Pursuit of the Paranormal Guest Appearance

Pursuit of the Paranormal


Pursuit of the Paranormal guest appearance

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow Terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina Mountains. Welcome to the What If They’re Wrong Podcast. The podcast that wants you to question everything. Your reality is about to be shattered.
[00:00:34] Greg: Hey, Ash, how’s it going? Ah, that’s good’s good. How are you, Greg? Yeah, I’m good. I’m good. It’s been a busy few days. Updating a website, updating cool
[00:00:46] Ash: new
[00:00:46] Greg: stuff in our store. Yes, we’ve got call new stuff in our store, so if you haven’t been in there, http://www.pursuitofparanormal.co wk slash shop. And you’ll see we’ve got categories of paranormal equipment, miscellaneous stuff, we’ve got badges, we’ve got sage sticks, we’ve got four spectrum cameras.
We’ve got Ouija boards. Ouija boards, we’ve got tarot cards, we’ve got, we’ve got a lot and more. Two come, uh, we can have K2 meters, we’re gonna have all sorts on there. Um, so yeah, we’re firing on all cylinders in 2023. Yeah, you can,
[00:01:23] Ash: you can build your Power Normal investigation kit and help support the podcast
[00:01:27] Greg: at the same time.
Yes. Oh, we can get badges as well. We’ve got our own badges on there. Now the ones that anybody who joined us at the mini con. , those badges. We have got tons of those badges, so, and Scott Summers, if you are listening then your prize for your t-shirt will be winging its way this week. It will. And Nick Thompson, who also won.
Um, I’ll be in touch with the design over the next few days, uh, once the chaos has started to normalize again. So, yeah, so tonight we are welcome to somebody that we’ve been a guest on his podcast. He’s been on the podcast before and we’ve been watching his rise, the Rise and Rise of Jeremiah on, uh, what If They’re Wrong podcast, um, where we’ve talked to him previously about CERN and if there was any kind of time change and universal change when they switched ceron.
So it’d be interesting to see his updates on those, but welcome along Jeremiah. How is it going?
[00:02:41] Jeremiah: Hey, how’s it going? Thanks for having me on again. It was fun last time and interested to talk
[00:02:48] Greg: again. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for joining us and sorry for the little time blip that we experienced ourselves over the last hour.
Oh yeah. So
[00:02:58] Jeremiah: time zones are crazy.
[00:03:01] Greg: Honestly, I, where we interview a lot of people from America, I actually at one point have to say, right, what is the actual time with you right now? So then I can work out what the time difference is because if it, if I try and work out six hours or five hours in this case, um, I get it wrong.
So I’m better off knowing exactly what the time is. Yeah. It’s not the first time I’ve got it wrong either, . No, it’s, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time either. What I don’t get with, with, well, I get why in America, but you’ve got like three or four different time zones. There’s like mountain time, Pacific time, eastern time.
[00:03:43] Jeremiah: Yeah, . Yeah, we do. We have a lot. And then we have like central time too, I
[00:03:48] Greg: think. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve, uh, we, so we’ve just got England time. Yeah. Gmt,
[00:03:56] Ash: we, we, well we’re the, we’re the OG time. We are, we are the OG team. We are GMT
[00:04:01] Jeremiah: time. And then on top of that we have some states that don’t do daylight savings and some that do.
So it’s like , it’s a lot to keep track
[00:04:11] Greg: of. There is, there is actually a time zone sort of Middle East way and they’re there like half hour different, so it’s not a full hour. So they’re time, like, it might be like ninth. What we are recording this at 20 past 10 now. So their time zone would be like half an hour rather than a full hour difference.
It’s like just a real, I think that’s North Korea to be fair. Something like that. or Russia, just something really weird like . Really weird like that. But anyway, how are you doing? How are things? Let’s know what’s happening with the podcast.
[00:04:49] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’m doing great. Um, the podcast is doing great. Uh, yes, it’s really come a long way since we last talked
Yeah. Um, my download numbers have gone up considerably. amazing. And, um, my loyal following has gone up to like, I can see the same people, uh, listen over and over and I see like all the downloads from the different cities and I’m pushing my way towards a hundred countries. Amazing that I’ve downloaded my show.
So, um, hopefully I’ll get there this year. ,
[00:05:25] Greg: that’s amazing. And like, I know when we, we see the, like the, the countries, it’s just like insane to just see the different, different names of all these countries. I wouldn’t even be able to pinpoint some of them on a map, but yeah, some of the countries,
[00:05:41] Jeremiah: countries, awesome.
Some of the countries I’m like, I didn’t even know that existed , but they’re listening to my show and it’s really cool to see cuz it’s like I’m reaching people that I never in a million years probably would’ve been able to reach or talk
[00:05:57] Greg: to. Yeah, it’s it’s definitely insane when you can see those stats.
It’s, it’s just, um, yeah, it’s, it is encouraging that you just think somebody’s actually, there are people out there actually listening cuz I don’t know about you, but. Because we don’t get a lot of like Apple reviews or, or Spotify reviews. It’s really difficult to gauge whether or not people like it. I know people listen to it and we get similar numbers each week steadily cl climbing, but so we, we know we must be doing something right, but you don’t get that kind of feedback straight away.
So how do, how do you, how do you keep motivated is another, another question because there’s just one of you.
[00:06:50] Jeremiah: So like it’s true that you don’t get a lot of feedback and I guess for anyone listening, it really does help a lot. I know it’s so said all the time, but it really does help if you leave a review or shoot someone a message that’s doing a show and just let ’em know, Hey, I’m enjoying this, or Hey, this is great.
Um, and. , you always hear about people like begging for money and like donating and whatever. But yeah, that’s cool. But for me it’s just as cool to get a good review or someone shoot me a message and say, I love your show. Um, because like you said, you don’t get a ton of feedback like you would think. It’s not like YouTube where people comment on the videos as much with the podcast part cuz I’m not on YouTube.
Um, so yeah, the feedback and staying motivated, it’s basically just I am passionate about this and I like to talk about it and I love talking to people with different experiences and also I do see the download numbers grow, so it definitely helps with like, um, moving me along and I’m always trying to think of new ways to do things.
Like, I just was telling Ash that we started the brackets or tournaments. So we just did the, um, conspiracy bracket and basically it’s like a March madness or, um, you know, a tournament bracket and we put different conspiracies up against each other and we just went around to everyone in the chat and they got to pick, you know, nine 11 against, um, I don’t know, pick another one, the Mandela effect, and you would pick which one you want to advance to the next round
And then we would go by, you know, which one got the most boots out of the six of the five of us or
[00:08:57] Greg: whatever. Who to think nine 11 be the most popular thing? . But yeah, no, that sounds really cool. That that’s a really good idea. I like that. How, how so? Yeah, just trying to, who’s winning that
[00:09:10] Jeremiah: one, by the way?
