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You can go on the website, send me a message and I will read it and I will respond to you with that. We’ll get to this interview. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I know you will actually. All right, we’ll let Sanjay take it away. Welcome to the what if the wrong podcast. I am the host Jeremiah, and I’m joined today by Sanjay, and we’re going to be talking about all things.

And his experiences with Bigfoot. And he also has a website blog that it encapsulates all his, uh, experiences and all the things that he’s encountered. He writes files and. Documents, everything that he’s come across. So I’ll put that in the description of the episode. So if you want to check it out, you can, so we’ll introduce Sanjay right now.

He’s a big foot expert from my opinion. So hello, Sonjay. Hey

[00:02:23] Sanjay: Jeremiah. How’s it going? Good. How are you? Good, good, good. Just enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon and, uh, uh, looking for, and, uh, thank you for inviting me to be on the show.


[00:02:36] Jeremiah: Yes, no problem. I’m really excited to talk about big foot. It’s been on the top of my list of topics to cover and just, uh, haven’t come across it yet, but this will be the perfect opportunity.

So what I wanted to ask you first off, um, instead of asking you about your background, uh, what do you think big foot is or big foot’s? I don’t know what the plural of it is, but. Uh, what do you think they are and where do they come from? And are they like from our ancient past or are they kind of like an offset of what we would consider modern day human?

Kind of like how we had Neanderthals and stuff like that. So I was just wondering what you think from your research of what big foot actually is.

[00:03:26] Sanjay: I well, that’s a good question. It’s a pretty loaded question. Uh, when I first started investigating a Bigfoot, I firmly opined that it was simply a flesh and blood creature, uh, undiscovered, unknown, but interacting with humans in really strange ways.

And over time. Uh, numerous experiences and observations led me to realize that perhaps big foot is not as physical as one might imagine. Uh, there have been situations where I’ve experienced things in the woods, or even here at my house, uh, which are absolutely non-physical. And I really have to wonder either I’m completely crazy, which is a clear possibility or there’s something else going on, which we can’t explain.

Uh, I look back to the legends of the indigenous peoples of this continent who firmly believed that big foot is not a physical creature. But as a spirit entity, which comes and goes between the spirit world and the physical world and comes either intentionally to give us messages or for reasons.

Clearly understand, but certainly in this world he becomes a physical presence and is able to leave it and go at will. Um, I don’t know how true that is or how accurate, but based on my own experiences, I would agree with that, uh, quite hard.

[00:05:16] Jeremiah: Okay. So you don’t really think that they’ve just always been on earth, kinda like a subhuman, I guess you could say,

[00:05:25] Sanjay: you know, I, I honestly, I don’t know the answer to that question.

I think there are hidden or unknown species of humanoid creatures. Of which we are still unaware of. Certainly there have been discoveries in Russia and in China and in Vietnam of creatures, we don’t know what they are, even in India or the Yeti, uh, in, um, oh, there’s one, that’s the one in south America. I forget what it’s called.

Uh, there’s certainly a lot of. Um, Shelby say offshoots of the human tree, we’re still finding them. We’re still finding them in classifying them. And as we do, so we learn more about who we are and where we have come from. I think that’s still an excellent possibility, but. Perhaps we are looking at something that has been with us for hundreds of years, if not millennia, which, uh, is clearly part of who we are.

And if it’s part of who we are, did it come from us? Did we create it ourselves or has it always been there on the edges of the forest watching us?

[00:06:39] Jeremiah: Yeah. So, um, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, but there’s a researcher he passed away, unfortunately, but his name was Lloyd PI and he has lectures where most of the lecture he’s talking about hominoid and Bigfoot and he breaks down.

You know, the classic, uh, six rivers, national park bluff Creek incident of the big foot caught on camera by the Creek. He basically breaks it down and kinda says like, it’s a legitimate video. Also breaks down the Yeti’s into four different categories. Has the regular Bigfoot that like everyone knows.

Then there’s also the Yeti, the Almos, which I think are. South America and then the agog ways and it says, or a Gog ways or the south America. Oh, yes, yes. Yes. So there definitely seems to be different, uh, offsets of big foot different, uh, I don’t know, cultural groups, so, um, but yeah, I just thought it was very interesting how.

It’s not just like an American thing, American phenomenon. These stores have been found all over the place. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that as well.

[00:08:02] Sanjay: Well, and when I said, oh, I’m sorry. Didn’t want to know. Well, what I find interesting is that our human civilization has existed now on this planet for several millennia and throughout, you know, every single culture that’s existed has stories of other worldly creatures or bizarre.

Unknown creatures, some of which are benign, some of which are malevolent and many of which are considered highly spiritual and symbolic. What I find fascinating is that those creatures and variably take their form and their function from the location of those cultures. For example, Uh, Pacific south Pacific Islanders have stories of sharks who have human characteristics or, uh, in the jungles, you know, there’s, uh, various, uh, stories of.

