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Hello, earthlings and welcome back. Thank you for tuning in again for another amazing episode of what if the wrong podcast we’re gonna be talking with Rosie, and we’re gonna be talking about her Ayaka journey and her experiences with the shamonic brew and how mother Ayaka became her matchmaker and helped her find the love of her life.

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I respond to all messages in a timely manner. So I won’t take up much more of your time. Let’s go tripping out with the Ika journey of Rosie. And remember question everything. Hello, and welcome to the what if the wrong podcast? I’m your host. Jeremiah. I’m joined today by Rosie. And she’s gonna talk to us all about her Ika journey and we’ll, uh, explain a little bit about.

What iowaska is before we get into her experiences for those that don’t know about it. So I’ll introduce her now. Hello, Rosie.

[00:02:17] Rosie: Hi. Nice to meet you

[00:02:18] Jeremiah: all. Yes. Thank you for coming on and speaking with us about your experience.

[00:02:24] Rosie: I’m really excited. Can’t wait to share with you. It’s is a bit out there

[00:02:30] Jeremiah: as most.

Visionary experiences so, yeah, with iowaska, it’s a brew that they, um, drink in the, mostly in the Amazon regions in south America. I’m sure it’s in other places too, but the main place is like Northern Peru and parts of Brazil. So it is the, and I can’t pronounce these words cuz they’re scientific, but.

CAPI V and it’s mixed with the verus shrub and it makes this brew that people drink and it gives you hallucinogenic, uh, experiences. And a lot of people say that it’s like the soul vine, cuz it makes you really see yourself and has introspective properties. And you also. You know, get visions of life and that afterlife and other experiences that might be like parallel universes or dimensions.

And so we’re gonna talk with Rosie and find out what she experienced when she was, um, on this. So we’ll, uh, talk about it now. So where were you at in life when you decided to do this and where did you. Uh, experience this .

[00:03:58] Rosie: Yeah. So my journey with iowaska has been quite a long one now. I must say it’s been about seven or eight years since I first had, uh, sitting with iowaska.

My very first one was in Peru. . Then I came back and was actually doing some work, um, in Europe with, uh, psychedelic mushroom. So it took me, it is taken me on a journey with other plant medicines as well. I ended up actually in the pandemic. The part that I want to talk to you about was when I in the pandemic, went to Costa Rica.

I was very lucky to be given a volunteers position at an ICA retreat center. Um, and so I got to see everyone else go on these weird and wonderful journeys. And when not enough people took up their retreat, I got to sit with the medicine. So I ended up having quite a lot of sittings there. Um, and a lot of journeys and transformation happened.

And. during that time, a lot of the boxes that you mentioned were ticked in terms of, uh, what I experienced, it was quite a, I dunno, like a changing point in my life in many ways. Um, and then since returning back to the UK, obviously psychedelics are illegal here. So, um, The closest thing that we can do is go to the Netherlands to work with psilocybin mushrooms.

Um, but, uh, things like iowaska just aren’t really available or legal around it. So, um, so yeah, it was, it was a long journey between my very first sitting with it and up until cost Ari massive, been about a five year gap. But, coming back to it, it was. completely different and exactly the same all at once, which is a really weird thing to, to say it felt like familiar.

So, when I was in Peru, I went to, uh, Iquitos, which is the jungle in the Northern part of Peru. And, I had not really worked with plant medicines. I’d burnt out as a secondary school teacher. I wanted to know what I was meant to do with my life. Cause I couldn’t go back to working in the school and just wanted to kind of find myself, you know, um, and so that took me on that journey.

Um, and I, I sat with a really traditional. we call it a mistro the person who will, uh, work with the medicine with you. Um, and so we might call it a shaman here in, uh, in the west, but in the indigenous cultures, they call themselves maestros or the healers. and so they will serve the medicine within a ceremonial context.

So it’s not like, um, you know, sometimes when people think of it, they think of like taking acid at a party or something like that. This couldn’t be further from a, a party substance. It makes you work really hard. Um, so I was really surprised as you can probably hear I’m English. Um, and we are quite kind of polite and reserved people.

and within two hours of this ceremony, beginning, people were throwing up, were screaming, we’re shouting one person soiled themself. I was like, what have I got myself into? This is nuts. Um, and so how

[00:07:24] Jeremiah: would you, um, did you go to like an actual, like, uh, iowaska center or retreat? Or how did you find out. Like where to go and what to do.

