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We Are Not Alone


We are not Alone

[00:00:00] April: Yeah, nothing happened. Yes. Welcome back. Hello and welcome to power and perspective. I am April. This is Erin and we reframe conversations, including those about technical difficulties with empathy and humor. Remember that empathy, empathy, and humor. Uh, today we’re talking about Ailey Yens, um, with Jeremiah.

Welcome Jeremiah. Thank you for joining us officially this time.

Do you remember? Jeremiah is our resident alien expert. Uh, and as, as we do first, we’re going to share our perspectives, um, by alien perspective, my perspective as an alien or on aliens,

[00:00:44] Aaron: I mean, you are dressing already terrestrial who is the little bit extra.

[00:00:50] April: Oh my gosh. That should be a.

[00:00:54] Aaron: No. I mean, I wouldn’t know.

I haven’t

[00:00:56] Jeremiah: seen him make a shirt

[00:00:58] April: like that. Right. I’m a terrestrial. Oh, that’s a little bit extra O M G. This has to have.

[00:01:05] Aaron: Okay.

[00:01:09] April: So, uh, I would say my perspective on aliens is. Uh, I teach science as you all know. So I’m clearly an expert on all things, and there are a lot of stars out there. And if every star is a sun with the capability of possibly having an earth, statistically, I would say, oh, look, there’s a

[00:01:30] Jeremiah: cat.

[00:01:33] April: Okay.

Statistically, I would say that there has to be other life, right there really has to be another. That’s that’s, this is the extent of my knowledge of aliens. Uh, I also think like conspiracy theory wise, people can’t keep secrets. So if there was actual proof, when we, like, we would know it, somebody commented on Facebook that, that the government has already said there is extra terrestrial life, but I don’t, I must have missed that tweet.

I don’t know.

[00:02:03] Jeremiah: I think that government recently said that they acknowledge UFO’s are real phenomenon. They’re not sure exactly what it is, but they released it during the beginning of the pandemic that they kind of slid it in there with the pandemic stuff and stuff.

[00:02:23] April: We’re going to give you a thousand dollars every, and also BTW aliens are real.

[00:02:28] Jeremiah: That’s exactly how it happened, which

[00:02:30] Aaron: is, I mean, I mean, it could just be a misdirect. So that we’re all, we’re all talking about that now, instead of talking about anything pertinent. Cause I mean, I mean just the nature of a UFO, right. It’s an identified. So it could still also be anything.

[00:02:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. But they definitely said that yes, there is something going on with UFO’s but yeah, it was kind of like slipped in there and no one really paid that much attention.


[00:03:04] April: I clearly didn’t. I was busy collecting my checks.

I’m straight up ghetto with my giant nondescript and collected my check. I’m a teacher. You think I don’t pay taxes. C’mon like half my y’all get half of my paycheck and

[00:03:25] Aaron: it, it, it it’s, it’s a whole other thing, right? When we’re talking about extra trip, extra terrestrial life being a statistical inevitability.

Like on a fundamental level, right. That there’s nothing special about earth, fundamentally

[00:03:38] April: speeding, nothing special. Just that there’s so many stars that could there, like statistically there were, I would imagine half to be.

[00:03:47] Aaron: That’s what I’m saying. Yeah. There’s nothing special about earth. Yeah. That’s what I mean.

[00:03:51] April: It’s but I say, by saying those words, those are hurt. I’m offended. I’m offended as a terrestrial,

[00:03:59] Aaron: sort of the religious argument against.

Helio centrism, Darren, that earth is special. And we have, I mean, I read the only thing I’ve got is I read a lot of scifi and I spent a lot of time thinking about things like the fair paradox, um, which is the paradox between the inevitability of extra trust of your life. And the fact that we’ve had no interactions with.

[00:04:30] April: Uh, well, we don’t know if we’ve had interactions. Yeah. Us

[00:04:34] Aaron: as a society. We don’t know, like, as, as, as humans don’t know, not any one person does know. And you don’t know, but we, as a collective don’t know, or haven’t

[00:04:47] April: had, we’re fairly young, we’re fairly young species as species go.

[00:04:55] Aaron: Yeah, theoretically. I mean, I have no, I have no real context other than looking at him sensor monkeys or I

[00:05:02] April: wasn’t there.

Uh, and Katie says we’re all special

[00:05:08] Aaron: and that’s one of the, one of the resolutions to the Fermi paradox is that earth is an early bloomer so that we, maybe we are the first civilization to have,

[00:05:20] April: uh,

[00:05:24] Aaron: And maybe we are yet to find or something like that has happened, but it doesn’t address it. Doesn’t address what we’ve seen here on earth.

Right? Like if we’ve had close encounters or if there were a UFO. Yeah. I think

[00:05:37] April: that’s a good point though. I never thought of that. That we could be the newest, I never thought of that.

[00:05:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. A lot of scientists like to say we’re like the caveman of the universe, but what if it’s the opposite? What if we did space flight first, then other planets or primitive.