Uh, different types of creatures in the mountains. We have, you know, different things. Ireland is famous for its trolls and it’s not per cons. And Iceland is famous for its trolls and it’s K ferry. So we all have these other things. That we talk about or have stories about surrounding us. And what I find fascinating is that even though gorillas were not discovered until, you know, just over 150 years ago, Stories of big, hairy ape-like man-like beings have been with us long before then.

So I think there’s something that we have to look at is that where did these creatures come from and how did, if, if they are simply the product of our imagination, how did we come up with them and why are they so universal? You know? So there must be something going on. For them to be so prolific and you’re absolutely right.

It’s not an American funnel.

[00:10:11] Jeremiah: Yeah. And it’s, um, one of those things where a lot of people are like, well, if there was big foot, we would have had one by now, like in a museum or something like that, or call it one. But what people don’t understand is like how vast the farce. In the world, even though we have been doing devastation on them, but there’s still vast amount of forest that have not even been explored by people yet.

Or if someone has explored them, they usually don’t come out from it or whatever. So there’s definitely places, little pockets that they could be living. And we would have no clue. I think recently we just found a tribe. It’s from like the stone ages or whatever, and they had no idea what about the outside world?

So I think it’s a little naive to think like, oh, we would have caught one by now.

[00:11:06] Sanjay: Well, yeah. And that’s an interesting comment and I certainly had this conversation with other researchers. It’s curious to me that with so many of these creatures living or interacting in such close proximity to humans, that a body has not been.

Salvaged or harvested, uh, because certainly there’s numerous accounts, you know, across the internet, across the continent of people, interacting with these things many times in their own backyards, uh, for T you know, here at the cottage, they come up to the window and load. And, uh, if you ever want to really wake up in the morning, that’s a good way to do it.

Trust me, you won’t have any issues with us staying in bed and, you know, having a bit of a land. But in all of that, you know, in most rural areas are most settled, you know, less settled areas. Uh, most persons carry some type of fire. And, and I, there’s got to be people who have taken a shot at this, and there are reports of people firing out these and nothing happens.

You know, the creature keeps going. That would no apparent injury, no apparent distress. And some hunters will, will tell you to your face. It went right through him. You know, how, how does a bullet meant for stomping, an elephant or a buck pass through an 800 pound? Th th something’s something’s not adding up and I’m not saying these people are liars because they clearly are not, you know, they’ve experienced something and they’re absolutely terrified, but how do you shoot something that keeps walking away?

[00:12:58] Jeremiah: Yeah, it could definitely lend to your theory of, uh, them being some type of spiritual entity, um, could be the bullets just whizzed, right. Thrown, because. Really physical, physical, even though we see them as such.

[00:13:13] Sanjay: Right. And, and, and the same goes, I think, for any type of legendary creature, you know, again, like in Ireland we have the story of the leprechauns or in Iceland, the story of, you know, the, the cave ferries or Pixies or whatever they’re called and there’s.

There’s numerous entities running about all over the place. We don’t have pictures of them. We don’t have evidence of them, but we have wonderful stories of people who will swear in a court of law that they’ve interacted with these things. And who, you know, are you waiting? Call everyone a lie? I mean, obviously there are hoaxes, you know, no matter where you go, there’s going to be a few hoaxers out there, but.

Are they really making it up. And then if we go back to the Patterson film, which is an incredible piece of camera footage, we see very clearly there’s an upright, physically physical creature walking across a sandbar and, uh, amazingly with clearly a female, you know, with large pendulous breasts and, uh, you know, glaring at the camera as if to the NSA, just go away and leave me alone.

[00:14:26] Jeremiah: Yeah. And they have, um, I believe the footprints that it left behind to yes.

[00:14:32] Sanjay: Yeah. Quite a few of them were cast. Actually, I think I’ve had seen one or two at a couple of big foot conferences, which is a really kind of amazing to get to hold that in your hand and say, holy cow, this made this. Think the most brilliant statement on the Patterson film actually came from.

Beloved mother who was a nurse and, and heard nursing work did a lot of physical therapy with her patients. So she understood very well how people move and how people walk. I remember showing her the Patterson film once, and she just looked at just, you know, almost like a deer in the headlights expression.

When it finished, she turned to me and she said, people don’t walk like that. That’s all she said, and she just said, people don’t walk like that. That’s not a human. And she saw it immediately, you know, which to me just made, made everything. You just validated that entire film right there. And then,

[00:15:44] Jeremiah: yeah, like I’d mentioned that Lloyd PI.

Guy, unfortunately pass away, but he broke down the film and was like the way the arm is swinging. There’s no way a person in a suit could have made the joint on the elbow flex like that. Then he talked about the creature having breasts and like, why would, and the way that they moved, like how it normally would be like anatomically correct.

And how it would be hard to fake that. Footprint that they had from the Creek bed, you know, was sunk so far down that, you know, You know, 500 plus pound person to have it sink that low into the sand. So he was like, you you’re telling me a 500 pound person was in that suit. Walk-in and so it really like, kind of clicked with me.

