Casual Preppers

Casual Preppers

Casual Preppers

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow Terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina


Welcome to the What If They Wrong podcast. The podcast that wants you to question everything. Your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello and welcome to the What If the Wrong Podcast, the podcasts that want you to question everything. I’m joined today by the casual preppers and we’re gonna be talking about prepping, prepping basics and how they got into it. And um, we’re just kind, have a fun conversation about being prepared. And if you check out the news, you see the hurricane going through Florida and there’s people there that, you know, probably wish they were more prepared.

You also, Incidents in the recent past, like Texas with the ice over. So, there’s definitely, uh, reasons to get involved in the prepping thing, even if it’s just a little bit, and it’s not a far fetched thing. And it, there’s tons of different scenarios that, you know, it’ll come in handy and you won’t have to worry about rushing out during, uh, the covid thing to get toilet paper.

So, I’ll introduce them now. Hey guys, What’s up? What’s going on man?

[00:01:33] Coby: How’s it going? We are excited to be here. That’s how it’s going. Yeah. Um, we’re excited. We’re not in Florida right now, waiting around our living room, uh, like many of are, like you said. But, now I appreciate you bringing us on.

[00:01:46] Jeremiah: Yeah.

Thank you for coming on and talking with us, and I just wanna say anyone in Florida, I have family there and stuff like that. Hope everyone’s safe and, and prepared and ready to, uh, take on this storm. I know I live in Carolina, so I’ll be getting hit with some rain starting tomorrow and hopefully it won’t be too bad.

[00:02:07] Coby: Yeah. Yeah, man, I actually, I have family there too. I have a brother-in-law who actually had to evacuate. Um, so yeah, I’m right there with you. I’m hoping everybody’s safe and everything’s going okay for ’em down there.

[00:02:18] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. Next, what I have to ask the standard, what, what was your guys’ aha moment that like, you’re like, we need to be prepared, we need to get into this prepping thing.

Like, was there a specific point in time or just you kind of gradually got into it?

[00:02:38] Coby: Yeah, I think it was a little bit of a gradual thing, but there’s also been some, some key times when we sort of ramped stuff up, I think, um, kind of, yeah. We both kind of grew up. With a preparedness mindset. Our families kind of always were prepared.

They had a little bit extra food, a little bit extra water, those types of things. Some, some skills if you got lost in the wilderness or something like that. But, I think really for me, it was when I started having kids and I’m like, Oh my gosh. I’m like, I have to make sure these people stay alive. They don’t die.

I feed ’em, I have to water ’em. They’re like, you know, animals. Actually, that was kind of the point where I’m like, Man, I really need to be prepared for something just in case cuz I, I have to keep these people alive. So, for me that was one of the biggest, um, moments.

[00:03:23] Cam: Yeah, mine’s just one. When I got married I started thinking, and, and like we live in, And you get married and people are like, Hey, here’s 78 hour kids.

You’re like, What? Or, 72 hours kids, Couple more hours above, but, um, , I got 78, but, um, I’ll say you stand out on the part, it was like, okay, I guess that’s cool when you stick it up in your closet, but then you start thinking it’s like, you know, when you first get married, you’re not making a lot of money. And it’s like, what if, like, what if something happens to one of us or you know, our parents aren’t always there now, and, and we.

To pay for our own things. And, so that’s when I started like putting together little bits and I really didn’t get super serious about putting a bigger, more extensive kit, you know, 79 hour kit until, um, I started having kids. That’s when I really started putting things together, especially when I got my own house and had a place to put that stuff.

[00:04:19] Jeremiah: Also, then I’m assuming, uh, once you guys got started, you’re then you decided to start the podcast and, uh, I like the name Casual Preppers. It’s kind of inviting to anyone.

[00:04:31] Cam: Yeah. We are not serious by any means. We’re not pros by any means. Yeah. If you can’t tell,

[00:04:37] Coby: we, we,

[00:04:37] Cam: we, we have, you can’t even get the 72 hour kit ride.


[00:04:41] Coby: We’re basic man. Yeah. We, we met each other. Cam happened to move across the street and we kind of had some similar interests and one of, you know, we really loved like apocalyptic themed type movies. Movies and video games and books, and. All that stuff. So, one day we’re like, Hey man, why don’t we talk about this, you know, and record it at the, you know what I mean?

It just sort of snowballed from there. Then we got a little bit more serious about prepping. But, with the podcast, we wanted it to be something that, that seemed like anybody could listen to. It didn’t, you didn’t have to be ex-military. You didn’t have to be, you know, a homesteader with 50 acres and you’re, you know, sewing your own underwear.

And churn your own butter type stuff. It’s like, we just want like e everyday people, dudes like us that, you know, go camping on a weekend here and there and uh, have families and full-time jobs. But, yeah it.

[00:05:31] Cam: wanna be 90, not 95%. We just wanted to hang out more. . Yeah, that was, that was most it. We were telling our wives, we’re gonna do this for other people.

just ended up doing the podcast on her own. Yeah, I’ve

[00:05:44] Jeremiah: always been into like the postapocalyptic or apocalyptic type of fiction and stuff like that. I just, don’t know. I’m drawn to it and it’s exciting. Also, I’ve been into prepping for a long time, so. I remember that show, What was it, Doomsday Preppers.

I know a lot of people get, get like a bad connotation for prepping cuz of that show and Yeah, the That’s true. Like extremist on there and so you guys aren’t coming at it from that angle? No, no,

[00:06:13] Coby: no. We’re the pretty much the opposite. Yeah. Um. And I think part of the, the appeal is that we’re not, we, we’re not experts.

We don’t claim to be experts. We’re kind of like learning along with you guys. I mean, we’re idiots. You, I mean, you’ve heard us, you know what? We’re like, we, we have fun and we make mistakes and we talk about it on the podcast. So, I think that’s kind of some of the appeal. Yeah. You know? Yeah.

[00:06:35] Cam: We still get a lot of people.

Even today, I get people that ask. when, when I meet ’em, they’re like, Oh, you’re a prepper. Like you got a bunker? Oh yeah, you got a bunch of firearms. It’s just like, man, no. the opposite. Yeah. Barely have any of that, so,

[00:06:52] Jeremiah: So, for the people that are like brand new, probably don’t even know about it or anything like that.

What would you guys say categorizes you as a prepper?

[00:07:04] Coby: Hmm.

[00:07:05] Cam: Categorizes us as a prepper. I. We were climbing the philosophy list on the Apple Podcast. So, the podcast is full on prepper philosophy. Yeah, we’re

[00:07:17] Coby: the categories philosophy. I have no idea how it got there, but yeah, we are top 20 philosophy podcasts in the United States.

So, there’s that.

[00:07:24] Jeremiah: Yeah, I know those categories are weird. I’m trying to find, It’s super weird. I’m like, Where does my show fit in? Like I don’t fit in anywhere. So, Yeah.

[00:07:33] Cam: Yeah.

[00:07:34] Coby: It’s so inspirational. It’s so hard to find that. But, I don’t know what categorizes us. I think it’s mostly just kind of a mindset, you know, that that preparedness mindset is you’re going in, you’re attacking life from that angle is like, I always need to kind of be ready for things that may happen.

