Unknown Stories of America

Unknown Stories of America


Unknown Stories of America

[00:00:00] Jeremiah: Hello, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. The podcast that wants you to question everything. Your reality is about to be shattered.

Hello, this is the, what if they’re wrong podcasts. And we’re joined today by K w H Ollin. And he’s gonna talk about things that are. In his book, that’s coming out and it’s all about the founding of America. The Rothschilds, the Illuminati, and some of the presidents. We’re going to speak with him today. About all the stuff you don’t really hear about in your college or a high school class.

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[00:01:08] KWH Olin: uh, yeah, I’m KWH, Olin. Um, I just wrote a book called, uh, a Patriot’s rebirth. And, just got the new cover up a couple of weeks ago. Um, and, uh, so, um, yeah, I, uh, basically want it in my book. I wanted to point out stuff that a lot of historians haven’t, uh, haven’t really touched on.

And, uh, one of the major things is, cause you know, lately Alexander Hamilton’s been. He’s been glorified by the ma you know. The main stream and the system and everything, with the Hamilton show. Which is just a complete that it’s disgusting to me, really. Um, so I, I just wanted to really tell a real, you know. Not just Hamilton. But I’ll start there first, I guess.

And then, um, but, but yeah, he he’s, uh, basically, uh, there was a lot of arguments with Thomas Jefferson. Ann Hamilton about the Federalist versus state rights. Thomas Jefferson was for state rights and Alexander Hamilton was for the Federalist. He wanted, he was big on the Federalist system.

If you’ve read his letters between him and Thomas Jefferson. He wanted, thank God it never happened, but he wanted a mono king. He actually wanted to Congress to run, basically to run everything. Um, To run everything. And the people had no choice. Like he didn’t like that the common people were making decisions.

Um, so that was a big mishap. Now the biggest thing with the biggest problem with Hamilton’s Federalist system is, and in my suspicions too. I’m suspicious that he worked with, uh, mayor Rothschild, um, who basically, I didn’t even know they had a central bank before 1913. But, he actually, when I read it, I, I was horrified to hear that they pretty much, when I first started the country, uh, the federal reserve. Or I’m sorry, not the federalism, the central, the first bank of America, I think they called it, um, was actually a central bank controlled by the Roth trials.

He actually worked, he was basically like a trader, uh, Alexander Hamilton doing that. Basically what happened was for 20 years. They had a 20 year charter with the Rothschilds and Alexander Hamilton. Uh, so he had that 20 year charter. But, then Thomas Jefferson and his other other people in Congress are really angry about this whole charter.

And it was, you know, and they were. They were trying to tell the public. This wasn’t something that we should have in the country. Um, so they basically, um, uh, let me think here, sorry. Um, yeah. Who are these,

um, for people who don’t really know who are these Rothschild, um, characters and how they.

Yes. Um, well, yeah, they they’ve been mayor Rothschild he’d started in like the 17. It was about the 1750s and he was like a coin collector and he basically, he loaned money to governments. Like different types of, you know, like the Britain empire and the French. And, they kind of played each other off. They played these countries off from each other.

Um, so they’re pretty and they pretty much, you know, they funded all the, if you look it back, they funded all the major wars. Then later, you know, the Rockefeller has kind of got into that too. Other families, I mean, it’s not just the Rothschilds, but you know, we’ll just try to make it, um, a little more simple, but yeah, basically they like to make countries in debt for them.

They in a basically all want to have a central bank in every country around the world, just like a rack, you know, like, um, like the whole, whole Saddam Hussein. I, I, in my opinion, I think that was more about, because he wouldn’t have a central bank and he, and he wanted to keep on the gold standards, you know, so, and, and you see this pattern every time, so yeah, they’re just, they’ve been a real, uh, like parasite for, you know, like for a long time, 245 years or something.

That’s, uh, but, um, yeah, so yeah, I think that answers that question, but yeah. They were there working

[00:05:49] Jeremiah: towards, from my perspective, they want to create like a global

[00:05:56] KWH Olin: order. Yes. A new world, the new world order.

[00:06:00] Jeremiah: And, they want to have, you know, one currency, one governing body, all that stuff.

[00:06:09] KWH Olin: That’s

[00:06:10] Jeremiah: then you have George Soros running around tank and conscious.

[00:06:13] KWH Olin: Oh yeah, he’s got, he’s also in my book or I’m sorry, a fictional character based off him. Um, yeah. But, um, yeah. Yeah, it’s just it. Well, I think also in my suspicions, I don’t know if this is historically accurate.

Well there, the, the, the dual with Aaron Burr and Alexander Hampton, that is a real historical fact. Now in my book, I allude at Thomas Jefferson, um, sets this up to kill Hamilton because of the central bank. You know, I kind of put my own spin on that. Um, but, um, yeah, it’s pretty interesting that I think that Thomas Jefferson.

Might’ve killed Alexander Hamilton in 1804. Like got him, you know, set it up for him to die. Then, and rightfully so, I would say, I mean, cause he wasn’t trader complete trader, so yeah. Oh, and the big thing with, you know, I was telling Michael on, on slaved is, um, is, is the biggest thing that happened in it.

I think what happened, why the war of 1812 happened was because when it in 18, 11 or 1812, when it was up for renewal for the charter, um, Congress didn’t renew it. And the mayor had like, like a shit, the mayor Rothschild, he had a shit fit that they want. And, um, I, and he actually died. He died from a heart attack, so that’s kind of funny cause he was so I guess, well, you know, I mean it could have been other things, but he was really pissed off about that.

And then shortly after it was the war of 18, 12. Every time they don’t get their little way or something, they always land up starting a war. That’s what I’m trying to write in a book to try to prevent that from happening again. At least, you know, people are going to have a war, they have to have a war with specific people and it has to be done in a way where it’s, it’s not gonna go in their favor, you know?

[00:08:12] Jeremiah: yeah. How did, uh, Thomas Jefferson end up getting in tangled with Hamilton? The stuff

[00:08:20] KWH Olin: like how, oh yeah. Um, well, yeah, they were, they were speaking, you know, they were having their arguments in Congress and their debates and stuff. And then, you know, he heard, you know, actually they have it written down.

You can actually, anybody can read these actually too. And, and, um, yeah, he, he just heard what he was talking about and, you know, uh, Bano government and the central bank and, and, you know, and, and that, you know, that, that it’s like a private, especially that the people can’t audit, you know, and it was very dangerous to them.

I mean, dangerous to him. And, and he has, you know, he has like a lot of warnings, like even in my book, I have, well, one of his quotes, this is pretty revelent today. What’s going on. It’s uh, uh, let’s see. You have to, if the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around these banks will deprive the people of all.

