Secrets of the Sasquatch

Secrets of the Sasquatch

Secrets of the Sasquatch

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, my fellow terrestrials and welcome back. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of what if the wrong podcast. Today, we have an excellent interview with my boys over at Dockside media. They’re back to talk to us about their new documentary secrets of the Sasquatch. So we’re gonna get into all that good, big foot Sasquatch stuff, as well as some other things we’re gonna talk about and go over their filmmaking journey and other stuff.

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On the website. All links will be down below in the description. So without further ado, let’s get with these guys over here at doc side media, talk, everything Bigfoot, and remember question everything.


Hello, and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast? I’m your host. Jeremiah. I’m here with Tyler and Chris from Dockside media.

The soon to be epic and legendary production company, make the best documentaries. , uh, stuff that you would see on TV. So I’ll introduce him now. Hey, Chris and Tyler here. Hey

[00:02:18] Chris: Jeremiah. Thank you. Thanks for having us again.

[00:02:21] Tyler: Yeah, Jeremiah. Thanks for having us on the, what if the wrong podcast and yeah, dude, I, I cannot, uh, discredit anything you say that all sounded good to me.

Our tagline in fact, is dude Tyler here and Chris with Dockside media tr the dopest documentary production company, this side of the Milky way. Dig it dug ITG now, but let’s go check it. So yeah, dude, you, you, um, I think hit us right in the glove there with that statement, man, we’re trying to crank out interesting, informative, entertaining, and thought provoking documentaries, uh, about different paranormal and supernatural topics and our newest documentary secrets of the Sasquatch, uh, released July 5th on Amazon, apple TV, iTunes, Google play PlayStation and Microsoft, and, uh, Man, we, we love it.

It’s our third documentary so far, and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback and we’re certainly proud of the work that we’ve done and the people we’ve interviewed and the places we’ve gone and the way all these stories and experiences are interwoven through Chris editing it together. Um, man, it, we’re just, we’re really honored to be here talking about this documentary, man.

Thanks so much for having us.

[00:03:42] Jeremiah: Yes. I’m uh, really excited to talk with you guys about it. I did watch it myself, um, with my fiance too. She likes watching everything as well and um, yeah, definitely high quality work again. I must commend you or is that the right word? Yeah, we’ll take it. We’ll take it. Yeah.

[00:04:02] Tyler: yeah, no, that’s great. That’s. Uh, I

[00:04:06] Jeremiah: almost said condemn you . Wow.

[00:04:09] Tyler: We probably deserve that as well.

[00:04:14] Jeremiah: but no, definitely high quality work. And, uh, like I said, in the intro, something you would see on TV and you guys are killing it and coming out with so many different, I’ve never seen someone come out with as many documentaries in such a short time.

So, and to have it all be quality too. It’s not, uh, we hustle yeah. Piecing ’em together. Yeah. It’s not like you’re being cheap about it or

[00:04:38] Chris: anything. No, I mean, we, we put the time in, we definitely move though. We hustle. I mean, dioxide media is just Tyler and I, um, who do all of the production now, obviously our movies are made because of the people we interview are, uh, so fascinating and have such compelling stories.

So, so much of the credit obviously goes to these people that we. Involved in our docs, but, uh, yeah, no, we’re hustling. I just, we’re just about done with the fourth one in plain sight. The intelligence community in UFOs sent Tyler a cut of it, uh, yesterday. So, you know, we have to do some tweaking and stuff, but that one’s done and that’s a banger as well.

Um, but were you here to talk about the Sasquatch, Jeremiah? So I got a question for you. Um, what’s your thoughts on the Sasquatch? Just gen general thoughts?

[00:05:36] Jeremiah: So, um, I actually just talked to someone the other day about this and, uh, we were throwing back ideas and I personally think that Bigfoot is a leftover hoed mm-hmm so like there’s different types of homages and.

Like, I know Lucy was one where they found the skeleton mm-hmm and, uh, different branches that we came off of. And I think they’re just left over from that, that survived by hiding in the deep woods and cave systems and different areas of the planet where people aren’t very populated and, um, they are all over the planet.

I’ve heard of ’em from south America type be and, uh, obviously America mm-hmm, , there’s some talk about some in the UK as well. Yeah. So yeah, that’s my thought processes. And then we talked about like their connection with UFOs, which we’ll get into in a little bit, but, um, yeah, I do. And I think a lot of them, uh, there’s massive cave systems around the world, and I think it’s possible that they hide out a lot in those cave systems too.

So that’s probably why we haven’t seen ’em too much, especially. Deep woods where, um, humans can’t really navigate too well. Mm-hmm unless you’re like crocodile Dundee or something. yeah,

[00:07:04] Chris: yeah, no, that’s interesting. That’s kind of the, the same place I land on the phenomena. If, if, if I was to have like a, you know, somebody said, what, what do you think gun to your head?

I would say, yeah, a leftover homage, like a gigantis type creature. Um, cuz the world is a big place, man. Like we think it’s small just cuz our lives are so small a lot of times, but the world is a big place and there are lots of places where people don’t venture very often and creatures in the forest.

Don’t like to be. I go out in the forest and you walk a trail and you just gotta think about how many animals are around you, that you’re not seeing, um, cuz that’s their ecosystem, their environment. They’re accustomed to that. They’re built for that. And so if there’s a creature that lives in these deep woods, I gotta think it’s got those abilities as well to hide itself from any kind of threat.

Um, but you know, our movie explores all different kinds of topics with Sasquatch. So we do have that alien connection in there. We’ve got a bunch of other, um, theories that are, are, are discussed and then experiences as well. So kind of runs the gamut of the whole Sasquatch. You could say there are secrets in it that we relay about the Sasquatch.

You could say that. Tyler would say that. And what’s Tyler , ,

[00:08:29] Jeremiah: I’m absolutely

[00:08:30] Tyler: saying that. I’m absolutely saying that. I thought mom was the word, and then you gave me the cue to talk. So yo man, I think that’s like our B WIC is, is, uh, kind of what, um, Jeremiah mentioned, you know, in the beginning about just this diversity of topics and, and being high quality.

And, and man, I feel like, you know, that’s what doc side media does is we, we really try our best to not set limits on what we can do or like, you know, be like, oh, well, so, and so only made can only make one documentary every six years or yeah, or so, and so, you know, has to drop a hundred thousand dollars into making a document.

Like we just followed our hearts and we was like, dude, we got credit cards and we can just. You know, between the helpful people and, and, and, you know, traveling, et cetera. Uh, we had like the equipment already. And so I just, I love, um, man, I like, I real, since we’ve been making these paranormal documentaries, I buy more into the woo side of things only because man, I feel like we really manifested us getting to this point on this podcast, just by the, uh, just, just by the hustle and by the joy and fun.

Like we, we like doing this. This is, I don’t know, man. It gets my heart pumping. I love going on these adventures and meeting these genuine people who had these genuine, just far out experiences, man, that I can’t explain. so it’s cool. Like prior to making these docs, I would’ve been in, oh, it’s probably just a leftover Sasquatch probably exists, but it’s like some, yeah.

