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Tarot Cards

[00:00:00] jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

Hello, my fellow human beings. Thank you for tuning in to the what of the wrong podcast today, we’re going to talk about tarot cards and finding your true self and your true purpose in life with Nicki Ojeda but first, if you could rate and review the show, it would be highly appreciated. Lets me know you’re enjoying the.

And we’ll keep the good content flowing. Also, you can find any information about the podcast on www dot. What if pod.com or on most social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tik, TOK. It all be in the description. So I won’t keep you any longer. Let’s get to this amazing interview with Nicki Ojeda and finding your true self and your true calling in life.

Hello, and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast? I’m the host Jeremiah and I’m joined today by Nicki Ojeda. I hope I pronounced that. Right. And, uh, we’re here to talk about. Tarot card reading and past life readings and all kinds of good stuff. So we’re going to introduce her now. Hello,


[00:01:55] nicki: hi.

Good to be here.


[00:01:58] jeremiah: Thank you. I’m glad that you came on to talk with us and, um, we just want to find out like, Look into your world, so to speak. So let us know what your, what got you into all of this in the first place?

[00:02:16] nicki: Well, I started when I was 15, I was, I was working in an herb shop and I was learning all about essential oils.

And, um, I tied that into my tarot reading because the person who was my teacher effectively presented me with the taro deck. That was the herbal taro. And it had all of the symbolism of. So, I really learned them side by side. When I do readings, I, um, whether they’re the taro or the past life, I offer optional essential oil blends that compliment the energies to help checks and balances the things that are revealed in the readings.

At the age of 15, I just started learning all about that. And I’ve been doing it for 35 years.

[00:02:58] jeremiah: Uh it’s a long time. Yeah. So you definitely know your stuff. So what all entails with the tarot cards and tarot card reading? Cause I honestly know nothing about it. So if you can kind of break it down.

[00:03:17] nicki: Sure. Okay. Well it’ll definitely be my take on things because the way I see it. The taro, um, sort of a mirror of all human possible experiences. Um, generally, so you have the major Archana, which are the, um, the more like judgment and the magician and all those cards. Those tend to, um, describe spiritual matters.

And then you have the minor Archana, which are similar to just playing cards. You’ll have like four of ones and three of cups, et cetera. And those are more likely. Deal with every day, um, situations, but in reading, you’ll get both and sort of like it’s a symbolic picture. You really have to have be able to tap into the symbolic mindset.

And then the cards as they’re spread out or sort of holographic as in the reading has to be seen as a whole, like this card will affect that one and et cetera. And. So I tap into the symbols and basically I have an archetypical mindset and archetypes are like primordial energy patterns that are like the whole gamut of human consciousness.

And the taro is a way of narrowing down the infinite into the symbolic pictures that can be interpreted usually by intuition, but, um, definitely a lot of training.

[00:04:45] jeremiah: Yeah. There was a game that I play. A long time ago, it was called indigo prophecy. I think that was the first time I’ve actually heard about the taro cards because in the game they make you play, uh, the taro cards, or I don’t know if you call it playing or doing a reading, uh, cause the lady that you’re playing as wants to know, like her future or whatever.

So are they used for things about like the future and um, I remember the cards had different pictures on them, right?

[00:05:17] nicki: So there are many different ways that can be used. And, um, the way I use them is not like a standard fortune teller. I take this seriously as a way to help people, um, affect the trajectory of their life.

The way I see it is that the reading is a snapshot of your current problem. And since nothing is fixed. And the reason we’re doing divination, which is taro is one kind is so that we can get some consciousness and have like some empowerment about, okay, this could becoming, I need to make a check, a balance, a switch.

I need to pay more attention here. So I do. Uh, way of empowering my clients to change the archetypes that are coming into their world. And, um, you know, they can be used just as seriously or as professionally as possible or not. You know, some people I’ve had a bad reading by someone who wasn’t on the up and up.

You have to look out for that in all areas, but especially when you’re dealing with the unseen. Spiritual or whatever. So you do have to, um, you know, make sure a feeling here of whether this reader resonates with you or not. So, yeah, I, I definitely do it as a way of gaining some knowledge and on so that you can create the outcome that you want for your life a little bit better when you can control it when you can,

[00:06:39] jeremiah: you know, so it’s more of like a guide than a actual, like four tablets.

[00:06:45] nicki: Right. I mean, I do see things coming sometimes, you know? Um, but they’re not set in stone. That’s just not how I see it. I feel like, um, I mean, it’s kind of paradoxical. We have, like, there are certain things that are set, like. Where we were born, you know, who we are that we can’t intrinsically change, but even if there’s something we came here to do, how that happens is always within our control.

It’s not set, you know, so yes, guidance and insight, and, you know, sometimes even hope for people like. I don’t see a way out and then it can kind of help and guide. And then with the past life readings, I generally, um, I use taro cards to get in there with that too. Cause I have clairvoyant ability, but it’s my way of narrowing it all down.

And it works, um, for me to, to use that. But I do those primarily when people have patterns that are affecting their life that keep happening over and over and they don’t really have a call. From any situation they remember in this life. And lots of times it’s from just an, an energy pattern that I’m still rolling behind the scenes, and we can make as many conscious decisions, you know, as we want about what we want to do, but it’s the unconscious patterns playing in the background that tend to affect.

