On the Trail of the Nephilim L.A. Marzulli

On the Trail of the Nephilim


On the Trail of the Nephilim L.A. Marzulli

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.


my fellow terrestrials. And welcome back. Thank you for tuning in. We’re gonna have an amazing show here with the man, the myth, the legend LA Marli. We’re gonna talk about on the trail of the Nephem about his research into UFOs and alien abductions and a bunch of other stuff. So, hang around for a bit. But, first I wanna give a shout out to a friend, fellow podcaster.

You should check out her podcast. It’s called strange origins. Play a clip right here.

Hello, my friends. My name is Paige Wilson Hume and I have been interested in the MC cob from a very young age. Gothic tales, mysterious disappearances and strange events that you can’t quite explain. These are some great examples of what I dive into in my podcast.

Strange origins in strange origins. I try my best to answer your questions about history and even pose some new ones. Have you ever wondered what gave birth to the stories that we tell around the campfire? What happened in our history that caused spooky tales of creatures, such as, werewolves and ladies, and white to be passed down from generation to generation.

More importantly, why are we still so fascinated with the macab join me as I jump down the rabbit hole of a new subject each week and attempt to stitch together the history of all things strange and

spooky. If it sounds interesting to you, give it a listen before we get to the interview, just wanna say.

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So, if you enjoy what he talks to us about, you can find it pretty quickly and easily. He’s definitely gonna drop a lot of knowledge on us. So, without further ado, we’ll get to the interview here, and remember question everything. Welcome to the what if the wrong podcast I’m Jeremiah, your host joined today by co-host April.

And we’re talking to the man, the myth, the legend LA Marli and his works with on the trail of the neem, uh, prophecies and the cosmic chess match. A lot of information, a lot of stuff to, uh, talk about and his knowledge is vast. And, unlike a lot of other people, he actually goes and, uh, to these places and researches and puts the feet on the ground and really, uh, ties it all together.

So, we’ll introduce him now.


[00:03:28] Marzulli: Hello, LA. Great to be here guys. Thanks for having me on, appreciate it. Yes.

[00:03:32] Jeremiah: Thank you for coming on. Uh, we’re excited to do this. So, I wanted to ask what was your aha moment when you said I have to do this on the trail of the neem and what got you down that

[00:03:46] Marzulli: path? Did you, have you heard this

[00:03:49] Jeremiah: before?

I have, but my audience probably hasn’t. Okay.

[00:03:52] Marzulli: This is cause I’ll, I’ll tell you the story. I mean, the aha moment for me was, um, several years ago, about 10 years ago, maybe, maybe longer. I don’t know. So, I get a call from my battle, buddy. Russ Diar. and, you know, Russ passed away in December and I really miss him.

He was, we attended 90 conferences together and we were kind of cut from the same cloth. We, you know, had the whole rough UN tumble world of the sixties and you know, the whole deal. Right. I was a little older than Russ, but it was basically the same, you know, it’s fast times at Mont I hate to say it, but that’s exactly what it was right with spa.

And Iole, it’s like, you know, clueless. So, I’m getting ready to head that new Ohio, Newark, Ohio, and Russ called me and goes, Hey LA, do you know where you’re going? I’m going to Newark Ohio. Why Russ? And, he starts, you have to know him when he, when he has that little undercurrent of a laugh, when he is sort of chuckling to himself, you can barely hear it, but it’s there.

And he goes, no, no, no, no, no. Do you know where you’re going? I go, Russ, I’m going to Newark Ohio. And in that little laugh again, a little louder. Come on Ross. What’s going on? He goes, are you buying your computer? I go, yeah. And he goes, Google, uh, NEM giants, fallen angels in the Ohio valley. I go, what? And he says the title again by Fritz Zimerman.

I mean, what, you know, fallen angels in the Ohio valley, uh, you know, the Neel and Chronicles. I mean, what, you know, I thought I was done with all this. He goes, oh, no, no, no, no, no. They just, you need to look at this. So, I get the PDF on Amazon. I read it on the plane, cuz it’s a five hour flight basically. I’m like reading this thing on the plane, like, oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, my mind’s blown Fritz Silverman. And um, I get to, Nerk see when they say it, I know where you guys are located, but in Ohio it’s Neha. That’s how they in and that that’s fun. I live in NEKA high and that that’s fine. But, you know it. Hm, anyways, Newark, Ohio, but you know, I haven’t people, I don’t have an accent.

Oh, yes you do. So, I get it. So, I’m going to near aha. And I’m there and I’m, I’m my, driver’s driving me from the, from the hotel to the venue to back again. So, he’s doing this, and on Saturday, uh, after lunch, he’s driving me back to the venue or dinner, whatever it was. And I go, let me ask you something. I’ve I’ve been reading about this great circle, Mel, in, in, right here in Newark, Ohio.

Um, do you know where that is? And he goes, oh yeah. You’ve, you’ve gone by it every day. I go, what he goes. Yeah. In fact, it’s coming up here in about a mile. So, I’m in the car, I’m in the back seat. He goes, there it is. And I look over and I get my first shot of the great circle now. And I go, well, look, I’ve got the conference heads tomorrow at noon.

I gotta go to lunch, and then I’ll be free. Instead of dropping me to the hotel. Can you drop me off here? Let’s say around one o’clock, and then from one to five, let me just spend, you know, three or four hours here and I’ll, I’ll call you if I get done early, he goes, okay, next day conference lunch drops me off.

There’s nobody in the parking lot at all. I’m the, he drops me off in the parking lot. Nobody there, this is like a God ordained moment. I’m walking up this asphalt path, which is about four feet wide to my left is this large mound of earth. I know it from Fritz’s book that this is the great circle mill and it’s huge.

I’m just kind of staring at this, like what? Get to the top of the path. I look to my right there’s the museum it’s closed. And so, what else is new? And I, I go to the left and I begin to walk. At the entrance of the great circle, Mel, and probably about 50 feet away from it. I just freeze. I just stop.

