Ghosts and Hauntings

Ghosts and Hauntings

Ghosts and Hauntings

[00:00:00] jeremiah: Hello!, my fellow, terrestrials coming to you from an RV deep in the Carolina mountains. Welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast, the podcast that wants you to question everything, your reality is about to be shattered.


Hello, and welcome to the what if they’re wrong podcast. This is Jeremiah and I’m joined today by the 2, 2, 2 haunting podcast or paranormal podcasts. I’m sorry, 222 paranormal podcast, we’re going to be talking about haunting some shoulder and, uh, we’ll introduce them to you. Hello.

So what, um, what got you both interested in the paranormal and ghosts and everything kind of fringe strange.

[00:01:11] Joe: We’ll go ahead and tell him, Jen

[00:01:14] Jen: okay. So ever since I was little, I’ve had this strange fascination of things that are weird, unusual. Um, my dad was really into reading about big and UFO’s and, um, strange and unusual things.

He had himself had a UFO encounter. So, probably, I don’t know, maybe 20 years ago I was living in Hollywood at the time. I was staying with my friend who lived in a haunted location and, you know, it really sparked my interest and I think. I haven’t done any ghost hunting at that time, but when I moved back to Toledo, Ohio, um, you know, I just, I was always looking for a ghost hunt or going to haunted locations, um, cemeteries in the area.

And then when Joel and I started the podcast, I was out actively ghost hunting and Joe had been on the kind of constant of podcasting. So kind of just melted those two together. Um, you know, we were just sitting there talking one day and I was like, man, you know, I really enjoy ghost hunting. You should come with me.

And he’s like, I have really into this podcast thing. I’m like, well, let’s do a podcast about ghost hunting. I mean, what better thing would there be to do? So that’s, that’s kinda how we started off.

[00:02:35] Joe: Yeah. And I had, I had an, an incident with my best friend who passed away, which made me really look at the afterlife and what happens when we die.

Um, I had some different things happen. That propelled me to really dig deeper into the paranormal because I was into the UFO stuff. And when this happened, it, it made me really think, is there something that happens after we die? So which started gave me digging into that and it just parlayed into the podcast.

And here we are six seasons later. We’re still rolling along.

[00:03:23] jeremiah: Yeah. I was looking through your guys’ list of, uh, episodes and there’s definitely a bunch I want to check out. Cause it’s topics that I’m really into like, um, saw you had debt loft pass on there. Thought that was a fascinating story. And, um, of course your journey for. The afterlife probably took you across like near-death experiences and stuff like that.

I’m sure. Oh

[00:03:49] Joe: yeah.

[00:03:51] jeremiah: What, yeah. What have you, um, found through your search as far as that’s

[00:03:58] Joe: concerned? Well, we’ve had a couple of guests that we talked to about their experiences and go into different conventions. And that we also talked to a lot of people about their experiences and you find that most of them are the same, pretty much.

They see like plug-ins, they see angelic things. Um, they see like the godly figures and stuff, but there are some that actually experienced bad things. Like I heard of a one situation where people in India have situations where they’ll go into. It’s almost like an office and they have to be like, literally they’ll look and say, you’re not on the list.

You’re going back. And that would be their, you know, their near death experience to where it’s different than saying I met the angels and stuff like that. So there are bunch of different styles of near-death experiences, but I’m more really into the things that happen when people come back and say, you know, like the one situation where, where there was other set of shoes on the top of the hospital.

And it’s like, how did they even know that those shoes are up there? But the hospital staff went up there and saw that there was air so that they had an out-of-body experience instead of a near-death experience. Yeah, there’s

[00:05:31] jeremiah: definitely, there’s definitely a phenomenon with outer body thing, like, especially with surgeries and whatnot and.

Uh, actual scientific studies and they can’t really explain why someone can know something in another room from where they were having their surgery and what the doctors have said during their surgery, because they’re supposed to be out cold. And this is very interesting

[00:05:57] Joe: seeing serial numbers on the tops of the machinery as another thing that just, it blows your mind because it’s like, wait a minute.

That’s proof that they were out of body.

[00:06:08] jeremiah: Oh yeah, for sure. And I interviewed a lady who, um, had the same type of deal where she went to heaven after she went to hell and, uh, they told her, or she met her good loss friend and he told her it wasn’t her time yet. And she got sent back. So it seems like we’d have some type of timeline where we chose to be here a certain amount of time maybe,

[00:06:35] Joe: or it’s predestined.

Your life is going to be this long so that you can learn so much. And then after you pass away, you either like some people believe in reincarnation. Uh, some people believe in like, um, life evaluations, so you didn’t learn enough in this lifetime. So you’re going to go back, you know, and some people are put on this earth just to make people around them, aware of different situations, like become more spiritual or stuff like that, you know?

And that’s one of the reasons why I think that short life’s times like children, you know, we wonder why the children die so soon. Maybe they were put on this earth so that the parents or the people that know them become more religious or more something. I don’t know. It’s just one of the thoughts that I think, I mean, do you have an opinion on that, Jen?

[00:07:38] Jen: Um, I, I have a different view of it. So, you know, I, I definitely feel like our souls recycle that we, um, come back in different forms, um, maybe to learn the life lesson or maybe, you know, we to reconnect with, um, different souls that we were here on the planet before. Um, I, I’m not sure, like, you know, I, the more I look into it, the more unanswered questions there are for me.

So, you know, when I think, oh, maybe this is it. And then I was like, no, because you know, there may be a different possibility. We don’t know how many dimensions there are. How many planes there are, where is heaven? Is there a heaven or is it just an afterlife or is our energy just go up into the universe somewhere?

It’s one of the life’s greatest mysteries is like, what is going to happen when we die?

[00:08:43] jeremiah: And it’s almost like we’re programmed to not know, like it’s kinda like they, whatever put us here. Cause I believe there’s definitely a higher power, uh, whether you want to call it God or whatever, but I feel like we definitely have like a mission here.