[00:07:36] Rosie: So I’d been in a, uh, in a hostel in Cusco and I’d just been kind of hanging around, trying to see what was next. And somebody came there, a guy who was backpacking had came there and he said, I have had the most transformational experience with my life. And we got into talking and over the next three days that he was staying there, he just told me all of these.

Ridiculous stories about how he’d transformed all of these things within him. And he felt this new sense of peace and he he’d met God. And I was like, what? This is wild. And, um, he was like, well, I can, I can introduce you to the people. And they were really small local family run business. They weren’t like one of the big retreat centers.

It wasn’t a massive commercial job. And I feel really lucky for that. That, that was my first experience. actually because I speak some Spanish. Um, it was okay for me, but I think if you didn’t you’d have found it hard cuz they didn’t speak any English either. So it was a, a real immersion into it. Cuz you’re in the middle of the jungle people you’ve never met.

They don’t speak your language. They’re serving you this weird potion. Everybody’s going crazy. It was, it was a lot to go through, but having heard this other guy’s experience of it and the fact that you don’t just do it once, so you, you go back a few nights in a row. And so it’s actually like, it unfolds over time.

Um, and I’m glad because if I just had that first night, I don’t think I would’ve ever come back to it. it was just so crazy. Um, now

[00:09:13] Jeremiah: how does it taste? Like I heard it taste pretty bad.

[00:09:17] Rosie: It does taste pretty bad. Yeah. I won’t lie to you. It tastes pretty fell. There’s. A real like bitterness of dark chocolate.

And that’s the only thing that’s pleasant about it. So you try and focus on that part of it, but everything else about it, I mean, it tastes like. It’s really hard to say, if you’ve never tasted it, but it’s bitter and it’s thick and it doesn’t like, you know, when you have medicine of some sort and it gives you that kind of yeah.

Feeling in the back of your throat, you know, it’s, it is definitely got that about it. And, um, depending on where you go, like I’ve had it brewed differently, different times. in Peru. It was very strong in a small ceremony cup. Um, but in Costa Rica, they were really, uh, they gave you like a whole bowl of it.

Um, and it wasn’t as like thick or as strong, but it still tasted awful. And you had to drink like, you know, a whole like cereal bowls worth of this stuff. and like people like trying to get it back. especially because also one of the key components, I suppose, of an IER experience is a purge. So when you have Iowasca you probably after a couple of hours or so feel like you need to either throw up or you might need to go to the toilet.

So people are going in and out of ceremony to go to the Lou all the time, or, you know, various different things. And. it’s kind of hard when you’re really tripping as well. so like, you might be like seeing things and like one of, one of my experiences, I was like purging, but like out of my mouth was coming.

like this black sludge. And I don’t know if that’s what was really happening, but like, it looked like this black sludge and I knew that it was taking trauma out of my body and like pulling it into this container in front of me. And like it was, yeah. So the purge is like, not just a physical, like throwing up, but it feels like.

Metaphysical. It feels like it’s healing. It’s like the best and worst sick of your life. You kind of like the, the worst part is knowing that it’s coming, you know, you’re feeling that kind of nausea and everyone around you’s being sick and you’re like, oh no. Oh no. But then when you’re actually having that purge feeling, most people I’ve spoken to say that it’s.

It feels like some sort of release, like they’ve like a release that they’ve always needed. And it really does feel like whether it’s like, sometimes I’ve felt like shame comes out or like really like tough emotions have come out. Um, and sometimes it’s felt like, um, I’m trying to find the right words for it.

Cause it’s so metaphysical. It’s really hard to put into language, but sometimes I felt like. The there’s parts of me that I’ve kind of rejected that have like, out into there so that I can like love myself and feel whole it’s like, I mean, yeah. That’s the best way I could describe it.

