Alien Abductions

Alien Abductions Alien Abductions [00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered. We’re going to have a great conversation today with Richard Wright. He has a long history with military service, as well as some high level clearance during his tenure with the United States military. And we’re going to talk today about UFO’s alien abductions and what he thinks about them. And some experiences that he’s had, we’re going to get to it in a moment. Just want to say that if you can give this podcast a review and rating, it would be highly appreciated. Also the website is up now. It’s. And that is what if and remember all the links and everything are in the description of the podcast episode. So we’ll get to the interview now and hopefully you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as I did. Hello and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast I’m Jeremiah and I’m joined today by Richard Wright, the host of the. The paranormal factor podcast. So I will introduce him to you now, today, we’re going to talk about UFO’s abductions, paranormal stuff, just anything kind of strange, cause you know, that’s what we love to do here. So I’ll introduce him now. Hello, Richard. [00:02:01] Richard: Hey, how are you doing Jeremiah? Yeah, I love it too. Uh, it definitely. And that’s the, uh, the paranormal factor podcast is all about. Just what it says, the paranormal. So we get into a lot of different things. Uh cryptids and, um, different folklore legends, as well as, uh, course, uh, UFO’s aliens, uh, just a whole lot of stuff. [00:02:27] Jeremiah: Yes, I love covering a wide range of topics. Uh, that’s my show I’ll cover everything today. I did a simulation theory, uh, interview with someone and that was quite interesting. [00:02:41] Richard: Yeah. Wow. Yeah, we’ve done. We’ve done episodes on astral projection and I had a right at the end of the first season at the end of December. Great interview with a local medium. And he went into all stuff, medium, you know, what, what he does and how he interacts with spirits and stuff. So, yeah, I liked that too. I like a lot of coverage. [00:03:06] Jeremiah: Yeah. Can you, um, explain that like a little bit, cause that’s interesting to me on like what you learned from the medium [00:03:14] Richard: yeah. So one of the, one of the first things I learned is that there’s different types of mediums. He is a Clare audio. Claire sentience, meaning that, uh, as a clairaudient, he can actually hear, uh, spirits. What he talked about was how it’s often like a light whispering in his ear and he may not get everything, but he’ll get parts. Then it’s up to him to kind of figure that out. And then as a Claire sentience, he can actually feel things. So. He, he can feel, uh, touching, um, pushing where somebody else may not have that same sensitivity. And, uh, so it was very interesting. And he talked about some of the other ones that he, he is not. Um, and he gave a couple of cases where he’s gone into, uh, into homes. Uh, he does remote view. Where pictures will be, or photographs will be sent to him and he will concentrate on those and try to pick up any vibrations in that manner. Um, he talked about a case, uh, one of the things we got into Jeremiah was. The difference between kind of the real world and what you see on television with like ghost hunters and things of that nature. Um, and by the way, kind of interestingly, he hates the term ghost hunters. He says, you know, he says, go, sir. It’s like somebody going out to, you know, to hunt a deer or something. He goes to these, these are people, these were people, you know, that were alive. And when they pass over, they still have those feelings. They still have, um, emotions and you need to treat them with respect. So that was a, that was kind of interesting. Um, the, the case though, that, that he talked about took four months. So you see on television, they go in and they find ghosts, you know, in a matter of, uh, 48 minutes right on television. But it was, it was a four month situation and it took almost a full month to understand what was going on and. Ended up being a man who, who had, um, an attachment and he explained the difference between attachment and possession. Uh, and he was very clear if you’re talking about possession, uh, he was saying, I, I’m not the guy you want to call it. You want to call it a priest. Right. But he goes, attachments I can handle. And what it was was a spirit that had attached to this guy and was. Sucking the energy from him, uh, feeding on the energy. And so, um, it took him four months, uh, and he said, it just wore him out to be able to finally get this spirit to leave, um, and, and leave this guy alone. So pretty interesting stuff. Really? [00:05:58] Jeremiah: Yeah. I interviewed, uh, a lady Ghostbusters. She runs the lady Ghostbusters in New Jersey and Ellen talks about. Yeah, Eleanor. Yeah. And she, she talks about that same thing, how they overdramatic ties the TV shows and it’s really not like that and how they are people that are just left in the spirit world. [00:06:22] Richard: Right. And, you know, kind of expanding on that a little bit. When I do the podcast, I try to always leverage some. Skepticism. Um, it’s not always my skepticism by any means, but I try to give that viewpoint. So if, if I’m talking about, um, any, any given situation or circumstance or case, um, I, I cover it. Um, and I, I give in most cases, for example, if we’re dealing with a cryptid or something, I give real actual. You know, witness type testimonies, um, real from their standpoint, at least. Um, but