What happens to us. That’s why positive thinking, you know, it’s wonderful, but it’s only half the picture. You still have to deal with your unconscious patterns and your shadow work. So I’m all about the depth, psychology meets spirituality about it all. And just wanting to get to know yourself. It’s really introspection.

I’m not a sugarcoater type of reading. It’s like, we’re going to go deep. If you want to do this. Yeah. You

What are Tarot Cards?

[00:08:22] jeremiah: gotta be serious about it. If you’re gonna go in and the, for the cards themselves, I don’t know if you can kind of explain. What, what is on them and what are they for people at home or in the car, wherever that don’t really know anything about them?

Like what what’s there? Like I know you talked about, they have regular ones, like regular cards, but there’s other ones. I think they have like pictures on them and stuff. And like, what is that all supposed to.

[00:08:55] nicki: Okay. So there are a couple of different theories about what exactly it symbolizes, but for our purposes of explanation, you have the full, the magician on and on all the way up to the world.

And then you get the full again. If you think, cause the fullest zero, the magician is one. So it’s like a spiral of every life situation. Um, you always have to go back to the beginning and the foolish. Not really like a foolish one. It’s just the one at the beginning of the journey who doesn’t have that expertise in whatever arena, you know, whether it’s a big thing in life or just a new path, it’s the kind of human experiences that come over and over.

And so these, um, 22 major Archana. They’re just symbolic pictures of all these different phases of sort of like the hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell has laid out. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that or not, but it’s basically like the monomyth structure where it’s almost like the story of a person is laid out.

The Tarot definitely reflects that. Um, but it also, it reflects possible situations too. It’s pretty deep and very symbolic, you know, apparently there’s a theory that they were. The pictures that were along the hall in an Egyptian temple, but that’s a lot of legend too. You know, the history is definitely pretty clouded, but very interesting.

[00:10:21] jeremiah: Yeah. There seems to be, well, there’s definitely a mystery with history to rhyme and, um, and there’s stuff that’s kept from us, I think, purposely and hidden from us. So trying to Decipher. What’s really going on can be tough sometimes. Definitely. And there’s so you said there was good Tara cards too?

It’s not just all bad. Cause I think a lot of people have the misconception that it’s all like bad stuff.

[00:10:55] nicki: Okay. So I’m glad you brought that up. So certain cards look scary. We have. The tower we have death, we have the devil, but I’m going to tell you, they’re not always meant to be something bad. It’s just things come to an end and something else starts all the time.

And so when you get a death card, it’s pretty much it’s transformation or death and rebirth more often than not. And so it’s just like an inevitable ending of a cycle and a starting of another one. That’s just, um, how that rolls. And then when you get something like the devil, it could be something as simple as like don’t party too much, you know, it’s time to get back on path, you know, and don’t let things stray you off your path of what you need to do.

Not like someone else’s idea of right or wrong, but what resonates with your actual truth when you’re not being true to yourself, that can show up as the devil. So can you see how they’re like symbolic of other things? And the tower is often. You know, you have expectations about this endeavor, but it’s not going to be what you want it to, and it has to burst apart and get out of your way so that you can build something better.

Or you have this metaphorical castle, you know, this thing that once was a safety and a beautiful thing, but it has become a prison that can also be the tower it’s got to go, you know, it’s, um, it seems unsettling, but it points the way to the work that we need to do to create that outcome. We’d rather see, you know, it’s, it’s good information.

So I never coat it because that’d be given a disservice to the queer and that’s the one being given the reading the queer, and then I’m the, diviner the one giving the reading and I really want to give them what I see because, um, That’s where the power is. And that being said, I’m not one of those readers who I just had this experience myself.

They make it all sound bad, so that you’ll do something. You’ll buy their class, take their thing. I do not do that. I always phrase it. And here’s a line of. A chance for a change to change your trajectory. I hardly ever say, do this, you know, it’s like, this is leaning this way. You know, I, they have to see what I’m showing them.

I never say this is definitely happening because it’s not quite like that. It’s like, these are your probabilities. And so it’s a lot of power. Really. It’s a lot of more consciousness about, you know, when you get it done, it’s very eyeopening.

[00:13:25] jeremiah: So when someone comes to you and say, Hey, I need some guidance or I don’t know how they come to you, but when they come to, uh, initially is the tarot cards, the first thing that you do, or do you have like a preliminary thing before that?


[00:13:44] nicki: good question. So right now I’m doing mostly online reading, you know, videos and readings. Ever since COVID and it turns out to be very it’s, it’s very easy to focus. So what I do is I do not want to know what they know about at first, what they want to know about. I have my three cards, that’s my doorway in.

Then I tell them what I see in the, in the three cards. It’s, I’ve never not gotten some kind of. You know, and then after I go there, then I asked them if, uh, the option of, do they want to ask me for more clarification or do they want me to just keep talking? And I, the way I do the taro is not like a typical terrorist.

I’m a very conversational tarot reader because I’m using my clairvoyant abilities as well as the cards. So it’s a back and forth. Like I have done it over the phone, but it’s so much easier when I can look at their eyes, at least, you know, it had the energy exchange, but it’s not absolutely necessary. So, um, yeah, I just keep on laying out cards and talking about what I see.