Like it’s, it’s gotta be a legit. Oh,

[00:16:44] Sanjay: absolutely. Absolutely. And another, I recall another analysis of the film, not by Lloyd PI, who you’ve mentioned, and I don’t recall the gentleman’s name at this time, but he had done an analysis of the way the hips move and apparently on the Patty creature. And forgive me if I’m saying this incorrectly, because I’m not a.

Physical or what’s the word? I’m not a biologist, but apparently the hips swift. Around the base of the spine in a way that our hips do not. And the upper torso rotates in a way that we simply could not. Uh, there’s a famous frame where Patty turns to look at the camera, but only the upper half of her body turns the lower portion of her body is still walking forward and that it is simply an impossible.

Gesture that for a human, we simply cannot do it.

[00:17:48] Jeremiah: Yeah. We don’t have the flex points to position ourself like that. So if we can go back to the beginning, hit, rewind, and go back to when you first experienced a big foot or your first encounter or how you came to like really look into the. Phenomenon. Okay.

If you can explain that.

[00:18:14] Sanjay: Well, let’s see my probably, and my very first encounter with what I would call a Bigfoot type creature happened in South Dakota, where we lived for a time after coming from India. And I probably would have. Been about seven or eight years old. So this would have been in the very early 1970s and probably 1973 or 1972.

And of course at that time, you know, I sure didn’t know what a Bigfoot was. I had no idea, but, uh, my parents, uh, my father was English Indian. My mother was English every afternoon would have tea. And if we were good little boys, we would get a. Which was, you know, for kids, that’s a big deal. My, that one summer, I remember my little brother would always ask for an extra cookie.

Mom of course, was very indulgent and gave him an extra cookie. After a while, she’s asked him one day, who’s the extra cookie for? He said, oh, it’s from my monkey friend who lives in the tree. My mother, I remember my mother saying to me, Go follow him out there. What’s what’s something’s not right about this.

She was somewhat concerned and I followed him out there and there was a large windbreak behind our house, which is common in the great Plains. At the edge of the windbreak, we had what we called our tree forest, but it was really just, you know, a little clearing in the woods, but there was a tree with a, with a very wide fork, uh, not too high off the ground.

In the fork of this tree was a big. Um, sort of sentiment. Quite well for a little boy, quite large and very comfortable. My little brother and his best friend, literally climbed up in the tree with it, sat on its knees and gave him food. And he would feel in their pockets for treats. Had held his arms around them.

Three of them had, were having a perfectly wonderful time at chirping away in some sense. You know, jibberish, but they all understood each other perfectly. And it was the most amazing thing. And to me, you know, being a little bit older, I thought, well, this must be a gorilla that escaped from the zoo.

You know, what else would a kid think? Especially back then. So I went back home and told my mother, I said, you know, I think it’s a gorilla that escaped from a zoo, but it’s a, it’s a big red monkey. And all the men on the farm with their rifles and went after it and we never saw it again. And not until much later.

Did I realize that in 1973, there was a tremendous flap of Bigfoot sightings across South Dakota, uh, which were documented by John Green, uh, the famous Bigfoot researcher and also by. And I don’t remember their names. It’s a husband, wife team, and I believe their English and they documented these sightings as well in 1973.

So there’s certainly a strong possibility that what we saw was a big foot creature in this tree. I obviously can’t go back in time to prove it, but, uh, I just don’t know what else it might’ve been. I truly don’t

[00:21:42] Jeremiah: that definitely. Like an interesting, uh, encounter. And it’s funny that it seemed to be like peaceful because a lot of people think big, further, just, you know, out to get you like hurt you or whatever.

It doesn’t seem from what I’ve looked into it, which hasn’t been a ton, but from what I’ve seen, they kind of just want to be left alone. They kind of don’t wanna be bothered with you.

[00:22:10] Sanjay: Well, and I think that this is the great paradox of. Encounters, you know, most of the time they they’re doing their own thing.

They’re gathering food. They’re looking after their young or what have you. And they’re, they’re just trying to make their own life. But then there are other encounters where they seem wildly into. In humans or a specific group of humans. And, you know, one of these of course is the Capella’s Creek or the common of Capella’s Creek, a story, which, which is absolutely fascinating.

And a film adaptation was made of it by, I believe the gentleman’s name is David Ford. He’s a filmmaker out of Texas and he did his own version of. Yeah was set in Texas in the 1950s and called it something in the woods. And I believe it’s on Amazon video and you can watch it there. And it’s a very. Very well done adaptation of the story.

And a lot of the events in it are somewhat chilling because this big foot started coming around this peoples, these people’s home, and this kid would look up and see it standing in the window, looking right back at him every time. No. So why would it come to someone’s house? Why, why would it do that? Uh, knowing that the family had, you know, shotguns or rifles or other firearms, which they would not hesitate to use against.

[00:23:41] Jeremiah: So, um, can you break down that story? I honestly have never heard it.

