[00:00:00] jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, I’m here with a special guest Michela and we’re going to be talking about ancient aliens and Inaki and other weird, strange things. So I’d like to introduce you to my guests Michela say hi.

[00:00:51] Michela: Hi, it’s a pleasure to be on the, on the show, I guess show.

[00:00:57] jeremiah: Thank you.


So, first question I want to ask is what got you into the whole ancient alien thing?

[00:01:05] Michela: Oh, my a, it goes way back to when I was a teenager actually, but I’ve always wondered what’s in the sky beyond what we could see right when I was a kid. Um, but definitely, uh, in, in my, uh, teams, um, I had this, um, um, interesting UFO’s and, and other, you know, racists out there in space.

Um, and I started reading, um, well, uh, Peter Colosimo books, he wrote similar things to, uh, phone and then eventually later I moved on to the Atlantic and everything. So that was right. I, I was really happy to have discovered that because I always had this desire to know that. You know, so that’s how it started with the books.

And then of course later Zacharias teachings books. Totally like, um, yeah, that was my jam. You know what I mean?

[00:02:09] jeremiah: Yeah. A lot of, a lot of people know about Vandana akin, but not so much about the other two, unfortunately. So what’s, saccharides situations take on ancient history and how differs from our modern knowledge of it.

[00:02:26] Michela: Yes it’s um, um, he basically, uh, believed that Deanna Nike had come to earth, uh, from, uh, planet Nibiru and I, I don’t know if it’s, if it’s even within our galaxy, probably not, or we don’t know about it, but, uh, um, they, they came because they needed gold to repair their ozones. And earth had abundance schooled.

So that, that was their first reason for being here. And, uh, for some reason, um, they, um, this is what confused us because I know that they w they were very advanced, but they did use people kind of like slaves to mind the, uh, the gold, right. These people were called the Iggy. And at some point they had a, uh, sort of like a revolution they didn’t want to be used anymore.

And so the narky, uh, conceived an idea to create a worker and, uh, they would do, you know, Kind of a job, but without the, I don’t know why they thought the humans would not complain. You know what I mean? So they, I guess we were not as controllable as they were hoping. We’d be because of the way w we were engineered genetically basically, uh, from a, um, I think a more primitive inhabitant of planet earth at that time.

Uh, and

[00:04:03] jeremiah: kind of like a CRO Magna man.

[00:04:06] Michela: Exactly. The caveman. Yes. So there was part, they merged part of their DNA with ours or with, uh, humanoids and created human beings. That’s our glorious history proceeds from there were colorful. Definitely.

[00:04:27] jeremiah: So, yeah, from what I’ve learned, they genetically manipulated us and made us into.

Um, workers for them. And so I’m assuming you believe they are responsible for the pyramids and other structures around the

[00:04:44] Michela: world. Absolutely. And look how we have pyramids and different sites of the world. There are in south America, of course, and some parts of Europe as well. Um, we find that there are a colony of just about colonies of just about the same, uh, blueprint all across the world.

They definitely left a mark in south America, obviously Egypt, for example, right. Uh, to, in a.

[00:05:17] jeremiah: Yes. Um, modern schooling once PSAs to believe that everyone was segregated in the ancient past and never had contact with each other, but the artifacts and everything tend to speak differently. They

[00:05:31] Michela: tell a different story.

And in fact, with your new Nike, I mean, they were obviously a space race. They mastered that kind of, of traveling, right? So on earth as well, they moved in shuttles and it was just easy to get from one place to, it was easy for them. They are this, this, uh, uh, great mobility, you know, and accessible. I don’t think the word impossible was Indiana Nike’s dictionary.

That’s what I, I get that feeling very ambitious race. So

[00:06:07] jeremiah: they taught people how to do everything. And what do you think the purpose of the pyramids. ’cause a lot of people want to say that they were tombs, but they just don’t add up to that.

[00:06:21] Michela: Oh, I think that, yes. No, it doesn’t really make sense. Um, I think personally I think that we’re energy chambers and, uh, also use for teleportation.

I still have that they contained teleportation pods probably. And that way they could travel much easier than say, even with a shuttle, you know? Uh, you could imagine the freedom of that, the implications though, too, because, uh, yeah, that keeps you kind of a mastery of the elements sort of over time space.

[00:07:02] jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. Because some of the, the, especially the main pyramid of Giza has shafts that seem to be pointing to the sky. There’s nowhere only way to like, explain why that’s there because people aren’t climbing up to the top to go down this little shack and it’s pointed at the constellations and stuff.


[00:07:27] Michela: I know. Uh, there a link, I think we, we, uh, serious or was that a Ryan? I always get them, uh, kinda mixed up. Um, but yeah, they had a special link to, yeah,

[00:07:41] jeremiah: I know the pyramids are said to be laid out like the Orion’s belt.

[00:07:47] Michela: Uh, there you go. So that’s what I was trying to, yeah. Who knows maybe that was a point of, of ancestral origin, uh, for the annual Nike, maybe beyond Nibiru or a station, you know, a station before earth.

[00:08:03] jeremiah: Yeah. What I learned is that this planet Nibiru was dying. And it’s on a elliptical orbit. So it comes around every like 3,600 years or something like that. That’s right. And, um, yeah, that’s why the Anna Knocky aren’t here currently is from what I’ve gathered.

