False Flags

False Flags


False Flags

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Oh, and one last thing, sorry for my audio quality, I was having technical issues during the recording. So I do sound kind of like a transformer, but, um, It should be listenable, at least. So, yeah, just bear in mind. I know. I sound like I’m talking through a vortex or something. All right. Let’s get to the interview.


Yeah, that’s fine. I just, uh, heard you guys on rumble. You had a video and you were talking about the, uh, like Texas shooting and the, uh, completely fake and the Buffalo shooting and all. I was like, I want to cover this on my podcast, cuz false place have been prevalent for a while

[00:02:30] Mel: now. And I remember back

[00:02:32] Jeremiah: Sandy hook, and all that stuff, so

[00:02:37] Mel: okay.


[00:02:38] Jeremiah: and I like the way you guys were going and how it

[00:02:41] Mel: so, right. But, before we get into Uvalde, let me ask you a question who blew up? Uh, the, the building in Oklahoma. Um,

[00:02:53] Jeremiah: what was his name? Ted

[00:02:54] Mel: Kazinski or something? Timothy McVey or Timothy McVey. There you go. What about, I don’t know, let’s bring up another event.

Waco. Who is who’s responsible for that who actually put their initials on it wa

[00:03:09] Jeremiah: the, uh,

[00:03:10] Mel: what’s that? No, no, no, go on. No, I was

[00:03:15] Jeremiah: gonna say the government, probably the CIA, um, Was involved and then just blamed it on the crazy cult or whatever. Right.

[00:03:24] Mel: Um, Columbine, they ended up,

[00:03:26] Jeremiah: but, they ended up burning down the building or whatever with the

[00:03:30] Mel: kids inside.

Right. But, even Columbine, what was that? Just, just Columbine. Go on

[00:03:38] Jeremiah: Columbine. But, That one I’ve looked into, not as much, but, um, I know it was the two kids that went in there and shot everyone and said, was asking people if they believed it in God or Jesus or whatever. And if they said yes, they shot

[00:03:55] Mel: him and okay, well, well, let’s go to, uh, the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

I was in Germany at the time and, uh, 2000 years. Right. Gotcha.

[00:04:10] Jeremiah: yeah, I was in Germany. I was backpacking through Germany and the family I was backpacking with, like was like, you need to go check the, uh,

[00:04:20] Mel: TV, something happened in America or whatever.

[00:04:23] Jeremiah: And, then I saw about the, uh, theater shooting, which to me sent, seemed really strange.

And, then when I got back, I started looking into it and I thought it was. Pretty strange too. So, the character and I say character, but I mean, the shooter, um, seemed very odd too. And yeah, that one,

[00:04:46] Mel: Unfortunately, I didn’t odd as in like MK ultra, but what if I were to tell you that every single one of those events and, and many, many more were all perpetrated by our government?

What if every single thing that has changed America? Because, in one way or another, sorry, whether it be strict or gun laws or gun free zones, or it usually has to do with firearms. What if every single one of these things were perpetrated by our very own government? Uh,

[00:05:24] Jeremiah: I would not put it past them.

[00:05:25] Mel: Because, you’re into a lot of stuff, you don’t have to put it past them because they were.

they were and what really woke me up the other day. Uh, can, can I, can I share my screen here? Yeah, go ahead. No, no, no. I’m saying because you’re gonna put this on your show, right? Also,  Audio on though, right? No, no, no. It’s audio people could, could, could listen to it too, because there’s a lot of things that I had no idea about, about Columbine.

Uh, the Columbine shooting. And, when I heard it, I was absolutely fucking flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe it. I said, wait a minute. Do you mean to tell me it just came out? See now information travels a lot faster. Because, the Buffalo shooter was in touch with the FBI right before the shooting. Then we find out afterwards, That the first guy that got killed was the black guy.

Uh, uh, did you hear about this?

[00:06:32] Jeremiah: Um, I heard about the, um, the kid who did the shooting supposedly, um, was like military trained. Cuz I heard someone saying that he, uh, he executed that Buffalo shooting or whatever with like military precis. Even

[00:06:53] Mel: Because, though he was over like 18. Well, well, what if I told you it had absolutely nothing to do with, I mean, look, I, I, if you just gimme the floor for a second, I want explain a couple things to you.

These evil bastards, that rule us, they never let a, a, a tragedy go to waste ever. They never let a tragedy go to waste. Now I know that sounds kind of like a cliche, but hear me. The security guard for the supermarket of tops or whatever it was called. Also, did you know that this guy just invented, it’s been done before and they killed him off in the past, but did you know that he invented, uh, a way to power your car using water?

And he was just on the news about his invention? And I


[00:07:49] Jeremiah: see that I saw, um, I forget his name, but he, because I took some notes. Also, it was a security officer.

[00:08:01] Mel: he got

[00:08:01] Jeremiah: killed and yeah, he was working on a, uh,

[00:08:05] Mel: car that ran off water. Okay. So, why would they have to kill him? And, why would the elites, the same elites that have been controlling us since way before you and I were ever born, all of a sudden, some sch.

Is gonna come out. Also, what was the last guy’s name? The last one that invented the, the water engine and they in the CIA poisoned him, uh, Stanley Myers Myers. There you go. Last name. I was looking for Myers. They killed Myers. Now think about it like this. You have a guy that was just on the news. He actually made the news.

This wasn’t back then, you know, like when Myers was alive, this is now meaning people see it on their phones. People are waking up. People are like, wait a minute. I could run my car on water. That is an immediate hit squad. That’s that’s not even FBI shit. That’s CIA shit. You gotta get rid of him. The guy’s already famous.