You just got to figure it out. And like you said, maybe the baby who does young is to get the person to see to cherish life more. Maybe, maybe they weren’t before and now they chair’s life more and they look at things differently. So you never really know what’s behind it. And it’s just seems like once we’re born, it kind of gets shut off.

We don’t know where we’re headed, where we’re going and how do you guys think ghosts play into all of it? And like, are they just people who didn’t make it to the other side over?

[00:09:43] Jen: I, you know, I have two opinions on that. So one, I feel like people who pass on come back to let us know that they’re okay or they’ve made it to the other side or to maybe re resolve something.

They haven’t resolved here in the afterlife. And then I think there’s people that are stuck and they maybe don’t know that they passed away. And they’re in that residual loop where, you know, they’re doing the same thing over and over. Like for example, there was a ghost story. Um, and I believe it was in, uh, up in upper Michigan where the people had renovated an apartment above an old.

Um, like a general store or something, a very old building. And they kept seeing this woman walking through with a laundry basket, but it was like, you could only see like half of her. So the one, they went back and looked at the history there at that time, there was a staircase there, but it wasn’t there currently.

So they were trying to figure out why do you seem the sweater? But I only see half of her well, where her path would have normally been. She would have been going on the staircase that wasn’t there. So, um, you know, it’s, for me, like for a ghost, I generally think the ones that are around us, um, that we feel are probably our family members or somebody close to us or who are just sticking around to make sure we’re okay.

[00:11:16] Joe: You know, with my dad. Nope, go ahead. Oh, I was going to

[00:11:20] Jen: say.

[00:11:27] Joe: So I was going to say just, um, but how old ghosts play into this also is we don’t really know what goes on. I mean, that’s one of the big discussion we’ve been having lately is what are ghosts. We don’t know, are they parts? Just, we know that there’s some form of energy, but we’re trying to figure out what kind.

So we don’t know that the ghosts are around us all the time. Anyways, whether we can see them or send some or anything like that. So for all we know, every room could be filled with as many spirits as you can imagine. And just at certain times we can tune into them and either see them, hear them, smell them, you know, whatever, but it is a form of energy, but we just don’t know what.

Like I said, we could do the experience could be around us all the time. And you got to remember too, that really there’s no sense of time or place on the other side. So one second does, could be a million years to them or vice versa. So it, they could just be around us all the time. And that’s how they interact with us.

I don’t know.

[00:12:42] jeremiah: Yeah. I don’t know if you guys have animals, like, there’s this freaky thing, like cats do that. They’re just stare at a corner of a wall and you’re like, what are you looking at? And then, uh, people like say that they’re probably ghosts that they’re looking at. So it’s definitely possible that there’s things all the way around, but I know sometimes my cat’s just staring off in the corner of the room.

I’m like, what are you looking at? There’s nothing

[00:13:06] Joe: here. Yeah.

[00:13:08] Jen: And then there’s a thought in theory that animals can see different, um, wavelengths so we can, so they’re seeing more in the infrared. And, um, out into the violet spectrum. So they may be able to see and detect, you know, more shadowy type figures that our eyes or are able to, to see.

So, you know, like I have my little parakeet he’s over here. I don’t know if you can see him. He’s not squawking right now. Thank God. But you know, in the middle of the night, all of a sudden he’ll just be like freaking out. And I have wonder if there’s something scaring him in the living room, scaring him.

Cause I’ve had many people in Joe and I have investigated my house a couple of times, tell me I have multiple spirits here. I have two dogs, um, a man, two women and a boy and a girl spirit in the house. And then, you know, sometimes I feel my dad and one of my friends appeared in the back room after he died.

You know, it’s interesting. I’m opening. So they sew up behind me. They’re why we’re live. Right.

[00:14:21] Joe: And we were just interviewing someone yesterday that owns a snake and she says same thing where the snake, which I didn’t understand because I’m not a steak person, but she says the snake will look up and just stare off in the distance or look at something like track it with its head looking around.

Same things like you were saying with the cats. Yeah. So I think that animals can sense it better than we can.

[00:14:52] Jen: Yeah, for sure.

Ghost Investigations

[00:14:54] jeremiah: Yeah. I think so. And um, do you guys actually go out and like try to track down ghosts? Or is it just something that you’d like to talk about?

[00:15:04] Joe: Really both.

[00:15:07] Jen: We’ve investigated Mo many, many places.

So we go to cemeteries, we’d been to haunted hospitals. We’ve been to prison, haunted prisons, um, mansions like insane asylums, which we should be in, but we’re not. But, um, you know, I’ve also been on residential cases, not very many, but I have assisted, um, some of the local groups here in our, our area. Um, I had one case, if you want me to tell you a little scary ghost story here.

Okay. We’re getting to the moon and stuff. So, um, my friend and I, she is, um, part of a group called haunted Toledo. And we went out to help this young, um, young man. He was in his early twenties, him and his sister were living in this area for. A foreign country. Um, they had, I don’t want to give too many details, but, um, they had escaped the country that they were living in because the father was a high priest in Santeria and he wanted the son in, normally in that, in that Santa Maria religion, the son of a Santeria priest must become a priest as well.

He has to follow in his father’s footsteps and the son did not want to do that. Um, he didn’t agree with, with it. Um, the father was into very, very dark type rituals of call that. And so they were having all kinds of problems in the apartment that they lived in. So, um, my friend and I, we went, um, to help them investigate, find out what was going on.

So we get there. And as soon as we get there, the whole vibe of this apartment was just dark. Menacing. They were very terrified. Um, they were scared. So we went in and it was just a one, no two bedroom apartment. Um, very, um, like in the, in the basement underground, I guess you would say, um, lower level apartment.

And so we get in there and we had activity right off the base. We, um, we’re seeing shadow figures. You could feel strange, strange, um, uh, you know, like the hair on the back of your neck, immediate Lee stood up. So we were trying to communicate with it. I was more observing and running camera and she was doing the active investigation.

So after about an hour, we’re like, okay, we, we need to take a break. We got to step out of the apartment. Um, and at one point, right before we went outside, she said, Listen, if you really hear new of that power scratch me. And so we walked out of the apartment and she’s like, oh my God, my back is burning. I pulled her shirt up.