[00:08:25] Michela: Some of us still are though,

[00:08:27] jeremiah: some of them so off

[00:08:29] Michela: that’s.

Right. Uh, and you want to do this time? Yeah, I know. I know. I know there is a lot of, I think back here again. Uh, it was by choice in a way to, to try to, um, right. The wrongs of the past, you know what I mean? And, uh, uh, You, you basically bring whatever knowledge you have and all the, the, the love and good intentions in your heart to help him see another civilization grow and thrive.

And like right now we’re moving right into five D. Okay. And, uh, I think you can feel it right. Um, I’ve been feeling a lot of the signs of, of this, uh, transition. And so that’s what, you know, Nike, I think are here back for, they wanted to help humanity transitioning to five D and to, to, um, I don’t know, um, acknowledged that we’re sovereign raised now.

We’re not just their experiment. They see us as equals basically in some way, right. Equal living beings.

[00:09:46] jeremiah: Well, they created us in our image, according to the text. So it would be all right to say that yes, we are kind of like them

[00:09:59] Michela: kind of like them. I know obviously we’re hybrids right. Still, but I think most racists in space are, uh, you know, I think because of the mobility of some of these races, you know,

[00:10:16] jeremiah: so you’ve believed there’s other beings out there, like different races.

Yeah. What’s your take on that?

[00:10:26] Michela: I think it would be impossible and observed to assume that we’re the only ones Y the, the universe is infinite. So it’s time. There is no time. Right. So why just us, what, you know, I know, uh, it’s, it’s good with him for special, but oh, oh, Katie. I have one too, but he’s hiding right.

And, uh, yeah, they chase

[00:10:55] jeremiah: each other. Sorry. They chase each other around.

[00:10:59] Michela: Oh, well you have two or two

[00:11:01] jeremiah: of them actually have three.

[00:11:04] Michela: Oh, good for you. Good for you. I love them. The more the merrier. Yeah. Sorry. Can you ask

[00:11:14] jeremiah: the question again? Were talking about the different alien races? Yes.

[00:11:18] Michela: I’ve always said, uh, not even assumed known that they’re out there.

I knew I came with this knowledge. In fact, I’m one, they call it star seed and that’s why I had that fever as a preteen. And then teenager to know more because my identity was linked to that in a way. It wasn’t enough to know that I was Mikayla. I knew that was something else and some other dimension of myself somewhere.

And I had to find it. To connect to a larger entity, a larger group. So,

[00:11:55] jeremiah: so you had an experience when you were younger. Can you explain that?

[00:11:58] Michela: Yes, I did. Actually. It’s kind of ridiculous because at the time I was just a little child that was about three years old. Okay. And I remember I couldn’t sleep. I had my, I had a crib next to my mum and dad’s bed and I was standing up and looking at them and they said, would you like to come in and sleep between us?

And I thought, not really. I remember this, uh, Jeremiah. Okay. And they said, come on, come on. I go between them. And all of a sudden they’re out. Like I, they, they were out there. Just totally asleep. And I see this figure in the doorway, in the dark basically, but it had colors that stood out and you have to know, I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid.

I watched a lot of TV that was the sixties and, you know, everybody was excited about it. Yeah. So I watch a lot of TV and I watch cartoons and I saw Sylvester the cat, you know, Sylvester. Yes. Right in the doorway. And it was freaky, but I was excited and I remember pointing at it and say, Hey, wait, I was trying to get my parents’ attention after that.

Nothing like my memory is long. So when I don’t remember anything, I know that something else must have happened that didn’t want me to remember, or that I wasn’t supposed to remember. And I think that was my very first encounters with the. Um, they were coming to check on me because I knew I was one of ’em.

I am one of them and they wanted to check. It was the very beginning of my mission. And so, yeah, I don’t know what went on, but they make contact that way. That was the first time that I actually saw something. So clearly, uh, that, yeah.

[00:13:59] jeremiah: So did you actually see like beings or do you recall any interactions?

[00:14:07] Michela: Everything really goes black from then on? I don’t remember. And they’ve done that to me in a few times because, um, I don’t know why later in, in life. I remember I was walking down a path with my mother and my little sister. Uh, once again, I was five, six years old. We were in the country. I remember that all of a sudden, my mom and my sister got frozen and I remember feeling I had to go into the woods, you know, and I didn’t really know why.

And once again, they cut the connection or they cut the memory of the connection. It’s very frustrating, you know? Um, I, I don’t like, I, I did put all of these into a book. I’m a career writer and that is in a book called Ziegler 10, if anybody’s curious, you know, because there’s a lot more of my encounters through time.

And, um, but the way that they, they meet me, uh, most was through dreams to me. They seem like dreams that by the way, where people would call up the actions, I call them visitation. Okay. Okay. To me, it’s absurd to think that some people, uh, don’t don’t believe because it’s impossible. I mean, really this is just, it’s an infinite universe.

I mean, you know, it starts Cedar in coded to remember obviously little by little,

[00:15:52] jeremiah: so, yeah. There’s a large majority of people who have claimed to be an abducted or had an experience like that. Um, in my opinion, too much to just be a hoax or a coincidence. Uh, there’s just too much behind it. People getting hypnotic regression where they recall their experiences.

Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know how you can say that this is not happening.