Yeah. I don’t know. Don’t know how else to categorize it, Do you? That’s

[00:07:55] Cam: tough. That is tough. I think it’s just everybody’s responsibility to be prepared for the future and not just live day by day for. Yeah. It’s hard. It’s hard.

[00:08:08] Coby: That’s a hard question. Yeah. I think you’re just, you know, being cognizant of the fact that you have to be prepared for different situations, and I think just that right there makes you a prepper in some way, shape, or form.

That’s the only answer I’ve got for you. Yeah.

[00:08:21] Cam: There’s not like a good term for people that are just like aware of like mm-hmm. the risks that life has. Yeah. And or, and prepare for ’em. You just end up being called a prepper. A Boy Scout. You’re more prepared. Yeah.

[00:08:36] Coby: There’s just so many people that are sort of blissfully unaware.

I mean, it’s just like, I’m gonna watch The Bachelor and I’ve got, you know, two days worth of food, I’m good to go. Yeah. It’s like, well, not really. Yeah. You know, and, and I think it’s just recognizing that that’s, that’s a prepper to me.

[00:08:53] Jeremiah: Yeah, I mentioned it, um, in the intro. But, remember the whole covid thing happened and I work at a big box, uh, store that sells like essentials, quote unquote, and um, essential, you know, you, Yeah.

Essential oils, , we just lather ourselves with it. And that’s , the perks of the no man . But, we had like a list of like, things that we were out of and like people were like literally fighting over. You know, toilet paper and like stealing it from other people’s carts and , stuff like that. It was crazy, crazy.

Actually, you never know. It could happen anytime. Like, no one was expecting that, but it happened. ,

[00:09:36] Coby: Yeah. No, no one was, But yeah, that’s, that’s one of the big benefits of being a prepper, even if you’re a casual prepper, you know, like Cam and I didn’t necessarily have to go out into that craziness if we didn’t want to.

We did, because it was kind of fun to go check out. Yeah.

[00:09:49] Cam: Walmart, we talk about, it’s like living a movie was really weird. .

[00:09:53] Coby: It really was. Um, so yeah, that’s, You never know when something like that’s gonna happen. Um, just like the people down in Florida, I mean, you know, there’s gonna be a hurricane, but being prepared for that is, um, I just can’t imagine not going through life with that mindset.

Like, Oh, I gotta be ready every single year. We have hurricanes. We better think about it. Yeah, I know. But, you see right now what’s happening down there and what happened in the last few days, their, their shelves are empty. There’s no toilet

[00:10:18] Cam: paper, there’s no water. There’s a lot ton of people that don’t leave.

It’s just, it’s absolutely, I can understand that being

[00:10:23] Coby: hard but bonkers to me, man. So, yeah. Uh, yeah, You never know. Yeah.

[00:10:28] Jeremiah: You would think living in an area that’s prone for that, that you would at least be stocked up with water and mm-hmm. , stuff like that. The essentials. Yeah. But, uh, doesn’t seem to be the case.

Nope. So if someone, if someone is brand new, just getting into it, what kind of. Tips or advice would you say? Like what is their first action to take to start being prepared?

[00:10:54] Coby: That’s a great question. Um, for me, I’m a huge proponent of emergency plans. Um, this is something that literally takes about 20 minutes to do.

There’s emergency plans all over the internet. You can find them. I really like the one from Red You just search out Family emergency Plan. And basically what that does is it, it, it lays out the things that could happen. Will most probably happen. So if you’re in Florida, top of your list is gonna be hurricanes, right?

So you get that written down and then you, you write down, you know how to get outta your house if you’re gonna evacuate, how are you gonna do it? Where are you gonna go, What’s the route you’re gonna take? And basically these things, it takes you about 20 minutes and it’s just a really good, solid foundation, um, for preparedness.

Um, and it’s. Takes 20 minutes and you’re gonna be like head, shoulders above everybody else. You kind of have your plan ready to go. Right.

[00:11:42] Cam: That simple filling out of paper Yeah. Will still get you further ahead. It really

[00:11:46] Coby: will. Um, and then also what that does is it kind of dictates to you how you should begin to prepare.

After that, you know, the things that, um, you’ve laid out there, it’s like, okay, I need to prepare for a hurricane. What do I need to do to be ready for that? Um, are, are you living in an area where there’s a lot of tornadoes and you know, you gotta prep that way? Are you living in an area where there’s earthquakes or floods or droughts or, um, blizzards or whatever else?

You know, Um, it just kind of shows you, some people just don’t. Stop to think that far ahead, Oh, what are the things that could happen to me? So for me, that’s the best place to start. I don’t know if Cam agrees, but I, That’s exactly where

[00:12:23] Cam: I would start. Easily the best thing to do. Mm-hmm. . It just lays it out for you, like you said, cuz it’s overwhelming.

You’re like, Where do I start? Mm-hmm. , you’re gotta get all this water and food. And it’s like, well, first plan it out, . Yeah. And then you can start putting it together.

[00:12:36] Jeremiah: Mm. Yeah. And I think isn, isn’t it, The CDC has a thing that’s like, you should have a 72 hour bag or something that’s filled with essentials.

Yeah. I think it’s

[00:12:49] Coby: cdc, uh,, fema, they all kind of have their own recommendations,

[00:12:55] Cam: and the 72 hour kit can be like the first thing that you put together that same day, you know? Mm-hmm. in 30 minutes, you can have one ready for Yeah. Each of the members of your family. And that’s, that’s,

[00:13:05] Coby: Yeah, it is just sometimes you feel, you get a little overwhelmed when you start like, Oh man, I need to have three months worth of food.

I need to have, That’s so much. Need to have a bunker. To have 6,000 rounds of 2, 2, 3. You know, like all these things. Like, they just, they feel really overwhelming. But if you, you just gotta start slow and, and look at it as a, a long term process and not something that’s just gonna happen in the next week.

Yeah, right. There’s just no way to do that. So, um, And that’s the thing about prep, preparedness and prepping. If it’s a kind of a lifestyle, it’s something you can do slowly over time. Build up. You don’t have to go out and get a small business loan to, to get your, your preparedness going, you know? So yeah, just start slow.

Like camp said, with those 72 hour kits, they all have like and fema, you know, they tell you how much water you should have per person per day, but just start with the 72 hours. Like if you can get the 72 hours, you are literally doing better than like 90% of Americans. That’s. Start there and it’s really not that hard, you know?

Yeah. Or go 78 hours, go 78 hours if you really want to go the extra mile , just

[00:14:07] Cam: to put yourself that much further ahead of everybody.

[00:14:10] Coby: Exactly. .

[00:14:13] Jeremiah: Oh, that’s funny. But um, yeah, it’s definitely a good starting point and I hear what you say about being overwhelmed when you start off, cuz you, if you go on YouTube or wherever you’ll see these people with.

Pantries, like the size of football fields, like stocked with Yeah, you’re, I can get to that . So then you get like, kind of like paralyzed or you’re like, real, I have to blow all my money to, to fit in or whatever. But you’re saying just get the

[00:14:46] Coby: basics. We hope to avoid. We don’t wanna panic people into this.

Like, Oh my gosh, I gotta get it all right now. It’s like, no, just chill out. You know? Take it slow. Do what you can. And like one of the biggest things that we were proponents of is financial preparedness too, is like, that’s part of being a good prepper is making sure you’re just not blowing up like your whole savings on freeze dried food, you know?