So the tournament, the winner of the whole tournament was the big foot. Bigfoot Conspiracy. It got picked the most cool. Um, and I think it went up against, I don’t remember if it was nine 11 or The Matrix. It was one of those . Um, but yeah, but it’s cool. It was cool to do. It was fun to do. Um, we plan on doing a horror movie, one and like pitting up horror movies against each other and and then deciding what’s the ultimate horror movie.
So that’ll be fun.
[00:09:48] Greg: Hell
[00:09:48] Jeremiah: Razor . I love that. See, I’m like, it’s weird cuz different people have different tastes, so you never know what’s gonna be picked. Cuz like my taste in horror movies is like slashers. I love slasher films. Uh, so like all those, and I really, and I don’t care like how good it is. Like even if it’s a cheesy slasher, I like it like I like the wrong term movies.
I like, uh, there was a couple other ones. A Happy Death Day, I think was another
[00:10:20] Greg: one that is one of my favorites. I love that. I’ve seen that. Yeah. That was the Times
[00:10:27] Jeremiah: and like My Bloody Valentine I think was another one. And like, yeah, so Slashers, um, for me, but then there’s other people that like, you know, more spiritual, like Poltergeist type stuff.
And so I think it’d be fun to do a bracket on what horror movies. Yeah.
[00:10:46] Greg: Tucker and Dale versus Evil. That’s gotta be up there. If he’s seen that, that’s amazing. I don’t know if I have, ah, you need to watch it if you like a slash a film that, wait, I think I have actually it’s, it’s like from, from the viewpoint of the, the rednecks in the woods that would normally be killing all the kids.
It’s, from their point of view, it’s, it’s brilliant.
[00:11:11] Jeremiah: Oh yeah. I think I, they did see that they go, um, . Yeah, I think I did. They were like in a cabin up in the Yeah, yeah. Mountain side or the woods or whatever. Yeah. . Yeah, that was a good one. That was a good one.
[00:11:24] Ash: Alien abduction. The McPherson tapes. My, my favorite one that’s, that’s like the, like the original found footage.
[00:11:31] Greg: Oh. Film and
[00:11:33] Ash: the whole sort of weird history behind it where the original film got lost and burned it in a fire. And that’s like the only tape of it that has that sort of remake it again and stuff. Yeah. That’s, that’s
[00:11:45] Greg: got a be a winner. And that is creepy as hell towards the end. Like as it, as it progresses.
Oh, that year old. Still
[00:11:54] Ash: never recover from seeing that on some late night channel.
[00:11:57] Greg: That is a good, that is a good shout. Ash. I do love that film.
[00:12:04] Jeremiah: So like, um, a little story of my past is like, We went to see the Ring, you know, the famous movie, the Ring. Um, so we went to see it and you know how they have like the tape with the static screen and then she comes out of the static screen or whatever.
So me and my brother went and watched it, and we live with my parents at the time. And, um, we came back and we walk in the house and the TV in the edition room as you walk in had the static screen. And we were like freaked out
because we had just watched the
[00:12:44] Greg: movie. Ah, that is, yeah. That, and it’s not a very good thing that happens when there’s a static screen and she starts coming out. That’s not, that’s not a good thing. I’ve got, um, I’ve got a story like that. Another good horror film. While we’re on the, the subject, if you say Mama, M a m a.
Oh my God. . It’s one of the few, quite recent. It’s fairly recent. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And these two little, two little girls come back from living in the woods and mama is one of these characters that was looking out for ’em while they’re in this cabin in the woods. Anyway, so to cut a long story short, the little girls would be on the sofas, two girls, and they would like talk to each other and go, mama, mama.
And they’d have little glasses on and stuff like that. And obviously, well, I’ve got two, two daughters and at the time I started watching it, they were quite young and obviously I wouldn’t let him watch that film at all because at that point that was quite horrific. Even for me. I found that quite a, a scary film anyway, a couple of days after I watched the film.
they’re on the sofa sort of playing and, and whatnot, and they turn to each other and they go, mama, mama . Like, what the fuck? . It’s just like, oh my God, this, how would they, I was thinking, how did they know about this film? How, what? And they, they had no clue about it, but it just timed it. And I was like, fuck me,
I was literally, she, myself. It’s awful. .
[00:14:25] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s crazy how movies do that like bleed into your life too. It’s like, I, I don’t know if you’ve seen Moth Man Prophecies? Mm-hmm. . But that was another one. Yeah. And like they had that bridge scene or whatever in it, and then I was like, afraid to cross bridges for like a week.
[00:14:43] Greg: It’s actually funny, that horror film affected me when I was little. I know we’re not really talking paranormal and stuff like that at the moment, but I, um, when I was five, I watched a Dracula film. And obviously Dracula goes and vampires go for the neck and like bite the neck. And ever since then, and I, I’m slightly mature now and um, what old?
Oh yeah, I’ll take hold. I’ll take hold. I’ve been called old twice today, so, um, but I’ve always have to have something covering my neck. Even now at the age of whatever I am , I have, I have to have, have it covered in my neck and I can’t get sleep properly unless I got my neck covered. And that happened 40 years ago.
that’s horrific. But there is another film. There’s another film just before we get off, get off films. Um, it’s a recent one with Ryan Reynolds and normally they’re more of a jokey kind of film. Have you seen the life? Yes.
[00:15:55] Jeremiah: About That was a great movie.
[00:15:57] Greg: Holy shit. That was like skin crawl, inly, creepy.
There’s bits of it and I’m like, oh my God. It’s set in space Ash and it’s, they find this life form and it literally fucks them up in space . And the ending is amazing. There’s like this, the ending is brilliant, but it’s, it’s a proper messed up film. Like proper actually quite a scary, like it’s so realistic in terms of, you could see it happening, but it’s brutally like horrific.
[00:16:34] Jeremiah: Yeah. I remember watching that movie, not like expecting anything and I was like, no, this is a great movie. .
[00:16:41] Greg: Yeah, it’s got Jake Gillen Hall, Ryan Reynolds, um, I can’t think who else in it, but it’s quite a star studded cast of people and you probably think, ah, it’s gonna be shit set in space, but it’s life form.
But it. . It’s the kind of thing that if it happened now, it wouldn’t even be a surprise to me if it happened in real life. It’s, it’s that messed up .
[00:17:07] Jeremiah: Yeah. That was a great movie.
[00:17:09] Greg: It was. It was. It was. That’s,
[00:17:13] Ash: that’s like my sort of thing now I’m quite surprised
[00:17:15] Greg: of. It’s really good. It is. It, I didn’t even see it advertised anywhere.
It’s like on Sky TV in the UK on like the cinema channel under horrors, and I thought, I’ll give it a go. Jake Gillin Hall. Ryan Reynolds. I like Ryan Reynolds in a film and then I was just like, holy shit. This is actually quite like skin crawling. Horrible. It’s a difficult watch. It’s a difficult watch. I thought it was anyway.