[00:06:01] April: We always like to think we’re the dominant. Well, not, we don’t like to think that, but that’s, what’s portrayed right? That the

[00:06:06] Aaron: science is humble.

[00:06:09] April: Yeah. They, we portrayed, like they always make those memes too. Like the aliens drove by and said, oh, don’t stop in that bad neighborhood. I’m hilarious.

Yeah. So that’s a good point. W what are the

[00:06:25] Aaron: thoughts about interaction with humanity, Jeremiah, that you have, do you, do you believe in, uh, close encounters on earth and that we’ve had interactions? Okay.

[00:06:33] April: We haven’t even asked what his beliefs on aliens are.

[00:06:37] Aaron: I’ll step back from the beginning ceremony.

[00:06:41] Jeremiah: Yeah.

So I started getting into like conspiracies and stuff. Um, after I had a near-death experience back in like, oh nine, I think it was. And obviously one of the first things you go to is like aliens and UFO’s and stuff like that. And I just went down the rabbit hole, so to speak. W looked at and researched a whole bunch of stuff.

And even before that, I’ve been, uh, into like the show X-Files and unsolved mysteries was a big thing back in the day. And they had specials about, um, aliens and UFO’s, so I’ve always had an interest for it. Um, now my views of it have changed over time. And like what they are and what is going on has changed.

So I guess we can get into that if you want to. But as of now, I personally believe that they are not so much extra terrestrial, but they’re like interdimensional and. They don’t actually come from other planets, but they come from some type of parallel universe or some other dimension or something. And a lot of their behavior is very, um, matches that theory to me personally, like the fact that they can, their craft moves in ways that our modern craft would never be able to do the fact that they can pull people out of the.

Houses or rooms through the walls and stuff like that. And the missing time that people talk about and stuff like that, it just makes more sense to me after doing all the research that they’re actually not from like outer space, so to speak, but more from a parallel dimension. And they found a way to.

Rip through the fabric and like enter our world and leave our world at will is my guess.

[00:08:59] April: So I have which probably an ignorant question, because I know just enough to be that dumb. So I had, I have to find him a piece of paper. So we had, I had an astronomer come and talk to my class and he talked about, for example, Black holes and things like that.

I can’t even keep a piece of paper in my hand. He talked about black holes and things like that and how it was just like a bend in space and time, like, like this is universe and like that’s the universe on black hole, like the universal on drugs, but that’s the universe on black hole. Um, like, so it makes sense that.

Even if it is from another place, but it’s not only from another place and time. Right. That makes so much sense.

[00:09:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. It could be that too. Um, I don’t discount any theory, but my personal belief is that there, there from a parallel dimension is my guess. Um, some people like to take that theory. On the religious side and say like they’re demons or whatever.

And then there’s other people that just think they’re like from another galaxy in another parallel universe or something. And then there are other people that think that they’re time travelers from the future that are coming back to do tests on us and stuff like that. But I don’t know what I believe as far as all that.

I just have a feeling. It just explains a lot to me that their spacecraft can just blink out in a second and how fast they go. And I’ve heard accounts of people getting abducted from their bedrooms and the aliens or the grays as most of them are called. Um, just carry them out of their room, like through the wall and up into the spaceship.

It makes more sense than like a physical, like worldly being to me personally. So

[00:11:18] April: like, this is so I love when science right. Crosses what we consider. Quote unquote, woo. I don’t like that word, but when we cross the science, like astronomy talks all the time about, uh, Ben Ben’s in time and time. Not being a real thing and that we have constructed.

So this time thing is super interesting and like them being matter from a different time, like if your matter from a different time, you may not, your now physical being may not resemble what you was symbol in real time. Right.

[00:11:58] Jeremiah: It’s possible. Um, it’s really hard to say. I just know that there’s countless accounts of people saying they’ve got abducted and they were like on a road and their power stopped and they get abducted.

And then it’s three hours later and they come to, and they don’t know what happened the last three hours of their life. And it would make sense to me. That if they get sucked into a different dimension or something like that, it would account for all that time that was missing. But the time on earth might be a few seconds, but on the other parallel universe or whatever, it might be like three hours long.


[00:12:50] April: That makes sense. Eight. Aaron, are you thinking anything you were having your facial things

[00:12:54] Aaron: happen, settled down there? Um, well, so I’m thinking, I’m thinking about it in the context of like the, and it’s a little bit of a stretch of like the multiuniverse theory, right? Like thinking about the possibility of alternate human development, um, in, in the way that you’re talking about it being another dimension, like if there’s another dimension where humans.

Technology and an alternative alternative way. And that might be part of what we’re experiencing in those situations. I’m just thinking a lot.

[00:13:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. Cause like you have, you have a lot of top scientists like Michio Kaku and um, there some others, I can’t think of their name off the top of my head, but a lot of top scientists that are way smarter than me, um, believe that there are. You know, Malter mult multiple, um, universes that parallel ours. So like I, whatever job I do here in the other universe, I might be doing something completely, completely different.