[00:12:31] Jeremiah: Yeah. Like past trauma and, uh, feelings of self hate or doubt or stuff like that.

sounds like. Yeah. And sometimes

[00:12:40] Rosie: it’s like random memories of like things that I thought didn’t even impact me. Like when I’d said something at school, you know, high school to somebody that I. You know, had had a, a negative relationship where I had said something to them that had clearly not been very kind, but nice.

And I just had this vivid memory as I was being sick. It came out into the bucket, cuz I mean, I didn’t know it, like I had no idea that that was still in there, but I was holding onto it in some way, but then I kind of felt, felt like I’d released it. Like I didn’t have to feel guilty or ashamed that. Said that cruel thing to them.

So yeah, it, it’s a, it’s an interesting thing. And, um, and I think it really gets to the root of your core issues somehow. Um, and so the way that a lot of people, um, indigenously talk about. Um, I, her as, as a grandmother spirit. So, um, not that it’s just a plant brew or, you know, a, a psychedelic cocktail of things, but that it has its own spirit and that she is a, a grandmother and that she kind of cares for you in that kind of way that a grandmother would scold you if you weren’t living your life.

Right. um, and there really is an energy of that. And, um, and so when you’re in that space, She sometimes can be kind of firm or strict with you. For me, I had to face up to the fact that, um, I was a real commitment FBE and she, she kind of sat me down and showed me as I was like lying there in my hammock, these different visions of my life of times when I’d pushed away things from this Paris of.

Then she really kindly showed me what, how lovely my life would’ve been if I hadn’t have done that. So, that was a really rough thing to sit with, cuz it did feel like someone was kind of waving their finger at you and going, you know, you’re screwing up here and um, it’s, it’s really crazy.

Cause everybody’s experience is so personal to them and somebody else can come out of the same retreat. Having seen God, somebody can come out, having cried all night about a trauma of their life. Somebody can come out with like the deepest wisdom and, um, all of them happens simultaneously in that same space.

And, uh, and so when I was kind of confronted with this idea of being a commitment. um, and saw how it was showing up in many areas of my life. Um, it took still a few ceremonies before I was able to, to kind of resolve that because it was so entrenched, you know? And so it had to work through why was that the case?

You know, where was my trust issues coming from? You know, where. Where did all that pain come from? And I had a, a particularly sad one where I cried all the way through, because I had to relive the times that I’d been left or abandoned or rejected. And, and it wasn’t until I could heal those things, that it was gonna be okay for me to move forward.

But. sitting there cradling a bucket in the, in the Amazon rainforest, crying about people rejecting you through your life. It sounds like this utterly crazy thing to do, but honestly it was one of the. Turning points of my life. And I had this, um, moment and some of the things like I can really rationalize and say, you know, it might, it might have been my subconscious saying this, or it might have been a part of me that knew more about myself than, than the plant did.

but some of the things that came through were ridiculous levels of synchronicities. So the journey went that I went to the, a second ceremony after that one. And, um, basically this message came up really loud and clear cuz I was. Avoiding being at home in a pandemic, uh, the UK was in lockdown, Costa Rica wasn’t I was in this wonderful retreat center and she basically gave me my marching orders and said, you need to go home because that’s where you’ll find the love of your life.

And he’s waiting for you. Like it’s, it’s ready. And I was like, whoa, what go down into lockdown again? I don’t think so. Um, and so I completely rejected it didn’t want to integrate that piece of wisdom at all. And so the next time, when I came to ceremony, she showed me nothing. She, she switched off. And so I took the same amount of medicine as always did everything as usual.

And I had no experience. I just laid there, listening to people, be sick and being bitten by mosquitoes. and I was like, what , why, why, why is this stopped? You know, I was, I felt like I was really getting somewhere

[00:17:39] Jeremiah: with this. Now, when you had your vision, um, the first time mm-hmm, , I’m just trying to get an idea cuz I’ve never done it or anything.

So like, is it like you were in another. Place or are you still like on earth, but you’re seeing things like, I’m just trying to get an idea, like how immersed it makes you. So,

[00:18:00] Rosie: yeah, it depends. Sometimes I felt really like, not in my body. Like I felt like I was in another space. Um, and I can’t really explain that of the space.