Until their children wake up homeless on the continent, their fathers conquered and that starting to happen. They’re there, they’re going to once again, try to take our property and, um, and yeah, you know, we’ll, you know, if we don’t do something about it, we’re all going to be homeless and under another tyranny, like a king George thing.

I think it’s worse than that though. Fortunately, so

[00:09:40] Jeremiah: yeah, kind of, uh, this is just my personal conspiracy is, was the pandemic kind of like planned out to destroy your mom and pop businesses to bring in like these, uh, monopoly type things like Walmart and target and all those. That’s just my oh yeah, yeah,

[00:10:05] KWH Olin: yeah, yeah.

They make these corporations that make them stronger. They’re a lot stronger now because, well, basically, yeah, I think it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of like, they want to own, they don’t want any mom be, like you said, they don’t want any mom and pop shops. They just want, you know, one or two major companies, so they can put whatever they want in the food and the water and, you know, whatever they’re feeding you, they can put whatever they want and you know, and then they, you know, and then the reset.

I think it’s about, you know, it’s to get us into the smart cities, basically that tracks everything we do. And, you know, cause now that have like apps now for the Corona, well, they had that last year, but you know where you’re go, how close you are to people and you can’t go to this certain place. It’s just like training yet.

It’s like it’s training for this new, um, smart city system that they’re trying to an automated too. I, I I’ve been telling one of my friends, um, uh, one of my friends at a warm term. And she doesn’t totally believe me in it, but I I’ve been telling her for a long time. I said that the end goal is really, they just want to get rid of most of humanity, just want a few to repair the machines, but they just want this AI automation thing.

And you could see it even 10 years ago when they were doing the fast checkouts and all that stuff, starting to get rid of the jobs of the computer. Yeah, I think they’re just, they’re trying to train us and they are using this virus. To get us quarantine get used to being locked down in these small cities, smart cities where we can’t go out, we can’t drive, or you can’t even go out in nature.

I mean that, like they’ll say, oh, you, you gotta stay in like an 80 mile radius and hearing, and it’s, it’s a privilege if you need to go out in the nature and you know that that’s, what’s going to be the nightmare if we don’t stop this stuff. I agree though.

[00:11:51] Jeremiah: And, I feel like they’re trying to get rid of like cash and make everything like digital so that way they can control and monitor like everything.

Um, like they just implemented the tax on any payments, $600

[00:12:09] KWH Olin: or more for like

[00:12:11] Jeremiah: PayPal or Venmo or just more of seasoned control.

[00:12:17] KWH Olin: That’s it’s scary, man. It’s got, yeah, it’s got a lot worse in the last 20 years. I mean, they, they always been. You know, that’s what I see. Like they, they try to, they try to push something like, like don’t, they’ll, they’ll feel it out.

Like, they’ll feel out the public was, they tried this 10 years ago. What they, they call it like real IDs. I just keep on changing the name and then they just feel it out to see, oh, is a public going to go along with it. And then like, you know, I don’t know if sometimes you listen to it. I’m an Alex Jones.

Isn’t my only one. But you know, I, sometimes I listened to him and, and he, uh, he’ll say, you know, they’re, they’re trying to, they’re, they’re tightening up their grip, you know, they’ll clamp on you and then they’ll release a little bit and they’re just trying to like, they’re testing you too. Um, but, um, but yeah, it does seem like it’s accelerated in the last, um, a lot of people are saying it’s not 2030 anymore.

They’re trying to get it to 20, 25, 20, 27 to supposedly complete this. We’ll see.

[00:13:16] Jeremiah: Yeah, it really seems like they’re ramping up. And I also have spoken with someone and we talked about how, in reality, they’re just losing control and their grip. They have to work harder because humanity’s starting to realize, or, you know, more of humanity is starting to realize that we’re being told what to do and, and trying to be controlled.

And now more and more people you see are pushing back. And whereas before you wouldn’t

[00:13:51] KWH Olin: have yeah, yeah. That, that, that is, that’s a real nice chain. That’s something positive. That’s that’s going on. And I’m glad to finally see that. Cause I was, I was pretty frustrated. I mean, I’ve been into this for, since I was like 16 in high school.

Uh, Fuck man, like 15 years now. I always saw so frustrated, but you know, like that, I mean, especially back then, when you try to say something, you were a real wound, a wound, you know, I was against the vaccines then too. And, you know, I had so many girlfriends that would break up me for that , you know, cause you know, we’d have arguments with that and you know, it’s like, it’s work, work people like you are cut.

We’re kind of like, we’re kind of like a headed head of the head of like 50 years ahead of people. You know, it’s kind of, it’s kind of a strange, you know, in, in, in your, you just sound like a crazy person, but now finally, like you’re saying, yeah, people are really more receptive to it and uh, I’m hoping that it, uh, I’m hoping it, I mean, I’m hoping we, it would be great if we could get to at least 10%, you know, I think that would make, make a pretty big impact.

Um, you know, more would be better, but yeah, it’s just, um, but you know, I mean, I think it was only about 3%. Fought the revolutionary war and the rest were Tories. You know, it’s kind of the same. It’s just a repeat in history. Really? It just, you know, these people are just like the Tories again, the one that, you know, the Neo Neo liberals, um, I don’t have any problem with liberals.

It’s more, I, I just don’t like the Neo liberals. Mean, that’s my main thing. Used to, you know, I’m all for, you know, cannabis and everything and write to those as long as you aren’t hurting anybody. Don’t, I don’t see why anybody should be even voting on things that are, that should be covered by the constitution.

I think that’s where this division happens with the conservatives and liberals, because they’re there, they’re always like voting on stuff you shouldn’t be voting on anyways. You can’t, you shouldn’t be telling somebody, oh, you’re not allowed to do this. If they’re not hurting anybody or they’re, you know, they’re over 18 or whatever, you know, you shouldn’t be, um, you know, you know, but that’s still, that’s still Luciferians.

They like to divide and conquer. The conservatives and liberals and they want to fight each other. Cause I don’t want them looking at them, you know? And, and that’s why I like my book too. I try to really point that out. Like, like do not fight the liberals can serve as, do not like, unless you have to for self-defense, but I’m just saying like, do not make that your major goal because that’s exactly what they want, you know?

And, um, yeah, we’re, we’re gonna have to be a smart, we’re gonna have to be smart about our targets. You can’t storm stuff like the Capitol, the signal at 16, eight, you gotta be very intelligent and I’m not going to get into that too much. And I don’t want anybody, I’m not telling anybody, anybody to do that.

You know, um, yeah, so, but, uh, so,

[00:16:41] Jeremiah: uh, you had said something about the Illuminati and all, so you a. You think that there really is like a Illuminati, like cabal that’s running and stuff. Yes.

