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UFO Encounters

[00:00:00] jeremiah: Hello? Oh, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow. Terrestrials welcome back. Thank you for tuning in. We will have an amazing interview with Joanne summers. Joanne summers is a UFO researcher and has dedicated a good chunk of her life to researching UFO’s and interviewing up duct teas and other people who have had an experience with UFO encounters.

So it’s going to be really awesome. We’re also going to be talking about her Iowasca experience in the beginning of the show, but we’ll get into the UFO stuff and also don’t turn it. If you hear Lai Iowasca stuff, cause it will turn to some really good stories involving UFO encounter. What if the wrong podcast is now on buy me a coffee.

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And without further ado here is Joanne summers.


Hello, and welcome to what if the wrong podcast? I’m your host. Jeremiah. I’m joined today by Joanne or Joanna from the ITI newsroom. And, uh, we’re going to talk about aliens UFO’s abductions and whatever else. Comes across our plate here. So, uh, we’ll introduce her now.

Hello, Joanne. Hey,

[00:02:13] Joanne: how are you?

[00:02:15] jeremiah: I’m good. How are you? That’s

[00:02:16] Joanne: great. I hope you’re getting some nice weather where there’s a bit blustery and blue today. I’m by the sea in, uh, the Southeast of England near Hastings. And, uh, but it’s, it’s just, you know, the weather is really trying to ramp up and get a bit sunny, you know, get a bit warmer.

[00:02:31] jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. I’m in North Carolina and it’s like 90 something today. It’s hot.

[00:02:37] Joanne: Oh, that, that, that’s why we’re down in. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That that’s that’s hot.

[00:02:44] jeremiah: Yes. So definitely summertime is, is

[00:02:48] Joanne: coming. Yeah. Well, we haven’t got quite into summer time yet. We’re still in our spring, although we’ve hit June now.

We’re kind of early, early summer. Late spring.

[00:02:59] jeremiah: Yeah. Well, it’ll be around the corner.

[00:03:02] Joanne: It is. It absolutely.

[00:03:06] jeremiah: All right. So, um, I guess we’ll get started with. What got you into the hole, ITI and UFO and abduction phenomenon, you know,

[00:03:16] Joanne: that’s, that’s a very interesting one. And I, and I’ve just interviewed a guy, an older gentleman in the UK has got some amazing astonishing images that he’s just put through some amazing software she’s never done before.

Um, and we can talk about that in a minute, but what he was saying to, uh, he is an experience. So, and I don’t consider myself an experience or though I may be now, I’m not quite sure since going public with this work in about 2011, uh, you know, I wouldn’t call myself an experience where the paranormal and stuff like that.

And I’ve also had quite a few experiences like that today since starting that in a big way. So that being, uh, producing public material, uh, and so going back and back and back, I just, I don’t know, I’ve always known there was more to life than the physical. Not that the physical is not important, it’s just a part of it.

And. You know, I’m a regression therapist. So I started quite early on wanting to know what was making me tick and what were also causing me issues because, um, you know, within the experience a UFO field, uh, a lot of it, it’s not uncommon for experiences. People who’ve had these ITI experiences and whether they’re positive or negative or in-between, it, it’s a life changing event.

And sometimes it’ll just be seeing a craft. I, I didn’t have that right at the beginning in my life. I haven’t had that growing up, but I’ve just had this knowing the sense that there’s something more out there and seemingly along the way, I’ve just been led by the nose and I’ve got more and more public with my work or exploring it.

Um, but things like, um, other sort of on the, on the outer edges of life, things that I’ve done in exploring this kind of thing is like going to the Philippines to see, um, psychic surgeons, which I did a couple of times. And so several of those, so, you know, that’s another whole level of experience. Um, in the same year, 2011 that I started, what was the mash project, which is now the ITI newsroom, uh, because it got hacked and sadly, my hallway is like, you know, somebody was trying to stop it and, uh, they stopped their mash project, but they didn’t stop the overall tenant of what I’m doing.

But anyway, I went to Peru and, uh, I’m not a recreational drug user or anything like that. So I much prefer a glass of wine, stuff like that. Um, but I went to with an old pal and we, we went to experience as part of, um, I guess, exploring ourselves a spiritual quest, if you like, without sounding too highfalutin about it.

Um, I was Oscar, so, you know, that was another, um, interesting thing. And then along the way, uh, various things have, um, Kept propelling me in this direction. And I can’t tell you any one thing or a, you know, any series of events, it seems to be cumulative, but it seems to be a kernel of an idea about this expanded universe, expanded life that has always been, um, kind of, you know, bubbling along inside me.

So I, I, you know, I guess that’s probably very similar for a lot of people. I don’t think that’s very different, not everybody’s done was gone to the Philippines, but, you know,

[00:06:42] jeremiah: yeah. It’s funny that you say that because actually in like a month, I’m going to Peru with my fiance and her daughter. And, but we’re not doing like Iowasca or anything.

We’re just backpacking and checking out the ruins and all that stuff.

[00:06:57] Joanne: Yeah. Well, I didn’t get much time to do all of that. I was there on, you know, that, that wasn’t for very long. So how long have you guys done

[00:07:04] jeremiah: we’re going for like eight or nine days? No. Okay. And, um, I heard, I’ve heard about Iowasca before and, um, I think I first heard about on like Joe Rogan or something and, uh, and yeah, I’ve heard about different people’s experience with it and it really seems like a soul searching journey, like you said.

[00:07:26] Joanne: Yeah. I, I, you know, someone said to me, oh, that’s, that’s really funny because you’ve gone from like being a zero user of anything like that to like a straight up class age. Oh, I know. Yeah. Okay. Well, I, you know, I never think in those terms, because it’s not my life, it’s not my experience. Unlike the T stuff is much more so, you know, other people perceive it and, and perceive me doing those things as something, you know, a bit, a bit weird.

[00:07:55] jeremiah: Um, where are you able to, uh, I know this isn’t really on topic, but were you able to. Get any answers through your Iowasca sessions?

[00:08:07] Joanne: Um, well I, well, yeah, interesting. Not as you might think. Not the ordinary way I had an injury. I fell I D during the session, uh, and I cut my head quite badly. Think I probably quite as quite badly concussed that brought me out the experience.