She had three giant scratches across her back. Now they were so spread out enough that you wouldn’t be able to like, take your fingers and rake and make that, that thing. They were very deep. They were bleeding. That was really terrifying. That was scary. And, um, they were concerned because the father was doing either magic or rituals to send this entity to wherever they were.

They, the father didn’t know where they were, but he was sending these dark entities to get them. It w it was really, really scary. I think that was the scariest case I’ve ever been. Yeah,

[00:18:59] Joe: that

[00:19:00] jeremiah: that is creepy. That would creep me out for sure. I’m kind of a scaredy cat with that stuff. Like, I don’t really do spirits or I don’t watch horror movies unless I’m in the mood.

And, uh, but I do like talking about this stuff, but I just can’t get personal with it myself. Just a yeah. And

[00:19:18] Jen: I, I really enjoy just going to historic or haunted locations. I’m not, um, actively doing like a residential case, helping somebody, if they have something in their house. I, you know, I have things here in my house, but I’m used to it, you know, I live with it.

Um, but Joe and I have seen some really, really interesting things. Don’t tell him, tell him a little bit about the haunted hospital we’ve been

[00:19:42] Joe: to. Well, yeah, St. Joseph’s in, is it not Lorain, Ohio Elyria. It is Lorraine. Okay. It’s by Cleveland. Yeah. And this place I’m telling you, we had so much. It was a closed hospital, totally abandoned.

Uh we’re the last people to investigate it. Um, there was a few things that happened. One was we had to sweep the location first to make sure the no living people in there because, uh, we did find some doors open and you know, the living are scarier than the dead. So we had to sweep that, but we had some wild activity I had in the psych ward.

There was a few times where I heard bangs on command, which, you know, we always say, oh, make a noise. And we got some responses which were like, okay, this is cool. Then we went down to the emergency room and that’s where it got crazy. Um, I was in a room in the emergency room. There’s like several different rooms, but I was in one of them and I kept seeing light coming through the door.

And I’m like, oh, there’s more investigators coming. Cause I think Moser, Jen, like 10 of us. Cause we were off by 10 until yeah. And this hospital is huge. So I’m like, oh, somebody coming down the hall and nobody came to the door. I’m like, okay, this is weird. Why did they just come in some sitting there and it’s pitch black, can’t see anything.

But I see the light again. I’m like, here they come again. So I’m like, I turn my light on and find out that the door is solid. There’s no windows in it. So the light I was seeing is actually in the room and he thought he was out in the hall. So that kind of ramped up a little more. Then we went down to the actual place in the emergency room where people would come in with their injuries of the ambulance would come in and we have these meters they’re called K2 meters and they respond to electronics in the air, electromagnet magnetism in the air.

And the thing started going crazy, like as if somebody was running past us. And just as that happened, Jen, I didn’t see it. I see, I felt it. I, there was like a whoosh of energy. It went through me, but Jen actually saw a doctor in full Dr. Gear, like full body apparition, just standing in front of her, like, like the doctor would at the emergency room, you know, stuff like that.

And we got tons of EDPs, which is electronic voice phenomenon. Oh, sorry.

[00:22:29] jeremiah: It’s about the, ask the head if you’ve ever recorded anything and got actual something in

[00:22:35] Joe: the record. Yeah. Jen capture. Uh, I should let you tell the story, but Jen captured babies crying. Um, I captured people screaming at the hospital, um, different help me type, deal things and that, but go ahead, Jen, tell him the story about the.

[00:22:56] Jen: So I was up on the labor and maternity or OB GYN board. And there was a doctor had worked there for 40 years and there was reports that you would see him walking up and down the hall. So I decided to use a, um, a trigger object. So I went to and took my phone out and I played a bit or a sound of a brand new born baby crying.

As soon as I did this, I was with the tour guide and then four other, three other investigators. And we heard walking, coming down the hall and we looked down the hall and this white lab coat appears and it’s just starts walking towards us. And we’re all like standing there, just staring in disbelief because we just could not believe that we were all seeing this at the same time.

So. Though the doctor was, is clearly a male doctor. He walked down the hall and went into the labor and delivery room. It was so crazy. Um, as far as DVPs, we it’s, it’s so weird, like we’ve captured EDPs, unbelievable. And we’ve even captured them during our podcast. Believe it or not. Yeah. We had one time, um, been recording and this is really, really strange, but we were doing a story about the green Briar ghost.

And if your listeners don’t know what that is, it’s the only documented case in the United States that it goes solved its own murder. So basically evidence from the ghost help convict the killer in a court of law. So we’re doing. Show about this woman who was worded by her husband or boyfriend? I can’t remember.

And, um, we normally, when we record, Joe has a track and I have a track and then there’s a separate track, um, that I don’t know is that for the music

[00:25:06] Joe: channel track.

[00:25:10] Jen: Okay. So we both heard in our, in our microphone or in our, your phones, a woman’s screaming, but the interesting part was of the CVP. It only showed up on Joe’s track when he went to edit.

Yet, we both heard it, which

[00:25:27] Joe: is, and it was plain as day and we’ve played it several times for our listeners. And we’re just sitting there talking to him, we’re doing our clothes and, you know, I’m like, Go up on our website, that kind of thing. And Wilson, you hear this woman scream and curse me with, I’m like

kind of a dorky time for me even like, whoa, you know, but we heard a woman screaming and we’ve had so many of our listeners actually email us and say, at this point, in this time of the show, we heard a voice and you’re like, yeah, we’re used to it now,

[00:26:06] Jen: but we’ve captured, like I captured one of my best EDPs I ever captured was at a cemetery here in Toledo.

There’s a military section. And in that section, they have people buried from modern day, all the way back to the Spanish American war. So there’s soldiers in there and I just went over one day, we were just walking through the cemetery and I had my spiritual. My phone and I was recording and I was just saying, oh, I just want to thank you guys for your service.