And I freeze and I’m hyperventilating, I’m doing this

and I, I can’t move. I’m not moving a muscle. I’m my eyes are darting around looking at this thing. And I realize I am looking at the rest of my life. I, I mean, it’s, it’s one of those moments in time that few people get in an entire lifetime, but I’m sitting there going, you are looking at the rest of your life, Mr.

Marzuk. This is what you will be doing for the rest of your life. And I just sat there like this, just like staring at it. And I I’m all, you know, every single cell, my, my whole body is just tingling and I’m, and I’m, I’m hyperventilating. I’m afraid to move. And I’m just sitting here looking at this thing for probably, I don’t know.

I don’t know how long I was there. I have no idea frozen. And then, I finally eased my way very slowly, not reverently, but very slowly and cautiously into the grid circle, Mel and I spent four hours there. Wow. And that was the beginning of on trail of ethylene. We have created, uh, seven films in the series.

I’m working on number eight now outta place artifacts. Hopefully you’ll have that done by the end of the summer. Um, all the film has been shot. I just gotta edit it. So, um, there is a hidden history. That’s been deliberately obfuscated from the peoples of the world. There’s no doubt about it. And you can see this.

There it is the mysterious mound builders, and you can see this, the elongated skull right behind me. And you can see the giant behind that. Um, it’s it’s mind boggling. It’s mind blowing. Now. Most

[00:09:47] April: people think that the mounds were. Indian burial grounds and, and things like that. Can you explain why you don’t believe it’s the ancient Indian burial


[00:10:03] Marzulli: Well, native Americans used them for secondary internments. They did. We know that they went in, and they buried their dead on the mounts, but native Americans did not know trigonometry. Let’s just start there. They did not know trigonometry. Now, if they did know trigonometry, why isn’t in the oral tradition of any tribe, if they knew about geometry, why isn’t in surely they would’ve guarded that they would’ve handed it down.

It would be in the oral tradition. Stop there. It’s not there. Right. So, when you go to the octagon mound, let’s just start there at the octagon mound. And when you’re in it, and I’ve been there three or four times, maybe, maybe more, I don’t know, you know, you lose track. I’ve been there a lot and, and I film there and through a drone over it.

So, you’re there in the octagon mound. It’s 50 acres. and it’s flat and you don’t know what you’re looking at. You know, you’re looking at something, but you don’t really know the only way you can see it is from the air. And then, when you’re in the air, you kind of go, oh my gosh, it’s an octagon, but then it gets better.

It’s in irregular octagon. Two of the sides are not equal. And octagon is eight sides with a specific angle. I forget what it is. And, it creates an octagon that’s geometry, but it ups the, it ups the ante. When you create two angles that are different. So, here’s the deal. I’m gonna show you what I mean. So, I’m gonna draw an octagon.

I’m gonna do this fairly, you know, free hand here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Now there’s my hand drawn octagon. Not bad LA too

[00:11:46] Jeremiah: bad. Good.

[00:11:48] Marzulli: right. But, if I presented that to my teacher, she would go, well, how did you arrive at that? Well, I just drew it F got eight sides F no, it’s not what you do. You take a pro tractor and a ruler and you need the angle, the precise angle of that, of that thing.

And then, you need each side equal that’s for an equal octagon. But, this octagon okay. Is two of the sides are longer. Now it becomes like E off the charts and then you’re enclosing 50 acres. And then, if that, that wasn’t bad enough, right? How do you know what you’re doing? You don’t right. You don’t know what you’re doing, unless you’re in the air.

I mean, you know, you just don’t, how does it look to you? Tons O it looks pretty good to me. I think let’s keep going with the next slide. You don’t know what you’re looking at. You don’t know, unless you’re in the air. but it gets better, because the octagon, the great octagon, Mel, like many of the sites are built on an 18 and a half year lunar calendar, lunar cycle.

They know about, in fact in the octagon, I’m gonna show you where it is. It’s like right there where the big star is right there. Right there. There’s the star, right? There’s like a high place. It’s ceremonial. They don’t know what I know. Tell you exactly what it was used for. And that’s where the lunar standstill happens.

So, the moon is doing this 18 and a half year deal. And then, at the end of 18 and a half years, it stands directly over that spot and just stands there. Now let’s take my calculator in my computer. I’m gonna do some saffron for you people right now. yes, sir. Hold on. So, where’s my calculator. Where gonna it go?

They were just right there. .

[00:13:41] Jeremiah: So, sound like us in North Carolina.

[00:13:43] Marzulli: Yeah. Yes, sir. 18, 18.6. You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorist. how did he get elected? I mean, we all believed in him. It’s like, ah, don’t at me. See, I’m down a rabbit trail. I promise I wouldn’t do that. I’m sorry, please. I’m having way too much fun tonight.

So, 18 and a half years, right? Times 365 days. So, if it’s 365 days in our calendar, but let’s go 360. Cause that’s that’s what ancient calendar. All right, so we’ve got 6,696 days where the moon comes up, but wait, the moon rises and sets. Okay. So, we all three of us, April and, and Jeremiah in LA, we go to the, we go to the site and we go, yep.

We’re gonna make this thing at 18 and eight. We’re gonna, we’re gonna figure out what the moon’s doing. We don’t know what the moon’s doing. The moon is rising and it’s setting. So, it comes up and it comes down. But, guess what? We go back the next night, it comes up in a different place, different and goes down in a different place.

So, now we put some stakes down, we put a center stake. That’s where that’s our viewpoint. And then we put the first stake up and then the sec, the second stake. So every single night, 6,696 stakes times two, 13,392 stakes in the ground. But you don’t know, what’s an, we don’t know what’s an 18 and a half year Luna cycle.

So we put the stake in. Rising and setting. And we, you know, after about 30 days, we’ve got a bunch of stakes and we’re, you know, recording in on deer hide. How’s that for you trying to figure out, you know, making little points where the, where the stakes are. So after 30 days, a four day rainstorm comes in and we can’t see the moon now, what do we do?