He was already on the local news, but how could we capitalize off of everything all at once? We could get rid of him this way. Could continue to Jack up the prices of the gas and fuck the American people. Get rid of him. That’s the first priority, but also we could spread more racial division between black people and white.

We could create a story saying that he hated black people and, and you understand what I mean? And also we could use it to say, Hey man, you know what? There are too many damn guns. I, I, I think we should take people’s guns. These motherfuckers will take down an entire airplane just to kill one person. If they see several, several different positives to their evil diabolical schemes, they will take that avenue.

Not only did you get rid of the guy that was, you know, trying to teach people how to make, uh, a cars run on water. Oh no, that was priority. Number one, you get rid of him, but you could also divide the people further, which is what they always want to do. divide us. I, I tell people this shit on my live streams all the time.

Just think about the scene from planet of the apes, right? Uh, the first one, the, the remake, the not, not the, uh, originals, the remake, the first one, I think it was rise of the planet of the apes. Caesar held a twig together and Caesar said apes alone, P and he just snapped it in half. Meaning apes alone are weak.

Then he put a bunch of tweaks together and he tried to break it and he said, apes together. Strong, the last thing they ever want us to do. The last thing is be United as one, because if we were, and we all looked at what they’ve been doing to us for the last hundred years and the way they, uh, the ways that they divide us, let me tell you something, man, that would be the end of them.

Rockefeller himself said it. Go on.

[00:11:07] Jeremiah: Um, they definitely do. And they even like nine 11, the like king of conspiracies, it just shows you the air, like if it was inside job, which I think it was, then they killed thousands of people to

[00:11:22] Mel: achieve an agenda. Well, what did they get from nine 11?

[00:11:25] Jeremiah: They got more power

[00:11:27] Mel: cuz they’d had the Patriot.

Ah, there you go. There you go. There you go. That was the intention. One, one of them, one of. What that I’m sorry. Right, right, right. Uh, no, no, no. I, I think it had a lot to do with the, the heroin and the oil in the middle east. It had a lot to do with that too, but more importantly control over us. You, uh, Edward Snowden came out and I, I watched a movie Snowden, but Edward Snowden said something that was very interesting.

We have all of these three letter organizations, agencies, whatever you want to call them. Right? Why is it that they are targeting? And this is how you know that the devil is real for all of these. CIA is never supposed to operate in America, NSA. I mean, that’s for like cyber and, uh, cyber espionage and shit like that.

But everyone was looking at. You understand what I mean? So, okay. So if you have the CIA, a majority of what the CIA was paying attention to was us. Isn’t that like for, I don’t know, China, maybe, maybe Russia, maybe somebody that would want to come in here and hurt the American people. Don’t you think that that’s who that should be geared more towards, but know a vast majority of their security was focused on us, on us.

what does that tell you that, uh,

[00:13:02] Jeremiah: we’re just pawns in the

[00:13:03] Mel: game. no, no, no. Uh, yeah, that’s true too. We are every single one of us. We are, we are all pawns in the game, but I’ll tell you, I, I I’ll tell you it another way and I, I don’t know your, your religious beliefs. I’m not very, uh, very religious, but I am a devout Christian.

I am, but it means that even though America. being America in the Bible, it was called something else. It was called Babylon and the devil has been trying his hardest to corrupt us, which he’s done a very good job, a very good job corrupting us. You understand what I mean? For sure. And, and, and making just, just all the most heinous things you have men running around saying they are.

All of the most diabolical things that you could possibly think of. It’s all directed towards us Americans. You understand what I mean? Like I said, in the Bible, we were called something different, but that’s why all of these missiles, so to speak or pointed at us, it was never about surveilling fucking Iran.

They don’t care about Iran. Iran can’t do anything to. It was about surveilling us. And that was the devil’s plan to hold time. Even this fucking phone that’s sitting here right now, I call it a phone. This is nothing but a tracking device and a monitor. It listens to every single thing that I say on a daily basis and stores it and archives it.

But they made us dependent on these things. If I took your phone right now, what would you. What the fuck .

[00:14:39] Jeremiah: Yeah, I would, I would feel weird

[00:14:41] Mel: at first for sure. Oh yeah. Uh, that, that’s why when I, when I go out to play with my kids, I leave my phone inside, man. Like when we go out bike riding or water, gun fights in the yard and stuff like that, I leave my phone inside, cuz I don’t wanna be fucking bothered.

I don’t wanna be bothered. You get addicted to it and I’m guilty of it too. Like, no, they had, I always look

[00:15:01] Jeremiah: at the screen to see

[00:15:03] Mel: if something new notification pops up. Right, right, right. But it was done deliberately. They addicted us to technology on purpose to the point where we feel like you track everything we see

[00:15:15] Jeremiah: or do and talk about.


[00:15:17] Mel: Exactly. I’m telling you, man. But as far as false flags, There there is, you know, I, I believe that American citizens are decent people. I do believe that. And I believe that that’s why America slash Babylon is in the Bible. It’s, uh, the land of the free, but our government are some of the most satanic diabolical, evil, crooked, twisted motherfuckers you’d ever seen in your life.

My wife is from Guatemala. She remembers our government Amer the American government going down to Guatemala, but kind of like bill gates and experimenting on people, testing different drugs on people. Then we did it in Africa for a couple decades. We just go to some poor village and just tested on them.

And then the COVID vaccine came out and they said, fuck it. Let’s just test it on the Americans. They lost four years with Trump. Remember Trump was never supposed to win, but God intervened. And he won. They lost four years, four years. So that’s why you see everything right now is as I always say, pedal to the metal, destroy us by any means, they create these fake ass shootings.