Sometimes they’ll have a question, but I don’t want it. Before I’ve done my three cards. We take three deep breaths first to just get into the space and just kind of get here.

[00:15:04] jeremiah: Yeah. Just

push out the worries of the day or whatever

[00:15:08] nicki: exactly. And focus a little bit.

[00:15:11] jeremiah: And then for the actual reading part, um, you were talking about, you show them three cards

how many are in like a deck and then how much do you unveil to them?

[00:15:23] nicki: Okay. So, um, 78 cards are in a deck. I have a supplemental deck of archetype cards that I will use for a pastime past life reading. And those are just one word symbolism cards that really helped me see something. Um, I’ll do those.

Occasionally. If someone has a really intense situation, That’s not a past life reading, you know, it just helps me see a little bit more clearly, but, um, generally it’s however many sets of three. I it’s usually a half an hour reading. And so we talk about those. There’s so much to say most of the time, it’s amazing, but it generally ends up being like, you know, um, 18 or 21 or 24 cards at the most because, um, with my archetype.

Because, you know, you don’t lay out the whole deck, but then again, the way it comes out is also, um, revealing that you got this first and not this it’s, it’s really just hard to explain it. It goes back to that holographic thing where it’s like, everything affects everything. So then at the end I talk about it all once it’s all laid out.


[00:16:35] jeremiah: and do they have different ones for like, say someone comes to you is like a. Need a different career or something, or I have a bad relationship problem, or like, is there specific things that they can do when they have a specific problem?

[00:16:53] nicki: Um, yeah, usually it’s something that’s revealed in the reading about, let’s say you said the career as.

So, um, that had came up and this isn’t given to anyone’s information away, but someone was having that. They wanted to know what they needed to be doing, because it was definitely obvious that something was ending in their job arena. And I ended up telling them that it was something where they needed to take some risks.

And it wasn’t extremely clear to me at first, but it was very clear to them what I was talking about because they were doing something to do with, with stocks that required them to, uh, make some, take some risks. But that’s just like the example. It’s like a little hint and then I’ll either keep going or they’ll give me something to work with and we’ve come to like an idea.

Paths. I always tell them, no matter what I say, listen to your inner bell, ding, like it’s like not the one based on fear, not the one based on what you think you ought to do, but that one that really resonates with your actual, authentic, truth and that’s what I’m here for us to get people to their authentic truth.

That’s becoming more and more important and more and more accepted, you know, uh, in the end you have really got to put out there what you have to your own unique, absolutely unique energy is needed in the world. People are starting to see that more and more, the more you tend to your true individuality, the more it’s going to help the whole, you know, so yeah, I did have another example where.

It’s usually not so cut and dry, but a woman was expecting and she was wanting to know about, um, the father who wasn’t very committal and it wasn’t looking good. And the cards were just like merciless. And I had to tell her, I was like, I’m sorry, you didn’t really need to check whether this person is deceitful.

I mean, you really, you know, and it’s, it really revealed that it’s hardly ever that. Obviously cut and dry, but sometimes it is. So it’s really different. It’s really different how the information shows up sometimes.

[00:19:02] jeremiah: Yeah. I can imagine it’s probably hard for you to like break bad news to people.

[00:19:08] nicki: I always try to offer hope to the best of my ability without sugarcoating things.

I want to make sure they get that. What I call the nugget of treasure. And it’s not always pleasurable to hear. It’s not always pleasant, but neither is going deep and working on yourself, always pleasant, which that’s really what it’s about. I mean, I’m like, yes, I’m a think positive, but I’m also like, you gotta acknowledge your shadow.

You know, you’ve gotta acknowledge the depths of everything so you can integrate it, work with it all, be more whole and be more. Just try to level up with that.

[00:19:43] jeremiah: Yeah. You can’t really grow if you don’t experience that pain, I guess you could say.

[00:19:51] nicki: Yeah, it’s true. That’s the greatest giver of consciousness.

[00:19:56] jeremiah: Yeah. It takes struggle to get success. So that’s why I think a lot of people who, um, are like born into money or get gifted a lot of money. They tend to be bad keepers of, of that, because they’re just not, they haven’t been through the struggle to appreciate the, the, some that they’ve got.

[00:20:20] nicki: Absolutely. It’s like an experiential knowledge.

It’s like, you either have it or you don’t, you know, and um, sometimes people have more of a proclivity, you know, of knowing things, but there’s always going to be some challenge. If you don’t have it here, you’re going to have it over here. The only way out is the only way through is through something like that.

Enter cliche here. You got to experience.

[00:20:43] jeremiah: So if this is going to be a strange question of, but since you do the taro and all that, are you into other things like, um, I know a lot of people who are mediums and stuff like that, or that can talk with the, uh, spirit. Okay, can you do anything like that or you just strictly on the tarot readings

and all?

[00:21:07] nicki: Um, I can do that. Um, I don’t do that professionally often. I will be honest with you when I’m doing a past life waiting for someone. Some spirit often comes forth and we’re often both in tears because it’s either their grandma or someone who is with them in that life. Or it’s really intense. I do not purposefully call.