[00:16:25] Michela: I know, I know. Um, I also later in time read, um, um, Whitley Strieber, uh, communion, and that was another yeah. Was something else that, um, it was like a and other revelation of like, yeah, I’m familiar with this. And then work started me writing all my dreams down, all my experiences.

Do you have deductions, et cetera, et cetera. Um, so yeah, that was the other, um, what would you call it? Uh, um, not platform, but you know what I’m saying? You know, another, another starting point for me that got me deeper into the subject.

[00:17:09] jeremiah: Yeah. They always say writing stuff down helps recall.

[00:17:13] Michela: Yeah, it’s important.

Really few want to grow from it from the experience, write it down, just journal. He doesn’t have any, doesn’t have to be anything, um, you know, uh, official or just journal about it.

[00:17:29] jeremiah: So what do you think the ancients, they seem to be fascinated with the stars and astronomy and stuff like that, and, you know, mainstream science or whatever, just chalks it up as Dem dreaming or whatever, but there’s gotta be, it’s gotta be a deeper connection with astrology and all that

[00:17:50] Michela: stuff.

I know, right? Yeah. Yeah. I think at one point astrology and astronomy were connected in the ancient times and that gave them a much, much wider understanding of human nature and of life I think, because of it. Yeah.

[00:18:10] jeremiah: Yeah. I heard a theory that. Sphinx in Egypt actually had a lion’s head in the beginning because it was made at the time of Leo constellation, um, present in our skies.

So a lot of people date the pyramid and the Sphinx back even further than the other pyramids. So you think they were built before our time or our known

[00:18:40] Michela: history? I think so too. I think so. Yeah. Yeah, definitely before our known history and I don’t understand why, um, we are teaching our kids a lot of, um, truths, you know, or, um, Version of the truth.

Uh, these, especially with the Anunnaki that sheds a lot of lights on our, on our civilization should be taught in school. You know, each everyone should know about origins and about different theories even. I mean, some people might not believe Indiana monarchy, but maybe open up their mind to something else, you know?

So, um, um, yeah, so I think it should be, it should be taught in school. I Marvel that, uh, that it’s not, we, we got such a small distorted version of, of history all boxed up by academics, you know, so I don’t doesn’t belong to us anymore. Really. That’s unfortunately how it feels. Yeah,

[00:19:48] jeremiah: it definitely feels like there’s one narrative and one narrative on.

And if you think outside of that narrative, you’re considered, you know, conspiracy theorist.

[00:20:01] Michela: Absolutely. Yeah. I know. I run into that all the time, because just about every thought I have, it’s like a conspiracy theory, you know what I mean? It’s big because of my background and, and you know, and a lot of us are, are like that.

A lot of us are, as they say, waking up. Right. And once you realize something it’s like seeing something, you cannot see it afterwards, so you never the same, you know, and you kept getting deeper and deeper. And, uh, uh, it gets pretty exciting. Actually life really does gain a meaning, you

[00:20:38] jeremiah: know? Yeah. It’s like you start looking at one thing and it leads into another thing and sometimes things over things overlap.

So they’re all seems like a lot of stuff is connected. And you’re just playing connect the dots.

[00:20:54] Michela: Yeah, exactly. That’s true.

[00:20:57] jeremiah: That’s so for the Ana Nakia, I’ve also heard that they had some, some infighting, do you know about any of their infighting?

[00:21:06] Michela: Oh, well factions and, uh, yeah, I know, I know, I know and, and real, there were two major figures, right.

Were so drastically, they were brothers, but they were drastically different. And, um, um, I think some of the, uh, portrayal is quite accurate actually, because, uh, way back, like I remember, um, he goes, this is the really strange part, but, um, I used to be somebody called two or Shamash, which was the twin of. Uh, and, uh, I remember for example, there was quite a sour character that comes across.

So now he was my grandfather, none nurse that, and Nana was my dad. So if that makes sense at that point.

[00:22:04] jeremiah: Yeah. So for the people listening and Lil and were like the two major figures, they were like the head of the operation. And then they supposedly had a sister that they got impregnated to create the first man

[00:22:23] Michela: yes, they, yeah, they, they were great geneticists.

Uh, but I mean, I’m not, uh, I’m not rating that good or bad. They just that’s what they did. And also at the time they were with the faction of the reptilians were really great at genetic manipulation. And, uh, there were no, I don’t know their intentions, but yeah, they, uh, they did a lot of that. So I, I don’t know.

Excuse me. I need to drink. Oh,

[00:22:56] jeremiah: no, you’re fine. Where do you think the reptilians are? Where they’re from and what their purpose is here?

[00:23:04] Michela: To be honest with you, I don’t know where they’re from. Um, but I do think that they had stakes in the earth. Uh, probably, I don’t know. Maybe even before the primate B. It’s, uh, they, they, it might’ve been their planet earth or Tara.

Right. So, uh, maybe they had a real ancestral deep link to it, then they consider it upon it. There’s uh, which is kind of strange because I think then where are they? You know? Um, so they might have been indigenous to earth, uh, for all we know, uh, the thing is though they had outposts everywhere, like the Anunnaki.

So I know the majority of them retreated to, to some other place in space. Right. Uh, but yeah, the, I think they, at the beginning, there was like a cohesion between the Andrew narky and the reptilians in, uh, um, the genetic manipulations today. They were doing on the primates to create us basically. And I’m not sure why those, the reptilians got involved, but, um, with time passing, I think, uh, they became resentful almost.