We really appreciate, you know, we have our freedom because of you and, and if there’s anybody here who would like to say anything, you know, now is your time. Over the spirit box, I got all of these male voices coming through at the same time saying, hi, how are you all LA Hey girl. I mean, clear as day, it was, it was incredible.

Like if you guys ever get to, you know, want to get some really good, DVPs go to the 17.

[00:27:13] jeremiah: Yeah. The EVP thing has always fascinated me. There was a movie, uh, I don’t know if it was nineties, early two thousands and the guy kept seeing, or hearing the EVP stuff on his tape recordings or his VHS tapes or something.

I forget what it was called, but that, that really piqued my interest. Then I’ve heard many experience with other people that have experienced it. So it’s definitely an interesting phenomenon.

[00:27:45] Jen: Yeah. The, the most interesting ones is when they say your name, when you go into a location and they know who you are, they already know your name.

That that shows really deep intelligence, right? Like, that’s like, oh, okay, what’s going on? Because you don’t, you know, like sometimes we just go to like, you know, we went to a place in Winchester, Indiana, and, um, they, we were doing a spear back session and they were like, where’s Josh. We’re like, oh my gosh, Josh is downstairs.

But you know, we’ve never been to this location. They know your name. Have you ever experienced that?

[00:28:27] jeremiah: I have not. No. Okay. But that, that would creep me out if I was Josh.

[00:28:36] Joe: Yeah,

[00:28:36] Jen: it is interesting.

[00:28:38] Joe: But now we’ve had stuff like that happen all the time, you know, it’s, um, there’s a new thing that we’re trying out and I shouldn’t say new it’s been around for a while, but it’s new for us and it’s called the estos method and what this is, is like I’ll put on, um, earbuds and then I’ll put noise, canceling headphones on we’ll hook it up to what we call the spirit box, which is a, which is a device that sweeps the radio bands.

And you listen for spirit to talk through the static or over the radio frequencies and I’ll put blindfolds on. So I will know what’s going on in the room. I can’t hear nothing except for that spirit box. That really is helping us figure out that the spirits, that air, because I’m getting stuff that’s unbelievable.

I can hear conversations in the background. I can hear different things, but what happens is I’ll have this on and I can’t hear what’s going on in the room and someone else is asking the questions. So I don’t know what questions they’re asking. I’m just blurting out, whatever words I hear through the spirit box.

And twice now, one in Jen’s house. And then two at a warehouse here in Toledo, we got some are unbelievable responses. They were answering the questions like, like with Jen’s house, she was asking questions and I wasn’t, I was listening to spirit box. And to me, I’m like, this stuff doesn’t make sense at all.

But then when we listened to the recording back hearing Jen’s questions and here my responses perfect matches. So it’s just another type of communication, but it’s EVP in the fact that I’m hearing what their. In response to Jen’s questions and it’s amazing.

[00:30:29] jeremiah: Have you ever noticed, um, and I’ve had a happen with when there used to be Polaroids where you get like an image over another image and it’s like, where did that image come from?

[00:30:42] Joe: Yeah.

[00:30:43] Jen: Yeah. Joe has a background in photography. So, you know, he knows about like maybe a camera lens flare or, um, you know, now it’s digital before, you know, with the film actual, you know, film and, and developing chemicals, but we’ve, we’ve seen, um, full body Epperson show up in photographs, um, uh, different images like we have, our mom had taken a picture at a, um, a shrine in Tennessee and the, she took a picture of.

And like, see an outline and Mary and the picture, like, you know, strange happenings, um, you know, and sometimes you really have to look like, go back and like, if you’re goes hunting or you’re in a haunted location, take a second, look at what you’ve taken pictures of. Cause sometimes you just don’t notice things right away.

You really have to sometimes study the pictures. You may see things that surprise you in those.

[00:31:54] jeremiah: Yeah. Have you noticed like, is there certain locations that seem to have heavier activity? I did hear before that, uh, if someone’s died traumatically or like suddenly it seems more prevalent than at a, you know, just a normal field somewhere or something.

[00:32:14] Jen: I think one of the most haunted places. Because of the amount of energy and emotion are haunted prisons. Um, you have everything, you have people who are scared, people would die, um, murder, you have, um, dark energy. Um, you have fear, um, anger, uh, you know, almost like a hospital. You have the whole gamut of emotions.

You have life and death and happiness and sadness. But with the prison, you generally have people who, um, have a lot of negative energy. And there’s the thing called the stone tape theory. I don’t know if you’re familiar with

[00:33:00] jeremiah: that. No, I don’t know what that is.

[00:33:03] Jen: It’s basically when a, an emotional or a, um, I don’t want to say dramatic.

What’s the word for Joe? Like traumatic

[00:33:14] Joe: event? You can use traumatic. Yeah. It, any thing that’ll cause like a burst of energy.

[00:33:21] Jen: So say somebody commits suicide or somebody murdered, the actual surroundings will, um, absorb that. Like sometimes a lot of the old wooden structures, there’s a theory out there that it’s almost like a recorder, but it’s the actual building.

It absorbs that energy or that negativity or that traumatic event. So, have you ever been in like in a situation where you walk in a room after somebody just had a big fight and you just have that heavy feeling like, oh man, something just went down it’s like that, that feeling. When we went into a haunted prison in West Virginia, it was called West Virginia penitentiary.

That was a really, really interesting place because Joe and I went down in this place called the sugar shack, which is basically the basement underneath the prison, where for years up until almost like this late seventies, early into the eighties. So those, this is like a hundred years of prisoners being thrown down in this basement.

They would just throw prisoners down there. No guards, no light, no food, nothing. It was a free for all. So you can imagine everything that went down in there, you know, like everything from, um, people being beat and guards being attacked and people being murdered or attacked, you know, um, physically. Um, so when we went down there, you can just, you can just feel that that residual energy of this is really, really scary, you know, and a lot of people got hurt here and there were dark things.

Still looming in there and you know, I didn’t like it. I wanted to get out of there. Did not feel safe. Felt like somebody was, and it’s pitch dark. You cannot even see your hand this far in front of your face in there. I’m, it’s, it’s terrifying because you know, one physically, you don’t know if you’re gonna step on something or bump into a wall or anything.