[00:23:46] Sanjay: Sure. If you go to a, well, I’ll give you the website, big foot and it’s listed on there. It’s one of the great, uh, shall we say, old time, big foot stories. It was the actual stories set in, uh, Capella’s Creek. Believe they were a logging family or a lumber related to the lumber industry and the, they had two boys or three boys and the youngest one would see this creature in the window staring at him.

He, it was a very large, hairy bypass. Yeah, the creature and it smelled very bad. And the kid called it the cow man, because it’s smelled like a cow. He didn’t have any other word for it. And again, what kid would, and, uh, they would see it in the fields. It would come up to the house. It, I believe it stole their hogs out of their pen.

Uh, it apparently at one point did try to enter the house and the wife, the mom. Got out of shotgun and shot at it, but it kept coming back and kept coming back to the point where the family literally got in their car and drove away and never came back. And then the father returned to the house later to collect their personal belongings and found that they had come into the house and smashed it to bits.

Uh, there was, I believe there was some conversation about the father going on a alcoholic spree, but he was not known to be a drinker and not known to be violent. And, uh, they never returned to the house after that. And they’ve sort of stayed. Out of the limelight and no, one’s really quite sure what happened to them, but, but it’s, uh, it’s really quite a compelling story.

I highly recommend you read it. I think you’ll find it fascinating.

[00:25:49] Jeremiah: Yeah. I’m definitely going to have to, and probably try to watch that video to, uh, just to see it, like come to life.

[00:25:57] Sanjay: Um, the, the encounters and the effects that the filmmakers shows in the film are very accurate. You know, there’s a scene where the kid is, one of the sons is walking his bike on a trail through the woods and he hears something stomping and move walking in step with him.

And it’s a behavior documented by numerous researchers. And I have, it is, it is very frightening to have that habit and I’ve had that happen. I’ve experienced it. It’s, uh, you know, It’s very unsettling when that happened.

[00:26:37] Jeremiah: Yeah. We’re going to get into more of your experiences, but, um, while we’re on other famous cases, I did come across one that kind of blew my mind and I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

It’s the Albert Ozmen. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. So. Audience to know. Um, if you know it, you can tell it

[00:26:58] Sanjay: well, okay. I, I I’ve certainly read it several times. I don’t know it verbatim, but I’ll share what I know. Albert Osman, I believe was a hunter up in the, I believe the cascade mountains of Washington, Oregon, and was out by his, you know, out hunting one time.

And. I noticed that while he was away during the day, his campsite had been interfered with things had been opened or tossed around. And he thought at first it was just a poacher or somebody else just messing with him. And then one night he was in his sleeping bag and was picked up and carried for several hours through the mountains and realized that very quickly, that whatever, like literally thrown over the gut things shoulder and was sent down in a small valley or box camp.

Uh, by what appeared to be the dad of a clan of four Bigfoot, a mother and two kids, one male, one female. Uh, they were very, very curious about him, but made it clear he wasn’t going anywhere and would bring food and all of that. And I don’t remember if he started a fire or not. I thought he did, but they didn’t like it.

And then the other thing, and then he had a tin of snuff or chewing tobacco, which he gave to one of the big foots and it got very sick and there was a whole uproar and he was able to make a run for it and eventually make his way back to civilization. Uh, there, he had quite a, you know, a lot difficult time getting people to believe.

Because there were, there was some issue with the geography of where he was found or where he claimed to have been taken. I don’t recall all of that, but, uh, there was one detail of his story, which suggests that he was not making this up. And he was interviewed by Dr. Jeff Meldrum from Idaho and was questioned about the physio.

Of the Bigfoot creatures and he provided a detail of the male big foot’s anatomy, which I’m not going to relate here because it is somewhat, uh, shall we say specific, but it was a detail that really could not have been made up. It was something very specific and it was certainly not the type of thing that.

Someone seeking attention or someone hoaxing would have thought to do it. And it goes back to the Patterson film. If you’re going to film a Bigfoot, why would you make it a female? Yeah. Most people would have put a guy in a gorilla suit and off he went. So the details of the Austin story and his discussions about the anatomy or.

I would suggest to me that he was not making this up and that he was kidnapped by these screens.

[00:30:05] Jeremiah: Yeah. So what I heard was, um, that he actually didn’t come out with the story until about 30 years after the incident took place. And, uh, because he didn’t want, you know, any, he was just an average, you know, town folk and didn’t want attention drawn to him or.

Be found to be crazy or anything like that. So, yeah, it wasn’t until 30 years later that he came out with the story and then they tried to like debunk him and he passed all the lie detector tests that they hooked him up to. So, I mean, Kind of hard to kind of hard to argue his story when he’s not trying to get famous off of it.

He wasn’t trying to sell books. He wasn’t doing anything to like, make something of himself off of it and waiting, you know, multiple decades to come out with the tail. It’s like, what does he have to gain from, from making up something?

[00:31:05] Sanjay: Right. Right. Exactly. Exactly. And so

[00:31:08] Jeremiah: with that, oh yeah.

[00:31:10] Sanjay: But a lot of people don’t want to talk about it.