Yeah. not a great idea. So, uh, yeah, go slow. Don’t try not to get overwhelmed. Just gonna be overwhelming at some point or another. Yeah, Cam and I still get overwhelmed, but you know. Yeah, we

[00:15:17] Cam: do.

[00:15:18] Coby: But yeah. Yeah. It is very hard when you first start.

[00:15:23] Jeremiah: So what do you think are like the most essential items to go for?

I know you guys speak on your show about things that might be overlooked, like, uh, uh, what was it? The, uh, I can’t think of the word. Like deodorant and stuff like that. Oh yeah, the

[00:15:42] Cam: sanitation supplies. Sanitation,

[00:15:44] Jeremiah: sanitation type

[00:15:45] Coby: stuff. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. As far as essentials goes, um, it usually comes down to several categories.

Obviously food and water, that’s water is really is your number one. You gotta make sure that you’ve got water. If you don’t have clean water, you’re gonna be dead pretty dang soon. Look at your water. Um, one gallon per person per day is a great place to start. Start with that three days. I mean, that’s really not that hard.

No. You know what I. That you got like 14 people in your family, then it’s gonna be tougher. But , yeah. Most people are family of five. That’s not that big of a deal, right? Um, so water and then food. And again, this doesn’t have to be long term, like freeze dried foods. You can just build up your pantry to where you make sure that you have.

You know, three days to two weeks worth of food on hand at all times. Um, so food, water, um, the next one would probably be like meds, um, medical type stuff. And then hygiene items, like you said, sanitation items. So that toilet paper craze was nuts. Right? Um, that’s, uh, and if you were prepping your hygiene stuff, we didn’t have to go get toilet paper.

We had toilet paper. I was actually giving toilet paper to family members cuz they couldn’t find it. Right. . Um, so that’s another one. Um, things you just don’t wanna overlook. I mean, deodorant and toothpaste, feminine products. Yeah. What else in that category? There’s a whole bunch of stuff. Um, in the sanitation one or just Yeah.

Yeah. In the sanitation. Um, and then there’s all different types of gear you could start looking at. Um, you know, knives and backpacks. That’s the fun stuff. Yeah. Uh, that stuff’s really fun. Not quite as essential as these other things we’re talking about, but it, it’s the fun part for us prepping. Right. Um, And then when we talk about essential stuff, I think the financial side gets overlooked really frequently.

Um, some people think, you know, I don’t need to worry about savings, I don’t need to worry about, um, retirement. I don’t need to worry about all those things cuz the world’s gonna end next week anyways. Right. That’s a lot of the, uh, the mindset of, of some preppers. But you know what, We’ve been going for quite a while.

The world hasn’t ended yet. Yeah. Make sure that you, you have, you know, some savings. Make sure that you have an emergency savings. That’s super duper important. Make sure you have cash on hand, um, because the power goes out. Something like that. You can’t even go get fuel. You can’t go get food because the card machines are down.

There’s no internet. But if you have cash, you still might be able to get some of that stuff. So that is super duper important. And the last one, which is the one that everybody hates to hear about, um, nobody likes to hear about it, but it’s health and fitness. Mm-hmm. that. Essential. It’s key not just to prepping, but just to staying alive as a normal person.

You got, you need to be healthy, right? Um, and so, uh, to be a good prepper, to be prepared, uh, health and fitness is super duper important and almost always overlooked. Especially in the prepping, uh, community. Mm-hmm. , but, you know, doing your best to get off of daily medications if you don’t have to be on them, because that’s one more thing you have to worry about in some sort of a emergency shtf apocalyptic situation.

You don’t want to have to run out and try and find a pharmacy that has your meds for whatever that might be. Um, so that one gets overlooked. So those are the categories for me. Water, food, meds and hygiene, um, health and fitness, financial, and then all the other. Those are kind of the, the main super important things to look at.

[00:19:02] Jeremiah: Yeah. There’s a lot of, uh, like ailments that people have that can be easily corrected by like healthy diet and exercise.

[00:19:12] Cam: We, we live in a society like I work in medicine and I get frustrated with how, how. How often people come in for things that they could manage on their own. I’m just like, I think that they’re gonna lose their minds when they don’t have easy access to medical care cuz they don’t know what fever Yeah.

Is, is dangerous and like at, you know, my kid has a one on one fever, I need to be seen. It’s like, no, that’s just their immune system working. Like give it some. You know, but then, you know, my grandpa has chest pain. He’s fine. No, like he needs medical care. But , you know, it’s just, they like learning some basic medical, um, care for, for your family and yourself and, and knowing like the, even the sicknesses that you have, it’s like, okay, I have hypertension.

What? Can I do to kind of control that? And what things do I watch for that I can manage on my own? Like a lot of people don’t even know that. Like they come into the clinic and they’re like, I need to refill on this. Well, what dose are you taking? It’s chart. I’m like, Oh gee, I take the blue pills once a day.

You’re doing real good. The yellow pills every three days.

[00:20:15] Coby: Yeah. That’s what they do. So, Yeah. But it’s funny because like even like you were talking about Covid, right? That that was a time. Maybe medical care wasn’t as easy to get, right? Mm-hmm. , I mean, the hospitals were overrun, the, all those types of things.

That was a time where if you were relying on going to the, the ER or your doctor every five days, like some people are, you were in a, you were in a bad way. Right? So being able to not have to go to the doctor every, every two weeks or something like that. Yeah. If you can get, like there’s some stuff that you just can’t avoid.

Right. Um, but a lot of things, if you could,

[00:20:47] Cam: um, can have your own supplies Yeah. Of things to take care of it. Talk on the phone with somebody that maybe knows a little more medicine. Yeah. But yeah, you can prepare yourself for those things, .

[00:20:57] Coby: Exactly.

[00:20:59] Jeremiah: Yeah. Like my brother, he had high blood pressure and was starting to develop type two diabetes and all that stuff.

Well, he just changed his diet and. Portion control and he got off both his medicines for that. That’s great. So a lot of times it’s definitely

[00:21:15] Coby: possible. Yeah, it’s definitely possible. But it’s tough. It’s like one of the hardest things. It is. Like nobody wants to hear it. Like, I don’t want to exercise, I don’t want to eat good.

That sounds stupid. That sounds horrible. That’s not fun. Yeah. But you know.

[00:21:29] Jeremiah: Yeah, cuz I just eat Chick-fil-A tonight. Probably not the best thing. Oh,

[00:21:32] Coby: I love Chick-Fil-A, Man that you’re making me feel. Yeah. It’s God’s

[00:21:34] Jeremiah: chicken, you

[00:21:34] Cam: know? It’s seriously so good. Yeah.

[00:21:38] Coby: Yeah, I mean, you don’t have to be perfect. No problem there.

It’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect, obviously, but you know, if, like you said, like your brother, you, you know, hypertension, developing diabetes, change your lifestyle so that if an emergency happens, that’s one less thing you have to worry about. That’s one less thing that you have to be prepared for.

You’re already ready for that. Right? Um, so yeah. Super, super important. . So

[00:22:01] Jeremiah: you had spoke of it, um, just briefly just a moment ago, but the big thing that seems to be in the prepping community is the bug out bag. Mm-hmm. and all the stuff that goes into that. I’m assuming you both have your bug out bags and what kind of, uh, items are common for that type of.

