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Pursuit of the Paranormal


Pursuit of the Paranormal

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything your reality is about to be shattered.

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Hello, and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast, I’m your host. Jeremiah. I’m joined today by two of my favorites, Greg and Ash. And we’re gonna be talking about all kinds of French topics and, uh, we’re gonna get really into some stuff. And. It’ll be a fun hour. So I’ll introduce them now. Hello, Greg and Ash.

[00:01:42] Greg: Hello? Hello. Nice to speak to you again. I’m traveling as well. Yes.

[00:01:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s been a long time. So it has,

[00:01:49] Greg: it has, and you’ve, you’ve been on our podcast and we chat regularly on messenger or Instagram or, uh, socials anyway.

[00:02:00] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. Um, just for my audience, these guys have really helped me a lot in my podcasting journey.

uh, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without ’em. So I’m honored to have you guys on and they’ve got what, the number two ranked paranormal podcast.

[00:02:22] Greg: Us.

[00:02:22] Ash: Yeah, it was a couple months. Yeah. We were like, we were like 10 Clement third. We went seconds. So in the APO magazine podcast charts. So that’s pretty cool.

Just to be up there with some of the big sort of podcast names. That’s pretty awesome. And thanks. Obviously you having a desire, you’ve been doing a great job yourself, so kudos to you. Yeah,

[00:02:40] Greg: definitely.

[00:02:41] Jeremiah: Yeah. My show’s been really, uh, taken off and it’s, uh, fun to see, and I’m starting to get messages from audience members and, uh, I just love hearing from people and whether they want to be on the show or just talk, it’s, uh, good to get some recognition and know that people are enjoying the content.

[00:03:03] Greg: Yeah, definitely. I, I listen to the, the podcast as well. I, um, when I’m out and about, I have a listen, so I check in Wrigley, I’ve listened to, to quite a few of ’em recently as well. And I was listening to one, um, I can’t remember the guy you were speaking to. Uh, and he was.

um, UFOs, paranormal, crypted, all being, um, interdimensional. And it, you were talking about his thoughts on that. Um, and that really stuck, it struck a chord. Uh, with me and me and Ash have discussed it. Um, we, we speak to podcast people all time and, and guests, and, and that seems to be sort of the route. A lot of people are going down as an explanation, um, for sort of the missing link between everything and what it could be.


[00:03:55] Jeremiah: yeah, that was cool. Definitely. Uh, just me personally makes more sense, uh, to look at it that way now that’s not the. That they might be from other planets, but they use interdimensional travel. So I’m open to that theory as well. Yeah. But, um, I just, I don’t know. I feel there’s a, there’s definitely some type of way they can phase in and out of what we can perceive.

[00:04:23] Greg: So is, is called the, um, The, that that’s kind of the, the thought process we’ve had and the guests have had on our podcast and also the kind of conversations you are having. I also liked an episode that you did and you interviewed a lady, um, who had some harrowing sort of abduction experiences. And her daughter was starting to have them as well.

And it was all a bit. Dark for them, but, um, yeah. Yeah. Fascinating. So you’ve had some really emotion interview. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Anytime anybody sort of opens up about experiences like that, it’s not necessarily an easy subject for them to talk about. Um, and that’s what we enjoy on when we are recording our podcast that you get people on that are not necessarily comfortable sharing it within their peer.

Publicly. Yeah, but the, the, the podcast like ours, like yours gives people a bit of a, almost like an anonymous forum that they can go onto, uh, and reach like-minded people. So that’s that? That’s cool. That’s cool.

[00:05:36] Ash: And a lot of times it was the first time they spoke and to everybody about. and they just sort of like this.

You can see the belief in the face where they’ve S like I’ve actually told someone and they’re not gonna think I’m crazy for saying it. So it’s good to have to give that platform to people. It’s an honor was to allow people to do that. It’s some people did it cuz they don’t know anybody and don’t have anywhere else to turn and they come to us, which is just an honor.

[00:06:01] Jeremiah: and I apologize. I’m so rude. Uh, I forgot to say that you’re from the pursuit of the paranormal podcast. Yes, we are. Totally

[00:06:10] Greg: that’s right. Lost over that. Oh, don’t worry about that. We are keen just to get in and get chatting.

[00:06:16] Ash: yeah. We’re not here to south. Well by that’s. No, definitely not.

[00:06:18] Greg: We’re we are here to, uh, yeah.

Have a chat to like-minded people like yourself.

[00:06:24] Jeremiah: So, um, through your podcast, uh, what’s been some of your like favorite topics to cover. Favorite like stories that you can recall. Wow.

[00:06:33] Greg: I know you’ve been doing at a while, but yeah. So we regularly talked to people about all sorts of different things. So we’ve recently talked to somebody about time slips.

Um, we talked to somebody which was really interesting and there’s something that we’ve touched on a couple of times where people sort of, all of a sudden are like in a different. Era, they could have gone back like 50 years or just by walking for a door, blows my mind, how you could just sort of open a door and just be somewhere, some time out.

Um, which is odd. But I think for me the times when we are, we are talking, um, to guests about it. We’ve had a guy, a guy called Michael that reached out to us. and the whole thing was completely weird. We had, um, you know, when you send an email to somebody and you spell it wrong or whatever, it, it says this, you get a, like a Microsoft thing back and it says you can, this email can’t be reached.