Uh, I remember I was up in Northern Michigan several years ago and it was coming up to November and. Uh, we’ll start with teaming up with a couple of guys to go hunting, you know, deer for deer season. I just went, you know, Richard chatting about being out in the woods and all of that. Said to one of the guys, I said, Hey, you know, do you ever see big foot out there?

And I really didn’t mean it to cause alarm or distress. This one guy gave me a very severe look and he did. Speak for a good 10, 15 seconds. And then he said they’re out there and he turned and walked away and he would not speak to me any further about it. Uh huh.

[00:32:02] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s a little creepy. Yeah.

Bigfoot Encounters

Yeah. Just to like, yeah. So what other type of encounters have you had? Um, or sightings or anything like that, do you travel around from what I saw on your blog?

[00:32:21] Sanjay: Yeah. Yeah. I obviously most of my research is centered here in the Midwest and the great lakes, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan. I have been to Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, California, a few other tenants.

And a few other places and have had some, uh, really startling encounters, some really startling encounters. I would, I would have to say my most, uh, what’s the word vivid encounter, what it was in 2007 at Woodbury wildlife refuge in Southeast Ohio. Where I came face-to-face with a nine foot tall black adult male, which, uh, stepped out of the brush, blocking the trail back to the car, uh, at most 20 feet in front of us.

I was with a colleague Bob Daigle. Remember we were coming down the trail and entered a very heavy, dense patch of woods. And, I remember as we entered the woods, there was the horrible, horrible God awful smell. When you have that smell, you. You know, something’s wrong. Saying to, oh God, what is that smell?

We went down a little bit further and it got pin drop, silent, eerily, quiet. Every step I would take there would be a loud, loud stomp in the woods, just off to our right, you know, 1, 2, 3, 4 stomp stomp, stomp, stomp. You know, realized very quickly, we were not alone. Actually began to get somewhat alarmed because we were quite a distance from the car.

No one knew where we were. And even, I think I had a cell phone of those days, but we sure didn’t have the GPS information and tracking that we have. And I remember saying to Bob, I think we need to head back to the car. I’m not comfortable going further. We both turned around at the same time and literally 20 feet right behind us was this big foot.

He was huge and he was black and he was mad. To this day, I will tell you this. I don’t think I’ve ever been as frightened in my life as I wasn’t that moment. Uh, because there was no other way to get to the car. You know, there was just heavy. I mean, we could have eventually come around, but you know, it would have been a very long, dangerous Trek.

And I remember saying to Bob. Uh, do you, do you see what I say? And he said, yes, I said, is it. I think it is. And he said, yes. I said, do you think I should take a picture? He said, yes. And we both, I remember reaching into my pocket and taking out my car. I had a little digital camera then. And my hand was, you know, my hand was shaking like this as I was, I held it up and I, and I took one picture and Bob took a picture.

And I looked down to put the camera back in my pocket. Of course I did. I was still fairly green then, you know, I D I should have taken 20 pictures, but under the circumstances, I’m amazed. I got one shot off and I looked down to put the camera back in my pocket and I looked back up and it was gone. And I said to Bob, we’re getting outta here, come on.

And we got out of the woods. We came into a wide clearing. And we were standing in the clearing and Bob wasn’t the least bit alarmed. He was perfectly comfortable, happy as a Lark. And I’m sitting there just sh I was shaking, you know, physically shaking. And he goes, let’s just stand here a minute and maybe it’ll come out in the woods and we can interact with it.

I said, are you out of your mind here? And we start walking back to the car and I realize. It’s still with us. It’s walking along the woods, stumping, you know, and I got very emotional. I remember this. Did not know if we would get back to the car alive. Was that terrified. We got back to the car and again, Bob was perfectly calm as a cucumber.

Not even didn’t even blink and you know, maybe just wanted to talk to us. I was like, Okay, fine. And then I re I needed, I had to have something to eat. So we had brought some sandwiches and we’re standing. We took him out of the car and we’re literally standing by the car having sandwiches. And I looked down the trail and I see something on the trail.

Step off the trail, maybe 50 yards behind us. I said, Bob, there’s something coming. Something’s coming up the trail. 30 seconds later, rocks start flying out of the woods landing right at our feet. And I look into the woods where the rocks came from. And I see this hand just disappear behind a Ridge or a behind, uh, a lump of earth that we gotta get outta here.

We gotta get, I finally said, Bob, get we’re going. It was his car. Of course. Uh, it could have been my car. We had a bit of long. Yeah. So he got in the car and we T and to this day I wanted to turn around. I really did, but I knew if I did, I would see something standing there watching slave, and to this day, the most terrifying experience of my life.


[00:38:20] Jeremiah: Yeah. They say that that’s a common occurrence of the big foot throwing rocks. It seems to be their go to. I guess, I don’t know, defense mechanism or if they’re angry or something like that.

[00:38:33] Sanjay: Yeah. Yeah. And I’ve had the rough throwing happened on other occasions at other locations. And it’s always a little bit, you know, oh, you know, you’re standing on the trail in this, you know, rock just falls at your feet and it can, it can be pretty alarming.