then I also like to go back and say, well, okay, but this is what the skeptics say. So I try to give the audience a little bit of both sides. Um, and in the end, in most cases they need to make up their own mind as to whether it’s something that they believe they believe is true, or it’s something that is believable for them. [00:07:24] Jeremiah: Oh, yeah, for sure. That’s what I try to say is I just want you to question everything and that’s my like tag line. So I don’t want to preach to anybody or like push my beliefs on anyone. It’s up to you ultimately to decide, uh, how you feel about whatever topic I’m covering. So that’s a good perspective to have. So what got you into. All this paranormal stuff. And I saw you had an encounter at Holloman air base. [00:07:56] Richard: Yeah. Air force base. Um, you know, this goes back for me all the way back to when I was a kid. Right. And I was growing up as, as a, as a young kid in the sixties. And this was like the height of UFO. Uh, there were books out there. They were exciting. Uh, there were all these cases that would constantly pop up photographs were floating around. So it was very exciting and, and it just really got my interest. And then that sort of expanded more into the paranormal and supernatural as I, as I sort of grew up. And, um, and I’ve had chances over the years to go on. Ghost tours or ghost explorations. Um, there’s a situation in Holoman that, that I’ll go into here in just a second, but, um, you know, different things like that. Being able to cross paths with people, um, and just get new, new ideas about this kind of stuff. So I know you want to hear about the Holloman story. Yeah, I [00:08:56] Jeremiah: definitely do because it’s your encounter. So that’s definitely interesting. [00:09:01] Richard: Yeah. So when I say my encounter, it’s not like I was standing out in the desert looking at a flying saucer, but I was part of an event that was a very really event at the time. We’re talking about a 19 78, 78, 79. Holloman air force base, uh, is a really expansive area in, uh, south New Mexico. A lot of desert. It actually sits in kind of in the desert and, uh, you get a lot of weird stuff out there. And at the time I was, I was, uh, a policeman, uh, security policemen. So. You know, we’re out on patrol and we’re doing different things and all that kind of stuff. And there was always, it seemed like whenever you looked up into sky, you were seeing something weird. Um, you have white sands missile range, so you’d maybe see a rocket flaring around, you know, up, up there and you’d be, you know, kind of shaken a little bit when you first saw it. So on this particular night I was working, I was, I was working patrol and I had come into the desk and the desk Sergeant was there and he’s on the. And he’s obviously talking to somebody and he’s saying, uh, no, ma’am no. Um, I don’t know what to tell you. Ma’am I have nothing that we’re doing out here that I know of. And I don’t know what would account for those lights and thank you. Ma’am and he hangs up and he says, My Lord, what is going on? I’ve been getting call after call from people down in Alamogordo, which is the town just to the east of the base, literally right outside the, uh, the, the east perimeter fences of the base. And they’re saying that over by. The east gate, there’s some kind of, um, of flashing lights in the sky that they’re seeing, like literally just, just a few hundred feet off of the, the gate area. And nobody knows what it is. And as he’s telling us, this call comes in and it’s the New Mexico highway patrol, and they want to know what’s going on and. Basically tries to give them some information at this point, the flight chief, um, who, who was in charge of the group, you know, that, that, that was out, uh, or assigned at that particular time, uh, the, whatever it was seven or eight of us came in and asked what was going on. And he told him, and so they contacted the base commander that contacted military intelligence and, um, a couple of other groups. And basically what happened was the base commander. Uh, military Intel person, uh, some, some guards, um, and, and a few other people, I guess, get into a helicopter and they lift off from the flight line and they head out toward the gate to see what’s going on and, and kind of make some kind of, uh, contact and what was reported, uh, just a few days later, was that when the, the aircraft approach. This object, which was visible on the radar screen from the Alamogordo airport, as soon as it got fairly close to it, this object shot off to the east, literally shooting over a mountain range to the other side of those mountains, uh, in the blink of an eye. So very strange, um, fast forward, about two months after. I’m parked out daytime parked out on the flight line and I’m next to a building. I don’t know what is in the building. And a first Lieutenant comes out and he said, uh, is everything okay? And I said, yeah, I’m just, I’m just keeping an eye on the flight line. Everything’s fine. He goes, oh, uh, Well, do you want to come in and check things out? And I said, sir, I don’t even know what this is. He goes, it’s air, traffic control. I said, oh yeah, that’d be great. So he takes me in, it gives me a tour and I’m seeing all the, what we call scope dopes, you know, looking at the, at the radar screens and everything. And, uh, He’s very jovial. He’s very easy going. And so we kind of wrap up and he says, you have any questions? I don’t know why it popped into my head, but it did. And I said, you know, yeah, I do. You know, the incident, we had a few months back