We actually had that from our email on an email it’s sent to us saying that the email couldn’t be sent to. It’s very strange but I had the message in, so I contacted the guy back and we, we went backwards and forth for a little bit. And then we got him on, we talked to him twice about some like nightly abductions he’s having from, from aliens or entities.

Uh, we went through his life of paranormal. Into the entity stuff. A friend requested both me and Ash on Facebook. Like we, like, we all do. We all sort of like touch base with each other. Um, then all of a sudden he’s not, doesn’t appear to be on Facebook anymore. Not been able to get hold of him at all. It says like, he’s just completely vanished again.

He sort of came in weirdly. left Willy. So he’s been one of our favorite ones, cuz like we are doing now and the people on the podcast, when they’re listening to this podcast, we we’re actually having a face to face conversation on like a Skype type program. So, um, you can see people’s reactions and you can see a lot of the time whether or not somebody seems to.

Hm, pulling a wool over your eyes that we say in the UK or, or lying or whatever. Um, and this guy just looked completely genuine. There was times when it went really dark and he was talking about the mental darkness he’s faced as part of his journey with these, these creatures. Um, and that, that doesn’t necessarily come across in the audio.

So that that’s the, that was probably one of. Most favorite ones, just purely from the fact that the way it all came about and mysteriously so vanished afterwards. But, but you Ash.

[00:09:35] Ash: Well, I was just looking through our episode list and just to sort of trying and recap, cuz we have been, been doing this for getting closer two years and over about 150 episodes.

I just it’s been a lot and it’s quite hard to think sort of a favorite, but one that sort of stuck with me. One of our earlier ones, when we spoke to John Edmond, A starers ranch. Oh yeah. No. That, so that Greg could sort of follow the story for years, been trying to get a hold of him for a long time. We finally got hold of him.

And his whole story of starers ranch is similar to skin Walker ranch, but in Arizona, and he had like strange creatures on the property. Uh, he gets attacked by gray aliens, which he kills with some saw. He tries to stop his wife and being an adopted. on a regular basis and this other sort of panel activity going on all on this ranch.

And just to talk to him about his experiences that have been going on for what is like 20 odd years mm-hmm on the ranch. Yeah. He’d never changed his story. He’s never been to like try and get fame or entering from it. It’s just, this is his story and that’s sort, and that was one of our first episodes.

Well put in the first couple months. Yeah. And that’s the sort of one that we go back to quite a lot, just because of. Who the guest was and the whole story that sort of, when that sort of stuck through me, aside from that one is we’ve had quite a lot of mediums on his guests. And that’s something that as sort of more UFO guy hadn’t really thought any sort of history of that side of the paranormal.

And I could, we had quite a lot of different mediums on different types of medium ships and different experiences. Just hearing all the. sort of gifts that they have been able to contact others and the message and that they give that’s, what’s been sort of, eye-opening just to hear all the different types of mediumship that’s been going on.

So probably that’s my favorite type of episodes at the minute. Really?

[00:11:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s um, it’s fun to go down different paths. And the good thing about paranormal is it encompasses so much that yeah, you’re not stuck to one specific topic. There’s so much. Stuff out there and so many different people that experience different things.

And so what’s your guys’ take on cuz it’s my favorite thing is, uh, what’s your guys’ take on the whole like alien UFO abduction phenomenon. I know we touched on it a little, but

[00:12:00] Ash: it’s, I mean, it is hard to know because there’s so many stories and so many experiences. and a lot of them are similar. They just, it’s hard to ignore the fact that so many people having these experiences and these some cases there is evidence in terms of like time missing and marks and the bodies and even implants in some cases, and people are people just like, wipe it up and say, nah, it’s, it’s so bullshit.

So made up, but you can’t ignore just a multitude. okay. From all around the world. Like there’s some famous cases in the UK, in the us all over the world and this, I mean something to it. I mean, I like, I, I kind of do like the, sort of the XFiles the way they did it, whereas it was the government sort of pretending to be something else and taken, which could be, which could be what’s happening here.

Um, but I mean, it’s fascinating. I mean, duction is one that I’ve, um, sort of locked into quite a large part of my UFR. And we’ve done a few like articles on different abductions and sort of less than known sort of abduction cases. And there’s a lot that have a lot of evidence to go with him. Like there’s one case in Australia where there’s long story short, there was a family, a couple that had a friend staying over.

And the, the, the female friend heard the, the female couple screaming shout for help. She runs into the room and she sees her basically in a beam of light and she disappears. And then, so she wakes the husband up, they call the police, they come out to search the land on this sort of property. Can’t find anything to get a random phone call a couple hours later, and it’s from the female and she’s like 500 miles away at a petrol station.

She had just been dumped like the side of the road, managed to walk, to find a Petro station. They called the police in that part of Australia where she was now, you confirm that she was with him there with her, and she’s in this place, this place 500 miles away. But there no way she could have got from that building to 500 miles away in that space of time.

And again, there was some sort of physical evidence. Property as well. So it’s just one case where not where people heard of it, but she was like, it’s fact that she was there and then she was suddenly found hundred miles away and it’s space a couple, couple hours later. There’s no way she could have got in a car and traveled that distance.

So it’s just a really, that’s just a really interesting case that I love about you, Greg. What’s your abduction.

[00:14:43] Greg: So like you say, there’s so many. It like people and accounts of it happening. And you’ve got the famous ones, um, got Travis Walton. Um, we’ve also spoke to a guy called Philip Canella who had his own experience in his house when he was younger and even refused to, to talk about some of the experience because of the nature of what they did to him.