[00:38:53] Jeremiah: Now, when you saw this. You know, nine foot gigantic, uh hominoid or whatever. Did it have like human humanoid frigging or, you know, features or was it more ape-like looking? It

[00:39:10] Sanjay: was much more, ape-like very much more ape-like. Uh, In fact in the photograph, if you go to my blog page, Jeremiah can send you the link.

Uh, if you look at the photograph and I’ve shown this to other people, and they said, what’s a gorilla doing in the woods in Ohio, it doesn’t, it does not look human at all.

[00:39:30] Jeremiah: And it was like fully upright, not like, uh, you know, you see gorillas like kind of walk, but they’re not really walking. It’s kind of like a.

You know, temporary thing.

[00:39:41] Sanjay: Yeah, no, this one was more standing on two feet and big as a house. Yeah, just enormous.

[00:39:51] Jeremiah: Yeah, that would scare the pants off me. Um, I I’m easily scared, so. Yeah, I would have hauled my tail all the way across the mountain if I had to, to get away from

[00:40:03] Sanjay: that. Well, let’s see, that’s the thing.

It didn’t come any closer. It just stood there. And then I think it realized, you know, I hope you heard it probably realized for us to leave. We had to go back the way we came and I think it stepped aside to. Yeah, we probably walked right past it and then it followed us back to the car. Yeah. To make sure we left.

Yeah. They probably

[00:40:32] Jeremiah: are just, um, kind of curious, like if we find something we kinda like want to observe it and figure out what it is and it’s probably the same deal for them.

[00:40:45] Sanjay: Yes, yes. Oh, absolutely. But making sure we, you know, keep our distance at the same.

[00:40:52] Jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. And then, uh, you had mentioned you had an encounter in North Carolina and I’m living in North Carolina now.

So I have to hear about this. Okay. Sure. Well,

[00:41:05] Sanjay: I want to say in 2011, holy cow, that was a long time ago. Yeah, 2011. And I October, I went to URA national forest with some friends and. They were aware of my interest and said, we’d like to go out in the woods with you. And it’s just a see what happens.

And I’ll never forget this. We really weren’t quite sure where to go. You know, it’s, it’s a big place. So we come down this road and there’s a little. Sort of w pat road that goes in and we pull them, there’s a little sort of area to park there and we get out and there’s a stump with a baseball cap on it.

On the baseball Cabot said, I said, okay, I guess we’re in the right place. There’s a trail that sort of goes off into the woods and we’re going down this trail and I’m starting to see an incredible number of branch assemblies, all different types, you know, TPS and wigwams and Xs, and, you know, GRA you know, flat ones on the ground.

I realizing holy cow, there’s a lot of S you know, there’s something going on here. My two friends, uh, went on a little bit ahead of me cause I was busy photographing the branch assemblies and we had all agreed before we went into the woods that we would not leave the trail. No one leaves the trail.

The second thing we agreed is that if someone leaves the trail, they do so in full view of the other two at all times. Since I was alone, I couldn’t leave the trail, but I realized I’m hearing something coming up the trail from the parking lot and I’m thinking, okay, well maybe it’s another hiker or camper or whatever, you know, it’s a public forest.

Yeah. And it keeps coming closer and closer. And I don’t see anything. I’m literally not seeing anything coming. And all of a sudden these rocks start flying and landing at my feet and I’m realizing something’s not right. So I skedaddled off to join the others and the trail drops down into this very steep ravine, very heavily forested.

There’s a stream alongside and in the clearing, there are three fire pits. And all around the fire pits are remains of clothing. No, nothing not damaged, not scorched, just people’s clothing. And we’re standing there. Just kind of, is that your cat?

Oh, your sound. I can’t hear you.

[00:44:06] Jeremiah: Oh, sorry. Oh yeah, Mike, my kitten wanted to make an appearance. So here’s an

[00:44:14] Sanjay: That’s correct. I, uh, so we’re standing on there and I suddenly realized, uh, we’re not alone. And I get this horrifying sensation of being watched by something very unfriendly that were not welcomed there. And I, and I started to get. Rattled by those. I said, yeah, we gotta go. We gotta go. Do not need to be here.

Start to come back up the trail and it’s very Rocky, very Rocky, very hilly. And I glance off to the side and I see the body of a snake with its head bitten off the head’s completely caught and it’s turned over. And I, and I’d found this out later that this is something that big foot it’s like to do.

Uh, they clear the area of snakes and they bite their heads off with thought. Um, okay. So I took a picture of it. I still have it. I told him if I ever published it, but maybe I did. And, uh, and someone said, oh, you should turn it over and see what kind I said, I’m not touching that. You know? And at this point I would.

So on. I said, we just, we need to get back to the car. And I don’t know how to explain this Jeremiah, but I, I feel like we were followed all the way back to the car. Like something was waiting for us to leave.

[00:45:39] Jeremiah: Yeah. That’s uh, if I saw that snake with the head bit off, I would definitely be on the edge of my toes and, um, But you had spoken before about, um, the smell and we, me and my fiance go hiking.