[00:17:49] Jeremiah: yeah, like you said, it was more realistic as far as like alien movies are concerned. Yeah. Is this something you could definitely see happening? ? Yeah. ,
[00:17:59] Greg: yeah. Hashtag covid. . Yeah. You ne . You never get on your list. Ash. And we’ll review this in the next episode. . Cool. So what kind of topics have you been covering on your podcast?
Because when we spoke, we were talking cer and the, the effect on ti um, time zones and speeding up time at one point. So what kind of things have you been covering since we spoke?
[00:18:29] Jeremiah: Yeah, so we had the conspiracy tournament, like I said. Um, yeah, I also did a solo episode cuz most of my episodes are interviews.
But I did a solo episode. It was evil Places around the world. and I just went through a list of places that are considered evil around the world and, um, or places that are cursed. So that was a fun one to do. I did research for that and then I just recorded it, and, um, it was cool like researching and finding out these places that I’ve never even heard of.
So like the island of creepy dolls in Mexico, I thought was pretty cool. And how the guy, um, put these dolls up cuz he found a girl drowned in the, like, river or whatever, wherever the island is. And he thought that her spirit haunted the island. So he hung these dolls up to like keep her spirit at bay.
And, um, Jesus, there’s, there’s like a urban legend that he ended up dying like the same way as the girl, but I don’t know how true that is. . Wow. And then, um, So it was cool. There was tons of different places. I think I did like 16 or 17 places around the world that are considered like evil or the gateways the hell or whatever.
So that was fun. Um, I interviewed a lady about guardian angels and she has a guardian angel named Fel, who’s always with her, always communicates with her. Um, and she does her own type of like spiritual health work with people. So that was interesting. Um, I did, I had the guys from uh, Dockside Media on again cuz they’re in plain site.
Yeah, they’re doing great. And they’re their new, um, airplane site documentary, I guess is gonna be at the U Ffo Expo. So that’s cool. And I always root for their success and their documentaries are great. So if anyone listening hasn’t seen them, , go look up Dockside Media. And um, there’s one PL site and the other one is, um, I have a poster over here.
They got
[00:20:49] Greg: the ghosts of Getty, but Gettysburg, um, cuz we, uh, conscious contact for
[00:20:57] Jeremiah: Yep. Yeah. Yeah. And then they just came out with a new one. It was like,
[00:21:02] Greg: um, Sasquatch one. Yeah. Secrets of Sasquatch.
[00:21:05] Jeremiah: They just came out with one. Um, or it is coming out and it’s called like, uh, something in the graveyard. Pure P Pon.
Yeah. Pandemonium.
[00:21:14] Greg: That’s it. Yeah. I, I want
[00:21:15] Jeremiah: to watch that one sounds interesting. But it’s a site in Pennsylvania, I guess that has like these seven places or seven gates or whatever. And supposedly if you walk through ’em all in a certain way, it like unleashes evil or something, I don’t know. But , that would be an interesting watch I had.
Um, Tom Carey. The head researcher of the Roswell 1947 U F O crash on, and we talked about his research and his work. I think, I don’t know how many books he’s done, but he’s done a lot. . He’s been, he dedicated like 30 years of his life researching the Roswell incident. And when he started it was like before the internet, so he had ac actually look in the phone book, track these people down, interview them like the old Dick Tracy kind of thing,
And um, so it was fun talking with him and talking with him about his experiences and actually hearing about the incident from someone who knows the most about it. So he put to bed some of the, like fakeness around it, some of the myths that are out there. Um, and then he solidified other things about it that are kind of like, up in the air for a lot of people.
So it was fun talking with Tom about that. And um, he actually doesn’t live that far from where I lived in Pennsylvania before I moved to North Carolina. So, uh, I told him when I come back up there, I’ll stop by his house. and we can talk about UFOs and Bigfoot and all that .
[00:22:58] Ash: So on, on that note, what’s your thoughts on as well, cause that’s a bit of a conspiracy, sort of favorite for, for years and the government cover up and all.
That’s what, what’s your thoughts on it, especially after talking
[00:23:07] Jeremiah: to, to Tom? So after talking with Tom, I a hundred percent believe there was a U F O crash there with alien entities. He claims that one of the alien entities was still alive and like stumbling around after the crash. Um, the other two were dead.
Um, supposedly there was a guy who was communicated with telepathically from the one that was still alive. and I guess the guy was trying to help it and it was like, don’t worry about me. I’m okay. I’ve my mission or something like, um, my comrades are dead, my mission’s over type of deal. Um, I’m paraphrasing, I don’t know the exact quote, but, um, so I definitely think that they did retrieve bodies.
I think they retrieved that living entity, whatever it is, wherever it comes from. And, um, if it’s still alive, probably in a base somewhere, , um, I don’t think area 51 is used anymore for what people think as far as like UFOs and stuff like that. I think it’s been moved now. Tom says it moved to, um, Utah area 52.
I’m not exactly sure where that is, but he said all that stuff is at Utah area 52 and um, I think the Dolce base in New Mexico, I think it is. I think they store a lot of stuff there and I think they have alien entities there as well. Um, I’ve done some research into the Dolce New Mexico or Dolche, I don’t know how you pronounce it,
Um, and it seems like there is something going on there and they’re hiding stuff. And I think, um, there was a guy who worked there and he came back out and like was a whistleblower and he talked about all these levels that they have under the base and there was a level called Nightmare Hall where they had all like the nasty creatures, um, or alien beings or whate, wherever they’re from, interdimensional or outer space.
Um, so yeah, it was. . It’s very interesting. . And I’m a big u f o and alien abduction guy, so that’s right up my alley.
[00:25:39] Ash: maybe, maybe Phil Schneider that used. Talk about the, the dull space and sort of these wars going on on on the ground and their stuff, which is sounds like you think there’s no way. Yeah.
[00:25:52] Jeremiah: Who knows?
And then I had like, um, I had a medium on and he was talking about his work with people and work with the spirit world and stuff like that. And my show, like I said last time I was on, is like, um, I cover different topics. So it could be like Bigfoot one week aliens the next week, a medium the next week could be a conspiracy bracket.
So I kind of jumbled it up. It’s kind of a mixed bag. . That’s
[00:26:26] Ash: cool. That’s your, your cat just scared me then. That’s. So something just move in
[00:26:30] Jeremiah: and the cat just jumped. Oh yeah, he’s in the tree up here. ,
[00:26:36] Greg: you’ve had that before Cat spare was on the .
[00:26:41] Ash: Gosh. Um, yeah, that, yeah, that’s pretty a lot. But that was like, um, so talking about spaces, um, it’s like a sort of a popular conspiracy theory that you don’t particularly sort of subscribe to or you think there’s no way that, that that’s a thing.
[00:27:01] Jeremiah: One that I don’t think is a thing, think it’s quite a lot, but like
[00:27:07] Ash: in any sort of one of the popular ones.