Leftover like BI hominin or whatever. Uh, but yeah, I don’t know, after interviewing people like Sue Walker and, and, uh, um, you know, wouldn’t be shocked if there is some sort of interdimensional or extraterrestrial, um, piece to this, because like, uh, you had mentioned like sightings in the UK and it’s neat.

We were on a podcast, a pursuit of the paranormal and they had brought up sightings as well, and that they had, uh, thought and then had like a cool synchronicity when watching the film of, oh man, like this would explain. Sightings in a densely populated area that doesn’t really have like a ton of deep woods, like, you know, the, the, the us, or yep.

Certainly like to bed or, or in Russia or the south America, et cetera. Um, so it’s cool. I’m like, I’m definitely open minded. I wouldn’t be shocked if we found out that yeah. The reason for footprints appearing, but then disappearing, like into nowhere could be because of these, these, uh, interdimensional reasons.


[00:11:33] Jeremiah: definitely. Um, had heard, there seems to be some type of link between. UFOs and, uh, Sasquatch and seems like there’s some something there, either the UFOs or aliens are abducting them just like they’re abducting us and experimenting on them as well. Or they’re somehow in cahoots or maybe interdimensional, like you said, there’s definitely

[00:12:01] Tyler: potential for yeah.

Or maybe they’re like the rarest of the Pokemon. So they’re just study out, like you said, like studying, you know, it’s like, oh, well, that’s why they’re appearing near them. Um, you know, it was funny, one of the camp outs I went on for secrets of the Sasquatch and it ended up just being me by myself, uh, because the other, uh, person who, who Randy Smith is in the film.

And I, and I camped out with him later, but on this particular weekend it just happened to CA cancel and I’m like, ah, dude, I’m heading out anyways. And I just went out in the woods by myself, up near Centia this dope little ghost town in Pennsylvania. Um, and. yeah, dude setting up my, my tent, like in the dark at night, freezing cold 26 degrees.

Right. And I see this like UFO, like, uh, track across the sky stop and then start dropping, pause, start dropping, pause, start. And it was like, what? I try to get my phone out by the time I got it out. It’s down by like pass the tree line, but it was, it was just wild that I went out with the intentions of looking for Sasquatch and trying to have some sort of, uh, experience and ended up, yeah, seeing this, this UFO and then on another camp out, uh, the one with Eric Hubbard and Desiree Patton who are both in the film, uh, that one, we happened to see Starling, right?

The satellite train, cruise acrossed overhead. And it was super trippy. Like had I not seen a YouTube video before? I would’ve for sure. Thought we were being invaded by aliens cuz I know nothing manmade that can cover that much degrees of the sky. And then. You know, since it’s reflecting light, like it’s not illuminating any light or self illuminating, like it just, and it looks like, um, as it goes into the shadow of the earth, like, it looks like it just drops into a wormhole, cuz it just like is no longer illuminated, but so it just disappears like, yeah, like 20 degrees up the Skyway and it’s like what?

It looks like, like the fabric of space time is just ripped apart or something. It was um, yeah dude, it’s nuts. So, uh, yeah, there could definitely be a link between these UFOs and Sasquatch. I mean, that’s kind of my experience so far.

[00:14:15] Jeremiah: yeah. I like how you guys came at it in the documentary of different angles.

It wasn’t just one thought process. It was kind of trying to convey different theories. Cuz a lot of documentaries, they, unfortunately we all have biases and stuff like that. So they try to paint one picture. But in your documentary it was, you had different aspects and different ways to go about it. Like you had that one guy who was very like, well I think they’re real, but I can’t prove it then, you know, Sue Walker talking about them, dealing with extraterrestrials and then you had like the people who are like, oh yeah, it’s real.

It’s just a, you know, hoed or whatever. Mm-hmm so I like the different angles that you guys took on that

[00:15:01] Chris: one. Yeah. I mean, and that just speaks to the, the people because we Don. we don’t specifically, we just reached out to people who had experiences with Sasquatch. So we didn’t have a particular narrative in mind with any of this stuff, you know, besides like, what are your thoughts on Sasquatch?

What are your experiences? And so they all have their own experiences and sometimes, uh, those experiences line up. And so you see like a pattern amongst people, which is interesting. Um, and then other times, you know, there’s the, the other experiences that, that are just way out there and different. But what we like to do is trying to like give people, their stories, get them out there, and maybe something clicks with somebody up, somebody, you know, maybe something triggers in.

Them’s like, oh yeah, maybe this is a possibility. Um, cuz we’re not trying to like preach at people in that way. Do you know what I mean? Cause I’m not, I’m not trying to convince you that this is. Exactly what it is. We’re just trying to, to get people to open their minds a bit to the ideas, uh, that we’re presenting.

So, uh, I think that’s, again, the way we cut these kind of things by cutting around to different people, I think it just gets your mind kind of working about everything. And we, we don’t like stick with one person throughout the whole thing in one long, you know what I mean? Like dump. So you get different perspectives, you keep jumping around.

And I think that, uh, gets those gears moving, cuz you’re like, wait, I want to learn more about that. But now we’re on to this next thing. And then we come back, you know what I mean? So that’s the plan, at least.

[00:16:40] Tyler: Exactly. And we like to, um, like, like Chris had opened people’s mind and just like maybe generate some momentum because I feel like this is how these things get uncovered and discovered when people just feel comfortable.

Oh, generating dialogue. And just talking about this stuff, like dude just saw an article like. Something washed up on the beach, on a beach in North Carolina. I forget what park Rangers, et cetera, like founded or, or it happened to be like some like legitimate eco, uh, some ecological person or entity. And, uh, yeah, they’re asking the public for help identifying this unknown species.

Right. We’ve been, we’ve been using magnifying glasses and submarines and microscopes and like telescopes and just everything to like explore the earth. And here’s like this little tiny creature that’s dead. They’re like, we have no idea what, what this thing is. They’re like six inches long. There’s like a bunch of ’em or whatever, or a number of them.

Uh, so, oh dude, we just, yep. We, we hope we’re trying to like, um, just do our part to. Yeah. Just allow people or, or talk about these interesting and fascinating topics. And man, the things that people would’ve been talking about a hundred years ago, would’ve been absolutely. They would’ve been labeled insane today.

And, uh, you know, who knows what, what, like we’re talking about today that at one time was very fringe and kind of, uh, just, yeah, kind of had a stigma to it. Um, it’s dude, it’s neat that there’s a lot of different shows now and different Facebook and social media groups and people were being encouraged to re go out and seek these, um, experiences and report back about them.

And, uh, I think it’s a good time to be making this type of content and we hope that we’re doing like some small part to inspire people to just, yeah. Be curious, man. Just be curious about. The world around them in the universe. Cause I feel like there’s a lot more out there, uh, that will unlock in another 2000 years that our grandkids, grandkids, grandkids will be like, yo poppy, how did you not know?