Know it’s just, I kind of was a big detail, but there was something that came out of that. And then on the second time where, where I went, there’s a guy, a compatriot of yours called Ron Wheelock. Who’s been an Iowasca Sharman, if you like in the Amazon, just outside of ketosis for, for, for very many years.

I don’t know whether he’s late fifties or 60, but he’s been doing it since he was like 18, you know, again, probably a past life, previous life experience of being in, in the Peruvian shamanic journeys scenario. And so. I w the weird thing is this isn’t this how intuition works sometimes again, a little aside, but how we are in that collective mindset.

I had this feeling, I’d heard a Ron Wheelock talking on coast to coast, um, some long time ago. And I went along with, um, uh, Graham Hancock and Graham Hancock is known for having done about 30 times or more. I mean, uh, you know, I’ve, I’ve done it twice. And, uh, that’s probably enough. There are, you know, if some people were going and they said, come on, John, there’s a, there’s a, there’s a tremor.

I might go, but I don’t feel I need to anymore. But, um, but because the way Ron explained it and how, of course he’s, he’s American. So he spoke perfect English, and I have some Spanish, but you know, it’s not hugely conversational or in trouble Spanish. And something said to me, you need to really find someone who speaks English in cases of crisis.

Now I’m not a worrywart. I don’t have. Feelings or thoughts normally, but I just observed and thought, well, that’s odd and never thinking for a moment. It might be my emergency, like split my headache. But anyway, so, so we went with Ron from Wheelock. He also does an amazing, an amazing, uh, amazingly affordable.

He makes it affordable for, for everybody, you know? Cause you can go and do these two or $3,000 luxury jobs or you can go to Ron

[00:10:34] jeremiah: curious.

[00:10:35] Joanne: Yeah. So, so, um, anyway, it, it was interesting because one of the things that happened on the second time I took, it was an experience of being on board, a ship, a craft spacecraft, and I was captain and it was very intense and it was very. I mean, it was like a reality. It was interesting. What had happened was that the whole session where everybody gone to bed, so the Iowasca session took place between nine and one, 1:00 AM 9:00 PM, 1:00 AM.

And so everybody was in bed and mainly people were sleeping and in deep sleep, after that, I wasn’t, I just was wide awake and we were, it was this sort of dorm kind of scenario. We’d all got the NEPs over our beds. Next weren’t drawn around. But what was interesting is my neighbor’s bed.

I started now, first of all, I felt a physical shaking of my bed. Absolute physical shaking. I thought, oh, wow, that that’s strange. We must be having a little, a little earth shake quake, whatever. And then, uh, at the same time I noticed that there was an orangy ready, yellow. Color going, playing up my neighbors curtains.

And I thought, oh, you know, nets. I thought, oh wow, that’s really weird. If that had stopped there, I would just, just thought that was my imagination. Then, but it continued. The bed shaking, my bed being shaken continued, and I sat up and looked around and I thought, well, other people must be feeling this.

Um, anyway, it turns out that they didn’t, nobody was aware of that. And I’ve, since, since I came back and I mean, on my return, I, I check this out and try to find out what, you know, is there such a, an anomaly, a phenomenon as, uh, as you being physically shaken? And I don’t mean like a Poltergeist. I mean, some other force acting anyway, apparently that this is not a known when it was unknown to me at the time.

Um, but of course in that moment, I didn’t know it. And I found myself having an internal conversation with. Some others. I can only say others who were demanding really asking that. Um, I, I hope them with my ship, my ship was B what the shaking was apparently was my ship was taking flag. I was being, I was being attacked.

I was being, you know, ordinance was being threatened my way. And I was being told if I didn’t, if I didn’t take action, you know, that was it. I really didn’t have much more time left. And I don’t know whether I would died or in that life or whatever, but it was, it was interesting. Cause it was so real. I mean, here I am sitting or laying in this bed, having this experience of the bed, shaking the light, which still continued like, and it was like flames actually.

And that’s what it was. Apparently it was flames from this other dimension showing on this other part. Um, lips and, um, anyway, ultimately to, to, to stop this, I acquiesced and I was, I was given some instructions that I had to action, certain things which were to actually hit, hit back. And I had some ordinance myself, which they told me about it and there was some code going on.

It was quite involved. And, uh, and I looked at the ship. I said, if this is my ship, you know, uh, give it, it must have a name. Cause you know, all shit, you know, I just was getting really testy at this time. And um, they said it’s the Aurora Aurora. And it really, I got this view of it on the outside. I just saw this whole.

And it looked really battered. And I said, oh God, don’t tell me, you know, I don’t even get the star Trek thing. I get the L bucket. I can’t to be captain Marvel, honestly. Anyway. So there was all of that. And the next day I, I told the other guys about my whole experience and, and one of the guys said, John, you know what?

I think I must’ve been on board. Your craft. I was, I was I’m dreaming like a real dream of being onboard craft. I went well. Geez. I didn’t see you there. And if possible, because it, it was really intense and it was as real as I’m sitting here talking to you. Very amazing. So anyway, that was the, the Iowasca, um, friend I went with had gone specifically because his father had passed quite early on in his life.

And he wanted to see if there was a way to connect and he had bad experience, which is great. But no, I, I had the Zuki spooky, you know, I’m captain of some shit. I mean, it sounds absolutely crazy to say it out loud, but you know, that was just my experience and people can make it what they want, but I know there’s a quantum universe and I know that we can have these several lives.

And as a regression therapist, I, I know from my own work and training myself, You know, there’s several different lives I’ve touched base with, and that’s quite extraordinary as well, because there is a kernel, a tiny little kernel of the person I am today there that I recognized, although not, no, not the whole personality.

Isn’t that fascinating.

[00:15:53] jeremiah: Yeah. It is an every, every, uh, Iowasca experience. I hear other people’s stories. Um, definitely. It’s definitely interesting. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And it really does seem to like make you see yourself kind of well were experienced. Probably not, but a lot of other peoples they kind of. Get some deep meaning out of it.

[00:16:20] Joanne: Well, you knew that that was quite deep for me in a, in a way that, um, I’m quite a skeptical person and I have a very logical, fairly analytical way of thinking. And so when this was happening and it, these the I, this conversation internal conversation was going on, which it wasn’t me speaking with myself.