[00:22:23] Cam: That’s a good question. That is a good question. You wanna take some of that? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the bug out bag gets a little bit, uh, confused sometimes, like even for me, I’m like, I want all this stuff that would make my life more convenient out, you know, bugging out from wherever I’m going. But really that bag is just a 72 hour, like a three.

Away from home kit, and that may be you are going from home to a hotel mm-hmm. , or you’re going from home up into a cabin, or you’re just gonna be on the road for three days. You’re gonna have those supplies that are gonna make things easier for you and, and, and allow you to live. Off, uh, you know, conveniently and comfortably until you can get back into safety.

It’s not one you’re gonna leave home forever and live out of. That’s, that’s one thing that kind of happens, is you kind of confuse it for mm-hmm. , you’re bugging out and you’re gonna live out of this bag for the rest of your life. No. And so you just think of it as a 72 hour camping kit, like, You’re gonna have flashlights in there.

You’re gonna have some cash in there. You’re gonna have some gear that maybe you have to build a shelter along the road if you’re on foot. And then you’re also gonna have something to communicate with either your family or other people by radio. Usually like a two-way radio. Um, you’re gonna have a change of clothes depending on the season.

If you’re, you know, it’s winter months, you’re gonna switch it out so that you have some warm clothes in there. In the summer, you’re gonna have some, a change of clothes. If you’re getting baked by the sun, um, you’re also gonna have food in there for 72 hours, like an Mr. Plus, maybe some, Um, Protein bars or mm-hmm.

some jerky or something like that. Something like that. And then you’re gonna have water that you can both have in the bag that you’re ready to use. And then also like a Soyer mini filter that’s gonna filter a hundred thousand gallons, whether that be, you know, pulling it out of a ditch or wherever you get it, then you know, it’s filtered.

Yeah. So a container that’s gonna carry water that usually has water in it, plus you’re gonna have the filter for it. And then, you know, lighting. Um, And, and, and those are just kind of the basic things you put in it and you want to get a good bag, one that’s gonna hold up. You know, trucking around, running around in the hills or whatever.

Cause a lot of times you throw a bag together that’s just kind of a junker bag. This is gonna kill your back if you’re backing that sucker around. So a good bag with supplies to last 72 hours to get you two or back from. You know, if you go out of into a safety zone or an area that will keep you safe and then you can get back home.

So that’s kind of what a 72 hour kid is. It’s, I mean, that’s kind of a rough rundown. Yeah. Yeah. I

[00:24:56] Coby: mean, something happens and you just have to leave right away. Right. Nice

[00:24:59] Cam: tools and things to keep you. Comfortable and lighting and mm-hmm. and then come back.

[00:25:05] Coby: You probably a good knife and fire starting stuff, you know, is just start that and, and, and again, you don’t know if your vehicles are working, if there’s fuel available, if you have to walk or, so it is like you just

[00:25:17] Cam: kind be ready back, be yeah.

You can plan on doing anything with it, like by foot, by vehicle, or by bus. You’re just like, that bag just works in all those

[00:25:26] Coby: environments. You just need to be self-sufficient for 72 hours or 78 hours, depending on how you wanna look at it. Yeah. 70

[00:25:32] Cam: hours for sure.

[00:25:34] Jeremiah: Yeah, and I was talking with someone the other day and was saying like, you always hear these people who are into like prepping and survival and they like are so quick to like leave their, uh, place of living or whatever if something happens.

And then I heard other people like, No, you should probably stay put as long as you can and then that should be your last resort. And then you hear like all these, Oh, I’m gonna be a lone wolf and all that stuff. What do you guys think about like, if something pops off, like what is the best plan of action?

[00:26:07] Cam: Yeah, we’ve talked about all those things.

[00:26:09] Coby: Yeah, for sure. I mean, you know, I think in our opinion, bugging out should always be kind of plan B it. It’s hard. Home base, right? You’ve got all your, your preps there. You’re comfortable there. I mean, why would you want to go out and live in the woods? I mean, it sounds sexy, it sounds fun, but like when it really comes down to it, yeah.

That’s not what you want to be doing, right? You want to be able to stay home. You’re, you’re secure there. Your food, your water, your beds, I mean your security system, all those things. That’s where they are. So if you can stay home, I think you should, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be ready to go.

Right. You have to be, you have to have that plan. You have to be ready to go and, And sometimes you could be in trouble if you stayed home. Right. Obviously, if you’re in Florida right now, you don’t want to be home. You have to, You had to have bugged out. Or you’re swimming for several days, which you don’t wanna do.

So yeah, I mean, I think bugging out is always plan B, but you have to have that plan. I think it’s like, it’s crucial to have that plan. Um, but you’re. Yeah, you definitely shouldn’t

[00:27:09] Cam: be your and doing go to. Yeah. And plan C or D should be lone wolfing. It like that should be hard. We have never even we, we’ve said it sounds sexy, it looks cool.

Like it would be amazing. You feel like a man, but 1% of the population could actually hack it. Mm-hmm. , like for more than a few days. Right. There’s just no way that it would go very well for anybody.

[00:27:30] Coby: Yeah. I mean even Navy Seals those guys, they don’t want to do that. It’s tough for them. So, um, yeah. Lo and Wolf and it is probably not your best, uh, idea or chance.

No. Or plan. No. Cuz then

[00:27:42] Jeremiah: you think like, um, you don’t have the security, like you’re gonna have to sleep at some point. Exactly. And. You’re gonna have to exert more energy cuz you’re doing everything yourself. Whereas if you have a group of people, you can get them to delegate tasks and it just seems more , more fantasized I guess you could say.

Oh yeah. Being the lone

[00:28:04] Cam: wolf . I know. If I lone wolf that like. The first mile I’d sprained my ankle. I know. And that’s me laying in the ditch went well. What happens? Tarp over

[00:28:12] Coby: me. If you break an ankle or something like I, What are you supposed to do there? You know, there’s not much you can step a trap or something.

Or if you get sick and you can’t go out and find water or food, you’re just laying there throwing up. Right. You gotta have somebody else there. Or it’s gonna be really, really tough to survive. You know? And, and again, that situation is so like probably never going to happen. We’re never like, it’s so much fun to talk about these super insane apocalyptic situations, right?

Like a total grid down emp, asteroid hitting the earth, whatever it might be. Those are so much fun to talk about, but probably not gonna happen. Right, Exactly. Like most likely it’s not gonna happen. So I think your plan A needs to always be, I wanna stay. With my kids and my dog and my cats, and we’re gonna live and we’re gonna be just fine, right?

Yes. I’m,

[00:28:58] Jeremiah: I’m 40 years old and the longest I’ve been without power was probably like two days maybe. And that was during a snow storming. It’s uncomfortable. I think it was like 96. We had like a couple feet of snow in Pennsylvania.

[00:29:12] Coby: Oh man. Oh. , Yeah. Yeah. In a couple days. That is tough. Like even two days without power is a rough, rough go.

Right? And, and if you think about it, um, for a young guy and stuff, I, it’s not that big of a deal. I got through it two days. But think about somebody who is old or who you know, has to use C P A P C A machine or whatever, or you know, They need electricity to pretty much keep themselves alive or warm or whatever it is.

Good luck. You know, that’s where it gets really, really tough.

[00:29:38] Cam: So I think my parents like lost the game show network. . Yeah.