They tug on people’s heart strings. Oh my God. The poor kids. Did you see any videos of kids or, or, or body bags being carried out at a school? No, you. No.

[00:16:44] Jeremiah: And then they want us to believe that this 18 year old kid that worked like part-time at burger

[00:16:49] Mel: king, when what Wendy’s $5,000 worth of guns and that body armor and everything else.

Oh, don’t forget the body armor. No, but, but listen, listen to this, he had $5,000 worth of guns. He had an expensive car, body armor, but he was also a transgender. What.

[00:17:10] Jeremiah: yeah. When I saw that, I was like, wait a minute.

[00:17:14] Mel: they can’t keep up with their lies. They can’t keep up with their lies. Sandy hook was bullshit, and that’s why I’d never forgive Alex Jones for that shit.

Because Alex Jones actually went back on what he said, cuz he was right at first or should I say, I can’t say he was right. I would say he was telling the truth, but apparently he got so much backlash from it that he backed up off the story. No, no, no, no, no. I, I, I didn’t say that. Okay. Sandy hook really did happen.

No, the fuck it didn’t no,

[00:17:44] Jeremiah: I was watching a video from, um, I forget, I think his last name’s Hal big, but like Wolfgang, Hal big. I think his, his name is mm-hmm and. He really breaks down the whole Sandy hook thing that like nothing adds up. Nothing makes sense. And he’s like a decorated officer and everything, and he’s like all the phone calls that came into nine one, one were like way late and all the different procedures that they did were not correct.


[00:18:12] Mel: oh shit. Uh, Jeremiah. Right? I could call you that. Yes. Yes. I just put up a video a second. You wanna see false flags? Let me find the video first. You wanna see false flags? I’ll show you a fucking false flag right now. Where is it? Man? Bear pig sent it to me. I’ll show you a false flag right now.

Hang on, hang on. Let me just let the stupid ass ad play. One of my subscribers sent this to me, right? Say switch. Now I want you to listen to this and I want you to tell me in your mind, if you actually believe this. Okay. You wanna talk about false flags, Jeremiah, we’ll talk about false flags.

[00:19:06] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s just all the video of the friend of the yal shooter. And there was some weird stuff

[00:19:12] Mel: with that too. okay. Wait, hang on, hang on, hang on. This is, this is how you know that it’s all bullshit. This is how you know that it’s all bullshit. Right. You know how they’re pushing the whole white supremacy thing, right?

Like, so in other words, since I’m black, I should hate you and think you’re white supremacist just because you’re white, right? There was a pride parade, obviously. It’s pride month, unfortunately in the same month that it’s my birthday. I want you to listen to this report. It’s only like, yeah, it’s, uh, two minutes long.

Listen to this and tell me if you fucking believe it afternoon, just a few blocks from that pride parade, a parade that drew hundreds of people to downtown cour d’Alene law enforcement says they’ve been tracking this group and suspects that all the individuals detained showed ties to a white nationalist organiz.

Yeah, por d’Alene police Pring the actions of a quick thinking 9 1, 1 call. I don’t think this would’ve been as successful. Had we not had one extremely astute citizen who saw something that was very concerning to them and reported it to us Saturday afternoon, that person reporting a quote, little army loading it the back of a U.

10 minutes later, police make a traffic stop. This video shows the moment that truck door slides open 31. People arrested all with suspected time. Okay, let’s stop it right there for a second. Do you believe that? No, I don’t. 31. People arrested every single one of ’em dress exactly the same. They still have their faces covered and they’re all a bunch of FBI agents.

That’s what you’re seeing right now. That’s what that is. Well, when

[00:20:52] Jeremiah: I first saw it, that’s the first thing I thought was those were all like order agents or something. Uh, but then it turns out that they’re, they’re supposed to be the ones arrested.

[00:21:03] Mel: Yeah, this dude, this is, this is, and thank God Trump gave us this cuz this is the, the dictionary definition of fake news.

It’s fake. You wanna talk about false flags? This is a false flag, a bunch of white guys in the back of a U-Haul were going to a gay pride parade to go. And I don’t know, disrupt the event. They didn’t say that they found any guns on them, but conveniently, this is at the same time that they’re telling America that all white people are evil and now they hate the gays too bad thing is some gay people.

Are gonna see this, it ain’t gonna say, oh my God, they’re after us too. At first we thought they only hated black people. They hate the gays too. Do you understand what I mean about false flags? Oh yeah, definitely bullshit. It’s bullshit.

[00:22:02] Jeremiah: And what’d they say 30, some people arrested for this. And did you see the size of a U-Haul?

I don’t even think 30 people

[00:22:10] Mel: could fit. I, I, I think they could fit 30 something people in there, but, but here’s the. Have you ever been in the back of a U-Haul? I have like moving and shit like that. What were they hanging onto? The second? The person presses the gas, like you’re flying all over the fucking place.

but those guys were just standing like, Hey, nah, man. Hey, we’re totally fine. False flag, man.

[00:22:39] Jeremiah: Open the U-Haul in the clip there. The first thing I noticed when they opened the U-Haul was they had like the hats and they were all like brand spanking, new

[00:22:49] Mel: everything, brand new, every brand new never, never been used before.

Bullshit. Total bullshit. You don’t definitely Jeremiah. You don’t understand how evil these fucking people are. they are evil. They will fake anything. As long as it, as they reach their goal, they will fake anything. They’ll make anything look like anything just to reach their goal. They’re fucking evil, dude.

We are run. We are run by a Satan. evil diabolical group of individuals. And honestly, I’m pretty sure a lot of them aren’t even humans. Did you see the CEO of Pfizer with his fucking pulsating? A, a neck I’ve never seen somebody’s neck. Do that shit. Why is your neck doing that? You know what I mean? Plus like,

[00:23:46] Jeremiah: I don’t know.