where we had the, um, reported UFO out of the gate. And, um, you know, they, they put a helicopter in the air and his face got serious and he looked at me and he said, I can’t discuss that. It’s classified. [00:13:28] Jeremiah: Oh, wow. [00:13:29] Richard: And that was it. [00:13:32] Jeremiah: Oh, so there was definitely something going [00:13:34] Richard: on, definitely something that was not, uh, for consumption. Right. [00:13:39] Jeremiah: So for the UFO thing, from your, you looking into it and your research into it, do you, like, I know there’s theories that the. Actually just government crafts, that technology that we don’t know about, the like the layman person doesn’t know about, but then there’s also, you know, they’re from outer space or interdimensional. What’s your take on the whole alien thing and the abduction phenomenon. [00:14:07] Richard: Yeah. It’s a really good question, right. And I can tell you in from being in the air force for 20 years, and some of that time was as a missile launch officer with a very high top secret clearance. I can tell you that there definitely are things in the military. You know, sometimes we think, well, the government can’t keep a secret. And if they, if we really had, uh, you know, technology of that kind, somebody would leak it to get out. I can tell you for a fact that no. Um, I can tell you, uh, there are things today that I cannot still talk about when it comes to ICBM’s and strategic defense and things of that nature. So there are definitely areas within the military and government that are compartmentalized, that if that information is close hold, you’re not, you’ll never hear about it. I won’t either. Um, there were. Uh, a few people I ran across, um, in the last 10 years, uh, that I was in as an officer that talked about, uh, just making some really kind of cryptic comments about, uh, being at the Pentagon and saying you would not believe the, the stuff that’s out there. You have no idea. Some of the things that, that we’re involved in and what we’re working on, uh, from a technology standpoint. Is it possible? Uh, yes, it’s possible. However, um, it’s some of the characteristics of flight of these objects is, is leaps and, you know, just leaps beyond what I could possibly imagine any, uh, human based government would be able to produce. So I have a hard time with that theory. Um, Let’s let’s hold the, you know, the big, the big, a alien in until the end. Is it, uh, interdimensional maybe? Um, that. That’s an interesting concept though. The concept that really shook me up when I heard it the first time, which was, you know, years ago. And, and I think I was at a TGI F having drinks, um, and this guy just threw it out there and it kind of blew my mind. I had never thought about it was the possibility of it being time travelers and, um, that they’re actually human beings that are traveling back. Trying to figure out what’s going on. I think you probably have a lot less concerned with, uh, interdimensional beings, not screwing up our timelines. Then you do humans traveling back in time. Right? Um, I don’t know. I, you know, I interdimensional maybe, uh, it would answer, it would sort of answer the, um, the conundrum about the crafts themselves. [00:17:11] Jeremiah: Right. Or if like the, if they are, if UFOs and aliens are from outer space, there’s probably a good chance that our government has either gained knowledge and technology from them, or has taken crashes like the Roswell crash and kind of reverse engineer. Um, to their benefit it, [00:17:40] Richard: yes. I mean, there’s a lot of that kind of thing. Oh, there’s a lot of conspiracy things that are out there. A lot of speculation. Right. Um, I did a show on. Uh, it’s it’s it was on Jackie Gleason and, and president Richard Nixon, where the rumor was that, uh, they were in the Miami area and president Nixon, knowing that Jackie Gleason was a huge, um, UFO, um, the fan. And actually had a huge extensive library library that is now at the university of Miami of paranormal, but especially UFO’s and, um, and aliens, uh, that Richard Nixon took him out to homestead air force base, and actually showed him the dead bodies of aliens. Now that. That’s really kind of compelling. And that rumored, uh, event has been out there for quite some time. But in the episode, one of the things that, that I used it as an opportunity for was to go through some of the, uh, rumors out there with other presidents and their, uh, experiences. And the big one is, uh, Dwight D Eisenhower. And I mean, this goes, you’ve, you’re probably aware of this year. But, you know, the stories of him leaving his, uh, Palm Springs, um, resort and disappearing, basically for a 24 hour period now. Uh, his aide said that it was simply that he had chipped a tooth and he had gone to the dentist, but the dentist that he was known to go to, never had any records of him being there. So, you know, that’s a little strange. And apparently he, the rumor was that he met with actual aliens and he talked about some kind of deal to give them sort of access. And part of that access was the ability to go ahead and, uh, duct people. Uh, requirements that they had, as long as they didn’t kill anybody. And in turn, they would give us technology. Now we know for a fact that, uh, you know, re-engineering or reverse engineering, it is, is actual and we’ve done it, right. I mean, we’ve done it. This, the, the former Soviet union did it, you know, China’s done it in. Anybody can take something and reverse engineer it. If you want to make that leap and say alien technology was either, uh, provided