They helped the unknown archi and that wa that’s why there was such a rift between them. And now we have like to simplify, right, good reptilians and bedroom Tyrians in relation to what they might’ve intended for us. If that makes sense. Right?

[00:24:46] jeremiah: Yeah. There’s some people who say that there’s bad reptilians behind our governments and stuff like that.

[00:24:53] Michela: Yeah. The new world order, man. Yeah. Exactly or the so-called Illuminati. Yes. That’s also something that made total sense to me. Like the theory I’m like, yeah. You know, I always thought that there was something, um, uh, of my over manipulation behind our, uh, our society civilization or what, you know, so yeah, I think some still try to exert their power through the, through the so-called elite.

I hate that term because they’re not choosing the address. Yeah. You know what I mean?

[00:25:29] jeremiah: Right. Power.

[00:25:33] Michela: They are, they want to be gods. So I’ve also

[00:25:37] jeremiah: heard theories of, um, there used to be habitations on mowers and that they destroyed the planet there. Have you heard anything about that?

[00:25:49] Michela: A little bit? Um, I just, uh, I don’t know who it is exactly.

Uh, I I’m thinking the Andrew narky again, uh, we’re up there. And I think when they decided to leave earth, they also decided to destroy as much of their, of the proof that they were ever there, uh, everywhere. So that explains to me why there are ruins on Mars. You know, they probably had a thriving, collagen colonization there for a while.

And then when they decided to go, they, they, it was final. They just, you know, close to all the links that they could. They wanted us to have a chance to be ourselves, basically in develop on our own. Realized later in time that they wouldn’t done and they needed to, to give us some sort of like a new headstart it’d being ourselves, then not a hybrid

[00:26:50] jeremiah: race.

I’m assuming the. I believe in a higher power to, or absolutely cause a lot of people or a lot of people like to say, oh, well, if you believe in the Ana Knocky, you don’t believe in a God or the creator or whatever.

[00:27:08] Michela: Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. No. Somebody had to create them too. And the people who came before them and it’s like the chicken or the egg.

Right. But something happened, uh, in space and, uh, I, I don’t know. It makes sense to me that, uh, there is a creator personally. I’m not trying to impose this on anybody else. This belief. But for me, I’ve always, always been able to relate to an energy out there that I like to call creator, you know? And, um, I don’t describe, I have no idea and, you know, I just know there’s love there and infinite intelligence and we’re here for a purpose.

And each of us has to, has to discover what that purpose is and contribute to the collective. The objective always been driving in bliss. I think creator made us for that. No, for misery, uh, we created a lot of our own misery and then the reptilians, uh, contributed to that, you know, later.

[00:28:20] jeremiah: Oh, so you think the bad faction of the reptilian race is trying to keep us from ascending?

[00:28:29] Michela: Yeah, I think so too. Yeah. I think the much weaker. Then they used to be the one, they know it. In fact, you notice that also in the world of the elite, dealing with RA, they are barely afloat. Now they are throwing a lot garbage arrests, a lot of, uh, created problems. Okay. They don’t even exist, but they threw them at us to keep confusing us and demoralizing us, keep us hating each other.

Exactly because they knew the union is everything. If we come United as, as a race, um, we can make ourselves much, much happier, uh, collectively, and we probably get smarter. We will be able to. You know, be better intergalactic, citizens related. Everybody’s watching us like every, every other space race that knows all of us is watching with interest to see the humans going to liberate themselves, you know?

And, uh, most of them we should as well. They won’t ask to be part of their collective.

[00:29:55] jeremiah: Yeah. It’s like, we’re their children in a playpen.

[00:30:00] Michela: Exactly, exactly. And they know all the manipulations that we have suffered through time. So they wanted to come to something, something, something good for us. They want to see us blossom

[00:30:14] jeremiah: basically.

And you had said earlier about, um, we’re going into five D can you kind of explain what you mean by.

[00:30:23] Michela: Sure. Um, you know, that we find the 3d is between 3d and forties where we’ll leaving right now. I think we’re definitely, uh, with a foot in five D, but for me. Okay. Those are vibrational, uh, states. Okay. Let me see if I can make it okay.

In 3d, we know that we can see things, hear things, touch them. If we, you know, if everything is perceivable by our census, it’s real. And so, uh, but there are other realities, uh, you know, other vibrational, um, states and, um, some of the space races that are in contact with us that are watching us. And sometimes, you know, sometimes, you know, helping our, uh, have higher vibrations that, that then that.

So for example, they will, it goes all the way up. I don’t know. I mean, you know, some people would say 12, you know, did they mention all, uh, planes, right.

[00:31:33] jeremiah: But isn’t there a saying of seven levels of heaven or whatever.

[00:31:39] Michela: Yeah. I’ve heard of that. I’m not sure which tradition it comes from, but yeah, I’ve heard of that.

Yes. And, um, yeah, so that’s, uh, for me, uh, five team. Transitioning to higher vibration, which means a lot of people are waking up in great numbers in masses, actually. Okay. We have a lot of triggers for that, uh, that sometimes are intentional when they want to help us a little bit. It’s like, they’re almost there give him that clue.