So, and who’s to say it’s even humans from another universe, they could be something else. And that’s another thing that I’ve found through my research. The typical graze, the typical aliens that people think of that like three foot tall, big guys, like little to no mouth type of a alien. I don’t really think that they are completely biological.

I think that they might be mechanical in nature or some kind of like Androids that are. To perform tasks. Um, now whether it’s from outer space or my theory of another dimension, I’m not a hundred percent sure, but it’s just, uh, something I’ve really thought about and kind of buy into is that they’re not actually biological entities, that they’re more of like a Android.

Drone type of thing that’s sent to perform these abductions and cattle mutilations and all this other stuff that’s going on. So

[00:15:21] April: that’s so interesting. We always think, because we’re so focused on like what we are ready, experienced, and, uh, caught. I was thinking of a word. For example, this is just mildly related.

So I’m teaching the kids this week about personification, right? Where we put this is an educational podcast as well, profound personification, where you put human characteristics on inanimate objects and even on animals. And we do that so much as humans because we assume everything is like us, right?

We’re like, oh, the dog is sad because he looks like this. When people are sad, they look like that. So that must be, you know, when dogs are sad, they look like that. So we put so much of what we know on to other things, and it makes more sense that we do that for alien life or extra terrestrial life as well.

Whereas it might not be the case. Um, yeah, I’m so much thinking Aaron’s space thinks more. My mouth thinks more,

[00:16:21] Jeremiah: um, Um, the problem we have with our human condition is that we like to view everything through our personal lens. And it’s hard for people to think outside of the box and accept things that might not fall in line with, you know, what our view of the world and everything is.

So I like to try to think outside of the box and try. Think of other ways that it might be, um, that things might be so, you know, most people think aliens just come from outer space where I’m like, well, what if they’re not from outer space? What if they’re from a parallel dimension or universe or something?

I just think we do ourselves, but disservice by just falling in line with our like view of the world as humans. Instead of, you know, things might not be as they are. Like to our knowledge,

[00:17:31] Aaron: what I mean, it’s all the time it’s co it’s coming. It’s common everywhere. I mean, it’s the way, and it makes me wonder if, if the other beings don’t have a similar construct, right?

Maybe that’s why they’re here. Um, is that when you perceive things like all you have, the only information you have is what, you know. So you even put that on to other people, you meet, you assume everybody kind of understands what you’ve been through and is in a similar place that you are when nothing could be further from the.

So it, it, it makes me curious. Like, if, if that’s, what, if that’s what that’s about, if that’s why those contacts are happening, trying to expand knowledge outside of the limited scope that they might have in their, in their current environments,

[00:18:17] Jeremiah: it’s possible. I’m, uh, I’m still intrigued by the whole abduction phenomenon and.

All the cattle mutilations and stuff like that, that many researchers have documented. Like what is their grand purpose of these abductions if they are really happening? If they seem to be a lot of the abductions seem to be, um, geared towards like, um, reproduction and sexual, uh, nature, not in the sense of.

They’re trying to make a porn or something, but like sexuality as in your private parts and your reproduction, uh, how it works and all that stuff. So yeah, a lot of abduction stories and people that have said they have been abducted, whether it’s true or not, I’m just going by, based on what they say.

Um, a lot of it has to do. Them trying to create some type of hybrid, uh, alien being. And a lot of it is like humans, intermingling with the aliens and creating like half half-breed children and stuff like that. It’s just very interesting to me if it’s really happening. Like, I’m not sure if it is or not.

[00:19:49] April: Yeah, Katie asks, have you met someone who, who you believe has been abducted? Have you ever met anyone?

[00:19:56] Jeremiah: Um, not personally. I just listened to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of books. So, um, just from other things I’ve heard, um, I used to listen to coast to coast am it’s, uh, like I guess conspiracy type radio.

And a lot of their stuff was about aliens and abductions. And so hearing the people from the call in section of the show and the guests that they had on just soaking in everything that was said, just really peaks my interest because I’m like, if this is really happening, what’s the end goal. Like what is their end goal?

Like. Eventually going to wipe us out and put this new hybrid race in or, um, are they just curious, like, it’s, it kind of makes you wonder if it’s really happening, what their purpose our bowl is.

[00:21:02] Aaron: Well, as a, as an absolute Sinek, I’ll bring in my absolute central point here is that, um, and, and this may be limited, but, uh, survival is, is an economic game essentially.

And we explore in order to better sustain ourselves. Um, and historically speaking is led to war and all kinds of awful things. But if you were to. Find a new species that you wanted to eradicate determining its reproductive habits would probably be a good starting point.

[00:21:39] Jeremiah: True.

[00:21:42] Aaron: Yeah. True. If they need an R if they, if they came here initially, because they needed resources that they, they don’t have available to them

[00:21:51] Jeremiah: now there’s theories.

There’s theories that, um, they. Are here because they can no longer reproduce something happened in their evolutionary, um, journey or whatever. So now they’re trying to find ways to reproduce, to replenish their own population. Um, then there’s other theories where they’re planning to populate the earth with these hybrid beings and wipe out the.