I literally stood with my back against the pillar because I was so frightened. And you could feel like, I don’t know if you felt this, like things up standing right in front of you and there’s nothing there.

[00:35:43] Joe: Yeah. That’s the thing about, that’s the thing about West Virginia state penitentiary as the energy is so higher there, and it was one of the most violent prisons in the United States.

And like John said that the sugar shack in the basement it’d be basically, if there was poop too bad out to send the prisoners out in the yard, they would just put them down in this room, shut the door and let them go. And I don’t know if you guys,

[00:36:10] Jen: sorry, Joe, but I don’t know if you guys have just heard that was something just banged in my, in the kitchen

[00:36:18] Joe: over

[00:36:19] Jen: there and see if we get

[00:36:20] Joe: any, uh, that prison was very interesting because of all the energy.

And also they call it Moundsville penitentiary also because there’s an Indian burial mound right across the street from it, which in my research, I found that a lot of locations are super haunted are close to Indian burial mounds. But yeah, that, that prison was really interesting in Jan actually captured a w an attachment from that prison.

That was one of the only times that, you know, we, because whenever we do investigations, we always close the investigation. We always say, you know, if any spirits you have to stay here, you cannot attach to us. You must stay here. We’ll come back. But you have to stay here. And when we left, I, I firmly believe John, that you did get an attachment.

[00:37:14] Jen: Yeah, I definitely. So, um, I, about two weeks after typically an attachment, if you’re going to task, it takes about two weeks time to filter through. Um,

[00:37:30] Joe: okay.

[00:37:30] Jen: So it’s basically when, uh, uh, a negative energy entity or a spirit or a ghost physically attaches itself to you. So it tries to, it’s almost like the first step of being oppressed or possessed.

[00:37:48] Joe: Um, it really is like a small form of possession.

[00:37:55] Jen: So I just wasn’t feeling like myself. I was having thoughts that I, you know, dark thoughts and, and, um, like one day I just was like, I’m just going to drive my car into a bridge. I’m just going to run this card. And I was like, I would never think that, right. Like, it’s not really in my wheelhouse. So Joe and I were at a paranormal convention, um, and there was a native American ShawMan there and he had to come and detach that spirit from me.

He could sense it on me and I’m like, I’m just not myself. And as soon as he did that and did the cleansing, it was gone. And I felt like myself again, it was, it was really, really strange. That is

[00:38:34] Joe: wild. So

[00:38:35] Jen: now if you guys noticed there was like a light anomaly here about three minutes ago. I don’t know if you guys saw that.

[00:38:43] jeremiah: I didn’t catch it, but maybe on playback. So like for these attachments, um, do they have to be invited on, or is it a thing where you have to tell. No for them not to do it.

[00:38:58] Jen: Yeah. So in our, in my case, you know, one of the things, um, we learned along the way and ghost hunting is that you have to tell the spirits that they can attach to you and you have to tell them they can’t come home with you.

Right. You have a lot of times when you’re in an emotional state, like say you’re very scared or you’re fearful, that’s when can get in, they play on your emotions. When you’re at your weakest point is when they’re, they’re going to try to attach to you. So, we learned that lesson because of that attachment, um, to make sure that we either say a cleansing prayer, or we say.

Before we leave the location, like, Hey, you know, we had a great time visiting with you spirits, but you can’t come home with us. And, um, so, uh, you know, that, that is important now, like even Joe and I, we learned this from another, um, uh, paranormal, uh, teacher that we had taken the class with is that we, when we bring our equipment home, we leave it in the car because if anything got, you know, like the spirits are attracted to electronics cause it’s energy and we’ll leave it in the car for a day or two, I’m not bringing something into my house that could have something attached to it.

You know, I don’t need any more spirits at my house. I have a few. Um, so, uh, you know, that’s one of the things that we do personally, um, to try to protect ourselves from having anything follow you home because.

[00:40:50] Joe: Oh, I was going to say, and you know, we do our closing prayer now, too, whether you’re religious or not or spiritual, you know, a lot of people say, well, I don’t do a prayer cause I’m not really religious.

It’s not so much a prayer. We just call it that. But it’s basically telling the spirits, you’re not allowed to attach to us because during the investigation the whole time we’re saying, come talk to us, come talk to us. You know, talking to our spirit box is talking to this, you know? And then at the end of the night, we’re like, you have to stay here.

You can’t follow us home. You cannot attach to us. And you gotta be really careful when you do your investigations because they will attach to you and especially a prison. I mean, I love haunted hospitals, but prisons are really bad for that. Or if you’re doing a investigation in someone’s house or something like that, you know, you really want to tell that.

You cannot attach to me. I do not give you permission to attach to my body.


[00:41:52] jeremiah: I interviewed a lady who is a ghost hunter too. And, um, she said that she had deal dealt with a lady who claimed that wherever she goes, she’s having issues with spirits and bad things happening. And, um, I guess she told the lady like, well, I think there’s a spirit attached to you and you’re just dragging it along with you from place to place.

So you’re not getting away because it’s still attached to you. And the lady didn’t really like that response. Cause she didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with her. But the lady I interviewed was like, yeah, I think she had something attached to her.

[00:42:37] Joe: I’ve had situations where. People at conventions because me and Jen, through our show, we go to a lot of conventions for the paranormal or, you know, and our aspect of the paranormal is everything from Bigfoot UFO’s to everything.

But I was at a couple of them and some spear made spirit mediums looked up at me and said, you got an attachment. And I’m like, I don’t feel like it, you know, but I’ve heard so many situations where people have attachments and you don’t even know it. It’s just that the spirit is attached to you. When we say attached, we don’t mean like a, um, like, like an octopus sucker.

Yeah. It’s just a piece of energy. That’s with your energy. It’s like every human has a magnetic field around them, whether they call it their aura or their glow or that, but every human has one. And I feel that the spirit. Being that they can be in several occasions at different times. They’re just pieces of energy that are in your energy field and that’s what we call an attachment.