Right. And some, sometimes hardship is put on us by the opposition, like the reptilians. Right. And, um, us, I to work through these points, uh, brings us a little bit higher in vibration each time because we grow spiritually from every, every experience of course. Right. And, uh, that’s why the other resistance space are kind of rooting for us because we are so.

To a real breakthrough and the shift is happening. I am seeing it in my own little daily life. Things are manifesting fast. Uh, I am talking little things, you know what I mean? But every like things are manifesting and a number sequences. Um, I’ve always noticed the language of numbers, even though I don’t like maths.

Okay. I, I, when I was a kid, I didn’t understand it now. I, I wished that I knew more because, uh, um, everything is math, maths, basically, uh, music, for example. Okay. We try a door that really, you know, um, it’s part of my soul growth. That’s math. Okay. So there’s numbers in everything. I would like people to pay attention to number sequences that they see around them.

It can happen to you in a movie or in a show anywhere you get a number and, you know, because says, oh my God, what does that mean? Like 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 5, 5, 5. You know, that kind of thing or 11, 11. Okay. Those are clues to help us progress and understand ourselves. And so, um, I discovered books that, uh, are helpful with that.

Uh, yeah. Any interpretation they come with, uh, we also metaphysical interpretations of what they might mean. I found that very helpful.

[00:34:24] jeremiah: Yes. I’ve heard of Jamal Altria and how everything is coded and that kind of lends into the theory of that numbers play a huge role in everything.

[00:34:39] Michela: Absolutely. And I think, you know, um, in the entrance utilization, the Arabs knew that they were very, very advanced with their math, which I think it’s a kind of like a, um, it was a Relic of the mouth that the, I know Nike had that understanding and thank goodness they preserved it and expanded on it and contributed it to whatever we have manifested in into our society, uh, good or bad, but they had this understanding of numbers and also their higher meaning their spiritual meaning.


[00:35:19] jeremiah: they help them. Yeah, the precision of the monuments, um, especially the pyramids and stuff is so precise and they definitely took time to do that and make sure it was done properly.

[00:35:34] Michela: I know, I know there was a lot of knowledge behind architecture, uh, and in fact, even now there is like some esoteric, uh, knowledge connected to architecture.

Not that I know a lot about it. I don’t, but I see that. I mean,

[00:35:51] jeremiah: yeah, yeah. A lot of the modern cities even are laid out in different grids and patterns and

[00:35:59] Michela: exactly. Yeah. That’s amazing. That is amazing to me, but yeah.

[00:36:06] jeremiah: And then you even have the crop circle phenomenon and a lot of those have geometric patterns and mathematics involved in it.

[00:36:17] Michela: Exactly. That’s why I kind of thought it was funny when people were just saying, where do they come from? You know, well, somebody very knowledgeable obviously then knows how to do that, how to manifest that kind of thing. And trust me, there’s a messaging there. And I think everybody expects a universal message, but this within the world of, of, I guess, metaphysics it’s about individuality, w you, the person, the soul I learning at this point in time and your advancement, your growth.

Right. If that makes sense. So I think, uh, there’s messages in them. And, um, I don’t know, they could be, I mean, obviously collective, but I also think that that, uh, these kind of experiences are supposed to affect individual. What do you think about the crop circles and what do you think about the, you know what I mean, it makes you think and

[00:37:21] jeremiah: grow, I’m kind of split between two theories.

Sure. I think either, uh, extra terrestrials are creating these or is it actually coming from the planet itself because there’s a guy, a theory where the planet’s actually alive and maybe there’s just signs from the planet to humanity or whoever. That’s just another theory.

[00:37:50] Michela: I agree with that theory. Yeah.

I like that theory actually. It makes more sense to be, to be honest, then just the T ETS, uh, influence. Yes, of course they want to communicate. And some of them, like there was in England, one of the, it wasn’t a crop circle, but it was an image in the grass of an alien kind of looking at us like through a little space or something.

Right. Like they’re watching us from space. Yeah. I think like that, that you think, okay, it’s probably, you know, a DET saying, okay, we know we, we know that you exist and you are starting to think that we exist in a halo that’s you know, so yeah. But for, uh, the guy at theory, I’m very much like that because this plant.

Ancient it’s it’s much, much more ancient than we can fall on. Okay. And, uh, obviously Gaia has soul and has something to say, and it expresses itself for, through a variety of, of things. I mean, even the numbers are, we can say are talking about earlier, right? Uh, it’s one way architecture. It’s another way music, any, everything we do is like the planet soul trying to come through.

Okay. And guide us and protect itself at this point because every, like we know we’ve ravaged a lot of it and we have not used it as intended, you know, earth was supposed to be a playground, a place where we thrive and develop. And it’s not, it’s not, it’s a play where we fight for survival, basically.

[00:39:34] jeremiah: Yeah.

And it could be the reason for. Cataclysms and even smaller instances like earthquakes and volcanoes going off and stuff

[00:39:46] Michela: like that. Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s my, yeah. It’s Gaia speaking. Yeah.

[00:39:52] jeremiah: It could just be the planet like saying, Hey, because when I fly over the country and I looked down, um, we do kind of look like a cancer on the planet.

Like you just see all this green and stuff, and then all of a sudden you see cities and stuff and it just looks like we’re taken over.