[00:27:09] Jeremiah: So I think I cannot subscribe to the flat Earth theory, but I will give credit to the people who follow it and because they are so passionate about it, and they do. Try to come at it scientifically.
They do try to come up with arguments to back their theory, and I think they might be, uh, it’s hard to say. I think they might be on to something, but I think they’re just a little misguided. Um, I don’t think the earth is flat, but I think a lot of things about our earth just don’t add up to what mainstream says.
I think there’s more to it than what we’re told and taught. So I think the flat Earth is one that I just can’t. I can’t get down with. Um, but I do appreciate their fan base for just being passionate. . I
[00:28:10] Greg: love that. I do appreciate the fan base
[00:28:15] Jeremiah: because they are, they’re so passionate about it and they, you can’t tell ’em any different.
Um, but I did hear someone say, and I don’t remember who it was, uh, I’m sorry, but someone said they’re just like vegans. Like you never ask, but they’ll let you know.
[00:28:34] Greg: he’s, um, he’s ah, Eddie Bravo, Joe Rogans mate, and he said, once you go flat, you never go back.
It’s just like, there is, there is a brilliant documentary on Flat Earth, on Netflix. You probably get it elsewhere called Above the Rim, I think it’s called Above the Rim. And there’s a guy called Mark England. Mark, Sergeant, sorry. He’s from England, . And, um, he’s like the, like the, the, the main sort of spokesperson, like the legend, the, like the god of flat earthers and the people stopping him in the street to have their photo taken.
It’s like a celebrity. And I’m just like, I I like you. I, I, I appreciate the fact that there’s a lot of effort going into trying to prove it, but it, nothing seems to stand up. That’s the problem.
[00:29:39] Jeremiah: And it, yeah. Now that you say something, um, about him being famous and stopped in the street and all, another theory that I just, I don’t know, I can’t get down with, and I don’t know why, because I believe in aliens and stuff.
So you would think I would be like, yeah, sure. But I don’t believe in the whole like, lizard people, and like the David Ike thing. How I knew you were gonna say David Ike then and like, how, how people say that. Don’t, not the Ike. No, I like David Ike. I think, um, no, I don’t know about recently because I listened to him back in the
[00:30:16] Greg: tables.
I bat shit crazy nowadays.
[00:30:17] Jeremiah: I think he went a little off the deep end, but like when he started, he kind of got me into conspiracies. Mm-hmm. cuz he was talking about the royal families and the bloodlines and talking about real stuff. Mm-hmm. and um, and then he just kind of, it was like, like I tell people, he’s like 80% true stuff there.
And then he has the 20% bad shit. Crazy stuff. And yes, it’s like . But I remember watching his like six hour lectures at like Wimbledon or whatever. or Wembley
[00:30:48] Greg: or whatever. Wembley Arena. Yeah. He sold out Wembley Arena. I mean that’s, that’s impressive to. To sell out for a six hour show of him just talking for six hours.
That’s, that’s pretty hardcore.
[00:31:02] Jeremiah: That’s what we need to do, Greg. That that’s
[00:31:03] Greg: book. Yeah, let’s just
[00:31:06] Ash: talking for
[00:31:06] Greg: half a day. That’s let’s go and book we,
[00:31:09] Jeremiah: and I mean it is pretty impressive to stand on stage for six hours and talk .
[00:31:15] Greg: See, the thing is, he was one of the guys that got me into it as well into conspiracies and he wrote a book called Alice in Wonderland in the World Trade Center Disaster.
And if people haven’t read it, it’s such a good read and he references all the quotes he’s talking about is the, the work he’s put into it is phenomenal. . Then you read his other books about like the biggest secret where he talks about royal family and stuff. And you’re like, fucking hell. You’re talking about MPS and our members of parliament being pedophiles, um, from like 20, 20 years ago when he wrote the book.
And everybody’s like, that’s rubbish. All these celebrities that are pedophiles. And it’s like, I know Chance Your mental Mate. Then you’ve got Operation Ry in the uk, which is the operation where they’ve taken down all the celebrity pedophiles and it’s all the ones that he’s been naming in his books.
And it’s just like, he, like you say, about 80% of his stuff is, seems to be bang on and sensible. Then 20% of it, he just, he fucking, it just goes off. And, um, yeah, it’s very difficult to, to, to follow that. He’s very anti. Vax and all that kind of stuff now. And that’s where people lose me a little bit is when they go a bit anti-vax and, but it’s their own, it’s their own.
But yeah, David Arch is, he’s a, he’s, he’s one of the original, the OG conspiracy guys. Uh, and his, his, um, his sort of like research and that is, is pretty phenomenal. He does,
[00:33:01] Jeremiah: yeah. I would love to get him on my podcast and talk with
[00:33:04] Greg: him. He’s same. I, he’s the, like the one guest I’d really like to get on. Know it would divide a lot of people.
I know it would, but so, and
[00:33:13] Jeremiah: not, and not because like I believe everything he says or anything, but just to talk with him because of his vast knowledge of stuff and his many years. . I mean, I was listening to him decades ago, .
[00:33:28] Greg: Yeah, same, same.
[00:33:30] Jeremiah: And like I said, he got me into the whole thing cuz he opened my eyes to a lot of stuff and um, Danette branched me out into other things.
And uh, so yeah, I would love to get him on the show. It’s probably really hard to get him to come and talk cuz you know, he’s got his circles or whatever. But ,
[00:33:50] Greg: I tried to get on Yuri gel. Do you know Yuri gel the spoon? I don’t think so. He’s a spoon bending guy from like the eighties. He is a dick. Um, but he’s very big into UFOs and, and all this kind of stuff.
So I sent him a message on Twitter saying le I’ve been interested in your stuff for years. Cuz I used to watch him on all the TV programs when I was little, spent bending spoons and shit like that. And, um, he got like, gave me a really blunt fucking answer on Twitter, Greg.
[00:34:25] Ash: That’s what, when he used to say like, when he is bending spoons and stuff, you don’t really know who he is.
That boy doesn’t make much, no, it doesn’t. Bending
[00:34:34] Greg: spoons, . So he would, he would literally, he would like go like this for the pe he’d like, for, for the purpose of, of audio. He’d have like his finger and thumb, he’d have a, a fork or a spoon and he would like do this little rubbing thing and then all of a sudden it’d like fall apart.
It’d like melt in his fingers. And so he was with his mind, he was doing it and he, he was a good friend of Michael Jackson. So I dunno what that says about him, but he would do psychic stuff and very odd guy, like, I think he’s from like Israel. So he is got this sort of, I, I dunno, he’s got this way about him that he’s just like, you can watch him on Twitter.