Moreover, we don’t know whether we’ve jumped in, in year five, year, 15 year two. We don’t know where we are. And then how do we crunch the data? How do we sit there and go, you know, I’m thinking that we’ve seen this stake here before and you go, how can you possibly tell there are 13,392 stakes on the ground.

So God just, just that. Not yet. It’s just like, and the archeologists just go, well, they did it. So they must of known no, that’s a straw man argument. Thank you. I’ll get serious here. I’m kind of goofing on the whole thing, cuz it drives me nuts. The bottom line is that’s a straw man argument. to say that they did it.

You don’t know who. native Americans did not know about the 18 and a half year lunar cycle. Moreover we know from the book in Enoch, it was handed to mankind from a fallen angel by the name of Elle. So we can believe in the supernatural explanation or we can believe the modern day archeologists. And some of these guys are really great.

They do great work, but don’t, don’t tell me. That this happened because you don’t know how this arrived. You don’t even know who built the octagon mound. You call them the Hopewell Hoppo was a flipping farmer where the artifacts were found 150 years ago. And so you name this entire culture after the farmer, you don’t even know what these people or these entities called themselves.

You have no idea. And you insist that they use digging sticks and clamshell hose and other hose. You have no clue how they can pack of the soil, where it came from. It came from a mile away. They use dog sleds. Oh, really? Let me get this straight. The ground is hardened over there for four to five months out of the year.

You can’t dig in it. It’s frozen probably from November, December, January, February, definitely four months. More than likely five, depending on the winner. So everything’s frozen. So now you’ve got a limited building thing. These are a hundred gatherers, so who’s gonna pay, who’s gonna feed the guys. While they’re out there digging this sink, we’re gonna make an octagon mound.

Why? I don’t know team said we’re gonna make it not golly. We’re gonna do it. I mean, then you get to the circle mound, one of the largest circles earthworks, and it’s got an interior moat. Well, our team, I hired a surveyor. The surveyor went out, Todd wills and, and he he’s in the film mathematical mysteries of the mound builders.

There it is mysterious mound builders. I’m a trail of bene name. There’s seven of them, seven films. In my series, you can download them by going to streaming, do lamar.net streaming that LA Marzo dot, or if you want the hard copies, you can go to the website, LA marzo.net. So you look at the, the circle, Mel.

it’s about 1,250 feet in diameter and that’s the one I walked into and just went, oh my gosh, what am I looking at? It’s got an interior Mo that in its hayday was flooded with water. So the torch light, no trees. There’s the circle Mount alter the, the, the, uh, the moat. It’s not a moat, but the mote right. Is reflecting the stars and the Torchlight.

I mean, this is like mind boggling ceremonial. It’s gotta be off the flip and charts. We hired Todd Willis. Todd tell me is the mote level. Yeah. Hey, we measured the mote. It’s pretty much dead level within six inches to a foot. Okay. Well, a foot’s like. That’s not very big. And it’s the, you know, that’s things like thousands of years old.

So he said easily, that could just be slough going in it’s between six it’s basically level for all practical purposes it’s level. So now I go, Todd, how did they do that in the ancient world? Well, they must have brought the water in somehow and used water as a leveling device.

I mean, you know, guys, there is a hidden history. That’s been deliberately obfuscated from the peoples of the world. And then you go to, so say wa on

[00:19:46] Jeremiah: we’re going there. There it is. Next, next week. We’re going there.

[00:19:51] Marzulli: are you going next week? Yes.

[00:19:53] Jeremiah: Yeah. We fly to Peru on Tuesday next week with who?

[00:19:56] Marzulli: Just yourselves?

[00:19:57] Jeremiah: Just us and her daughter. Yes. Where,

[00:19:59] April: where are you going? We are going. We’re going to practice and then we’re gonna be seeing the NASCA lines. Of course. And we’ll be going to Cusco and Lima and Machu Pichu. And I, I always say it wrong. All UN Tombo and yeah. Okay. You, I wanna be able to get into the museum with the, the skulls, but I believe it’s closed

[00:20:22] Marzulli: right now.

Yeah, the, the, uh, senior Juan museum has been closed. Just go to the eco museum ICA and you’ll get to see B Chango skull. Okay. Hold on. So let me get to where the heck is. Socks say wa she’s

[00:20:40] Jeremiah: right next to me. No, just kidding.

[00:20:46] April: I thought that was crazy. Mama

[00:20:51] Marzulli: well, it’s in Tobo like he,

[00:20:54] Jeremiah: yeah, we’re going there too. Mm-hmm , we’ll go everywhere. It’s worth.

[00:20:57] Marzulli: It’s worth waiting for so. lake titty,

[00:21:00] April: Coca

[00:21:02] Marzulli: oh, titty Coka. That we’re

[00:21:03] April: hoping to see something above lake titty, Coka come, you know, maybe something come outta the water.

[00:21:10] Jeremiah: We don’t know . Yeah, but even there, you can tell the stones on the bottom are like, not from the ink of people.

Oh. Or the old oh yeah. And then as it goes up, you see the craftmanship go down.

[00:21:24] Marzulli: Yeah. It’s hysterical. I don’t know why I’m having trouble finding this. This is ridiculous. Well, there there’s the Chongo skull. Yes. And, and we, in, in episode six, the DNA, we’re the only team. Well, not the only team other people have copied it.

We show where the Farman Magnum is. Our, our team was able to, to mess with that. Hold on. I gotta, I really want to find this. I don’t know why I’m having trouble finding it.

[00:21:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s all right.

[00:21:58] Marzulli: Gotta be like right here. Yeah, here it is all. So when, when we’re at, you know, when, when you’re, when you’re there and, and you go to, so say wa mom, and you look at this, look at the people, look at the size of the stones.

And then when you’re there and you touch those stones, my friend, you are touching the fingerprints of the supernatural.

[00:22:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. Even look at the like way it shaped and all.

[00:22:30] Marzulli: And, and if you’re with an Inca guide, you’re you’re with a tour guide. Oh, the in ankle were master stone builders. Excuse me. You’re lying through your teeth.