Some. like, I think Mark Berger is a Android or something. I,

[00:23:51] Mel: I, he’s not, he’s not real right. No, no. I think, I think what happened with him was they just used the body and you see that AI that they’re always talking about and, and how they were talking about how they could transfer consciousness from a person to another person.

what they could also do. This is the part they left out was that they could also take an artificial intelligence program and put it into a person’s fucking brain or a robot’s brain. I don’t think that’s a real person.

[00:24:25] Jeremiah: No, I don’t either. I mean, you just look at him and he’s,

[00:24:29] Mel: he doesn’t look like a person.

No, you don’t remember the video where he said when I was human, I mean, I am human. You don’t remember that. Come on. Yeah, I think I do. Joe Biden, come on, man. He really said that. How do you fuck up something like that? You know, because when I was a human, I used to eat, uh, beef patties. I mean, since I am a human, I eat be no, you just said when I was human past tense, which means what the fuck are you now?

What are you now?

[00:24:59] Jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. And then, um, Yeah, you have so many different shootings. Another one that sticks out to me is like, uh, the Las Vegas one

[00:25:10] Mel: total bullshit. A lot of, well, what, what, what, what the guy barricaded himself in the Mandalay bay, which so much ammo. Nobody saw him come in with it, but he sat out there just picking people off, killing people one by one.

No problem. Nobody was able to do anything. Everybody was it’s listen. there. There’s a couple of them. Uh, another one is the, the, the, the, the nightclub in, uh, the gay night club, Orlando in, in Orlando. That’s another one. The listen, you know, when you first hear a story and you kind of wanna believe it, you know, like you kind of wanna believe it.

First video I saw is on the news. They kept showing a video of two guys carrying another guy down the block, and then it. We, yeah, but what we didn’t know was that the video still had about 10 more seconds on it. And as soon as they got to the edge of the block, they put the guy down and just start having a conversation.

Hey, what’s up, man? So, uh, we going this weekend, cause apparently they, you were just in the shooting. This guy was hurt. You’ just put him down on the floor. He’s standing up just fine. So what the fuck are you carrying him for? oh, these fucking people.

[00:26:27] Jeremiah: But, the thing is they know. They know that most people won’t look into it

[00:26:32] Mel: like we do.

Yes. So, yes. That’s what they bank on.

[00:26:37] Jeremiah: Also, they can just like, and I feel like they’re getting sloppy as they go along too

[00:26:42] Mel: panic, panic. That’s what it is.

[00:26:47] Jeremiah: Because, I really think like their rain so to speak is, is about to.

[00:26:53] Mel: And they know that and they’re like, scrambling it. It’s not, they it’s Satan dude, Satan knows that his time is running out.

People are waking up, you know, I damn dude, I don’t even know how much time you have. But, let me tell you something. Jeremiah did something. I went over on, um, on my show the other night, man. Uh, it was a dude you ever heard of? Um, wait, wait, let’s get into that. Uh, uh, uh, in one second, um, this is something that one of my subs sent me.

I’m gonna read something to you. Okay. This is Craigslist, south Florida. Okay. You ready for this? Craigslist crisis actors needed west Palm beach. We are a government contractor with 15 years of experience working with county, state, and federal agencies to ensure that safety of civilians by conducting simulated crisis event.

crisis scenarios may include, but are not limited to the situations involving natural disasters. And in quotations it says tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, et cetera. Okay. Terror scenarios, militias extremists, cetera. Think about all those George sorrows funded people, biological slash chemical war warfare attacks.

That’s an ad on Craigslist in south Florida.

[00:28:21] Jeremiah: Yeah, that’s crazy. And I’ve actually heard of other places looking for that too. And, then the, um, Aldi shooting, I heard that, uh, shortly before it happened, they had like a school shooting drill and, um, and then lo that debacle, that happened well, planned debacle in my opinion, but

[00:28:45] Mel: right.

So, you don’t. You have no idea about the military being involved too.

[00:28:50] Jeremiah: Well, I’m sure they do,

[00:28:52] Mel: but, like I said. No, I’m saying you, you haven’t heard it. I have not heard it. Okay. Well, I’m glad you said

[00:29:02] Jeremiah: that. All know, is that the big, uh, big uproar about the cops just standing

[00:29:07] Mel: outside for 45? No, that, that was their order.

not that’s. That was their orders. They were given orders to just stay exactly where they were. Let me just find it. Okay. Here we. Here we go. I found it. This is one part of the whole Aldi thing that you didn’t know about VDI story. That’s important, but often. Overlooked. And, that’s the local air traffic before and during the school shooting in particular, us military air traffic at the UAL, the airport.

Here’s the story at 10:15 AM. Central time, a us army MC 12 recon plane left Fort hood. It approached K U V a the Uvalde airport at 11:02 AM. At the exact same time that the shooter killed his grandmother. The aircraft entered a pattern, which is the normal pattern that an aircraft takes to land and landed at 11:25 AM.

The gunman crashed his car in front of the school. Three minutes later, just over an hour passes. And the army aircraft takes off again at 12:48 PM. Two minutes later, the door to the classroom is breach. And the border patrol agent kills the shooter. The most important part of this story is for you to understand what an MC 12 w recon plane actually does.

It provides full motion, video and Satcom intelligence for military troops and leaders in the middle of a battle. Looking at historical records for 2022. This plane had not landed at the Uvalde airport until may 20. The day of the shooting. Now, the media loves to confuse you. The media loves to make you question reality.

