is all about looking at different angles and analytical and everything. They’re not going to show you that, like, they’re going to show you that in their communication, but not necessarily in their emotions, because that’s not an emotional thing.

They’re going to show you that in their communication, cause a mercury is a communication sign or a communication planet. So that’s kind of how I think of it. People resonate based on, you know, what part that they’re looking at it with. They’re looking at their moon sign. It’s about emotions. If they’re looking at, um, their communication part or their mercury that’s about communication.

Depends on what it is they’re looking at. Then they’ll resonate with that part.

[00:08:41] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve definitely heard the mercury in retrograde type of thing where I might get it wrong. So you can correct me, but like, if Mercury’s in retrograde, that’s when you should like, hold back on doing certain things because.

Something about that. Like, doesn’t make processes happen easily. And people have told me before, like Mercury’s in retrograde, wait till it goes out and then try to do what you are trying to do. I think when I started this podcast, someone had told me, you know, wait till, uh, till it’s out to start because I was having issues with like setting it all up and I’m not very techie.

So I was like, Really struggling. They’re just, they’re like, just wait till like next month and try it. Then I tried it the next month and here we are like four or five months later and, uh, still going strong. Everything’s just been, I wouldn’t say easy, but it’s been a lot easier than when I’ve tried before.

So I think there’s probably definitely something there. And then what about, um, You hear a lot of times about like fire signs, water signs. Do you know anything about that?

[00:09:57] Julia: Yes. Um, so they’re very different and it’s funny because I’ve had water signs and fire signs in my life. Um, so fire signs, I w I think they’re both great.

I think every sign is great in its own way. Um, so fire signs to me are very, like, I don’t want to say they’re out there. They’re very, like, it seems like they’re go getters. They, you know, they make sure you’re aware of them and everything. Um, I have, you know, I’ve had really good friends in my life who are firesides.

They they’re basically my best friends. Um, and they, so it’s funny because I have a lot of Leo friends that are fire signs and my Jupiter’s in Leo and Jupiter is a very expensive, expensive. And it’s like a lucky type of thing. So whenever I have those people in my life, I have luck in that area. So, um, I feel like they are just, they’re very, I feel like they’re very loyal.

I’m also talking based on my own experience. Um, and they are just charismatic. Um, now with water signs, they are highly mobile. But they’re also highly intuitive. Um, and I can kind of like vouch for that. So my moon is in Scorpio and moon is emotions. So, um, you know, I have, I have like very like with my emotions, I can swim in them and I don’t even understand what it is I’m feeling at the time.

I will just get upset and I won’t know, I know I’ll have to it. I sometimes spend a week not knowing why. So, and that’s really difficult to communicate. So I can imagine how a water sign might feel, where they are swimming in their emotions. They are highly intuitive. They are very, um, they can be very heavy.

Like they have a heavy feeling. I feel like something like that around them. Um, but they’re also very nurturing, like cancer cancers or water sign. They’re very, very nurturing. Um, they’re very kind and they are very there for you. Um, it’s kind of, I feel like they’re kind of like the Leos that I’ve had in my life.

So yeah. That’s the kind of thing where they’re very, they’re there for you, both sides. I feel like are there for you, they just have different ways of showing that.

[00:12:19] Jeremiah: Yeah, I feel like, so when you have like the signs and people obviously associate it the most with like the dating world, cause you always hear like, what’s your sign and all that.

So. So like my fiance and I, she is a Aries and I’m a Leo and we were reading like what their, like, love life is like, or their relationship life is like, and it almost matches us to like a T like, It works out really well, but then we also butt heads and stuff like that because we’re both those fire signs and it’s just pretty wild.

Then I know people who are like Tauruses and they’re very like headstrong and, you know, the whole Taurus thing towards the bull. There’s definitely, I think there’s definitely something there. And then, um, what’s do you know the whole. Signs. Cause all I know is the fire water. I don’t know if

[00:13:22] Julia: there’s yes.

Um, so I’m a Taurus also. So you, you pinpointed me, right? I’m headstrong, but I’m also, I can be very bullheaded too. Um, but I’m going to say something about tourists as being stubborn because we get a bad rap for that. For me, at least how I am with being stressed. The reason why I’m like that is because I have thought of literally every single possible scenario around a situation before you have about that same scenario.

