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Aliens and Paranormal

Mark from Project Stargate Fringe Research joins the show to talk about his experiences. In a discussion about the alien abduction phenomenon, we talk about the possibility that Mark himself has been abducted. He recounts his encounter with three beings at the foot of his bed. There’s even a scoop mark on his arm that may be evidence of the abduction. We talk about different theories as it relates to UFO’s and Aliens. Mark shares some of the projects he’s working on currently. Tune in to have your mind blown!

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Paranormal Mashup

Michaela Ford, host of the “Paranormal or What?”, comes onto the show to chat about her show! We discuss ghosts and hauntings. We also get into the alien abduction phenomenon and UFOs. Michaela talks to us about some of how favorite cases that she’s covered on her podcast. Tune in to hear about bigfoot, Ouija boards, and a lot more in this paranormal mashup!

False Flags

Doctor Patriot joins us to discuss false flags. Are mass shootings created by the government to spread agendas? Are actors used to pull on heart strings? Are the mainstream news organizations in on it? When looking into mass shootings, do things really add up? What are the common narratives? Tune in as we talk about all this and more!

Joanna Summerscales May 2022

UFO Encounters

Joanne Summers is our special guest today! She is the head of the E.T. Newsroom. She researches UFO’s and Alien abductions across the world. Her talks with a number of abductees hopes to shed light on the phenomenon. We go over some of her most memorable cases. Joanne tries to weigh in on the whole alien abduction scene. Join us as we take a look into her E.T. Newsroom!


Hidden in the Shadows

Isaac from Hidden in the Shadows podcast joins us for this riveting interview. He tells us about his unique ability called energy manipulation. We talk about his ghost hunting, and Isaac tells us about his ability to banish spirits. He is able to trap ghosts in a ring that was created with the seal of Solomon. His wife is part of his paranormal team. Together they explore the world of ghosts. Make sure to tune into this one. You don’t want to miss it!

Conspiracy Mashup

Brittany comes on the show today to talk about conspiracies! We discuss Behold a Pale Horse. The man and the book that pretty much predicted the times we live in now. We also talk about the Jeffrey Epstein situation and Wayfair. Brittany and I discuss aliens and other topics as well. It really was just a fun chat about random conspiracies! This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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Ghosts and Preparedness

Brian Duff from “The Survival Preppers” and “Mind 4 Survival” podcasts joins the show today to talk with us about a ghost that was living with him. Brian had moved into a new house and shortly after, the ghost made itself known. He shares with us his experiences dealing with this new haunted house! We then talk a little about current events and being prepared for different situations. Brian Duff is a stand up guy who loves his country. He spent many years within the military and has lived abroad. We talk about how critical it is to be prepared for whatever life might throw at you. Tune in! You’re not going to want to miss this.


Alien Abduction: Nicole's Encounter

Nicole had reached out to the show after hearing about Adrianne’s alien abduction encounter. At first she thought it was just a dream, until she realized there may be more to it. Nicole believes she was abducted in the same manner and with the same type of tests done. Shortly after her abduction, she found out that she was pregnant. Her son seems to be advanced beyond his years. Nicole has a more positive spin on aliens, and what they are up to with these abductions.

jess King


Clairvoyant Jessica King comes onto the show to share her experiences dealing with ghosts. We talk about how she got into mediumship and ghost hunting. She takes us through some experiences she had while filming her show “Ghostly Encounters”. Jess goes into her work in doing spiritual cleansings for people. Jessica King has been connected with the spirit world since she can remember. Tune in to learn all about her ghostly encounters!

Su teaching at Chewelah 2018

P'nti Aliens

Su Walker joins the show to discuss her dealings with a race of aliens called the P’nti. Su has been in communication with these extraterrestrial beings for some time now. The P’nti have taught her things about them and other races of aliens. Su has been able to help them understand humans more. Tune in to hear what Su Walker has encountered with these beings based here on our planet.

Tarot Cards: Finding Your True Self

Nicki Ojeda joins us to talk about her experiences with Tarot Cards. With 35 years of experience, Nicki has helped many people find their true self. She has helped people deal with situations in life when they’ve felt lost. We talk about how Tarot is much more than just cards with pictures on them. What were you put on earth to do? Are you being your authentic self? Can you change your life’s trajectory? Nicki and I dive into all this and more! Tune in and find out. 

David Weiss DITRH White Background

Flat Earth

David Weiss joins the show to day to shatter your reality. We talk about how NASA, school, and media are all deceiving you into thinking the earth is a sphere. The earth is actually flat. Space and planets are not real. All of that has been presented to you to control you. Dave gives us examples to back up his claims. Enter this weeks episode with all preconceived notions thrown out the window. Jump down the rabbit hole with us and see for yourself!


Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure

Doc Side Media joins the show to discuss their new project “Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure”. The documentary takes a look into the alien and UFO phenomenon. Interviewing several guest to get a glimpse into what is really going on. Are aliens working with the government? What is their purpose here on earth? Join us as we discuss their incredible documentary!

Alien Abduction: Adrianne's Encounter

Adrianne comes onto the show to share her alien abduction story. She was just an ordinary pregnant woman, when she found herself taken from the comfort of her room one night. The extraterrestrials performed experiments on her and her unborn baby. The leader of the alien group communicated telepathically with Adrianne. She believes to have been abducted since a young age. Join us as we discus this intrusive encounter.

