Satanism in Music

Satanism in Music

Satanism in Music

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello? Oh, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the, what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shared.

welcome my fellow homo sapiens to the what if they’re wrong podcast, episode number three, we’re going to be talking about the Illuminati in the music industry. A lot of brains are going to get rattled here. And I just want to start off by saying, do not think that this is saying to not listen to your favorite artist or not to like a certain artist.

This is just shedding some light into the deeper, darker side of the music industry. I will go over all the material that I have researched and you can form your own opinion at the end. But there is definitely a lot to cover and a lot of stuff that will make you scratch your head. So, first of all, what is the Illuminati?

I’ll give you a general overview of what the Illuminati is in the sense of time. So the Illuminati is a secret organization that is said to control. Most of your popular culture, control your government and other aspects of society. They are the ultra elite, the super rich, and they have power beyond our politicians.

A lot of people say that they pull the strings of the politicians, like the people in office. And they decide what is going to happen with society and where things are going to be headed. So it’s basically just a secret organization and they get off on having control over the masses and shaping and forming the way society will be run.

But let’s take a closer look at the music industry and the music industry as a whole. So who owns most of the music who has all the power in the music industry? And a lot of people would think that the artists are the ones who have the power in the music industry and have the money, but that is far from the truth.

There’s three major music groups who pretty much own over 50% of the music and the funds in the music industry. Those music groups are universal music, and you might know some of the labels they owned is Def jam EMI island, Motown and Interscope among other things. Second you have Sony music entertainment.

They have epic records, Columbia records and RCA. And then the third major music group is Warner music group. They control Electra records, reprised records and Atlantic records. And like I said, they own over 50% of the music industry and they have almost all your artists, major artists are signed to these labels and they have crappy contracts with said labels

so why would the Illuminati use these artists for their own power struggle or to control the masses? Um, it’s pretty simple. Music is very influencing and music is followed by pretty much everyone, everyone listens to music and especially when kids are adolescents, you know, teen. Early twenties. They are really influenced by their favorite artists.

Um, there’s even grownups that are influenced by their favorite artists. Uh, they can control how people dress, they can control how people talk a lot of influence with your major artists. And that is why the Illuminati likes to use them and keep them under their control because they can decide how society is going to follow these artists.

And they can also push through subliminal messages, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. But a lot of your artists are into some occult stuff and they are into things you wouldn’t really think that artists would be involved in, but we will talk about that as well as we go through these artists. So we’re going to get right into it.

And I will talk about a few of the major artists and their contracts and their affiliation with the Illuminati and selling their soul. And that is done through these contracts. So the first artists we’re going to talk about is Michael Jackson, the king of pop himself. Yes. He had signed his soul over to Sony records and I believe he was killed by the Illuminati and Sony for trying to leave the record later.

When he was touring in London, he spoke about Sony and about the then CEO of Sony and I’ll play the clip right here.

[00:05:58] Michael Jackson: You know, being the artists that I am, um, at Sony, I, I I’ve generated several billion dollar for Sony, several billion. And, um, they, they really thought that my mind is always on music and dancing and I ended it usually is.

They never thought that this performer myself would outthink them.

We can’t let them get away with what you’re trying to do. Now I’m a free agent,

I just owe Sony one more album. It’s just a box set really, I can do the box set just give them any two songs. So, so I’m leaving in Sony, a free agent owning half of Sony.

I own half of Sony’s publishing and, and I’m leaving them and they they’re very angry at me because of it. But, uh, I just,

I just did good business, you know,

The way they get revenge is to try and destroy my album. I love unbreakable. No. And Tommy Mattola is a devil.

[00:07:33] Jeremiah: As you heard, Michael Jackson was not happy with Sony and their CEO and he was wanting out and he would have left with half of. Sony And they didn’t like that. And they can have that because once you sign that contract with the music industry and the Illuminati, there’s no turning back.

So what did they do? They killed Michael Jackson. And why would they bother killing Michael Jackson? Well, for one, he was about to leave with 50% of Sony and that’s a lot of their funds. Also the years leading up to Michael Jackson’s death, he sold, you know, decent amount of records, but nothing crazy. But when MJ died, his album sales boost to over 30 million copies sold and that made Sony a ton of money and his family estate tons of money because his family estate was in cahoots with Sony.