or captured or, um, you know, discovered the possibility to re-engineer or reverse engineer off of that is certainly there. Absolutely. [00:20:33] Jeremiah: Yeah. So the, uh, Whole phenomenon is, is strange. And I totally believe that there is something going on because there’s so many people that have abduction stories or have witnessed UFO’s or things that are not of this world. It’s kind of hard to just negate that and just say, oh, there were. Crazy. Just me personal. [00:21:00] Richard: Yeah. There are, there are a lot of cases and, and look in some of those, um, it’s been pretty well-documented right. Some of those, um, you know, can be attributed to hallucinations or, um, um, you know, mental health. Issues that were going on at the time. I don’t, I don’t mean that, you know, they were mentally ill. I’m just saying that, you know, issues might be going on. Um, you know, um, lucid dreaming, a lot of those kinds of things. You know, those, those are valid, uh, explanations. Do they fit every circumstance? Probably not. Uh, What’s compelling to me are, are some of the really specific cases. And those are pretty easy to find, right? Because they got a lot of coverage in the media, et cetera. Um, two of the ones that I recently covered on, on my pod, Um, I’ll start with the earlier one was Betty and Barney hill in 1961. Now that is a landmark case you cannot find, and I’m not kidding you on this, Jeremiah, you cannot find a book probably on UFO’s and or UFO alien abductions that doesn’t mention Betty and Barney hill. It is. Uh, really a serious of a case. And there are a lot of compelling things that are kind of packed into that story. Um, the, uh, the descriptions were, were very, um, specific. [00:22:40] Jeremiah: Yeah. Their story is definitely well-known in anyone who looks into UFO’s. [00:22:46] Richard: Yes, yes, absolutely. And, uh, you know, all this stuff under hypnosis and, and I’ll tell you. And it’s out there on the internet. You can find it. If you listen to some of Barney Hills actual hypnosis sessions, they are terrifying. The guy was genuinely terrified. And I mean, it almost gives you goosebumps when you, when you listen to those. But, you know, the biggest thing about that case was this was really. The first case we got with, um, aliens, probing people and, and doing medical things to them. And so really, really important. Um, your listeners, if not, if they don’t know about that case should really, uh, Get it, you know, get a chance to look into it. Cause it really is good. Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah. And it’s just, uh, when you listen to the recordings of the hypnosis sessions, it’s very terrifying to hear him. Um, but I think your listeners really, if they, if they don’t know that case, they should, they should really go out and look it up because it’s really good. The other one that I recently covered is the 1973 Pascagoula Mississippi case, um, with the two guys that were out fishing. That also is really compelling. I’ll tell you what, Jeremiah, the thing that really strikes me in these kinds of cases. It’s the thing to me, that’s really hard to deny. You can bring up, you know, different explanations of what happened and this and that, but you can’t get away from the actual terror. These people felt. And when they report to officials, whether that’s the local police or whatever, those folks are pretty good at judging people’s. You know, current demeanor, right? Whether they’re agitated or angry or, or whatever. And when those folks are saying these people were absolutely terrified, that to me really gives some credibility. You [00:24:46] Jeremiah: know, a lot of these people that get abducted, they don’t even want to tell their story until like way later on or they, you know, get forced to tell it or something like that. They’re from the lot of the ones I’ve heard, they don’t. Like to really bring it up or talk about it. Cause they don’t want to feel, you know, ostracized, [00:25:08] Richard: right? Yeah. They, they, they don’t want to be ridiculed, um, or made fun of, or things of that nature. Um, and you know, the, the fact that. They’re not going out and publicizing stuff. They’re not going out. And, um, a good example of that is Lonnie Samora. He’s the, uh, New Mexico, uh, police officer in the saguaro incident. Uh, this is probably people talk about Roswell, but this is probably the most single, uh, Compelling case in, in UFO annual. So this is the case that actually started to turn Dr. J Allen Hynek from a skeptic to a believer. There was physical evidence. There was an outstanding eye witness in an officer’s, a Maura. When we talk about people, not wanting to talk about things, this is a guy who did not want to talk about it. And actually in later years of his life refused to do interviews about it. He didn’t go out on the UFO circuit. He didn’t write a book, he didn’t try to make money, but he definitely experienced something that was extraordinary. [00:26:27] Jeremiah: Yeah. I don’t really know that, um, case too well. So I’m going to have to research into that of myself. But, yeah, it’s definitely one of those things. Like I said, that people just assume that as soon as people get abducted, they just run to the tabloids or whatever, but a lot of them, uh, really are secretive about it. Cause they don’t want to seem different in or feel like people will think they’re crazy. It’s just, um, that’s what makes it more realistic to me than just now? Of course, there’s some that are fabricated. You know, I’ve heard some wild abduction stories. That just seem a little far-fetched for