And he’s got this big studio with fucking big screens. And I think now and I asked him to come on and he was like, no. And loads of people were like, that was really rude, . I tried, I tried. I like, he’s,
[00:35:29] Ash: he, he sort of jumped on the O bandwagon. Yeah. Has a bit recently. And he just post the absolute shit as shit, stuff
[00:35:37] Jeremiah: I’m like,
[00:35:38] Greg: oh, just, that’s, it has to be good stuff to get Ash even slightly positive about a video. So, uh, but going back to David Ike very quickly, um, he had a friend who’s a shaman and he talks about him in the books. I can’t remember the guy’s name. And he was like, there, that was one of the first times now looking back, um, where the guy was doing C5 and um, like all the intelligent calling out of UFOs that he would talk to the skies and these, these UFOs would appear.
And that was the first time I had heard it wasn’t C5 back then, it was just, , whatever it was, it was just summoning UFOs. But looking
[00:36:22] Jeremiah: back, it was, uh, I can’t pronounce his name right. I think it’s like Creta Muoi or something. That’s
[00:36:28] Greg: it. Yeah, something like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[00:36:31] Jeremiah: From South Africa, I think.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve been reaching out to David, um, not David Ike . Um, my brain stuck on him. . I’ve been reaching out to Michael, er, um, who, cr he found Adam’s calendar in South Africa. Um, it’s basically considered one of the oldest manmade structures in the world. Um, it’s these circles out in this field and I guess they were to calculate time or celestial movement or something.
And, um, he also deals with like sound technology, sound vibration. He thinks he a lot of the ancient mega structures. Were created with using sound levitation and stuff like that. Um, so I’ve been trying to get Michael Teller on. He is doing a project called One Small Town where he is opening a little village and he’s doing one in Lebanon and one in South Africa.
And basically it’s, for lack of a better term, a commune where like everyone’s assigned a task based on their, like, personal fortitude or like, um, you know, if you’re really good at art, you’re gonna do this. If you’re really good at math, you’re gonna do this. So it’s kind of based off your strengths. Um, and I’ve been reaching out to him and he told me to reach back out to him and I did, and I never got a response, so I’m gonna try again.
Uh, maybe he’s just busy with opening it and all that stuff. So hopefully he will come on and we’ll be able to talk about, you know, Adam’s calendar and everything, because I love all the ancient alien stuff and all that ancient tech and, um, law civilizations
[00:38:21] Greg: definitely. How so Just quickly talking about, um, guests and reaching out to people.
I think that is one of the most underappreciated art forms as part of podcasting is to, to try and reach out to these people and get it all li everything lined up so that you can have the, the interview or the chat and it’d be like random times in the day and night sometimes. Um, how do you cope with that?
Cause me and Ash, luckily we can sort of split that and we sort of like tackle it separately and we come together and go, right, we’re speaking to Jeremiah on Saturday night. Or we’ll be like, right, we’ve got this one lined up for Tuesday night. And then we, each of us will sort of like just tackle it separately how.
do you find going about what essentially is a bit of a challenge?
[00:39:16] Jeremiah: Yeah, I, oh man. It is, it is tough. Um, and you gotta be okay with rejection cuz it’s part of the game. So basically I’ll just, and I think it’s important to make your message personalized cuz you said earlier you messaged this guy about bending spoons and you telling him like you’ve been watching him forever and you know, you really appreciate what he’s doing and all that stuff.
So when I send messages out, I try to make it as per personable as possible. It’s not like a mask email and I’m trying to say like, Hey, I’m really a fan. I’m not just trying to get you on the show. Like, I’ve been reading your books, I’ve been watching your documentaries or your, you know, lectures and trying to get them and you know, sometimes they’ll be like, sorry, I can’t do it.
I reached out to um, uh, Tom Horn, I think his name is, and I wanted to get him on the show to talk about anti time prophecies and stuff, and book of Revelations and all that stuff. Now my episode coming out on Monday is about that, but it’s a different person. Um, and I reached out to him and I guess whoever does his emails messaged me back and was like, sorry, he doesn’t have time to do that right now.
Um, thanks for reaching out and, and for me, that’s fine. It’s the ones that never respond that is an issue cuz it’s like I just wasted my time making that no personalized email and didn’t even get a response, like or like, I’ll try to message someone on like Instagram or wherever and just no response,
And it’s like, or
[00:41:04] Ash: it says like, you, you, you’re not allowed to message this person. Or like, this person doesn’t accept. Messages and stuff like that. Now we’ve,
[00:41:12] Greg: yeah, it’s, um, yeah, it’s, it’s a nightmare. It is a nightmare. I feel your pain. I feel your pain. But
[00:41:18] Jeremiah: there’s like times where I am like, okay, Monday, my goal for the day is messaging people to be guests.
And that’s what I focus on for that time. I find a lot with podcasting is like, you have to have a, like schedule a rhythm. At least for me, being solo and doing everything myself, if I don’t have a schedule of what I’m gonna do, when I’m gonna do it, it’s gonna fall off the rails . So I’m like, okay, Monday all I’m focusing on is finding guests.
Tuesday I’ll deal with social media, , and then so on and so forth. And it’s like usually like Saturday night, Sunday. , I’ll edit my show for Monday. Um, so it’s all processed to me. I make sure I have everything lined up and processed or else I’ll, it’ll be a disaster for me. .
[00:42:22] Ash: So talking about, you mentioned sort of ancient civilizations and, and that sort of thing.
You have Graham Hancock.
[00:42:31] Jeremiah: I would love to have Graham Hancock on. I was gonna reach out to him. I still plan on doing so and just praying , he’s so like big name now. Thanks to Joe Rogan and all, I’m sure it’s hard to get him on, um, especially now that he has his new documentary out on Netflix, which is really good.
By the way, if you haven’t watched it, I totally think you should watch it . Um, it’ll make you question our ancient past. Um, so yeah, I would love to get him on. but I have had a lot of dream guests on that were like on my list when I started. So I’ve had like La Marzo on, I’ve had Scott Allen Roberts on and I’m friends with him on Facebook too so I’m sure I can get ’em back on.
Uh, Jason Martel from the show. Ancient Aliens I’ve had on, that was another one on my list. Um, I plan on having him back on. He already said he would come back on. So yeah, I, it’s been cool cuz I like all these years I’ve listened to these guys and then to finally talk to them, it’s surreal cuz it’s like, I never thought in a million years I’d be able to talk with this person.
They just seem like too distant. It’s kind of like when you have a movie star and you’re like all really cool, but you never really like, interact with them or anything. And to be able to do that is, is awesome. It makes the podcast thing worth it to me.
[00:44:01] Ash: Definitely, definitely. Cause I wasn’t sure how big Graham Hancock was in America.
Cause obviously he is British and he’s sort of been a big name in the UK for decades now. Uh, from his box and stuff. And he, one of the first books I’m reading, my dad was big into fingerprint, to the guards and all that sort of stuff. So, yeah, that, like I saying in the new series. So do you believe that, well, do you believe Graham Hancock, that these civilizations, like it talks about in, in the new series, going back like from the ice age and and early, do you think that that, do you believe them
[00:44:32] Jeremiah: basically?