Um, and. I dunno it, why not? If we are open to think that we are being visited by whatever, then why wouldn’t they be? Know you’d put up a post on your Facebook about, uh, with a picture of somebody being sort of drawn up into a beamed up here and you’re asking. Uh, like what, what do you think it is?

And I put down, um, it’s PO possibly a future. Us coming back. They’re doing tests on us to find out what went wrong, to get, get to whatever it is in the future. So that maybe that’s a, a thought on it. It’s definitely some kind of experiment of some kind of sample taking appears to go on. Like you said, Ash, people have got marks.

Some people. So their experience being like on a operating table and they can see these creatures, um, over them. And it’s, I dunno, uh, if I’m open to believe everything else that I, I like to, to look at and we read into, and, and we discuss on the podcast, why wouldn. I think that abductions take place. And I, I think I’ve heard enough stories from people in their experiences that something’s definitely happening to these people.

What is, who knows? I don’t think you’ll ever know unless you are, it happens to you. Um, but it doesn’t seem impossible if, if we’d been visited by whoever.

[00:17:00] Jeremiah: yeah, I actually saw a, um, program. I can’t remember what it was. It was on TV, but, um, and it showed like a computer generated like graphic, I guess, of like what people would look like if like evolution kept happening with like us staring at screens all the time, our eyes would get bigger.

Uh, we would start eating less, so our mouse would get smaller and it ended up turning into like what you would think as a classical gray. So that was really interesting and ties into your theory of them possibly being from the future and coming back. And maybe that’s why they’re so secretive too, is they can’t really be known

[00:17:46] Greg: mm-hmm so was it, it was wasn’t it a famous astronaut on UK TV, Nolan.

Talked about future humans. Was it? We were discussing it Ash. Yeah.

[00:17:56] Ash: Tim, Tim peak mentioned it. Tim peak, peak morning television, but like he’s, he’s NAU and he’s become bit of a celebrity in the UK being like one of our astronauts going to the space station. So he’s quite high profile. Like the morning TV of show HES on is like what’s by millions.

And we was talking about one of the recent developments in the us and talking to him about it. He was talking about like the different fears about you mentioned in dimensional. It could be that you mentioned it could be future humans. And it was taught like in a serious manner. It wasn’t like jokingly.

He was saying like, I believe it could be this. This is from like going from natural, like astronaut that’s well respected. So it’s just cool to hear him talking about it in like that way. It was pretty.

[00:18:37] Jeremiah: all right. So we’ll

[00:18:38] Ash: what you meant and what you, yeah, go ahead. So I was gonna say, what, what, what you mentioned then about, um, the future humans and the way that we evolve.

I was listening to an anthropologist a while ago and he was talking about how we sort of became how we appear now and it’s and how we became sort of intelligent. It’s because we stood up is that we are the only like creature on earth that stood up. Then, because we stood up two legs. the gap at the back of our heads widened and that allowed our brain to grow bigger and that allowed us to gain more intelligence.

As we evolved, our brains became bigger. Obviously we evolved into homo sapiens now and obviously very intelligent species, but because we stand up, we get a lot of back problems as a species, but that’s the genetic sort of evolution is gonna give you a bad back back problems. Cause you’re standing up in two feet rather than.

But the plus side is you have the bigger brain and you’re able to evolve and survive because you have big intelligence. So you fall that forward. Like you say, the head getting bigger, like sort of the gray alien, typical gray alien got sort of the big heads cause you have a bigger brain. So it’s just, again, further down the evolution trait is the bigger head with the bigger brain, the bigger eyes from the screens.

So it just sort of tie in with that. And if, if we hadn’t stood up like a million millions of years, We’ve still been and like something crawling and all falls, like the rest of the creatures are, they are. So it’s just sort of, it does tie into that. They’re

[00:20:05] Greg: also, um, evolution is happening to humans as we speak as well because children are now being born without wisdom teeth, because there’s no.

Yeah. So they, they reckon children’s faces. The shape of children’s faces is gonna change over the years because we’re all born with wisdom. Already and they just sort of move and whatnot over the years, but children are now being born without ’em cuz we don’t need them.

[00:20:36] Jeremiah: It is wild to think

[00:20:38] Greg: about yeah.

It’s odd. Completely odd.

[00:20:41] Jeremiah: Yeah. So, um, I guess that’s a good segue into old Bigfoot phenomenon. so I’m gonna have to ask the same thing about that since we’re talking about preachers standing up and all. Um, what’s your guys’ take on the whole Bigfoot phenomenon. What do you, what do you think you think they’re real?

You think they’re out there? Do you think they’re like leftover homage or are they like inter dimensional beings? And then I’ve heard some things where they like, kind of a, are seen with UFOs and stuff like that. So, uh, I’ll hear your guys take on that.

[00:21:21] Ash: Greg’s got the t-shirt on. So like you got, I saw that.

[00:21:24] Jeremiah: Yeah. Oh, there it goes. so he’s got the big foot in UFO t-shirt

[00:21:29] Greg: yeah, yeah. Available on our website. Um, just a little plug. So, um, at the start of this journey that me and Ash have been on at the start of the podcast. It wasn’t something that I really knew much about really put, I thought it was more of like a romantic type of idea that there’s this unknown species in the woods, blah, blah, blah.

But the more we, we talk about it and we more, we speak to experts. People who’ve had experiences. There definitely seems to be something in it, even in the UK. Which we don’t have half, well, a tiny speck of the percentage of wild life, um, and wilderness that you guys have over in the states. There’s still reports of similar type creatures in the UK.