[00:29:42] Coby: They’d lose their freaking minds. Yeah. A lot of those old people, they lose Fox News man. They, Which way to look? Yeah.

[00:29:50] Jeremiah: I need my Tucker.

[00:29:53] Cam: Where Tucker go, .

[00:29:57] Jeremiah: Yeah. It’s so true though. Like you don’t usually when you’re talking about like apocalyptic stuff, postapocalyptic stuff, and you see the shows in the.

Movies and all that, they usually don’t show that side of it. Like the Super Everly people or the young kids that need tended to. Yeah,

[00:30:14] Coby: yeah, yeah,

[00:30:15] Jeremiah: exactly. And also you guys recently had a episode about um, what apocalyptic movies get wrong. Oh yeah. I thought that was really funny.

[00:30:26] Coby: Yeah, man, that was kinda a fun episode.

I know about

[00:30:28] Cam: that.

[00:30:28] Coby: That was a fun episode. I did kind of forget about that one too. But no, that was really fun. Like, like I said, we are, we love, we love those types of movies. I love those movies. I love those types of books. We love those types of video games. Like that’s like our thing. Right. But it’s just really funny the way that it’s depicted sometimes where it’s just a little bit, uh, had it ain’t never gonna happen.

[00:30:48] Cam: Yeah. Like right. Powers out for one night and it just turns into like, just whole chaos. Whole town on fire. Yeah. All the cars are like flipped over and people are breaking into house and they’re like, Whoa. They’re

[00:30:59] Coby: canceling quickly. Yeah. Eating the cats in the neighborhood. Yeah. They just like, it’s a little bit quick.


[00:31:05] Jeremiah: Either that or you have like, um, you know, they’re far into the apocalypse and they all look like they’re ready for our photo shoot and

[00:31:13] Cam: that’s true. Their hair. My wife and I have talked about, we watched Fear of the Walking Dead and the one girl’s hair always looks like perfect. Does it? It’s like, man, I don’t know what serums essential oil shoes carrying around.

[00:31:23] Coby: You gotta have the right serums, man. Serums. Yeah. That’s what the wives are always prepping the serums. Yeah. They’re ready to go. .

[00:31:31] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s just, uh, funny to me cuz I’m into that stuff too, so when I’m watching it I do think like, how’s the guy’s teeth? So nice. Like That’s true. I haven’t seen

[00:31:40] Coby: approach his teeth one time.

Yeah, they’re like freshly shaved all the time, you know? It’s like, come on. Really?

[00:31:48] Jeremiah: So funny. Yeah. But then back in like the biblical times, wherever, like most of ’em had dreadlocks and stuff. . Yeah.

[00:31:55] Coby: Yeah,

[00:31:55] Cam: exactly. Yeah. That’s true. You don’t see like what the sanitation issues would Yeah. Oh yeah. That was another thing we

[00:32:03] Coby: talked about.

Right? They don’t show like the, the toilets backed up and the sewage running into the

[00:32:07] Cam: bathroom. Yeah. It just doesn’t show you all that. Once the, the

[00:32:10] Coby: powers

[00:32:11] Cam: out and the water plants aren’t working anymore, all it is is like overgrown. Nice. Pretty little bushes and like vines are like, I didn’t look that bad.

It looks kind of nice. It’s so funny.

[00:32:21] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cuz the. A lot of that stuff can kill you too. Like uh, all these floods in Florida and stuff can create big problems cuz you get all that like sitting water and it creates, and then a lot of that water has like feces in it and like Yeah. Like

[00:32:39] Cam: mosquitoes dog crap and crap.

Yeah, yeah,

[00:32:43] Coby: yeah. It’s not good to be way around. Yeah. You don’t want to just be taking big gulps of water as you’re swimming through that. That’s for sure.

[00:32:49] Cam: Yeah. How about any filter is probably gonna last like two seconds and plug up. Yeah.

[00:32:56] Jeremiah: So, um, what other like tips and advice do you have to like, someone getting into prepping and kind of they want to be more prepared and, uh, have, like, I know you guys talked about having like a plan in place, having like a, a list.

[00:33:13] Cam: Yeah. I, I, I think, um, Starting out, probably one of the, like our, one of the recent episodes we did were 15. Was it 15 Things we Wish we knew before we started. And one of the items on there, like Kobe talked about was like, number one was like plan, and then it was fitness. Then it was like some of those things just that we wish we would’ve known better, but inventorying things like if I wish I would’ve made a list of the stuff that I own that I recently purchased, the amounts of food I have.

I would like to have it all like written out, so I knew, And that, that would be, if anybody’s starting into it, um, just take your time to slowly piece together a list of. How much food you have, how many, you know, knives you have, how much, how many batteries you have for your, for your devices and backup.

Like that’s, that’s kind of the one of the big tips Yeah. That I would give people is like, start making, like, if you’re starting out, this is the best time to keep track of those things on a, on a nice little spreadsheet or whatever you do to. Keep track of it all. Yeah, that’s great

[00:34:16] Coby: advice starting now.

The other thing I would say is it’s hard to, it’s hard to stay motivated, um, doing preparedness. It’s really, really hard. Cause you get like these fits and starts, like, you’re like, Oh man, the world’s ending. Russia’s gonna throw a bomb at us any, any day. Now I better get some stuff right? And so you get, you get a whole bunch of stuff and then you, you forget about it or it gets hard or you get bored with it.

I think for me, one of the biggest things that’s been a help for me is having my little preparedness buddy over here. You know? That’s true. Having somebody to do this with, I think is a great way to go about it because you throw ideas off of each other, you talk about it together. You help keep each other motivated.

Um, and, and you can just kind of help each other out. Right? Um, to me that’s been a huge, huge help. And obviously we’ve got our audience too, which is, is awesome. But I think anybody’s starting out. I think it’s a really great idea to say, Hey, do you want to start getting more prepared? Or ask

[00:35:08] Cam: somebody? Are you, Yeah.

Like that. You talk a lot too. Yeah. Are you, are you doing any preparedness, like for your family? And you’d be surprised, I think some people put together stuff more than you know, and. But like, even, Yeah, we’ll, we’ll talk about it. I have a neighbor too, that he’s like, after you see deals on like, uh, five year shelf life stuff, like, let me know.

And, you know, and I try and like, you just kind of get that cycle of like, Oh, I need to do that too. Mm-hmm. . So yeah, there’s a

[00:35:34] Coby: lot of different

[00:35:34] Cam: things. It does help to have somebody else too. It,

[00:35:36] Coby: and then, and then just being realistic with it. Again, like we said, the most likely thing that’s gonna happen is not the Yellowstone cold era blowing and we’re all dead.

Right? Like it’s really fun to talk about. Don’t even worry about that one. Most likely the aliens aren’t gonna invade. I hope they do, but they’re probably not going to. Right. Um, so we, um, advocate like really looking. What are the, like your own personal apocalypse, what are the things that are going to happen to you at some point in your life?

And those, you know, those things are like power outages. Like you said, you’ve been through a two day power outage. That’s kind of a big deal. And if you were ready for it, that’s, it’s much better off. You’re gonna get through it much easier and much more comfortably, and you can help other people, right? Um, so power outage is probably going to happen.