Like quote unquote, normal humans. That’s another theory. Um, there’s a ton of theories with aliens out there. Cause obviously we don’t know the true answer. Um,

[00:22:39] April: do you think aliens are already on earth?

[00:22:42] Jeremiah: Um, yes I do. Um, if they are. I never want to say for a hundred percent certainty, that things are real.

Yeah. I haven’t met one until I meet one.

[00:22:54] April: You don’t know if

[00:22:55] Jeremiah: you’ve met one? True. I might’ve, I might’ve met a hybrid one. I have met some weird people in my life,

[00:23:03] April: but

[00:23:05] Jeremiah: while there’s, you know, there’s stories of underground bases that how’s aliens like in Dulce, New Mexico. And supposedly our government is working with aliens down in that base and, um, stuff like that. So I don’t know, but I know that during war time, it seems that there was a ton of UFO activity during war time.

Like, um, When we dropped the bomb in Hiroshima and during the Nazi regime and different points of history with war, there seems to be a heightened, um, UFO activity. And some people think that they’re trying to manipulate the outcomes of wars and, and, or stop something worse from happening. So there’s a lot of UFO activity around like nuclear reactors and other, um, military installations.

And, you know, is, is it actual like aliens UFO’s or are they secret military vehicles or something? I don’t know, but it’s definitely been written about undocumented about that. Heighten UFO activity during times of war and different things that might shape our future differently. So some people theorize, the aliens are trying to contain us from annihilating ourselves.

And so

[00:24:52] April: I think if you look statistically at human thought though, like we always go to the negative. We always think apocalyptic time. So it’s like, we’re all gonna shoot each other there. I always say this. There’s no stories about. Crap. There’s another species against us. Let’s all bond together and do each other, like there’s no stories of that.

We always go to the negative. So it doesn’t mean it’s the case

[00:25:18] Aaron: and speaking to their motives, I is there, is there like in the community, is there a significant amount of, of people who believe that there are, uh, altruistic motive? Um, like you said, like preventing escalation to the point of eradicating human life, do they believe that there are altruistic motives?

[00:25:40] Jeremiah: Uh, for sure. There’s well, they’re on there’s people on both sides of the spectrum. There’s people that think that, um, Space aliens or whatever, um, are gonna end up saving humanity, um, by bringing us, you know, enlightenment and whatever technologies they have, but then there’s other, the other side that thinks that they’re going to wipe us all out eventually and, um, use the earth for other gains or that, um, There’s another one that we’re basically on an ant farm on earth, and they’re pretty much just using us as a SIM game type of thing.

And they’re just doing enough to keep us in line, but not enough to stop us from doing stupid stuff.

[00:26:38] April: So there’s definitely like what if we. The bacteria have a giant gut, right? Because our bacteria has its own Viome and it’s good. It’s like chugging along doing live. Right. What if we’re just gut biome of a giant there’s

[00:26:56] Aaron: potentially supportive of religious narratives.

Um, no, no, no. To, for it to be other potentially altruistic beings who are performing tests, if that’s how we were created, if we were created in that instance, it would be a check-in right. We’d be doing preventative maintenance for the lack of given way to put it.

[00:27:20] April: That’s an interesting duck. It also goes with what Monique said about animals, having the same thoughts when they’re captured, like from a Marine environment.

That has never been discovered before. And we capture the animal and we do tests on the animal. Like, do these animals have thoughts like this, but we kind of know more about their neurological capabilities from what we know. They don’t have the neurological capabilities, but heck what do we know? That’s what, that’s another shirt.

Heck what do we know?

[00:27:49] Jeremiah: Well, if you go to the religious side and throw religion in it, then there’s a group of people who think that. The aliens are actually like fallen angels or demons of some sort, and that they have quote unquote rule over the earth until God comes back. And then there’s that final battle of Armageddon and, um, things get settled.

So there is a religious aspect to it as well. Um, That these gray aliens are actually like some type of demons are fallen angels and they’re performing these tests on humans because they cannot reproduce or anything like that because they’re cast out of heaven or whatever. And they’re using us to try to make beings since they can’t create lifelike God that, um, They’re trying to use us to create life, but it seems to fail because a lot of stories I’ve heard through like just random people talking about their abductions, they’ve been shown, um, like hybrid babies that are like sick or dying or are already dead.

And, um, so it’s just another theory. Like no one knows for sure.

[00:29:23] April: Interesting. You would think if it wasn’t real though, right? Like that people would have different people would have different experiences, right? Like very different experience. It’s because there’s so many similarities and less, those people are like alien type people who do a lot of research before their abduction.

But if we have a lot of similarities of people who. They have not done this research have not been exposed to this information, although it’s difficult to determine that, especially on a wide scale, then there’s gotta be something to it. Even if it’s not the something we think there should, there’s probably something to it.

Uh, Jacob is very insistent upon knowing where you research your theories. I think it’s the second time he asked, where do you read?

[00:30:13] Jeremiah: Um, all my research is basically from like books on the topic. And a lot of podcasts, I listen to podcasts like all the time. So a lot of it’s from like coast to coast am, or, um, various, you know, fringe podcasts and stuff like that, because that’s basically where you find this stuff.