The Inca had nothing to do with this and you’ll see it. You’ll see the ink ankle lop directly above it. And it’s hysterical because it has nothing to do with the stink in Inca. And I’ll show you what the Inca slot looks like. Hopefully let’s

[00:22:55] Jeremiah: back a little bit. Yeah. Cuz how are they able to like have the stones going

[00:23:01] Marzulli: 80,000, a hundred thousand times?

I mean, you know, quit lying, just quit master

[00:23:07] April: builders with builders who cannot even do that today.

[00:23:11] Marzulli: No. See the ink of slop next to the stones up on top. Yeah. That’s the ink of lop head size boulders, you know, mortar together. Quit lying. Yeah. I mean just quit, quit sitting there telling us that the Inca did this with copper chisels when we’ve already shown this with a piece of ANOC side stone.

So here’s my copper chisel. Let’s say right, this is on film. We’ve got it on film and we take the chopper chisel and we put it on the Endocyte and we go tin. We hit it one time. Chisel is. Stone, not even a indentation, quit lying, quit lying, quit, quit telling us that the Inca did this because it fits your goofy narrative.

You don’t know who built it. And I, I take great umbrage in the fact that you sit there and repeat the same BS to everybody trying to tell us that the Inca did this and the Inca had nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing. Zippo. This is fallen angel technology, NEHI architecture, shame on you, people for deliberately obfuscating the truth, but that’s what you guys do.

And you do it over and over and over again.

[00:24:25] April: Mm-hmm . Now, can you tell our viewers who the Neal lium actually were?

[00:24:30] Marzulli: The Neal li are the progeny of phone angels and the women of earth cohabiting and creating this hybrid being. unless a person understands Genesis three 15, they don’t understand the rest of the biblical narrative because Jesus is there in the garden.

And he’s looking at the dragon. He’s looking at Adam and Eve and he utters this to the dragon. Your seed, your offspring will be at war at ity with the seed of the woman, the one coming from the woman, the proto andum. He will crush your head. Yo bruises heal. , it’s not tied in the churches for the most part.

People have no idea what it means it sets, and this is the deal. Well, you know, EPMS only mentioned in a couple of verses throughout the Bible. Why do you take such great amount of time and dedicated your entire life to it? Because Genesis three 15, if we knew that, then it unlocks the rest of the scripture and we see, oh wait, tower of babble.

Oh wait, Abraham. And the five Kings, oh, wait again, Sodom and Gamora. And then there’s the conquest of Canan. I mean, it’s just all throughout their seed, Daniel, their Sieble mingle with the seed of men, but they will not Cleve to them. Who is their seed? Who are they? Their seed will mingle. It’s not the seed of men.

Cause their seed will mingle with the seed of men. Genesis three 15 is the key to the entire Bible to the entire. It tells you that the antichrist. Will be the seed of the dragon. Literally he imitates the seed that that became the, became the Messiah. Because no matter how you say it, and you never hear this, it’s got jerked because people go, can’t talk about thought.

That’s just, oh my God, Jesus is a hybrid. He’s a hybrid. He’s fully God and fully man. Mary is somehow, somehow she gets genetic information. Somehow the holy spirit comes in overshadows her and that genetic information is passed into her ovum to her seed. And that becomes the Messiah. How does that work? I have no idea, but that’s what happened.

Cause he’s fully God and fully man. He is in essence, a hybrid a hub bread because he’s God and man that never happened before.

[00:27:05] April: I’ve never heard him called a hybrid. I’ve heard him called an extraterrestrial old

[00:27:10] Marzulli: well,

[00:27:10] April: he, no, well, cause he’s not of this,

[00:27:12] Marzulli: but he is well he’s of this earth because he was born in the stable, but he’s a hybrid entity because he’s not, he’s not he’s fully, man.

I get that. He’s fully gone. I get that. But the genetics, you know, part of it comes from, you know, the eternal and I have no idea how that works, but that’s, that’s who he is. And he is the God man. You sure Jesus Genesis three 15 is, is, is the key that unlocks the scripture and the antichrist will be the seat of the dragon.

That’s who he’ll be. He will be the offspring of the dragon himself. And that’s where all that power comes from. He may already be

[00:27:54] Jeremiah: here. So you believe that the fallen angels spread with the women of earth and um, created the giants or the Netline and then they’re responsible for all these mega structures around the world is what you’re saying, right?


[00:28:13] Marzulli: When, when you guys go to Peru next week and you sit there, if the Barus museum is open Inca, the ICA, the Inca, museum’s about an hour away, you should call to make sure it’s open when you go. Okay. Definitely. Cause this is their winner. So things are kind of shut down up there. Um, you’ll also see elongated skulls as a museum near the qu concha up at so a Mont, um, you can catch them there.

Um, but the eco museum has a great display. You’ll see the Chango skull, which is in our film. And you should watch the DNA film before you go. I would, you know, watch episode six and watch episode, um, uh, what is it? Um, hold. Episode six of, of my series, the DNA series. You need to watch that. And then episode six of the watcher series, the secret cosmic war, watch those.

I, I, you know, highly recommend it Watchers six and on trail six because, okay, you’ll get the whole DNA deal from number six. You can also watch my on trail number seven because we talk about some of these other sites. If you can, when you’re in Lima, three hours, north of that is corral. It’s the oldest city in the Americas.

Once again, 18, a half year lunar cycle Plaza, dead level. Oh, they have step pyramids. There there’s no preexisting culture. They’re kind of going, let’s make a pyramid, Bob, what? The heck’s a pyramid. I don’t know, but we’re gonna make one I mean, it just all just goes poof. There it is. And we see it over and over and over.

And when you’re in, when you’re in Orton Tobo you will see when you, when you go up to the, to the temple of the song, they have no idea where called something very cataclysmic happened. That’s why you need to watch this stuff. Cause we’ve already, you know, it’ll, it’s a great, great primer to get you to, you know, it’s a great springboard.