You’re gonna have probably some car trouble at some point in your life, so you should have some things in your vehicle. To help keep you a little bit prepared there, you’re, you’re probably gonna have some health issues. Um, and so, you know, being, you know, healthier if you can, trying to work on your fitness.

Um, and with that it comes financials too, because you could lose a job. And again, the health issue comes back to that. If you gotta go to the er, you know how expensive that crap is. Um, and so having some sort of a, a savings account is, is a big deal. So if you can focus on those things when you start out, um, you’re gonna be so much further ahead.


[00:36:58] Cam: Seriously, you’re super into just zombie survival. You’re gonna have all the things in place for what’s most like Kobe, the things Kobe just mentioned. So yeah, it’s like it all comes down to the same stuff. Yeah. It’s

[00:37:08] Coby: all the same stuff when it comes down to it. So what

[00:37:10] Jeremiah: do you think the, uh, Mass fascination or mass appeal of the whole zombie apocalypse thing is about Oh, like

[00:37:21] Cam: I think it’s cuz movies have been in existence about zombies forever.

Like it ISN there, like a 1930s like yeah. Something that ties back to zombies. So it’s just been around as an event that’s a little more exciting and a really, you know, it’s a great Halloween thing. ,

[00:37:39] Coby: I think people just don’t want to go to. Yeah. You know, zombie apocalypse happens and none of us have to go to work the next day.

That’s true. That’s . Yeah. That kinda, that’s what I’m hoping for. Yeah, exactly right. So, it is something about it. I, I think the, uh, man, there was such a craze there for like 10 years with zombies. I think it’s, it’s kind of gone off a little bit. But yeah, I was obsessed with it. I think everybody kind of was

[00:38:02] Cam: obviously.

The walk, Some of our early stuff was zombie focused. Mm-hmm. like, Yeah. Videos and everything. Mm-hmm. about the zombie apocalypse. Yeah.

[00:38:10] Coby: I, and I have a hard time kind of pinpointing what the fascination is, but I think it’s, um, you know, being able to kill one of your neighbors that you just hate maybe, you know,

[00:38:20] Cam: hit with a show.

It’s a little, it, a little more realistic monster. Just like it’s another human that’s just infected. Like, Yeah. Instead of a six legged, you know, creature. Hiding in the trees and goes invisible. It’s not as . Yeah, it’s a little closer to realistic. Yeah. It’s

[00:38:35] Coby: feel like it could happen. Yeah. Right. There could be some sort of a virus that could happen and people start going nuts.

Maybe it’s not like straight gaze

[00:38:42] Cam: parasite that affects their brain and.

[00:38:44] Coby: So maybe that’s, it just feels like it could happen at some point and that’s why it’s a little fun. Wanna shoot other people? Yeah. That’s why I was saying I want to hit people with a shovel right in the face. That’s what I want to do.

[00:38:54] Jeremiah: I want try a crossbo. Cuz I always see that on the shows and I’m like, it

[00:38:59] Cam: looks so easy. But I’d be like sending that way over their head. You have a crossbo. I do have a, We’ve shot it. Yeah. Yeah. But even pumpkins that were standing still, they were tough.

[00:39:08] Coby: Always the easiest thing to hit. Yeah, they were.

[00:39:10] Jeremiah: Oh, I love how they make everything look so easy too.

And the like walking dead and everything. Like headshot,


[00:39:16] Cam: Yeah. Every shot’s a headshot. Like, Yeah. I love that. It’s

[00:39:22] Jeremiah: like, there’s no way .

[00:39:24] Cam: I know. Every time too, it’s like, and it’s not even like to the side of their head or their eye, like it’s like right between, right between the eyes, right in the middle of their forehead.

I’m like, Dang, . That was pretty good.

[00:39:34] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I don’t know if you guys remember, but like years back there was that like bath salt thing going down in Florida where people were like eating other people’s faces off. And yeah, I remember being like, Oh dude, it’s starting . That’s it. Yeah.

[00:39:47] Coby: Like, oh, myro that just run down to the, the store and grab a crossbo.

This is starting.

[00:39:53] Cam: Yeah.

[00:39:55] Jeremiah: Well I remember at the beginning of Covid the um, gun shops in this area were like, , everything was gone. Like people were just buying up guns and buying up ammo and like you couldn’t find it anywhere or, Yeah. So if you did, you’d have to pay like triple the price.

[00:40:10] Cam: Mm-hmm. . Yeah, that ammo hasn’t come down either.


[00:40:14] Coby: People, when things like that start to happen, that’s when people like, Oh wait, this could be a bad thing, right? Like, I, I haven’t thought about this and I haven’t been prepared for this, so I better run out and , right? Get myself a gun,

[00:40:27] Cam: right? Like, is. They buy a bunch of stuff that they’re not prepared to store and it’s like, yeah, they’ve never shot a gun in their life.

6,000 frozen pizzas. .

[00:40:36] Coby: Yeah, but they’d never shot a gun in their life. They run down to the store and get one. Like, I don’t know if that’s the best idea. I was actually a little bit scared that knowing how many people just went out and purchased guns in ammo. That’s true. Who’ve probably never shot a gun in their.

You know, but it is true if that’s, that’s part of the, the, you know, the appeal of being prepared and being a prepper is that you don’t, you’re not panic buying. Yeah. You don’t panic by that type of stuff. You don’t have to go out in a long line of people trying to buy a firearm. Right. That is not a place you wanna be.

Um, so that’s, that’s kind of the appeal. Because there’s

[00:41:07] Cam: those people too that’s like, you better get down there and buy some stuff. It’s all going beyond. You’re like, I know I’m buying. Okay. .

[00:41:12] Coby: Yeah. Yeah. And it’s just, it’s a snowball effect as we saw with the toilet paper and the guns and, you know, whatever else.

You couldn’t even get ibuprofen there for a while. No, you couldn’t. Yeah.

[00:41:21] Jeremiah: It’s crazy. Or like, uh, rubbing alcohol. We tried to get rubbing. Yeah. Rubbing alcohol. It was all

[00:41:26] Coby: gone. Yeah, man, it’s so

[00:41:28] Cam: crazy because it was super weird. And then, Speaking of all of that, how quick people are to forget what they just went through.

Mm-hmm. , it’s like, yeah,

[00:41:38] Coby: they now they still don’t have any toilet.

[00:41:40] Cam: We made it through. Never gonna have that event ever happen in my life again. Yeah. You never

[00:41:43] Coby: know. They still don’t have food prepared. Still don’t have toilet. Yeah. You know, it’s just, it’s insane.

[00:41:50] Jeremiah: But you guys had to have seen like a spike in your listenership?

Uh, we did through Covid, right?

[00:41:56] Coby: Mm-hmm. , Yeah. Yeah. I think it was, um,

[00:42:00] Cam: That was, we had a pretty big episode. Yeah, we did. We did

[00:42:03] Coby: a Covid episode. Episode and it just, it, we had like almost doubled the listeners on that one. And then, you know, for a few episodes it was up there pretty high and then it just kind of went right back down to the same old people, you know, like again, there was that, there’s that panics.

Okay. And then like, ah, now we’re gonna be fine, you know? And then, Obviously this thing’s still kind of going on, which is crazy. Yeah. But yeah, there was a huge spike. People got scared, people got, um, interested. I’m glad that it happened cuz I think a lot of people did become more prepared through Covid.