Astrology: How It Could Affect Your Life

Whether you like it or not, the stars are all around us. Since the beginning of time, man has looked to the skies for guidance and inspiration. Astrology looks to make answers out of some of these universal mysteries. Join Julia and I as we discuss the forces that the stars play on our lives. Will Mercury in retrograde make things hard to accomplish? Does your zodiac sign define who you are? Will these Astrological signs shape your relationships? Do eclipses play an important role in time?  Tune in and find out!

Rise and Fall of the Nephilim

Scott Alan Roberts comes onto the show to share with us his knowledge of the Nephilim! The offspring of the fallen angels from the Bible. We go through various Biblical texts and try to decipher their meanings. Were there Giants in the ancient past? Did the Nephilim create modern humans? Is there more to the Adam and Eve story than we were taught? Is there hidden messages within these Bible passages? Join Scotty and I as we try to shed light on man’s ancient past!


Sanjay joins the show to tell us all about his encounters with Bigfoot! He runs the website Beyond The Forest, where he documents Bigfoot accounts. He’s a Sasquatch hunter for lack of a better term. We talk about what he thinks Bigfoot is and where they are located. We discuss some major Bigfoot accounts that are too good to be fake! Join Sanjay and I in a discussion that you aren’t going to want to miss. Let’s go squatch hunting!


Alien Abductions and UFOs

Today I interview Richard Wright, who has 20 years military service. He worked his way up to high level clearance within the military. Join us as we talk about alien abductions. We’ll go over an experience he had while serving. Richard will tell us about some famous alien abduction and UFO stories. We also talk about what he believes UFOs and abductions are really about. It’s a conversation that you do not want to miss!


Ghosts and Hauntings

Special guest Joe and Jen from the “222 Paranormal Podcast” come onto the show to tell us all about their ghost hunting! We go over haunting experiences they have encountered. We discuss what ghosts could be, and why they hang around certain places. Joe and Jen tell us all about their field studies, and Jen even has ghosts living in her house! Can spirits communicate with us? Can ghosts attach themselves to people? Take a journey with us through the land of ghosts, and their role in the world of the living.

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Planet X and Annunaki

Joined by special cohost April, we interview Jason Martell. Jason is a producer of the hit show Ancient Aliens and author of the book Knowledge Apocalypse. He joins us to discuss our ancient past, Planet X, and the Annunaki story. 

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Simulation Theory

Julie Fisk comes onto the show to talk about Simulation Theory. We discuss the possibility that we are all living in a computer program. Are weird occurrences in life due to glitches in this matrix? Are our lives predetermined? Would this explain the Mandela Effect? We give up our theories on what could possibly be behind this simulation.

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Meeting God At The Door

Kellan Fluckiger comes onto the show to share his near death experience. He was a successful business man living what most people would call a dream. But a drug addiction lead him down a dark path till one night he “hit rock bottom”. After feeling that he needed a change, Kellan found himself in the hospital. It was here where he had his NDE. In the doorway of his hospital room, he had a few conversations with God. He now lives his life to motivate others and spread the message of the purpose of life.

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NFL is Rigged

Brian Tuohy comes onto the show to talk about the possibility that the NFL is rigged. He would say manipulated would be a better term. The league could be using refs and certain players and coaches to change the outcomes of games. There’s a lot of money being bet on these games, and that could lead to certain outcomes being ideal. We talk about some of the biggest moments that lead people to believe some of the games are fixed!

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To Hell and Back

M.K. McDaniel comes onto the show to share her near death experience. Through her NDE, she had a wild journey through Hell and Heaven. While in Hell, she experience several different scenarios that were all awful. She was determined to escape and never gave up. Eventually she was whisked away to Heaven where she met a lost love interest. He told her it wasn’t her time. She’s been pushing through since being sent back to Earth. Hear her tale.

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Poisons in our Food

Jodie Houlden comes onto the show to talk about how foods that we eat are actually poisoning us! We discuss how what we put in our body effects us in numerous ways. She tells us how food can effect your mental state just as much as your physical well being. We discuss her new online program that is set out to help people make better eating and living habits. At the end of the day, your health is the most important thing in life. Tune in and see.

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Unknown Stories of America

In this episode, I bring on KWH Olin to talk about unknown stories of America. we discuss figures and events you won’t learn about at your local high school or University. We talk about how the Illuminati and the Freemasons are hiding in the shadows controlling what happens in the world. From his latest book “A Patriot’s Rebirth”, we talk about how our founding fathers did have some in-fighting. Get ready to head down the rabbit hole!

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Lady Ghostbusters

Eleanor Wagner comes onto the show to talk about ghosts and ghost hunting. She formed “The Lady Ghostbusters”, a team of female ghost hunters (with a couple males as well). They’ve traveled into mines where they encountered worker ghosts. There was a house where they encountered a spirit who resided there. We discuss what ghosts and orbs are. We talk about near death experiences. Eleanor tells how TV shows dramatize the whole thing. Join us on this spooky episode!

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Michela comes onto the show to talk about ancient aliens and the Annunaki. We talk about the pyramids and ancient history. She shares with me that she is a “star seed” or remnant of the Annunaki. We discuss the UFO phenomenon. We also talk about the powers that are controlling the world and how they are loosing grip on humanity. Take a trip with us into the past to see what the future may hold!

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