[00:40:12] Michela: I know. Yes, yes. I can understand that. Um, there’s also another side to that that I find very moving. I don’t know why this happened by one night. Was on the bus and coming home and I remember, uh, uh, it’s a very explainable kind of a feeling of.

Remember looking at everything and being profoundly moved by us because I saw us this, this little beings, you know, and we are trying to make, to make it a go of this place and we’ve built our own dwellings and we’ve got electricity and we got lights inside the buildings at night. And I, for some reason I found that.

So moving it’s like little human, it’s hard to explain like, oh wow. We, you know, we’re here. We have survived to this point. Right. And I felt incredible love for the human race at that point. I really did.

[00:41:18] jeremiah: Yeah. I feel like the mass majority of people are good. There’s just that small percentage that wanted to seize the power and prey on the weaker.

People are not weaker, but the more empathic.

[00:41:35] Michela: Exactly. Yeah. The sensitive types that are kind of the glue basically of everything, if you think about it. Yeah.

[00:41:43] jeremiah: Yeah. Cause if the planet was all psychopaths, then there would be nothing left. They would all kill each other because yeah. So I think most people are just trying to get through.

Good. They’re good. If someone’s in trouble, they’re willing to help. And um, we’re just all trying to get by. And I think that, like you said earlier, um, people are starting to wake up and realize, like, we don’t want to be controlled. Like we have been no,

[00:42:19] Michela: exactly. That’s, that’s why what’s happening now. It’s so important.

And that’s, that’s how we are inching our way into five D because we conceiving of this that we want, we want to throw. Collectively, it’s not any more like, you know, that idea like in the sixties on going to be a millionaire and I’m going to, it was always about you, right. Me, me, me, I’m going to do this.

I’m going to, you know, and everything had to do with money with discovering that the great things like life itself, it’s not about money. It’s not about things you can build or buy yourself. Right. And so that’s why we are such a crucial point with getting that the masters are getting that they’re understanding that there is more, there’s much more, and we have a right to know, right?

There’s this almost this, this not only call it entitlement, but it it’s just a consciousness, right. To say, okay, we need to, uh, you know, understand these and, and benefit collectively. That’s the, that’s what the other races have that we don’t have. They have that cohesion inequality at all levels. Yeah. We still struggle with that.

[00:43:44] jeremiah: Yeah. We still are really in our ego. Yes,

[00:43:49] Michela: we are hierarchies. Yeah.

[00:43:52] jeremiah: A lot of spiritual teachings, um, from Buddha to Jesus, to whoever, um, they try to speak about, you know, being less about your ego and more about your spirit being. Yes,

[00:44:09] Michela: absolutely. Absolutely. I remember I was so arrogant when I was a teenager.

Believe it or not. I mean, I thought that maybe the reason I, God, I, you know, that was like the, the, uh, the mainstream thinking anyway, even I’m suddenly Italian and that was a Catholic country. And I was dead set against churches, religion, everything like that. Well, in recent years, I’ve discovered that, uh, there is a God, I believe now, but I had to go through so many experiences.

Some of them really bad, and some of them really good to come to this conclusion. Now I it’s like, of course there’s creator, you know, it’s, it’s not a matter of course that there is something there’s something larger than us and this something wants to help us. I don’t believe in religions any of them because yeah.

They’re conditions, uh, you know, and they made rules and regulations. I mean, all of them pretty much. Right. So, uh,

[00:45:18] jeremiah: well I think, I think the problem with organized religion is the power structure behind it. Yeah. And you have people that live off that power and the control of other people. Um, but the actual teachings can be really uplifting.

[00:45:39] Michela: Absolutely. When you discover, um, I say Jesus because of my, uh, background and I’ve been different, different religions to, uh, strangely, like later in life and then come out of it and I’m only spiritual, but, um, what was I gonna say? I lost myself.

[00:46:02] jeremiah: Okay. We were just talking about being spiritual instead of the power structure that controls.

[00:46:10] Michela: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Now we’ve, you know, I think more and more people are realizing that are getting a consciousness, uh, in the consciousness of that. Yeah. It’s almost a, it’s a need now it’s a need for us to continue to survive. We have to preserve what we’ve got, you know, every level.

[00:46:33] jeremiah: Yep. After my near-death experience, I have no doubt that there is a creator and I think I wish more people could experience it just so we boost the long, but, and I don’t know why I had it.

Um, but

[00:46:53] Michela: I do know.

[00:46:54] jeremiah: Yeah. So, but I totally think there is a creator behind all of this. I don’t think it’s just random happenstance and. Feel a shift in energy in the, on the planet. And I feel that it’s good because more people are starting to get out of their ego more. They’re starting to realize that they’re being controlled and it just really is going to help push forward.

[00:47:25] Michela: I see. See that’s how can I say, this is what I was talking about? These realizations that we having in larger and larger numbers, you know what I mean? It used to be the, um, I don’t know, for example, like the circle I hate when they call this metaphysics new age, right. It used to be almost a fad a years ago.

Now it’s a need, we, we need to, uh, you know, to think this way, we need to think this way that there’s more than there is.

[00:48:02] jeremiah: Yeah, when I was younger. Um, if you were into all this fringe stuff, you were considered like a tinfoil hat where yeah. But now it’s becoming more and more accepted by people.