Um, I don’t really know how to make that happen, um, without being at a terror reading setting, but it has happened to. You know, um, I have like several stories where one friend committed suicide, one friend was murdered and that I had gone to a house where it had just like spirits trapped in that they’re like pulling at me.

And I know that sounds like I would have, I’ve been very skeptical of my own experiences for years. And skepticism is very. So, uh, but there just comes a point where I have to realize, yes, this is happening. And then I also have been in the unique position of having two close friends who are with me with these experiences and experienced it with me.

And I’m the one who was murdered was actually in me in a way. Um, and I got really cold and she said, my face turned into his and. You know, if I had been murdered, I’d probably would’ve come to us too, because we were all spiritual together. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’m not a professional medium or anything, but I know how to tap into those energies.

Especially when they’re required, you know, it ha it just comes up when it’s required, you know, and I do have those doors open, but I can’t necessarily contact the dead anytime. and anybody you want me to? I don’t have that.

[00:22:53] jeremiah: And, uh, I know a lot of people bring up the Ouija board. Uh I’m uh, I don’t know if you mess with that at all.

[00:23:00] nicki: Well, we creeped ourselves out with it when I was like 13 or 14, but that’s about it. I didn’t really, but I haven’t like tried really hard either, but it’s just, um, yeah, we used to definitely scare ourselves with it, but. I don’t know much about that, per se, as far as personal experiences concerned. Really?

[00:23:19] jeremiah: Yeah. I was just curious cause, uh, it’s one of those things where like either someone, a lot of people are like, oh, don’t even touch it or it’s, it’s bad. And then there’s other people that are like all about it and stuff like that. I was just wondering if you have had an experience with it. But

[00:23:39] nicki: yeah, I tend to not come from fear because lots of those fear of the spiritual is based on, um, fears of like really black and white situation, like there’s demons or there’s good spirits.

And it’s just more like, I don’t discount that, but it’s Mo anything, you might try to interpret a message from a mischievous spirit, just cause the Spirit’s given you a message, you know, doesn’t mean it’s true. You know, it’s, it’s kinda like, I, I don’t feel fear messing with it, but at the same time I have psychic protections of at all times just because it’s the unknown.

[00:24:18] jeremiah: Yeah, definitely a, a good thing. I’ve covered possession. Know my show before. Uh, there’s definitely people who, for the lack of a better term are possessed and. Some of them are tormented by it. So it’s definitely not something you want to take lightly, or

if you don’t know what you’re doing.

[00:24:38] nicki: Exactly. I always have my purse protections up, you know, uh, but I guess I just don’t feel like a Ouija board is going to really be a tool for that.

Uh, maybe I’m wrong. What if I’m wrong? I don’t know, but I keep an open mind. Definitely because my experiences have been so. Across the board that I’d never want to discount someone who tells me they’re experiencing, you know, such a thing. I definitely give it a near.

[00:25:07] jeremiah: So, um, as far as you’ve mentioned past life a few times, what’s your whole take on the past life phenomenon and all that stuff.

[00:25:18] nicki: Hmm.

Okay. So first of all, It’s a mystery. And I like to let it be a mystery, but I tend to pull out exactly what needs to be heard for the person who’s asking for it. And the way there’s several ways that it could be looked at. Um, we could all be part of one soul. We could all be part of an entity called consciousness.

And certain times we tap into these things and they’re like, Um, patterns that a soul must go through, but I don’t know. All I know is that I could give the same reading to an atheist and who absolutely does not believe in spirituality or past life, and I’ll still tap into it and the symbology will be real.

So I like to keep it a mystery as much as possible, but I have had past life memories of my own since childhood. It’s not something I can say. I know exactly what it is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s this thing. We all become a part of, again, whether it’s the divine or God or whatever. And we’re the story is that we’re just going through these things to get the knowledge and gather the knowledge.

And it almost feels like in the end, we’re all part of it. But again, you know, it’s so mystical and we’ll never know. And. You know, I feel like certain people come into this world being tapped into that, and I’ve always been tapped into the mystical even I was a little kid, you know, and it’s just part of what I’ve come here for is to help people be their truth.

And I know other people have a soul calling like that too, and they do it through other medium media. Mine just happens to be taro and I’ve realized that I could do, you know, the past life readings, not as. Definitely like 10 years later, you know, I’ve been doing that probably since I was like 25. So,

you know, yeah.

[00:27:15] jeremiah: You definitely have the experience with them. So, um, if you have the knowledge and, and know what you’re doing and, uh, you can help people out. That’s a great, great thing to do. And there’s a


[00:27:30] nicki: I always get, you know, accolades for it. I mean, they’re always happy about it, but I also feel like it’s just something that comes through me and that it’s, I’m not really doing it.

I’m just like the channel for it, you know, but I tune in with our intention is to, I, my intention is to help them and to have exactly what needs to be seen, come forward, not the whole barrage of every experience they’ve ever had. The ones that are relevant to the stuck pattern or the stuck energy.

[00:27:57] jeremiah: Yeah, I like that.

Uh, you don’t want any context upfront, you kind just roll with the cards and roll with the punches and then it comes out eventually. And that way people don’t think it’s like skewed because you don’t know beforehand.