I believe that is why they killed him. They did not want him going off on his own making money and having half of their company as well. So there was some weird things also around Michael Jackson’s death. His dad rented a moving truck about four to five hours before his death and took all the memorabilia and moved it into a storage unit.

Well, how would his dad know that he was going to die? Also? This memorabilia is definitely pricing. Especially after he’s dead, it’s worth more because a lot of things for artists and movie stars are more expensive once that actor or artist passes away. So there’s also Latoya Jackson, Michael Jackson, sister, who spoke on live TV that she thinks he was murdered as well.

And she says that MJ told her that they were going to kill. So MJ knew that he was breaking his contract of selling his soul to Sony and the Illuminati. And he knew his time was up

next. We have John Lennon john Lennon was into the occult and Aleister Crowley. You’re going to hear Aleister Crowley a couple of times over this.

Um, he is a evil man who pretty much follows Satanist. And you can look him up. Aleister crowley is definitely not a good person. He also came up with the term do as thou wilt. And he basically believed in Satanism and about doing your own thing, regardless of what it’s gonna do, just live, how you want to live basically.

So John Lennon was into this Aleister Crowley. He influenced other band members into the occult and wanted them to follow his weird beliefs as well. And he even claimed to have made a pact with the devil. An MI6 officer John Coleman in the 1990s came up with the Aquarian conspiracy and claimed that John Lennon and his band were made to introduce the youth to drugs.

Basically the band was made to have kids get hooked on drugs and start a whole like drug movement. And he believes that was the case. He also claimed that their success really took help from the Tavistock Institute for human relations. And that was all to change the culture at the time and get all the young kids hooked on drugs and all that.

There are also some weird things with the Beatles and their album covers yesterday and today album, it shows the band with dismembered baby dolls. It’s very strange. And there is a lot of the conspiracy with the Illuminati includes, um, sacrifice of children and other weird things involving young kids and children.

And we’ll definitely discuss this in later podcasts. But it’s just weird that they have an album with dismembered baby dolls on there. It just doesn’t look right. If you look at it, also, the Sergeant pepper cover includes a host of Illuminati, type people, Elvis Huxley’s on there, Carl Marx and few other people.

I think Aleister Crowley is even on there. And it’s just weird that they would have all the. People on there, especially Aleister Crowley, who, as I stated is pretty evil. Dude. Also Mark David Chapman. He gunned down Lennon in New York city and waited for the police to show up. And then in an interview later, he states that, or he said, I had, sessons trying to invoke the devil’s assistance, probably three or four times calling out to the devil.

And he said that voices in his head told him to go and kill Lennon. So was Lennon knocked off because it was part of his deal, his sacrifice, or some people think that he was taken out because he was too peace, loving.

And now we’ll take a look at Jimmy Hendrix. You should know who Jimmy Hendrix is. He can shred a guitar like no other and makes really good music.

But Jimmy Hendrix had a darker side. And his road manager and producer, Alan Douglas thought that Jimmy Hendrix had some type of mental health problem. And he stated one of the biggest things about. Was what he believed in. He believed that he was possessed by some spirit, and I got to believe it myself.

And that is what we had to deal with all the time. And he was very humble about discussing it with people because he didn’t want people to feel he was being pretentious or so on, but he really believed it and he was wrestling with it constantly. Artist who is claiming to be possessed by a spirit.

Kind of strange once you think. A lot of people say that these artists that sell their souls to these record labels get possessed by some types of spirits. And we’ll talk about that in a little bit as well. So we also have Hendrix girlfriend Faye Pridgon. She also stated he used to always talk about some devil, something was in him and he didn’t have any control over it.

He didn’t know. What made him act the way he acted and what made him say the things he said and songs and different things like that just came out of him. He was so tormented. Torn apart. He really was. He’d talk about us going down to Georgia and obsessed with something really evil, having some root lady drive this demon out of him.

Jimmy Hendrix totally believed he was possessed by some spirit or some demon. Some devil type of entity. He let it be known and people around him kind of witnessed it as well. As you heard from those two accounts of his road manager and his girlfriend also, Jimmy Hendrix predicted he would die.