me. [00:27:13] Richard: Yeah. I know what you mean. And when, when you get into some of these where, uh, they’re ducted and, and, you know, they’re, uh, zoomed off to, you know, to Venus or Jupiter, right. For a little sightseeing tour, and then they come back and, you know, those are the ones that. Are really hard for me to, to sort of latch onto, or the aliens gave them some deep, deep meaning for all of mankind. Um, really because these aliens over here are just probing people and like taking skin samples and then kicking them off their ship, you know? So which one [00:27:52] Jeremiah: is it? Yeah. And a lot of the, like what I consider the real UFO abduction. Abduction stories are like, the people don’t even really remember it. They have to go to like, um, hypno hypnosis or regression or some type of therapy to get that experience out. So [00:28:15] Richard: the ones that have, or, or it comes back gradually to them right there, it’s very fuzzy and yeah, but I know what you mean, your. [00:28:23] Jeremiah: Yeah. So the ones where they talk, like you said about traveling to Venus on a sightseeing tour, her, like, I don’t know, I’m not discounting them completely, but it just seems a little little out there for me. [00:28:36] Richard: Yeah. Yeah. It’s uh, and the whole. You know, space brotherhood, uh, you know, joined the interplanetary circle, you know, kind of stuff that comes out. And the next thing you know, that person is writing a book, right. I’m putting a book out. So, um, for me it it’s a little dubious. [00:28:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s like the Benny and Barney hill case that you spoke of. That is a huge one. And I believe from what I’ve heard of it, that they as well weren’t really. About coming out about it. [00:29:11] Richard: They were, um, it took them quite a while and you know, they tried to do the right thing to they, they went to the air force and reported it to the air force. Um, what they couldn’t get away from was, uh, Barney. Had a lot of anxiety. He ended up going to, um, a psychiatrist. Betty was having nightmares and they were very, very, um, detailed lucid nightmares. And that’s really how she was remembering what happened to her because when she went through the hypnotic hypnosis sessions, Um, basically she was recounting pretty much the same thing as the nightmare. She was having, um, a little bit different in some, uh, details, but basically the same, the same thing, but they did not want to talk about it. And they finally went to, um, a session, uh, or a, um, program that their church was having. They were members of a Unitarian church and there was a. Uh, speaker on, on UFO’s and, uh, abduction cases and stuff. And so they approached him after his presentation and they described what was going on. He put them in touch with, um, a couple of people that then were able to start to help them, uh, kind of bring, bring back these repressed memories and, and the details then started coming out. But you’re right. Initially they did not want to talk to people about it. [00:30:51] Jeremiah: Yeah. So with the abduction, uh, phenomenon, it seems a lot of it is focused around, uh, reproduction. So, uh, I say sexual, but I don’t mean it in like having sex. I’m more like in the reproduction aspect of it. What is your insight on the abduction phenomenon? From what you’ve. Research like, is, is there something to that or, [00:31:21] Richard: yeah, there’s sort of a, uh, you’re you are correct. There’s sort of this pseudo sexual kind of thing, even the, um, and I’m not being funny here, but even the anal probes, you know, are sort of in that, that area. Right. Um, I, I don’t. I, you know, it appears if you’re, if you’re talking to me about implants and tracking and, uh, alien human hybrid, you know, babies, I, I have a little bit of problem with that. I, I don’t see that. Um, but if you’re talking about basically, um, taking samples, skin samples, Um, hair samples, um, you know, checking things like with, um, with both Barney and, and Betty, the aliens ran their, their hands down, their spinal cord. And both of them thought at the time that they were actually counting the vertebras as they were doing it. So, you know, this whole thing about trying to figure out what humans are, how they work, um, and who knows what for what purpose? Right? I mean, honestly, I mean, is it. Find our vulnerabilities, you know, for, for an alien attack or, um, I don’t know. I couldn’t even guess at what their, their reasonings, you know, their reason for doing that is, but I think those sorts of medical ish, um, circumstances tend to be pretty. And they tend to be, um, they, they, they tend to be very, uh, very much alike when you listen to the details of them. [00:33:06] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. And it definitely almost all of the abductions that I’ve heard about include some type of like examination. I think you might be right. That they’re just trying to figure out what exactly we are, how we tick, so to speak. And for what purpose we’ll probably never know, but [00:33:28] Richard: let’s hope we don’t. Yeah. [00:33:30] Jeremiah: Or let’s hope. Hope not, unless it’s a good, good reason, but [00:33:33] Richard: a good thing. Right. Unless it’s a good thing. [00:33:36] Jeremiah: So you had spoken about. The black eye children. Is this part of the whole alien thing or is this black-eyed children thing? Like [00:33:45] Richard: completely different? Yeah. No, that’s a really good question, Jeremiah. So it’s black eye kids, uh, and you’ll see the you’ll actually see it as B E Ks black-eyed