It’s not something you find on mainstream media because they don’t want to acknowledge any of this. Um, yeah, most of it’s from like that and just articles online and, um, hearing people’s testimonials on like call-in shows and, uh, a bunch of books that I have on the topic. And like I said, I’m not a hundred percent sure of anything, but I’m about me personally, about 90%.

Sure. That they are not from outer space, that they’re from a parallel dimension or universe. That’s just my personal belief from years of looking into this. So

[00:31:24] April: interesting.

[00:31:26] Aaron: So would there be in, in, in your opinion, do you think there would be a fundamental difference in interpreting their behavior if they are from a parallel dimension, as opposed to, uh, an interstellar being.

[00:31:41] Jeremiah: Um, probably cause right now you’re thinking about, or not you personally, but as a collective right now, you’re thinking about what planet are they from? Uh, where are they coming from? Can I beam a message out into space and get a message in return? Um, I think SETI has been doing that for quite some time.

Just blasting. Radio signals out in the space and hoping to get a response, but what if that’s a waste of time and money and resource? What if it’s better to find a way to rip the fabric of space-time and go to the alternate dimension or universe or whatever. Um, and I believe they’re trying to do something in certain.

To open some type of portal or something, but it’s a completely different, um, topic and show, but, um, yeah, just think if you waste all your time and energy and effort into looking into outer space, um, you might miss something that could be in a completely different direction.

[00:32:59] April: That sounds, I felt that statement like that.

That is like human. Human this at its core, you’re looking somewhere else. You missed something

[00:33:11] Jeremiah: like it’s totally my personal belief and my feeling. But, um, with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos or whatever, spending millions or billions of dollars on flights out to Mars or whatever, why. Why don’t they use that money on things that we need here on earth?

Like why blow all that money on that? Getting to Mars or whatever. We have some, we have so many issues here that we can deal with and resolve with that type of money. But that’s just my, my little soap box that I I’m like. You’re wasting billions

[00:33:53] April: of dollars.

That the astronomer who came and spoke to my class, he was very up in arms about how much we spend on the Superbowl, which he’s like, it’s like $2 billion or something and they can get, they hardly get any funding for NASA to like, do these, this space for you to search or whatever. Um, just as a side note on how.

Sure primers.

[00:34:24] Jeremiah: Okay. Uh, yeah, I think the aliens got you

[00:34:31] Aaron: there.

[00:34:31] April: They’re in your waiting room.

Uh, Jordan aliens.

[00:34:38] Aaron: Well, I mean, it’s worth stating not to defend the Superbowl, but if, I mean, we’ve all met humans. If we weren’t all entertained, we’d probably be around. Like those are the two options. Sure. So I think it might be money well spent.

[00:34:55] Jeremiah: Yeah. If we don’t have entertainment, then it would be chaos. Probably it’s the same thing with the, the Romans through the gladiator games to keep the population quelled or whatever.

[00:35:11] April: As to why would the government high let’s see the government knows about this, that there’s aliens, whether they come from a different planet or a different time, what, why would the government hide it?

What’s the purpose behind hiding it?

[00:35:25] Jeremiah: Um, from what I’ve noticed is that they. Well, there’s different thoughts on it. It could be, they don’t want to create mass panic. It could be, they don’t want us to know that they have access to, um, other life forms. Because I mean, if you really honestly think about it, if they came out tomorrow and said, Hey, we’ve got aliens here and brought one out on stage.

Me personally would think that there would be like a huge chaos and collapse because like your religions of the world would crumble because people will be like, well, what the heck? And, um, you know, cause it’s not supposed to be. And I just think it would create so much problems if we actually knew a hundred percent, if there was a.

For real.

[00:36:30] April: So I now have, I literally just discovered this about myself. That’s how not religious I am is that I didn’t even think of religion and Monique. And you said that at the same time in the chat, they’re talking about people’s religions and core beliefs would be rock didn’t even cross my mind.

That’s how, you know, if you’re religious

[00:36:49] Jeremiah: and like you’ve heard like you, and I’m saying you as a collective, like people who aren’t religious. They don’t really feel like that would be an issue, but like you have some devout religious people that would, their world would be shattered if aliens trotted out on stage and was like, Hey, I’m here.

You know what I mean? Because there’s literally people that think that, um, there is, we’re the only life in the universe and the earth is flat and there was no, you know, so. Yeah, I a hundred percent think that, um, there would be complete, complete destruction in some way, if, uh, they came out and said a hundred percent error, irrefutable.

Well, I just,

[00:37:44] Aaron: I don’t like being in a position to, to make this defense, but, um, religious thought and religious belief is very, very dynamic. Right. So when, and, uh, just like before, when we were talking about like the end of geo centrism, right? Um, geo centrism is a huge. Thing when it comes to earth being special and God’s relationship with humans and all that.

And we have irrefutable proof that nothing short the moon revolves around the earth. Right. Um, they survived it. They would, there would be sex that would probably rise up against it. There would be a lot of talk and definitely now on the internet, but I don’t think it would fundamentally change anything.