And, when you hear facts, things that would normally be really easy to understand. They love to just make you question yourself. But I wanna ask you this question. What is the likelihood that a us army military aircraft that specializes in intelligence data video shows up at the Uvalde airport after not landing.

All year long at the exact moment of the deadliest school shooting we’ve had in a very long time. I’ll take your thoughts. What do you think?

[00:31:37] Jeremiah: Uh, it’s pretty damning. . I mean, what are the chances, you know, I don’t think there’s

[00:31:44] Mel: many impossible, actual coincidence, impossible chances of fucking impossible that doesn’t happen.

[00:31:52] Jeremiah: Well, I heard someone say that, um, the cops outside were told to stand down for that 40 minutes or whatever. So, they could set, set it all up and, um, you know, arrange it to where they could have the, have it seem like it was a normal, you know, school shooting or whatever.

[00:32:13] Mel: And, um, you mean to stage the whole event?

[00:32:16] Jeremiah: Next, then there was like parents of the kids that were inside. That like, I guess we’re calling the cops or

[00:32:23] Mel: by, by parents, you mean by parents? You mean actors? Yes.

[00:32:28] Jeremiah: Actors. And, they were saying like, oh, we’re hearing there’s shots going off and stuff. But, you heard zero in the background of shots going off, like yeah.

Not the

[00:32:39] Mel: whole time. It’s something that you said that’s very, uh, it’s so true. You have no idea how true it. They’re getting sloppy. Nine 11 was buttoned up pretty nice until people started asking questions. Afterwards, the whole thing started to unfold. Now, they’re getting so sloppy. For example, another false flag event, whatever happened to the black guy in New York city that shot up all the people in the subway car.

What happened to. You don’t hear nothing about it? No, no. You don’t hear shit about it anymore because apparently a black guy outta nowhere. Just, pull out a gun, starts shooting a bunch of people. Subway doors, open nobody’s running for their lives. There’s somebody waiting there. You didn’t see the 6 66 in that.

No, I didn’t. Ah, damnit. Huh? Also, I don’t know how long it would take for me to find it now, but

[00:33:50] Jeremiah: I know like the, um, a lot of these school shootings and, uh, mass events and stuff, they, um, someone always finds like a free symbol. Yes. Like somewhere on the

[00:34:03] Mel: back of the windshield or on the, that was all over the Uvalde thing.

Yeah, yeah,

[00:34:07] Jeremiah: yeah, yeah. Or, um, on someone’s baseball. And, and we know all about

[00:34:13] Mel: the free bases, right? yeah. Well, listen, look, I’m gonna go back to what you said about them getting sloppy. They are getting sloppy and, and I, I, I think it’s panic. I think it’s panic. I think, I think, you know, they follow their orders directly from the devil.

If you didn’t know that. And, and I’m 100% convinced of that. And, if you wanna know how I came to that conclusion, all you have to do is look at when Donald Trump was in office. He could say one thing that we all clearly know what he was saying or what he meant. And they went online. Thanks to Obama, by the way, to Smith Mon act.

They’ll just say exactly the opposite and call ’em a racist or call ’em this and call ’em that, whatever it’s all nonsense. which means, I don’t think put it like this. I don’t think somebody would take money except money to lie to people like that. Unless, they were not given very specific orders to do so.

And, I don’t think that an a, another man could steer, could scare a man enough to make him do some shit like that. I don’t think that’s. I think that they take their orders directly from the devil himself, but that’s just me.

[00:35:45] Jeremiah: No, I don’t disagree. I I’ve done, you know, Satanism in the music industry. I’ve episode of it.

And I definitely know about the dark dealings that a lot of our politicians and movie stars and, uh, music artists, like, you know, pretty much make PS with

[00:36:06] Mel: the devil. uh, it’s a hundred percent true.

[00:36:11] Jeremiah: And, then I know all about the pedophilia that’s ramp been with,

[00:36:15] Mel: you know, that, that that’s their, that’s their drug man, people, uh, people like us.

I mean, I don’t smoke weed, but you know, regular people like us, we just think of what, eh, man, gotta go get some pot. No, their drug is baby blood. That’s their drug. And, then when they’re done. If they don’t wanna eat the flash right down the spot, they just sell it back to McDonald’s or they sell it back to some other of food place.

You know, that they are finding human DNA in all types of food. Right? No, I did not do that. Are you? Fuck Jeremiah. Really? I,

[00:36:52] Jeremiah: I mean,

[00:36:53] Mel: I don’t

[00:36:55] Jeremiah: I deal more with like aliens,

[00:36:58] Mel: UFOs, Bigfoot. I used to, I used to be big into that, man. I used to be big into that, until I realized, what did I realize? There’s no such thing as an alien from outer space.

There’s no such thing. They’re demons. They’re demons. They sold it to us at something else. Oh yeah. Well, this one comes from the, um, drama galaxy. This one comes from galaxy, but fuck, there’s no such thing. It’s all bullshit. They’re demons. And they’re here with us. You could thank Jack Parsons for that.

There’s still a portal open at area 51 right now. I don’t know why I didn’t do a video about that, cuz I can’t even find a video. But, there’s still a portal open at area 51. You got them in se right now, as we are speaking in se yes, sir. Conjuring up all types of shit and bringing it into our world. We can’t leave here.

It’s not such thing as fucking aliens from outta space. They’re fucking demons, but that’s how I started too. I used to go up on my roof and, uh, and, and with my video camera, hoping I could catch a U. I caught one, but it wasn’t really a UFO. God knows what the fuck it was at this point.

[00:38:15] Jeremiah: I definitely believe, especially at CERN, they’re opening portals to the dark brown

[00:38:24] Mel: is what I call they’re.