[00:16:57] KWH Olin: Like behind this? I do. Um, I would be a little, I mean, yeah, there there’s, there’s not, I don’t think there’s just one group.

I think there’s a couple. Um, but yeah, the main, the main one. Yeah, the Illuminati, the saber T uh, Sabbitarians frankest um, I hear a lot. They’re they’re almost like, I guess they’re, they’re actually kind of infiltrated the Illuminati too, but they’re really more of a problem for me because they infiltrate.

I think it was like, don’t quote me exactly. But I believe it was a 16 hundreds that they infiltrated the Muslim Christianity. Um, and, uh, yeah, they, they, they infiltrated those two religions. And, um, so, so like, it’s basically like you see a lot of these KKK people and they’re saying, I want to know what’s.

It’s well, partially all which the Jews and all that. It’s, it’s, it’s not the Jews. These are people that they actually infiltrated the Muslims and the Christians and they play them off each other. They don’t really care and they’re not even really Jewish they’re they’re um, they, they actually like to kill their own.

Non-search authentic Jews. I’ve heard if you really go into it. Um, so they, yeah, they’re really bad. Cause they, they play off religions, you know, Christians and Muslims against each other. And then they just, you know, and they watch, you know, and it, you know, and they cause wars and stuff, but, but, um, the, I think people should really look into that.

They don’t, um, that’s another thing that divide and conquer thing, um, with the Christians and Muslims, I would very much look into who’s pulling the strings on that, those two, two, you know, those two religions, you know, infiltrate now. And then there’s good things about there. There’s good things about all religions, but it’s just that they have twisted stuff on.

And actually have people worshiping, I’m the complete opposite of what they’re, you know, it’s, it’s actually reversed, you know, like it’s twisted into something evil and they’re not really worshiping God, they’re worshiping this new thing that they put in. But, but, but there’s also, I mean, but not, there’s good things about Christians before, um, you know, before this happened for, it was infiltrated, there was re there was good things about Christianity and Muslims.

They had their own thing. It was just that these guys, you know, just like everything else they, they mess around with. Yeah, but I want to make that clear too. Cause people, they kind of get that mixed up or go watch the Jews, you know, it’s it’s this or that. And then, and then they get, you know, and you just play right in the game.

Then I think that’s what they got Hitler too, because of the, his ignorance with that a little bit, they, they kind of ruined Germany’s image with that and they kind of use that against them. They kind of set them up, even though they were doing the same. Cause they put, they put, I G Farben or Rockefeller’s own IgE Farben, which was one of the concentration camps in Germany.

They were highly involved with that, so, yeah. And I’m probably going all over the place here, but yet that’s all right. Uh,

[00:19:56] Jeremiah: yeah. I’ve also heard, um, going back to like the founding fathers and stuff like that, I’ve heard a lot about them being involved in Freemasonry. Have you come across any of that in your research?

[00:20:10] KWH Olin: Um, yeah, they, they were all, uh, they’re all, all the forefathers are pretty much free masons, but, um, what I was telling Michael, I was a little, um, he, he there’s a di there’s more, a lot of people debate. If they were see the dirty turd, the Illuminati, the basins weren’t supposedly all they weren’t bad in the beginning until the Illuminati infiltrated at 33rd degree.

Even then a lot of times the people underneath the 33rd degree, one didn’t even know about what they were doing in there. They were oblivious to it. I, I don’t know if the forefathers were actually, I don’t know if they knew about the infiltration at the 33rd degree. That that’s what I, I’m not, I’m not sure, but I mean, yeah, I mean, it looks, it looks pretty suspicious and as much as I, you know, we all, I’m sure you’ve looked you’re American, you’ve you love George Washington, all that.

And you know, I have good memories of them and that there is some suspicious stuff that you could look farther into. I mean, the fact that he did kind of like agree with, he didn’t, he didn’t fight against the central bank with, was there in Hamilton and that’s a little suspicious. Again, you know, I don’t want to bad mouth, you know, George Washington, but you know, um, I’m gonna Hamilton.

I definitely will, but I just don’t know. I don’t know enough, you know, what he was going through and it, you know, I mean, when your flight in life and limb. You know, all this shit that they went through. I don’t know. Maybe he just, he didn’t want, you just had to come halfway. I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s what he was thinking, so.

[00:21:46] Jeremiah: Okay. I was, uh, I have a episode about the Illuminati and the music industry and I’m working on a part two and it just, uh, yeah, you hear a lot about that 33 degree masonry and the symbolism they use and all that stuff.

[00:22:06] KWH Olin: They’re definitely involved in a Scottish. Right. You know, that would be the Scottish right?

33rd degree. Put, um, yeah, it’s just it. Just car, car, uh, car. Uh, what do you see a carpet mentalize? You know, it’s, it’s kind of like a lot, a lot of like, just like in the middle you’re like in the government there’s people that are on they’re on different levels where they, they don’t, they don’t know what the hell.

Um, uh, I’m sorry. Uh, th the other, uh, Institute, you know, the other guy, basically, I don’t know what the other people are doing underneath them or up, up on the top. They, they kind of keep that hidden from people. I, I wouldn’t know exactly I’m going to have, like I said, I have my suspicions, but yeah, I don’t, I don’t know if they were actually dirty three masons, but I mean, I think Hamilton definitely was, I mean, one of the things he talks about and I mean, he was playing right in a new world, Adam Weiss re-ups, uh, you know, um, what was the, I think it’s called a declaration of something.

He, he talked like abolishing of a religion and, and, uh, I don’t know, he, he, he, there’s a whole lot clause in, and if you look back in the 17 hundreds with deal Illuminati and, and, and, and that’s how I kind of find it, I just look at the patterns and, and if I see people, if I see if falling the same, the basic.

Then I could pretty much predict what’s going to happen. And it’s not that, that hard to know what they’re pretty much going to do next, you know, and it’s not like our psychic, but it’s just, you know, it’s a pattern that you study and you just kind of see a habit.

[00:23:49] Jeremiah: yes, yes. Um, definitely some shady stuff going on behind the scenes that people don’t realize what’s going on. They, uh, they’re definitely playing a good game of chess with, for sure.

[00:24:06] KWH Olin: I don’t know what your take on Trump was. I, I did vote for him, you know, the first time around, but then, you know, halfway through, I just started seeing the pattern where he, you know, he’s fortunately and then, uh, yeah, it just, you know, I w I was, it was pretty much a punch in the gut for me on that point that he kind of went along with a vaccine and.

Um, just at the red flag law thing and just, I don’t know, I’m just, I’m, I’m real, I’m really, I’m really like real hardcore about the constitution. I’m kind of an asshole about that and, and, and I’ll hold like I hold everybody, like even Obama, I did the same thing, Obama, Bush, all of them. And, and if I see them doing something against the constitution, I’m like, Nope.