I think a lot of people would adapt relatively easily. But, I mean, like they

[00:38:33] April: put it in there and be like, oh, this is the part we didn’t know. Right.

[00:38:38] Aaron: I

[00:38:38] Jeremiah: mean, I mean, it’s just my speculation. It could be,

[00:38:44] April: oh, you’re right. That’s probably, that is probably why. Cause it’s, it’s not you. Weren’t the only one that said it, that I always think multiple people say the same thing.

Like, that’s a thing like people’s, like you said, world would be rock. Somebody has a question or like, That I don’t know what he’s talking about, but also sometimes he trolls, so I’ve got to be careful, but Steven asked, uh, have you listened to any podcasts on January 6th? Does something happen on January 6th that you know of?

[00:39:15] Jeremiah: I wasn’t that the storming of the capital building or whatever.

[00:39:21] April: Oh, was it, uh, how do you know that?

[00:39:28] Aaron: That’s Stephen trolling.

[00:39:29] April: Oh, so he’s trying to say, oh, gotcha. So he’s trying to say that maybe the alien stormed the building. Is that what he’s trying to say?

[00:39:37] Jeremiah: I have no idea what,

[00:39:38] Aaron: well, I mean, it, it, it was, I mean, it’s, it’s easy for it to say that there were a few individuals that were the impetus for that whole situation.

Humans are very easy to manipulate.

[00:39:50] April: Oh, yeah.

[00:39:53] Jeremiah: Now, now you have people who believe that all our elites of the world are really lizard people, um, of very prominent figure. David Ike buys into that, that our elites are lizard people. Um, so I mean, Maybe they are. We don’t know. So, I mean, I don’t personally believe it, but I can’t say people

[00:40:24] April: suck enough on their own.

We don’t need to add lizard people to suck.

[00:40:28] Aaron: We wouldn’t be

[00:40:28] April: surprised. Yeah. But also people sec, but Monique makes a very good point about the toilet paper. She said we saw what happened when people freaked out over just toilet paper. Imagine we had aliens to the Mexican. You’re right. Mooney, Che cliche. I agree, Monique.

[00:40:47] Jeremiah: Yeah. Now we’re having issues with it again, like we didn’t learn the first time and right

[00:40:55] April: now they’re stuck out on boats. Uh, Katie asks a good question. So based on what you’ve heard of all these alien abductions, and if you were abducted or you knew you were about to be abducted, how would you feel.

Based on everything you’ve heard, excited, scared, intrigued, like what would your feelings be?

[00:41:17] Jeremiah: So I would, it’d probably be scary as hell at first. Um, I mean, a lot of the abductions are done, like obviously against your will. A lot of them are done, um, while you’re sleeping or, um, A lot of people get abducted from their cars.

Uh, this is the speculation, but, um, so I’d probably be really scared at first. And then I’d probably be intrigued once the fear, like kind of dissipated because a lot of the times, a lot of people end up saying that their experience and it positively, even though it started off like, Really bad, like being abducted from their room or, um, having tests done to them.

But there are people who said like every time and it seems like a lot of people get abducted multiple times. It’s not just one time. So like this one, there’s a lot of people that are like, yeah, I’ve been getting abducted like four or five times already. So I don’t know if they have like, uh, I don’t know, for lack of better term doctor schedule or they’re like uptime to get your checkup or whatever.

Um, but it seems like there’s certain people that they select, which I have no idea how they go about selecting people, but it seems like once they abducted you they’ll continue abducting. You

[00:42:58] April: has there been any statistical analysis on that? If there’s any commonalities of the people that they tend to abduction.

[00:43:06] Jeremiah: Um, I’m sure there has been, there’s a group called . It’s like the UFO researchers group and I’m sure they have studies done for statistics. I’ve also heard a lot about families being abducted, so like grandma got abducted. Mom got ducted. I got abducted. Seems to be a common thing too, in the abduction world.

So I don’t know if there’s something to that, like family bloodlines or whatever, but it seems to be a common, well, maybe

[00:43:45] April: they are aliens and that’s who they’re studying bloodline passing on.

[00:43:50] Jeremiah: Uh, I can’t tell you that, but there definitely seems to be methods that they go about doing this. Um, a lot of the abductions seem very similar.

Um, there might be slight differences, but a lot of times seem to be quite similar as far as how they go about abducting, you, what they do once you’re aboard the ship, so to speak. And, um, a lot of people talk about getting impregnated or in pregnant. A alien type female and then being abducted again a few years later and being shown their alien hybrid baby and stuff like that.

There seems to be a lot of people that talk about that type of experience. So it’s just very interesting whether I buy into them or not. I, you know, I, I don’t like to close off anybody. Some of them sound really. Wacky far out there, some of them seem very believable. So it’s hard to tell who’s fabricating and who’s being legit legit.