I think the only way we can explain some of that is inter dimens. Alien related. So UFO related, there are hotspots where, um, crypted are spotted, um, with UFOs and other kind of experiences at the same time. As you talk about SDU ranch, similar type thing happen there, ski Walker ranch. They’ve had Creek just coming out of portals over the ranch.

So I’m more of a believer now than I was right. The.

[00:23:06] Ash: Yeah. So similar to Greg, like I’ve always had an interest in the whole Bigfoot of things. Didn’t think it could be in the UK, but there’s literally hundreds of reports that are from the UK and from some of the places where you think there’s no way, like there’d be a small park for bit Woodland.

And it’s surrounded by housing states yet. There’s like multiple reports of Bigfoot sighting. It’s like how it’s like middle of a housing state, surrounded by houses there. No way it could go. But if you look at the, in dimensional aspect of it, it easy. If its, if he just come in and go in, dimension’s a dimension.

There’s no reason why it can’t be in that small park. It does explain sort of how they can seen. I’m actually a member of the Bigfoot research team, UK. We go out into the, the forest, we set up the equipment, we talk to different people that have had experiences. We take sort of sightings reports and like similar.

The last topic abduction there’s that many reports independent of each other, even going back hundreds and thousands of years, similar reports from different parts of the world. Like there has to be something like we, we, we done episodes on yawe in Australia and some of the, like sort of before the Brits came over and sort of the aboriginals, they had folk long legends going back hundreds and hundreds of years of eight.

and like, and he would be like, sort of, they kept away from each other. They respected each other sort of land. That was his land. They did it en croach. They did it en croach into the humans land. And this case is from like native American time where they reported seeing a moon shape in the sky and monkeys coming out of the mood.

So that’s like, that’s how they describe. And it was like monkeys coming out of the moon was when you try and sort of think of how we would. Interpret that is a craft in the sky and Bigfoot coming outta the craft. That’s kind of what they’re describing when they’re saying this all monkeys coming out of the moon in the sky, like, and it’s like, obviously if people say like UFOs drop off Bigfoot, it’s like a pet or they do, they abduct Bigfoot the same as they abduct humans to do experiments and stuff.

So again, that link is just there. Always whatever sort of avenue you go down. If it’s Bigfoot, abduction, UFOs over crypted UFOs, are there there’s other aspects of the paranormal is always there. It’s never sort of isolated cases. It’s too the all interconnected one way or another. You can’t have one about the other.

It seems the more we look into it.

[00:25:49] Greg: and there’s a new documentary has just come out. I will just plug them cuz I know they’re we’ve uh, they’re coming on my show. Yeah. Are they secret to the Sasquatch by Dockside media, Chris and Tyler. Um, it’s awesome guys, but their documentary. Um, we really enjoyed that.

I, I, I was really, it was a good take on the. Sort of the big, first Sasquatch sort of phenomena, uh, and their, the experiences of people they interviewed have had. So that’s cool. So check out everybody.

[00:26:25] Jeremiah: Yeah. I watched that too, and I like how they went different angles. Like it wasn’t just one angle at it.

There was multiple cause they had the Sue Walker on there again, and yep. She had a different angle and. Then you had the guy from, I think Pennsylvania actually, that was like very like straight laced. And he’s like, I don’t know. I, I believe they’re out here, but you know, he wasn’t into like the fantasizing of it or anything.

He was very like straightforward and I was actually just talking to a guy, um, and he had a different theory of Bigfoot and he said that, what if, cuz we were talking about hollow. And, um, he said, what if they just live in the cave systems and stuff that we don’t venture into, and then they pop out from time to time to wander around.

And you know, it just, I never thought about that before. So it made me think like, oh yeah, that’s actually a good theory. yeah.

[00:27:29] Ash: I suppose in America you have, what are they called? Like the massive underground cave or something it’s called. Like when you look at the actual map of American where the caves actually.

And how far they stretch on the ground is just phenomenal. Like obviously lots of people got missing trying to explore it. And a lot of it is just UN explored. Like, yeah, it’s a legitimate reason. And again, in the UK, it’s a similar thing where you can get from city to city on the ground in abandoned coal mines in old railways aren’t used anymore.

And it just natural K formations. You can’t get across many miles on the. that aren’t generally humans don’t generally go down there. Cause it’s all black D it’s unsafe. It’s just unexplored. So yeah, again, you could explain it both the UK and America as well, but America does have the mass. Is it called the massive K system?


[00:28:19] Jeremiah: not exactly what it’s called. I know we have a bunch of different

[00:28:22] Ash: case. It’s got a good hyper bowl. I think I it’s actually cool. Massive something like I’m sure it’s,

[00:28:28] Jeremiah: it’s something like that, but there’s like Cape systems, like all over the states. Not too far from me. There’s LaRay caverns, and there are massive tunnel systems and you can actually take tours down there and you can’t get to every part, but they’ll take you to like the main parts.

And I know in the, uh, Northwest and Midwest, there’s a bunch of CA systems. So ,

[00:28:55] Greg: what’s your take on Bigfoot then? What do you think he did? Um, she.

[00:29:02] Jeremiah: So I think they are leftover hoed. So like, um, you know, how you see in magazines or national geographic or wherever, like they found like Lucy skeleton and then there was like Australia pit the scene and all that.