Yes. A hundred percent are thousand percent. I think there are law civilizations. I think our history is a lot longer than what we’ve been taught or told. And I think there are cycles of time and I think the planet goes through these cycles of time and civilizations rise and fall and. people rise and fall.
So I think that there was, like, Atlantis was the civilization before, you know, Sumer and Egypt and all that. And then there was probably one before that. And there’s even like ancient texts that are like, yeah, there’s so many kings before this time. I think it’s one of the Egyptian, uh, Papyrus Scrolls or whatever was like, there was like Seven Kings before this like time.
So it’s like, where did they come from? And also if you want to take it like biblical, it’s like where, so for biblical stories, if for the religious people listening, um, or people who are just interested, you have this story where Kane kills Abel and then he gets pushed away like banished and he goes to the land of nod and finds people there.
and has a wife, well who are those people? Where’d they come from? If Adam and Eve was supposed to be like the only ones in Canan Abel, you know? So there’s a lot that I think we don’t know, and I think a lot has been purposely kept from us as well. I think there’s a lot of texts that are hidden. Um, a lot of the books have been like left out of the Bible, like Book of Enoch and other books.
I can’t think off the top of my head. But yeah, I a hundred percent believe there was something going on. And I think we have this problem, uh, as humans is thinking, like, thinking of that time period back then, the same way we think of now. So we think with our technology, but it could have been completely different.
Like I was just talking about, about sound levitation or people tapping into the, um, you know, I forget what it’s called. Electric grid that supposedly runs around the earth and stuff like that. I think Nicola Tesla was trying to tap into that as well, to give free energy. And I think they, he got taken out too , but that’s a different conspiracy for a different day.
um, . But yeah, I think there’s different thinking and I think a lot of people, unfortunately think of ancient people as being like stupid or like stupid cavemen or whatever. Yeah. Um, but I think they were actually a lot more intelligent in different ways, um, than we are now. Cuz we think about, you know, our technology and stuff like that and our sciences and stuff.
But the ancient people, it’s apparent they knew a ton about the celestial world and how that correlated with what happened on earth. They knew about the cycles of time, they knew about the seasons. they knew about like the solstice and all that stuff. So yeah, I don’t think we give ’em enough credit. And um, as we’re finding out, we’re seeing more and more of these things being found.
Like, um, someone was showing me today at work, they heads on Easter Island. There’s actually bodies buried under the ground. Yeah. They’re not just heads like we thought. Yeah, yeah. And then you have like the Beckley Tepe that dates back, you know, however many years ago, 12,000 years ago, way older than the pyramids and all.
So it’s like, what is that? Where’s that from? And that they say it was purposely buried and stuff like that. It’s just crazy. .
[00:48:46] Greg: It’s, it’s interesting. If anybody wants to check out Graham Hancock, And Cause he’s got the documentary on Netflix, but I personally found his interview with the last interview he did with Joe Rogan and there was Randall Carson, I think the guy was with him.
Yeah. Yeah. And they like talked for two and a bit hours, maybe three hours, about the whole subject of ancient civilization. And for someone like myself who I don’t consider myself to be stupid, but I don’t consider myself to be super intelligent, it was mind blowing the fact that everything sort of points to around 12,000 years ago that things happened, which meant these ancient civilizations sort of lost like Atlantis.
They were talk, it talks about 12,000 years ago, sort of. That’s when Atlantis sort of went off. The radio for one of a better phrase. Um, and all these things pointing back to that around that sort of time, I think it was like 12,600 years ago or something like that. Um, and all these major events around the world happened at that point.
So something happened to cause all these ancient civilizations to sort of drop off the face of the earth and listen to him. And it, you only, I think you only have to listen to him for those couple of hours and it completely sucks you in that he’s got a really nice way with his voice. He’s got this really soft sort of English voice that I could li I listened to him for hours and it’s one of the few Joe Rogan ones that he does now that I really have, have invested the time to listen to.
[00:50:36] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then having Randall Carlson on who’s like a, a geological expert. Yeah. And he can tell you like without the doubt, what different geological things mean and what, what it looks like to him by looking at it. And he’s an expert in that field. Mm-hmm. . So it’s not like he’s some kook off the street, you know?
Yeah. Um, it definitely adds to the argument. Yeah. Yeah.
[00:51:04] Greg: It’s, it is, it’s definitely cool. So, yeah. Great. So who would be your hundred percent like top guest? If it could be anybody in the world living or dead? Cuz we are in an age now where, with the paranormal and everything, where it’s potentially possible to speak to dead people.
Um, who would be your ultimate guest?
[00:51:31] Jeremiah: Hmm. I think the first name that comes to mind would probably be, oh, that’s a tough one, because I’m thinking. I’m thinking Graham Hancock, but there’s another one that I think I would want more. Ooh. Um, oh, I can’t Giorgio solo from ancient aliens. The crazy hair guy.
[00:52:00] Greg: I would, I’m saying his aliens, bass aliens.
[00:52:02] Jeremiah: saying. Yeah. I would love to have him on the show cuz I met him in person and he’s a cool guy. Like what you see is what you get. He’s not putting on a front. He’s really like that .
[00:52:14] Greg: Um, I’ve seen your photo with him. Yeah. Yeah. He was up
[00:52:17] Jeremiah: on Instagram. Yeah. And very nice guy. Um, , he was joking around.
Um, when I walked up I had my, what if the wrong t-shirt on? He’s like, yeah, what if they are wrong? And . Um, so yeah, I would love to have him on and, and talk with him about the whole ancient astronaut theory. Cause I’ve watched like every episode, every season, and. , uh, it’s definitely a big part of, you know, my research and stuff I like to cover.
So that would be a great one. Uh, besides Graham, Graham, Hancock to bring on. So
[00:52:55] Greg: basically you got Graham Hancock and you, you, you’re saying to Graham Hancock that he’s actually second. Yeah. Sorry buddy. That’s why I’m getting . What about you Rash? What about you? Yeah, I know we have briefly spoken before on other episodes, but who would be your guest?
[00:53:16] Ash: I think this is pretty easy for me, but I sort of, when he mentioned, um, David out before, so how sort of goes over the top with some stuff and sort of goes off on one, this person does some very, very similar stuff and recently he’s been sharing like clearly fake. Hoax old hoax videos and stuff on, on Twitter, but he’s still sort of coming onto U Old side stuff.
Must been a big Angels and Airways fan. Blink 180 2, blah blah. Bloody obviously got big T on. Yes from, and I show the to the start stuff and the canceled for his airway tour last year. I kinda have a sign and everything like thank you for like to the Stars. And then , he canceled the Angels Versus Airway Tour and another one, tour Blink 82.