It was me, you know, w with some other party, uh, you know, that feels that, that feels quite challenging to accept if, if you go down that route. So, and at the end of the day, what happened was, is the moment that I had set my ordinance off. It seemed to stop like on a dime at everything quiet and the bed stop shaking, the lights stopped funk, or, you know, stopped, uh, being there and everything was quiet again, mean.

I was quiet. There was nobody around me battering my inner ear, trying to get me to do something. But a humbling experience I had was that when I fell, what happened was it that Ron, Ron Wheelock, the Sharman had said, you know, guys, when we do this, it’s really important. And there are some, you know, housekeeping, danger notes as well that you really must be aware of.

Um, first of all, if you, if you feel, you know, you need to go to the, to the loo, you know, that the hole in the ground around the corner, um, if you’ve taken the, I already, you, you know, and you don’t feel stable and believe me, you do not feel stable. Um, just put your hand up or just say, uh, could I have some help?

And there was a guy who was helping Ron, and anyway, he said, I, or this chap will come. And of course, you know, I felt, oh, well I just, you know, it’s four hours can be four hours. I thought I bet Lou break. And so, and I, and the iOS grid taken effect in as much as my head was spinning. And I obviously tried to stand up.

I have no conscious memory of doing that, but I know I would have done. I know that this chap came toward me. What happened was that as he, I think, went to try and, and just, uh, stabilize me if you like, just, you know, whatever I actually fell. There was, um, there’s a concrete plinth of about ye deep and I hit, uh, I mean, sack of potatoes, jobs, split head, all that, no edge go with that in the, in the jungle.

Um, and any. And that brought me out to the iowaska and the pain. Anyway, I just can’t tell you the pain. It was unbelievable, but the next day I was really, really angry with this guy. I mean, I was consumed with anger. I mean, this is a story, uh, against myself and I thought, you know, I also know too well that when you are working in these higher forms, dementia is you cannot take heavy negative emotion into anything because you can bring some unpleasant stuff along that resonates where you are.

So I knew I had to deal with that. Anyway, so I was blaming him for not holding me or catching me and whatever anyway. So, I w I went and did a little bit of meditation. As I did that, I saw this image of this chap. He was in a white Tabard with a red cross, like a. I think he was, I think it was in the template time.

And this was obviously a past life that we had together and there was I, and I don’t wear gray at all. And there I was in it and I looked smaller. I looked like I was very, very petite. Um, and, and I had a gray hood, a cloak with a hood that fitted the head and it was, it was to the floor and I was, and he said to me, I will come with you as far as I can go.

And there was something that I was going to have to do, which now this is going to sound very, very strange, but it was a sense of having to negotiate either on behalf of my community human community or humanity. I’m just not sure. I don’t, I can’t reach that information. And I was going to go through this tunnel into a subterranean area to meet these.

And for some reason, I, I, I don’t know why I was doing it. I think it was something to do with my bloodline that they weren’t going to kill me first off. Anyway, I know it sounds completely outlandish. I’m completely aware of that, but that was, that was what I saw. That was what I understood. What I saw was this, the guy I was so angry with was actually doing what nobody else would do.

He was coming with me to the very edge and I was blown away and I sat there in tears because it was such a deep emotional thing because clearly he had, you know, th this was a task that nobody else would do. I was going to have to do whatever I had chosen to do, let’s say, but he was the only one that would come this far with me and protects me to that point.

He couldn’t do anything afterwards. He wasn’t allowed whatever, however, that worked. And I felt so. You know, there was my ego rara raging against the sky. Couldn’t even just stop me falling over and, you know, half killing myself. And anyway, so it was very humbling and I never did find him to apologize to afterwards.

He just disappeared from the group just gone. So, you know, that was very, very, um, it was humbling because I was blaming, I was definitely in the blame game there. And, um, there was no blame, it was just something on that was also, I think part of the mechanism for me understanding that, um, there was another layer of experience that this was to do with which I don’t have any more information about.

And I don’t know the outcome of any meeting I might’ve had with those subterranean beings. That was not also in my remit to know it was just really, I had to clear this stuff and, um, whether that was a convenient sensing or feeling. It certainly brought me back and put me back in my place.


[00:22:42] jeremiah: yeah, it sounds, sounds like a, quite the experience. Yeah, it

[00:22:47] Joanne: was that it wasn’t as dramatic as some people’s fear granted, but it was dramatic enough.

[00:22:53] jeremiah: Do you remember, do you remember like, um, conversing with these beings or you just knew that it was coming?

[00:23:01] Joanne: No, I just, I, I don’t know why. I know. And I D I think that they were, uh, I don’t know if I said this already reptilian kind of beings or somebody similar.

And I was, I saw myself, it was a tunnel entrance and I saw myself and there were some steps create, you know, couldn’t made steps and I, and I saw myself beginning to go down and it’s like, I wasn’t allowed, or it wasn’t relevant or pertinent at that point to know what the outcome of that was, but it was a shock.

I, I, it was a real shock eight. Be humbled at my raw outrage at that guy, poor guy who actually was doing me, such a service. I had no idea and it probably doesn’t seem many thing, you know, when I tell it like this, but actually it felt like it was a huge deal. You know, anyway, you know, there we go. So all of these experiences, they kind of, uh, you know, add to you the, you who you are this time and, you know, talking about that sort of thing, you know, I didn’t know those memories.

And one of in my regression work, when I was, uh, working on that, uh, level more, I had a couple of clients, a gentleman who one had, um, an ETA experiences. So every night he would have this thing of needing to go to the loo. And every time he would see him, his reflection is washing his hands in the bathroom cabinet.

There wasn’t his face. It was the face of what we know is the gray, the archetypal gray. And so he was trying to get to the bottom of what the heck that meant. And then another guy. Somebody completely different. He was having these nightmares and an H and he wants to get to the bottom of what that was about and where this investigation took him.

Uh, as I helped, um, support him in that was, he wa he said that he was now in, obviously in the human body, but he had been at some point, uh, gray and that he’d come from a planet that had, um, exploded and this, and so. Because they were dying, he needed his soul or essence needed to take on a new form, uh, in, uh, on a different planet.

And so I hadn’t had her, Hey, I hadn’t heard that before. So that was kind of fascinating. And, uh, you know, I also met, um, and did a couple of little, uh, across the dining room table interviews with a wonderful Peruvian guy called Sixto as well as, I don’t know whether you know, of him, his, uh, work is known under the banner of mission Rommer and he, when he was 17, got some automatic writing through.