And I went over it in my head a hundred times. So if I’ve done that already and you’re telling me something, I’m gonna knock it down. If I don’t think it’s correct, because I’ve went over it already. And I think that that’s how a lot of Taurus just so that everyone’s aware, because I feel like I’ve seen that enough, like on Facebook and everything, but, um, dance you.

So there’s um, well, there’s Scorpio, there’s cancer there. Sagittarius there’s Gemini. Um, there, I’m just trying to think. There’s yeah. There’s a lot of different there’s 12 Zodiac signs.

[00:14:30] Jeremiah: Yeah. So. So for that, there is 12 Zodiac signs and I think they have like different houses is what they label

[00:14:40] Julia: it there.

So each sign, um, has different, um, like different elements to it. So there’s water, there’s fire there’s earth. Um, and there’s one other one that I’m forgetting, but yeah, there’s the, they have all of those to it. So. And there’s water if I didn’t say that. So yes.

[00:15:05] Jeremiah: So do you think, um, well, we kind of talked about it, but do you think, like if you’re born in a certain sign, that’s kinda like predestine of how you’re going to be, or do you think there’s like, um, possibility of divergence or like it, is it accurate or is it kinda like a base.

And then it’s possible that life circumstances could change like the foundation and a little bit, um,

[00:15:38] Julia: I think there’s is some freewill there. Um, because for me, I, you know, I think that things happen that things do get messed up, but I think also that there is some, some truth to it because. For me when I looked it up and I researched myself a lot because I really wanted him to understand myself better.

I was born under a full moon. I didn’t even know that. I’m highly intuitive and highly sensitive. When we have full moons and eclipses, which is a whole nother thing that I’m very very into, but when we have both of those, I almost like can’t sleep because I’m getting so much intuitive hits from the universe.

I think there is something to that. Um, I think it depends on how intuitive you are. Depends on if you are really into that stuff where you just really, it it’s something that you kind of, um, you know, read about and are thinking it’s interesting, or you live your life by it. It depends on how you, you know, if you think of it as serious or not.

[00:16:49] Jeremiah: So you mentioned full moon, so. Dive into that. And then I don’t know much about eclipses, so you can inform me about that then, but there definitely seems to be something going on when there’s full moons compared to any other time. And it definitely seems to affect people’s moods because hi, no. Um, my fiance works at a jail and on the full moon, there tends to be a.

Stuff happening a lot more craziness, a lot more, um, incidents. So there’s definitely something to it. And you hear everyone, uh, not everyone, but a lot of people talk about like, oh, there’s a full moon today. It’s going to be crazy. So like everyone has that like knowledge in the back of their mind. So what’s your take on the whole full moon.

And then, uh, you can go into the eclipses to.

[00:17:45] Julia: I can understand what your fiance means by when she works in a jail and how that like affects people with the phone. So, um, with the full moon, I usually do a reading for people. Um, you know, like either in my Facebook group or something like that. Um, I do, I like to do, or I’m going to be doing that more actually, I should say, but with full moons, I always say that they are combination periods and they also are a time of release.

So, um, and they obviously do affect you, but I always mentioned, and this is also for a new moon too, that the full moon, when you, what you have to do is look at the sodium sign is falling in because there always is a Zodiac sign that the new moon and full moon is falling in. And I’m putting a new moon in there too, because it kind of part of it, but it’s a different aspect of it.

And what’s a new moon. When you do new stuff, new intentions, you plant new. New projects, new stuff like that. Um, so moon, um, they’re both, you know, same type of thing. Only with new moon. You plant new intentions and full moon is culmination for. But you look at the full moon that is falling in. So whatever Zodiac sign is falling in, I always tell people to look at the area of your chart is falling in.

So the meaning, so basically the house that you like in your birth chart, you can look on cafe astrology, it’s free and you look at the house. You can Google the Roman. Yeah. Um, I usually help people with some of this, but this part, you know, you could do it on your own, but you Google the Roman numeral and then whatever it’s falling in for you.

Let’s just say it’s falling in your, um, your second house, make it easy so I can house it all about income and money. That’s why I chose it because it’s easy. Means that obviously you might be getting some income coming in and you might be getting, you know, you might be getting from. You might be, you know, getting a new job or whatever it is something that you’ve been working towards.