kids. And, um, what are they? That’s the million dollar question. Uh, the guesses range from. Flat-out aliens to alien human hybrids to, uh, demonic entities, demons, um, um, interdimensional beings, uh, you know what they are. It’s really difficult to say. And, and the thing is when you talk to people who have encountered them, or you go through those cases, it’s almost the terror is almost to the point where. It’s like, I don’t even care what they are. I just know that whatever they are, they’re evil because it radiated. Could feel it. Feel the terror. Knew that if they, if I let them into my house, if I let them into my car, something really, really bad was going to happen. And so that’s the overall feeling, but there, you know, the theories of what they are, it really runs through. [00:35:05] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve definitely heard about them, but I haven’t really researched into him into them. To be honest. I was just curious if they had any connection with the aliens or UFO’s or anything like [00:35:16] Richard: that. Yeah, there’s no, there’s no sightings. Uh, at least I’ve never run across any there’s no sightings of UFO’s in the area. For example, if you look at. You know, some big foot sightings. Uh, there are situations where UFO’s were, were seen in the area prior to Bigfoot showing up. Right. So maybe there’s a connection we don’t know, but I’ve never run across that with the black eyed kids, but I have read and come across, um, the possibility that they could be alien or alien hybrids. It’s one of the possibilities. [00:35:50] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s definitely, I’ve seen like pictures of them. So. Definitely creepy. [00:35:55] Richard: I don’t know. It really is [00:35:57] Jeremiah: another thing that has kind of like made me think over the past few years or whatever is like, whenever I look at a picture of your classical, like gray alien, I don’t know why, but I feel uneasy. Like, it’s almost like my subconscious knows something that I don’t really know. So I wonder if there’s anything to that. That’s just a random thought that I, that I had. [00:36:24] Richard: Yeah. They’re not, uh, I, you know, I’m the, the pictures that you see. Uh, they’re definitely creepy to me. And if I, if I saw something like that, standing in my bedroom, you know, in the middle of the night, I mean, you know, I would, that’s probably why they, they have to induce people into like, almost like a coma state, because people are, would be so completely freaked out. You know, you’d have people having heart attacks and things. [00:36:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. It does seem like a common occurrence where they’ll. Like put you under paralysis or, you know, you’ll remember any of it. [00:37:07] Richard: Right, right. [00:37:08] Jeremiah: And it seems like they can manipulate like, uh, physics and stuff like that. Cause I’ve heard stories of them taking people through dug the windows of, or the walls of their house without actually like opening anything. And it’s this very interesting. [00:37:26] Richard: Yeah. I’ve, I’ve read those cases too, where, um, people just watch them phase right through the wall, into their room. And that, you know, I mean, you talk about something that’s terrifying. It’s like, you can’t even count on the walls, you know, to keep somebody out and it Truder out. Right? [00:37:45] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s definitely a scary thing also. I don’t know if you have heard this, but I have, because I’ve looked into, um, What are they like hallucinogenic type substances, like mushrooms. There’s a Iowasca is one where people have taken these substances and they claim that they have actually had alien encounters. So I don’t know if you’ve looked into that at all, but it might be something that you might want to look into because I just find it really strange that there’s people. I don’t really have anything to do with aliens or UFO’s or anything, but they say that they encounter what we would consider [00:38:29] Richard: classic gray. I mean, the thing that, that kinda struck me as you, as you were talking about it is, um, of all the things you could do, if you were, you know, taking a psychedelic. W w why would it be aliens? Right. I think, I think that’s a good point. You’re raising. Why would it be aliens? Why wouldn’t it be, you know, something really groovy, you know, something really fun. [00:38:56] Jeremiah: Yeah. Or if you’re in a bad trip, like demons or something, but aliens. So I wonder, I mean, I’m not, it’s just speculation, but I wonder if those people who witnessed. Actually I’ve had an accounter just don’t remember, and the drugs are like bringing that to the surface or something. [00:39:19] Richard: I certainly think that’s plausible. [00:39:22] Jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah. Cause I think there might be more people than we know that have had an experience, but they just don’t remember it. [00:39:33] Richard: Yeah. Um, you know, there are, there are those, there are those hallmark. Um, and they tend to be the biggest one is a lost time. So, um, uh, now that’s not going to really matter to you if you’re sleeping in your bed at night and, uh, somehow you were spirited away, but in these other cases where somebody is driving, uh, as in the case of Betty and Barney hill, and you see, um, a UFO and, and then you have this encounter, And you don’t remember it all, you know, is all of a sudden, you’re kind of aware again and you look and you notice you’ve lost two, three hours. Right? Um, that’s, that’s