They’re letting them in here. Jeremiah. They’re letting them in here. I don’t know why Satan thinks he needs so much, uh, reinforcement, but apparently he feels like he. and, and he’s an idiot, I think also,

[00:38:39] Jeremiah: Also, like whole alien abduction thing, and their hybrid program and all, I think it all ties together.

Like, um,

[00:38:49] Mel: well, there’s a lot of people that have been taken and, and implanted with, uh, whether it’s demo or reptilian babies. I I’ve heard stories of women that wake up after being pregnant for six months and there’s no. I heard that too. They just wake up and the baby’s gone.

But, the thing is, it’s this whole time we were thinking that it was aliens from out of space. No, it was us in league with, uh, with these demonic entities.

[00:39:25] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. And I think, um, was it the Roswell crash? I think they found live bodies or whatever. they did deal with them, the government, I mean, oh yeah.

Deal with them like exchange for technology and power

[00:39:42] Mel: and stuff. I, I, I believe that too. This is when, uh, what Eisenhower, wait, Roswell was 45 Eisenhower Eisenhower. Uh, Truman was president when Roswell happened and Eisenhower took over after then. And from what I understand, it was Eisenhower that gave the okay.

that’s when the president was still the president, and he could, you know, do whatever we wanted, but Eisenhower was the one that gave him the green light. Like, okay, no problem. Not, yeah. Not, not knowing what their, what their real intentions were. But, we were talking about this on one of my live streams the other day.

I don’t think it has anything to do. Do you know why they hate women?

[00:40:27] Jeremiah: Cause they carry wife.

[00:40:29] Mel: Ah, Jeremiah, you’re a smart mother. They hate women, because women give life. These other beings. these, uh, other entities, they cannot do what humans could do. God gave us that gift. We can reproduce that way. They can’t.

Furthermore, that’s why they’re so damn old. They can’t do it. And I think,

[00:40:54] Jeremiah: yeah, I’ve been telling people about the. A hybrid program with the abductions and all. Because, I really like got into that. And, I always say like, why is it that whenever you hear women recounting or even men recounting seeing children or babies on like UFOs. Or, wherever they are mm-hmm um. Why are the babies always like sickly or dying? Or, need human, uh, touch or.

Being held by a human like it’s cuz they can’t create

[00:41:29] Mel: one. Exactly. They’re not like us. See, and this, I, I said this in my video. I don’t know if you even watch any of my videos. But, I said this on my, uh, my video earlier today. Um, the reason why the devil is so hell bent on destroying us is because of the way God made.

Why do you think the, uh, uh, even food right now they’re targeting people’s reproductive systems. They’re putting shit in food now, right now, as we speak to target our reproductive systems, they’re jealous.

[00:42:12] Jeremiah: Now they’re, um, I’ve noticed within the past, like, I don’t know, five years or so, they’re really pushing this fake.

And you’re trying

[00:42:21] Mel: to of course, price of regular

[00:42:23] Jeremiah: meat. So, you can’t afford it

[00:42:24] Mel: anymore, right? Well, okay. However, fake meat. Okay. Who owns all the farmland in America? Most of it.

[00:42:32] Jeremiah: Um, what’s his name? Bill

[00:42:34] Mel: gates. Okay. Why do you think it’s bill gates? That’s telling you to eat fake meat

[00:42:41] Jeremiah: because, it’s part of the plan.

[00:42:43] Mel: right. They want the real food for them and their people. Us, you know, these, these peasants, at least that’s not what God thinks of us, but us. That’s what they think of us. No, we can’t eat real meat. Are you kidding me? No. Fuck that. We have to eat the fake shit. Synthetic food GMO or whatever you want to call it.

We have to eat that bullshit. They don’t, I don’t how. Yeah, go on

[00:43:16] Jeremiah: on, you gotta think why, um, you have to ask yourself, why is a computer geek telling you what to do with your health? Wellbeing. And why is a computer geek owning most of the farmland in the United States? Right? Like you gotta ask yourself that

[00:43:35] Mel: why?

Well, first of all, Jeremiah, you just proved a couple things. One, you are Putin support, and white supremacists, because you’re not supposed to ask those questions. You’re not supposed to ask those questions. Why is it that bill gates wants to own all the farmland and tell you what to eat? Is it that he warns you about vaccines? Afterwards, hey guys. By the way, I made one.

That bill gates says that the population of the earth is too high this way I could do a good job with that with vaccinations. Wait a minute. Shouldn’t it had been with vaccina, with vaccinations. We could help people live longer. Should that have not been the message? You understand what I mean?

Yeah, he, yeah, he

[00:44:16] Jeremiah: legitimately said that like they’re

[00:44:18] Mel: feuding. I know. I know. And everybody just sat there, like mm-hmm mm-hmm . I dude, you couldn’t have me in that place. I would’ve been like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up, back up, back up. Whoa, whoa, hang on. Hang. You just said that with vaccines, we could go back down to about 5 billion or I forgot an number he gave.

You said that we could cut the population down, but isn’t the point of vaccines to ensure that we survive longer? Isn’t that the point of a vaccine? Yeah, not all these people full of shit. And the thing is he never gets called on it. I don’t know how somebody has not, uh, by now with that dude. And, this includes his private security. Because, the man is so clearly satanic and evil. So evil that he could say it on TV. And, nobody would even bat an eye.

You think he’s gonna get a tough question from Don, uh, Don lemon from Rachel Maow from, from Matt Wallace, you think, uh, uh, not Matt Wallace. What’s his name? Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace. You think Chris Wallace is gonna ask him of, is

[00:45:24] Jeremiah: that what’s that guy’s name? Uh, he’s always at the school shootings too.