It feels like the ether, I guess that you’re not in your body, that you are some form of. UN unattached soul kind of going around, experiencing these visions. But other times it does feel really physical, especially when you are going through a purge, for example, or. it can really raise your heartbeat as well.

So even just kind of listening to that, and I’ve had like times when that’s felt like a real drum and, um, so there are elements of it when you can be really in your body, but there are definitely elements where you can be into dimensionally traveling. yeah. Um, and it’s interesting as well, because it, each session, even if it’s in the same setting, same medicine, everything can be so different.

So like for example, that one where absolutely nothing happened. There was no change other than she’d given me my wisdom and I wasn’t, I wasn’t working with it. And that’s kind of crazy that it had that power to know. Again, I, I came back a couple of weeks later to it and tried again. All that happened.

So, um, I dunno if you have these in the us, but in the UK, you get these contraceptive implants which go under your skin. Um, and basically it lasts for three years. It’s a kind of birth control thing. Um, and so we get them for free here in the UK. So it’s a really easy, simple type of contraception. So I had.

and the only thing that happened the entire trip is that mosquitoes bit it loads. And all I wanted was to take it out of my arm, but it’s, it’s literally under your skin, you know, you can’t, you have to go to the GP to have it removed. So I just wanted to take it out. I was like desperate to not have this thing in my arm.

Um, and I just couldn’t get that feeling towards it, out of my head. So by the time I came back, To the UK. I kind of felt like I’d had my marching orders from Ika . She had sent me home and made me absolutely abhorrent to my contraception. And, um, that was her way. I think of fixing my, my, um, uh, commitment phobia, really, because I came back to the UK.

Um, and I decided, you know, I’m gonna really work on the integration of what I’ve learned, because that’s just as important as the ceremony. And a lot of people think, oh, is the ceremony that fixes you, but actually. it’s kind of like the ceremony is like the doctor and it gives you a prescription of things to go away and do, but you then still need to go away and do those things to feel better.

So, um, I went back and I worked on myself. Like I would a project, you know, I was like reading everything that I could, I was trying my best. I just like be the person I would want to fall in love with like, cuz I knew that my, the love of my life was coming. Was like, I don’t have time. Need to make sure that I’m like ready.

Um, and then funnily enough, um, the, a couple of months after coming back, um, my, one of my best friends, who’s a, someone who’d been in my life since I was about 15. So more than half my life we’d spent together. we realized we were enough in love with each other and that, so wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t have had that set of experiences.

And by then I had gone to the doctors removed my contraceptive implant and we were together for maybe three months or so. Um, and then we ended. Conceiving a child. So here I am talking to you eight months pregnant. Okay. I’m very much integrating what iowaska taught me because she told me, you know, everything you want is on the other side of this, this fear of commitment.

And she sent me home. She, she match made me and, um, and I, I couldn’t be happier in my life. And it felt like. My biggest block was removed. And it’s crazy that drinking, drinking a tea in the Amazon rainforest tripping out can, can so drastically change your life.

[00:22:35] Jeremiah: Now I’ve heard like some wild IASA stories.

Did you have any like crazy journeys? Like I know some guy, I forget his name, but he was saying how he. Road on the back of a dragon and , it was like telling them life stories and stuff. And did you have any like crazy experiences like that or like anything like, um,

[00:22:59] Rosie: um, Yeah. So I would say my craziest plant medicine experience was actually with magic mushrooms.

The iowaska ones I’ve had have always been really like teaching. And they’ve kind of been quite relevant to my life. Not just like completely weird, like what the hell was that? Um, but I did have, um, a mushroom retreat experience that was completely and utterly bizarre. I lived. Like. A hundred different lifetimes.

And each one of them was terrifying and scary. And it was like all around the world, different cultures, different lifetimes. I was like, at one point I was a fetus that knew it was never gonna see the world. Um, because my mom was gonna have an abortion. It was crazy. There was another part that was like, um, I was.

Basically like living on the streets, I’d had this like destitute life, like people were like looking past MES. They were like passing in the streets was like kicking me and stuff. Like it was really crazy. And they were just like, , I didn’t know that I was still tripping. I didn’t know I was there in my body.