So when you’re there, you can discover things yourself, but you know, so say, well, mom, you sit there and look at it and go give me a break. Give me a break. There’s no way human look. Could you do it today with cranes and lasers and diamond saws, maybe 80,000 tons. Paul, we gone, let me just show you this. I didn’t let me, you know, since we’re here and you guys look at this, this is in Cusco.

This is the corner. Everybody goes, look, look at the curve. No two stones are alike, right? To make that. Are you kidding me? And to make it fit perfectly. No, no. Now we top, you gotta take it down all. Where’s the crane. Yeah. Stone number 82. We gotta take that

seriously. I mean, just show me if I were a billionaire, you know what I would do? I would create the LA Mazuli Al challenge. Oh yeah. and I would go get all the copper chisels and the best stone masons on the planet and go guys, we’re you don’t even have to quarry the stones. We’ll do that for you. How’s that sound?

And here they are just make a 20 foot wall for us that, that simulates no cranes. Okay. No beast of burden. And you guys can make your own pulleys or ropes, or if you gotta do, but just, just do 20 feet. Just, just show me how you make these perfectly circles with no mortar and how they stand up. Thousands of thousands of years, I believe in Tim Albarino believes thats Saman probably is pre flood, probably is pre flood.

Mm-hmm just saying

[00:32:15] Jeremiah: there’s a lot of sites around the world that I believe are pre flood as well.

[00:32:21] April: Now, why do you think personally, I I’ve read the cosmic, uh, chest match. Why do you think personally, do you, do you think that they came down, gave the information to men to be like God, to be above God, to, um, to people like us today to dissuade us from believing in God.

I know with the mounds and things like that, uh, All the giant skeletons have disappeared. Smithsonians hidden them, got rid of them, ruined them. Um, there’s people all the way around the world. Um, destroying ancient technology and things like that. And, and things of the Bible. So personally, what do you think is going on?


[00:33:10] Marzulli: I think that in all of these sites, they want to be worshiped. They want to be worshiped because they act like gods. They come down, they do this, they might heal people, fallen angels can do that. There’s power there. They can heal, they have knowledge. Fallen Ones have this, they have that. Can manipulate space, time matter and energy.

So they’re worshiped as gods and that’s what they want the Lord right. Allows it for a period of time. And then he acts. And that’s why we hear this over and over and over again in all these megalithic sites all over the world. Well, they just, I guess they just died out and they assimilated into the general population.

That’s, you know, conjecture on your part. You have no idea what happened to these people. What if they were completely destroyed Sodo Andora as a perfect example. None OFA mm-hmm is a perfect example. We don’t know, but we hear well, T two WCAN right in Mexico, we call ’em a T two WCAN, but we have no idea what happened to them or where they got the information to build that pyramid.

Well, they, they have to, and it’s always circular reasoning and it’s always a strong man argument. Well, they did it. So they had to have the information from somewhere. Well, that’s, you know, mm-hmm , you know, pitch can fly too. Right. So now what, you know, you guys just make up stuff, you just make it up, right.

You just make it up. It drive. It literally drives me nuts. And I’ve argued with archeologists. Well, what about this 28? You know, pound accent. That’s ceremonial LA. How do you know it’s ceremonial? Because, we don’t know what else it could possibly be used for. What if a nine footer is wielding it?

Well, there’s no such thing as nine footers, but what if there are that’s utilitarian for the nine footer? So it’s not ceremonial. What about those three foot Lance that we call the Neelum, Lance that weighs 28 pounds. You know, that’s made of bronze that found in Michigan native Americans did not know how to make bronze.

They didn’t. Right. So what’s it doing there? And chief Joseph comes on the record talking about the neem Lance and saying, this is why you guys need to buy this book. It’s all in here, right? I’m on, I’m on a trail. He’s on the trail.

[00:35:31] April: Oh, we have it. Yes. I have both books. I believe it’s the

[00:35:34] Marzulli: same. Yeah. I’m gonna show you in a second.

Where’s some information in this. I mean, I, it blows my mind. It really does. Like, yep. I’ve got both. There’s actually, there’s actually three books in here. Three

[00:35:46] April: books. Yeah. I didn’t, I must not have, here you

[00:35:47] Marzulli: go. Here’s the Neum Lance right there. And you put a nine footer on that thing. It’ll, it’ll go right through three people.

And that’s what chief Joseph said. Yeah. That, that originally, um, this Lance there’s, there’s a shot. What? It looks like mm-hmm and when we, when we tested it right, the first lab, oh, it’s just the, the, the, the, the person we were with said, oh, we’ll be able to tell you where the copper’s from. Maybe the age of it, blah, blah, blah.

So a month and a half later, two months later, I’m there with Bob Sheey. Bob is the guy that, that foul the Lance, eh, well, you know, not so fast now they got a PR person with the, with our, our point of contact and she can’t say anything to us. So she clears it with the PR person. We can’t film anything. What are you guys so afraid of?

well, when you think it’s just, oh, it’s just, you know, you could build this in today.

[00:36:44] Jeremiah: Yeah. And then you hear stories about, um, like David and Goliath and king ag and all those, the 28.

[00:36:51] Marzulli: And, but here’s the deal. So Christian Widener had a lab and we caught a piece of a Lance off and we gave him the piece of a Lance and he went over that thing and tested it.

And he found isotopes in that Lance, which are only from Turkey and the middle east and the tin comes from England. Hello.

[00:37:16] Jeremiah: But it’s

[00:37:16] Marzulli: in America. It’s my wheelhouse it’s ne well,

[00:37:19] April: then they say that, oh, it was the Landbridge. They came over from the Landbridge and ,

[00:37:25] Marzulli: I mean, they’re look, it’s, there’s a steel a that protopia talked about in Northern Africa and, and Mondo Gonzalez was the first person to tell me about this.

We are, they. Who fled from the face of Joshua, the robber, the son of none. We are, they who fled from the face, the IANS, the Venetians were here 4,000 year old site, America Stonehenge, mind, boggling mind boggling site in New Hampshire showing the connectivity. I mean, I’m not making this stuff up. That’s why we’re on the trail.