[00:43:47] jeremiah: So what do you think of, um, like, or you hear the stuff about, or send a lot of people, catch them on camera or on pictures? Like what’s your

[00:43:57] Joe: guys’ take on? Well, like Jen said, I’ve been a photographer for close to 30 years now and I’ve done professional shoots. I’ve done actual room that I’m sitting in is our recording studio, but he also is my photography studio also.

And I know how cameras work and the thing about orbs says many, many people get orbs in their pitchers or they get light streaks or whatever, or wisp they call them. But you have to remember how the cameras are built now. Everybody’s using her cell phones. Okay. The flash is right next to the lens. The flash is very bright and I would say 99.9% of the orbs that people get with their cell phones is dust.

Okay. But seeing that there are other things where they like a situation where I was sitting in an old theater here in Toledo three in the morning, pitch black in the main auditorium, watching lights float across the stage. And that’s what we call visible orbs. So you can have orbs through your camera.

Now I have seen, I personally have taken pictures with my good camera, which has a separate flash that points up, and I was taking pictures across this auditory. And I’ve got orbs in my photo. Jen was taking pictures in the same auditorium pointing pretty much at the same spot and got that same ORPEs. So that’s what we call visible orbs, where you can actually see them.

And we both captured the same orb in different cameras, pointing different ways. So there are some situations where you can get an orb in the photo, but you gotta be really careful and you have to understand how your camera works, you know?

[00:45:58] Jen: Yeah. And I, I always say when you can, or on, on video or film, uh, try to zoom in because if it has, if it’s just dust, it’ll have like a snow, like pattern, it, it doesn’t have a particular, um, um, direction.

It’s more like snowing. I captured orbs where we zoomed up and we can see a face in it. Um, one time I captured an orb and it was blue. Now, generally your dust orbs don’t have color to them. They’re white. If you’re capturing orbs with of different colors that may be spirit, energy, the blue, or that I captured was that a battlefield in Gettysburg.

And I captured multiple blue orbs, um, there, along with, at the same time hearing cannon fire, horse, Winnie sounds of war. So kind of, you know, look at the environment to, you know, are you capturing other things at the same time you’re getting these orbs. Um, are you hearing something or sensing something?

Um, you know, a lot of

[00:47:15] Joe: times not to interject, but that was during the date during the daylight too. So we weren’t used in the flight. Yeah, I live

[00:47:27] jeremiah: close to Gettysburg and I’ve been there a few times and you can definitely feel like the heaviness of that area.

[00:47:39] Jen: Yeah. It’s like, you feel the history really, you know, like you can physically feel the history there.

It’s amazing. And I have in here.

[00:47:50] jeremiah: Yeah. You can tell there was a war that happened there without even like knowing the history too. Like, it just feels heavy.

[00:47:57] Jen: Yeah, for sure. Now I was, um, I went there with my sister one time and I had an experience on the battlefield in the middle of the night. We were driving back to the, um, hotel and you know, how it’s that one main road that goes through the battlefield.

It’s like a two lane highway basically. Right. And there’s no, um, Houses there’s no. What would you say? Like outside influences? You know how I’m talking about how it goes, right? Drowns

[00:48:29] jeremiah: center.

[00:48:31] Joe: Yeah.

[00:48:32] Jen: So we pulled off, I said, pull over the side road. I want to take some pictures of battlefield. So I get out of the car and it’s probably like 1130 at night.

So there’s no traffic. We’re the only car on the road. There’s nobody coming this way and nobody behind us. So I go over to those split rail fencings they have along the battlefield and I get out and I’m taking my camera. I kind of ducking down because I’m short. So I want to get under the, the, uh, fencing there and I’m taking pictures.

And in my ear, I hear a young man’s voice. What are you doing? And it was clear as day. It was almost like he was curious, right. It scared me so bad. I ran back to the car. I’m like, but that was the first time I had ever had something that close to me, talk to me in like a full sentence. And I was just like, wow, that was crazy.

Like Gettysburg is probably one of the most, in my opinion, the most haunted, um, locations in the United States, for sure. I think anybody who’s not even a ghost hunter goes there could probably

[00:49:46] jeremiah: see a go

there. Did you,

[00:49:54] Jen: anything there when you went?

[00:49:56] jeremiah: Um, I didn’t really like experienced anything like that, but I just felt like heavy. Like I felt sorrow and I don’t know, it was a weird feeling like I could just tell. That there was a battle that happened there and it was nasty.

[00:50:13] Jen: Yeah, for sure.

[00:50:16] jeremiah: Definitely. So have you guys been to any places like outside of the United States?

Are you strictly like United States?

[00:50:24] Joe: Yeah. I haven’t been able to travel yet.

[00:50:28] Jen: Yeah. I I’ve been to a couple of castles. I went to a, um, and this was before I was really into ghost hunting. Um, but I, I went to, uh, England and Ireland and, um, Germany. And it was interesting though, because those places are just so, so amazing.

Right. Where I was at the tower of London. I was, um, I went to a M Stonehenge, which was really, really, really cool. Um, didn’t really feel anything. But we were there during the day and, you know, it was like, wasn’t really, um, too much energy there that I sense, but one place that I did go that I felt, uh, very strangely.

So like in Ireland, are you familiar with the potato famine of like in the late 18 hundreds? Okay. So on our tour, we stopped at this, um, potato famine cemetery. So basically it was, uh, basically a Potter’s field and cemetery for people who had died in the potato famine. And when we got off the bus, um, and I started walking in towards the gate, I could feel people watching me like a lot of people watching me.

So as I walked into the cemetery, it was so overwhelming. I had to turn around and go back out. Cause it was. It just felt like hundreds of eyes on me. I don’t know. I can’t explain it.

[00:52:10] jeremiah: Yeah, definitely. In, in Europe they have a longer history obviously than us. And, um, so there’s definitely a lot going on there. I’ve been through Germany and Prague and places like that. And just the history around those places probably just breeds ghosts activity.