And basically these ETS were saying were from, uh, one of the moons of Jupiter was Ganymede and, uh, ARPU and, and, you know, that started off a lifelong association. So now he’s a contractor, he’s not an abductee and he’s totally conscious of his meetings and has actually been on board. I don’t know it was once or twice in full consciousness, which is not what often happens, you know, often it’s just, um, it is that, you know, we suddenly find ourselves in a, in a different set of parameters, but just like, uh, the guy I have just finished interviewing, um, he’s called Nigel right from the UK.

He had an experience when he in 65, when he was just seven years old and he only found out what that experience actually was when he was 40, in 1997, when he had a regression, a session with somebody and he found that on that night, there was this sort of event going on and just his family, his, he hadn’t seen it, but his mother had seen this craft.

Anyway, none of the family spoke about this artist, but in 1997, when you had this regression, he sold that these Nordic type ETS had come in. Uh, th they were on a caravan holiday, very popular in England. And he, they had taken the parents and him onboard craft, and they were talking to him about being medical scientists and that he had some particular issue that they wanted to look at because they were from earth, but in a different time.

Very interesting. Isn’t it? I mean, that’s absolutely fascinating. So people want to go and check out the Nigel, right. Uh, interviews on my YouTube channel. They’ll find that fascinating because he hasn’t, um, he hasn’t spoken to anybody by his, uh, circle about this before to any degree. So we’re kind of bottomed out these details and also he’s been taking some extraordinary images or putting them through these images he’s been taking of craft through their software.

I need you to just throwing up some absolutely remarkable. So I’m just putting that one together.

[00:28:10] jeremiah: Yeah. I have heard about the, um, there are some people who say the alien and a abduction stuff is actually like time travelers. So I have like that spin on it.

[00:28:24] Joanne: Absolutely. I mean, um, this guy, I’m just going to show you this so, so people can know it.

If they see it. Um, bill Brooks is, came to me in about 2012 and he, because he’d had a series of heart attacks and strokes, and he just wanted to try one last time to see if someone would listen to him. Because this guy from the mid of England, he was a died in the more skeptic. Absolutely didn’t believe in ghosts or paranormal.

Anything to do with ITI would have thought people like me were a complete fruitcake in those days. And then in 1994, interestingly, when he was 44 and the title of the book, 44, um, he had this download for want of a better term. And what happened. It’s a bit like a near death experience. That’s the best way to understand it.

You know, when you people recount how they’ve seen their whole lives played out and you know, everything that they’d forgotten about. And not only that, the people’s reactions, all of that stuff. Well, so this guy for 44 years, he’d been in the army, he’d be earning his livelihood as a musician. He, he really didn’t think anything of the UFO ITI scenario.

And then when he had this download, which. Jeff, you know, who knows what triggered it? We don’t know that he doesn’t know that, but this download happened when he saw his entire life play out from virtually a toddler, which is when he was first taken. And he just, it was like whole deluge, like a tsunami of experiences, you know, like rapid gunfire going through his brain and his heart.

And he said, I, I thought I’d had a nervous breakdown. I thought I’d had a mental breakdown because for a man who is so skepticals, who sees everything in black and white, and maybe will say that white is black. If he feels like it, that kind of mentality. Um, for him, this was a huge, huge, you know, it’s like broken it, breaking his head, open, huge deal.

And 20 years later, it was about 20 years later that. Contacted me and just, and he said, I’m still recovering. He said, I’m still assimilating all of that that came in. But this guy, or I what’s interesting about just referencing the Nigel right incident when these medical scientists, Nordic looking, people spoke to them.

I got him to describe what he could of the craft. And he mentioned that the windows that he could see there were like portholes. Well, how fascinating is this? When bill Brooks was only about, we don’t know who he was five or sorry, not five or, um, nine or 10, which would have been in 59 or 60. Um, 1960. He, he was invited a border craft with a similar looking party of people, but they’d got two kids with them and he said they, he also saw.

Windows in the ship, uh, amongst other things. So that was a fascinating bit of corroborative information if you like. Cause I haven’t heard that before. And so bill Brooks, getting back to him had the most incredible experience which did involve, um, you know, Jeremiah, like you were saying this time, travel business, this time, dilation time shifting.

I don’t know what, what else it actually is because I mean, get this, this is a fascinating short story and stop me if you want to ask any questions, but, okay. So, so he was. One of the things is he was delivering he, well, actually, let me tell you the army thing, because that also involved people, personnel of Mary, of 51 when he was in Germany and on this occasion, he, so he typed this good friend called John and they were abducted together within the first week or at least 10 days of him being in the army.

And he was only 18. He didn’t know anything. So this would be 1968. And again, some 40 years later, barely still having his head messed with, with all of this realization. Now that’s coming to him and he thinks God, if only I could get hold of John and talk about this, I, you know, it would kind of put some things to bed for me, you know, help me understand some things.

So he found a number and it wasn’t John’s, it was John’s brother. Now he’d met John’s brother. So he’s made in the army because his, his brother had gone into the. And, um, he’d seen the two brothers fighting before he knew they were brothers, his maiden there’s other guy. And some people pulled him back.

Cause they don’t know. No, you don’t interfere with brothers fighting. I went oh, okay. Okay. Anyway, so he kind of just knew the brother from that. He’d actually met him all those years ago. Bill said, well, I want to speak to John about this year for business about the CT thing that went on and the brother said, well, you won’t speak to him because he’s become a complete recluse literally for all these donkey’s years, because he is terrified of this subduction scenario going on and he will not speak to anybody.

Anyway, a little bit more conversation, Suzanne, and then the guy’s brother says to bill my guy, well, when were you in the army? Anyway? And he goes so 68. He, he said, that’s impossible. That’s impossible. Cause we were there in the late fifties. How wild is that right?

[00:34:22] jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve heard of, I’ve heard a lot about, um, you know, the missing time with abductions and stuff and yeah, it definitely, there’s definitely some component of the abduction phenomenon that has to do with like bending time or space or

[00:34:40] Joanne: I, and again, just to give you another really amazing example in Bill’s life, because I, I know it’s so well having written the book.

Um, but, and it’s just fascinating because it’s unusual. And so he was just, he’s just a regular Joe, he’s just an ordinary guy. And before he started his life as a, as a musician, proper, he was, you know, trying to get into Cirque on the circuits and all that sort of thing. But in the meantime, he was doing, you know, delivery, driving jobs, that kind of thing.