You know, that’s why, and number eight will be out of place artifacts. Cause I I’ve already filmed it and it’s time to let’s release the film. Let’s get it edited. You know, we’re working on every UFO film, that’ll be number three and the ongoing UFO series. So I mean, we’re, you know, we’re, we’re constantly, you know, the Lord has blessed me, blessed us and I’m sitting in the studio, I’m looking around and.

this place is firing in all eight cylinders tomorrow morning. I’ll meet with, uh, bill, not his real name as a follow up. Bill’s the guy that we took the implant out. Mm-hmm in, in Watchers, uh, seven and Watchers eight. So I’m following. Yeah. I

[00:38:47] Jeremiah: wanted to talk with you about the, um, whole abduction thing, cuz I know that’s a lot of your work

[00:38:53] Marzulli: too.

He’s coming up to the studio after I take him to breakfast. and we’re gonna do a follow up. Oh yeah.

[00:39:04] April: Oh, so, so back in the Bible times, you know, um, there was something interesting. I am, I’m a spirit filled Christian and. I’ve I’ve read a law of the Bible. I was always told that the Aroy and all that you know, was not true.

Not to believe it, you’re messing with bad spirits if you’re reading this stuff. But one thing, you know, churches believe pretrip or, uh, mid trip or, or tribulation, one thing that in your book, you said it was gonna be like the days of Noah. Well, we always thought, okay, well, it must be pretrip because in the days that, you know, Noah was taken out.

Right. But something that you had made a point of, and it really I’ve always believed that aliens were fallen angels, but I never knew where I got that belief. I just kind of believed it and people thought I was kind of crazy. Oh, sorry. but you, you, you made in your books that. You know, the fallen angels, they are pretending to be God in the days of Noah.

That means that they’re literally, these angels have come back and they’re doing the same thing that they’ve done back in the Bible times. Um, genetically, um, in these abductions, messing with our genetics and, and still doing, they might not actually have in sexual contact. They may be, but it’s, it’s like the days of Noah.

Once again, I completely con and, and that’s what they’re doing.

[00:40:46] Marzulli: And, and this is why, unless, and look, unless you understand Genesis three 15 and three chapters later, you get the days of Noah. Then, then when Jesus says we like the days of Noah and what does that mean? And that’s why it’s not taught because most pastors have no clue and they don’t teach it.

Well, that’s impossible. Angels can’t have sex. It says, well, be like the angels neither given in marriage. Yeah. But it doesn’t say that you can’t have sex. they saw the woman of earth that they were beautiful. They took wives, plural. Went into them in the biblical sense and they Sid the giants. Fallen angels did it.

Then they did it afterwards. And that’s what this book, counter move is all about. However, Neel and returned after the flood. And they’re doing it again in modernity, their seed will mingle with the seed of men, seal up these words, Daniel until the time of the men until the time of the end, men and women will run two.

And for over the face of the earth, knowledge will increase, but you go your way, you go your way, but seal up the book until the time of the end, their seed will mingle with the seed of men. They will not Cleve to them. We’re here. The, the essence of my work guys, and it’s like what happened in modernity?

What happened in antiquity is being repeated in modernity. Happened in antiquity is being repeated in modernity. In the distant past is happening again as I speak, right? And now the whole UFO thing. Real versioning and not going away. So we’re here. I mean, we’re, we’re in it up to our eyeballs,

[00:42:17] Jeremiah: right?

Yeah. I’ve been researching into UFO, abductions and abductions and reading a lot of works from like, you know, Dr. David Jacobs and other people. I can’t think off the top of my head, but, uh, the one thing that sticks out that really like bugs me is the whole like hybridization thing and the whole, like, uh, they’re very focused on reproductive type of stuff.

And a lot of women claim to see like these sickly babies and, yeah. Um, do you think that they’re like trying to create life so to speak or like do what God

[00:42:59] Marzulli: does or no, but they’re just making hybrids just they’re making modern day. Nephem. it’s exactly like the days of Noah except their seed is mingling with the seed of men.

There’s no, not a lot of procreation they’re taking over from the woman, sperm from the men. They’re taking the blood from the cows. They’re, they’re doing like the they’ll take the fetus, um, and the, and the third month or the second month, but in the first trimester and the woman thinks she’s just had a miscarriage.

Well, she hasn’t. And I, we, we have one woman that came on the record. It’s it is this, or one of the most intense, um, the most intense, uh, interviews I’ve ever done. Um, she was, I pregnant in three times and they, they took three of the children. 20 years later. She’s with her second husband, all that stopped born again, Christian, and she wakes up one night, the husband switched off.

He doesn’t wake up and she looks over, there are three men standing in her room. She knows instantly these are my children. and they’re looking at her bigger eyes with absolute hate, absolute hate it’s visceral. So look, I might make this stuff up. Um, you know, it’s my wheelhouse, I’ve been doing it forever, you know, in some ways it’s like, golly Lord, you know, but it’s so dark.

But our mission statement is to expose the deception of the prince of the power of the air and to Herald the return of the king. Jesus. So, you know, we’ve talked about the works of the enemy, but this is why he’s coming back soon has to, you can’t fix this anymore. And now the whole UFO thing is about to be revealed.

And as a saying, I coined a number of years ago, we go up, they come down, we go up, they show up, we go up, they come down and that’s, that may be exactly what we see. Conjecture, but that’s one of my right Yogi Barris sayings, you know, it’s just like, God gives ’em to me. And we go up. I remember when I said it to Gary streaming, he goes, you have to copyright that LA that’s incredible.

bill Salis heard it the other day. And he went, oh my gosh, LA that’s. That’s amazing. I’m just trying I’m not smart guys. You know, it’s not me. It’s right there. You know, say this poof. Wow. That’s really good Lord. Thanks a lot. look the, I remember when I was writing politics, prophecy with supernatural report, he gave me this, this saying the current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened in some cases millennia ago.

That’s a mouthful. When he gave me that I just went, that’s profound. That sums up mm-hmm our entire history in one sentence. That’s unbelievable. Say it again. The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened in some cases millennia ago, let’s walk through it.