I think there’s some type of branch of early ed and, um, they just happened to escape slaughter. They take refuge in cave systems and in the deep woods where people don’t really venture. And, uh, then of course you have like Yeti and they’re in like the mountain mountainous regions that there’s not a lot of people and south America, I’m sure they have in the Amazon and stuff like that.

So that’s my take on it. I think they’re just left over and the whole alien connection, maybe. The aliens are just abducting them and doing tests on them, just like they are us. And maybe we’re both products of alien DNA tampering. Yeah.

[00:30:09] Greg: Maybe, maybe

[00:30:12] Ash: we, I think one thing when we did our, a first episode actually on yai and we talked about all the different ones, like you got the year in big, uh, Yeti, Bigfoot yai, all different ones like China, India, all these different places.

Well, and there are very similar in descriptions are very similar in behavior and sort of place where live. It’s always like forest regions or mountain regions. And obviously so many thousand millions of years ago before the constant split, it could have all been sort of together. And obviously, obviously going back a long time, but as the continent have split and come apart, they obviously then evolved into their own sort of sub species of the same.

The for five sort of thing. And it is like they all come back to the same ancestor. I think that’s the way I’m looking for originally before, like the content split. Cuz when you look at your parts and from basically from hundreds and hundreds years ago, how does someone in Australia sort of know about Bigfoot in America?

Whereas if it happened today, you think, oh, this was ready on the internet now gonna make up a. Based on what someone saw in America, but hundreds and thousands of years ago, and two different communities on different parts of the world that don’t know your exists yet, both reporting, seeing the same type of creature acting the same way.

They it’s not, they’re not really in the newspaper. They’re just, they’re having them experiences. They are both saying something independently of each other. So it’s gotta be something, something. Yeah, I have a

[00:31:47] Jeremiah: wild theory and, uh, it’s just my personal theory and it might be rubbish, but like panga, like you said, when everything was together, all the land masses, what if, what if all the like, pyramids around the world and all that stuff happened during that time?

And then the cataclysm happened and they all spread apart. Like you were. And, um, that’s why there’s so much similarities and so many different stories, but, um, they’re all similar, but in different regions of the world, it’s just, you know, like I said, a crazy theory that I think about.

[00:32:29] Greg: Yeah, cuz there’s a lot of like temples and buildings, like specifically like pyramids and like the Aztecs have got a certain kind of building and there you can see stuff like that in other, um, civilizations across the world that couldn’t have known about each other like that like cash was talking about.

So how could any of that have all happened? And, yeah, it’s, it’s just as likely, like you said, it all happened at the same. And then it all splits and that’s why it’s they’re apart or there’s something in it.

[00:33:03] Jeremiah: But yeah. And if you throw like, um, biblical reference in like, maybe that was part of like the tower of babble when they were trying to, you know, build something to God or something, and they got, uh, spread apart in different languages and stuff, like.

I don’t know. I’m just trying to tie it all together.

[00:33:24] Greg: Yeah. It’s, it’s just such a, like a massive rabbit hole when you think, right. How can all this be? How can it all be linked? It’s there’s so many ways you can sort of go off and think about, is it aliens? Is it, I dunno, re civilization of the world. We’ve we’ve gone extinct and we’ve been repopulated and it’s just the old stuff.

And it’s.

[00:33:51] Ash: Or the universe was created yesterday and it it’s all, all been implanted memory. We we’d have no way of knowing mm-hmm if we weren’t all created today.

[00:34:01] Greg: Yeah. Yeah. Tom DeLong is going down the hall. Everything. There’s no history. No past. Present doesn’t exist. Oh, sorry. There’s no past there’s no future.

All time is happening right now. So everything that’s ever happened and everything that will never happen. It’s. so like you say, Ash, we just, it

[00:34:22] Jeremiah: is what it is. So what, what do you guys think about it’s becoming very popular now, like this simulation theory where we’re in a simulation.

[00:34:33] Greg: I tell you what I picked up a shitty character.

If that’s a, how did I get somebody else to work all the time? but yeah, I don’t, I don’t see what. let’s say anything seems to be on the table for me now, the, the more we look into stuff, the less we seem to get closer to the answer. It just seems a little bit further away. Um,

[00:34:59] Ash: I’m up, it’s like the pat the patterns in nature, and like now they’re getting small and smaller.

They’re splitting the atom and they’re splitting the small atoms and the quantum nano. Getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Then when they do, you know, they’re getting smaller and smaller when they open it up. So to speak, it’s the same sort of pattern as what was there, but just on a minuscule, can’t even think about how small we actually, they actually are, but they still have so much inside them.

And it’s just,

how, how can it be.

[00:35:40] Greg: Um, yeah, you only have to look at the, um, the James web space, telescope pictures to, to, to try and figure out how small we are in the grand scheme of things. And we are pathetically small. So going down to that atomic level, and like you said, there’s patterns and everything. How is math.

a thing. Maths seems to be the explain, um, allows us to work out everything. And I,

[00:36:14] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s like, like a code. Yeah. And then you get like, um, there’s people that are into, like, I forget what it’s called numerology and stuff like that. And they can find like number patterns, everything like from like sports betting to like biblical code and it all like breaks down the math mathematics.

So weird.

[00:36:35] Greg: Yeah. The, the Bible code is, is good. It’s I’ve read a couple of books on the Bible code and how people finding stuff in that is just . I dunno. And, but yeah. How, how, how, it’s another possibility of everything that’s happening is we are in a simulation

[00:36:56] Ash: and we can, we can create now like artificial communities, artificial sort of inte.