[00:52:33] Jen: Well, you know, like people don’t realize how young America is compared to all of the other, you know, like you’re England, Ireland, we’re generally, you know, I’m a baby compared to the thousands and thousands of years of history that, um, you would have in the European nations.

Um, France and England and Ireland, Scotland is extremely haunted as well. Um, Now, you know, like here in the states though, I mean, if you, if you look back at our history, um, you know, going back into native American times, we have a lot of activity that we pick up with native American spirits on our journeys because Joe and I go to a lot of Indian burial grounds, um, like the mounds serpent mound, um, here in Ohio is one of the largest ones that’s still around, but we haven’t had, oh, it’s, it’s incredible.

They have a museum, but you have to get there. It’s, it’s really interesting, um, strange feelings and people don’t realize how giant and just large these structures are. And, you know, most of them were, were bold, those down, um, You know, even here in Toledo, Joe and I had done some history and research, there were native American burial grounds here along the mommy river, which is the main river that feeds into lake Erie, which goes out, you know, out to the rest of the great lakes.

Um, so there’s a lot of energy and spirits around, um, you know, some of these sites that people may not understand why they’re haunted, but it’s because of the history, it’s something was desecrated a grave or, you know, something that had been resting for say a thousand years. And, you know, and maybe in the 18 hundreds or maybe into the 19 hundreds, they come along and just bulldoze it down.

And, you know, all of a sudden they find all these artifacts and, and they just barium or, or, you know, Just get rid of that basically. Um, that, that would definitely anger the spirits. Um, you know, we, in the, this area that we’re in, it was a swamp for, you know, thousands of years they called the great black swamp and it was in native American folklore, a taboo place to go because there were so many, um, what the native Americans would call dark spirits or dark entities in this area.

And it could’ve have just been folklore. Right. It could have been just a dangerous place to be because you had mosquitoes that carry disease, you could had swamp gas that would, you know, maybe inoculate somebody if they came in this area or, or it could have been because the land was so, um, um, inhabitable that maybe the energies or the dark.

Congregated here, excuse me. Um, and you know, maybe that’s why the native Americans always said that it was bad lands and that they, they had certain paths that they would go all the way around the swamp, hundreds of miles, um, to avoid going through it because of the fear that they had of what was in here.

And then when we came in, uh, I say we, as white people come in and, um, you know, started building towns and, um, structures like Joe, um, you know, has a good story about when they built the high level bridge, which is one of the biggest, you know, biggest bridges at the time in this area. Um, what they had found, some what they found when they were excavating for the bridge to

[00:56:46] Joe: the whole area around the bridge.

There was a 200 foot mound that they actually bulldozed over to make the area around the bridge. And one of the locations here in Toledo, that’s super haunted. And I find that, like I said earlier, I find that anytime you find a Indian burial mound, I feel that theory around it’s going to be haunted while we have a location here.

That’s just, if you look at the bridge where the bridge comes down, there’s actually buildings sort of under it. There’s a location. Here is a restaurant and that’s where they tore the mound down. Well, it turns out it’s haunted and they were doing excavations in, I believe it was 84 or 85 and they’re working on the parking lot and they actually found bones under the parking lot.

And instead of relocating them, they just covered them back up with the parking lot. So as of right today, there’s still. Remains in that location under the parking lot of that building. And even, even before that, they have found giant skeletons in that area. And there’s several different styles of giant skeletons that they found.

One of them had the double Rosa teeth, the other ones had six fingers, six toes, and just the different things that they found while they were building Toledo

[00:58:21] Jen: and the, and the hotel that there’s a host Storic hundred-year-old hotel that’s on that spot has all kinds of paranormal

[00:58:29] Joe: acts.

[00:58:32] jeremiah: Yeah. It’s funny. You mentioned giants because through my research in ancient history, cause I really liked that stuff and a lot of alternative theories to ancient history. There seems to be from couple different researchers that America was like the land of the giants, like way before our recorded history.

[00:58:55] Joe: They found in Indian burial mounds in Ohio all over, like I’m down in York, Ohio, they found a giant skeleton buried there. And when they moved him, they found under his casket because they had like a coffin or casket under his, they found a smaller one and it rattled. So the person opened it up and would they have found what they call the Newark, holy stones.

And you know, we talk about the Nephilim, which are the, um, the giants that the Nephilim are, the, the people that moved out of, uh, I can’t think of the name like, like Judaism. I can’t think my mind just went blank. Put about. On this stone, they found that it is old style Hebrew writing, and it’s the 10 commandments and they call it the Newark.

Holy storm. What’s that? Jen,

[00:59:53] Jen: the lights are flickering,

[00:59:57] Joe: but yeah, I mean, giants have been found all over the world, but here in the United States, they find them all over. But the problem is that the bones tend to disappear after they’re found. But like here in Toledo, yeah, here in Toledo, they found a few different styles.

Like I said, um, like four miles from my house here. There’s the clear yacht club they call it. And in that area they found the, the ones that had the double Rosa teeth. They also found one set. They said that the jaws were so big. You can put a human head through there. And then down the river, sorta towards downtown a little bit towards a town called mommy.

They found the giant skeletons that actually had the six fingers and six toes, but giant skeletons are they’re all over the place.

[01:00:57] jeremiah: They’re real. Um, I believe they’ve been covered up because whoever’s in charge. Doesn’t want us to know.

[01:01:05] Joe: Yeah. If you think about it, it’s like why it’s history, you know, it’s, it’s not going to change the religious history because they talk about the, the, um, lost tribe of the Nephilim that left Israel.

They said, um, went out and what they do, um, went across the desert and stuff. I feel that they didn’t go across the desert. I feel they went across the oceans to different locations like United States or Europe or places like that.

[01:01:37] Jen: But if we find dinosaur bones, what’s the difference. If you find giant dinosaur, we find giant human skeletons.

I mean, they’re not here anymore.

[01:01:49] jeremiah: Yeah. There was a theory I heard that was interesting. I won’t get too into it, but they said that back when dinosaurs roamed the planet, there was like a Misty film or something that covered the atmosphere and it made it had higher oxygen levels and stuff. And that’s why they were so big at that time.