So the Jews are in Israel. They believe in supernatural events that happened to who Moses Moche Moses, mu Moses that’s color their body politic. Now we can tap dance around that all day long and say, well, it really doesn’t color their body political. I mean, there’s a lot of secular Jews, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Excuse me. Mm-hmm excuse me. It colors the body politic all day long. Let’s go to Iran. They believe in a different set of supernatural events, allegedly Mohamed receiving the Quran, right? That’s colored the body PO well, not really. Oh yes. It has look at the MOS. It’s a theocracy over there. They believe in, you know, that, that the America’s the great Satan and the Jews are the little Satan.

We have to kill all the Jews for the Yeman money to come back has so supernatural events that happened thousands of years ago have in fact, colored the body politic in this country. Unlike Barack Obama, insisting that America is no longer a Christian nation. I’m glad you think so, you know, so, you know, whatever, I won’t go there, but, but the bottom line is, did you dare?

Christian worldview has colored the body politic all day long supernatural events, right. Are responsible for the body politic in Iran, in Israel, in, in America. I mean, wake up the present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened in some cases, millennia go. And I didn’t write that.

He did that. That is one of the most profound statements I’ve ever heard. and he gave it to me go figure. Right. See, I’m not, you know, I’m like, well, I could say, well, you know, I’m really brilliant. That was just a, a genius statement. I had nothing to do with it. The holy spirit said, Hey, look at this point.

And I’m like going, oh my gosh. And, and typing as fast , you know, I’m not that smart guys. I’m not, but he is. And so he chooses, you know, this broken vessel, you know, to give that, give that statement. That is, that is one of the most profound statements I have ever heard in my life. And again, I’m not, I’m not taking any credit for that at all.

That’s from

[00:48:44] April: me. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve noticed in your books. You’re like, I am not a prophet. ,

[00:48:50] Marzulli: I’m not, you know, some people, I just love it in the body of Christ. It’s like, you know, prophet. It’s like good for you. Call yourself, call yourself whatever you wanna call yourself. I’m just as sinner, save by grace.

You know, no titles. I just,

when we get raptured and taken out, I’m on my white horse. I’m part of the white horse police force. I can’t wait for that. Me

[00:49:19] April: too.

[00:49:20] Marzulli: I already got one foot over there. You know, I do. OK. Know, maybe we’re going up soon cuz you can’t fix this anymore. You just can. I mean, the left is so rabid. We have to kill all the babies.

Have to kill them. Somehow a woman’s right. It’s like, really? That’s what you’re defending here. You know, maybe you should think about that before you have sex. I mean, we’re living in a world where you don’t have to ever get pregnant. I mean, you can take all sorts of stuff and, and never have to worry about it.

So why are you discussing this crap? You know, the onus is on both of you, you know, before you get together and do this. If you get pregnant now you got a third person involved here. So maybe you do, maybe you do a preemptive strike, you know, maybe you, well,

[00:50:04] April: now we’re now we’re women. Again, I shouldn’t get on this subject, but now we’re women again, when it comes to abortion.

Oh, I know. I love it before we were just, we were just menstruating with our menstruating person. Yeah. But

[00:50:15] Marzulli: you know, the new Kani up there in the Supreme court, babe, I’m not, I’m not a biologist. I’m, I’m not a biologist really. And you’re in the Supreme court and, and I’m gonna entrust my, you know, drawers, prudence to you.

Are you outta your mind? You can’t tell us what a woman is. You know, I’ve been reading, I’ve just read this book, um, about endometriosis and you know, I I’m, I’m, I’m a father of two kids. I’ve been married 37 years. I mean, I, I know that there’s a difference. No idea how much of a difference there really is.

It’s like when you get into a woman, Reproductive organs and the fallopian tubes and the womb and how all this works and the hormonal activity. And, and I mean, it’s just like, and, and the whole womb in itself, it’s like, excuse me, you know, you can lock body parts off and do all this stuff. You will never create a womb in a man.

It ain’t gonna happen. You know, sorry, men don’t get pregnant. Women do. And it’s just like, when I, after I read this, I mean, it was almost like too much information. It was just like, I had no idea the complexity of a woman’s body. And I remember when I married my wife, 37 years ago, I’m going, what are you doing?

I’m journaling. What are you journaling? I’m keeping a track of my monthly flow.

Oh book like 12 years old till she stopped her monthly flow. It’s like, I think we have it enshrined and just,

it’s like, it’s like, it’s a completely different universe than I’m in. Cause I don’t have a monthly flow. Men don’t have monthly flows last time I checked. So I’m not journaling. It’s like, I’m feeling my, I think I’m two or three days away. No, we don’t do that. Well, you know, men have hormonal cycles too.

Yeah. But we don’t, we don’t bleed like women do so, you know, it’s like, let’s stop pretending somebody wake up the emperor’s got new clothes on. You know, if, if you wanna go down that road, that’s your business. I’m gonna love you because we’re all broken here. And we do stupid things, but maybe think twice about it and maybe read some other people that have actually detransition and regretted the surgery.

Once you start lopping off body parts, you can’t put them back in again. Right. That’s what right. And, you know, giving hormones to five year olds and purty blockers, wait a minute. We we’ve gone crazy here. When you’re 18, see, and they do all this because when you give a kid at eight or nine puberty blockers, and they never go into puberty.

And so it’s easier to transition, but how do you know with an eight year old knows and, and, and we’ve, we’ve, I’ve done the science on this and red it that most people grow out of it. Most people grow out of it. Most people regret transitioning. You can’t say that or you’re, you know, your you’re anti whatever.

No, we’re not anti read the literature, you know, why can’t the other side who our de we had, I had this guy in my show, we, we took down our whole PPPs report because we just got tired of poking the bear. It’s not worth it, but he lived as a woman, I think for 12 years. And then he detransition, and he’s the 21st century unit.

I mean, that’s what he is. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s what he is and he regrets it and he still looks very feminine for the most part, because he had facial feminization and you can’t really change that stuff, you know, and all your, you know, they come in with electrolysis and they take all your facial hair.