[00:45:07] April: If this happened to you, it’s going to sound wacky, right? Like I would feel crazy. I don’t know if I would even, well, I would tell everyone let’s be real, but,

[00:45:17] Jeremiah: well, there’s a lot of people. There’s a lot of people that say they haven’t come out in years because they’re afraid of the perception of them. And they’re like, I got abducted 15 years ago, but this is the first time I’m talking about it because I was afraid I’d be called a wacko or whatever.

I look at

[00:45:37] April: movies like, uh, there’s movie, I’ve watched two Michele vision clearly, but there’s like movies of even people who have like, even psychic abilities. Right. Uh, they never told anyone because there’ll be perceived as crazy or like, uh, I don’t know, matrix type movies where they can feel something or see something, but you can’t tell.

Cause if it’s against human nature or human construct, then we think it’s insane. Right. And we, it doesn’t have, if it doesn’t have a place in our little box, it doesn’t belong.

[00:46:09] Jeremiah: Yep. Exactly. Like if I got abducted tonight and told people tomorrow, they’d be like, get the hell out of here. You’re right. You’re dumb.

[00:46:19] April: They think you’re dumb. Even if it

[00:46:20] Jeremiah: really did happen, they wouldn’t believe me. No one would believe me.

[00:46:25] April: So do you think, have you, oh, sorry. Okay. Has, do you think you live your actual life any differently based on what you know, and the theories that you have of.

[00:46:40] Jeremiah: Um, not for aliens and UFO’s now I don’t, a lot of people want to be abducted.

I do not. I hope that I never get abducted. Um, I just, I don’t know enough about what their agenda is to want to experience. Because if it’s for something nefarious, I don’t want to be a part of it. So without knowing what their agenda is, I, I hope they never have dunked me, but now watch me tonight. So.

[00:47:21] Aaron: I have to come back. You have to come back on next week. If that happens, we’re real rough. Um, and it’s funny that you said that cause uh, Jacob asked if you’ve ever tried being a duck abducted, isn’t there a highway. Uh, do you know, like in that community, if there’s like a regional bias to that, if people actually congregate in areas with an a, with an intent to be able to.

[00:47:45] Jeremiah: Um, I believe there’s like hot spots, but I don’t think you can actually like in, um, uh, an abduction. Um, I think they’re just kind of random, or maybe not so random, but it’s not something you can like will to happen.

[00:48:04] April: You said there’s families, right. Family lines that it tends to happen. And so that’s that kind of construct.

So location.

[00:48:14] Jeremiah: Yeah, there’s definitely like UFO hotspots. Like in North Carolina here, there’s a mountain Ridge not far away. And they always claim that there’s like UFO lights out there at certain times of the night and certain times of the year. So I haven’t had a chance to go out there to look yet, but it’s on my list of things to do.

See if I can see some lights.

[00:48:39] April: Okay. So I have a question. So when I asked that question, Does this change the way you live? Like you said, not to UFO’s. So were you thinking of something that does change the way you live your day-to-day life? Is it something supernatural?

[00:48:55] Jeremiah: Yeah, my near-death experience in 2009, I think it was

[00:49:01] April: that I was going to come back to that

[00:49:03] Jeremiah: has completely changed how I live my life now.

Uh, I’ve changed completely as a person. Um, I used to get severely depressed. I don’t get severely depressed anymore. I’ll still have my moments, but nothing like before. Um, just my outlook on life is different now after experiencing what I experienced,

[00:49:28] April: this is not a near death experience show. Although coming at you at a podcast soon, um, can you sum up, would you expect.

[00:49:39] Jeremiah: Um, it’s nothing like wild and crazy. It was just the typical dark tunnel with the light at the end of it. And I was floating towards it. And, um, as I was about halfway up, I just got this feeling of like love and warmth and like something I’ll never experienced on earth. Like I can’t even describe the feeling of love and warmth.

Just feeling at peace and not thinking about the world or nothing and, um, no ego and just love and warmth and bright white light that I could stare into. It didn’t hurt my eyes or anything. But, um, and as I got closer, I saw silhouettes of what I would say, a humans. Um, and they were saying like, come you’re okay, it’s fine.

Come to the light or whatever. And I’m just very rear reassuring, very loving. And I just remember yelling out, like, no, I can’t leave. I have stuff left to finish on earth. And I just kept yelling at the light. Like I’m not done yet. I have stuff to do. And after a couple of times a yelling at it at the top of my lungs, like, uh, like I got shot out of a cannon back into my body and.

I woke up gasping for air and it felt like someone was like crushing my heart. So I had my brother who was living with me at the time, rushed me to the hospital and they put me on all these machines, did all these tests ended up saying I was a hundred percent healthy, nothing’s wrong with me. And then for like three days afterwards, my heart just hurt.

Like someone was lightly squeezing it in their Palm. Um, and. But they said I was a hundred percent healthy, no heart attack, no nothing. And I’m no other way to describe like the feeling I felt in the halfway up the tunnel and then like waking up with the heart ache and all that stuff. It was just a crazy experience.

So, um, that was pretty much they experience. And I didn’t know the people at the light at the end of the tunnel, they were just. Very loving, very reassuring. Like it’s okay. You can come on. It’s fine. Like just normal people. So I don’t know. It was weird.