Like when it’s nice out, we go pretty often. And we, we like to go out to the mountains out in Asheville area and North Carolina.

[00:46:07] Sanjay: That’s beautiful up there.

[00:46:09] Jeremiah: It’s so beautiful. And there’s so many trails and everything you can do. And. There’s times where we are walking by a trail. And like you said, the smell is just, it’s not like anything you’ll ever encounter except for, and my fiance jokes.

She’s like, yeah, that’s just the big foot or whatever to people who are walking by. But like, we kind of really mean it. It’s like, it’s a smell. That is, you never smell it anywhere else than the, like the deep woods. So is there any other. Places that really like stand out to you that you had a, a run in with big foot or

[00:46:53] Sanjay: foot like creature.

There’s a in, uh, Michigan, there is a research site, which I’ve labeled area D and I go there. I haven’t been in a while with the last, with everything going on, but I gone there for a number of years and done a lot of research there. And in 2014, It was a 2014. Yeah, it was 2014. I was there very early one morning and I was going through, uh, the woods and the it’s very hilly and it’s on the edge of lake Michigan.

So that’s a lot of dunes, uh, heavily for. And I was coming up a slope and I looked ahead through the trees and again, maybe 20 to 30 feet away, I saw this very tall tree stump. And next to it, I saw crouching figure. I’m looking at this thinking that that can’t be what I think it is. It’s just right there.

I mean, it’s literally right there. And I took out my camera and I took a picture of it. Do you know? And again, I should have taken more. I know, I know. I just, you don’t think that you’re seeing what you’re seeing when you’re seeing it right there in front, because you don’t expect to see it just standing right there.

And, uh, so I took some pictures and of course it disappeared. Never heard it go anywhere. It came around to the stump and realized whatever was standing next to that stump was really, really big. And. Then I realized it was probably a big foot creature and I’ve had the photograph analyzed by colleagues and they’ve been able to bring out the facial details, uh, somewhat.

And it’s, it’s been a quite interesting,

[00:48:38] Jeremiah: yeah, it’s kinda like that thing with, um, like UFO’s and alien encounters. You’re not expecting it. So I know people are always like, oh, well, why didn’t you take video or picture or something like that. But if you ever like stumbled across something and it takes your brain like a minute to like adjust and figure out what’s going on.

And sometimes by the time you finally figure it out, it’s too late. And you know, you’re like, it’s just like a reflexive, uh, like instinct reactions. So. It’s hard to be like, Focused when you’re just, just surprised.

[00:49:18] Sanjay: Yeah. Right. No, absolutely. Absolutely. And, and I, I remember I got back and I looked at the picture and I thought, you know, I, I think I photographed a Bigfoot and then I had some, you know, some colleagues analyze it and they were able to say, yeah, this is, this is definitely a big foot, you know, creature in the picture.

It’s, it’s not the greatest picture of course, but, uh, you know, I I’m grateful for it.

[00:49:44] Jeremiah: Yeah. I mean, something’s better than nothing. Of course. Absolutely. And so through all your experiences and research and stuff like that, have you had people come to you with their own like experiences and share them with you and wanted you to like document them?

Oh, sure.

[00:50:03] Sanjay: Yeah. Yeah. I’ve, uh, people have contacted me and asked me to come take a look at things happening at their house or their farm, or what have you. And I’ve been able to help them, or at least research it further and, and see what’s what’s going on now. Yeah. It’s been quite rewarding. Yes.

[00:50:22] Jeremiah: And for, uh, I know recently, and it could be a few years now, but people are starting to link Bigfoot with aliens.

Uh, do you like have any say on, on like our big foot’s working with aliens or are they. Aliens themselves or, uh, what, what would you say to people who are trying to link them with aliens or?

[00:50:49] Sanjay: Well, I would, I would, I have two answers for that. Uh, Jeremiah, the first is. I don’t know enough about that to answer you fully.

I know there are quite a few reports. Excuse me, of big foot’s either seen coming up to an alien spaceship or disembarking from an alien spaceship. There’s far too many to be ignored. Stan Gordon, who is an incredible researcher in Pennsylvania has a tremendous documentation of these types of encounters and really can speak very well and thoroughly on them.

My second response would be, I would ask you to read a book by John keel, who as you know, uh, wrote the moth man prophecies and researched the moth man incidents in point pleasant in the late 1960s, he wrote a later book called operation Trojan horse. And I think it’s essential reading for anyone interested in the PR normal because in that book, he discusses aliens and UFO’s and big foots and other creatures and presents his own theories on what those really are.

And I think you will, would find it absolutely fast.

[00:52:21] Jeremiah: And then what is your take on this might be out of your wheelhouse, but what is your take on other like mythical. Beings are creatures like the Jersey devil and think there’s a, the dog man and stuff like that. Do you think they might just be Bigfoot sightings that have been misconstrued or something completely different?