And I mean, it’s just like, and, and in my, in my opinion, there’s a spirit behind all this. There’s a spirit of BFA met BFA met is half man, half woman, half animal, half man. That’s exactly where we are. It’s exactly where we are. The spirit of BFA met and this spirit, when people open up to it, it will just lead you down the path because you don’t wake up one morning and go, I wanna be a woman.

No, you’re you’re or I wanna be a man. I’m gonna cut my breast off. I’m gonna remove my testicles, you know, and invert my penis, whatever you don’t just wake up in the morning and do that. You don’t you’re led step by step by step, by step, by step by step. And that’s from the ever side mm-hmm and that’s why it’s a spiritual problem.

And, these people, when, when I talked to this man who detransition, he told me that the Lord did a deliverance ministry on him. His, his sister anointed him with oil and prayed over him on the way home seven demons came out one at a time and it was gut wrenching, literal. . I mean, he was like heaving in the car, gut wrenching.

Yeah. Seven of them came out and you know, people on the other side. Oh, that’s just, that’s just superstition. They blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Really. You ever seen a demon manifest? Have you ever seen a demon come out of somebody? Ever in my dreams? right. So, anyway, let’s move on. We kind of banded, we got six minutes left.

[00:55:33] April: here. what other questions you’ve got?

[00:55:35] Jeremiah: oh, got sidetrack there. Huh? yeah, we just, um, yeah, we just wanted talk to about that. And then, one thing I wanted to hear, um, was the whole implant thing. And, uh, Roger Leer, you were working with. Uh, can you like, give us just a little bit of that? I know we don’t have a ton of time.

[00:56:00] Marzulli: well, we, we, we took out the implant.

We’re the only Christian team that’s ever done. So, um, and again, I’ll be speaking with bill tomorrow. Uh, we removed the implant. Uh, we did, uh, before we did the pre-op we did, um, um, let me, uh, x-ray Gause meter, um, stud finder, cat scan, and then the ultrasound. And we knew where it was. We knew it was there and the day of the operation, uh, we’re there.

And, uh, we can’t find the thing and pretend this is the wand and pretend my arm is Dr. Tric on is going over this little eight inch piece of flesh where we knew the implant was. He can’t find the implant, cannot find it. After an hour and 20 minutes, he can’t find it. So, Richard Shaw and I are, there were the only Christians in the room.

Dr. Roger, there never came across the aisle, but this, this changed his life. This, this experience changed his life. So I’m in the room. Tric Chian is there, Dr. Roger Le is there, Rick Shaw, myself, another two guys filming on top of that. You’ve got a few nurses. There’re about eight people in the room.

There’s 15 people watching it in another room. On a closed circuit, TV, big, huge monitor, HTM I, and all that kind of stuff. And the holy spirit tapped me on the shoulder and says, you need to take authority over this right now. I look at Rick and I go, I just kind of go, okay, I’m gonna pray, guys. This might sound strange, but I’m gonna pray and I’m gonna do it.

Now. Everybody kind of looks at me like. Like that. So, I go father. If there are forces, which are cloaking this device, I pray that you would break their power and do it. The room goes dead. it’s like this Patricia goes, and we are looking at the monitor, and the implant just goes like this from nowhere.

Yeah. Aware. Yeah, just like that. Mm-hmm and everybody goes what’s that? And Dr. Patricia goes, that’s the implant. He takes the, the wand and he kind of taps it and looks at it, puts it back on the leg. There’s the implant tap. He does this like a half a dozen times. He can’t figure out why we’re seeing the implant.

All of a sudden, I’m laughing. I look at Rick he’s laughing. Cause the spirit of living, God just showed up. We took the implant out. It was on film it’s in our Watchers series. We’re gonna recapitulate that, uh, cuz I’m interviewing bill tomorrow. And we’ll talk about that now I’ll, I’ll redo it in one of our UFO update things.

The bottom line is this, that was on a Saturday. We took the implant out Monday. We’re at seal lab with Dr. Roger Le I go, rod, can I talk to you? Privately goes. Sure, sure. LA and he gets up and we go out in the hallway and I go, Roger, I hope you understand what happened in that operating room. And he looked at me, his eyes got really big and he said, LA, I now believe there’s a supernatural dynamic to this implant stuff.

And I’m gonna tell Wheatley streamer about it. Roger died, massive heart attack in the doctor’s office.

[00:59:21] April: Mm. So, with alien abductions, I’ve also heard that there are some people that were going to be abducted and they, they. Pled the blood of Jesus they’ve called out.

And, then they

[00:59:37] Marzulli: weren’t abducted it’s it stops many of the abductions. Um, and this is where it kind of goes off the rails. There are people that claim to be Christians, that were taken mm-hmm. Many people that I’ve talked to who were born again, spirit filled walking. Where they were supposed to be walking where they’re supposed

[00:59:57] April: to.


[00:59:59] Marzulli: It just stops it like different.

[01:00:03] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’ve I’ve said that I believe aliens are interdimensional and yeah, they are that, and I don’t think that they are benevolent. Um, it just, the stuff that they do and everything just doesn’t make me believe that they’re up to good. Um, and yeah, just, um, hearing tales like that, where people call out and puts it in this supernatural realm and not.

There’re are space brothers.

[01:00:35] Marzulli: no, they’re not our space brothers. And so, I’ll tell you that before I go. If you go to my YouTube channel folks, LA Marzuk and you open up the text box right below any of our videos on YouTube, you will see if you scroll down a little bit, you UFO free film part one, and part two, watch those.

Okay. Cause we’re working on part 3, 4, 5, and six. And then, They will not be free, but part one and part two are, are there. If you wanna buy the hard copies, you gotta go to our website, LA marzuk.net. If you go to YouTube, you can just download it for free. I’ve done my part. I’ve done two films for free, and that takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to do that.

but, I gotta go. So, Thanks so much for having me on guys.

[01:01:21] April: Thank you, so much.