I think you froze.

[00:52:13] Aaron: Oh, there we go. She’s back.

[00:52:16] April: Oh, Lordy, Lordy. Every time we have an episode, I feel like this whole other episode inside of the episode, right? Like, remember when the stateness was Mormon or something. Or no, like somebody had a more, oh no. The, it was the biracial growing up by racial and then her family was Mormon.

That’s what it was. Wow. Yeah. This is crazy in Florida. I do feel like the in Florida part is

[00:52:43] Jeremiah: important. Now the crazy part and the sad part is like, I don’t know what I have left to finish down here. Like. I just got this feeling that I have something more to accomplish. Maybe it’s this podcast. I don’t know.

But, um, it was just the feeling of my mission is not done yet. And I don’t know, ever since I’ve just been different person. So the huddle now.

[00:53:13] Aaron: Well, we, yeah, I think she froze again. Well, I mean, that’s, that’s one of the reasons that we, we do this is to have. Um, and I mean, people we know and, and other people who don’t have experience and don’t have interactions with people like who have had those experiences to open up their mind and to think about things a little bit differently.

So it, I mean, it could be, yeah,

[00:53:40] Jeremiah: I missed, oh, sorry. No,

[00:53:42] April: go ahead. I thought I was still frozen. God,

[00:53:46] Jeremiah: no, I was just going to say. I don’t like the current state of our country and stuff in the fact that everything’s so black and white, there’s no gray area anymore. It’s just, you’re either this or you’re that.

If you’re that, I don’t like you cause you’re this and vice versa. I just wish more people would open up to other possibilities. Even if you don’t a hundred percent agree, at least you can have a mutual respect for. Standing up. That’s just me. You can

[00:54:20] April: disagree

[00:54:21] Aaron: with somebody and it doesn’t make either of you a bad person.

[00:54:24] April: And like we’ve established everything is human construct. Like we created these things and these beliefs and these things, there’s so much more out there that we don’t even know. How can you say you have to be this or that? How egotistical? Or like, what do you guys say human centric? Or like, you guys say science words, but anyway, it’s like, Then you have to fit into these things.

Like it doesn’t make any sense. Also I’m starting a go-fund me support April’s internet connection

[00:54:54] Aaron: and also her library. So she can learn science-y words.

[00:55:00] April: Yeah. That too. Oh my gosh. We’re at our end of her time and I feel like we always end on such a high note, like, oh, the guy I’m just like, that just hits everything. Katie said, this is awesome. Stephen totally thinks too, your mission on life is this podcast. So we’re apparently have to keep having you on because we don’t want your life to end

[00:55:20] Jeremiah: cause.

And, um, I am starting my own podcast to do conspiracy stuff. Um, I have a composer doing my intro music now, so I’m just waiting to get that back and, um, and I gotta get my artwork, but I plan to have it up within the next month. And the podcast will be called. What if they’re wrong with the question mark?

[00:55:44] April: Oh my God. I love that. And we will share it 100%. That will be shared. So just tell me and we’ll share it all over our podcasts stuff. Like,

[00:55:54] Aaron: yeah. We’ll make sure it ends up in the description of the, of the videos and stuff. So just the app, please let us know.

[00:56:00] Jeremiah: And I also have a Facebook group that I just started.

It’s called a what if they’re wrong? With the question, mark. And I just started that to posts like conspiracy stuff on there. So if you want to join my Facebook group, go for

[00:56:15] April: it. Yeah. I have to write that one down. What if they’re wrong? They

[00:56:20] Jeremiah: like, they are wrong. What if they’re wrong? There’s an

[00:56:23] Aaron: apostrophe in there.

Shut up.

[00:56:25] April: Shut up. I know, I knew you were going to say that.

[00:56:29] Jeremiah: Well, yeah, I do plan to start my podcast and speak on various. Conspiracy related stuff. That’s awesome. So, um, I’ve dived into a lot of conspiracies over these years, so I, I’m not an expert on any, but I know a lot about a lot.

[00:56:49] April: Yeah. And we’re going to have, uh, more supernatural peeps on, because the group that I met Jeremiah in, there were some other people that were interested in sharing about things like ghosts and stuff.

So stay tuned for that. Um, I’m hoping next week, but y’all know, my life is rough. I was just in Hawaii for 13 days. And so, yeah, I know. And, but I’m on it now, like I’m on it. So, so I’m hoping to

[00:57:15] Aaron: get the, for next week, new job, new life, right.

[00:57:18] April: Oh, yeah, I got a new job too. I think I told you guys that last week, so

[00:57:21] Aaron: there’s, there’s more time.

Um, so to find out what it is, uh, make sure to pay attention to her Facebook, like Sharon’s subscribe, do all the things below, um, get more people involved in the conversations, especially people who don’t have exposure to all these kinds of topics. Um, hopefully bring some enlightenment. Uh, so we’ll work on next week.

We’ll bring you something and, uh, we’ll let you know what it is until then having.