Like people do, uh, you know, keep the rent, paid, all that. And. It got a job to deliver some, some, some cookers, some stoves, uh, to some people and the locations where, um, south of England and then a L a lot near it, where he was actually based, which is sort of near Oxford, near Oxford England, just to give people an idea, the other areas called Southampton.

He thought, well, I’ll do the furthest. This was at least two day journey. Picks up the van and the van is already loaded off. He goes down to south Hampton. And so he delivers there. And now as he’s finished and he finishes really late, it’s probably by the time he parks up and he just is going to sleep in his car and then drop the more Homeward bound delivery off on the way back to Depot the next day.

So, so then he has this unbelievable, full on ITI abduction experience. Even sees a cow being taken up in a beam. And when I said to him, well, what did you, what did you think that was? You said, well. I’m not a typical bell. I’m not a farmer. You said for all, I know they could have been getting him up in the air with a forklift.

Did you think why they might be doing, he went, no, I just, I’m not a farmer. I don’t know what happens to animals in the fields anyway. So I mean, how crazy, right. But that’s how, that’s how bill is. He’s just, you know, a black and white kind of guy. So then, so he has this incredible experience, which it’s full on.

It comes back in the download some many years later, but at the time, all he sees when he comes back from that, the next day, when he’s due to do this next delivery, right, is the cow in front of his van, very dead mutilated, like the car mutilations. I need things. Oh my God. They going to think I’ve killed a cow.

And he links it out of that. He runs because he’s scared. He’s scared that someone’s going to get him to pay for this cow. So anyway, he, he then goes to deliver the rest of the, you know, the load and then he gets back. And when he gets back to, um, to base it’s they say, well, what are you, what are you doing back?

So he’s been gone over Monday and Tuesday and it’s now Tuesday afternoon, he went what’d you mean? I said, I’ve just done the delivery and I’m back. And yada, yada, I went, no, this is Monday. This is Monday. No, no, this is Monday. You’ve got that wrong. And he goes, no, I haven’t. I cause how can I deliver this one load?

All those very many miles away. And then do the delivery, you know, anyway, so the boss goes, this is a bit weird. He said, well, unless you’re Superman, you, you can’t. Right. So then he goes up and he rings the offices of the south Hampton Depot. And he apparently he said comes back to, he says, you’ve got your brother working for you, don’t you and bill goes, I don’t know what you thought bill had a disabled brother.

I mean, very disabled. So there’s no way that guy could work, let alone be delivering heavy cookers. And, um, it seems that his doppelganger was delivering, seemed to be delivering the ovens, although he’d done it in one life. Um, I, I, and you know, and the thing is, it was Monday. So what had happened to that time?

What had happened to Tuesday except he’d had on the Monday night, this unbelievable abduction experience. So, I mean, you know, it’s, it’s crazy. It’s worth a read. I tell you because it is, he found out that he’d been having abductions and encounters all his life from babyhood. And he said, and what’s more journey.

He said, I would not have believed it. If, if they had not continued after I was aware, he said they continued and I became conscious of the abductions happening and I became a sensitive to when they were around. And when something was going to happen, I tell you it’s the most for me, it’s one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard really is.


[00:39:34] jeremiah: yeah. Yeah. I’m, I’m, I’m reading this book by David Jacobson. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Um, he does the hypnosis to try to get duct these, to remember their experiences and, uh, through reading the book of all his encounters with these people, um, Yeah, there seems to be something with, uh, families and generations.

And like, if, if you get abducted, your parents probably got, or one of your parents probably got ducted and then your kids probably will get abducted. And just seems like they have, there’s some procedure with the ETS that they just go through the generation and it’s like, they’re tracking people.

[00:40:22] Joanne: Yeah.

There, there is definitely a family. And also, I don’t know if it’s all separate bloodline thing going on. Um, no doubt about it, but not for everybody. It’s not a foregone conclusion. It’s just not unusual either. So I mean, you could have just, uh, you know, somebody who started having experiences in their forties or thirties or whatever, and nobody else in their family.

You know, I get set is interested or has had that as far as they’re aware, it’s a very interesting, curious scenario, but clearly, I mean, these, um, the Nigel rights scenario, um, they were medical scientists, these people who were talking to him, and they said that his father was carrying a particular, um, gene to do with bowel cancer.

And he also was not a carrier, but there was something about his genetics. And it said, what these beings, people, humans, they said, they were said was that it could affect their timeline. It could affect them at some point. And so they were here doing some. Uh, you know, incredible, uh, research work and interestingly enough, so Nigel was only seven at the, at the time of this encounter.

And back in, I think 1991, he suffered from a particularly virulent life-threatening form of bowel cancer, which he, uh, finally came through, but really, really very serious. And DA’s father died, died from it. So it’s fascinating, isn’t it? You know, there are, you know, I think the majority of ITI stuff is, is, uh, maybe research and, and a lot of people find it very positive because you you’re never the same.

I mean, if you have these experiences, you’re not the same person you were bill Brooks for goodness sake. You know, there was a guy suddenly opened his mouth. Because you cannot stay close minded when you are, have these things shoved in your face and your experience and your, your life begins to, uh, you know, have a lot of things that occur due to this thing.

And also your behaviors, because sometimes, uh, you know, you have PTSD from all of this, and this is another, uh, element that, uh, for those people who are ridiculed or do the ridiculing, please don’t please stop because it is a cause of terrible isolation and sometimes PTSD for these people. I know I’ve spoken to quite a few people who have lost family members and I say lost.

I mean, they are like ex-communicated because they dad to speak about. Had happened to them and they were looking for support, not to not retribution. Um, so businesses have gone, marriages have gone because the other party just can’t countenance, what’s gone on now. You know, I understand that. I, I do, but you know, this making fun of and ridiculing and all the rest of that, I mean, it’s just got to stop.

It’s awful. And if you don’t agree with it or don’t believe it that’s fair enough have your opinion, but you know, just don’t harangue, the person they’d been through enough, they’ve been through.

[00:43:47] jeremiah: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And a lot of abducted don’t really want. Fame or fortune from it or anything. They just want to live a normal life.