So I always say to like, think about it that way, because that helps to know what area is falling in for you. So that’s the phone part. And then I also mentioned that it’s a good time to. Whatever. Like if you have things to throw out in your house or wherever it is, you can do a yard sale, whatever, but throw stuff out, release it.

Because if you think about it, you’re going to need to do that. Because after the full moon, you have the new moon coming up later, and with new, with new stuff, you need to throw out the old stuff to make room for the new. So that’s how I.

[00:20:23] Jeremiah: And then the full moon about people acting crazy. Is there something about that?

Cause it seems like a lot more incidents happen during that time.

[00:20:33] Julia: Um, I honestly think this is my personal opinion that it’s that’s happening probably because of some area of the person’s chart that’s affecting them. That’s why I think of it that way. Um, and also we have to remember that this, the energy is very potent for moons for, for the full moon.

It’s very, very potent. So it’s going to affect you very much depending on the area that it’s falling in for you. So I think there is some truth to that superstition.

[00:21:03] Jeremiah: Yeah. And for anyone who’s kind of like skeptical, like it’s scientifically proven as well that the moon has an effect on the planet. They say without the moon, our seas would be in turmoil.

Controls the tides and the, you know, the in and out of that. And it affects other things. Uh, I can’t remember off the top of my head, but there’s definitely, the moon definitely plays an important role in this planet. And some people say that the moon is. Like artificial some believe in the scientific method of it, but whatever it is, there is definitely a correlation between what happens here on earth and the moon.

There’s also an old wives tale that says like, don’t sleep outside under the moon because they believed it would like steal your soul. I forget where that came from. I think it’s somewhere in the middle east, but yeah, there’s definitely tales about it. So there’s definitely something going on. Uh, with the moon.

And then what about the eclipses? Because a lot of people, you know, everyone knows about eclipses and they always are a special time and everyone wants to experience them and, uh, they make a big deal about it on the news and stuff like that. So what do you find as far as eclipses and what their role is in everything?

[00:22:26] Julia: Um, eclipses to me are even more important than the full moons and new moons personally. That’s my opinion. Um, because eclipses actually have to do with moving you towards your destiny, which is all about the north node in astrology. Um, so the north node is your soul evolution. So it’s really what you are learning this lifetime, like what you’re supposed to be doing.

So, um, you know, it depends on what house it’s in for. Um, so that, you know, you kind of know what it is that you’re working towards, but with eclipses, since they’re going towards your destiny, certain changes happen around this time and they’re supposed to happen. So, um, that’s why there’s some fear around it, but there’s also some excitement.

A lot of the time with the fear part, um, people kind of get scared because it’s like too many changes going on and I’m just like thinking to myself, well, that means that you obviously needed to go in a certain direction and the universe made you do it. So I would just follow that and don’t go against it because if you do go against it, you might experience more problems.

So, you know, I always say like, if there’s something, if there’s a door, that’s opening, go through it. If there’s a door that’s shutting, obviously. Like stuff like that eclipses also affect us for a lot longer than new moons and full moons do. Um, I don’t know how long, but they affect us for a lot longer. I feel like, um, I think I talked about this, um, in one of the virtual fairs that I was in because I was reading and reading about it and an article, the, one of the last eclipses that we had in November, I think it was in December.

That one affects us for two years. So that’s still in effect. That affects us for a lot longer than formulas do so, you know, your decisions that you’re making, make sure that they’re in alignment with you, your birth chart and with what you feel is right for you. And when I say what you, what, what you, what I think, what you think is right for you.

It’s more about resonating with what it is that you feel like your soul is telling you. And a lot of people have a problem with not knowing what that is, but you have to get some quiet time for yourself. Think about what it is that makes you feel good and also feel into it. Don’t just use your brain. A lot of people like to use the brain and think, and I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, let let’s go deep.

Let’s go deeper than that. So that’s should be, that should be helpful to some of the listeners.

[00:24:56] Jeremiah: Yeah.

Cause I feel like if you use your brain too much on, and this is going to sound weird, but if you use your brain too much, there is ego in there. And so you’re basing your, using your ego towards that. Whereas if you dig into your feelings more than you get the true, like essence of what you are, who you are.