[00:28:15] nicki: Yeah. That’s, that’s very important to me and it’s not from an ego level, like I could while them, but it’s more from a level of, um, I could tap in more purely without the words that doesn’t, that’s not to say that I can’t ever do a reading, knowing something for someone, but there’s just something about it where I, uh, if I, especially, if it’s someone who just schedules an appointment on my website and I don’t know them, I just want to talk about the three cards first.

And then that often clarifies their question a little bit for them, honestly, as well for my experiences. It helps them clarify exactly what it is. They really do want insight on.

[00:28:55] jeremiah: And what is your website so that people can

[00:28:59] nicki: it’s Tara with Tati, yara.com. And, um, you can just schedule your zoom reading right on there, and you have the choice of choosing past life or taro.

And then you have the choice to add on whether you want the essential oil to compliment the, um, energetics of the reading. So that then when you’re doing your personal, either meditation. Introspection that oil. You can, you have to do the magic though. You know, you have to tap into the energy of that, how it is all been put together and that’s optional add on as well.

[00:29:35] jeremiah: So how my fiance is into the essential oils and stuff. How do for you, how does the essential oils like fit in to everything. So

[00:29:46] nicki: we’re back to energies and then archetypal energies. So when you start to sense into energies and doing energy work, um, the taro can really reveal where there’s something that needs a little bit more like, you know, a balancing the checks and balances thing.

It’s all about balancing, you know, where something will feel off, you know, Like someone is like, not, they’re just not, they’re stuck or they’re timid or they’re fearful. They just can’t be themselves. They can’t take the next step to level up. You know, there are certain oils that will have the architectural energy signature, archetype, energy signature that they have.

It’s still use their intention. They still have to do it, but it assists the process by, um, the brain can tap into those kinds of energies. I mean, it’s also mysterious. Is it the brain? Is it the spirit? But um, along those same lines, I have a Zodiac line of oils. I’ll be selling those on my website very soon, but for each Zodiac sign, that’s also, archetypally designed for the right energies to, you know, Magnify the positive and nullify the negative of a sign.

And so that same concept is what I do with the energy shown in the reading. It’s still a little vague, but it’s beyond words.

[00:31:12] jeremiah: Yeah. So the, um, I had done an interview with someone about astrology and you brought up the Zodiac. So, um, you had also mentioned that I think what that guy with his career, he needed a new path.

I think we were talking about how seems to be a shift now that we’re heading into a Aquarius, it seems like a lot more people are becoming more aware of themselves and their reality, and also awake to the controlling powers that have been around for awhile. The government or their boss or whoever. Uh, what’s your take on all


[00:31:59] nicki: So that’s funny. The age of Aquarius is exactly what I’m here to do. So speaking of astrology, my north node is Aquarius. That’s my purpose. That’s who I came here to be. Can’t help it. I came here to push boundaries. Was born revolution. I’m different. And I want to allow people to give those the same spaces to be right now.

It’s called different, but it’s be true. You’re not just like non-conformist for the sake of it, you know, like you’re like some 17 year old or whatever, but then, um, yes, the world is slowly becoming more and more attuned, you know, to it’s spirit, truth, whatever. And then these powers that be, have become internalized.

You know, we do it to ourselves now just as much as the government or fill in the blank, but, um, that’s shifting, it’s, it’s very slow, but the more people who sort of were like, okay, I’m just not going to take this BS anymore. Just like the great resignation. It’s like, why am I toiling away my life? This job that doesn’t tend my own garden, that doesn’t tend the garden of my soul.

And then even just getting like a simpler job that’s makes you happy and makes people happy, or you could go entrepreneurial and feel into what’s your purpose. Why are you here? You know, any little step toward that personal authenticity, it helps the whole, and that’s what Aquarian energy is. It’s taken.

Everyone being their true, absolute unique energy pattern. And then that is like an upgrade for the whole, the more people tap into that. And, um, yeah, that’s what the age of Aquarius is. Absolutely. It’s definitely people just being more awake to what’s what, even their own truth and seeing where deceptions have.

Ruled what we can and can’t do as an evolving species, you know, all that we’ll have to follow fall away, you know, and there’s always some sort of chaos and death before a beautiful rebirth, but you know, having a couple of ways of being aware helps that way you can do it more consciously rather than having things happen to you.

You know, they still will, but not as much, you know, it’s just a little bit more of an empowered position to be. Well, the more you wake into your own truth. That’s my take on.

[00:34:30] jeremiah: Yeah. I definitely notice a notice the shift going on. And I think there’s a crazy stat for podcasts. Like 80 million new podcasts have happened since the pandemic started and stuff like that.

And I think it has to do with the whole people, trying to be their true selves and put out a message that resonates with them. Um, hope and then other people having the opportunity to listen to like-minded people that share the same, uh, resonance as they have. And it’s helped.

[00:35:10] nicki: Absolutely. And, you know, so I, when all this happened, you know, I wasn’t doing zoom readings before that.

Right. I mean, I still do like psychic fairs or workshops whenever possible, but being online has really okay. So I’ve done readings for people in Greece and the UK and Belgium, you know, because I was part of the sisterhood circle there for awhile. It was online and it was kind of like giving me all these connections.