You know, I just, you know, I check them off and that’s my kind of my test. But, um, yeah, for me, I just, I, in my opinion, I think we should just have no, there shouldn’t be another president. I think I actually don’t really think we need presidents or representatives anymore. Um, because the only reason that you need representatives back.

The old days is cause they had horses and AMD cars and not everybody could go 50 miles to the, to make the vote for the people that represent them. We don’t really need them anymore. And they’re just a problem. I, I think some kind of electronic voting system backed up by a manual one that you can compare your physical ballot or something.

But I think we should just scrap. Don’t think we should have any president, especially with them stealing the election and all that. Just don’t see any, any point of putting any effort into even Trump for a reelection format. Think it needs to be C pack. I’m trying to start a campaign first, get rid of that.

You know, that would be one thing and OSI pack is cause really, I mean, how, how can the common man run when they have all these qualifications and you see pack things and all this money that you have to have to have? I think that’s unconstitutional in the beginning. We need to get, I think that’s a start to get rid of that.

And then we got it. We got to get past. Real real people voting for, you know, well, you know, maybe just not even president, maybe they just there’s one, one last president. And, and then he says, okay, people, you know, do you want to present anymore? Which is have the public just vote on all issues, you know, directly.

And let’s just not have, you know, unless you just want them as like a, um, like the clean, you know, like, uh, just a symbolic or something, you know, but I don’t know, that’s why my opinion on it, but

[00:26:45] Jeremiah: yeah, yeah. At first I was like, oh, Trump’s come in to shake things up. And, and you know, he was on our side and stuff like that, but you can just, like you said, you can see he’s just.

Right in line. And I kind of wonder if he was used to create more division and cause it seems like there’s more division now than like ever in history. Um, and the amount of media focused on Trump himself has just been crazy compared to any other president we’ve had. And it just, I don’t know, to me, it’s just seems kind of fishing puppet

[00:27:30] KWH Olin: and

[00:27:30] Jeremiah: plus you see pictures of him partying with the Clinton, stuff like that.

Like how, how much of an enemy

[00:27:36] KWH Olin: are they really well? You know, and then, you know, and he was. You know, I, I used to want to want to punch him, like when he, they would be at the rally and they were like, oh, lock, lock her up, lock her up, you know, Hillary and her. And he was like, well, you know, she’s gone through enough.

And I was like, and that was when I was like, okay, man, like just saying that as like, that shows, I don’t know. That, that just, that angered me. I was like, you know, and then he picks these people like Barre, which is a Bush junior person and all these Bush, junior people around him and then signing the Patriot act.

And it just, you know, I had the Russia stuff was bullshit. I mean, I defended them on that. Cause that was, I mean, you could clearly see the Russian collusion was bullshit and it was just a start war Russia. Cause they’re always trying to, but yeah, no, I just, yeah, nah, I was, it was the middle of his term where I just dropped them out.

I was like, nah, you know, I said, he’s not tricking me, man. Know the tricks, you know it’s so yeah, no, I totally agree. Think he’s a, I think he’s a puppet. He’s a rock he might even be owned by the Rothschilds role. Probably. Mean, how does he get all that money? Like. You know, keep all that money.

I mean, they would be, if he was real deal, it’d be trying to, I would think they’d try to kill him or destroy his business or like completely. And I’m in like, you know, so yeah. I’m not a, oh yeah. If he was real,

[00:28:51] Jeremiah: if he was real opposition, he would end up like, uh,

[00:28:55] KWH Olin: what’s his name. I’m even wondering if, uh, you know, I mean, I know Trump and I did my own research on Epstein plan.

I know he wasn’t, he wasn’t on the lead express. I did look up the list and Alan Dershowitz was probably the most on bill Clinton and other people. But, um, but again, you know, I mean, Epstein is just one guy. I mean, this is a whole network that, that, he’s just one, there’s so many there’s, there’s more than just Epstein.

There’s a whole lot of sex trafficking operation going on. There’s other players in this. Trump could have been planning. It could have been another plane, you know what I mean? And they’re even sending, he might’ve been on one other Epstein, but I don’t know. Um, Neo liberal media and I, you know, you know how much they lie.

You’ve got to really look into that. But, uh, yeah. I agree. I think they did do a division with, um, they divided, divided Trump with the liberal and conservative thing because yeah. Some things he was right about like some of the things, but it was just like, then they wanted to like attack everything, liberals, all their ideals.

And then it was like, yeah, it got out of hand in my opinion. I agree.

[00:30:09] Jeremiah: And then I’m like, obviously you have what most conspiracy people think is like the biggest one is nine 11 and the Patriot act and they’ll be able to spy on you and lock you up without reason, basically. And then also I think. Well, I heard that one of the reasons we take out these other country leaders, like, uh, I think Gadhafi was one, cause they were trying to pull away from this centralized, uh, bank and currency and, uh, they

[00:30:52] KWH Olin: were not happy with that.

Yeah, definitely. It’s every time, every time it has to do. Who’s there’s yeah. There’s yeah. Kadafi Saddam. Um, jeez.I think there was, you know, in the sixties there was a couple that they took out. It’s like every time it has to do with the central bank. You know, and, and that’s why it again, you know, that’s why people really got, they, they want to focus the anger, focus, the anger towards that way.

Man. Don’t get caught up in another civil war. Bullshit. With that amendment or man, that’s what I, I just hope, I hope people don’t do it, you know, just that part of it just don’t yeah. Don’t play into the game cause it’s gonna get real bad, you know, they’re going to yeah.

[00:31:42] Jeremiah: And then, um, what other kind of things do you touch on in your well,

[00:31:48] KWH Olin: yeah, well, I, I go into, I go into JFK, um, like his, my suspicions of who might’ve been.

Um, well it’s a little like who might have assassinated him. Um, I have a, oh yeah. I actually should go into the, well, interestingly enough, what’s happening again now? Um, what happened in the 19 hundreds? Woodrow Wilson, Wilson. He actually, I think it was Eastern Europe. It was like, kind of like the refugees now.

Was, he wanted a lot of the, he flooded a lot of Eastern Europeans because the Democrat party was doing really bad and they couldn’t. They couldn’t, they couldn’t vote. I mean, they, they weren’t getting any votes. They were just like, I guess, after the civil war, because they were the ones that, you know, were for the civil war, they were going to play there, the races really anyways.

But, um, yeah, he, uh, uh, yeah, he brought in all these Eastern European, cause they didn’t know any of the values of America, so he could easily kind of swap them into the democratic party. And then that’s how Woodrow Wilson, the suspected he got elected was from basically immigrants. And that’s what they’re doing again, they’re they’re, they’re, they’re trying to replace us the voters with the refugee.