He was like, well do your Angels versus Airways tour first. Like, you canceled, like do that first and then go on toilet Blink 180 2. You can’t just,
[00:54:10] Jeremiah: anyway. Yeah. So go off. Wait, wait, I’m sorry, I, I have to go back on my choice again. . Cause I just thought, I just thought of someone who would put Graham Hancock at number three
Ooh. Um, the number one person I would want to interview right now, but he’s passed away unfortunately. Is Lloyd Pie. He wrote a book called Everything You Know is Wrong, and it’s got revised. It’s called Everything You Know Is Still Wrong. And it’s a big honking book, like, I think it’s like eight, 900 pages or something like that.
But it’s all about how human beings are genetically tampered species and that there was a group of homages way back and through time they branched off and at some 0.1 of the branches of hominis and hominis are like primitive people. For anyone who doesn’t know. Um, it’s kind of like, try to think of the Lucy, uh, skeleton they found.
It’s not, it would, it’s what you would think is between like, um, ape and a human, like on that chart. It’s kind of like the pre-humans, so the homages. Yeah. He goes over all this evidence and all this, uh, research that he’s done about how he thinks human beings are a genetically altered hoed species.
And it’s just super fascinating. If you don’t wanna read the book, which I understand cuz it’s super long, um, and it’s kind of textbook like, cuz I’m reading it now. And, um, it is not the easiest read, but, um, he has a think it’s like two hour, uh, lecture on YouTube. If you look up Lloyd Pie, p y e, he, um, has a two hour standup lecture and he has slideshow with all the stuff he’s talking about and shows you exactly what he’s talking about.
And he talks about Bigfoot and the, you know, that. I forget, I can never remember the name of the creek with the famous female Bigfoot walking, um, and Bluff. Bluff Creek. Yeah, something. Bluff Creek. Uh, somewhere in California. But yeah, he goes over everything and it’s so thorough and, and you would think it’s not entertaining, but it is.
Like, I had my wife watch it and she was like, I didn’t think I would like it at all at first. But she got like, sucked into it and she’s like, oh my gosh, this is incredible. Um, and then she started like looking at her feet and she’s like, oh, I got Hoed feet.
So he’s definitely someone that I would want to talk to because I just think his knowledge is just so vast and, um, the way that he picks apart everything and being able to talk about, you know, ancient past and then Bigfoot and all that stuff, all in one shot would be incredible. awesome.
[00:57:25] Ash: On then Greg, quite
[00:57:26] Jeremiah: quite sure
[00:57:28] Greg: David Dyke could definitely be there for, for the reasons like we’ve discussed.
There was somebody, um, that just come to mind though I would really, well there’s two people. There’s Zach Bains cuz I would like to call him out on all the shit that he does. Um, and he’s got so many fans around the world and all their episodes end up with just like somebody freaking out and over the tiniest little thing.
And I’m thinking, okay, now you are supposed to be like this super, like dark person who can control these energies. And I think, so I, I’d like to speak to him and it’d probably be a very short episode cuz he’d hang up . Um, and the other one is a guy called Guy Lion Playfair. Which may or may not resonate with anybody, but he was one of the original journalists and investigators in the Enfield Park Geist Haunting.
Um, and he wrote the book, this House is Haunted. And it’s, it’s sort of almost like, uh, um, a diary of events that took place during that haunting. Um, and I think it’d be really interesting to speak to somebody like that cuz they, like you mentioned about other people, they, he had to do all his research and I think with like tape recorders, there was no internet.
You are reliant on primitive technology compared to what we’ve got nowadays. You can just. Like, call up your friend on Zencaster or Teams or whatever and have a chat about what you think to this bit of evidence and playback and loop and send files. It was all like done on tape and it was all very in the moment.
So I’d l I think he would be an interesting guy to speak to just purely for the fact that he was there. And the Enfield, polar Geist is one of my favorite sort of polar geist hauntings. Um, so yeah, I think him, David Ike, who else there would, there’s probably loads of people I’d wanna speak to. Um, Graham Hancock.
Yeah, definitely would be an interesting guy to speak to. I would love to speak to Joe Rogan. Oh yeah, that would be, because he done a series where he sort of debunked a load of stuff on. , um, like Chem trails, ski Walker Ranch. And I’d like to speak to him again about Ski Walker Ranch and UFOs. After he kind of went completely against the thought of UFOs being real.
And now he’s spoken to like Ryan Graves. He’s spoken to Graham Hancock, but he’s spoken to, um, a lot of people like Jeremy Corbell, people like that, that I’m sure he definitely has changed his mind on the U F O topic. So it’d be interesting to, to speak to him. I mean, you, I’d never get even an email to him, I don’t think ,
[01:00:42] Jeremiah: but he, um, he’s pretty intelligent too, like
[01:00:46] Greg: mm-hmm.
Oh, super intelligent guy. He knows a lot of stuff. Yeah. I do. Like, and his work on UFC. Is incredible. His commentary skills on, on homo fighting and cage fighting is, it’s not one thing he doesn’t know about combat sports, it’s for, for the violent people out there. , Ash is, again, it’s not rugby bull
So yeah, I’ve, there there’s a whole suite of people that I would love to speak to. Yeah.
[01:01:23] Jeremiah: When I was in, um, when I was in Peru the first time I ran into an Australian rugby player that was there for a tournament and Rugby’s not big in the United States. Um, so it was interesting talking to him and he was in Argentina for a, um, rugby tournament, but he had time to come up to Peru to you like sight sea or whatever, and then head back and
It was pretty cool. .
[01:01:50] Greg: That’s cool.
[01:01:54] Ash: That’s probably the
[01:01:55] Jeremiah: other rugby. And that was another . Yeah, that was another thing. Um, going back to Peru the second time, um, that I just recently went this past summer, I think it was, um, with my wife and her daughter. And, um, it was hectic cuz we didn’t plan it correctly. , we had no downtime. It was basically go, go, go all the time to see everything.
But, um, yeah, just, it’s different when you’re actually at these megalithic sites than watching it on TV or seeing it on a picture. Like you actually can feel the grand scheme of things and the size of things. And it’s like, it looks big on a tv, but when you’re there it looks giant, it looks humongous and you’re like, how the heck did they do this?
How did they drag? , this stone all the way from over there, to here with primitive tech technology, you know, um, and primitive tools. You’re like, and then there’s like rocks that are so perfectly fit together that like, I would even put like my fingernail up to it and I was like, I can’t even, like or I try to put like, you know, something in between and it’s like, not gonna happen
And you’re like, how did they do this? Then they have all these weird shapes, the way they fit together, like the curves and, and you’re like, why would they do that? And then you find out like it’s for anti, um, earthquake. So like, it wouldn’t break when there’s earthquakes and stuff. And you’re like, how would they know that?
How did they know that? Just some of the stuff I saw there was incredible. And the mum, the mummies, I saw some mummies there. And, uh, Uh, they’re creepy looking , but it’s cool to me because it’s like they’re preserved and I’m looking at this ancient lady, but she’s a mommy. But it’s exactly like she would’ve been, well obviously she’s decayed a little bit, but , it’s like, it’s as wild when you see these things in person.