really a key sign that something definitely has happened. [00:40:26] Jeremiah: Yeah. And it bugs me because I hear a lot of the. Abduction deniers. They say like, oh, it’s just sleep paralysis. That’s all it is. And, but how do you explain ones? Like any Barney hill where they were in their car or people who were out in the woods or fishing or whatever, like how has that sleep paralysis? So like, yeah. [00:40:52] Richard: And of course the answer is it’s not right. So, you know, when I look at these things, Almost every single episode in the topics that I cover. It, it really boils down to this situation and it’s kind of, um, you know, a conundrum or a catch 22, if you will. But, but it is what it is. It comes down to this. You can’t absolutely prove. That they were abducted or they ran into Bigfoot or, uh, or any number of things you can’t, you know, they can’t prove that that really happened. Okay. However, you can’t prove it. So you’re kind of stuck in this place and over and over again, it really comes back to, there are some cases where you do have some physical evidence that would suggest maybe something happened, or there was something there, but even that could be explained to different ways. So it really comes down to, and it comes down to this for my, my listeners. Do you believe the account because. You know, you can say all the skeptical things you want, but you can’t prove it didn’t happen to that person any more than they can prove that it did. And so you really, in the, in the end, in the final analysis, you have to make up your own mind as to whether you believe it or. [00:42:23] Jeremiah: Yeah, for sure. Definitely. And even the ones, like we talked about where they fly to Venus and all they could be telling the a hundred percent truth. I just, I just choose not to believe it, but I mean, like you said, there’s no way I can prove that they didn’t experience that. [00:42:40] Richard: Right. Right. Exactly. And, um, you know, uh, you have, uh, Linda Goodman of course was. Reporter for a small newspaper in Wisconsin and wrote the book on the beast of Bray road and has done all the, that investigation. And now she’s kind of expanded out into other investigations of different creatures that people are seeing out there. And when she took that, that on. As a reporter for the local paper, she thought it was a farce and she thought, yeah, okay. I’ll, I’ll go out and do this story. She really didn’t want to. And, and she thought, uh, this, this is just ridiculous, but okay. You know, it’s my assignment. I’ll go out and do it. It was after talking to the witnesses and there was no proof. There was no physical proof. But after talking to these witnesses who had seen this car, You know, multiple people, that’s when she started to get this gut feeling that something there’s something more here and these people are genuine and they have encountered something. [00:43:48] Jeremiah: Yeah. There’s been times where I’m like, that doesn’t sound right. And then I hear other accounts or witnesses or. Uh, other people who experienced the same thing, and then it changes my mind, like, okay, maybe this did happen. [00:44:06] Richard: Yeah. And I think it’s healthy to be skeptical, you know, it it’s, um, look, when you go into, um, and you look at project blue book, project blue book had, uh, Something like over well, over 12,000 cases that they investigated only 700, a little over 700 of those were unexplainable. And when they talk about, um, those that were explained, the vast majority of those, you can absolutely believe, uh, from the standpoint of people, misidentifying, Venus, I’ve seen. Okay. Up in the sky where it, it, I know exactly what it is. I’ve also seen Venus at dusk at the horizon when it, it was huge and it looked like the lights of a plane. So, you know, people are going to misidentify that they see a cloud. They miss a misidentify that they see a commercial aircraft and maybe they can’t hear an engine and they misidentified. So those things happen right. We’re still left with over 700 that were the air force. Couldn’t couldn’t make a determination on what those are. What I tell people. Um, Jeremiah, when it comes to UFO’s is this, you know, people will ask me, do you believe in UFO’s there’s nothing to believe in UFO’s are a fact unidentified flying objects. They are they exist? There is no question that there are things that are in the sky that are unidentifiable. Now, does that mean they’re alien craft? No. You know, interdimensional beings or anything else, um, that, that you want to put forward? No, it doesn’t. There’s no hard proof of that, but you can’t say that UFO’s don’t exist because they do. [00:45:59] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. Numerous accounts throughout history of this phenomenon happening for it. Not to be a fact now, whether it’s, you know, alien or whatever, that’s up to you to decide, but it’s definitely happening. Right. And I thought it was kind of weird. And me and my friends joked about it was. During this pandemic and COVID and all that stuff, kinda like right in the middle of it, the government decided, Hey, we’re just going to drop all these UFO files. And we’re going to say that UFO’s are real. And that we’ve looked into that. But no one really batted an eye because it was kinda covered with the whole [00:46:48] Richard: uh Pantex. Yeah. And we’re still investigating. Yeah, that was to me, the shocker it’s like, yeah, we did away with project blue book back in 69. Oh, well we’re still investigating them. We didn’t tell you that, but yeah, we’re still doing