Before he was age 30 and he died just before turning 28. So he kind of guessed when he was going to die. It’s kind of strange thing, kind of morbid thing. And how did he know that he was going to die before age 30? And he was pretty darn close there. Hendrix was not wealthy when he died either, but he has generated millions of dollars since, and the record labels have made a killing off of his music, which is kind of how it rolls, how it plays out.

You saw that with Michael Jackson and it just a lot of artists, this is what happens.

And our next victim is Jim Morrison of the doors. The self-proclaimed lizard king was a strange dude for sure. He said when he was young, he had an incident where he came across a bunch of dead native Americans and it shaped his life.

He speaks about being possessed by spirits of these dead Indians. A lot of conspiracies are around his death and he also. Died at age 27. And this is a reoccurring theme that a lot of artists die at age 27 and they call it the 27 club. I’ll talk about that towards the end of the episode here.

So on to the next one, we’re talking about Jimmy page of led Zepplin. Jimmy was into the cult as well, and you guessed it. He followed Aleister Crowley as well. And he bought Crowley’s old house at Loch ness. He believed it was haunted. A lot of weird happenings going on down there. A lot of questions about Jimmy page of led Zepplin.

Then we have good old Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan, he received the Nobel prize for literature. It shocked the world. He was not shocked by this actually. In an interview, he said, it’s a destiny thing. I made a bargain and I’m holding up my end. Next, the reporter asked him who he made the bargain with and he kind of chuckled and said with the chief commander.

In addition, the reporter said, who is that? He said, it’s in this world and the world, you can’t see. So here’s a clip of that. You can listen to it,

[00:18:02] Bob Dylan: you know, why do you still do it? Why are you still out here? Well, it goes back to the destiny saying I made a bargain with it. You know, long time ago and I’m holding up my end

what was your bargain to get where. I am now, should I ask who you make the bargain with, with, with the chief commander on this earth this earth, uh, and then in the world, we can’t see,

[00:18:35] Jeremiah: have you seen the labyrinth, the movie with David Bowie yep david Bowie also under the Illuminati control Bowie was into the occult and of course.

He was into Aleister Crowley and his teachings. Paid tribute to Aleister Crowley in the song, quick sand. Told rolling stone magazine rock has always been the devil’s music. I believe rock and roll is dangerous. I feel we’re only heralding something even darker than ourselves. So kind of strange that you have this guy here, David Bowie talking about.

Conjuring things that are darker than ourselves, and also being into this Aleister Crowley character and just very strange. And you’re seeing a recurring pattern here. Make of that as you will. You have Alice Cooper’s Vincent Fournier. He claims to have gotten his stage name off of a Ouija board encounter.

So Ouija board dealing with bad energies, bad things. Shouldn’t be messing with Ouija boards. I do not recommend doing it. You’re just messing with things you shouldn’t be messing with. So he said that he got the idea, stage name from this Ouija board encounter. And he believed he was the reincarnation of a 17th century, witch kind of strange, but okay.

Um, he did evil things on stage, like fake hang himself. Guillotines destroying baby dolls and then dressing up like the witch lady that he says he reincarnated from. Kind of an odd thing to claim you’re reincarnated from, but that’s what he believed. And he said in an interview, we are the group that drove a stake through the heart of the love generation.

So he thinks that his group put an end to the love generation and he’s into all this evil stuff.

And now the man who is also a symbol prince prince was actually into conspiracies. He spoke openly about chem trails and other conspiracies and a leaked, recording of a prince concert in Germany. Had him predicting 9/11 in 1998.

That’s three years before it happened in the recording. He says, and I’ll play it right after this. I’ve got to go back to America. I’ve got to get ready for the bomb Osama Bin Laden, getting ready to bomb America. You better watch out.

so did he predict 9/11? Did he have some insider information? I don’t know, but it’s a little weird. Then there’s also talks about prince being murdered by the Illuminati and the record label, because like Michael Jackson, he was about to be free of the record label. He was about to own his own masters.