[00:43:57] Joanne: They’re just looking for some, for someone to, to share, you know, this incredible story with, because for them it’s life changing for them. If you know that, as I said before, they’re never the same and it totally changed the parameter of how they operate, who they are, how they develop as a person. It’s big it’s it’s. I can’t think of anything more life-changing than that than having an encounter with an extra terrestrial. You know, I mean, I haven’t had an experience with, uh, not really, um, had some weird things happen, but, but not a full on, you know, somebody having to talk to me who tells me they’re from earth, from another dimension or, or, you know, whatever.

So, yeah, it’s just that we, I, and if we are clever and box clever with this, you know, we can, we can have so much of a collaboration and, you know, different life, you know, everything from technologies to medical stuff. I mean, you, I don’t know if you know, uh, Chris Bledsoe from the Carolinas. I can’t remember if he’s north or south, but he’s, um, he had, um, again, he was bedridden for, I don’t know, it was a couple of years, something like that with Crohn’s disease.

He was just at the end of his tether. Then he had, uh, He comes from a fundamentalist religious background, very interesting, the backdrop and the context in which these things happen. Therefore in which we are challenged to deal with it, accept it, assimilate it, make sense of it as part of our, you know, our story of who we are.

So Christopher Bledsoe had an incredible, incredibly difficult time for about five years, because first of all, when he had his experience, he was actually cured of this debilitating disease, which had seen his business go under his family, almost, you know, everything was, was bad, bad, bad, because he wasn’t able to work anymore.

And you know, he, he was the lead guy in his construction business and all the rest of that. And then for the next five years, there was the trauma of coming to terms with the. Aspect of existence that the fundamentalists religious groups, for example, and I’m not talking, I’m just exiting example, do not accept.

They will only say, oh, it’s demons. Oh, it’s this it’s that? You know what nonsense? Sorry, what nonsense. Clearly these are other intelligences. They cured him. And they not only did that, but he has become an entirely different person. Somebody who is, um, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me saying this even much more compassionate.

I’m not saying he wasn’t a compassionate man before. He he’s a big family man and all the rest of that, but he was a hunter, a Rutan two-ten shooting hunt up. And you know, one of the things that he was a well-known for in the area was shooting one of the biggest bears. Well, he said he could no more hurt a creature now than fly to the moon without having.

And, you know, so something in his heart has opened up something in his compassion and consciousness has opened up to understand that all life, um, has a reason and you know, it, it was massive. So the Chris Bledsoe story, he’s done quite a few interviews and it’s an incredible story. And I said, he’s in the Carolina’s wonderful, wonderful man.

And part of that five years of desolation, emotionally, and every other, which way was also because of society not accepting him, him being ridiculed, his children being ridiculed at school, and now that’s all different, but it was, it was a. Hellish difficult time. So please people do not ridicule people. If they tell you they’re an experiencer, if you don’t believe it, put it on the back burner and go, you know what you’re telling the wrong person, just leave them alone.

They’ve got enough. Definitely.

[00:48:22] jeremiah: So through all your research and everything and talking with different people and stuff, what is your, what is your take or your view on the whole E T and abduction phenomenon? Like what do you think? I mean, no one really knows, but what, what’s your takeaway from it? Like what, what do you think the abductions are about?


[00:48:45] Joanne: told him what seems to happen to everybody, whether they’re scared to death, of the whole experience or not whatever experience that is even sightings can change people’s lives. I mean, just that alone can be enough to, you know, fire somebody into that, another dimension of their life. If you think about it, logically one is people are out of the fear.

They’re into expensiveness of consciousness, of mind, they’re into, uh, a spiritual understanding. And I’m not talking about dogma. I’m not talking about Catholicism or fundamentalism or Islam or anything. Like I’m talking about a deep, inner, intuitive impulse that tells you that you’re a part of something greater bigger.

And there is more to this world then as you know, us sitting here and we are multi-dimensional. And I do think from my own experiences, as I’m in the regression, work in my own experiences during my training of, of those other lives, that we’re multifaceted and we’re not taught. We’re not taught anything of this aspect of our being.

So to get back to what is it all about? I think that we’re part of a huge community, and I think we’re quarantined at the moment because we are a warmongering, you know, the Brits and the Americans are very good at doing that. And I’m not saying other nations aren’t, but we certainly seem to lead and you know, that has to stop.

So, you know, something needs to switch in us as a collective that says normal no more. There’s another way. There’s a better way. And we can all benefit and we can all enjoy it. It’s not one-upmanship it’s, it’s not about having bigger toys. It’s about energies technology. And it’s about us being the best we can be through.

Say things like, I don’t know, you’ve heard of something called med beds. It’s about, you know, working with your frequency and you know, all illness, all people, everybody has a frequency. And if you say, for example, how to, uh, some issue with your liver, your liver would be giving off an ill liver frequency, and you can measure that you will have a tone.

Now I worked some years back with a guy called sir Peter Guy manners, who worked in a field called psychotics, which has to do with sound and frequency and, uh, around the body. And this is all part of my answer to your question. And when I asked him, you know, okay, the liver issue, somebody’s got to pull the lever.

I said, well, you know, everybody’s liver is going to be the same surely he said, yeah, there is a harmonic frequency of about. I’m somewhere, that person. So I, liver is a liver. Liver is not ever going to be a heart. So the liver has its own discrete frequencies, but within every body’s different body, it will have a harmonic gradient if you like, and you can pinpoint it.

And then once you see what is off with the liver, you can input that frequency and the liver will regenerate and recover the same for most diseases. You know, the way we look after ourselves is so archaic through the pharmaceutical world. I mean, it’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s a dinosaur, you know, we need these frequency, medications and medicines, and that’s what a lot of the, um, the psychic surgeons even, and certainly the ETS seem to do if they’re doing healing.

Uh, I’m not saying they don’t use, uh, equipment, but there’s a lot of things that they can do, which are. Using the mind and train the mind to work with frequencies on health and wellbeing. So the takeaway from all of this is that it is challenging us to be more than this. What we’re told we are our education.

We’re much more than that. And, uh, it’s actually quite exciting and it’s not that you have to go banging drums about or anything. It’s just that you can really expand your worldview and your world around you. If you’re willing, if this all is nonsense to you, then you know, you’re going to stay well and truly planted in 3d for a while.