it, so, yeah, really interesting. I’ll tell you something really quick, Jeremy, uh, Jeremiah to, to give you another personal story. And it’s my son, one of my sons. Oh, I have a couple of sons in the. He, uh, one of them is coming back. He’s on base. Coming back from the gym and it’s at night and he’s just kind of, you know, bopping along and he’s looking up in the sky and he sees this light and it’s a, it’s a bright light. Stops and he’s looking at it. The first thing he thinks is it’s, you know, it’s an airplane, but it’s drifting kind of slow. Then it, it absolutely stopped. As he’s watching it, it shoots off horizontally at, at tremendous speed and it’s gone. Right. And he’s freaking out. So he calls me up and he says, dad, dad, he goes, uh, I, I’m not joking. I think I saw a UFO. I said, okay. You know, tell me, tell me about it. And so he kind of describes, and he goes, I, you know, the question I have is I thought it might be a meteor, but can do meteors, like stop. I was like, no, no, they don’t stop. No, if it was a meter, you, you would’ve known it. Uh, think shooting star, you know, you would, you would definitely know that. Um, and you know, the one feeling I got out of that whole thing, man, was IGL. I want to see a UFO and adhere. He was just walking along and, you know, but I think, uh, for your listeners and for mine to keep your eyes to the skies because, um, people are seeing stuff all the time, man, all the time. Yeah. [00:48:46] Jeremiah: It’s funny you say that. Cause I was literally just thinking. In this modern age with all this technology and smartphones and all that stuff, people don’t really take the time to look up. They don’t look at the sky, they don’t really pay attention to it. And if they’re in the city, they have, you know, all the, uh, what do they call that like light pollution and all that stuff. Yeah, I try to take more time to look up words and check out the SGAs like, even if it’s just taken out the trash or something, I can look up and just look around. [00:49:23] Richard: Yeah. I D I do it all the time and I, and I want people to be, to, you know, to, to. To use their, you know, use their, their brains a little bit. Right. If they see a light don’t jump and say, oh, you know, it’s a UFO. Um, think about it, you know, listen, you know, can you hear, can you hear engines? Um, you know, is it at a height where it could be a drunk. Uh, or any number of things. Right. But, but kind of use your common sense first. Don’t just, don’t just go there and make that leap without really kind of considering what you’re seeing. Oh yeah, for [00:50:00] Jeremiah: sure. And my favorite UFO case, I guess, um, was the Phoenix lights and. [00:50:09] Richard: Yes. Yes. I did an episode on that. It really [00:50:13] Jeremiah: is compelling. How can you deny something happened? Because you have so many people from so many different areas you had the, uh, I think it was the governor was making fun of it, but then came back out later saying, look, yeah, there was something going on. And. [00:50:31] Richard: Yeah, he saw it. Right. And, and the most to me, the most ludicrous thing, which, which is what they really tried to paint this as was the, um, flares, you know, aircraft dropping flares. And it’s like flares do not, first of all, they don’t hover at exactly the same distance and move concertedly as one story. You know, one group consistently moving that whole time. Uh, and for the amount of distance that this thing was seeing, you know, flares don’t last, that, that kind of length of time? No, [00:51:06] Jeremiah: not at all. That’s a sad excuse that they [00:51:10] Richard: put out. Yeah, it really was. [00:51:13] Jeremiah: But, yeah. Okay. Well, thank you for coming on the show and sharing your experiences. And, uh, is there a website that people can go to to find your stuff? I know you have your podcast. [00:51:28] Richard: Yeah, I, um, I would point them to, you can go out on Facebook and S and just do a search for. The paranormal factor podcast, make sure you put in the word podcast as well, and you’ll pull it up. And we do a lot of really good content. I put something out every single day, Monday through Friday. So Mondays we call it monster Monday. I highlight a monster. Uh, give you some info Tuesdays. Um, we have a quiz, but you’re not going to get the answer to the quiz unless you listened to that week’s episode. Wednesday, I cover a paranormal book or film. And in Thursday I try to give you some, some current news, uh, on paranormal stuff from out there in the world. And then Friday is when we dropped the episode every Friday at 5:00 AM central time. So I really appreciate the opportunity. Um, Jeremiah really fun talking to you, man. Really, really good discussion. I enjoyed it. Very. [00:52:23] Jeremiah: Oh, yes, I appreciate you coming on. And I love speaking to like-minded people. And even if we have different views on different things, at least we can, uh, come to terms with, you know, there’s something and just discuss it without it becoming like a heated thing or anything. So, so yeah, definitely had a good time and I will definitely link your stuff in the show notes and. That way people can find you easy and yeah. Thank you for coming on. [00:52:57] Richard: Yeah. Appreciate it, man. Take care of yourself and, uh, have a great night. You too. [00:53:03] Jeremiah: And there you have it. Richard Wright giving us great insight into the abduction phenomenon. We had a good conversation. Just remember, go support him, Sean. Sign up for his podcast and, uh, head over to his Facebook and remember question everything. .