Like, it was like one after another, after another. And like, some of them were just like quite normal. Like one, I was like living in a trailer, I think in, in some part of like north America, like there was another part where I was like living in this, like. house by the river in India. And there was like, um, elephants and things there, but it was like, I dunno, maybe an hour had passed.

And I felt like I’d lived a hundred lifetimes, like time did not go in its like normal way anymore. Um, so I definitely know that those types of experiences out there and when I was volunteering, I saw other people on, I was, I definitely. Those kinds of experiences. Um, one person thought that they had become Jesus, which I thought was quite a remarkable experience.

they got up in the middle of ceremony and like put their hands out as the kind of cross. And they were like, I’m here to save you all. Um, which I think was quite a, uh, Profound experience for him, but I’ve also seen, so as the, as the volunteer, not when I’ve like been part of the ceremony, but just when I’ve been helping there.

one time. There was a grown man who went back to his three year old self and he was fully a three year old. He was, there was no part of him that was still a grown man. And so he was sat there in his pants trying to eat dirt. And we were having to stop him, like from trying to like eat dirt and like pat the floor and his speech had completely changed back to being a child.

Like it was. Yeah. It was a CRI a remarkable thing to see cuz you don’t get to see that every day.

[00:25:59] Jeremiah: yeah, I’ve heard, I’ve heard some wild stories and then some more mild stories like you where the, it was just like a teaching lesson. Like it was trying to, um, explain to the person that, you know, and then one person was like, I guess he said that it was telling or showing.

From other people’s perspective. So, um, he could see himself as he truly was instead of how he perceived himself as, so definitely seems like it’ll try to teach him

[00:26:37] Rosie: yeah. Yeah. I think I was, is really, um, unique in that way that. It’s like, if you read a children’s story, you know, there’s always a moral lesson in there somewhere.

And it’s kind of like, I don’t know many people who’ve had an I Wasco experience that they haven’t come away learning something from, um, and for some people they need to learn something completely crazy and out there. And for other people, they need to learn something that’s a small shift, but yeah, I, I definitely think there’s usually some sort.

If you can Wade through all of the crazy hallucinations and the vomiting and whatever, there, there is something in there that’s something magical. Like I I’m. So my I’ve got a really sciencey background. I’m a psychologist. And so I don’t look at the world through a mystical lens the majority of the time.

But having done this work with these medicines, there is something above what we can. See in this normal day to day life, um, and it’s inexplicable. It really is. There’s a, there’s a deeper knowing or a mystical realm that we can tune into. That’s kind of within us. It’s a, yeah. I don’t have the words for it.

And if I did, I think I’d be a, a. Uh, quite a unique person, because I think most people come out of it and say, it’s inevitable. You know, there’s not there, isn’t the words, but there there’s a, a real sense of transcendence. Uh, and I, I I’ve, I’ve felt it for sure where I felt one with everything in the entire world that exists and.

uh, can, can feel the plants breathing. So I’ll breathe out my carbon dioxide. I can feel the plants breathing in the same and breathing out, and that we’re in this symbiosis or, you know, that, that every single person here in the world is somehow the same person. We’re all, you know, connected by our humanness and those types of experiences.

They’re profound. They really stay with

[00:28:46] Jeremiah: you. Yeah. I can’t imagine. I’ve never done any psychedelics myself, but I always hear stories, not just iowaska, but you know, mushrooms D and T DMT and, uh, stuff like that. And it just fascinates me. Like, there’s gotta be something else out there. Some. I don’t know, parallel universe or something, like you said, within us that can open doorway to something beyond what we can perceive.

Cuz I think we’re, mm-hmm, like kind of programmed to only perceive what we can see, but there’s more beyond that. And I think that’s why like dogs can sense things that we can’t see. And I think children, I was talking with. Ghost investigator. And we were talking about children, ghosts and children having ghost experiences.

And I think kids because they’re not tainted yet by the world. I think they have more connection to the spiritual realm or whatever. And, and I was telling a coworker, like, I. What if kids that have like, um, imaginary friends, what if they’re not really imaginary? What if they’re actually like spirits that they’re talking to?

We just can’t perceive them cuz we’re, you know, more mature and stuff or tainted by the world or whatever. But

[00:30:16] Rosie: yeah, I completely agree with you. I think. Also, when I’ve been in plant medicine, ceremonies, people are communicating with spirits and that’s a real like central part of what a Maestro does.