And that’s fine. That’s just, you know, the evolutionary path, but we can speed it up. It’s just about opening that and that the whole,

[00:53:13] jeremiah: yeah, I, I was just talking with someone the other day about like, there’s this theory, I guess you could call it going around where we’re at a tipping point where yeah. Our souls are trying to ascend to like five D I guess it’s called.

I think I

[00:53:34] Joanne: probably kind of crossing. I think we’re, we’re kind of in the middle of it.

[00:53:38] jeremiah: And I think you see a lot now, um, a lot more now than before people waking up and people questioning things and people and people like looking outside the box and, and not just taking everything at face value. And I think it might just be part of the whole, um,

[00:53:57] Joanne: process.

I think that’s, that’s definitely true. And you know, every time I’ve had something happen, it’s, it’s, it’s, you know, it pushes the boundaries yet. Again, it just makes you think differently. And the quantum physics element is it, you know, this multi-dimensional totally regenerative ongoing, you know, roiling energy it’s that we can access.

You know, just if you go to remote viewing that kind of thing, you know, they can take their consciousness or we can take our consciousness to all these different places and times it just needs a little bit of a technique and sometimes people just do it because they’ve got a natural, uh, facility for that on board already.

So, and

[00:54:46] jeremiah: then, uh, and then, uh, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, um, over in Europe or whatever, but the us is starting to release saying, uh, UFO’s are real. And, uh, there’s definitely things that we don’t know what they are, but they’re there and it’s kind of like they’re disclosing quote unquote. Yeah. And

[00:55:09] Joanne: don’t think about it a little bit.

Yeah. You know, I mean, Well, you know, Hey ho good. You know, for some people that’s going to open their eyes for the rest of us, we’re going, oh yeah, we, yeah. Okay. Let’s, let’s get to the real stuff, but, uh, you know, the thing is it’s, it’s about a lot of it is, is about, you know, a very good marker of what it really means.

This information coming out is, is the trajectory that it’s going on now. What do you hear them saying? Oh, it’s a threat. Oh really? Okay. All right. More money for the ministry then. Is that it? Okay. Yeah, no stop timeout.

I don’t go with that.

[00:56:06] jeremiah: Yeah, I think that might be part of the reason why they haven’t, um, announced themselves yet partially due to the

[00:56:13] Joanne: hours that what’d you do with this load of folks that we often are.

[00:56:20] jeremiah: Right.

[00:56:22] Joanne: I mean, honestly, uh, you know, yeah, no, he’s like going into the lion’s den. Why would you put yourself in harm’s way?

Of course you wouldn’t of course they can, they can handle themselves. I know, listen, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that that every, a lot of ETS are, uh, you know, uh, angels or whatever. I don’t mean that, but it’s like us stepping up to a new level of maturity and it’s opening our hearts a lot more.

We’ve been taught to, uh, to close down, you know, And, and, you know, there is something to that, but there’s different ways of handling it and dealing with it. So the ITI thing is certainly I tell you what, it’s certainly a place where you have your mind open don’t if you want to be around it, then, you know, and, and you start drilling down to some of the detail about what’s really going on here.

Um, a lot of it is, is about our development as a species. And we’re not there yet, but, you know, as you said before, a lot of people are waking up, so that’s, that’s great. You know, that’s all good. And it’s just a bit slow for me, but I’m a bit impatient, but yeah. You know, I think some exciting things coming down the line and you know, of course we could have had this over a hundred years ago with the Tesla technology.

And I don’t mean Elon Musk. I mean, wireless technology globally, we could have had that we could have had. Bye now. So we’re a go to a hundred, hundred and 50 years behind. And most of the governments of the world are at least 50 years ahead, technologically, if not more. So that’s a

[00:58:01] jeremiah: fact it’s like the, um, very annoying.

It’s like, it’s like the guys who, uh, created like cars that runoff water and stuff. And then they ended up dead after the patent’s been bought or whatever the technology has been. It’s almost like the, it’s almost like the powers that be are trying to like keep us from


[00:58:23] Joanne: Oh yeah. Well, yeah, because it doesn’t bring them any money.

And of course it’s not all money either at the end of the day, it’s, it’s a lot more and there’s no reason why the shot. They shouldn’t be plenty for everybody. I mean, if you’re not paying for utilities, if you’re not paying for fuel, you know, if you can do all of that, which, which with a lot of the technologies that have been suppressed, you code, and then you have.

Funds for your enjoyment of life or building, you know, that would be great. You not, everybody wants to be a millionaire. Not everybody needs to be some people, you know, but you want to have enough without struggling. And there is more than enough that is, uh, it’s just not being, uh, dealt with correctly.

But I think we’re in those times when this is, uh, this is that threshold. I mean, we’ll see how long it’s going to take, you know, before the, uh, the negative, uh, warmongering lot, you know, get ousted or, uh, diverted in some way. I don’t know what that looks like, but, um, or

[00:59:29] jeremiah: in the worst case scenario, we, what herselves?

[00:59:33] Joanne: Well, we could it’s possibly, but I don’t, I didn’t feel that, you know, we’ve had too many ETS over, uh, nuclear facilities switching them on and off, but mainly off. You know, if, if they want to control that they will, that they, you know, the, the info down the pipe is that this planet is really important earth and they’re not going to let little humanity running around like a whole load of warmongering ants kick it.

But we’ll see, you know, if that guy came back as in a human form from a gray, having destroyed their own planet, you know, I’m sure we’re more than capable of bringing that to bear. I think there’s something about our life and what we’re supposed to be doing the evolutionary of the planet evolution of a planet as well as a, as a sentient being in large scale.

So I don’t know, we don’t have the answers yet, but we can, we can put forward sort of ideas and suppositions based on history and where we think we’re going with that. Yeah,

[01:00:36] jeremiah: yeah. From the abductor, the accounts that I’ve heard, uh, and, and also read about, there seems to be a commonality. The ETS, tell the abductor that, you know, earth has a special place.

And, um, a lot of them are here to do something to either keep it going or, you know, keep us from destroying it or whatever. And that seems to be a common

[01:01:04] Joanne: message. Oh yeah. And, and quite a few people who who’ve had that, um, earth is, you know, likely to succumb to some terrible situation. If, if you don’t do something about it and I’m not talking about the climate change or the politics politicians, not that that’s not it at all, but, um, I mean, people like Jim sparks, one of your compatriots, he went and, you know, started doing something with a rainforest and other people have done other things to, uh, help support nature and the planet.