That they don’t, because they don’t know anything about American and they could just vote on stuff that taken their rights away and they won’t even know. Something I cover my book, Woodrow Wilson, the, the 1913 thing, you know, him signing the, um, You know, signing the federal reserve and on Christmas Eve, you know, sneaky bastard, you know, that kind of stuff.

And, uh, yeah, that, that he, he pretty much, he’s like he angers me the most man that Woodrow Wilson and FDR too, because I also cover how people like sheep, they just lined up and it was illegal to have gold. And you had to give your goal to the government. That was another thing that, that FDR was part of and, you know, the Pearl Harbor thing.

Um, I don’t want to give it all away, but yeah. Cause our

[00:33:45] Jeremiah: currency was originally supposed to be backed by gold and now obviously it’s just a Fiat from

[00:33:54] KWH Olin: my understanding.

[00:33:57] Jeremiah: there’s nothing to


[00:33:58] KWH Olin: it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s yeah. It’s yeah. That’s what I’m. The only thing you can really do is, you know, You know what I’m thinking?

Keep my wealth I’m I don’t have, I don’t have hardly any money now, but if I did, I would invest it. I think the best thing to do with paper money is just try to get as much physical assets as you can. Not even just gold, but stuff that people will trade, uh, get just land land is the main thing. If you probably better just get rid of as much paper money as you can and convert it into something physical.

Because even if it’s not just gold, because yeah, I’ve been thinking of that. I I’ve been, I wanted to get, you know, me and my wife wanting to get like a cabin self-sufficient up there and we want to just be, you know, have our own cattle in the future hopefully, and just get a completely away from the system based.

[00:34:47] Jeremiah: It’s funny that, um, the preppers were considered like easy. Then the, the pandemic hit and then everyone’s like, oh

[00:34:58] KWH Olin: yeah, exactly. Now the preppers get the, yeah, yeah, no, it’s a, you know, it’s a chronic, you said that because when I was at work 10 years ago, there was this girl and I was telling her that I stock up on stuff and I was cabin everything.

And she was like, oh, you’re going all your crazy car. Like, why are you doing? I said, well, I said, when shit happens, when there’s a storm or whatever, or disaster or something, you’ll be the one knocking on my door, you know? You know. Yeah, exactly man. It’s, it’s crazy. Well, we got a lot more respect now than we did 10 years ago.

That’s for sure Jesus now, so

[00:35:33] Jeremiah: I definitely, and me and my fiance. Um, she’s a little bit more so than me, but yeah, we make sure we have some supplies,

[00:35:45] KWH Olin: Andy. You never go oatmeal, oatmeal. Good. I mean that, it sucks, but that’ll last you and we got a lot of that, so that’ll pretty much survive off that for months.

I mean, it would get boring. I’m hoping to get

[00:35:58] Jeremiah: a, um, like a prepper specialist on the podcast.

[00:36:03] KWH Olin: Not that I would like to see that that would be good. I like, uh, I like, I like watching that stuff too on YouTube. I watched people building cabins and all that stuff and yeah. That’s the only thing that kind of, I would, I want to want to do the roof though.

You know, that, that, that’s the part that I see these guys they’re like monkeys or something they’re up on their, you know, the chain saw like, no, I’m not doing the roof. I’ll do the rest.

[00:36:30] Jeremiah: It doesn’t hurt to gain some skills to. Be

[00:36:35] KWH Olin: self-sufficient especially now, man.

[00:36:40] Jeremiah: yeah. You never know with all this wild weather and all that stuff, um, you know, the people in Texas and stuff like that when it froze over, which has been a little more

[00:36:53] KWH Olin: apparent.

And, that’s oh yeah. That was a, the windmills where they froze or something that it was, there was a yeah. Like the whole,

[00:37:04] Jeremiah: the whole town of, or whole area of Texas, like froze and they were not prepared for it at all. Like there was people just like basically freezing to Dench their houses. I mean, it’s

[00:37:16] KWH Olin: sad, but yeah.

Oh it is. But yeah, it’s, it’s, you know, you gotta, sometimes you gotta listen to this so-called with crazies, you know, so, you know yeah, exactly. I always tell him my, my friend, uh, She, she’s not, she’s not with my views, but I, I told her like a year and a half ago and I laid out, I was like, you know, next thing will be the vaccine passport.

And at least two or three things, I put a checkmark, it actually happened. I think she started to get kind of freaked out now. I mean, people are just like, shit, you know, it’s really starting to happen. Um, I think, yeah,


[00:37:56] Jeremiah: they can just guise it under like whatever public safety and people just follow along.

Even though if you look deeper, there’s deeper reasons for a lot of these things in my opinion. Oh

[00:38:13] KWH Olin: yeah, definitely. There’s a lot of I’m sure. You know, when you, you got to, even when you found something, you’re always learning something, you got to dig and dig and dig and go, you’ll find more. It’s never the end.

The rabbit hole, you know,

but at least, you know, but the basic Selise, you know, you can, like we were saying, you know, you just have that basic outline. You can pretty much, you don’t even need Alex Jones or anybody to really tell you what’s going to happen next kind of like a little bit, you know, I mean, you can do a pretty good prediction.

And so, you know, um, you know, I, I’m also kind of thinking a lot of this has to do with, there is a strange, the Luciferians seem to have to, you know, they have to reveal themselves and there are rules that they have to abide by. And, and I think I’m starting to think like, you know, I never participated in the mask.

I didn’t wear it in the store. And I got kicked out of a few places a lot. Luckily my town around here is a lot of them don’t even care. Um, but you know, it’s like you get that feeling. You just, you just don’t, you don’t like participate in their. You don’t, you basically, you’re not signing the contract. If you’re not, you don’t sign the contract and they, I think that it’s harder for them to hurt you in certain ways.

Cause I think a lot of people get killed. They were partially had agreements with these people or they got money from an enemy, turned against them later. And then they’re like, you know, it’s part of the contract that they can kill you, you know? But if you don’t ever get into the contract and sign it with them, then you know, it might might be able to get through it.

I’m hoping anyways and I’m prepared for anything really. But yeah.

[00:39:51] Jeremiah: yeah, I’m starting to think that there’s well, for my own personal research, it seems like there’s a, I don’t know what to say, like a cosmic, uh, code, so to speak where, like you said, they have to show what they’re doing before they do it.

It’s part of the like universal code that they’re not

[00:40:13] KWH Olin: allowed to break. Yes. I’m

[00:40:16] Jeremiah: starting to buy into that more and more as far as other things too, like, like I said, the Illuminati in the music industry, they always are flashing symbols and they let it be known if you’re looking for it. But if you’re not looking for it, then you probably won’t

[00:40:32] KWH Olin: know.