He’s like singing to invoke certain spirits. Um, and the, the guy that I was staying with, um, in the Costa Rica retreat center, he has a whole book on the DMT world spirits, the entities that come up and, and talk to you through this medicine. They’re so consistent that they’ve come up for hundreds of years to people.

Um, and there’s like this one, which is like half Jaguar and half fish. And like, it, it has its own special name and it comes up and it means certain things. And so many people throughout hundreds of years of these plant medicine ceremonies and met the same creature. Um, and even a, I heard of a friend. had a, when he went into DMT realm, when he smoked some DMT, he would go into this other world where he had a girlfriend.

There was a woman in there waiting for him. um, and then crazily, he hadn’t told anyone about this and his friend went in there and was like, Met this woman. And she was asking for the friend, she was asking for him being like, where, oh, where’s this guy . And he came back and was like, they seem to really like you in there.

Um, in that realm, you know, there’s this purple lady who’s who says, she’s your girlfriend? And he was like, what? Cuz he thought it was just, you know, something that happened inside his mind, but it was the same purple lady that. sort himself. So yeah, it’s, uh, there’s definitely something more than we can than we can prove or, or, uh, yeah.

Be, be sure of, I suppose.

[00:32:16] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I’ve even heard a theory of like, um, psychedelics being used like way back in like ancient times. And that there’s a theory that when Moses. Uh, encountered the burning Bush. I think it was Moses. Yeah. that it was actually the Acacia tree or something. And he had like a DMT trip, but I mean, we’ll never know for sure, but that’s just a theory that, um, that’s why he saw the burning Bush and all got the, um, knowledge that he received from it.

So I think it definitely goes back like, and I know. psychedelics like all over the world too. Like in Africa they have their own type of thing. Mm-hmm then you have mushrooms and DMT. And so I think, yeah, it’s been used throughout time to like, and it’s not one of those things where you think about like some 16 year old stoners popping some mushrooms in a trailer or something like, uh, these type of things are.

What you would consider recreational? Like, I wouldn’t think iowaska would be recreational because like you said, you have to purge and everything. .

[00:33:29] Rosie: Yeah. I couldn’t imagine someone sipping to my Oscar and going to a party cuz you’d just be in the bathroom the whole time. uh, yeah, I think a lot of them are hard work.

I Bega the one that you mentioned, uh, from Africa that also is a really, really difficult one. It can feel like your skin’s on fire for parts of it, or it can feel really, really hard work. And they think like Bufo, the, the toed, um, venom one again is like these things. they’re called medicine for a reason.

Cuz they give you that like, you know, sometimes the medicine has to be a bit hard for it to work and, and some of them are really unpleasant. It’s not the same as like, you know, um, doing, doing a drug for fun, I suppose.

[00:34:14] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I also heard that like iowaska doesn’t really like pharmaceuticals. Like if someone’s on pharmaceuticals or like, uh, antidepressants or anything like that, it seems to have.

Adverse reaction, at least from what I was looking into.

[00:34:32] Rosie: Yeah. It can be really dangerous. Actually. You can end up with a thing called serotonin syndrome, um, because of the way that the, uh, DMT molecules in the brew. um, attaches with certain parts of your brain. If you have been taking things that are SSRIs, which is like serotonin, uh, inhibitors, then it, it can really like, it can really permanently damage you.

So you have to go through like a period of which is called a diet. So it’s like a, essentially like a three month. Or as little as three weeks, as much as three months kind of detox, um, where you come off, any medicines that you’re on. I mean, some, some medicines don’t interact as badly, but anything that, um, monitors your heart rate as well.

So when people are on things for, um, heart attacks and stuff that also interacts really badly with, um, psychedelics. So you have to be really careful and talk to the people that you are gonna do it with. What those interactions might be. But the other things that the diet do is like, um, eating healthily.

They don’t want you to have any meat before you go in. So people have to go vegetarian, usually even abstaining from things like they ask you to abstain from sex, um, or slash even like self pleasure for time before you go in. Because, apparently it’s all about getting your energy and the, the kind of way that you feel to be as pure as possible.