And, then also him speaking out about conspiracies and about chem trails and stuff. So, I believe that he was taken out. He’s just too much of a risk and also him leaving with his masters and being free of the record label as we can see, that’s not the way it goes.

He may not be looking for a gold Digger. But, Kanye west is definitely involved in some evil stuff and some contracts that he shouldn’t have made.

So during a concert, he said, I sold my soul to the. And I know it’s a crappy deal. At least it came with a few toys and happy meal and I’ll play that right now.

He also had a mental breakdown at some point and did the whole Jesus thing. And a lot of celebrities you’ll see have these mental breakdowns, like Brittany Spears, and that’s all part of their deprogramming. You’ll notice that once they have their mental breakdown. They’ll come back after going to some type of rehab. Some facility. Where they can get brainwashed again. We’ll talk about that in a future episode about MK ultra and mind control.

But Kanye west, definitely into some stuff.

Now, remember I talked about earlier about alter egos and a lot of artists having them and lady Gaga has an alter ego, Joe Calderon, and tons of Illuminati symbolism in her music. And we’ll talk about that in a little bit. Lady Gaga was at a party thrown by a celebrity. It had a fake human body cake.

It looked like a human and it was all in blood. The parts look like they were dismembered and really bloody looking human body cake. It’s kind of weird, kind of evil in my opinion. And what is the point of having a bloody human body? Um, why would that be appetizing to anybody? Beyonce. Beyonce also has an alter ego, Sasha fierce.

She says that Sasha fierce was born when I did crazy and love crazy and love shows the imagery of the original Beyonce dying in an exploding car. And it Sasha fierce coming out. Kind of like a Phoenix from the ashes. And she says people when they meet me, expect that all the time. But that person is strictly for the stage.

Why is she saying that person? It’s kind of a weird thing to say on the Tyra banks show, says it’s just something that takes over me and we named it Sasha. Cause it’s like two different. Well, that again is a weird statement to make. Now I’ll play both of these clips right now.

[00:26:05] Beyonce: Sasha fierce, getting ready to go on stage and performs is Sasha fierce.

When does she eat? Usually when I hear the crowd, when I put on my stilettos, um, when like the, the moment right before, when you’re nervous and that other thing kind of takes over for you and that other thing kind of takes over for you. And that other thing kind of takes over for. You know, what’s so funny is I saw you turn into that trance thing.

Like you lose your mind. I do like, you know, it’s really amazing. I can’t describe it. It’s just something that, that takes over me and we named it Sasha. It’s just something that, that takes over me and we named it Sasha because it’s like two different people.

[00:26:49] Jeremiah: And then Nicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj the rapper superstar.

She also has an alter ego named Roman.

[00:27:00] Nicki Minaj: Roman is a crazy boy who lives in me. And he says that things that I don’t want to say he was born just a few months. I think he was born out of rage. He was conceived in rage. So he bashes everyone and threatens to beat people and is violent. That must be nice to have like an ignorant loud mouth where you can just sort of blame every. He wants to be blamed.

I don’t want to blame him. I asked him to leave, but he can’t. He’s here for a reason people have brought them out. People conjured him up. Now he won’t leave.

[00:27:47] Jeremiah: You can listen to that. Seems like she is tormented by this other character. Roman just very strange. And you see that this is occurring a lot in the music industry.

It’s just a strange. Thing to do. And the fact that most of them talk about their alter ego and a third person, it’s just, doesn’t seem like it’s very sane.

So we’ll move on to Katy Perry. And she came on the scene in 2008 with I kiss the girl. Was there an agenda presented by the aluminum? For, I kissed a girl and, uh, Katy Perry to come out onto the scene.

Was it part of her deal with the devil? Um, she said that she sold her soul to the devil after not making it big in Christian music, as you can listen to here,

[00:28:51] Katy Perry: you know, what was going on in my life at 15. That’s how I got introduced to the music industries. I swear I want it to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn’t work out. And so I sold my soul to the devil

[00:29:06] Jeremiah: and then she also has a ton of symbolism. All these artists have crazy symbolism. I’ll talk about that in just a moment.