And so. People don’t want to say the gift of COVID. I mean, yes. I’m saying that from a privileged position, I didn’t lose any loved ones. Some people got sick, but there is a gift hidden in there. If we can take it as, okay. What’s meaningful. We absolutely have had to say what is meaningful to me because, you know, I can only do so much, you know, numbing out with television or whatever.

Your job can take a lot out of you. And if it is definitely against what your soul is. And so the gift of that, as we’ve all been given a chance to get to know ourselves again, and to get back to what really matters, and that is love and it’s connection, and it is shining forth with some kind of light that will inevitably help others.

If it’s authentic, it’s, it’s an interesting time to be alive and I’m glad.

[00:36:30] jeremiah: Yeah, definitely, definitely is. We’ve experienced quite a lot in the past, you know, 20 years for sure. And, uh, a lot more, I think, than previous generations, but I don’t know, it could be relative, but it seems like a lot of stuff has been going on.

So has the tarot cards kind of reflected this shift at all? Like have you noticed the change. ’cause you said you’ve been doing it

35 years.

[00:37:01] nicki: Um, and I would have to say like, because of the nature of what I do, it reflected the people struggle with that often who I was giving the reading to. Um, I, I don’t do straight readings for myself because it’s just, I’m in the way, you know, but I will draw like the archetype cards for the situation and those have been revealing, just kinda like, okay.

Everything is changing and yes, this is an accelerated time of change. And I know there’ve been other ones like the industrial rev revolution really was like kind of an abrupt change here and there, but something tells me this is way more abrupt, you know, but then again, I wasn’t there, but yeah, this is, um, you know, ever since we entered the atomic age, really, I guess if you look at it a certain way, like in the fifties or forties, whatever, that’s when things really started, uh, being.

You know, an unstoppable trajectory of expansion and, um, there’s good and bad in that. Like most things involving being a human, but I feel like the more we can tap into using that energy. To the best of our ability because, you know, yeah. When I was 17 or 18, I’d be like, man technology is the root of all evil, but it’s just not, you know, I mean, come on.

That was like an uninformed opinion, you know, but it was coming from a good place. And I think a lot of people are, are like that. They don’t want to give up the way. They’ve always seen things. And I feel a lot of compassion for that, but things are going to keep going, you know, regardless of what you think about.

It’s like, you’re going to have to evolve or repeat. I mean, that’s the big message here. It’s like where, and, you know, even more controversially, the bigger messages that this is all one planet, and I’m not talking from an Illuminati perspective, I’m talking from, you know, Affect each other. The separation is so illusory, you know, I mean the internet shows that, but what shows it more than a virus?

I mean, it’s really, I don’t want to get too off a crazy tangent, but really we are all one and we have to care and love about us all to the best of our ability, but we have our people we care about, but we have to be able to send love energy instead of hate. Just try that.

[00:39:11] jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. There’s definitely.

Definitely a need for more kindness in the whole entire world, not just in the states or wherever, but I have also seen, you know, people do. I know a lot of people like to think that, oh, humans are awful people and stuff like that. But if you really break it down to it, your fellow human is going to help you.

If you need help, like we’re just not wired to let people suffer. I don’t think unless you’re a maniac or something, but you see countless times where there’s like a hurricane while everyone, you know, stands up, donate some money or sends food or so there’s definitely a lot of good out there. I just think the negative is focused on too much because you have the new.

And they only put negative stuff out because that’s what gets on the ratings. So then you start thinking like, everything’s negative, everything’s bad. But if you really look outside everyone, everyone’s just trying to get by like everyone

[00:40:18] nicki: else. That’s so true. And you know, it’s also scientifically because of our human evolution, how we evolve to survive, the negative is going to reverberate harder because we want to make sure that we’re surviving and that we’re safe.

And that we’re good, but yeah. Everything has changed with the information that we get. It’s like, you have to ask yourself, it’s like, see, I’m the kind of person I like to be informed, but I also want to be mentally healthy. Right. So it’s like, I have to step back. You have to take that quiet time within, you know, because yes, the average person, other than your, you know, every rare sociopath, most people are, you know, they want to.

They’re good. You know, and I experienced that firsthand. I, you know, my family and I were in hurricane Katrina and we had to evacuate to Wisconsin. And then there was just like this group of wonderful people who just like, we lost like so much, but they supplied us with so much. And it was just so heartwarming, you know, uh, really nice people up in Wisconsin just to shout out there.

So from new Orleans to Wisconsin, that was quite. Culture shock, you know, but you just get to see how really, when it comes down to it, we all have that. It’s like a knowing that, Hey, you know, the whole phrase there, but for the grace of God go, I, that could be me. That could be the person I love the most going through that.

And the more we tap into that, compassion, not the kind that drains us or that’s in authentic, the authentic compassion. You know, we hold our boundaries, keep ourselves safe, but yet we are. You know, there for humanity to the best of our ability, even starting with being there for ourselves and people don’t talk about that alone with your self-talk is divisive.

And you look in the mirror, you know, more than once a month at least and say, oh, you little Creek or whatever, you know, you need to fix that really, because we all have our moments and that have compassion for that. Don’t judge yourself for that. But at the same time, if it’s more than. It can really cause problems with you, seeing how good people are, if you can’t see how good you are.