You could just press this button and teleport from here to anywhere in the universe. You guys did it in harness quantum entanglement. We’re like, nah, dude, we didn’t know shit. We were, we were barbarians.

[00:19:12] Chris: I think our lives as humans are so short and like societies as a whole take so long for change to occur that like we don’t see it so day to day, but like 20 years ago, the world was a different place and people, these there’s ideas that were different and stuff like that.

Do you know what I mean? So like when you’re talking about these fringe topic, you are stigmatized a bit, but when we keep talking about ’em with the podcasts, with the movies, it becomes way less stigmatized. That’s how you get that slow churning in this acceptance of some of these ideas. I mean, let’s look at like the UFO phenomenon, like the governments now, you know, the UAP task force, all these things.

It’s like, I don’t know, 20 years ago, if it would’ve been unheard of, right. Like something like that. But now it’s just, well, people with

[00:20:07] Tyler: tin, foil, hats, exactly. Pre exactly. And sacrificing goats to try and get that to happen. Exactly. Thinking, oh dude, never in a million years. Well, we have people report to Congress.

Right. And like have to be accountable. Nobody. Right. Nobody saw that kind of now like talks of like possible like immunity and stuff. Yeah. It’s like, wait, what? So hold on. Now we might get some reasoning behind these. These phenomena, uh, and that people will be forgiven because well, it, whatever the whole world would’ve collapsed or something had, they tried to accept it at that time.

But now that we have VR and, and the metaverse, and that we can be doing these 10 80 P live streams, like it’s harder to yeah. Maybe contain that as a species. We’re just a little bit more open to like, oh dude, I, I don’t know. Most of the stuff we’re doing around here looks pretty magical to my , you know, peanut sized brain.

Like, I don’t understand how it all works. I just know that it works.

[00:21:14] Jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. I kinda like the theory, um, that I’ve heard that remember in 2012, the world was supposed to end and the Mayan doomsday and all that stuff. Well, A lot of people are saying like, no, it wasn’t supposed to be like a cataclysm or like the end.

It was kind of like the end of an age. And now we’re shifting into a new age and it kind of kind of makes you think, because just think back from 2012 to now, like how much has changed, how much has come to light and how much stuff like this has become more accepted. And, uh, obviously there’s been some bad things too, but it just seems like people are more open-minded now than, than

[00:22:00] Chris: they used to be.

Well, and, and technology improves so quickly now and changes so quickly. So like, you know, cell phones now have amazing cameras in them. Um, and so like, there’s just, and there’s so many, so many more people who have them, so it it’s, you get all these videos of these QoS and stuff. It’s just harder to. , it’s not less hearsay anymore.

Cuz now there’s just tons of videos out there. You know what I mean? But you go back to the nineties and you talk to your uncle. Who’s like, yeah, I saw a UFO and you’re like, okay, uncle , I’m sure you did, but now you go on like YouTube and there’s like a million videos, you know what I mean? It’s like, it’s just a different world,

[00:22:43] Tyler: right?

Yeah, it is. And it just, how far out is it that, you know, we’ve got like maybe a reason for kind of the push towards disclosure and the government, uh, oversight and this kind of stuff is like, dude, we’ve got private companies going up into space space, whoever thought every, an everyday person, like not like, uh, you know, the government which we think of this massive entity or whatever, but like some everyday person generated enough capital.

to not only get into space, but drastically improve the method to get there. So it’s like, oh, well, dude. Yeah. Is it only a matter of time until whatever? Is there something on the dark side of the moon, right. Where, where, you know, private companies are now exploring out there or they’re harnessing, uh, asteroids and finding, just teaming with different various forms of like microbial life or something.

You know what I mean? Mm-hmm, like, I don’t know. I, uh, maybe it’s this push cuz it’s like, oh dude, what, you know, what typically happens is like, I don’t know whoever puts out the narrative first typically stick. Sure. So imagine like some really, really rich guy, whatever kind of has a holy grail of kind of what’s all going on with this and that they can shape it to suit their typically like capitalist needs where they’re trying to generate more money.

Um, Yeah. I don’t know. It’s just an interesting dichotomy, but the, the competition, whatever private company’s going up there. Like, I think it’s all good, man, because it, it forces government agencies, uh, to hopefully have to kind of be accountable for what they’ve seen and what do, what they’ve documented on radar,

[00:24:36] Chris: et cetera.

It honestly sounds like science fiction from like the late seventies, early eighties. I mean, like alien was like late 79 or something, but that’s about like a private ity who goes out and, and refines oars and stuff out in deep space. Uh, I guess the concern there is at what point does, like, these companies become more powerful than the government, right?

I mean, it’s probably already headed that way if not, it already is. Um, and then you have like your just like cyberpunk dystopian futures, where everybody just works for one or two corporations. And like, you know what I mean? Who knows though? But all that stuff is like, Like when you think about it, like, oh yeah, that’s kind of happening.

Uh, it was fun in these sci-fi movies, but it’s, it’s different in reality, but it’s still kind of happening.

[00:25:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. And a lot of, uh, a lot of conspiracies are actually turning out to be true now, cuz I always see like memes online that are like, Hey, uh, what was a conspiracy three weeks ago is now fact it’s like crazy.

[00:25:41] Chris: Yeah. World moves

[00:25:42] Jeremiah: fast. And then you have the whole, uh, you have the whole U uh, UFO. You have a documentary coming out on like UFOs and stuff.

But um, the whole fact that the government itself is actually. Releasing all this UFO documentation and saying, yeah, there’s a craft that we don’t know what the heck they are, what it is. And then you have like MI Kaku saying like, yeah, that craft moves like nothing we have on earth. And it’s kind of like it’s

[00:26:15] Chris: wild.

And that, that is deep into what in plain sight, the intelligence community and UFOs talks about, um, with the aspect of the government’s involvement in covering things up. Um, cause we have like Richard Doty in the docu documentary, John Ramirez, you know, these two people who worked for the government have insight into their behavior.

Um, Tom carries in there. Who’s basically the expert on Roswell. I talked to over 601st and secondhand witnesses, um, basically knows anything he’s in encyclopedia of Roswell. So it covers all that stuff and talks about disclosure. Um, I’m really excited to put that out. I wish we could get it out like tomorrow because it’s just so relevant to this moment.

But dealing with the distributor and stuff, there’s a delay, obviously. So we hope to have that out, you know, early winter at this point, but we’ll see

[00:27:15] Tyler: what, what press fall. What’s 70 days from today? Well, say we deliver the end of this week. What’s 70 add 70 days to the end of July. All right. So we got didn’t.

I didn’t sign up for math here October. Okay. Well, there you go. We’re still in fall we’re football season, dude, you can watch some football and then watch some aliens and some former intelligence officers, counter intelligence officers and just. These far people and, uh, to Chris’s point, yo, it was a really sick, uh, man, just serendipitous moment, like where we’re basically finished with secrets of the Sasquatch, which for the listeners is the one out right now on Amazon, apple TV, iTunes, Google play PlayStation at Microsoft.