Then back to the alter egos, Jay Z, who is also in a relationship with Beyonce, Jay Z has an alter ego as well, cashmere brown as he calls it. Also he goes by. Or short for Jehovah, which is God, which is him basically saying that he thinks he’s God, he’s always throwing up the Illuminati hand signs, especially the pyramid triangle.

They throws up for his rock label and you’ll see that as a recurring Hans symbol throughout all of music, as well as the. 6 6, 6 with the it’s like the okay sign. But if you take the fingers and the circle, it creates three sixes. And that is a known symbol of the Illuminati, the triple six in the okay.

Sign gesture. And you’ll see a lot of artists put that over their eye or throw it up at random times as well as. You know, classic devil horns. Lot of devil horns is symbolism in the music industry. You’ll see a lot of that. And a lot, you will see a lot of one eye being. So you’ll have an artist and a picture or a music video, and they’ll have their hand over one eye or they’ll have something covering one eye, or you’ll only see half of their face.

So you’ll only see one eye. And that is the eye of ISIS that is Egypt, eco symbolism. And you’ll see. A lot, if you really look at the music industry. So, if you’re not trained to see it, you won’t see it. But once you see it, you’ll see a lot of your top artists are throwing up the symbols, the 6, 6, 6, and the Illuminati triangle.

And also the one covered, I, it could either be their hand, their hair or something, covering their eye, and sometimes you’ll actually see. The eye of ISIS, and this is all just symbolism to show their allegiance to the Illuminati.

So then I talked earlier about the 27 club and how a lot of artists die at age 27.

Here’s a few, and there’s a long list, but here’s a few of the main ones. Jimi Hendrix at 27 Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. And the list goes on. What is this significance with the number 27? I don’t really know, but it just seems very strange that all these artists are dying at each 27 and in different ways, it’s a little interest.

There is also talk about sacrifices to claim your fame. So a lot of people, point to specific music artists who seem to have skyrocketed their career due to a sacrifice of a family member or a close friend. So you have Kanye west, his mom dies. People say that was his part of his contract. Dame dash. They say Aliyah was killed as his sacrifice to the Illuminati. Eminem with proof of D 12 in 2006.

In the 2004 video toy soldiers. It shows proof getting shot outside of a nightclub. Is that a foreshadowing of what was to come or I don’t know. Coincidence. Jennifer Hudson’s mom and her brother were murdered. Also Hudson’s uncle claims that she had done. He believes that she had them.

Lady Gaga, her friend Alina Morgana Morgana died after falling 10 stories off a roof. Now Lina’s mom claims that Gaga had her killed and also she claims that lady Gaga stole Lina’s style and look, and became famous from. So just interesting. There’s many more, but in the sake of time, I won’t go over them.

But if you do some research and dig into this, you can see that there’s some weird happenstances with these artists and the music industry. Why is all this symbolism being thrown into music and music videos? Why is it important to cover one eye? You have to ask yourself, why is it important to throw up the 6, 6, 6 hand signal all the time?

The okay symbol. Why are these things being done? Why are all these artists claiming that they are possessed or have spirits in them? How come they talk about signing contracts with the devil or devil? Why are a lot of artists into the Occult and Aleister Crowley makes you kinda wonder wonder and how come there’s artists who speak out against this and talk about the Illuminati and people selling their souls.

You have prodigy of mobb deep was coming out, talking against this. You have K-Rino . A rapper from Houston who talks about the Illuminati and soul contracts. You have a bunch of other ones, uh, immortal technique and immortal technique talks about it. There is a lot of artists that speak out against this Illuminati and also why our family members of these artists saying that these things are happening.

Latoya Jackson talked about Michael getting killed. The family members of some of the artists. Family members and friends who’ve died who say that they were killed because of the artists. It’s just something to think about and wonder what is really going on in the music industry.

Why is there so much evil connected to this industry? With that we will end episode number three, Illuminati in the music industry. I might cover some more of this in future episodes. I also want to do a episode on Illuminati in the TV and music industry. That will be a good one as well. So hopefully you enjoyed this.

If you want to get ahold of me, the email is what if they’re wrong? And that’s what if they’re wrong without the, you can email me, uh, if you want me to cover a certain topic, or if you want to be a guest on the show. And then also on Facebook, I have a Facebook group. What if they’re wrong on Facebook?

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