It’s, it’s not too far beyond a step for them to become sort of not self-aware but self living and where they’re all sort of living alive, even though they’re created by us. So that’s only a little step beyond where we are now in the fact that we could create us like humanity in a microchip. And is that all we are, could be easily, could be.

That would

[00:37:32] Jeremiah: be pretty sad. Like you said,

[00:37:35] Greg: we just did a big Petri dish that explains flat troll me,

[00:37:39] Jeremiah: needs to step up their game.

[00:37:42] Greg: yeah. Throw some more coins my way.

[00:37:47] Jeremiah: it is a fun theory to think about though. It’s like, what if we are, I’ll just the coded program that’s running and maybe not controlled by anybody, but just set to run and we’re just living out whatever code it.

It. .

[00:38:03] Greg: Yeah, definitely. It’s just, it’s a good theory. Is any other theory? I

[00:38:07] Jeremiah: suppose, cause there’s like times in my life that like, it feels like it was like preordained to happen. Like there was no way around doing whatever, whatever event it is. It’s like, It, I had a choice, I guess, but not really. It doesn’t feel like , it’s almost like it was meant to be regardless.

[00:38:27] Greg: Yeah. So whichever choice you fixed point in time. Yeah. So wherever, whichever choice you made was still gonna, it was still gonna happen. So me and Ash, when we started the podcast, we, we met through like a mutual appreciation of poker. Then since then we’ve had guests on, they live in places where like down the road from me, but they’re the same place in America, like names of cities and towns.

Like we speak to Chris and Tyler, um, from Dockside media and it turns out they they’re local to you. We’ve spoken to yeah, they’re from my hometown or it’s just insane. Speak to loads of people we’re talking. Somebody who was recommended to us the other day. He belongs to like, the Oxford paranormals is like in America.

Oxford’s like 10 minutes from me in the UK. Just all these weird things. We interviewed a guest and he grew up in the same village that my best friend grew up in. We spent, we would’ve been roughly around the same time in the same village. It’s just like loads of weird things happen. we have weird experiences, me and Ash on our recordings, weird stuff happens it.

I said to him the other day I said something like it, like lo loads of weird stuff happens that we like, we seem to be on a path. So for you just saying now, um, that ties in with what me and Ash were, were talking about the other day. It was just like a random, late night message. I sent him. whilst they’re high on my prescription pages.

There’s a lot of coincidences. Yeah.

[00:40:11] Ash: Yeah. There’s a lot of coincidences.

[00:40:13] Greg: Yeah. Let’s just say that. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Very straight. Yeah. It’s like

[00:40:17] Jeremiah: my podcast, like before I did this, I tried to do like a video game website type of thing, and everything just seemed so hard, like to get it going and do all the work for it and stuff like that.

So I gave up on that and then I was like, I wanna do a podcast. And I was thinking like, what I could talk about. I was like, well, I’ve always been into, you know, X piles type stuff. So I was like, I’m gonna do a podcast about that. And everything just seemed so to flow so easy and everything just kind of like lined up and it’s still like snowballing.

I feel like, and it’s almost like, like I said, it’s, uh, destined to happen. And whereas the video game website wasn’t meant to happen. That’s why I had so much resistance to like, get it going. Yeah. It’s just odd. It’s weird.

[00:41:11] Greg: I feel you there. I’ve um, yeah, I’ve thought I’ve had ideas in the past and it’s just like, everything just seems so difficult.

Then met Ash and it’s just. nonstop. We just, we just think

[00:41:26] Ash: we didn’t even like plan anything. We didn’t even talk, talk each other that didn’t really even know each other. And then he just messing me and said, you wanna start a podcast? pretty much sounds like it was two weeks later. We had a podcast and now it’s like nearly two years.

I’m 200 episodes nearly. It’s just don’t know what’s happening. It’s just crazy.

[00:41:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s weird. Yeah. The synchronicities. like, um, my fiance and I were talking about how, like, you could be talking about someone and then they pop up sure enough. And like, where does that come from? Because it happens all the time.

[00:42:02] Greg: Yeah. My, my daughter keeps talking about manifestations and manifesting stuff and like talking about stuff, mate makes it happen. So I D I dunno if I’m quite that far down the line with believing that, but weird, weird stuff does seem to. For

[00:42:19] Ash: definite, we were talking with Tyler actually from duck side last week about, so is there some sort of lost gift that humans have that would just give food evolution or food?

Other things have sort of lost it where you can connect on a, obviously on a subconscious level with other people, like we’re talking about, like you can sort of feel when someone’s staring at you, you know, you can’t see it. You’re, there’s some sort of, part of you. Recognize if someone’s looking at you, and they’re saying that when someone talks about you, your ears burn, these different things, somebody say about thinking about someone and suddenly they call you or they message you.

Maybe you are thinking of them. So there’s somehow think of you in return. That message does get to ’em. Cause you’re thinking about them and there’s that gift that humans have that maybe mediums still have it, but majority of people don’t have that. We’ve not we’ve lost it or we’ve closed the fair eye or whoever they refer to it.

And then, but that’s is still on some level it’s still there. So you’re thinking about them somehow. They picked up on that however many miles where they are thought, oh, and, and seeing J away, that’s a text him. See how he is. And it’s because you were thinking of them and somehow they’ve picked up on that and some wavelength somewhere that, cause obviously all atoms are connected, getting closer again in science to, is it quantum or quacks or whatever it is where you can two atoms, not connected.