Um, but we did all the camp outs, interviewed all the experiences interviewed Sue Walker. Uh, who’s a telepath and clairvoyant and medical intuitive. And, but I’m like Chris, like the whole time, we’re like, dude, we, we gotta get like an anthropologist. Mm-hmm we just, we need like an academic perspective. Um, and I, and dude, I’ll be dipped in shit if we didn’t line up an interview with Tom Carey for, in, for the in plain site, the intelligence community UFOs doc, and we record his interview and like afterwards, yeah, comes.

That he’s an degreed anthropologist and has just, you know, an academic opinion on Sasquatch. And we’re like, wait, what egg Todd, can you all right. Can we switch you over to this side? Can you go change your shirt? We’ll flip the lights and cameras around and we go and we’ll run, we’ll run another interview, uh, while we have you here.

And he was all for it. So it was just really cool, man. Cuz I don’t think the doc, I don’t know. It’s just not as well rounded. I don’t think it’s as good without the, his scientific, um, opinion. And it’s just neat and I love too, just the experiences and the hunters we got, we got people that lived in New Mexico, uh, tra fished in hunt in uh, West Virginia.

Um, we were in Western PA, Northeastern, Pennsylvania, and these are the type of people that like what I camped out with that have had, you know, uh, either one or multiple experiences. You know, like Randy Smith, for example, again, it’s freezing. It’s mid twenties starts snowing. We got a fire going. He’s the type of guy like, oh man, we gotta rearrange these logs.

Just bear, handing, picking up burning logs, just moving them around in this fire. He’s fishing to kill time bright. And it’s again, freezing like my, I have gotten mittens on and I’m by the fire trying to stay warm and he’s out there bare handing all this cold wet gear. And he’s just a tough dude. He’s like the type of guy like, oh, that was a Fox.

Oh, that was a raccoon. Oh, that was a squirrel up. That was a deer. Um, dude, like when he’s like I’ll dude, that was a Sasquatch. Like I, I would be inclined to believe him. There’s certain people who, who just, I don’t know, they have that innate ability. And I’ve also through like, I guess a lot of experience.

Man, like the woods is just in their blood man. Like if a, like if an atomic bomb drops around here, like I’m trying to find Randy dude. Cause I know Randy will be able to keep me alive out there despite 20 years of hunting, like for me and never getting a deer, I’m that type of guy, if I had that in my blood or DNA, I’d be Randy.

And know what all these sounds and all these things were, but no, I’m a knucklehead with a bunch of cameras and curiosity and interest in these topics. And so it, it was neat like for Randy and Alfred, like, and, and for Randy, I love that. He says, uh, and it’s like concluded in the trailer. Uh, just that like, oh, I always said like I’ve ever saw Aqua I’d run right at it.

Uh, but man, when I saw that thing, like I just, I froze like I couldn’t move and man, I like, my money would have been on Randy. Be the type of guy, just, yeah, like if he said he would run at it, I, I believe that he would run at it. He was, he was a tough. Tough character. Um, and just, yeah, knew the woods, like the back of his hands.

So it was cool. And Alfred Martinez, same deal. I could just tell, I mean, these guys eat, breathe, sleep, you know, uh, hunting and, and being out in the wilderness and Alfred having like an experience, you know, 20 years ago. And like it being that impactful that he is like chased and explored and, and tried to get more information and more experiences on Sasquatch for the last like 20, 30 years or whatever.

Like, that’s a, that’s crazy, you know, like that’s a super powerful experience man, to be like life altering. Um, and so, yeah, he was a very, just interesting and compelling individual

[00:32:17] Jeremiah: as well. Oh yeah, definitely. I liked the, um, like I said, I liked how you had some, uh, , I don’t know how to say it. I don’t want to like, like you had the eccentric side and then you had like the serious side and, uh, kind of all melded together.

And then it was up to the viewer to like, figure

[00:32:39] Chris: out what it’s the woo angle. And the more we do these docs, cuz when I, when we first started doing this stuff, the woo stuff, just never really stuck with me. Made sense. I’m like, I’m not a religious person, so I don’t have that strong of belief in spirituality, stuff like that.

But the woo stuff actually starts to make a lot of sense. Sometimes. Like we talked about like what would technology look like a hundred years from now? Like it’ll be mind blowing. It’ll be UN I won’t be able to fathom it probably right now, my current existence. And so that’s woo. Like, you know what I mean?

That’s just, we can’t understand it yet. Uh, so that there’s potential there. Do you know what I mean? That we just. There’s technologies out there from different species of life in this universe that is so far beyond us, that to us it’s magic. And so who’s to say at that point, right. Um, that’s the woo angle.

I think maybe the skeptic in me is limiting sometimes in these things where it’s like, well, it’s, I can’t imagine it in this current existence and realm. So it can’t be real, which I don’t know. Maybe that’s like, I’m saying maybe that’s just my limitations of my mind and not being open to those things, but the more we do these things, it’s getting a little

[00:34:01] Tyler: bit more open.

That’s what it’s all about. Yeah. And I mean, I would implore you like, dude, what, what does a million more years of technological evolution look like? We, we have no clue. Like, I mean, we can’t, our feeble minds can. We couldn’t even generate in the most far out sci-fi novel right now, or, or movie story we could not even possibly come up with what stuff looks like and how we can manipulate space, time, all these things at a whim, a million years from now.

And like how, I don’t know, conceded of us to maybe be like, oh, maybe there’s intelligent life out there in this really, really massively big universe nearly like, not infinite, but dude, like, I don’t know. It just keeps going and going and it keeps spreading right at like this speed of light kind of shit.

So, um, but like who are we to think? Oh dude. Okay. Maybe there’s stuff out there, but we definitely were, the first ones could be sent in. Yeah. And, and we were, I’ll be damn if we weren’t the, the best at advancing technology, like, and manipulating our surroundings with our and building stuff. And you being creative.

Like, I don’t know, dude, I, I wouldn’t bet money on, we were the first, uh, yeah. To involve like, uh, 10 or whatever, or that we were the most efficient at evolving. Like, so yeah, dude, I don’t know. And anything that’s out like above those parameters, they’re already doing some mind, all like just mind blowing stuff.

I wonder

[00:35:53] Chris: what that is in inhumanity, where it’s like that hubris of ours to think, like we have to think we’re something special, um, in this, in this existence, uh, I don’t know. Maybe that is a, a form of just a way to wrap our minds around the infinite nature of the galaxy, because it’s. it’s like, you’re saying it’s like, it’s unimaginable.

Like, just to think, like you see those pictures, the recent pictures that just came out are amazing. They look like a painting and you’re like, this is a painting, but what does it mean? , you know what I mean? Like hundreds

[00:36:30] Tyler: of thousands and it’s a painting of a grain of sand, right. At arm’s length. Yeah. Of the sky and all those spots are like galaxies.