And that’s the magic. Cause a lot of it’s subliminal, lots of people. That certain, maybe I was reading it, some of the psychology, certain people, there’s certain parts of the population that are subs sceptical to that, to, to the, um, yeah. To that, uh, to the, yeah. That where they don’t see the symbols and they, you know, and, um, and then the small, I think it’s like 1% or something.

Um, see, see through that. And that’s kind of us, I don’t know if it’s something with our brains are, you know, more open or something that we can see this stuff, but yeah. That’s kind of like the magic, you know, that, you know, with modern day kind of magic there. Um, yeah.

[00:41:16] Jeremiah: And, you’ve been looking into this stuff for a long time.

Like I have, and it just seems like over the past, I don’t know, five to 10 years. It’s so spin all the predictions of before coming. True. It’s kind of

[00:41:30] KWH Olin: crazy. It’s even kind of surprised me. I was like, kind of like, I just didn’t think it would go so fast and like I thought they would do it really slowly.

People didn’t know they were getting taken away, but this, you know, yeah, this is, this is just accelerated to the point that yes.

New World Order

[00:41:47] Jeremiah: Like I know the huge one back when I started looking into conspiracies was, um, agenda 21 and, and it’s like, yeah, we’re basically living it now. Yeah,

[00:42:00] KWH Olin: yeah, yeah, we are. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The, the, the whole, the spray and the, um, sprain. I was looking at this, I forgot it’s some kind of some German scientist. It’s like 2016 or something he talked about basically like the spray in these, a string it’s or this fun guy stuff in air, and then breathing it in. And it was kind of like this COVID stuff.

That stuff that actually starting to freak me out the most, just the stuff they’re spraying that I can’t control, you know, like, like I can’t even farm, you know, I do organic farm and, and stuff, but I, um, I mean that if you don’t cover it, I mean, you’re, you’re going to get it too. It’s like, it’s hard to escape it, I guess basically what you just have to cut down on it and try to detox as one guy was in it’s the only way you can, you’re pretty much, you’re guaranteed to get these toxic stuff in your body, but you just, it’s going to be just learning how to detox that I guess, getting rid of it and are cutting down on an exposure.

You know, so that’s, that’s probably the, the soft kill weapons are pretty much the scariest thing to me really. And like that I can’t control, you know, so.

[00:43:12] Jeremiah: And, then I know we were talking about it, uh, through messaging earlier that, uh, they really cracked down on alternative information online. A lot of like YouTube videos have been from the internet.

Your friend, new internet searches. Um, unless you go through like duck, duck go, I think is one, all these alternative search engines. Um, a lot of the quote unquote conspiracy stuff has just been like scrubbed

[00:43:44] KWH Olin: from the internet. It’s crazy. That’s really bad. Cause maybe like back in a day, like, you know, 10 years ago there was like no ads and there was tons of there’s tons of conspiracy with me and my brother couldn’t even watch all of it.

Like I know it’s it’s yeah. It’s bad. I think the only people have to go. Like bitch shoot has. Sometimes they, they take a lot of stuff from YouTube and they copy it over there. Um, my thing is, I like to, I mean, I don’t, I could use a computer too, but it’s, I have a PlayStation four and I like to use it YouTube app.

Like, you know, it’s, it’s easier to use and you know, a lot of times, you know, bitch shoot doesn’t work with that. Or, you know, it doesn’t, you know, there’s incompatibilities. But, you know, you just, you gotta do some rework and you notice your laptop or something, but yeah, they’ve made it more, a lot more of a pain to get to this stuff, you know?

And I’m no shame it banned. They’re really trying

[00:44:35] Jeremiah: to hide. They’re really trying to hide and keep one narrative going. You can’t look outside of what they’re putting in front of

[00:44:45] KWH Olin: you. That’s uh, yeah. And, and that should really, hopefully I mentioned. The common people hopefully will start more waking up to that, like, okay, why are they censoring this information?

You know, like ask themselves that question hopefully, you know, but, um, yeah, because we really do need the numbers, you know? I mean, again, you know, I mean, revolutionary war was fought with 3%, but again, you know, it’s, it would be nice if we didn’t always have to do this, everything for them, you know, th it would be nice if they, you know, and it would actually be a lot more peaceful if they could, you know, everybody would just realize it and just a citizen arrest them and you don’t even have to really get violent with these people.

They could, if they had the military support, I mean, I’ve, I’ve seen, and I’m sure you’ve seen like 10 years ago, you’ll you sit at these people they’ll go in and one lady will try to rest Hillary Clinton and put the handcuffs on her. And it’s like, you know, they just laugh and then the security drags are away.

And I’m just like, well, you know, you need like military, like active, you know, like legal way. Like you need you can’t, can’t just go in there like that. I mean, yeah, I think that’s the best that that would probably be best to avoid the violence would be, uh, just a citizen arrest and then put them on trial and all that.

Um, but, uh, yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see how the people react. They don’t get in their squabbles with each other and fighting with each other and all that crap, you know, same thing, you know?

[00:46:12] Jeremiah: Oh yeah, definitely. And then, uh, obviously we’re still under the pandemic, but it’s crazy how that jostling Maxwell case kinda got really hush, hush and swept under the rug basically.

And they wouldn’t allow. Like this Kyle Rittenhouse thing, they showed every second of every part of the trial, you could watch it and watch replays, but somehow this Maxwell trial. You don’t

[00:46:47] KWH Olin: really know anything about yeah. It’s like, so yeah, because all the

[00:46:51] Jeremiah: characters involved.

[00:46:53] KWH Olin: They’re there. I think they’re going to, they’re going to do like a half-ass job on that and yeah, she’s probably hardly going to can any, I mean, I know they were saying, I don’t think they actually like made the final decision yet and they were saying she could get, you know, like this many years, but I, I, I I’m kinda, I don’t know.

Maybe, maybe they’ll throw her under the bus, but yeah, like you said, I think they’re going to cover, there’s a lot more bigger connections to this thing that they don’t want getting out. And I think they’re, they’re trying to shut it down, you know? Fortunately, so,

[00:47:26] Jeremiah: yeah. And another thing I noticed was bright, bright when to Maxwell trial was going on.

That new variant came out, um, which seemed conduct convenient to me that I’m a crime. That was a joke. It was just, it made me raise my high brow. Cause I was like, this trial is just starting and all of a sudden there’s this new variant that

[00:47:53] KWH Olin: they’re all like. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s such bullshit. I mean maybe they never, even, they never ice again.