And stuff like that. That’s just my opinion.

[00:25:23] Julia: No, I agree with it. I absolutely agree when, cause I’ve seen too many people where they think about something and I’ll be like, okay, so what do you feel? And then they look, I’ll look at them and they’ll be like, and I’m like, no, no, no, no. I know you’re thinking, I’ve see your eyes.

No, no, no, no. I’m asking you to feel and they’re like, how do I do that? And I’m thinking. Okay. Let’s drop down into our heart space. It’s a difference. We’re so conditioned to think we’re not conditioned to feel anymore. That’s I think the problem, we need to learn how to do both.

[00:25:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. Because you have societal beliefs and ideologies that are in your brain.

So if you’re going strictly off that, then you’re skewed as far as, you know, finding the true meaning. Cause you have all those. Preconceived thoughts that society has put in your brain to like, shut it down. Same thing with like this podcast, even like, I’m just trying to ask questions and have people ask, you know, what if they’re wrong?

And like a lot of people. Try to shoot these things down right away. And just because they’ve been conditioned through our society and stuff that all that’s hogwash and oh, that doesn’t exist and all that stuff. So, yeah, definitely it definitely does affect us. So, uh, if you can look more into your feelings, you’ll definitely have a better time in life.

I think. So, what do you think about, I’ve talked about this with another guest, but it was more about the ancient past and stuff like that, but what do you think of like procession of the equinoxes and stuff like that and cycles of time does that come up during the, uh, looking into the astrology and all that?

[00:27:17] Julia: Um, it doesn’t come up for me, but I do know that, you know, I don’t know everything about equinoxes, but. Some things that makes me something that kind of resonates with me with that is like, you know, when, when we look at different parts of time, it’s like, it’s like kind of clearing the slate for something.

And, you know, getting ready for stuff like that. Like when it, it makes me think of farming, I’m going to go down to 3d level with you guys, like actual, like, you know what everybody can resonate with with farming. Think about it this way. Okay. You wait until a certain time of year to do certain types of crops.

Right? If you don’t, then they could come out wrong. They can come out, all messed up and you basically wasted a bunch of years. So I’m like, I’m trying to unite the 3d with the 5g as, as much as I possibly can for everybody to get that. So I think about it, the same thing was the Equinox. When, you know, there’s a time of harvest, there’s a time of, you know, not, um, like not doing something there, a time of doing something.

Um, I believe, I don’t know when each one is exactly. I’m not too familiar on it. That’s really the closest thing I could think of. I think that that’s something to look at. By the way, I also really appreciate that. Before you mentioned the scientific aspect, I think that helps. I’m always trying to blend science, like trying to figure out how science can really help with, you know, bringing this stuff together.

Cause I think that when you unite the science with the metaphysics, it’s really, really helpful for people. Beyond the right path. And for them to trust it, not just be on the right path up for them to actually trust that they’re doing what they should be doing.

[00:29:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. It just seems weird that like for the cycles of time and stuff like that, like what makes.

Uh, humans and societies like advance and like what gets triggered in them. Like when you go from the stone age to the bronze age, to the irony, age and so on and so forth. And like, it makes you wonder, like, does the. Change in the zodiacal zodiacal signs. I don’t know how to pronounce that, but as you know, we’re spinning around the universe, the signs change in the sky and stuff like that.

And they talk about it back in the Bible, even like that, the signs and wonders in the sky. And they talk about, uh, in other texts about how like, During that age, you are more attuned to certain things. Uh, so I just wonder how it all plays in. Um,

[00:30:12] Julia: well first what makes me think of what you’re saying is the age of Aquarius actually, which there’s debates on what, you know, if we’re in that or not.

I personally think we are, but you know, that’s up for debate. Um, and there’s a reason why, so, um, with the age of Aquarius, first lemon, to just go into what your Aquarius is, Aquarius is a Zodiac sign that is all about innovation. It talks about medicine, it talks about technology. Um, and it’s really about advancing.

So, and also Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, but it also is very different. It’s like it’s a collective. The same as other, you know, as other signs, no sign is the same, but it’s very different. And the reason I bring this up is because I feel like different time periods were for different things. So for this time period, that we’re in the reason why I think it’s really here is because Aquarius does not like to be around.