Yeah. Right. With, and so you’re like, wait, what? Right. So it’s like, oh dude. Yeah. If you just keep zooming in, it just keeps going, bro. It keeps going. It’s too much. Our minds are. And who knows how many habitable planets are like, that’s crazy a grain of salt at arms length. And that’s what that dope, dope picture is.


[00:37:02] Chris: yeah. Yeah. But somehow we think we’re the only ones and all this was for us. And like, I just, I can’t subscribe to that. It’s there’s too much out

[00:37:10] Tyler: there. I mean, at least at least this side of the Milky way, as far as documentary. Oh, deduction of course would maybe subscribe to that. If you’re saying that in the tagline, this side, then we, it’s gotta be a possibility.


[00:37:26] Chris: think about the, uh, aliens somebody’s

[00:37:28] Tyler: out there. That’s better. They, I would love for them to prove it. I’m sure

[00:37:30] Chris: there’s like aliens on Zada Reticuli or somewhere out there. Who’s the doc side media version hypothesizing about the humans here on earth. You know what I mean? It’s gotta be happening somewhere.


[00:37:44] Tyler: it is. That would be funny. Nearly infinite. Exactly. Yeah. This, this whole conversation is happening at, in like elsewhere where Jeremiah is Dockside media and he made secrets of the Sasquatch, bro. And we’ve been running. What if the wrong podcast and just crushing it? You know what I mean? Like all these things have happened and so I love, uh, Uh, Tom Delong’s recent interview on Thete podcast where he like, brings up this thing about how like, time is not linear, man, that like past present and future is all existing right now, just at different frequencies.

And just hearing that is good for my brain, just to be chewing on and rattling. Right. It’s like, oh dude, that’s pretty wild. And is that why, you know, when Chris and I started this documentary production company, not, not even 12 months ago, like last August, right? Middle of August. And we have all like, and I’m like, Chris, man, we can get out five, six docs, dude.

I know we can, Chris, like, ah, dude, we can only do one, maybe two I’m like, God, dude. Like I could feel it though, man. We didn’t have plans for all these docs. We didn’t have all these topics, all these interviews. But for some reason when we started making these I’m like Chris dude, We gotta get this thing picked up for distribution.

It’s gonna get picked up and we need to get picked up by 10 91 pictures because they’re the distribution company that put out the phenomenon and just, we can, it can get it on Netflix and Hulu, blah, blah, blah. And dude, like, I don’t know. I don’t think anybody with, with half a brain would’ve ever bet on that coming true, except except me like Christ.

Don’t even think really like Kristen believed me. Tyler says he didn’t think it would happen. I’m just kidding. But like, so maybe, maybe it already did happen, man. Right? Like maybe that’s why I just felt so strongly to just keep moving forward. Dude, it’ll happen. Keep, make, keep filming these other documentaries.

I know you’re waiting to get picked up for that very first one you made, but don’t stop. Like it’s, they’ll get back to you. And I don’t know. And it just, it felt

[00:40:02] Chris: meant to, and that’s, and that’s where the ying and yang comes in through Tyler and I, because while. , I don’t necessarily always agree with him about like the, uh, willing into existence thing.

But I do subscribe to the, the fact that if you’re not making anything, you’re not working towards that goal. So as long as you’re working towards it, you, you can eventually get there. Um, and so we have that work ethic in each other. We might subscribe to it differently, but that, but it’s the same results, I think.

Um, so yeah, four, four down, we’re filming the fifth one this weekend, you know, going camping ghosts in the graveyard, pure pandemonium. We’re going to a haunted graveyard and pandemonium, Pennsylvania, and abandoned town, uh, lots of activity from what we are hearing. And we’re gonna be camping out there where you have a bunch of people coming along with us, or we’re gonna be doing a bunch of investigation stuff.

It’s gonna be hopefully interesting. It’ll be fun to say the least it will be. And

[00:41:02] Tyler: it’s, and. Man. I would just encourage other people out there listening and watching to be like, God, dude, we’re just regular guys. Like you can do this too, because here’s, what’s up. This will blow your mind even further.

We’re cranking out all these docs, Chris, over here, my man, dude, he’s running like just multiple podcasts. He’s got a new feature film, transient that he’s just casted and getting ready to start filming here in the fall. Um, you know, he does graphic design work. It’s not like Chris, all he does is he sleep and breathe making these documentaries.

Like he it’s, it’s just, it’s really cool, man. When people don’t limit themselves to what they think they can do, uh, I think they would really be surprised, man. I, uh,

[00:41:53] Chris: they just like Jeremiah, you know this, right? Like you, you have a full time job. Right. But yet you come and you do this podcast.

This is, this takes time and effort. How long have you been doing it for.

[00:42:04] Jeremiah: um, I’m think I’m on like eight months. There you go, man.

[00:42:08] Chris: It goes quick too. This time, next year it’ll be a year and a half and we’ll be on doc number 27. And you’ll be,

[00:42:16] Jeremiah: we’ll be back on your

[00:42:16] Chris: show. and it’ll be again, if you just keep going, man, like that’s but do you know how many podcasts read this before?

I don’t know the exact number, but like how many podcasts get like three or four episodes in and then that’s it that’s like the majority of ’em because that’s when it sinks in that like, oh, I have to put effort into this thing. It’s no longer, always fun. Like, it’s gonna be fun, but like, you actually have to try and you gotta keep going and it’s not there’s there’s ups and downs and you gotta push back the downs.

Uh, and the majority of people just don’t do that. So I commend you eight months. It sounds like. But some people will hear that and be like, oh, it’s not even a year, but dude , most people will not make it eight months and I don’t foresee you stopping.

The Grind

So yeah, I,

[00:43:09] Jeremiah: yeah, I was talking with someone the other day about, um, like synchronicities and like how there’s, um, I call it the godly force and it’s like, not like the secret where you just think things and they pop into existence.

I think you can focus on something, but you have to put in the work and then the God force. If, if you were religious, you wanna say, God it’ll help you. Or if you’re not whatever universal force, um, it will help you get through what you are trying to do. So like, for me, for my podcast, I, before I did that, I was doing a video game website and.

I was having such a hard time, like getting people to come to it and writing out the content for it and everything like that, everything just felt like so hard. And then I was like, you know what, I’m gonna scrap that. It’s not working out. So then I was sitting there and I was just like, you know what, I’m gonna make a podcast about like conspiracies and stuff.

Cuz I like always have been into them. Then I just started doing this podcast and just everything just fell in place and fell in line. Like I was reaching out to like my quote unquote dream guests. They were like, yeah, I’ll come on your show. And then, then I run into you guys and you’re from like my hometown.