I’ve never seen any proof still that they have not isolated. The COVID-19 original virus. I haven’t seen any evidence. And in those PCR tests, I’m sure you know what Kary Mullis, he, the, the vendor of him, he said, they’re, they’re not even, you can’t even use them for that. And so all these like tests, these test results, you just be all thrown out.

I mean, like I, how can, you know? That’s, everybody should say it like, Hey, your tests don’t work. What, w w what, what data you’re going to, you’re going to have to delete all the data now, you know, basically because you can, so, yeah. My dad, actually, my, my dad, uh, Um, he, he was, he worked for major pharmaceutical companies.

He was high up in Pfizer and, and, um, a lot of stuff. And, and one of the companies he kinda moved around cause he didn’t really believe in commitment to the company, you know, really. Cause like, you know, back in the nineties, that’s when they started just laying people off, you know, there wasn’t any like the fifties, it was good.

You had a good pension and everything, but he was like, screw that. I’ll just move up and get higher. Anyways, he, he, he went to, I think it was, he started with Novartis. Um, or no, I think it was, uh, well, whatever it was, but guy gay, then it was Novartis. And then he went to, uh, Amgen and then Pfizer. Um, but anyways, like through his career, he, he, he actually witnessed, um, his company.

He was doing an audit on another company that was doing a study on Emma NRA. This is like 10 years ago and he saw the test results and he said, you know, a lot of people are saying it’s anyways, but he said, yeah, the animals. That there was horrible side effects with the animals and, and, um, and th th they were, it was pretty much, they just throw it out.

Then they did there. It was really dangerous. The fact that, so he knows how dangerous is MNRF and, and he wrote, he wrote a little section of my book. I let it like a little paragraph, um, where, uh, yeah, he has his, uh, um, opinion on, on the whole things from, from this, uh, from that trial. But, uh, yeah, I, I’ve kind of,

yeah, so, yeah. He’s uh, yeah, so I, I’ve got, I got a lot of background knowledge from him too. Like when I was a kid, I, I can’t talk about some of the things he, cause he was, he used to work as a mosquito scientist in Fort Dietrich, Maryland. Um, before he went into pharmaceuticals and, you know, he told me some stuff, he had access to documents.

Um, you know, if I got his permission, I’m sure in the future, he would let me say it, but I can’t now, but basically I saw a lot of weird stuff when I was a kid I grew up. It’s kinda, it’s kind of like what happened with Alex Jones, his father, he says, you know, he’s like all my father, you know, told me it was weird stuff.

And I was like, oh, that’s weird. Cause that’s kinda like what happened? My daddy would tell me like, when I was like eight or something, you know, seven out here, all this weird shit. Now it’s like the truth that that’s coming true. And you know, it’s disclosed and everything. It’s kinda, yeah, it’s weird. It’s probably been a weird, yeah, totally.

[00:51:07] Jeremiah: I totally believe. This, uh, COVID was lab created and either accidentally or purposefully released to the pop depletion,

[00:51:19] KWH Olin: it’s like 12 monkeys that I’m not sure of it. It’s like 12 monkeys or something, you know?

[00:51:27] Jeremiah: It’s just, I don’t know, to me, it doesn’t seem like a natural

[00:51:33] KWH Olin: virus. It’s

[00:51:35] Jeremiah: just, there’s too many, too many variables with it.

Like if you get the flu, everyone gets the same exact symptoms basically. Um, but with COVID you could be dying in the hospital or you could lose your taste and smell, or you could just get a headache, like there’s so much range of symptoms.

[00:51:58] KWH Olin: I noticed. Cause I got, while I was telling you I was real sick, you know, I just call it the flu because you know, I know.

I don’t really believe. Don’t like I there’s no, for me, since there’s no evidence of an isolated virus, I just don’t know. Go, I go with David, like with that too. Know Alex Jones just kind of switched his story on that and I don’t know why. Um, but yeah, for me, it’s just, I mean, I’ve had, I remember, you know, 10 years ago I’ve had really bad flu is that I almost felt like I was going to die.

It was just the common flu. I think people are just kind of getting scared. Um, now the taste and smell thing, I did kind of get that for a little while. It was first time I kinda got that, so I couldn’t smell or taste for a couple of days. Um, but I’ve also heard that, you know, 10 years ago there was this guy and I used to work at this grocery store and he was some guy who, as soon I just woke up and I can’t smell or taste, but that was like months.

I think it was happening. It was happening even. It was ha that, that wasn’t, that was a symptom even like 10 years ago. Yeah, I don’t believe it’s, I don’t believe it’s code. I think it’s just, I think if more, I would be worried about what’s in the vaccines and the graphing or whatever they’re spraying.

Um, that would be more of a concern to me, I think.

[00:53:16] Jeremiah: It is a little concerning, um, how hard they’re pushing it. It’s not like, they’re kind of like, oh, well you have a choice, but not really. Cause we’re gonna make sure you can’t survive

[00:53:32] KWH Olin: unless you get it. The more you, I get out of the mark of the beast, you know, I’m not Christian, but you know, just going out of, you know, you gotta have the mark of the beast to buy herself.

It’s the same thing. And they’re just trying to get us to get used to that, you know, and, and we, you know, we need like some kind of identification and it’ll be a chip and you know, so yeah. I know, I know. That’s exactly what everybody warned us crazy, you know, it’s like, yeah, Yeah, because for a while I kind of would, you know, like maybe five years ago.

I mean, I just, I try to, you know, I got to the point where I had saw so much, you know, I, I was overloaded with information and I was just like, I kinda just wanted to, you know, think about, you know, building mys like a cabin or a self, some self, just getting off the grid or something, just getting away from it for a while.

And I kind of like was more focused on that, you know, for awhile. And then now, now I’m kinda like, I’m forced back into it now. It’s like, I’m returned into it. You know, you know, now it’s actually happening.

[00:54:35] Jeremiah: mean, it is. It’s, it’s really hard to live off the grid, so to speak, like, I mean, you really have to like the Amish do, but you know, it’s hard for just some random person to

[00:54:54] KWH Olin: do, especially wanting a one or two people.

Yeah, yeah. To do it. Take care of the whole farm and the cattle and all that. Yeah, I know. It’s it’s yeah, you need some kind of like co-op or something. And I’ve been getting together with some of my groups, like Patriot groups down here in Oregon. And so we just been kind of, we’ve been asking each other, like who has, who has like a, you know, like everybody’s talents and we figure out who has a talents.

If there’s a doctor, retired doctor is actually that’s important too. Cause I, I won’t go anywhere near the hospital now because I don’t want to be injected with that vaccine. And, and so I’m not going to call the hospital if something happens and, uh, you know, I, it would be nice to have a doctor. I think that’s what we need to do.