And that could be the giants as well.

[01:02:14] Joe: Yeah, that’s what it was. The oxygen levels were so high that the everyday grow baker, even the insects were bigger. Dinosaurs are bigger. The plants are bigger. Everything was, and you know, who’s to say that the humanoid figures couldn’t be baker.

[01:02:30] jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. So, yeah.

It’s all very interesting. And like you had said way earlier is like, once you start looking into something, something else pops up and then what you had believed before kind of gets shifted. And it’s like a constant battle though. I try to figure everything out,

[01:02:51] Joe: the more, you know, the less, you know, for sure.

[01:02:57] jeremiah: So if you guys could go anywhere to any site around the world and money, wasn’t an issue, uh, where would you choose to go to doula? Ghost hon

[01:03:10] Joe: genuine effort. Okay. So I’ll tell him honestly, and I’ve, I’ve thought about this a few times and I don’t know if it’s politically correct or what, but I would just like to know, I’d love to go to Auschwitz.

I would love to be able to talk to the spirits there and be able to tell their story. There’ll be so many, but I’d love to there. And maybe, uh, the beaches where the wars were, whether it be like normally or a place like that.

[01:03:49] jeremiah: Yeah. I think Auschwitz would be an interesting one. I’ve never been myself. My grandma went and, um, yeah, there’s so much like history there and so much obviously traumatic stuff there that I’m sure the ghosts activity is through the

[01:04:03] Joe: roofs.

Yeah. And I mean, not to be because some people will say, well, that’s disrespect for that. It’s like, I don’t look at it that way. I look at it more. I mean, I’m not going to go there and throw my REM pod out and say light up the lights, you know? But yeah, I would like to feel the history, you know, I mean, even if I go there and knock those tottering like that, I’d still like to go there and feel the history and look at the area and just like Gettysburg.

Get that sense, you know, because one of the big things that we talk about too is we’re really downsizing our equipment. And it’s more of how you feel about a ghost hunt than what you actually capture on evidence. And I think that’s, I think Auschwitz would be just, maybe you’d maybe even be too much emotion, but I’d like to check out.

[01:04:58] Jen: I want to go to Dracula’s castle.

[01:05:01] jeremiah: Dracula’s castle.

[01:05:02] Jen: Yeah. Hunan castle, a Blab, the impeller. That’s where I would look. That’s where I would go. I go to Romania.

[01:05:12] jeremiah: Yeah. That would be a trip to, I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie hostel, but, um, I think that’s a place in Romania or whatever, but I wouldn’t want that situation of course, but yeah, there’s definitely a lot of history there.

[01:05:26] Joe: I can’t imagine some of those old castles. I mean, we had a chance to go to Ireland last year, but with the pandemic and everything, we couldn’t make it. But I can, I can imagine, because you think about like the tower of London, everything that’s gone on there, there’s like always said, there’s things you can imagine.

There’s a lot of things you probably can’t imagine went on there.

[01:05:53] jeremiah: Yeah, exactly. Well, when you go to St. Thomas, uh, they have Bluebeard’s castle on the island. You might want to check it out and you can actually eat there. I believe they were renovating. And was there last, but I’m sure they’re done now. And I’ve been there before and, uh, you can eat in the tower and look, look out at the ocean and it’s pretty

[01:06:17] Joe: cool.

It gives me something to do other than just sit on the beach in there.

[01:06:25] Jen: Well,

[01:06:27] jeremiah: just tell them not to, um, bring any of their pirate mess back with ya

[01:06:33] Jen: just to go.

[01:06:35] jeremiah: Yeah, just the gold. Well, thank you guys so much for being on and discussing all this stuff. It’s not my field of expertise. So I love talking to people who have had the experiences.

And, um, is there any thing you’d like to tell my audience as far as like website or obviously your podcast to, to, to paranormal?

[01:06:58] Joe: Yeah. P S best way to go is just go up to our website to, to, to or wherever you get podcasts from. I mean, on your phone, there’s podcasts apps on every phone, um, in the car or wherever, tell Alexa to play us.

But yeah, that’s the easiest way is just go to. Yeah, that’s easiest way to just messing around

[01:07:24] jeremiah: with, uh, Alexa at my parents’ house. And you can ask, ask Alexa for like the fourth of the day and it’ll make a fart noise. It’s kind of funny.

[01:07:37] Jen: That’s amazing, but no, we really, really appreciate you having us on and thanks for letting us come in and talk to your audience and you guys just don’t stop exploring, always, always be, have that wander lost and, um, you know, go out there and experience everything and, and, and do what makes you happy and, and have new experiences.

[01:08:03] jeremiah: Yes, thank you for coming on. And, uh, it was great chat.

[01:08:08] Joe: Yeah. Thanks for having us.

[01:08:12] jeremiah: That’s okay. We got some light flickers. I want to thank my friends from the 2, 2, 2 paranormal podcast for coming on and speaking with us, sharing all that juicy, spooky stuff. And just remember the motto of the show is question everything.

So go spirit, world, everything like that is in our wheelhouse. And it is definitely something that needs to be questioned and something that needs to be looked into. There’s a lot of anomalies and a lot of sightings and a lot of pictures and everything else that have been done that in my opinion, proves that there is something going on in a realm that we cannot see.

So what that is, we’re still trying to figure that out, but we got a lot of good information, lot of stories, and kinda got another peer into ghosts and the supernatural. So make sure you go over to their podcasts, show him some love. I’ll also, I’ll link it down in the description and make sure to go to my website.

I have a website up now. It is what if you can go on there, see some videos and check out the latest episodes. You can also share it with a friend or a relative that would be into this type of thing. Let’s keep the show growing and I will be bringing you a lot more content coming soon. Sorry that there was not a new story this week.

I got caught up in some things, but we will start with the news stories next week. I got a good one for you with some sound bites in it. That overly make you scratch your head and question what the heck is going on. We’ll leave you with this as always question everything.