There’s something there’s gotta be something there to that like is pushing me forward and keeping me going, cuz like you said, it’s a lot of work and people don’t realize, especially for your documentaries and stuff. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. A lot of work put in that people don’t see.

so like for me to bring out episodes, it’s not like I’m just talking and then uploading a thing. Like I gotta edit it. Yeah. I gotta make sure it’s all right. I gotta book. Guess I gotta promote it on social media and stuff like that. And my podcast has grown a lot, but it’s also taken a lot of work and I think that’s why a lot of people just give up on podcasting after certain amount of time cuz work.

[00:45:17] Chris: I, I, I think a lot of people are result focused, meaning if they don’t get the result right away, then they’re they’re turned off. Well, I think what you have to do is enjoy the journey or try to, um, and it’s not always easy for sure. Cause I don’t, I mean, I’ve been doing my podcast for almost six or six and a half years now.

Um, and there’s so many times where I’m like, I gotta stop doing this. I just gotta quit, but I always keep going. And then there’s times where I’m like, ah, I love this. I can’t wait to do the next one. It’s all about the journey, man. Jeremiah is like, I’m out. You guys, I’m done. I’m leaving. he’s getting up.


[00:45:56] Jeremiah: He’s like, know what? He’s come to think of it. You know what? I actually,

[00:46:00] Tyler: it’s not for me. It’s not for me. I change my mind gaming chair. Yeah. I’m gonna start writing an article here. Uh, I hear websites so easier to build nowadays with square space. Do com uh, now,

[00:46:15] Chris: um, no, I had to let the cat scratch the door.

It’s all trouble, but it was kind, it was right on you. I like it. I like it.

[00:46:30] Jeremiah: But yeah, it definitely. I like to give people recognition because like you guys with doing your documentaries and stuff, like you guys put a lot of work and effort into it. It may not seem like that on the surface. Cuz people just watch the documentary and hear you guys on podcast and think it’s just, you know, all fun and games and stuff like that.

But yeah, you guys are

[00:46:53] Chris: actually out put in the words, mean, you know it too, like podcasting when people just listen, you’re like, oh yeah, it’s fun or whatever, but it’s, it’s a skill to like, come on and try and be charismatic and be talkative and keep the conversations going. I remember when I started my podcast six years ago, it was rough.

Had to edit a lot because I couldn’t keep the conversation going. Didn’t know how, I didn’t know how to like, naturally just keep talking. But as you keep doing this stuff, you’re like just can keep the conversation rolling and you don’t even realize it anymore. It’s just like a practice skill, I think.

Uh, so yeah, if you keep at it though, you get better at things. That’s how that’s what practice does. Right? So. And I think like going back to the documentaries, I think that shows, uh, I love conscious contact, full disclosure. That was our first documentary and go SA Gettysburg. I love that one as well. I think there was a step up in production value and I think we’re continuing to do that step up.

Like secrets of the Sasquatch has a lot of, a lot of different minor tweaks and things. We learned that we keep adding to our production values and it’s not like. It’s not like money, just like experience. What if we did this next time? I think that would improve the thing. There was just like a simple thing of like, let’s add a gimble version to the interviews, this movement, slight movement.

It’s more engaging something we learned. We just practice it. Now we do, we implement that into our things. So, uh, now we’re in, in plain site and that’s, I’m like just, you know, just finished an edit on it. I’m like, man, this is, I think this is our best one yet. But I thought about that with the Sasquatch one.

So that’s the goal, right? Where every time we make something it’s our best one yet, because if it’s not, then I feel like we’re not improving and we’re not trying to get better at this stuff. Um, and that’s just how our, my mindset is, is to always keep, you know, working on this stuff, always improve your skills, always try and be a better person.

Um, so yeah, I don’t like staying stagnant. I mean, I think you can tell from doc IMIA by how active we are but yeah. Tyler’s hitch well,

[00:48:58] Tyler: unleash the beast. Tyler. No, I’m just coughing. I’m trying. I’m just trying not to cough, but yeah, no, I think Chris, uh, yeah, no, that was a great example, Chris, like you said, when you have nothing to say, but you just keep the conversation going.

Yep. For like five minutes. Right. Everybody just listened to that, but nobody has any idea what you just said. Yep. But but you did it charismatically. Exactly. Does bro. I’m just, I’m just, I’m just, I’m just teasing you, man. Um, no, it’s great. Chris and I dude, uh, it’s been really good for my life man, to have Chris in my life and to.

to form this company and, uh, man, just the ying and the yang. And it’s cool. I hope people know like, man as much fun, like it, it is work, but man, I’m on the other side where it’s like, oh dude, well, I think a lot of his perception because like, man, as I’m looking around like 70 pounds of a camera equipment, all my back, my shoulder’s falling off getting through airport, walking through airports, going getting rental cards, driving straight to Roswell.

Wake up, uh, you know, driving like four hours down to Roswell. I could wake up two hours later to like fly a drone at sunrise. So we get, you know, footage for, um, to plain sight. The inte like, I don’t know, people would think, yeah, man, dude, that does not sound like a lot of fun. You didn’t really get a lot of sleep.

And my whole time, just like. This is insane that I’m even doing this I’m in Roswell. The sun is rising right now. This is, this is what dreams are made. I’ll catch up on sleep later, like F this dude, this is some once in a lifetime shit. Then, you know, driving straight back, uh, to, to go to Sue Walker’s house to interview Richard Dody, like he met me that it, it was just crazy all these far out relationships that I formed in, in this short, uh, short period of time with these very genuine people.

So, I loved these experiences and like talking to somebody like Richard Doty, whose former air force office is special investigations, counterintelligence officer, like who just was tasked with going out. If people saw UFOs. Probably trying to get them to believe it was government crafting. Yeah.

Saw government craft, getting people to believe they were UFOs. Like, but that, wasn’t just some dude feeling like, oh, he should go do that. No, like that’s like his gen, his boss, whatever the government, like, this is what his job job is. His job description is to go do this and to go to UFO conferences and form these relationships to shape narratives.

Like dude, that, so when I get to meet these people, I’m like, oh dude, I I’m bread item, bushy Taylor. Like even on no sleep. I’m like my horse just don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t this is nasty, dude. This is so, so nasty. and I, uh, so like I hope people can maybe be like, oh dude, I, yeah, like sometimes it is work, but it’s sometimes how you look at it, man.

Like, you know, uh, I, yeah, it’s just sometimes how you look at things for sure. There’s times where say, like, I don’t idea. What’s an example. Say like, I, I go outside and I, uh, say I wanna go throw football with my brother. We’re outside. It’s hot out. I don’t care. We’re throwing toss and we’re having a good time.

I don’t care. It’s hot. My say my eight year old son wants to go out and throw football after like 10 minutes. I’m like, ah, dude, dude, dude, we should go. Like, but what’s different. I’m throwing football in both scenarios. Right? So like when I have those moments, it’s like, oh dude, I should just be thankful I’m out here throwing football.

Like, why what’s it Matt? Like, because the child is eight and I mean, he’s actually really good at catching, but say if your child like drops the ball a lot or something, you know, it can get yeah. Sometimes evoke feelings right. In people cuz we’re human. So I always just try and take like a macro yeah.