[00:52:43] Sanjay: there’s always missing identification. Yeah. That’s going to happen no matter what. And there are numerous reports from, you know, hunters or hikers, you know, I thought it was a deer, but realized very quickly it was not a deer, you know? Most people don’t go into the wild, looking for Bigfoot. They’re going out there to have a good time or to hunt or what have you, that being said, yes, there are DMS out there.

I don’t like to use the actual name. Well, and I’ve encountered them. I have had one come up to my car and look in the window while I was driving, running alongside. And it was a very, very, uh, shall we say vivid episode? In fact, it was on the travel channel. They did a special on American monsters and they featured that in the show.

Uh, they’re absolutely real. They don’t look anything like a big foot. They’re very distinctive looking and, uh, in my own humble opinion, absolutely pure evil. Uh, they’re not to be trifled with.

[00:53:51] Jeremiah: That’s good to know if I ever try to go looking for something. I won’t go looking for that for sure.

[00:53:58] Sanjay: Nope. We’re looking for those cars.

they’re dangerous. They are dating.

[00:54:04] Jeremiah: All right. So we’ve covered a lot of ground here with the, uh, big foots and some of the stories that encapsulate the whole phenomenon. Uh, if you would like to let my audience know where they can find your works, and I will also put it in the show description so they can find it easily.

If you would like to talk to him about that?

[00:54:31] Sanjay: Well, the, the best way to find my research and my reports is on my blog, which is beyond the forest And that has all my field reports, my encounter reports. Uh, some analysis I’ve written and also all of my daily reports from here at the cottage where I live.

And so there’s, there’s quite a trove of stuff there that I’ve published and is available for anyone to come take a look at and read, or what have you. I’ve also, you can also find me on Facebook at, beyond the forest, beyond the forest radio on Twitter and on YouTube, of course we have several videos.

Again, be on the forest to be on the forest radio and see, I’m trying to think, oh, Instagram, sorry.

[00:55:23] Jeremiah: There’s so many

[00:55:24] Sanjay: that I know. I lose track. So I think that’s all of them. I think I hope, but definitely the, the WordPress blog is the best place to find all of my reports in my articles.

[00:55:36] Jeremiah: All right. Sounds good.

And then one last thing I would like. Find out from you before we end it would be. What do you think? Or do you think there’s anything special about you that lets you encounter these types of things? Because some people like spend their whole life trying to search for an accounter, but it seems like you’ve had multiple and, and any other type of spiritual encounters you might’ve had, like what do you have any like inclination of why.

You’re like chosen, I guess, for the lack of better word.

[00:56:13] Sanjay: Uh, we, you know, and it’s funny that that’s a conversation I’ve had with a number of different people. I, the only good answer I can give you, Jeremiah, is that I’ve been blessed with a number of wonderful gifts. And I think one of them is a unique.

Sensitivity to the paranormal and an awareness of the paranormal. Um, you know, at one time I did study shamanism and I was training to be a showman and that certainly ties into it. Although my experiences certainly happened, you know, many of them happened before that even started. So I would just say that probably I’ve just.

Been given many special talents and I’m grateful for those.

[00:57:07] Jeremiah: Do you feel like you’re a little more, how do I say it in touch with like nature and stuff like that? As, because a lot of people, you know, they’re bogged down with work and doing their daily grind and they kind of, I don’t know, fall out of tune with nature and their surroundings and stuff like that.

And maybe that has

[00:57:25] Sanjay: something that could be, you know, Uh, an excellent suggestion. I would agree with you wholeheartedly I, where I live is on the edge of a 4,000 acre forest preserve. I’ve always enjoyed, you know, being out in nature and stepping away from the desk, stepping away from the computer and sort of just refreshing or recharging the batteries.

So, perhaps that, that desire to see. Solace or inspiration from nature may certainly tie into that. Absolutely. Yeah.

[00:58:07] Jeremiah: All right. Well, thank you for coming on and sharing your research and your, um, experiences with me and the audience. I don’t know a ton about the Bigfoot phenomenon, so it’s good to learn some more about it and I’ll definitely have.

Do more research into it. And it’s something that fascinates me because like I said, I go hiking a lot. I’ve smelled them, I think, but I’ve never actually had a run in or anything, but who knows maybe one day I will. And, uh, hopefully I don’t run for the Hills. Maybe I can get a picture.

[00:58:43] Sanjay: Yeah, good again. And believe me when I.

In all sincerity. Good luck because it always happens when you start, when you smell that smell, get the camera ready because whatever is doing it is very close to you.

[00:58:58] Jeremiah: Okay. Sounds good. Well, thank you for coming on. I will let my audience know where to find all your stuff and hopefully they will do their own research and look into the whole big foot phenomenon.

Thank you for coming on. Oh,

[00:59:12] Sanjay: you’re very welcome. Thank you for having me here.

[00:59:15] Jeremiah: And there you have it. Sanjay dropping knowledge bombs on us, all showing us the world of. And what we can look out for if we’re ever in the deep woods, wherever you’re located, we’ll just leave it at that and remember question everything.