Partly to stop you having to purge as much, but partly so that the medicine gets to work as best as it can. So, I think some people really struggle with that preparation process cuz you know, it means if you, if you have vices your caffeine or your cigarettes or your coffee in the morning or. I don’t know your, your ti your sexy times with your wife.

All of that is off the table for a bit before you go to ceremony and that’s, that’s hard

[00:36:28] Jeremiah: work. Oh yeah. And then, um, one of the most famous person for the iowaska thing is Graham Hancock. I’m sure. You’ve probably heard of ’em. Um, yeah, he talks about on the Joe Rogan show about how. It made him stop smoking weed.

Cuz he used to smoke weed like all day, every day and it kind of showed him like you’re hurting your wife and your life. And he said, once he came out of the ceremonies and went to smoke, he just couldn’t do it. He had to throw it all away. And so when you were done, like all your ceremonies and stuff, did you feel at carry with you when you went back to, uh, the UK.

[00:37:11] Rosie: Yeah, absolutely. I, I almost always go through a period of veganism after I come back from ceremony. Um, and then veganism feels a bit strict. So I, I tend to drift between back to maybe vegetarianism or sometimes a bit more flexy okay. But, but for definitely a few months afterwards, like I just don’t want anything.

You. It, I feel like energetically repulsed by it and, and, um, and also things like cigarettes and stuff. I mean, I don’t smoke, but like it even just walking past someone smoking, it makes me physically be like, oh, when I’ve been in a ceremony. Um, and it’s, so I think for many people it’s a real, like, , if you are somebody who struggles to have healthy habits, like it really helps you cuz it kind of gives you a few months where like that’s all that you want, but then you have to continue it.

You know, it doesn’t stay forever like that. Unfortunately. So I usually come back and I really want to exercise. I wanna move my body loads. I feel like I just wanna eat like really healthy like foods that mostly are like natural and don’t have loads of processed chemicals in. So I come back like in that state, but then.

you know, after a few months, the kind of temptations of life come back in, you know, so the friend says to you, should we go out for pizza or whatever, and, and slowly, slowly, those things can, can slip back in. But I think for people who have like a, a big jump to make, so, you know, people coming off cigarettes or alcohol or any other form of like recreational substance I’ve, I’ve known people to put, put it down from Ika and never ever pick it up again.

Again, it’s life changing for some people.

[00:38:52] Jeremiah: Oh yeah. And definitely, um, definitely for the better for the positive I don’t really remember ever hearing anybody experiencing it and then going down like a darker path when they came back from it. I mean, it might have happened,

[00:39:10] Rosie: but yeah, I I’ve heard of one, one person I know had a really, really tough set of ceremonies and I think that they weren.

Prepare to integrate what they’d learned. Um, and so because of that, I think that sent them on a bit of a self destruct, but it’s, it’s hard because for most people they go there cause they really want to heal. and this person had attended to prove to their friends that they had nothing wrong with them.

So it was like going in with the wrong intention. And then they had, obviously all this stuff come up and then they didn’t wanna show it. They didn’t wanna deal with it. And then they came back to their reality and I think that they really struggled, so it can happen, but it’s really rare cuz for most people to put yourself in that situation where you are.

You’re having to do that really hard work. Most people want to heal, you know, they’re there to do that. If you’re going to kind of prove a bet to your mates. baby don’t bother .

[00:40:12] Jeremiah: Yeah, probably not a good idea. Yeah. So, um, obviously you’re pregnant now and you gotta deal with all that, but do you have any plans to.

Go back again or go through the ceremonies again.

[00:40:28] Rosie: Yeah. So me and my partner are planning to have a plant medicine ceremony when we get married, which is gonna be interesting. Our friends and family will be invited, but obviously I can’t imagine my grandma wanting to . Okay. Um, but because it had been such a big part of like pulling us together.

He’d actually gone off and done his own plant medicine. Journey’s completely separate from me and in his own way. Um, so it’s important to both of us, but we, we are gonna wait till, um, Theo’s a bit older that’s baby. Bumper’s called Theo by the way. um, and so we’re planning to get married in about two years or so, so that I’m like, well, out of breastfeeding and things like that, cuz I don’t wanna give him funky milk yeah, yeah.