So everybody is inspired to do things, uh, you know, as, as in natural to them to, to do that is within them to be able to. It’s fascinating. It really is. And he asked you, right. A lot of people have had the gloom and doom scenario that, you know, if humanity continues like this, well, you know, we’ve only got to look at current scenarios, which has been, you know, manufactured very, uh, very well under the noses of everybody, um, to see that, yeah, it’s not difficult to see that that could end up in, uh, difficulties for the planet, but we’ll see, you know, I don’t, I don’t think honestly that, um, I think the planet is being saved before, and I don’t think they’re going to have a, let, let us with all runty humans do our worst, but we’ll see.

You know, I don’t have any inside scoop on that.

[01:02:33] jeremiah: Yeah. I personally believe that there’s cycles of time and there. This is my opinion that there have been, um, civilizations before our noon humanity and, uh, they’ve succumbed to cataclysms and stuff like that. And then survivors survivors of that start over again, basically.

[01:03:00] Joanne: And, oh, there’s definitely evidence of that as well. And I’m also, I also believe that, um, the collective also is very powerful and if the collective wishes it, then those catechisms could be, um, watered.

[01:03:22] jeremiah: Yeah. They say it like your speech and your thoughts and stuff can like actually like be recorded, like leaving your body and like, so it’s definitely, definitely something that if everyone’s thinking the same thing, like all the world.

Just blow up or something that like, it could actually bring that about in a roundabout way people, uh, or if they want to save the planet.

[01:03:49] Joanne: Yeah. Or if the majority of people who just want to be in the belligerent, um, you know, warmongering frame of mind if that’s where they’re going to stay then, and that becomes their meme and the meme of people in their society, around them or their, you know, whatever their, um, situation then, you know, that’s also very powerful, but there’s a lot of people countering it.

And I saw that, uh, and it was really impressed with the Canadian truckers. They were just phenomenal. I don’t know if you know what I mean, but it was great. They, uh, and they still are. There’s just not being reported, but you know, that is fantastic. And, and they just kept buying that it’s about love. Do not, do not threaten do not, you know, Keep it level, keep, keep love because they can’t get you on that.

And, you know, and, and that has been rolling out across the world in lots of different ways. And so there’s some amazing things happening. Um, you know, amazingly courageous people as well, stepping forward and taking the lead on a lot on lots of things. And, you know, because it’s like, there’s a take down of a human potential at the moment going on with the powers that be.

And, you know, I think we have the ability to stop that in its tracks. If we know enough say this far and no more, I’m one of those.

[01:05:20] jeremiah: Yeah. Hopefully, hopefully the massive amount of people or the majority of people, this is what I’m trying to say. Uh, hopefully they figure out, you know, That we have the power, like the governments and stuff.

They don’t really have the power. I mean, they have their laws and stuff, but

[01:05:40] Joanne: yeah,

[01:05:41] jeremiah: but like with the Canadian trucker thing, if truckers just say, we’re not going to deliver a ho you know, that gives me more power than if you go riding and stuff like that

[01:05:52] Joanne: in mind. Exactly. And you know, that there’s a lot of stuff, negative stuff that is preordained, you know, people have been set up to do it, all that kind of stuff.

So it’s all part of the theatrics as part of the optics, as they say. So, you know, it’s just to be aware, how does it feel? Does it feel real lightly? Not it’s feels contrived or lightly is. Yeah. Anyway, so, you know, it’s just onwards and upwards and just trying to enjoy your life and deal with things. And if it’s an ITI thing, well, you know, it’s looking at finding out what that is for you.

How does that change you? But cause that’s where it all brings us every time it’s, it’s us where the, where the magic particle.

[01:06:41] jeremiah: Yeah. And I think people have a lot more power than what they believe or think that they have. And we’ve also been conditioned to not tap into our own potential. So

[01:06:53] Joanne: that’s absolutely right.

And I think that’s, and a lot of people, you know, that they’re not used to thinking, um, differently, you know, there’s a tradition or a, you know, just way of thinking if you’re in a certain position or certain job and, you know, I mean, it is a bit scary to come out of that box. I understand that. I think. But anyway, we’re at that time when we have to be our own Jack in the box.

[01:07:24] jeremiah: So if people want to, um, check out your works or anything like that, um, how can they, well,

[01:07:32] Joanne: everybody wants to drop me a line. If they’ve had an experience or they want to go on camera and talk about their experiences. It’s the eating newsroom@gmail.com. Just like all one word. The 18 newsroom@gmail.com.

The eating newsroom.com website is under construction. So, um, it should be up within the next, within the month. But I keep saying that we keep doing a bit more to it. I’m I’m on Facebook. I think it’s under Jones. Or some of it might be some scales there. I actually couldn’t fit my whole name on it initially when I did it.

And then anyway, so I’m on Facebook. If anybody wants to say hi and they had the chat, uh, or whatever. And, um, basically, um, that’s what I do is I tell people’s stories and look into it and see how we can, you know, make things work better and see if we can bring a little bit of relief from PTSD or trauma in the situations, because it, it, we do, we do have some incredible, uh, times ahead of us.

That can be wonderful. I really do really.

[01:08:38] jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Well, thank you for coming on and speaking with us and sharing your information and I’ll make sure to link everything in the show description so people can find your stuff, uh,

[01:08:51] Joanne: quickly. Well, I, I tell you what people might find interesting is that this is, um, this is the ICI newsrooms, um, eclectic album spelled with a K and on this album, there’s a whole load of people, American Canadians, and Brits who have come together to they’re all experiences of one kind or another, and they are doing their music, but they’ve.

Had an amazing event and the album, isn’t just music. It’s part, voice as well. So some of the musicians you’ll care a minute or two of their story proceeding their song. So it’s fascinating to hear. And I do one or two interviews with people like grant Cameron and others talking about the ITI connection.

So that’s on the eclectic website, which is a Wix Wix website. And if you do a collective Joanne or collect your Wix website, you should come across it. But there’s a whole load of amazing information and also tasters for some of the music.

[01:09:52] jeremiah: Sounds great. Yeah. And if, uh, send me all those links, I’ll get them posted so people can.

People can find you quickly.

[01:10:02] Joanne: Yeah, that’s fine. Well, the time that’s great.