And they even have, um, in Cusco there is a little square, um, it’s not the main square, but it’s a side square and they have, it looks like a huge footprint and they claim that it was like a giant footprint, like giants from the Bible. They just have it there on display, on like a pedestal in the middle of this, uh, little square.
And it’s pretty cool. And it’s cool to see other cultures are more accepting of these things. Um, in Peru, they were more accepting of these things. And we went to Lake Titi Kaka and um, our tour guide, we were like, Hey, we know it’s not part of your tour and you’re not, you’re supposed to stick to like your standard like history.
But we’re like, have you ever seen anything strange on the lake or anything like that? And he’s like, oh yeah, all the time. He’s like, even my ancestors have seen stuff. Um, and they talk about lights hovering over the lake, lights coming out of the lake. And he was telling us all this stuff. Um, cuz we were like, Hey, we want to know we’re into like all that, you know, alien stuff, ancient aliens and stuff like that.
And he was like, oh yeah, definitely. For sure. And he lived on the island and he does these tours, but he’s like a resident of these islands, um, that are on the lake cuz the lake is humongous. And, um, . It was just interesting to, uh, to experience that and hear firsthand, cuz you always hear about things on like documentaries or, you know, whatever.
So to actually hear it from someone who’s lived there and, and are like, yeah, it’s, it happens. We see weird stuff here all the time. And he’s like, there’s probably monsters in the lake somewhere. We just don’t, uh, I don’t know personally. So he wasn’t trying to like, make stuff up. He’s like, you know, there’s probably something in here, but I haven’t seen it myself.
But he’s like, for the lights and stuff, he’s like, for sure I see him coming outta the lake. How hovering over the lake and there’s like nothing out on the lake. It’s these people like, um, it’s like you work back in time, kind of, they live simple lives. They’re not, they don’t have all this technology. They still, you know, Make their own clothes and uh, make their own soap out of these like bushes, these branches on these bushes.
And it’s, it’s really interesting. So I always tell people like, if you can travel and like experience these things for yourself, that’s the best way. Um, I know it’s not feasible for a lot of people cuz of money wise, but you know, if you ever get a chance or if you can save up, it’s definitely worth it.
There’s places I want to go, like I still want to go see the pyramids. Um, I think that would be cool. And um, I want to go to like Greece and see all the ruins there. Cuz I think something was going on back in that time period too. Um, so yeah, just, I like to explore, I like to travel. Um, been a lot of places, so and I still got more on my list.
[01:07:43] Ash: Cool. I think like places like that in like South America, central America where like, say life’s a bit more simple than we have it. I think like obviously in Western culture, I think everyone’s just far too caught up in very trivial things that like don’t really matter, um, sort of to any of any importance.
Whereas like places like where they probably have to put more faith in sort of not sort of what they know. It’s sort of, there’s something extra. I think, I’m trying to think. I’m sort of wording it right, so there’s a lot more openness and just acceptance of strange things. It’s just, yeah, that’s just, that’s what happens there.
The they are just there, it’s just part of like that area
[01:08:23] Jeremiah: or whatever. Yeah. I think it’s crazy that there’s like people in New York City that like never experienced a clear sky in the country. Like it’s just wild to me. Like they’re stuck in the city and they have all that light pollution and um, I don’t know.
It’s wild to me personally cuz it’s like these different experiences. Like, I like going into the city. I’m not really a city person, but, um, it is fun for like a day trip or a weekend or whatever. But you know, I also like, you know, being out in the countryside, um, kind of rural right now, so like being out and there’s a clear sky and you can see all the stars and everything like that.
Like that’s the kind of stuff I like . Yeah,
[01:09:12] Ash: definitely. And seeing mummies is pretty cool. I’ve seen a couple of mummies. It’s just mad. Like you say, like he’s over many thousands of years old and like the face is there. It’s, it’s it, yeah. It’s really, really odd seeing
[01:09:25] Jeremiah: that. Yeah. Cuz they’re like dead but they don’t look like it or they don’t, you know what I mean?
It’s like, this was a person that I’m looking at right now, .
[01:09:34] Ash: Yeah. Like, and from thousands, like years ago as well, not like, died like a couple years ago and it, it’s like a science thing. It’s like, Thousands of years ago, this person left and doing whatever they did in their life. And this body’s still here to, to, to
[01:09:47] Jeremiah: see.
Yeah. I would like to go to Pompe too and see, um, cuz you have people just frozen in ash in time and you see exactly how they were when it went down. And it’s just, it’s creepy and it’s eerie, but it’s cool at the same time cuz it’s like this was what they were doing when they, you know, tragically ended the, you know what I mean, when this event happened.
And yeah. So that’s on my list too. , there’s, there’s another
[01:10:19] Ash: town near Pompey which is like, say exactly the same thing but it’s just not as popular. So it’s a lot less tourists but it’s the same thing. So finally the name the called that one cuz Poe’s, VE Tourist. Oh Bet Tourist. But it’s exactly the same as Pompe, but just the name isn’t popular so it doesn’t get the tourists and.
[01:10:38] Jeremiah: I’ll look that up when I head that way. . Definitely,
[01:10:41] Ash: definitely. Cool. So thanks very much again for taking time. Chat to us. Where can we find what if they’re
[01:10:49] Jeremiah: wrong? All right. Yeah. Um, what if they’re wrong? And you can find it on any podcast platform. Also my website, um, http://www.whatifpod.com? Uh, I don’t have a merch store or anything.
Um, I just haven’t got around to it or anything like that. But, um, on there, I have all my latest episodes. You can see pictures of the guests. Um, not everyone wants to be seen, so some of ’em are just their logo or their, uh, whatever. But yeah, and it shows, you know, short excerpts from what the show’s about.
Um, and then you can also listen to the show on the website as well, but it’s on every, um, You know, podcast platform. I’m even on that New India one that you guys told me about. Ghana. And um, I haven’t really noticed, um, a difference or anything, but I haven’t really paid attention to the stats to see, um, I might have to log on there and see, but, um, surprisingly you would think, cuz I’m a US based show that my biggest city would be somewhere in the US but it’s not
My biggest downloaded city is Sydney, Australia. And that kind of like blew my mind. I was like, I I was like, wait, what? , huh? I was like, okay, I’ll take it. The guys down under like it. So . .
[01:12:25] Greg: That’s good though. That’s good. That’s good.
[01:12:27] Jeremiah: Oh, and also on Instagram, what if they’re wrong? I post a lot of stuff on there.
Funny memes, updates on the show. . If you wanna message me, that’s probably the best way to do it cuz I’m constantly on Instagram, so, um, yeah. What if they’re wrong? And you’ll find me .
[01:12:47] Ash: Cool. Well yeah, thanks again and good luck. Keep doing what you’re doing. I look forward to seeing you grow even more in the next years.
[01:12:55] Jeremiah: Thank you. Thank you guys for having me on. Always good.
[01:12:59] Greg: Definitely, definitely.