[00:42:28] jeremiah: So, yeah. And so the lesson here is don’t be a scumbag. Uh, I know there are some people out there that are, but the majority of people, like I said, are just, they’re just living their life. And, you know, if they see something happen there from my experience quick to try to help out. Um, we had an incident at my work, um, just the other week where, uh, one person pulled a gun on another person.

And, um, it was a lady with a young kid and, uh, you know, everyone came to the ladies aid and a guy sped off with the guy that pulled the gun, I guess, ran off and got in his car. And, but yeah, people, people will. Uh, when the time comes, cause we’re just trying to get.

[00:43:22] nicki: Yeah. And it’s like, it’s so weird. It’s like, it’s like a paradox.

Like you can look at that person who pulled the gun and you can be like, I absolutely have boundaries against that person, but at the same time that that’s definitely a soul in pain. Right. So it’s like, you just want to make sure that you are. And authentic and all fluffy about your compassion. It’s like, yes, you have it, but there’s still reality.

And there’s still boundaries. And so it’s like an interesting thing where I realized, so like, there’s so many cool things. Like, I love like new age stuff or whatever, but it’s pretty incomplete how it’s shown in the mainstream where it’s like, oh, all you have to do is think such and such. You know, you can’t magic it away.

You still have to do the. Okay. You still have to be real. And so that’s what I’m all about. It’s like, yes, I love energy work, herbs, taro, crystals, and everything, but you still have to tend to the nitty-gritty. I mean, that helps. It’s not the cure. All it’s just in this. For you to focus your intention or wherever if you use those tools or not.

The point is too many people have tried to bypass and that spiritual bypassing, you know, they think they can develop by skipping steps. You can’t, you got to go through it. I wrote a whole blog about spiritual bypassing and how I used to do it. Like I used to think that, oh, you know, just by clearing my head, doing yoga, being vegan, I could magic it all away, but then it all comes roaring in and you have to deal with the dark night of your soul.

Don’t do what I did be authentic now and move forward with yourself. That’s my message.

[00:44:52] jeremiah: Yeah, I forget. What was that called? Oprah was really pushing it back in the day.

[00:44:57] nicki: Uh, the law of attraction

[00:44:59] jeremiah: thing. It was called the secret

[00:45:00] nicki: grit. Yeah, it’s the same thing. Okay. Let me speak on that for a minute. So, okay.

The law of attraction and the secret have wisdom in them. Okay. But it’s a skewed version of a universal law where it’s like, yes, our thoughts do affect our reality. Um, you know, The way they package that as for our society’s quick fix mentality. Oh, just, you know, manifest it, but really more than our thoughts, like I had kind of stated before more than our thoughts, creating our reality.

It’s our unconscious patterns, because I could sit here all day and answer. You know, um, I’m rich, I’m beautiful. I’m skinny, whatever. But my unconscious pattern means I could make a joke about loves Twinkies, but what I’m really saying is there could be things in the way that if they’re not deal dealt with it doesn’t matter how many positive affirmations you do.

They’ll still help, but they won’t, they’re not enough. So really I find those to be like an immature version of really. Because, yes, if we could change our wiring, we can change our worldview, our inner attitude, our paradigm, you know, then we can respond to life rather than react because it’s those unconscious reactions that create our reality, even more than our conscious thoughts, but keep doing your affirmations, keep thinking positive.

Just know you got to do more than that. That’s all I’m saying. It’s like half the picture

[00:46:28] jeremiah: you have to actually take action. Think about it and it just magically happens. It’s like, it’s not, if you keep thinking about a million dollars, it’s not just going to magically fall on your lap. Like you got to put in the action to get towards


[00:46:43] nicki: Right. But at the same time, I will concede that when you meditate, viewing yourself as an abundant being, as in don’t like keep, always being afraid of, you know, your money situation. I mean, you know, Once you’re at, uh, past a certain survival level, of course, but some people carry that fear regardless of what prosperity they have, you know, and that’s where the problem is.

Like, I have really gotten a lot of progress within myself by meditating and I do espouse meditating. And even if it’s just having that quiet time within where you don’t let your mind rule, you it’s like the mind becomes the interpreter of what the spirit feels or the. Your inner self. That’s not so intellectual.

There’s a lot of different words you could use here, but tapping into your real self, even your body wisdom is something that is a whole nother thing that I base work around. I do workshops where we do archetypal embodiment. It’s bringing that energy in, in a way that’s beyond the mind, because the mind wants to figure out how, why, what, but if you just bring in that energy, you can transform.

Things, um, in a very mysterious way, you know, and, and being able to meditate, assists that, you know, it gives the mind arrests. We overload our minds. We identify with our minds a little too much. I mean, I value my intellect and I read and study and I won’t stop, but you have to, um, realize that the mind can’t comprehend most of the human experience that’s going on on other levels of.

I’m getting out there again, but Hey, that’s the right place to do that, but yeah, just like, look at your deep levels, deeper, deeper levels, and try to shift that, um, along with your little happy thoughts.

[00:48:26] jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. And it’s definitely good every now and then to just shut your brain down, shut your mind down.

Put the phone down, put, turn the TV off and just sit in silence. Even if that’s your meditation. Just disconnect. Like for me, I like to go out and do hiking and stuff like that. And that’s kind of my time away from, I kind of can just unplug

[00:48:52] nicki: myself. The nature is the best medicine too, if you can get to it, do it.