[00:41:16] Jeremiah: yeah, that’s probably not a good. .

[00:41:19] Rosie: Yeah, so that’s our, that’s our plan.

[00:41:21] Jeremiah: Anyway. Now, when he went off to do his own thing, mm-hmm um, after you guys were together and all, did he get any like, uh, learning experiences?

[00:41:35] Rosie: So he went off and had a ceremony. shortly after we’d got together. Um, and he had, uh, the, the mystery came and placed his hands on his head to do a kind of in ceremony healing.

And during that time he saw. me incredibly pregnant. Um, and he was like, we’ve just got together. Like, I think it was two, maybe three weeks. It was something that he’d, he’d already had planned. Um, and he was like, he wouldn’t tell me for ages either because he was like, I don’t wanna scare her away. We’ve just started hooking up.

I’m not gonna tell her that I’ve, you know, seen a vision of her having my child, um, but it was, yeah, maybe like two months later I’ve been really like, pestering him. Come on, tell me what that thing was. He was like, you’ve got to say that you’re not gonna be like completely scared off by this. Um, and so that was quite a crazy thing because he’d, he’d said for his life, he’d never, he didn’t really want children.

Um, and in that moment of seeing it, he was like, I’ve never been happier in my life than seeing you pregnant with my child. And I didn’t even think I wanted children. So I think that shifted his perspective a bit. She’s been really playing the matchmaker with us.

[00:42:50] Jeremiah: yeah, it definitely seems like it.

[00:42:53] Rosie: Yeah, well, we wonder what baby’s gonna be like.

Uh, cuz he’s, he’s kind of been guided into this world through the, through the experiences that we’ve had and um, it’s gonna be interesting. I, I, I really wonder how, how he’ll be and how we’ll be and how, how much her guidance will, will lead to, you know, harmony in our lives. I. We’re we’re incredibly happy together, maybe sickeningly.

So, you know, the kind of people that maybe we shouldn’t even be that happy together, but, um, I I’m really interested to see how that unfolds, you know, 10 years down the line, 20 years, 30 years when theos his own adult and, you know, will, will the fact that it was guided, uh, make a difference on the long activity on, on our happiness together.

[00:43:43] Jeremiah: Well, I hope that it does. Maybe, uh, maybe baby Theo is destined to do something big or be something big .

[00:43:54] Rosie: Yeah, maybe. And maybe he goes to work with I Oscar who knows? she’s just been recruiting all along

[00:44:03] Jeremiah: and it’s definitely a unique story cuz I’ve never. that before, even though I’ve been looking into iowaska for a while.

And so it’s, it’s, uh, refreshing to hear a different spin on it. And, um, even if you didn’t have those crazy tales of like riding a dragon or anything, at least your life changed for the better and everything, uh, everything seems to be lining up for success.

[00:44:32] Rosie: yeah. I feel that I do feel.

[00:44:35] Jeremiah: So, yeah. Thank you for coming on and talking to us and telling us about your experiences and, uh, definitely interesting.

I don’t know if I’m ready to do anything like that, like I waske or anything, but I do enjoy hearing about it. And, uh, especially when there’s success stories. .

[00:44:55] Rosie: Yeah. And they say that people get the calling, you know, so if you don’t feel ready, you’re probably not. But at some point you’ll get this message that almost seems unen, ignorable.

That was what happened to me. I’d heard about it and heard about it to the point where I was like, I have to do this thing. So if, if it, if it’s on the cards for you, Jeremiah, I’m sure you’ll know .

[00:45:16] Jeremiah: Yeah. And I was just in Peru. Um, but we were on more of a site scene, like looking at the ancient ruins and all that stuff and, uh, gathering information for the podcast and all that stuff.

So didn’t really get around to the Amazon. We were more in like the Andy mountains and all, but, uh, yeah, definitely. I’ve ran across travelers. The last time I was in Peru. were there for that specific purpose and they were just passing through Cosco to, to get there and . Mm. So yeah, definitely. Thank you for coming on.

And, um, I wish you the best. Thank

[00:45:55] Rosie: you for having me.