Um, I just don’t think as many people learned the lesson that should have,

[00:42:39] Cam: you know? Yeah. I feel like it was definitely. Pretty good trial run for what could happen, ? Yeah. I mean,

[00:42:45] Coby: I don’t, I can’t even imagine what a really bad pandemic would be. Like. We saw what Covid did to us and it was like a low level, um, you know, flu type thing, which obviously it wasn’t great, but it, it wasn’t like something that was just killing off everybody.

Right. Um, so yeah, was a nice little trial run for sure. Right.

[00:43:04] Jeremiah: Yeah, when it first started I was like expecting people to start like dropping in the street , and then the way they were hyping it up and then I was like, You like,

[00:43:13] Cam: yeah. We started seeing those videos from China that I think weren’t really from that.

Maybe they were, I don’t know, but people was like collapsing and confident blood and. I was like, Man, is it gonna get to that point?

[00:43:24] Coby: Yeah, man, that was crazy. I was honestly know where that came from, to be honest with you. Was a little bit freaked out at the beginning of this whole thing, especially like, Oh, we’re shutting down the schools.

Like, Oh my gosh. This is like real. Yeah. Like, like Cam said, it was super surreal for, for a couple of weeks. I’m like, we’re living. Like this thing that we’ve always said, this was our worst scenario. Every, like a lot of, you know, other podcasters and interviewers, they’d always ask, Okay, so what’s, what’s the one scenario you think it would be the worst?

The pandemic was our worst. And I’m like, Ah, pandemic. That would be the worst thing. I don’t ever wanna go through that. And lo and behold, here we are, like going through it. I was like, Oh my gosh, this is like, this can’t be real. This is so surreal. Um, so it was a really interesting experience. Um, And we learned a lot from it.

Yeah, we, we learned the things that we weren’t prepared for. We learned things that we were prepared for that that worked, you

[00:44:12] Cam: know? You learn how poor information can come from the government. Mm-hmm. , it’s like super confusing and it’s like, well what, what do I do? Yeah. You learn

[00:44:21] Coby: that that was one of the big lessons.

You cannot rely on the people in charge cuz they have no idea what the hell they’re doing. Yeah, yeah. You know, just like us, we’re, we’re all lost, but they’re just as lost as we are and we’re looking to ’em like, well, give us the

[00:44:31] Cam: information. What are we we doing here? Just give us what, Give ’em what they know.

Yeah. And then the next day that changes their like, should we tell ’em my own? Yeah. You guys need to wear

[00:44:39] Coby: mask. I mean, don’t wear a mask. Wear three masks. Never mind go home. No, just go garbage

[00:44:43] Cam: bag on your hands. I don’t,

[00:44:44] Coby: I’m good gracious. What are we supposed to do here? I’m

[00:44:46] Cam: confused. It was, it was, it just made it way

[00:44:48] Coby: worse.

So I trust the government even less now,

[00:44:51] Jeremiah: obviously. Yeah. I feel like if they would’ve just came out front in the beginning and just been like, This is something new. We don’t know what’s going on. Yeah, just hang tight till we figure it out. It would’ve been much better than, like you said, wear a mask.

Don’t wear a mask. Wear a three masks. Wear a diaper on your face. ,

[00:45:11] Cam: it did. It’s like, it just confused everybody. Confidence.

[00:45:15] Jeremiah: And then they didn’t have like anything across the board. It was like pick and choose wherever you were. Like where I was. It wasn’t as like strict as if where my brother is in Delaware.

[00:45:26] Cam: Exactly. It’s like, yep. Same. People like travel from those areas to our areas are like, you’re all gonna die. Then if you’re wearing a mask and go into one of those environments, they’re like, Get outta here. Weirdo. Yeah. He’s just like, Super. It was what a

[00:45:42] Coby: crazy, what a crazy experience we’ve gone through in the past few years, man.

Like, seriously insane, you know?

[00:45:48] Jeremiah: Yeah. I never thought it was gonna happen. And like you said, I was a little freaked out in the beginning cuz I was like, Oh no, is this it? Is this the the thing everyone’s been waiting for ? Yeah,

[00:45:57] Cam: yeah. True. For sure,

[00:45:58] Coby: man. It was, Yeah. And, and I feel like us doing the podcast type of podcast that we do, we, we kind of had, it felt like we had insider information that a lot of people weren’t working from, Right.

There was guys that worked like, Oh, this ain’t a big deal. This is gonna last a week, just like it always does and it’s gonna blow over. And I’m like, I don’t know, man. This thing feels a little sketchy to me. Yeah. , you know, and we, we, we’ve done a several episodes on pandemics and kind of the scenarios and how they could play out, how

[00:46:23] Cam: the news would kind of respond and yeah.

And it was like happening.

[00:46:27] Coby: Good gracious. What a crazy. Yeah. So crazy.

[00:46:30] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then I think they were talking about, um, I think it was in Florida about calling out the National Guard and stuff like that. And I was like, Oh no.

[00:46:37] Cam: I had friends that were like texting. They like, I heard from so and so that they’re gonna do martial law.

And I’m like, What ? So it is just crazy how news spreads and things happen. Like it’s, it’s really hard to kind of block that out and, but also try and get as much information to know what to do next. Yeah, man. Crazy. Well, I just hope we never have to go through that kind of thing. . Oh, I

[00:47:01] Jeremiah: hope not. No. . It was bad enough.

Mm-hmm. . And you still have like effects from it too. Like there’s, there was like a huge spike in like, uh, teen suicide and like Yeah. Yep. Depression and kids and stuff cuz they weren’t able to socialize at school and, Yeah. Uh. Yeah, I meant, And just throwing everything off

[00:47:22] Coby: still. Yeah. I mean, I think again, that was one of another lesson that we learned, Cam really saw it firsthand is like how important your mental health is, especially through a situation like this.

I mean, I’m sure that was, that was,

[00:47:33] Cam: Yeah, there was a huge surge, like I was in family medicine and. My visits, like depression, anxiety is always a big part, but it went from like 40 to 50% to like 75 to 80% of what my visits were. Were just helping people with depression. It’s just like, it was rough, you know, job loss and, and lockdowns and people not enjoying life and going on vacations.

They couldn’t, I mean, it is just crazy what it did to the mental health of people. And I’m like, if we went through something. Six months or, or a year of even more severe, it’s gonna be devastating. Just

[00:48:09] Coby: that alone. Yeah. And that just, again, goes to show you, you’ve gotta be prepared health wise and that, And that’s not just physical health, That’s mental health too.

You know? So you gotta have a plan for that and try and keep that mental health is, is healthy and as good as you can. You know, we

[00:48:23] Cam: haven’t mentioned a lot about, like, we, we always kind of mentioned like having entertainment. Mm-hmm. and ways. Either, like, if you don’t have power, you have way ways to like, maybe have a little power to watch some old videos or board games, um, candles so that you can, uh, romantic play.

Yeah, you can get real romantic . But no, just having ways to like, kind of make things feel normal for your family and your kids and stuff like that. Um, those things have gotta be part of your plan.

[00:48:52] Jeremiah: Good advice. Yeah. My wife and I, uh, pretty much collect books and we’re like, well, if there’s ever a power issue or anything, we’ll at least have something to read.