10,000 foot view like, oh dude, hold on. Like, why am I getting frustrated right here? Oh, because yeah, whatever, before he hits the ping pong ball, back to me for my serve, he like juggles it a couple times. It’s like, oh, well, bro, you were eight once two. That’s what your knucklehead did. So what does it matter?

Who cares if the ball bounces a few extra times? So, um, I love these just life experiences, man, and growing and meeting these interesting people that give me just even more of an open mind and, and the ability to like, yeah. Be human. And when, yeah, when things aren’t quite going my way to be like, you know what, bro, if the pendulum is swinging back right now, like it will swing back to the good it’s just getting pulled back right now.

Dude, just keep going. And it will all even itself out. And, uh, Chris and I, I know have just had a lot of cool and like. Hard experiences we’ve had through this journey, like just personal life experiences. Um, and so it’s been cool to just go through that, right. And like, just enjoy the process and, and keep going and not giving up.

So I don’t know. That’s a whole lot of win for dude. I’m out here cheering for you, man. Whoever’s out there trying to do something that fires them up, bro. Do I wouldn’t give two craps about what anybody else thinks like yo, if, if it really makes you like happy, like legit, like it’s just, it’s not even work.

This is just fun researching this topic or doing this task or hobby, dude. Just go do it, man. Don’t don’t care what anybody else thinks. Cuz the world’s so big. There’s other people you might not see them, but dude, they think and love the same stuff you do. So go do it, man. You’ll find an audience. Yeah,

Stay Motivated

[00:55:02] Jeremiah: there’s a, um, Joe Rogan motivational speech, you can find on YouTube, if you just hit like Joe Rogan, motivation or whatever.

And he says in there, like, yeah, a lot of people’s lives is pretty shitty. Like you go to a job you don’t really want or any like that. He’s like, just find that one thing you’re passionate about. Even if you can only devote 10 minutes of it, of your day to it, to just dump 10 minutes into it every day and, and build on it.

That’s kind of where you’re coming from is. You know, find your passion and it becomes a labor of love. So yeah. Podcast is work, but, uh, I love doing it. I love talking to people like you guys and all the other guests I’ve had on. And so, yeah, it’s a lot of work, but at the same time I love doing it and I love producing it.

I like that people can listen to it and, uh, getting feedback from people that are like, oh, I listen to every episode. That’s, that’s awesome. Right. Really gave me a lot to think about. And it’s just like, yeah. Makes it all worth it. Yeah.

[00:56:07] Tyler: Dude, like, even if it’s one, like it’s crazy, you legitimately changed the trajectory of one person’s life.

Like that’s powerful, man. That’s like, it should not be overlooked or discounted man. So, um, and I love like, I bet if you go back to episode one dude from then till now, the way you run it, how. How good. It sounds how good it looks, all these different things, how you interact with the guests, dude. I bet like you should be proud of the improvement and the only way you get better is by doing it, like, you know, you didn’t watch online, how to podcast videos necessarily for the past eight months.

Like, no, you went out and made podcasts for the past eight months and I’ll be darn if this isn’t a much, you know, like just a polished, uh, production man. And I love what you’re doing and, uh, it’s just good. It’s cool, man. So to each the throne, whatever their journey is, man, like I think you would surprise yourself if, if you.

Move your feet in that direction and commit whatever little bit of time you can to it. Um, like you’re, you’re guaranteed to get better. It’s like gravity it’s it is just, it’s a principle dude. I don’t care whether you believe in practice or not like do the, it, it will happen. Like if you do something again and again, it becomes muscle memory, dude, like literal muscle memory, like think about the first time you drove your car and had to get onto the highway and how this massive 2000 pound death trap, like, dude, that like, this is crazy.

How do I keep this car straight? How do I get over? And now dude, we smoke in six. You know what I mean? Like changing songs, we’re talk telling the kid, yo yo get, you know, stop fighting, whatever. And it’s like, oh dude, it’s all muscle memory, man. Like we just, you can not even sometimes think about what you’re doing.

You’re like, yeah, Y your mind, your body muscle memory. It just takes over dude. You’re you’re hopping on that highway merger. No problem. My brains are weird, right? It’s crazy. Yeah. That’s crazy. And you’re automatically, yeah. As you’re like, yep. Handing your kid, right? Like the, the jelly, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, like you’re checking the side me, like you’re going through all these things.

Like you’re not consciously thinking about it, but you’re doing all those, like things to ensure the safety, but you would’ve never thought you could ever in a million years get there. If you would’ve taken a polygraph when you were 16 years old and first started

[00:58:40] Chris: and everybody’s different. It’s just really weird.

Like my wife is autistic. So the way she thinks is so much different than most people and the way her brain compartmentalizes and see these details that I don’t, or don’t infer from them, like the way she infers things, it’s just, it’s weird. Like it’s just so different. Um, and everybody’s like that. So yeah, man, our brains are just crazy.

[00:59:07] Jeremiah: Yeah. How many times have you driven home from somewhere and you get home and you’re like, how the hell did I get home? Yeah, because you forget about the drive.

[00:59:15] Chris: Yeah. Yeah, man. There’s so much, I don’t remember about my life when I was a kid, all that stuff. Like all those experiences. So many days where it’s like, I don’t remember them, but they were, they happen

[00:59:31] Tyler: oh yeah.

You’ll have core memories. Yeah. Of like innocuous thing, like something you’re like, why, why is that event image? Small interaction painted in my mind. Yeah. Why, why can I VI like that, that I know there was more dope stuff like scoring a touchdown or like something that, you know, like just cooler stuff that my, that I should remember and have a mental imagery of, and there’s.

Yeah, it’s crazy. You’ll have these, these, uh, core memories of like stuff that seems completely banal. Yeah. Uneventful. Yeah. Banal. Yeah.

[01:00:09] Jeremiah: It’s weird, man. Yeah. Like, like for me personally, I, um, I don’t like conflict myself. So like if I get in a fight with someone, like that’ll just play in my brain for like ever and like, it’s like, why can’t I just drop it or forget about it, but my brain’s just like holding

[01:00:29] Chris: onto it.

Yeah. And, and some of these, I mean, a lot of things we do, I feel like are, um, because of the repetition. So like that you were talking about like the muscle memory of driving, but that also works in, uh, the way we respond to emotional things. The way we try to protect ourselves from conflict. I avoid conflict also.

Uh, you know, something I work on with my therapist now, but it’s like so obvious to me now. Like all these things, it just kind of like ran away because I was too whatever, afraid to face them or whatever it is. But we do that all with so many things in our lives. So yeah. I don’t know. We got way off track from Sasquatch, but

[01:01:10] Tyler: Barry pH, but that explains why your, your, uh, emails have been getting really nasty here recently and very aggressive.

You’ve been emboldened to just speak your mind.