We need to be going our local community and trying to find people with talents, you know, and, and, uh, And, uh, so we can kind of have a little micro economy when things get real bad, you know, you won’t be totally screwed, but yeah, I know I’m, I’m a little, none of us, I’m sure me and you have never lived, we haven’t lived through a war on this continent, you know, yet.

Most people for like 50, 60, well, we’re not on it. It’s just, it’s been, people don’t even know what war is like, and I’m a little worried too, him, and I’ve never lived through a major war, you know, in this country that’s coming directly to us, you know? It’s, yeah, that’s pretty, pretty crazy.

[00:56:23] Jeremiah: I worry about, um, because of how much inflation is starting to happen and the fact that 40% of our. Currency has been printed in the past 10 years.

[00:56:39] KWH Olin: Um,

[00:56:41] Jeremiah: yeah. I mean, if you think about that, it’s almost half of all us money since the beginning was made in the last two years. Do worry about hyperinflation or just the economy just crashed

[00:56:56] KWH Olin: and completely.

That’s that’s not going to be good. It would be better if, uh, we could just cut out, cut out the tumors and keep the rest of the system going, you know? That would be nice if we could just, yeah, we just got to get, but yeah, you can’t do it with the federal reserve and the Rockefeller and the Rothschilds and you know that they’re always, I just get, you gotta separate control from him.

I don’t, I mean, you at least got to start there. Mean, I know that’s not like, you know, even in my book, like I think people might think that I know it’s not just the bank and families, but you’ve got to start somewhere. That’s a good start instead of. Fighting with each other again, you know, and civil war thing.

You know, it’s, you know, but, uh, yeah, well, they

[00:57:41] Jeremiah: have the most control currently because you know, our politics are all run off of donations and money from corporations, stuff like that.

[00:57:53] KWH Olin: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just follow the money, you know, so yeah. That’s uh, yeah. That’s how you find a lot of, a lot of it and no gates, like, uh, well actually, yeah, that, that, that reminds me too with that, uh, the George Soros, uh, this is open world.

Society is foundation. That’s what I was suspicious of with Trump too. Cause like he had Jared Kushner and he, you know, he worked for George Soros, OpenWorld society. I was like, I was what the hell? You know that, that, yeah. I don’t know. It just reminded me of, you said about the funding because yeah. I don’t know.

That was suspicious of.

[00:58:33] Jeremiah: Yeah, I’ve heard of, uh, some stuff with George Soros character. I don’t know a ton, but I just know he’s purposely, basically collapsed economies and third world countries and, or turn, you know, second world countries in that third world countries.

[00:58:52] KWH Olin: you saw the 60 minute clip. This 60 minute clip with him, with him saying, yeah, he admitted that he was like, well, he was that think of what you just said.

That it was like 1994 or something. You’d probably still find it if they didn’t scrub it. But, um, yeah, he admits all. Oh, so it looks like your, uh, your camera went out a little bit. Just a camera audio. That’s fine. Um, yeah, he, uh, yeah, if I, if you saw the 60 minute clip yeah. He admits to the reporter that will act the biggest thing about him.

Um, helping, uh, is some Nazi uncle is fake. Confiscate his own Jewish, his own Jewish people property. Like that was like the biggest does one of the biggest crimes that he did. And he said he didn’t have any guilt towards it. He’s like, well, I have no guilt, you know? And when he asked him and it was happy times or something that, you know, he’s a psycho, you know, and, and, and then, yeah, he, he talks about, yeah, like you said, he just the, uh, crashes economy.

That that’s his major and that’s what he was trying it. And then he’s, you know, he buys out all these, he buys out judges, uh, in our system and that’s why some of them vote on these ridiculous things. And, yeah, it’s just a whole mess. I mean, he really needs to be arrested, so that’s for sure.

[01:00:14] Jeremiah: All right.

Well, we’re coming to the end here. Uh, if you wanted to, um, Plug anything promote anything? Uh,

[01:00:24] KWH Olin: you can do that. Um, well, yeah, you can, you can find my work on a K. My book is a for sale on K w H olin.com. Again, that’s K w H olin.com. And, um, you can also, you can also find my book on Amazon. Um, but you do have to click on, for some reason, there’s a glitch.

You have to click on books and then you have to put the full title, a Patriots rebirth on a bridged edition. And, um, you can, you can get it there. Um, and, um, if, uh, you want a book signature or anything, you can email me@runningamokproductionsatgmail.com, or you can just go to my website if you’ve got the email.

Um, so I’m, I’m going to be, I’m trying to work it on an audio book. Now with my friend, I’m going to try that, get that going. And then the ebook is still, still working on that. Um, and then I have, um, Um, yeah, and, and I have a bridge version. Um, the unimproved version is, uh, edited, uh, or it’s uncensored copy of my book.

It’s a little more, uh, grizzly, but for people that don’t really like all the grisly scenes, um, I, I am, I’m working on a bridge edition, so that will be available next year. And that’s pretty much it. All right. Sounds

[01:01:43] Jeremiah: good. I will

[01:01:44] KWH Olin: post the new cover here. People want to check it out with a crown. I had it without the crown and I was like, yeah, then it’s, it looks like crap.

I had it bugged me, so

[01:01:59] Jeremiah: yeah, I’ll make sure to put all your, uh, links and stuff in the show notes so people can

[01:02:04] KWH Olin: find it easily. And do I have a copy? Like you have a copy of your, um, is there a way for me that is yours a paid site, your site, or can people watch, like, could I share this, this podcast with people.

[01:02:19] Jeremiah: Um, it’s just an audio podcast, but I will send you the link it’s on almost all the major places you can listen to Paul. Okay,

[01:02:28] KWH Olin: awesome. Okay. Cause, cause Michael’s was a little more, it was, uh, you have to, it was a subscription to it and you have to pay so people can’t really watch it. I was just wondering of that.


[01:02:39] Jeremiah: Oh no. Mine is a minus a hundred percent free and I’ll send you the link when I haven’t

[01:02:46] KWH Olin: ordered it yet. Okay. Awesome man. Yeah, it was, it was good meeting you, Jeremiah. I’m glad to meet like-minds here and spread the word, you know?

[01:02:56] Jeremiah: oh yeah, definitely. It was a good conversation, even though we kind of went all over the place, but

[01:03:03] KWH Olin: that’s what happens.

I apologize

[01:03:06] Jeremiah: for that. That’s what happens when you get into yeah, you’re kind of one

[01:03:09] KWH Olin: thing.

[01:03:13] Jeremiah: It’s like the old rabbit

[01:03:15] KWH Olin: hole.

[01:03:19] Jeremiah: All right. Well, we will get this loaded and um, thank you for coming on. And it was a great conversation. Probably have you back at some point .