[00:48:14] Michela: Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Uh, and, um, I’m glad, I mean, as I said, putting religion aside, look at the spirituality of it, the teachings, uh, of different, uh, not just the profits, like, you know, Jesus and Buddha and, you know, um, the religions of India. I mean, there’s so much there, you know, I don’t claim to know, to know all of it. I know bits and pieces about Buddhism, Hinduism, et cetera.

Each one has seeds of truth in, you know, you have to take like, Uh, skim the best of these with what suits you, basically your personality, you know, and get, and get, create your own spirituality I take from different cultures and different spiritual backgrounds. Do you find that you do the same yourself in your belief system?

[00:49:12] jeremiah: Oh, definitely since my D E um, yeah, I definitely just, you know, pick from different things and I, to. I try to cut out as much negativity in my life. Like mute, like music was TV, was everything, the least amount of negative stuff is the best,

[00:49:37] Michela: the better. In fact, I’m so jealous of that, that when I find people, um, uh, you know, every so often you’ll meet somebody that someone wants to shake you.

Right? And you’re like, I’m not going to let you rock my hard earned happiness and tranquility. Sorry. You know? And, uh, you don’t have to hate them, but you teach them. I’ve learned you distance yourself. You live in what’s comfortable and happy and, and, uh, um, nourishing for you. Okay. And, uh, obviously everybody that, that, that you care.

So you S you know, you, you, you dialing to the positivities and, and yeah. We have to learn to stay there. It’s not romantic to, uh, yeah. Jump off the cliff or live in desperation as they call it quiet desperation. Okay. We deserve better than that at this point, you know, uh, we have to understand that if we want to manifest a better future for ourselves, you know, we have to know that at this point.

Yeah. We’ve come a long way. You know, we are ready for thriving. That’s what I think.

[00:50:54] jeremiah: Yeah. I really hope so. And I hope the powers that be don’t win, and I don’t think they will win just, uh, just that we’re in a

[00:51:07] Michela: rush. Barely there barely afloat. Now, uh, Jeremiah, they are, they’re dying. That’s why do you think that through us, the COVID, uh, the, you know, the so-called pandemic, I mean, just my opinion, but they, they keep throwing these absurd problems every so often and they make it global.

Right. Because they want to destabilize us from our, our scent, you know? And, uh, it’s not going to work because most of us see through it. We see through it, by the way, I have to know what happened to you. I didn’t know. You had a near death experience. Talk about it any,

[00:51:51] jeremiah: yeah, I’ve talked about it in previous podcasts, but to make a long story short, I basically, I went through the dark tunnel with the light at the end, and I felt all the love and warmth and peace and.

Coax by some figures in the light. Yes. They were saying it’s okay, everything’s fine. Uh, you can come, but I just called out and I screamed at them. Like I’m not done on earth. I still have a mission. I still have something to accomplish. And I’m trying to find that out. Maybe it’s this podcast. I don’t know.


[00:52:34] Michela: you doing it, you are doing and no, no worries you doing it.

[00:52:41] jeremiah: You know, it was definitely a life-changing event for me,

[00:52:46] Michela: for me was actually clinical depression. And it was brutal because I had it at 700. And in a country where mental health is not, wasn’t even acknowledged. I don’t know now in Italy, how things are, but, um, at the time there was no, like, you know, you’re crazy, or you were saying whatever, saying that I can tell being part of the mainstream and being a good little Italian teacher then, you know, and yeah.

And so the thinking was always so, so, so little, you know, for me, it’s like, who do you think you are? Well, I had this consciousness. I saw still faster when I was three. Okay. So I had this, I don’t know the desire to know more and to, to feel more right. And so I had this, this thing at me, um, happened when I was 17 years old.

It almost destroyed me. Uh, Jeremiah, it was really a clinical depression is no joke.

[00:53:44] jeremiah: Nobody knew

[00:53:46] Michela: and you’ve dealt with it. So, you know, what kind of, of, of brute beast we’re talking about, right.

[00:53:53] jeremiah: It’s terrible.

[00:53:54] Michela: It’s terrible. You can’t even describe your state of mind to people because there are no words there feelings and there’s anxiety there, Reese, um, OCD, like your thoughts running and running and running and never lacking in circles.

Imagine you’re 17 and you’ve thrown all these such you. Okay. And, uh, you don’t know where it’s coming from. You don’t know why it’s happening now. I figured it out. It’s been my gateway experiencing to spirit and really, really, um, a deeper level. Uh, in fact, my, I was a bit selfish before now. I’m not. You know, I can’t help it.

I care about everyone. I care about animals a lot. Um, I care about, you know, people, the earth, everything other, you know, aliens and such, you know, uh, just life I’m only life. And I didn’t so much at that time I was considering suicide a lot at that time. I know a lot of teenagers go through it, but I did not have the benefit of peers that were supporting me.

Excuse me. I was kind of a rebel, but on my own, you know, without a group I didn’t fit anywhere. Right. And so, uh

[00:55:18] jeremiah: Hmm. Like a lone Wolf

[00:55:21] Michela: basically, basically. Right. And it’s strange because I’m a sociable person, but I’m also very private. Right. And, uh, so, uh, I never had tons of friends or people that. I never felt I belonged anywhere or in a group, for example, or things like that.

I don’t know. Um, I was saying that for a reason. Hold on. Oh my God. I I’m. I’m scared of this, of this, uh, lapses. Okay.