[01:01:21] Jeremiah: I’m

[01:01:21] Tyler: unleashed . I’m kidding, dude. Chris is not legit, dude. I, I couldn’t imagine, uh, like Dockside media or doing this with anybody else, man. It’s just, it, it’s a cool, uh, it’s just a cool process where for sure, like the sum of both of our skill sets, just make the end end product infinitely better.

They just feel definitely all both of us can do kind of all of the, the tasks that we’re both, that. Whatever we just have, we’re both like well versed in, uh, but we all, we both have different strengths and so it’s just awesome. Um, yeah, it’s just awesome to be able to plate our skill sets and dude, and just trust in the pro like, oh dude, I just trust dude.

I know Chris knows what he’s doing. Right. And sometimes I’ll give him notes and stuff and he will, he can make some changes. And some like, if the change isn’t, it’s like, oh dude, he knows. Yeah. I, I understand, like he knows what’s best. Right. Um, and, uh, dude, I don’t know. It’s just, it’s sick, dude. It’s sick.

So just one more plug for secrets of the Sasquatch man, all this passion, uh, and just love for life and curiosity and, and like fascination cetera. I think you find a lot of that. In secrets of the Sasquatch. And hopefully you leave with stuff like, even just, if it’s a little seed of, um, like one of the things that Sue Walker mentions is that the Sasquatch are like a more civilized peoples or species then humans, because they take care of all of their beings.

Right? All their brothers, all the and sisters. Um, and as far as like food, water, shelter, medicine, these types of thing, and it’s like, oh dude, it’s just cool for me to get that perspective shift. Like, oh dude, that if we are me measuring civilizations, how dope they are based on how well they take care of everybody, eh, yeah.

I gotta say. Man, the squirrels might even have us beat. Yep. I, I need to look into the squirrel population more. That’s true. How, how good. But it’s just like, oh dude. Yeah. We could probably be doing a better job. And so like, I like that the, our documentaries offer stuff like that, where it’s like, oh dude, whatever you take from this.

I don’t know. I think there’s some nuggets of new information and value and just stuff. Uh, it’s like good food for thought. Um, however you interpret it. I think it allows you to maybe live your life a little bit more fully or, uh, like, I don’t know, enjoy it more. Just have fun with it, man. Experience it more.


[01:04:09] Chris: Yep.


[01:04:10] Jeremiah: So in wrapping it all up, uh, I know you guys have to have some ideas floating around your head. What’s uh, what’s. ideas for our next project. I know you got the, uh, UFO one coming, but beyond

[01:04:25] Chris: that. Yeah. yeah, we got in plain sight, the intelligence community and UFOs. That’s the UFO one then like, uh, we said earlier we are filming, uh, another supernatural ghost documentary called, uh, ghosts in the graveyard, pure pandemonium.

Uh, we already started filming some of that and we’re gonna be doing a camp out this weekend. So I’m looking forward to that. But then we have a bunch of ideas for down the line. Uh, past life regression is one of the topics we want to explore, possibly experience, um, or try to experience that remote viewing is a topic that’s also really interesting to us and to the government.

So if the government’s interested in it and willing to spend millions and millions of dollars looking into it, there’s probably something. Interesting there. So we want to explore that topic. Um, we talked about like, uh, maybe doing something with, uh, you know, iowaska or these, uh, transformative medicinal herbs, uh, cuz that’s just generally an interesting topic for Tyler and I on a personal level.

Um, but we have a bunch of ideas we’re kicking around, but those are the ones I think that we’re gonna be doing in, in the, you know, soon near future, near future. Yeah.

[01:05:40] Tyler: Yeah. And plain sight, the intelligence community FOS will be out. Yep. Like mid fall, early, mid fall. Yeah. And then goes to the graveyard, pure pandemonium.

I mean yeah. After this camp out, you know, I already went and interviewed like an author and as historian, uh, on this, um, this ghost town of pandemonium and. Man, all like the interesting people who may met some like crazy ends to their lives there. And, um, but so Chris, yeah. I mean, we’ll have all the footage for that, like in, in a week or two.

Uh, so Chris will start editing that that’ll be out probably. Yeah. Chris. Yeah. You’ll get going on that. I saw your eyebrows. I’m shooting a feature film too. Cranking on that then. And wow. I know bud, but we gotta get this done before the . Nah, nah, we can talk about that off air seriously though. You need it done before the feature and uh, but then, so yeah, as soon as we get that film then yep.

These other topics, they remote viewing and past slave progression as Chris is working on his feature film transient, which you, you can still donate to. If you go to trans, uh, make transient, make, make Yeah. Uh that’s T R a N S I E. N T I think that’s the first time I repel that allowed good.

Yeah. Nice job. That’s right. Thanks dog. Um, but yeah, and dude, so I’ll just start reaching out to all these interesting people that have had these, these cool, like, uh, reincarnation and past life regressions. Yeah. Dude, who like, I don’t know. I love this idea of like the universe or creator, whatever, like wanting to like being all knowledgeable or something, but not like needing to experience it all.

So breaking itself into all these different pieces, not knowing it’s the creator and experiencing it to teach. I don’t know. We’re

[01:07:37] Chris: all made of the same stuff, right? Like all star stuff. So just,

[01:07:41] Tyler: yeah. We’re all star as made. Right. We, we, our bodies just thinking of like, I love thinking about this crazy stuff.

The energy

[01:07:47] Chris: gets trans Ooh, man. You know, transferred in some way. So there’s something there to it. I think.

[01:07:54] Jeremiah: yeah, we could all be just like a piece of God experiencing planet earth. Yeah,

[01:07:59] Tyler: exactly. And that’s what, yeah. Like, I, I, I keep my mind open to all those different avenues because like, until I’m like proven, it’s proven for sure that it’s not that, um, dude, like, who am I to say?

Oh, well that, that can’t be a possibility, dude. I think some of these other things could maybe be at, but it can’t be that it’s like, oh no dude. Like I, yeah. I just try and be respectful of everybody and open minded. It’s like, oh dude, I, I don’t know at this time, but I don’t think the science community right.

Knows or whatever it is. So like until we have definitive answers. Yeah. It could be. Yeah,

[01:08:36] Jeremiah: definitely. Yeah, for sure. And um, if you end up doing that iowaska documentary, let me know. I might be able to hook you up with that lady

[01:08:47] Chris: I interviewed. Yeah. Yeah. That

[01:08:49] Tyler: would be cool. no doubt, dude. I think a spirit question could be, cause that true man.

And the experience you relayed, uh pre-recording about that, that lady, uh, just super interesting. Super, really, really

[01:09:03] Chris: fascinating. And I wanna say Jeremiah, uh, just thanks for having us on again, dude. Um, love coming on here. Wanna come back again? Maybe when, uh, in plain sight comes out. Talk about some more alien stuff.

[01:09:17] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. That’s my favorite. Yeah.

[01:09:19] Tyler: ah, dude, we’ll send you a pre screener, you know bro. You know, we’re good for it. We’ll keep, we’ll keep sending you the links if you keep having us on for sure, dude, we, we love this man. Love what you’re doing.