[00:45:30] Mel: oh, oh, oh, oh yeah. Okay. Well, this is your show. I was gonna say something. But, I’m trying to reserve myself with a lot of things. Because, I don’t wanna mess up. What you have going on. But, yeah. Anderson Cooper’s right there. Oh, Uh, uh, what’s the, the, uh, what’s the, what’s the name?

His, his brother’s name, Chelsea, whatever the hell. The one that he’s always with. That’s his brother.

[00:45:57] Jeremiah: Oh. Afterwards, you know what kills me too is like with these mainstream media outlets and stuff and how blind a lot of people are. It’s like, you have a station like CNN, right. And all their main news anchors.

Are already outed and canned for like sexual misconduct and all this, that and the other. But, yet people are still like glued

[00:46:21] Mel: to it. And here, here, here’s how I feel about that, man. You see smart people like you, me, your people like, you know, the, the, the ones that are subscribed to you, my people, the ones that are subscribed to me, they’re not.

There are so many people that are sleeping and no matter how you just wanna fucking shake ’em and wake ’em up, you can’t listen. Let me tell you something. I love my grandmother so much. She raised me. Loved me. Gave me everything I wanted growing. But, if you tell her to vote Republican, something as simple as that, Hey, you know, Donald Trump is actually not a bad guy.

Me, her grandson, her favorite grand or grandson, she’d be like, get outta here. She doesn’t curse, but she doesn’t use profanity, but I’ll just say it for her. She’ll be like, get the fuck outta my face. I don’t want to hear that Donald Trump. No, he’s a, he’s a, he ran as a Republican. I can’t vote for him. But, the even more disturbing part is if he ran as a Democrat, she would love him.

[00:47:39] Jeremiah: It’s like when Donald Trump, before every minute before Donald Trump became president, he was not racist at all. He was,

[00:47:50] Mel: however, until he came down the escalator

[00:47:52] Jeremiah: racist. Until he became president, then he was all of a sudden racist because that’s what the media pushed on the,

[00:48:01] Mel: oh, of course.

[00:48:03] Jeremiah: There’s countless pictures of him with like rap, uh, stars. And

[00:48:07] Mel: oh yeah. Matt, a bunch of black people, everybody even Obama himself said the American dream is to grow up and be Donald Trump. even Barack Obama said that .

[00:48:24] Jeremiah: Furthermore, like I said, when, as soon as he became president, and the media told you to hate him, then everyone

[00:48:30] Mel: just started hating and that should tell you everything you need to know about the, what did I just tell you about who they take their orders from?

That should tell you everything you need to know. I’m sorry to cut you off going.

[00:48:43] Jeremiah: No, it’s okay. I was just gonna say that. yeah, like E you know, how many people that were lifelong Democrats. My parents included that voted for Donald Trump when he ran the, that first time. Well, he only was president once. But, when he ran they voted for him.

But then, like I said, soon as the mass media said, oh, orange man, bad. Then all of a sudden, they hated. and it was like, well, you voted for him.

[00:49:16] Mel: yeah. But, he wasn’t an issue until then. But, that speaks volumes to how the mainstream media has such a hold of people’s minds.

They said not one bad thing about Barack Obama when he was running for president, and that motherfucker, he’s not American for one, and he’s not a, let’s just say a traditional human being. I’m fully convinced of that. And if you remember correctly, who is the only person that called out Barack Obama.

Oh, Trump. Ah, there you go. Jeremiah. I was like, it took me a second. The only person that came forward and said, who the fuck is this guy? Nobody knows him from, yeah, the, the media sensationalizing him. Nobody’s saying anything bad about him. Who is he from? Oh, he went to Harvard, who are his teachers.

Then after eight years of him, you have people that allegedly went to Harvard said, we didn’t know who the fuck that was. We never saw him in our school. So, bullshit, but they never expected there was a, um, gone. Sorry. Did me to cut you? No, no, no, no, go on. No,

[00:50:31] Jeremiah: no. I was gonna say, I think there was a movie or a TV show that, um, had a character just like Obama.

Basically, they were saying that he was just an actor like, that he was made for that role.

[00:50:46] Mel: Yes. An engineered puppet. Forget what show it was. I don’t, I don’t know the show either. Because, I don’t watch TV, but an engineered puppet. Yes. A hundred percent, uh, uh, an engineered puppet and, and, and it’s so sad now you have, uh, yeah, go.

no, no, I was just it’s so it’s so sad. You know, they they’re telling us right now, Obama was as evil as he is, uh, a sensation. I voted for him in 2008, you know? Well, mainly because my grandmother told me to, you know, well, he,

[00:51:24] Jeremiah: he had a lot of people believe in the hype.

[00:51:28] Mel: Nah, I, I don’t know, man. It is just. Who would really, in a million years, believe that Joe Biden got 10 million more votes than Barack Obama?

[00:51:41] Jeremiah: No way. There’s no way

[00:51:44] Mel: 10 million more vote. Obama was a sensation. People were fighting people just to get to the front of the voting line to vote for Obama, Joe Biden stadiums. Right? Of course, you remember in Chicago. Thousands and thousands of people and Joe Biden, somebody that didn’t campaign got more VI Joe Biden.

Look, come on, man. You really want me to believe that bullshit?

[00:52:16] Jeremiah: I’m telling you it’s it’s crazy. And

[00:52:19] Mel: Hey, Hey listen, listen, you put Putin support and white supremacists. If you even talk about election integrity, if you do not repeat these words. Hence, 2020 was the most safe and secure election of all time then?