They can control all in different, I think like 20 feet away or they’ve got the distance they’ve got so far or something under where they can connect. we have nothing. I dunno what I’m talking about anymore, but it it’s, that fair sounded good where it’s sounding good or every atom is every, every atom is connected.

Yeah. Um, and again, like we are built from, at homes, you get us down to the basic level. We’re just bits of hydrogen and oxygen and carbon. We’re the same as a tree or whatever. Literally,

[00:44:18] Jeremiah: basically it’s all like energy.

[00:44:21] Ash: Whoa. Yeah. It’s all energy. So it’s some sort of lost gift that we can, we just don’t have that gift anymore, if that makes sense.

But I just .

[00:44:32] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause I heard about, um, there’s this thing called, like the cosmic download where people say that if you like meditate a certain way or um, you can like tap into this universal knowledge, that’s out there just floating around and. they can some, that’s why they think like, some people like Nicola, Tesla, and Einstein, they were able to like tap into that, like universal like knowledge and like, that’s why they drew all those like theories and inventions and stuff like that.

And it kind of goes into like, I don’t know, I would, I used to watch basketball a lot and there was games where, and this was when Al and Iverson was in the league. And. He was a very famous, uh, basketball player here in the states. But, uh, it was like, he couldn’t miss the basket. Like you would score. You’d be like, how the hell did he make that shot?

And it was like, he was tapped into some higher level of consciousness or something that like, and then there was nights where he was just cold. Like he couldn’t hit anything and, or couldn’t score at all. And it’s just a crazy thing

[00:45:45] Greg: to think about. Yeah, definitely definit. It’s a crazy world. Don’t it?

[00:45:52] Jeremiah: so if you guys, um, are there any like dream guests or any topics that you still wanna cover or someone you want to talk to?

Like if you could get any guests on, who would your pick me?

[00:46:11] Greg: Good question. So we’ve had, we’ve had had a few people and there is one guest that I’ve always wanted. But I, I don’t really think he certainly, nowadays doesn’t really fit with, with what the podcast is. So I’ve been a long time sort of follow of the work of David Ike.

David Ike is, um,

wow. Wow. He. It’s very difficult to explain David Ike but back in the eighties, I know, I know he’s used to listen to him. Yeah. So he’s got a lot of good theories about a lot of stuff and a lot of weird theories about a lot of weird stuff. Um, but I. I think he’d be very interesting guest for anybody who who’s aware of him.

He definitely is a polarizing figure. People will ever like him or I don’t like him. I’ve got a lot of his books, which talk about lot of coincidences in conspiracy theories, which isn’t something we really touch on in our podcast. Um, and it’s just fascinating to see his process behind it. And he, he was talking years ago, like 20 years ago about.

High profile pedophiles in the UK and politicians and, um, celebrities. And everybody was saying, ask rubbish, that’s rubbish. And now we’ve got this thing called operation. in the UK where all these top celebrities from like the sixties, seventies and eighties, um, are all tumbling because they’ve all been found that they’ve been touching kids or acting inappropriately with minors.

Um, back in the early days of TV. um, and all the stuff he said about in those books is all like true. And he is like, if it was ever false, why are people not suing me? Cause they, they don’t want the truth to come out. So he’s a guess I’d really like to talk to, however, I don’t think we’d ever get him and be, you know, yeah.

It’s not, not really doesn’t fit in with the podcast anymore. That’s a long. Long

[00:48:21] Jeremiah: well, if I ever get him on as a guest, I’ll have you on his cohost. Yeah.

[00:48:26] Greg: Yeah, definitely. I’d love to chat to him. I’ve been fascinated by his work and he, he covers all like the aliens, reptilians energy, uh, conspiracies, all that kind of stuff.

So it’s some good stuff, but he’s got some way out theories that I don’t necessarily agree with. He,

[00:48:43] Jeremiah: he used to do, he used to do, um, like six, eight hour. Like, uh, conference things at the Wembley stadium. Yeah. Sold

[00:48:52] Greg: out stuff. Yeah. It’s just like insane. You’d get more people coming to him than some football teams in the UK soccer teams in states.


[00:49:01] Jeremiah: yeah, he’s one of the first ones I listened to when I started like looking into, you know, fringe stuff, same his

[00:49:08] Greg: P yeah, same, same. And he was ridiculed for a long time. Um, due to the way that the. sort of focused on the joke side of him being saying, he’s like the son of God and all this kind of stuff.

And he was just ridiculed, but, um, yeah, very polarizing figure. Um, how about you Ash? Sorry, I went on quite a bit there.

[00:49:35] Ash: sorry. So for me, I guess, I mean, I’m a pop punk email boy at heart, and I grew up listening to like blink 180 2 and green. Or type of bands and Tom DeLong still listening to play 180 2.

Tom’s not part of him anymore different singer, but Tom DeLong then obviously went into TSA and that’s like, my two loves just combined in Tom and the work he’s done and everything sort to, I mean, yeah, Tom DeLong would just be, cause he he’s mean he’s. Gone through aliens, even like the early days blink when I two, when he was still teenager and it interviews, he’s talking about crash retrieval and bodies and aliens and everything is, is been there his whole life.

And it’s obviously now had the money in the time fruit last few years is left the music well, did leave the music and then went into UFOs. Which why, why wouldn’t you wanna do that? You had the money and the time to do it. And then obviously now it’s gone back into music a bit more. Those airways, but yeah, Tom DeLong just, uh, he’s he’s like he, he knows a lot of stuff as well.