[00:48:58] jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. So have you had anybody? Who you’ve worked with, come back to later and like, be like, oh, thank you. Changed my life or anything like

[00:49:11] nicki: that. Yeah. I have several repeat clients. Um, I don’t foster a dependency though. You gotta really watch out for that. Cause there’s I said there’s like a lot of riff-raff in my lane, you know, like there’s people out there who are trying to use others and manipulate.

It’s just what they’re gonna do. But there’s also people who have something that. They can channel to help you. And there’s plenty of good readers and beautiful people out there. So yes, I do have repeat clients and, um, they don’t come back too often. Cause you know, if you’re coming like more than like once a week, definitely look at yourself, you know, cause you still have to do it.

All I can do is show you this. You still have to make your adjustments, you know? And I have told a couple people it’s like, um, you know, you you’ve been given this information. You have to do something with them. Yeah. So, yeah, I’ve gotten some good accolades and it feels really good, you know, cause I’ve worked jobs where I wasn’t aligned with my truth and it really starts to hurt and it really start to shut down.

And um, after a while I have so much compassion for that, but may everyone find their calling even a little bit more?

[00:50:24] jeremiah: Yeah. And even if, uh, even if you have to work your full-time job to pay the bills and stuff, What I’ve learned by doing this podcast is when you’re not at work, dump your time and energy into something you’re passionate about.

Even if it’s 15 minutes a day or 20 minutes a day, just chip away at it. And then you can get some fulfillment out of it. Like I get fulfillment out of talking to people like you and all the other interviews I’ve done and just bouncing ideas off of each other. Hearing other people’s perspectives and learning things that I didn’t even know.

Like I don’t know about tarot so you definitely expanded my knowledge there. So it’s definitely something I’ve been dumping all my extra energy into it. It’s made a world

of difference.

[00:51:18] nicki: Yeah. That’s such a good point. You bring up. Cause I don’t want to, uh, you know, accidentally suggest. Don’t work, throw away your job.

You lose it? No, I mean, it’s a process. Yes. I like the phrase chip away and just keep, uh, you know, focus on that. What resonates that, um, They say, follow your bliss, which is true. But even the person who said that Joseph Campbell was like that it’s been misused, um, you know, your higher bliss, which doesn’t always mean it’s easy, you know, or, um, you know, but follow that thing that lights you up, you know, the thing it’s like, okay, this is a lot like what I’m here to do or what I get something from.

It’s like an energy exchange. Like you’re like my eighth or ninth podcast, you know? And I have found that I love it, you know? There’s I always get something out of it too. I always feel a new perspective somehow some way, and I’ve really been enjoying this and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here and just, you know, So I hear something it’ll be like a ripple on a pond in my life.

And then maybe something I say will be like a ripple in the pond of someone else’s life that might do some good, that I’ll never know about. You know, hopefully something, things like that will happen with the words I’m putting out there to help try to help jog people’s way of thinking to their better.

[00:52:38] jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. My podcast motto is question everything. So I. I present my audience with what I’ve learned or whatever researched. I bring people on that research, their own field and topics and stuff. Then at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decipher everything and, and decide what you want to feel and believe and how you want to implement it in your life.

I’m just presenting it to you, giving you, you know, now another perspective. I like to, uh, you know, tweak those little wires in people’s brains and make them think

[00:53:20] nicki: differently. That’s beautiful. And you know, we’re also different. So we are all going to need different paths and different ways of getting to our truth or whatever it is.

You know, This might resonate to what I do might resonate to part of your audience. Another part will be like, well, let’s just not my thing. That’s absolutely normal and the way it’s going to be, you know, but I would just suggest to people too, don’t automatically close off your attitude to something too fast, you know, just let it feel it out a little bit, you know, at least, um, even if it’s not for you, you can see how it might be for someone.

You know, it’s really, we’re also unique and that’s really coming to the floor. You know, I, I just can’t stand up where everybody feels like everybody ought to be the same. I balked at that ever since I’ve been a little kid, you know, I always want to dress weird and be different, not for the sake of anything else, but just because that’s what felt right.

And we all have something like that, you know, where it’s our own positive weirdness needs to shine because the world needs.

[00:54:24] jeremiah: Oh, yeah, for sure. So again, for everyone listening, uh, where can they get ahold of you? And I’ll also put all the links in the description, but if you want to say your website again and


[00:54:37] nicki: Absolutely. It’s Tara with taught tiara.com and then you can go right there and schedule your appointment right there. And there I have all my whole appointment calendar, and you pick which one it is. And I would like to offer a little coupon code for the listeners. So, um, after, when I check out, just write in the coupon code, spell cast, and it’s all one word.

So that’s just a little, you know, if you really want to try it out, it’s a little $10 incentive off.

[00:55:05] jeremiah: Alright, I will definitely put that in the show notes too. So anyone that comes along can, can use that code. So thank you again for coming on. I really enjoyed talking and learning about taro and talking about this crazy world that we live in


[00:55:22] nicki: Yes, it is. So my pleasure, it gives me an opportunity to talk about what I’m passionate about, and I really am grateful.