Uh, apparently you’re just a white supremacist dude. I mean, that’s what the media’s saying. Uh, I, you gone,

[00:52:41] Jeremiah: I personally, I personally think this is, well, it used to be agenda 21, but now it’s agenda 30. Um, but I, I, I think it’s all part of the plan, like this whole pandemic nonsense, and then. All the election, and then all that’s transpiring now, like it’s all part of the plan.

Like I posted today and I have it right here. You have Klaus Schwab, who’s the head of the world. Economic forum,

[00:53:09] Mel: evil, fuck. He said will use

[00:53:11] Jeremiah: this. And he says, this is his direct quote. The pandemic represents a rare, but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world. So, what’s that tell.

[00:53:24] Mel: it tells you everything, they’re talking about now, cl Schwab may be an evil son of a bitch and he is, but do you see his number two? Noah Harari? You know, Noah Harari. I’ve heard


[00:53:40] Jeremiah: him. I don’t know too

[00:53:42] Mel: much. Noah Harari is the guy that just sat there straight up and down and told you. Yeah, human beings are obsolete.

We’re not gonna need you soon. Also, you guys are all useless. sooner or later, we’re gonna replace you. We’re gonna be able to read your thoughts with vaccines. Not gonna care about you. Gonna give you enough money to live, just so that you can sit there and masturbate, and play video games all day that’s that’s Klaw Schwab’s number two, and he’s worse than K schwa.

K Schwab is fucking devil reincarnated, but Noah Hararis in my opinion, worse than him, because he actually just says. Yeah, we don’t need so many humans. Let, let’s just kill some of them. I mean, a, a lot of them who cares, we don’t need you. You’re useless. But, the part that really hang on, I gotta find it.

You, you gotta hear this shit yourself, dude. No, listen. Just hear me out on this one. Uh, Noah, uh,

[00:54:43] Jeremiah: well, same thing with, um, what was it? The world business forum or whatever, Joe Biden straight up said where we’re getting towards, or we’re heading towards a new world order. And I, I made a little news clip about it and I was like, this guy just actually just said that

[00:55:00] Mel: yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It was the one that Noah Harari said about, we are no longer, what did he say? We are no longer. uh, clueless. Uh, did he say souls? Mysterious? I think is the word he used. We are no longer mysterious souls. We know now, that we could hack you. That’s what he said. We know now, that we could hack you. He said, he said, um, uh, uh, the Germans tried to do it, and then the Soviet union tried to do it, but we’re gonna do it.

We can hack human beings. Human beings are hack. now, I don’t know about you, Jeremiah, but, um, ain’t no metal in me. Okay. There’s no vaccination in me and there’s no Bluetooth signals coming from me because I never was vaccinated. How are you gonna do that?

[00:55:59] Jeremiah: Well, another thing that, um, I’m kind of torn on, and I’m still trying to like process it, I guess you could say, but.

this Elon Musk character. Like, I don’t know whether to trust him or not, cuz he’s like dealing with that neural stuff. And I’m like, I don’t know if I’m down with that. But, then he goes and buys Twitter

[00:56:20] Mel: and I’m I’m 50 50 on Elon Musk even though, uh, I have a, a sub she’s actually become a very good friend, uh, Vegas.

Well, she’s from Vegas. So, I just call her Vegas. Uh she’s like, don’t do it, doc. Don’t do it. She said, do not trust him. This guy is talking about hacking people’s minds, just like Noah Harari. Don’t trust him. And I was like, wait a minute. Is she onto something? Now? Of course, with distractions, he got a lot of praise when he came out and said, you know, he wants to buy.

but, here’s the thing. What if it’s all a part of something bigger anyway. All right, Jeremiah, I don’t wanna keep you for, uh, for too much longer, man. But, thank you for having me on your show.

[00:57:19] Jeremiah: Thanks for coming on. Keep making content, cuz I definitely listen to it. And uh, and your friend, I forget her name Tori.

I enjoy her stuff too. She put up a long. Uh, Sandy hook video today, I think. Or

[00:57:34] Mel: yesterday. She text me this morning. Um,

[00:57:37] Jeremiah: yeah, I was watching that today. but yeah, guys keep it up, and we need more people speaking

[00:57:43] Mel: the truth. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And we need more people like you getting the message out there, man.

I, I could only reach, but so far, I’m not one of these people, you know, with a million people listening to, uh, you know, everything that I have to say, but the only thing I’m trying to do. And this is between me and you. I’m just trying to wake people up, man, before it’s too fucking late.

[00:58:06] Jeremiah: I feel like we’re on that.

Like cusp of like the point and overturn

[00:58:12] Mel: revelations. We are, we are living in revelations right now, right

[00:58:18] Jeremiah: now. Like the whole gas price thing, I think is all orchestrated

[00:58:22] Mel: to you think, oh, I know. I was gonna say, how the hell was gas? Just, I was in Kansas. What a dollar 93. And now in California, it’s almost $8.

How, how, how, how does that happen? We didn’t run out. You made them stop making more gas and I’m telling you right now, and this is for all your viewers. Um, it’s not like a fear mongering thing, or anything, but make sure. That you guys are ready, food, water, ammo, the hardware. You know what I’m talking about?

Because, remember one thing, dude, when food runs out, when they can get in Walmart easy, they will be coming to people’s homes to kick the door. And get whatever food they can. So, just make sure that you guys are ready for that. And that’s it. I’m out. All right.

[00:59:28] Jeremiah: Take it easy. Uh, have a good rest of your weekend, which is probably just a few hours.

[00:59:34] Mel: you got it. All right, Jeremiah. All right. Take care, buddy. Byebye.