Like these signs, like to, you know, have groups of people, but they’re fine. Like, you know, virtual, like being, you know, in a group of people, a lot of that got created this year, you know? Um, and last year too, and then 20, 20, you know, the world shut down and we ended up having a lot more virtual groups, a lot more virtual apps and, um, we have computers and also Aquarius is a technology science.

So a lot more technology advances, a lot more advances in math. Stuff like that. Um, and then the other thing is that we all, a lot of people wear masks. If you believe in it, if you don’t it’s, it’s not really, um, I’m not saying, you know, either way is whatever, I’m just saying both ways are, you know, to each their own, but I’m just letting everybody know.

Some people are still doing it. Some people aren’t whatever. But when you, like, when you walk outside and you see that, that is a very Aquarius thing, because you’re showing your. Aquarius is showing that it’s very different. It’s very, not the same as other people. So, you know, that’s kind of what I think about.

And then also with, you know, um, not only with that, but with, with technology as well, we are all home and we’re all, you know, not all, not everybody goes out, some people do that’s fine, but most people are still home working from home. That’s a very Aquarius. So I feel like each time period has their own cycle to it.

And we started this cycle in 2020, because we went into the age of Aquarius. Then I at least that’s my opinion, but that’s just kind of how I’m seeing it progress. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be in this for, but, you know, it’s something that I believe did start then. And there was a lot of things on, you know, Facebook and all of these other channels on it.

Yeah, I think there’s some truth to that.

[00:33:15] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve heard from multiple researchers that, uh, delve into this type of thing that like, um, like you were saying, you have the metaverse that starting now, too, which is pretty much living virtually and stuff like that. And just, uh, what I was trying to say is.

2012 Mayan thing that everyone thought the world was supposed to end or whatever. But a lot of researchers say that it actually wasn’t supposed to be the end of the world as like a cataclysm or anything. It was more of a shifting into a new age and time. That now that we’re shifting into Aquarius, Philosophies and mindsets and everything is, is changing.

I think that a lot of the conflict and division and stuff like that right now, this is just my personal opinion. Don’t like getting too political, but I think a lot of the division and everything like that is. I think our spirits are trying to decipher this shift has changed and some people are still clung to the past, and then some people are more susceptible to be advancing into this new age.

So it would be like, so that’s why I think there’s such a divergence right now. Like, because we’re in that infant stage of the Aquarius, uh, being in a rotation, I guess you could say.

[00:34:45] Julia: No, I agree. I think we’re in, um, it depends on you know, who you are and what you believe in, but I think we are in a very different era right now.

Um, I know for me, um, one of my Saturn return is still in it, which is great, but, um, you know, That’s right now, it’s changing my worldview. A lot of my ideas on, you know, how I thought life was supposed to be are being challenged and they’re continuing to be challenged. You know, a lot of the stuff I believed in, a lot of the stuff that I thought was accurate was challenged.

And, you know, I have very different views than I did two years ago. I don’t even think my views are mostly the same from two years. And, you know, that’s a lot of the Aquarian part, you know, um, Aquarius is also in my 10th house, which is career. So it’s all my views are going to be, my career is going to be very different.

And you know, my views, since my Saturn was in, um, my ninth house is going to be different. It’s also going to be restricted. I have very, you know, my views on life right now are restricted considering, you know, we are still in a pandemic, so yeah.

[00:35:59] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s, uh, it’s definitely interesting. And I love talking about this stuff because.

You know, we’d never really know the full answer. We were just kinda trying to figure it out. And I think that’s our experience here on earth is that we’re just supposed to try to live life to the best that we can and figure things out. And I think some things are purposely like kept from us. I don’t know why, and I’m not gonna go into that now, but like I just, yeah, it’s a fun process to try to see.

Like I said, keep your mind and, uh, everything open to different possibilities and things like that. Do you notice, um, as going back to the actual like signs and everything, do you notice like, um, I know you have mentioned it with friends and stuff like that, but I’m assuming, you know, that it plays into.

Connections and relationships, stuff like that. And I know people say like auras and stuff like that, how some people can click.