[00:55:53] jeremiah: No, it’s okay. You were saying you were super depressed and.

[00:55:58] Michela: Yes. So, yeah, and at the time it was undiagnosed and they didn’t know, the doctor said he actually had a little law offices. I hear a teenager.

This is supposed to happen. So I go home. Okay. I’m like, oh my God, it’s not supposed to happen. That I think maybe I’m imagining everything and projecting it. And maybe there’s no human being and I am some sort of a singularity or something. Right. That made me tear. It terrified me. It terrified me. And I had, I discovered panic attacks and, uh, you know, a lot of like, not being able to quiet my mind and, uh, at the time, um, that even more made me despise the idea that there is a card because I thought then he, he, she is a jerk because in pain, right.

This is not normal. So, and, uh, yeah. And now it’s the opposite. Yes, there is a creator. Yes, there is. Goodness. We come from love. I see it now. Thanks to that experience to of depression, which, I mean, I’m still on medication for it because they figure here, thank goodness in Canada, there is a lot more knowledge about these and help.

Right. So, um, I was told I’d probably be on medication forever because I have a chemical imbalance in my, in my brain that makes me think like that and then made me have panic attacks, et cetera, et cetera. Right. So I’m on medication. I can tell you how many people have a prejudice against that. Yeah, they judge you.

[00:57:36] jeremiah: Oh, for sure. And it’s funny that you said you were almost at a suicidal state and then you, and then you had a life change. Yes. Um, I was, I was in the same boat when I had my near-death experience right before it, I was super depressed thinking about ending it all. And I feel like the creator realizes you’re at rock bottom and he doesn’t want to see you that way.

So he let me have this experience to show me that I know it’s tough, but you have a purpose here.

[00:58:25] Michela: Yes, exactly. Oh my God. I love these. I love how each of us, once we really talked to each other, we discovered that we are similar, you know, and we are proceeding at the same pace. We are coming to this kind of conclusions and must basically right now. And that’s very exciting to me

[00:58:46] jeremiah: and I definitely want to do more.

Podcasts episodes on near-death experiences. And I hoped to interview people. I want to interview people whose, who have had near death experiences, um, just to share stories and, and outlooks on everything.

[00:59:06] Michela: Absolutely. I mean, to that, I would definitely watch everything. You know, I write, I just discovered your podcasts.

I really have to go back and watch as much as I can because I’m very interested. I’m very interested. Yeah,

[00:59:21] jeremiah: definitely do that. And then we’re coming to the end here. So if you want to promote anything, your books or social media or anything.

[00:59:32] Michela: Yeah, my books basically. Yeah. I have social media. Only basically exist on Facebook.

Don’t care for Twitter. Not a fan of Facebook either, but. It connected me to family and friends all over the world. And for me, relationships are the most important thing in my life. That’s why I have a good view of Facebook because of that. I look at it from that perspective. Right. And, um, yeah. Um, what was I going to say?

This happens all the time. I can’t believe it. My books, yes. I have a link on Facebook for it. And a page where you can see, I have four books right now on They’re all based pretty much on my experiences with, uh, the, uh, ETS, uh, or interdimensional, whatever you want to call it, even my fiction. So there’s a page and I have four books on that, uh, people can go and visit the page.

All you have to do is, uh, Google maps.

[01:00:35] jeremiah: Uh, or if you send me a link, I’ll put it in the show notes for this episode.

[01:00:40] Michela: Sure. I will do that. Then I’ll send you the link.

[01:00:44] jeremiah: Yes. So yeah, anyone listening, uh, should be in the show notes, you can click the link and purchaser material.

[01:00:51] Michela: Thank you. And yeah, they’re all. I hope that they’re interesting to people because I had secret 10 that talks about these experiences.

I have orbital, which was a fiction story, but it comes from my past so-called past lives and our past, I mean, there’s no time. Right. And, uh, to others, um, it means which in Italian, we had a tradition of which, which I don’t endorse anymore, but, uh, um, I realized I wasn’t a witch because I’m there this weird, I’m a star seed.

You know what I mean? And so I, yeah. Uh, but there, that was about, uh, witches in the ancient past, and I have a. Hold on. Okay. Strega orbital, um, ziggurat 10 and children of the goddess, my Celtic novel. I don’t know that two came from past lives. I’m sure. You know, drew is and whatnot and magic and, and all that.

So everything is on that page. And there are signups is of each one of the books. So you can choose, I have to go back. I, Jeremiah, I don’t even remember how I did it because I’m not techie at all. Okay. Yeah. But I created that page and I have to go back and I want to reduce the prices because at the time I, I didn’t really this, okay.

Put a price or whatever. Like I, I’m not a, you know, a publisher. How, how would I know? So I definitely need to go and dial down. Yes. But it would be lovely if people read me because I so long for feedback.

[01:02:31] jeremiah: Yeah, I’ll definitely, I’ll definitely put a link in the show notes, so you can click on that and hopefully they’ll go give it a list or give it a read.

And, um, I’m interested to read it myself, so I’ll probably get some too.

[01:02:47] Michela: Thank you. That sounds really good. Thank you so much. And yeah.

[01:02:52] jeremiah: All right. Well thank you for coming on and it was a good discussion

[01:02:58] Michela: and thank you for having me.