[00:49:02] Coby: that’s the thing. Yeah. I’m exact same way. Books. Yeah. You’ve got a ton. Yeah. Like that’s, that’s a huge, um, hobby of mine too. And I look at it as a little bit of prepping, right? Like, I’m gonna buy a book, but I feel a little bit better about it. Cause, you know, apocalypse. Yeah. Some sort of emergency. It’s something I can entertain myself with for, for so long.

Right. And yeah, but understanding those things that, that you can be entertained with that don’t necessarily have to have power or you know, you don’t have to leave the house, those things, um, is so huge for mental health especially. I mean, just because any type of situation you get into like that in emergency situ.

It, it’s, you’re on edge already, right? You’re probably eating crappy food. Stressed out, you have a bunch of anxiety. Not leaving the house like you normal. You do. You’re not working. You’re not, Yeah. And so you’re already just working from a bad spot. So you have to have some things that make you feel good, make, make you happy to entertain you.

Um, and especially if you’ve got kids, man, that just becomes even more and more important. So, yeah, it’s one thing you don’t want to overlook in your preparedness plan. Entertainment in that

[00:50:07] Jeremiah: type of thing? Yeah, for sure. Oh yeah, definitely. I think it’s very important. Cause like you said, if you don’t have your health, what’s the point?

What ? Yeah. Uh, you’re not gonna be able to do much or get anywhere. She’s

[00:50:21] Cam: gonna get worse and. ,

[00:50:23] Jeremiah: and then you’re gonna be stuck, and then all your prepping is gonna be worthless because you’re gonna be dead. And then all your kids are just gonna sit there and neighbors

[00:50:32] Coby: just Yeah, man. Hovering over you. I don’t get those preppers that like, they just, they spend so much time, so much money, so much effort, and they build up this insane, you know, prep or supply, but they’re like a hundred pounds overweight.

They can’t walk 30 feet up a flight of stairs. Yeah. You’re like, man, like who’s. Yeah. What are you gonna do? Like, this doesn’t make any sense. Right. Or they’re, they are relying on, you know, certain medications to keep them mentally healthy. And I know sometimes you can’t avoid that, but sometimes you can, Right.

So, yeah, I just, you can’t overlook the health and fitness side of it because it’s all for, not if you’re just gonna die in the first week anyways.

[00:51:10] Jeremiah: So what, uh, and wrapping this up, what kind of like apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic movies or shows or anything, are you guys like looking at now or are you just focusing on the prepping stuff or something completely different?

[00:51:27] Cam: Well, this time of year I always. I always like to watch signs. Yeah, that’s a great one. Yeah, just because, I mean there, there’s some prepper aspect there and they have like, you know, food storage in the basement and they, they end up down in the basement. They have their last meal and like there’s just some prepper fill about that movie that I really like.

Plus it’s very Halloween oriented. That’s kind of creepy and alien. Always exciting, so, Oh

[00:51:50] Coby: yeah, it’s the best, but you can’t like it, you can’t discount that because if it’s something that you enjoy, like those types of. It is something that when you watch them, it gets you motivated. Almost to prepare, right?

Yeah. Because you think about those situations and it gets your, your mind crank in and you’re thinking about like, ah, what would we do if we had a cornfield and there was aliens going, you know, not necessarily that, but, um, I think those are, those are great. Um, as far as movie, I’m trying to think of what movies I’ve been reading some books in that genre that I’ve really liked.

I just finished up Lu First Hammer, which was fantastic. It’s kind of the classic, um, you know, comment hits the earth, everybody’s gonna die type book those things. I love. Those are super fun. Yeah. Um, I’m trying to think if there’s any other ones. I’ve, I mean, I really loved the movie Greenland that came out not too long ago.

[00:52:37] Cam: That was, I just, That was good. Um, for the worlds, and I think there’s a series coming out for War of the Worlds. Have you seen that? It’s been out. Oh, is it out? Yeah. Oh, I didn’t even, it was out. I just saw some stuff on it. Was like, Oh, right. Didn’t know there was. I’m really looking forward to the last of us, uh, series on HBO that’s coming out.

Oh, yeah, definitely. That looks so good. It

[00:52:56] Coby: looks incredible. Yeah. Cause that,

[00:52:58] Cam: I love the game. The game was amazing in the, the greatest video game ever made. I’m gonna say. Seriously. It’s one of easily. Yeah, I agree. It’s, it’s amazing. And, so I’m excited to like, see that in, in mm-hmm. , um, A series. Yeah. In hbo.

They do such a great job, like good director too.

[00:53:16] Jeremiah: Yeah, I really wanna watch that one. And just for like the scenery alone, I know they’re gonna like knock it outta the park .

[00:53:22] Cam: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:53:23] Coby: I’m super excited about that. Yeah, they just released a trailer the other day, man. The production design looks amazing.

The characters look amazing. They really like recreated the the Yeah. Allers so well. Like

[00:53:33] Cam: the, Yeah.

[00:53:34] Coby: Yeah. I’m excited for that one. .

[00:53:36] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’ll be great. Um, last night I watched, and I’m gonna probably gonna butcher the name cuz I always get it wrong, but name is wrong. I think it was called these, these final hours.

Hmm. And it was from like 2014. It’s an Australian film and it’s basically, um, A come is hitting the earth and they have like one day left to live cause it’s about to hit the other side of the world and uh Oh wow. So, it’s in Australia. And this guy, he is not the greatest guy. He’s like, you know, druggie party guy.

And, he comes across this young girl and the whole movie. He’s trying to like protect this young girl and kind of like cleans up himself. That’s cool. Through going through this all at the same time of like, everyone’s just partying, living it up and, and acting crazy cuz the world’s about to end

[00:54:31] Coby: Never heard that one. Yeah. I’ll have to check that one out. That’s one I haven’t. .

[00:54:34] Jeremiah: Yeah, it’s called these final hours and I’m not sure where you can get it. Probably, I think they have it, the full version on YouTube. Cool. Yeah. I’ll have to check

[00:54:42] Coby: that one out. That one sounds good. Right up on, Yeah,

[00:54:44] Cam: that does sound good.

That does sound like a good one, .

[00:54:48] Jeremiah: Next, thank you guys for coming on and, uh, sharing your knowledge and joking around and , yeah. Being your casual prepper

[00:54:56] Coby: selves. Yeah, no, thanks for inviting us, man. It was a good.

[00:55:00] Jeremiah: Yeah, thanks for coming on and, uh, hopefully everyone out there listening can at least take something from it and hopefully make a step in the direction of just being more prepared, being more aware, and, um, you don’t have to be crazy and blow all your money.

Just buy an extra can at the store every time you go and just stock it up in your pantry. And, you don’t have to have like, years and years of food, but you. It’d be good to have a couple days or a week or two weeks and, um, get it done that way.

[00:55:32] Coby: Absolutely. Yeah. Slow and steady, man. That’s, that’s what preparedness is all about.

So, please just do something. If it’s a 72 hour kit, 78 hour kit, doesn’t matter. Get something. Um, and just work on, you know, one little thing here and there and it’s, boy man, it goes a long.

[00:55:46] Jeremiah: And, that wraps up another great interview with my guys over at Casual Preppers Podcast. Make sure you go support them, give them a listen.

Also, if you enjoyed the interview, make sure that you stop, Hit a Like and review on the show. Give it a five star. We’ll keep the good content coming. And thank you for tuning in to the What If the Wrong Podcast and remember. Question everything.