[00:37:07] Julia: Yeah. Um, I, so for me, I have like, my whole, my whole chart is interesting with relationship aspect, but yeah, I think that there’s some truth to it. Um, usually in my opinion, earth and, um, water does really well, just like, you know, relationship wise.

They usually do. Um, one of my good friends is an earth sign and I’m an earth sign. So, you know, we’re very grounding to each other. Um, and then, you know, the, the fire signs that I’ve had in my life, I feel like I’m very grounding to them, but they’ve also propelled me forward. They’re also very like, you know, th they push me to the next level, which is something that I need in my life.

So, you know, I think that that’s helpful. Um, I think that there is some truth to, you know, relationship compatibility with romantic relationships as well. Um, I, that depends really on what’s in your seventh house and what’s in their seventh house. That’s kind of what I think, I don’t know for sure. But seventh house is really the biggest, um, role in re in romantic relations.

[00:38:20] Jeremiah: And what is the, uh, seventh house, if you can explain that.

[00:38:24] Julia: Sure. So seventh house is relationships, so romantic relationships, they’re also business relationships. They can be friendships too, but, um, yeah, it’s all about that. So, um, whatever Zodiac sign is in that, then, you know, it kind of talk, it kind of reveals a little bit about yourself.

So for someone with. I want to say, let’s just point out Scorpio, just what I’m thinking. Someone with a Scorpio placement, they might want to be very intimate with somebody and very close with someone and very emotional because that’s the kind of sign they are. Um, if they are a, I’m just trying to think if they’re a cancer, then you know, they might be very nurturing and very caring.

And, you know, very family oriented to cause cancer is a very family oriented sign, but for someone who has maybe a Gemini in their seventh house, Gemini is so I have my son in Gemini and it’s very interesting. They might be very, I don’t want to say fickle, but I’m going to, they might be, um, they might not want to commit to things, but they also might be very like.

Seeing multiple sides of a situation type of thing with a relationship they might want multiple partners. Um, you know, some people are into that. That’s fine. Um, you just have to be, you know, honest and transparent about what you want, but you know, they might want that they might, you know, they might also be more interested in the intellectual aspect of relationship because Gemini is a very intellectual sign.

They’re an air sign. So I think that that plays a role.

[00:40:07] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. I think there’s something there, like I said, with my fiance and I like, we do butt heads sometimes, and sometimes she drives me crazy, but I think, uh, in the end we really mesh well and I can see other signs and you might not always want the same sign, I guess, because if you’re both set in one way, it’s hard to.

Like do something different. So maybe if you are with someone who’s the same sign, then you don’t get that opposite. Like you said, like you have a friend who like a Leo that will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. So it’s definitely interesting. I

[00:40:52] Julia: agree. Yeah. My, my seventh house is Sagittarius and Sagittarius.

Um, like it, it makes so much sense for me because I’ve never been one to, you know, be completely like, want to be completely attached, but I never understood that. And then a part of me does want that because, you know, it’s, I also have my moon in Scorpio. So a part of me actually does want the intimate closeness because of the Scorpio part of me.

And then I do like the committed part because you know of that feeling, but then I also. Have realized about myself that I like the free spirited part. I don’t necessarily need a partner to be, you know, checking up on me every five minutes, be texting me, be calling me. I think that would actually drive me nuts.

So I don’t necessarily need that, but some other person might. So something that, um, you know, for me, that I’m thinking about and for anybody else, I don’t know for sure if this is going to help anybody, but, you know, compromised. Not really compromising what it is that you want, but if you want to have a relationship with somebody, maybe, you know, thinking about how they operate as well.

And if you really want to be in a relationship with them, you know, um, romantically thinking about how you can maybe compromise a little bit to be, you know, helpful in some aspect for them. And they should do the same for you. Cause it’s, you know, you’re here to learn about yourself as well. And you learn about yourself through relationships too.

That’s something that I think is a valuable lesson that people can take away.

[00:42:27] Jeremiah: You might know, or you might not know. I don’t know, but I have to ask for me and my audience and stuff, when is the next time that mercury is supposed to go in retrograde? So we know not to try to do anything that might be a little more difficult.