He knows a lot of high profile people, a lot of stuff. He’s not said that he knows that he can’t talk about and stuff and yeah, the starting would be a dream, a dream come true. He’s supposed to explain in the Manchester main in March gonna go, gonna go over sign saying like, thank you for TSA and everything.

Trying to see, like, so as I I’m one of those that I’ll wait for five hours after the gig for the, for them to come out and to see him and stuff, I’d be there. I’d wait, trying to, to see him, he canceled in the end. Um, but yeah, T long would be, I’ve

[00:51:12] Greg: got, I’ve got another one, got another one. It would never happen.

I for C Clark.

So he was the inventor of the communications S. He designed it back in wherever he, he move, he was an English guy, moved out to Sri Lanka, sort of retired and done all this stuff. But he had a program called AFC cloud’s world of strange mysteries. And that is the program that got me into this whole journey.

When I was younger, there was a, a story about a pot Geist, um, case, and it freaked me out completely. He was always talking about stigma, martyrs, and crystal skulls and all this kind of thing. That was the, the one part where I thought, actually, this stuff’s really fascinating. Started taking me he’s long time dead now.

I think he’s, he was in his nineties when he died, but that would be one, cuz that would be my proper fanboy moment. I think . How about you, Jeremiah? Yeah. Who’s your ideal guest? Who would you be looking for?

[00:52:17] Jeremiah: Oh man. Um, it’d probably be hard to get ’em on, but maybe not. I don’t know. Um, well the episode airing on Monday, tomorrow is one of my dream guests, LA Marzuk.

I just like the guy he’s very passionate. He’s got a different take on the whole alien and UFO thing. It’s not for everyone cuz he’s more religious based. So he’s more on the aliens or demons and stuff like that. , he has gone a long time trying to uncover like giant skeletons and elongated skulls and, uh, stuff to back up his claim.

And so that was one of my dream guests, but the other one that I haven’t done yet, and I’ll, I’ll try to reach out to him maybe who knows, but, uh, Graham Hancock, uh, I don’t know if you guys know him. He’s from UK too. Yeah.

[00:53:14] Ash: He’s C of the gods.

[00:53:16] Jeremiah: Is it? Yeah. Oh no, that was Fanta Graham. Hancock’s the one who’s always on Joe Rogan for like iowaska and he wrote, um, fingerprints of the gods, I think.

Oh, fantastic one. Yeah. Where he talks about the pyramids and all that. So yeah, he’s one of my dream guests to track down and , I, I really want to talk to him cuz he’s got so much to talk about and I like his, uh, works as well. Just the. Not just the iowaska side, but like the ancient past and forgotten civilizations and all that stuff that he talks about.

[00:53:56] Greg: that’s cool. Yeah. Just fire him a message, you know, he might be on sorry, online at that time and it pops up. Yeah. You never know. That’s how I think we got lucky with some of our guests. They just sort of, they read the message at the right time. Um, let’s do the interview.

[00:54:12] Jeremiah: Oh, I actually had another dream.

Um, I emailed him his name’s Michael Tinger and he’s from South Africa and he, um, he actually responded to me and said, I can’t do it right now. Cuz I’m starting this one small town, I guess he’s building a, like a small town in South Africa and um, he’s like con contact me back in October and I’ll come on.

So I was like sweet. So yeah, that’s cool. I’ll reach out to ’em again in October and that’ll be another dream guest off the list.

[00:54:47] Greg: Awesome. That’s cool. Yeah, sometimes it just needs that one, one message. And

[00:54:53] Jeremiah: it all changes. Yeah. If you hit ’em at the right time and exactly, I’ve learned to like, try to reach out to people when they’re like not doing any type of tours or, uh, anything like that.

and sometimes they’ll be like, sorry, I can’t do it. Or sometimes they’ll. Reach out to me in few months or whatever, but , I think a lot of people are willing to, to talk and share their experience.

[00:55:21] Greg: Definitely. I think now cuz the technology allows us to do it. They don’t need to go anywhere. People can just sit in their bedroom or wherever and just speak into a device.

Don’t necessarily have to do anything. I think that that definitely opens up guests a lot. Um, oh, yeah, for sure. Makes it easy for people for definite.

[00:55:42] Jeremiah: So, um, for the audience, where can they find you reach out to you? I’ll let you plug all your stuff oh, to you.

[00:55:51] Ash: Well, the podcast is pursuit of the paranormal podcast.

You can find on Spotify, apple, anywhere looking to your podcast. All our links are on our link tree, which is link tree.com for last pursuit. The power normally got our bar coffee on there. Our. You can listen to the show on there. You buy our merch on there. We do two episodes a week, at least every Saturday, every Tuesday, different topics.

We’re increasing that to free episodes weekly. Very soon, this is hard work. We have a tip talk, see at the paranormal podcast, which we are sort of concentrate on the minute, trying to get a younger, a younger crowd involved, uh, yeah, just should have had normal on Facebook on Instagram, Twitter. Just say, appreciate the paranormal.

Yeah. And you’ll find us. All

[00:56:39] Jeremiah: right. Well, thank you guys for coming on and talking with us. And we went down a lot of different rabbit holes, but it was

[00:56:45] Greg: fun. yeah, it was. Yeah. Thanks for having the song.

[00:56:49] Ash: Yeah. Good to see you again. Yeah, definitely.