[00:42:44] Julia: Um, I think it’s usually three times it’s usually two or three times a year. So we just had one. Um, I think it was this year. We just finished it. Um, I think it was a month or two ago, so, you know, thank God glad. Um, I mean, no, I don’t, I don’t mind them, but at the same time, like I’m going to go into why I don’t mind them.

I don’t mind them because they’re a time to really reflect, like, if you. Annoyed about mercury being in retrograde. Think about what you can do instead, you can revisit your plans. You can look at why, you know, you, you know, if you want to do something, you can look at the best time to do it. You can reassess stuff.

Um, it’s really good time to clean stuff out. You know, I say full moons, do it, do it, then clean stuff out. It’s a good time to do all that. I don’t recommend signing anything during that time. So no leases don’t, don’t put money down in the house. I don’t recommend it. Um, because you might regret that later and then you basically, you know, have a mortgage now that you have to deal with for however long.

I don’t recommend doing it during that time. If you want to read the fine print, very, very, very closely read it like five times if you have to. So I recommend, you know, doing that stuff before or after a lot of the times that I wanted to do something, you know, like start a program or whatever, right before mercury retrograde, I was like, okay, you know what, maybe let me put it in.

’cause you know, like something for like, you know, my own business stuff. I thought, what about putting it on pause? Because maybe there’s something else that I need to reevaluate. So, you know, that also happens too. So look at it that way in terms of what you can do rather than what you think.

[00:44:29] Jeremiah: All right. So next time mercury goes into retrograde.

I’m just going to go into research mode and not try to not try to do anything new, push the envelope on anything. I’m just going to, like you said, take time to reflect research and just get ready for when it’s gone. And then do you know how long it usually lasts? Just a couple months.

[00:44:51] Julia: Oh, no, no, not even that long.

It usually lasts like four weeks, sometimes six. It doesn’t last that long, but, um, I do recommend during this time for mercury going retrograde, make sure that you look, make sure you get your car looked at before that because your car could have issues, um, make sure that your, um, charger, you know, you have your charger with you wherever you go.

Make sure that you have good service where you are, because obviously that rules communicated. Then also a lot of issues happen around, um, with the, with laptops and stuff like that, since we’re relying on that stuff for, um, working, make sure that you have everything backed up, all of that. Stuff like that, you know, don’t get too crazy about it, but just, you know, if there’s a delay and stuff, if you move something, you know, if something happens, if you can’t hear it, It could be because of that.

Also a lot of the time I’ve seen so many, this happened with so many readers, like people who do readings, they literally like have issues with talking, they stutter and then they say the wrong thing. So, you know, that happens. So, you know, just give yourself some grace. I that’s happened to me many times, I’ll say the wrong thing and I’ll be like, oh, wait a minute.

Nope. That’s not what I said. So, you know, just give yourself grace. It’s only through four to six. So at the end of it, you should have more of an idea of what you can really focus on after it’s done.

[00:46:17] Jeremiah: That sounds good. So just remember listening at home or in your car or whatever. Um, look it up online and see when the next time is, and maybe just become acutely aware of your situation and your surroundings.

And. Like she said, wait, you’re four to six weeks before you try any new endeavor. Uh, I mean, even if you don’t believe it, uh, it wouldn’t hurt to just hold off for a minute and, uh, try when it says it’s out of the, uh, retro grade. So we’re gonna wrap it up here. Uh, is there any place where the audience can find you like a website or anywhere.

You could connect with anybody.

[00:47:03] Julia: Sure. I have a Facebook group it’s called aligning you with your truest self using metaphysical modalities. Also have an email Julia I’ve been told so many times that I need a website. I am getting one. It’s just taking me a little while.

Um, but if you want to connect with me on either of those platforms, you can, I also have clubhouse at intuitive. And I have at intuitive career breeder coach for my Instagram. So if anybody wants to connect with me, please feel free to there.

[00:47:35] Jeremiah: All right. That sounds good. And I will get the links from you and post them in the show description so people can get to you easy.

And, uh, thank you again for coming on and talk in astrology and everything that’s involved with. Like I said, I love talking about this stuff. Looking outside the box and trying to figure out this crazy life that we all live in. So thank you

[00:48:04] Julia: again. You’re welcome. I appreciate being on the show with you and talking.

Thank you so much.